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South Dearborn Invitational

Thursday, April 21, 2011

South Dearborn HS, Aurora

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Giesting11.07aBatesville      
2.11Ethan Orschell11.31aFranklin County      
3.12Kevin Dresselhaus11.77aSouth Ripley      
4.10Clint Swanson11.79aSwitzerland County      
5.12Trevor Tucker11.82aBatesville      
6.10Chad Banschbach11.92aLawrenceburg      
7.12Jonathan Grossman12.09aSouth Ripley      
8.12Austin Bowell12.24aLawrenceburg      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Ethan Orschell11.25aFranklin County      
3.12Trevor Tucker11.34aBatesville      
2.12Chris Giesting11.43aBatesville      
5.12Kevin Dresselhaus11.47aSouth Ripley      
4.10Clint Swanson11.66aSwitzerland County      
6.12Jonathan Grossman11.83aSouth Ripley      
7.10Chad Banschbach11.95aLawrenceburg      
7.12Austin Bowell11.95aLawrenceburg      
9.9Logan Davidson12.30aFranklin County      
10.12David Gray12.33aSouth Dearborn      
11.12Ryan Kendrick12.37aRising Sun      
12.11James Barron12.45aSouth Dearborn      
13.9Billy Nierlich12.59aRising Sun      
14.9Troy Papucci12.61aSwitzerland County      
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Justin Jaworski11.03Rising Sun      
12Ryan Kendrick11.50Rising Sun      
11Peter Ramsey12.82Rising Sun      
9Billy Nierlich13.75Rising Sun      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Giesting22.20aBatesville      
2.11Ethan Orschell23.35aFranklin County      
3.10Chad Banschbach23.85aLawrenceburg      
4.11Tyler Leising24.15aBatesville      
5.12Kevin Dresselhaus24.24aSouth Ripley      
6.11Austin Lenke24.94aLawrenceburg      
7.11James Barron25.14aSouth Dearborn      
---10Clint SwansonDQSwitzerland County      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Chad Banschbach23.55aLawrenceburg      
2.12Chris Giesting23.67aBatesville      
3.12Kevin Dresselhaus23.68aSouth Ripley      
5.10Clint Swanson23.70aSwitzerland County      
6.11Tyler Leising23.97aBatesville      
4.11Austin Lenke24.18aLawrenceburg      
7.11Ethan Orschell24.54aFranklin County      
8.11James Barron24.58aSouth Dearborn      
9.12Forrest Kunkel24.95aFranklin County      
10.12Ryan Kendrick25.21aRising Sun      
11.10Chris Federmann25.68aSouth Dearborn      
12.9Billy Nierlich25.75aRising Sun      
13.11Tyler Maxey26.13aSwitzerland County      
14.12Tj Cottone26.51aSouth Ripley      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Michael Hoeing54.06aBatesville      
2.12Max Baker54.26aLawrenceburg      
3.12Scott Gryspeerdt54.29aBatesville      
4.12David Gray55.62aSouth Dearborn      
5.12Trevor Tice56.74aSouth Dearborn      
6.12Forrest Kunkel57.79aFranklin County      
7.9Austin Allen58.04aSouth Ripley      
8.11Peter Ramsey58.61aRising Sun      
9.12Zach O'Neal60.15aSwitzerland County      
10.11Brent Jackson61.18aRising Sun      
11.11Michael Douglas61.35aSwitzerland County      
12.11Jake Rennekamp63.01aLawrenceburg      
13.11Jacob Ripperger65.14aFranklin County      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Ryan Kendrick57.62Rising Sun      
9Billy Nierlich58.28Rising Sun      
11Peter Ramsey58.22Rising Sun      
10Garrett Craig59.54Rising Sun      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hayden Merkel1:58.42aBatesville      
2.11Kyle Hall2:00.99aSouth Dearborn      
3.10Garrett Craig2:13.56aRising Sun      
4.11John Houchens2:13.99aSouth Dearborn      
