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Cascade Striders

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UNolan Hickman14.91aHigh Voltage Track      
2.8UJordan Call15.49aWings of Eagles      
3.8UCameron Andrews16.56aSouth Central Athlet...      
4.-Yash Mehta17.14aCascade Striders      
5.8UMichael Farmer17.49aXtreme Speed       
6.8UHarrison Keating19.71aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
7.8USibley Haamid IV20.48aJBLM Youth Sports      
9.8UCalvin Owen20.97aCascade Striders      
10.8UReid Wood23.19aCascade Striders      
11.8UCollin Ingram24.14aJBLM Youth Sports      
X 100 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Askhari Davis14.01aHigh Voltage Track      
2.9-10Drevon Williams14.49aHigh Voltage Track      
3.9-10Paolo Banchero14.88aWings of Eagles      
4.-Taylor Griffin14.97aCascade Striders      
5.9-10Daylen Griffin15.29aHigh Voltage Track      
6.9-10Tyler Williams15.85aSpeed Unlimited      
7.9-10Deshon Robertson16.00aHigh Voltage Track      
X 100 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Rashad Hebert13.95aWings of Eagles      
2.9-10Jackson Richmond13.96aSeattle Speed Track      
3.11-12Jashuan Poke14.26aHigh Voltage Track      
4.11-12Derek Ray14.48aWings of Eagles      
5.-Tyson Mowrey14.98aCascade Striders      
6.11-12Kyle Hunter15.14aSpeed Unlimited      
7.11-12Joshua Bass15.30aWings of Eagles      
8.-Garret Jackson15.38aCascade Striders      
X 100 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Antony Randolph12.21aXtreme Speed       
2.13-14Logan Armstrong12.28aSpeed Unlimited      
3.13-14Markel Thorton12.48aWings of Eagles      
4.13-14Jordan Wallace12.65aXtreme Speed       
5.-Nels Schimek12.80aSeattle Speed Track      
6.13-14Yofiel Wyle12.88aSpeed Unlimited      
7.13-14Bennett Hillier13.44aHill and Valley      
X 100 Meters - Sub -Bantam - Prelims
1.8UNolan Hickman14.87aHigh Voltage Track      
2.8UJordan Call16.14aWings of Eagles      
3.8UCameron Andrews16.71aSouth Central Athlet...      
4.8UMichael Farmer17.07aXtreme Speed       
5.-Yash Mehta17.25aCascade Striders      
6.8UIsaiah Brady18.12aWings of Eagles      
7.8UHarrison Keating19.48aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
8.8USibley Haamid IV19.94aJBLM Youth Sports      
9.8UCalvin Owen20.97aCascade Striders      
10.8UReid Wood23.19aCascade Striders      
11.8UCollin Ingram24.14aJBLM Youth Sports      
X 100 Meters - Bantam - Prelims
1.9-10Askhari Davis14.28aHigh Voltage Track      
2.9-10Drevon Williams14.51aHigh Voltage Track      
3.-Taylor Griffin14.90aCascade Striders      
4.9-10Paolo Banchero15.14aWings of Eagles      
5.9-10Daylen Griffin15.14aHigh Voltage Track      
6.9-10Tyler Williams15.77aSpeed Unlimited      
7.9-10Deshon Robertson15.86aHigh Voltage Track      
8.9-10Tashon Washington16.05aWings of Eagles      
9.9-10Ahmaud Hebert16.09aWings of Eagles      
10.9-10Joe Brock16.24aCascade Striders      
11.9-10Siaire Washington16.32aSouth Central Athlet...      
12.9-10Vieagus Ortega16.36aHigh Voltage Track      
13.9-10Rishi Daniels16.40aCascade Striders      
14.9-10Elian Joseph16.93aSpeed Unlimited      
15.9-10Dorian Magee-Petty17.12aSouth Central Athlet...      
16.9-10Isaiah Hayes17.20aXtreme Speed       
X 100 Meters - Midget - Prelims
1.11-12Rashad Hebert14.12aWings of Eagles      
2.9-10Jackson Richmond14.13aSeattle Speed Track      
3.11-12Jashuan Poke14.67aHigh Voltage Track      
4.11-12Derek Ray14.74aWings of Eagles      
5.11-12Kyle Hunter14.93aSpeed Unlimited      
6.-Tyson Mowrey15.35aCascade Striders      
7.11-12Joshua Bass15.45aWings of Eagles      
8.-Garret Jackson15.60aCascade Striders      
9.11-12Kyle Achi15.98aHill and Valley      
10.11-12Joseph Kirk Woodbury16.01aHigh Voltage Track      
11.-Dustin Johnson16.15aCascade Striders      
12.-Spencer Hunt16.28aCascade Striders      
13.11-12Isaac Robersone18.20aWings of Eagles      
X 100 Meters - Youth - Prelims
1.13-14Antony Randolph12.33aXtreme Speed       
2.13-14Logan Armstrong12.51aSpeed Unlimited      
3.13-14Markel Thorton12.56aWings of Eagles      
4.13-14Jordan Wallace12.66aXtreme Speed       
5.13-14Yofiel Wyle12.94aSpeed Unlimited      
6.13-14Jamier Porter12.95aWings of Eagles      
7.-Nels Schimek13.31aSeattle Speed Track      
8.13-14Bennett Hillier13.47aHill and Valley      
9.13-14Quentin Richardson-Daigle13.55aWings of Eagles      
10.13-14Christoph Hirota13.98aSpeed Unlimited      
11.-Ryan Bowman14.04aSeattle Speed Track      
12.13-14Masaki Rayment14.09aCascade Striders      
13.13-14Payton Ward14.26aSpeed Unlimited      
14.11-12Nick Luera14.39aSeattle Speed Track      
15.13-14Calvin Chan14.49aCascade Striders      
16.-Andrew Blasko14.58aSeattle Speed Track      
17.13-14Tay Aras15.31aSpeed Unlimited      
18.13-14Juquon Kinzer16.22aJBLM Youth Sports      
19.13-14Will Brock17.57aCascade Striders      
X 100 Meters - Intermediate - Prelims
1.15-16Kerson Lubin11.77aXtreme Speed       
2.13-14Sam Richmond11.85aSeattle Speed Track      
3.15-16Kevin Thissel11.94aXtreme Speed       
4.15-16Robert "Tre" Thomas12.31aXtreme Speed       
5.13-14O'Shea Whitlock12.92aXtreme Speed       
6.15-16Michael Elekes13.02aCascade Striders      
X 100 Meters - Young Men/ Women - Prelims
1.17-18Kyle Caviezel11.34aXtreme Speed       
2.17-18Allen Malone11.44aXtreme Speed       
3.17-18Casey Burns24.96aRenton Athletics      
X 200 Meters - Mini Bantam - Finals
1.8UCarlos Gonzalez Jr.42.73aJBLM Youth Sports      
X 200 Meters - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UNolan Hickman31.49aHigh Voltage Track      
2.8UJordan Call32.86aWings of Eagles      
3.8UJoshua Wood33.16aHigh Voltage Track      
4.8UCameron Andrews35.46aSouth Central Athlet...      
