Prelims: Colville, Chewelah, Kettle Falls

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
  Colville HS, Colville - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:30 PM  Track Events Start: 3:30 PM
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Washington - Inland Empire (IEML)
kfKettle Falls
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.7William Burton12.30Colville
2.7Justin Lester13.50Jenkins
3.7Dallis Martin13.80Colville
4.7Chandlier Kirk-Patterson14.50Jenkins
5.7Christian Walker14.60Jenkins
6.7Nathan Edlin14.90Colville
7.7Matthew Crise15.00Jenkins
8.7Johnathan Crise15.10Jenkins
9.7Cole Robison15.50Colville
7Chase FrizzelNTJenkins
X 100 Meters - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.8Robbie Buxton12.40Colville
2.8Brody Miland12.60Kettle Falls
3.8Jacob Culverwell13.00Jenkins
4.8Bryan Mendez13.20Kettle Falls
5.8Shawn Wisener13.40Jenkins
6.8Hunter Maddox13.50Colville
7.8Jonas Mebes13.60Colville
7.8Cody Beatty13.60Colville
9.8Josh Hanley13.70Jenkins
10.8Kash Sly13.80Kettle Falls
11.8William Bradley13.90Jenkins
11.8Kale Koler13.90Jenkins
13.8Anthony Champion14.00Jenkins
14.8Noah Richmond14.10Jenkins
15.8Ridge Robins14.20Jenkins
16.8Dakota Cairns14.40Jenkins
17.8Alexander Linn14.70Colville
8James VerzoneNTJenkins
X 200 Meters - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.7Justin Lester28.30Jenkins
2.7David Lariviere30.50Colville
3.7Christian Walker30.60Jenkins
4.7Johnathan Crise31.80Jenkins
5.7Jared Owens35.80Kettle Falls
7Chase FrizzelNTJenkins
X 200 Meters - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.8Stacy Schauls25.70Kettle Falls
2.8Robbie Buxton25.90Colville
8Sean Paiva27.90Kettle Falls
3.8Josh Hanley28.90Jenkins
4.8Bryan Mendez28.90Kettle Falls
5.8Shawn Wisener29.00Jenkins
6.8Anthony Champion29.30Jenkins
7.8Jacob Culverwell29.40Jenkins
8.8John Spear30.30Kettle Falls
9.8Kale Koler30.40Jenkins
10.8Nick Lehman33.40Kettle Falls
X 400 Meters - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.7Ryley Smith1:05.60Colville
2.7Cole Robison1:17.90Colville
3.7Trace Ray1:20.30Colville
X 400 Meters - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.8Teddy Jones1:03.40Kettle Falls
2.8Kyle Connall1:04.30Jenkins
3.8John Spear1:04.50Kettle Falls
4.8Christopher Benson1:05.10Colville
5.8Sean Paiva1:06.20Kettle Falls
6.8Bryan Mendez1:06.80Kettle Falls
7.8Hunter Maddox1:09.40Colville
8.8William Bradley1:10.70Jenkins
9.8Austin Mitchell1:15.00Kettle Falls
X 800 Meters - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.7Noah Robbins2:33.70Colville
2.7Brennan Buckley-Noonan2:43.40Kettle Falls
X 800 Meters - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.8Jamison Walker2:32.70Kettle Falls
2.8Emmet Morehouse2:37.60Colville
3.8Kyle Reddeman2:42.90Kettle Falls
4.8Austin Mitchell2:50.10Kettle Falls
X 1600 Meters - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.7Ryley Smith5:22.20Colville
2.7Brennan Buckley-Noonan6:02.30Kettle Falls
