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World Celebration Track Meet

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

South Surrey Athletic Park, Surrey, BCMeet Website

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Age 16+ - Finals
1.10Giovanni Trasolini11.68aSt. Thomas More      
2.-Matthew Piaseczny11.73aSouth Fraser Track a...      
3.11Michael Carney12.10aSt. Thomas More      
4.11Joe Walkow12.20aOcean Athletics      
5.-Benedict Castres12.27aSt. Thomas More      
X 100 Meters - Age 14+ - Finals
1.-Jordan McKenzie12.27aSt. Thomas More      
2.9Malcolm Lee12.33aSt. Thomas More      
3.9Rashaun Rivers12.57aSt. Thomas More      
4.-Matthew McLean12.65aEarl Marriott      
5.-Chase Malcolm12.72aSt. Thomas More      
X 100 Meters - Age 16+ - Prelims
1.10Giovanni Trasolini11.57aSt. Thomas More      
2.-Matthew Piaseczny11.76aSouth Fraser Track a...      
3.-Tyrell Brown11.78aElgin Park      
4.11Michael Carney11.98aSt. Thomas More      
5.11Joe Walkow12.16aOcean Athletics      
6.-Justin Sanvido12.17aVancouver College      
7.11Bryan Fong12.23aSt. George's      
8.-Benedict Castres12.24aSt. Thomas More      
9.-Andre Poon12.53aWest Point Grey      
10.-Corbin Castres12.63aSt. Thomas More      
11.10Max Hanna13.03aOcean Athletics      
X 100 Meters - Age 14+ - Prelims
1.9Malcolm Lee12.40aSt. Thomas More      
2.9Connor Francis12.44aWalnut Grove      
3.9Chris Baerg12.50aWalnut Grove      
4.9Rashaun Rivers12.57aSt. Thomas More      
5.-Matthew McLean12.60aEarl Marriott      
6.9Richard Roberts12.63aOcean Athletics      
7.-Chase Malcolm12.79aSt. Thomas More      
8.-Jordan McKenzie12.80aSt. Thomas More      
9.-Paul Lee12.94aWest Point Grey      
10.-max Grey13.03aWest Point Grey      
11.-Derek Lin13.10aWest Point Grey      
12.-Mark Kopani13.12aVancouver College      
13.-Kennedy Chow13.22aSt. George's      
14.-Jackson Evans13.23aEarl Marriott      
15.8Colin Mitchell13.37aSt. George's      
16.-Dan Ding13.43aSt. George's      
17.-Jude Klassen13.44aLangley Mustangs Tra...      
18.-Devante Stephens13.64aWhite Rock Christian      
19.-Ryan Quong13.85aSt. George's      
X 100 Meters - Age 18+ - Prelims
1.-Paddy Smyth11.69aWest Point Grey      
2.-Ben Fawcett12.04aVancouver College      
3.-Jacob Dallamore12.54aLangley Mustangs Tra...      
X 200 Meters - Age 16+ - Finals
1.-Ben Fawcett25.20aVancouver College      
2.-Jacob Dallamore25.52aLangley Mustangs Tra...      
X 200 Meters - Age 14+ - Finals
1.9Braeden Pritchard26.58aWalnut Grove      
2.9Hunter Walkow28.23aOcean Athletics      
X 400 Meters - Age 16+ - Finals
1.-Paddy Smyth52.85aWest Point Grey      
1.10Chase Lawler55.42aOcean Athletics      
2.11Danny Kim1:00.80aSt. George's      
X 400 Meters - Age 14+ - Finals
1.-Timoth Hargreaves57.71aLangley Mustangs Tra...      