5.8UBram Schenck36.01aSpeed Unlimited      
6.-Yash Mehta36.75aCascade Striders      
7.8UMichael Farmer40.29aXtreme Speed       
8.8UHarrison Keating42.01aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
9.8UCalvin Owen43.05aCascade Striders      
X 200 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Askhari Davis29.04aHigh Voltage Track      
2.9-10Drevon Williams30.06aHigh Voltage Track      
3.9-10Paolo Banchero31.51aWings of Eagles      
4.9-10Jhamar Brown31.92aHigh Voltage Track      
5.9-10Tyler Williams32.66aSpeed Unlimited      
6.9-10Elian Joseph33.39aSpeed Unlimited      
7.9-10Jaden Mills-Beach33.46aSouth Central Athlet...      
8.9-10Deshon Robertson33.66aHigh Voltage Track      
9.9-10Deven Gates34.76aSouth Central Athlet...      
10.9-10Siaire Washington35.43aSouth Central Athlet...      
11.9-10Emil Rahman36.17aXtreme Speed       
12.9-10Dorian Magee-Petty37.03aSouth Central Athlet...      
X 200 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Jalelin Tate27.58aHigh Voltage Track      
2.11-12Jashuan Poke28.93aHigh Voltage Track      
3.9-10Jackson Richmond28.95aSeattle Speed Track      
4.11-12Landon Armstrong29.69aSpeed Unlimited      
5.11-12Mazi Anderson31.08aSouth Central Athlet...      
6.11-12Kyle Hunter31.40aSpeed Unlimited      
7.11-12Kyle Achi32.29aHill and Valley      
8.11-12jordan Fletcher32.59aRainier Beach Track      
X 200 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Logan Armstrong25.83aSpeed Unlimited      
2.13-14Markel Thorton26.32aWings of Eagles      
3.13-14Yofiel Wyle26.43aSpeed Unlimited      
4.-Stile Wreggelsworth26.47aCascade Striders      
5.-Nels Schimek26.89aSeattle Speed Track      
6.13-14Malcolm Fincher27.03aSpeed Unlimited      
7.13-14Chaaka Trahan27.18aWings of Eagles      
8.13-14Bennett Hillier27.79aHill and Valley      
9.-Ryan Bowman27.92aSeattle Speed Track      
10.13-14Calvin Chan28.08aCascade Striders      
11.13-14Christoph Hirota28.09aSpeed Unlimited      
12.13-14Thomas Leisy29.26aSpeed Unlimited      
13.13-14Noah Nievs-Driver29.61aJBLM Youth Sports      
14.13-14Nicolas Pittman30.39aSpeed Unlimited      
15.13-14Hunter Bassett30.43aHill and Valley      
16.13-14Tay Aras31.53aSpeed Unlimited      
17.8UCameron Costner32.06aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
18.13-14Chanson Jackson32.73aHill and Valley      
19.13-14Juquon Kinzer32.83aJBLM Youth Sports      
X 200 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Kerson Lubin23.79aXtreme Speed       
2.15-16Kevin Thissel24.49aXtreme Speed       
3.15-16Philemon Gituma24.69aSouth Central Athlet...      
4.15-16Caley Powers25.86aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
5.15-16Michael Elekes26.40aCascade Striders      
6.15-16Isaiah Foster27.42aXtreme Speed       
X 200 Meters - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.17-18Allen Malone23.08aXtreme Speed       
X 400 Meters - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UJoshua Wood1:17.69aHigh Voltage Track      
2.8UBram Schenck1:22.07aSpeed Unlimited      
3.8UStephon Fosha1:28.83aSouth Central Athlet...      
4.8UTaiten Tibbot1:32.47aCascade Striders      
5.8UElohim Evans1:32.48aSouth Central Athlet...      
6.8UHarrison Keating1:36.39aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
7.8USibley Haamid IV1:38.62aJBLM Youth Sports      
8.8UIsmael Jackson2:03.99aCascade Striders      
X 400 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Malik Jones1:13.90aWings of Eagles      
2.9-10Jhamar Brown1:15.61aHigh Voltage Track      
3.9-10Elian Joseph1:18.86aSpeed Unlimited      
4.9-10Adam Sjolund1:20.68aHill and Valley      
5.9-10Ahmaud Hebert1:21.97aWings of Eagles      
6.9-10Malcom Laird1:22.18aHigh Voltage Track      
7.9-10Deven Gates1:23.75aSouth Central Athlet...      
8.9-10Michael Taylor1:25.88aWings of Eagles      
9.8UBowen Kennedy1:29.17aBP Striders      
10.9-10Micah Thompson1:29.60aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
11.9-10Alex Leu1:37.07aCascade Striders      
X 400 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Jalelin Tate1:03.35aHigh Voltage Track      
2.11-12Myles Klingler1:08.36aSouth Central Athlet...      
3.11-12Landon Armstrong1:08.94aSpeed Unlimited      
4.11-12Rashad Hebert1:08.95aWings of Eagles      
5.11-12Jackson Kelley1:08.96aSpeed Unlimited      
6.11-12Ruben Joseph1:10.40aSpeed Unlimited      
7.11-12Kyle Hunter1:10.62aSpeed Unlimited      
8.11-12Mazi Anderson1:11.14aSouth Central Athlet...      
9.11-12Kellen London1:12.15aCascade Striders      
10.11-12Joshua Bass1:15.47aWings of Eagles      
11.11-12Nainoa Loschky1:16.23aCascade Striders      
12.11-12Connor Griffin1:16.65aRain City Flyers      
13.11-12Tyler Grehan1:17.97aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
14.11-12Marcus Helliker1:19.74aCascade Striders      
15.11-12Calvin Brindle1:19.94aSpeed Unlimited      
16.11-12Derek Ray1:24.62aWings of Eagles      
17.11-12Isaac Robersone1:29.46aWings of Eagles      
X 400 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Stile Wreggelsworth59.09aCascade Striders      
2.13-14Jordan Wallace1:00.51aXtreme Speed       
3.13-14myles Barrow1:00.76aRainier Beach Track      
4.-Nels Schimek1:01.38aSeattle Speed Track      
5.13-14Malcolm Fincher1:01.39aSpeed Unlimited      
6.13-14Bennett Hillier1:01.97aHill and Valley      
7.13-14Chaaka Trahan1:02.38aWings of Eagles      
8.13-14Jamier Porter1:02.90aWings of Eagles      
9.13-14Calvin Chan1:03.68aCascade Striders      
10.13-14Arisotle Marr1:05.62aWings of Eagles      
11.13-14David Howard1:07.66aFederal Way Track      
12.13-14Skyler DeAsis1:07.80aCascade Striders      
13.13-14Thomas Leisy1:07.96aSpeed Unlimited      
14.13-14Nicolas Pittman1:08.73aSpeed Unlimited      
15.13-14Alex Taylor1:08.90aWings of Eagles      
16.13-14Hunter Bassett1:11.24aHill and Valley      
17.8UCameron Costner1:14.23aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
18.13-14Caleb Thompson1:15.79aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
X 800 Meters - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UBram Schenck3:01.66aSpeed Unlimited      
2.8UAydan Fisher3:07.45aHill and Valley      
3.8UTaiten Tibbot3:17.90aCascade Striders      
4.8UElohim Evans3:20.12aSouth Central Athlet...      
X 800 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Malcom Laird2:56.02aHigh Voltage Track      
2.13-14Carter Willis3:00.76aSpeed Unlimited      
3.9-10Christopher Freese3:00.96aCascade Striders      
4.9-10Christopher Murray3:06.69aCascade Striders      
5.9-10Michael Taylor3:07.42aWings of Eagles      
6.9-10Alex Leu3:29.22aCascade Striders      
X 800 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Leo Donlea2:34.54aRain City Flyers      
2.11-12Mykel Fisher2:38.55aHill and Valley      
3.11-12Donovan Henderson2:38.63aHill and Valley      
4.11-12Jackson Kelley2:43.60aSpeed Unlimited      
5.11-12Sean Hannen2:46.56aFederal Way Track      
6.11-12Myles Klingler2:49.78aSouth Central Athlet...      
