NWOAL Championship

Friday, May 13, 2011
  Montpilier HS, Montpilier
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Ohio - Division II
Ohio - Division III
LICELiberty Center
PAHEPatrick Henry
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Desmond Sleigh11.30aArchbold
2.11Adam Moose11.38aWauseon
3.11Mike Quillen11.66aBryan
4.12Caleb Turnbull11.87aBryan
5.10Collin Mercer11.88aMontpelier
6.12Sam Knepley11.91aSwanton
7.11Caleb Elling11.92aLiberty Center
8.11Devin Caurisma11.93aPatrick Henry
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Mike Quillen11.32aBryan
2.12Desmond Sleigh11.42aArchbold
3.11Adam Moose11.44aWauseon
4.12Caleb Turnbull11.72aBryan
5.12Sam Knepley11.75aSwanton
6.10Collin Mercer11.79aMontpelier
7.11Devin Caurisma11.89aPatrick Henry
8.11Caleb Elling11.92aLiberty Center
9.12Andrew Mack11.97aLiberty Center
9.10Jacob Whitcomb11.97aWauseon
11.9Jacob Reyes12.01aArchbold
12.11Garret Loeffler12.07aEvergreen
13.10H.J. Dermanelian12.51aPike-Delta-York
14.10Dakota Macek12.56aSwanton
15.10Calvin Palmer12.58aPatrick Henry
16.12Kyle Long12.64aMontpelier
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Danny Young22.68aArchbold
2.11Dean Herrett23.06aArchbold
3.12Bryan Ford23.47aEvergreen
4.11Adam Moose23.48aWauseon
5.12Eric Puehler23.76aPike-Delta-York
6.10Jacob Whitcomb23.82aWauseon
7.11Jannik Heine24.17aPike-Delta-York
8.12Sam Knepley24.25aSwanton
3.9Jake Fidler27.23aArchbold
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Danny Young23.33aArchbold
2.11Dean Herrett24.08aArchbold
4.12Bryan Ford24.12aEvergreen
3.12Eric Puehler24.15aPike-Delta-York
5.11Adam Moose24.15aWauseon
7.11Jannik Heine24.52aPike-Delta-York
8.12Sam Knepley24.60aSwanton
6.10Jacob Whitcomb24.70aWauseon
9.12Bryce Timmons24.82aBryan
10.12Mathew Flowers24.83aPatrick Henry
11.11Shane Bostelman24.94aPatrick Henry
12.10Maetrix Couch25.28aLiberty Center
13.11Adam Scott25.31aMontpelier
14.12Justin Joseph25.50aLiberty Center
15.10Collin Mercer25.59aMontpelier
16.11Alex Toffler26.37aBryan
2.9Jake Fidler27.69aArchbold
--10Dakota MacekDQSwanton
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eric Puehler51.75aPike-Delta-York
2.12Taylor Frazer52.70aBryan
3.12Steven Hoke52.84aLiberty Center
4.10Paul Kennedy53.40aSwanton
5.11Collin Fischer53.42aEvergreen
6.11Adam Moose53.48aWauseon
7.9Jacob Ott53.96aArchbold
8.11Shane Bostelman54.33aPatrick Henry
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Collin Fischer52.57aEvergreen
2.12Eric Puehler53.11aPike-Delta-York
3.12Steven Hoke53.22aLiberty Center
4.10Paul Kennedy53.70aSwanton
5.11Shane Bostelman53.93aPatrick Henry
6.12Taylor Frazer54.11aBryan
7.11Adam Moose54.29aWauseon
8.9Jacob Ott54.42aArchbold
9.12Anthony Reyes54.51aArchbold
10.11Jannik Heine54.78aPike-Delta-York
11.10Blayne Thorp54.82aMontpelier
12.11Kurt Gibson55.48aPatrick Henry
13.11Mitchell Rings57.00aMontpelier
14.-Ethan McMannis57.29aSwanton
15.9Sean Culler57.33aBryan
16.11James Adkins58.08aEvergreen
17.-Kyle Remesik58.30aWauseon
18.11Devin Johnson59.30aLiberty Center
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Noah Keefer1:59.31aArchbold
2.11Scott Whisler1:59.72aBryan
3.11Kris Shoup2:00.22aMontpelier
4.12Sam Schroeder2:00.28aMontpelier
5.12Kyle Stacey2:04.52aLiberty Center
6.11Gabe Rodriguez2:06.33aArchbold
