Ocean League Finals

Thursday, May 05, 2011
  Culver City HS, Culver City - Map
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CA: Southern - South Bay (SBAA)
BEHIBeverly Hills
CUCICulver City
SAMOSanta Monica
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Reginald House10.9hCulver City
2.11Chris Bailey11.0hHawthorne
3.11Ariel Nasib11.55Beverly Hills
4.11Vernon Bowan11.61Hawthorne
5.10Akili Skannal11.84Culver City
6.10Aswad Bradley12.01Morningside
7.11Oscar Akanno12.15Morningside
11Cameron CountrymanDNSBeverly Hills
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Andre Stallings11.67Inglewood
2.10Omeed Hakimianpour11.73Beverly Hills
3.10Mirel Pashal11.75Culver City
4.10Dana Dotson12.13Morningside
5.10Winston Leahong12.16Inglewood
6.10Jamonte Mc Dow12.21Morningside
7.10Taveon Campbell12.48Morningside
8.10Matthew Hakimi12.57Beverly Hills
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Reginald House11.24Culver City
2.11Ariel Nasib11.45Beverly Hills
3.11Cameron Countryman11.46Beverly Hills
4.10Akili Skannal11.50Culver City
4.11Chris Bailey11.50Hawthorne
6.11Vernon Bowan11.65Hawthorne
7.11Oscar Akanno11.83Morningside
8.10Aswad Bradley11.95Morningside
9.11Frank Brown11.96Beverly Hills
10.12Michael James12.02Inglewood
11.11Kriss\'Shon Day12.28Morningside
12.11Anthony Akinfolarin12.31Inglewood
13.11Ryan Whitley12.41Inglewood
14.11Brandon Gardner13.03Inglewood
12Darnell MitchellDNSInglewood
11Justin JacoboDNSHawthorne
12Chigozie NwobiDNSMorningside
11Miles WashingtonDNSCulver City
11Mitchell DickDNSSanta Monica
10Javon PayneDNFMorningside
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Prelims
1.10Andre Stallings11.59Inglewood
2.10Omeed Hakimianpour11.88Beverly Hills
6.10Mirel Pashal11.82Culver City
7.10Winston Leahong12.00Inglewood
3.10Dana Dotson12.20Morningside
4.10Taveon Campbell12.23Morningside
4.10Jamonte Mc Dow12.23Morningside
8.10Matthew Hakimi12.24Beverly Hills
9.10Idrissa Kent12.46Morningside
10.10Jake Caldwell12.49Santa Monica
11.9Armand Torres12.59Inglewood
12.10Gefen Loredo12.60Beverly Hills
13.9Elias Batalla12.81Santa Monica
14.10Walker Stevens12.85Beverly Hills
15.9Jesse Iniguez12.96Santa Monica
16.9Gabe Scholas12.98Culver City
17.10Brian Eilyahou13.02Beverly Hills
18.10Jose Magana13.11Inglewood
19.9Eyan Belson13.15Morningside
20.10Montae Monroe13.22Beverly Hills
21.10Roy Petito13.47Beverly Hills
22.9Andrew Moradzadeh13.52Beverly Hills
23.10Dequinte Bradshaw13.77Hawthorne
24.9Taylor Mensik13.82Beverly Hills
25.10Aubrey Harris14.53Inglewood
9Marquis ParrishSCRInglewood
10De'Andre TolerSCRMorningside
9Justin LoganSCRBeverly Hills
10Yachal ButlerSCRMorningside
9Marston CephasSCRSanta Monica
10Julius WilsonSCRCulver City
10Ethan PlanteSCRBeverly Hills
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alex Rohani22.40Beverly Hills
2.11Cameron Countryman22.44Beverly Hills
3.11Anthony Luckett22.68Culver City
4.11Reginald House22.78Culver City
5.11Fabien Skyers23.26Santa Monica
6.11Ariel Nasib23.27Beverly Hills
7.10Akili Skannal23.74Culver City
11Sylvester (Alex) JacksonDNSCulver City
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Andre Stallings24.02Inglewood
2.10Mirel Pashal24.16Culver City
3.10Omeed Hakimianpour24.17Beverly Hills
4.10Richard Hunter24.43Inglewood
5.9Juman Randle24.69Inglewood
6.9Mark Conley24.80Culver City
7.9Eddie Reyes24.92Inglewood
8.10Winston Leahong24.95Inglewood
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Sylvester (Alex) Jackson22.50Culver City
2.11Anthony Luckett22.69Culver City
3.11Reginald House22.84Culver City
4.11Cameron Countryman22.85Beverly Hills
5.10Alex Rohani22.86Beverly Hills
6.11Ariel Nasib22.97Beverly Hills
7.11Jimmy Haywood23.21Culver City
8.11Fabien Skyers23.30Santa Monica
9.10Akili Skannal23.52Culver City
10.11Chris Bailey23.59Hawthorne
11.12Chigozie Nwobi23.69Morningside
12.12Mario Conti23.71Beverly Hills
13.11Joel Steinberg23.87Beverly Hills
14.10Aswad Bradley24.23Morningside
15.11Vernon Bowan24.67Hawthorne
16.11Tyler Singleton24.80Hawthorne
17.11Kriss\'Shon Day25.08Morningside
18.11Oscar Akanno25.09Morningside
19.11Chris Sheriff25.43Inglewood
20.11Ryan Whitley25.53Inglewood
21.12Mr. Cooper25.80Inglewood
22.12Michael James26.46Inglewood
23.11Brandon Gardner26.70Inglewood
11Anthony AkinfolarinDNSInglewood
12Alfred WynnDNSInglewood
11Miles WashingtonDNSCulver City
11Caio CarvalhoDNSBeverly Hills
10Javon PayneDNSMorningside
11Kevin GuhDNSSanta Monica
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Prelims
1.10Andre Stallings23.72Inglewood
2.10Mirel Pashal24.21Culver City
3.10Omeed Hakimianpour24.34Beverly Hills
4.9Mark Conley24.56Culver City
6.10Richard Hunter24.54Inglewood
7.10Winston Leahong24.58Inglewood
8.9Juman Randle24.68Inglewood
9.10Jake Caldwell24.97Santa Monica
10.10Dana Dotson25.18Morningside
5.9Eddie Reyes25.22Inglewood
11.10Matthew Hakimi25.28Beverly Hills
12.9Marquis Parrish25.31Inglewood
13.10Nathan Elkind25.79Culver City
14.10Jamonte Mc Dow25.82Morningside