X 1600 Meters - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.8Emmet Morehouse5:41.40Colville
2.8Kyle Reddeman5:51.10Kettle Falls
X 100m Hurdles - 39" - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.7William Burton15.80Colville
2.7Noah Robbins17.70Colville
3.7Elija Rarrick20.30Colville
4.7Shane Walker20.40Colville
5.7Joshua Adlesperger20.60Jenkins
7Brandon RedlerNTColville
X 100m Hurdles - 39" - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.8Brody Miland15.10Kettle Falls
2.8Stacy Schauls17.10Kettle Falls
3.8Michael Tate17.90Colville
4.8Christopher Benson18.00Colville
5.8William Bradley20.10Jenkins
6.8Alexander Linn20.80Colville
8Barrett SavageNTJenkins
X 4x100 Relay - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.-William Burton
Nathan Edlin
Dallis Martin
Noah Robbins
2.-Johnathan Crise
Matthew Crise
Justin Lester
Christian Walker
X 4x100 Relay - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.-Brody Miland
Casey Hall
Brady Hansen
Stacy Schauls
52.10Kettle Falls
2.-Hunter Maddox
Robbie Buxton
Christopher Benson
Journey Young
3.-Blake Owens
Hunter Daniels
Shawn Wisener
Jacob Culverwell
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.-Tanner Sandaine
Dallis Martin
Brian Clark
David Lariviere
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.-Blake Owens
Hunter Daniels
Kyle Connall
Liam Brozik
2.-Teddy Jones
Brady Hansen
Jamison Walker
Devin Thompson
2:00.30Kettle Falls
3.-Michael Tate
Alexander Linn
Emmet Morehouse
Sam Fox
X Shot Put - 4kg - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.7Ryley Smith32-11.25Colville
2.7Lane Clayton31-00.00Jenkins
3.7Fletcher Hentense29-04.75Jenkins
4.7Elijah Williamsom28-02.50Jenkins
5.7Jared Patton27-10.25Jenkins
6.7Tanner Sandaine21-10.00Colville
7.7Riley Olson20-04.75Jenkins
7Brandon RedlerNDColville
7Jared OwensNDKettle Falls
X Shot Put - 4kg - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.8Blake Owens40-09.00Jenkins
2.8Journey Young38-09.00Colville
3.8Liam Brozik35-11.50Jenkins
4.8Hunter Daniels32-10.25Jenkins
5.8Brady Hansen32-06.25Kettle Falls
6.8Kyle Stark29-05.00Kettle Falls
6.8James Nelson29-05.00Colville
8.8Noah Richmond27-09.75Jenkins
9.8Sean Palmer25-10.00Colville
10.8Josh Dugger25-03.00Kettle Falls
11.8Nick Lehman23-08.75Kettle Falls
12.8Morgan Farley23-01.25Colville
13.8William Roach22-06.50Jenkins
14.8Theo Pirtle'22-06.00Kettle Falls
15.8Shawn Wisener18-02.00Jenkins
8Troy LivingstonNDJenkins
8Sam FoxNDColville
X Discus - 1kg - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.7Elijah Williamsom77-01Jenkins
2.7Christian Walker76-04Jenkins
3.7David Lariviere55-02Colville
4.7Fletcher Hentense53-03Jenkins
5.7Lane Clayton49-09Jenkins
6.7Riley Olson47-10Jenkins
7.7Jared Owens38-02Kettle Falls
7Joshua AdlespergerNDJenkins
7Brandon RedlerNDColville
X Discus - 1kg - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.8Journey Young128-01Colville
2.8Casey Hall111-05Kettle Falls
3.8Asher Spencer101-02Jenkins
4.8Hunter Daniels95-10Jenkins
5.8Liam Brozik95-04Jenkins
