FHSAA 4A District 16 Championship

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
  South Ridge Park Track, Miami - Map
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Florida - 3A
HOSEHomestead Senior
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keith Baxter10.65aHomestead Senior
2.12Curtis Nelson10.81aMiami Southridge Sr
3.11John Green11.05aFelix Varela
4.12Anthony Brown11.08aMiami Palmetto
5.11Antwan Jones11.27aHomestead Senior
6.12Stanley Fleurant11.32aHomestead Senior
7.9Jean Souiten11.41aSouth Dade
8.12Orrett Dawkins11.47aCoral Reef Senior
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11John Green11.08aFelix Varela
2.12Keith Baxter11.11aHomestead Senior
3.12Stanley Fleurant11.23aHomestead Senior
4.12Curtis Nelson11.33aMiami Southridge Sr
5.9Jean Souiten11.40aSouth Dade
6.12Anthony Brown11.41aMiami Palmetto
7.12Orrett Dawkins11.43aCoral Reef Senior
8.11Antwan Jones11.51aHomestead Senior
9.11Warren Fields11.82aMiami Killian
10.12Jeremy Hickson11.90aMiami Palmetto
11.12Cael Preval11.93aSouth Dade
12.11Reimann Mompoint12.01aSouth Dade
13.9Dennis Zimero12.01aSouth Dade
13.10Cortez Benjamin12.01aMiami Killian
15.11Richard Harris12.14aMiami Killian
16.9Marcus Leslie12.17aCoral Reef Senior
17.9Tadam James12.18aMiami Killian
18.10Nathan Pierre12.26aCoral Reef Senior
19.11Carlos Nicado12.30aCoral Reef Senior
20.9George Schultz12.32aCoral Reef Senior
21.10Terrell Williams12.79aHomestead Senior
22.10Marctavious Geter14.25aMiami Palmetto
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Curtis Nelson21.78aMiami Southridge Sr
2.12Stanley Fleurant22.05aHomestead Senior
3.12Keith Baxter22.07aHomestead Senior
4.11John Green22.41aFelix Varela
5.12Terrence Bailey22.88aMiami Southridge Sr
6.9Jean Souiten23.16aSouth Dade
--12Lenly BrownDNFMiami Palmetto
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Curtis Nelson21.70aMiami Southridge Sr
2.12Stanley Fleurant22.00aHomestead Senior
3.12Keith Baxter22.16aHomestead Senior
5.12Anthony Brown22.20aMiami Palmetto
4.11John Green22.49aFelix Varela
6.12Lenly Brown22.60aMiami Palmetto
7.9Jean Souiten22.61aSouth Dade
8.12Terrence Bailey22.71aMiami Southridge Sr
9.12Orrett Dawkins22.72aCoral Reef Senior
10.9Tadam James23.06aMiami Killian
11.12Tercel Sandifer23.27aCoral Reef Senior
12.12Cael Preval23.28aSouth Dade
13.9Marcus Leslie23.54aCoral Reef Senior
14.11Richard Harris23.62aMiami Killian
15.10Rodari Revere23.78aMiami Killian
16.10Martavious Reid23.92aHomestead Senior
17.11Jason Torres24.03aSouth Dade
18.12Undray Clark24.20aFelix Varela
19.12Jeremy Hickson24.26aMiami Palmetto
20.10Dent Damante24.39aMiami Killian
21.11Ricky Williams25.38aHomestead Senior
22.9Bryan Cambridge25.70aMiami Palmetto
23.9David Hernandez25.75aFelix Varela
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Terrence Bailey50.14aMiami Southridge Sr
2.12Alex Del Rosario50.23aMiami Killian
3.12Undray Clark51.48aFelix Varela
4.10Davon Clark51.92aCoral Reef Senior
5.12Markell Fisher52.11aMiami Killian
6.12Christian Joseph52.44aHomestead Senior
7.11Ricardo Rivera54.56aSouth Dade
8.11Devin Burnside55.90aCoral Reef Senior
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Alex Del Rosario50.08aMiami Killian
2.12Terrence Bailey50.81aMiami Southridge Sr
3.12Undray Clark51.58aFelix Varela
5.12Markell Fisher51.95aMiami Killian
6.11Ricardo Rivera52.04aSouth Dade
4.10Davon Clark52.14aCoral Reef Senior