15.10Gefen Loredo25.83Beverly Hills
16.10Sydney Love25.93Culver City
17.10Taveon Campbell25.98Morningside
18.9Armand Torres26.04Inglewood
19.10Austin Ramos26.09Culver City
20.10Tramaine Taylor26.23Morningside
21.9Jesse Iniguez26.30Santa Monica
22.10Ramtin Mobasheri26.32Beverly Hills
23.10Walker Stevens26.40Beverly Hills
24.10Jose Magana26.44Inglewood
25.9Elias Batalla26.51Santa Monica
26.10Sajun Bibbs26.68Beverly Hills
27.10Roy Petito26.69Beverly Hills
27.9Eyan Belson26.69Morningside
29.10Brian Eilyahou27.01Beverly Hills
30.9Jordan Rodd27.14Beverly Hills
31.10Idrissa Kent28.11Morningside
32.9Andrew Moradzadeh28.54Beverly Hills
33.10Dequinte Bradshaw29.67Hawthorne
10Donshea FieldsSCRHawthorne
9Justin LoganSCRBeverly Hills
9Tajh HendersonSCRInglewood
10Aubrey HarrisSCRInglewood
9Marston CephasSCRSanta Monica
10Ethan PlanteSCRBeverly Hills
10Dylan DurrSCRInglewood
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alex Rohani48.11Beverly Hills
2.11Sylvester (Alex) Jackson48.71Culver City
3.11Anthony Luckett49.95Culver City
4.11Fabien Skyers51.49Santa Monica
5.11Joel Steinberg53.32Beverly Hills
6.12Mario Conti53.43Beverly Hills
7.11Tyler Singleton54.13Hawthorne
11Jimmy HaywoodDNSCulver City
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Juman Randle53.58Inglewood
2.9Mark Conley53.92Culver City
3.9Eddie Reyes55.63Inglewood
4.10Jeffrey Toobi56.23Beverly Hills
5.10Richard Hunter56.91Inglewood
6.10Austin Ramos56.93Culver City
7.10Marc Isaac57.00Santa Monica
9Marquis ParrishDNSInglewood
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Sylvester (Alex) Jackson49.42Culver City
2.11Anthony Luckett49.89Culver City
3.10Alex Rohani50.80Beverly Hills
4.11Fabien Skyers51.72Santa Monica
5.11Jimmy Haywood52.67Culver City
6.12Mario Conti52.74Beverly Hills
7.11Joel Steinberg53.20Beverly Hills
8.11Tyler Singleton54.28Hawthorne
9.11Donnell Sanford55.71Morningside
10.11Ryan Whitley58.85Inglewood
11.11Brandon Gardner1:00.53Inglewood
12.12Alfred Wynn1:01.46Inglewood
13.11Chris Sheriff1:02.43Inglewood
12Miles GreenSCRHawthorne
11Caio CarvalhoDNSBeverly Hills
12Matt BellDNSSanta Monica
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Prelims
1.9Juman Randle54.04Inglewood
2.9Mark Conley54.51Culver City
3.10Jeffrey Toobi57.00Beverly Hills
4.9Marquis Parrish57.24Inglewood
5.9Eddie Reyes57.28Inglewood
6.10Richard Hunter57.38Inglewood
7.10Marc Isaac57.42Santa Monica
8.10Austin Ramos57.49Culver City
9.10Samuel Pitts58.04Morningside
10.9Nathan Washington58.19Santa Monica
11.10Nathan Elkind58.22Culver City
12.10Sydney Love58.43Culver City
13.10Ramtin Mobasheri59.26Beverly Hills
14.9Ryouma Kawamata59.53Beverly Hills
15.9Gabriel Bogner59.98Beverly Hills
16.10Jeremiah Williams1:00.41Beverly Hills
17.10Anton Saleh1:01.67Beverly Hills
18.9Jordan Rodd1:03.66Beverly Hills
19.9Lewis Bracey1:04.29Santa Monica
20.9Ellijah Finks1:06.23Inglewood
21.9Kameron Stills1:06.27Hawthorne
10Donshea FieldsSCRHawthorne
9Bryant LeathSCRInglewood
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chanan Batra1:59.97Beverly Hills
2.12Nicky Harper2:06.31Beverly Hills
3.11Andrew Redston2:06.35Beverly Hills
4.12Andrew Calderon2:08.40Santa Monica
5.10Teddy McFarland2:09.18Santa Monica
6.12Charles Back2:12.71Culver City
7.11Kevin Guh2:13.52Santa Monica
12Matt BellDQSanta Monica
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Aaron Karlin2:08.19Beverly Hills
2.10David Bush2:09.05Santa Monica
3.10Obin Sturm2:14.50Santa Monica
4.10Isaac Nemzer2:16.02Santa Monica
5.10Jamill Cineus2:17.20Beverly Hills
6.9Ryouma Kawamata2:17.51Beverly Hills
7.9Sicoya Bellis2:18.13Santa Monica
8.9Kevin Cortez2:20.66Culver City
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Matt Bell1:58.75Santa Monica
2.10Teddy McFarland2:06.36Santa Monica
3.10Chanan Batra2:06.43Beverly Hills
5.12Nicky Harper2:09.48Beverly Hills
6.12Andrew Calderon2:09.63Santa Monica
4.11Andrew Redston2:12.84Beverly Hills
7.11Kevin Guh2:13.14Santa Monica
8.12Charles Back2:13.31Culver City
9.11Tai Legagnoux2:15.54Santa Monica
10.11Jeffrey Asai2:15.68Culver City
11.12Shiki Izuka2:18.99Beverly Hills
12.12Reggie Fields2:19.02Inglewood
13.11Sho Harikawa2:19.12Culver City
14.12Benny Baldovino2:20.86Culver City
15.11Joel Bernal2:27.34Inglewood
16.11Adrian A2:40.43Morningside
17.11Joaquin Reyes2:56.20Hawthorne
11Edwin RiveraDNSHawthorne
12Carlos JaurezDNSHawthorne
11Cody LewisDNSCulver City
11Arash AssarDNSSanta Monica
12Zachar KotlermanDNSSanta Monica
10Alex RohaniDNSBeverly Hills
12Dylan BourneDNSCulver City
11Andrew CapronDNSSanta Monica
11Sam CappoliDNSCulver City
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Prelims
1.10David Bush2:11.14Santa Monica
2.10Obin Sturm2:15.13Santa Monica
3.9Aaron Karlin2:16.32Beverly Hills
4.10Jamill Cineus2:19.13Beverly Hills
5.10Isaac Nemzer2:20.37Santa Monica
6.9Kevin Cortez2:21.92Culver City
7.9Sicoya Bellis2:22.36Santa Monica
8.9Ryouma Kawamata2:24.46Beverly Hills
9.10Robert Heyl2:25.69Culver City
