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WVSSAC Region II AA and A Championships

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lewis County HS, Weston

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - A - Finals
1.10Joshua Parker11.73aEast Hardy      
2.12Josh Redman11.74aPendleton County      
3.11Luis Richardson11.98aMoorefield      
4.11Lucas Smith12.26aMoorefield      
5.12Forrest Walker12.27aTucker County      
6.12Matthew Wolcott12.32aPendleton County      
7.12Kyle Westfall12.62aEast Hardy      
8.10David Woofter12.80aNotre Dame      
X 100 Meters - AA - Finals
1.11Brandon Franklin11.23aLiberty (Harrison)      
2.12Andrew Lofton11.71aPetersburg      
3.11Jerry Harrison11.81aLincoln      
4.12Devin Heitz12.08aLincoln      
5.9Matthew Crickard12.14aPhilip Barbour      
6.11Steven Hunt12.33aGrafton      
7.11Benjamin McDivitt12.33aBraxton County      
8.11Andrew Truax12.44aBerkeley Springs      
X 100 Meters - A - Prelims
1.10Joshua Parker11.66aEast Hardy      
2.12Josh Redman11.81aPendleton County      
3.11Luis Richardson12.02aMoorefield      
5.12Kyle Westfall12.17aEast Hardy      
4.12Matthew Wolcott12.18aPendleton County      
6.11Lucas Smith12.32aMoorefield      
7.12Forrest Walker12.53aTucker County      
8.10David Woofter12.77aNotre Dame      
9.10Gregory Clark12.95aUnion      
10.10Ben Hill12.98aPendleton County      
11.12Josh Sharp13.30aTucker County      
12.10Mike Adkins13.31aTucker County      
13.10Ryan Bock13.40aNotre Dame      
14.12Colin Arbogast13.71aTygarts Valley      
15.10Dillon Shrader15.00aTygarts Valley      
16.10Matthew Samples16.10aTygarts Valley      
X 100 Meters - AA - Prelims
1.11Brandon Franklin11.58aLiberty (Harrison)      
2.12Andrew Lofton11.91aPetersburg      
3.11Jerry Harrison12.08aLincoln      
4.12Devin Heitz12.14aLincoln      
7.11Andrew Truax12.15aBerkeley Springs      
5.9Matthew Crickard12.19aPhilip Barbour      
6.11Benjamin McDivitt12.24aBraxton County      
8.11Steven Hunt12.27aGrafton      
9.9Blake Ravenscroft12.28aKeyser      
10.11Tyler Benton12.36aLincoln      
11.9Brandon Poling12.50aPhilip Barbour      
12.12Kodie Evans12.57aKeyser      
13.12Paul Stover12.59aGrafton      
14.10Trevor Humphrey12.90aPhilip Barbour      
15.12James Tinnel12.91aBraxton County      
16.9Grant Shanholtz13.28aPetersburg      
17.11Scotty Dryden13.30aLiberty (Harrison)      
18.12Joshua Sullivan13.79aPetersburg      
19.11Cole Livingston14.09aFrankfort      
20.9Zach Miller16.16aGrafton      
X 200 Meters - A - Finals
1.12Brian Simmons23.96aPendleton County      
2.12Forrest Walker24.17aTucker County      
3.11Luis Richardson24.24aMoorefield      
4.11Lucas Smith24.82aMoorefield      
5.10Ben Aylestock24.94aSouth Harrison      
6.12Matthew Wolcott25.29aPendleton County      
7.12Canter Malcolm25.30aPendleton County      
8.9Austin Zirk26.05aTucker County      
X 200 Meters - AA - Finals
1.11Brandon Franklin22.65aLiberty (Harrison)      
2.12Bobby Mathai23.65aBerkeley Springs      
3.12Kadeem Garland24.20aKeyser      
4.12Charlie von Hagel24.24aFrankfort      
5.11Bo Snider24.51aLincoln      
6.12Jeremy Parsons24.57aLincoln      
7.11Tyler Benton24.86aLincoln      
X 200 Meters - A - Prelims
1.12Brian Simmons24.60aPendleton County      
2.11Luis Richardson24.85aMoorefield      
3.12Forrest Walker24.96aTucker County      
5.12Canter Malcolm25.21aPendleton County      
4.11Lucas Smith25.25aMoorefield      
6.10Ben Aylestock25.28aSouth Harrison      
7.12Matthew Wolcott25.66aPendleton County      
8.9Austin Zirk26.16aTucker County      
9.9Zach Armstrong27.98aTucker County      
10.10Ryan Bock29.76aNotre Dame      
11.10Dillon Shrader30.76aTygarts Valley      
X 200 Meters - AA - Prelims
1.11Brandon Franklin23.15aLiberty (Harrison)      
2.12Bobby Mathai23.60aBerkeley Springs      
3.12Charlie von Hagel23.71aFrankfort      
4.12Kadeem Garland23.97aKeyser      
5.12Jeremy Parsons24.14aLincoln      
6.11Bo Snider24.30aLincoln      
7.11Tyler Benton24.64aLincoln      
8.10James Flint24.89aKeyser      
9.11Benjamin McDivitt24.92aBraxton County      
10.11Jordan Coen24.95aBraxton County      
11.12Levi Ebert25.03aKeyser      
12.11Steven Hunt25.18aGrafton      
13.11Chris May25.29aLiberty (Harrison)      
14.10Derek Branka25.75aPhilip Barbour      
15.12Bobby Conti26.46aPhilip Barbour      
16.9Kelson Thorne27.53aPetersburg      
17.10Grant Robinson27.65aPhilip Barbour      
18.12Joshua Sullivan28.83aPetersburg      
19.9Zach Miller33.46aGrafton      
20.11Cole Livingston40.65aFrankfort      
X 400 Meters - A - Finals
1.12Issac Gaines53.75aSouth Harrison      
2.12Forrest Walker54.61aTucker County      
3.12Dylan Hedrick54.97aPendleton County      
4.10Ben Aylestock55.63aSouth Harrison      
5.11Joshua Snyder56.00aMoorefield      
6.10Cory DiBartolomeo57.55aTucker County      
7.9Austin Zirk59.84aTucker County      
8.10Mac Wayne1:01.82aNotre Dame      
9.12Adam Boswell1:03.92aMoorefield      
10.9Shawn Chan1:06.03aPendleton County      
11.11William Latta1:06.76aPendleton County      
12.11Timothy Poe1:08.41aEast Hardy      
X 400 Meters - AA - Finals
1.11Brandon Franklin50.03aLiberty (Harrison)      
2.12Taven Rohrbaugh51.66aKeyser      
3.9Matthew Crickard51.99aPhilip Barbour      
4.12Charlie von Hagel53.23aFrankfort      
5.11Canton Whisner53.26aKeyser      
6.12Tyler Biser57.21aKeyser      
7.11Chris May57.59aLiberty (Harrison)      
8.11Austin Trent57.64aLiberty (Harrison)      
9.11Devin Burke57.81aFrankfort      
10.12Bobby Conti59.75aPhilip Barbour      
11.10Nathan Cook1:05.11aBraxton County      
12.9Tyler Bess1:23.59aBraxton County      
13.9Joe Green1:27.51aBraxton County      
X 800 Meters - A - Finals
1.10Jesse Anderson2:14.84aSouth Harrison      
2.9Travis Murphy2:15.09aUnion      
3.10Raymond Ruckman2:17.06aSouth Harrison      
4.12Cullen Kelley2:19.43aTucker County      
5.10Hunter McCourt2:19.68aTucker County      
6.10Mac Wayne2:23.87aNotre Dame      
