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Trojan Classic

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UC Stadium, CharlestonMeet Website

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dylan Moore12.13aSissonville
2.-Shaun Dotson12.48aElkview
3.-Colton Thomas12.81aElkview
4.-Cody Adkins13.21aCedar Grove
5.-Randy Parsons13.34aSissonville
6.-Jeffery Wong13.57aEast Bank
7.-Caleb Myers14.46aHayes
8.-Nicholas Burgess15.01aEast Bank
9.-Jackson Simile15.14aEast Bank
10.-Darian Nelson15.67aBible Center
11.-T Keil15.96aMckinley
12.-Patrick Petry16.11aEast Bank
13.6Christian Rohr16.23aBible Center
14.-Baily McClanahan16.93aElkview
15.-Chris Ring17.40aCedar Grove
---Cody AtkinsonNTEast Bank
--12Zach ScottNTElkview
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dylan Moore25.25aSissonville
2.-Shaun Dotson26.00aElkview
3.-Colton Thomas26.43aElkview
4.-Randy Parsons28.19aSissonville
5.-Caleb Fitzwater29.27aEast Bank
6.7Grant Oxley29.65aBible Center
7.-Caleb Myers30.93aHayes
8.-Samuel Harvey30.99aSissonville
9.-Aaron Putillion31.46aElkview
10.-Cody Atkinson31.95aEast Bank
11.-Aaron Davis32.27aHayes
12.-Zach Young32.97aSissonville
13.-Tristen Allagas34.33aMckinley
14.6Christian Rohr34.50aBible Center
15.-Jared Cremeans34.52aCedar Grove
--12Zach ScottNTElkview
---Patrick PetryNTEast Bank
---E. CookNTCedar Grove
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jacob Allen1:02.18aHayes
2.-Cody Adkins1:04.51aCedar Grove
3.7Grant Oxley1:05.38aBible Center
4.-Josh Butcher1:06.01aEast Bank
5.-Mike Estep1:07.17aCedar Grove
6.-Morgan Carte1:08.12aElkview
7.-Travis Clark1:10.07aElkview
8.-Nicholas Burgess1:14.23aEast Bank
9.-Samuel Harvey1:17.74aSissonville
10.12Dylan Jones1:18.02aElkview
11.-Zach Young1:18.71aSissonville
12.-Thomas Preston1:22.52aBible Center
13.-Page Fields1:28.71aElkview
14.-Andy Henthorn1:30.18aHayes
---JD BodnerNTSissonville
---Devin SmithNTEast Bank
---Isaac HolsteinNTEast Bank
---Steven HairstonNTSissonville
---Alex VaughnNTMckinley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jacob Allen2:41.07aHayes
2.-Jefferson Brady2:42.42aHayes
3.-Mike Estep2:45.29aCedar Grove
4.-Keenan Barbazette2:47.17aElkview
5.-Samuel Hager2:54.13aSissonville
6.-J Berry2:55.86aMckinley
7.-Josh Coleman2:57.94aElkview
8.-JD Bodner2:58.77aSissonville
---H HartsawNTMckinley
---Devin SmithNTEast Bank
---Isaac HolsteinNTEast Bank
---Jeremy HammesNTElkview
---J ClarkNTCedar Grove
---Josh ButcherNTEast Bank
---Thomas PrestonNTBible Center
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Shaffer5:40.17aSissonville
2.-J Henley5:44.84aMckinley
3.-Noah Toops5:51.75aElkview
4.-Parker Dantoni6:20.12aMckinley
5.-Josh Coleman6:24.22aElkview
6.8Jarred Moles6:31.66aSissonville
7.7Martin Dye6:44.17aSissonville
8.-Andy Henthorn7:02.57aHayes
---Ervin RuckerNTElkview
---Colby HamerNTElkview
---E. AdkinsNTCedar Grove
---Ryan DavisNTBible Center
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Shaffer12:16.53aSissonville
2.-Noah Toops12:20.99aElkview
3.-Sam Wood13:05.92aElkview
4.-Jefferson Brady13:08.41aHayes
5.8Jarred Moles13:33.18aSissonville
6.-Mathew Hopkins14:20.89aElkview
7.7Martin Dye14:31.56aSissonville
8.7Thomas Crutchfield14:36.41aSissonville
X 75m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Hagewood12.90aElkview
2.-Josh Monroe13.00aElkview