7.11Mason Gansmiller2:07.72aBryan
8.10Ryan Starcher2:08.72aEvergreen
--11Jacob BrehmerDQSwanton
--11Kyle WilsonDQWauseon
--11Jared RohrsDQWauseon
--11Ric RoeDQSwanton
--12Colin FisherDQPike-Delta-York
--10Mark MurarDQEvergreen
--10Simon TaylorDQPatrick Henry
--9Cameron WeaksDQLiberty Center
--10Landon BrownDQPike-Delta-York
--10Kodi NafzigerDQPatrick Henry
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Colin Fisher4:23.01aPike-Delta-York
2.11Ric Roe4:38.22aSwanton
3.12Josh Seedorf4:41.44aLiberty Center
4.11Scott Whisler4:43.91aBryan
5.11Gabe Rodriguez4:47.52aArchbold
6.11Cain Leathers4:48.72aSwanton
7.10Alexander Hurst4:49.26aArchbold
8.10Alec Nash4:49.72aPike-Delta-York
--9Evan MorrDQBryan
--9Cameron WeaksDQLiberty Center
--10Grant KnierimDQWauseon
--11Ben MahanDQWauseon
--10Simon TaylorDQPatrick Henry
--11Jackson RettigDQPatrick Henry
--12Josh StrakaDQMontpelier
--11Brad SnyderDQMontpelier
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Colin Fisher9:38.57aPike-Delta-York
2.12Michael Becker9:50.19aWauseon
3.11K.J. Abair10:20.43aPike-Delta-York
4.10Alexander Hurst10:31.39aArchbold
5.10Joe Seedorf10:36.48aLiberty Center
6.9Evan Morr10:37.95aBryan
7.11Cain Leathers10:39.65aSwanton
8.10Collin O'Riordon10:43.08aSwanton
--11Ben MahanDQWauseon
--11Brad SnyderDQMontpelier
--10Michael WarnerDQMontpelier
--11Aaron HastedtDQPatrick Henry
--9Jacob WillDQBryan
--11Jake AtkinsonDQLiberty Center
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brandon Poncsak15.04aBryan
2.11Danny Young15.66aArchbold
3.11Alex Stuck15.96aWauseon
4.9Zach Nye16.26aPatrick Henry
5.12Cole Shaffer16.85aEvergreen
6.11Jake Jones17.20aBryan
7.12Dan Hilton17.68aEvergreen
8.12Travis Roehrig18.03aArchbold
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Brandon Poncsak15.34aBryan
2.11Alex Stuck15.97aWauseon
3.11Danny Young16.72aArchbold
4.11Jake Jones17.04aBryan
5.12Dan Hilton17.21aEvergreen
7.12Cole Shaffer17.58aEvergreen
9.11Devin Johnson18.06aLiberty Center
10.9Derrick Kamp18.51aWauseon
11.10Brennan Laver18.61aPike-Delta-York
6.9Zach Nye18.75aPatrick Henry
8.12Travis Roehrig18.84aArchbold
12.9Lynken Price19.40aPike-Delta-York
13.9Nathan Andonian19.77aPatrick Henry
14.10Daniel Hand19.93aMontpelier
15.11Thomas Gildien20.23aLiberty Center
16.11Tyson Jones20.26aMontpelier
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Danny Young40.77aArchbold
2.11Brett Schwiebert41.54aPatrick Henry
3.9Brandon Poncsak42.27aBryan
4.11Alex Stuck42.43aWauseon
5.9Lincoln Parsley42.93aArchbold
6.12Dan Hilton43.45aEvergreen
7.10Trevor Prentice43.94aSwanton
8.12Josh Seedorf46.35aLiberty Center
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Danny Young40.36aArchbold
2.9Brandon Poncsak43.45aBryan
3.11Brett Schwiebert43.76aPatrick Henry
4.11Alex Stuck44.13aWauseon
5.12Dan Hilton44.21aEvergreen
6.9Lincoln Parsley44.33aArchbold
7.10Trevor Prentice44.92aSwanton
8.12Josh Seedorf44.96aLiberty Center
9.10Brennan Laver45.23aPike-Delta-York
10.11Jake Jones45.28aBryan
11.11Keith Rhoads45.30aLiberty Center
12.11Treg Waldron45.46aMontpelier
13.12Pj McConnell45.74aWauseon
14.10Zach Godsey48.10aPike-Delta-York
15.10Alex Cook48.78aMontpelier
16.12Cole Shaffer49.88aEvergreen
--9Zach NyeDQPatrick Henry
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.81aArchbold
2.-Relay Team 45.05aEvergreen