7.10Philip Wilson2:30.02aNotre Dame      
8.10Zach Godlove2:31.92aEast Hardy      
9.10Adian Bailey2:32.44aPendleton County      
10.9Matt Nibblins2:36.86aPendleton County      
11.10Addison Hill2:39.35aPendleton County      
12.10Nathan Miley2:41.66aMoorefield      
13.9Chris Freeman2:42.83aTucker County      
14.9Kevin Malone2:49.59aEast Hardy      
15.11Brandon Barr2:50.85aMoorefield      
16.9Andrew Anderson2:52.71aSouth Harrison      
17.10Chris Roop3:01.56aNotre Dame      
X 800 Meters - AA - Finals
1.12Taven Rohrbaugh2:00.33aKeyser      
2.12Jake Wise2:05.63aBerkeley Springs      
3.12Russell Nuckles2:06.07aBraxton County      
4.10Corey Shetler2:07.17aBerkeley Springs      
5.10Craig Westfall2:07.31aKeyser      
6.12Chase Byrne2:10.88aPhilip Barbour      
7.11Canton Whisner2:11.73aKeyser      
8.9Lucas Young2:16.24aFrankfort      
9.12Devon Hartman2:17.49aPetersburg      
10.12Matt Stadelman2:18.20aGrafton      
11.10Trey Furby2:18.50aPhilip Barbour      
12.11Austin Trent2:22.58aLiberty (Harrison)      
13.9Scott Nesland2:23.14aPhilip Barbour      
14.11Devin Burke2:25.53aFrankfort      
15.9Dustin Hammons2:27.41aGrafton      
16.11William Anderson2:29.94aLincoln      
17.10Kevin Hill2:30.48aBraxton County      
18.9Casey Shetler2:31.23aFrankfort      
19.9Logan Robertson2:33.38aBerkeley Springs      
20.9Jerry Cox2:35.00aLincoln      
21.9Adam Ketterman2:39.62aPetersburg      
22.9Joe Green3:27.04aBraxton County      
X 1600 Meters - A - Finals
1.10Raymond Ruckman5:07.06aSouth Harrison      
2.10Jesse Anderson5:11.95aSouth Harrison      
3.9Will Bailey5:15.43aUnion      
4.11Chris Bonner5:22.61aTucker County      
5.9Chris Freeman5:24.21aTucker County      
6.11Matthew Phares5:30.03aPendleton County      
7.11Chris Rawson5:33.31aPendleton County      
8.10Philip Wilson5:47.42aNotre Dame      
9.10Kevin Rawson5:55.13aPendleton County      
10.12Logan Lemon5:57.99aTucker County      
11.10Nathan Miley6:05.28aMoorefield      
12.10Chris Roop6:12.80aNotre Dame      
13.10Austin Earle6:18.65aEast Hardy      
14.9Andrew Anderson6:18.75aSouth Harrison      
X 1600 Meters - AA - Finals
1.12Russell Nuckles4:40.28aBraxton County      
2.12Jake Wise4:47.33aBerkeley Springs      
3.11Wes Anderson4:51.74aPhilip Barbour      
4.9Lucas Young4:51.95aFrankfort      
5.12Matt Stadelman5:00.50aGrafton      
6.11Josh Biser5:02.39aKeyser      
7.11Matthew King5:07.50aPhilip Barbour      
8.11Austin Trent5:09.02aLiberty (Harrison)      
9.9Scott Nesland5:11.67aPhilip Barbour      
10.11Patrick Pack5:15.32aBerkeley Springs      
11.12Josh Myers5:18.62aKeyser      
12.12Drew Woodford5:27.35aGrafton      
13.11William Anderson5:33.73aLincoln      
14.12Zach Tennant5:41.74aGrafton      
15.11Ethan Yarbrough5:43.41aFrankfort      
16.9Kyle Stutler5:43.57aLincoln      
17.12Logan Morlan5:53.01aBraxton County      
18.9Danny Morlen6:03.07aFrankfort      
19.11Coltan French6:10.17aBerkeley Springs      
20.10Scott Starkey6:30.00aLiberty (Harrison)      
21.11Cole Magruder6:40.21aLiberty (Harrison)      
X 3200 Meters - A - Finals
1.11Chris Bonner11:17.95aTucker County      
2.11Eric Gabriel11:46.95aPendleton County      
3.10Addison Hill11:58.58aPendleton County      
4.9Shawn Chan12:45.35aPendleton County      
5.9Corey Kelley12:58.97aTucker County      
6.9Andrew Anderson13:11.23aSouth Harrison      
7.10Austin Earle13:58.57aEast Hardy      
8.12Shawn Spicer15:34.22aUnion      
X 3200 Meters - AA - Finals
1.11Wes Anderson10:36.12aPhilip Barbour      
2.11Matthew King10:36.18aPhilip Barbour      
3.12Drew Woodford10:36.20aGrafton      
4.9Scott Nesland10:40.79aPhilip Barbour      
5.11Josh Biser10:56.26aKeyser      
6.12Josh Myers11:07.54aKeyser      
7.10Shane Ickes11:12.32aFrankfort      
8.12Zach Tennant11:32.93aGrafton      
9.9Jordan Lawrence11:38.34aKeyser      
10.9Kyle Stutler11:53.85aLincoln      
11.11Justin Glass12:11.48aBerkeley Springs      
12.12Logan Morlan12:58.93aBraxton County      
13.12Bryan Jackson13:07.03aFrankfort      
14.10Leroy Miller13:37.30aFrankfort      
15.10Scott Starkey14:02.05aLiberty (Harrison)      
16.11Cole Magruder14:39.57aLiberty (Harrison)      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - A - Finals
1.11George Maddox15.53aEast Hardy      
2.12Logan Snyder17.35aTucker County      
3.11Trae Smith18.46aMoorefield      
4.10Trevor Kidwell19.07aTucker County      
5.10Kevin Rawson19.28aPendleton County      
6.11Reuben Heath20.79aTucker County      
7.12Colin Arbogast21.91aTygarts Valley      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - AA - Finals
1.12Rickie Hathaway16.91aPhilip Barbour      
2.11Matthew Shillingburg16.94aKeyser      
3.12Jeff Neff17.45aPhilip Barbour      
4.9Dillon O'Dell17.66aLincoln      
5.10Chris Hays17.77aLiberty (Harrison)      
6.9Nathan Bernarde17.82aGrafton      
7.12Tyler Mullins17.90aPhilip Barbour      
8.10Zak Kimbrew18.41aGrafton      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - AA - Prelims
1.11Matthew Shillingburg17.45aKeyser      
3.10Chris Hays17.71aLiberty (Harrison)      
5.9Dillon O'Dell17.75aLincoln      
2.9Nathan Bernarde17.86aGrafton      
4.12Rickie Hathaway17.88aPhilip Barbour      
6.12Jeff Neff18.12aPhilip Barbour      
7.12Tyler Mullins18.50aPhilip Barbour      
8.10Zak Kimbrew19.34aGrafton      
9.11Ty Collins20.21aLincoln      
10.12Kurt Amtower20.46aKeyser      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - A - Finals
1.11George Maddox42.38aEast Hardy      
2.10Tyler Snyder44.77aTucker County      
3.10Dashawn Brown45.57aMoorefield      
4.11Gary Nedrow47.15aTucker County      
5.10Trevor Kidwell50.58aTucker County      
6.10Kevin Rawson54.41aPendleton County      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - AA - Finals
1.11Matthew Shillingburg42.52aKeyser      
2.12Rickie Hathaway42.64aPhilip Barbour      
3.9Dillon O'Dell45.17aLincoln      
4.12Levi Ebert45.74aKeyser      
5.12Ty Bowers46.27aFrankfort      
