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Neil Armstrong

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Forest Grove HS, Forest Grove

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Neil Armstrong
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Mark Twain
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Tyler Sitton13.46aPatton
2.6Brad Hessel13.60aDuniway
3.6Brock Petersen14.20aDuniway
4.6Skyler Schuck14.45aPatton
5.6Jackson Eggers15.25aPatton
6.6Junior Bautista15.32aPatton
7.6Kyle Hess16.60aDuniway
8.6Owen Reidel17.14aPatton
9.6Tristan Hopkins17.66aDuniway
10.6Cooper Bousquet17.86aDuniway
11.6Nikko Robledo17.88aPatton
6Franky RomeroNTPatton
6Cole VisserNTMark Twain
6Alex LynchNTDuniway
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Bobby Crowston13.50aDuniway
2.7Hayden Bonnet13.84aDuniway
3.7Trustian Hood14.15aDuniway
4.7Gabriel Syhalath14.32aDuniway
5.7Tristen Frey14.49aDuniway
6.7Clylx Spaethe14.50aMark Twain
6.7Garrett Gray14.50aNeil Armstrong
8.7Jacob Powell14.68aDuniway
9.7Ben Biben14.77aMark Twain
10.7Gregory Sanchez14.78aPatton
11.7Matthew Pearman15.05aNeil Armstrong
12.7Max Smith15.07aDuniway
13.7Brendan Doolittle15.32aNeil Armstrong
14.7Douglas Wilbur15.54aNeil Armstrong
15.7Skyler Gober15.84aNeil Armstrong
16.7Jacob Mead17.46aNeil Armstrong
7Chase HarmonNTPatton
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Colton Harle12.20aMark Twain
2.8Ricardo Torres12.25aNeil Armstrong
3.8Teddy Patana12.43aPatton
4.8Cole Chandler12.75aMark Twain
5.8Dylan Richmond12.76aNeil Armstrong
6.8Luke Patten13.00aMark Twain
7.8Christian Guerra13.04aNeil Armstrong
8.8Nick Clark13.30aDuniway
9.8Logan Munson13.41aMark Twain
10.8David Kim13.53aDuniway
11.8Daniel Robertson13.56aPatton
12.8Oliver Vera13.75aDuniway
13.8Alex Kiess13.76aDuniway
14.8Clayton Maves13.83aPatton
15.8Charlie Gilpin13.90aPatton
16.8Jakob Orlowsky13.91aNeil Armstrong
17.8Josiah Cortez13.95aMark Twain
18.8Jorge Zurita Sixtos13.97aNeil Armstrong
19.8Juan Cortez14.14aDuniway
20.8Taylor Hitchcock14.39aNeil Armstrong
21.8Moises Cuauxinque14.53aPatton
22.8Trevor Cote14.58aMark Twain
23.8Andreas Neves14.63aMark Twain
24.8Christopher Castillo14.83aMark Twain
25.8Jaylin Wilson14.85aNeil Armstrong
26.8Gilberto Garfias Mejia14.95aNeil Armstrong
27.8Austin Houser15.51aPatton
28.8Charlie Friend16.06aNeil Armstrong
29.8Adrian Krouze16.21aMark Twain
30.8Tanner Rosenberry16.35aMark Twain
8Nathan SchneiderNTNeil Armstrong
8Kenny KramerNTNeil Armstrong
8Samuel StevensNTNeil Armstrong
8Tanner ScanlonNTDuniway
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Jake Fowler31.26aPatton
2.6Brock Petersen32.74aDuniway
3.6Skyler Schuck33.06aPatton
4.6Kyle Hess35.58aDuniway
5.6Aidan Nyquist35.59aPatton
6.6R.J. Young38.41aDuniway
7.6Cooper Bousquet39.41aDuniway
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Bobby Crowston27.88aDuniway
2.7Raymond Byerly27.95aNeil Armstrong
3.7Hayden Bonnet29.42aDuniway
4.7Clylx Spaethe30.03aMark Twain
5.7Tristen Frey30.27aDuniway
6.7Gregory Sanchez31.19aPatton
7.7Matthew Pearman31.39aNeil Armstrong
8.7Jacob Powell31.92aDuniway
9.7Brendan Doolittle33.00aNeil Armstrong
10.7Douglas Wilbur34.88aNeil Armstrong
11.7Jacob Mead37.95aNeil Armstrong
7Chase HarmonNTPatton
7Gabriel SyhalathNTDuniway
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Tanner Scanlon25.66aDuniway
2.8Colton Harle26.36aMark Twain
3.8Dylan Richmond26.62aNeil Armstrong
4.8Christian Guerra28.34aNeil Armstrong
5.8Brian Martinez29.42aNeil Armstrong
6.8Joe Dyer29.58aMark Twain
7.8Josiah Cortez29.78aMark Twain
8.8Jorge Zurita Sixtos30.22aNeil Armstrong
9.8Bridger Lanning31.01aMark Twain
10.8Austin Houser31.15aPatton
11.8Trevor Cote31.77aMark Twain
12.8Gilberto Garfias Mejia31.94aNeil Armstrong
13.8Ryan Gulstrom33.11aMark Twain
14.8Aristotle Vargas33.29aMark Twain
15.8Jaylin Wilson33.76aNeil Armstrong
16.8Adrian Krouze35.51aMark Twain
17.8Charlie Friend36.06aNeil Armstrong
18.8Logan Hart36.34aPatton
19.8Tanner Rosenberry38.02aMark Twain
8Jacob AguilarNTNeil Armstrong
8Francisco PinedaNTNeil Armstrong
8Marco MedinaNTPatton
8Kenny KramerNTNeil Armstrong