3.-Relay Team 45.69aBryan
4.-Relay Team 46.07aLiberty Center
5.-Relay Team 46.52aMontpelier
6.-Relay Team 46.94aSwanton
7.-Relay Team 47.01aWauseon
8.-Relay Team 47.23aPatrick Henry
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Bryan Ford
Collin Fischer
Tyler Good
Matt Taylor
2.-Relay Team 46.24aPatrick Henry
2.-Mathew Flowers
Galen Powers
Jacob Carrizales
Devin Caurisma
46.24aPatrick Henry
3.-Jacob Reyes
Dean Herrett
Dylan Lantz
Desmond Sleigh
3.-Relay Team 46.27aArchbold
4.-Drew Nossaman
Bryce Timmons
Tommy Eyer
Caleb Turnbull
5.-Maetrix Couch
Justin Joseph
Andrew Mack
Caleb Elling
46.45aLiberty Center
6.-Nathan Buehrer
Kyle Long
Collin Mercer
Adam Scott
7.-Relay Team 47.60aWauseon
7.-Dustin Makula
Jacob Whitcomb
Troy Lind
Kyle Wilson
8.-Andrew Foore
Trevor Prentice
Dakota Macek
Sam Knepley
9.-Brennan Laver
Lynken Price
Brendan Knopp
H.J. Dermanelian
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:33.79aArchbold
2.-Relay Team 1:34.23aEvergreen
3.-Relay Team 1:34.76aBryan
4.-Relay Team 1:34.93aMontpelier
5.-Relay Team 1:35.82aLiberty Center
6.-Relay Team 1:36.27aPatrick Henry
7.-Relay Team 1:36.45aWauseon
8.-Relay Team 1:39.40aPike-Delta-York
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Bryan Ford
Collin Fischer
Tyler Good
Matt Taylor
2.-Relay Team 1:36.08aPatrick Henry
2.-Devin Caurisma
Kurt Gibson
Mathew Flowers
Shane Bostelman
1:36.08aPatrick Henry
3.-Danny Young
Hayden Stamm
Dean Herrett
Noah Keefer
4.-Collin Mercer
Sam Schroeder
Kris Shoup
Adam Scott
5.-Caleb Elling
Andrew Mack
Justin Joseph
Maetrix Couch
1:36.57aLiberty Center
6.-Relay Team 1:36.60aWauseon
6.-Dustin Makula
Jacob Whitcomb
Carter Roth
Adam Moose
7.-Drew Nossaman
Bryce Timmons
Taylor Frazer
Caleb Turnbull
8.-Brennan Laver
Lynken Price
Brendan Knopp
H.J. Dermanelian
9.-Andrew Foore
Trevor Prentice
Dakota Macek
Paul Kennedy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:28.08aArchbold
2.-Relay Team 3:34.20aEvergreen
3.-Relay Team 3:35.27aLiberty Center
4.-Relay Team 3:35.35aMontpelier
5.-Relay Team 3:37.55aBryan
6.-Relay Team 3:39.12aPatrick Henry
7.-Relay Team 3:42.22aSwanton
8.-Relay Team 4:01.94aWauseon
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Collin Fischer
Dan Hilton
Tyler Good
Bryan Ford
2.-Relay Team 3:40.74aArchbold
2.-Anthony Reyes
Danny Young
Hayden Stamm
Noah Keefer
3.-Sean Culler
Scott Whisler
Patrick Kolb
Taylor Frazer
4.-Josh Seedorf
Steven Hoke
Caleb Elling
Kyle Stacey
3:43.97aLiberty Center
5.-Shane Bostelman
Steven McGraw
Brett Schwiebert
Kurt Gibson
3:44.11aPatrick Henry
6.-Mitchell Rings
Blayne Thorp
Kris Shoup
Sam Schroeder
7.-Ric Roe
Ethan McMannis
Trevor Prentice
Paul Kennedy
7.-Relay Team 3:50.49aSwanton
8.-Alex Stuck
Pj McConnell
Kyle Wilson
Michael Becker
9.-Landon Brown
Seth Colvin
Zach Godsey
Jannik Heine
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabe Rodriguez
Anthony Reyes
Adrian Ramirez
Noah Keefer
1.-Relay Team 8:16.68aArchbold
2.-Josh Straka
Blayne Thorp
Kris Shoup
Sam Schroeder
3.-Colin Fisher
Landon Brown
Drew Salsbury
Eric Puehler
4.-Steven Hoke
Josh Seedorf
Kyle Stacey
Ben Martinez
8:26.92aLiberty Center
5.-Scott Whisler
Mason Gansmiller
Evan Morr
Tommy Eyer
6.-Ric Roe
Collin O'Riordon
Jacob Brehmer
Cain Leathers
7.-Kyle Wilson
Michael Becker
Jared Rohrs
Ben Mahan