6.10Zack Bobby46.96aPetersburg      
7.12Kurt Amtower47.92aKeyser      
8.9Nathan Bernarde47.95aGrafton      
9.10Hee Jae Weon49.30aBraxton County      
10.10James Acord49.37aBraxton County      
11.10Zak Kimbrew49.73aGrafton      
12.10Chris Hays51.03aLiberty (Harrison)      
13.10Kirk Spielman53.04aBerkeley Springs      
14.11Zack Schulte53.49aPhilip Barbour      
15.10Nick Stockberger1:04.20aPhilip Barbour      
X 4x100 Relay - A - Finals
1.-Matthew Wolcott
Derrick Edwards
Brian Simmons
Josh Redman
46.58aPendleton County      
2.-Kyle Westfall
Anthony Sargent
Kyde Enke
Joshua Parker
46.70aEast Hardy      
3.-Nick Pearce
Trae Smith
Lucas Smith
Luis Richardson
4.-Cory DiBartolomeo
Mitchell Mason
Gary Nedrow
Josh Sharp
50.56aTucker County      
5.-Quintin Nicholson
Frank Stenger
John Turner
Owen Yoke
59.58aSouth Harrison      
X 4x100 Relay - AA - Finals
1.-Gudy Guzman
Bobby Mathai
Andrew Truax
Dylan Reynolds
45.23aBerkeley Springs      
2.-Jerry Harrison
Devin Heitz
Jeremy Parsons
Bo Snider
3.-James Flint
Kadeem Garland
Kodie Evans
Blake Ravenscroft
4.-Cory Brown
Ty Bowers
Ryan Leedom
Charlie von Hagel
5.-Jordan Coen
Benjamin McDivitt
James Tinnel
Ricky Hammon
47.92aBraxton County      
6.-Brandon Poling
Derek Branka
Trevor Humphrey
Tyler Mullins
48.62aPhilip Barbour      
7.-Scotty Dryden
Tyler Goodwin
Austin Trent
Chris May
49.70aLiberty (Harrison)      
8.-Zak Kimbrew
Dustin Hammons
Nathan Bernade
Paul Stover
X 4x200 Relay - A - Finals
1.-Matthew Wolcott
Derrick Edwards
Brian Simmons
Josh Redman
1:37.43aPendleton County      
2.-Lucas Smith
Joshua Snyder
Nick Pearce
Luis Richardson
3.-Cory DiBartolomeo
Cullen Kelley
Gary Nedrow
Mitchell Mason
1:38.78aTucker County      
4.-Kyle Westfall
Anthony Sargent
Kyde Enke
Joshua Parker
1:53.87aEast Hardy      
X 4x200 Relay - AA - Finals
1.-Bobby Mathai
Andrew Truax
Gudy Guzman
Dylan Reynolds
1:33.99aBerkeley Springs      
2.-Jerry Harrison
Jeremy Parsons
Bo Snider
Devin Heitz
3.-Kadeem Garland
Blake Ravenscroft
Levi Ebert
James Flint
4.-Ty Bowers
Cory Brown
Ryan Leedom
Charlie von Hagel
5.-Jeff Neff
Tyler Mullins
Brandon Poling
Matthew Crickard
1:37.89aPhilip Barbour      
6.-Benjamin McDivitt
James Tinnel
Ricky Hammon
Jordan Coen
1:40.20aBraxton County      
7.-Paul Stover
Dustin Hammons
Nathan Bernade
Zak Kimbrew
8.-Scotty Dryden
Chris Hays
Tyler Goodwin
Brett Swisher
1:49.84aLiberty (Harrison)      
X 4x400 Relay - A - Finals
1.-Jesse Anderson
Ben Aylestock
Issac Gaines
Raymond Ruckman
3:47.13aSouth Harrison      
2.-Dylan Hedrick
William Latta
Brian Simmons
Derrick Edwards
3:47.86aPendleton County      
3.-Chris Freeman
Cory DiBartolomeo
Cullen Kelley
Forrest Walker
3:48.09aTucker County      
4.-Joshua Snyder
Nathan Miley
Adam Boswell
Nick Pearce
X 4x400 Relay - AA - Finals
1.-Jeff Neff
Rickie Hathaway
Matthew King
Matthew Crickard
3:33.70aPhilip Barbour      
2.-Taven Rohrbaugh
Canton Whisner
James Flint
Tyler Biser
3.-Gudy Guzman
Bobby Mathai
Dylan Reynolds
Jake Wise
3:39.70aBerkeley Springs      
4.-Dillon O'Dell
Devin Heitz
Tyler Benton
Jeremy Parsons
5.-Cory Brown
Lucas Young
Bryan Jackson
Ryan Leedom
6.-James Acord
Nathan Cook
Kevin Hill
Hee Jae Weon
4:18.94aBraxton County      
7.-Chris Hays
Chris May
Brett Swisher
Tyler Goodwin
4:20.25aLiberty (Harrison)      
X 4x800 Relay - A - Finals
1.-Chris Bonner
Chris Freeman
Cullen Kelley
Hunter McCourt
9:24.24aTucker County      
2.-Andrew Anderson
Jesse Anderson
Issac Gaines
Raymond Ruckman
9:39.10aSouth Harrison      
3.-William Latta
Matt Nibblins
Addison Hill
Chris Rawson
10:04.39aPendleton County      
4.-Brandon Barr
Adam Boswell
Nathan Miley
Joshua Snyder
5.-Austin Earle
Kevin Malone
Calvin Sears
Zach Godlove
11:19.96aEast Hardy      
X 4x800 Relay - AA - Finals
1.-Taven Rohrbaugh
Canton Whisner
Craig Westfall
Dustin Fertig
2.-Gudy Guzman
Patrick Pack
Corey Shetler
Jake Wise
8:35.62aBerkeley Springs      
3.-Matthew King
Wes Anderson
Chase Byrne
Trey Furby
9:03.76aPhilip Barbour      
4.-Drew Woodford
PJ Louzy
Zach Tennant
Matt Stadelman
5.-Ethan Yarbrough
Casey Shetler
Shane Ickes
Devin Burke
6.-Hee Jae Weon
Nathan Cook
Tyler Bess
Kevin Hill
10:52.90aBraxton County      
7.-Tyler Goodwin
Brett Swisher
Cole Magruder
Scott Starkey
11:04.83aLiberty (Harrison)      
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - A - Finals
1.-Martin Miller
Kyde Enke
Kyle Westfall
George Maddox
1:04.51aEast Hardy      
2.-Trevor Kidwell
Gary Nedrow
Logan Snyder
Tyler Snyder
1:06.69aTucker County      
3.-Nick Pearce
Spencer Coby
Dashawn Brown
Trae Smith
4.-Eric Gabriel
Adian Bailey
Chris Rawson
Kevin Rawson
1:11.51aPendleton County      
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - AA - Finals
1.-Peyton Hartman
Levi Ebert
Kadeem Garland
Matthew Shillingburg
2.-Jeff Neff
Tyler Mullins
Wes Anderson
Rickie Hathaway
1:02.81aPhilip Barbour      
3.-Andrew Lofton
Kelson Thorne
Zack Bobby
Grant Shanholtz
4.-Ricky Hammon
James Tinnel
Benjamin McDivitt
Hee Jae Weon
1:11.87aBraxton County      
5.-Matt Arrowood
Trevor Jamison
Kirk Spielman
Thad Osborne
1:20.06aBerkeley Springs      
X 4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - A - Finals
1.-Martin Miller
Kyde Enke
Kyle Westfall
George Maddox
1:04.51aEast Hardy      
2.-Trevor Kidwell
Gary Nedrow
Logan Snyder
Tyler Snyder
1:06.69aTucker County      
3.-Nick Pearce
Spencer Coby
Dashawn Brown
Trae Smith
4.-Eric Gabriel
Adian Bailey
Chris Rawson
Kevin Rawson
1:11.51aPendleton County      
X 4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - AA - Finals
1.-Peyton Hartman
Levi Ebert
Kadeem Garland
Matthew Shillingburg
2.-Jeff Neff
Tyler Mullins
Wes Anderson
Rickie Hathaway
1:02.81aPhilip Barbour      
3.-Andrew Lofton
Kelson Thorne
Zack Bobby
Grant Shanholtz
4.-Ricky Hammon
James Tinnel
Benjamin McDivitt
Hee Jae Weon
1:11.87aBraxton County      
5.-Matt Arrowood
Trevor Jamison
Kirk Spielman
Thad Osborne
1:20.06aBerkeley Springs      
X Shot Put - 12lb - A - Finals
