T.C. Williams Invitational

Saturday, May 07, 2011
  T.C. Williams, Alexandria - Map

  Field Events Start: 10:00 AM  Track Events Start: 10:00 AM
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District of Columbia - DCIAA
DUDCDunbar (DC)
District of Columbia - Independent
FCAFriendship-Edison Collegiate
KCPKIPP DC College Prep
Maryland - Class 3A
TSHSThomas Stone
Maryland - Class 4A
NPTNorth Point
Virginia - 4A
EAVIEastern View
KIFOKing's Fork
Virginia - 5A
FACHFalls Church
GRRUGreen Run
Virginia - 6A
TCWT C Williams
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12L'Zerek Chapman11.21aLaurel
2.12Jerrod Worthington11.31aFriendship-Edison Co...
3.12Andrew Pierre11.38aDulaney
4.12Levern Jacobs11.40aSuitland
5.11Zaquan Summers11.58aT C Williams
6.11Faquan Wilson11.66aTallwood
7.12Dwayne Washington11.67aTallwood
8.12Jordan Colman11.92aSuitland
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12L'Zerek Chapman11.31aLaurel
2.12Andrew Pierre11.33aDulaney
3.11Zaquan Summers11.40aT C Williams
4.12Jerrod Worthington11.43aFriendship-Edison Co...
5.12Levern Jacobs11.48aSuitland
6.11Faquan Wilson11.50aTallwood
7.12Jordan Colman11.60aSuitland
8.12Dwayne Washington11.63aTallwood
9.11Mohammed Sesay11.67aT C Williams
10.11Rodney Brown11.80aNorth Point
11.10Michael Smith11.81aDunbar (DC)
12.12Guilherme Coulibaly11.87aLangley
13.11Moses Washington11.88aEastern View
14.10Stefon Colbert11.90aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
15.11Ernest Micks11.95aTallwood
16.9Malique Garner11.98aDunbar (DC)
17.11Lolade Edwin11.99aLaurel
18.11Cody Finkle12.03aEastern View
19.12Edward Yates12.05aEastern View
20.10Nate Lake12.10aEastern View
21.11John Ketum12.14aLaurel
22.12Antonio Coulibaly12.16aLangley
23.12Shaikeem Freeman12.22aTallwood
24.11Robert Hylton12.26aDulaney
25.10Aaron Simpson12.26aEastern View
26.10Kendall Daniels12.32aEastern View
27.9Deion Dupont12.33aFalls Church
28.10Robert Yu12.42aLangley
29.12Correll Mack12.50aSuitland
30.12Marcellus Riley12.53aFriendship-Edison Co...
31.10Devonte Hall12.56aKIPP DC College Prep
32.12Drevon Vance12.74aThomas Stone
33.12Ben Harvey12.74aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
34.10Christian Carter13.33aDunbar (DC)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12L'Zerek Chapman22.35aLaurel
2.12Jerrod Worthington22.68aFriendship-Edison Co...
3.12Chappell Isom22.90aDulaney
4.11Faquan Wilson23.04aTallwood
5.11Zaquan Summers23.07aT C Williams
6.11Rakeem Jones24.52aThomas Stone
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Sean Sutton22.46aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.12L'Zerek Chapman22.54aLaurel
3.11Faquan Wilson22.78aTallwood
4.12Jerrod Worthington22.85aFriendship-Edison Co...
5.11Zaquan Summers22.98aT C Williams
6.11Rakeem Jones23.05aThomas Stone
7.12Chappell Isom23.23aDulaney
8.12Dwayne Washington23.60aTallwood
9.11Jonte Miles23.61aLaurel
10.11Mohammed Sesay23.74aT C Williams
11.12Guilherme Coulibaly23.99aLangley
12.12Rai Page24.23aThomas Stone
13.11John Ketum24.25aLaurel
14.11Lolade Edwin24.33aLaurel
15.12Mark Hardison24.35aEastern View
16.12Edward Yates24.37aEastern View
17.11Jeffrey Owens24.42aLangley
18.11Cody Finkle24.45aEastern View
19.12Aaron Hagan24.50aDulaney
20.12Antonio Coulibaly24.63aLangley
21.12Blake Countess24.63aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
22.12Emerson Barros24.85aFalls Church
23.12Marcellus Riley24.96aFriendship-Edison Co...
