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All-Catholic Conference Running Championship

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Antonyo Sotolongo11.90aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
2.8Max Pennekamp12.01aSt Hugh Catholic      
3.-Zachary Barrios12.63aSt. Peter & Paul      
4.-Leif Fernandez12.94aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
5.-Jattin Moises13.03aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Alex Falla13.37aSts Musketeers      
7.8Augusto Fonte13.61aBelen Jesuit      
8.-Anthony Rios13.77aSt Hugh Catholic      
9.8Andrew Muriedas14.04aBelen Jesuit      
10.-Alex Ros14.07aSts Musketeers      
11.8Alex Candia14.35aBelen Jesuit      
12.-Brandon Garcia14.44aSts Musketeers      
13.-Austin Smith14.45aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
13.-Javier Gonzalez14.45aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
15.-Erik Masis14.50aGood Shepherd Catholic      
16.-Christopher Nickas14.78aSt. Theresa      
17.-Robert Catala15.12aHoly Rosary      
18.-Alejandro Munoz15.15aSt Hugh Catholic      
19.7Thomas Lopez15.47aBelen Jesuit      
20.-Jonah Sanchez15.93aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
21.-Esen Basurto15.98aHoly Rosary      
22.-Sebastian Manrique16.49aGood Shepherd Catholic      
23.-Jonathan Dominguez16.85aSt Hugh Catholic      
---Luis MoasNTEpiphany Catholic      
---Moises JattinNTSt. Peter & Paul      
---Michael VazquezNTSt. Thomas the Apost...      
X 100 Meters - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.6Alfonso Rodriguez14.46aBelen Jesuit      
1.-John Concepcion14.46aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
3.-Jonathan Davila14.53aSt. Peter & Paul      
4.6Jordan Galvez14.69aBelen Jesuit      
5.-Eduardo Velazco15.03aSt Hugh Catholic      
6.-Patrick Perez15.18aBelen Jesuit      
7.-Luis Kannee15.24aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
8.-Nicolas Stadelmann15.39aSt. Theresa      
9.-Matthew Gonzalez15.55aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
10.-Michael Moreno15.73aBelen Jesuit      
11.-Jonathan Rose16.11aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
12.-Max Machado16.15aSt Hugh Catholic      
13.-Emil Annicaert16.28aSt. Rose of Lima      
14.-Bobby Wyszkowski16.46aSt. Theresa      
15.-Ryan Michot16.62aSt. Rose of Lima      
15.-Myles Robotham16.62aHoly Rosary      
17.-Antonio Castellanos16.87aSt. Peter & Paul      
18.-Miguel Ferreira16.89aSt Hugh Catholic      
19.-Lucas Tomaselli17.66aSt Hugh Catholic      
20.-Alexander Navarro17.88aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
21.-Anthony Fraga21.55aEpiphany Catholic      
---Daniel PintoNTSt. Thomas the Apost...      
X 100 Meters - 4th - Finals
1.-Joshua Diaz14.64aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
2.-Pedro Torres15.84aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
3.-Miguel Stadelmann15.96aSt. Theresa      
4.-Miguel Clavijo16.44aEpiphany Catholic      
5.-Dominic Chiappone16.45aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Matthew Allen16.89aSt. Rose of Lima      
7.-Esteban Rincon17.03aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
8.-Andrew Quade17.11aSt. Peter & Paul      
9.-Alejandro Aguirre17.34aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
10.-Daniel Venerio17.42aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
10.-Michael Michot17.42aSt. Rose of Lima      
12.-Zachary Janvier17.60aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
13.-Michael Berry17.76aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
14.-Francis Coronado18.06aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
15.-Carlos Diez18.19aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
16.-Diego Austin18.32aSt Hugh Catholic      
17.-Cesar Sordo18.36aEpiphany Catholic      
18.-Ethan Gaunaurd18.88aSts Musketeers      
19.-Daniel Gonzalez18.91aSt. Theresa      
20.-Nicolas Ventura19.38aHoly Rosary      
21.-Michael Morera19.68aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
22.-Rodrigo Velasco19.86aSt Hugh Catholic      
23.-Sebastian Gutierrez21.09aGood Shepherd Catholic      
24.-AJ Lacaci21.61aGood Shepherd Catholic      
25.-Javier Torra22.21aGood Shepherd Catholic      
26.-Andres Alfonso24.40aGood Shepherd Catholic      
---Richard KingNTSt. Louis Covenant      
X 200 Meters - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.8Max Pennekamp24.57aSt Hugh Catholic      
2.8Branden Silvestry24.61aBelen Jesuit      
3.-Leif Fernandez26.05aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
4.-Sebastian Polo26.83aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
5.8Frank Battle28.40aBelen Jesuit      
6.-Christian Paris28.45aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
7.-Alejandro Ros28.70aSt. Theresa      
8.-Esteban Palenque28.99aHoly Rosary      
9.-Brandon Garcia29.17aSts Musketeers      
10.-Javier Gonzalez29.42aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
11.-Robert Claro29.64aSt. Peter & Paul      
12.-Austin Smith29.72aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
13.-Gregory Paz30.76aSt. Peter & Paul      
14.-Kevin Logue30.88aSt. Theresa      
15.-Alejandro Munoz31.86aSt Hugh Catholic      
16.-Jonah Sanchez33.06aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
17.-Christian Gonzalez33.09aGood Shepherd Catholic      
18.-Luis Moas34.98aEpiphany Catholic      
19.-Sebastian Manrique36.11aGood Shepherd Catholic      
20.-Esen Basurto39.85aHoly Rosary      
---Javier NavarretteNTSt Hugh Catholic      
---Steven HeckertNTSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
---Michael VazquezNTSt. Thomas the Apost...      
