FHSAA 1A District 9 Championships

Thursday, April 14, 2011
  Shorecrest Prep HS (Host:Indian Rocks Christian), Saint Petersburg - Map

  Field Events Start: 10:00 AM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Evan Howard11.34aNorthside Christian
2.10Robert Davis11.36aCarrollwood Day
3.11Vinny Capobianco11.57aIndian Rocks Christian
4.12Ryan Kaufman11.64aIndian Rocks Christian
5.11Jordan Betancourt11.73aBishop McLaughlin
6.12Destin Lyons11.91aTampa Preparatory
7.11Dennis N`gumah12.03aTampa Bay Christian ...
8.10Beaush Feaster12.77aNorthside Christian
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Robert Davis11.35aCarrollwood Day
2.11Evan Howard11.60aNorthside Christian
5.12Ryan Kaufman11.69aIndian Rocks Christian
6.11Jordan Betancourt11.82aBishop McLaughlin
3.12Destin Lyons11.85aTampa Preparatory
4.11Vinny Capobianco11.93aIndian Rocks Christian
7.11Dennis N`gumah12.03aTampa Bay Christian ...
8.10Beaush Feaster12.15aNorthside Christian
9.9Robbie Shell12.25aSeffner Christian
10.11Brady Christensen12.27aIndian Rocks Christian
11.10Mark Mitchelson12.45aTampa Preparatory
12.9Dillon Kocsis12.47aSeffner Christian
12.10Patrick McGarry12.47aNorthside Christian
14.8Craig Myatt12.72aBayshore Christian
15.9Kyle Govan12.97aCalvary Christian (C...
16.9Matt Schuler13.08aAcademy at the Lakes
17.11Donovan Lovelock13.37aBishop McLaughlin
18.9Mattew Brotz13.42aCalvary Christian (C...
19.11Cameron Crumpton13.46aTampa Preparatory
20.12Andy Touchton13.51aSeffner Christian
21.9David Brotz14.10aCalvary Christian (C...
22.11Jonathan Mitchell14.23aSeven Rivers Christian
23.10Josh Jackson14.42aSeven Rivers Christian
--11Trevor MortenDNFIndian Rocks Christian
--11Brandon ArdleyFSSeffner Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Robert Davis22.98aCarrollwood Day
2.11Evan Howard23.04aNorthside Christian
3.11Vinny Capobianco23.47aIndian Rocks Christian
4.11Jordan Betancourt23.68aBishop McLaughlin
5.10Billy Moffit24.21aCalvary Christian (C...
6.11Steven House24.28aTampa Preparatory
7.12Destin Lyons24.76aTampa Preparatory
8.11Alex Leonard25.91aCalvary Christian (C...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Robert Davis23.70aCarrollwood Day
2.11Jordan Betancourt23.76aBishop McLaughlin
3.11Vinny Capobianco24.04aIndian Rocks Christian
4.11Evan Howard24.11aNorthside Christian
5.10Billy Moffit24.31aCalvary Christian (C...
6.12Destin Lyons24.37aTampa Preparatory
7.11Steven House24.42aTampa Preparatory
8.11Alex Leonard24.52aCalvary Christian (C...
9.10Conor Heron25.01aNorthside Christian
10.10Mark Mitchelson25.12aTampa Preparatory
11.11Jeffrey Golden25.13aNorthside Christian
12.11Ty Bates25.15aIndian Rocks Christian
13.11Brady Christensen25.51aIndian Rocks Christian
14.10Nate Lewis25.61aCarrollwood Day
15.9Kyle Govan26.17aCalvary Christian (C...
16.11Brandon Park27.20aCambridge Christian
17.11Donovan Lovelock27.30aBishop McLaughlin
18.12Andy Touchton27.31aSeffner Christian
19.9Matt Schuler27.71aAcademy at the Lakes
20.11Trevor Morten27.72aIndian Rocks Christian
21.10Liam Cash28.85aSeven Rivers Christian
22.8Jeff Norman29.69aSeven Rivers Christian
23.11Jonathan Mitchell30.18aSeven Rivers Christian
--10Patrick McGarryDNFNorthside Christian
--11Robbie RobertsonDNFCambridge Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Steel52.00aTampa Preparatory
2.11Sean Culkin52.15aIndian Rocks Christian
3.11Andrew Beeble52.26aBishop McLaughlin
4.12Jimmy VanDeilen52.47aNorthside Christian
5.11Michael Cavonis54.03aIndian Rocks Christian
6.9Evan Blankenship54.34aCalvary Christian (C...
