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SLL Championship Meet

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Genoa HS, Genoa

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nate Wagner11.48aEastwood      
2.10Isaiah Conkle11.52aEastwood      
3.10Andrew Shrewsbury11.54aWoodmore      
4.10Kyle Nutter11.86aGenoa Area      
5.10Zach Schroeder12.01aLake (Millbury)      
6.12John Gonyer12.05aElmwood      
7.11Tim Lohmann12.25aLake (Millbury)      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Andrew Shrewsbury11.44aWoodmore      
2.10Isaiah Conkle11.56aEastwood      
3.12Nate Wagner11.73aEastwood      
5.11Matt Bury11.93aGenoa Area      
7.10Zach Schroeder11.94aLake (Millbury)      
4.10Kyle Nutter12.04aGenoa Area      
6.11Tim Lohmann12.20aLake (Millbury)      
8.12John Gonyer12.33aElmwood      
9.10Derick Mobus12.51aElmwood      
10.9Isaih Arriaga12.76aGibsonburg      
11.10Ryan Sandwisch12.89aWoodmore      
12.10Jerome Griffin12.91aOtsego      
13.11Ryan Fackler13.08aOtsego      
14.10Brent Kromer13.34aGibsonburg      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Dierker23.24aEastwood      
2.12Taylor Depew23.26aEastwood      
3.10Andrew Shrewsbury23.31aWoodmore      
4.10Zach Schroeder24.26aLake (Millbury)      
5.12Ahmed Ismail24.46aLake (Millbury)      
6.10Kyle Nutter24.59aGenoa Area      
7.9Malachi Brown25.65aWoodmore      
8.11Carlos Trevino25.75aOtsego      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kyle Dierker23.44aEastwood      
2.10Andrew Shrewsbury23.47aWoodmore      
3.12Taylor Depew23.81aEastwood      
5.10Zach Schroeder24.18aLake (Millbury)      
4.10Kyle Nutter24.53aGenoa Area      
6.12Ahmed Ismail24.57aLake (Millbury)      
7.9Malachi Brown25.04aWoodmore      
9.10Kevin Betts25.20aOtsego      
10.11Trey Wilhelm25.21aElmwood      
8.11Carlos Trevino25.32aOtsego      
11.9Isaih Arriaga25.43aGibsonburg      
12.9David Nutter25.84aGenoa Area      
13.10Jordan Jahna26.47aGibsonburg      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Conkle52.79aEastwood      
2.12Aaron Brinker54.09aEastwood      
3.10Andrew Shrewsbury54.31aWoodmore      
4.12Austin Stewart54.53aElmwood      
5.12Jonah Harter54.76aOtsego      
6.12Billy Corner55.60aElmwood      
7.9Eric Royer56.07aOtsego      
8.10Jake Morris56.31aGenoa Area      
9.10Benjamin Swartz56.40aLake (Millbury)      
10.11Riley Breese56.56aLake (Millbury)      
11.9Malachi Brown56.85aWoodmore      
12.9Devin Miller1:00.99aGenoa Area      
13.10Levi Wright1:04.49aGibsonburg      
14.10Kaleb Knowles1:12.59aGibsonburg      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Twining1:57.17aEastwood      
2.11Nathan Adkins2:03.77aLake (Millbury)      
3.12Darrin Goodman2:04.67aEastwood      
4.12Eli Cheney2:07.13aOtsego      
5.11Josh Boes2:10.79aElmwood      
6.11Jason Horen2:11.47aOtsego      
7.9Tyler Rickman2:12.24aLake (Millbury)      
8.10Tony Flores2:13.50aGibsonburg      
9.9Deric Anthony2:17.49aWoodmore      
10.12Brian Alexander2:18.11aWoodmore      