---Alex RoaNTBelen Jesuit      
---Gio MenocalNTBelen Jesuit      
X 200 Meters - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.-Pablo Quinones30.68aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
2.6Matthew Bravo31.09aBelen Jesuit      
3.-Javier Hernandez31.20aBelen Jesuit      
4.-Eduardo Velazco31.27aSt Hugh Catholic      
5.-Jonathan Davila32.01aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Chris Callabero32.20aBelen Jesuit      
7.-Luis Kannee34.22aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
8.-Max Machado35.29aSt Hugh Catholic      
9.-Alejandro Corzo35.40aSt. Theresa      
10.-Matthew Gonzalez35.84aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
11.-Michael Moreno35.88aBelen Jesuit      
12.-Antonio Castellanos35.95aSt. Peter & Paul      
13.-Bobby Wyszkowski36.16aSt. Theresa      
14.-Jonathan Rose38.57aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
15.-Christian Martinez38.68aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
16.-Vladimir Grammont39.63aSt. Rose of Lima      
17.-Anthony Raffa41.47aHoly Rosary      
18.-Alexander Navarro41.76aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
19.-Anthony Fraga46.90aEpiphany Catholic      
---Daniel PintoNTSt. Thomas the Apost...      
---Emil AnnicaertNTSt. Rose of Lima      
---Myles RobothamNTHoly Rosary      
---Andre PiantiniNTSt Hugh Catholic      
X 200 Meters - 4th - Finals
1.-Joshua Diaz30.70aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
2.-Miguel Clavijo34.05aEpiphany Catholic      
3.-Rodrigo Madiedo34.64aSt. Theresa      
4.-Peter Fumero35.14aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Andrew Quade35.78aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Danny Collazo36.11aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
7.-Johnny Oneil36.18aSt. Rose of Lima      
8.-Pedro Torres36.24aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
9.-Francis Coronado36.28aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
9.-Dominic Chiappone36.28aSt. Peter & Paul      
11.-Daniel Corzo37.02aSt. Theresa      
12.-Diego Austin38.15aSt Hugh Catholic      
13.-Alejandro Ojeda38.82aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
13.-Cesar Sordo38.82aEpiphany Catholic      
15.-Jose Benevides40.06aGood Shepherd Catholic      
16.-Nicolas Ventura41.95aHoly Rosary      
17.-Ethan Gaunaurd42.38aSts Musketeers      
18.-Felipe Jannarone43.47aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
19.-Carlos Plana44.26aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
20.-Rodrigo Velasco44.30aSt Hugh Catholic      
21.-Sebastian Gutierrez49.40aGood Shepherd Catholic      
22.-Gabriel Ortiz49.89aGood Shepherd Catholic      
23.-Andres Alfonso1:00.40aGood Shepherd Catholic      
X 400 Meters - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.8Branden Silvestry59.21aBelen Jesuit      
2.7Daniel Meja1:02.61aBelen Jesuit      
3.-Moises Jattin1:04.09aSt. Peter & Paul      
4.-Alex Tercilla1:04.19aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Christopher Bentley1:04.35aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Norman Valenzuela1:06.33aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
7.-Jean Pierre Certain1:07.05aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
8.-David Contreras1:07.32aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
9.-Kevin Logue1:08.46aSt. Theresa      
10.-Stefan Molina1:11.35aSt. Theresa      
11.7Thomas Lopez1:11.67aBelen Jesuit      
12.-Daniel Labrousse1:11.84aSt. Rose of Lima      
13.7Kevin Fernandez1:13.10aBelen Jesuit      
14.-Diego Aguirre1:16.50aSt Hugh Catholic      
15.-Christian Gonzalez1:17.86aGood Shepherd Catholic      
16.-Esen Basurto1:19.19aHoly Rosary      
17.-Steven Heckert1:19.44aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
18.-Andres Palenque1:35.63aHoly Rosary      
---Connor GonzalezNTSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
---Luis MoasNTEpiphany Catholic      
X 400 Meters - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.6Adrian Bruna1:10.18aBelen Jesuit      
2.-Daniel Negrini1:12.53aSt. Theresa      
3.6Jordan Galvez1:14.04aBelen Jesuit      
4.-Luis Kannee1:14.21aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Luca Gonzalez-Abreu1:14.55aEpiphany Catholic      
6.-Luca Derito1:14.69aSt. Peter & Paul      
7.-Brian Gonzalez1:16.06aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
8.-Matthew Allen1:16.42aSt. Rose of Lima      
9.-Enrique Ribas1:17.17aSt. Theresa      
10.-Miguel Flores1:17.24aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
11.-Maximo Uolla1:18.21aEpiphany Catholic      
12.-Rodrigo Jimenez1:18.29aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
13.-Nicholas Doimeadios1:21.28aSt. Peter & Paul      
14.-Michael Moreno1:21.48aBelen Jesuit      
15.-Daniel Fager1:23.05aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
16.-Ryan Michot1:24.78aSt. Rose of Lima      
17.-Miguel Ferreira1:28.46aSt Hugh Catholic      
18.-Ivan Alpizar1:32.13aHoly Rosary      
---Anthony RaffaNTHoly Rosary      
---Diego JuanNTSt Hugh Catholic      
---Juan Armando AguirreNTSt Hugh Catholic      
--6Matthew BravoNTBelen Jesuit      
X 400 Meters - 4th - Finals
1.-Rodrigo Madiedo1:12.81aSt. Theresa      
2.-Matthew Allen1:16.45aSt. Rose of Lima      
3.-Luke Miguez1:19.11aEpiphany Catholic      
4.-Christopher Carter1:20.81aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Miguel Stadelmann1:22.93aSt. Theresa      
6.-Michael Yetter1:23.29aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
7.-Peter Fumero1:23.50aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
8.-Dominic Chiappone1:23.96aSt. Peter & Paul      
9.-Vicente Sanchez1:24.36aSt. Peter & Paul      
10.-Mario Fernandez1:27.45aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
