Sedgwick Jr. High vs CK Jr. High

Thursday, April 28, 2011
  SKHS, Port Orchard - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:00 PM  Track Events Start: 3:20 PM
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Washington - Olympic
ckitCentral Kitsap
jsdgJohn Sedgwick
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.9Xavier Wells7.88John Sedgwick
2.9Max Janusch8.10Central Kitsap
3.7Isaac Sterling8.43John Sedgwick
4.8Aarion Rowen8.45Central Kitsap
5.9Bryce Denis8.45Central Kitsap
6.8Chad Warrington8.47John Sedgwick
7.8Gideon Olson8.55John Sedgwick
8.9Joseph Hudson8.63Central Kitsap
9.9Ryan Ramos8.65Central Kitsap
10.8Ryan Pascual8.85Central Kitsap
11.9Cole LaVigne8.85John Sedgwick
12.8Aleron DeGuzman8.97Central Kitsap
13.8Josiah O'Neal9.01John Sedgwick
14.9Tanner Lambert9.05Central Kitsap
15.8Anthony Corso9.06John Sedgwick
16.7Kyle Gordon9.18Central Kitsap
17.9Michael Goethals9.20Central Kitsap
18.9Josh Fowler9.45Central Kitsap
19.7Trevor Adams9.47Central Kitsap
20.8Jacob Warren9.48John Sedgwick
21.8Arturo Moreno9.51Central Kitsap
22.9Matt Loynd9.54John Sedgwick
23.7Noah Andrews9.72John Sedgwick
24.7Jason Gordon9.80Central Kitsap
25.7Andrew Tower10.72Central Kitsap
26.8Brandon Forbes11.12Central Kitsap
27.7Jeffrey Burds11.58Central Kitsap
7Drew CampbellSCRCentral Kitsap
7Samuel ErichsenSCRCentral Kitsap
9Austin LittlewolfSCRJohn Sedgwick
7Ryan ZettySCRCentral Kitsap
7Corey WarrenSCRJohn Sedgwick
9Drake StenslandSCRJohn Sedgwick
8Cassidy ScanlonSCRJohn Sedgwick
7Lance JakeSCRJohn Sedgwick
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Noah Sterling11.78John Sedgwick
2.8Brayden Maynard12.25John Sedgwick
3.9Max Janusch12.66Central Kitsap
4.8Clayton Hibbert12.81Central Kitsap
5.9Levi Dobson13.15John Sedgwick
6.8Aarion Rowen13.21Central Kitsap
7.8Maxx Whitney13.28Central Kitsap
8.8Chad Warrington13.49John Sedgwick
9.8Matthew Kim13.61Central Kitsap
10.7John Hazen13.72Central Kitsap
11.9Joseph Hudson13.77Central Kitsap
12.7John Moses13.81John Sedgwick
13.8Chelef Cruz13.93Central Kitsap
14.8Aleron DeGuzman13.94Central Kitsap
15.9Ryan Ramos14.00Central Kitsap
16.9Cole LaVigne14.06John Sedgwick
17.8Gideon Olson14.10John Sedgwick
18.9James Frantz14.27John Sedgwick
19.7Jared Christensen14.37Central Kitsap
20.8Ryan Pascual14.40Central Kitsap
21.7Trevor Adams14.67Central Kitsap
22.9Andrew Samuelson14.72Central Kitsap
23.8Josiah O'Neal14.73John Sedgwick
24.8Anthony Corso14.77John Sedgwick
25.7Evan Reim14.98John Sedgwick
26.8Jacob Warren15.08John Sedgwick
27.7Corey Warren15.17John Sedgwick
28.9Josh Fowler15.46Central Kitsap
29.7Noah Andrews15.61John Sedgwick
30.7Drew Campbell16.08Central Kitsap
31.7Calvin Fischer16.30Central Kitsap
32.8Benjemin Borson16.75Central Kitsap
33.7James Jeffery17.15John Sedgwick
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Noah Sterling24.52John Sedgwick
2.8Clayton Hibbert26.61Central Kitsap
3.9Austin Corbin26.73John Sedgwick
4.9Micah Lakin26.88John Sedgwick
5.8Maxx Whitney27.79Central Kitsap
6.9Josh Crillios28.05Central Kitsap
7.8Matthew Kim28.38Central Kitsap
8.8Mitch Ludlow28.40John Sedgwick
9.7John Hazen29.18Central Kitsap