10.9Michael Reston2:28.39Beverly Hills
11.9Jonah Sharf2:30.94Santa Monica
12.9David Neiman2:33.08Beverly Hills
13.9McKenzie Kui2:33.63Beverly Hills
14.9Chad Lee2:36.55Beverly Hills
10Kevin LiuDNSCulver City
9Tyler HakomoriDQSanta Monica
10Evan McNallyDNSCulver City
10Ethan ShiriDNSBeverly Hills
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Galen4:29.92Beverly Hills
2.12Nicky Harper4:36.34Beverly Hills
3.11Cody Lewis4:37.91Culver City
4.10Teddy McFarland4:38.11Santa Monica
5.11Andrew Capron4:45.19Santa Monica
6.9Arden Lassalle4:45.49Santa Monica
7.12Charles Back4:54.02Culver City
8.10Eli Flesh4:55.71Beverly Hills
9.11Jeffrey Asai4:59.56Culver City
10.11Sho Harikawa5:06.11Culver City
11.12Benny Baldovino5:14.55Culver City
12Babandeep SinghDNSCulver City
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Aaron Karlin4:56.33Beverly Hills
2.10Robert Heyl5:03.08Culver City
3.10Elliot Pollack5:04.66Santa Monica
4.9Michael Reston5:08.32Beverly Hills
5.9Ian Fanselow5:10.35Santa Monica
6.10Christian Soto5:12.99Santa Monica
7.9Jahangir Habib5:13.47Santa Monica
8.9Aaron Wolfe5:13.78Beverly Hills
9.9Samuel Levy5:16.30Beverly Hills
10.10Ethan Shiri5:18.74Beverly Hills
11.9Kevin Cortez5:19.36Culver City
12.10Aston Rosenquivst5:25.73Santa Monica
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Chanan Batra4:31.49Beverly Hills
2.11Cody Lewis4:46.09Culver City
3.10Teddy McFarland4:46.25Santa Monica
4.11Josh Galen4:48.75Beverly Hills
5.12Nicky Harper4:50.99Beverly Hills
6.9Arden Lassalle4:52.33Santa Monica
7.11Andrew Capron4:53.21Santa Monica
8.12Babandeep Singh4:58.15Culver City
9.12Charles Back4:58.59Culver City
10.10Eli Flesh5:03.66Beverly Hills
11.11Jeffrey Asai5:06.79Culver City
12.11Sho Harikawa5:13.09Culver City
13.10Eric Gironda5:14.74Santa Monica
14.12Benny Baldovino5:16.93Culver City
15.12Dylan Bourne5:17.49Culver City
16.11Harrison Balogh5:28.43Santa Monica
17.11Nicholas Sardo5:28.44Santa Monica
18.11David Shabsovich5:39.16Santa Monica
19.11Adrian A6:07.73Morningside
20.12Chriristian Castro6:10.45Hawthorne
21.11Joaquin Reyes6:35.52Hawthorne
11Edwin RiveraDNSHawthorne
11Andrew RedstonDNFBeverly Hills
11Sam CappoliDNSCulver City
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Prelims
1.10Robert Heyl5:10.57Culver City
3.9Michael Reston5:12.78Beverly Hills
5.10Elliot Pollack5:13.07Santa Monica
6.9Ian Fanselow5:13.21Santa Monica
2.9Aaron Karlin5:14.85Beverly Hills
4.9Aaron Wolfe5:16.11Beverly Hills
7.10Christian Soto5:20.96Santa Monica
8.9Samuel Levy5:22.02Beverly Hills
9.10Kevin Liu5:24.92Culver City
10.10Ethan Shiri5:25.31Beverly Hills
11.9Kevin Cortez5:26.57Culver City
12.9Jahangir Habib5:26.97Santa Monica
13.10Aston Rosenquivst5:31.67Santa Monica
14.9Albert Grebler5:34.51Santa Monica
15.9Sean Silverstein5:36.58Santa Monica
16.9Nicolai Falesitch5:36.83Santa Monica
17.9McKenzie Kui5:37.70Beverly Hills
18.9Chad Lee5:38.55Beverly Hills
19.9David Neiman5:39.92Beverly Hills
20.10Paul Byrnes5:40.96Santa Monica
21.9Caleb Redmond5:47.04Santa Monica
22.9Harry Hoang5:53.72Beverly Hills
23.9Brandt Weary5:57.79Santa Monica
24.10Hamza Khan6:37.52Culver City
10Evan McNallyDNSCulver City
9Daniel NedgetfarimDNSBeverly Hills
9Ryouma KawamataDNSBeverly Hills
9Samuel NichollsDNSSanta Monica
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Galen10:24.37Beverly Hills
2.12Babandeep Singh10:28.20Culver City
3.10Eli Flesh10:32.65Beverly Hills
4.9Arden Lassalle10:41.45Santa Monica
5.10Eric Gironda10:56.11Santa Monica
6.12Fabian Leon11:13.19Santa Monica
7.12Dylan Bourne11:22.85Culver City
8.11Maykel Pernia11:36.97Santa Monica
9.12Benny Baldovino11:41.00Culver City
10.11Nicholas Sardo12:03.50Santa Monica
11.12David Ramirez12:04.31Santa Monica
12.11Joaquin Reyes13:45.30Hawthorne
12Carlos JaurezDNSHawthorne
12Chriristian CastroDNSHawthorne
11Edwin RiveraDNSHawthorne
11Cody LewisDNSCulver City
11Jeffrey AsaiDNSCulver City
11Andrew CapronDNSSanta Monica
11Sho HarikawaDNSCulver City
11Arash AssarDNSSanta Monica
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Aaron Wolfe11:08.94Beverly Hills
2.10Andres Cruz11:13.82Santa Monica
3.9Jahangir Habib11:48.68Santa Monica
4.10Christian Soto12:03.00Santa Monica
5.9Paul Miller12:06.49Santa Monica
6.9Liam McBride12:09.08Santa Monica
7.10Kevin Liu12:12.60Culver City
8.9Finn Bardal12:14.59Santa Monica
9.10Paul Byrnes12:16.53Santa Monica
10.9Samuel Levy12:20.39Beverly Hills
11.9Taylor Safrit12:25.37Santa Monica
12.9David Neiman12:53.03Beverly Hills
13.9Chad Lee13:02.07Beverly Hills
14.9McKenzie Kui13:34.54Beverly Hills
9Samuel NichollsDNSSanta Monica
10Elliot PollackDNSSanta Monica
9Kevin CortezDNSCulver City
10Evan McNallyDNSCulver City
10Robert HeylDNSCulver City
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lucas Nozick15.41Culver City
2.12Miles Green16.09Hawthorne
3.11Willie Green16.62Beverly Hills
4.12Carlos Thomas16.73Inglewood
11Rohit ManochaDNSBeverly Hills