11.-Daniel Martinez1:28.31aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
12.-Andrew Deiters1:29.44aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
13.-Justin Chen-See1:29.58aHoly Rosary      
14.-Eric Sosa1:30.58aGood Shepherd Catholic      
15.-Christian Fernandez1:32.07aGood Shepherd Catholic      
16.-Ethan Gaunaurd1:33.19aSts Musketeers      
17.-Austin Bermudez1:37.46aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
18.-Carlos Plana1:42.49aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
19.-Javier Torra1:48.20aGood Shepherd Catholic      
---Daniel AymerichDQEpiphany Catholic      
---Alberto Gonzalez-HaagNTSt. Rose of Lima      
X 800 Meters - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.8Antonio Montadas2:26.73aBelen Jesuit      
2.8Nicholas Peterson2:30.76aBelen Jesuit      
3.-Alex Tercilla2:32.87aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
4.8Alex Vento2:34.14aBelen Jesuit      
5.-Thomas Boulos2:36.03aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
6.-Joseph Cirera2:36.31aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
7.-Alex Gonzalez2:44.24aSt. Theresa      
8.7Dominic Wermuth2:44.53aBelen Jesuit      
9.-Michael Cabrera2:49.59aSt. Theresa      
10.-Robert Martell3:02.70aSt. Peter & Paul      
11.-Steven Heckert3:03.99aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
12.-Diego Aguirre3:04.62aSt Hugh Catholic      
13.-Sebastian Manrique3:08.22aGood Shepherd Catholic      
14.-Nick Ramirez3:10.43aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
---Johnny CookNTSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
---Max RaposoNTSt. Peter & Paul      
---Sean SmithNTSt. Rose of Lima      
X 800 Meters - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.-John Concepcion2:44.36aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
2.-Michael Gomez2:45.34aSt Hugh Catholic      
3.-Frederick Ghonda2:50.65aGood Shepherd Catholic      
4.-Pablo Quinones2:55.29aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
5.-Alejandro Corzo2:55.68aSt. Theresa      
6.-Luca Gonzalez-Abreu2:57.01aEpiphany Catholic      
7.6Joshua Lara2:57.20aBelen Jesuit      
8.-Luca Derito2:58.00aSt. Peter & Paul      
9.-Bobby Wyszkowski3:00.85aSt. Theresa      
10.-Alex Smith3:01.37aBelen Jesuit      
11.-Nicholas Doimeadios3:05.34aSt. Peter & Paul      
12.-Alex Navarro3:09.46aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
13.-Daniel Fager3:10.65aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
14.-Robert Rodriguez3:11.44aSt. Rose of Lima      
15.-Maximo Uolla3:17.73aEpiphany Catholic      
16.-Andre Piantini3:34.43aSt Hugh Catholic      
17.-Manuel Barrios3:34.63aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
---Paul MartinNTSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
---Ivan AlpizarNTHoly Rosary      
---Jesse SullivanNTSt. Rose of Lima      
---Austin DominguezNTBelen Jesuit      
X 800 Meters - 4th - Finals
1.-Joshua Diaz2:39.05aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
2.-Rodrigo Madiedo2:48.44aSt. Theresa      
3.-Jake Miguez2:57.14aEpiphany Catholic      
4.-Pedro Torres2:59.45aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
5.-Christopher Costa3:04.17aSt. Theresa      
6.-Michael Michot3:05.26aSt. Rose of Lima      
7.-Daniel Aymerich3:06.68aEpiphany Catholic      
8.-Vicente Sanchez3:06.89aSt. Peter & Paul      
9.-Johnny Oneil3:07.08aSt. Rose of Lima      
10.-Christopher Carter3:09.20aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
11.-Alejandro Aguirre3:12.06aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
12.-Nelson Molina3:14.15aGood Shepherd Catholic      
13.-Francis Coronado3:18.98aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
14.-Alex Sosa3:24.59aGood Shepherd Catholic      
15.-Alejandro Ojeda3:30.21aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
16.-Danny Ramirez-Vital3:40.93aGood Shepherd Catholic      
17.-Thomas Rivera3:45.12aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
18.-Zachary Janvier4:06.03aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
---Christopher SoucyNTGlades (Miami)      
X 1600 Meters - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Connor Gonzalez5:23.00aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
2.-Johnny Cook5:29.32aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
3.-Robert Armand5:38.64aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
4.7Jamie Lopez5:46.82aBelen Jesuit      
5.-Alex Gonzalez5:47.82aSt. Theresa      
6.-Antonyo Sotolongo5:50.48aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
7.7Jorge Gomez5:53.54aBelen Jesuit      
8.-Nick Roca6:01.52aBelen Jesuit      
9.-Michael Cabrera6:05.82aSt. Theresa      
10.8Nicholas Peterson6:07.74aBelen Jesuit      
11.-Daniel Labrousse6:20.11aSt. Rose of Lima      
12.-Julio Tadeo6:36.40aSt. Peter & Paul      
13.-Nick Ramirez7:00.73aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
---Sean SmithNTSt. Rose of Lima      
---Erik MasisNTGood Shepherd Catholic      
X 1600 Meters - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.-Frederick Ghonda5:50.80aGood Shepherd Catholic      
2.-Andy DelValle6:07.03aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
3.-Nicolas Pinto6:16.31aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
4.-Bobby Wyszkowski6:16.50aSt. Theresa      
5.-Alex Smith6:25.43aBelen Jesuit      
6.-Enrique Ribas6:29.22aSt. Theresa      
7.-Robert Rodriguez6:47.65aSt. Rose of Lima      
8.7Justin Hernandez6:51.89aBelen Jesuit      
9.-Alex Navarro6:58.32aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
10.-Jesse Sullivan7:00.39aSt. Rose of Lima      
11.-Nick Rivera7:43.31aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
12.-Manuel Barrios8:00.19aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