5.10Trey Sparks2:15.19aSouth Ripley      
6.10Alex Bischoff,2:16.98aFranklin County      
7.9Brishan O'Connor2:20.81aFranklin County      
8.10Alex Galbreath2:24.80aSwitzerland County      
9.11Michael Douglas2:27.04aSwitzerland County      
10.9Brandon Browning2:29.69aRising Sun      
11.12Gunnar Ernst2:32.69aLawrenceburg      
12.10Sam Reynolds2:41.40aLawrenceburg      
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Adam Hummel2:08Rising Sun      
12Anthony Nierlich2:08Rising Sun      
10Garrett Craig2:13Rising Sun      
9Briar Miller2:16Rising Sun      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hayden Merkel4:42.84aBatesville      
2.12James Kemper4:50.05aSouth Dearborn      
3.9DJ Sander4:53.63aSouth Dearborn      
4.12Collin Koury4:57.05aBatesville      
5.11Alan Apsley5:00.39aFranklin County      
6.11Benjamin Meier5:01.64aFranklin County      
7.12Anthony Nierlich5:03.06aRising Sun      
8.11Adam Hummel5:07.31aRising Sun      
9.11Matt Davis5:09.53aLawrenceburg      
10.10Zach Raab5:11.30aSouth Ripley      
11.11Quinn Meyer5:33.24aSwitzerland County      
12.9Braden Burk5:35.54aSwitzerland County      
13.11Trent Eliason5:50.32aLawrenceburg      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9DJ Sander10:23.01aSouth Dearborn      
2.9Nicholas Vodzak10:23.99aBatesville      
3.12Collin Koury10:33.22aBatesville      
4.11Benjamin Meier10:33.72aFranklin County      
5.12Anthony Nierlich10:40.86aRising Sun      
6.11Matt Davis11:00.31aLawrenceburg      
7.9Joe Rector11:01.12aSouth Dearborn      
8.10Zach Raab11:03.97aSouth Ripley      
9.9Briar Miller11:17.11aRising Sun      
10.9Dakota Taylor11:54.85aSwitzerland County      
11.10Mikhail Cole12:23.06aSwitzerland County      
12.11Alex Young12:25.23aSouth Ripley      
13.11Trent Eliason12:26.25aLawrenceburg      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jesse Adams16.15aSouth Dearborn      
2.12Justin Jaworski17.03aRising Sun      
3.10Gunter Jones18.77aBatesville      
4.12Travis Nunlist19.15aBatesville      
5.11Casey Younger19.48aLawrenceburg      
6.11Anthony Dasis19.87aSwitzerland County      
7.9Dakota Taylor20.05aSwitzerland County      
---11Stephen EdwardsDQFranklin County      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Gunter Jones17.81aBatesville      
3.12Justin Jaworski17.82aRising Sun      
2.11Jesse Adams18.12aSouth Dearborn      
4.9Dakota Taylor18.67aSwitzerland County      
5.11Casey Younger19.24aLawrenceburg      
6.12Travis Nunlist19.30aBatesville      
7.11Anthony Dasis19.48aSwitzerland County      
8.11Stephen Edwards19.86aFranklin County      
9.10Jacob Steuver19.88aSouth Ripley      
10.9Austin Martin21.07aRising Sun      
11.9Jessie Hennies21.45aLawrenceburg      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jesse Adams42.16aSouth Dearborn      
2.12Travis Nunlist45.81aBatesville      
3.12Justin Jaworski46.18aRising Sun      
4.10Gunter Jones46.25aBatesville      
5.11Casey Younger49.57aLawrenceburg      
6.11Stephen Edwards51.20aFranklin County      
7.9Briar Miller52.07aRising Sun      
8.10Jacob Steuver52.44aSouth Ripley      
9.9Dakota Taylor52.80aSwitzerland County      
10.9Jessie Hennies53.26aLawrenceburg      
11.9Ryan Klusman55.12aFranklin County      
---11Anthony DasisDQSwitzerland County      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.66aBatesville      
2.-Relay Team 46.73aLawrenceburg      
3.-Relay Team 47.93aSouth Ripley      
4.-Relay Team 48.00aFranklin County      