7.11-12Hunter Hofman2:53.15aJBLM Youth Sports      
8.11-12Jared Donnel2:53.55aCascade Striders      
9.11-12Calvin Brindle2:53.58aSpeed Unlimited      
10.11-12Devon Murray2:55.52aHill and Valley      
11.11-12Nicholas DeJarlais2:57.14aCascade Striders      
12.11-12Tanner Mecham3:01.24aCascade Striders      
13.11-12Ailey Birkeland3:01.79aRain City Flyers      
14.11-12Adaijon Davis3:02.32aHigh Voltage Track      
15.11-12Connor Griffin3:03.20aRain City Flyers      
16.11-12Max Frazier3:09.01aWings of Eagles      
X 800 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Bennett Hillier2:24.74aHill and Valley      
2.13-14Andrew Cooper2:25.48aCascade Striders      
3.13-14Logan Clark2:28.07aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
4.13-14myles Barrow2:29.34aRainier Beach Track      
5.13-14Skyler DeAsis2:31.71aCascade Striders      
6.13-14Luke Beauchamp2:31.72aCascade Striders      
7.13-14David Howard2:37.74aFederal Way Track      
8.13-14Chanson Jackson2:38.21aHill and Valley      
9.13-14Matt Martin2:38.41aCascade Striders      
10.13-14Andrew Angelos2:45.02aHigh Voltage Track      
11.8UCameron Costner2:49.57aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
12.13-14Caleb Thompson2:49.78aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
13.13-14Noah Owen3:37.47aCascade Striders      
X 800 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Gabriel Joseph2:08.97aSpeed Unlimited      
2.15-16Caley Powers2:12.08aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
X 800 Meters - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.17-18Ramon Figueredo2:01.99aJBLM Youth Sports      
2.17-18Victor Bailly2:07.55aSouth Central Athlet...      
3.17-18Cameron Devine2:31.12aCascade Striders      
X 1500 Meters - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UAydan Fisher6:40.78aHill and Valley      
X 1500 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Adam Sjolund6:02.00aHill and Valley      
2.13-14Carter Willis6:04.93aSpeed Unlimited      
3.9-10Christopher Murray6:18.08aCascade Striders      
X 1500 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Bona Mohammed5:05.74aHigh Voltage Track      
2.11-12Leo Donlea5:10.64aRain City Flyers      
3.11-12Donovan Henderson5:16.56aHill and Valley      
4.11-12Zach Blake5:18.74aFederal Way Track      
5.11-12Mykel Fisher5:29.93aHill and Valley      
6.11-12Sean Hannen5:37.79aFederal Way Track      
7.11-12Jared Donnel5:39.01aCascade Striders      
8.11-12Kellen London5:50.48aCascade Striders      
9.11-12Marcus Helliker5:57.84aCascade Striders      
10.11-12Nicholas DeJarlais5:59.73aCascade Striders      
11.11-12Connor Griffin6:00.83aRain City Flyers      
12.11-12Tanner Mecham6:08.18aCascade Striders      
13.11-12Devon Murray6:17.91aHill and Valley      
14.11-12Matthew Ahearn6:35.68aCascade Striders      
15.11-12Avery Dailidenas7:14.12aCascade Striders      
X 1500 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Grant Stein4:24.30aCascade Striders      
2.15-16Brendan Long4:24.68aSpeed Unlimited      
X 1500 Meters - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.17-18Ramon Figueredo4:20.23aJBLM Youth Sports      
2.17-18Cameron Devine5:09.07aCascade Striders      
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Mack Lang16.28aBP Striders      
X 80m Hurdles - 39" - Midget - Finals
2.11-12Matthew Ahearn18.13aCascade Striders      
3.11-12Avery Dailidenas39.28aCascade Striders      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Youth - Finals
2.13-14Ryan Chase16.70aBP Striders      
X 100m Hurdles - 39" - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Antony Randolph15.65aXtreme Speed       
3.13-14Masaki Rayment20.15aCascade Striders      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.17-18Jacob Wilcher15.75aXtreme Speed       
2.17-18Kaid Tipton15.96aXtreme Speed       
3.17-18Eric Irons17.20aXtreme Speed       
X 200m Hurdles - 36" - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Alex Taylor36.97aWings of Eagles      
2.8UCameron Costner37.05aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.17-18Kaid Tipton1:01.07aXtreme Speed       
2.17-18Eric Irons1:04.20aXtreme Speed       
X 4x100 Relay - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.-Colin Weeks
Calvin Owen
Taiten Tibbot
Reid Wood
1:31.94aCascade Striders      
X 4x100 Relay - Bantam - Finals
1.-Joe Brock
Rishi Daniels
Christopher Freese
Christopher Murray
1:08.78aCascade Striders      
X 4x100 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Chaaka Trahan
Quentin Richardson-Daigle
Markel Thorton
Jamier Porter
49.21aWings of Eagles      
2.-Christoph Hirota
Thomas Leisy
Yofiel Wyle
Logan Armstrong
49.85aSpeed Unlimited      
X 4x100 Relay - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Kerson Lubin
Kevin Thissel
Robert "Tre" Thomas
Jason Cowan
45.64aXtreme Speed       
X 4x100 Relay - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.-Jacob Wilcher
Allen Malone
Kaid Tipton
Kyle Caviezel
44.53aXtreme Speed       
X 4x400 Relay - Midget - Finals
1.-Jared Donnel
Marcus Helliker
Nicholas DeJarlais
Tanner Mecham
5:30.76aCascade Striders      
X 4x400 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Kekoa Loschky
Masaki Rayment
Calvin Chan
Skyler DeAsis
4:28.55aCascade Striders      
2.-Dario Cirlincione
Andrew Cooper
Matt Martin
Ian Van de Kamp
4:46.08aCascade Striders      
X 4x400 Relay - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Jason Cowan
Taylor Thompson
O'Shea Whitlock
Isaiah Foster
3:48.47aXtreme Speed       
X 4x400 Relay - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.-Allen Malone
Jacob Wilcher
Kaid Tipton
Kyle Caviezel
3:47.37aXtreme Speed       
X 4x800 Relay - Midget - Finals
1.-Devon Murray
Kyle Achi
Mykel Fisher
Donovan Henderson
11:33.41aHill and Valley      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UTaiten Tibbot11-10.00Cascade Striders      
2.8UCollin Ingram7-11.00JBLM Youth Sports      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Jermaine Davis21-11.00High Voltage Track      
2.9-10John Rolfe17-10.00Cascade Striders      
3.9-10Rishi Daniels15-08.00Cascade Striders      
4.9-10Christopher Freese15-02.00Cascade Striders      
5.9-10Christopher Murray12-11.00Cascade Striders      
6.9-10Micah Thompson12-00.00Running Unlimited Fi...      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Ryan Croone25-01.00South Central Athlet...      
2.11-12jordan Fletcher23-04.00Rainier Beach Track      
3.11-12Michael Fisken22-02.00Running Unlimited Fi...      