X 60m Hurdles - 30" - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.6Alfonso Rodriguez9.11aBelen Jesuit      
2.6Joshua Lara9.81aBelen Jesuit      
3.-Nicholas Doimeadios9.94aSt. Peter & Paul      
3.-Nicolas Stadelmann9.94aSt. Theresa      
5.-John Fernandez10.02aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
6.-Rodrigo Jimenez10.06aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
7.-Pierre Angelo Certain10.07aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
8.-Daniel Negrini10.10aSt. Theresa      
9.-Antonio Castellanos10.56aSt. Peter & Paul      
---Emil AnnicaertNTSt. Rose of Lima      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Moises Jattin15.74aSt. Peter & Paul      
2.8Antonio Montadas16.10aBelen Jesuit      
3.-Zachary Barrios16.13aSt. Peter & Paul      
4.-Andres Varela17.42aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Adrian De La Torriente17.51aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
6.8Karol Vargas17.61aBelen Jesuit      
7.-Guillermo Bogardus18.20aBelen Jesuit      
8.7Alejandro Hillman18.39aBelen Jesuit      
9.-Jake Polumbo18.56aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
10.-Alejandro Alessandrini19.22aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
11.-Sean Smith20.08aSt. Rose of Lima      
12.-Daniel Labrousse20.59aSt. Rose of Lima      
13.-Stefan Molina20.61aSt. Theresa      
14.-Jonah Sanchez21.38aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
---Alejandro RosNTSt. Theresa      
X 4x100 Relay - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Leif Fernandez
Thomas Boulos
Sebastian Polo
Antonyo Sotolongo
49.30aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
2.-Robert Claro
Moises Jattin
Christopher Bentley
Zachary Barrios
52.64aSt. Peter & Paul      
3.-Javier Gonzalez
Austin Smith
Andres Varela
Adrian De La Torriente
56.17aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
4.-Alvaro Gomez-Mena
Diego Aguirre
Anthony Rios
Max Pennekamp
57.52aSt Hugh Catholic      
5.-Augusto Fonte
Alejandro Hillman
Brandon Sierra
Roger Zaldivar
58.73aBelen Jesuit      
6.-Christian Paris
Norman Valenzuela
Michael Vazquez
Alexander Navarro
59.14aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
7.-Kevin Logue
Christopher Nickas
Julian Esan
Nicolas de la O
1:02.23aSt. Theresa      
X 4x100 Relay - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.-Matthew Bravo
Alfonso Rodriguez
Jordan Galvez
Chris Callabero
57.52aBelen Jesuit      
2.-Pablo Quinones
Matthew Gonzalez
Andy DelValle
John Concepcion
1:00.09aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
3.-Nicholas O'Dell
Max Machado
Michael Gomez
Eduardo Velazco
1:01.23aSt Hugh Catholic      
4.-John Fernandez
Miguel Flores
Jonathan Rose
Luis Kannee
1:02.66aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Daniel Negrini
Nicolas Stadelmann
Alejandro Corzo
Enrique Ribas
1:02.68aSt. Theresa      
6.-Emil Annicaert
Ryan Michot
Vladimir Grammont
Jesse Sullivan
1:09.55aSt. Rose of Lima      
---Adrian Bruna
Javier Hernandez
Patrick Perez
Steve Calles
DQBelen Jesuit      
X 4x100 Relay - 4th - Finals
1.-Pedro Torres
Michael Yetter
Gerardo Palacios
Joshua Diaz
1:06.13aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
2.-Rodrigo Madiedo
Miguel Stadelmann
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Gonalez
1:06.76aSt. Theresa      
3.-Cesar Sordo
Luke Miguez
Jake Miguez
Miguel Clavijo
1:07.90aEpiphany Catholic      
4.-Danny Collazo
Daniel Venerio
Peter Fumero
Christopher Carter
1:09.05aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Relay Team 1:13.76aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
6.-Andrew Quade
Eddy Baena
Anthony Arteta
Vicente Sanchez
1:14.04aSt. Peter & Paul      
7.-Nelson Molina
Alex Sosa
Eric Sosa
Jose Benevides
1:16.68aGood Shepherd Catholic      
8.-Relay Team 1:17.77aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
9.-AJ Lacaci
Christian Fernandez
Danny Ramirez-Vital
Robbie Gordo
1:30.21aGood Shepherd Catholic      
---Michael Michot
Alberto Gonzalez-Haag
Johnny Oneil
Matthew Allen
NTSt. Rose of Lima      
X 4x400 Relay - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Branden Silvestry
Daniel Meja
Joshua Lascano
Brandon Sierra
4:19.00aBelen Jesuit      
2.-Johnny Cook
Connor Gonzalez
Alex Tercilla
Andres Varela
4:28.00aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
3.-Tyler Halfaker
Jake Polumbo
Alejandro Alessandrini
Jean Certain
4:30.00aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
4.-Alex Gonzalez
Stefan Molina
Michael Cabrera
Alejandro Ros
4:50.00aSt. Theresa      
5.-Christopher Bentley
Max Raposo
Julio Tadeo
Gregory Paz
4:59.00aSt. Peter & Paul      
---Anthony Castro
Guillermo Bogardus
Johnny Powell
Karol Vargas
NTBelen Jesuit      
X 4x400 Relay - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.-Adrian Bruna
Javier Hernandez
Patrick Perez
Steve Calles
4:06.16aBelen Jesuit      
2.-Matthew Gonzalez
Andy DelValle
Pierre Certain
John Concepcion
4:35.00aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
3.-Diego Juan
Juan Aguirre
Michael Gomez
Eduardo Velazco
4:36.00aSt Hugh Catholic      
4.-Daniel Negrini
Enrique Ribas
Nicolas Stadelmann
Alejandro Corzo
4:37.00aSt. Theresa      
5.-Emil Annicaert
Ryan Michot
Robert Rodriguez
Jesse Sullivan
4:38.00aSt. Rose of Lima      
6.-John Fernandez
Paul Martin
Miguel Flores
Alex Navarro
4:39.00aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
---Chris Callabero
Stefano Santamaria
Austin Dominguez
Michael Chang
NTBelen Jesuit      
X 4x800 Relay - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Jorge Gomez
Jacob Lopez
Louis Giordano
Nick Peterson
9:52.20aBelen Jesuit      
2.-Johnny Cook
Connor Gonzalez
Alex Tercilla
Andres Varela
9:58.44aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
3.-Sebastian Polo
Joseph Cirera
Thomas Boulos
Tyler Halfaker