10.9Luke Lee29.45John Sedgwick
11.9Austin Grannell30.06John Sedgwick
12.9Conner Carlson30.58Central Kitsap
13.7Dylan Sawyer33.62John Sedgwick
9Evan HubbardSCRCentral Kitsap
7Andrew TowerSCRCentral Kitsap
9Zach CoxSCRCentral Kitsap
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Blake Trujillo59.18Central Kitsap
2.8Mitch Ludlow1:01.65John Sedgwick
3.9Ryan Comstock1:01.67John Sedgwick
4.8Daniel Kelly1:01.74Central Kitsap
5.8Matthew Kim1:02.84Central Kitsap
6.9Justin Tibbs1:03.40Central Kitsap
7.9Austin Grannell1:08.98John Sedgwick
8.9Eric Winge1:09.03John Sedgwick
9.7Jared Christensen1:09.21Central Kitsap
10.7Christian Schwieterman1:10.24Central Kitsap
11.9Joe Diaz1:15.43John Sedgwick
12.7Dylan Sawyer1:19.17John Sedgwick
13.7Parker Michaels1:25.29John Sedgwick
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Austin Anderson2:20.19Central Kitsap
2.9Joel Corlew2:21.48Central Kitsap
3.7Blake Trujillo2:30.17Central Kitsap
4.9AJ Sandoval2:33.15Central Kitsap
5.9Lee Knapp2:34.41Central Kitsap
6.9Dustin Brewer2:34.97Central Kitsap
7.9Patrick Wheeler2:35.10John Sedgwick
8.8Christopher Baldoria2:35.18Central Kitsap
9.8Casey Drake2:37.27Central Kitsap
10.8Brenton Jackley2:42.37Central Kitsap
11.8Michael Shea2:44.56John Sedgwick
12.7Aidan Anderson2:45.71Central Kitsap
13.9Tristan Martin2:45.71John Sedgwick
14.7Kadon Anderson2:46.63Central Kitsap
15.7Christian Schwieterman2:47.11Central Kitsap
16.7Isaac Santos2:48.33John Sedgwick
17.8Sampson Alvarado2:48.71Central Kitsap
18.8Preston Williams2:49.10John Sedgwick
19.7Brandon Mulkins2:51.75Central Kitsap
20.9Patrick Moore3:01.39Central Kitsap
21.8Daniel Allen3:04.36Central Kitsap
22.7Trevor Adams3:06.38Central Kitsap
23.7Parker Michaels3:10.30John Sedgwick
7Cameron CarrollSCRCentral Kitsap
8Logan TaskerSCRJohn Sedgwick
9Rick WeberSCRJohn Sedgwick
8Mason VillarmaSCRJohn Sedgwick
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Austin Anderson5:01.01Central Kitsap
2.8Mason Villarma5:10.65John Sedgwick
3.7Cameron Carroll5:11.52Central Kitsap
4.9Joel Corlew5:17.81Central Kitsap
5.9Lee Knapp5:32.07Central Kitsap
6.9Dustin Brewer5:34.53Central Kitsap
7.8Erik Jorde5:34.88Central Kitsap
8.8Casey Drake5:36.23Central Kitsap
9.8Brenton Jackley5:38.15Central Kitsap
10.7Aidan Anderson5:40.60Central Kitsap
11.8Christopher Baldoria5:43.75Central Kitsap
12.7Isaac Santos5:46.82John Sedgwick
13.8Sampson Alvarado5:48.84Central Kitsap
14.9Tristan Martin5:50.63John Sedgwick
15.8Michael Shea5:57.07John Sedgwick
16.9Joshua Trapp5:59.17Central Kitsap
16.8Kai Hanssen-Keller5:59.17Central Kitsap
18.9Patrick Moore6:01.74Central Kitsap
18.7Christian Schwieterman6:01.74Central Kitsap
20.7Caleb Trapp6:14.22Central Kitsap
21.8Daniel Allen6:18.15Central Kitsap
22.7Parker Michaels6:28.50John Sedgwick
8Logan TaskerSCRJohn Sedgwick
8Kyle SamsonSCRCentral Kitsap
8Drew ScottSCRCentral Kitsap
X 75m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Isaac Sterling13.92John Sedgwick
2.9Zach Cox14.49Central Kitsap
3.9Jake Stanley14.54John Sedgwick
4.7Colin Gillespie14.65Central Kitsap
5.7Seth Earl14.87Central Kitsap
6.9Eric Winge14.94John Sedgwick
7.9Maja Carter14.95Central Kitsap