7.12Christian Joseph52.62aHomestead Senior
8.11Devin Burnside53.08aCoral Reef Senior
9.12Marc Pierre53.33aMiami Palmetto
10.10Michael Steward53.42aMiami Killian
11.11Brandon Bean53.54aMiami Killian
12.9Makenzo Rosemond53.60aCoral Reef Senior
13.12Terrance Gibson53.79aHomestead Senior
14.12Lorenzo Paul54.49aHomestead Senior
15.10Andre Carrion55.29aHomestead Senior
16.11Jontavious Bohannon55.30aSouth Dade
17.12Prince Hepburn55.53aMiami Palmetto
18.11Max Andre56.21aFelix Varela
19.9Timothy Moore58.03aSouth Dade
20.10Demetre Hillman1:00.44aMiami Palmetto
21.9Dorian Heyliger1:00.86aMiami Southridge Sr
22.9David Hernandez1:02.70aFelix Varela
23.9Bryan Cambridge1:06.70aMiami Palmetto
--11N'Kruma HenryDNFFelix Varela
--11Nino DeanDNFSouth Dade
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carl Fede Janvier1:57.85aFelix Varela
2.12Jean-Leganier Charles1:59.43aHomestead Senior
3.12Fernando Duprey1:59.99aMiami Southridge Sr
4.11Alexander Maturell2:00.35aCoral Reef Senior
5.11Tremaine Harvey2:02.89aSouth Dade
6.12Thomas Green2:03.51aMiami Palmetto
7.11Waseem Tarboush2:10.26aFelix Varela
8.12Daniel Romero2:12.12aSouth Dade
9.11Oliver Acosta2:13.17aMiami Killian
10.11Jorge Ranquillio2:13.30aHomestead Senior
11.9Makenzo Rosemond2:13.97aCoral Reef Senior
12.10Michael Hugue2:15.29aHomestead Senior
13.9Brandon Damon2:16.01aMiami Palmetto
14.9Alexander Tosta2:16.39aFelix Varela
15.11Jontavious Bohannon2:20.06aSouth Dade
16.9Kevin Vasquez2:24.81aSouth Dade
17.9David Betz2:27.20aMiami Palmetto
18.10Malik Phillips2:27.35aMiami Palmetto
19.9Ron Hariprashad2:28.81aMiami Southridge Sr
20.12Steven Miguel2:29.68aFelix Varela
21.9Omar Williams2:33.46aMiami Southridge Sr
--12Christian JosephDNFHomestead Senior
--11John FieldsDNFCoral Reef Senior
--9Eugene Saint-JeanDNFCoral Reef Senior
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dylan Cook4:31.64aCoral Reef Senior
2.12Thomas Green4:33.44aMiami Palmetto
3.10Angelous Serna4:38.52aFelix Varela
4.11Joshua Simms4:41.69aCoral Reef Senior
5.11Brandon Lou4:46.95aMiami Killian
6.10Fabian Delgado4:52.42aMiami Killian
7.11Sneyder Crespo4:54.10aFelix Varela
8.11Kimani Cooke4:56.09aMiami Killian
9.10Eric Dusseau4:57.03aMiami Palmetto
10.12Kevin Mandrini4:59.14aFelix Varela
11.10Daniel Camous5:05.69aFelix Varela
12.12Moises Lopez5:08.83aSouth Dade
13.10Matthew Healy5:09.98aMiami Palmetto
14.11Joshua Beer5:12.18aMiami Killian
15.12Daniel Romero5:12.49aSouth Dade
16.9Richard Gomez5:14.98aSouth Dade
17.11Anthony Brown5:15.41aHomestead Senior
18.9Ron Hariprashad5:16.47aMiami Southridge Sr
19.12Miguel Amezcua5:16.56aMiami Southridge Sr
20.11Christian Gomez5:18.82aSouth Dade
21.9Omar Williams5:22.05aMiami Southridge Sr
22.9David Betz5:29.81aMiami Palmetto
23.11Roberto Cabrera6:05.46aMiami Southridge Sr
24.9William Edward6:18.45aCoral Reef Senior
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dylan Cook10:14.86aCoral Reef Senior
2.10Angelous Serna10:32.19aFelix Varela
3.11Brandon Lou10:44.48aMiami Killian
4.10Eric Dusseau10:47.81aMiami Palmetto
5.11Kimani Cooke10:52.50aMiami Killian
6.11Sneyder Crespo10:59.31aFelix Varela
7.10Fabian Delgado11:00.79aMiami Killian
8.11Joshua Simms11:03.16aCoral Reef Senior
9.10Daniel Camous11:05.58aFelix Varela
10.12Kevin Mandrini11:07.90aFelix Varela
11.12Moises Lopez11:24.52aSouth Dade
12.10Matthew Healy11:38.14aMiami Palmetto
13.11Joshua Beer11:46.03aMiami Killian
--9Robert HernandezDNFMiami Southridge Sr