4.11-12John Sliwoski21-07.00Cascade Striders      
5.11-12Joseph Kirk Woodbury21-06.00High Voltage Track      
6.11-12Isaac Robersone21-01.00Wings of Eagles      
7.11-12Joshua Olson18-01.00Cascade Striders      
8.11-12Jacob Thompson17-00.00Running Unlimited Fi...      
9.11-12Reginald King16-04.00South Central Athlet...      
10.11-12Matthew Ahearn14-06.00Cascade Striders      
11.11-12Ailey Birkeland13-07.00Rain City Flyers      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Youth - Finals
1.13-14David Howard26-11.00Federal Way Track      
2.13-14Nicolas Pittman24-05.00Speed Unlimited      
3.13-14Isaiah Carter22-00.00South Central Athlet...      
4.13-14Dario Cirlincione20-02.00Cascade Striders      
5.13-14Dalton Workman18-09.00Hill and Valley      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Michael Elekes24-07.00Cascade Striders      
2.15-16Cole Teller23-08.00South Central Athlet...      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UReid Wood24-00Cascade Striders      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Bantam - Finals
8UBowen Kennedy61'10BP Striders      
1.8UBowen Kennedy61-01BP Striders      
2.9-10John Rolfe59-02Cascade Striders      
3.9-10Joe Brock57-11Cascade Striders      
4.9-10Alex Leu42-09Cascade Striders      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Landon Armstrong108-02Speed Unlimited      
2.11-12John Sliwoski83-10Cascade Striders      
3.11-12Nainoa Loschky80-01Cascade Striders      
4.11-12Max Frazier76-07Wings of Eagles      
5.11-12Tyler Grehan73-10Running Unlimited Fi...      
6.11-12Simon Bauer67-05BP Striders      
7.11-12Michael Fisken64-07Running Unlimited Fi...      
8.11-12Ryan Croone62-04South Central Athlet...      
9.11-12Joshua Olson60-11Cascade Striders      
10.11-12Miles Owen49-01Cascade Striders      
11.11-12Jacob Thompson48-00Running Unlimited Fi...      
12.11-12Ailey Birkeland32-05Rain City Flyers      
X Javelin - 600g - Youth - Finals
4.13-14Isaiah Carter57'04South Central Athlet...      
X Javelin - 800g - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Malcolm Fincher111-06Speed Unlimited      
2.-Andrew Blasko76-05Seattle Speed Track      
3.13-14Noah Owen62-01Cascade Striders      
X Javelin - 800g - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Grant Stein111-00Cascade Striders      
2.15-16Cole Teller64'5.75South Central Athlet...      
2.15-16Cole Teller64-05South Central Athlet...      
X High Jump - Bantam - Finals
1.8UIan Ferguson3-03.00Montlake Roadrunners      
X High Jump - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Nuradin Abdi4-07.00High Voltage Track      
2.11-12Mack Lang4-00.00BP Striders      
3.11-12Miles Owen3-06.00Cascade Striders      
11-12Max FrazierNHWings of Eagles      
11-12Avery DailidenasNHCascade Striders      
X High Jump - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Antony Randolph5-02.00Xtreme Speed       
2.13-14Ryan Chase5-00.00BP Striders      
3.13-14Alex Taylor4-02.00Wings of Eagles      
4.13-14Skyler DeAsis3-10.00Cascade Striders      
X High Jump - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Javin Harris4-10.00High Voltage Track      
15-16Micky MachacekNHSouth Central Athlet...      
X Long Jump - Mini Bantam - Finals
1.8UCarlos Gonzalez Jr.7-06.00JBLM Youth Sports      
2.8UJack Sliwoski6-04.00Cascade Striders      
3.8UCarter Moreland6-02.00Cascade Striders      
4.8UIsmael Jackson5-03.00Cascade Striders      
5.-Jackson Griffin4-09.00Cascade Striders      
X Long Jump - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UIan Ferguson9-05.00Montlake Roadrunners      
2.8UCalvin Owen8-09.00Cascade Striders      
3.8UAydan Fisher8-05.00Hill and Valley      
4.8USibley Haamid IV7-04.00JBLM Youth Sports      
5.8UCollin Ingram5-08.50JBLM Youth Sports      
X Long Jump - Bantam - Finals
1.-Taylor Griffin13-05.50Cascade Striders      
2.9-10Tyler Williams12-00.50Speed Unlimited      
3.9-10Isaiah Hayes10-11.00Xtreme Speed       
4.9-10Adam Sjolund9-03.00Hill and Valley      
5.9-10Michael Taylor9-02.00Wings of Eagles      
6.9-10Joe Brock8-10.50Cascade Striders      
7.9-10Micah Thompson8-01.00Running Unlimited Fi...      
8.9-10John Rolfe6-08.50Cascade Striders      
X Long Jump - Midget - Finals
1.-Tyson Mowrey14-10.50Cascade Striders      
2.9-10Jackson Richmond14-08.00Seattle Speed Track      
3.11-12Matthew Ahearn12-08.50Cascade Striders      
4.11-12Mack Lang12-00.00BP Striders      
4.11-12Joseph Kirk Woodbury12-00.00High Voltage Track      
6.11-12Myles Klingler11-10.50South Central Athlet...      
7.11-12Nuradin Abdi11-10.00High Voltage Track      
8.-Dustin Johnson11-01.00Cascade Striders      
9.11-12Calvin Brindle10-10.00Speed Unlimited      
10.-Garret Jackson10-05.00Cascade Striders      
11.11-12Tanner Mecham10-04.00Cascade Striders      
12.11-12Nicholas DeJarlais9-11.00Cascade Striders      
13.11-12Tyler Grehan9-09.50Running Unlimited Fi...      
14.11-12Jared Donnel9-07.00Cascade Striders      
15.11-12Avery Dailidenas8-09.50Cascade Striders      
16.11-12Miles Owen8-09.00Cascade Striders      
17.11-12Jacob Thompson8-02.50Running Unlimited Fi...      
X Long Jump - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Ryan Chase17-06.50BP Striders      
2.13-14Christoph Hirota16-05.75Speed Unlimited      
3.13-14Masaki Rayment15-00.50Cascade Striders      
4.13-14Andrew Angelos14-09.25High Voltage Track      
5.13-14Payton Ward14-03.25Speed Unlimited      
6.13-14Thomas Leisy14-03.00Speed Unlimited      
7.13-14David Howard13-03.50Federal Way Track      
8.13-14Dalton Workman11-08.50Hill and Valley      
9.13-14Will Brock8-06.25Cascade Striders      
X Long Jump - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Lane Russell20-11.50Cascade Striders      
2.13-14Sam Richmond19-01.75Seattle Speed Track      
2.15-16Kevin Thissel19-01.75Xtreme Speed       
4.15-16Michael Elekes17-05.75Cascade Striders      
X Long Jump - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.17-18Victor Bailly15-05.00South Central Athlet...      
X Triple Jump - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Ryan Chase37-00.50BP Striders      
X Triple Jump - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Javin Harris40-01.25High Voltage Track      
2.13-14O'Shea Whitlock37-03.25Xtreme Speed       
X Triple Jump - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.17-18Victor Bailly37-02.75South Central Athlet...      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Mini Bantam - Finals
1.8UJaniah McNeil21.03aJBLM Youth Sports      
2.8UAmira Devers21.15aSouth Central Athlet...      
3.8ULeela Rowe22.24aJBLM Youth Sports      
4.8UCarolyn Lhamon22.46aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
5.8UMikah Brooks22.54aSouth Central Athlet...      
6.8UIndia Andrews23.49aSouth Central Athlet...      