8Logan MunsonNTMark Twain
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Tyler Sitton1:10.38aPatton
2.6Will Early1:17.79aDuniway
3.6Daniel Rofelty1:20.57aMark Twain
4.6Cole Visser1:24.35aMark Twain
5.6Josh Ford1:24.45aPatton
6.6R.J. Young1:37.06aDuniway
6Geoffrey BishopNTPatton
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Tristen Frey1:10.87aDuniway
2.7Blake Cosgrove1:11.72aMark Twain
3.7Garrett Gray1:12.66aNeil Armstrong
4.7Brendan Doolittle1:23.05aNeil Armstrong
5.7Skyler Gober1:23.62aNeil Armstrong
7Devon WilsonNTDuniway
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Teddy Patana57.04aPatton
2.8Colton Harle1:00.06aMark Twain
3.8Brian Schar1:01.25aNeil Armstrong
4.8Nathan Jamsa1:01.28aMark Twain
5.8Robbie Le Parc1:01.59aMark Twain
6.8Victor Downs1:02.69aDuniway
7.8Christian Guerra1:05.01aNeil Armstrong
8.8Taylor Hitchcock1:05.60aNeil Armstrong
9.8Joe Dyer1:05.70aMark Twain
10.8Brian Martinez1:06.19aNeil Armstrong
11.8Riley Fischer1:06.97aNeil Armstrong
12.8Marco Medina1:07.40aPatton
13.8Juan Cortez1:07.62aDuniway
14.8Bridger Lanning1:09.35aMark Twain
15.8Daniel Huwaldt1:13.16aPatton
16.8Ryan Gulstrom1:15.74aMark Twain
8Stephen CushingNTMark Twain
8Moises CuauxinqueNTPatton
8Jakob OrlowskyNTNeil Armstrong
8Jacob AguilarNTNeil Armstrong
8Aaron ElliottNTMark Twain
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Kevin McKeegan2:48.76aDuniway
2.6Daniel Rofelty2:57.70aMark Twain
3.6Kyle Harris2:58.31aDuniway
4.6Will Early3:00.09aDuniway
5.6Cole Visser3:03.74aMark Twain
8Jakob OrlowskyNTNeil Armstrong
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Devon Wilson2:20.09aDuniway
2.7Matthew Stanich2:31.79aNeil Armstrong
3.7Jose Bautista2:45.07aDuniway
4.7Natan Lizier-Zmudzinski2:54.50aNeil Armstrong
5.7Aerie Baxter3:00.07aNeil Armstrong
6.7Max Malley3:03.25aDuniway
7Taylor JensenNTNeil Armstrong
7Jason KiffNTPatton
7Murimi NyamuNTNeil Armstrong
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Ricardo Torres2:18.38aNeil Armstrong
2.8Samuel Cruz2:19.53aNeil Armstrong
3.8Robbie Le Parc2:20.09aMark Twain
4.8Joe Dyer2:30.70aMark Twain
5.8Liam McKeegan2:34.59aDuniway
6.8Justin Reichard2:36.56aNeil Armstrong
7.8Alex Brown2:37.71aNeil Armstrong
8.8Zach Nelson2:43.60aNeil Armstrong
9.8Juan Cortez2:46.18aDuniway
10.8Angler Emerick2:54.26aNeil Armstrong
11.8Ryan Gulstrom2:55.51aMark Twain
12.8Michael Long3:07.34aNeil Armstrong
13.8Stephen Cushing3:49.08aMark Twain
8Aaron ElliottNTMark Twain
8Bridger LanningNTMark Twain
8Forrest HughesNTNeil Armstrong
8Collin KuehnNTMark Twain
8Cole BallingerNTMark Twain
8Camden KennedyNTNeil Armstrong
8Duncan StewartNTNeil Armstrong
8Wyatt GuilmetteNTPatton
8Jordan PanganibanNTNeil Armstrong
8Cody FletcherNTNeil Armstrong
X 1500 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Kevin McKeegan5:26.36aDuniway
2.6Kyle Harris5:44.89aDuniway
3.6Daniel Rofelty5:53.23aMark Twain
4.6Cole Visser5:56.20aMark Twain
5.6Aidan Nyquist6:04.33aPatton
X 1500 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Devon Wilson4:51.27aDuniway
2.7Taylor Jensen5:34Neil Armstrong
3.7Natan Lizier-Zmudzinski5:42Neil Armstrong
5.7Max Malley5:43.06aDuniway
4.7Aerie Baxter5:44Neil Armstrong
7Murimi NyamuNTNeil Armstrong
7Jason KiffNTPatton
X 1500 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Cody Fletcher5:05aNeil Armstrong
2.8Camden Kennedy5:07Neil Armstrong
5.8Liam McKeegan5:07.97aDuniway
3.8Alex Brown5:09.00Neil Armstrong
4.8Justin Reichard5:09.50Neil Armstrong
8.8Tanner Autencio5:11.02aPatton
6.8Brian Schar5:13Neil Armstrong
7.8Duncan Stewart5:23Neil Armstrong
10.8Bridger Lanning5:26.37aMark Twain
9.8Zach Nelson5:27Neil Armstrong
11.8Collin Kuehn5:27.62aMark Twain
13.8Marco Medina5:39.75aPatton
12.8Angler Emerick5:41Neil Armstrong
14.8Clayton Maves5:42.57aPatton
15.8Michael Long5:55Neil Armstrong
16.8Daniel Huwaldt5:56.07aPatton
17.8Austin Houser6:04.18aPatton
18.8Stephen Cushing6:05.53aMark Twain
8Brian StoutNTPatton
8Forrest HughesNTNeil Armstrong
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Brad Hessel18.50aDuniway
2.6Skyler Schuck20.24aPatton
3.6Cooper Bousquet24.81aDuniway
4.6Matt Huwaldt32.60aPatton