24.10Edward Stanley25.22aEastern View
25.9Deion Dupont25.24aFalls Church
26.10Robert Yu25.33aLangley
27.10Aaron Simpson25.35aEastern View
28.10Shaquille Robinson25.66aEastern View
29.10Steven Byrne25.72aLangley
30.10Devonte Hall25.96aKIPP DC College Prep
31.10Kasey Davis26.10aKIPP DC College Prep
32.12Drevon Vance26.10aThomas Stone
33.10Louis Turner26.72aLaurel
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Teyvon Jacobs49.10aSuitland
2.12Randall Gross49.19aNorth Point
3.11Joel Roberson49.21aLaurel
4.11Ervin Alston49.76aDunbar (DC)
5.12Chappell Isom50.48aDulaney
6.11Chris Tate50.65aRiverdale Baptist
7.12Andrew Pierre50.77aDulaney
8.11Shamir Dozier50.98aRiverdale Baptist
9.11Jonte Miles52.22aLaurel
10.10Brenden Clinton52.64aLaurel
11.9Marcelle Preston52.87aRiverdale Baptist
12.11Jeffrey Owens52.88aLangley
13.11Julian Hamilton52.93aRiverdale Baptist
14.12Mark Hardison53.41aEastern View
15.11Maurice Rucker53.81aThomas Stone
16.10Victor Dunbar53.82aFriendship-Edison Co...
17.9Marik Jolley53.97aTallwood
18.10Steven Byrne54.09aLangley
19.10Jonathon Mitchell54.21aNorth Point
20.11Lincoln Scott54.26aFalls Church
21.12Rai Page54.32aThomas Stone
22.10Zack Dailey55.20aLangley
23.9Philip Tyler55.26aT C Williams
24.11Tony Piazza56.06aEastern View
25.11Scott Young56.26aT C Williams
26.12Stephen Robinson56.49aSuitland
27.10Edward Stanley56.82aEastern View
28.10Kasey Davis58.29aKIPP DC College Prep
29.10Darius Foman58.54aFriendship-Edison Co...
30.9Nathan Lee58.66aFalls Church
31.9Kharee Carr59.65aThomas Stone
32.10Devonte Hall1:03.55aKIPP DC College Prep
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zach Fanelty1:55.62aTallwood
2.12Darren Foreman1:57.43aT C Williams
3.12Marcus Rinehardt2:00.86aTallwood
4.12Jake Peker2:01.72aLangley
5.10Michael Smith2:02.83aDunbar (DC)
6.10Vaughn Walker2:04.15aThomas Stone
7.12Said Matan2:05.57aFalls Church
8.12Taylor Martin2:06.10aEastern View
9.12Nabeel Janjua2:06.40aFalls Church
10.12Josh Bond2:06.77aDulaney
11.10Justin Lane2:08.17aLaurel
12.12Javier Davis2:08.60aSuitland
13.11Lincoln Scott2:09.81aFalls Church
14.9Brendan Kerwin2:10.66aT C Williams
15.11Alusine Conteh2:10.95aT C Williams
16.11Steven Grotz2:11.08aEastern View
17.12Thomas Tallerico2:11.12aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
18.10Zack Dailey2:12.03aLangley
19.11Carus Cookman2:13.47aDulaney
20.12Jc Senatore2:14.07aDulaney
21.11Javon Cox2:17.82aDunbar (DC)
22.12Stephen Robinson2:20.96aSuitland
23.11Glenn Price2:28.20aEastern View
24.11Samuel Epps2:29.40aDunbar (DC)
25.10Kasey Davis2:37.16aKIPP DC College Prep
26.11Kyle Gillman3:03.03aLaurel
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jack Riely4:32.14aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.11Allen Meringolo4:34.53aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
3.12Said Matan4:37.82aFalls Church
4.11Carus Cookman4:38.81aDulaney
5.10Patrick Jones4:40.50aNorth Point
6.10Brendan Johnson4:43.43aThomas Stone
7.12Medhin Adam4:44.68aT C Williams
8.10Robert Keim4:47.13aNorth Point
9.12Javier Davis4:47.22aSuitland
10.11Redatu Semeon4:48.09aThomas Stone
