Spotswood Quad Meet

Wednesday, April 06, 2011 - Meet Website
  Spotswood HS Track, Penn Laird - Map
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Virginia - 2A
WIMEWilson Memorial
Virginia - 3A
TUASTurner Ashby
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Jackson11.7aWaynesboro
2.11Connery Swift11.8aWilson Memorial
3.11Andrew Bollinger12.0aTurner Ashby
4.10Shamal Bellamy12.2aWaynesboro
4.-Juan Gray12.2aWaynesboro
6.11Luke Dillon12.4aTurner Ashby
7.10Logan Armentrout12.5aTurner Ashby
7.9Keenan Jordan12.5aTurner Ashby
9.-Jacob Walker12.6aWilson Memorial
9.12Hunter Shuke12.6aTurner Ashby
11.9Ty Rosson12.7aSpotswood
12.-Kenny Lyons12.9aWilson Memorial
12.11Matt Boyers12.9aTurner Ashby
12.-Bryant Carter12.9aWaynesboro
15.10Carson Shank13.7aTurner Ashby
16.11Tyler Newman13.8aTurner Ashby
17.10Tyler Miller14.0aSpotswood
18.9Dakota Rhodes14.1aSpotswood
18.-Austyn Armentrout14.1aTurner Ashby
20.10Tanner Shifflett14.3aTurner Ashby
20.9Jonny Morris14.3aSpotswood
22.-Jared Arehart14.6aTurner Ashby
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Roy Cubbage24.4aTurner Ashby
2.12Kevin Jackson24.6aWaynesboro
3.10Isiah Garland24.9aTurner Ashby
4.9Ty Rosson25.2aSpotswood
5.12Hunter Shuke25.5aTurner Ashby
6.-Kenny Lyons25.6aWilson Memorial
7.12Brandon White25.8aWaynesboro
8.11Connery Swift25.9aWilson Memorial
9.10Grant Clark26.0aTurner Ashby
10.-Bryant Carter26.1aWaynesboro
11.10Carson Shank27.0aTurner Ashby
12.10Darrin Humphrey27.4aTurner Ashby
13.-Evan Baez27.5aWilson Memorial
14.10Tristien Brown27.6aTurner Ashby
15.10Tyler Miller28.4aSpotswood
16.-Pedro Moran28.5aTurner Ashby
17.9Dakota Rhodes28.6aSpotswood
18.-Tyler Bryant28.7aWilson Memorial
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Preston Clark54.6aTurner Ashby
2.-Jacob Walker57.0aWilson Memorial
3.11Devin Jones57.3aWaynesboro
3.9Tanner Clark57.3aTurner Ashby
5.-KiKi Radic58.6aWaynesboro
6.9Morgan Forloines58.7aSpotswood
7.11Joseph Yuhasz58.9aWaynesboro
8.11Andrew Bollinger59.5aTurner Ashby
9.9Max Gurshiy1:01.5aTurner Ashby
10.11Tyler Newman1:03.9aTurner Ashby
11.9Guy Groves1:04.2aSpotswood
12.10Kris Schaeffer1:06.1aSpotswood
13.9Logan Borror1:09.4aWilson Memorial
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Denlinger2:12.5aTurner Ashby
2.12Jose Garcia2:12.8aTurner Ashby
3.11Jimmy Coleman2:15.8aWilson Memorial
4.11Ahadu Yifru2:18.9aSpotswood
5.11Alex Singleton2:21.7aWilson Memorial
6.10Josh Maddox2:24.4aWilson Memorial
7.9Shane Parmalee2:27.1aTurner Ashby
8.11David Swisher2:27.4aWilson Memorial
9.10Devin Carter2:29.2aWaynesboro
10.10Paul Dixon2:35.7aTurner Ashby
11.9Zane Hottinger2:39.2aSpotswood
12.11Adam Terry2:39.4aWaynesboro
13.10Ashton Frank2:50.2aSpotswood
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carlos Orellana4:41.0aSpotswood
2.12Matt Denlinger4:54.7aTurner Ashby
3.11Nick Wright5:02.1aSpotswood
4.10Max Hamilton5:06.9aSpotswood
5.10Corbin Hess5:14.5aTurner Ashby
6.10Jon Denlinger5:16.3aTurner Ashby
7.10Luke Lovelady5:28.7aWaynesboro
8.10Paul Dixon5:34.0aTurner Ashby
9.12Domenick Puzio5:41.0aWilson Memorial
10.10Karan Deengar6:07.5aWilson Memorial
11.12Timmy Shifflett6:14.0aSpotswood
12.11Adam Terry6:18.8aWaynesboro
13.10Josh Maddox6:35.1aWilson Memorial
14.10Michael Maneval6:35.6aWaynesboro
15.10Matthew Garber6:40.9aWaynesboro