8.8Kyle Samson15.23Central Kitsap
9.8Arturo Moreno18.97Central Kitsap
10.7Curtis Holden28.42Central Kitsap
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Bryce Denis31.98Central Kitsap
2.9Zach Cox33.26Central Kitsap
3.8Aleron DeGuzman33.71Central Kitsap
4.9Luke Lee34.07John Sedgwick
5.8Daniel Kelly34.58Central Kitsap
6.7Seth Earl35.06Central Kitsap
7.9Rick Weber37.60John Sedgwick
8.7Lance Jake38.33John Sedgwick
9.7Corey Warren38.60John Sedgwick
10.7Calvin Fischer38.97Central Kitsap
11.9Joe Diaz39.74John Sedgwick
12.7Richard James40.77John Sedgwick
13.7Carson Sprecher40.90Central Kitsap
14.7Brandon Stanley41.57John Sedgwick
15.7James Jeffery42.99John Sedgwick
16.7Andrew Tower44.05Central Kitsap
17.7Jeffrey Burds49.18Central Kitsap
18.7Mason Pond51.49Central Kitsap
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Levi Dobson
Noah Sterling
Brayden Maynard
Xavier Wells
47.83John Sedgwick
2.-Aarion Rowen
Austin Fraizer
Maja Carter
Chelef Cruz
51.17Central Kitsap
3.-Dylan Sawyer
Dakota Fleck
Evan Reim
Josiah O'Neal
58.59John Sedgwick
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Austin Corbin
Levi Dobson
Chad Warrington
Isaac Sterling
1:46.93John Sedgwick
2.-Bryce Denis
Max Janusch
Taylor Soete
Maxx Whitney
1:47.30Central Kitsap
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Crillios
Joel Corlew
Cameron Carroll
Daniel Kelly
4:18.00Central Kitsap
2.-Relay Team 4:26.06Central Kitsap
3.-Mitch Ludlow
Joe Diaz
Eric Winge
Mason Villarma
4:35.10John Sedgwick
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.9Tristan Hartmann42-01.25John Sedgwick
2.9Ryan Comstock40-09.00John Sedgwick
3.8Brayden Maynard40-00.75John Sedgwick
4.8Jameson Johnson39-04.00Central Kitsap
5.9Christopher Hoare35-05.00Central Kitsap
6.9Carl Allen33-11.00John Sedgwick
7.9Talon Sorenson33-07.00John Sedgwick
8.9Jeff Zeng32-06.25Central Kitsap
9.9Travis Phillips32-06.00Central Kitsap
10.9James Frantz32-05.50John Sedgwick
11.9Tanner Lambert31-09.00Central Kitsap
12.8Kristian Kindschy30-03.25Central Kitsap
13.9Brenton Lambert30-03.00Central Kitsap
14.9Conner Carlson30-02.00Central Kitsap
15.9Drake Stensland29-07.00John Sedgwick
16.9Tristan Stewart28-07.25John Sedgwick
17.9Sammy Henderson28-05.75John Sedgwick
18.9Liam O'Brien27-03.00John Sedgwick
18.8Drew Scott27-03.00Central Kitsap
20.9Matt Loynd26-04.00John Sedgwick
21.8Jaxon Moffett25-07.00John Sedgwick
22.7Jack Shaffer25-06.00John Sedgwick
23.7Kyle Smith25-04.75Central Kitsap
24.9Anthony Ruscigno24-00.50John Sedgwick
25.8Curtis Keat24-00.00John Sedgwick
26.7Charles McCarty23-09.25Central Kitsap
27.7Brandon Coulter23-05.50Central Kitsap
28.7Matthew Plyler23-05.00Central Kitsap
28.9Erik Naumann23-05.00Central Kitsap
30.7Jared Christensen23-01.00Central Kitsap
30.8Ian VanGesen23-01.00John Sedgwick
32.7Eric Stanley23-00.50John Sedgwick
33.7Jeffrey Burds22-03.00Central Kitsap
34.7Daniel Ferguson21-10.50John Sedgwick
35.7Jacob Baldridge20-03.50Central Kitsap
36.7Kyle Goethals19-05.00Central Kitsap
7Ben RinehartSCRCentral Kitsap
7Joshua SmithSCRCentral Kitsap
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Andrew Thoresen104-06Central Kitsap