11.11Jacob Whiteacre4:50.73aT C Williams
12.12Charlie Bayne4:51.73aEastern View
13.9Collin Crilly4:53.89aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
14.10Adugna G'Mariam5:18.22aT C Williams
15.9Matthew Rhodes5:20.20aFalls Church
16.9Evan Massaro5:20.47aFalls Church
17.11Glenn Price5:21.88aEastern View
18.12Stephen Robinson5:22.74aSuitland
19.12Ryan Swirsky11:31.70aLangley
20.10Jack Flatley11:37.17aLangley
21.11Tyler Miller11:46.90aEastern View
22.11Xavier Douglas11:52.92aRiverdale Baptist
23.11Sean Wade12:16.18aTallwood
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Christopher Jones10:09.16aNorth Point
2.11Andrew Woodard10:10.69aDulaney
3.9Collin Crilly10:17.13aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.11Michael Fitzgerlad10:24.89aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
5.12Ryan Swirsky10:29.70aLangley
6.10Jon Anderson10:33.57aDulaney
7.10Brendan Johnson10:34.38aThomas Stone
8.11Quinn Marvel10:35.62aDulaney
9.10Jonathan Forbes10:36.43aT C Williams
10.11Glenn Rose10:38.62aTallwood
11.12Ryan Laychak10:40.36aT C Williams
12.10Jack Flatley10:41.99aLangley
13.11Nathan Brockett10:46.02aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
14.12Sean Ward10:48.64aThomas Stone
15.10Garrett Davis10:52.56aNorth Point
16.11Grant Raycroft10:53.35aT C Williams
17.11Justin Dejausserand11:13.69aNorth Point
18.10Christian Quezada11:15.13aFalls Church
19.11Tyler Miller11:19.20aEastern View
20.11Sean Wade12:00.73aTallwood
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lorenzo Steele15.93aSuitland
2.11Christopher Hawkins15.95aTallwood
3.10Kyle Jones16.46aNorth Point
4.12Darryl Williams16.87aEastern View
5.11Percy Haskins17.22aT C Williams
6.11Jonathan Ledesma17.28aLangley
7.11Taihei Yamaguchi17.71aLangley
8.10Malcolm White17.74aTallwood
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Lorenzo Steele15.71aSuitland
2.11Christopher Hawkins16.00aTallwood
3.10Kyle Jones16.19aNorth Point
4.12Darryl Williams16.65aEastern View
5.11Jonathan Ledesma16.87aLangley
6.11Taihei Yamaguchi17.77aLangley
7.11Percy Haskins17.83aT C Williams
8.10Malcolm White17.93aTallwood
9.11Jonathan Day17.94aLangley
10.11Kaden Calderwood19.16aLangley
11.12Justin Dozier19.53aTallwood
12.9Alex Jacobsen19.83aLangley
13.9Shaquaill Fedder21.26aFriendship-Edison Co...
14.11Kofi Toku21.54aThomas Stone
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rakeem Jones40.21aThomas Stone
2.12Michael McCoy40.26aLaurel
3.12Lorenzo Steele41.35aSuitland
4.10Kyle Jones42.15aNorth Point
5.11Percy Haskins42.32aT C Williams
6.11Brelin Elliott42.52aThomas Stone
7.11Jonathan Day44.06aLangley
8.9Malique Garner44.75aDunbar (DC)
9.11Jimmy Kazunas44.88aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
10.10Malcolm White45.42aTallwood
11.11Kofi Toku45.68aThomas Stone
12.11Taihei Yamaguchi46.07aLangley
13.11Christopher Hawkins46.29aTallwood
14.11Dennis Charles46.62aTallwood
15.11Kaden Calderwood46.95aLangley
16.9Alex Jacobsen48.20aLangley
17.9Shaquaill Fedder48.54aFriendship-Edison Co...
18.12Darryl Williams52.21aEastern View
19.10Jeffrey Miller52.70aFriendship-Edison Co...