11.12Greyson Masserant2:18.13aGenoa Area      
12.11Trevor Mclargin2:22.05aGenoa Area      
13.10Josh Bryan2:22.29aGibsonburg      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nathan Adkins4:39.21aLake (Millbury)      
2.12Eli Cheney4:43.97aOtsego      
3.9Scott Brittenham4:46.76aLake (Millbury)      
4.10Tony Flores4:47.95aGibsonburg      
5.11Jason Horen4:50.97aOtsego      
6.9Gabe Fredericks4:57.01aEastwood      
7.10Clay Parlette4:58.44aGenoa Area      
8.10Kaleb Perez5:03.06aWoodmore      
9.11Trevor Mclargin5:08.22aGenoa Area      
10.10Alex Jasso5:15.08aElmwood      
11.12Troy Wahl5:19.31aEastwood      
12.11John Makulinski5:19.49aWoodmore      
13.11CJ Haas5:46.53aGibsonburg      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nathan Adkins10:42.92aLake (Millbury)      
2.11Dexter Lee10:44.35aElmwood      
3.10Clay Parlette10:45.10aGenoa Area      
4.11Jordan Rosenberger10:52.07aGibsonburg      
5.11Riley Breese11:02.60aLake (Millbury)      
6.11Johnny Shumay11:06.61aEastwood      
7.10Lorne Strausbaugh11:16.03aElmwood      
8.9Gabe Fredericks11:16.06aEastwood      
9.10Jacob Merryfield11:21.58aGibsonburg      
10.10Kaleb Perez11:30.05aWoodmore      
11.9Jordan Buck11:52.14aWoodmore      
12.9Garry Armstrong12:04.32aOtsego      
13.9Jared Lesniewicz12:23.17aGenoa Area      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Blake Kohring15.67aEastwood      
2.11Kyle Smithey15.86aElmwood      
3.11Caleb Reynolds16.17aElmwood      
4.11Dylan Hirzel16.44aLake (Millbury)      
5.10Michael Travis16.61aWoodmore      
6.11Kevin Christianson16.97aEastwood      
7.11TJ Glosser17.99aOtsego      
8.12Cody Evans18.63aOtsego      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kyle Smithey16.10aElmwood      
2.10Blake Kohring16.55aEastwood      
3.11Caleb Reynolds16.66aElmwood      
5.11Dylan Hirzel16.77aLake (Millbury)      
4.10Michael Travis17.15aWoodmore      
6.11TJ Glosser17.62aOtsego      
7.11Kevin Christianson17.76aEastwood      
8.12Cody Evans18.54aOtsego      
9.10Austin Schnabel19.44aGenoa Area      
10.10Benjamin Swartz19.56aLake (Millbury)      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Smithey40.57aElmwood      
2.10Blake Kohring41.69aEastwood      
3.11Dylan Hirzel42.05aLake (Millbury)      
4.12Cody Curry42.62aWoodmore      
5.11Kevin Christianson43.82aEastwood      
6.10Joe Pritts44.88aElmwood      
7.12Cody Evans45.42aOtsego      
8.9Cole Gorski46.02aOtsego      
9.9Scott Brittenham46.16aLake (Millbury)      
10.10Austin Schnabel47.05aGenoa Area      
11.9Andrew Schroeder47.86aGibsonburg      
12.10Michael Travis48.01aWoodmore      
13.11Demitrius Ernsberger49.40aGibsonburg      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Isiah Conkle
Kyle Dierker
Nate Wagner
Taylor Depew
2.-Relay Team 47.44aGenoa Area      
2.-Andrew Nutter
David Nutter
Matt Bury
Kyle Nutter
47.44aGenoa Area      
3.-TJ Glosser
Carlos Trevino
Ryan Fackler
Cody Evans
3.-Relay Team 47.80aOtsego      
4.-Relay Team 48.28aElmwood      
4.-John Gonyer
Derick Mobus
Caleb Reynolds
Aaron Arnold