6.8Josh Hanley90-10Jenkins
7.8Jacob Culverwell86-02Jenkins
8.8Kyle Stark85-04Kettle Falls
9.8James Nelson84-02Colville
10.8Tyler Czapiewski78-09Jenkins
11.8Jamie Olson75-06Jenkins
12.8Morgan Farley73-11Colville
13.8Noah Richmond71-11Jenkins
14.8Hunter Maddox69-04Colville
15.8Josh Dugger69-00Kettle Falls
16.8Kash Sly65-06Kettle Falls
17.8Cody Beatty63-07Colville
18.8Theo Pirtle'54-11Kettle Falls
19.8Nick Lehman48-08Kettle Falls
8Blake OwensNDJenkins
8Barrett SavageNDJenkins
8James VerzoneNDJenkins
8Troy LivingstonNDJenkins
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.7Ryley Smith118-08Colville
2.7Joshua Adlesperger94-03Jenkins
3.7Brennan Buckley-Noonan91-01Kettle Falls
4.7Jared Patton88-03Jenkins
5.7Lane Clayton82-06Jenkins
6.7Tanner Sandaine81-07Colville
7.7Trace Ray79-11Colville
8.7Cole Robison79-03Colville
9.7David Lariviere75-01Colville
10.7Riley Olson74-07Jenkins
11.7Michael Chapman73-05Colville
12.7Elijah Williamsom69-05Jenkins
13.7Jared Owens62-10Kettle Falls
14.7Fletcher Hentense61-10Jenkins
15.7Nathan Edlin60-00Colville
16.7Elija Rarrick54-09Colville
17.7Shane Walker45-08Colville
18.7Benjie Dyar44-03Colville
7Brandon RedlerNDColville
7Chandlier Kirk-PattersonNDJenkins
7Justin LesterNDJenkins
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.8Jamison Walker140-00Kettle Falls
2.8Jamie Olson124-03Jenkins
3.8Anthony Champion115-00Jenkins
4.8Jonas Mebes109-08Colville
5.8Stacy Schauls108-06Kettle Falls
6.8Christopher Benson106-02Colville
7.8Bryan Mendez105-01Kettle Falls
8.8Josh Hanley104-03Jenkins
9.8Kash Sly101-07Kettle Falls
10.8Casey Hall100-03Kettle Falls
11.8Josh Dugger100-02Kettle Falls
12.8William Bradley100-01Jenkins
13.8Cody Beatty100-00Colville
14.8Nick Lehman99-07Kettle Falls
15.8Tyler Czapiewski95-08Jenkins
16.8Theo Pirtle'89-06Kettle Falls
17.8Sean Palmer85-00Colville
18.8Rylee Hallenius83-00Kettle Falls
19.8John Spear82-09Kettle Falls
20.8Asher Spencer80-02Jenkins
21.8William Roach76-11Jenkins
22.8Kyle Stark75-08Kettle Falls
23.8Morgan Farley73-04Colville
24.8James Nelson72-00Colville
8Isiah FowlerNDJenkins
8Troy LivingstonNDJenkins
8James VerzoneNDJenkins
X High Jump - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.7Noah Robbins4-04.00Colville
2.7Shane Walker4-00.00Colville
7Elija RarrickNHColville
7Trace RayNHColville
X High Jump - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.8Journey Young5-04.00Colville
2.8Anthony Champion4-10.00Jenkins
3.8Teddy Jones4-10.00Kettle Falls
4.8Casey Hall4-06.00Kettle Falls
8Isiah FowlerNHJenkins
8Barrett SavageNHJenkins
8Tyler CzapiewskiNHJenkins
8Cody BeattyNHColville
8Asher SpencerNHJenkins
X Long Jump - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.7William Burton16-00.00Colville
2.7Chandlier Kirk-Patterson13-07.00Jenkins
3.7Jared Patton12-09.00Jenkins
4.7Nathan Edlin11-09.00Colville
5.7Johnathan Crise11-07.00Jenkins
6.7Brian Clark11-06.00Colville
7.7Matthew Crise11-03.00Jenkins
8.7Elija Rarrick10-10.00Colville
9.7Benjie Dyar10-08.00Colville
