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Woodberry Forest Invitational

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District of Columbia - IAC
St Albans For Boys
District of Columbia - ISL
National Cathedral for Girls
Virginia - 2A
Madison County
Virginia - 3A
Western Albemarle
Virginia - Independent
Pope John Paul the Great Catholic
Virginia - ISL
Flint Hill
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Roderque Gray11.15aBrooke Point
2.11Manny Morrow11.32aPope John Paul the G...
3.12Carl Lacy11.34aEastern View
4.11Denver Wright11.35aFork Union Military ...
5.12Tony Green11.37aLouisa County
6.12Christian Bailey11.43aBrooke Point
7.-Julius Moore11.44aSt. Christopher's
8.11Tom O'Hare11.59aPope John Paul the G...
9.12Fritz Parker11.60aSt Albans For Boys
10.11Lorenzo Henson11.63aLouisa County
11.10Cory Rich11.69aSt Albans For Boys
12.12Tyrone Ellis11.69aOrange County
13.12Lance Hawkins11.73aCourtland
14.11Eli Hayden11.77aCharlottesville
14.9Jonny Howard11.77aFlint Hill
16.9John Ragland11.87aLouisa County
17.12Rashad Bolden11.88aMadison County
18.10Tawfiq Abdul-Karim11.91aWoodberry Forest
19.-Chris Thurston11.98aCharlottesville
20.12Edward Yates11.99aEastern View
21.12Dominique Tucker11.99aSt Albans For Boys
22.11Marlin Parker12.00aPope John Paul the G...
23.10Christiian Asher12.00aWestern Albemarle
24.9Elias Khoury12.03aTrinity Episcopal
25.11Moses Washington12.14aEastern View
26.-Dominique Timberlake12.16aLouisa County
27.9Tristan Blarel12.20aSt Albans For Boys
28.10Nate Lake12.22aEastern View
29.11Guiseppe Mattero12.24aCourtland
30.11Jose Rivera12.24aPope John Paul the G...
31.9Jalen Hill12.28aCharlottesville
32.-Marquis Moody12.29aFork Union Military ...
33.12Chase Gunter12.36aSt. Christopher's
34.12David Orange12.38aMadison County
35.11L.J. Ward12.48aMadison County
36.11Clarence Sims12.57aBrooke Point
37.10Ned Ukrop12.61aSt. Christopher's
38.-Adio Trice12.74aFork Union Military ...
39.11Chris Hughes12.86aWestern Albemarle
40.11Harry Baxter12.97aTrinity Episcopal
41.10Marcus Best12.99aOrange County
42.-Dav Fitzpatrick-Woodson13.17aWoodberry Forest
43.11Ali Jalaie13.87aFlint Hill
44.11Michael Cole13.91aFlint Hill
45.-West Camp-Crowder14.14aWoodberry Forest
46.9Mike Davisson19.54aFlint Hill
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Roderque Gray22.40aBrooke Point
2.12Tony Green22.81aLouisa County
3.12Fritz Parker22.96aSt Albans For Boys
4.12Christian Bailey22.97aBrooke Point
5.-C.J. Prosise22.98aWoodberry Forest
6.12Carl Lacy23.15aEastern View
7.11Cory Osbourne23.52aLouisa County
8.11Akil Robinson23.53aCharlottesville
9.11D.J. Randle El23.58aFork Union Military ...
10.11Manny Morrow23.60aPope John Paul the G...
11.10Cory Rich23.61aSt Albans For Boys
12.12Tyrone Ellis23.63aOrange County
13.11Tom O'Hare23.73aPope John Paul the G...
14.12Lance Hawkins23.85aCourtland
15.11Chip Wigginton23.92aSt. Christopher's
16.9John Ragland23.98aLouisa County
17.12Mark Hardison24.20aEastern View
18.10Christiian Asher24.27aWestern Albemarle
19.11Brian Strickland24.37aPope John Paul the G...
20.11Eli Hayden24.41aCharlottesville
21.12Edward Yates24.46aEastern View
22.11Michael Kelley24.49aWoodberry Forest
23.10Dondre Wright24.52aFork Union Military ...
24.11Cameron Barlow24.68aSt. Christopher's
25.-Mike Salmons24.81aLouisa County
26.11Charles Cato24.90aSt Albans For Boys
27.11Cody Finkle24.92aEastern View
28.-Chris Thurston24.92aCharlottesville
29.-Jack Sewell24.93aWoodberry Forest
30.9Kenan McUmber25.03aFork Union Military ...
31.12Chase Gunter25.08aSt. Christopher's
32.9Tristan Blarel25.10aSt Albans For Boys
33.-Connor Forrest25.25aWoodberry Forest
34.11Alex Abraham25.63aFlint Hill
35.9Elias Khoury25.70aTrinity Episcopal
36.11Alex Suarez25.93aFlint Hill
37.11Clarence Sims26.02aBrooke Point
38.10Jonathan Castalucci26.27aTrinity Episcopal
39.10Marcus Best26.45aOrange County
40.10Chris Shepard26.56aPope John Paul the G...
41.11L.J. Ward26.70aMadison County
42.11Guiseppe Mattero26.70aCourtland
43.11Harry Baxter27.28aTrinity Episcopal
44.12Julian Yacovone28.04aMadison County
45.11Michael Cole28.46aFlint Hill
46.9Mike Davisson39.40aFlint Hill
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gregory Dixon51.14aLouisa County
2.11Cory Osbourne51.63aLouisa County
3.11Michael Idziak52.14aFork Union Military ...
4.11Neil Dabreau52.54aBrooke Point
5.12Mark Hardison52.72aEastern View
6.11Jonathan Yellets53.26aWoodberry Forest
7.11Denver Wright53.28aFork Union Military ...
8.12Daniel Orange53.32aMadison County
9.9Raeshawn Bishop53.48aLouisa County
10.11Anton Bartesevich53.88aFork Union Military ...