5.-Michael Travis
Ryan Sandwisch
Dan Sprinski
Brian Alexander
5.-Relay Team 48.55aWoodmore      
6.-Relay Team 49.11aGibsonburg      
6.-Brent Kromer
Jordan Jahna
Demitrius Ernsberger
Isaih Arriaga
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:33.47aWoodmore      
1.-Brian Alexander
Malachi Brown
Andrew Shrewsbury
Cody Curry
2.-Dylan Hirzel
Ahmed Ismail
Zach Schroeder
Tim Lohmann
1:34.38aLake (Millbury)      
3.-Derek Snowden
John Rogers
Marquis Pitts
Zach Conkle
4.-Austin Stewart
Caleb Reynolds
Aaron Arnold
Trey Wilhelm
4.-Relay Team 1:38.85aElmwood      
5.-Matt Bury
David Nutter
Andrew Nutter
Kyle Nutter
1:39.08aGenoa Area      
5.-Relay Team 1:39.08aGenoa Area      
6.-TJ Glosser
Kevin Betts
Carlos Trevino
Cody Evans
6.-Relay Team 1:39.26aOtsego      
7.-Relay Team 1:41.85aGibsonburg      
7.-Brent Kromer
Jordan Jahna
Isaih Arriaga
Andrew Schroeder
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Conkle
Kyle Schlumbohm
Taylor Depew
Nick Twining
2.-Relay Team 3:37.71aElmwood      
2.-Austin Stewart
Billy Corner
Aaron Arnold
Kyle Smithey
3.-Eli Cheney
Eric Royer
Jason Horen
Jonah Harter
3.-Relay Team 3:45.47aOtsego      
4.-Tyler Rickman
Benjamin Swartz
Ahmed Ismail
Scott Brittenham
3:47.88aLake (Millbury)      
5.-Relay Team 3:48.60aWoodmore      
5.-Michael Travis
Brian Alexander
Deric Anthony
Malachi Brown
6.-Brent Kromer
Andrew Schroeder
Jordan Jahna
Tony Flores
7.-Relay Team 4:01.98aGenoa Area      
7.-Devin Miller
Andrew Nutter
Jake Morris
Greyson Masserant
4:01.98aGenoa Area      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:32.37aEastwood      
1.-Troy Wahl
Aaron Brinker
Darrin Goodman
Nick Twining
2.-Eli Cheney
Garry Armstrong
Jonathan Fowler
Jason Horen
3.-Orfrancis Ozuna
Tyler Rickman
Nathan Adkins
Riley Breese
8:46.37aLake (Millbury)      
4.-Dexter Lee
Lorne Strausbaugh
Billy Corner
Josh Boes
5.-Josh Bryan
Tony Flores
Jacob Merryfield
Jordan Rosenberger
6.-Clay Parlette
Trevor Mclargin
Greyson Masserant
Andrew Nutter
9:13.30aGenoa Area      
7.-Deric Anthony
Kaleb Perez
John Makulinski
Jonathan Schaufler
7.-Relay Team 9:37.09aWoodmore      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brad Szypka59-10.00Genoa Area      
2.12Jeffery Rutherford47-11.50Eastwood      
3.11Jared Columber44-01.00Gibsonburg      
4.12Forest Ickes43-04.00Eastwood      
5.11Nathaniel Wright43-01.00Woodmore      
6.12Adam Bialecki42-01.00Otsego      
7.10Michael Meeker42-00.00Elmwood      
8.10Mitchell Adkins40-06.50Lake (Millbury)      
9.12William Baughman39-06.00Otsego      
10.11Bobby Heath38-04.50Gibsonburg      
11.11Robbie Wills38-04.00Lake (Millbury)      
12.10Clayton Mears34-10.75Elmwood      
13.10Gabe Wilt33-05.00Woodmore      
14.9Garrett Etts32-01.00Genoa Area      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brad Szypka147-04Genoa Area      
2.12Adam Bialecki139-04Otsego      
3.12Jeffery Rutherford138-10Eastwood      
4.10Mitchell Adkins136-06Lake (Millbury)      
5.11Jared Columber133-02Gibsonburg      
6.11Michael St.John130-07Woodmore      