2.8Jameson Johnson100-05Central Kitsap
3.9Brenton Lambert96-10Central Kitsap
4.9James Frantz90-04John Sedgwick
5.9Travis Phillips89-06Central Kitsap
6.9Levi Dobson89-01John Sedgwick
7.9Drake Stensland85-07John Sedgwick
8.9Liam O'Brien83-09John Sedgwick
9.8Anthony Corso81-00John Sedgwick
10.9Patrick Wheeler79-11John Sedgwick
11.9Tanner Lambert76-06Central Kitsap
11.8Hayden Gillum76-06Central Kitsap
13.8Jaxon Moffett74-07John Sedgwick
14.9Micah Lakin72-03John Sedgwick
14.9Luke Lee72-03John Sedgwick
16.8Kristian Kindschy71-10Central Kitsap
17.9Tristan Martin71-03John Sedgwick
18.9Jeff Zeng71-00Central Kitsap
19.7Jack Shaffer67-06John Sedgwick
20.7Daniel Ferguson66-00John Sedgwick
21.7Matthew Plyler64-10Central Kitsap
22.9Erik Naumann64-05Central Kitsap
23.8Curtis Keat61-05John Sedgwick
24.7Charles McCarty59-09Central Kitsap
25.9Tristan Stewart59-07John Sedgwick
25.8Jacob Warren59-07John Sedgwick
27.9Austin Corbin59-03John Sedgwick
28.9Matt Loynd57-07John Sedgwick
29.8Alex Alonzo55-11Central Kitsap
30.8Ian VanGesen55-02John Sedgwick
31.7Brandon Coulter52-02Central Kitsap
32.7Eric Stanley49-01John Sedgwick
33.9Anthony Ruscigno48-07John Sedgwick
34.9Eric Winge44-11John Sedgwick
35.7Isaac Lee41-09John Sedgwick
8Austin FrazierNDCentral Kitsap
9Ryan ComstockNDJohn Sedgwick
8Preston WilliamsNDJohn Sedgwick
7Reid CarrollSCRCentral Kitsap
7Kyle SegermanNDCentral Kitsap
9Christopher HoareSCRCentral Kitsap
8Halden TillySCRCentral Kitsap
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.9Tristan Hartmann143-00John Sedgwick
2.8Austin Frazier138-04Central Kitsap
3.8Andrew Thoresen129-02Central Kitsap
4.7Jack Shaffer117-08John Sedgwick
5.9Jake Stanley117-00John Sedgwick
6.9Kristopher Highfield91-03Central Kitsap
7.7Eric Stanley88-02John Sedgwick
8.8Cassidy Scanlon88-00John Sedgwick
9.8Ian VanGesen87-09John Sedgwick
10.8Benjemin Borson83-07Central Kitsap
11.7Jared Christensen83-00Central Kitsap
12.8Alex Alonzo81-08Central Kitsap
13.8Jaxon Moffett80-08John Sedgwick
14.9Dakota Fleck78-01John Sedgwick
15.9Drake Stensland77-04John Sedgwick
16.7Seth Earl76-05Central Kitsap
17.7Colin Gillespie75-02Central Kitsap
18.7Jacob Baldridge73-07Central Kitsap
19.7Kyle Smith70-00Central Kitsap
20.7Brandon Stanley69-01John Sedgwick
21.8Curtis Keat63-05John Sedgwick
22.7Charles McCarty60-09Central Kitsap
23.9Chris Boehs60-07John Sedgwick
24.9Rick Weber53-09John Sedgwick
25.9Matt Loynd53-02John Sedgwick
26.7Kyle Goethals52-03Central Kitsap
27.7Jeffrey Burds49-01Central Kitsap
28.7Isaac Lee48-08John Sedgwick
29.7Brandon Coulter40-00Central Kitsap
30.7Curtis Holden37-01Central Kitsap
31.7Kyle Segerman36-01Central Kitsap
32.9Austin Grannell31-07John Sedgwick
7Joshua SmithSCRCentral Kitsap
7Matthew PlylerSCRCentral Kitsap
7Reid CarrollSCRCentral Kitsap
9Maja CarterSCRCentral Kitsap
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Xavier Wells5-02.00John Sedgwick
2.9Justin Tibbs5-00.00Central Kitsap
3.9Ryan Comstock4-10.00John Sedgwick
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Xavier Wells18-05.00John Sedgwick
2.9Justin Tibbs17-00.00Central Kitsap
3.9Max Janusch16-11.00Central Kitsap