7.10Nate Lewis55.30aCarrollwood Day
8.11Lucio Ojeda55.35aNorthside Christian
9.10Sam Wall55.46aTampa Preparatory
10.11Ty Bates55.55aIndian Rocks Christian
11.10Chris Carnes55.99aTampa Preparatory
12.12Michael McDermott56.96aCambridge Christian
13.9Luke Steinel57.24aCambridge Christian
14.11Kyle Riffe57.28aNorthside Christian
15.9Benjamin Gonzalez57.74aSeffner Christian
16.11Tyler Ferguson57.84aIndian Rocks Christian
17.9Lloyd Woods1:00.40aCambridge Christian
18.9Gage Plentovich1:00.53aCalvary Christian (C...
19.9Tyler Hillier1:02.67aCambridge Christian
20.10Jared Larsen1:04.80aSeffner Christian
21.12Luke Larsen1:14.65aSeffner Christian
22.12Justin Gallar1:14.66aSeffner Christian
--11Steven HouseDNFTampa Preparatory
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mathew Montenari2:03.01aNorthside Christian
2.11Mario Ojeda2:03.07aNorthside Christian
3.10Joseph Chapman2:11.04aNorthside Christian
4.12Garet Marr2:11.64aNorthside Christian
5.10Hunter Hyland2:13.58aIndian Rocks Christian
6.11Deuce Gruden2:14.42aCarrollwood Day
7.11Sam Jones2:19.85aSeven Rivers Christian
8.10Chris Carnes2:21.23aTampa Preparatory
9.10Robbie Fearnow2:24.01aSeffner Christian
10.12Austin McLeod2:27.04aCalvary Christian (C...
11.10Dane Johansen2:27.26aCalvary Christian (C...
12.10Austin Villa2:27.81aSeffner Christian
13.9Chistopher Parish2:29.24aIndian Rocks Christian
14.10George Pappas2:30.30aCalvary Christian (C...
15.12Brandon Bell2:30.83aIndian Rocks Christian
16.10Jonathan Bush2:31.57aSeffner Christian
17.8Craig Myatt2:32.72aBayshore Christian
18.10Nick Quintana2:34.67aCambridge Christian
19.12Garrett Tubman2:41.15aSeven Rivers Christian
20.9Jesse Wool2:51.97aCalvary Christian (C...
21.9Daniel Luehm3:05.18aSeffner Christian
22.6Matthew Ives4:10.18aTampa Bay Christian ...
--9Tyler HillierDQCambridge Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mario Ojeda4:42.36aNorthside Christian
2.11Miller Judge4:45.53aTampa Preparatory
3.11Yuri Costa4:45.92aTampa Preparatory
4.9Oscar Skjaerpe4:48.41aTampa Preparatory
5.10Joseph Chapman4:52.07aNorthside Christian
6.10Mihir Dubey4:52.30aTampa Preparatory
7.11Conner Klorer5:02.35aSeffner Christian
8.11Sam Jones5:13.03aSeven Rivers Christian
9.11Todd Root5:13.57aNorthside Christian
10.7David Wright5:32.68aSeffner Christian
11.10Nick Quintana5:33.33aCambridge Christian
12.9Ben Bell5:35.32aSeffner Christian
13.9Ryan McMillin5:36.54aIndian Rocks Christian
14.11John Konitsky5:37.13aBayshore Christian
15.9Drew Street5:39.22aIndian Rocks Christian
16.9Will Gingras5:40.27aIndian Rocks Christian
17.9Thomas Gallogly5:50.95aCambridge Christian
18.11David Perez5:53.65aSeffner Christian
19.9Michael Vascimni6:41.02aBishop McLaughlin
20.6Caleb Quezon7:16.40aBayshore Christian
21.6Matthew Ives7:39.12aTampa Bay Christian ...
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Yuri Costa10:25.97aTampa Preparatory
2.11Christopher Pirrello10:29.78aBishop McLaughlin
3.10Mihir Dubey10:52.08aTampa Preparatory
4.11Conner Klorer11:43.24aSeffner Christian
5.11Todd Root11:52.76aNorthside Christian
6.8Sterling Gardner11:56.81aSeven Rivers Christian
7.9Ryan Ferguson12:22.00aIndian Rocks Christian
8.6Justin Nunamaker12:30.81aNorthside Christian
9.9Ben Bell12:33.02aSeffner Christian
10.7David Wright13:07.22aSeffner Christian
11.11David Perez14:03.40aSeffner Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brack Rowland17.78aNorthside Christian
2.11Hunter Lucier17.91aSeffner Christian
3.10Joe Hagel19.97aSeffner Christian
4.11Nate Combs20.05aNorthside Christian
5.11Zack Stein22.05aNorthside Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Luke Williams42.93aIndian Rocks Christian
2.11Glen Dorsey II44.08aNorthside Christian
3.12Austin Cox44.29aCambridge Christian
4.11Hunter Lucier45.70aSeffner Christian
5.11Vedat Ozkardes47.49aCalvary Christian (C...