7.12Forest Ickes128-10Eastwood      
8.11Bobby Heath128-09Gibsonburg      
9.10Michael Meeker123-06Elmwood      
10.10Clayton Mears119-11Elmwood      
11.10Michael Girona113-02Otsego      
12.11Robbie Wills110-09Lake (Millbury)      
13.9Garrett Etts99-07Genoa Area      
14.11Nathaniel Wright99-01Woodmore      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Smithey6-01.00Elmwood      
2.11Caleb Reynolds5-08.00Elmwood      
3.12Devon Robinson5-08.00Lake (Millbury)      
4.10Derek Snowden5-08.00Eastwood      
5.11Matt Bury5-04.00Genoa Area      
6.9Dan Sprinski5-04.00Woodmore      
7.9Josh Hoodlebrink5-04.00Eastwood      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Schlumbohm13-06.00Eastwood      
2.12Cody Curry13-06.00Woodmore      
3.11Jacob Kissell12-00.00Gibsonburg      
4.11Kyle Walby11-06.00Gibsonburg      
5.11TJ Glosser11-06.00Otsego      
6.9Cole Gorski11-00.00Otsego      
7.10Joe Pritts10-06.00Elmwood      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Derek Snowden19-04.25Eastwood      
2.9Josh Hoodlebrink19-02.75Eastwood      
3.9Aaron Arnold19-02.50Elmwood      
4.11Carlos Trevino18-03.50Otsego      
5.10Benjamin Swartz18-00.25Lake (Millbury)      
6.12Cody Curry17-11.50Woodmore      
7.10Derick Mobus17-10.00Elmwood      
8.9Dan Sprinski17-01.25Woodmore      
9.9David Nutter15-09.00Genoa Area      
10.11Demitrius Ernsberger15-08.75Gibsonburg      
11.10Jerome Griffin15-06.50Otsego      
12.10Kaleb Knowles15-04.75Gibsonburg      
13.10Jake Morris15-00.75Genoa Area      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ericca Hollister13.48aEastwood      
2.10Aricka LaVoy13.61aEastwood      
3.9Nicole Pennington13.62aLake (Millbury)      
4.11Olivia Czeczele13.79aWoodmore      
5.11Jane Schlievert13.99aGenoa Area      
6.10Nichole Henry14.08aLake (Millbury)      
7.9Katie Tersigni14.30aWoodmore      
8.10Madison Kern14.89aElmwood      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Ericca Hollister13.43aEastwood      
2.10Aricka LaVoy13.54aEastwood      
3.9Nicole Pennington13.65aLake (Millbury)      
4.11Olivia Czeczele13.86aWoodmore      
5.10Nichole Henry14.03aLake (Millbury)      
7.11Jane Schlievert14.04aGenoa Area      
9.10Bobbi Avery14.19aElmwood      
6.9Katie Tersigni14.24aWoodmore      
10.10Brittany Hall14.43aGibsonburg      
8.10Madison Kern14.46aElmwood      
11.9Emily Novotney14.53aGenoa Area      
12.9Mariah Russell16.47aOtsego      
13.11Samantha Keller16.98aGibsonburg      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Karli Keaton27.73aWoodmore      
2.11Ericca Hollister27.73aEastwood      
3.12Alexis Levin28.16aOtsego      
4.10Rebecca Boos28.37aLake (Millbury)      
5.9Nicole Pennington28.48aLake (Millbury)      
6.11Olivia Czeczele28.79aWoodmore      
7.11Courtney Rolf28.80aEastwood      
8.10Madison Kern31.97aElmwood      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Karli Keaton27.74aWoodmore      
2.10Rebecca Boos28.05aLake (Millbury)      
3.11Ericca Hollister28.19aEastwood      
4.12Alexis Levin28.27aOtsego      
