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Tahoma Gold @ Mill Creek

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

French Field , Kent

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Washington - Kent-Tahoma
Mill Creek
Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
7Gabriel Gallman12.4Mill Creek
8Tanner Sypole12.66Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Manuel Marroquin12.83Mill Creek
8Ben Ranft13.00Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Oliver Togba13.06Mill Creek
8Mario Cid-Paredes13.08Mill Creek
8Jahleel Smith13.24Mill Creek
7Marc Dennis13.29Mill Creek
8Kevin Laupola13.41Mill Creek
8Justin Olan13.7Mill Creek
7Nicolas Merle13.99Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8JaCe Carter14.06Mill Creek
8Giovonn McDade14.03Mill Creek
8Sam Paige14.22Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Dom Minniti14.39Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8David Nguessan14.38Mill Creek
7Alex Kaneer Lyons14.75Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Austin Millican14.87Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Kameron Kuhn15.0Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Lamar Frost14.91Mill Creek
8Noel (Kaleb) Tang14.96Mill Creek
7Komapreet Singh15.08Mill Creek
8Darius Fox15.24Mill Creek
8Scott Ong16.20Mill Creek
8Spencer McBurney16.45Mill Creek
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Oliver Togba27.25Mill Creek
8Mario Cid-Paredes28.22Mill Creek
7Deszmon Humphries28.45Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Nicolas Merle28.45Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Austin White28.87Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Giovonn McDade28.91Mill Creek
8David Nguessan29.87Mill Creek
8Justin Olan29.99Mill Creek
8JaCe Carter30.00Mill Creek
8Jacob Weyand30.12Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Austin Millican30.12Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Jeremy McCaffrey32.00Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Marc Dennis32.00Mill Creek
7Kendall Armstrong32.41Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Noel (Kaleb) Tang34.06Mill Creek
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Justin McMaster58.91Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Tanner Lobdell1:03.66Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Obed Carrillo-Martinez64.37Mill Creek
8Matthew Daigre65.0Mill Creek
8Giovonn McDade68.16Mill Creek
8Tyson Cronin1:08.83Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Jonathan Cochran1:09.11Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Jacob Kutch1:09.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Tony Dorcey69.50Mill Creek
8Anthony Hunter70.95Mill Creek
7Marc Dennis79.08Mill Creek
7Rory Spurr1:20.04Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Troy Rand1:21.02Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Kendall Armstrong1:24.31Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Matthew Daigre2:26.25Mill Creek
8Obed Carrillo-Martinez2:34.04Mill Creek
8Tony Dorcey2:38.79Mill Creek
8Christopher Arias2:40.33Mill Creek
8Spencer Lubenow2:44.17Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Jacob Moore2:45.41Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Tyson Cronin2:45.41Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Blake Donohue2:45.41Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Obed Carrillo-Martinez5:21Mill Creek
8Spencer Lubenow5:24.45Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Zach Byles5:39.33Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Austin Brown5:42.16Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Chianson Siu5:42.81Mill Creek
8Jacob Moore5:45.41Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Tyler Labrie5:52.37Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Andrew Lindgren6:15Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Jonathan Cochran6:24Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Sam Verkruyse6:40Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Brett Hoffbuhr6:42Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Ryan Odstricil6:58Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
X 70m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
8Kameron Granger12.56Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Raven Hillegas13.54Mill Creek
7Ali Kamara14.12Mill Creek
8Suan Solomon14.26Mill Creek
8Venigno Malietufa14.60Mill Creek
8Asikur Rahman14.62Mill Creek
8Spencer Stromberg14.99Mill Creek
8Billeh Scego15.02Mill Creek
7Joshua Alcantar15.70Mill Creek
7Joshua Campbell15.75Mill Creek
8Paul Choi16.33Mill Creek
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
8Suan Solomon28.0Mill Creek
8Kameron Granger28.65Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Dennis Beard31.0Mill Creek
8Raven Hillegas31.49Mill Creek
8Jacob Weyand31.87Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Ali Kamara32.39Mill Creek
8Chianson Siu32.81Mill Creek
8Asikur Rahman33.03Mill Creek
8Michael Nguyen33.50Mill Creek