8.-Relay Team 9:21.57aPatrick Henry
8.-Kodi Nafziger
Simon Taylor
Kyle Croninger
Isaac Taylor
9:21.57aPatrick Henry
9.-Relay Team 9:39.10aEvergreen
9.-Ryan Starcher
James Adkins
Mark Murar
Micheal Stasa
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Garret Loeffler48-06.50Evergreen
2.11Mimmo Lytle47-03.75Swanton
3.10Jacob Carrizales47-02.00Patrick Henry
4.11Malachi Tipping46-03.25Evergreen
5.-Corey Downing45-07.75Wauseon
6.9Nick Demaline45-05.00Liberty Center
7.10Levi Boulis43-06.50Bryan
8.12Derek Johnson42-09.00Swanton
--12Todd ChristyDQWauseon
--9Nathan BuehrerDQMontpelier
--12Caleb FrazeeDQMontpelier
--11Chad LeeDQBryan
--11Justus LangeDQPike-Delta-York
--10Jacob HallockDQPike-Delta-York
--11Zach MeisterDQLiberty Center
--10Jeremy JoyDQPatrick Henry
--12Isaac RosalesDQArchbold
--12Drew LangeDQArchbold
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Todd Christy163-01Wauseon
2.10Jacob Carrizales146-02Patrick Henry
3.11Chad Lee136-04Bryan
4.9Marcus Myers127-07Patrick Henry
5.-Jordan Torbet123-07Wauseon
6.11Jacob Strong118-06Archbold
7.11Malachi Tipping118-06Evergreen
8.11Mimmo Lytle118-03Swanton
--12Derek JohnsonDQSwanton
--9Nathan BuehrerDQMontpelier
--12Caleb FrazeeDQMontpelier
--11Garret LoefflerDQEvergreen
--11Justus LangeDQPike-Delta-York
--12Alex TibbitsDQLiberty Center
--12Alan MurphyDQLiberty Center
--12Drew LeiningerDQArchbold
--12Joe RobsionDQBryan
--10Sam RiegseckerDQPike-Delta-York
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ryan Koppenhoffer6-02.00Patrick Henry
2.11Patrick Kolb6-00.00Bryan
3.12Carter Roth5-10.00Wauseon
4.9Brandon Poncsak5-10.00Bryan
5.12Drew Salsbury5-08.00Pike-Delta-York
5.12Mathew Flowers5-08.00Patrick Henry
7.11Jacob Brehmer5-06.00Swanton
7.10Paul Kennedy5-06.00Swanton
---Joel HunterDQWauseon
--10Daniel HandDQMontpelier
--11Treg WaldronDQMontpelier
--10Devin ShannonDQArchbold
--12Steven HokeDQLiberty Center
--11Gabe RodriguezDQArchbold
--9Cameron WeaksDQLiberty Center
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Carter Roth13-00.00Wauseon
2.11Dean Herrett12-08.00Archbold
3.12Jason Myers12-04.00Wauseon
4.12Eric Puehler12-00.00Pike-Delta-York
5.9Travis Peters11-06.00Bryan
6.10Darin Sauder11-06.00Archbold
7.12Brett Ziegler11-00.00Patrick Henry
7.11Treg Waldron11-00.00Montpelier
9.12Jacob Newbury10-06.00Swanton
--10Daniel HandDQMontpelier
--11Trevor HatterDQBryan
--12Justin HermanDQLiberty Center
---Ethan McMannisDQSwanton
---Travis ZenkDQEvergreen
--10Mark MurarDQEvergreen
--12Dustin HermanDQLiberty Center
--10J.B. WhaleyDQPike-Delta-York
--9Nathan AndonianDQPatrick Henry
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Desmond Sleigh19-06.75Archbold
2.12Dan Hilton19-01.75Evergreen
3.9Brandon Poncsak19-01.00Bryan
4.12Tyler Good18-06.25Evergreen
5.11Zach Rogowski17-11.50Liberty Center
6.11Alex Toffler17-07.50Bryan
7.11Jannik Heine17-07.00Pike-Delta-York
8.10Ryan Koppenhoffer17-03.75Patrick Henry
9.11Tyler Tripp17-02.50Pike-Delta-York
--12Andrew ThatcherDQArchbold
--9Anthony RighiDQLiberty Center
---Kyle SollyDQSwanton
--12Robert ReedDQPatrick Henry
--11Treg WaldronDQMontpelier
--11Adam ScottDQMontpelier
--11Jacob BrehmerDQSwanton
--10Aaron BunkeDQWauseon
---Tyler WeberDQWauseon

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tori Meyer13.09aPatrick Henry
