Tigard USATF Meet

Saturday, May 14, 2011
  Tigard HS, Tigard - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.8UCharley VerKamp16.28Sherwood Track
1.8UJase Derry17.59Sherwood Track
2.8UJeffery Osborn18.40Sherwood Track
3.8UMatthew Doyel18.50Sherwood Track
8UJacob Agresta19.6Troutdale Track
X 100 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Jalen Brown13.65Allegiance Athletic
1.9-10Jobadiah Malary14.00Pace Setter Athletic
1.9-10Tanner Marquardt14.88Pace Setter Athletic
1.9-10Emanuel Steward15.03Allegiance Athletic
2.9-10Solomon Bandy15.87Sherwood Track
3.9-10Gearicen Campbell16.32Allegiance Athletic
9-10Luke Shaw18.38Sherwood Track
9-10Regan Palmer18.68Sherwood Track
6.9-10Caiden Junkin19.06Sherwood Track
6.9-10Jack Murphy19.06Sherwood Track
9-10Samuel Quaglio20.54Sherwood Track
5.9-10Kyle Jarman22.2Sherwood Track
6.9-10Matthew Macaulay24.72Sherwood Track
X 100 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Isaiah Frazier14.03Allegiance Athletic
1.11-12Spencer Junkin14.14Sherwood Track
1.11-12Cameron Huske14.31Sherwood Track
3.11-12Keonte McMurrin14.62Allegiance Athletic
11-12Tyson Powell14.99Wilsonville Track
4.11-12Treveon Jones15.62Allegiance Athletic
5.11-12Garrett Allen16.52Sherwood Track
11-12Justin Fisher16.93Trinity Track
8.11-12Joshua Quaglio18.18Sherwood Track
6.11-12Preston Reed18.22Sherwood Track
11-12Brooks PedennSherwood Track
X 100 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Julius Shellmire11.97Allegiance Athletic
13-14Rocky Martin12.18Step ur Game Up
3.13-14David Morris13.09Sherwood Track
1.Tremayne Livingston13.13Allegiance Athletic
2.13-14Brandon Brown13.29Allegiance Athletic
13-14Joshua Cooks13.54Troutdale Track
4.13-14Thomas Miles14.19Allegiance Athletic
5.13-14Christian Doyle14.48Sherwood Track
1.13-14Brandon Thompson14.58Sherwood Track
6.13-14Karrington Blacknall14.66Allegiance Athletic
5.13-14Samual Gregg15.24Pace Setter Athletic
13-14Jordon Fornof16.3Trinity Track
X 100 Meters - Young Men Women - Finals
15-16Tyler Forrester11.58Trinity Track
X 200 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8UJeffery Osborn46.2Sherwood Track
X 200 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Jalen Brown29.15Allegiance Athletic
2.9-10Emanuel Steward33.28Allegiance Athletic
9-10Solomon Bandy33.46Sherwood Track
4.9-10Gearicen Campbell37.21Allegiance Athletic
X 200 Meters - Midget - Finals
11-12Spencer Junkin29.84Sherwood Track
11-12Brooks Peden30.56Sherwood Track
11-12Cameron Huske31.84Sherwood Track
4.11-12Treveon Jones32.15Allegiance Athletic
11-12Alex Calhoun35.72Sherwood Track
X 200 Meters - Youth - Finals
3.Tremayne Livingston25.66Allegiance Athletic
2.13-14Cornelious Berry27.56Allegiance Athletic
13-14Joshua Cooks28.31Troutdale Track
4.13-14Brandon Brown28.37Allegiance Athletic
2.13-14Thomas Miles29.06Allegiance Athletic
3.13-14Karrington Blacknall29.34Allegiance Athletic
X 200 Meters - Young Men Women - Finals
15-16Tyler Forrester23.84Trinity Track
X 400 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.8UCharley VerKamp1:17.62Sherwood Track
2.8UJase Derry1:30.02Sherwood Track
5.9-10Kyle Jarman1:45.37Sherwood Track
6.8UIsaac Neill-Jones2:02.09Sherwood Track
X 400 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Jalen Brown1:11.72Allegiance Athletic
1.9-10Jobadiah Malary1:13.41Pace Setter Athletic
1.9-10Solomon Bandy1:14.78Sherwood Track