5.9Nicole Pennington28.50aLake (Millbury)      
6.11Courtney Rolf28.73aEastwood      
7.11Olivia Czeczele28.82aWoodmore      
9.9Taylor Hammond30.37aElmwood      
10.10Brittany Hall30.40aGibsonburg      
8.10Madison Kern30.52aElmwood      
11.11Jane Schlievert30.78aGenoa Area      
12.10Haley Herman32.00aGibsonburg      
13.12Carmen Cano33.01aOtsego      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Maddie Jackson1:02.32aEastwood      
2.12Jessica Abbey1:03.28aLake (Millbury)      
3.10Karli Keaton1:03.66aWoodmore      
4.10Rebecca Boos1:04.68aLake (Millbury)      
5.9Olivia Malcolm1:08.01aGenoa Area      
6.11Alanna Heestand1:09.05aEastwood      
7.9Marisa DiBartolomeo1:09.50aOtsego      
8.10Allyson Brown1:11.49aWoodmore      
9.10Emily Wilhelm1:11.68aElmwood      
10.12Kati Bradford1:12.31aElmwood      
11.9Hailey Shafer1:14.31aGibsonburg      
12.9Megan Esker1:15.31aGibsonburg      
13.9Alexandria Stough1:20.98aOtsego      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tiffany Wright2:19.53aGenoa Area      
2.11Taylor Avers2:28.13aWoodmore      
3.9Allie Wank2:34.23aWoodmore      
4.9Dayna Fackler2:36.99aOtsego      
5.10Cassie Hoffmann2:38.44aEastwood      
6.10Danielle Baugher2:39.36aEastwood      
7.11Nicole Kraemer2:44.47aGenoa Area      
8.11Tatiana Walters2:49.29aLake (Millbury)      
9.10Cassidy Kasischke2:53.61aGibsonburg      
10.10Hayley Rinearson2:55.27aElmwood      
11.9Marisa DiBartolomeo2:56.98aOtsego      
12.9Molly Burkett2:58.23aGibsonburg      
13.11Hailee Greenlese2:58.89aLake (Millbury)      
14.10Emily Wilhelm3:06.25aElmwood      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kylee Bernthisel5:27.96aOtsego      
2.12Samantha Hoffman5:29.15aGibsonburg      
3.12Lacy Nagy5:41.93aWoodmore      
4.11Madi Renollet5:45.99aEastwood      
5.9Dayna Fackler5:48.92aOtsego      
6.11Nicole Kraemer5:53.49aGenoa Area      
7.12Angelica Mccoy5:59.72aWoodmore      
8.9Casey Twining6:14.88aEastwood      
9.11Hailee Greenlese6:22.95aLake (Millbury)      
10.10Brittany Gross6:25.38aElmwood      
11.10Amber Soncrant6:35.23aLake (Millbury)      
12.12Lisa Holcomb6:37.95aGibsonburg      
13.9Jackie Baer6:55.71aElmwood      
14.10Caitlin Dazley7:42.39aGenoa Area      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kylee Bernthisel12:03.45aOtsego      
2.12Lacy Nagy12:19.95aWoodmore      
3.11Madi Renollet12:27.05aEastwood      
4.12Samantha Hoffman12:47.69aGibsonburg      
5.12Leah Wagoner12:55.23aOtsego      
6.12Angelica Mccoy13:10.04aWoodmore      
7.9McKayla Philips13:21.02aEastwood      
8.10Courtney Ksenich14:03.28aGibsonburg      
9.10Amber Soncrant14:29.43aLake (Millbury)      
10.11Katrina Fausnaugh14:36.72aElmwood      
11.11Hailee Greenlese14:49.85aLake (Millbury)      
12.10Miranda Wagner15:00.44aElmwood      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rachel McNay16.80aEastwood      
2.12Jessica Wolfe17.00aWoodmore      
3.11Hunter Johnson17.04aLake (Millbury)      
4.11Missy Clough17.58aGenoa Area      
5.12Whitney Hoodlebrink17.63aEastwood      