2.10Kinsey Smith13.19aArchbold
3.11Alyssa McBride13.23aBryan
4.9Kendelyn Noe13.24aEvergreen
5.9Hannah Monaghan13.27aEvergreen
6.12Natalie Miller13.39aWauseon
7.11Nichole Musser13.42aBryan
8.11Morgan Imbrock13.43aPatrick Henry
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Tori Meyer13.19aPatrick Henry
2.9Kendelyn Noe13.39aEvergreen
4.12Natalie Miller13.43aWauseon
3.11Alyssa McBride13.54aBryan
5.9Hannah Monaghan13.56aEvergreen
7.10Kinsey Smith13.57aArchbold
6.11Nichole Musser13.68aBryan
8.11Morgan Imbrock13.75aPatrick Henry
9.11Kayla Word13.78aMontpelier
10.12Miranda Wills13.84aWauseon
11.10Kelsi Martin14.03aMontpelier
12.12Mieke Roseman14.06aLiberty Center
13.11Taylor Sexton14.29aLiberty Center
14.10Gabrielle Deskins14.33aArchbold
15.11Tracy Kashmer14.83aSwanton
16.9Hailley McDonnall14.92aPike-Delta-York
--10Katelynn EchlerDQPike-Delta-York
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Carly Truckor26.05aEvergreen
2.9Kendelyn Noe27.16aEvergreen
4.12Leslie Goshia27.26aBryan
5.11Kayla Word27.51aMontpelier
6.10Torey Rosebrook28.20aPatrick Henry
7.9Ashley Gill28.33aMontpelier
8.12Kendra Eitniear28.92aSwanton
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Carly Truckor26.95aEvergreen
3.9Kendelyn Noe28.23aEvergreen
4.11Kayla Word28.23aMontpelier
5.12Leslie Goshia28.68aBryan
6.10Torey Rosebrook28.88aPatrick Henry
7.12Kendra Eitniear29.15aSwanton
8.9Ashley Gill29.52aMontpelier
9.9Cheyenne Rentschler29.67aLiberty Center
10.11Nichole Musser29.80aBryan
10.10Caroline Vonier29.80aArchbold
12.10Katelynn Echler29.87aPike-Delta-York
13.-Brittany Wills30.03aWauseon
14.-Sarah Mull30.10aWauseon
15.10Alexa Myers30.73aLiberty Center
15.11Paige Behrman30.73aPatrick Henry
17.11Tracy Kashmer31.82aSwanton
18.10Rashana Segrist32.45aPike-Delta-York
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tressa Parsley1:00.37aArchbold
2.12Ashlynn Myers1:01.21aLiberty Center
3.12Krystin Reiser1:01.90aPatrick Henry
4.10Torey Rosebrook1:02.91aPatrick Henry
5.10Rachel Brader1:03.61aArchbold
6.12Kendra Eitniear1:03.92aSwanton
7.11Kirsten Fruchey1:04.06aPike-Delta-York
8.10Carla Triana1:08.25aWauseon
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Tressa Parsley1:02.28aArchbold
2.12Ashlynn Myers1:02.88aLiberty Center
3.12Krystin Reiser1:03.06aPatrick Henry
4.10Torey Rosebrook1:03.15aPatrick Henry
5.12Kendra Eitniear1:04.39aSwanton
6.11Kirsten Fruchey1:05.09aPike-Delta-York
7.10Carla Triana1:05.60aWauseon
8.10Rachel Brader1:05.68aArchbold
9.9Alicia Ronau1:07.00aEvergreen
10.9Taylor Snyder1:07.63aBryan
11.12Emily Natter1:07.66aEvergreen
12.-Marin Schaffner1:08.88aWauseon
13.9Hannah Purk1:10.74aBryan
14.9Emily Miller1:10.77aSwanton
15.9Rachel Leatherman1:11.27aLiberty Center
16.12Amber Gombash1:11.42aPike-Delta-York
17.9Hanna Jenkins1:15.21aMontpelier
18.9Patricia Belknap1:26.69aMontpelier
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trisha King2:21.10aArchbold
2.9Paige Chamberlain2:27.23aLiberty Center
3.12Jessica Kern2:27.63aPike-Delta-York
4.12Erica Bodenbender2:27.75aLiberty Center
5.10Kassidy Garrow2:29.72aArchbold
6.12Krystin Reiser2:30.39aPatrick Henry
7.12Sarah Stahl2:33.37aMontpelier
8.9Kelsie Langendefer2:33.92aEvergreen
--10Jasmine HarmonDQEvergreen
--12Amanda HainesDQMontpelier
--10Marissa CallicoteDQSwanton
--10Jenna ReiserDQWauseon