6Franky RomeroNTPatton
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Max Hayes17.67aDuniway
2.7Bobby Crowston18.17aDuniway
3.7Garrett Gray19.71aNeil Armstrong
4.7Douglas Wilbur20.21aNeil Armstrong
5.7Benjamin Pearson20.91aNeil Armstrong
6.7Jacob Clark21.31aPatton
7Jason KiffNTPatton
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Tanner Scanlon14.71aDuniway
2.8Wyatt Guilmette15.38aPatton
3.8Nick Clark17.70aDuniway
4.8David Kim17.93aDuniway
5.8Cayman Goin18.13aMark Twain
6.8Charlie Gilpin18.31aPatton
7.8Nathan Jamsa18.36aMark Twain
8.8Brian Schar18.85aNeil Armstrong
9.8Samuel Stevens19.21aNeil Armstrong
10.8Jakob Orlowsky19.32aNeil Armstrong
11.8Christopher Castillo19.38aMark Twain
12.8Gilberto Garfias Mejia19.53aNeil Armstrong
13.8Nick Kroeplin19.70aNeil Armstrong
14.8Bridger Lanning20.03aMark Twain
15.8Charlie Friend21.96aNeil Armstrong
8Spencer HatleyNTMark Twain
8Colson YoungNTMark Twain
8Logan MunsonNTMark Twain
8Nathan SchneiderNTNeil Armstrong
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Kyle Hess
Brock Peterson
Alex Lynch
Brad Hessel
2.-Skyler Schuck
Josh Ford
Tyler Sitton
Jake Fowler
-Jackson Eggers
Geoffrey Bishop
Nikko Robledo
Owen Reidel
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Hayden Bonnet
Trustian Hood
Bobby Crowston
Gabriel Syhalath
2.-Raymond Byerly
Matthew Pearman
Matthew Stanich
Taylor Jensen
56.01aNeil Armstrong
-Relay Team NTPatton
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Cayman Goin
Luke Patten
Cole Chandler
Colton Harle
50.49aMark Twain
2.-Jakob Orlowsky
Samuel Cruz
Ricardo Torres
Dylan Richmond
50.52aNeil Armstrong
3.-Wyatt Guilmette
Teddy Patana
Clayton Maves
Tanner Autencio
4.-Daniel Robertson
Moises Cuauxinque
Charlie Gilpin
Marco Medina
X 4x400 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Will Early
Kevin McKeegan
Alex Lynch
Brad Hessel
2.-Aidan Nyquist
Josh Ford
Tyler Sitton
Jake Fowler
X 4x400 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Raymond Byerly
Taylor Jensen
Natan Lizier-Zmudzinski
Matthew Stanich
4:39.66aNeil Armstrong
2.-Jose Bautista
Hayden Bonnet
Trustian Hood
Devon Wilson
3.-Daniel Rofelty
Clylx Spaethe
Ben Biben
Blake Cosgrove
4:58.91aMark Twain
X 4x400 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Ricardo Torres
Samuel Cruz
Cody Fletcher
Dylan Richmond
4:06.42aNeil Armstrong
2.-Wyatt Guilmette
Teddy Patana
Brian Stout
Tanner Autencio
3.-Nick Clark
Victor Downs
David Kim
Liam McKeegan
4.-Aaron Elliott
Robbie Le Parc
Collin Kuehn
Cayman Goin
4:22.59aMark Twain
5.-Christian Guerra
Camden Kennedy
Justin Reichard
Brian Schar
4:27.86aNeil Armstrong
X Shot Put - 8lb - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Dylan Ingham28-06.25Duniway
2.6Geoffrey Bishop25-07.00Patton
3.6Tristan Hopkins23-04.25Duniway
4.6Junior Bautista22-04.25Patton
5.6R.J. Young19-10.00Duniway
6.6Max Morton19-06.00Duniway
7.6Mac Whitaker13-09.50Duniway
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7James Crawford26-08.75Neil Armstrong
2.7Max Smith26-07.25Duniway
3.7William Chilton26-03.25Neil Armstrong
4.7Gregory Sanchez24-05.25Patton
5.7Mason Pang24-00.00Neil Armstrong
6.7Falken Brown18-03.75Neil Armstrong
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Alex Kiess37-02.25Duniway
2.8Andreas Neves33-01.50Mark Twain
3.8Talon Mishler33-00.25Duniway
4.8Aristotle Vargas32-10.25Mark Twain
5.8Trevor Cote31-11.00Mark Twain
6.8Cole Ballinger29-01.00Mark Twain
7.8Andrew O'Donnell28-11.00Neil Armstrong
8.8Jaylin Wilson27-11.75Neil Armstrong
9.8Adrian Krouze27-06.00Mark Twain
10.8Devon Perez26-08.75Duniway
11.8Tyler Williams26-01.75Neil Armstrong
12.8Derryck Holmes24-06.50Neil Armstrong
13.8Tanner Rosenberry19-08.75Mark Twain
14.8Logan Hart17-02.00Patton
8Oliver VeraNDDuniway
8Joe DyerNDMark Twain
8Hunter KnightonNDNeil Armstrong
X Discus - 1kg - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Geoffrey Bishop77-03Patton
2.6Dylan Ingham66-01Duniway
3.6R.J. Young59-02Duniway
4.6Junior Bautista57-05Patton
5.6Max Morton45-09Duniway
6.6Mac Whitaker41-10Duniway
8Adrian KrouzeNDMark Twain
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7William Chilton78-11Neil Armstrong