8Jacob Kutch33.62Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Dom Minniti33.81Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Paul Delean33.81Mill Creek
8Venigno Malietufa34.37Mill Creek
8Jacob Davies34.33Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Joshua Campbell35.66Mill Creek
8Moses Chang36.62Mill Creek
8Paul Choi36.71Mill Creek
7Jose Hernandez37.01Mill Creek
8Billeh Scego37.04Mill Creek
8Spencer Stromberg37.83Mill Creek
7Ian Callen39.05Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Briaun Dinish-Lomelli39.64Mill Creek
8Ryan Odstricil40.83Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Jonathan Boyt42.33Mill Creek
7Josh Pennington44.0Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Armando Rios-Magallanes46.24Mill Creek
8Giovanni Fashaw47.54Mill Creek
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Tanner Sypole
Deszmond Humphries
Justin McMaster
Ben Ranft
52.06Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
-Relay Team 52.12Mill Creek
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Relay Team 1:51.59Mill Creek
-Graeme Schroeder
Tanner Lobdell
Sean McDonald
Austin White
1:57.95Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
X 4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
-Justin McMaster
Kameron Granger
Jacob Weyand
Ben Ranft
1:06.00Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
-Relay Team 68.0Mill Creek
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
8Giovonn McDade41'3Mill Creek
8LaTevin Randolph39'Mill Creek
8Kevin Laupola38'3.5Mill Creek
8Venigno Malietufa37'5Mill Creek
8Sai Ta'Amu36'9Mill Creek
8Alex Cielo35'8Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Tyson Cronin35'2Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Darius Fox34'10.5Mill Creek
8Tanner Torr31'8.5Mill Creek
8Kameron Granger30'9Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Sam Paige30'2.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Marquise Card-Diallo29'9.5Mill Creek
8Taylor Moulton28.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Alema Ta'amu28'2Mill Creek
8Giovanni Fashaw27'9Mill Creek
8Jenson Asirot27'5.5Mill Creek
7Montez Barone26'11.5Mill Creek
8Dom Minniti26'9Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Nolan Medina26'3Mill Creek
8Blake Donohue25'2Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Eduardo Torres22'7Mill Creek
8Anthony Moeller21'9Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Cesar Gomez21'6Mill Creek
7Nasrudin Abdi17'6Mill Creek
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Ryan Best4'10Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Sean Mcdonald4'8Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Austin White4'4Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Sam Paige4'2Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Jacob Weyand4'2Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Marc Dennis4'0Mill Creek
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
7Deszmon Humphries15'6.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Tanner Lobdell15'0Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Ben Ranft14'11.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Suan Solomon14'11Mill Creek
8Tanner Sypole14'7.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Sean Mcdonald14'7.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Gabriel Gallman14'6.5Mill Creek
8Chianson Siu14'5Mill Creek
8Manuel Marroquin14'1.5Mill Creek
8Venigno Malietufa14'1Mill Creek
8Tony Dorcey13'10Mill Creek
7Ali Kamara13'9Mill Creek
7Nicolas Merle13'8.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Kameron Kuhn13'3Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Anthony Hunter13'1.5Mill Creek
8Sam Paige13'1Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Emanuel DeJesus12'7.5Mill Creek
8Spencer Lubenow12'4.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Jacob Kutch12'2Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Marissa Dinh13.5Mill Creek
7Madison Richmond13.79Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Mariah Bigbee Hatley14.33Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Keeley Phommathirath14.44Mill Creek
8Marcella Ratsamy14.78Mill Creek
8Amanda Nouanemany14.89Mill Creek
8Launa Greene14.90Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Jen Gentry15.15Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Kimani Alao15.33Mill Creek
7Brittany Dinish-Lomelli15.62Mill Creek
7Sydney Bell15.7Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Mary Munk16.04Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Anne Sweeney16.43Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Annie Chan16.91Mill Creek
8Jana Macklin17.04Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Emma Terry29.88Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Quinn Ramsay30.50Mill Creek
7Keeley Phommathirath32.49Mill Creek
7Cayle Brown33.60Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Megan Manning34.04Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Jen Gentry34.25Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Marcella Ratsamy35.20Mill Creek