--10Kara CallahanDQWauseon
--11Andrea SchroederDQSwanton
--10Emily ThomasDQPike-Delta-York
--10Olivia SmithDQBryan
--10Ruth Ritchey-MooreDQBryan
--9Senna LanzerDQPatrick Henry
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trisha King5:17.61aArchbold
2.9Paige Chamberlain5:26.52aLiberty Center
3.10Darian Oberlin5:41.96aArchbold
4.11Tessa Herring5:42.40aWauseon
5.10Ruth Ritchey-Moore6:00.04aBryan
6.11Andrea Schroeder6:01.21aSwanton
7.11Aliah Hitzeman6:02.91aMontpelier
8.9Megan Beck6:03.53aWauseon
9.10Logan Patek6:08.12aEvergreen
--9Rhiannon VanostrandDQEvergreen
--10Marissa CallicoteDQSwanton
--12Murphy HarringtonDQBryan
--9Sara KnappDQLiberty Center
--9Hanna SummersDQPike-Delta-York
--12Jessica KernDQPike-Delta-York
--10Cassandra RudolphDQMontpelier
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelly Haubert11:59.63aLiberty Center
2.11Chelsea Knapp12:22.62aLiberty Center
3.10Darian Oberlin12:44.47aArchbold
4.10Ellie Sonnenberg12:48.34aArchbold
5.11Tessa Herring13:04.07aWauseon
6.10Logan Patek13:24.06aEvergreen
7.9Megan Beck13:33.98aWauseon
8.12Maddie Plouck13:46.31aBryan
--12Danielle McQuillinDQPike-Delta-York
--9Julia KerrDQBryan
--9Anna SchmenkDQPatrick Henry
--12Becky YarberryDQEvergreen
--10Kaley AdamsDQMontpelier
--10Constanze BarringerDQPike-Delta-York
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tori Meyer15.51aPatrick Henry
2.11Morgan Imbrock15.83aPatrick Henry
3.11Kendall Weber16.29aWauseon
4.9Carly Truckor16.39aEvergreen
5.12Leslie Harsila16.67aBryan
6.11Aubrey Steele17.12aBryan
7.-Katee Roberts17.41aWauseon
8.9Bailey May17.73aEvergreen
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Tori Meyer16.02aPatrick Henry
2.11Kendall Weber16.34aWauseon
3.11Morgan Imbrock16.61aPatrick Henry
5.12Leslie Harsila16.69aBryan
4.11Aubrey Steele17.14aBryan
6.-Katee Roberts17.47aWauseon
7.9Bailey May17.63aEvergreen
9.9Destine Johnson18.01aLiberty Center
8.9Carly Truckor18.12aEvergreen
10.9Victoria Scarberry18.23aLiberty Center
11.10Kristy Nieberding18.57aPike-Delta-York
12.10Morgan Roth19.22aMontpelier
13.9Meggie Yoder20.45aArchbold
14.9Lita Banks21.02aMontpelier
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tori Meyer46.78aPatrick Henry
2.10Kinsey Smith47.35aArchbold
3.11Morgan Imbrock47.58aPatrick Henry
4.12Leslie Harsila50.72aBryan
5.11Kendall Weber51.57aWauseon
6.9Bailey May51.69aEvergreen
7.-Katee Roberts52.11aWauseon
8.9Jenna Carr53.56aSwanton
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Morgan Imbrock49.42aPatrick Henry
2.10Kinsey Smith49.78aArchbold
3.12Tori Meyer50.88aPatrick Henry
4.12Leslie Harsila52.21aBryan
5.-Katee Roberts53.13aWauseon
6.9Bailey May53.64aEvergreen
7.11Kendall Weber53.77aWauseon
8.9Jenna Carr54.33aSwanton
9.9Meggie Yoder56.19aArchbold
10.9Destine Johnson56.44aLiberty Center
11.9Victoria Scarberry57.20aLiberty Center
12.11Aubrey Steele57.51aBryan
13.9Lita Banks58.39aMontpelier
14.9Terryn Rupp58.92aMontpelier
15.10Kristy Nieberding59.24aPike-Delta-York
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.03aEvergreen
2.-Relay Team 52.47aWauseon
3.-Relay Team 53.11aArchbold
4.-Relay Team 53.35aBryan
5.-Relay Team 53.91aMontpelier
6.-Relay Team 54.01aLiberty Center
7.-Relay Team 54.65aPike-Delta-York
8.-Relay Team 55.39aPatrick Henry
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Bailey May