--12Miguel AmezcuaDNFMiami Southridge Sr
--9Steven FrancjuiDNFSouth Dade
--9Richard GomezDNFSouth Dade
--10Wells JeudiDNFSouth Dade
--11Anthony BrownDNFHomestead Senior
--10Carlos LopezDNFCoral Reef Senior
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marcus Randall15.43aHomestead Senior
2.11Dekahri Dawkins-Williams15.45aSouth Dade
3.12Shaun Corbett15.50aFelix Varela
4.11Ronald Shannon15.51aHomestead Senior
5.10Jamal Dorvillier15.89aMiami Killian
6.12Marc Jeudi16.14aSouth Dade
7.11Brandon Bean16.87aMiami Killian
8.12DeQuan Ellis17.08aHomestead Senior
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Shaun Corbett15.44aFelix Varela
3.11Dekahri Dawkins-Williams15.50aSouth Dade
2.11Ronald Shannon15.64aHomestead Senior
5.12Marcus Randall15.76aHomestead Senior
4.10Jamal Dorvillier16.15aMiami Killian
6.12DeQuan Ellis17.37aHomestead Senior
7.12Marc Jeudi17.63aSouth Dade
8.11Brandon Bean18.76aMiami Killian
9.12Kenny Eusebio19.27aCoral Reef Senior
10.9Antione Hankerson19.41aSouth Dade
11.11Brendan Clements19.49aCoral Reef Senior
12.10Kody Schnebly19.79aSouth Dade
13.10Malik Phillips21.62aMiami Palmetto
--10Chris ProphetFSMiami Southridge Sr
--10John HarrisDNFCoral Reef Senior
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marcus Randall39.78aHomestead Senior
2.10Chris Prophet40.58aMiami Southridge Sr
3.11Dekahri Dawkins-Williams41.03aSouth Dade
4.10Ketio Domond41.79aSouth Dade
5.11Ronald Shannon42.85aHomestead Senior
6.12Shaun Corbett43.56aFelix Varela
7.10Jamal Dorvillier44.19aMiami Killian
8.11Cross Anthony44.65aSouth Dade
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Chris Prophet40.49aMiami Southridge Sr
2.12Marcus Randall41.31aHomestead Senior
3.10Ketio Domond41.56aSouth Dade
4.11Dekahri Dawkins-Williams43.15aSouth Dade
5.11Ronald Shannon43.24aHomestead Senior
6.11Cross Anthony43.70aSouth Dade
7.12Shaun Corbett43.94aFelix Varela
8.10Jamal Dorvillier44.03aMiami Killian
9.12Kenny Eusebio46.06aCoral Reef Senior
10.12DeQuan Ellis46.35aHomestead Senior
11.9Antione Hankerson47.36aSouth Dade
12.10Dent Damante47.66aMiami Killian
13.12John Jackson51.83aCoral Reef Senior
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 42.32aHomestead Senior
2.-Relay Team 43.23aMiami Southridge Sr
3.-Relay Team 43.24aMiami Palmetto
4.-Relay Team 43.63aMiami Killian
5.-Relay Team 43.85aCoral Reef Senior
6.-Relay Team 43.91aSouth Dade
7.-Relay Team 47.07aFelix Varela
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ivan Toomer
Jean-Leganier Charles
Marcus Randall
Lorenzo Paul
3:24.26aHomestead Senior
2.-Terrence Bailey
Curtis Nelson
Donnell Redwine
Fernando Duprey
3:27.92aMiami Southridge Sr
3.-Brendan Clements
Davon Clark
Devin Burnside
Alexander Maturell
3:28.18aCoral Reef Senior
4.-Carl Fede Janvier
John Green
Undray Clark
Shaun Corbett
3:31.21aFelix Varela
5.-Rodari Revere
Markell Fisher
Alex Del Rosario
Michael Steward
3:32.66aMiami Killian
6.-Ricardo Rivera
Nino Dean
Tremaine Harvey
Reimann Mompoint
3:39.05aSouth Dade
---Marc Pierre
Lenly Brown
Prince Hepburn
Brandon Damon
FSMiami Palmetto
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Angelous Serna
Sneyder Crespo
Daniel Camous
Carl Federick Janvier
8:12.99aFelix Varela
2.-Jean-Leganier Charles
Ivan Toomer
Michael Hugue
Christian Joseph
8:15.99aHomestead Senior
3.-Christian Gomez
Daniel Romero
Tremaine Harvey
Dekahri Dawkins-Williams
8:33.16aSouth Dade
4.-Fabian Delgado
Michael Steward