1.10Mike Adkins40-00.00Tucker County      
2.11Shawn Childers39-11.00East Hardy      
3.12Ryan Wegman39-03.75Tygarts Valley      
4.12John Turner36-09.00South Harrison      
5.11Quintin Nicholson36-03.50South Harrison      
6.11Ethan Long36-03.00Tucker County      
7.11Cody Hazzelwood34-02.00Pendleton County      
8.12Isaac Hartman33-10.00Pendleton County      
9.10Tyler Moore33-02.75Pendleton County      
10.12Dusty McCauley32-02.50Tucker County      
11.10Owen Yoke30-02.50South Harrison      
12.12Jake Shirk29-02.50Moorefield      
13.12Dakota Miller28-06.00Union      
14.10Matthew Samples27-07.25Tygarts Valley      
15.9Jordan Dove26-05.00East Hardy      
X Shot Put - 12lb - AA - Finals
1.12Steven Bates45-07.00Lincoln      
2.12Damon Thorne44-05.00Keyser      
3.12Tanner Eye41-00.00Petersburg      
4.11Frank Wright40-06.00Lincoln      
5.11Billy Smith40-04.00Berkeley Springs      
6.12Lukas Rexrode39-11.25Keyser      
7.12Kodie Evans39-00.00Keyser      
8.12Matt Ferguson38-00.75Grafton      
9.12Paul Stover37-00.00Grafton      
10.11Theron Davis36-10.50Braxton County      
11.12Tyler Richards34-09.00Frankfort      
12.11Derrick Swink34-04.75Berkeley Springs      
13.9Marshall Wratchford34-02.00Petersburg      
14.11Jordan Coen34-00.50Braxton County      
15.11Matt Johnson33-10.75Berkeley Springs      
16.12Levi Davis33-03.50Philip Barbour      
17.10Trevor Humphrey33-02.50Philip Barbour      
18.12Bobby Lane33-01.00Braxton County      
19.9Casey Shetler30-07.00Frankfort      
20.9Nick Herrick30-02.75Petersburg      
20.12Tyler Poling30-02.75Grafton      
22.10Ben Hart27-03.25Philip Barbour      
23.9James Chickerell26-11.00Lincoln      
24.11Cole Livingston25-09.75Frankfort      
X Discus - 1.6kg - A - Finals
1.11Shawn Childers104-07East Hardy      
2.12John Turner103-10South Harrison      
3.11Cody Hazzelwood98-03Pendleton County      
4.12Jake Shirk96-00Moorefield      
5.10Tyler Moore95-09Pendleton County      
6.12Ryan Wegman94-07Tygarts Valley      
7.11Frank Stenger93-08South Harrison      
8.10Owen Yoke90-03South Harrison      
9.12Isaac Hartman89-06Pendleton County      
10.12Dusty McCauley87-08Tucker County      
11.9Zach Everly86-03Tucker County      
12.9Quincy Fraley80-07Moorefield      
13.12Nick Palma75-01Tucker County      
14.10Matthew Samples65-09Tygarts Valley      
X Discus - 1.6kg - AA - Finals
1.12Tanner Eye124-08Petersburg      
2.12Lukas Rexrode124-04Keyser      
3.12Steven Bates123-10Lincoln      
4.11Frank Wright123-02Lincoln      
5.12Kodie Evans118-00Keyser      
6 C11CJ Gosey114-06Berkeley Springs      
7.12Tyler Poling107-07Grafton      
8.12Tyler Richards103-01Frankfort      
9.11Billy Smith102-05Berkeley Springs      
10.11Theron Davis99-04Braxton County      
11.12Tristian Keller98-03Keyser      
12.12Matt Ferguson92-07Grafton      
13.12Levi Davis84-01Philip Barbour      
14.9Shawn Evans80-03Frankfort      
15.9Marshall Wratchford78-07Petersburg      
16.9James Chickerell76-11Lincoln      
17.10Nathan Cook73-07Braxton County      
18.9Matthew Hunter69-08Philip Barbour      
19.10Ben Hart67-06Philip Barbour      
20.11Cole Livingston58-09Frankfort      
--12Bobby LaneFOULBraxton County      
--11TJ PatrickFOULBerkeley Springs      
X High Jump - A - Finals
1.12Issac Gaines5-08.00South Harrison      
2.12Josh Redman5-08.00Pendleton County      
3.12Logan Snyder5-06.00Tucker County      
4.12Dylan Hedrick5-02.00Pendleton County      
4.10Dashawn Brown5-02.00Moorefield      
4.9Travis Murphy5-02.00Union      
7.12Josh Sharp5-02.00Tucker County      
--10Ben HillNHPendleton County      
--10Tyler SnyderNHTucker County      
X High Jump - AA - Finals
1.12Peyton Hartman5-10.00Keyser      
2.10Patrick Morris5-08.00Philip Barbour      
3.12Dylan Evans5-08.00Keyser      
4.12Tre Ross5-08.00Keyser      
5.12Andrew Lofton5-06.00Petersburg      
6.9Nathan Bernarde5-04.00Grafton      
6.10Thad Osborne5-04.00Berkeley Springs      
--12Zach GribbleNHPhilip Barbour      
--10Zack BobbyNHPetersburg      
--9Ryan KenneyNHFrankfort      
X Pole Vault - A - Finals
--10Ben AylestockNHSouth Harrison      
X Pole Vault - AA - Finals
1.10Matt Arrowood12-00.00Berkeley Springs      
2.11Andrew Truax10-06.00Berkeley Springs      
3.10Trevor Jamison9-06.00Berkeley Springs      
4.9Joel McDonough9-06.00Braxton County      
5.10James Acord9-06.00Braxton County      
X Long Jump - A - Finals
1.10Joshua Parker20-07.75East Hardy      
2.11George Maddox19-03.00East Hardy      
3.10Tyler Snyder18-07.75Tucker County      
4.12Logan Snyder18-04.50Tucker County      
5.12Canter Malcolm18-01.75Pendleton County      
6.10Dashawn Brown17-06.50Moorefield      
7.9Travis Murphy16-07.25Union      
8.10Gregory Clark16-01.50Union      
9.9Nathaniel Goldstein15-00.25Tucker County      
10.12Calvin Sears14-01.75East Hardy      
11.9Matthew Dolan13-09.75Moorefield      
12.9Preston Evick12-10.25Pendleton County      
13.11Matthew Phares12-02.00Pendleton County      
--10Ryan BockFOULNotre Dame      
--10David WoofterFOULNotre Dame      
X Long Jump - AA - Finals
1.11Brandon Franklin21-04.00Liberty (Harrison)      
2.11Matthew Shillingburg19-07.50Keyser      
3.11Bo Snider19-00.00Lincoln      
4.12Tre Ross18-02.00Keyser      
5.10Derek Branka17-05.50Philip Barbour      
6.12Tyler Biser17-00.00Keyser      
7.9Brandon Poling16-04.00Philip Barbour      
7.10Nick Stockberger16-04.00Philip Barbour      
9.11Ty Collins16-03.50Lincoln      
10.9Ryan Leedom15-11.50Frankfort      
11.9Ryan Kenney15-01.50Frankfort      
11.11Devin Burke15-01.50Frankfort      
13.12Devon Hartman14-10.00Petersburg      
14.12Ben Male13-02.00Lincoln      
15.9Tyler Bess10-10.00Braxton County      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - A - Finals
1.12Randi Jenkins13.55aEast Hardy      
2.10Fanta Kaba13.66aPendleton County      
3.10Amber Evans13.68aTucker County      
4.12Jessie Kimble13.84aPendleton County      
5.10Jessica Kincaid14.43aTucker County      