6.9Kendall Brandenburg48.62aIndian Rocks Christian
7.11Brack Rowland49.06aNorthside Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Austin Cox44.20aCambridge Christian
3.11Hunter Lucier44.51aSeffner Christian
2.12Luke Williams44.83aIndian Rocks Christian
4.11Glen Dorsey II45.01aNorthside Christian
5.11Nate Combs47.08aNorthside Christian
6.11Brack Rowland47.16aNorthside Christian
7.11Vedat Ozkardes47.33aCalvary Christian (C...
8.9Kendall Brandenburg49.06aIndian Rocks Christian
9.11Zack Stein51.11aNorthside Christian
10.9Drew Street55.01aIndian Rocks Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Vinny Capobianco
Ryan Kaufman
Luke Williams
Sean Culkin
45.11aIndian Rocks Christian
2.-Evan Howard
Jimmy VanDeilen
Lucio Ojeda
Jeffrey Golden
45.86aNorthside Christian
3.-Robbie Shell
Dillon Kocsis
Hunter Lucier
Brandon Ardley
46.86aSeffner Christian
4.-Damarcus Faison
Brandon Park
Robbie Robertson
Michael McDermott
48.82aCambridge Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mathew Montenari
Lucio Ojeda
Jimmy VanDeilen
Glen Dorsey II
3:30.86aNorthside Christian
2.-Ryan Kaufman
Michael Cavonis
Sean Culkin
Luke Williams
3:31.16aIndian Rocks Christian
3.-Steven House
Oscar Skjaerpe
Brian Steel
Peire Dobbins
3:33.18aTampa Preparatory
4.-Alex Leonard
Billy Moffit
Evan Blankenship
Derek Barnes
3:39.96aCalvary Christian (C...
5.-Luke Larsen
Jared Larsen
Dillon Kocsis
Justin Gallar
3:59.87aSeffner Christian
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mario Ojeda
Joseph Chapman
Garet Marr
Mathew Montenari
8:13.01aNorthside Christian
2.-Miller Judge
Oscar Skjaerpe
Peire Dobbins
Brian Steel
8:16.14aTampa Preparatory
3.-Robbie Fearnow
Jared Larsen
Conner Klorer
David Perez
9:08.91aSeffner Christian
4.-Austin McLeod
George Pappas
Dane Johansen
Gage Plentovich
9:24.25aCalvary Christian (C...
5.-Brandon Bell
Ryan Ferguson
Weston Howell
Hunter Hyland
9:48.75aIndian Rocks Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Riffe12.57mNorthside Christian
2.12Kyle Wiedinger12.57mCalvary Christian (C...
3.12Cody Beaver12.47mSeven Rivers Christian
4.8Jamari Johnson12.39mTampa Bay Christian ...
5.11Shane Mendoza11.84mBishop McLaughlin
6.12Tyler Wood11.68mIndian Rocks Christian
7.11Taylor Andres11.53mIndian Rocks Christian
8.11Tyler Henley11.32mIndian Rocks Christian
9.11Jacob Essman11.01mNorthside Christian
10.9Jacob Rios10.76mBishop McLaughlin
11.10Zack Howley10.33mBishop McLaughlin
12.9Harrison Hammontree10.09mSeffner Christian
13.10Josh Jackson9.92mSeven Rivers Christian
14.12William White9.57mTampa Bay Christian ...
15.11Tyler Cates9.56mSeffner Christian
16.10Christian Velez9.34mTampa Bay Christian ...
16.12AJ Conrad9.34mBishop McLaughlin
18.11Patrick Tomlin9.23mNorthside Christian
19.10Liam Cash8.89mSeven Rivers Christian
20.9Kendall Brandenburg8.33mIndian Rocks Christian
21.11Cameron Crumpton7.91mTampa Preparatory
22.10Micah Valladares7.67mSeffner Christian
23.9Michael Daniels7.46mTampa Bay Christian ...
24.10Troy Trask7.16mCalvary Christian (C...
25.7Parker Duet7.10mTampa Bay Christian ...
26.9Gary Hall7.02mBayshore Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Wood40.62mIndian Rocks Christian
2.11Taylor Andres38.55mIndian Rocks Christian
3.8Jamari Johnson37.21mTampa Bay Christian ...