3.-Cody Daughtery14.08aSissonville
4.-Cary Claywell14.53aCedar Grove
5.-Chaz Pittman14.77aSissonville
6.-Mikey Elswick15.52aEast Bank
7.-Dakota Dunlap15.53aEast Bank
8.-Jan Wright15.91aElkview
9.-E. Adkins16.17aCedar Grove
10.-Garrie Hudnall16.85aElkview
---Jared WilkinsonNTSissonville
---Ryan BroderickNTMckinley
X 200m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cody Adkins30.24aCedar Grove
2.-Seth Ellis31.29aMckinley
3.-Tyler Hagewood31.36aElkview
4.-Ryan Broderick32.18aMckinley
5.-Jared Wilkinson32.78aSissonville
6.-Dakota Dunlap34.60aEast Bank
7.-Cary Claywell34.84aCedar Grove
8.-Jan Wright34.92aElkview
9.-Cody Daughtery35.00aSissonville
10.-Mikey Elswick35.80aEast Bank
11.-Aaron Putillion35.93aElkview
12.-Cole Harper37.37aSissonville
13.-C Ferrall40.32aBible Center
14.-Cole Weese42.32aElkview
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shaun Dotson
Colton Thomas
Josh Monroe
Mathew Darnell
2.-Randy Parsons
Roger Gancs
Chaz Pittman
Blake Tignor
3.-Relay Team 57.39aEast Bank
4.-Relay Team 57.74aCedar Grove
5.-Relay Team 1:02.70aMckinley
6.-Dacota Thomas
Hayden Moore
Josh Gunnoe
Dylan Jones
7.-Relay Team 1:09.03aBible Center
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:58.07aEast Bank
2.-Roger Gancs
Blake Tignor
Cole Harper
Tony Pennington
3.-Sam Wood
Bradley Coleman
Mathew Darnell
Travis Clark
4.-Zach Young
Samuel Harvey
Martin Dye
Cody Daughtery
5.-Relay Team 2:13.13aBible Center
6.-Relay Team 2:13.54aMckinley
7.-Relay Team 2:14.09aCedar Grove
8.-Ervin Rucker
Hayden Moore
Jeremy Martin
Dylan Jones
---Nicholas Burgess
Mikey Elswick
Jackson Simile
Patrick Petry
DQEast Bank
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bradley Coleman
Triston Duley
Mathew Darnell
Morgan Carte
2.-JD Bodner
Steven Hairston
Tony Pennington
Roger Gancs
3.-Relay Team 4:56.14aCedar Grove
4.-Relay Team 4:59.65aMckinley
5.-Relay Team 5:03.24aHayes
6.-Ian Avis
Mathew Hopkins
Jeremy Hammes
Jeremy Martin
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Shaffer
Jarred Moles
Samuel Hager
Steven Hairston
2.-Josh Coleman
Keenan Barbazette
Triston Duley
Sam Wood
3.-Relay Team 11:28.69aMckinley
4.-Relay Team 11:35.07aCedar Grove
5.-Colby Hamer
Mathew Hopkins
Jeremy Hammes
Jeremy Martin
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.7Andrew Bishop34-04.00Mckinley
2.-D Wigfall34-04.00Mckinley
3.-Ronaldo Ramirez30-11.00Elkview
4.9James Shafer29-07.00Sissonville
5.-Caleb Fitzwater28-08.00East Bank
6.-Kyle Bigler28-01.00Cedar Grove
7.-Chris Ring27-00.50Cedar Grove
8.-Cody Atkinson26-09.00East Bank
9.-Blake Tignor24-02.00Sissonville
10.-A Parson23-10.00Mckinley
10.-Abram Rhodes23-10.00Elkview
12.-Darian Nelson21-06.00Bible Center
13.-Thomas Preston19-11.00Bible Center
---E. CookNDCedar Grove
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.7Andrew Bishop107-11Mckinley
2.-Blake Tignor89-11Sissonville
3.-D Wigfall85-05Mckinley
4.9James Shafer82-11Sissonville
5.-A Parson82-10Mckinley
6.-E. Cook81-02Cedar Grove
7.-Abram Rhodes76-10Elkview
8.-Ian Avis62-03Elkview
9.-Ethan Brogan47-03Cedar Grove
10.-Ronaldo Ramirez47-02Elkview
---Dakota DunlapNDEast Bank
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dylan Moore5-00.00Sissonville
2.-Seth Ellis4-08.00Mckinley
3.-Cole Weese4-00.00Elkview
4.-Cary Claywell3-10.00Cedar Grove
---Jared CremeansNHCedar Grove