6.9Maria Mullin14.46aEast Hardy      
7.10Kim Rader14.58aTygarts Valley      
8.10Samantha Melniczenko15.33aMoorefield      
X 100 Meters - AA - Finals
1.10Madison Cunningham13.28aLincoln      
2.10Samara Kendrick13.38aLiberty (Harrison)      
3.9Alexandra Allen13.60aLiberty (Harrison)      
4.11Haven Harman13.76aLiberty (Harrison)      
5.9Alexis Spitzer13.82aKeyser      
6.9Melissa Colby13.85aBerkeley Springs      
7.10Hunter Sodaro13.88aBraxton County      
--12Michelle CottrillFSBraxton County      
X 100 Meters - A - Prelims
1.12Randi Jenkins13.54aEast Hardy      
2.10Amber Evans13.70aTucker County      
3.10Fanta Kaba13.73aPendleton County      
4.12Jessie Kimble13.74aPendleton County      
5.9Maria Mullin14.30aEast Hardy      
6.10Kim Rader14.53aTygarts Valley      
7.10Jessica Kincaid14.58aTucker County      
8.10Samantha Melniczenko15.23aMoorefield      
9.12Brittany Lockner15.30aPendleton County      
10.11Melissa Carr15.84aTucker County      
11.9Brianna Jones16.06aUnion      
12.9Paige Ball16.46aTygarts Valley      
13.11Zoey Yang16.71aSouth Harrison      
14.10Abbey Rhoades16.81aSouth Harrison      
15.9Kennedy Stanley16.83aTygarts Valley      
X 100 Meters - AA - Prelims
1.10Madison Cunningham13.31aLincoln      
2.10Samara Kendrick13.38aLiberty (Harrison)      
4.9Alexandra Allen13.43aLiberty (Harrison)      
3.11Haven Harman13.67aLiberty (Harrison)      
5.9Alexis Spitzer13.74aKeyser      
6.9Melissa Colby13.74aBerkeley Springs      
7.10Hunter Sodaro13.80aBraxton County      
8.12Michelle Cottrill14.03aBraxton County      
9.11Amanda Spargo14.08aPhilip Barbour      
10.10Megan Valkos14.24aPetersburg      
11.9Johnna Akers14.39aLincoln      
12.9Hannah Layman14.41aLincoln      
13.11Hannah Ludwick14.44aPetersburg      
14.11Sara Parks14.53aKeyser      
15.11Alexis Kincaid14.59aPhilip Barbour      
16.9Megan Losh14.74aGrafton      
17.10Heather Phares14.75aPetersburg      
18.9Morgan Turley14.82aFrankfort      
19.12Jordan von Hagel14.87aFrankfort      
20.11Lexy Greenlief15.24aBraxton County      
21.9Maura Conti15.88aPhilip Barbour      
22.11Lauren Tyser17.10aBerkeley Springs      
23.9Kayla Cobral17.21aGrafton      
X 200 Meters - A - Finals
1.12Randi Jenkins28.40aEast Hardy      
2.12Rhea Deuser28.60aTucker County      
3.12Jessie Kimble28.72aPendleton County      
4.10Fanta Kaba28.79aPendleton County      
5.10Amber Vaughn29.99aMoorefield      
6.9Kylie Moore30.32aTucker County      
7.10Kim Rader30.37aTygarts Valley      
8.9Blake Louk30.52aSouth Harrison      
X 200 Meters - AA - Finals
1.10Madison Cunningham27.40aLincoln      
2.10Sharia Hernandez27.70aKeyser      
3.11Haven Harman28.60aLiberty (Harrison)      
4.10Hunter Sodaro28.84aBraxton County      
5.11Toni Davisson29.08aBerkeley Springs      
6.9Amanda Case29.54aBerkeley Springs      
7.9Alexandra Allen29.93aLiberty (Harrison)      
8.12Shandel Bunnell30.08aLiberty (Harrison)      
X 200 Meters - A - Prelims
1.10Fanta Kaba28.13aPendleton County      
2.12Randi Jenkins28.36aEast Hardy      
3.12Rhea Deuser28.64aTucker County      
5.10Amber Vaughn29.56aMoorefield      
4.12Jessie Kimble29.57aPendleton County      
6.9Kylie Moore29.89aTucker County      
7.10Kim Rader30.11aTygarts Valley      
8.9Blake Louk30.35aSouth Harrison      
9.10Jessica Kincaid30.88aTucker County      
10.10Samantha Melniczenko31.72aMoorefield      
11.9Cheyenne Conrath33.42aUnion      
X 200 Meters - AA - Prelims
1.10Sharia Hernandez27.71aKeyser      
2.11Haven Harman28.11aLiberty (Harrison)      
3.10Madison Cunningham28.30aLincoln      
4.12Shandel Bunnell28.36aLiberty (Harrison)      
5.10Hunter Sodaro28.74aBraxton County      
6.9Amanda Case28.86aBerkeley Springs      
7.11Toni Davisson29.01aBerkeley Springs      
8.9Alexandra Allen29.53aLiberty (Harrison)      
9.11Sara Parks29.57aKeyser      
10.12Katherine Lockhart29.83aGrafton      
11.12Jordan von Hagel30.06aFrankfort      
12.10Anne Golinsky30.29aBraxton County      
13.9Megan Losh30.59aGrafton      
14.11Alexis Kincaid30.99aPhilip Barbour      
15.10Morgan Cox31.56aLincoln      
16.9Maura Conti32.58aPhilip Barbour      
17.10Mikayla Pyle32.84aPetersburg      
18.10Megan James34.04aBraxton County      
19.9Julia Williams34.08aBerkeley Springs      
20.9Kayla Cobral36.43aGrafton      
X 400 Meters - A - Finals
1.12Gretchen Lantz1:01.09aSouth Harrison      
2.12Rhea Deuser1:05.08aTucker County      
3.10Shelby Anderson1:08.21aTucker County      
4.9Kaylee Edwards1:08.87aPendleton County      
5.9Leann Neff1:10.23aEast Hardy      
6.9Blake Louk1:11.83aSouth Harrison      
7.9Megan Putlovis1:15.04aUnion      
8.10Kaili Halterman1:15.74aPendleton County      
9.10Hannah Gilbert1:18.16aMoorefield      
10.12Lynnette Lockie1:18.99aUnion      
X 400 Meters - AA - Finals
1.10Madison Cunningham1:00.32aLincoln      
2.10Katie Jan1:01.03aFrankfort      
3.11Sarah Boddy1:02.60aKeyser      
4.11Amanda Spargo1:02.85aPhilip Barbour      
5.12Megan Gains1:04.08aLiberty (Harrison)      
6.12Alicia McJilton1:05.29aBerkeley Springs      
7.12Katherine Lockhart1:05.68aGrafton      
8.11Leah Kidwell1:06.03aBerkeley Springs      
9.10Anne Golinsky1:07.09aBraxton County      
10.11Jasmine Redman1:07.42aKeyser      
11.10Alexis Siefert1:07.70aLiberty (Harrison)      
12.9Elise Cardot1:07.91aPetersburg      
13.9Marissa Long1:08.33aPhilip Barbour      
14.11Sara Parks1:08.74aKeyser      
15.10Caitlin Rhodes1:09.30aBraxton County      
16.10Morgan Cox1:09.78aLincoln      
17.11Amber Abbott1:11.97aPhilip Barbour      
18.11Julie Howser1:13.47aFrankfort      
19.10Tomi Dennison1:18.76aBraxton County      
20.10Alyssa Everley1:26.18aLiberty (Harrison)      
X 800 Meters - A - Finals
1.11MaeBeth Fisher2:39.98aMoorefield      
2.10Ashley Cassidy2:49.81aTucker County      
3.9Alena Mendoza2:52.08aPendleton County      
4.12Elizabeth Carr2:58.85aTucker County      
5.11Shannon Combs3:02.27aMoorefield      
6.9Miranda Siler3:02.58aTucker County      