4.11Evan Borhanavich37.03mBishop McLaughlin
5.11Kyle Riffe36.06mNorthside Christian
6.12Joel Rhine35.83mIndian Rocks Christian
7.11Patrick Tomlin32.66mNorthside Christian
8.9Jacob Rios31.08mBishop McLaughlin
9.11Tyler Henley30.22mIndian Rocks Christian
10.12William White28.86mTampa Bay Christian ...
11.11Jordan Betancourt27.94mBishop McLaughlin
12.11Jacob Essman27.91mNorthside Christian
13.11Sammy Hamed25.19mTampa Preparatory
14.10Christian Velez22.63mTampa Bay Christian ...
15.10Micah Valladares22.37mSeffner Christian
16.11Tyler Cates22.12mSeffner Christian
17.9Harrison Hammontree21.84mSeffner Christian
18.10Mark Mitchelson21.18mTampa Preparatory
19.9Gary Hall20.84mBayshore Christian
20.10Troy Trask19.03mCalvary Christian (C...
21.11Cameron Crumpton18.70mTampa Preparatory
22.7Parker Duet17.78mTampa Bay Christian ...
23.9Michael Daniels16.30mTampa Bay Christian ...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Damarcus Faison1.72mCambridge Christian
2.9Luke Steinel1.72mCambridge Christian
3.11Brack Rowland1.67mNorthside Christian
4.12Jon Kistemaker1.62mIndian Rocks Christian
5.11Steven House1.62mTampa Preparatory
6.12Kyle Wiedinger1.57mCalvary Christian (C...
6.10Morgan Pederson1.57mBishop McLaughlin
8.10Conor Heron1.57mNorthside Christian
9.12Stephen Juliano1.57mIndian Rocks Christian
10.12Destin Lyons1.52mTampa Preparatory
--7Jeff GoodwinNHNorthside Christian
--10Sam WallNHTampa Preparatory
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jon Kistemaker3.96mIndian Rocks Christian
2.10Beaush Feaster3.96mNorthside Christian
3.12Will Geer3.20mSeffner Christian
4.9Brian Grace3.20mNorthside Christian
5.12Cliff Barker3.04mNorthside Christian
6.9Derrick Corsino2.74mNorthside Christian
7.8Luke Boeche1.52mIndian Rocks Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brandon Ardley6.47mSeffner Christian
2.11Sean Culkin6.04mIndian Rocks Christian
3.10Derek Barnes5.93mCalvary Christian (C...
4.11Jeffrey Golden5.82mNorthside Christian
5.12Michael McDermott5.80mCambridge Christian
6.11Dennis N`gumah5.54mTampa Bay Christian ...
7.9Robbie Shell5.53mSeffner Christian
8.10Jake Froelicher5.35mIndian Rocks Christian
9.11Robbie Robertson5.35mCambridge Christian
10.10Robert Davis5.21mCarrollwood Day
11.11Brandon Park5.06mCambridge Christian
12.9Kendall Brandenburg4.82mIndian Rocks Christian
13.11Glen Dorsey II4.78mNorthside Christian
14.7Jeff Goodwin4.69mNorthside Christian
14.10Morgan Pederson4.69mBishop McLaughlin
16.10Preston Jones4.11mCalvary Christian (C...
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jeffrey Golden13.18mNorthside Christian
2.10Derek Barnes12.56mCalvary Christian (C...
3.11Peire Dobbins12.21mTampa Preparatory
4.12Jon Kistemaker12.19mIndian Rocks Christian
5.11Brandon Ardley12.13mSeffner Christian
6.11Lucio Ojeda11.63mNorthside Christian
7.10Conor Heron11.20mNorthside Christian
8.10Sam Wall11.17mTampa Preparatory
9.11Robbie Robertson10.89mCambridge Christian
10.12Michael McDermott10.87mCambridge Christian
--11Sammy HamedFOULTampa Preparatory

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Carly Reiner13.09aTampa Preparatory
2.12Cassandra Szarenko13.36aCalvary Christian (C...
3.12Jennica Mullins13.44aNorthside Christian
4.11Bailey Drury13.57aCarrollwood Day
5.9Ariana Taylor13.61aNorthside Christian
6.9Sabrina Whiting13.63aSeffner Christian
7.11Jackie Vanderbleek13.79aNorthside Christian
8.10Christine Marino13.88aCalvary Christian (C...
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Cassandra Szarenko13.14aCalvary Christian (C...
2.10Carly Reiner13.42aTampa Preparatory
3.11Bailey Drury13.51aCarrollwood Day
5.12Jennica Mullins13.56aNorthside Christian
6.10Christine Marino13.64aCalvary Christian (C...