Oliver Acosta
Brandon Bean
8:36.73aMiami Killian
5.-Brandon Damon
David Betz
Matthew Healy
Malik Phillips
9:32.12aMiami Palmetto
6.-Robert Hernandez
Omar Williams
Roberto Cabrera
Ron Hariprashad
9:37.22aMiami Southridge Sr
---Makenzo Rosemond
Alexander Maturell
Joshua Simms
Dylan Cook
DNFCoral Reef Senior
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.9Keyno Richardson13.69mMiami Southridge Sr
2.12Julio Derosier13.56mHomestead Senior
3.12Adonis Toledo13.30mFelix Varela
4.11Davon Boyer13.23mMiami Killian
5.12Lorenzo Paul13.08mHomestead Senior
6.10Carlton Tillman12.44mSouth Dade
7.10Charles Johnson12.39mHomestead Senior
8.12Kevin Lassegue12.36mFelix Varela
9.12Andre Revere12.21mMiami Palmetto
10.11Shawne Lozano11.83mFelix Varela
11.11Jerome Wiggins11.58mMiami Killian
12.11Omar Lewis11.50mMiami Southridge Sr
13.11Ronald Jacobs11.09mSouth Dade
14.11Jordan Gibbs10.97mMiami Killian
15.11Pedro Sibiea10.92mHomestead Senior
16.9Micheal Toquica10.59mMiami Southridge Sr
17.10Arthur Williams10.54mMiami Killian
18.12Alejandro Perez10.46mFelix Varela
19.9Kalen Currie9.52mCoral Reef Senior
20.12Jhonny Celeron9.22mSouth Dade
21.11Kenneth Harris9.01mMiami Southridge Sr
22.11Awenst Chartlot8.99mSouth Dade
--11Julian LeslieNDCoral Reef Senior
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lorenzo Paul38.25mHomestead Senior
2.12Jhonny Celeron37.16mSouth Dade
3.11Jerome Wiggins36.77mMiami Killian
4.12Adonis Toledo36.42mFelix Varela
5.11Jordan Gibbs34.62mMiami Killian
6.11Ronald Shannon33.35mHomestead Senior
7.9Micheal Toquica32.99mMiami Southridge Sr
8.11Shawne Lozano30.88mFelix Varela
9.11Davon Boyer30.78mMiami Killian
10.12Ryan Pettway30.27mHomestead Senior
11.12Alejandro Perez28.60mFelix Varela
12.10Charles Johnson28.19mHomestead Senior
13.12Kevin Lassegue28.01mFelix Varela
14.9Keyno Richardson26.74mMiami Southridge Sr
15.11Jakell Taylor26.54mMiami Southridge Sr
16.11Awenst Chartlot26.46mSouth Dade
17.11Ronald Jacobs26.21mSouth Dade
18.12Andre Revere24.35mMiami Palmetto
19.9Kalen Currie23.24mCoral Reef Senior
20.11Kenneth Harris19.27mMiami Southridge Sr
--12Andrew PittmanFOULMiami Killian
--10Carlton TillmanFOULSouth Dade
--12Paul DalberryFOULCoral Reef Senior
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Micheal Samuels1.87mMiami Southridge Sr
2.11Gary Chouloute1.87mFelix Varela
3.12Stanley Fleurant1.87mHomestead Senior
4.11N'Kruma Henry1.82mFelix Varela
5.11Elijah Phillips1.82mMiami Southridge Sr
6.12Chris Stevenson1.77mCoral Reef Senior
7.12Steve Clark1.77mSouth Dade
8.11Jason Torres1.72mSouth Dade
9.12Marc Pierre1.72mMiami Palmetto
--12Terell HortonNHMiami Southridge Sr
--12Terrence BaileyNHMiami Southridge Sr
--11Ricky WilliamsNHHomestead Senior
--11Ricardo RiveraNHSouth Dade
--11Cross AnthonyNHSouth Dade
--10Demetre HillmanNHMiami Palmetto
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Fernando Duprey2.89mMiami Southridge Sr
2.10Arthur Alcuria2.74mFelix Varela
3.12Kevin Mandrini2.74mFelix Varela
4.11Fransisco Lozado2.59mFelix Varela
5.9Ron Hariprashad2.59mMiami Southridge Sr
6.12Kenny Eusebio2.43mCoral Reef Senior
7.12John Jackson2.28mCoral Reef Senior
8.11Christopher Quinceno2.13mMiami Southridge Sr
9.9Robert Hernandez1.98mMiami Southridge Sr
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lenly Brown6.88mMiami Palmetto
2.12Donnell Redwine6.81mMiami Southridge Sr
3.12Terell Horton6.66mMiami Southridge Sr