6.12Emily Whitmore17.85aLake (Millbury)      
7.12Reagan Briggs17.99aElmwood      
8.11Cassandra Heidebri18.19aWoodmore      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Rachel McNay16.75aEastwood      
2.11Hunter Johnson16.79aLake (Millbury)      
3.12Jessica Wolfe17.06aWoodmore      
4.12Whitney Hoodlebrink17.13aEastwood      
5.11Missy Clough17.53aGenoa Area      
6.12Emily Whitmore17.71aLake (Millbury)      
7.12Reagan Briggs18.00aElmwood      
8.11Cassandra Heidebri18.01aWoodmore      
9.10Sidney Rowe18.10aOtsego      
10.9Morgan Huff18.14aElmwood      
11.10Andrea Walker19.98aOtsego      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rachel McNay47.55aEastwood      
2.12Emily Whitmore48.23aLake (Millbury)      
3.11Hunter Johnson50.97aLake (Millbury)      
4.12Whitney Hoodlebrink52.71aEastwood      
5.10Sidney Rowe52.75aOtsego      
6.11Missy Clough53.47aGenoa Area      
7.9Morgan Huff53.89aElmwood      
8.9Amanda Jones54.46aElmwood      
9.10Andrea Walker55.60aOtsego      
10.12Jessica Wolfe56.05aWoodmore      
11.11Cassandra Heidebri57.31aWoodmore      
12.12Lisa Holcomb1:02.47aGibsonburg      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ericca Hollister
Aricka LaVoy
Audrey Flores
Courtney Rolf
2.-Ashley Timmons
Tatiana Walters
Hunter Johnson
Nichole Henry
52.45aLake (Millbury)      
3.-Bethany Skees
Emily Novotney
Marissa Crosby
Jane Schlievert
53.91aGenoa Area      
3.-Relay Team 53.91aGenoa Area      
4.-Katie Tersigni
Arika Michaelis
Jessica Wolfe
Olivia Czeczele
4.-Relay Team 54.98aWoodmore      
5.-Relay Team 55.84aElmwood      
5.-Madison Kern
Morgan Huff
Bobbi Avery
Sarah Laborie
6.-Haley McClure
Cassidy Kasischke
Samantha Keller
Brittany Hall
7.-Dana Richards
Carmen Cano
Mackenzie Browne
Brittany Hendricks
7.-Relay Team 1:00.91aOtsego      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nicole Pennington
Ashley Timmons
Jessica Abbey
Rebecca Boos
1:49.15aLake (Millbury)      
2.-Elise Wolff
Jordan Frobose
Vicki Bruning
Maddie Jackson
2.-Relay Team 1:53.66aEastwood      
3.-Abby Karikas
Bethany Skees
Jane Schlievert
Tiffany Wright
1:53.80aGenoa Area      
4.-Olivia Czeczele
Katie Tersigni
Taylor Haar
Jessica Wolfe
4.-Relay Team 1:59.08aWoodmore      
5.-Relay Team 1:59.37aElmwood      
5.-Madison Kern
Morgan Huff
Bobbi Avery
Sarah Laborie
6.-Haley McClure
Cassidy Kasischke
Abbie Gerbich
Brittany Hall
7.-Mariah Russell
Carmen Cano
Mackenzie Browne
Brittany Hendricks
7.-Relay Team 2:13.53aOtsego      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Maddie Jackson
Rachel McNay
Audrey Flores
Aricka LaVoy
2.-Rebecca Boos
Nicole Pennington
Emily Whitmore
Jessica Abbey
4:22.81aLake (Millbury)      
3.-Karli Keaton
Taylor Avers
Katie Tersigni
Allie Wank
3.-Relay Team 4:34.49aWoodmore      
4.-Andrea Walker
Marisa DiBartolomeo
Alexis Levin
Dayna Fackler
5.-Kati Bradford
Sarah Laborie
Emily Wilhelm
Amanda Jones
5.-Relay Team 4:48.18aElmwood      
6.-Abbie Gerbich
Molly Burkett
Hailey Shafer
Megan Esker