11.12Connor Wood54.21aSt. Christopher's
12.11Rickquan Jones54.29aCharlottesville
13.12Ethan Baruch54.41aWestern Albemarle
14.11Tony Piazza54.44aEastern View
15.11Peter Barber54.60aWestern Albemarle
16.9Jonny Howard54.81aFlint Hill
17.12Avery Powell55.01aOrange County
18.11Akeda Hosten55.25aSt Albans For Boys
19.11Ben Gordon55.41aSt Albans For Boys
20.12Sam Mahanes55.54aWestern Albemarle
21.10Will Bruner55.55aSt. Christopher's
22.-Connor Forrest56.55aWoodberry Forest
23.11Erik Beresford56.70aSt Albans For Boys
24.11Mac Robertson57.06aSt. Christopher's
25.11Alex Abraham57.47aFlint Hill
26.10Jonathan Castalucci57.83aTrinity Episcopal
27.9Austin Appea58.69aBrooke Point
28.-Conor Nave58.81aOrange County
29.11Alex Suarez59.78aFlint Hill
30.10Hooman Azad1:02.29aFlint Hill
31.11Jose Rivera1:03.43aPope John Paul the G...
32.9Nate Houlihan1:05.89aPope John Paul the G...
33.-James Bailey1:05.92aWoodberry Forest
34.10Jacob Mummert1:07.15aOrange County
35.10Zach Miksovis1:10.49aOrange County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10David Taylor2:04.00aWestern Albemarle
2.12Kevin Bennert2:05.59aWoodberry Forest
3.11Eddie Whitlock2:05.86aSt. Christopher's
4.12Taylor Martin2:07.05aEastern View
5.11Kieran Pasco2:07.10aSt Albans For Boys
6.12Rockale Quarles2:07.58aLouisa County
7.9Eric Ways2:08.12aWoodberry Forest
8.11Greg Pawlow2:08.17aFlint Hill
9.11Ben Gross2:08.19aTrinity Episcopal
10.12Eli Exum2:10.43aWoodberry Forest
11.10Will Abbott2:11.32aSt. Christopher's
12.12Foster Haynes2:11.65aSt. Christopher's
13.11Hagood Grantham2:11.94aWoodberry Forest
14.12Matthew Laws2:12.21aWoodberry Forest
15.11Steven Grotz2:12.38aEastern View
16.11Jess McKillop2:12.66aSt Albans For Boys
17.11Alden Knipe2:12.70aTrinity Episcopal
18.11Nicholas Evans2:14.68aWoodberry Forest
19.11Gordon Miller2:15.35aLouisa County
20.11Tyler O'Toole2:15.70aCourtland
21.10Phillip Bader2:15.74aSt Albans For Boys
22.9Michael Knaus2:16.41aBrooke Point
23.11Christian Berry2:16.57aLouisa County
24.10Mike Amrhine2:17.51aCourtland
25.9Tom Lozano2:17.61aBrooke Point
26.11Tony Piazza2:17.63aEastern View
27.10Russ Garver2:18.42aFork Union Military ...
28.11Drew Rowe2:19.42aSt. Christopher's
29.9Patrick O'Connor2:19.58aOrange County
30.9Bryan Stinnett2:20.11aLouisa County
31.12Ryan Barbalace2:20.92aFlint Hill
32.9Jonathan Mersiowsky2:22.17aCourtland
33.-Deven Leno2:23.02aBrooke Point
34.11Josh Epstein2:24.97aWestern Albemarle
35.10Tye Thompson2:26.65aWestern Albemarle
36.9Andrew Thorpe2:26.88aCourtland
37.9Jeremy Collier2:32.73aPope John Paul the G...
38.9Cameron Kotwicki2:32.93aPope John Paul the G...
39.10Daniel Comyn2:37.56aMadison County
40.11Ryan Ackerman2:48.69aFlint Hill
41.11Christian Hansen2:55.11aMadison County
42.10Kyle Cooke-Gilbert2:57.81aFlint Hill
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10David Taylor4:22.79aWestern Albemarle
2.12Kevin Bennert4:23.92aWoodberry Forest
3.12Ben Constable4:27.61aSt. Christopher's
4.12JB Adams4:28.20aSt Albans For Boys
5.12Jamie Ball4:28.70aSt. Christopher's
6.12Tom Harrison4:32.86aSt Albans For Boys
7.11Miles Graham4:38.22aSt Albans For Boys
8.10Sam Dodge4:38.22aSt Albans For Boys
9.11Ben Schiller4:43.89aWestern Albemarle
10.12Lynn Welch4:45.14aMadison County
11.12Nick Richardson4:45.92aSt. Christopher's
12.11Addison Winston4:46.75aWoodberry Forest
13.11Dylan Platt4:49.24aEastern View
14.11Nicholas Evans4:49.33aWoodberry Forest
15.12Matthew Laws4:49.71aWoodberry Forest
16.12Will Ashby4:50.24aCourtland
17.11Alden Knipe4:51.60aTrinity Episcopal
18.9Robert Walker4:52.86aBrooke Point
19.10Caleb Phelps4:56.35aLouisa County
20.11Aoky Sarhan4:56.65aSt. Christopher's
21.11Jason Meckle5:05.53aLouisa County
22.11Michael Hudson5:05.66aPope John Paul the G...
23.11Tyler Miller5:10.74aEastern View
24.10Jim Leist5:11.30aPope John Paul the G...
25.9Patrick O'Connor5:11.74aOrange County
26.10Garrett Faegans5:12.83aLouisa County
27.12Seth Penley5:13.56aOrange County
28.11Sean McKeown5:13.66aTrinity Episcopal
29.11Joseph Vandersyde5:16.26aTrinity Episcopal
30.-Tony Pritt5:17.56aEastern View
31.10Will Rogers5:18.91aWestern Albemarle
32.11Shane O'toole5:23.04aCourtland
33.9Forde Upshur5:25.17aLouisa County
34.8Jamie Hiegel5:26.86aTrinity Episcopal
35.11Adam Barrett5:28.94aCourtland
36.11Glenn Price5:28.97aEastern View
37.10Mac Outlaw5:30.09aWestern Albemarle
38.10Rodin Schimper5:34.65aFork Union Military ...