4.9-10Tanner Marquardt1:17.21Pace Setter Athletic
9-10Tucker Olson1:18.34Trinity Track
9-10Justin Panaitescu1:26.68Trinity Track
9-10Cole Powell1:31.93Wilsonville Track
6.9-10Keelin Humble1:34.37Sherwood Track
5.9-10Gearicen Campbell1:35.09Allegiance Athletic
X 400 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Michael Jordan1:06.99Allegiance Athletic
1.11-12Keonte McMurrin1:09.06Allegiance Athletic
3.11-12Deklan Humble1:15.93Sherwood Track
11-12Justin Fisher1:29Trinity Track
X 400 Meters - Youth - Finals
13-14Rocky Martin55.96Step ur Game Up
1.13-14David Morris1:01.43Sherwood Track
2.Tremayne Livingston1:01.68Allegiance Athletic
1.13-14Brandon Brown1:02.00Allegiance Athletic
2.13-14Brandon Thompson1:02.77Sherwood Track
13-14Satterwhite Sean1:03.58Trinity Track
13-14Joshua Cooks65.02Troutdale Track
3.13-14Karrington Blacknall1:05.53Allegiance Athletic
7.13-14Samual Gregg1:11.75Pace Setter Athletic
6.13-14Thomas Miles1:1109Allegiance Athletic
X 400 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
15-16Logan Scroggy59.64Trinity Track
15-16Lukie Lowe66.43Troutdale Track
X 400 Meters - Young Men Women - Finals
15-16Tyler Forrester53.93Trinity Track
15-16Cameron Straton56.59Trinity Track
X 800 Meters - Bantam - Finals
9-10Tucker Olson3:04.46Trinity Track
4.9-10Ariel Gomez3:05.00Allegiance Athletic
6.9-10Andrew Allison3:23.55Sherwood Track
2.8UJeffery Osborn3:48.81Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Isaiah Sims2:28.96Allegiance Athletic
13-14Brandon Thompson2:34.64Sherwood Track
13-14Satterwhite Sean2:40.09Trinity Track
13-14Andrew Frerichs2:41.81Sherwood Track
9.13-14Matt O'Brien2:49.49Allegiance Athletic
13-14Andrew Hurley2:52.14Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
15-16Logan Scroggy2:22.35Trinity Track
13-14Samuel Davies2:22.59Trinity Track
X 1500 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Ariel Gomez5:49.56Allegiance Athletic
2.9-10Andrew Allison6:02.18Sherwood Track
5.9-10Keelin Humble6:51.18Sherwood Track
X 1500 Meters - Midget - Finals
2.11-12Deklan Humble5:25.61Sherwood Track
11-12Zachary Daniels6:04.37Troutdale Track
11-12Joshua Quaglio6:16.55Sherwood Track
9-10Travis Dickson6:18.0Troutdale Track
X 1500 Meters - Youth - Finals
13-14Justin Miller5:04.38Step ur Game Up
3.13-14Isaiah Sims5:06.06Allegiance Athletic
4.13-14Andrew Frerichs5:20.9Sherwood Track
13-14Micah Steeves5:40.97Trinity Track
8.13-14Matt O'Brien5:45.90Allegiance Athletic
13-14Tyler Irvin6:03.41Sherwood Track
13-14Anthony Bithell6:18.58Sherwood Track
X 3000 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Ariel Gomez12:07.00Allegiance Athletic
X 3000 Meters - Midget - Finals
3.11-12Hunter Whitehead11:45.9Sherwood Track
X 3000 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Spencer Grant10:18.76Sherwood Track
4.13-14Nobuki Yaso11:59.5Sherwood Track
5.13-14Connor Grant12:15.70Sherwood Track
4.13-14Matt O'Brien12:22.00Allegiance Athletic
X 3000 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
13-14Samuel Davies10:49.0Trinity Track
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Midget - Finals
5.11-12Alex Calhoun17.56Sherwood Track
11-12Devon Mickels19.18Troutdale Track
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Midget - Finals
80m11-12Tyson Powell17.81Wilsonville Track
X 4x100 Relay - Midget - Finals
2.-Isaiah Frazier
Keonte McMurrin
Treveon Jones
Michael Jordan