2.7James Crawford65-08Neil Armstrong
3.7Jacob Clark57-01Patton
4.7Max Smith52-09Duniway
7Clylx SpaetheNDMark Twain
7Mason PangNDNeil Armstrong
7Falken BrownNDNeil Armstrong
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Victor Downs104-10Duniway
2.8Oliver Vera103-00Duniway
3.8Alex Kiess94-07Duniway
4.8Jaylin Wilson94-01Neil Armstrong
5.8Aristotle Vargas92-02Mark Twain
6.8Adrian Krouze84-10Mark Twain
7.8Tyler Williams84-05Neil Armstrong
8.8Talon Mishler81-01Duniway
9.8Andrew O'Donnell73-09Neil Armstrong
10.8Andreas Neves72-04Mark Twain
11.8Derryck Holmes72-03Neil Armstrong
12.8Joe Dyer71-10Mark Twain
13.8Chase Morgan69-08Neil Armstrong
14.8Bailey Dreibelbis67-01Patton
15.8Logan Hart40-07Patton
8Tanner RosenberryNDMark Twain
8Hunter KnightonNDNeil Armstrong
8Colson YoungNDMark Twain
8Spencer HatleyNDMark Twain
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
6Owen ReidelNHPatton
6Josh FordNHPatton
6Kevin McKeeganNHDuniway
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
2.7Max Hayes4-06.00Duniway
2.7Jose Bautista4-06.00Duniway
4.7Benjamin Pearson4-04.00Neil Armstrong
5.7Blake Cosgrove4-02.00Mark Twain
7Skyler GoberNHNeil Armstrong
1.7Ben Biben6-06.00Mark Twain
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Cole Chandler5-04.00Mark Twain
2.8Nathan Jamsa5-02.00Mark Twain
2.8Logan Munson5-02.00Mark Twain
4.8Andrew O'Donnell4-10.00Neil Armstrong
4.8Luke Patten4-10.00Mark Twain
6.8Tanner Autencio4-08.00Patton
6.8Robbie Le Parc4-08.00Mark Twain
6.8Francisco Pineda4-08.00Neil Armstrong
9.8Jorge Zurita Sixtos4-06.00Neil Armstrong
9.8Jacob Aguilar4-06.00Neil Armstrong
9.8Bailey Dreibelbis4-06.00Patton
8Kenny KramerNHNeil Armstrong
8Nick KroeplinNHNeil Armstrong
8Brian StoutNHPatton
8Samuel StevensNHNeil Armstrong
8Jordan PanganibanNHNeil Armstrong
8Nathan SchneiderNHNeil Armstrong
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Alex Lynch13-01.00Duniway
2.6Aidan Nyquist10-06.00Patton
3.6Jackson Eggers10-02.00Patton
4.6Matt Huwaldt9-10.00Patton
5.6Nikko Robledo9-04.00Patton
6Franky RomeroNDPatton
6Jake FowlerNDPatton
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Jose Bautista14-02.50Duniway
2.7Trustian Hood13-11.00Duniway
3.7Bobby Crowston13-10.50Duniway
4.7Max Hayes13-07.50Duniway
5.7Ben Biben13-01.00Mark Twain
6.7Raymond Byerly12-06.00Neil Armstrong
6.7Blake Cosgrove12-06.00Mark Twain
8.7Garrett Gray11-10.00Neil Armstrong
9.7Benjamin Pearson11-05.00Neil Armstrong
10.7Brendan Doolittle10-01.00Neil Armstrong
11.7Jacob Mead7-05.00Neil Armstrong
7Gabriel SyhalathNDDuniway
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Tanner Scanlon18-03.50Duniway
2.8Cole Chandler16-11.00Mark Twain
3.8Nick Clark15-05.00Duniway
4.8Luke Patten15-03.00Mark Twain
5.8Logan Munson14-06.00Mark Twain
6.8Cayman Goin14-02.50Mark Twain
7.8Clayton Maves14-01.00Patton
8.8Jacob Aguilar13-11.00Neil Armstrong
9.8Duncan Stewart13-09.50Neil Armstrong
10.8Trevor Cote13-00.00Mark Twain
10.8Francisco Pineda13-00.00Neil Armstrong
12.8Christopher Castillo12-11.50Mark Twain
13.8Josiah Cortez12-04.00Mark Twain
14.8Nick Kroeplin11-04.00Neil Armstrong
15.8Daniel Huwaldt11-01.50Patton
8Daniel RobertsonNDPatton
8Kenny KramerNDNeil Armstrong
8Taylor HitchcockNDNeil Armstrong
8Spencer HatleyNDMark Twain
8Hunter KnightonNDNeil Armstrong
8Colson YoungNDMark Twain
8Jordan PanganibanNDNeil Armstrong
8Riley FischerNDNeil Armstrong
8Cole BallingerNDMark Twain
8Jorge Zurita SixtosNDNeil Armstrong
8Andrew O'DonnellNDNeil Armstrong
8David KimNDDuniway

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Sienna East14.27aPatton
2.6Alexia Valdez14.63aPatton
3.6Gillian Bonnet14.67aDuniway
4.6Stephanie Willis14.99aDuniway
5.6Caitlin Keating15.00aMark Twain
6.6Elena Smisek15.22aMark Twain
7.6Ellie Thomas15.27aPatton
8.6Kaleigh Scanlon15.32aDuniway
9.6Hannah Hayes15.34aPatton
10.6Jaypu Gibb15.37aDuniway
11.6Annika Gulstrom15.50aMark Twain
12.6Makenna Ford15.55aMark Twain
13.6Nichole Teasdale15.81aDuniway
14.6Hannah Munson15.97aMark Twain
15.6Ashtin Alexander16.17aMark Twain
16.6Emily DeYoung16.19aPatton
17.6Emma Orth16.23aDuniway