5.-Relay Team 49.44aSwitzerland County      
6.-Peter Ramsey
Justin Jaworski
Billy Nierlich
Ryan Kendrick
49.50aRising Sun      
7.-Relay Team 50.39aSouth Dearborn      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:30.06aBatesville      
2.-Relay Team 3:38.98aSouth Dearborn      
3.-Relay Team 3:48.69aLawrenceburg      
4.-Relay Team 3:49.86aSouth Ripley      
5.-Peter Ramsey
Ryan Kendrick
Billy Nierlich
Garrett Craig
3:53.68aRising Sun      
6.-Relay Team 3:54.02aFranklin County      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:38.27aSouth Dearborn      
2.-Adam Hummel
Briar Miller
Anthony Nierlick
Garrett Craig
8:49.27aRising Sun      
3.-Relay Team 9:06.48aBatesville      
4.-Relay Team 9:09.80aFranklin County      
5.-Relay Team 9:38.42aSouth Ripley      
6.-Relay Team 9:45.29aSwitzerland County      
7.-Relay Team 9:58.40aLawrenceburg      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Derek Koger42-06.50South Ripley      
2.12Adam Riley42-00.00Franklin County      
3.10Cody Federmann41-07.00South Ripley      
4.11Jordan Walsman40-10.00Batesville      
5.10Bryce Timonera39-11.00Batesville      
6.12Aaron Dyer39-01.00South Dearborn      
7.9Zach Bischoff37-10.00Franklin County      
8.10Clint Grubbs34-00.00South Dearborn      
9.9Bradley Cox33-06.50Switzerland County      
10.11Brent Jackson33-06.00Rising Sun      
11.11Evan VanStrien31-00.50Lawrenceburg      
12.9Colton Unger29-09.50Rising Sun      
13.11Alex Paradise28-09.00Switzerland County      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Derek Koger124-09South Ripley      
2.12Adam Riley121-09Franklin County      
3.12Aaron Dyer115-05South Dearborn      
4.10Cody Federmann110-05South Ripley      
5.11Brent Jackson104'00Rising Sun      
6.12Joe Fortkamp100-03Batesville      
7.10Alex Galbreath98-00Switzerland County      
8.10Bryce Timonera87-01Batesville      
9.11Evan VanStrien76-06Lawrenceburg      
10.10Matt Abdon74-03Switzerland County      
11.9Zach Bischoff63-04Franklin County      
---11David ChanleyNDRising Sun      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alex Curran6-00.00Switzerland County      
2.12Jonathan Lanning5-10.00Batesville      
3.9Austin Martin5'10.00Rising Sun      
4.12Max Baker5-08.00Lawrenceburg      
5.10Clint Swanson5-08.00Switzerland County      
6.9Briar Miller5'06.00Rising Sun      
7.12Jonathan Grossman5-04.00South Ripley      
7.10Cody Federmann5-04.00South Ripley      
9.9Clayton McKinley5-02.00Batesville      
9.10Robbie Jackson5-02.00Lawrenceburg      
9.11Benjamin Meier5-02.00Franklin County      
---12David GrayNHSouth Dearborn      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joe Fortkamp11-00.00Batesville      
2.12Joseph Bedinghaus10-00.00South Dearborn      
3.12Jonas Bulter9-00.00Lawrenceburg      
4.9Ben Westerfeld8-00.00Batesville      
---12Chris FeichtnerNHLawrenceburg      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joseph Bedinghaus19-03.50South Dearborn      
2.12Jonathan Lanning19-00.50Batesville      
3.11Quinn Meyer17-08.50Switzerland County      
4.9Austin Allen17-08.00South Ripley      
5.11Connor Jeffers17-05.00Batesville      
6.11Austin Lenke16-09.50Lawrenceburg      
7.9Ryan Lengerich16-05.50South Ripley      
8.9Johnny Greco15-10.50South Dearborn      
9.9Dakota Taylor15-05.00Switzerland County      
10.12Jeff Wyatt15-03.00Lawrenceburg      
11.9Austin Martin15-02.00Rising Sun      
12.9Dylan McBride13-07.50Rising Sun      