39.10Daniel Comyn5:35.91aMadison County
40.11Arthur Corbett5:37.77aPope John Paul the G...
41.9Moritz Ruge5:50.47aFlint Hill
42.10Kyle Cooke-Gilbert5:56.78aFlint Hill
43.12Chris Heyer5:59.83aFlint Hill
44.11Ryan Ackerman6:37.79aFlint Hill
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Guy Shelby9:54.69aTrinity Episcopal
2.10Reider Strehler9:58.72aTrinity Episcopal
3.10Mac Strehler10:05.07aTrinity Episcopal
4.12James Busch10:07.61aSt. Christopher's
5.12Farrar Pace10:16.32aSt. Christopher's
6.12Robbie Heartfield10:18.04aSt Albans For Boys
7.10Ryan Donlon10:18.57aLouisa County
8.11Riley Saunders10:24.93aWestern Albemarle
9.12Lynn Welch10:28.07aMadison County
10.12Brady Coleman10:32.71aLouisa County
11.11Dallas Pugh10:37.55aWestern Albemarle
12.11Addison Winston10:42.65aWoodberry Forest
13.11Dylan Platt10:55.00aEastern View
14.10Mitchell Phillips11:04.43aSt. Christopher's
15.11Anthony Lynch11:05.80aFlint Hill
16.11Eric Sidelko11:08.48aOrange County
17.11Brian Funderburke11:16.16aCourtland
18.11Jason Meckle11:21.81aLouisa County
19.11Alex Dreo11:21.95aFlint Hill
20.10Caleb Phelps11:41.60aLouisa County
21.11Ever Ventura11:41.74aEastern View
22.9Jacob Welch11:45.31aMadison County
23.11James Holmes11:54.21aCourtland
24.9Tommy Blackwell12:04.83aFlint Hill
25.-Jonas Graham12:23.20aCourtland
26.10Stephen Paquette12:24.80aPope John Paul the G...
27.9Stosh Sutkowsky12:41.72aCourtland
28.9Alexander Walsh13:24.37aFlint Hill
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darryl Williams16.12aEastern View
2.12Wil Chockley16.65aSt Albans For Boys
3.9Matt Hottle17.12aBrooke Point
4.9Preston Thomas17.19aBrooke Point
5.12Clyde Gross17.31aFork Union Military ...
6.9Raheem Johnson17.41aLouisa County
7.9Marcus Burley17.51aLouisa County
8.11Benjamin Ragland17.59aLouisa County
9.11Wallace Branch18.02aWoodberry Forest
10.-Will Parmer19.26aEastern View
11.9Isaac Johnson19.57aFork Union Military ...
12.11Arthur Sigmund20.29aLouisa County
13.11Mulindi Johnson20.44aSt Albans For Boys
14.11Nathan Gemmell20.53aSt Albans For Boys
15.-Pierre Courpon20.76aWoodberry Forest
16.9Will Heatley20.84aSt. Christopher's
17.9Isaiah Green21.33aCharlottesville
18.-Trey Bergsma23.05aWoodberry Forest
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lorenzo Henson41.82aLouisa County
2.12Wil Chockley41.85aSt Albans For Boys
3.11Brian Strickland42.28aPope John Paul the G...
4.9Marcus Burley42.74aLouisa County
5.11David Johnson43.01aCharlottesville
6.11Michael Kelley43.10aWoodberry Forest
7.9Preston Thomas43.79aBrooke Point
8.12Darryl Williams44.32aEastern View
9.11Harris Coley44.58aWoodberry Forest
10.12Clyde Gross45.69aFork Union Military ...
11.11Harrison Ambrosio45.88aFork Union Military ...
12.11Rogers Clark45.97aWoodberry Forest
13.9Tyron McDade46.30aFork Union Military ...
14.-Will Parmer46.31aEastern View
15.11Mulindi Johnson46.52aSt Albans For Boys
16.11Benjamin Ragland47.04aLouisa County
17.-Jack Yost48.08aFork Union Military ...
18.9Will Heatley48.14aSt. Christopher's
19.11Ben Schiller48.20aWestern Albemarle
20.11Nathan Gemmell49.08aSt Albans For Boys
21.-Eric Lara50.02aCourtland
22.11Arthur Sigmund50.10aLouisa County
23.9Isaiah Green50.16aCharlottesville
24.9Austin Zicht51.72aPope John Paul the G...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-LJ Gordon
Christian Bailey
Neil Dabreau
Roderque Gray
43.39aBrooke Point
2.-Marcus Burley
Lorenzo Henson
John Ragland
Tony Green
43.92aLouisa County
3.-Relay Team 44.56aSt Albans For Boys
4.-Nate Lake
Moses Washington
Cody Finkle
Carl Lacy
44.79aEastern View
5.-David Johnson
Chris Thurston
Eli Hayden
Akil Robinson
6.-Brian Strickland
Tom O'Hare
Manny Morrow
Marlin Parker
45.33aPope John Paul the G...
7.-Douglas James
Cameron Barlow
Chase Gunter
Julius Moore
45.84aSt. Christopher's
8.-Dominique Timberlake
Jeremy Jackson
K'Re Johnson
Mike Salmons
47.03aLouisa County
9.-Dondre Wright
Andrew Odenyo
Tryon McDade
Devian Washington
47.21aFork Union Military ...
10.-Relay Team 50.94aPope John Paul the G...
10.-Jose Rivera
Chris Shepard
Tyler Goerl
Chris Turner
50.94aPope John Paul the G...