4.12Marcus Randall6.65mHomestead Senior
5.11Jason Torres6.59mSouth Dade
6.12Steve Clark6.55mSouth Dade
7.12Anthony Brown6.36mMiami Palmetto
8.12Prince Hepburn6.26mMiami Palmetto
9.11Dekahri Dawkins-Williams6.19mSouth Dade
10.11Trashaun Ward6.08mCoral Reef Senior
11.12Ivan Toomer6.07mHomestead Senior
12.12Widson Charles6.01mSouth Dade
13.11Richard Harris5.96mMiami Killian
14.10Jamal Dorvillier5.93mMiami Killian
15.12Jeremy Hickson5.81mMiami Palmetto
16.9Tadam James5.60mMiami Killian
17.9Marcus Leslie5.58mCoral Reef Senior
17.10Nathan Pierre5.58mCoral Reef Senior
18.11Bernard Saunders5.58mFelix Varela
20.11Ricky Williams5.38mHomestead Senior
--11Micheal SamuelsFOULMiami Southridge Sr
--11Carl Federick JanvierFOULFelix Varela
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Micheal Samuels13.91mMiami Southridge Sr
2.10Davon Clark13.47mCoral Reef Senior
3.12Widson Charles13.11mSouth Dade
4.12Jean-Leganier Charles13.10mHomestead Senior
5.12Terell Horton12.75mMiami Southridge Sr
6.10Jamal Dorvillier12.57mMiami Killian
7.11Tremaine Harvey12.47mSouth Dade
8.12Prince Hepburn12.29mMiami Palmetto
9.11N'Kruma Henry12.05mFelix Varela
10.11Trashaun Ward12.01mCoral Reef Senior
11.11Mario Perez11.86mHomestead Senior
11.11Gary Chouloute11.86mFelix Varela
13.9Marcus Leslie11.56mCoral Reef Senior
14.12Christian Joseph11.48mHomestead Senior
15.9Aaron Sriro10.84mSouth Dade
15.11Elijah Phillips10.84mMiami Southridge Sr
17.12Daniel Romero10.64mSouth Dade

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10DiShondria McCoo12.67aMiami Southridge Sr
2.10J'Nea Bellamy12.67aMiami Killian
3.11Samatha Gardner12.85aHomestead Senior
4.9Ryneria Johnson13.10aSouth Dade
5.9Reanna Payne13.19aMiami Southridge Sr
6.11Rashe Boynton13.20aMiami Palmetto
7.11Ashley Canady13.43aCoral Reef Senior
8.11Shayna Gonsalves13.53aSouth Dade
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10J'Nea Bellamy12.95aMiami Killian
2.10DiShondria McCoo12.95aMiami Southridge Sr
3.9Reanna Payne13.21aMiami Southridge Sr
4.11Samatha Gardner13.26aHomestead Senior
5.11Rashe Boynton13.27aMiami Palmetto
7.9Ryneria Johnson13.31aSouth Dade
8.11Shayna Gonsalves13.82aSouth Dade
6.11Ashley Canady13.83aCoral Reef Senior
9.11Shaqualia Ladaker13.90aHomestead Senior
10.9Ka'llon McIntyre13.92aFelix Varela
11.10Pledneashi Davis13.93aSouth Dade
12.10Sauraya Joseph14.08aFelix Varela
13.11Theresa Mcgill14.12aHomestead Senior
14.9Makhala Hughes14.26aCoral Reef Senior
15.10Shazavier Johnson14.39aMiami Palmetto
16.9Nyala Bully14.39aCoral Reef Senior
17.9Chantel Abraham14.51aMiami Killian
18.10Chynne Alexandre14.69aSouth Dade
19.11Teayana Fitzpatrick14.82aMiami Palmetto
20.12Angelic Valle15.01aFelix Varela
21.10Shelove Mezier16.64aHomestead Senior
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ebony Morrison24.44aMiami Southridge Sr
2.9Dominique Bullock24.76aMiami Southridge Sr
3.12Shannon Wright25.28aCoral Reef Senior
4.11Erika Hedgemond26.10aCoral Reef Senior
5.10J'Nea Bellamy26.22aMiami Killian
6.9Tieasha Collier26.68aSouth Dade
7.11Samatha Gardner26.82aHomestead Senior
8.10DiShondria McCoo26.99aMiami Southridge Sr
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Ebony Morrison24.66aMiami Southridge Sr
2.9Dominique Bullock25.40aMiami Southridge Sr
4.10DiShondria McCoo25.74aMiami Southridge Sr
3.12Shannon Wright25.86aCoral Reef Senior
5.11Erika Hedgemond25.92aCoral Reef Senior
6.10J'Nea Bellamy26.50aMiami Killian