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christopher Ciszek11:18.5aWaynesboro
2.10Aaron Ardron12:12.4aWilson Memorial
3.10Michael Maneval14:01.3aWaynesboro
4.10Matthew Garber15:04.0aWaynesboro
---Aaron GrabinskiDNFWaynesboro
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Crumley15.7aTurner Ashby
2.12Stuart Hill16.2aTurner Ashby
3.12Bryce Goodwin17.2aWilson Memorial
4.11Adam Butler18.2aWilson Memorial
5.12Corey Miller18.5aWilson Memorial
6.11Nick Knicely19.1aTurner Ashby
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Crumley42.8aTurner Ashby
2.12Bryce Goodwin43.4aWilson Memorial
3.12Stuart Hill43.5aTurner Ashby
4.12Corey Miller43.6aWilson Memorial
5.11Adam Butler46.1aWilson Memorial
6.11Nick Knicely47.0aTurner Ashby
---Alex McElroy1:02.9aTurner Ashby
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bryant Carter
Kevin Jackson
Devin Jones
Brandon White
2.-Andrew Crumley
Troy Knott
Stuart Hill
Roy Cubbage
46.0aTurner Ashby
3.-Tanner Walter
Juan Gray
Shamal Bellamy
Joseph Yuhasz
4.-Adam Butler
Javal Swift
Connery Swift
Jacob Walker
47.4aWilson Memorial
5.-Relay Team 49.1aTurner Ashby
6.-Tyler Miller
Clay Matthews
Jonny Morris
Dakota Rhodes
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Troy Knott
Isiah Garland
Andrew Bollinger
Roy Cubbage
3:44.9aTurner Ashby
2.-Bryce Goodwin
Corey Miller
Javal Swift
Jimmy Coleman
3:46.1aWilson Memorial
3.-Tanner Walter
Tavon Mussington
DeWayne Martin
Devin Jones
4.-Nick Wright
Max Hamilton
Carlos Orellana
Ahadu Yifru
5.-Relay Team 4:07.6aTurner Ashby
6.-Morgan Forloines
Guy Groves
Kris Schaeffer
Clay Matthews
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Aaron Ardron
Jimmy Coleman
Josh Maddox
Alex Singleton
9:49.2aWilson Memorial
2.-Timmy Shifflett
Ahadu Yifru
Zane Hottinger
Ashton Frank
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Miller46-10.00Turner Ashby
2.11Wes Curtis41-03.50Wilson Memorial
3.11Philip Degraffenreid40-00.75Turner Ashby
4.9Billy Ehle38-00.50Spotswood
5.11Octavian Britt37-11.50Wilson Memorial
6.11Chaz Ramsey37-00.50Wilson Memorial
7.11Jonathan Lohr36-08.50Turner Ashby
8.11Derick Shank36-00.00Turner Ashby
9.10Jacob Haag34-10.25Spotswood
10.-Justin Lane34-07.50Waynesboro
11.11Tucker Strader33-08.50Waynesboro
12.11Aaron Smith33-03.50Turner Ashby
13.10Zach Evans32-08.50Turner Ashby
14.-John Everidge31-06.50Waynesboro
15.10Clay Matthews31-06.00Spotswood
16.9Collin Lahan29-11.00Waynesboro
17.9Jim Irvine29-08.75Spotswood
17.-Cody Phillips29-08.75Wilson Memorial
19.10Derrick Boone28-10.00Wilson Memorial
20.-Zach Pittman27-02.75Turner Ashby
21.-Billy Rodgers25-03.75Spotswood
22.9Jordan Saumier24-05.50Spotswood
23.-Zachary Stachowski23-00.50Wilson Memorial
24.-Zack Seekford22-10.00Spotswood
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Miller126-07Turner Ashby
2.11Philip Degraffenreid101-11Turner Ashby
3.9Billy Ehle96-03Spotswood
4.12Tucker Hobbie96-00.50Spotswood
5.11Jonathan Lohr95-08.50Turner Ashby
6.10Clay Matthews94-05Spotswood
7.9Collin Lahan87-03Waynesboro
8.11Derick Shank83-07Turner Ashby
9.11Tucker Strader82-11.50Waynesboro
10.11Chaz Ramsey82-04Wilson Memorial
11.10Jacob Haag82-02Spotswood
12.-Justin Lane81-06.50Waynesboro
13.11Wes Curtis79-04Wilson Memorial
14.11Aaron Smith79-01Turner Ashby
15.-Zach Pittman76-09Turner Ashby
16.-James Nelson73-02Turner Ashby
17.-Cody Phillips70-02.50Wilson Memorial