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Anthony Hermosillo20.50Beverly Hills
2.10Nicolas Sands20.80Beverly Hills
10Nathan RafisimanDNSBeverly Hills
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Miles Green40.75Hawthorne
2.12Barrington Moore41.06Santa Monica
3.12Lucas Nozick41.99Culver City
4.11Willie Green42.28Beverly Hills
5.12Carlos Thomas43.48Inglewood
6.11Frank Brown44.01Beverly Hills
7.11AJ Taylor49.17Morningside
8.11Michael Shelton1:22.26Morningside
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Anthony Hermosillo49.98Beverly Hills
2.10Nicolas Sands50.25Beverly Hills
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Anthony Luckett
Sylvester Jackson
Miles Washington
42.98Culver City
2.-Ariel Nasib
Cameron Countryman
Alexander Rohani
Mario Conti
43.91Beverly Hills
3.-Chris Bailey
Vernon Bowan
Miles Green
Tyler Singleton
4.-Kriss\'Shon Day
Oscar Akanno
Aswad Bradley
Chigozie Nwobi
5.-Michael James
Mr. Cooper
Ryan Whitley
Brandon Gardner
-Barrington Moore
Mitchell Dick
Kevin Guh
Fabien Skyers
DNSSanta Monica
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Andre Stallings
Juman Randle
Eddie Reyes
Richard Hunter
2.-Mirel Pashal
Julius Wilson
Mark Conley
Nathan Elkind
46.08Culver City
3.-Jamonte Mc Dow
Dana Dotson
Tramaine Taylor
Taveon Campbell
4.-Matthew Hakimi
Omeed Hakimianpour
Jeffrey Toobi
Ramtin Mobasheri
47.33Beverly Hills
5.-Jake Caldwell
Marston Cephas
Elias Batalla
Nathan Washington
47.88Santa Monica
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mario Conti
Joel Steinberg
Alexander Rohani
Cameron Countryman
3:24.37Beverly Hills
Sylvester Jackson
Miles Washington
Anthony Luckett
3:27.04Culver City
3.-Relay Team 3:30.21Santa Monica
4.-Chris Bailey
Vernon Bowan
Tyler Singleton
Miles Green
5.-Donnell Sanford
Michael Shelton
Aswad Bradley
Chigozie Nwobi
6.-Ryan Whitley
Carlos Thomas
Michael James
Chris Sheriff
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Nathan Elkind
Mark Conley
Mirel Pashal
Austin Ramos
3:47.41Culver City
2.-Omeed Hakimianpour
Aaron Karlin
Jeffrey Toobi
Ramtin Mobasheri
3:47.52Beverly Hills
3.-Relay Team 3:50.14Santa Monica
4.-Anton Saleh
Ryouma Kawamata
Matthew Hakimi
Gabriel Bogner
3:53.08Beverly Hills
-Dequinte Bradshaw
Donshea Fields
Kobi Givens
Kameron Stills
-Andre Stallings
Juman Randle
Eddie Reyes
Richard Hunter
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julian Jackson47-03.00Beverly Hills
2.11Trabion Maefau44-07.00Hawthorne
3.12Reshon Sims42-08.00Morningside
4.11Zuri Einngton41-02.00Culver City
5.10Steven Becerra40-01.00Santa Monica
6.11Grant Coffey39-06.00Culver City
7.10Andres Meza37-11.00Santa Monica
8.11Jonathan Dixon37-08.00Hawthorne
9.12David Bresnick36-00.00Beverly Hills
10.10Peter Breceda35-06.00Santa Monica
11.10Patrick Nollinger32-11.00Beverly Hills
12.11Alex Pinotti31-10.00Beverly Hills
13.10Alan Castro31-07.00Beverly Hills
14.11Eric Simsolo31-06.00Beverly Hills
12Billy SanchezSCRCulver City
12Tarek KassemSCRSanta Monica
11Michael ChandlerSCRCulver City
10Deon YoungSCRCulver City
11Jordan HammieSCRMorningside
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Deon Young39-05.00Culver City
2.10Christopher Saade38-02.00Beverly Hills
3.10Kevin Melendez37-07.00Culver City
4.9Nick Breceda37-01.50Santa Monica
5.10Joshua Javaheri35-10.00Beverly Hills
6.10Austin Greek34-11.00Beverly Hills
7.10Chris Schlierman33-10.00Santa Monica
8.9Jeremy Alvarez32-10.00Culver City
9.9Aaron Kornfeld32-00.00Beverly Hills
10.10Valentine Caisaris31-04.00Culver City
10.9Mahir Abblulhafiz31-04.00Santa Monica
12.9Brandon Davis31-01.50Beverly Hills
13.10Daniel Gontchar31-01.00Beverly Hills
14.10Kanan Saito29-04.00Culver City
15.9Sebastian Reynoso29-01.50Santa Monica
16.10AJ Glassman29-01.00Santa Monica
17.9Julio Escarce26-01.00Santa Monica
18.10Ari Friedman24-02.00Santa Monica
19.11Kevin Hamilton23-03.00Santa Monica
10Joseph WarrenDNSMorningside
10Tyler DavisDNSMorningside
10Davion BishopDNSMorningside
10Cameron PaysingerDNSBeverly Hills
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julian Jackson122-00Beverly Hills
2.11Trabion Maefau121-05Hawthorne
3.12Tarek Kassem113-04Santa Monica
4.12David Bresnick105-00Beverly Hills
5.10Andres Meza99-10Santa Monica
6.11Alex Pinotti94-04Beverly Hills
7.10Peter Breceda93-06Santa Monica
8.10Steven Becerra89-09Santa Monica
9.10Patrick Nollinger89-05Beverly Hills
10.11Jonathan Dixon89-02Hawthorne
11.10Alan Castro87-03Beverly Hills
12Billy SanchezDNSCulver City
11Eric SimsoloDNSBeverly Hills
12Jose EscotoDNSCulver City
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Austin Greek96-11Beverly Hills
2.10Christopher Saade92-06Beverly Hills
3.9Mahir Abblulhafiz79-01Santa Monica
4.10Chris Schlierman76-04Santa Monica
5.10Daniel Gontchar75-07Beverly Hills
6.9Nick Breceda75-04Santa Monica
7.9Sebastian Reynoso74-10Santa Monica
8.10Joshua Rosenberg61-02Beverly Hills
10Cameron PaysingerSCRBeverly Hills
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Isiah Brame6-03.00Hawthorne