7.11Samatha Gardner26.68aHomestead Senior
8.9Tieasha Collier26.71aSouth Dade
9.12Alexis Grier26.88aSouth Dade
10.9Ryneria Johnson27.22aSouth Dade
11.11Ashley Canady27.76aCoral Reef Senior
12.11Shaqualia Ladaker27.82aHomestead Senior
13.9Ka'llon McIntyre28.04aFelix Varela
14.11Theresa Mcgill28.48aHomestead Senior
15.10Shazavier Johnson28.58aMiami Palmetto
16.11Shayna Gonsalves29.14aSouth Dade
17.10Sauraya Joseph29.97aFelix Varela
18.10Cierra Price29.99aFelix Varela
19.11Teayana Fitzpatrick30.89aMiami Palmetto
20.10Shelove Mezier32.79aHomestead Senior
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shannon Wright56.48aCoral Reef Senior
2.9Dominique Bullock58.89aMiami Southridge Sr
3.10Barbra Vilson58.91aSouth Dade
4.9Tieasha Collier59.75aSouth Dade
5.11Terreka Bailey1:02.10aMiami Southridge Sr
6.11Erika Hedgemond1:05.38aCoral Reef Senior
7.10Byronnisha Thomas1:09.10aHomestead Senior
8.10Samaria Miller1:10.73aHomestead Senior
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Dominique Bullock58.26aMiami Southridge Sr
2.12Shannon Wright58.78aCoral Reef Senior
4.10Byronnisha Thomas59.42aHomestead Senior
3.9Tieasha Collier59.93aSouth Dade
5.11Terreka Bailey1:01.90aMiami Southridge Sr
7.11Erika Hedgemond1:02.24aCoral Reef Senior
6.10Samaria Miller1:02.40aHomestead Senior
8.10Barbra Vilson1:03.50aSouth Dade
9.9Dystinee Lovette1:03.68aMiami Southridge Sr
10.10Natalie Vega1:04.86aMiami Killian
11.10Kelsey Siegel1:04.90aMiami Palmetto
12.11Elysha Felix1:05.50aFelix Varela
13.9Lativia Thomas1:06.12aHomestead Senior
14.10Valeria Rico1:06.37aMiami Palmetto
15.12Hannah Balmaseda1:07.54aFelix Varela
16.9Chantel Abraham1:07.75aMiami Killian
17.9Georgianna Willie1:08.56aMiami Palmetto
18.9Jazzmine Johnson1:09.78aCoral Reef Senior
19.10Anisia Starege1:10.52aFelix Varela
20.9Lenyjah Dodd1:10.78aSouth Dade
21.11Theresa Mcgill1:11.40aHomestead Senior
22.10Chynne Alexandre1:12.85aSouth Dade
--12Carly FeltonDNFFelix Varela
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brandi McCray2:23.20aMiami Southridge Sr
2.10Stephany Valesco2:27.90aSouth Dade
3.9Dystinee Lovette2:32.41aMiami Southridge Sr
4.11Alexis Valle2:32.77aFelix Varela
5.10Anicia Abbott2:36.19aMiami Palmetto
6.9Dashanay Hardy2:36.50aSouth Dade
7.11Rhea Doctolero2:37.26aCoral Reef Senior
8.10Samara Taylor2:41.23aCoral Reef Senior
9.10Erika Foreman2:46.59aMiami Killian
10.9Lativia Thomas2:47.82aHomestead Senior
11.10Christi Ellenburg2:49.21aMiami Palmetto
12.9Sade Fayiga2:55.42aCoral Reef Senior
13.10Daniela Garcia2:55.60aFelix Varela
14.12Dorcas Jean2:56.48aSouth Dade
15.10Yueline Gaspard3:10.10aHomestead Senior
--9Brianne JohnstonDNFMiami Killian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Destiny Johnson5:35.18aHomestead Senior
2.11Brandi McCray5:37.13aMiami Southridge Sr
3.10Kayla Jackson5:43.07aHomestead Senior
4.12Katie Price5:48.36aMiami Killian
5.11Kelly Lesniak5:55.68aMiami Killian
6.10Samara Taylor5:56.66aCoral Reef Senior
7.10Lea Tardanico5:56.97aFelix Varela
8.9Cary Milanes6:05.28aMiami Palmetto
9.10Megan McGinley6:07.23aMiami Killian
10.11Stephanie Pacheco6:15.04aFelix Varela
11.9Lauren Holian6:24.67aCoral Reef Senior
12.10Samantha Haus6:28.64aMiami Palmetto
13.10Regina Monge6:39.17aFelix Varela
14.9Katherine Heldt6:39.96aMiami Palmetto
15.12Helen Alexander6:44.99aSouth Dade
16.10Karen Schwartz6:50.46aMiami Palmetto
17.12Dorcas Jean7:05.64aSouth Dade
18.11Natalie Diaz7:20.53aSouth Dade