18.-John Everidge64-11.50Waynesboro
19.-Billy Rodgers54-06Spotswood
20.9Jordan Saumier53-07Spotswood
21.9Jim Irvine49-02.50Spotswood
22.-Zack Seekford47-09Spotswood
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Malik Rucks5-10.00Wilson Memorial
2.12Brandon White5-08.00Waynesboro
3.12Bryce Goodwin5-08.00Wilson Memorial
4.10Justin Layman5-08.00Turner Ashby
5.11Andrew Bollinger5-04.00Turner Ashby
6.-DeWayne Martin5-04.00Waynesboro
7.10Tristien Brown5-02.00Turner Ashby
7.11Dana Brock5-02.00Waynesboro
7.11Adam Butler5-02.00Wilson Memorial
7.-Juan Gray5-02.00Waynesboro
11.10Airam Lambert5-00.00Turner Ashby
---Daniel Michael-LeeNHTurner Ashby
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Max Gurshiy9-00.00Turner Ashby
2.10Aaron Custer8-06.00Turner Ashby
3.10Brandon Davidson7-06.00Turner Ashby
--9Tyler PhillipsNHTurner Ashby
--11Andrew ChristophelNHTurner Ashby
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Malik Rucks20-09.00Wilson Memorial
2.11Andrew Bollinger19-09.00Turner Ashby
3.12Kevin Jackson19-02.25Waynesboro
4.11Tanner Walter18-09.75Waynesboro
5.12Preston Clark18-06.75Turner Ashby
6.11Adam Butler18-04.75Wilson Memorial
7.11Connery Swift18-04.50Wilson Memorial
8.9Ty Rosson17-10.75Spotswood
9.-Juan Gray17-09.50Waynesboro
10.9Tanner Clark17-08.50Turner Ashby
11.11Dana Brock17-05.75Waynesboro
12.11Luke Dillon17-03.25Turner Ashby
13.9Troy Knott17-02.00Turner Ashby
14.-Tyler Edge16-05.50Wilson Memorial
15.10Grant Clark15-05.50Turner Ashby
16.-Austyn Armentrout14-07.25Turner Ashby
17.10Gary Shull14-05.75Turner Ashby
18.10Tyler Miller13-08.50Spotswood
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adam Butler41-01.00Wilson Memorial
2.12Kevin Jackson40-11.75Waynesboro
3.12Preston Clark40-03.00Turner Ashby
4.11Tanner Walter39-03.25Waynesboro
5.12Brandon White39-02.50Waynesboro
6.12Tavon Mussington39-01.75Waynesboro
7.10Malik Rucks37-02.50Wilson Memorial
8.11Andrew Bollinger35-08.75Turner Ashby
9.10Grant Clark29-04.25Turner Ashby
10.12Hunter Shuke26-09.00Turner Ashby

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mariah Taylor13.6aWilson Memorial
2.10Rashida Ahmad13.8aWilson Memorial
3.-Ryann Bellamy14.1aWaynesboro
4.9Taylor Dunning14.2aWaynesboro
5.11Chaneika Barber14.3aWilson Memorial
6.12Olivia Moran14.4aSpotswood
7.10Danielle Powers14.5aTurner Ashby
7.12Chloe Thompson14.5aSpotswood
9.11Ashton Knighton14.6aWaynesboro
9.11Kira Carrier14.6aSpotswood
11.12Hillary Hopkins14.9aSpotswood
11.11Britney McClure14.9aTurner Ashby
11.-Keisla Garcia14.9aWaynesboro
14.12Megan Croushorn15.1aTurner Ashby
15.-Kirsten Lambert15.4aTurner Ashby
16.-Jenny Crespin15.7aTurner Ashby
16.-Courtney Hoover15.7aTurner Ashby
18.9Kaitlyn Young15.8aTurner Ashby
19.-Ashleigh McClure16.0aTurner Ashby
20.10Hailey Pyles16.2aTurner Ashby
21.-Addie Baugher17.0aTurner Ashby
22.-Julia Pilipenko17.7aTurner Ashby
23.-Kayla Abshire18.1aTurner Ashby
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mariah Taylor28.5aWilson Memorial
2.11Heather Sherfey28.6aTurner Ashby
3.9Taylor Dunning29.4aWaynesboro
4.12Megan Croushorn29.9aTurner Ashby
5.12Kourtney Varnum30.0aSpotswood
6.11Ashton Knighton30.1aWaynesboro
6.10Danielle Powers30.1aTurner Ashby
8.10Rashida Ahmad30.2aWilson Memorial
9.9Ermira Shabani30.3aSpotswood
9.-Ryann Bellamy30.3aWaynesboro
11.11Britney McClure30.5aTurner Ashby