4.8Clayton Hibbert15-04.00Central Kitsap
5.9Tristan Hartmann14-10.00John Sedgwick
5.7Kyle Gordon14-02.00Central Kitsap
6.8Daniel Kelly14-02.00Central Kitsap
8.9Patrick Wheeler14-01.00John Sedgwick
9.8Gideon Olson14-00.00John Sedgwick
10.9Ryan Ramos13-05.00Central Kitsap
11.7Evan Reim13-04.00John Sedgwick
11.8Michael Shea13-04.00John Sedgwick
13.8Josiah O'Neal13-01.00John Sedgwick
14.7John Moses12-10.00John Sedgwick
14.9Michael Goethals12-10.00Central Kitsap
16.7Jason Gordon12-09.00Central Kitsap
17.9Luke Lee12-08.00John Sedgwick
18.7Dylan Sawyer12-07.00John Sedgwick
18.8Aleron DeGuzman12-07.00Central Kitsap
20.9Kristopher Highfield12-06.00Central Kitsap
20.9Tristan Stewart12-06.00John Sedgwick
22.9Patrick Moore12-01.00Central Kitsap
22.7Colin Gillespie12-01.00Central Kitsap
24.7Noah Andrews11-07.00John Sedgwick
25.7Carson Sprecher11-06.00Central Kitsap
25.8Benjemin Borson11-06.00Central Kitsap
27.7Calvin Fischer11-05.00Central Kitsap
28.9Dakota Fleck11-01.00John Sedgwick
28.7Richard James11-01.00John Sedgwick
30.8Brandon Forbes9-07.00Central Kitsap
31.7Kyle Segerman9-03.00Central Kitsap
8Arturo MorenoNDCentral Kitsap
7Seth EarlSCRCentral Kitsap
9Zach CoxSCRCentral Kitsap
7Curtis HoldenNDCentral Kitsap

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kylee Platt9.20John Sedgwick
2.8Paola Nicole Ramirez9.29Central Kitsap
3.9Kendra Fields9.33Central Kitsap
4.9Kaitlyn Corbin9.58John Sedgwick
5.8Sarah Bell9.58John Sedgwick
6.9Alyssa Fink9.65Central Kitsap
7.8Marina Rowen9.74Central Kitsap
8.8Krysten Bjorkheim9.77John Sedgwick
9.8Haley Ruth9.80Central Kitsap
10.9Gemelin Lozada9.89Central Kitsap
11.9Maya Sanchez10.00John Sedgwick
12.7Charlotte Hennegan10.03Central Kitsap
13.7Delaney Bartlett10.05Central Kitsap
14.7Anna Lowery10.14Central Kitsap
15.8Karly Easterday10.27John Sedgwick
16.7Madison Largey10.28Central Kitsap
17.7Logan Grisby10.29Central Kitsap
18.8Reagen Kovacevich10.34John Sedgwick
19.8Chloe Orr10.35Central Kitsap
20.7Precious Medina10.37Central Kitsap
21.7Morgan Carr10.41Central Kitsap
22.7Jordan Eller10.48Central Kitsap
23.9Madison Hall10.48Central Kitsap
24.8Amy Matchell10.48Central Kitsap
25.8Haylee McLemore10.51Central Kitsap
26.8Mikayla Williams10.51Central Kitsap
27.8Chloe Parson10.54Central Kitsap
28.7Amberlee Crowther10.64Central Kitsap
29.7Kaitlyn Wilson10.69Central Kitsap
30.7Ashlee Thomas10.75Central Kitsap
31.7Bailee Kramer10.84Central Kitsap
32.7Kennedy Hamilton11.04John Sedgwick
33.7Amanda Ford11.06Central Kitsap
34.7Josie Alvarado11.17Central Kitsap
35.9Alyssa Nielsen11.64Central Kitsap
36.7Emily Soth11.69Central Kitsap
37.8Sarah Lundy11.81John Sedgwick
7Natalie OlsonSCRJohn Sedgwick
8Tessa Van ParysSCRJohn Sedgwick
9Taylor BergSCRCentral Kitsap
7Karissa KlahrSCRCentral Kitsap
7Emily OleacheaSCRCentral Kitsap
7Kayla ReutherSCRCentral Kitsap
7Chance BargSCRCentral Kitsap
7Yasmin Escobar-MorenoSCRCentral Kitsap
8Melanie JohnsonSCRCentral Kitsap
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kendra Fields14.57Central Kitsap
2.8Paola Nicole Ramirez14.87Central Kitsap
3.9Kaitlyn Corbin15.19John Sedgwick
4.7Seffie Savage15.29John Sedgwick