18.6Sophia Jagoe-Seidl16.39aPatton
19.6Summer Preston16.57aPatton
20.6Natalie Zakaib16.64aDuniway
21.6Alex Cross16.67aMark Twain
22.6Rachael Brockamp17.01aMark Twain
23.6Kayla Weeks17.06aDuniway
24.6Aubree Milks17.11aPatton
25.6Megan Brockamp17.93aMark Twain
6Taylor TeeneyNTMark Twain
6Megan DeYoungNTPatton
6Allison RaviaNTDuniway
6Zoe PoulsomNTPatton
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Lillian Ulloa13.61aDuniway
2.7Elizabeth Logsdon13.88aPatton
3.7Kendal Obrist14.03aDuniway
4.7Bailey Mickel14.50aNeil Armstrong
5.7Libby Williams14.70aMark Twain
6.7Hannah Smith14.73aDuniway
7.7Nichole Beyer15.09aMark Twain
8.7Raena Gonzales15.23aPatton
9.7Lisa Botello15.46aDuniway
10.7Katelyn Renshaw15.48aDuniway
11.7Jessie Brownell15.48aMark Twain
12.7Marissa Mullian15.54aPatton
13.7Ally Rosenberry15.59aMark Twain
14.7Rakell Barrios15.64aNeil Armstrong
15.7Yesenia Martinez15.64aMark Twain
16.7Hannah Doyle15.68aMark Twain
17.7Lindsey Orr15.70aMark Twain
18.7Jessica Teeney15.73aMark Twain
19.7Abby Aguirre15.88aNeil Armstrong
20.7Adisyn Diven16.02aDuniway
21.7Nayeli Medina16.17aNeil Armstrong
22.7Miranda Damitz16.17aMark Twain
23.7Heidi Moore16.31aMark Twain
24.7Beatriz Tencos Garcia16.56aNeil Armstrong
25.7Allyson Fennimore16.69aMark Twain
26.7Jasmine Alvarez46.72aNeil Armstrong
7McKenzie GeigerNTNeil Armstrong
7Vanessa SalgadoNTNeil Armstrong
7Zaira McKayNTDuniway
7Elizabeth BullockNTNeil Armstrong
7Shelly KinneyNTMark Twain
7Sabrina RiosNTNeil Armstrong
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Madison Grubbs14.09aNeil Armstrong
2.8Megan Traeger14.16aMark Twain
3.8Carissa Collins14.17aDuniway
4.8Nora Angus14.47aPatton
5.8Camille Ghording-Nava14.52aDuniway
6.8Clara Garcia14.61aPatton
7.8Xochi Camacho14.69aNeil Armstrong
7.8Hailey Sahagun14.69aDuniway
9.8Camille LaRocca15.14aDuniway
10.8Kristen Bridgewater15.58aNeil Armstrong
11.8Emma Ledford15.68aNeil Armstrong
12.8Maria Galvan Olvera15.76aNeil Armstrong
13.8Elizabeth Fleshman15.93aMark Twain
14.8Cassandra Fetters16.10aMark Twain
15.8Amy Ali16.31aPatton
16.8Karissa Talent16.35aNeil Armstrong
17.8Elizabeth White16.56aMark Twain
18.8Nicki McConkie16.71aPatton
19.8Hailey Small16.81aPatton
8Sapphire RodriguezNTNeil Armstrong
8Mandi LakeNTDuniway
8Savannah HughesNTPatton
8Shelby ParrishNTNeil Armstrong
8Zuleyma RubioNTNeil Armstrong
8Jennifer Chavez AguileraNTNeil Armstrong
8Darlene SuarezNTNeil Armstrong
8Bibiana Garcia PerezNTNeil Armstrong
8Carla Macedo-DiazNTNeil Armstrong
8Yasmin Marroquin PinedaNTNeil Armstrong
8Katie MillerNTDuniway
8Carmen Lopez-AparicioNTNeil Armstrong
8Jordan SchulzNTNeil Armstrong
8Arcelia ValdovinosNTPatton
8Jensen BorregoNTNeil Armstrong
8Molly LinderNTDuniway
8Hannah WoodsNTNeil Armstrong
8Sarah HessNTNeil Armstrong
8Alaina MeadNTDuniway
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Sienna East30.38aPatton
2.6Gillian Bonnet31.06aDuniway
3.6Hannah Hayes32.18aPatton
4.6Caitlin Keating32.26aMark Twain
5.6Elena Smisek32.44aMark Twain
6.6Ally Legard32.46aDuniway
7.6Jaypu Gibb32.68aDuniway
8.8Hailey Small33.38aPatton
9.6Tessa Faulhaber35.58aMark Twain
6Makenna FordNTMark Twain
8Savannah HughesNTPatton
8Taylor PetersenNTPatton
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Lillian Ulloa29.06aDuniway
2.7Kendal Obrist29.94aDuniway
3.7Alyssa Villalobos32.11aNeil Armstrong
4.7Libby Williams32.13aMark Twain
5.7Nichole Beyer32.41aMark Twain
6.7Hannah Abbott33.06aDuniway
7.7Tess Oster33.23aMark Twain
8.7Lisa Botello33.33aDuniway
9.7Abby Aguirre34.32aNeil Armstrong
10.7Katelyn Renshaw34.51aDuniway
11.7Ally Rosenberry34.55aMark Twain
12.7Miranda Damitz34.72aMark Twain
13.6Rachael Brockamp35.53aMark Twain
14.7Calista Orvin35.67aDuniway
15.7Samantha Barker37.34aDuniway
16.7Jasmine Alvarez1:51.37aNeil Armstrong
7Nayeli MedinaNTNeil Armstrong
7Sophia OppenlanderNTNeil Armstrong
7Vanessa SalgadoNTNeil Armstrong
7Sara MadduxNTMark Twain
7Elizabeth BullockNTNeil Armstrong
7McKenzie GeigerNTNeil Armstrong
7Sabrina RiosNTNeil Armstrong
7Faber LynaghNTPatton
7Hannah DoyleNTMark Twain
7Zaira McKayNTDuniway
7Heidi MooreNTMark Twain