12.11Chaneika Barber31.1aWilson Memorial
13.9Kaitlyn Young31.7aTurner Ashby
14.-Alexis Wilson32.0aWaynesboro
15.10Victoria Propst32.5aTurner Ashby
16.-Courtney Hoover32.7aTurner Ashby
17.10Hailey Pyles32.8aTurner Ashby
18.-Jenny Crespin33.1aTurner Ashby
19.-Baylee Grandle37.6aSpotswood
20.-Anqi Lu38.4aSpotswood
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chafin Brumfield1:05.2aSpotswood
2.11Heather Sherfey1:05.6aTurner Ashby
3.11Kira Carrier1:07.2aSpotswood
4.10Megan Coceano1:07.7aTurner Ashby
5.10Renna Nouwairi1:09.0aWilson Memorial
6.-Kayla Jones1:09.1aWaynesboro
7.12Martha Putney1:11.1aTurner Ashby
8.10Austin Walker1:11.7aTurner Ashby
9.9Ciera Killen1:14.5aTurner Ashby
10.11Kristen Osteen1:18.3aWaynesboro
11.-Katie Coburn1:24.1aWaynesboro
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Destin Shortell2:35.8aSpotswood
2.9Sarah Nouwairi2:39.8aWilson Memorial
3.10Megan Coceano2:45.5aTurner Ashby
4.11Rachel Townsend2:46.7aWilson Memorial
5.10Jordan Good2:53.9aWilson Memorial
6.10Kendall West2:54.9aTurner Ashby
7.12Martha Putney2:55.9aTurner Ashby
8.10Breanna Munson2:57.5aSpotswood
9.9Katie Mullin2:58.4aWaynesboro
10.9Anaseli Marcos-Martinez3:09.8aSpotswood
11.-Varlina Fomby3:11.8aWaynesboro
12.11Kelly Spitler3:22.1aSpotswood
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hannah Rose5:35.9aWilson Memorial
2.11Heather Funkhouser6:12.6aSpotswood
3.11Rachel Townsend6:13.3aWilson Memorial
4.10Danielle Stum6:14.3aTurner Ashby
5.12Isabel Jimenez6:22.9aSpotswood
6.11Kylie Miller6:28.6aWilson Memorial
7.9Katie Mullin6:32.6aWaynesboro
8.12Bethany Spencer6:38.5aWaynesboro
9.10Allison Rohrer6:54.2aTurner Ashby
10.10Diana Malashiy6:57.8aTurner Ashby
11.10Kendall West7:03.8aTurner Ashby
12.12Kylie Roberts7:10.4aWaynesboro
13.10Sierra Swisher7:11.1aWilson Memorial
14.10Scarlette Harris7:22.1aWaynesboro
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hannah Rose12:15.9aWilson Memorial
2.10Claire Brooks13:43.5aWaynesboro
3.10Rebecca Alexander14:06.1aWilson Memorial
4.11Kylie Miller14:14.3aWilson Memorial
5.10Micaela Escudero14:26.2aWaynesboro
6.10Sierra Swisher15:43.4aWilson Memorial
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Grace Phillips18.8aWilson Memorial
2.9Melanie Meadows19.8aWilson Memorial
3.10Cara Myrtle21.2aTurner Ashby
4.10Jessica Maglione21.4aWilson Memorial
5.12Affton Quick22.8aWaynesboro
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cara Myrtle51.0aTurner Ashby
2.10Jessica Maglione53.4aWilson Memorial
3.9Melanie Meadows56.1aWilson Memorial
4.10Madison Whitesell57.8aWilson Memorial
5.10Katelyn Senger1:01.7aTurner Ashby
6.12Affton Quick1:01.9aWaynesboro
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessica Craig
Kristine Fahrney
Cara Myrtle
Heather Sherfey
53.6aTurner Ashby
2.-Chaneika Barber
Mariah Taylor
Madison Whitesell
Rashida Ahmad
54.3aWilson Memorial
3.-Kayley Argenbright
Brianna Doll
Taylor Morris
Sarah Nouwairi
58.3aWilson Memorial
4.-Kourtney Varnum
Erica Allen
Baylee Grandle
Chloe Thompson
---Ryann Bellamy
Taylor Dunning
Ashton Knighton
Keisla Garcia
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Nouwairi
Madison Whitesell
Renna Nouwairi
Morgan Thomas
4:41.8aWilson Memorial
2.-Chafin Brumfield
Destin Shortell
Isabel Jimenez
Breanna Munson
3.-Hillary Hopkins
Kira Carrier
Kourtney Varnum