2.11Ronald Jones6-01.00Culver City
3.12Carlos Thomas5-10.00Inglewood
4.11Willie Green5-08.00Beverly Hills
5.11Alfonzo Henderson5-06.00Morningside
6.11Rohit Manocha5-02.00Beverly Hills
6.10Gregory Adams5-02.00Morningside
12Garrett KaplanDNSBeverly Hills
12Leon GibsonDNSCulver City
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Marquis Parrish5-05.00Inglewood
2.10Quintin Baker5-00.00Beverly Hills
3.10Gefen Loredo4-10.00Beverly Hills
4.10Dequinte Bradshaw4-10.00Hawthorne
5.10Daniel Shingarez4-08.00Beverly Hills
6.10Daniel Lavian4-08.00Beverly Hills
6.10Sajun Bibbs4-08.00Beverly Hills
10Nathan RafisimanSCRBeverly Hills
10Jacob RostSCRBeverly Hills
9Kobi GivensSCRHawthorne
10De'Andre TolerSCRMorningside
10Jeffrey ToobiSCRBeverly Hills
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chase Kumasaka12-06.00Santa Monica
2.9Sumner Schwartz10-00.00Santa Monica
3.12Garrett Kaplan9-06.00Beverly Hills
4.11Matt Gardello9-06.00Santa Monica
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Matt Sherman8-00.00Santa Monica
2.9Sam Burghese8-00.00Santa Monica
10Nathan RafisimanNHBeverly Hills
10Patrick NollingerNHBeverly Hills
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Horchin20-10.00Culver City
2.11Kavon Knighten-Buggs19-10.00Culver City
3.11Yamen Sanders19-09.75Culver City
4.11Alfonzo Henderson19-08.00Morningside
5.10Gregory Adams18-09.50Morningside
6.12Leon Gibson18-04.00Culver City
11Mitchell DickSCRSanta Monica
12Jerremy RatliffSCRCulver City
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Julius Wilson19-06.75Culver City
2.10Quintin Baker18-00.00Beverly Hills
3.10Winston Leahong17-00.00Inglewood
4.9Gabe Scholas16-08.00Culver City
5.10Jose Magana16-03.25Inglewood
6.10Sajun Bibbs15-11.00Beverly Hills
7.10Montae Monroe14-10.50Beverly Hills
9Kameron StillsDNSHawthorne
10Daniel LavianDNSBeverly Hills
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Barrington Moore41-08.00Santa Monica
2.11Yamen Sanders41-07.00Culver City
3.11Michael Horchin40-03.75Culver City
4.11Alfonzo Henderson39-07.00Morningside
11Derrius MorrowFOULCulver City
11Kavon Knighten-BuggsSCRCulver City
11Mitchell DickSCRSanta Monica
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Gabe Scholas34-01.00Culver City

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Destiny Brown12.2hInglewood
2.12Tiffain Reneau12.3hInglewood
3.12Araya Dixon12.88Inglewood
4.10Christine Jackson12.95Inglewood
5.10Salina Hill13.08Morningside
6.10Kenia Bonilla13.14Culver City
7.9Deja Brown13.57Hawthorne
8.10De'Andrea Toler13.61Morningside
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Messiah Bailey13.74Santa Monica
2.9Adreese Tate13.74Santa Monica
3.10Monique Guizar13.79Culver City
4.9Petra Chalmers13.81Santa Monica
5.10Dory Meraz13.96Santa Monica
6.9A'ljela Floyd14.02Inglewood
7.10Justice Jones14.07Beverly Hills
8.10Michelle Wyatt14.08Morningside
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Destiny Brown12.41Inglewood
2.12Tiffain Reneau12.48Inglewood
3.10Salina Hill12.80Morningside
4.10Kenia Bonilla12.85Culver City
4.12Araya Dixon12.85Inglewood
6.10Christine Jackson12.90Inglewood
7.9Deja Brown13.28Hawthorne
8.10De'Andrea Toler13.39Morningside
9.10Krishawnna Baker13.66Morningside
10.12Morgan Calicutt13.71Inglewood
11.12Stacy Lee13.90Morningside
12.11Cashe' Ryan14.01Inglewood
13.12Aneidra Carrion14.20Hawthorne
14.11Torie Baker14.49Hawthorne
15.11Sharaine Washington15.67Morningside
10Ani SwansonDNSMorningside
11Kendal CarneyDNSCulver City
10Vanessa TorresDNSBeverly Hills
11Katelin HoganDNSCulver City
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Prelims
1.10Dory Meraz12.87Santa Monica
2.9Messiah Bailey13.63Santa Monica
4.10Monique Guizar13.67Culver City
3.9Adreese Tate13.72Santa Monica
5.9Petra Chalmers13.75Santa Monica
6.9A'ljela Floyd13.79Inglewood
7.10Michelle Wyatt13.91Morningside
8.10Justice Jones14.07Beverly Hills
9.9Fasiat Agaba14.13Beverly Hills
10.9Jazmine Khuu14.23Hawthorne
11.10Talula Holt14.47Beverly Hills
12.10Sarah Patterson14.56Beverly Hills
13.10Ayron Lighttell14.71Inglewood
14.10Anisah Muhammad14.86Morningside
15.10Shana Bellazaire14.91Inglewood
16.9Daney Diaz14.96Beverly Hills
17.9Dejonae Washington15.23Hawthorne
18.9Shawntiva Midendorf15.89Inglewood
19.9Wrenye Miles15.91Inglewood
10Shannon IvySCRInglewood
9Jessica MehrabinSCRBeverly Hills
10Kristina BrownSCRMorningside
9Tahjanae PilcherSCRMorningside
11Nia BellSCRCulver City
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Destiny Brown25.49Inglewood
2.12Tiffain Reneau25.64Inglewood
3.12Araya Dixon26.21Inglewood
4.10Vanessa Torres26.36Beverly Hills
5.10Kenia Bonilla26.60Culver City
6.10Christine Jackson27.08Inglewood
7.10De'Andrea Toler28.18Morningside
8.10Salina Hill29.43Morningside
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10De'Chelle Beaudoin27.33Inglewood
2.9Triphona Dahl27.98Inglewood
3.10Adrienne Lombard28.03Inglewood
4.9Adreese Tate28.08Santa Monica
5.9Chelsea Simmons28.12Beverly Hills