X 2k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.11Javon Cox6:56.69aDunbar (DC)
2.11Miles Laubinger6:59.85aLangley
3.11Glenn Rose7:10.91aTallwood
4.11Nicholas Ahumada9:01.67aT C Williams
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lorenzo Steele
Teyvon Jacobs
Levern Jacobs
Jordan Colman
2.-D'Andre Briscoe
Donte Moten
William Heyward
Brandon Chatmon
44.21aNorth Point
3.-Christopher Hawkins
Dwayne Washington
Ernest Micks
Malcolm White
4.-Kharee Carr
Rick Greenfield
Drevon Vance
Rai Page
47.57aThomas Stone
---Mohammed Sesay
Zaquan Summers
Percy Haskins
Willie Curry
DNFT C Williams
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:19.87aLaurel
2.-Kyle Jones
Donte Moten
Brandon Chatmon
Randall Gross
3:21.56aNorth Point
3.-Lorenzo Steele
Teyvon Jacobs
Levern Jacobs
Jordan Colman
4.-Michael Smith
Rashaan Wright
Ervin Alston
Malique Garner
3:25.77aDunbar (DC)
5.-Aaron Hagan
Andrew Pierre
Jc Senatore
Robert Hylton
6.-Vaughn Walker
Rakeem Jones
Maurice Rucker
Brelin Elliott
3:30.05aThomas Stone
7.-Willie Curry
Darren Foreman
Philip Tyler
Scott Young
3:30.78aT C Williams
8.-Marik Jolley
Marcus Rinehardt
Dennis Charles
Zach Fanelty
9.-Charlie Bayne
Tony Piazza
Taylor Martin
Mark Hardison
3:38.70aEastern View
10.-Lolade Edwin
John Ketum
Justin Lane
Brenden Clinton
11.-Marcellus Riley
Victor Dunbar
Darius Foman
Jeffrey Miller
3:45.47aFriendship-Edison Co...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marcus Rinehardt
Faquan Wilson
Dennis Charles
Zach Fanelty
2.-Medhin Adam
Adugna G'Mariam
Scott Young
Darren Foreman
8:18.29aT C Williams
3.-Vaughn Walker
Steven Snyder
Maurice Rucker
Brelin Elliott
8:30.92aThomas Stone
4.-Jc Senatore
Josh Bond
Michael Seeley
Fabio Albornoz
5.-Kyle Jones
Garrett Davis
Ryan Hoey
Randall Gross
8:49.79aNorth Point
6.-Tony Piazza
Charlie Bayne
Steven Grotz
Taylor Martin
9:06.76aEastern View
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Anderson15.31mTallwood
2.11Mohammed Sesay14.83mT C Williams
3.11Jose Urratia13.15mT C Williams
4.11Clifton Jones13.04mTallwood
5.11Michael Crockett12.89mT C Williams
6.12Zachary Buffkin12.68mLangley
7.11Jerrod Graham12.36mNorth Point
8.11Zack Ryan12.36mTallwood
9.10Jack Howerton11.27mLangley
10.10Donte Christian10.92mEastern View
11.11Carlos Likins10.87mThomas Stone
12.10Teron Lockett10.80mT C Williams
13.12Demont Cook10.73mLaurel
14.10Remey Bustani10.37mLangley
15.12Christophe Bednar9.62mFalls Church
16.9Klarance Simpson9.41mRiverdale Baptist
17.11Greg Powers8.55mRiverdale Baptist
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Anderson47.96mTallwood
2.11Jose Urratia44.47mT C Williams
3.11Jeffrey Bell40.38mNorth Point
4.11Carlos Likins38.67mThomas Stone
5.12Zachary Buffkin37.17mLangley
6.12Wayne Wilford36.00mDulaney
7.12Jeremy Johnson34.32mNorth Point
8.10Teron Lockett33.45mT C Williams
9.11Zack Ryan32.43mTallwood
10.12Alex Shivnen29.61mLangley
11.10Jack Howerton28.66mLangley
12.10Remey Bustani25.70mLangley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Brown1.93mNorth Point
2.12Jamal Butler1.93mNorth Point
3.11Dennis Charles1.82mTallwood
4.11Kahron Lee1.77mT C Williams
5.12Darren Foreman1.77mT C Williams
6.9Steven Dunbar1.72mTallwood
7.11Percy Haskins1.67mT C Williams
--11Kaden CalderwoodNHLangley
--10Nate LakeNHEastern View
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Logan Besougloff3.65mLangley
2.12Justin Dozier3.50mTallwood
2.12Nabeel Janjua3.50mFalls Church
4.10Robert Yu3.35mLangley
4.11Nicholas Ahumada3.35mT C Williams
6.12Zach Walker3.20mLangley
7.10Jeffrey Tholen3.04mLangley
7.11Jushuah Alcon3.04mT C Williams
--11Scott YoungNHT C Williams
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jamal Butler6.55mNorth Point
2.12Darryl Williams6.52mEastern View
3.11Zaquan Summers6.42mT C Williams
4.12Malik Mack6.36mNorth Point
5.12John Brown6.17mNorth Point
6.12Guilherme Coulibaly6.12mLangley
7.12Darren Foreman6.12mT C Williams
8.12Antonio Coulibaly5.94mLangley
9.10Victor Dunbar5.91mFriendship-Edison Co...
10.9Steven Dunbar5.77mTallwood
11.11Kahron Lee5.68mT C Williams
12.9Kevin Moore5.58mOur Lady Of Good Cou...
13.11Rick Greenfield5.44mThomas Stone
14.10Darius Foman5.42mFriendship-Edison Co...