Carly Truckor
Kendelyn Noe
Hannah Monaghan
2.-Relay Team 53.55aWauseon
2.-Miranda Wills
Kendall Weber
Brittany Wills
Natalie Miller
3.-Cheyenne Rentschler
Mieke Roseman
Taylor Sexton
Jada Volmar
54.33aLiberty Center
4.-Kayla Word
Kelsi Martin
Cassidy Reese
Ashley Gill
5.-Aubrey Steele
Alyssa McBride
Alexis Rau
Nichole Musser
6.-Katelynn Echler
Amy Miller
Hailley McDonnall
Amber Gombash
7.-Paige Behrman
Amber Croninger
Hope Rader
Melissa Nickels
55.56aPatrick Henry
7.-Relay Team 55.56aPatrick Henry
8.-Relay Team 56.11aArchbold
8.-Caroline Vonier
Kinsey Smith
Rachel Wiemken
Katherine Moody
9.-Tracy Kashmer
Allison Knepley
Hannah Williams
Leslie Gergich
9.-Relay Team 56.88aSwanton
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:48.67aEvergreen
2.-Relay Team 1:52.06aWauseon
3.-Relay Team 1:52.32aArchbold
4.-Relay Team 1:54.63aBryan
5.-Relay Team 1:55.20aMontpelier
6.-Relay Team 1:56.46aLiberty Center
7.-Relay Team 1:58.84aPatrick Henry
8.-Relay Team 2:00.42aPike-Delta-York
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Emily Natter
Carly Truckor
Kendelyn Noe
Hannah Monaghan
2.-Relay Team 1:53.90aWauseon
2.-Marin Schaffner
Carla Triana
Brittany Wills
Natalie Miller
3.-Kassidy Garrow
Rachel Brader
Katherine Moody
Jake Fidler
4.-Kayla Word
Kelsi Martin
Cassidy Reese
Ashley Gill
5.-Jada Volmar
Cheyenne Rentschler
Waverly Weaks
Taylor Sexton
1:56.65aLiberty Center
6.-Merissa Taylor
Taylor Snyder
Hannah Purk
Hannah Schimmoeller
7.-Amber Croninger
Paige Behrman
Morgan Bonner
Torey Rosebrook
1:59.94aPatrick Henry
7.-Relay Team 1:59.94aPatrick Henry
8.-Katelynn Echler
Amy Miller
Rashana Segrist
Kirsten Fruchey
9.-Relay Team 2:02.24aSwanton
9.-Hannah Williams
Jenna Carr
Allison Knepley
Leslie Gergich
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:11.39aArchbold
2.-Relay Team 4:17.03aLiberty Center
3.-Relay Team 4:20.59aPike-Delta-York
4.-Relay Team 4:21.84aWauseon
5.-Relay Team 4:30.94aPatrick Henry
6.-Relay Team 4:31.77aEvergreen
7.-Relay Team 4:36.48aSwanton
8.-Relay Team 4:39.37aMontpelier
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Jada Volmar
Waverly Weaks
Erica Bodenbender
Ashlynn Myers
4:24.03aLiberty Center
2.-Katherine Moody
Tressa Parsley
Jake Fidler
Trisha King
3.-Miranda Wills
Carla Triana
Marin Schaffner
Tessa Herring
3.-Relay Team 4:29.37aWauseon
4.-Kirsten Fruchey
Jessica Kern
Alexa Salsbury
Amber Gombash
5.-Shannon Mack
Emily Natter
Sarah Meyer
Alicia Ronau
6.-Relay Team 4:36.31aSwanton
6.-Leslie Gergich
Andrea Schroeder
Emily Miller
Kendra Eitniear
7.-Relay Team 4:37.03aPatrick Henry
7.-Megan Michaelis
Maddisen Rodriguez
Hope Dangler
Torey Rosebrook
4:37.03aPatrick Henry
8.-Aliah Hitzeman
Amanda Haines
Ashley Gill
Sarah Stahl
9.-Hannah Purk
Taylor Snyder
Merissa Taylor
Alexis Rau
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tressa Parsley
Darian Oberlin
Kassidy Garrow
Trisha King
1.-Relay Team 9:38.13aArchbold
2.-Erica Bodenbender
Kelly Haubert
Paige Chamberlain
Ashlynn Myers
9:49.08aLiberty Center
3.-Kirsten Fruchey
Amber Gombash
Emily Thomas
Jessica Kern
4.-Krystin Reiser
Megan Michaelis
Maddisen Rodriguez
Hope Dangler
10:44.37aPatrick Henry
4.-Relay Team 10:44.37aPatrick Henry
5.-Relay Team 10:47.47aWauseon
5.-Kara Callahan
Haeli Bagstad
McKenzie Koenig