6.10Dory Meraz28.81Santa Monica
7.10Elena Rust29.21Beverly Hills
8.10Monique Guizar29.43Culver City
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Destiny Brown25.77Inglewood
2.12Tiffain Reneau25.81Inglewood
3.10Kenia Bonilla26.49Culver City
4.12Araya Dixon26.57Inglewood
5.10Vanessa Torres26.95Beverly Hills
7.10Christine Jackson27.34Inglewood
6.10Salina Hill27.64Morningside
8.10De'Andrea Toler28.19Morningside
9.9Deja Brown28.48Hawthorne
10.12Morgan Calicutt28.74Inglewood
11.10Krishawnna Baker29.15Morningside
12.12Stacy Lee29.20Morningside
13.11Cashe' Ryan29.30Inglewood
14.11Roneice Carr29.40Inglewood
11Katelin HoganDNSCulver City
10Taji McKinleyDNSSanta Monica
12Sunni BurksDNSMorningside
11Sharaine WashingtonDNSMorningside
11Torie BakerDNSHawthorne
12Aneidra CarrionDNSHawthorne
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Prelims
1.10De'Chelle Beaudoin27.68Inglewood
2.9Adreese Tate27.96Santa Monica
6.9Chelsea Simmons28.00Beverly Hills
3.10Adrienne Lombard28.18Inglewood
4.10Elena Rust28.22Beverly Hills
7.10Monique Guizar28.40Culver City
8.9Triphona Dahl28.52Inglewood
9.9Petra Chalmers28.84Santa Monica
5.10Dory Meraz28.99Santa Monica
10.10Justice Jones29.28Beverly Hills
11.10Da'Jah Ausby29.30Inglewood
12.9A'ljela Floyd29.62Inglewood
13.10Michelle Wyatt29.63Morningside
14.9Fasiat Agaba29.66Beverly Hills
15.9Carmen Gratz29.71Beverly Hills
16.9Danielle Dyer29.75Inglewood
17.9Jazmine Khuu29.94Hawthorne
18.9Kalynda Watts30.70Inglewood
19.10Ayron Lighttell30.72Inglewood
20.10Sarah Patterson30.80Beverly Hills
21.9Carmen Perez30.83Beverly Hills
22.9Sydni Chustz31.00Culver City
23.10Anisah Muhammad31.08Morningside
24.9Joya Mehdizadeh31.66Beverly Hills
25.10Shana Bellazaire32.01Inglewood
26.9Dejonae Washington33.04Hawthorne
27.9Shayna Sharim33.18Beverly Hills
28.9Wrenye Miles34.14Inglewood
9Shawntiva MidendorfSCRInglewood
9Tahjanae PilcherSCRMorningside
10Kristina BrownSCRMorningside
10Lindsey SpeightsSCRMorningside
11Nia BellSCRCulver City
9Milan LaySCRCulver City
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Vanessa Torres1:00.66Beverly Hills
2.11Nina Bracey1:03.23Santa Monica
3.10Matilda Mead1:04.41Santa Monica
4.11Hannah Kummer1:05.74Santa Monica
12Sunni BurksDNSMorningside
11Roneice CarrDNSInglewood
12Sydney GrayDNSBeverly Hills
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10De'Chelle Beaudoin1:02.41Inglewood
2.9Chelsea Simmons1:03.01Beverly Hills
3.10Adrienne Lombard1:04.65Inglewood
4.9Carmen Gratz1:04.79Beverly Hills
5.9Triphona Dahl1:06.25Inglewood
6.10Da'Jah Ausby1:08.24Inglewood
7.10Elena Rust1:08.68Beverly Hills
8.9Joya Mehdizadeh1:11.63Beverly Hills
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Vanessa Torres1:00.72Beverly Hills
2.12Sydney Gray1:00.84Beverly Hills
3.9Kloey Battista1:01.42Santa Monica
4.10Taji McKinley1:02.27Santa Monica
5.10Lily Ting1:03.34Beverly Hills
6.10Lauren Schultz1:03.72Santa Monica
7.11Nina Bracey1:04.76Santa Monica
8.10Matilda Mead1:05.09Santa Monica
9.9Taylor DeYoung1:06.06Santa Monica
10.11Hannah Kummer1:06.52Santa Monica
11.11Roneice Carr1:10.39Inglewood
12.12Sunni Burks1:14.74Morningside
11Cassandra KliewerSCRSanta Monica
10Ryan BullSCRCulver City
11Sabrina MartinSCRInglewood
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Prelims
1.10De'Chelle Beaudoin1:04.14Inglewood
2.9Chelsea Simmons1:04.79Beverly Hills
3.9Triphona Dahl1:06.81Inglewood
4.9Carmen Gratz1:07.64Beverly Hills
5.10Elena Rust1:07.65Beverly Hills
6.10Adrienne Lombard1:08.01Inglewood
7.10Da'Jah Ausby1:09.16Inglewood
8.9Joya Mehdizadeh1:11.95Beverly Hills
9.9Carmen Perez1:12.98Beverly Hills
10.9Emma Polhermus1:13.16Santa Monica
11.9Danielle Dyer1:14.18Inglewood
12.9Kalynda Watts1:16.36Inglewood
13.9Sydni Chustz1:18.83Culver City
14.9Miriam Binman1:24.85Beverly Hills
9Milan LayDNSCulver City
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sydney Gray2:18.19Beverly Hills
2.11Brianna Simmons2:22.03Beverly Hills
3.10Hilary Dubin2:24.13Santa Monica
4.10Lily Ting2:28.18Beverly Hills
5.11Ashley Bootesaz2:35.86Beverly Hills
6.11Doreen Farahdel2:47.72Santa Monica
7.11Lily Cain2:58.83Santa Monica
10Jessica RobertSCRBeverly Hills
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Emily Singer2:36.61Santa Monica
2.9Akela Morinaka2:39.95Culver City
3.9Tatiana Bedi2:41.76Santa Monica
4.10Cameron Leventen2:44.23Santa Monica
5.10Marissa Rothman2:45.15Beverly Hills
6.10Hannah Kohanzadeh2:46.39Santa Monica
7.10Tayler Rodriguez2:47.91Culver City
8.9Miya Torimaru2:54.13Culver City
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Prelims
1.9Emily Singer2:39.13Santa Monica
3.9Akela Morinaka2:43.29Culver City
2.9Tatiana Bedi2:43.73Santa Monica
4.10Cameron Leventen2:44.84Santa Monica
5.9Miya Torimaru2:46.62Culver City
6.10Tayler Rodriguez2:49.49Culver City
7.10Haida Holscher2:50.07Santa Monica
8.10Hannah Kohanzadeh2:50.95Santa Monica
9.10Marissa Rothman2:51.17Beverly Hills
10.9Quinn D'Andrea2:52.43Santa Monica