15.10Kendall Daniels5.41mEastern View
16.12Emerson Barros5.29mFalls Church
17.11Mohammed Sesay5.18mT C Williams
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jamal Butler13.62mNorth Point
2.12Jordan Foster13.57mNorth Point
3.12Malik Mack13.22mNorth Point
4.11Maurice Rucker12.54mThomas Stone
5.12Mark Hardison12.25mEastern View
6.11Mohammed Sesay12.14mT C Williams
7.11Kahron Lee12.03mT C Williams
8.-Trymel Edwards11.77mDunbar (DC)
9.9Marik Jolley11.53mTallwood
10.12Nabeel Janjua11.44mFalls Church
11.10Calvin Jones10.78mOur Lady Of Good Cou...
12.9Kevin Moore10.65mOur Lady Of Good Cou...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Meyhonia Layne12.38aEastern View
2.10Mercedes Tillman12.67aNorth Point
3.11Chelsie Stevens12.76aElizabeth Seton
4.11Jasmine Hankins12.82aTallwood
5.12Shakia Mercer12.85aSuitland
6.9India Griffin12.93aSuitland
7.12Breanna Sherman13.10aNorth Point
8.12Taylor Pendergast13.34aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Meyhonia Layne12.54aEastern View
2.11Chelsie Stevens12.61aElizabeth Seton
3.10Mercedes Tillman12.78aNorth Point
4.11Jasmine Hankins12.88aTallwood
5.12Shakia Mercer12.91aSuitland
6.9India Griffin13.06aSuitland
7.12Breanna Sherman13.17aNorth Point
8.12Taylor Pendergast13.29aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
9.9Maya McKinsey13.32aTallwood
10.9Dominique Scott13.32aEastern View
11.10Briauna Kilgore13.41aElizabeth Seton
12.12Melissa Kim13.46aDulaney
13.10Iman Gaylord13.51aDulaney
14.9Aliah Cherry13.55aNorth Point
15.9Daisha Smith13.58aEastern View
16.12Chanel Richmond13.68aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
17.12Ariel Cherry13.76aNorth Point
18.11Suriely Morales13.80aThomas Stone
19.12Megan Wall13.81aDulaney
20.11Molly Bremer13.84aLangley
21.10Jayra Fowler14.05aEastern View
22.11Courtney Thomas14.06aEastern View
23.9Anna Cox14.33aLangley
24.12Rhemah Lewis14.36aThomas Stone
25.10Ayodele Mason14.58aKIPP DC College Prep
26.11Charlotte Louden14.66aFalls Church
27.9Cherise Johnson-Wallace14.78aKIPP DC College Prep
28.10Rochon Bobbit15.10aKIPP DC College Prep
29.10Tiffany Sequeira15.85aFalls Church
30.11Nereyda Irias16.33aFalls Church
31.9Jada Barber17.70aLaurel
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Monica Williams25.16aGreen Run
2.12Meyhonia Layne25.99aEastern View
3.12Briana Young26.08aElizabeth Seton
4.12Tejumade Adewole26.32aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
5.10Mercedes Tillman26.76aNorth Point
6.11Chelsie Stevens27.17aElizabeth Seton
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Monica Williams25.21aGreen Run
2.12Briana Young25.55aElizabeth Seton
3.12Meyhonia Layne25.84aEastern View
4.11Chelsie Stevens26.17aElizabeth Seton
5.10Marin Page26.22aSuitland
6.12Tejumade Adewole26.23aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
7.10Mercedes Tillman26.24aNorth Point
8.12Kalane Abbey26.37aLaurel
9.10Maia Jefferson26.58aSuitland
10.10Morgan Latillaide27.22aT C Williams
11.9Aliah Cherry27.23aNorth Point
12.12Jaimie Greene27.41aNorth Point
13.12Tangalia Butler27.58aSuitland
14.12Ariel Cherry27.65aNorth Point
15.10Iman Gaylord27.79aDulaney
16.11Suriely Morales28.21aThomas Stone
17.9Daisha Smith28.30aEastern View