10:35.74aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
4.-Michael Cabrera
Alex Gonzalez
Stefan Molina
Alejandro Ros
10:52.01aSt. Theresa      
5.-Relay Team 11:08.84aBelen Jesuit      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Gabrielle Cambronne13.69aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
2.-Gianna Dunand13.81aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
3.-Amanda Alfaro13.87aSt. Peter & Paul      
4.-Veronica Minervino13.95aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Sophia Machado14.26aSt Hugh Catholic      
6.-Andrea Alessandrini14.37aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
7.-Meghan Miranda14.41aSt. Peter & Paul      
8.-Valeria Miranda14.57aGood Shepherd Catholic      
9.-Gabriella Rose14.63aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
10.-Gabriella Miyar14.83aSt Hugh Catholic      
11.-Emily Castillo15.07aSt. Theresa      
12.-Stephanie Murasso15.15aGood Shepherd Catholic      
13.-Stephanie Medrano15.17aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
14.-Camila Quintana15.54aEpiphany Catholic      
15.-Diana Mendoza15.66aSt. Theresa      
16.-Megan Sheesly16.02aHoly Rosary      
17.-Cristina Ferreira16.18aSt Hugh Catholic      
17.-Megan Castellanos16.18aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
19.-Rebecca Garcia16.40aSt Hugh Catholic      
20.-Amanda Torano16.52aSts Musketeers      
21.-Paola Pesant16.66aSts Musketeers      
22.-Beatriz Weller17.01aEpiphany Catholic      
---Kelly RamirezNTEpiphany Catholic      
X 100 Meters - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.-Melissa Navarro14.61aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
2.-Natalie Quade14.86aSt. Peter & Paul      
3.-Dan iela Tung15.01aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
4.-Carola Sague15.19aSt. Theresa      
5.-Sophia Ramos15.20aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Sophia Tomaselli15.40aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
7.-Sami Fernandez15.52aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
8.-Maria Ale Mendoza15.56aSt Hugh Catholic      
9.-Valentina Camargo15.61aSt Hugh Catholic      
10.-Alexandra Buitrago15.99aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
11.-Lourdes Saravia16.26aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
12.-Michell Fernandez-Valle16.54aSt. Theresa      
13.-Pamela Miranda16.64aGood Shepherd Catholic      
14.-Cecilia Megie-Saunders16.70aSt. Rose of Lima      
15.-Bianca Salavrria16.91aEpiphany Catholic      
16.-Michelle Morera17.12aSt. Theresa      
17.-Annabelle Zogaib17.23aGood Shepherd Catholic      
18.-Camila Romero17.46aSt. Theresa      
19.-Maryann Robles17.71aSt. Rose of Lima      
20.-Isabella Rodriguez18.03aSt. Theresa      
21.-Elisa Gonzalez18.18aEpiphany Catholic      
22.-Emily Ocon18.24aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
23.-Lauren Wakeman18.41aHoly Rosary      
X 100 Meters - 4th - Finals
1.-Alexa Dickinson16.34aEpiphany Catholic      
2.-Emily Centeno16.75aSt. Peter & Paul      
3.-Aurora Cosio16.80aEpiphany Catholic      
4.-Juliette Figueras16.85aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Isabella Allen16.88aSt. Rose of Lima      
6.-Ceci Gaston16.90aEpiphany Catholic      
7.-Annie Lassegue17.18aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
8.-Ivy Pennekamp17.20aSt Hugh Catholic      
9.-Isabella Trujillo17.35aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
10.-Alexa De Paz17.40aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
11.-Angelica Socarras17.45aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
12.-Daniela De La Aguilera17.60aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
13.-Camilla Calderon17.81aSt. Theresa      
14.-Victoria Figueras17.84aSt Hugh Catholic      
15.-Alex Rierva18.04aEpiphany Catholic      
16.-Marcela Cardenal18.14aSt. Louis Covenant      
17.-Isabella Fernandez18.19aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
18.-Emily Marrero18.31aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
19.-Isabella Conol18.74aSt. Rose of Lima      
20.-Andrea Lopez18.91aSt. Peter & Paul      
21.-Jasmine St. Thomas19.14aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
22.-Victoria Morera19.21aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
23.-Gabriella Castillo19.63aGood Shepherd Catholic      
24.-Maia Medina20.15aHoly Rosary      
25.-Olivia Lageyre21.08aHoly Rosary      
X 200 Meters - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Gabrielle Cambronne29.37aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
2.-Veronica Minervino29.63aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
3.-Sophia Machado30.33aSt Hugh Catholic      
4.-Valeria Miranda30.44aGood Shepherd Catholic      
5.-Andrea Alessandrini30.80aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
6.-Marion Delaney31.17aSt Hugh Catholic      
7.-Meghan Miranda31.22aSt. Peter & Paul      
8.-Kaitlyn Rodriguez31.40aSt Hugh Catholic      
9.-Stephanie Murasso31.90aGood Shepherd Catholic      
10.-Micaela Chiang31.93aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
11.-Stephanie Medrano31.97aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
12.-Claudia Penas32.13aSt. Peter & Paul      
13.-Danielle Rodriguez32.34aEpiphany Catholic      
14.-Nicole Garcia-Rivera32.52aSt. Theresa      
15.-Kassie Watson33.15aSt. Theresa      
16.-Lourders Guerrero34.12aSts Musketeers      
17.-Lucia Perez-Bucci34.43aSt Hugh Catholic      
18.-Cristina Isern34.48aEpiphany Catholic      
19.-Alessandra Collins34.82aEpiphany Catholic      
20.-Lauren Hayes35.42aEpiphany Catholic      
21.-Amanda Torano35.72aSts Musketeers      
22.-Megan Sheesly36.06aHoly Rosary      
---Alexis KmieckNTSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
---Paula PintoNTSt. Thomas the Apost...      