Tessa Herring
6.-Aliah Hitzeman
Hanna Jenkins
Amanda Haines
Sarah Stahl
7.-Kelsie Langendefer
Logan Patek
Rhiannon Vanostrand
Jasmine Harmon
8.-Ruth Ritchey-Moore
Olivia Smith
Maddie Plouck
Murphy Harrington
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ali Busick38-01.00Liberty Center
2.9Raellen Stacey32-01.25Liberty Center
3.12Kimmy Moore32-00.25Montpelier
4.-Brandi Thompson31-11.50Wauseon
5.11Alexa Salsbury31-04.00Pike-Delta-York
6.10Rylee Bower30-05.50Patrick Henry
7.12Danielle Jones29-05.50Bryan
8.9Mondesi Walters28-05.00Archbold
9.9Holly Shively28-01.00Patrick Henry
--10Gabrielle DeskinsDQArchbold
--12Makenzie SmithDQPike-Delta-York
--10Megan PenaDQBryan
--9Hannah WilliamsDQSwanton
---Alaeni MillerDQWauseon
--10Kaci SchallerDQSwanton
--12Kelly DuchaneDQMontpelier
--9Madison YunkerDQEvergreen
--10Tori FullerDQEvergreen
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rylee Bower108-05Patrick Henry
2.11Ali Busick107-04Liberty Center
3.12Danielle Jones101-01Bryan
4.12Kimmy Moore99-05Montpelier
5.11Alexa Salsbury99-01Pike-Delta-York
6.-Brandi Thompson93-05Wauseon
7.10Casey Gombash90-10Liberty Center
8.11Ashley Altaffer90-03Montpelier
--10Tori FullerDQEvergreen
--9Madison YunkerDQEvergreen
---Alaeni MillerDQWauseon
--10Kaci SchallerDQSwanton
--9Hanna SummersDQPike-Delta-York
--9Hannah WilliamsDQSwanton
--11Shelby LedererDQPatrick Henry
--10Megan PenaDQBryan
--9Aimeth RosilloDQArchbold
--9Mondesi WaltersDQArchbold
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Krystin Reiser5-00.00Patrick Henry
2.11Alexa Salsbury4-10.00Pike-Delta-York
3.11Alyssa McBride4-10.00Bryan
3.10Rachel Brader4-10.00Archbold
5.11Rachel Wiemken4-10.00Archbold
6.12Jackie Wiederman4-08.00Swanton
7.12Sarah Meyer4-08.00Evergreen
8.9Hannah Monaghan4-08.00Evergreen
9.10Samantha Niese4-08.00Patrick Henry
--11Amy MillerDQPike-Delta-York
--10Kelly HaubertDQLiberty Center
--10Alexa MyersDQLiberty Center
--9Hannah SchimmoellerDQBryan
--9Allison KnepleyDQSwanton
--10Morgan RothDQMontpelier
--10Kirsten BurkhartDQMontpelier
--11Adrienne HallettDQWauseon
---Morgan MurryDQWauseon
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tori Meyer11-10.00Patrick Henry
2.11Alyssa McBride11-06.00Bryan
3.12Sarah Ballmer9-06.00Wauseon
4.12Erica Bodenbender9-00.00Liberty Center
5.11Alexis Rau8-06.00Bryan
6.10Jada Volmar8-00.00Liberty Center
7.12Stephanie Echler7-06.00Pike-Delta-York
8.12Shannon Mack7-06.00Evergreen
9.12Emily Natter7-06.00Evergreen
--9Lita BanksDQMontpelier
--9Terryn RuppDQMontpelier
---Victoria KreinerDQWauseon
--9Allison MillerDQPike-Delta-York
--9Alexis WulffDQPatrick Henry
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kinsey Smith15-10.00Archbold
2.12Natalie Miller15-04.50Wauseon
3.11Kendall Weber15-01.25Wauseon
4.11Morgan Imbrock15-01.00Patrick Henry
5.11Waverly Weaks14-10.25Liberty Center
6.12Leslie Goshia14-09.75Bryan
7.10Tressa Parsley14-07.75Archbold
8.12Kendra Eitniear14-01.25Swanton
--9Patricia BelknapDQMontpelier
--9Kelsie LangendeferDQEvergreen
--10Kirsten BurkhartDQMontpelier
--12Shannon MackDQEvergreen
--12Mieke RosemanDQLiberty Center
--11Amy MillerDQPike-Delta-York
--11Amanda ShaverDQSwanton
--9Hope RaderDQPatrick Henry
--10Michie ShillingDQBryan
--12Kayla BrunoDQPike-Delta-York
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