18.12Sarah Woodford28.35aLangley
19.12Breanna Sherman28.52aNorth Point
20.10Oluweiseun Olojo28.63aLaurel
21.9Destinee Mincy28.70aThomas Stone
22.9Jasmine Johnson28.78aTallwood
23.11Molly Bremer28.80aLangley
24.9Dominique Scott28.88aEastern View
25.9Megan Brown28.89aLaurel
26.11Kellie Smith29.03aElizabeth Seton
27.9Xandria Green29.20aTallwood
28.12Rhemah Lewis29.33aThomas Stone
29.10Lyxis Hendricks29.40aTallwood
30.11Courtney Thomas29.58aEastern View
31.10Jasmin Daniels29.64aThomas Stone
32.10Jayra Fowler29.65aEastern View
33.9Anna Cox29.84aLangley
34.9Analea von Seggern29.91aLangley
35.11Charlotte Louden30.28aFalls Church
36.12D'Awndra Reeder31.04aRiverdale Baptist
37.9Amelia Shuler31.27aLangley
38.9Cherise Johnson-Wallace31.28aKIPP DC College Prep
39.10Ayodele Mason31.46aKIPP DC College Prep
40.10Rochon Bobbit31.68aKIPP DC College Prep
41.10Tiffany Sequeira33.46aFalls Church
42.11Nereyda Irias34.06aFalls Church
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kalane Abbey58.14aLaurel
2.12Briana Young58.71aElizabeth Seton
3.11Jessica Ewing59.29aTallwood
4.9Sydney Schaedel59.48aT C Williams
5.10Michaela Lambert59.73aGreen Run
6.10Rachel Halmon1:00.53aThomas Stone
7.12Tiana Teague1:00.58aElizabeth Seton
8.12Shakia Mercer1:01.37aSuitland
9.12Jaimie Greene1:01.39aNorth Point
10.10Morgan Latillaide1:01.42aT C Williams
11.10Rayna Chambers1:01.88aElizabeth Seton
12.12Tangalia Butler1:02.07aSuitland
13.9Megan Brown1:02.45aLaurel
14.10Oluweiseun Olojo1:03.33aLaurel
15.10Chloe Davis1:03.50aDulaney
16.12Sarah Woodford1:04.12aLangley
17.10Liana Kramer1:04.69aLangley
18.9Briana Belfiore1:05.08aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
19.10Kami Armistead1:05.35aTallwood
20.11Maddison Abboud1:05.86aLangley
21.9Amelia Shuler1:06.67aLangley
22.12Brittany Wong1:07.16aThomas Stone
23.12Ena Fonville1:07.95aThomas Stone
24.9Xandria Green1:09.34aTallwood
25.10Jamie Roth1:09.38aDulaney
26.9Analea von Seggern1:10.31aLangley
27.10Ayodele Mason1:12.32aKIPP DC College Prep
28.10Kendra Spruill1:14.14aFriendship-Edison Co...
29.10Rochon Bobbit1:16.60aKIPP DC College Prep
30.10Tiara Mills1:21.38aFriendship-Edison Co...
--9Cherise Johnson-WallaceDNFKIPP DC College Prep
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zuwena Johnson2:23.80aRiverdale Baptist
2.12Alexis Williams2:26.63aGreen Run
3.12Grace Brasell2:31.61aLangley
4.9Isabel Griffith2:32.23aDulaney
5.9Erin Nunan2:34.03aFalls Church
6.10Sophie Dean2:34.67aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
7.12Maria Docal2:35.85aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
8.9Melissa Basso-Luca2:38.10aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
9.12Brittany Stinger2:38.24aLangley
10.10Jessica Nenno2:39.48aNorth Point
11.12Hannah Lippy2:39.67aDulaney
12.9Stephanie Slaven2:40.39aT C Williams
13.9Kaceedra Mitchell2:43.55aThomas Stone
14.12Ciarra Walters2:45.12aElizabeth Seton
15.9Emily Grabauskas2:46.87aFalls Church
16.9Alison Schwartz2:46.96aDulaney
17.11Allison Brady2:48.27aLangley
18.11Eileen Nakahata2:48.77aT C Williams
19.10Cierra Westry2:49.03aTallwood
20.10Asha Spears2:50.47aSuitland
21.9Caitlyn Kimberly2:50.53aTallwood
22.10Kendra Spruill2:51.11aFriendship-Edison Co...