8Kendra Clark35.34Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Janeesa Northcott35.52Mill Creek
8Mariah Bigbee Hatley35.81Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
7Madison Richmond1:11.78Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Launa Greene1:17.41Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Quinn Ramsay86.04Mill Creek
8Emily Ly87.37Mill Creek
7Kimani Alao88.00Mill Creek
8Jacy Wilson88.08Mill Creek
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
7Sydney Warren3:04.41Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Natalia Yokum3:10.81Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Jacy Wilson3:22.49Mill Creek
8Kelsey Tran3:40.12Mill Creek
8Aroha Erickson3:49.86Mill Creek
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
7Sydney Warren6:06.9Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Quinn Ramsay6:07.0Mill Creek
8Natalia Yokum6:55.04Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Jacy Wilson7:03.12Mill Creek
8April-Rose Nguyen7:25.31Mill Creek
8Kelsey Tran7:59.95Mill Creek
X 75m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
8Ashley Roach14.60Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Junelle Palisoc15.19Mill Creek
8Mackenzie Campbell15.24Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Mariana Chirino16.0Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Arlee Riveland16.00Mill Creek
7Anne Sweeney16.12Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Marina Doma16.22Mill Creek
8April-Rose Nguyen16.37Mill Creek
8Emily Ly16.50Mill Creek
8Kendra Clark16.83Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Cindy Nguyen17.00Mill Creek
8Elise Nguyen17.00Mill Creek
8Anya Cheban17.50Mill Creek
8Mary Munk17.51Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Megan Manning17.74Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Jennifer Peng18.01Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Nicole Dao18.49Mill Creek
8Lily Truong18.54Mill Creek
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
8Ashley Roach32.94Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Mariana Chirino35.59Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Cindy Nguyen36.31Mill Creek
7Emmy Link37.01Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Jen Gentry38.20Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Arlee Riveland38.25Mill Creek
8Emily Ly38.45Mill Creek
8Elise Nguyen38.86Mill Creek
8Sukhjit Dhaliwal40.30Mill Creek
7Cayle Brown40.54Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Junelle Palisoc40.62Mill Creek
7Morgan Judd41.01Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Anya Cheban42.06Mill Creek
8Nicole Dao42.16Mill Creek
7Allexus Pech43.00Mill Creek
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Relay Team 59.38Mill Creek
-Kendra Clark
Mariah Bigbee Hatley
Madison Richmond
Emma Terry
59.45Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Emmy Link
Anne Sweeney
Sydney Bell
Jen Gentry
2:14.11Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
-Relay Team 2:22.49Mill Creek
X 4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
-Mariana Chirino
Mackenzie Campbell
Emma Terry
Ashley Roach
1:15.00Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
-Relay Team 1:22.0Mill Creek
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
7Emmy Link26'4.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Cayle Brown24.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Vanessa Pons21.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Megan Manning18'3Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Allie Stodola17'9Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Jordan Smith16'0Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Tylie Topjdian13.4Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Sarah Sehrt4'4Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Morgan Judd4'0Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Ashley Roach4'0Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Emily Ly3'10Mill Creek
8Arlee Riveland3'10Mill Creek
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Marissa Dinh12'8Mill Creek
8Emma Terry12'5.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Quinn Ramsay11'11.5Mill Creek
8Natalia Yokum11'3Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Kimani Alao11'2.5Mill Creek
7Emmy Link10'10.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
7Keeley Phommathirath10'8.5Mill Creek
7Morgan Judd10'8.5Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Kendra Clark10'6Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Sarah Sehrt10'3Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Nicole Dao9'6Mill Creek
7Brittany Dinish-Lomelli9'5Mill Creek
7Celestial Klotz9'2Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Sukhjit Dhaliwal7'4Mill Creek
8Jana Macklin6'4Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
8Mary Munk5'9Tahoma - Gold (CRMS)
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