7.10Stephanie Spicer3:05.81aUnion      
8.9Courtney Hartman3:13.86aPendleton County      
9.9Nancy Yates3:27.06aEast Hardy      
10.10Kaili Halterman3:27.92aPendleton County      
11.11Brittany Ellington3:30.01aSouth Harrison      
X 800 Meters - AA - Finals
1.10Katie Jan2:32.52aFrankfort      
2.12Sarah McCauley2:34.02aPhilip Barbour      
3.9Katelyn Mahoney2:34.80aPhilip Barbour      
4.11Sarah Boddy2:34.81aKeyser      
5.11Kayla Mundey2:36.30aBerkeley Springs      
6.9Kayla Sentelle2:38.92aFrankfort      
7.10Morgan Wagner2:39.63aLincoln      
8.9Marissa Long2:40.46aPhilip Barbour      
9.12Abby Taylor2:41.81aGrafton      
10.10Alexis Siefert2:45.29aLiberty (Harrison)      
11.12Alicia McJilton2:45.38aBerkeley Springs      
12.11Jasmine Redman2:45.74aKeyser      
13.10Caitlin Rhodes2:47.79aBraxton County      
14.9Alexis Rebrook2:48.24aLiberty (Harrison)      
15.11Kierra Rohrbuagh2:49.91aKeyser      
16.9Sam McBee2:54.54aBerkeley Springs      
17.9Jasmine Flanigan2:59.66aLiberty (Harrison)      
18.9Rachelle Wratchford3:09.00aPetersburg      
19.10Kayla Crabtree3:12.92aLiberty (Harrison)      
20.10Megan Cooper3:24.77aBraxton County      
21.9Meaghan Eyler3:27.37aFrankfort      
22.9Emily Moon3:46.31aGrafton      
X 1600 Meters - A - Finals
1.10Ashley Cassidy6:12.83aTucker County      
2.12Blayke Hall6:31.35aMoorefield      
3.9Lenae Cole6:52.00aTucker County      
4.9Miranda Siler6:55.08aTucker County      
5.10Darryan Ward7:28.16aSouth Harrison      
6.11Brittany Ellington7:30.94aSouth Harrison      
7.11Holly Crider7:33.75aPendleton County      
8.9Alexa Mendoza7:39.87aPendleton County      
9.10Danielle Crider8:46.68aMoorefield      
X 1600 Meters - AA - Finals
1.10Katie Jan5:30.37aFrankfort      
2.12Sarah McCauley5:30.68aPhilip Barbour      
3.9Katelyn Mahoney5:41.66aPhilip Barbour      
4.10Brianna Waybright5:42.25aPhilip Barbour      
5.12Hannah Biser5:50.76aKeyser      
6.11Kayla Mundey5:57.16aBerkeley Springs      
7.11Ashley Peters5:58.71aLiberty (Harrison)      
8.9Kirsten Gateless6:03.79aBraxton County      
9.12Lacee Fulton6:19.44aBerkeley Springs      
10.12Lucrezia Ghidesi6:20.81aFrankfort      
11.9Jasmine Flanigan6:28.29aLiberty (Harrison)      
12.11Gabriela Bonazzo6:33.36aBraxton County      
13.10Sarah Moreland6:41.82aFrankfort      
14.10Jessica Jamison6:55.58aKeyser      
15.11Paige Wiemer7:01.16aBerkeley Springs      
16.10Elizabeth Biser7:13.63aKeyser      
17.11Dusty Wratchford7:47.27aPetersburg      
X 3200 Meters - A - Finals
1.12Elizabeth Carr12:38.20aTucker County      
2.11MaeBeth Fisher12:48.70aMoorefield      
3.10Ashley Cassidy13:22.12aTucker County      
4.9Lenae Cole15:44.78aTucker County      
5.11Erin Foster18:51.11aSouth Harrison      
6.10Anna Smith19:28.18aEast Hardy      
X 3200 Meters - AA - Finals
1.12Sarah McCauley11:42.11aPhilip Barbour      
2.9Katelyn Mahoney11:53.03aPhilip Barbour      
3.10Brianna Waybright12:02.30aPhilip Barbour      
4.12Lacee Fulton12:36.42aBerkeley Springs      
5.12Hannah Biser13:10.71aKeyser      
6.11Ashley Peters13:16.87aLiberty (Harrison)      
7.10Sara Younker13:25.24aBerkeley Springs      
8.11Gabriela Bonazzo13:50.59aBraxton County      
9.9Jasmine Flanigan14:18.20aLiberty (Harrison)      
10.11Savannah Brown14:54.20aFrankfort      
11.10Alyssa Scott15:27.96aFrankfort      
12.10Elizabeth Biser15:47.53aKeyser      
13.9Meaghan Eyler15:51.01aFrankfort      
14.10Jessica Jamison15:55.75aKeyser      
15.11Dusty Wratchford16:12.71aPetersburg      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - A - Finals
1.11Katie Clevenger17.68aTucker County      
2.10Mileena Beatty18.43aSouth Harrison      
3.10Caroline Miller18.66aTucker County      
4.11Julie Povroznik19.03aSouth Harrison      
5.10Catie Snyder19.18aMoorefield      
6.11Jaime Hanlin19.79aUnion      
7.9Stephanie Betler20.02aTucker County      
8.10Catherine Reigel21.85aEast Hardy      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - AA - Finals
1.10Kari Fawcett16.73aGrafton      
2.9Erica White16.99aKeyser      
3.9Keleigh Cochran17.02aGrafton      
4.10Allison Evans17.26aKeyser      
5.11Corri Phillips17.71aBraxton County      
6.11Jordan Bennett18.37aBerkeley Springs      
7.12Brianna Shockey18.38aPhilip Barbour      
8.9Hannah Layman18.76aLincoln      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - AA - Prelims
1.10Kari Fawcett16.84aGrafton      
2.9Keleigh Cochran16.95aGrafton      
3.9Erica White17.19aKeyser      
4.11Corri Phillips17.31aBraxton County      
5.10Allison Evans17.49aKeyser      
7.12Brianna Shockey17.78aPhilip Barbour      
8.9Hannah Layman18.14aLincoln      
6.11Jordan Bennett18.18aBerkeley Springs      
9.12Amy Barnes18.22aLiberty (Harrison)      
10.9Kayla Simpson18.49aKeyser      
11.11Brooke Saville18.52aFrankfort      
12.12Kayley Brothers18.61aFrankfort      
13.11Paige Zeck18.70aGrafton      
14.9Allison Knick20.19aPetersburg      
15.9Allison Ramsey20.25aBraxton County      
16.10Haylea Ault20.57aPetersburg      
17.10April Kessel20.84aPetersburg      
18.11Katie Robinson21.31aBerkeley Springs      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - A - Finals
1.12Gretchen Lantz47.47aSouth Harrison      
2.10Amber Evans50.71aTucker County      
3.11Katie Clevenger55.53aTucker County      
4.10Caroline Miller58.80aTucker County      
5.11Julie Povroznik58.97aSouth Harrison      
6.11Kaitlyn Boone1:01.51aMoorefield      
7.10Catherine Reigel1:04.33aEast Hardy      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - AA - Finals
1.9Erica White48.75aKeyser      
2.12Michelle Williams49.23aBerkeley Springs      
3.11Breanna Eversole52.73aKeyser      
4.11Paige Zeck52.77aGrafton      
5.9Celeste Kelly54.27aPhilip Barbour      
6.9Allison Ramsey56.28aBraxton County      
7.12Jadira Jenkins56.98aKeyser      
8.12Amy Barnes56.99aLiberty (Harrison)      
9.11Felicia Seeders57.36aFrankfort      
10.11Julie Howser59.05aFrankfort      
11.9Allison Knick59.95aPetersburg      