---Jared WilkinsonNHSissonville
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ryan Broderick9-00.00Mckinley
2.-J Henley7-00.00Mckinley
3.-Cole Weese6-00.00Elkview
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dylan Moore16-10.50Sissonville
2.-Josh Monroe15-10.75Elkview
3.-Seth Ellis14-10.00Mckinley
4.-Cody Adkins14-05.00Cedar Grove
5.-Tyler Shaffer14-03.00Sissonville
6.-Jacob Allen13-09.25Hayes
7.-Samuel Harvey12-03.25Sissonville
8.-Morgan Carte12-00.25Elkview
9.-Will Simmons11-04.50Elkview
10.-Zach Young11-00.75Sissonville
11.-Page Fields10-07.50Elkview
12.-A Alllen10-01.00Bible Center
13.-C Ferrall9-09.25Bible Center
---Cary ClaywellNDCedar Grove
---Jeffery WongNDEast Bank
---Isaac HolsteinNDEast Bank

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Audrey Barber13.93aHurricane
2.-Kaitlin Williams14.86aHayes
3.7Taylor Mullins14.94aBible Center
4.-Starr Haddox14.95aElkview
5.8Jenelle Lee14.95aHurricane
6.-Sabrina Gamber14.98aSissonville
7.-Tamara White15.01aHayes
8.9Rosheka Beckford15.05aHurricane
9.-Abbey Hudson15.27aHurricane
10.-Kylie Corbett15.56aHurricane
11.-Katie Witters15.71aBible Center
12.-Alaya Carpenter15.97aCedar Grove
13.-Chloe Curry16.23aElkview
14.-Roach Angela16.39aHurricane
15.-Andrea Harmon16.67aSissonville
16.-Megan Sheets17.00aEast Bank
17.-Jennifer Henson17.58aCedar Grove
18.-Allie Nelson17.59aCedar Grove
19.-T Gessell17.60aMckinley
20.-Kaylea Hoffman17.80aElkview
21.-Angel Allen17.87aElkview
22.-Shaliyaah Griffin19.00aEast Bank
---Emily MiersNTEast Bank
---Kristen GrahamNTHurricane
---Teirra McCoyNTMckinley
---Danayisha CopingNTEast Bank
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Lauren London28.89aHurricane
2.-K Legg29.30aBible Center
3.8Mary Hayslett29.67aHurricane
4.-Brooke McCoy30.24aSissonville
5.-Kaitlin Williams31.34aHayes
6.-Bethany Romine31.99aElkview
7.-Tamara White32.19aHayes
8.-Teirra McCoy32.35aMckinley
9.-Zoey Olin32.49aHurricane
10.-Khouri Tucker32.64aHurricane
11.-Bailey Copley33.93aHurricane
12.-Alyssa Brag35.14aHurricane
13.-G Reynolds35.23aBible Center
14.-Danayisha Coping35.93aEast Bank
15.-Brooke Boothe36.98aElkview
16.-Megan Sheets39.40aEast Bank
17.-Shaliyaah Griffin40.70aEast Bank
18.-Jerry Ann Jefferies41.92aCedar Grove
---K HolstienNTMckinley
---Kaylea HoffmanNTElkview
---Becca LongNTElkview
---Allie NessonNTEast Bank
---Emily MiersNTEast Bank
---Sabrina GamberNTSissonville
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Anna Gordon1:08.67aHurricane
2.8Haley Black1:11.17aHurricane
3.-Abby Oliver1:12.24aMckinley
4.-Cassie Hammes1:13.94aElkview
5.-Jah-Tease Kennedy1:16.31aHayes
6.8Gracyn Courtright1:17.39aHurricane
7.-Bailey Copley1:17.70aHurricane
8.6Olivia Echols1:18.03aBible Center
9.-Kristen Henson1:20.44aCedar Grove
10.6Anna Dyer1:20.53aHurricane
11.-Ellie Kinder1:22.80aElkview
12.-Stevana Scott1:23.34aElkview
13.7Taylor Mullins1:24.76aBible Center
14.-Arielle Mullins1:26.06aElkview
15.-Bianca Benincasa1:29.25aHurricane
16.-Asia Perry1:29.72aHayes
17.-Jennifer Henson1:34.49aCedar Grove
--9Sierra LoftisNTSissonville
--9Madison CrainNTSissonville
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.6Anna Gordon2:43.07aHurricane
2.-Emilee Henry2:49.69aElkview
3.7Abbie Short2:49.73aHurricane
4.-K Legg2:54.83aBible Center
5.7McKenzie Granata2:59.03aSissonville