4.9Sabrina Whiting13.65aSeffner Christian
7.9Ariana Taylor13.66aNorthside Christian
8.11Jackie Vanderbleek13.84aNorthside Christian
9.12Rachael Cock13.92aSeffner Christian
10.12Marisa Moralobo13.94aIndian Rocks Christian
11.10Breanna Rogers14.08aIndian Rocks Christian
12.10Alexa DaSilva14.13aTampa Bay Christian ...
13.12Alexis McClimans14.14aCalvary Christian (C...
14.-Rikki Vetzel14.16aBishop McLaughlin
15.9Justine Duncan14.18aAcademy at the Lakes
16.9Shyra Bryant14.30aTampa Bay Christian ...
17.10Haley Carpenter14.36aCalvary Christian (C...
18.9Dana Bowes14.57aCarrollwood Day
19.10Claudia Maigne14.82aBishop McLaughlin
20.11Raechelle Webb15.02aTampa Bay Christian ...
21.10Kate Clendening15.08aNorthside Christian
22.11Hye Su Shin15.16aBayshore Christian
23.11Sydney Neustadt15.73aTampa Preparatory
24.11Bailey Carraway15.90aTampa Preparatory
25.9Isa Cura16.08aTampa Preparatory
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Asia Olds25.93aNorthside Christian
2.9Madison Cox26.55aCambridge Christian
3.9Kasey Howard27.24aCalvary Christian (C...
4.12Jennica Mullins27.46aNorthside Christian
5.10Carly Reiner27.56aTampa Preparatory
6.11Bailey Drury27.70aCarrollwood Day
7.-Rikki Vetzel28.73aBishop McLaughlin
8.10Caroline Alexander28.89aTampa Preparatory
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Asia Olds26.36aNorthside Christian
2.9Madison Cox26.89aCambridge Christian
4.12Jennica Mullins27.63aNorthside Christian
3.9Kasey Howard27.70aCalvary Christian (C...
5.10Carly Reiner27.92aTampa Preparatory
6.11Bailey Drury28.10aCarrollwood Day
7.-Rikki Vetzel28.89aBishop McLaughlin
8.10Caroline Alexander28.99aTampa Preparatory
9.9Justine Duncan29.49aAcademy at the Lakes
10.10Kayla Church29.79aNorthside Christian
11.9Dana Bowes29.80aCarrollwood Day
12.11Courtney DeTringo29.91aTampa Preparatory
13.10Kate Clendening30.88aNorthside Christian
14.10Daniette St. Martin31.50aSeven Rivers Christian
15.10Hannah McCall32.00aCalvary Christian (C...
16.11Bailey Carraway34.51aTampa Preparatory
17.9Laura Roggenbaum35.42aCalvary Christian (C...
--11Kindall EdwardsDNFIndian Rocks Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Madison Cox1:01.03aCambridge Christian
2.11Sarah Schultz1:01.93aNorthside Christian
3.10Brittany Keller1:03.88aSeffner Christian
4.9Alex Buchanan1:04.37aIndian Rocks Christian
5.7Anjalina Verma1:04.41aNorthside Christian
6.11Lizze Brunnicki1:05.18aCalvary Christian (C...
7.10Kayla Church1:06.21aNorthside Christian
8.10Lois Hegarty1:06.87aSeffner Christian
9.11Tori Trador1:08.18aIndian Rocks Christian
10.10Alex Gittens1:08.59aAcademy at the Lakes
11.9Dana Bowes1:09.39aCarrollwood Day
12.11Kelly Vollmer1:09.91aCalvary Christian (C...
13.11Victoria Peeler1:11.30aSeffner Christian
14.7Alyssa Winecke1:12.97aTampa Bay Christian ...
15.9Holly Pafford1:14.50aSeven Rivers Christian
16.11Shannon Rogers1:14.73aCalvary Christian (C...
17.9Alyssa Bates1:14.99aCalvary Christian (C...
18.11Sydney Neustadt1:15.91aTampa Preparatory
19.11Bailey Carraway1:17.14aTampa Preparatory
20.9Sarah Koenigsfeld1:24.75aBishop McLaughlin
21.9Sarah Stalter1:53.53aBishop McLaughlin
--10Kayla HewelDNFIndian Rocks Christian
--10Danielle NashedDNFNorthside Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katelyn Greenleaf2:22.95aNorthside Christian
2.8Bobbi LaBrant2:31.03aIndian Rocks Christian
3.9Haley Gossard2:31.58aNorthside Christian
4.12Taylor Maramara2:32.78aBishop McLaughlin
5.10Rachel Kistemaker2:33.10aIndian Rocks Christian
6.10Kayla Hewel2:38.16aIndian Rocks Christian
7.9Gabrielle Greenleaf2:39.84aNorthside Christian
8.10Alicia Konstantinovic2:39.88aNorthside Christian
9.7Paige Cheaves2:41.03aSeffner Christian
10.12Lauren Coxhead2:44.70aIndian Rocks Christian
11.9Nicole Serra2:47.82aCalvary Christian (C...