X 100 Meters - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UJailya Ash15.77aFederal Way Track      
2.8UTalia Wright-Reed16.75aHigh Voltage Track      
3.8UKarina Mc Millan17.60aXtreme Speed       
4.8UKaiha Gayles17.69aHigh Voltage Track      
5.8UOlivia Manley17.88aCascade Striders      
6.8USherifat Sanusi17.90aWings of Eagles      
7.8UAniyah Ray18.92aWings of Eagles      
X 100 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Jewel Ash14.83aFederal Way Track      
2.-Camille Duckett14.89aCascade Striders      
3.-Dajane Tullis15.61aCascade Striders      
4.9-10Danielle Jaculewicz15.79aRain City Flyers      
5.9-10Kamila Sanusi16.01aWings of Eagles      
6.9-10Adriana Snow16.22aXtreme Speed       
7.-Maren Schimek16.72aSeattle Speed Track      
8.9-10Nedeja Tillis16.80aSpeed Unlimited      
X 100 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Alexia Thomas13.69aXtreme Speed       
2.11-12Imani Carey13.74aHigh Voltage Track      
3.11-12Leah Deobald14.02aSpeed Unlimited      
4.11-12Iman Brown14.07aWings of Eagles      
5.11-12Ayanna Beavers14.16aWings of Eagles      
6.11-12Eden Fox14.31aCascade Striders      
7.11-12Amaya Rittierodt14.71aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
8.11-12Jasmyn Darrington14.80aWings of Eagles      
11-12Hannah Chamberlin16.58aBP Striders      
X 100 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Taleijah Sims12.95aHigh Voltage Track      
2.13-14Brittni Williams13.06aflying ajs      
3.13-14BreAnna Ellis13.50aJBLM Youth Sports      
4.15-16Shannon Powell13.50aWings of Eagles      
5.13-14Jahnaya Broadnax13.54aCascade Striders      
6.13-14Ariana Mixon13.93aXtreme Speed       
7.13-14Aziza Chapelle14.00aHigh Voltage Track      
8.13-14Maya Jackson14.00aXtreme Speed       
X 100 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Brandi Williams12.88aflying ajs      
2.-Lis Larsen13.65aCascade Striders      
3.15-16Emma Tuschhoff13.74aCascade Striders      
4.15-16Amanda Bowers13.76aSpeed Unlimited      
5.15-16Kathleen Ballweber13.94aJBLM Youth Sports      
6.15-16Lovely Shoecraft14.30aWings of Eagles      
7.15-16Kyanee Robinson14.33aCascade Striders      
X 100 Meters - Sub -Bantam - Prelims
1.8UJailya Ash15.96aFederal Way Track      
2.8UTalia Wright-Reed16.73aHigh Voltage Track      
4.8UKaiha Gayles17.63aHigh Voltage Track      
5.8UOlivia Manley18.08aCascade Striders      
5.8UKarina Mc Millan18.08aXtreme Speed       
3.8USherifat Sanusi18.42aWings of Eagles      
7.8UAyana Medina18.43aJBLM Youth Sports      
8.8UAniyah Ray18.44aWings of Eagles      
9.8UAhnika Triplett18.67aCascade Striders      
10.8UJazlyn Taylor18.73aSouth Central Athlet...      
11.8UEmily Lamb18.83aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
12.8USaniya Rahman18.99aXtreme Speed       
13.-Liv Wreggelsworth19.78aCascade Striders      
14.8UYa norie Kinzer20.06aJBLM Youth Sports      
15.8UAlyssa Ryan20.21aJBLM Youth Sports      
16.8UOlivia Whitaker20.62aJBLM Youth Sports      
17.8UCatherine Lhamon20.71aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
13-14Grace CarawaySCRCascade Striders      
X 100 Meters - Bantam - Prelims
1.9-10Jewel Ash14.64aFederal Way Track      
2.-Camille Duckett14.81aCascade Striders      
3.-Dajane Tullis15.71aCascade Striders      
4.9-10Adriana Snow15.90aXtreme Speed       
5.9-10Danielle Jaculewicz15.95aRain City Flyers      
6.-Maren Schimek16.25aSeattle Speed Track      
7.9-10Kamila Sanusi16.37aWings of Eagles      
8.9-10Nedeja Tillis16.81aSpeed Unlimited      
9.9-10Anisha Greene17.22aXtreme Speed       
10.9-10Joanna Citak17.34aCascade Striders      
11.9-10Serena Tyran17.35aWhatcom Tesseract      
12.9-10Anjeliese Hampton17.74aXtreme Speed       
13.9-10Lucy Price17.97aCascade Striders      
14.9-10Jessica Croone19.04aSouth Central Athlet...      
15.9-10Kara Mercer19.14aJBLM Youth Sports      
X 100 Meters - Midget - Prelims
1.11-12Imani Carey13.74aHigh Voltage Track      
2.11-12Ayanna Beavers13.94aWings of Eagles      
3.11-12Alexia Thomas14.00aXtreme Speed       
4.11-12Iman Brown14.01aWings of Eagles      
5.11-12Leah Deobald14.30aSpeed Unlimited      
6.11-12Antoniette Travis14.47aHigh Voltage Track      
7.11-12Eden Fox14.48aCascade Striders      
8.11-12Jasmyn Darrington14.75aWings of Eagles      
9.11-12Amaya Rittierodt14.76aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
10.11-12Aminat Sanusi15.23aWings of Eagles      
11.11-12Kimia Preston15.30aSpeed Unlimited      
12.11-12Taylee Undem15.31aCascade Striders      
13.11-12Jymie Brooks-Walker15.45aFederal Way Track      
14.11-12Florene Jimmerson15.65aWings of Eagles      
15.11-12Lillian Evans15.68aWings of Eagles      
16.11-12Rachel Leu15.71aCascade Striders      
17.11-12Lilah Gonzalez15.74aJBLM Youth Sports      
18.11-12Jade Tipton15.89aXtreme Speed       
19.11-12Ariel Williams16.04aHill and Valley      
20.11-12Kendyll Westby16.10aXtreme Speed       
21.13-14Taylor Bradford16.14aWings of Eagles      
22.13-14Delija Cammon16.56aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
23.11-12Hannah Chamberlin16.58aBP Striders      
24.11-12Anteia Delaney16.67aWings of Eagles      
25.11-12Kate Arustamian16.83aSpeed Unlimited      
26.11-12Ayanna Stewart16.88aWings of Eagles      
27.11-12Megan Major17.19aCascade Striders      
28.11-12Bailey Bennett18.49aCascade Striders      
X 100 Meters - Youth - Prelims
1.13-14Brittni Williams13.24aflying ajs      
2.13-14Taleijah Sims13.51aHigh Voltage Track      
3.15-16Shannon Powell13.54aWings of Eagles      
4.13-14Jahnaya Broadnax13.89aCascade Striders      
5.13-14BreAnna Ellis13.97aJBLM Youth Sports      
6.13-14Maya Jackson14.04aXtreme Speed       
7.13-14Aziza Chapelle14.11aHigh Voltage Track      
8.13-14Ariana Mixon14.11aXtreme Speed       
9.13-14Cela Irons14.16aXtreme Speed       
10.13-14Unique McBride14.36aXtreme Speed       
11.13-14Alexis Sweaney14.41aFederal Way Track      
12.-Dionna Cox14.42aCascade Striders      
13.13-14Grace Caraway14.80aCascade Striders      
14.13-14Symonne Caraway14.83aCascade Striders      
15.11-12Imani Moronkola15.02aWings of Eagles      
16.13-14Thalia Beed15.30aWings of Eagles      