---Rashad Bolden
L.J. Ward
David Orange
Daniel Orange
DQMadison County
---Issac Mirchandani
CJ Prosise
Jack Sewell
Matty Sheehan
DQWoodberry Forest
---Relay Team DQMadison County
---Relay Team DQWoodberry Forest
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cory Osbourne
Robert Davis
Raeshawn Bishop
Gregory Dixon
3:30.32aLouisa County
2.-Relay Team 3:35.36aWoodberry Forest
2.-Eli Exum
Michael Kelley
Eric Ways
Jonathan Yellets
3:35.36aWoodberry Forest
3.-Will Bruner
Aoky Sarhan
Chip Wigginton
Connor Wood
3:37.15aSt. Christopher's
4.-David Johnson
Rickquan Jones
Akil Robinson
Eli Hayden
5.-Tony Piazza
Mark Hardison
Will Parmer
Taylor Martin
3:40.67aEastern View
6.-Colin Williams
Peter Barber
Cody Reifstek
Ethan Baruch
3:41.02aWestern Albemarle
7.-Jonathan Mersiowsky
Will Ashby
James Winkey
Lance Hawkins
8.-Relay Team 3:42.87aFork Union Military ...
8.-Devian Washington
Anton Bartesevich
Clyde Gross
DJ Randle EL
3:42.87aFork Union Military ...
9.-Eddie Whitlock
Foster Haynes
Jamie Ball
Will Abbott
3:45.30aSt. Christopher's
10.-Jonny Howard
Greg Pawlow
Alex Suarez
Hooman Azad
3:51.45aFlint Hill
11.-Matt Ouden
Neil Dabreau
Brian Quintania
Austin Appea
3:51.95aBrooke Point
12.-Charles Cato
Ben Gordon
Akeda Hosten
Mulindi Johnson
3:54.74aSt Albans For Boys
13.-Relay Team 3:56.87aMadison County
13.-Julian Yacovone
Daniel Orange
David Orange
Rashad Bolden
3:56.87aMadison County
14.-Rockale Quarles
Lucas Roumillat
Mike Salmons
Jonathan Anderson
3:58.72aLouisa County
15.-Daniel Crawford
Hunter Akowski
Richard Hall
William Ewell
4:04.96aFork Union Military ...
16.-Chris Turner
Austin Zicht
Carlo Retta
Corey Benjamin
4:19.13aPope John Paul the G...
16.-Relay Team 4:19.13aPope John Paul the G...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-James Busch
Foster Haynes
Will Bruner
Eddie Whitlock
8:28.63aSt. Christopher's
2.-Guy Shelby
Reider Strehler
Mac Strehler
Ben Gross
8:34.23aTrinity Episcopal
3.-Will Ashby
Jonathan Mersiowsky
Mike Amrhine
Tyler O'Toole
4.-Relay Team 8:40.81aBrooke Point
4.-Brian Quintania
Robert Walker
Tom Lozano
Shawn Sullivan
8:40.81aBrooke Point
5.-Rockale Quarles
Brady Coleman
Gordon Miller
Ryan Donlon
8:40.90aLouisa County
6.-Raeshawn Bishop
Christian Berry
Bryan Stinnett
Garrett Feagan
9:02.81aLouisa County
7.-Doug Spencer
Austin Campbell
Josh Kerry
Liam Irion
9:19.90aSt Albans For Boys
8.-Michael Hudson
Tyler White
Jim Leist
Ethan Robinette
9:28.08aPope John Paul the G...
9.-Relay Team 9:52.73aFork Union Military ...
9.-Ramon Amor
Rodin Schimper
Tony Thacker
Jonathan Stone
9:52.73aFork Union Military ...
10.-Ryan Barbalace
Hooman Azad
Tommy Blackwell
Alexander Walsh
9:55.87aFlint Hill
11.-Relay Team 10:02.80aPope John Paul the G...
11.-Cameron Kotwicki
Kevin Sledz
Stephen Paquette
James Clark
10:02.80aPope John Paul the G...
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andre Aganbi47-01.00St. Christopher's
2.11Andre Mealy46-07.50Louisa County
3.12Jerome Jordan46-00.00Charlottesville
4.-Jason Creeden45-09.75Woodberry Forest
5.12Ian Kilpatrick44-07.00St. Christopher's
6.10Carsten DeWolff43-03.50St. Christopher's
7.11John Dennis41-09.25Louisa County
8.11Marquis Johnson41-08.25St Albans For Boys
9.12Lance Hawkins41-06.00Courtland
10.11John Tu'uta41-05.00Fork Union Military ...
11.12Peter Clancy41-01.75St Albans For Boys
12.12Jabari Knight39-09.25St. Christopher's
13.-Matt Mahoney38-06.00Courtland
14.-Israel Arana38-01.25Woodberry Forest
15.12Delvante Meggett38-00.50Charlottesville
16.12Julian Yacovone37-01.50Madison County
17.9Sam White36-08.75Pope John Paul the G...
18.10John Moses36-08.25Woodberry Forest
19.11Matt Desaulnier36-07.75Fork Union Military ...
20.9J Eady36-05.50Fork Union Military ...
21.11Addison St. John35-11.25Woodberry Forest
22.-Cameron Wooster35-06.50Woodberry Forest
23.12Donnell Douglas35-05.75Charlottesville
24.12Ren Simpson35-03.75Flint Hill
25.9Joe Cline34-10.00Brooke Point
26.12Logan Carpenter34-09.75Brooke Point
27.10Donte Christian34-05.75Eastern View
28.11Marcus Duquiatan33-10.50Pope John Paul the G...
29.-Conor Nave33-05.50Orange County
30.-Randy Jackson32-02.25Louisa County
31.10Kenyatta Folley31-08.75Charlottesville
32.-Dorien Thomas31-05.50Courtland
33.11Ali Jalaie31-04.75Flint Hill
33.12Josh Page31-04.75Madison County
35.9Jacob Whittaker30-11.75Courtland
36.12Chad Bryant29-07.50Western Albemarle
37.11Kevin Rusten27-07.25Pope John Paul the G...
38.-William Devine27-00.00Fork Union Military ...
39.10Wilson Zavala26-07.00Flint Hill
40.10Colbey Davies23-01.75Flint Hill
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Roach155-11Fork Union Military ...
2.12Nicholas Harris118-00Louisa County
3.-Koby Odom117-09Fork Union Military ...