23.12Kelsey Barklund2:51.61aEastern View
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shannon Smythe5:27.80aT C Williams
2.9Isabel Griffith5:28.37aDulaney
3.11Mary Fouse5:28.89aLangley
4.9Erin Nunan5:33.05aFalls Church
5.9Kennedy Holton5:38.82aElizabeth Seton
6.11Verkia Smith5:38.85aNorth Point
7.11Angelina Oputa5:40.26aElizabeth Seton
8.10Jessica Nenno5:44.32aNorth Point
9.11Lila Burris5:45.49aEastern View
10.9Stephanie Slaven5:45.93aT C Williams
11.12Hannah Lippy5:48.00aDulaney
12.9Kaceedra Mitchell5:52.64aThomas Stone
13.9Emily Grabauskas6:07.02aFalls Church
14.9Gabrielle Yore6:11.51aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
15.10Taylor Szeligowski6:11.60aTallwood
16.11Mia Carrington6:18.30aTallwood
17.12Ashley Meyer6:27.13aTallwood
18.9Kelsie Rohler6:33.05aTallwood
19.10Asha Spears7:05.45aSuitland
--12Brittany StingerDNFLangley
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jessica Miles11:38.68aLangley
2.11Grace Garrahan12:11.13aT C Williams
3.11Carravita Pape-Calabrese12:17.36aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.9Cassidy Burke12:21.99aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
5.12Abbie Trippe12:43.23aDulaney
6.11Esther Jeong12:51.62aLangley
7.10Beebe Rose13:00.50aDulaney
8.12Ashley Meyer14:03.27aTallwood
9.9Kelsie Rohler14:25.15aTallwood
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tejumade Adewole15.13aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.11Eva-Mallay Atcherson17.30aElizabeth Seton
3.10Jada Gundran18.01aTallwood
4.11Jennifer Zhu18.54aT C Williams
5.10Jessica Stewart18.72aLangley
6.9Sarah Conroy18.88aT C Williams
7.11Amber Hammock19.66aEastern View
8.10Taylor Tucker50.83aElizabeth Seton
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Tejumade Adewole15.09aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.10Taylor Tucker15.11aElizabeth Seton
3.10Jada Gundran16.23aTallwood
4.11Eva-Mallay Atcherson16.95aElizabeth Seton
5.11Jennifer Zhu18.11aT C Williams
6.10Jessica Stewart18.67aLangley
7.9Sarah Conroy18.70aT C Williams
8.11Amber Hammock19.04aEastern View
9.12Erin Roberts19.37aNorth Point
10.10Siana Shulterbrandt19.92aTallwood
11.11Andrenique Tibbs20.05aThomas Stone
12.11Nikki Cheshire20.13aLangley
13.9Michaela Burton20.15aLangley
14.11Ja'Tia Brown20.53aTallwood
15.9Jordyn Vargas21.49aTallwood
16.9Jackie Ryan22.85aLangley
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsea Utley44.56aGreen Run
2.12Melissa Kim46.99aDulaney
3.11Kendra Wallace49.02aNorth Point
4.10Briauna Kilgore49.17aElizabeth Seton
5.10Indya Weaver50.31aT C Williams
6.10Jessica Stewart51.00aLangley
7.10Jada Gundran51.46aTallwood
8.11Dionnah Moore51.52aThomas Stone
9.12Megan Wall52.46aDulaney
10.11Jennifer Zhu52.52aT C Williams
11.10Rachel Halmon52.54aThomas Stone
12.9Michaela Burton54.05aLangley
13.12Erin Roberts54.40aNorth Point
14.9Teresa Docal55.07aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
15.9Jordyn Vargas55.22aTallwood
16.11Ja'Tia Brown55.51aTallwood
17.9Jackie Ryan56.93aLangley
18.11Dominique Colbert57.03aEastern View
19.11Gabriella Jacobsen57.33aLangley
20.11Nikki Cheshire57.47aLangley
21.11Amber Hammock1:00.51aEastern View
X 2k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.11Melinda Hickman8:10.63aKing's Fork
2.11Allison Brady8:22.47aLangley
3.12Grace Brasell8:44.12aLangley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessica Ewing
Lyxis Hendricks
Maya McKinsey
Jasmine Hankins
2.-Ariel Cherry
Aliah Cherry
Mercedes Tillman
Breanna Sherman
50.08aNorth Point
3.-Relay Team 51.52aElizabeth Seton
4.-Courtni Wilson
Jasmin Daniels
Destinee Mincy
Suriely Morales
53.18aThomas Stone
5.-Iman Gaylord
Megan Wall
Melissa Kim
Diamond Gaines
---Courtney Thomas
Dominique Scott
Daisha Smith
Meyhonia Layne
DNFEastern View
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chelsea Utley
Alexis Williams
Michaela Lambert
Monica Williams
3:57.03aGreen Run
2.-Jaimie Greene
Kendra Wallace