12.10Haylea Ault1:00.06aPetersburg      
13.11Marianna White1:00.99aBraxton County      
14.10April Kessel1:01.94aPetersburg      
15.11Corri Phillips1:03.96aBraxton County      
X 4x100 Relay - A - Finals
1.-Kimberly Delawder
Emily Sager
Maria Mullin
Randi Jenkins
55.33aEast Hardy      
2.-Brittany Lockner
Kaylee Edwards
Fanta Kaba
Jessie Kimble
55.80aPendleton County      
3.-Catie Snyder
Amber Vaughn
Samantha Thompson
Hunter Greenwalt
4.-Stephanie Betler
Adrianna Bowley
Jessica Kincaid
Kylie Moore
58.57aTucker County      
5.-Abbie Coe
Erica Eddy
Megan Kohl
Mileena Beatty
1:00.01aSouth Harrison      
X 4x100 Relay - AA - Finals
1.-Alexis Spitzer
Erica White
Allison Evans
Sharia Hernandez
2.-Megan Gains
Shandel Bunnell
Samara Kendrick
Haven Harman
52.62aLiberty (Harrison)      
3.-Jordan Bennett
Amanda Case
Melissa Colby
Michelle Williams
53.54aBerkeley Springs      
4.-Brooke Saville
Kayla Sentelle
Morgan Turley
Kayley Brothers
5.-Allison Ramsey
Marianna White
Lexy Greenlief
Michelle Cottrill
56.39aBraxton County      
6.-Keleigh Cochran
Valerie Barlow
Devin Pryor
Caity Bryan
7.-Micaiah Fisher
Hannah Ludwick
Megan Valkos
Heather Phares
8.-Amanda Spargo
Celeste Kelly
Alexis Kincaid
Brianna Shockey
57.55aPhilip Barbour      
X 4x200 Relay - A - Finals
1.-Alshia Crawford
Randi Jenkins
Emily Sager
Maria Mullin
1:57.89aEast Hardy      
2.-Shelby Anderson
Stephanie Betler
Adrianna Bowley
Kylie Moore
1:59.09aTucker County      
3.-Brittany Lockner
Kaylee Edwards
Fanta Kaba
Jessie Kimble
1:59.10aPendleton County      
4.-Catie Snyder
Samantha Melniczenko
Amber Vaughn
Hunter Greenwalt
5.-Mileena Beatty
Erica Eddy
Megan Kohl
Blake Louk
2:05.43aSouth Harrison      
X 4x200 Relay - AA - Finals
1.-Alexis Spitzer
Erica White
Allison Evans
Sharia Hernandez
2.-Melissa Colby
Amanda Case
Toni Davisson
Michelle Williams
1:51.58aBerkeley Springs      
3.-Samara Kendrick
Megan Gains
Shandel Bunnell
Haven Harman
1:53.01aLiberty (Harrison)      
4.-Brooke Saville
Kayla Sentelle
Jordan von Hagel
Kayley Brothers
5.-Anne Golinsky
Lexy Greenlief
Michelle Cottrill
Hunter Sodaro
1:55.67aBraxton County      
6.-Katherine Lockhart
Valerie Barlow
Caity Bryan
Megan Losh
7.-Amber Abbott
Maura Conti
Marissa Long
Alexis Kincaid
2:05.32aPhilip Barbour      
X 4x400 Relay - A - Finals
1.-Shelby Anderson
Adrianna Bowley
Amber Evans
Elizabeth Carr
4:42.96aTucker County      
2.-MaeBeth Fisher
Blayke Hall
Amber Vaughn
Hunter Greenwalt
3.-Nancy Yates
Ashley Strawderman
Leann Neff
Alshia Crawford
4:54.43aEast Hardy      
4.-Alena Mendoza
Holly Crider
Courtney Hartman
Kaylee Edwards
4:56.15aPendleton County      
5.-Blake Louk
Zoey Yang
Abbie Coe
Darryann Ward
5:30.56aSouth Harrison      
X 4x400 Relay - AA - Finals
1.-Sarah Boddy
Hannah Biser
Breanna Eversole
Sharia Hernandez
2.-Caity Bryan
Madison Cochran
Katherine Lockhart
Valerie Barlow
3.-Alicia McJilton
Melissa Colby
Leah Kidwell
Michelle Williams
4:28.00aBerkeley Springs      
4.-Samara Kendrick
Alexis Siefert
Megan Gains
Shandel Bunnell
4:29.51aLiberty (Harrison)      
5.-Marissa Long
Brianna Waybright
Celeste Kelly
Amanda Spargo
4:32.63aPhilip Barbour      
6.-Kayla Sentelle
Sarah Moreland
Julie Howser
Katie Jan
7.-Megan Cooper
Allison March
Keturah Cowling
Tomi Dennison
5:23.68aBraxton County      
X 4x800 Relay - A - Finals
1.-Adrianna Bowley
Elizabeth Carr
Ashley Cassidy
Caroline Miller
11:19.38aTucker County      
2.-Shannon Combs
MaeBeth Fisher
Blayke Hall
Jessica Walker
3.-Alena Mendoza
Kaili Halterman
Holly Crider
Courtney Hartman
12:33.08aPendleton County      
4.-Brittany Ellington
Erin Foster
Sarah Petitto
Paige Myers
14:20.08aSouth Harrison      
X 4x800 Relay - AA - Finals
1.-Katelyn Mahoney
Amber Abbott
Brianna Waybright
Sarah McCauley
10:18.20aPhilip Barbour      
2.-Abby Taylor
Madison Cochran
Valerie Barlow
Caity Bryan
3.-Sarah Boddy
Jasmine Redman
Breanna Eversole
Hannah Biser
4.-Alicia McJilton
Lacee Fulton
Sara Younker
Kayla Mundey
10:46.61aBerkeley Springs      
5.-Alexis Rebrook
Kayla Crabtree
Alexis Siefert
Jasmine Flanigan
11:33.55aLiberty (Harrison)      
6.-Sarah Moreland
Savannah Brown
Jordan von Hagel
Alyssa Scott
7.-Elise Cardot
Mikayla Pyle
Rachelle Wratchford
Dusty Wratchford
8.-Allison March
Tomi Dennison
Keturah Cowling
Megan Cooper
13:50.13aBraxton County      
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - A - Finals
1.-Katie Clevenger
Amber Evans
Kylie Moore
Caroline Miller
1:12.74aTucker County      
2.-Leann Neff
Kimberly Delawder
Ashton Griffith
Emily Sager
1:17.71aEast Hardy      
3.-Catie Snyder
Kaitlyn Boone
Terra Fawley
Samantha Thompson
4.-Mileena Beatty
Erica Eddy
Sarah Petitto
Julie Povroznik
1:22.47aSouth Harrison      
---Megan Putlovis
Ashley Cosner
Stephanie Spicer
Tiffany Jones
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - AA - Finals
1.-Keleigh Cochran
Devin Pryor
Madison Cochran
Kari Fawcett
2.-Allison Evans
Breanna Eversole
Kayla Simpson
Jadira Jenkins
3.-Celeste Kelly
Nikki Shriver
Trinity Gray
Brianna Shockey
1:14.16aPhilip Barbour      
4.-Hannah Ludwick
Allison Knick
Haylea Ault
Megan Valkos
5.-Allison Ramsey
Lexy Greenlief
Michelle Cottrill
Marianna White
1:16.78aBraxton County      
6.-Leah Kidwell
Casey Solomon
Katy Robinson
Amanda Stevens
1:20.91aBerkeley Springs      
X 4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - A - Finals
1.-Katie Clevenger
Amber Evans
Kylie Moore
Caroline Miller
1:12.74aTucker County      
2.-Leann Neff
Kimberly Delawder
Ashton Griffith
Emily Sager
1:17.71aEast Hardy      
3.-Catie Snyder
Kaitlyn Boone
Terra Fawley
Samantha Thompson
4.-Mileena Beatty
Erica Eddy
Sarah Petitto
Julie Povroznik
1:22.47aSouth Harrison      
---Megan Putlovis
Ashley Cosner
Stephanie Spicer
Tiffany Jones
X 4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - AA - Finals
1.-Keleigh Cochran
Devin Pryor
Madison Cochran
Kari Fawcett
2.-Allison Evans
Breanna Eversole
Kayla Simpson
Jadira Jenkins
3.-Celeste Kelly
Nikki Shriver