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Jensen Borrego29.37aNeil Armstrong
2.8Camille Ghording-Nava31.49aDuniway
3.8Hailey Sahagun31.86aDuniway
4.8Karissa Talent33.32aNeil Armstrong
5.8Elizabeth Fleshman33.73aMark Twain
6.8Maria Galvan Olvera34.47aNeil Armstrong
7.8Odessa Parker34.53aMark Twain
8.8Cassandra Fetters35.19aMark Twain
9.8Breeana Lundeen35.71aDuniway
10.8Elizabeth White35.79aMark Twain
11.8Yasmin Marroquin Pineda36.27aNeil Armstrong
12.8Bibiana Garcia Perez38.05aNeil Armstrong
8Carmen Lopez-AparicioNTNeil Armstrong
8Katie MillerNTDuniway
8Carla Macedo-DiazNTNeil Armstrong
8Mandi LakeNTDuniway
8Delaney AckermanNTDuniway
8Jennifer Chavez AguileraNTNeil Armstrong
6Hannah HayesNTPatton
6Sienna EastNTPatton
8Courtney MonagonNTDuniway
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Kate Noble1:12.24aDuniway
2.6Stephanie Willis1:14.26aDuniway
3.6Hannah Munson1:30.02aMark Twain
4.6Nickole Carroll1:41.93aPatton
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Maddie Fuhrman1:08.75aMark Twain
2.7Kaeley Cosgrove1:12.06aDuniway
3.7Savannah Menken1:13.51aDuniway
4.7Whitney Rich1:16.81aDuniway
5.7Madeline Malley1:19.56aDuniway
6.7Abby Aguirre1:22.96aNeil Armstrong
7.7Lindsey Orr1:28.91aMark Twain
8.7Nayeli Medina1:31.98aNeil Armstrong
7Adisyn DivenNTDuniway
7Sophia OppenlanderNTNeil Armstrong
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Taylor Petersen1:05.69aPatton
2.8Jasmine Vander Meide1:15.87aPatton
3.8Emma Ledford1:17.02aNeil Armstrong
4.8Maria Galicia1:26.65aNeil Armstrong
8Yasmin Marroquin PinedaNTNeil Armstrong
8Jaqueline Tinoco AvalosNTNeil Armstrong
8Sapphire RodriguezNTNeil Armstrong
8Karissa TalentNTNeil Armstrong
8Arcelia ValdovinosNTPatton
8Justine EckerNTDuniway
8Courtney MonagonNTDuniway
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Natalie Zakaib3:15.95aDuniway
2.6Taylor Teeney3:39.98aMark Twain
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Maddie Fuhrman2:39.61aMark Twain
2.7Alia Parsons2:39.85aMark Twain
3.7Dominique Duncan2:52.49aNeil Armstrong
4.7Whitney Rich2:53.84aDuniway
5.7Yesenia Martinez3:07.81aMark Twain
6.7Vanessa Salgado3:10.03aNeil Armstrong
7.7Chloe Janko3:29.48aNeil Armstrong
8.7Camilla Sumner3:33.52aDuniway
9.7Summer Nicholson4:16.31aDuniway
7Sophia OppenlanderNTNeil Armstrong
7Sarah BishopNTDuniway
7Calista OrvinNTDuniway
7Abby WarrenNTDuniway
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Sequoia Rysdam2:35.90aMark Twain
2.8Kaysie Burkhardt2:49.00aNeil Armstrong
3.8Rebecca Noble2:53.25aDuniway
4.8Karimi Nyamu2:59.98aNeil Armstrong
5.8Rachel Legard3:01.86aPatton
6.8Tara Cambell3:03.25aNeil Armstrong
7.8Maria Galicia3:15.69aNeil Armstrong
8.8Jayde Hansen3:18.06aNeil Armstrong
9.8Darlene Suarez3:26.36aNeil Armstrong
10.8Carla Macedo-Diaz3:31.30aNeil Armstrong
8Veronica MarquezNTPatton
8Rebecca WolfNTDuniway
8Zuleyma RubioNTNeil Armstrong
X 1500 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Megan DeYoung6:44.21aPatton
2.6Adriana Mendoza7:17.36aDuniway
6Nickole CarrollNTPatton
X 1500 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Maddie Fuhrman5:24.92aMark Twain
2.7Whitney Rich5:34.51aDuniway
3.7Dominique Duncan5:53.74aNeil Armstrong
4.7Chloe Janko7:03.13aNeil Armstrong
5.7Summer Nicholson9:26.02aDuniway
7Jessica NoyesNTPatton
X 1500 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Sequoia Rysdam5:23.98aMark Twain
2.8Makayla Khatewoda5:43.32aDuniway
3.8Kaysie Burkhardt5:51.64aNeil Armstrong
4.8Rachel Legard5:55.98aPatton
5.8Karimi Nyamu6:19.49aNeil Armstrong
6.8Tara Cambell6:24.12aNeil Armstrong
7.8Jayde Hansen6:51.73aNeil Armstrong
8Alexis OberNTDuniway
8Veronica MarquezNTPatton
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Ally Legard18.81aDuniway
2.6Emma Orth23.20aDuniway
3.6Hannah Siepmann24.90aDuniway
4.6Adriana Mendoza25.79aDuniway
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Montanna Gubrud16.92aPatton
2.7Libby Williams19.19aMark Twain
3.7Jessie Brownell20.29aMark Twain
4.7Hannah Abbott20.51aDuniway
5.7Katelyn Renshaw20.66aDuniway
6.7Alyssa Villalobos20.83aNeil Armstrong
7.7Faber Lynagh21.18aPatton
8.7Raena Gonzales21.21aPatton
9.7Adisyn Diven22.40aDuniway