56.44Allegiance Athletic
-Justin Fisher
Dean Harrison
Jake Mager
Panaitescu CJ
1:10.78Trinity Track
X 4x100 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Tremayne Livingston
Brandon Brown
Cornelious Berry
Julius Shellmire
50.25Allegiance Athletic
3.-Jared Hawk
Andrew Hurley
Cameron Huske
Christian Doyle
57.36Sherwood Track
X 4x400 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Isaiah Sims
Thomas Miles
Karrington Blacknall
Tremayne Livingston
4:34.16Allegiance Athletic
X 4x800 Relay - Youth - Finals
2.-Trevor Grant
Connor Grant
Spencer Grant
Alex Calhoun
11:42.90Sherwood Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Bantam - Finals
2.9-10Tanner Marquardt18' 2"Pace Setter Athletic
4.9-10Elijah Gregg16'6"Pace Setter Athletic
6.9-10Samuel Quaglio13'6"Sherwood Track
9-10Regan Palmer13'1"Sherwood Track
9-10Matthew Derania12'10"Sherwood Track
9-10Matthew Macaulay9'7"Sherwood Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Brady Pierce28'3"Sherwood Track
11-12Garrett Allen21'7"Sherwood Track
11-12Jake Mager15'8Trinity Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Youth - Finals
4.13-14Joshua Spears26."10'Allegiance Athletic
13-14Micah Steeves23'6Trinity Track
13-14Dylan Block15'6"Sherwood Track
X Shot Put - 8lb - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Solomon Spears34'11"Allegiance Athletic
X Shot Put - 4kg - Youth - Finals
13-14Jordon Fornof23'2Trinity Track
X Shot Put - 12lb - Intermediate - Finals
15-16Alec Fappas27'Troutdale Track
X Shot Put - 12lb - Young Men Women - Finals
15-16Tyler Forrester28'Trinity Track
X Discus - 1kg - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Brady Pierce74'1"Sherwood Track
4.11-12Garrett Allen58'1.5"Sherwood Track
6.11-12Garrett Schweigert52'8.75Sherwood Track
11-12Devon Mickels46'10"Troutdale Track
X Discus - 1kg - Youth - Finals
3.13-14Joshua Spears78"11.5'Allegiance Athletic
13-14Jared Hawk54'Sherwood Track
13-14Dylan Block36'5"Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Sub-Bantam - Finals
2.8UMatthew Doyel47.9Sherwood Track
4.8UJeffery Osborn36.2Sherwood Track
5.9-10Kyle Jarman35.5Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Tanner Marquardt96'1"Pace Setter Athletic
2.9-10Brycien Campbell77'5Allegiance Athletic
9-10Tucker Olson50'4Trinity Track
11.9-10Samuel Quaglio43'3Sherwood Track
9-10Jack Murphy38'11Sherwood Track
9-10Seth Frerichs29'2Sherwood Track
9-10Matthew Derania25'5Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Midget - Finals
11-12Spencer Junkin70'9"Sherwood Track
9-10Travis Dickson46'8"Troutdale Track
X Javelin - 400g TJ - Bantam - Finals
9-10Cole Powell32'9"Wilsonville Track
X Javelin - 600g - Youth - Finals
5.13-14Jared Hawk75.8Sherwood Track
13-14Christian Doyle70.6Sherwood Track
13-14Anthony Bithell66.5Sherwood Track
13-14Dennis Spencer57'Troutdale Track
13-14Dylan Block36.4Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 800g - Youth - Finals
13-14Satterwhite Sean80'2Trinity Track
13-14Micah Steeves55'1Trinity Track
13-14Jordon Fornof41'10Trinity Track
X High Jump - Bantam - Finals
9-10Tucker Olson3'6Trinity Track
X High Jump - Midget - Finals
8.11-12Brooks Peden4'6Sherwood Track
11-12Justin Fisher3'2Trinity Track
X High Jump - Youth - Finals
13-14Dennis Spencer3'6"Troutdale Track
X High Jump - Intermediate - Finals
13-14Samuel Davies4'6Trinity Track
X High Jump - Young Men Women - Finals