X 200 Meters - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.-Melissa Navarro30.35aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
2.-Sophia Ramos31.69aSt. Peter & Paul      
3.-Dan iela Tung31.70aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
4.-Gabby Latimer31.73aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Natalie Quade31.85aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Carola Sague33.07aSt. Theresa      
7.-Maria Ale Mendoza33.10aSt Hugh Catholic      
8.-Alexandra Buitrago33.80aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
9.-Josephine Lentner33.91aSt. Rose of Lima      
10.-Lourdes Saravia34.25aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
11.-Megan Garcia34.56aSt Hugh Catholic      
12.-Sophia Tomaselli34.81aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
13.-Annabelle Zogaib35.38aGood Shepherd Catholic      
14.-Bianca Salavrria36.20aEpiphany Catholic      
15.-Pamela Miranda36.47aGood Shepherd Catholic      
16.-Jasmine Owens39.09aSt. Rose of Lima      
17.-Emily Ocon40.14aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
18.-Alyssa Gongora41.08aSt. Theresa      
---Lauren WakemanNTHoly Rosary      
---Lisia VegaNTHoly Rosary      
X 200 Meters - 4th - Finals
1.-Alexa Dickinson34.00aEpiphany Catholic      
2.-Sarah Kristjansson35.34aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
3.-Mary Rose George35.47aSt. Peter & Paul      
4.-Alexa Mascaro35.75aEpiphany Catholic      
5.-Annie Lassegue36.31aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
6.-Emily Centeno36.37aSt. Peter & Paul      
7.-Sayee Sullivan36.98aSt. Rose of Lima      
8.-Emily Marrero36.99aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
9.-Jilian Rodriguez37.56aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
10.-Martha Barrios37.67aSt. Theresa      
11.-Paola Moreno38.77aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
12.-Gaby Portillo39.01aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
13.-Emily Wyszkowski39.94aSt. Theresa      
14.-Chelsea Pennekamp40.25aSt Hugh Catholic      
14.-Abascal Camila40.25aEpiphany Catholic      
16.-Maia Medina41.00aHoly Rosary      
17.-Isabella Espino41.04aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
18.-Jacqueline Vilomar41.14aSt. Louis Covenant      
19.-Marcela Cardenal41.53aSt. Louis Covenant      
20.-Katie Johnson42.31aSt Hugh Catholic      
21.-Gabriella Castillo42.62aGood Shepherd Catholic      
22.-Isabella Conol43.77aSt. Rose of Lima      
23.-Lily Jones44.95aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
24.-Maria Castro47.88aHoly Rosary      
X 400 Meters - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Sofia Miguez1:06.30aEpiphany Catholic      
2.-Marion Delaney1:09.15aSt Hugh Catholic      
3.-Kamila Vazquez1:10.42aSt Hugh Catholic      
4.-Samantha Lopez1:11.78aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
5.-Claudia Penas1:13.92aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Sandra Heckert1:13.99aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
7.-Nicole Garcia-Rivera1:14.28aSt. Theresa      
8.4Sophia Kaskavalciyan1:14.29aSt. Peter & Paul      
9.-Amanda Mancebo1:14.31aSts Musketeers      
10.-Diana Mendoza1:15.00aSt. Theresa      
11.-Sophia Fernandez1:16.97aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
12.-Sara Moustafa1:17.19aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
13.-Melissa Alvarez1:17.45aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
14.-Daniella DeWitt1:17.68aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
15.-Calyope Ortega1:19.02aHoly Rosary      
16.-Andrea Rodriguez1:23.51aSt Hugh Catholic      
17.-Karina Fernandez1:24.25aSts Musketeers      
X 400 Meters - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.-Melissa Navarro1:10.44aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
2.-Mary E Allen1:10.89aSt. Rose of Lima      
3.-Gabby Latimer1:12.43aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
4.-Isabella Allen1:12.77aSt. Rose of Lima      
5.-Catalina Morrison1:14.29aEpiphany Catholic      
6.-Valeria Sanchez1:15.06aSt Hugh Catholic      
7.-Natalie Quade1:15.84aSt. Peter & Paul      
8.-Carolina Rodriguez1:19.38aSt. Peter & Paul      
9.-Carola Sague1:23.09aSt. Theresa      
10.-Karen Alvarez1:23.30aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
11.-Sophia Vega1:25.51aEpiphany Catholic      
12.-Daniela De la iglesias1:29.75aSt Hugh Catholic      
13.-Amelia Dahl1:31.00aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
14.-Sarah Braceizas1:31.36aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
15.-Isabella Rodriguez1:31.59aSt. Theresa      
---Andrea GutierrezNTSt. Thomas the Apost...      