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tina Esfandiary12:36.77aFelix Varela
2.10Kayla Jackson12:47.54aHomestead Senior
3.10Megan McGinley12:48.16aMiami Killian
4.11Kelly Lesniak13:07.40aMiami Killian
5.11Alexis Valle13:31.18aFelix Varela
6.11Isis Monzon13:50.79aFelix Varela
7.10Samantha Haus14:18.76aMiami Palmetto
8.9Cary Milanes14:18.94aMiami Palmetto
9.9Lauren Holian14:34.69aCoral Reef Senior
--11Natalie DiazDNFSouth Dade
--12Helen AlexanderDNFSouth Dade
--11Cindy CuadraDNFFelix Varela
--9Erin DandesDNFMiami Palmetto
--11Katherine SensaleDNFMiami Palmetto
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ebony Morrison14.24aMiami Southridge Sr
2.12Tiatiana David15.44aSouth Dade
3.11Chenique McCall15.49aSouth Dade
4.12Shabria Mosely16.15aMiami Killian
5.9Reanna Payne16.45aMiami Southridge Sr
6.12Carly Felton16.50aFelix Varela
7.10Kaesha Thomas17.70aMiami Palmetto
8.10Symantha Hamilton17.84aSouth Dade
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Ebony Morrison14.74aMiami Southridge Sr
2.12Tiatiana David15.53aSouth Dade
3.12Shabria Mosely16.05aMiami Killian
4.11Chenique McCall16.16aSouth Dade
5.12Carly Felton16.33aFelix Varela
6.9Reanna Payne16.95aMiami Southridge Sr
7.10Kaesha Thomas17.80aMiami Palmetto
8.10Symantha Hamilton18.03aSouth Dade
9.11Aja Taylor18.18aCoral Reef Senior
10.11Morena Collazo-Lugo19.40aMiami Palmetto
11.10Rynisha Jones19.46aSouth Dade
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chenique McCall45.76aSouth Dade
2.12Tiatiana David46.48aSouth Dade
3.12Shabria Mosely47.06aMiami Killian
4.10Rynisha Jones50.46aSouth Dade
5.10Symantha Hamilton51.35aSouth Dade
6.11Aja Taylor51.97aCoral Reef Senior
7.10Kaesha Thomas58.03aMiami Palmetto
--9Keimayah JayDNFMiami Southridge Sr
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Tiatiana David46.06aSouth Dade
3.12Shabria Mosely46.19aMiami Killian
2.11Chenique McCall47.39aSouth Dade
4.10Rynisha Jones50.46aSouth Dade
5.11Aja Taylor51.55aCoral Reef Senior
6.10Symantha Hamilton53.27aSouth Dade
7.10Kaesha Thomas54.86aMiami Palmetto
8.9Keimayah Jay57.83aMiami Southridge Sr
--11Morena Collazo-LugoFSMiami Palmetto
--12Chantelle JohnsonDNFMiami Southridge Sr
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.15aSouth Dade
2.-Relay Team 50.76aHomestead Senior
3.-Relay Team 50.76aMiami Southridge Sr
4.-Relay Team 51.81aMiami Palmetto
5.-Relay Team 54.57aFelix Varela
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tiesha Collier
Barbara Vilson
Stephany Valesco
Alexis Grier
3:57.54aSouth Dade
2.-Erika Hedgemond
Ashanti Weathers
Ashley Canady
Shannon Wright
4:05.20aCoral Reef Senior
3.-Yveta Gaspard
Samaria Miller
Byronnisha Thomas
Destiny Johnson
4:07.26aHomestead Senior
4.-Elysha Felix
Daniela Garcia
Hannah Balmaseda
Carly Felton
4:18.30aFelix Varela
5.-Kelsey Siegel
Anicia Abbott
Valeria Rico
Georgianna Willie
4:22.87aMiami Palmetto
6.-Natalie Vega
Kelly Lesniak
Brianne Johnston
Shabria Mosely
4:23.90aMiami Killian
---Dominique Bullock
Terreka Bailey
Brandi McCray
Pauletta Vasquez
DNFMiami Southridge Sr
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Yueline Gaspard
Yveta Gaspard
Kayla Jackson
Destiny Johnson
10:07.16aHomestead Senior
2.-Alexis Valle
Daniela Garcia
Stephanie Pacheco
Tina Esfandiary
10:25.30aFelix Varela
3.-Stephany Valesco
Dashanay Hardy
Rynisha Jones
Dorcas Jean
10:28.61aSouth Dade
4.-Megan McGinley
Natalie Vega
Erika Foreman