5.7Hannah Jacobs15.32Central Kitsap
6.7Gabrielle Chaten15.35John Sedgwick
7.7Analise Burko15.41John Sedgwick
8.8Sarah Bell15.42John Sedgwick
9.8Marina Rowen15.48Central Kitsap
10.8Haley Ruth15.62Central Kitsap
11.8Dimity Watson15.75Central Kitsap
12.7Kameryn Wessel15.76John Sedgwick
13.7Rachel Lutovsky15.83John Sedgwick
14.8Krysten Bjorkheim15.84John Sedgwick
15.9Gemelin Lozada15.88Central Kitsap
16.9Alyssa Fink15.89Central Kitsap
16.9Maya Sanchez15.89John Sedgwick
18.7Katie Thorsen15.90Central Kitsap
19.7Delaney Bartlett15.94Central Kitsap
20.7Madison Largey16.08Central Kitsap
21.7Jordan Eller16.26Central Kitsap
22.8Kylee Sullivan16.28John Sedgwick
23.8Haylee McLemore16.35Central Kitsap
24.9Shaila Bolger16.44John Sedgwick
25.7Morgan Carr16.44Central Kitsap
26.7Logan Grisby16.50Central Kitsap
27.7Precious Medina16.65Central Kitsap
28.8Reagen Kovacevich16.69John Sedgwick
29.7Anna Lowery16.70Central Kitsap
30.7Hannah Fergus16.70Central Kitsap
31.8Amy Matchell16.71Central Kitsap
32.8Chloe Parson16.74Central Kitsap
33.7Kim Hutchinson16.97Central Kitsap
34.7Kaitlyn Wilson17.01Central Kitsap
35.8Mikayla Williams17.13Central Kitsap
36.7Josie Alvarado17.16Central Kitsap
37.7Kaile Brant17.23Central Kitsap
38.8Allison Varner17.28Central Kitsap
39.8Siobhan Fay17.34John Sedgwick
40.7Julia Bagley17.40John Sedgwick
41.7Amanda Ford17.42Central Kitsap
42.7Kennedy Hamilton17.46John Sedgwick
43.7Arian Boehs17.82John Sedgwick
44.7Destinie Miner18.27John Sedgwick
45.9Kaylee Walter18.43John Sedgwick
46.9Alyssa Nielsen18.47Central Kitsap
47.7Bailee Kramer23.48Central Kitsap
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Emma Engelland30.62Central Kitsap
2.9Mary Shaffer31.08John Sedgwick
3.8Dimity Watson31.96Central Kitsap
4.8Sarah Bell32.03John Sedgwick
5.7Gabrielle Chaten32.50John Sedgwick
6.7Kjersten Hillers33.07Central Kitsap
7.8Kylin Winger33.92Central Kitsap
8.8Krysten Bjorkheim34.24John Sedgwick
9.7Kayla Reuther34.92Central Kitsap
10.7Morgan Carr36.08Central Kitsap
11.7Julia Bagley37.19John Sedgwick
12.8Allison Varner37.53Central Kitsap
13.9Kaylee Walter40.50John Sedgwick
14.7Emily Soth46.25Central Kitsap
7Analise BurkoSCRJohn Sedgwick
9Shaila BolgerSCRJohn Sedgwick
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Kjersten Hillers1:11.88Central Kitsap
2.8Jarey Fulford1:13.24John Sedgwick
3.8Morgan Stout1:13.75Central Kitsap
4.7Monica Nation1:14.94John Sedgwick
5.7Hayley Wolf1:18.26John Sedgwick
6.7Chloe Meyers1:19.52John Sedgwick
7.7Yasmin Escobar-Moreno1:21.84Central Kitsap
8.7Angelina Hebert1:38.04John Sedgwick
7Chance BargSCRCentral Kitsap
8Kylin WingerSCRCentral Kitsap
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Rose Christen2:25.91Central Kitsap
2.9Natalie Kathan2:51.26John Sedgwick
3.7Madison Largey3:01.67Central Kitsap
4.7Hayley Wolf3:03.72John Sedgwick
5.7Kaylie Brown3:04.75John Sedgwick
6.7Kim Hutchinson3:07.14Central Kitsap
7.9Kylee Matala3:09.51John Sedgwick
8Jarey FulfordSCRJohn Sedgwick
9Sophie CarrollSCRCentral Kitsap
8Eleanor MillerSCRJohn Sedgwick
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sophie Carroll5:49.70aCentral Kitsap