10.7Hannah Smith26.73aDuniway
7Jessica NoyesNTPatton
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Carissa Collins18.40aDuniway
2.8Makayla Khatewoda18.84aDuniway
3.8Tahtianna Hale19.77aNeil Armstrong
4.8Kristen Bridgewater21.01aNeil Armstrong
8Sarah HessNTNeil Armstrong
8Mellinda RanesNTNeil Armstrong
8Emma LedfordNTNeil Armstrong
8Rebecca WolfNTDuniway
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Alexia Valdez
Ellie Thomas
Sienna East
Hannah Hayes
2.-Gillian Bonnet
Kaleigh Scanlon
Stephanie Willis
Kate Noble
4.-Makenna Ford
Ashtin Alexander
Annika Gulstrom
Elena Smisek
1:03.25aMark Twain
3.-Tessa Faulhaber
Hannah Munson
Alexandria Cross
Caitlin Keating
1:04.61aMark Twain
-Jaupu Gibb
Allison Ravia
Nichole Teasdale
Adriana Mendoza
4.-Emily DeYoung
Sophia Jagoe-Seidl
Zoe Poulsom
Summer Preston
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Hannah Abbott
Lillian Ulloa
Kaeley Cosgrove
Kendal Obrist
2.-Clara Garcia
Nora Angus
Madison Vicknair
Jasmine Vander Meide
3.-Rakell Barrios
Dominique Duncan
Sabrina Rios
Alyssa Villalobos
1:00.46aNeil Armstrong
-Nichole Beyer
Jessica Teeney
Allyson Fennimore
Savanna Wilson
1:03.46aMark Twain
5.-Katie Brazelton
Jessie Brownell
Miranda Damitz
Lindsey Orr
1:04.10aMark Twain
6.-Leilani Medina
Audelia Bravo
Haile Dix
Brittney Graham
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Carissa Collins
Camille LaRocca
Camille Ghording-Nava
Hailey Sahagun
2.-Hannah Woods
Xochi Camacho
Jensen Borrego
Madison Grubbs
56.80aNeil Armstrong
3.-Raena Gonzales
Montanna Gubrud
Elizabeth Logsdon
Jessica Noyes
4.-Ashley Geiger
Alia Parsons
Cassandra Ventura
Megan Traeger
59.27aMark Twain
5.-Elizabeth White
Cassandra Fetters
Elizabeth Fleshman
Hannah Doyle
1:02.76aMark Twain
6.-Nicki McConkie
Amy Ali
Hailey Small
Savannah Hughes
-Justine Ecker
Alexis Ober
Camille Ghording-Nava
Camille LaRocca
X 4x400 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Ally Legard
Kate Noble
Stephanie Willis
Kaleigh Scanlon
2.-Ellie Thomas
Hannah Hayes
Sienna East
Megan DeYoung
3.-Taylor Teeney
Hannah Munson
Ashtin Alexander
Alexandria Cross
5:50.26aMark Twain
X 4x400 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Madeline Malley
Savannah Menken
Kendal Obrist
Lillian Ulloa
2.-Elizabeth Logsdon
Montanna Gubrud
Raena Gonzales
Alexandrea Logan
3.-Abby Aguirre
Vanessa Salgado
Dominique Duncan
Nayeli Medina
5:28.12aNeil Armstrong
4.-Yesenia Martinez
Jessie Brownell
Nichole Beyer
Ally Rosenberry
5:34.52aMark Twain
X 4x400 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Sequoia Rysdam
Cassandra Ventura
Alia Parsons
Maddie Fuhrman
4:43.24aMark Twain
2.-Madison Grubbs
Jensen Borrego
Xochi Camacho
Sapphire Rodriguez
4:52.39aNeil Armstrong
3.-Madison Vicknair
Veronica Marquez
Clara Garcia
Taylor Petersen
4.-Carissa Collins
Courtney Monagon
Justine Ecker
Makayla Khatewoda
5.-Hannah Woods
Sarah Hess
Kaysie Burkhardt
Karimi Nyamu
5:21.31aNeil Armstrong
-Rebecca Noble
Audrey Pattishall
Tatum Rasmussen
Alexis Ober
X Shot Put - 6lb - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Rachael Brockamp28-10.25Mark Twain
2.6Jaypu Gibb20-01.00Duniway
3.6Megan Brockamp19-04.00Mark Twain
4.6Brisa Silva17-02.50Patton
6Jaquelin MadrigalNDPatton
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Tess Oster30-05.00Mark Twain
2.6Rachael Brockamp28-08.75Mark Twain
3.7Beatriz Tencos Garcia23-10.25Neil Armstrong
4.7Jalyn Clark-Johnson23-07.50Duniway
5.7Lisa Wilbur22-01.00Patton
6.7Nina Flores Parra22-00.00Neil Armstrong
7.7Lindsey Orr21-07.25Mark Twain
8.7Katie Brazelton20-05.75Mark Twain
9.7Maria Elena Gomez-Martinez20-03.50Neil Armstrong
10.7Micaela Muniz-Amezcua20-01.50Neil Armstrong
11.7Samantha Barker17-01.00Duniway
12.7Jasmine Alvarez13-00.75Neil Armstrong
7Heidi MooreNDMark Twain
7McKenzie GeigerNDNeil Armstrong
7Sayla SharpNDNeil Armstrong
6Megan BrockampNDMark Twain
8Odessa ParkerNDMark Twain
7Sara MadduxNDMark Twain
7Rakell BarriosNDNeil Armstrong
7Leilani MedinaNDPatton
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Megan Traeger33-00.00Mark Twain
2.8Rebecca Noble26-01.00Duniway
3.8Rena Jean Edwards24-09.25Neil Armstrong