15-16Tyler Forrester5'2Trinity Track
X Long Jump - Sub-Bantam - Finals
3.8UMatthew Doyel8'4.5"Sherwood Track
4.8UJase Derry7'1"Sherwood Track
X Long Jump - Bantam - Finals
3.9-10Jobadiah Malary11'7"Pace Setter Athletic
9-10Tucker Olson9'9.75Trinity Track
9-10Cole Powell9'6"Wilsonville Track
9-10Jack Murphy8'.5"Sherwood Track
9-10Caiden Junkin7'9.5"Sherwood Track
9-10Samuel Quaglio7'6"Sherwood Track
9-10Paul Smith7'5.25Trinity Track
X Long Jump - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Keonte McMurrin14'1"Allegiance Athletic
4.11-12Brooks Peden12'10"Sherwood Track
11-12Tyson Powell12'6.25"Wilsonville Track
11-12Alex Calhoun10'6"Sherwood Track
11-12Zachary Daniels10'4.5"Troutdale Track
11-12Justin Fisher9'0.5Trinity Track
X Long Jump - Youth - Finals
4.13-14Samual Gregg12'6.5"Pace Setter Athletic
13-14Dennis Spencer10'9.5"Troutdale Track
X Long Jump - Intermediate - Finals
13-14Andy Pham17'2"Troutdale Track
X Long Jump - Young Men Women - Finals
15-16Tyler Forrester19'7Trinity Track
15-16Ben Smtih19'6Trinity Track
9-10Sam Smith10'5Trinity Track
X Triple Jump - Intermediate - Finals
13-14Andy Pham32'3.5"Troutdale Track
X Triple Jump - Young Men Women - Finals
15-16Ben Smtih39'1Trinity Track

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
13-14Emily Kelly13.34Trinity Track
1.8UMacy DeMeyer16.76Sherwood Track
8UKeziah Hollands17.51Allegiance Athletic
2.8UAmarei Bandy17.63Sherwood Track
2.8UCortay Wallace18.06Allegiance Athletic
4.8UJamela Ahmed18.19Allegiance Athletic
4.8UCynthia Waddell18.44Pace Setter Athletic
1.8UJada McKinney-Craig18.75Allegiance Athletic
7.8UCortney Wallace18.75Allegiance Athletic
6.8UXariya Kates18.99Allegiance Athletic
4.8UMeg McLaughlin19.10Sherwood Track
7.8ULydia Steward19.06Allegiance Athletic
5.8UKyeese Hollands19.41Allegiance Athletic
5.8Usophia Brown20.08Sherwood Track
8UBailee Olson20.12Trinity Track
11-12Ashlen Serpa20.60Troutdale Track
8.8UMegan Murphy24.19Sherwood Track
X 100 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Dai'Auzhane Morris15.28Allegiance Athletic
1.9-10Justece McKinney-Craig15.42Allegiance Athletic
2.9-10Gillian Peden15.96Sherwood Track
3.9-10Alexie McKinney-Craig15.98Allegiance Athletic
9-10Jalynn Serpa16.60Troutdale Track
6.9-10Abbi Cordon16.68Sherwood Track
3.9-10Ramonni Cook16.78Allegiance Athletic
3.9-10Whitney Waddell16.82Pace Setter Athletic
6.9-10Delaney Bahns17.29Sherwood Track
7.9-10Hannah Ettelstein18.37Sherwood Track
3.9-10Meredith Lawson18.50Sherwood Track
5.9-10Lindsey Vaternick19.40Sherwood Track
6.9-10Zalazah Williams19.43Allegiance Athletic
7.9-10Seriah Spears19.84Allegiance Athletic
6.9-10Meghan Tognoli20.02Sherwood Track
7.9-10Hannah Karp20.24Sherwood Track
8.9-10Kassandra Gomez20.94Allegiance Athletic
X 100 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Aliyah Brown13.87Allegiance Athletic
2.11-12Sydney Kelly14.09Allegiance Athletic
1.11-12Emma Tognoli14.28Sherwood Track
2.11-12Helena Elkins14.36Sherwood Track
1.11-12McKenzie Jarman15.06Sherwood Track
4.11-12Xitlati Islas15.59Allegiance Athletic
5.11-12Paige Block16.06Sherwood Track
5.11-12Karley Johnson16.09Sherwood Track
5.11-12Megan Allen16.27Sherwood Track
6.11-12Kianna O'Sullivan16.25Sherwood Track
7.11-12Alison Shaw16.34Sherwood Track
11-12Beth Hirsch17.60Troutdale Track
8.11-12Nikole Kegg17.56Sherwood Track
11-12Shelby Moran18.09Troutdale Track