12.12Katie Bui2:48.11aTampa Preparatory
13.10Katie Roeder2:51.03aCalvary Christian (C...
14.9Aubrey Burns2:53.60aTampa Preparatory
15.11Katie Takeuchi2:55.89aCarrollwood Day
16.12Chelsea Carnes2:59.05aTampa Preparatory
17.9Sarah Dalton3:03.39aCalvary Christian (C...
18.9Kelsey Carpenter3:26.42aCalvary Christian (C...
19.7Naray Pena3:41.41aTampa Bay Christian ...
20.10Rebecca Liller4:12.60aCarrollwood Day
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katelyn Greenleaf5:18.70aNorthside Christian
2.9Claire Snyder5:28.58aTampa Preparatory
3.8Caillin Heron5:57.01aNorthside Christian
4.9Jordyn Bench6:01.28aIndian Rocks Christian
5.10Alexis Bright6:13.93aSeffner Christian
6.11Jennifer Nesslar6:17.65aIndian Rocks Christian
7.9Catie Merrill6:19.71aBishop McLaughlin
8.10Spenser Hollar6:24.83aTampa Preparatory
9.10Kayla Hewel6:24.91aIndian Rocks Christian
10.11Katie Kyle6:43.14aBishop McLaughlin
11.6Meghan Duncan6:52.58aSeffner Christian
12.11Katie Takeuchi6:56.54aCarrollwood Day
13.10Andrea Bronstein7:02.83aTampa Preparatory
14.6Anna Nicotra7:15.70aBayshore Christian
15.10Hannah Stone7:37.69aNorthside Christian
16.10Rebecca Liller9:12.71aCarrollwood Day
--12Courtny HeronDNFNorthside Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Claire Snyder12:30.36aTampa Preparatory
2.12Courtny Heron13:31.27aNorthside Christian
3.8Caillin Heron13:40.67aNorthside Christian
4.10Rachel Kistemaker13:52.67aIndian Rocks Christian
5.12Katie Bui14:03.03aTampa Preparatory
6.10Alexis Bright14:11.81aSeffner Christian
7.9Jordyn Bench14:29.99aIndian Rocks Christian
8.11Jennifer Nesslar14:42.00aIndian Rocks Christian
9.10Molly Cardillo14:44.02aTampa Preparatory
10.6Meghan Duncan15:27.25aSeffner Christian
11.9Alison Diaz17:26.28aNorthside Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Victoria Goodwin17.19aNorthside Christian
2.11Ashley Johnson17.62aNorthside Christian
3.11India Steinbaugh18.10aNorthside Christian
4.9Deandra Tsaffaras18.23aNorthside Christian
5.10Alexa DaSilva18.47aTampa Bay Christian ...
6.10Samantha Plager18.68aSeffner Christian
7.12Esther Kim18.86aCalvary Christian (C...
8.11Chloe Fish19.82aSeffner Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Victoria Goodwin17.20aNorthside Christian
2.11Ashley Johnson18.03aNorthside Christian
3.9Deandra Tsaffaras18.17aNorthside Christian
4.11India Steinbaugh18.29aNorthside Christian
5.12Esther Kim18.64aCalvary Christian (C...
6.10Alexa DaSilva18.92aTampa Bay Christian ...
7.10Samantha Plager19.26aSeffner Christian
8.11Chloe Fish19.58aSeffner Christian
9.12Haley Traylor21.76aSeffner Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Victoria Goodwin47.86aNorthside Christian
2.11Ashley Johnson48.87aNorthside Christian
3.11Logan Thiel49.34aCalvary Christian (C...
4.9Alex Schweitzer52.42aCarrollwood Day
5.9Serena Szarejko52.70aCalvary Christian (C...
6.9Deandra Tsaffaras53.98aNorthside Christian
7.10Breanna Rogers56.51aIndian Rocks Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Logan Thiel49.37aCalvary Christian (C...
2.9Alex Schweitzer51.08aCarrollwood Day
3.11Ashley Johnson51.24aNorthside Christian
4.11Victoria Goodwin51.70aNorthside Christian
5.9Serena Szarejko53.71aCalvary Christian (C...