11.9Kim Logan2:53.81Culver City
12.9Da Eun Lee2:56.43Beverly Hills
13.10Viviana Lozano2:56.68Culver City
14.9Kia Canning3:01.92Santa Monica
15.10Sarah Hendry3:02.57Beverly Hills
16.9Kelli Tademaru3:04.70Culver City
17.9Phoebe Kirkhofer3:05.91Santa Monica
18.9Annette Chang3:05.92Beverly Hills
19.9Romy Bohbot3:14.35Beverly Hills
20.9Lesley Meza3:16.59Inglewood
21.9Ms. Ceja3:30.39Inglewood
22.10Brianna Venegas3:30.41Inglewood
23.9Daisy Rudias3:36.32Culver City
23.9Leora Ghadoushi3:36.32Beverly Hills
25.9Natalie Gonzalez3:40.32Inglewood
9Ms TovarDNSInglewood
9Shanny LeeDNSBeverly Hills
9Danya AleemDNSCulver City
9Hirari WatanabeDNSCulver City
10Amina AnveryDNSCulver City
10Genevieve JavidzadDNSBeverly Hills
9Brooke WeissDNSSanta Monica
10Tara GriffithDNSSanta Monica
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brianna Simmons5:18.24Beverly Hills
2.10Sydney Segal5:19.11Beverly Hills
3.10Alice Wasserman5:27.39Santa Monica
4.10Jessica Robert5:27.46Beverly Hills
5.11Ashley Bootesaz5:46.48Beverly Hills
6.12Erica Hendry5:47.29Beverly Hills
7.12Zoe Mcbride6:36.36Santa Monica
8.12Sarah Kovacs7:40.00Santa Monica
11Jessica RodrigueDNSBeverly Hills
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Da Eun Lee5:44.56Beverly Hills
2.10Haida Holscher5:44.95Santa Monica
3.9Akela Morinaka5:51.54Culver City
4.10Marissa Rothman6:00.94Beverly Hills
5.10Tayler Rodriguez6:04.12Culver City
6.9Rachel Kirkhofer6:07.33Santa Monica
7.9Riley Byrne6:09.00Santa Monica
8.9Jennifer LaMori6:13.40Santa Monica
9.10Genevieve Javidzad6:17.34Beverly Hills
10.9Kim Logan6:18.24Culver City
11.10Sarah Hendry6:18.29Beverly Hills
12.10Poppy Denyer6:20.11Santa Monica
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Prelims
1.9Da Eun Lee6:02.79Beverly Hills
3.10Haida Holscher6:04.56Santa Monica
5.10Marissa Rothman6:04.96Beverly Hills
6.10Tayler Rodriguez6:14.68Culver City
2.9Rachel Kirkhofer6:15.16Santa Monica
4.9Akela Morinaka6:19.15Culver City
7.9Riley Byrne6:23.88Santa Monica
8.10Genevieve Javidzad6:29.29Beverly Hills
9.10Poppy Denyer6:29.91Santa Monica
10.9Kim Logan6:33.69Culver City
11.9Jennifer LaMori6:35.36Santa Monica
12.10Sarah Hendry6:38.69Beverly Hills
13.9Kelli Tademaru6:52.52Culver City
14.9Hirari Watanabe7:11.89Culver City
15.10Amina Anvery7:13.63Culver City
16.9Leora Ghadoushi8:08.61Beverly Hills
9Danya AleemDNSCulver City
9Romy BohbotDNSBeverly Hills
9Miya TorimaruDNSCulver City
9Ms TovarDNSInglewood
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sydney Segal11:50.73Beverly Hills
2.10Jessica Robert12:18.53Beverly Hills
3.10Emily Berkin12:45.43Santa Monica
4.10Alice Wasserman12:59.37Santa Monica
5.12Erica Hendry13:00.48Beverly Hills
6.12Montsy Llosa13:46.86Santa Monica
7.11Karina Sandoval14:33.29Santa Monica
8.12Zoe Mcbride14:46.74Santa Monica
11Lily CainDNSSanta Monica
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Marissa Rothman13:30.87Beverly Hills
2.9Rachel Kirkhofer13:54.24Santa Monica
3.10Genevieve Javidzad14:19.93Beverly Hills
4.9Isabel Nicholls15:19.25Santa Monica
5.9Phoebe Kirkhofer15:34.60Santa Monica
6.9Quinn D'Andrea15:36.47Santa Monica
7.9Hirari Watanabe15:58.64Culver City
9Kelli TademaruDNSCulver City
9Miya TorimaruDNSCulver City
10Poppy DenyerDNSSanta Monica
9Kim LoganDNSCulver City
9Emily SingerDNSSanta Monica
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Liza Raffi17.89Beverly Hills
2.11Isa Mercado18.80Santa Monica
3.12Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle19.25Santa Monica
4.11Melina Nasab19.46Beverly Hills
5.12Morgan Calicutt20.04Inglewood
6.12Phantasia Bazzelle21.50Morningside
7.11Michelle Moreh22.32Beverly Hills
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Courtney Chappell19.17Culver City
2.9Miya Torimaru19.92Culver City
3.10Tycine Chambers20.95Morningside
4.10Pilar Bocq22.45Beverly Hills
5.10Tatianna Amatruda22.94Beverly Hills
6.10Itzel Vega23.38Inglewood
9Jessica MehrabinDNSBeverly Hills
9Leili HashemiDNSBeverly Hills
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ryan Bull49.41Culver City
2.11Isa Mercado50.74Santa Monica
3.10Kourtney Broadnax51.82Culver City
4.11Sabrina Martin51.89Inglewood
5.12Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle53.97Santa Monica
6.10Liza Raffi54.48Beverly Hills
7.11Michelle Moreh1:00.89Beverly Hills
12Phantasia BazzelleDNSMorningside
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Isabel Gadsby-Connick55.80Santa Monica
2.10Tycine Chambers57.17Morningside
3.10Courtney Chappell1:01.66Culver City
4.10Itzel Vega1:02.47Inglewood
5.10Tatianna Amatruda1:04.31Beverly Hills
9Leili HashemiDNSBeverly Hills
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Christine Jackson
Tiffain Reneau
Destiny Brown
Araya Dixon
2.-Taylor DeYoung
Laruen Schultz
Taylor Hodges
Taji McKinley
50.18Santa Monica
3.-Kenya Bonilla
Katelin Hogan
Tyler Moore
Kourtney (Kb) Brodnax
51.24Culver City
-Vanessa Torres
Sydney Gray
Allison Wolff
Lily Ting
DNSBeverly Hills
-Salina Hill