10.7Tanner Sandaine10-07.00Colville
11.7Shane Walker10-06.00Colville
12.7Trace Ray10-05.00Colville
13.7Michael Chapman9-07.00Colville
7Fletcher HentenseNDJenkins
7Chase FrizzelNDJenkins
X Long Jump - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.8Robbie Buxton15-09.00Colville
2.8Kyle Connall14-11.00Jenkins
3.8Brady Hansen14-10.00Kettle Falls
4.8Sean Paiva13-11.00Kettle Falls
5.8Jamie Olson13-10.00Jenkins
6.8Michael Tate13-03.00Colville
7.8Ridge Robins13-02.00Jenkins
8.8Kash Sly13-01.00Kettle Falls
9.8Jonas Mebes13-00.00Colville
10.8Devin Thompson12-10.00Kettle Falls
11.8Kale Koler12-08.00Jenkins
12.8Austin Mitchell12-07.00Kettle Falls
13.8Kyle Reddeman12-04.00Kettle Falls
14.8John Spear12-03.00Kettle Falls
15.8Rylee Hallenius11-11.00Kettle Falls
16.8Alexander Linn11-09.00Colville
17.8Sam Fox10-01.00Colville
18.8William Roach8-00.00Jenkins
8Jamison WalkerNDKettle Falls
8Isiah FowlerNDJenkins
8Tyler DodsonNDJenkins
X Triple Jump - 7 BOYS - Finals
1.7Dallis Martin28-01.00Colville
2.7Brennan Buckley-Noonan24-10.75Kettle Falls
3.7Brian Clark23-05.50Colville
4.7Benjie Dyar19-10.50Colville
7Michael ChapmanNDColville
X Triple Jump - 8 BOYS - Finals
1.8Brody Miland32-09.50Kettle Falls
8Sean Paiva31-01.00Kettle Falls
2.8Kyle Reddeman30-10.00Kettle Falls
3.8Michael Tate29-05.50Colville
4.8Devin Thompson26-10.75Kettle Falls
5.8Rylee Hallenius25-10.00Kettle Falls
8Teddy JonesNDKettle Falls
8Tyler DodsonNDJenkins

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 7 GIRLS - Finals
1.7Tora Luu13.80Colville
2.7Micaela Kostecka14.40Jenkins
3.7Erin Johnson14.50Kettle Falls
4.7Alexis Ambrose14.60Kettle Falls
5.7Brennah Fulbright15.40Jenkins
6.7Riley Dougherty15.60Colville
7.7Jenae Putnam16.00Colville
8.7April Brauner-Hughes16.60Colville
9.7Carly Omen16.80Jenkins
10.7Willow Loredo17.00Kettle Falls
11.7Courtney King17.20Jenkins
X 100 Meters - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.8Haley Jensen13.90Colville
2.8McKenzie Mitchell14.10Colville
3.8Bethany Rice14.40Jenkins
4.8Shayla Berg15.10Kettle Falls
5.8Tia Justice15.10Jenkins
6.8Moriah Hudson15.30Jenkins
7.8Bradleigh Earl15.90Jenkins
8.8Britney Presson16.00Kettle Falls
9.8Kelsey McClellan16.10Colville
10.8Sheyann Weimer16.20Colville
11.8Emma McCracken16.50Jenkins
12.8Hannah Chopot16.80Colville
13.8Tracy King17.00Jenkins
14.8Myranda VanGuilder17.60Kettle Falls
15.8Allie Wyatt17.90Jenkins
X 200 Meters - 7 GIRLS - Finals
1.7Summer Storm31.00Colville
2.7Brennah Fulbright33.80Jenkins
7Carly OmenNTJenkins
7Peyton TuckerNTKettle Falls
X 200 Meters - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.8McKenzie Mitchell29.30Colville
2.8Rebekah Mauer33.30Colville
3.8Kelsey McClellan34.00Colville
4.8Sheyann Weimer34.50Colville
5.8Hannah Chopot36.80Colville
6.8Allie Wyatt39.60Jenkins
X 400 Meters - 7 GIRLS - Finals
1.7Micaela Kostecka1:09.70Jenkins
X 400 Meters - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.8Gabriela Broden1:20.70Colville