17.13-14Megan Faricy15.57aCascade Striders      
18.13-14Amanda Derr15.97aCascade Striders      
19.13-14Aujuna Frye18.54aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
X 100 Meters - Intermediate - Prelims
1.15-16Brandi Williams12.75aflying ajs      
2.17-18Allanah Whitehall12.78aHigh Voltage Track      
3.-Lis Larsen13.65aCascade Striders      
4.15-16Amanda Bowers13.78aSpeed Unlimited      
5.15-16Emma Tuschhoff13.79aCascade Striders      
6.15-16Kathleen Ballweber13.88aJBLM Youth Sports      
7.15-16Lovely Shoecraft14.13aWings of Eagles      
8.15-16Kyanee Robinson14.29aCascade Striders      
X 100 Meters - Young Men/ Women - Prelims
1.17-18Madelayne Varela12.51aXtreme Speed       
2.17-18Erika Lombardo13.01aXtreme Speed       
3.17-18Mykala Benjamin13.04aXtreme Speed       
4.17-18Lisa Petersen13.48aXtreme Speed       
5.-Ali Rodseth13.65aCascade Striders      
X 200 Meters - Mini Bantam - Finals
1.8ULeela Rowe46.99aJBLM Youth Sports      
2.8UJaniah McNeil48.10aJBLM Youth Sports      
X 200 Meters - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UAvery Patterson34.71aHigh Voltage Track      
2.8UTalia Wright-Reed36.55aHigh Voltage Track      
3.8UKarina Mc Millan36.61aXtreme Speed       
4.8UOlivia Manley38.65aCascade Striders      
5.8UEmma Mercer38.79aJBLM Youth Sports      
6.8USaniya Rahman39.92aXtreme Speed       
7.-Liv Wreggelsworth42.37aCascade Striders      
8.8UYa norie Kinzer44.81aJBLM Youth Sports      
X 200 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Alaina Brady32.73aCascade Striders      
2.9-10Adriana Snow34.53aXtreme Speed       
3.9-10Kelsey Lenzie34.86aHigh Voltage Track      
4.9-10Mia Mercer35.01aJBLM Youth Sports      
5.9-10Anisha Greene35.32aXtreme Speed       
6.9-10Lucy Price36.94aCascade Striders      
7.9-10Anjeliese Hampton38.12aXtreme Speed       
8.9-10Shaeleigh Leasure39.30aJBLM Youth Sports      
9.9-10Catherine Wicker39.36aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
10.9-10Kara Mercer39.41aJBLM Youth Sports      
11.9-10Sophie Milanovich49.68aCascade Striders      
X 200 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Katherine Jackson27.70aCascade Striders      
2.11-12Simone Robinson28.79aHigh Voltage Track      
3.11-12Saudia James-Heard28.96aWings of Eagles      
4.11-12Alexia Thomas29.07aXtreme Speed       
5.11-12Leah Deobald29.31aSpeed Unlimited      
6.11-12Imani Moronkola31.17aWings of Eagles      
7.11-12Kimia Preston31.95aSpeed Unlimited      
8.11-12Jaida King32.04aJBLM Youth Sports      
9.11-12Lilah Gonzalez32.39aJBLM Youth Sports      
10.11-12Carolynn Wicker32.77aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
11.11-12Emma Sjolund32.85aHill and Valley      
12.11-12LuLu Pinczower33.36aSpeed Unlimited      
13.11-12Megan Keating33.84aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
14.11-12Antoniette Travis33.97aHigh Voltage Track      
15.13-14Delija Cammon34.67aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
16.11-12Jade Tipton36.96aXtreme Speed       
17.11-12Bailey Bennett38.09aCascade Striders      
X 200 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Maya Harewood25.87aCascade Striders      
2.13-14Brittni Williams27.15aflying ajs      
3.13-14Taleijah Sims27.37aHigh Voltage Track      
4.13-14BreAnna Ellis28.55aJBLM Youth Sports      
5.13-14Ariana Mixon28.63aXtreme Speed       
6.13-14Maya Jackson29.06aXtreme Speed       
7.-Dionna Cox29.21aCascade Striders      
8.13-14Aziza Chapelle29.29aHigh Voltage Track      
9.13-14Unique McBride29.74aXtreme Speed       
10.13-14Symonne Caraway30.69aCascade Striders      
11.13-14Elena Joseph30.94aSpeed Unlimited      
12.13-14Tashuana Martin-Palmer31.89aJBLM Youth Sports      
13.13-14Sydni Moreland34.08aCascade Striders      
14.13-14Breanna Grehan34.40aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
X 200 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Brandi Williams26.02aflying ajs      
2.-Alesha Cronie27.35aCascade Striders      
3.15-16Amanda Bowers28.24aSpeed Unlimited      
4.15-16Christina Wicker28.37aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
5.15-16Kathleen Ballweber28.45aJBLM Youth Sports      
6.15-16Monique Smith28.58aXtreme Speed       
X 200 Meters - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.17-18Madelayne Varela26.08aXtreme Speed       
2.17-18Erika Lombardo26.39aXtreme Speed       
3.17-18Lisa Petersen27.81aXtreme Speed       
X 400 Meters - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UJazmyn Stone1:21.77aFederal Way Track      
2.8USherifat Sanusi1:23.78aWings of Eagles      
3.8UKarina Mc Millan1:27.09aXtreme Speed       
4.8UEmily DeJarlais1:31.32aCascade Striders      
5.8UEmma Mercer1:32.81aJBLM Youth Sports      
6.8UAmia Grinnell1:36.11aWings of Eagles      
7.8UEmily Lamb1:40.95aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
8.8UOlivia Whitaker1:45.56aJBLM Youth Sports      
9.8UCatherine Lhamon1:51.23aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
X 400 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Jacqueline Brown1:10.79aFederal Way Track      
2.-Anya Hirschfeld1:11.91aCascade Striders      
3.9-10Danielle Jaculewicz1:13.22aRain City Flyers      
4.9-10Kamila Sanusi1:13.93aWings of Eagles      
5.9-10Alaina Brady1:15.37aCascade Striders      
6.9-10Mia Mercer1:15.78aJBLM Youth Sports      
7.9-10Shaeleigh Leasure1:26.83aJBLM Youth Sports      
8.9-10Tajah Martin-Palmer1:27.82aJBLM Youth Sports      
9.9-10Joanna Citak1:29.81aCascade Striders      
X 400 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Simone Robinson1:05.46aHigh Voltage Track      
2.11-12Leah Deobald1:07.19aSpeed Unlimited      
3.11-12Saudia James-Heard1:07.29aWings of Eagles      
4.11-12Ayanna Stewart1:10.12aWings of Eagles      
5.11-12Leyla Flores1:10.25aWings of Eagles      
6.11-12Jaida King1:10.97aJBLM Youth Sports      
7.11-12Iman Brown1:12.59aWings of Eagles      
8.11-12Emma Sjolund1:12.70aHill and Valley      
9.11-12Lilah Gonzalez1:12.82aJBLM Youth Sports      
10.11-12Kimia Preston1:13.48aSpeed Unlimited      
11.11-12Aliya Schenck1:13.53aSpeed Unlimited      
12.11-12Ariel Williams1:14.56aHill and Valley      