4.12Jack Symington108-04St Albans For Boys
5.11Gregory Mcintosh106-07Woodberry Forest
6.11John Dennis104-03Louisa County
7.-Sam Forbes103-02St. Christopher's
8.12Logan Carpenter103-00Brooke Point
9.12Lance Hawkins102-00Courtland
10.12William Omorogieva99-10St Albans For Boys
11.12Jerome Jordan99-09Charlottesville
12.11Marcus Duquiatan99-03Pope John Paul the G...
13.12Julian Yacovone99-02Madison County
14.10Charles Tucker97-07Louisa County
15.-Adam Depolo95-03Fork Union Military ...
16.12Ren Simpson93-01Flint Hill
17.-Jack Sewell91-03Woodberry Forest
18.9Sam White90-08Pope John Paul the G...
19.10Joe Dragone90-04St. Christopher's
20.10Donte Christian88-04Eastern View
21.10John Moses88-03Woodberry Forest
22.10Kenyatta Folley86-05Charlottesville
23.11Addison St. John86-01Woodberry Forest
24.9J Eady85-01Fork Union Military ...
25.-Matt Mahoney84-05Courtland
26.-Pierre Courpon83-00Woodberry Forest
27.-Dorien Thomas82-04Courtland
28.11Rogers Clark81-03Woodberry Forest
29.-Oswald Montesinos78-08Courtland
30.12Jerome Jordan78-00Charlottesville
31.-Conor Nave73-10Orange County
32.10Daniel Shifflett72-00Madison County
33.9Luke Kohli66-09Flint Hill
34.10Colbey Davies66-00Flint Hill
34.11Ali Jalaie66-00Flint Hill
36.12Delvante Meggett64-07Charlottesville
37.10Patrick Guelcher52-03Pope John Paul the G...
--9Joe ClineFOULBrooke Point
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Scott6-03.00Louisa County
2.9Tyron McDade5-10.00Fork Union Military ...
3.12Sean Connolly5-08.00Western Albemarle
4.11Douglas James5-08.00St. Christopher's
4.12Alex Jagun5-08.00St Albans For Boys
6.9Kenan McUmber5-06.00Fork Union Military ...
6.9John Ragland5-06.00Louisa County
6.11James Winkey5-06.00Courtland
9.11Brian Strickland5-06.00Pope John Paul the G...
--11Benjamin Ragland5-04.00Louisa County
10.12Rashad Bolden5-04.00Madison County
10.11Cameron Barlow5-04.00St. Christopher's
10.10Nate Lake5-04.00Eastern View
10.-Julius Moore5-04.00St. Christopher's
10.-Heys McMath5-04.00Woodberry Forest
10.10Christiian Asher5-04.00Western Albemarle
--9Andrew Thorpe5-02.00Courtland
16.10Dondre Wright5-02.00Fork Union Military ...
16.-Edwin Borden5-02.00Woodberry Forest
16.10Edward Bailey5-02.00Woodberry Forest
19.-Matty Sheehan5-00.00Woodberry Forest
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chip Wigginton13-06.00St. Christopher's
2.11Harris Coley13-00.00Woodberry Forest
3.12Sean Connolly12-00.00Western Albemarle
4.11Staton Mayfield11-06.00Fork Union Military ...
5.12Robert Davis11-06.00Louisa County
6.10Rains Mayfield11-06.00Fork Union Military ...
7.11Jake Olson11-00.00Western Albemarle
8.12Lucas Roumillat11-00.00Louisa County
9.9Joseph Seo10-06.00Woodberry Forest
9.10Joe Zweng10-06.00Woodberry Forest
9.10Maxwell Smith10-06.00Courtland
9.-Issac Mirchandani10-06.00Woodberry Forest
13.11Arthur Sigmund10-00.00Louisa County
13.11Benjamin Ragland10-00.00Louisa County
15.11Tyler O'Toole9-06.00Courtland
15.11Guiseppe Mattero9-06.00Courtland
15.-Joe Geib9-06.00Woodberry Forest
18.9Nathan Nieberg9-00.00Western Albemarle
18.11Shane O'toole9-00.00Courtland
20.9Duncan Symington8-06.00St Albans For Boys
20.-Adam Bryan8-06.00Fork Union Military ...
22.9Conrad Shewalter8-00.00Fork Union Military ...
--10Liam IrionNHSt Albans For Boys
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darryl Williams20-11.75Eastern View
2.11Akil Robinson20-07.00Charlottesville
3.12LJ Gordon20-04.50Brooke Point
4.9John Ragland20-04.00Louisa County
5.-Issac Mirchandani20-03.00Woodberry Forest
6.9Marcus Burley20-02.00Louisa County
7.-C.J. Prosise20-01.50Woodberry Forest
8.11Cameron Barlow19-11.00St. Christopher's
9.11James Winkey19-08.00Courtland
10.12Kenan Verna19-06.00Fork Union Military ...
11.9Raheem Johnson19-04.00Louisa County
12.11Douglas James19-03.00St. Christopher's
12.-Marquis Moody19-03.00Fork Union Military ...
14.11Julius Boateng19-00.50Brooke Point
15.-Heys McMath18-11.00Woodberry Forest
16.12Dominique Tucker18-05.00St Albans For Boys
17.11Tom O'Hare17-02.00Pope John Paul the G...
17.11Manny Morrow17-02.00Pope John Paul the G...
19.10Christiian Asher17-01.00Western Albemarle
20.9Raeshawn Bishop16-11.00Louisa County
21.10Ned Ukrop16-09.00St. Christopher's
22.11Alex Suarez16-07.00Flint Hill
23.10Deva Hawkins - Mitchell16-06.50Fork Union Military ...
24.9Isaiah Green16-05.00Charlottesville
24.-Edwin Borden16-05.00Woodberry Forest
26.11Chris Hughes16-01.50Western Albemarle
27.12Chris Heyer16-01.00Flint Hill
--11David JohnsonFOULCharlottesville
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11David Johnson45-04.00Charlottesville
2.12Wil Chockley41-07.00St Albans For Boys
3.12Kenan Verna41-03.50Fork Union Military ...