---12Forrest KunkelNDFranklin County      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Virginia Westerfeld13.00aBatesville      
2.11Natalie Feller13.16aFranklin County      
3.10Brittany Getz13.51aSouth Dearborn      
4.10Samantha Brandt13.61aBatesville      
5.9Emily Cumberworth13.80aSouth Ripley      
6.11Kayla Geis13.85aFranklin County      
7.12Andrea Brogan14.32aSwitzerland County      
8.11Kelsey Kendall14.57aLawrenceburg      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Virginia Westerfeld13.12aBatesville      
2.11Natalie Feller13.16aFranklin County      
3.10Samantha Brandt13.34aBatesville      
4.10Brittany Getz13.39aSouth Dearborn      
5.9Emily Cumberworth13.44aSouth Ripley      
6.11Kayla Geis13.89aFranklin County      
7.12Andrea Brogan14.17aSwitzerland County      
8.11Kelsey Kendall14.34aLawrenceburg      
9.9Chloe Fehling14.34aSouth Dearborn      
10.11Amanda Pavey14.44aSouth Ripley      
11.10Aly Minks14.50aRising Sun      
12.12Brianna Offutt14.64aLawrenceburg      
13.9Amanda Chatham14.92aSwitzerland County      
14.10Jessica Delaney17.33aRising Sun      
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Ashley Hammond14.80Rising Sun      
11Jessica Fields15.89Rising Sun      
11Callie Baxter16.11Rising Sun      
10Jessica Sporleder17.20Rising Sun      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Natalie Feller27.74aFranklin County      
2.9Virginia Westerfeld27.96aBatesville      
3.11Kasey King28.24aSouth Ripley      
4.10Brittany Getz28.34aSouth Dearborn      
5.10Samantha Brandt28.71aBatesville      
6.10Jessica Vormohr29.61aFranklin County      
7.12Chelsea Bowman29.73aRising Sun      
8.12Andrea Brogan31.11aSwitzerland County      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Brittany Getz28.09aSouth Dearborn      
3.10Samantha Brandt28.46aBatesville      
2.11Natalie Feller28.53aFranklin County      
5.11Kasey King28.69aSouth Ripley      
4.9Virginia Westerfeld29.30aBatesville      
6.10Jessica Vormohr29.44aFranklin County      
7.12Chelsea Bowman29.71aRising Sun      
8.12Andrea Brogan30.20aSwitzerland County      
9.9Emily Cumberworth30.25aSouth Ripley      
10.9Emily Evans30.73aSwitzerland County      
11.12Alice Spagnoli33.06aLawrenceburg      
12.11Shelby Carr35.22aLawrenceburg      
13.11Anna Caudill36.15aRising Sun      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Rylee Goldsmith63.17aBatesville      
2.12Heather Quinlan63.42aFranklin County      
3.11Erin Lanning64.72aBatesville      
4.11Alexis Braiser66.54aSouth Dearborn      
5.12Chelsea Bowman67.69aRising Sun      
6.9Kayla Peetz68.42aSouth Ripley      
7.9Grace Emerson69.16aSouth Dearborn      
8.10Logan Leffingwell69.56aFranklin County      
9.9Kelsey Cumberworth69.93aSouth Ripley      
10.12Anna Folke70.01aLawrenceburg      
11.10Jodi Offutt72.59aLawrenceburg      
12.10Aly Minks73.43aRising Sun      
13.9Emily Evans74.81aSwitzerland County      
14.9Amanda Chatham1:20.90aSwitzerland County      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Chelsea Bowman1:07Rising Sun      
11Jaclyn Kolodzik1:09Rising Sun      
10Aly Minks1:11Rising Sun      
11Jessica Fields1:16Rising Sun      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sadie Schumann2:27.87aSouth Dearborn      
2.12Heather Quinlan2:29.58aFranklin County      
3.9Crystal Nichols2:40.93aSouth Dearborn      
4.9Anna Meyer2:41.88aBatesville      
5.11Emily Morrison2:42.03aBatesville      
6.11Felicia Henry2:47.60aRising Sun      