2.7Jake Hanna57.73aOcean Athletics      
3.-Oarthe Capellin57.82aSt. Thomas More      
4.9Braeden Pritchard58.24aWalnut Grove      
5.9Kieran Jenkins59.35aWalnut Grove      
6.9Ben Marshall59.37aWalnut Grove      
7.-Bradley Gazzola59.80aVancouver College      
8.-Connor Wittig1:02.51aSt. George's      
9.9Andre Darbinian1:04.18aWhite Rock Christian      
X 800 Meters - Age 16+ - Finals
1.-Jans van Rensburg2:08.18aGolden Ears Athletics      
2.-Jordan McKenzie2:19.17aSt. Thomas More      
3.-Chris Herron2:21.07aOcean Athletics      
4.-Alessandr Freeman2:31.18aVancouver College      
5.-Kyne Nicolasora2:32.63aSt. Thomas More      
X 800 Meters - Age 14+ - Finals
1.9Brandon Figueroa2:12.28aOcean Athletics      
2.9Alexander Coote2:13.81aWest Point Grey      
3.8Isaac Wadhwani2:21.26aGolden Ears Athletics      
4.-Keith Chow2:24.49aSt. George's      
X 1500 Meters - Age 16+ - Finals
1.12Sean Keane4:03.87aWhite Rock Christian      
1.11Alan Liu4:50.61aWest Point Grey      
2.10Adam Marshall4:56.25aLangley Mustangs Tra...      
3.-Connor Mcguiness5:19.47aVancouver College      
4.-Luke Collings5:28.13aWhite Rock Christian      
X 1500 Meters - Age 14+ - Finals
1.9Daniel Goh4:32.13aSt. George's      
2.9Jordan Gin4:52.64aWhite Rock Christian      
3.8Ben Demien4:58.06aWalnut Grove      
4.-Tanner Walde4:58.30aOcean Athletics      
5.8Ross Graham5:13.63aSt. George's      
6.8Nathan Rhea5:34.51aWalnut Grove      
7.-Gurjyot Johal5:43.69aSemiahmoo      
X 3000 Meters - Age 16+ - Finals
1.12Jack Williams8:43.76aOcean Athletics      
1.11Christian Gravel8:48.06aSt. George's      
2.12Jake Bruchet8:56.13aOcean Athletics      
3.12William Cliff9:03.94aSt. George's      
2.10Adam Marshall10:14.43aLangley Mustangs Tra...      
3.-Thomas Robinson10:39.89aVancouver College      
--10Deon CliffordDNFOcean Athletics      
X 3000 Meters - Age 14+ - Finals
1.9Nathan Wadhwani9:40.91aGolden Ears Athletics      
2.9James Galbraith10:56.79aWest Point Grey      
3.9James Lam11:17.24aWalnut Grove      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Age 14+ - Finals
1.9Ben Marshall15.44aWalnut Grove      
2.7Jake Hanna15.53aOcean Athletics      
3.9Trevor Whiton16.53aWalnut Grove      
4.-Mark Kopani16.55aVancouver College      
5.-Dexter Beaumier17.82aVancouver College      
6.-Keith Chow18.17aSt. George's      
7.-Jerry Li18.88aElgin Park      
X 110m Hurdles - 36" - Age 14+ - Finals
1.11Ben Daly-Grafstein14.82aSt. George's      
2.10Sebastian Adugalski16.19aSt. Thomas More      
3.-Justin Sanvido17.64aVancouver College      
4.-Bryce Labelle19.89aGaribaldi      
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Age 14+ - Finals
1.9Trevor Whiton29.31aWalnut Grove      
2.-Jerry Li31.50aElgin Park      
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Age 16+ - Finals
1.11Elliot Stewart59.07aEarl Marriott      
2.12Jake Powrie1:01.91aSt. George's      
3.-Steven Saito1:06.54aOcean Athletics      
4.11Will Tsai1:09.56aWalnut Grove      
X 2k Steeplechase - Age 16+ - Finals
1.12Braeden Donnelly6:56.39aWalnut Grove      
1.10Brandon Drake7:03.91aWalnut Grove      
2.12Austin Brear7:17.49aSt. Thomas More      
2.-Bryce Labelle7:29.82aGaribaldi      
3.10Matthew Perrin7:41.58aWhite Rock Christian      
4.11Luke Gin7:54.03aWhite Rock Christian      
X 2k Steeplechase - Age 14+ - Finals
1.9Glen Johnston7:59.99aWhite Rock Christian      
2.9Chris Curran8:07.81aWalnut Grove      
1.-Madysen McNeil8:13.05aGolden Ears Athletics      
X 4x100 Relay - Age 16+ - Finals
1.-Relay Team 47.00aSt. Thomas More      
2.-Relay Team 47.10aVancouver College      
3.Relay Team47.42aUna-Pitt      
X 4x100 Relay - Age 14+ - Finals
1.-Relay Team 49.84aSt. Thomas More      
2.-Relay Team 51.41aVancouver College      
3.-Relay Team 52.34aVancouver College      
4.-Relay Team 52.57aSt. Thomas More      
5.-Relay Team 53.61aWalnut Grove      
6.-Relay Team 54.83aWhite Rock Christian      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Age 14+ - Finals
1.9Thomas Yang11.79mSt. George's      
2.-Alexi Bonnis10.60mSt. George's      
3.9Tyler Angus10.36mWalnut Grove      
4.-Mike Ruan9.90mSt. George's      
5.-MATTEUS Yep9.78mVancouver College      
6.-Youssef Kassis9.48mVancouver College      
7.-Malcolm Yung9.32mSt. Thomas More      
8.-Bryan Yu8.85mVancouver College      
9.-Luke Edwards8.63mSt. George's      
10.-Sebastian Yep8.49mVancouver College      
11.-Miles Javillo8.41mVancouver College      
12.-Gurjyot Johal8.05mSemiahmoo      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Age 16+ - Finals
1.-Konrad Piaseczny13.52mSouth Fraser Track a...      