4.11Obiero Okeyo41-01.00Fork Union Military ...
5.9Marcus Burley41-00.25Louisa County
6.11Wallace Branch40-11.00Woodberry Forest
7.12Rockale Quarles39-10.50Louisa County
8.9Raheem Johnson39-08.25Louisa County
9.11Diamante Scott38-10.50Charlottesville
10.9John Ragland38-02.50Louisa County
11.12Mark Hardison38-00.50Eastern View
12.-John Mulloy36-11.00Pope John Paul the G...
13.10Maxwell Smith36-10.00Courtland
14.-Eric Lara36-08.00Courtland
15.9Matt Hottle35-09.00Brooke Point
16.10Ian Edwards35-05.50Woodberry Forest
17.11Julius Boateng35-04.00Brooke Point
18.12Chris Heyer35-01.50Flint Hill
19.9Austin Zicht33-03.00Pope John Paul the G...
20.-Trey Bergsma33-00.50Woodberry Forest
21.9Chris Turner30-10.00Pope John Paul the G...
22.9Nate Houlihan27-06.00Pope John Paul the G...
--9Isaiah GreenFOULCharlottesville
--9Trevor ConnollyFOULWestern Albemarle

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Stokes12.97aTrinity Episcopal
2.12Meyhonia Layne12.98aEastern View
3.9Dominique Scott13.26aEastern View
4.12Imani Callen13.58aLouisa County
5.9Dolores Sims13.64aBrooke Point
6.10Monica Mallory13.66aLouisa County
7.-Nina Blowe14.07aCourtland
8.9Daisha Smith14.08aEastern View
9.10Maggie Kooken14.12aWestern Albemarle
10.11Abby Maldonado14.16aBrooke Point
11.10Jayra Fowler14.21aEastern View
12.11Becca Jones14.33aWestern Albemarle
13.10Valerie Salcido14.43aNational Cathedral f...
14.12Darnee Lawrence14.48aMadeira
15.11Kelly Ross14.57aPope John Paul the G...
16.9Kiah Spradley14.58aBrooke Point
17.-Alexis Drury14.67aCourtland
18.11Adrienne Mitchell14.69aLouisa County
19.10Gabriel Smith15.05aLouisa County
20.9Carly Witt15.32aWestern Albemarle
21.12Imani Thompson15.34aMadeira
22.-Mercedes Henry15.37aCourtland
23.9Sinclaire Hamilton15.47aPope John Paul the G...
24.9Amy Ross15.75aPope John Paul the G...
25.-Champayne Johnson15.78aOrange County
26.10Rebecca Vilcheck15.88aOrange County
27.10Courteney Providence16.56aFlint Hill
28.-Michelle LeBlanc18.05aPope John Paul the G...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Stokes26.05aTrinity Episcopal
2.12Meyhonia Layne26.14aEastern View
3.9Dominique Scott28.03aEastern View
4.10Monica Mallory28.59aLouisa County
5.11Abby Maldonado28.77aBrooke Point
6.9Kathryn Hobbs28.80aCourtland
7.-Nina Blowe28.91aCourtland
8.10Stephanie Altreuter29.10aFlint Hill
9.9Daisha Smith29.38aEastern View
10.10Kelsey Pittman29.56aWestern Albemarle
11.10Jayra Fowler29.73aEastern View
12.11Becca Jones30.22aWestern Albemarle
13.9Kiah Spradley30.32aBrooke Point
14.12Darnee Lawrence30.72aMadeira
15.10Gabriel Smith30.87aLouisa County
16.11Krista Braun30.93aMadeira
17.9Megan Onesko30.98aCourtland
18.12Kira Strande31.13aMadeira
19.11Chanelle London31.31aOrange County
20.-Armesha Claiborne31.40aCourtland
21.9Carly Witt31.71aWestern Albemarle
22.9Akua Nyarko Odoom31.81aFlint Hill
23.10Courtney Seal31.84aOrange County
24.9Sinclaire Hamilton31.95aPope John Paul the G...
25.11Mariama Jallow32.86aFlint Hill
26.10Rebecca Vilcheck32.95aOrange County
27.10Mary Kate Eicher33.06aPope John Paul the G...
28.9Mary Dobis35.12aPope John Paul the G...
29.-Michelle LeBlanc38.91aPope John Paul the G...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Stokes59.39aTrinity Episcopal
2.12Emani Coleman-Combs1:00.46aOrange County
3.10Michelle Reynolds1:04.07aLouisa County
4.12Dara Johnston1:06.28aLouisa County
5.12Asha White1:06.43aMadeira
6.10Stephanie Altreuter1:06.52aFlint Hill
7.11Amanda Paterson1:07.33aBrooke Point
8.8Kendall Daniels1:10.44aTrinity Episcopal
9.9Carly Witt1:10.89aWestern Albemarle
10.10Rayven Yates1:10.90aMadison County
11.11Becca Jones1:11.44aWestern Albemarle
12.10Mary Kate Eicher1:12.06aPope John Paul the G...
13.9Akua Nyarko Odoom1:14.14aFlint Hill
14.-Cassandra Stevens1:14.81aCourtland
15.-Chiana Hamilton1:15.02aCourtland
16.11Mariama Jallow1:17.25aFlint Hill
17.10Courtney Jefferies1:17.95aMadeira
18.9Nora Becker1:21.05aMadeira
19.9Julie Leist1:22.29aPope John Paul the G...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Farina2:24.58aWestern Albemarle
2.11Bethany Leidl2:27.71aNational Cathedral f...
3.11Chelsea Nelson2:29.28aLouisa County
4.10Olivia Hajek2:30.00aWestern Albemarle
5.9Danielle Beranek2:32.36aBrooke Point
6.11Lydia Haren2:34.78aLouisa County
7.12Jacqueline Graham2:34.80aCourtland
8.11Cara Murphy2:35.20aNational Cathedral f...