Katie Price
10:47.06aMiami Killian
5.-Samara Taylor
Rhea Doctolero
Lauren Holian
Sade Fayiga
10:50.29aCoral Reef Senior
6.-Cary Milanes
Samantha Haus
Christi Ellenburg
Anicia Abbott
11:15.30aMiami Palmetto
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shanice Siplin11.43mMiami Southridge Sr
2.10Tranisha Clayton10.36mSouth Dade
3.9Joan Joseph10.18mSouth Dade
4.12Remiche Murray9.93mMiami Killian
5.12Alysha Lewis9.72mMiami Killian
6.10Delyn Pizarro9.57mHomestead Senior
7.12Kia Rodriguez9.09mFelix Varela
8.9Jazmine Jackson8.78mMiami Killian
9.12Finesse Pringley7.41mMiami Southridge Sr
10.9Chinya Bully7.18mCoral Reef Senior
11.10Nikeya Tarver6.24mMiami Killian
12.12Shaun Wright6.01mCoral Reef Senior
13.12Quanesha Crawford5.86mMiami Palmetto
14.10Shelove Mezier5.30mHomestead Senior
15.9Rachel Baltimore4.67mCoral Reef Senior
16.9Adria Clark4.57mSouth Dade
17.9Kiara Whitehead4.34mCoral Reef Senior
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alysha Lewis32.53mMiami Killian
2.12Shanice Siplin31.52mMiami Southridge Sr
3.12Remiche Murray29.94mMiami Killian
4.11Rashe Boynton27.50mMiami Palmetto
5.10Tranisha Clayton26.33mSouth Dade
6.12Kia Rodriguez26.16mFelix Varela
7.9Joan Joseph23.95mSouth Dade
8.12Shaun Wright22.86mCoral Reef Senior
9.10Nikeya Tarver22.30mMiami Killian
10.9Jazmine Jackson18.92mMiami Killian
11.12Quanesha Crawford16.91mMiami Palmetto
12.9Chinya Bully16.51mCoral Reef Senior
13.12Finesse Pringley15.92mMiami Southridge Sr
14.10Shelove Mezier13.79mHomestead Senior
15.9Rachel Baltimore13.18mCoral Reef Senior
16.9Adria Clark12.70mSouth Dade
--10Delyn PizarroFOULHomestead Senior
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chenique McCall1.57mSouth Dade
2.10Anisia Starege1.57mFelix Varela
3.12Kristina Joseph1.57mCoral Reef Senior
4.10Barbra Vilson1.52mSouth Dade
5.12Carly Felton1.52mFelix Varela
6.10DiShondria McCoo1.47mMiami Southridge Sr
7.12Ashanti Weathers1.47mCoral Reef Senior
--10Cierra PriceNHFelix Varela
--10Ghazal FarajzadehNHMiami Palmetto
--10Patrecka FonvilNHMiami Killian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chantelle Johnson2.74mMiami Southridge Sr
2.12Bridgett Bauer2.43mMiami Palmetto
--11Brandi McCrayNHMiami Southridge Sr
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ebony Morrison5.52mMiami Southridge Sr
2.9Dominique Bullock5.32mMiami Southridge Sr
3.9Reanna Payne5.19mMiami Southridge Sr
4.12Tiatiana David5.03mSouth Dade
5.11Erika Hedgemond4.92mCoral Reef Senior
6.10Symantha Hamilton4.81mSouth Dade
7.11Rashe Boynton4.73mMiami Palmetto
8.10Daniela Garcia4.66mFelix Varela
9.10Byronnisha Thomas4.61mHomestead Senior
10.12Alexis Grier4.59mSouth Dade
11.9Ryneria Johnson4.57mSouth Dade
12.10Kaesha Thomas4.54mMiami Palmetto
13.9Nyala Bully4.40mCoral Reef Senior
14.9Lativia Thomas4.34mHomestead Senior
15.12Hannah Balmaseda4.08mFelix Varela
16.10Nikeya Tarver3.91mMiami Killian
--10Samaria MillerFOULHomestead Senior
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Barbra Vilson11.67mSouth Dade
2.12Tiatiana David11.37mSouth Dade
3.10DiShondria McCoo11.17mMiami Southridge Sr
4.11Chenique McCall10.73mSouth Dade
5.11Angie Culpepper9.71mMiami Southridge Sr
6.12Chantelle Johnson9.70mMiami Southridge Sr
7.9Lativia Thomas9.62mHomestead Senior
8.10Anisia Starege9.32mFelix Varela
9.10Nikeya Tarver8.81mMiami Killian
--10Cierra PriceFOULFelix Varela
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