6.-Kelsey Thompson3:02.81aHayes
7.6Lauren Reese3:04.06aHurricane
8.-Katelyn Fields3:05.21aMckinley
---Chloe HallNTEast Bank
---Kaylea HoffmanNTElkview
---Maddie MarrNTElkview
---Megan HoltNTElkview
---Madison TurleyNTSissonville
---Kristen HensonNTCedar Grove
--7Lexie HayslettNTHurricane
---Emilee WalkerNTEast Bank
--6Morgan DuffyNTBible Center
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kaylea Hoffman6:07.93aElkview
2.-K Legg6:09.46aBible Center
3.-R Beck6:10.10aMckinley
4.7Abbie Short6:10.44aHurricane
5.6Carly Cunningham6:11.30aHurricane
6.-Megan Holt6:22.98aElkview
7.-Kelsey Thompson6:27.59aHayes
8.8Gracyn Courtright6:28.71aHurricane
---Haley WisemanNTElkview
--8Morgan CourtrightNTHurricane
---Brandy McNeelyNTElkview
---Emilee WalkerNTEast Bank
--7McKenzie GranataNTSissonville
---Chloe HallNTEast Bank
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Kennedy Snavely12:49.76aHurricane
2.8Joie Johnston13:02.70aHurricane
3.-Kaylea Hoffman14:34.34aElkview
4.6Olivia Echols15:41.75aBible Center
5.-Jada Joseph15:43.21aElkview
6.-Destini Allen16:45.90aElkview
7.-Haley Ray16:45.93aElkview
--7McKenzie GranataNTSissonville
X 75m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrEmily Hudson13.14aHurricane
2.-Taylor Legg13.36aSissonville
3.8Chloe Papa13.67aHurricane
4.9Allie Humphreys14.27aSissonville
5.-B Marshall15.43aMckinley
6.-Tiffany Isaacs15.61aHurricane
7.-Katie Kinder15.78aBible Center
8.-Katie Witters15.81aBible Center
9.-Sarah Frydrych15.85aHurricane
10.-A Bird16.01aMckinley
11.-Haley Wiseman17.01aElkview
12.-E Rhodes17.07aMckinley
13.-Bianca Benincasa17.30aHurricane
14.-Bethany Roush18.53aElkview
15.-Kara Rowlands18.81aElkview
16.-Jerry Ann Jefferies18.88aCedar Grove
---Abbey HudsonNTHurricane
---Hayley NewlandNTElkview
X 200m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrEmily Hudson33.06aHurricane
2.8Chloe Papa33.54aHurricane
3.-Taylor Legg33.60aSissonville
4.-Hannah Schoolcraft35.67aElkview
5.-Allison Coles37.31aSissonville
6.-Katie Kinder37.54aBible Center
7.-Tiffany Isaacs37.82aHurricane
8.-J Norfork39.65aMckinley
9.-Bianca Benincasa41.94aHurricane
10.-Bethany Roush42.93aElkview
11.-Hayley Newland43.55aElkview
12.-Kara Rowlands43.83aElkview
---Abbey HudsonNTHurricane
---Kylie CorbettNTHurricane
---A BirdNTMckinley
--7Logan NesterNTHurricane
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Allie Humphreys
Ellie McClung
Brooke McCoy
Hanah Edens
2.-Audrey Barber
Jenelle Lee
Morgan Coyner
Alyssa Tolley
3.-Kaitlin Williams
Tamara White
Jah-Tease Kennedy
Asia Perry
4.-Emilee Henry
Olivia Gandee
Taylor Marsh
Starr Haddox
5.-Relay Team 1:01.85aMckinley
6.-Relay Team 1:06.00aSissonville
7.-Relay Team 1:06.26aMckinley
8.-Kate Smith
Alexis Smith
Madison Thomas
Emily Francis
9.-Relay Team 1:09.32aEast Bank
10.-Relay Team 1:09.33aHurricane
11.-Relay Team 1:10.11aBible Center
12.-Relay Team 1:10.19aMckinley
13.-Brandy McNeely
Kaylea Hoffman
Kortnie Workman
Brianna Salisbury
14.-Relay Team 1:11.69aCedar Grove
15.-Relay Team 1:12.34aMckinley
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ellie McClung
Courtney Strobel
Brooke McCoy
Hanah Edens
2.-Meghan Clatworthy
Mary Hayslett
Lauren London
Alyssa Tolley
3.-Relay Team 2:12.89aMckinley
4.-Olivia Gandee
Cassie Hammes
Taylor Marsh
Bethany Romine
5.-Katie Mangus
Lake Porter
Kelsey Burns