X 100 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Tori Sibley13.90Allegiance Athletic
4.13-14Rebekah Quaglio14.02Sherwood Track
13-14Audrey Johnson14.21Troutdale Track
3.13-14Harraine Chavers14.37Allegiance Athletic
6.13-14Mikala Otto14.46Sherwood Track
1.13-14Keylee Junkin14.59Sherwood Track
2.13-14Alyssa Walker14.66Sherwood Track
7.13-14Emily Price16.79Sherwood Track
8ULauren Fornof18.7Trinity Track
X 200 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8ULauren Fornof38.99Trinity Track
8UMacy DeMeyer39.52Sherwood Track
1.8UKeziah Hollands39.56Allegiance Athletic
2.8UJamela Ahmed39.81Allegiance Athletic
8UAmarei Bandy40.02Sherwood Track
5.8UCortay Wallace40.05Allegiance Athletic
4.8UCortney Wallace42.12Allegiance Athletic
3.8ULydia Steward42.67Allegiance Athletic
8UKyeese Hollands43.08Allegiance Athletic
5.8UXariya Kates44.10Allegiance Athletic
6.8UTaegan Kelsey44.15Allegiance Athletic
11-12Ashlen Serpa44.34Troutdale Track
8.8UJada McKinney-Craig44.56Allegiance Athletic
X 200 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Dai'Auzhane Morris33.37Allegiance Athletic
2.9-10Justece McKinney-Craig33.72Allegiance Athletic
4.9-10Alexie McKinney-Craig34.56Allegiance Athletic
9-10Jalynn Serpa35.40Troutdale Track
3.9-10Ramonni Cook38.75Allegiance Athletic
4.9-10Zalazah Williams43.75Allegiance Athletic
9-10Kiley Stone45.65Trinity Track
6.9-10Kassandra Gomez54.34Allegiance Athletic
X 200 Meters - Youth - Finals
13-14Audrey Johnson29.52Troutdale Track
1.13-14Tori Sibley29.81Allegiance Athletic
4.13-14Taesharrell Henry30.00Allegiance Athletic
13-14Jennifer Osborn32.44Sherwood Track
X 400 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8UNatalie Dickson1:21.46Troutdale Track
3.8UMacy DeMeyer1:24.38Sherwood Track
8ULauren Fornof1:34.88Trinity Track
4.8UXariya Kates1:35.50Allegiance Athletic
7.8UCynthia Waddell1:37.94Pace Setter Athletic
3.8UJada McKinney-Craig1:40.50Allegiance Athletic
5.8UKyeese Hollands1:41.79Allegiance Athletic
4.8UTaegan Kelsey1:56.96Allegiance Athletic
X 400 Meters - Bantam - Finals
9-10Jalynn Serpa1:16.90Troutdale Track
1.9-10Gillian Peden1:17.02Sherwood Track
3.9-10Whitney Waddell1:21.40Pace Setter Athletic
4.9-10Vanessa Van Winkle1:22.24Sherwood Track
4.11-12Alison Shaw1:29.96Sherwood Track
1.9-10Kacie Schmidt1:30.42Sherwood Track
6.9-10Delaney Bahns1:31.59Sherwood Track
8.9-10Kylie Neil/Jones1:36.34Sherwood Track
7.9-10Madison Brown1:37.68Sherwood Track
2.9-10Seriyah Sims1:38.65Allegiance Athletic
5.9-10Zalazah Williams1:56.90Allegiance Athletic
X 400 Meters - Midget - Finals
3.11-12Megan Allen1:13.72Sherwood Track
11-12Shelby Moran1:23.02Troutdale Track
5.11-12Kianna O'Sullivan1:24.44Sherwood Track
11-12Beth Hirsch1:35.03Troutdale Track
7.11-12Miriam Frerichs1:40.66Sherwood Track
X 400 Meters - Youth - Finals
2.13-14Jennifer Osborn1:09.44Sherwood Track
3.13-14Madeleine Scypinski1:10.45Sherwood Track
13-14Audrey Johnson70.85Troutdale Track
6.13-14Emily Price1:15.68Sherwood Track
5.13-14Kori Peters1:17.05Sherwood Track
4.13-14Mikala Otto1:17.12Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Lindsey Vaternick3:24.72Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Midget - Finals
11-12Miriam Frerichs3:55.22Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Youth - Finals
Hannah Cesario2:38.0Trinity Track
13-14Jennifer Osborn2:43.29Sherwood Track