1.12Ryan Sommer12.24mOcean Athletics      
2.-Christian Covington11.75mVancouver College      
3.12Gurdas Panesar11.69mKajaks T&F Club      
2.10Nico Repole11.42mSt. Thomas More      
4.12Luca Molinari11.31mSt. Thomas More      
5.12Jake Powrie11.27mSt. George's      
3.-Anthony Balce11.11mVancouver College      
4.-Fex Gacusana11.02mSt. Thomas More      
5.-Jesse Cervas10.85mVancouver College      
6.-Phil Stevenson10.29mSt. Thomas More      
6.-Christi Maskasian10.16mSt. Thomas More      
7.-Justin Sanvido9.81mVancouver College      
X Discus - 1kg - Age 16+ - Finals
1.12Ryan Sommer43.69mOcean Athletics      
1.11Joey Whyte38.72mVancouver College      
2.12Luca Molinari34.90mSt. Thomas More      
3.-Christian Covington33.92mVancouver College      
2.-Phil Stevenson30.53mSt. Thomas More      
3.10Nico Repole30.38mSt. Thomas More      
4.-Jesse Cervas30.32mVancouver College      
5.-Allan Read30.27mGolden Ears Athletics      
6.-Fex Gacusana29.43mSt. Thomas More      
7.-Anthony Balce27.51mVancouver College      
4.9Garrett Fredley21.31mWalnut Grove      
5.-Christi Maskasian21.27mSt. Thomas More      
8.-Sajen Gill18.79mSt. George's      
X Discus - 1kg - Age 14+ - Finals
1.9Thomas Yang33.52mSt. George's      
2.-MATTEUS Yep29.97mVancouver College      
3.-Alexi Bonnis26.71mSt. George's      
4.-Youssef Kassis25.86mVancouver College      
5.-Luke Edwards24.80mSt. George's      
6.-Bryan Yu24.25mVancouver College      
7.-Miles Javillo23.19mVancouver College      
8.-Sebastian Yep23.15mVancouver College      
9.-Malcolm Yung21.80mSt. Thomas More      
X Javelin - 600g TJ - Age 16+ - Finals
1.10Max Hanna47.71mOcean Athletics      
2.-Justin Sanvido40.06mVancouver College      
3.11Ben Daly-Grafstein37.27mSt. George's      
4.11Kyle Macdonald35.20mElgin Park      
1.-Ryan Kucera28.26mVancouver College      
5.10Nico Repole27.47mSt. Thomas More      
6.-Steven Saito26.68mOcean Athletics      
7.-Jordan Biring21.42mSt. Thomas More      
X Javelin - 600g TJ - Age 14+ - Finals
1.8Sean Donnelly25.01mWalnut Grove      
2.-Stuart Golmill13.61mVancouver College      
X High Jump - Age 16+ - Finals
1.11Bashir Khan1.85mSt. George's      
2.-Jordan Watson1.77mWhite Rock Christian      
3.-Lucan McFayden1.62mSt. George's      
1.-Ryne Smethoram1.57mEarl Marriott      
4.11Larry Cheong1.52mWest Point Grey      
---Erik FougnerNHWhite Rock Christian      
X High Jump - Age 14+ - Finals
1.-Timoth Hargreaves1.66mLangley Mustangs Tra...      