13.11-12Elyssia Taug1:15.03aWings of Eagles      
14.11-12Aminat Sanusi1:16.16aWings of Eagles      
15.11-12LuLu Pinczower1:16.63aSpeed Unlimited      
16.11-12Florene Jimmerson1:17.11aWings of Eagles      
17.11-12Imani Moronkola1:17.40aWings of Eagles      
18.11-12Jymie Brooks-Walker1:18.30aFederal Way Track      
19.11-12Megan Keating1:18.51aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
20.11-12Jordyn Barnes1:18.70aJBLM Youth Sports      
21.11-12Catherine Maring1:19.55aCascade Striders      
22.11-12Tresai McCarver1:21.41aXtreme Speed       
23.11-12Lillian Evans1:22.65aWings of Eagles      
24.11-12Sophia Chaffey1:22.67aCascade Striders      
25.11-12Kate Arustamian1:32.42aSpeed Unlimited      
X 400 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.-Maya Harewood1:00.58aCascade Striders      
2.13-14BreAnna Ellis1:02.11aJBLM Youth Sports      
3.13-14Cela Irons1:04.30aXtreme Speed       
4.13-14Claire Wendle1:04.66aCascade Striders      
5.13-14Grace Caraway1:05.58aCascade Striders      
6.13-14Ariana Mixon1:07.04aXtreme Speed       
7.13-14Maya Jackson1:07.17aXtreme Speed       
8.13-14Julianne Lane1:07.34aCascade Striders      
9.13-14Elena Joseph1:07.91aSpeed Unlimited      
10.15-16Jonnece Ootsey1:08.09aWings of Eagles      
11.13-14Michelle Lilly1:08.67aCascade Striders      
12.15-16Shannon Powell1:10.26aWings of Eagles      
13.13-14Gianna Kelly1:12.71aWings of Eagles      
14.13-14Javonna Powell1:14.16aWings of Eagles      
15.13-14Thalia Beed1:14.71aWings of Eagles      
16.13-14Breanna Grehan1:17.00aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
17.13-14Sydni Moreland1:20.34aCascade Striders      
X 400 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Christina Wicker1:00.07aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
2.-Alesha Cronie1:01.20aCascade Striders      
3.15-16Monique Smith1:04.56aXtreme Speed       
4.15-16Sara Madden1:07.39aFederal Way Track      
5.-Lis Larsen1:15.05aCascade Striders      
X 400 Meters - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.-Ali Rodseth1:05.19aCascade Striders      
X 800 Meters - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UJazmyn Stone3:03.26aFederal Way Track      
2.8UEmily DeJarlais3:13.68aCascade Striders      
X 800 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.-Anya Hirschfeld2:46.41aCascade Striders      
2.9-10Mia Mercer2:47.56aJBLM Youth Sports      
3.9-10Jacqueline Brown2:53.58aFederal Way Track      
4.9-10Danielle Jaculewicz3:00.30aRain City Flyers      
5.9-10Serena Tyran3:12.69aWhatcom Tesseract      
6.9-10Tajah Martin-Palmer3:16.55aJBLM Youth Sports      
7.9-10Catherine Wicker3:19.69aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
8.9-10Trinity Wilhite3:31.18aBP Striders      
X 800 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Sophie Cantine2:21.68aSpeed Unlimited      
2.-Katherine Thronson2:32.34aCascade Striders      
3.11-12Laura Rodeheffer2:37.44aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
4.11-12Bethany Clowers2:38.83aCascade Striders      
5.11-12Ariel Wilhite2:39.58aBP Striders      
6.11-12Aliya Schenck2:41.11aSpeed Unlimited      
7.11-12Carolynn Wicker2:43.21aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
8.11-12Kathleen Crosby2:46.03aCascade Striders      
9.11-12Ellee London2:46.91aCascade Striders      
10.11-12Jordyn Barnes2:48.68aJBLM Youth Sports      
11.11-12Emma Sjolund2:55.45aHill and Valley      
12.11-12Elyssia Taug2:56.30aWings of Eagles      
13.11-12Teagen Tibbot3:21.90aCascade Striders      
X 800 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Mimi Meggison2:37.97aWhatcom Tesseract      
2.13-14Emily Holder2:41.96aFederal Way Track      
3.13-14Elena Joseph2:48.48aSpeed Unlimited      
X 1500 Meters - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UJazmyn Stone6:16.77aFederal Way Track      
X 1500 Meters - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Kelsey Lenzie5:46.01aHigh Voltage Track      
2.9-10Jacqueline Brown6:10.57aFederal Way Track      
3.9-10Yanava Ferreria-Allah6:15.86aHill and Valley      
4.9-10Mina Young6:17.66aRain City Flyers      
5.9-10Mari Kramer6:57.39aRain City Flyers      
6.9-10Trinity Wilhite7:06.44aBP Striders      
X 1500 Meters - Midget - Finals
1.-Katherine Thronson5:11.96aCascade Striders      
2.11-12Laura Rodeheffer5:19.69aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
11-12Ariel Wilhite5:23.4BP Striders      
3.11-12Ariel Wilhite5:23.72aBP Striders      
4.11-12Carolynn Wicker5:40.98aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
5.11-12Kathleen Crosby5:45.81aCascade Striders      
6.11-12Ellee London5:49.07aCascade Striders      
7.11-12Sophia Chaffey6:05.01aCascade Striders      
8.11-12Catherine Maring6:10.63aCascade Striders      
X 1500 Meters - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Mimi Meggison5:11.24aWhatcom Tesseract      
2.13-14Pascale de Sa e Silva5:16.73aCascade Striders      
3.13-14Nirja Trivedi5:40.70aSpeed Unlimited      
4.13-14Emily Donnel5:59.61aCascade Striders      
X 1500 Meters - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Christina Wicker5:14.75aRunning Unlimited Fi...      
X 1500m Racewalk - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Jordyn Barnes9:53.02aJBLM Youth Sports      
2.11-12Teagen Tibbot10:50.56aCascade Striders      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Elinor Jonestoutant17.87aRainier Beach Track      
2.13-14Marissa Therriault20.17aCascade Striders      
3.13-14Cela Irons22.35aXtreme Speed       
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Intermediate - Finals
1.-Tori Lanza17.06aCascade Striders      
2.15-16Sara Madden17.69aFederal Way Track      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.17-18Lisa Petersen16.12aXtreme Speed       
2.17-18Tianna Banfro17.47aXtreme Speed       
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Sara Madden1:15.54aFederal Way Track      
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.17-18Tianna Banfro1:10.41aXtreme Speed       
X 4x100 Relay - Mini Bantam - Finals
1.-India Andrews
Amira Devers
Leila Gates
Mikah Brooks
1:45.72aSouth Central Athlet...      