---Alexmary FayigaNTHoly Rosary      
---Kyara BasurtoNTHoly Rosary      
X 400 Meters - 4th - Finals
1.-Isabella Allen1:16.36aSt. Rose of Lima      
2.-Annie Diaz-Silveira1:20.19aEpiphany Catholic      
3.-Nicole Jacobs1:20.70aEpiphany Catholic      
4.-Alexis Diaz-Silveria1:20.97aEpiphany Catholic      
5.-Daniela De La Aguilera1:23.00aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
6.-Sarah Kristjansson1:24.50aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
7.-Emily Wyszkowski1:26.00aSt. Theresa      
7.-Victoria Morera1:26.00aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
9.-Alexa Mascaro1:26.87aEpiphany Catholic      
10.-Camila Moreno-Bo1:29.00aSt Hugh Catholic      
11.-Natalie Pulido1:30.99aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
12.-Martha Barrios1:31.16aSt. Theresa      
13.-Kathleen Cintado1:31.97aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
14.-Isabella Espino1:32.00aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
15.-Madison Barquet1:33.54aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
16.-Camila Myers1:34.00aSt. Louis Covenant      
17.-Carolina De La Vega1:36.56aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
18.-Lia Sarria1:36.57aSt. Louis Covenant      
19.-Sophia Wakeman1:39.00aHoly Rosary      
20.-Marina Mantero1:39.27aSt Hugh Catholic      
21.-Angelique Mustell1:42.55aSt. Rose of Lima      
22.-Alicia Fortuny1:49.25aSt. Peter & Paul      
23.-Lena Kaskavalciyan1:51.50aSt. Peter & Paul      
24.-Brianna Raffa1:59.77aHoly Rosary      
X 800 Meters - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Sofia Miguez2:36.18aEpiphany Catholic      
2.-Annemarie Jude2:40.12aSt. Peter & Paul      
3.-Calyope Ortega2:52.05aHoly Rosary      
4.-Andrea Gongora2:54.48aSt. Theresa      
5.-Daniela Flamini2:55.25aSt Hugh Catholic      
6.-Madison Fernandez2:55.87aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
7.-Amanda Dahl3:05.35aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
8.-Carolina Rodriguez3:06.64aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
9.-Bailey Reidy3:08.12aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
10.-Amanda Mancebo3:09.00aSts Musketeers      
11.-Alexis Kmieck3:21.53aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
12.-Arianna Silen3:29.39aSt Hugh Catholic      
---Paola PesantNTSts Musketeers      
---Adriana MollerioNTSt. Theresa      
---Bridget NorthlandNTEpiphany Catholic      
---Alyssa FragaNTEpiphany Catholic      
X 800 Meters - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.-Gabriella Morrison2:49.72aEpiphany Catholic      
2.-Alexandra Buitrago2:57.31aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
3.-Catalina Morrison2:57.73aEpiphany Catholic      
4.-Gaby Herrerias3:10.04aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Riley Adamy3:14.31aSt Hugh Catholic      
6.-Sofia Ruiloba3:17.49aSt. Peter & Paul      
7.-Alyssandra Mcnamara3:21.71aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
8.-Jasmine Owens3:27.92aSt. Rose of Lima      
9.-Gaby Berry3:32.17aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
10.-Maryann Robles3:48.67aSt. Rose of Lima      
11.-Amelia Dahl3:52.87aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
12.-Lucy Farrell3:57.37aSt Hugh Catholic      
---Alyssa GongoraNTSt. Theresa      
X 800 Meters - 4th - Finals
1.-Isabella Allen2:56.33aSt. Rose of Lima      
2.-Chiara McCartney2:58.49aSt Hugh Catholic      
3.-Annie Diaz-Silveira2:59.14aEpiphany Catholic      
4.-Isabella Fernandez2:59.94aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
5.-Alexis Diaz-Silveria3:11.53aEpiphany Catholic      
6.-Sayee Sullivan3:15.76aSt. Rose of Lima      
7.-Paola Moreno3:20.29aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
8.-Martha Barrios3:21.93aSt. Theresa      
9.-Isabella Camargo3:23.11aSt Hugh Catholic      
10.-Gaby Portillo3:23.44aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
11.-Camilla Calderon3:24.09aSt. Theresa      
12.-Jilian Rodriguez3:27.63aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
13.-Sofia Kuhn3:32.84aSt. Peter & Paul      
14.-Carolina Rocha-Lima3:33.53aSt. Peter & Paul      
15.-Natalie Pulido3:36.08aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
16.-Carolina De La Vega3:37.21aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
17.-Elise Gomez3:44.41aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
18.-Sophy Nader3:55.84aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
X 1600 Meters - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Sophia Miguez5:51.16aEpiphany Catholic      
2.-Calyope Ortega6:07.87aHoly Rosary      
3.-Andrea Gongora6:18.71aSt. Theresa      
4.-Madison Fernandez6:25.31aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Brianne Gonzalez6:37.55aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
6.-Luisa Liprandi6:39.18aSt. Theresa      
7.-Anna Ballate6:39.29aSt. Peter & Paul      
8.-Stephanie Marcellos6:51.62aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
9.-Alyssa Fraga6:55.05aEpiphany Catholic      
10.-Lauren Garcia6:57.01aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
X 1600 Meters - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.-Gabriella Morrison6:11.38aEpiphany Catholic      
2.-Lucy Farrell6:47.95aSt Hugh Catholic      
3.-Melissa Gonzalez7:02.78aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
4.-Nicole Deiters7:03.46aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
5.-Gaby Herrerias7:15.86aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
6.-Alyssa Gongora8:31.45aSt. Theresa      
---Mary E AllenNTSt. Rose of Lima      