2.9Hunter Walkow1.57mOcean Athletics      
3.-Seann Dodoza1.57mSt. Thomas More      
4.-Fernando Martinez1.52mLangley Mustangs Tra...      
5.-Jacob Bontkes1.47mWhite Rock Christian      
6.9Alexander Coote1.42mWest Point Grey      
6.-Romeo Pangulan1.42mSt. Thomas More      
8.-Angus Hon1.37mVancouver College      
9.-max Grey1.37mWest Point Grey      
9.8Tamir Alatrash1.37mWalnut Grove      
9.-Sean Gunaratman1.37mVancouver College      
12.-Jeff Lee1.37mWest Point Grey      
13.-Hamza Khan1.32mSt. George's      
---Saul DomingosNHVancouver College      
X Long Jump - Age 16+ - Finals
1.-Connor Joanis5.74mVancouver College      
1.10Sebastian Adugalski5.59mSt. Thomas More      
2.-Andre Poon5.45mWest Point Grey      
3.-Benedict Castres4.77mSt. Thomas More      
X Long Jump - Age 14+ - Finals
1.9Connor Francis5.32mWalnut Grove      
2.-Paul Lee5.21mWest Point Grey      
3.-Romeo Pangulan4.98mSt. Thomas More      
4.7Jake Hanna4.93mOcean Athletics      
5.9Chris Baerg4.83mWalnut Grove      
6.9Hunter Walkow4.60mOcean Athletics      
7.-Noah Usherwood4.57mSemiahmoo      
8.-Matthew McLean4.46mEarl Marriott      
9.9Andre Darbinian4.41mWhite Rock Christian      
10.-Ovie Odjegba4.30mVancouver College      
11.-Sean Gunaratman4.22mVancouver College      
12.9Braeden Pritchard4.19mWalnut Grove      
13.8Chase Abrahamson4.17mWalnut Grove      
8.-Madysen McNeil4.13mGolden Ears Athletics      
9.-Kiana Bekar4.12mOcean Athletics      
14.-George Kaanas2.81mVancouver College      
X Triple Jump - Age 16+ - Finals
1.10Logan Kenler11.32mNew West Spartans Tr...      
1.-Connor Joanis10.90mVancouver College      
X Triple Jump - Age 15+ - Finals
1.-Paul Lee10.90mWest Point Grey      
2.-Keith Chow10.17mSt. George's      
3.-Derek Lin9.58mWest Point Grey      
4.-Sean Gunaratman8.90mVancouver College      
5.8Sean Donnelly8.07mWalnut Grove      
---George XieDQSt. George's      
X Hammer - 16lb - Age 16+ - Finals
1.11Pauljit Bhandal46.61mKajaks T&F Club      
1.12Ryan Sommer44.18mOcean Athletics      
2.10David Nicmans42.71mWalnut Grove      
2.-Christian Covington39.46mVancouver College      
3.11Joey Whyte38.70mVancouver College      
4.11Mark Kalmykov37.69mKajaks T&F Club      
3.12Gurdas Panesar35.36mKajaks T&F Club      
X Hammer - 16lb - Age 14+ - Finals
1.9Tyler Angus32.04mWalnut Grove      
2.9Thomas Yang30.65mSt. George's      
3.9Garrett Fredley29.47mWalnut Grove      
4.-MATTEUS Yep25.45mVancouver College      
5.-Sebastian Yep23.31mVancouver College      
6.-Bryan Yu20.74mVancouver College      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Age 14+ - Finals
1.-Elizabet Tourigny13.60aWest Point Grey      
2.-Emily Edgar13.73aWest Point Grey      
3.-Joyce Lin13.79aSir Winston Churchill      
4.-Jennifer Wu14.07aSir Winston Churchill      
5.9Mara Gomez14.20aWalnut Grove      
X 100 Meters - Age 16+ - Prelims
1.12Britney Hearn13.28aWhite Rock Christian      
2.-Shania m. Payne13.30aGolden Ears Athletics      
3.10Sajeda Win13.33aVancouver Thunderbirds      
4.12Paige Lleewellyn13.57aSt. Thomas More      
5.11Emma Scott14.13aOcean Athletics      
6.-Ashleigh Varona14.51aWhite Rock Christian      
6.10Megan Press14.51aWalnut Grove      
8.10Kamila Wojciechowski16.06aSt. Thomas More      
X 100 Meters - Age 14+ - Prelims
1.-Joyce Lin13.67aSir Winston Churchill      
2.-Lexy Reimer13.72aSemiahmoo      
3.-Elizabet Tourigny13.98aWest Point Grey      
4.9Mara Gomez14.06aWalnut Grove      
5.-Jennifer Wu14.13aSir Winston Churchill      
6.8Stephanie Cho14.17aVancouver Technical      
7.-Emily Edgar14.23aWest Point Grey      