X 4x100 Relay - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Relay Team 1:19.33aCascade Striders      
X 4x100 Relay - Bantam - Finals
1.-Lucy Price
Alaina Brady
Sophie Milanovich
Joanna Citak
1:14.70aCascade Striders      
X 4x100 Relay - Midget - Finals
1.-Iman Brown
Ayanna Beavers
Ayanna Stewart
Imani Moronkola
54.99aWings of Eagles      
2.-Alexia "Bebe" Thomas
Tresai McCarver
Kendyll Westby
Jade Tipton
59.72aXtreme Speed       
3.-Sophia Chaffey
Bailey Bennett
Rachel Leu
Megan Major
1:07.31aCascade Striders      
X 4x100 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Julia Sliwoski
Sydni Moreland
Amanda Derr
Megan Faricy
54.52aCascade Striders      
2.-Symonne Caraway
Julianne Lane
Grace Caraway
Jahnaya Broadnax
1:00.72aCascade Striders      
X 4x100 Relay - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.9-10Relay Team 48.02aXtreme Speed       
X 4x400 Relay - Midget - Finals
1.-Eden Fox
Kristin Laidler
Bethany Clowers
Katherine Jackson
4:46.08aCascade Striders      
X 4x400 Relay - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.-Mykala Benjamin
Erika Lombardo
Mercedes Tischer
Tianna Banfro
4:34.15aXtreme Speed       
X 4x800 Relay - Youth - Finals
1.-Emily Donnel
Pascale de Sa e Silva
Claire Wendle
Marissa Therriault
11:28.36aCascade Striders      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Bantam - Finals
1.-Maren Schimek18-11.00Seattle Speed Track      
2.9-10Nedeja Tillis13-11.00Speed Unlimited      
3.9-10Lucy Price13-03.00Cascade Striders      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Lillian Evans26-06.00Wings of Eagles      
2.11-12Bailey Bennett22-02.00Cascade Striders      
3.-Damira Tullis21-04.00Cascade Striders      
4.11-12Eden Fox18-05.00Cascade Striders      
5.11-12Hannah Chamberlin18-04.00BP Striders      
6.11-12Teagen Tibbot17-06.00Cascade Striders      
7.11-12Megan Major12-02.00Cascade Striders      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Julia Sliwoski32-08.00Cascade Striders      
2.13-14Marissa Therriault25-03.00Cascade Striders      
3.13-14Annika Staal24-11.00Cascade Striders      
4.13-14Symonne Caraway21-00.00Cascade Striders      
5.13-14Aujuna Frye18-07.00Running Unlimited Fi...      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Lydia King20-10.00South Central Athlet...      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.17-18Madelayne Varela27-07.00Xtreme Speed       
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UAhnika Triplett16-03Cascade Striders      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Kristin Laidler87-06Cascade Striders      
2.11-12Sophia Chaffey58-06Cascade Striders      
3.11-12Aliya Schenck49-06Speed Unlimited      
4.11-12Catherine Maring35-04Cascade Striders      
X Javelin - 600g - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Julia Sliwoski85-08Cascade Striders      
2.13-14Frances Hausmann73-11Cascade Striders      
X Javelin - 600g - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Kyanee Robinson74-06Cascade Striders      
X High Jump - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Hannah Chamberlin3-10.00BP Striders      
2.11-12Rachel Leu3-08.00Cascade Striders      
2.11-12Kathleen Crosby3-08.00Cascade Striders      
X High Jump - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Elinor Jonestoutant4-08.00Rainier Beach Track      
2.13-14Cela Irons4-04.00Xtreme Speed       
2.13-14Annika Staal4-04.00Cascade Striders      
2.13-14Marissa Therriault4-04.00Cascade Striders      
5.13-14Emily Holder4-02.00Federal Way Track      
6.13-14Kate Lilly4-00.00Cascade Striders      
6.13-14Michelle Lilly4-00.00Cascade Striders      
X High Jump - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Carly Horn5-00.00Xtreme Speed       
2.15-16Sara Madden4-08.00Federal Way Track      
X High Jump - Young Men/ Women - Finals
17-18Mercedes TischerNHXtreme Speed       
X Long Jump - Mini Bantam - Finals
1.8ULeela Rowe7-11.25JBLM Youth Sports      
2.8UCarolyn Lhamon5-09.50Running Unlimited Fi...      
3.8UJaniah McNeil3-09.25JBLM Youth Sports      
X Long Jump - Sub -Bantam - Finals
1.8UAhnika Triplett9-07.00Cascade Striders      
2.8UOlivia Manley8-08.50Cascade Striders      
3.8UAlyssa Ryan8-06.00JBLM Youth Sports      
3.8UEmily DeJarlais8-06.00Cascade Striders      
5.8UOlivia Whitaker7-08.50JBLM Youth Sports      
6.8UKate Ferguson6-11.50Montlake Roadrunners      
7.-Kennedy Griffin6-11.25Cascade Striders      
6.8UKate Ferguson6'11Montlake Roadrunners      
8.8UCatherine Lhamon6-11.00Running Unlimited Fi...      
9.8UEmma Mercer6-06.50JBLM Youth Sports      
10.8UEmily Lamb6-00.00Running Unlimited Fi...      
X Long Jump - Bantam - Finals
1.9-10Alaina Brady10-08.50Cascade Striders      
2.9-10Serena Tyran9-09.25Whatcom Tesseract      
3.9-10Nedeja Tillis9-06.00Speed Unlimited      
4.-Maren Schimek8-11.25Seattle Speed Track      
5.-Dajane Tullis8-06.25Cascade Striders      
6.9-10Trinity Wilhite7-05.50BP Striders      
7.9-10Sophie Milanovich7-04.00Cascade Striders      
8.9-10Joanna Citak7-01.75Cascade Striders      
9.9-10Kara Mercer6-03.00JBLM Youth Sports      
X Long Jump - Midget - Finals
1.11-12Saudia James-Heard13-09.25Wings of Eagles      
2.11-12Eden Fox13-07.50Cascade Striders      
3.11-12LuLu Pinczower11-07.75Speed Unlimited      
4.11-12Ariel Wilhite11-00.50BP Striders      
5.11-12Katherine Jackson10-06.00Cascade Striders      
6.11-12Amaya Rittierodt10-04.75Running Unlimited Fi...      
7.11-12Anteia Delaney9-10.50Wings of Eagles      
8.11-12Megan Keating9-08.00Running Unlimited Fi...      
9.11-12Ariel Williams8-01.75Hill and Valley      
11-12Taylee UndemFOULCascade Striders      
X Long Jump - Youth - Finals
1.13-14Brittni Williams16-06.00flying ajs      
2.13-14Elinor Jonestoutant15-05.00Rainier Beach Track      
3.-Peyton Russell13-05.00Cascade Striders      
4.13-14Claire Wendle13-01.00Cascade Striders      
5.13-14Kate Lilly12-02.75Cascade Striders      
6.13-14Michelle Lilly11-09.25Cascade Striders      
7.13-14Alexis Sweaney11-05.50Federal Way Track      
8.13-14Breanna Grehan11-01.00Running Unlimited Fi...      
13-14Annika StaalFOULCascade Striders      
X Long Jump - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Brandi Williams17-02.00flying ajs      
2.15-16Lovely Shoecraft14-07.00Wings of Eagles      
3.15-16Kathleen Ballweber14-06.00JBLM Youth Sports      
4.15-16Emma Tuschhoff14-00.00Cascade Striders      
X Long Jump - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.-Ali Rodseth16-04.00Cascade Striders      
2.17-18Aurora Varela13-05.50Xtreme Speed       
X Triple Jump - Youth - Finals
1.-Peyton Russell32-07.00Cascade Striders      
2.13-14Kate Lilly27'10.00Cascade Striders      
2.13-14Kate Lilly27-00.00Cascade Striders      
3.13-14Michelle Lilly26-00.25Cascade Striders      
X Triple Jump - Intermediate - Finals
1.15-16Nhautrey Brown35-03.00High Voltage Track      
2.15-16Lovely Shoecraft28-01.25Wings of Eagles      
X Triple Jump - Young Men/ Women - Finals
1.17-18Aurora Varela29-11.50Xtreme Speed       
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