Erica Allen
4.-Relay Team 5:14.5aTurner Ashby
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Heather Funkhouser
Kelly Spitler
Anaseli Marcos-Martinez
Destin Shortell
2.-Relay Team 12:57.4aWilson Memorial
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nina Miller34-09.00Turner Ashby
2.11Tavonna Hailstalk33-07.00Wilson Memorial
3.12Kourtney Varnum31-11.50Spotswood
4.11Kiala Simmons31-00.00Waynesboro
5.12Emily Kellington30-00.00Wilson Memorial
6.12Nicole C Mueller26-05.00Spotswood
7.10Katie Landes26-01.75Turner Ashby
8.10Katelyn Senger25-07.00Turner Ashby
9.9Alexus Woodson24-07.75Wilson Memorial
10.11Cortney DiDonato24-06.00Spotswood
11.-Destiny Johnson23-10.50Waynesboro
12.-Brianna Venney23-05.50Waynesboro
13.-Courtney Hoover23-02.00Turner Ashby
14.-Maria Flores23-00.00Wilson Memorial
15.9Marisol Santana22-04.25Spotswood
16.-Sydnee Cline22-03.50Turner Ashby
17.-Channel Thompson20-05.25Waynesboro
18.12Sierra Owens19-11.50Wilson Memorial
19.9Emily Munson17-11.00Spotswood
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nina Miller97-07.50Turner Ashby
2.11Tavonna Hailstalk88-06.50Wilson Memorial
3.12Emily Kellington78-04.50Wilson Memorial
4.10Katie Landes77-07.50Turner Ashby
5.10Katelyn Senger75-01.50Turner Ashby
6.11Cortney DiDonato75-00Spotswood
7.12Sierra Owens69-00Wilson Memorial
8.12Nicole C Mueller62-07.50Spotswood
9.11Kiala Simmons62-06Waynesboro
10.9Marisol Santana60-01.50Spotswood
11.9Alexus Woodson58-00.50Wilson Memorial
12.-Logan Graves55-02Waynesboro
13.-Brianna Venney50-07Waynesboro
14.-Maria Flores46-09.50Wilson Memorial
15.9Emily Munson44-07Spotswood
16.-Sydnee Cline44-03Turner Ashby
17.11Rachel Townsend42-01.50Wilson Memorial
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Christina Floyd4-06.00Wilson Memorial
2.10Elise Myers4-06.00Wilson Memorial
3.11Kayley Argenbright4-06.00Wilson Memorial
4.9Kaylene Mays4-04.00Turner Ashby
5.12Megan Croushorn4'02.00Turner Ashby
5.9Taylor Dunning4'02.00Waynesboro
7.12Chloe Thompson4-02.00Spotswood
8.12Hillary Hopkins4-00.00Spotswood
8.-Ryann Bellamy4-00.00Waynesboro
10.12Olivia Moran4-00.00Spotswood
11.11Rachel Townsend3-10.00Wilson Memorial
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sierra Zielanski7-06.00Turner Ashby
2.10Danielle Powers7-00.00Turner Ashby
3.10Victoria Propst6-00.00Turner Ashby
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kristine Fahrney14-05.50Turner Ashby
2.12Olivia Moran13-11.25Spotswood
3.10Christina Floyd13-09.25Wilson Memorial
4.11Heather Sherfey13-06.75Turner Ashby
5.-Brianna Doll13-02.50Wilson Memorial
6.12Chloe Thompson13-01.25Spotswood
7.11Chaneika Barber13-00.50Wilson Memorial
8.-Keisla Garcia12-11.25Waynesboro
9.10Sara McAlister12-11.00Turner Ashby
10.11Kayley Argenbright12-07.00Wilson Memorial
11.10Hailey Pyles12-04.00Turner Ashby
11.-Emily Campbell12-04.00Wilson Memorial
---Ryann BellamyNDWaynesboro
--11Cortney DiDonatoNDSpotswood
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kayley Argenbright29-01.00Wilson Memorial
2.10Christina Floyd28-08.00Wilson Memorial
3.12Kristine Fahrney28-04.75Turner Ashby
4.11Chaneika Barber28-00.00Wilson Memorial
5.-Ryann Bellamy27-08.75Waynesboro
6.10Sara McAlister27-00.00Turner Ashby
--9Ciera KillenNDTurner Ashby
--10Lindsey BaberNDWilson Memorial
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