X 800 Meters - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.8Emma Schanz2:53.90Colville
X 1600 Meters - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.8Megan Rogers7:13.40Colville
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7 GIRLS - Finals
1.7Olivia Beardslee20.50Kettle Falls
2.7Amanda Doering21.00Kettle Falls
2.7Peyton Tucker21.00Kettle Falls
4.7Ashleigh Brugger23.70Jenkins
5.8Keyonna Caldwell23.90Jenkins
6.7April Brauner-Hughes25.60Colville
7.7Willow Loredo28.70Kettle Falls
8.7Courtney King31.20Jenkins
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.8Haley Jensen19.30Colville
2.8Emma Schanz20.00Colville
3.8Abigail Stenbach22.20Jenkins
4.8Myranda VanGuilder23.10Kettle Falls
5.8Tracy King25.30Jenkins
8Allie WyattNTJenkins
X 4x100 Relay - 7 GIRLS - Finals
1.-Riley Dougherty
Tora Luu
Jenae Putnam
Summer Storm
2.-Peyton Tucker
Alexis Ambrose
Daisy Hamilton
Erin Johnson
1:00.60Kettle Falls
3.-Megan Ring
Olivia Beardslee
Amanda Doering
Makayla Hall
1:08.00Kettle Falls
X 4x100 Relay - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.-Emma Schanz
Haley Jensen
McKenzie Mitchell
Alexa Youngblood
2.-Bradleigh Earl
Tia Justice
Kaitlin Krouse
Moriah Hudson
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 7 GIRLS - Finals
1.-Alexis Ambrose
Makayla Hall
Olivia Beardslee
Daisy Hamilton
2:21.50Kettle Falls
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.-Gabriela Broden
Megan Rogers
Rebekah Mauer
Kelsey McClellan
X Shot Put - 4kg - 7 GIRLS - Finals
1.7Shayla Hartill23-09.00Jenkins
2.7Jenna Stanard23-06.75Kettle Falls
3.7Jayden Rainier19-03.00Jenkins
4.7Sammi Trudeau18-06.00Jenkins
5.7Willow Loredo17-03.25Kettle Falls
6.7Noami Richmond16-07.00Jenkins
7.7Lizzy Haskell15-02.50Jenkins
8.7Jenae Putnam15-01.50Colville
X Shot Put - 4kg - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.8Kaitlin Krouse26-06.00Jenkins
2.8Bonnie Carpenter25-09.50Colville
3.8Karli Brooks25-06.00Colville
4.8Mikaylyn Thompson24-10.00Colville
5.8McKenna Iverson19-08.75Colville
6.8Shayla Berg19-03.25Kettle Falls
7.8Amanda Pugh19-02.25Jenkins
8.8Gabriella Kitt17-05.00Colville
9.8Abrianna Bell-Town15-00.00Jenkins
X Discus - 1kg - 7 GIRLS - Finals
1.7Jayden Rainier57-07Jenkins
2.7Shayla Hartill57-00Jenkins
3.7Sammi Trudeau53-05Jenkins
4.8Keyonna Caldwell48-10Jenkins
5.7Jenna Stanard48-05Kettle Falls
6.7Brennah Fulbright48-03Jenkins
7.7Peyton Tucker40-06Kettle Falls
8.7Lizzy Haskell36-09Jenkins
X Discus - 1kg - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.8Bethany Rice76-00Jenkins
2.8Karli Brooks74-05Colville
3.8Kaitlin Krouse70-06Jenkins
4.8Mikaylyn Thompson67-08Colville
5.8McKenna Iverson67-00Colville
6.8Bonnie Carpenter64-04Colville
7.8Gabriella Kitt59-00Colville
8.8McKenzie Mitchell56-01Colville
9.8Bradleigh Earl52-05Jenkins
10.8Tia Justice48-06Jenkins
11.8Bailey Burnett47-00Jenkins
12.8Shayla Berg46-01Kettle Falls
13.8Amanda Pugh45-02Jenkins
14.8Emma McCracken37-03Jenkins
15.8Abrianna Bell-Town33-09Jenkins
16.8Megan Jensen32-09Jenkins