13-14Katie Leavy2:49.66Sherwood Track
13-14Marissa Vaternick2:56.59Sherwood Track
13-14Madeleine Scypinski3:06.60Sherwood Track
X 800 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
3.15-16Safia Salah3:03.40Allegiance Athletic
X 1500 Meters - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.8ULyric Haveman7:17.34Sherwood Track
2.8UMaggie Whitehead8:06.30Sherwood Track
X 1500 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Abigail Volkmer6:18.2Sherwood Track
2.9-10Kacie Schmidt6:50.9Sherwood Track
4.9-10Farleigh Whitehead6:52.87Sherwood Track
3.9-10Lindsey Vaternick6:58.1Sherwood Track
X 1500 Meters - Midget - Finals
3.11-12Olivia Van Winkle6:10.05Sherwood Track
X 1500 Meters - Youth - Finals
3.13-14Katie Leavy5:29.96Sherwood Track
6.13-14Bridgett Palmer5:38.63Sherwood Track
8.13-14Marissa Vaternick6:11.66Sherwood Track
X 1500 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
3.15-16Emily Edmunds5:56.56Sherwood Track
X 1500m Racewalk - Midget - Finals
11-12Alyson Dow10:32.41Troutdale Track
X 3000m Racewalk - Youth - Finals
13-14Maggie Mitchoff-DeGraw21:34Troutdale Track
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Midget - Finals
1.9-10Gillian Peden17.2Sherwood Track
3.11-12Alyssa Derania18.4Sherwood Track
5.11-12Megan Allen19.18Sherwood Track
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Youth - Finals
13-14Rebekah Quaglio21.21Sherwood Track
13-14Alexa Reed21.40Sherwood Track
13-14Emily Price26.27Sherwood Track
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Intermediate - Finals
2.15-16Safia Salah20.69Allegiance Athletic
1.15-16Olivia Chastain26.01Sherwood Track
X 4x100 Relay - Sub-Bantam - Finals
1.-Jada McKinney-Craig
Cortney Wallace
Cortay Wallace
Jamela Ahmed
1:15.85Allegiance Athletic
2.-Kyeese Hollands
Xariya(Zariya) Kates
Keziah Hollands
Lydia Steward
1:17.69Allegiance Athletic
X 4x100 Relay - Bantam - Finals
1.-Ramonni Cook
Dai'Auzhane Morris
Alexie McKinney-Craig
Justece McKinney-Craig
1:04.53Allegiance Athletic
-Hannah Ettelstein
Hannah Karp
Rachel Doyel
Megan Murphy
1:18.56Sherwood Track
X 4x100 Relay - Midget - Finals
1.-Xitlati Islas
Sydney Kelly
Kalaiza Mitchell
Aliyah Brown
57.82Allegiance Athletic
3.-Emma Tognoli
Karley Johnson
Helena Elkins
McKenzie Jarman
59.68Sherwood Track
6.-Relay Team 1:05.44Sherwood Track
X 4x100 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Harraine Chavers
Koshie Bruce
Taesharrell Henry
Tori Sibley
55.68Allegiance Athletic
3.-Rebekah Quaglio
Keylee Junkin
Mikala Otto
Gillian Peden
58.43Sherwood Track
4.-Taylor Bennett
Haley Howe
Alyssa Walker
Lena Cottrell
58.86Sherwood Track
X Shot Put - 4lb - Bantam - Finals
5.9-10Seriah Spears15'Allegiance Athletic
X Shot Put - 6lb - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8ULauren Fornof16'9Trinity Track
11-12Ariam Martin15"11'Allegiance Athletic
8UGrace Mager11'0Trinity Track
9-10Emma Mitchoff-DeGraw9'7"Troutdale Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Bantam - Finals
9-10Kiley Stone12'5Trinity Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Midget - Finals
2.11-12Haley Hamilton24.2Sherwood Track
3.11-12Jada Pierce23'6"Allegiance Athletic
4.11-12Iyaana Frazier22"1'Allegiance Athletic
11-12Kianna O'Sullivan15.9Sherwood Track
X Shot Put - 6lb - Youth - Finals
13-14MacKenzie Pettingill32'4"Troutdale Track
4.13-14Avery Pierce29.7Sherwood Track
13-14Koshie Bruce22"1'Allegiance Athletic