9.11Carolyn Gigot2:39.99aNational Cathedral f...
10.10Victoria Parent2:40.41aCourtland
11.9Gabrielle Dreux2:42.47aMadeira
12.9Brianna Mihalek2:45.87aEastern View
13.10Samia Jones2:47.71aBrooke Point
14.9Keely Licklider2:49.34aCourtland
15.12Mary Miller2:49.66aLouisa County
16.10Samantha Lee Evans2:54.06aLouisa County
17.9Katarina Adstedt2:54.88aMadeira
18.11Tess Paoletta2:58.45aNational Cathedral f...
19.12Kelsey Barklund3:01.20aEastern View
20.9Sam Chen3:02.73aFlint Hill
21.11Katie Lillard3:03.09aMadison County
22.9Ranea Saadeh3:03.71aEastern View
23.12Felicity Ratway3:08.48aBrooke Point
24.-Katie Tate3:10.58aBrooke Point
25.-Rachel Sydow3:14.83aPope John Paul the G...
26.9Julie Leist3:16.14aPope John Paul the G...
27.9Nora Becker3:17.08aMadeira
28.10Mischa Rajendiran3:20.56aFlint Hill
29.10Lauren Smith3:20.87aFlint Hill
30.12Lauren Belayneh3:22.44aMadeira
31.9Brooke Paramore3:23.72aMadison County
32.9Reagan Fox3:33.53aFlint Hill
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Clare Moretz5:16.67aMadison County
2.9Danielle Beranek5:28.77aBrooke Point
3.10Polly Terzian5:33.11aNational Cathedral f...
4.11Lila Burris5:45.75aEastern View
5.10Satowa Kinoshita5:57.70aNational Cathedral f...
6.10Kristina Anderson6:06.90aCourtland
7.10Emily Watts6:07.24aEastern View
8.10Maddie Klaff6:14.31aMadeira
9.9Keely Licklider6:19.31aCourtland
10.9Madison Oliver6:21.21aFlint Hill
11.12Alison Raffman6:43.23aMadeira
12.9Emily Carroll6:53.02aMadison County
13.12Britney Garcia7:06.21aMadeira
14.10Lauren Smith7:13.04aFlint Hill
15.9Elizabeth Macrides7:16.53aMadeira
16.11Rachel Yowell7:18.46aMadison County
17.11Morgan Fox7:24.73aFlint Hill
18.9Reagan Fox7:24.85aFlint Hill
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Moffett12:19.47aWestern Albemarle
2.9Alice Ducharme12:31.75aWestern Albemarle
3.9Jessica Longenecker12:33.87aCourtland
4.10Sachi Ragosta12:36.41aWestern Albemarle
5.11Casey Clune13:01.84aLouisa County
6.9Bailey Willis13:24.44aLouisa County
7.10Maddie Klaff13:49.68aMadeira
8.9Madison Oliver14:07.73aFlint Hill
9.12Alison Raffman15:06.00aMadeira
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Javanique Burruss17.97aLouisa County
2.10Kelsey Pittman18.84aWestern Albemarle
3.9Kailah Boateng18.89aBrooke Point
4.11Kelly Ross19.01aPope John Paul the G...
5.9Nateyah McCleod19.72aLouisa County
6.9Megan Onesko19.95aCourtland
7.10Lauren Wilder20.92aWestern Albemarle
8.10Sasha Bryski20.93aNational Cathedral f...
9.11Amber Hammock20.95aEastern View
10.10Lora Homer21.44aCourtland
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Javanique Burruss47.93aLouisa County
2.11Britt Savage49.09aFlint Hill
3.9Nateyah McCleod52.65aLouisa County
4.9Kailah Boateng53.40aBrooke Point
5.10Christen Edwards53.68aCharlottesville
6.9Dolores Sims55.20aBrooke Point
7.10Sasha Bryski55.22aNational Cathedral f...
8.8Chandler Harris55.45aTrinity Episcopal
9.10Lauren Wilder58.96aWestern Albemarle
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Monica Mallory
Natese Ragland
Nateyah McCleod
Imani Callen
52.08aLouisa County
1.-Relay Team 52.08aLouisa County
2.-Courtney Thomas
Dominique Scott
Daisha Smith
Meyhonia Layne
52.28aEastern View
3.-Relay Team 53.63aOrange County
3.-Gequatta Davis
Chanelle London
Charnee Long
Emani Coleman-Combs
53.63aOrange County
4.-Abby Maldonado
Kailah Boateng
Kiah Spradley
Dolores Sims
54.21aBrooke Point
5.-Anika Trent
Nina Blowe
Lora Homer
Kathryn Hobbs
6.-Darnee Lawrence
Krista Braun
Asha White
Imani Thompson
7.-Relay Team 58.31aLouisa County
7.-Brianna Braxton
Gabriel Smith
Courtney Stewart-Alsop
Ashley Talley
58.31aLouisa County
8.-Kelly Ross
Amy Ross
Sinclaire Hamilton
MaryKate Eicher
58.48aPope John Paul the G...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Imani Callen
Michelle Reynolds
Dara Johnston
Lydia Haren
4:19.70aLouisa County
2.-Relay Team 4:31.00aWestern Albemarle
2.-Olivia Hajek
Lauren Wilder
Kelsey Pittman
Katie Farina
4:31.00aWestern Albemarle
3.-Stephanie Altreuter
Britt Savage
Sam Chen
Akua Nyarko Odoom
4:34.02aFlint Hill
4.-Kristina Anderson
Jacqueline Graham
Alexis Drury
Victoria Parent
5.-Jennifer Fredell
Amanda Paterson
Danielle Beranek
Jennifer Barbosa
4:49.64aBrooke Point
6.-Katie Lillard
Rachel Yowell
Brooke Paramore
Emily Carroll
5:36.48aMadison County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:01.10aWestern Albemarle
1.-Olivia Hajek
Sachi Ragosta
Emily Moffett
Katie Farina
10:01.10aWestern Albemarle
2.-Chelsea Nelson
Lydia Haren
Casey Clune
Michelle Reynolds
10:19.97aLouisa County
3.-Jacqueline Graham
Kristina Anderson
Jessica Longenecker
Victoria Parent
4.-Emily Watts
Kelsey Barklund
Brianna Mihalek
Lila Burris
10:57.95aEastern View
5.-Jennifer Barbosa
Riana Wilhelm
Jennifer Fredell
Anne Johnston
11:13.78aBrooke Point
6.-Relay Team 11:34.06aLouisa County
6.-Bailey Willis
Samantha Lee Evans
Mary Miller
Logen Torgerson
11:34.06aLouisa County
7.-Courtney Jefferies
Rebeca Elizondo
Elizabeth Macrides
Britney Garcia
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Valerie Washington35-05.00Charlottesville
2.10Maggie Kooken33-01.50Western Albemarle
3.12Meltisha Ware27-08.00Brooke Point
4.11Alexandria Smith27-07.00Courtland
5.12Sarah Pollard26-10.00Western Albemarle
6.12Jody Butler26-08.00Madison County
7.9Cande Kechkian25-11.50Flint Hill
8.-Emma Wells25-00.00Courtland
9.10Alexis Smith23-07.50Madison County
10.10Monica Mallory23-07.00Louisa County
11.10Courteney Providence23-01.50Flint Hill
12.11Rachel Laryea23-01.00Madeira
13.12Brenda Barnum23-00.50Madeira
14.9Mary Dobis22-06.50Pope John Paul the G...