Trinity Gray
Brianna Shockey
1:14.16aPhilip Barbour      
4.-Hannah Ludwick
Allison Knick
Haylea Ault
Megan Valkos
5.-Allison Ramsey
Lexy Greenlief
Michelle Cottrill
Marianna White
1:16.78aBraxton County      
6.-Leah Kidwell
Casey Solomon
Katy Robinson
Amanda Stevens
1:20.91aBerkeley Springs      
X Shot Put - 4kg - A - Finals
1.10Tiffany Jones31-07.50Union      
2.12Kaitlyn Miller29-08.50East Hardy      
3.12Kimberly Delawder28-06.00East Hardy      
4.10Abbey Rhoades26-02.75South Harrison      
16.12Kaylie Mongold26-01.25Moorefield      
5.12Aimee Graham25-10.25South Harrison      
6.11Hannah Basye24-04.00East Hardy      
7.11Melissa Carr22-11.50Tucker County      
8.11Brandi Gillaspie22-00.00Union      
9.9Courtney Hartman20-08.25Pendleton County      
10.11Michelle Riggleman19-06.25Moorefield      
11.11Amber Swisher19-03.50Union      
12.10Abbie Anderson18-10.75Pendleton County      
13.12Savannah Teter18-05.00Pendleton County      
14.9Joannah Dyer16-06.00Tucker County      
15.9Tereaza Stull14-03.75Tucker County      
X Shot Put - 4kg - AA - Finals
1.11Harlie Stotler38-06.25Berkeley Springs      
2.10Kendra Johnson32-02.00Keyser      
3.12Jessica Starcher31-10.50Lincoln      
4.12Steffani Shingle31-02.00Frankfort      
5.12Chasity Skinner29-03.75Lincoln      
6.11Cassidy James28-03.25Braxton County      
7.12Victoria Shomo27-09.00Philip Barbour      
8.10Brittany Powell26-09.00Liberty (Harrison)      
9.10Christy Carson25-04.00Lincoln      
10.10Heather Phares24-01.50Petersburg      
11.12Valerie Nestor23-10.25Liberty (Harrison)      
12.10Vanessa Rose23-05.50Braxton County      
13.11Hannah Ludwick23-00.00Petersburg      
14.12Nicole Wymer22-09.25Braxton County      
15.11Kelsey Bartlett22-02.50Philip Barbour      
16.10Kayla Crabtree22-02.25Liberty (Harrison)      
17.9Liz Poling21-08.50Philip Barbour      
18.12Marie Monsen21-05.50Keyser      
19.11Shanese Hoalcraft19-09.75Keyser      
X Discus - 1kg - A - Finals
1.12Kimberly Delawder85-01East Hardy      
2.10Tiffany Jones81-00Union      
3.11Julie Povroznik78-05South Harrison      
4.11Melissa Carr77-03Tucker County      
5.11Kelle Miller72-00East Hardy      
6.12Kaitlyn Miller67-01East Hardy      
7.12Aimee Graham65-04South Harrison      
8.11Kourtney Murphy61-11Union      
9.11Brandi Gillaspie56-09Union      
10.12Jordan Hevener54-09Pendleton County      
11.10Abbie Anderson54-08Pendleton County      
12.10Abbey Rhoades54-02South Harrison      
13.10Kaili Halterman50-01Pendleton County      
14.9Joannah Dyer47-11Tucker County      
15.11Michelle Riggleman46-05Moorefield      
16.9Tereaza Stull35-05Tucker County      
X Discus - 1kg - AA - Finals
1.11Harlie Stotler103-03Berkeley Springs      
2.12Jessica Starcher91-04Lincoln      
3.12Chasity Skinner90-05Lincoln      
4.12Victoria Shomo88-08Philip Barbour      
5.11Cassidy James86-10Braxton County      
6.10Christy Carson81-09Lincoln      
7.12Steffani Shingle77-02Frankfort      
8.11Kelsey Bartlett73-08Philip Barbour      
9.10Kendra Johnson69-05Keyser      
10.11Courtney Miller63-11Berkeley Springs      
11.10Kaitlyn Bord62-10Grafton      
12.12Nicole Wymer62-05Braxton County      
13.11Savannah Brown60-00Frankfort      
14.10Kayla Crabtree57-11Liberty (Harrison)      
15.12Marie Monsen54-02Keyser      
16.10Brittany Powell53-05Liberty (Harrison)      
17.9Liz Poling52-03Philip Barbour      
18.12Valerie Nestor51-05Liberty (Harrison)      
19.11Shanese Hoalcraft49-06Keyser      
20.9Jenna Stout49-05Grafton      
21.9Chelsey Gregory48-09Grafton      
22.9Maranda Bosley47-01Braxton County      
23.10Rebecca Dillsworth39-04Petersburg      
X High Jump - A - Finals
1.11Jaime Hanlin5-02.00Union      
2.12Gretchen Lantz5-00.00South Harrison      
3.12Rhea Deuser4-06.00Tucker County      
4.9Stephanie Betler4-06.00Tucker County      
5.11Erica Eddy4-02.00South Harrison      
6.9Nancy Yates4-02.00East Hardy      
6.11Katie Clevenger4-02.00Tucker County      
X High Jump - AA - Finals
1.10Casey Solomon4-10.00Berkeley Springs      
2.9Johnna Akers4-10.00Lincoln      
3.11Brooke Saville4-08.00Frankfort      
4.12Victoria Shomo4-08.00Philip Barbour      
5.9Keleigh Cochran4-08.00Grafton      
6.9Nikki Shriver4-04.00Philip Barbour      
7.12Jadira Jenkins4-02.00Keyser      
7.9Allison Knick4-02.00Petersburg      
--11Allison MarchNHBraxton County      
--10Caitlin RhodesNHBraxton County      
X Pole Vault - AA - Finals
1.11Toni Davisson9-00.00Berkeley Springs      
2.11Jordan Bennett7-06.00Berkeley Springs      
3.12Amy Barnes7-00.00Liberty (Harrison)      
--11Corri PhillipsNHBraxton County      
--9Brianna FlorianNHBerkeley Springs      
X Long Jump - A - Finals
1.12Gretchen Lantz16-02.50South Harrison      
2.12Rhea Deuser14-06.50Tucker County      
3.11Jaime Hanlin14-04.00Union      
4.11Alshia Crawford13-10.25East Hardy      
5.10Shelby Anderson12-11.50Tucker County      
6.10Catherine Reigel12-09.00East Hardy      
7.9Chanel Stevenson12-03.25East Hardy      
8.9Lenae Cole11-05.75Tucker County      
9.10Hannah Gilbert9-09.75Moorefield      
10.12Danielle Fields9-09.00Pendleton County      
11.10Abbie Anderson9-08.00Pendleton County      
X Long Jump - AA - Finals
1.12Kayley Brothers16-10.50Frankfort      
2.9Alexandra Allen16-02.00Liberty (Harrison)      
3.10Madison Cunningham15-07.50Lincoln      
4.10Hunter Sodaro15-03.50Braxton County      
5.11Corri Phillips14-09.50Braxton County      
6.9Johnna Akers14-09.00Lincoln      
7.11Jordan Bennett14-06.00Berkeley Springs      
8.10Megan Valkos13-09.50Petersburg      
9.12Amy Barnes13-07.50Liberty (Harrison)      
10.10Anne Golinsky13-06.00Braxton County      
11.9Nikki Shriver13-01.50Philip Barbour      
12.10Casey Solomon12-07.00Berkeley Springs      
13.12Brianna Shockey12-06.00Philip Barbour      
14.9Morgan Turley12-00.00Frankfort      
15.11Julie Howser11-10.00Frankfort      
16.9Maura Conti11-02.00Philip Barbour      
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