2.8Taylor Krouse5:56.79aCentral Kitsap
3.9Natalie Kathan5:56.81John Sedgwick
4.7Kaylie Brown6:37.93John Sedgwick
5.9Kylee Matala6:38.75John Sedgwick
8Eleanor MillerSCRJohn Sedgwick
9Rose ChristenSCRCentral Kitsap
X 75m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Seffie Savage14.41John Sedgwick
2.9Jasmine Ford14.47Central Kitsap
3.9Ashley Mimaki15.04Central Kitsap
4.9Madison Hall15.22Central Kitsap
5.9Mary Shaffer15.36John Sedgwick
6.7Kameryn Wessel15.62John Sedgwick
7.8Kelly Schulz15.72Central Kitsap
8.9Emily Wyma16.08Central Kitsap
9.9Mattie Morris16.46John Sedgwick
10.8Ellie Sullivan17.44Central Kitsap
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Emma Engelland33.38Central Kitsap
2.9Jasmine Ford34.22Central Kitsap
3.9Emily Wyma35.10Central Kitsap
4.9Mary Shaffer35.53John Sedgwick
5.7Seffie Savage36.00John Sedgwick
6.7Melissa Johnson36.91Central Kitsap
7.8Kelly Schulz36.92Central Kitsap
8.9Stella Kim37.78Central Kitsap
9.7Katie Thorsen38.29Central Kitsap
10.7Kameryn Wessel38.51John Sedgwick
11.7Nicole Nelson40.17John Sedgwick
12.7Chloe Meyers40.74John Sedgwick
13.7Kim Hutchinson41.95Central Kitsap
14.9Madison Hall42.07Central Kitsap
15.7Amanda Ford43.24Central Kitsap
16.9Mattie Morris44.77John Sedgwick
17.7Ashlee Thomas46.82Central Kitsap
18.9Gillian Stockwell47.23John Sedgwick
19.7Emily Soth52.75Central Kitsap
7Emily OleacheaSCRCentral Kitsap
8Madysen JasoSCRCentral Kitsap
7Hannah JacobsSCRCentral Kitsap
7Kaile BrantSCRCentral Kitsap
8Ellie SullivanSCRCentral Kitsap
7Isa BolarSCRCentral Kitsap
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 57.16Central Kitsap
2.-Jasmine Ford
Marina Rowen
Carly Jankowski
Kendra Fields
1:00.16Central Kitsap
3.-Kylee Sullivan
Monica Nation
Kaylie Brown
Chloe Meyers
1:01.43John Sedgwick
4.-Relay Team 1:02.54John Sedgwick
5.-Jorden Kirby
Chloe Duryea
Paige Fletcher
Virginia Sellers
1:04.76John Sedgwick
6.-Rachel Lutovsky
Gabrielle Chaten
Julia Bagley
Kennedy Hamilton
1:04.98John Sedgwick
7.-Relay Team 1:09.23John Sedgwick
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Erin Moore
Ashley Mimaki
Samantha Williams
Emma Engelland
2:05.52Central Kitsap
2.-Destinie Miner
Arian Boehs
Kylee Sullivan
Kameryn Wessel
2:21.82John Sedgwick
3.-Mattie Morris
Kaylee Walter
Gillian Stockwell
Nicole Nelson
2:29.43John Sedgwick
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Melissa Johnson
Chance Barg
Rose Christen
Taylor Krouse
4:39.19Central Kitsap
2.-Jarey Fulford
Eleanor Miller
Emily Easterday
Natalie Kathan
4:57.24John Sedgwick
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kathleen Fenton30-09.00John Sedgwick
2.9Alicia Peel27-04.00Central Kitsap
3.9Mary Sellers25-03.00John Sedgwick
4.9Ariana Canter24-07.50John Sedgwick
5.8Kendall Campana24-03.00Central Kitsap
6.7Kaitlyn Wilson23-02.00Central Kitsap
7.9Jane Corlew22-03.75Central Kitsap
8.7Isa Bolar22-00.50Central Kitsap
9.7Anna Lowery20-07.75Central Kitsap
10.8Elaine Samuels19-09.00Central Kitsap
11.8Siobhan Fay19-06.75John Sedgwick
12.8Alicia Vondersmith17-07.75Central Kitsap
13.7Jocelyn Griffith16-03.50Central Kitsap
9Hannah CrowSCRCentral Kitsap
9Caitlin GilbertSCRCentral Kitsap