7.9Robin Furnish2:56.78aSwitzerland County      
8.12Norah Gorman3:01.60aSouth Ripley      
9.9Alyssa Gray3:03.55aFranklin County      
10.9Kayla Emery3:09.12aSouth Ripley      
11.11Jessica Fields3:18.95aRising Sun      
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Samie Lozier3:05Rising Sun      
11Christin Batista3:26Rising Sun      
10Lexy Leyendecker3:27Rising Sun      
10Jessica Delaney3:41Rising Sun      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Crystal Nichols5:50.74aSouth Dearborn      
2.9Anna Meyer5:54.44aBatesville      
3.9Kadijah Hetzer6:06.44aSouth Dearborn      
4.9Abbigail Sampson6:11.72aLawrenceburg      
5.9Robin Furnish6:16.26aSwitzerland County      
6.11Brelyn Hinman6:20.28aSwitzerland County      
7.10Flor Lopez6:27.22aLawrenceburg      
8.9Alyssa Gray6:59.66aFranklin County      
9.11Samie Lozier7:17.21aRising Sun      
10.11Christin Batista7:59.90aRising Sun      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexandra Lake13:09.41aBatesville      
2.10Jamie Daley13:25.82aSouth Dearborn      
3.9Abbigail Sampson13:29.11aLawrenceburg      
4.10Hannah Lehfeldt13:46.28aBatesville      
5.11Allie Mathews14:24.37aSwitzerland County      
6.9Anne Seibert14:54.26aSouth Dearborn      
7.12Cassie Young15:30.23aSouth Ripley      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kasey King16.83aSouth Ripley      
2.11Jaclyn Kolodzik17.00aRising Sun      
3.11Natalie Feller17.45aFranklin County      
4.9Kayla Peetz17.51aSouth Ripley      
5.10Whitney McCray17.81aBatesville      
6.10Emily Meer17.86aBatesville      
7.9Bre Ricketts18.08aSwitzerland County      
8.12Andrea Brogan18.55aSwitzerland County      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Kayla Peetz17.41aSouth Ripley      
3.11Jaclyn Kolodzik17.48aRising Sun      
5.9Bre Ricketts17.78aSwitzerland County      
2.11Kasey King17.81aSouth Ripley      
6.11Natalie Feller18.01aFranklin County      
4.10Emily Meer18.15aBatesville      
7.10Whitney McCray18.44aBatesville      
8.12Andrea Brogan19.00aSwitzerland County      
9.9Megan Simmermeyer19.45aFranklin County      
10.10McKenzie Robinson19.68aLawrenceburg      
11.9Anne Seibert20.87aSouth Dearborn      
12.11Ashley Hammond21.02aRising Sun      
13.10Brittany Gray21.75aSouth Dearborn      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kasey King49.94aSouth Ripley      
2.11Jaclyn Kolodzik51.26aRising Sun      
3.10Brittany Schimmel51.32aSouth Dearborn      
4.10Andrea Nobbe53.41aBatesville      
5.10Emily Meer53.97aBatesville      
6.9Megan Simmermeyer55.73aFranklin County      
7.11Kayla Geis56.59aFranklin County      
8.10Brooke Dickerson57.96aSwitzerland County      
9.9Marcela Foster59.38aSouth Ripley      
10.10McKenzie Robinson59.66aLawrenceburg      
11.10Olivia Hewitt60.33aSwitzerland County      
12.9Anne Seibert65.13aSouth Dearborn      
13.11Ashley Hammond69.15aRising Sun      
---9Faith MayDQLawrenceburg      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 53.50aFranklin County      
2.-Relay Team 54.81aSouth Dearborn      
3.-Relay Team 55.66aBatesville      
4.-Relay Team 58.39aSwitzerland County      
5.-Relay Team 59.24aLawrenceburg      
6.-Ashley Hammond
Jessica Fields
Callie Baxter
Jessica Sporleder
64.28aRising Sun      
----Relay Team DQSouth Ripley      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:23.16aBatesville      
2.-Relay Team 4:25.75aSouth Dearborn      
3.-Relay Team 4:32.26aFranklin County      