15.12Jennifer Barbosa21-06.00Brooke Point
16.9Toulia Nwabunnia19-09.00Madeira
17.-Jennifer Townley19-07.50Courtland
18.9Amy Ross18-03.50Pope John Paul the G...
19.10Veronica Mullen18-02.00Pope John Paul the G...
20.10Naaila Phoenix17-05.00Madeira
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emma Wells84-07Courtland
2.12Valerie Washington82-07Charlottesville
3.12Meltisha Ware80-11Brooke Point
4.10Rebecca Vilcheck80-03Orange County
5.12Jody Butler79-08Madison County
6.11Alexandria Smith75-11Courtland
7.10Maggie Kooken75-07Western Albemarle
8.12Brenda Barnum73-11.50Madeira
9.9ShaQuan Cook64-05.50Brooke Point
9.11Rachel Laryea64-05.50Madeira
11.9Amy Ross62-05.50Pope John Paul the G...
12.9Cande Kechkian62-00Flint Hill
13.10Alison Davis60-08.50Courtland
14.10Alexis Smith60-06Madison County
15.10Veronica Mullen59-06.50Pope John Paul the G...
16.10Shaina Mack57-03Flint Hill
17.9Toulia Nwabunnia52-05.50Madeira
18.10Naaila Phoenix51-07.50Madeira
19.9Mary Dobis44-00.50Pope John Paul the G...
--12Sarah PollardFOULWestern Albemarle
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kailah Boateng4-10.00Brooke Point
2.12Dara Johnston4-08.00Louisa County
3.12Jody Butler4-08.00Madison County
4.11Deveney McNary4-08.00Louisa County
5.12Imani Callen4-06.00Louisa County
5.11Kelly Ross4-06.00Pope John Paul the G...
7.12Charnee Long4-06.00Orange County
8.11Chanelle London4-06.00Orange County
9.10Lora Homer4-04.00Courtland
9.9Storm Frye4-04.00Eastern View
11.12Imani Thompson4-00.00Madeira
11.9Sam Chen4-00.00Flint Hill
11.10Kelsey Pittman4-00.00Western Albemarle
11.10Olivia Hajek4-00.00Western Albemarle
15.10Michelle Reynolds3-10.00Louisa County
--9Katarina AdstedtNHMadeira
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelsey Grupp11-00.00Western Albemarle
2.12Imani Callen9-06.00Louisa County
3.10Chandler Legard8-00.00Western Albemarle
4.10Ashley Laubach6-06.00Western Albemarle
5.10Brianna Braxton6-06.00Louisa County
--10Jessika BreninNHWestern Albemarle
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Monica Mallory15-07.50Louisa County
2.12Gequatta Davis15-05.50Orange County
3.11Britt Savage14-04.50Flint Hill
4.10Kelsey Pittman14-03.75Western Albemarle
5.11Becca Jones14-03.50Western Albemarle
6.-Nina Blowe14-00.50Courtland
6.9Nateyah McCleod14-00.50Louisa County
8.12Jody Butler13-11.50Madison County
9.11Dominique Colbert13-09.75Eastern View
10.12Kira Strande13-08.50Madeira
11.11Adrienne Mitchell12-06.25Louisa County
12.10Lora Homer12-04.50Courtland
13.11Shawna Tate12-01.50Eastern View
14.10Courtney Jefferies12-01.25Madeira
15.12Imani Thompson11-11.75Madeira
16.9Megan Onesko11-10.25Courtland
17.10Tyeshia Shelton11-09.75Orange County
18.9Gabrielle Dreux11-09.50Madeira
19.9Carly Witt11-02.50Western Albemarle
20.10Courtney Seal11-02.25Orange County
21.10Lauren Wilder10-07.00Western Albemarle
---Redith MurraryFOULLouisa County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Christen Edwards34-08.00Charlottesville
2.10Monica Mallory32-04.50Louisa County
3.11Adrienne Mitchell31-04.25Louisa County
4.9Nateyah McCleod30-08.75Louisa County
5.12Jody Butler30-07.75Madison County
6.11Becca Jones29-06.50Western Albemarle
7.12Kira Strande29-03.00Madeira
8.10Kelsey Pittman29-01.50Western Albemarle
9.10Courtney Jefferies28-10.00Madeira
10.10Naaila Phoenix28-09.50Madeira
11.9Sinclaire Hamilton28-01.00Pope John Paul the G...
12.9Gabrielle Dreux25-10.50Madeira
13.10Lauren Wilder25-09.00Western Albemarle
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