17.8Abigail Stenbach30-10Jenkins
8Autumn SwanNDJenkins
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 7 GIRLS - Finals
1.7Megan Ring68-02Kettle Falls
2.7Amanda Doering62-03Kettle Falls
3.7Ashleigh Brugger60-10Jenkins
4.8Keyonna Caldwell53-03Jenkins
5.7April Brauner-Hughes49-04Colville
5.7Jenna Stanard49-04Kettle Falls
7.7Noami Richmond49-02Jenkins
8.7Sammi Trudeau48-09Jenkins
9.7Riley Dougherty37-00Colville
X Javelin - 300g TJ - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.8McKenna Iverson91-09Colville
2.8Gabriella Kitt77-11Colville
3.8Bailey Burnett77-06Jenkins
4.8Britney Presson71-06Kettle Falls
5.8Mikaylyn Thompson67-01Colville
6.8Amanda Pugh55-07Jenkins
7.8Alexa Youngblood53-06Colville
8.8McKayla Vasquez44-05Jenkins
9.8Tracy King43-08Jenkins
10.8Karli Brooks42-04Colville
11.8Autumn Swan41-09Jenkins
12.8Abrianna Bell-Town35-09Jenkins
X High Jump - 7 GIRLS - Finals
1.7Tora Luu4-04.00Colville
2.7Daisy Hamilton4-00.00Kettle Falls
2.7Amanda Doering4-00.00Kettle Falls
7Courtney KingNHJenkins
7Makayla HallNHKettle Falls
7Willow LoredoNHKettle Falls
X High Jump - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.8Emma Schanz4-02.00Colville
1.8Haley Jensen4-02.00Colville
8Alexa YoungbloodNHColville
8Britney PressonNHKettle Falls
8Myranda VanGuilderNHKettle Falls
X Long Jump - 7 GIRLS - Finals
1.7Micaela Kostecka13-06.00Jenkins
2.7Daisy Hamilton12-03.00Kettle Falls
3.7Tora Luu11-07.50Colville
4.7Riley Dougherty10-08.00Colville
4.7Alexis Ambrose10-08.00Kettle Falls
6.7Summer Storm10-03.50Colville
6.7Megan Ring10-03.50Kettle Falls
8.7Jenae Putnam9-11.50Colville
9.7Ashleigh Brugger9-08.00Jenkins
9.7Sammi Trudeau9-08.00Jenkins
11.7April Brauner-Hughes9-04.50Colville
12.7Courtney King9-04.00Jenkins
12.7Carly Omen9-04.00Jenkins
12.7Noami Richmond9-04.00Jenkins
15.8Keyonna Caldwell9-00.00Jenkins
7Shayla HartillNDJenkins
7Lizzy HaskellNDJenkins
X Long Jump - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.8Bethany Rice12-10.00Jenkins
2.8Sheyann Weimer11-05.00Colville
2.8Gabriela Broden11-05.00Colville
4.8Rebekah Mauer11-03.00Colville
5.8Moriah Hudson11-01.00Jenkins
6.8Autumn Swan10-05.00Jenkins
7.8Alexa Youngblood10-00.00Colville
8.8Bonnie Carpenter9-10.00Colville
9.8Bailey Burnett9-08.00Jenkins
10.8Emma McCracken9-06.00Jenkins
11.8McKayla Vasquez9-02.00Jenkins
11.8Kelsey McClellan9-02.00Colville
13.8Myranda VanGuilder9-01.00Kettle Falls
14.8Abigail Stenbach9-00.00Jenkins
15.8Megan Jensen8-06.00Jenkins
16.8Hannah Chopot7-04.00Colville
8Tracy KingNDJenkins
X Triple Jump - 7 GIRLS - Finals
1.7Micaela Kostecka30-01.00Jenkins
2.7Makayla Hall24-00.00Kettle Falls
3.7Erin Johnson23-08.25Kettle Falls
4.7Summer Storm23-03.50Colville
5.7Olivia Beardslee22-07.50Kettle Falls
6.7Jayden Rainier19-01.00Jenkins
X Triple Jump - 8 GIRLS - Finals
1.8Moriah Hudson25-02.00Jenkins
2.8Gabriela Broden23-07.00Colville
3.8Megan Jensen21-10.75Jenkins
4.8McKayla Vasquez19-06.00Jenkins
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