De\'Andrea Toler
Krishawnna Baker
Stacy Lee
-Torie Baker
Deja Brown
Aneidra Carrion
Debrina Scoby
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Adrienne Lombard
Triphona Dahl
Da'Jah Ausby
De'Chelle Beaudoin
2.-Justice Jones
Elena Rust
Chelsea Simmons
Fasiat Agaba
53.40Beverly Hills
3.-Dory Meraz
Messiah Bailey
Petra Chalmers
Adreese Tate
53.41Santa Monica
4.-Nia Bell
Monique Guizar
Viviana Lozano
Milan Lay
55.36Culver City
5.-Talula Holt
Carmen Gratz
Sarah Patterson
Shayna Sharim
56.00Beverly Hills
6.-Anisah Muhammad
Tycine Chambers
Michelle Wyatt
Tahjanae Pilcher
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sydney Gray
Vanessa Torres
Allison Wolff
Lily Ting
4:03.14Beverly Hills
2.-Destiny Brown
Tiffain Reneau
Araya Dixon
Sabrina Martin
3.-Taylor DeYoung
Laruen Schultz
Kloey Battista
Taji McKinley
4:09.20Santa Monica
4.-Kenya Bonilla
Katelin Hogan
Tyler Moore
Kourtney (Kb) Brodnax
4:11.99Culver City
-Aneidra Carrion
Torie Baker
Debrina Scoby
Deja Brown
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Adrienne Lombard
Triphona Dahl
Da'Jah Ausby
Ayron Lighttell
2.-Elena Rust
Justice Jones
Carmen Gratz
Chelsea Simmons
4:36.31Beverly Hills
3.-Nia Bell
Viviana Lozano
Milan Lay
Sydni Chustz
4:45.35Culver City
4.-DeEun Lee
Carmen Perez
Fasiat Agaba
Amanda Moradzadeh
4:48.83Beverly Hills
-Melodee Piper
Petra Chalmers
Isabel Gadsby-Connick
Emma Polhermus
DNSSanta Monica
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christina Gibson32-10.00Culver City
2.10Jessica Walker31-01.00Santa Monica
3.9Jaya Banks30-00.00Santa Monica
4.10Kierra Jackson29-01.00Culver City
5.10Taylor McBride28-08.00Beverly Hills
6.10Welela Makonnen24-02.50Santa Monica
7.11Infiniti Alex22-09.50Hawthorne
8.10Elsie Rodriguez22-05.00Hawthorne
9.11Desiree' Miller21-01.00Inglewood
10Julia MasonSCRBeverly Hills
11Sydney BainesSCRBeverly Hills
11Ariel KimuraSCRBeverly Hills
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Brianna Montgomaery27-03.00Culver City
2.9Cinnamon Buckley27-02.00Culver City
3.9Nia Nutall24-04.00Beverly Hills
4.10Emebet Akilu24-02.00Beverly Hills
5.9Odyssey Easley20-05.50Hawthorne
6.9Robin Hayes17-07.00Hawthorne
7.9Gabriela Lemus16-11.00Inglewood
8.10Helen Serrano16-03.00Inglewood
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christina Gibson89-06Culver City
2.10Jessica Walker86-09Santa Monica
3.10Welela Makonnen76-09Santa Monica
4.11Sydney Baines75-09Beverly Hills
5.10Taylor McBride74-03Beverly Hills
6.10Elsie Rodriguez72-08Hawthorne
7.10Kierra Jackson65-00Culver City
8.9Jaya Banks63-08Santa Monica
9.11Infiniti Alex60-00Hawthorne
10Julia MasonDNSBeverly Hills
11Ariel KimuraDNSBeverly Hills
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Cinnamon Buckley66-04Culver City
2.9Odyssey Easley65-01Hawthorne
3.10Emebet Akilu62-10Beverly Hills
4.9Brianna Montgomaery60-01Culver City
5.9Nia Nutall59-07Beverly Hills
9Robin HayesSCRHawthorne
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11London Perrantes5-00.00Culver City
2.12Chelsea Austin4-10.00Beverly Hills
3.11Kendal Carney4-08.00Culver City
4.11Faith France4-06.00Beverly Hills
5.10Liza Raffi4-02.00Beverly Hills
10Franny PezzulloDNSSanta Monica
11Sarah WendeeNHBeverly Hills
10Julia MasonDNSBeverly Hills
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Talula Holt4-02.00Beverly Hills
2.9Phoebe Mandel4-02.00Beverly Hills
3.10Skyler Dubelko4-02.00Beverly Hills
4.10Sarah Patterson4-02.00Beverly Hills
5.10Julia Mason4-00.00Beverly Hills
6.10Zhakiya Bangura4-00.00Beverly Hills
9Leili HashemiSCRBeverly Hills
10Maryam AminisaberSCRBeverly Hills
10Emebet AkiluSCRBeverly Hills
10Tatianna AmatrudaNHBeverly Hills
10Pilar BocqNHBeverly Hills
10Ophir AbutbulNHBeverly Hills
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Franny Pezzullo8-00.00Santa Monica
2.11Melina Nasab7-00.00Beverly Hills
3.11Rosalie Ellis6-00.00Culver City
9Caroline HuberSCRSanta Monica
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Kathryn Quirealte7-00.00Santa Monica
1.9Mollie Bernstein7-00.00Santa Monica
3.9Ava Pomerantz6-06.00Santa Monica
9Dalia KaufmanSCRSanta Monica
9Natalie RadeSCRSanta Monica
10Zhakiya BanguraNHBeverly Hills
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsea Austin14-10.00Beverly Hills
2.10Matilda Mead14-03.25Santa Monica
3.9Nistal Aguilar14-02.50Santa Monica
3.11Yvonne Lu14-02.50Santa Monica
5.11London Perrantes13-10.50Culver City
6.11Kendal Carney13-08.00Culver City
7.10Shari Webb13-00.00Santa Monica
8.11Sarah Wendee12-07.50Beverly Hills
9.11Elisa Aquino11-03.00Santa Monica
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Petra Chalmers14-10.00Santa Monica
2.10Lindsey Speights11-06.00Morningside
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsea Austin34-03.00Beverly Hills
2.10Savanah Park31-04.00Santa Monica
3.10Franny Pezzullo30-02.00Santa Monica
4.11Kendal Carney24-03.00Culver City
11London PerrantesDNSCulver City
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