Aliah Cherry
Mercedes Tillman
4:07.80aNorth Point
3.-Kennedy Holton
Serwaa Syers
Taylor Tucker
Angelina Oputa
4:11.63aElizabeth Seton
4.-Morgan Latillaide
Sydney Schaedel
Adugna Desalegn
Shannon Smythe
4:14.25aT C Williams
5.-Dionnah Moore
Brittany Wong
Rachel Halmon
Jasmin Daniels
4:14.63aThomas Stone
6.-Jessica Ewing
Kami Armistead
Jasmine Johnson
Maya McKinsey
7.-Chloe Davis
Melissa Kim
Jamie Roth
Hannah Lippy
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sydney Schaedel
Adugna Desalegn
Grace Garrahan
Shannon Smythe
9:58.81aT C Williams
2.-Kennedy Holton
Angelina Oputa
Serwaa Syers
Ciarra Walters
10:13.09aElizabeth Seton
3.-Sophie Dean
Carravita Pape-Calabrese
Cassidy Burke
Maria Docal
10:23.59aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.-Abbie Trippe
Alison Schwartz
Lily Klein
Beebe Rose
5.-Kaceedra Mitchell
Dionnah Moore
Brittany Wong
Ena Fonville
10:37.05aThomas Stone
6.-Kami Armistead
Mia Carrington
Cierra Westry
Taylor Szeligowski
7.-Katy Bonaro
Bryn Allston
Kerry McLaughlin
Khaila Prather
11:12.02aNorth Point
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Akela Scott10.73mTallwood
2.10Deandra Doyle10.55mTallwood
3.11Ayzha Ward10.39mT C Williams
4.9Jasmyn Hall10.07mSuitland
5.10Lenetta Mallory8.94mElizabeth Seton
6.11Firanita Kelly8.40mElizabeth Seton
7.10Nicole Bramlett8.28mLangley
8.9Kelley Ingram7.95mNorth Point
9.11Julianne LoGrasso7.61mNorth Point
10.10Ayda Kassim7.41mT C Williams
11.10Chanelle Shaw7.21mElizabeth Seton
12.10Felasha Wilson6.98mTallwood
13.10Kaelin Davis6.34mThomas Stone
14.10Anne Gent5.78mLangley
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Akela Scott34.98mTallwood
2.10Deandra Doyle30.13mTallwood
3.10Lenetta Mallory29.33mElizabeth Seton
4.9Jasmyn Hall28.86mSuitland
5.11Ayzha Ward28.58mT C Williams
6.11Julianne LoGrasso28.52mNorth Point
7.11Firanita Kelly23.43mElizabeth Seton
8.10Felasha Wilson22.07mTallwood
9.10Chanelle Shaw21.50mElizabeth Seton
10.10Kaelin Davis20.94mThomas Stone
11.9Michelle Sanford20.29mT C Williams
12.10Anne Gent20.05mLangley
13.10Nicole Bramlett17.04mLangley
14.11Erin O'Brien16.01mDulaney
15.10Ayda Kassim14.68mT C Williams
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eva-Mallay Atcherson1.57mElizabeth Seton
2.10Danielle Baker1.47mNorth Point
3.10Jessica Stewart1.47mLangley
4.11Gabriella Jacobsen1.42mLangley
5.10Jada Gundran1.37mTallwood
6.11Jennifer Zhu1.37mT C Williams
6.9Storm Frye1.37mEastern View
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Wall3.50mDulaney
2.9Sydney Schaedel2.74mT C Williams
3.10Jennifer Wall2.59mDulaney
4.12Catherine Flessas2.28mLangley
5.10Taylor Szeligowski2.28mTallwood
5.11Charlotte Louden2.28mFalls Church
7.12Caitlyn Purdy2.13mLangley
--9Amelia SugiantoNHLangley
--9Catherine SununuNHLangley
--11Iva QuintDNFT C Williams
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jada Gundran5.00mTallwood
2.10Danielle Baker4.77mNorth Point
3.11Eva-Mallay Atcherson4.72mElizabeth Seton
4.10Taylor Tucker4.64mElizabeth Seton
5.9Sarah Conroy4.64mT C Williams
6.10Jessica Stewart4.57mLangley
7.11Maddison Abboud4.54mLangley
8.12Cornelia Meadows4.44mDunbar (DC)
9.12Caitlyn Purdy4.41mLangley
10.10Kami Armistead4.39mTallwood
11.12Chanel Richmond4.32mOur Lady Of Good Cou...
12.11Shawna Tate4.21mEastern View
13.10Kendra Spruill4.19mFriendship-Edison Co...
14.10Indya Weaver4.15mT C Williams
15.10Iman Gaylord4.06mDulaney
16.10Lyxis Hendricks4.01mTallwood
17.9Maya McKinsey3.93mTallwood
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Indya Weaver10.90mT C Williams
2.10Danielle Baker10.80mNorth Point
3.10Jada Gundran10.38mTallwood
4.10Taylor Tucker10.13mElizabeth Seton
5.12Cornelia Meadows9.96mDunbar (DC)
6.10Kami Armistead9.34mTallwood
7.12Caitlyn Purdy9.13mLangley
8.12Katrina DeGuzman8.89mOur Lady Of Good Cou...
9.10Cierra Westry8.76mTallwood
10.9Caitlyn Kimberly8.17mTallwood
11.11Ja'Tia Brown8.10mTallwood
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