X Discus - 1kg - Midget - Finals
2.11-12Haley Hamilton51'1Sherwood Track
5.11-12Ariam Martin44'1.75"Allegiance Athletic
X Discus - 1kg - Youth - Finals
13-14MacKenzie Pettingill80'4.5"Troutdale Track
2.13-14Payge Cuthbertson76'.75Sherwood Track
4.13-14Koshie Bruce59"9'Allegiance Athletic
13-14Sierra Lowe52'10.5Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8ULauren Fornof51'3Trinity Track
2.8UTaryn Kelley38.2"Sherwood Track
8UTaryn Kelley38'2"Sherwood Track
3.8UMegan Murphy28.5"Sherwood Track
8UGrace Mager28'Trinity Track
7.8UPayton Kelley14.4"Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Bantam - Finals
2.9-10Farleigh Whitehead69.7"Sherwood Track
3.9-10Gillian Peden67.2"Sherwood Track
5.9-10Lindsey Vaternick46.9"Sherwood Track
8.9-10Seriah Spears35'0"Allegiance Athletic
9.9-10Vanessa Van Winkle30.3"Sherwood Track
9-10Kiley Stone30'Trinity Track
9-10Kylie Neil/Jones29.3"Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Kalaiza Mitchell83"5'Allegiance Athletic
3.11-12McKenzie Jarman75.8Sherwood Track
5.11-12Jada Pierce67"11'Allegiance Athletic
6.11-12Brenna Cosio66.10Sherwood Track
11-12Ariam Martin39"7'Allegiance Athletic
11-12Catherine Allison39.10Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 600g - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Lena Cottrell86'4"Sherwood Track
2.8UAnyston Cuthbertson79'7"Sherwood Track
4.13-14Keylee Junkin64'2"Sherwood Track
5.13-14Avery Pierce64'0"Sherwood Track
13-14MacKenzie Pettingill51'5"Troutdale Track
13-14Sierra Lowe48'3"Sherwood Track
13-14Keylee Junkin41'1"Sherwood Track
X Javelin - 600g - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Emily Hamilton112'7"Sherwood Track
X High Jump - Midget - Finals
3.11-12Helena Elkins4'0Sherwood Track
11-12Alyssa Derania3'6Sherwood Track
11-12Catherine Allison3'2Sherwood Track
X Long Jump - Sub-Bantam - Finals
8ULauren Fornof9'6.5Trinity Track
8UNatalie Dickson8'0"Troutdale Track
8UTaryn Kelley7'7.33"Sherwood Track
8UMeg McLaughlin7'1Sherwood Track
8UCortney Wallace7'0.5"Allegiance Athletic
8UCortay Wallace6"6.15'Allegiance Athletic
8UMegan Murphy6'5Sherwood Track
8UErika Daniels5'0.5"Troutdale Track
8UPayton Kelley4'7.5Sherwood Track
8Usophia Brown3'8.5Sherwood Track
X Long Jump - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Gillian Peden10'4.25Sherwood Track
4.9-10Kacie Schmidt8'7Sherwood Track
9-10Kiley Stone7'5Trinity Track
9-10Hannah Ettelstein5'7.5Sherwood Track
9-10Alexis Daniels5'6.5Sherwood Track
9-10Meredith Lawson5'4.5Sherwood Track
9-10Meghan Tognoli5'2.25Sherwood Track
9-10Rachel Doyel4'8.5Sherwood Track
8ULyric Haveman4'5.5Sherwood Track
9-10Hannah Karp4'.25Sherwood Track
X Long Jump - Midget - Finals
3.11-12Kalaiza Mitchell11"8.75'Allegiance Athletic
11-12Alyssa Derania10'4.5Sherwood Track
11-12Paige Block10'4.3Sherwood Track
11-12Nikole Kegg7:2.75Sherwood Track
X Long Jump - Youth - Finals
2.13-14Mikala Otto14'6.75Sherwood Track
6.13-14Taylor Bennett12'9.25Sherwood Track
13-14Abigale Spencer12'2.5"Troutdale Track
13-14Taesharrell Henry11"8'Allegiance Athletic
13-14Kori Peters9'7Sherwood Track
13-14Claire Baysinger9'6.75Sherwood Track
X Long Jump - Young Men Women - Finals
15-16Kathryn Schifferdecker14'1.5Trinity Track
X Triple Jump - Young Men Women - Finals
15-16Kathryn Schifferdecker28'2.5Trinity Track
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