8.-Naomi Unger14.27aSemiahmoo      
9.9Camilla Lesyk14.39aEarl Marriott      
10.-Dominique Booker14.58aSt. Thomas More      
11.-Gabby Freeman14.59aWest Point Grey      
12.-Maddy Simpson14.61aWest Point Grey      
13.-Isabella Koch14.71aSemiahmoo      
14.-Isabelle Durrans14.73aSir Winston Churchill      
15.9Laurie Chang14.77aSir Winston Churchill      
16.9Isabel Chavez14.79aSt. Thomas More      
17.-Andrea Searle14.80aKajaks T&F Club      
18.-Cherry Lam14.92aSir Winston Churchill      
19.-Olivia Renshaw15.18aSir Winston Churchill      
20.-Aysha Ayub16.04aSir Winston Churchill      
X 200 Meters - Age 16+ - Finals
1.12Britney Hearn27.78aWhite Rock Christian      
X 200 Meters - Age 14+ - Finals
1.8Stephanie Cho28.24aVancouver Technical      
2.-Desinee Amanal28.48aSouth Fraser Track a...      
3.-Isabella Koch29.19aSemiahmoo      
4.9Haley Collis29.25aLangley Mustangs Tra...      
X 400 Meters - Age 16+ - Finals
1.11Ashley Windsor1:01.90aWalnut Grove      
1.11Emma Scott1:04.08aOcean Athletics      
2.10Rachel Shuttleworth1:06.38aSt. Thomas More      
2.11Danica Matson1:08.15aWalnut Grove      
3.-Aimee Marshall1:11.23aLangley Mustangs Tra...      
X 400 Meters - Age 14+ - Finals
1.10Sarah Korpach1:04.10aOcean Athletics      
2.8Rebecca Lindsay1:07.02aWalnut Grove      
3.-Hannah Beaton1:08.28aWhite Rock Christian      
4.-Sophia Proust1:08.41aSir Winston Churchill      
5.8Julianna Nemeth1:10.12aWalnut Grove      
X 800 Meters - Age 16+ - Finals
1.10Allison Williams2:21.00aOcean Athletics      
2.-Colleen Butler3:10.00aOcean Athletics      
X 800 Meters - Age 14+ - Finals
1.9Sophie Dodd2:31.00aWest Point Grey      
2.-Hannah Beaton2:36.00aWhite Rock Christian      
3.-Sophia Proust2:38.00aSir Winston Churchill      
4.-Darby Dunn2:39.00aElgin Park      
5.9Emily Kassa2:40.00aWest Point Grey      
6.-Lauren Dewar2:40.00aSouth Delta      
7.8Chelsey Bone2:41.00aWalnut Grove      
8.-Georgia Wright2:42.00aSouth Delta      
9.8Sarah Goelz2:42.60aWest Point Grey      
10.-Fiona Brown2:43.00aEarl Marriott      
11.9Katie Ussher2:43.60aWalnut Grove      
12.8Sienna Teti2:46.00aWest Point Grey      
13.-Hannah Roach2:48.00aSemiahmoo      
14.8Jenna Palmer3:04.00aSouth Delta      
X 1500 Meters - Age 16+ - Finals
1.10Reta Dobie5:10.77aOcean Athletics      
1.-Erin Slade5:13.29aOcean Athletics      
2.-Melanie Oster5:13.55aOcean Athletics      
2.9Emily Kassa5:32.82aWest Point Grey      
3.8Andrea Denny-Jiles6:00.24aWest Point Grey      
3.10Isabel Mink6:02.07aWest Point Grey      
X 1500 Meters - Age 14+ - Finals
1.-Fiona Brown5:45.49aEarl Marriott      
2.8Andrea Denny-Jiles6:00.23aWest Point Grey      
X 3000 Meters - Age 16+ - Finals
1.10Jessica Dorfmann11:21.59aWest Point Grey      
2.11Christina Svoboda11:32.93aWest Point Grey      
X 80m Hurdles - 30" - Age 14+ - Finals
1.8Stephanie Cho13.36aVancouver Technical      
2.-Elizabet Tourigny13.47aWest Point Grey      
3.9Emma Smithson14.40aWalnut Grove      
4.-Dominique Booker14.63aSt. Thomas More      
4.-Sydney Roach14.63aSemiahmoo      
6.-Madi Wolitski14.73aSemiahmoo      
7.9Taylor Gillis14.82aWalnut Grove      
7.10Natasha Akbarizadeh14.82aGaribaldi      
9.9Taylor Neveu15.76aEarl Marriott      
10.-Nicole Cremer16.14aElgin Park      
11.-Sonia Stewart16.66aEarl Marriott      
12.-Lauren Burian17.17aSir Winston Churchill      
13.-Darby Dunn17.19aElgin Park      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Age 16+ - Finals
1.11Katherine Tourigny15.67aWest Point Grey      
2.10Keara Graham17.36aWalnut Grove      
3.10Kathryn Van ryswyk17.56aSouth Fraser Track a...      