4.-Jessica Fields
Jaclyn Kolodzik
Aly Minks
Chelsea Bowman
4:45.55aRising Sun      
5.-Relay Team 4:47.54aLawrenceburg      
6.-Relay Team 4:50.97aSouth Ripley      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:46.90aSouth Dearborn      
2.-Relay Team 11:20.72aBatesville      
3.-Relay Team 11:36.30aLawrenceburg      
4.-Relay Team 11:37.55aSwitzerland County      
5.-Relay Team 13:17.49aSouth Ripley      
6.-Christin Batista
Samie Lozier
Jessica Delaney
Lexy Leyendecker
13:43.42aRising Sun      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Makenzie Wheat36-08.00South Dearborn      
2.10Samantha Martin29-10.00Franklin County      
3.12Kaylin Veeneman29-06.00Franklin County      
4.11Alyssa McGraw28-09.00South Dearborn      
5.9Susie Reyes-Trejo27-11.00Switzerland County      
6.9Cassandra Reverman27-04.50Batesville      
7.11Samie Lozier26-09.00Rising Sun      
8.12Kaylynn Hoover26-01.00South Ripley      
9.10Kayla Jones25-04.00Batesville      
10.9Samantha Wilhoit25-00.00South Ripley      
11.11Liz Schornick24-00.50Lawrenceburg      
12.11Jessica Fields22-10.00Rising Sun      
13.10Korah Taylor20-10.50Switzerland County      
14.10Becky Lacey17-08.50Lawrenceburg      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Makenzie Wheat102-08South Dearborn      
2.10Courtney Mccray96-05Batesville      
3.12Kaylin Veeneman93-06.50Franklin County      
4.12Kaylynn Hoover90-00South Ripley      
5.12Jessica Lantgen89-01South Dearborn      
6.9Emily Forwalt85-03South Ripley      
7.11Alexandra Roper79-07Batesville      
8.9Cassandra Martin70-03Franklin County      
9.9Susie Reyes-Trejo69-01Switzerland County      
10.11Jessica Huber61-05Rising Sun      
11.10Allison Holdcraft61-04Lawrenceburg      
12.11Kali Morana60-05Rising Sun      
13.11Liz Schornick56-04Lawrenceburg      
14.11Jenna Shelley56-01Switzerland County      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexandra Roper5-02.00Batesville      
2.11Jaclyn Kolodzik5'01.00Rising Sun      
3.9Bre Ricketts4-10.00Switzerland County      
4.10Olivia Hewitt4-08.00Switzerland County      
5.9Tara West4-06.00South Dearborn      
6.10Jessica Vormohr4-04.00Franklin County      
6.9Kayla Peetz4-04.00South Ripley      
8.9Amanda Garcia4-02.00Batesville      
9.9Hayley Fossett4-00.00South Ripley      
9.9Anne Seibert4-00.00South Dearborn      
9.9Megean Combs4-00.00Franklin County      
---12Alice SpagnoliNHLawrenceburg      
---10McKenzie RobinsonNHLawrenceburg      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Weaver7-06.00Batesville      
2.9Danielle Strobel7-00.00Batesville      
3.9Tara West6-06.00South Dearborn      
4.9Adrienne Bolser6-00.00Franklin County      
5.9Chloe Fehling6-00.00South Dearborn      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hannah Vormohr15-03.00Franklin County      
2.10Brittany Schimmel14-11.00South Dearborn      
3.12Kaylin Veeneman14-09.50Franklin County      
4.9Bre Ricketts14-03.00Switzerland County      
5.9Kyana Clippert14-02.00South Ripley      
6.10Emily Meer13-08.00Batesville      
7.9Virginia Westerfeld13-05.00Batesville      
8.10Aly Minks13-02.50Rising Sun      
9.9Tara West13-02.00South Dearborn      
10.9Emily Cumberworth12-09.50South Ripley      
11.10Jessica Sporleder12-07.50Rising Sun      
12.11Kelsey Kendall12-04.00Lawrenceburg      
13.12Brianna Offutt11-09.00Lawrenceburg      
14.9Amanda Chatham10-10.00Switzerland County      
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