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kathleen Fenton58-02John Sedgwick
2.9Hannah Crow52-11Central Kitsap
3.8Carin Trei51-00Central Kitsap
4.9Alicia Peel49-11Central Kitsap
5.9Ariana Canter44-05John Sedgwick
6.9Jane Corlew44-02Central Kitsap
7.9Mary Sellers42-03John Sedgwick
8.9Sarah Rock36-09Central Kitsap
9.9Jasmine May35-04John Sedgwick
10.8Ashley Gainer31-05Central Kitsap
11.8Alicia Vondersmith30-00Central Kitsap
8Kendall CampanaSCRCentral Kitsap
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.8Taylor Krouse79-00Central Kitsap
2.9Alicia Peel77-06Central Kitsap
3.8Kathleen Fenton73-00John Sedgwick
4.9Ariana Canter71-03John Sedgwick
5.9Erin Moore63-01Central Kitsap
6.9Jasmine May52-06John Sedgwick
7.8Carin Trei49-08Central Kitsap
8.9Jane Corlew48-02Central Kitsap
9.7Monica Nation47-07John Sedgwick
10.7Nicole Nelson42-08John Sedgwick
11.8Chloe Duryea42-06John Sedgwick
12.7Chloe Meyers40-07John Sedgwick
13.7Angelina Hebert39-05John Sedgwick
14.8Jorden Kirby37-09John Sedgwick
15.9Sarah Rock34-01Central Kitsap
16.8Virginia Sellers28-04John Sedgwick
17.8Siobhan Fay22-08John Sedgwick
9Hannah CrowNDCentral Kitsap
7Josie AlvaradoSCRCentral Kitsap
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.7Emma Engelland4-06.00Central Kitsap
2.7Starr Rodenhurst4-04.00Central Kitsap
3.8Taylor Krouse4-02.00Central Kitsap
4.7Charlotte Hennegan4-00.00Central Kitsap
5.9Jasmine Ford4-00.00Central Kitsap
6.9Shaila Bolger4-00.00John Sedgwick
7.8Paige Fletcher4-00.00John Sedgwick
8.8Jarey Fulford3-10.00John Sedgwick
9.8Eleanor Miller3-10.00John Sedgwick
10.9Natalie Kathan3-08.00John Sedgwick
10.8Reagen Kovacevich3-08.00John Sedgwick
7Hannah FergusNHCentral Kitsap
9Carly JankowskiSCRCentral Kitsap
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kendra Fields12-03.00Central Kitsap
2.9Emily Wyma12-00.00Central Kitsap
3.9Kaitlyn Corbin12-00.00John Sedgwick
4.8Kylee Platt11-06.00John Sedgwick
5.8Ellie Sullivan11-06.00Central Kitsap
6.8Haley Ruth11-03.00Central Kitsap
7.8Carin Trei11-02.00Central Kitsap
8.9Emily Easterday11-02.00John Sedgwick
9.8Chloe Parson11-01.00Central Kitsap
10.8Haylee McLemore10-11.00Central Kitsap
10.8Reagen Kovacevich10-11.00John Sedgwick
12.7Amanda Ford10-08.00Central Kitsap
12.8Katrina Ellringer10-08.00Central Kitsap
14.8Karly Easterday10-06.00John Sedgwick
15.8Siobhan Fay10-05.00John Sedgwick
16.8Amy Matchell10-02.00Central Kitsap
16.7Josie Alvarado10-02.00Central Kitsap
16.9Madison Hall10-02.00Central Kitsap
19.8Chloe Duryea10-01.00John Sedgwick
20.9Alyssa Fink9-11.00Central Kitsap
21.9Amanda Mitchell9-10.00John Sedgwick
22.7Kaile Brant9-05.00Central Kitsap
23.8Jorden Kirby9-03.00John Sedgwick
24.7Jordan Eller9-01.00Central Kitsap
25.7Yasmin Escobar-Moreno9-00.00Central Kitsap
26.8Elaine Samuels8-10.00Central Kitsap
27.8Virginia Sellers8-09.00John Sedgwick
28.8Sarah Lundy8-05.00John Sedgwick
29.9Hannah Crow7-00.00Central Kitsap
9Caitlin GilbertSCRCentral Kitsap
7Jocelyn GriffithSCRCentral Kitsap
7Precious MedinaSCRCentral Kitsap
8Loralei BruceSCRCentral Kitsap
9Taylor BergSCRCentral Kitsap
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