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lacy Nagy
Taylor Avers
Allyson Brown
Allie Wank
2.-Leah Wagoner
Dayna Fackler
Andrea Walker
Kylee Bernthisel
3.-Emily Whitmore
Tatiana Walters
Hailee Greenlese
Jessica Abbey
10:43.38aLake (Millbury)      
4.-Madi Renollet
Alanna Heestand
Casey Twining
Danielle Baugher
4.-Relay Team 10:57.13aEastwood      
5.-Miranda Wagner
Brittany Gross
Hayley Rinearson
Emily Wilhelm
6.-Cassidy Kasischke
Lauren Kirwen
Molly Burkett
Courtney Ksenich
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kori Reiser36-04.00Elmwood      
2.12Carly Pendleton35-03.75Woodmore      
3.11Marissa Bolen33-09.75Gibsonburg      
4.11Justine Tolek32-11.00Eastwood      
5.10Nicole Busdeker32-03.50Woodmore      
6.11Jena Jacoby31-05.75Eastwood      
7.11Abbie Gerbich30-04.50Gibsonburg      
8.12Liz Anzaluda28-04.50Lake (Millbury)      
9.11Dana Richards25-10.50Otsego      
10.10Karlie Borowicz25-02.00Genoa Area      
11.10Shelby McClellan24-11.00Otsego      
12.10Whitney Owen24-07.00Genoa Area      
13.9Savannah Baker23-08.75Elmwood      
14.9Abby Duncan23-05.00Lake (Millbury)      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Carly Pendleton147-10Woodmore      
2.10Megan Pendleton116-01Woodmore      
3.11Jena Jacoby112-08Eastwood      
4.11Kori Reiser106-10Elmwood      
5.11Abbie Gerbich105-05Gibsonburg      
6.11Kalynn Rickle98-02Elmwood      
7.12Liz Anzaluda93-07Lake (Millbury)      
8.11Dana Richards92-06Otsego      
9.10Karlie Borowicz89-07Genoa Area      
10.10Whitney Owen86-10Genoa Area      
11.9Brittany Brittian85-10Eastwood      
12.10Shelby McClellan75-06Otsego      
13.9Abby Duncan71-11Lake (Millbury)      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sidney Rowe5-02.00Otsego      
2.10Ashley Timmons5-00.00Lake (Millbury)      
3.12Whitney Hoodlebrink4-10.00Eastwood      
4.12Miriam Abel4-08.00Eastwood      
5.11Vanessa Wagner4-08.00Elmwood      
6.12Arika Michaelis4-06.00Woodmore      
7.10Nicole Blausey4-06.00Genoa Area      
8.11Cassandra Heidebri4-04.00Woodmore      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Reagan Briggs9-06.00Elmwood      
2.11Alysa Malcolm9-06.00Genoa Area      
3.11Kylee Bernthisel9-00.00Otsego      
4.12Samantha Decker8-00.00Eastwood      
5.10Sidney Rowe7-06.00Otsego      
6.11Alaina LaCourse7-06.00Eastwood      
7.9Jackie Baer6-06.00Elmwood      
8.12Arika Michaelis6-00.00Woodmore      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Aricka LaVoy15-05.25Eastwood      
2.12Whitney Hoodlebrink15-04.25Eastwood      
3.10Ashley Timmons14-10.00Lake (Millbury)      
4.11Hunter Johnson14-09.00Lake (Millbury)      
5.12Alexis Levin14-07.00Otsego      
6.12Reagan Briggs14-04.75Elmwood      
7.10Karli Keaton13-11.00Woodmore      
8.10Nicole Blausey13-08.25Genoa Area      
9.10Bobbi Avery13-06.50Elmwood      
10.10Marissa Crosby13-05.75Genoa Area      
11.11Cassandra Heidebri12-07.25Woodmore      
12.9Hailey Shafer10-05.50Gibsonburg      
13.9Molly Burkett10-04.25Gibsonburg      
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