4.Heather Lepard18.58aUnattached      
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Age 14+ - Finals
1.-Sydney Roach32.95aSemiahmoo      
2.9Taylor Gillis33.54aWalnut Grove      
3.9Emma Smithson33.80aWalnut Grove      
4.-Madi Wolitski35.06aSemiahmoo      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Age 16+ - Finals
1.10Keara Graham49.81aWalnut Grove      
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Age 16+ - Finals
1.12Jade Vaughan1:05.71aWalnut Grove      
2.11Danica Matson1:12.47aWalnut Grove      
X 2k Steeplechase - Age 16+ - Finals
1.11Peggy elizab Noel7:25.75aOcean Athletics      
2.11Samantha Gillis8:15.01aWalnut Grove      
X 2k Steeplechase - Age 14+ - Finals
2.8Cyrena Timmins8:19.01aWalnut Grove      
3.9Katie Ussher8:24.98aWalnut Grove      
4.9Julianna Matson9:00.19aWalnut Grove      
X 4x100 Relay - Age 14+ - Finals
1.-Relay Team 54.65aWest Point Grey      
2.-Relay Team 55.18aSt. Thomas More      
3.-Relay Team 56.92aWest Point Grey      
4.-Relay Team 57.52aSemiahmoo      
5.-Relay Team 58.29aSir Winston Churchill      
6.-Relay Team 58.77aSemiahmoo      
7.-Relay Team 59.59aSir Winston Churchill      
8.-Relay Team 59.61aWalnut Grove      
9.-Relay Team 1:00.00aWalnut Grove      
10.-Relay Team 1:00.63aWhite Rock Christian      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Age 16+ - Finals
1.10Asianna Covington12.13mKajaks T&F Club      
1.-Jeryna Goardy9.18mSt. Thomas More      
2.10Kamila Wojciechowski9.16mSt. Thomas More      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Age 14+ - Finals
1.10Natasha Akbarizadeh10.32mGaribaldi      
2.-Julia DePieri8.76mSir Winston Churchill      
3.-Taiid Haines-Young8.53mElgin Park      
4.9Jessica Wang7.97mSir Winston Churchill      
5.-Georgie Antle7.87mLangley Mustangs Tra...      
6.-Jacquline Self7.04mSir Winston Churchill      
7.9Taylor Neveu7.03mEarl Marriott      
X Discus - 1kg - Age 16+ - Finals
1.10Asianna Covington36.60mKajaks T&F Club      
1.12Stephanie Beck29.76mWhite Rock Christian      
2.-Jeryna Goardy22.29mSt. Thomas More      
2.9Petranella Daviel21.93mKajaks T&F Club      
3.10Kamila Wojciechowski16.26mSt. Thomas More      
X Discus - 1kg - Age 14+ - Finals
1.10Natasha Akbarizadeh26.67mGaribaldi      
2.-Jacquline Self23.82mSir Winston Churchill      
3.-Brooke Mothe19.25mWest Point Grey      
4.-Julia DePieri18.09mSir Winston Churchill      
5.-Jacondra Saliken18.02mWhite Rock Christian      
6.-Georgie Antle17.02mLangley Mustangs Tra...      