Joanna Blood
6.-Relay Team 2:17.08aBible Center
7.-Relay Team 2:17.95aMckinley
8.-Ellie Kinder
Brianna Salisbury
Holli Huffman
Kortnie Workman
9.-Relay Team 2:26.61aCedar Grove
10.-Relay Team 2:30.42aMckinley
11.-Relay Team 2:35.02aMckinley
12.-Relay Team 2:35.56aHurricane
---Relay Team NTSissonville
---Relay Team NTEast Bank
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Hiestand
Anna Gordon
Haley Black
Joie Johnston
2.-Relay Team 5:01.54aMckinley
3.-Cassie Hammes
Bethany Romine
Chloe Curry
Hannah Schoolcraft
4.-Sierra Loftis
Hanah Edens
Jessica Layne
Madison Crain
5.-Gracyn Courtright
Hannah Thompson
Aaliyah Johnson
Leighanna Connell
6.-Relay Team 5:35.59aHurricane
7.-Relay Team 5:36.45aSissonville
---Brooke Boothe
Maddie Marr
Tori Edens
Haley Ray
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Haley Black
Abbie Short
Kennedy Snavely
Joie Johnston
2.-Relay Team 11:43.56aMckinley
3.-Abigail Ball
Carly Cunningham
Hannah Thompson
Lauren Reese
4.-Relay Team 12:49.73aSissonville
5.-Emilee Henry
Megan Holt
Olivia Gandee
Hannah Schoolcraft
6.-Relay Team 12:49.89aSissonville
7.-Brooke Boothe
Maddie Marr
Tori Edens
Haley Ray
---Relay Team NTBible Center
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.-Addison Oliver30-10.00Mckinley
2.-Jamie Fauver27-00.00East Bank
3.-M James26-08.00Mckinley
4.-Andrea Harmon24-08.00Sissonville
5.7Colleen Miller24-05.00Hurricane
6.-Kaylee Goff22-07.00Sissonville
7.-Alyssa Fazio22-04.00Hurricane
8.-Brookana Burgess22-02.00Sissonville
9.-Zoey Olin21-00.00Hurricane
10.-M Lilly19-03.00Mckinley
11.-Jessica Walker19-02.00Sissonville
12.-Stevana Scott18-07.00Elkview
13.6Hope Reed18-02.00Hurricane
14.-Emilie Christenberry16-00.00Elkview
15.6Emily Barnard15-08.00Bible Center
16.-A Higginbotham12-04.00Mckinley
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Addison Oliver91-04Mckinley
2.7Colleen Miller72-07Hurricane
3.-M James65-11Mckinley
4.-Andrea Harmon58-03Sissonville
5.-Jessica Walker53-06Sissonville
6.-Jamie Fauver53-03East Bank
7.-M Lilly51-06Mckinley
8.-Zoey Olin47-08Hurricane
9.-Stevana Scott47-03Elkview
10.-Alyssa Fazio47-00Hurricane
11.6Hope Reed40-06Hurricane
12.-A Higginbotham32-06Mckinley
13.-Emilie Christenberry29-02Elkview
14.-Jerry Ann Jefferies26-10Cedar Grove
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Allie Humphreys4-04.00Sissonville
2.8Joie Johnston4-02.00Hurricane
3.8Morgan Courtright4-02.00Hurricane
4.8Gracyn Courtright4-00.00Hurricane
5.-Kelsey Thompson3-10.00Hayes
6.-Cassie Hammes3-10.00Elkview
7.-Starr Haddox3-10.00Elkview
8.9Joanna Blood3-08.00Hurricane
---Katelyn FieldsNHMckinley
---M JamesNHMckinley
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Lauren London9-00.00Hurricane
2.-T Gessell5-06.00Mckinley
3.8Alyssa Tolley4-06.00Hurricane
4.-K Holstien4-00.00Mckinley
---Taylor MarshNHElkview
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Lauren London14-04.50Hurricane
2.8Audrey Barber14-04.00Hurricane
3.9Ellie McClung12-06.00Sissonville
4.-E Mathieu12-03.50Mckinley
5.-Hannah Schoolcraft11-08.50Elkview
6.-Destini Allen11-00.50Elkview
7.9Joanna Blood10-08.50Hurricane
8.-Zoey Olin10-04.00Hurricane
9.-G Reynolds9-03.00Bible Center
---Andrea HarmonNDSissonville
---Shelby HutchinsonNDEast Bank
--6Emily BarnardFOULBible Center
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