6.9Deandra Tsaffaras54.15aNorthside Christian
7.10Breanna Rogers56.05aIndian Rocks Christian
8.12Falene Bala57.45aSeven Rivers Christian
9.12Haley Traylor57.70aSeffner Christian
10.11Chloe Fish1:00.42aSeffner Christian
11.11India Steinbaugh1:00.55aNorthside Christian
12.9Selena Ruscin1:09.11aCalvary Christian (C...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Asia Olds
Jennica Mullins
Jackie Vanderbleek
Ariana Taylor
51.71aNorthside Christian
2.-Christine Marino
Logan Thiel
Cassandra Szarenko
Kasey Howard
52.13aCalvary Christian (C...
3.-Victoria Peeler
Sabrina Whiting
Rachael Cock
Brittany Keller
53.79aSeffner Christian
4.-Lindsey O`quinn
Daniette St. Martin
Tiana Miele
Alex Iwaniec
56.77aSeven Rivers Christian
---Kristen Brown
Marisa Moralobo
Stephani Pattison
Kindall Edwards
DQIndian Rocks Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cassandra Szarenko
Logan Thiel
Jess Stewart
Kasey Howard
4:14.26aCalvary Christian (C...
2.-Tori Trador
Bobbi LaBrant
Kristen Brown
Alex Buchanan
4:32.98aIndian Rocks Christian
3.-Chelsea Carnes
Courtney DeTringo
Caroline Alexander
Aubrey Burns
4:46.41aTampa Preparatory
4.-Lindsey O`quinn
Falene Bala
Holly Pafford
Alex Iwaniec
5:06.70aSeven Rivers Christian
---Victoria Goodwin
Ashley Johnson
Sarah Schultz
Asia Olds
FSNorthside Christian
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katelyn Greenleaf
Alicia Konstantinovic
Sarah Schultz
Gabby Greenleaf
10:04.21aNorthside Christian
2.-Tori Trador
Bobbi LaBrant
Jordyn Bench
Rachel Kistemaker
10:14.26aIndian Rocks Christian
3.-Victoria Peeler
Alexis Bright
Lois Hegarty
Paige Cheaves
11:07.28aSeffner Christian
4.-Chelsea Carnes
Molly Cardillo
Spenser Hollar
Aubrey Burns
11:21.76aTampa Preparatory
5.-Falene Bala
Holly Pafford
Ajaree Gaskins
Alex Iwaniec
11:38.92aSeven Rivers Christian
6.-Katie Roeder
Meagen Sweetser
Nicole Serra
Sarah Dalton
11:45.64aCalvary Christian (C...
7.-Ashley Wahl
Sarah Kyle
Katie Hellman
Melissa Alagna
12:45.31aBishop McLaughlin
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Victoria Harris10.19mBishop McLaughlin
2.10Tiana Miele9.72mSeven Rivers Christian
3.10Andrea Mauger9.13mAcademy at the Lakes
4.11Danielle Grantham9.04mTampa Bay Christian ...
5.9Taylor Mcdonald8.57mBishop McLaughlin
6.11Madi Loebel8.43mIndian Rocks Christian
7.10Savannah Whiting8.33mSeffner Christian
8.10Alex Gittens7.81mAcademy at the Lakes
9.10Kelly Cunningham7.79mSeffner Christian
10.11Kristen Scholl7.75mIndian Rocks Christian
11.9Fabiana Sineus7.54mSeven Rivers Christian
12.10Emiline Lazzeri7.48mIndian Rocks Christian
13.11Lindsey Schuholz7.46mIndian Rocks Christian
14.8Celine Harwell7.37mTampa Bay Christian ...
15.10Daniette St. Martin7.33mSeven Rivers Christian
16.12Dominique Barker7.30mTampa Preparatory
17.12Alexis Freedman7.12mCalvary Christian (C...
18.8Shenia Espaillat7.02mTampa Bay Christian ...
19.9Megan Kovack6.88mCalvary Christian (C...
20.10Christina Stark6.59mAcademy at the Lakes
21.9Meagen Sweetser6.50mCalvary Christian (C...
22.7Kelsi Sheldon6.47mNorthside Christian
23.11Mikayla Phillips6.13mNorthside Christian
24.11Kara Kessler6.10mCambridge Christian
25.10Megan Baird6.01mSeffner Christian
26.11Jessica Konitsky5.82mBayshore Christian
27.11Sabrina Kemner5.63mCambridge Christian
28.11Ronnie Krueger5.42mCalvary Christian (C...