7.-Zoe Jamieson16.60mElgin Park      
8.-Jessica Bailey14.60mWest Point Grey      
9.8Breanna Raymond12.82mWalnut Grove      
X Javelin - 400g TJ - Age 16+ - Finals
1.9Petranella Daviel39.44mKajaks T&F Club      
2.-Joanna Chu31.03mSir Winston Churchill      
3.11Shelby Smithson27.43mWalnut Grove      
4.10Molly Lesack20.85mEarl Marriott      
X Javelin - 400g TJ - Age 14+ - Finals
1.10Natasha Akbarizadeh23.01mGaribaldi      
2.9Jocelyn McComb20.56mFleetwood Park      
3.-Georgie Antle19.75mLangley Mustangs Tra...      
4.8Cyrena Timmins19.14mWalnut Grove      
5.-Jennifer Chow19.11mSir Winston Churchill      
6.-Julia DePieri17.78mSir Winston Churchill      
7.9Laurie Chang17.58mSir Winston Churchill      
8.-Jasmine Leung16.92mSir Winston Churchill      
9.8Julia Wright13.80mWalnut Grove      
X High Jump - Age 16+ - Finals
1.11Shelby Smithson1.55mWalnut Grove      
2.12Pamela Ho1.51mSt. Thomas More      
3.11Erin Marshall1.51mArchbishop Carney      
3.10Reta Dobie1.51mOcean Athletics      
5.12Britney Hearn1.27mWhite Rock Christian      
X High Jump - Age 14+ - Finals
1.-Jessica Hanson1.50mVancouver Technical      
2.9Taylor Neveu1.46mEarl Marriott      
3.10Natasha Akbarizadeh1.37mGaribaldi      
4.-Katherine Reiss1.27mSemiahmoo      
4.-Ellen deCrom1.27mElgin Park      
6.-Nicole Cremer1.22mElgin Park      
7.8Sienna Teti1.22mWest Point Grey      
X Long Jump - Age 16+ - Finals
1.11Katherine Tourigny5.01mWest Point Grey      
2.10Keara Graham4.43mWalnut Grove      
3.10Mariah Gardner4.05mSt. Thomas More      
X Long Jump - Age 14+ - Finals
1.-Joyce Lin4.82mSir Winston Churchill      
2.9Sophie Dodd4.80mWest Point Grey      
3.-Jennifer Wu4.45mSir Winston Churchill      
4.-Katherine Reiss4.38mSemiahmoo      
5.-Maddy Simpson4.26mWest Point Grey      
6.9Taylor Gillis4.23mWalnut Grove      
7.-Cherry Lam4.17mSir Winston Churchill      
10.9Camilla Lesyk4.11mEarl Marriott      
11.9Isabel Chavez4.10mSt. Thomas More      
11.-Jessica Hanson4.10mVancouver Technical      
13.8Cyrena Timmins4.06mWalnut Grove      
14.8Diana Voloshin4.04mNorWesters Track & F...      
15.9Danielle Carriere3.75mWest Point Grey      
16.-Gabby Freeman3.61mWest Point Grey      
17.8Julianna Nemeth3.58mWalnut Grove      
18.9Mara Gomez3.54mWalnut Grove      
19.-Andrea Searle3.53mKajaks T&F Club      
20.10Sarah Korpach3.36mOcean Athletics      
21.-Kealy Allen3.21mWest Point Grey      
22.8Casie Lundquist3.04mWalnut Grove      
X Triple Jump - Age 16+ - Finals
1.11Erin Marshall8.71mArchbishop Carney      
X Triple Jump - Age 14+ - Finals
1.9Sophie Dodd10.52mWest Point Grey      
2.-Joyce Lin9.06mSir Winston Churchill      
3.9Taylor Gillis8.40mWalnut Grove      
4.9Julianna Matson7.42mWalnut Grove      
X Hammer - 4kg - Age 16+ - Finals
1.12Samantha Kennedy48.66mKajaks T&F Club      
1.10Asianna Covington47.57mKajaks T&F Club      
2.12Stephanie Beck41.86mWhite Rock Christian      
--9Petranella DavielDQKajaks T&F Club      
X Hammer - 4kg - Age 14+ - Finals
1.8Julia Wright22.54mWalnut Grove      
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