4.8Heather Bissonette24-06.00Duniway
5.8Charissa Menken23-03.25Duniway
6.8Ashley Geiger23-01.25Mark Twain
7.8Mandi Lake21-11.00Duniway
8.8Camille LaRocca19-04.00Duniway
9.8Emma Young16-10.25Neil Armstrong
10.8Aurora Minor15-08.75Neil Armstrong
8Savannah WarrenNDNeil Armstrong
8Jordan SchulzNDNeil Armstrong
8Jaqueline Tinoco AvalosNDNeil Armstrong
X Discus - 1kg - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Rachael Brockamp63-09Mark Twain
2.6Makenna Ford50-00Mark Twain
3.6Emily DeYoung49-04Patton
4.6Megan Brockamp42-11Mark Twain
5.6Taylor Teeney40-11Mark Twain
6.6Brisa Silva38-04Patton
6Jaquelin MadrigalNDPatton
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Jalyn Clark-Johnson65-00Duniway
2.7Nina Flores Parra59-03Neil Armstrong
3.7Tess Oster56-09Mark Twain
4.7Maria Elena Gomez-Martinez52-04Neil Armstrong
5.7Lisa Wilbur49-10Patton
6.7Micaela Muniz-Amezcua48-04Neil Armstrong
7.7Samantha Barker45-04Duniway
8.7Beatriz Tencos Garcia41-08Neil Armstrong
7Sara MadduxNDMark Twain
6Megan BrockampNDMark Twain
7McKenzie GeigerNDNeil Armstrong
7Shelly KinneyNDMark Twain
7Jasmine AlvarezNDNeil Armstrong
7Sayla SharpNDNeil Armstrong
6Rachael BrockampNDMark Twain
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Megan Traeger84-02Mark Twain
2.8Odessa Parker55-06Mark Twain
3.8Heather Bissonette52-10Duniway
4.8Charissa Menken52-07Duniway
5.8Emma Young44-03Neil Armstrong
6.8Rena Jean Edwards42-11Neil Armstrong
7.8Aurora Minor32-11Neil Armstrong
8.8Darlene Suarez29-02Neil Armstrong
8Jaqueline Tinoco AvalosNDNeil Armstrong
8Hannah WoodsNDNeil Armstrong
8Jordan SchulzNDNeil Armstrong
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Alexia Valdez4-00.00Patton
2.6Nickole Carroll3-08.00Patton
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Jessica Teeney4-00.00Mark Twain
2.7Alexandrea Logan3-10.00Patton
7Brittney GrahamNHPatton
7Audelia BravoNHPatton
7Jessica NoyesNHPatton
7Savanna WilsonNHMark Twain
7Allyson FennimoreNHMark Twain
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Sequoia Rysdam4-08.00Mark Twain
1.8Madison Vicknair4-08.00Patton
3.8Charissa Menken4-06.00Duniway
3.8Rebecca Noble4-06.00Duniway
5.8Abby Downing3-10.00Neil Armstrong
6.8Maria Galvan Olvera3-08.00Neil Armstrong
6.8Tatum Rasmussen3-08.00Duniway
6.8Shelby Parrish3-08.00Neil Armstrong
8Jaqueline Tinoco AvalosNHNeil Armstrong
8Ashley GeigerNHMark Twain
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Alexia Valdez13-03.00Patton
2.6Emma Orth10-10.00Duniway
3.6Aubree Milks10-06.00Patton
4.6Sophia Jagoe-Seidl10-01.25Patton
5.6Alex Cross9-11.25Mark Twain
6.6Megan DeYoung9-08.50Patton
7.6Annika Gulstrom9-07.00Mark Twain
7.6Elena Smisek9-07.00Mark Twain
9.6Tessa Faulhaber9-02.50Mark Twain
10.6Megan Brockamp8-11.75Mark Twain
11.6Summer Preston8-11.50Patton
12.6Hannah Siepmann8-07.50Duniway
13.6Ashtin Alexander7-09.50Mark Twain
14.6Brisa Silva6-06.75Patton
6Jaquelin MadrigalNDPatton
6Allison RaviaNDDuniway
6Zoe PoulsomNDPatton
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Montanna Gubrud15-01.50Patton
2.7Elizabeth Logsdon12-08.00Patton
3.7Hannah Smith12-05.00Duniway
4.7Savannah Menken12-03.00Duniway
5.7Alyssa Villalobos12-02.00Neil Armstrong
6.7Alexandrea Logan11-11.00Patton
7.7Madeline Malley11-10.00Duniway
8.7Alia Parsons11-08.00Mark Twain
9.7Miranda Damitz11-06.50Mark Twain
10.7Marissa Mullian10-07.00Patton
11.7Bailey Mickel10-05.75Neil Armstrong
12.7Allyson Fennimore10-01.25Mark Twain
13.7Rakell Barrios9-05.00Neil Armstrong
14.7Faber Lynagh9-02.00Patton
15.7Jessica Teeney8-07.50Mark Twain
7Leilani MedinaNDPatton
7Haile DixNDPatton
7Brittney GrahamNDPatton
7Audelia BravoNDPatton
6Megan BrockampNDMark Twain
7Sabrina RiosNDNeil Armstrong
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Nora Angus13-02.25Patton
2.8Tatum Rasmussen13-00.00Duniway
3.8Charissa Menken12-10.00Duniway
4.8Makayla Khatewoda12-09.00Duniway
5.8Shelby Parrish10-10.50Neil Armstrong
6.8Abby Downing10-09.50Neil Armstrong
7.8Hannah Miller10-08.00Duniway
8.8Cassandra Fetters10-06.00Mark Twain
9.8Ashley Geiger10-02.50Mark Twain
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