X 60m Hurdles - 30" - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.-Mary E Allen9.10aSt. Rose of Lima      
2.-Josephine Lentner9.48aSt. Rose of Lima      
3.-Dan iela Tung9.68aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
4.-Chloe Desdames9.82aSt. Peter & Paul      
5.-Dominique Sosa9.83aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Sami Fernandez9.96aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
7.-Cynthia Morera11.18aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
8.-Carola Sague12.78aSt. Theresa      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Annemarie Jude18.47aSt. Peter & Paul      
1.-Gianna Dunand18.47aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
3.-Erin McCain19.07aSt Hugh Catholic      
4.-Sandra Heckert19.38aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Sophia Maristany19.62aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Emily Pendas19.69aSt Hugh Catholic      
7.-Emily Castella20.55aSt. Theresa      
8.-Nicole Recuset20.75aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
9.-Kassie Watson20.85aSt. Theresa      
10.-Paola Rios24.74aSts Musketeers      
---Sophia ZacariasNTOur Lady Of Lourdes      
X 4x100 Relay - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Relay Team 57.75aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
2.-Relay Team 58.27aSt Hugh Catholic      
3.-Sandra Heckert
Gabriella Rose
Veronica Minervino
Micaela Chiang
58.75aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
4.-Relay Team 1:00.51aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
5.-Relay Team 1:01.74aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Kassie Watson
Adriana Mollerio
Luisa Liprandi
Emily Castella
1:02.18aSt. Theresa      
7.-Ana Wolff
Danielle Rodriguez
Camila Quintana
Gianna Balli
1:03.29aEpiphany Catholic      
8.-Kaitlyn Rodriguez
Rebecca Garcia
Lucia Perez-Bucci
Cristina Ferreira
1:03.30aSt Hugh Catholic      
9.-Karina Fernandez
Lourders Guerrero
Amanda Mancebo
Paola Rios
1:03.80aSts Musketeers      
10.-Stephanie Murasso
Annabelle Zogaib
Pamela Miranda
Valeria Miranda
1:05.24aGood Shepherd Catholic      
---Lauren Hayes
Cristina Isern
Beatriz Weller
Kelly Ramirez
NTEpiphany Catholic      
X 4x100 Relay - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.-Sami Fernandez
Melissa Navarro
Gabby Latimer
Gaby Berry
1:00.07aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
2.-Megan Garcia
Riley Adamy
Valeria Sanchez
Maria Mendoza
1:02.76aSt Hugh Catholic      
3.-Alexandra Buitrago
Nicole Deiters
Cynthia Morera
Dan Tung
1:03.76aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
4.-Relay Team 1:04.15aSt. Peter & Paul      
5.-Maryann Robles
Jasmine Owens
Cecilia Megie-Saunders
Jospheine Lentner
1:06.75aSt. Rose of Lima      
6.-Relay Team 1:07.37aSt. Thomas the Apost...      
X 4x100 Relay - 4th - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:05.54aEpiphany Catholic      
2.-Aurora Cosio
Nicole Jacobs
Alex Rierva
Alexis Diaz-Silveria
1:08.80aEpiphany Catholic      
3.-Sarah Kristjansson
Angelica Socarras
Carolina De La Vega
Juliette Figueras
1:09.39aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
4.-Isabella Fernandez
Paola Moreno
Kathleen Cintado
Annie Lassegue
1:11.76aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
5.-Mary George
Andrea Lopez
Gabriella Nocedo
Emily Centeno
1:13.24aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Marcela Cardenal
Camila Myers
Jacqueline Vilomar
Lia Sarria
1:14.11aSt. Louis Covenant      
7.-Victoria Figueras
Marina Mantero
Camila Moreno-Bo
Ivy Pennekamp
1:14.25aSt Hugh Catholic      
8.-Sadie Sullivan
Angelique Mustell
Isabella Conol
Isabella Allen
1:16.24aSt. Rose of Lima      
9.-Martha Barrios
Briana Blanco
Daniela Figueras
Emily Wyszkowski
1:16.29aSt. Theresa      
10.-Relay Team 1:18.53aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
---Gaby Portillo
Victoria Morera
Natalie Pulido
Emily Marrero
NTOur Lady Of Lourdes      
X 4x400 Relay - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:47.00aSt Hugh Catholic      
2.-Carolina Rodriguez
Bailey Reidy
Melissa Alvarez
Ayda Rajab
5:04.92aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
3.-Andrea Gongora
Luisa Liprandi
Adriana Mollerio
Emily Castella
5:11.00aSt. Theresa      
4.-Daniella DeWitt
Amanda Dahl
Gabriella Rose
Sandra Heckert
5:13.00aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
5.-Relay Team 5:23.19aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Amanda Mancebo
Lourders Guerrero
Karina Fernandez
Amanda Torano
5:29.64aSts Musketeers      
X 4x400 Relay - 5th and 6th - Finals
1.-Isabella Allen
Jospheine Lentner
Maryann Robles
Mary Allen
5:12.84aSt. Rose of Lima      
2.-Sami Fernandez
Gaby Herrerias
Gaby Berry
Gabby Latimer
5:28.40aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
3.-Megan Garcia
Valentina Camargo
Riley Adamy
Lucy Farrell
5:29.72aSt Hugh Catholic      
4.-Relay Team 5:33.00aEpiphany Catholic      
5.-Relay Team 5:35.17aSt. Peter & Paul      
6.-Relay Team 5:47.26aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
X 4x800 Relay - 7th and 8th - Finals
1.-Relay Team 11:21.04aEpiphany Catholic      
2.-Annemarie Jude
Anna Ballate
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Alfaro
11:37.25aSt. Peter & Paul      
3.-Amanda Dahl
Stephanie Marcellos
Daniella DeWitt
Madison Fernandez
11:44.73aSt. John Neumann (Mi...      
4.-Relay Team 11:57.93aOur Lady Of Lourdes      
5.-Andrea Gongora
Luisa Liprandi
Adriana Mollerio
Emily Castella
12:23.02aSt. Theresa      
6.-Relay Team 13:25.74aSts Musketeers      
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