29.9Katt Carlton5.30mNorthside Christian
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Victoria Harris35.83mBishop McLaughlin
2.11Madi Loebel25.29mIndian Rocks Christian
3.11Danielle Grantham25.01mTampa Bay Christian ...
4.10Tiana Miele24.56mSeven Rivers Christian
5.9Rachel Versharen22.91mBishop McLaughlin
6.10Emiline Lazzeri22.52mIndian Rocks Christian
7.10Hannah Nyberg21.59mBishop McLaughlin
8.11Kara Kessler21.03mCambridge Christian
9.12Alexis Freedman20.62mCalvary Christian (C...
10.9Meagen Sweetser20.54mCalvary Christian (C...
11.7Kelsi Sheldon19.98mNorthside Christian
12.11Mikayla Phillips19.86mNorthside Christian
13.9Katt Carlton19.78mNorthside Christian
14.10Daniette St. Martin19.65mSeven Rivers Christian
15.8Shenia Espaillat19.63mTampa Bay Christian ...
16.9Megan Kovack19.07mCalvary Christian (C...
17.10Kelly Cunningham18.33mSeffner Christian
18.8Celine Harwell17.04mTampa Bay Christian ...
19.10Savannah Whiting16.94mSeffner Christian
20.11Jessica Konitsky16.68mBayshore Christian
21.12Elizabeth Sullivan16.63mIndian Rocks Christian
22.10Ashley Llerena16.33mIndian Rocks Christian
23.11Ronnie Krueger16.23mCalvary Christian (C...
24.10Megan Baird15.77mSeffner Christian
25.12Dominique Barker13.43mTampa Preparatory
26.11Sabrina Kemner12.76mCambridge Christian
--9Fabiana SineusFOULSeven Rivers Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jennica Mullins1.52mNorthside Christian
2.10Samantha Plager1.47mSeffner Christian
3.8Taylor Moir1.42mNorthside Christian
4.11Tori Trador1.37mIndian Rocks Christian
5.9Becca Stewart1.32mCalvary Christian (C...
6.11Chloe Fish1.27mSeffner Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Artille3.04mNorthside Christian
2.8Jennifer Kistemaka2.74mIndian Rocks Christian
3.10Rachel Kistemaker2.59mIndian Rocks Christian
4.8Bobbi LaBrant2.28mIndian Rocks Christian
5.11Tessa Wiseman1.98mSeffner Christian
6.12Courtny Heron1.52mNorthside Christian
6.10Danielle Nashed1.52mNorthside Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Asia Olds5.29mNorthside Christian
2.10Carly Reiner5.05mTampa Preparatory
3.9Sabrina Whiting4.73mSeffner Christian
4.9Ariana Taylor4.66mNorthside Christian
5.9Jess Stewart4.63mCalvary Christian (C...
5.12Alexis McClimans4.63mCalvary Christian (C...
7.11Jackie Vanderbleek4.57mNorthside Christian
7.12Marisa Moralobo4.57mIndian Rocks Christian
9.12Lindsey O`quinn4.44mSeven Rivers Christian
10.10Caroline Alexander4.36mTampa Preparatory
11.9Shyra Bryant4.35mTampa Bay Christian ...
12.9Alex Schweitzer4.34mCarrollwood Day
13.9Ajaree Gaskins4.30mSeven Rivers Christian
14.10Camill Baumrucker4.19mBishop McLaughlin
15.11Courtney DeTringo3.83mTampa Preparatory
16.10Claudia Maigne3.73mBishop McLaughlin
17.8Sarah Moir3.72mNorthside Christian
18.9Isa Cura3.59mTampa Preparatory
19.9Jordan Oquinn3.36mSeven Rivers Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Schultz10.49mNorthside Christian
2.11Victoria Goodwin10.23mNorthside Christian
3.10Carly Reiner10.10mTampa Preparatory
4.9Sabrina Whiting9.95mSeffner Christian
5.9Jess Stewart9.51mCalvary Christian (C...
6.11Jackie Vanderbleek9.30mNorthside Christian
7.11Courtney DeTringo9.19mTampa Preparatory
8.10Tiana Miele9.13mSeven Rivers Christian
9.10Camill Baumrucker8.85mBishop McLaughlin
10.12Lindsey O`quinn8.78mSeven Rivers Christian
11.12Kate Voitier8.59mIndian Rocks Christian
12.10Caroline Alexander8.53mTampa Preparatory
13.8Sarah Moir8.48mNorthside Christian
14.11Jennifer Nesslar8.00mIndian Rocks Christian
15.9Jordan Oquinn6.64mSeven Rivers Christian
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