MHSAA Regional 38-4

Saturday, May 21, 2011
  Brethren, Brethren - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mike Riojas11.48aMesick
2.12Jarrod Brown11.63aMarion
3.11Trevor May11.74aMesick
4.11Jermaine Nix11.96aForest Area Community
5.12Aaron Thomas12.06aBaldwin
6.10Nate Simerson12.09aMesick
7.11Reece Sivek12.13aGrand Traverse Academy
8.9AJ Weber12.14aGrand Traverse Academy
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.11Mike Riojas11.89aMesick
1.10Nate Simerson11.89aMesick
2.11Trevor May12.14aMesick
2.12Jarrod Brown12.14aMarion
3.11Jermaine Nix12.14aForest Area Community
3.12Aaron Thomas12.16aBaldwin
4.11Reece Sivek12.16aGrand Traverse Academy
4.9AJ Weber12.24aGrand Traverse Academy
5.10Dakota Hickerson12.24aBuckley
5.9Justin Solis12.81aOnekama
6.10Anthony Bence12.81aBrethren
6.10Martel Forest12.83aBaldwin
7.11HaRim Kim12.97aMcBain Northern Mich...
8.10Chad Blakely13.11aMcBain Northern Mich...
7.9Ben Jamieson13.28aTraverse City St. Fr...
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Trevor May11.91aMesick
1.12Jarrod Brown11.93aMarion
2.10Nate Simerson11.95aMesick
1.11Mike Riojas11.98aMesick
2.11Jermaine Nix11.99aForest Area Community
3.12Aaron Thomas12.03aBaldwin
3.11Reece Sivek12.20aGrand Traverse Academy
2.9AJ Weber12.28aGrand Traverse Academy
4.9Justin Solis12.49aOnekama
4.10Martel Forest12.50aBaldwin
5.9Ben Jamieson12.61aTraverse City St. Fr...
6.10Anthony Bence12.63aBrethren
3.11Dariust Forest12.64aBaldwin
5.11HaRim Kim12.73aMcBain Northern Mich...
6.12Patrick O'Brien12.78aFrankfort
4.10Dakota Hickerson12.89aBuckley
7.9Brandon Batzer12.89aBrethren
8.12Dave Westdijk13.08aBuckley
5.10Chad Blakely13.09aMcBain Northern Mich...
7.9Carlos Rivera13.45aOnekama
8.12Brandon Vasquez14.35aFrankfort
6.11Christopher Steele14.66aForest Area Community
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elliot Clark23.07aMaple City Glen Lake
2.11Mike Riojas23.72aMesick
3.12Jarrod Brown23.84aMarion
4.11Tyler Fogarty24.17aOnekama
5.10Tony Evans24.74aFrankfort
6.12Aaron Thomas24.76aBaldwin
7.11Jermaine Nix25.14aForest Area Community
8.10Andon Ware25.34aBaldwin
9Nate Botma27.59aBig Rapids Crossroad...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Elliot Clark23.46aMaple City Glen Lake
1.11Mike Riojas24.22aMesick
2.12Aaron Thomas24.28aBaldwin
2.12Jarrod Brown24.47aMarion
3.11Tyler Fogarty24.67aOnekama
4.11Jermaine Nix24.77aForest Area Community
3.10Andon Ware24.95aBaldwin
4.10Tony Evans25.00aFrankfort
5.10Nate Simerson25.25aMesick
5.10Parker Kokowicz25.51aMaple City Glen Lake
6.9Justin Solis25.87aOnekama
7.9Mitchell Perry25.93aMcBain Northern Mich...
6.9Hayden Hollister26.31aForest Area Community
8.9John Brouwer26.87aMcBain Northern Mich...
7.10Brad Pressnell27.76aFrankfort
8.10Anthony Bence27.86aBrethren
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Elliot Clark23.93aMaple City Glen Lake
1.11Mike Riojas24.10aMesick
2.12Aaron Thomas24.21aBaldwin
3.11Tyler Fogarty24.25aOnekama
2.10Tony Evans24.61aFrankfort
1.12Jarrod Brown24.72aMarion
2.9Hayden Hollister24.85aForest Area Community
3.10Andon Ware24.96aBaldwin
3.10Nate Simerson25.04aMesick
4.10Parker Kokowicz25.15aMaple City Glen Lake
4.11Jermaine Nix25.23aForest Area Community
4.9Mitchell Perry25.75aMcBain Northern Mich...
5.9Justin Solis25.93aOnekama
5.10Anthony Bence26.68aBrethren
6.9John Brouwer26.85aMcBain Northern Mich...
7.9Aaron Laughlin27.05aMarion
5.10Brad Pressnell27.57aFrankfort
6.9Keith Rourke27.59aBuckley
8.9Nate Botma27.59aBig Rapids Crossroad...
7.10Abner Lopez28.61aBrethren
6.11Nathan Bentley30.54aMason County Eastern
7.9Jordan Ensor31.05aBuckley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jalen Carter51.84aBig Rapids Crossroad...
2.12Jarrod Brown51.85aMarion
3.12Luke Rookus53.01aForest Area Community
4.10Andre Whittaker54.18aMesick
5.12Nathan Hobart54.22aBrethren
6.9John King54.24aMesick
7.12Travis Blake55.41aBig Rapids Crossroad...
8.12Taman Gerring55.58aForest Area Community
9.10Tyler Floering55.66aGrand Traverse Academy
7.12Travis Blake55.71aBig Rapids Crossroad...
10.12Ryan Pienta56.56aOnekama
11.10Kurt Kalis56.76aMaple City Glen Lake
12.11Jack Jamieson56.95aTraverse City St. Fr...
13.11Aaron Hillsamer57.87aBrethren
14.9Reilly Merrill58.60aOnekama
15.9Mitchell Perry59.04aMcBain Northern Mich...
16.10Tyler Dohm59.07aTraverse City St. Fr...
17.9Wayne Hawkins1:00.14aBaldwin
18.10Cory Michalec1:00.39aBaldwin
19.9Tony Hernandez1:01.52aFrankfort
20.9Tyler Fink1:03.34aGrand Traverse Academy
21.9Andrew Pina1:03.49aMaple City Glen Lake
22.9Keith Rourke1:04.46aBuckley
23.10Jon Tobey1:07.09aBuckley
24.11Nathan Bentley1:13.88aMason County Eastern
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Kyle Tait51.2Big Rapids Crossroad...
12Colby Conklin52.5Big Rapids Crossroad...
11David Dantuma53.5Big Rapids Crossroad...
12Aaron Tait54.7Big Rapids Crossroad...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Tait1:58.27aBig Rapids Crossroad...
2.11David Dantuma2:01.79aBig Rapids Crossroad...
3.12Aaron Tait2:02.13aBig Rapids Crossroad...
4.12Peter Brouwer2:03.17aMcBain Northern Mich...
5.12Colby Conklin2:04.51aBig Rapids Crossroad...
6.12Mackenzie Pahl2:05.98aBuckley
7.11Tyler Groenwald2:06.92aOnekama
8.9Damin Huff2:08.09aMesick
9.12Logan Walters2:11.30aBuckley
10.9Nick Butts2:14.25aMaple City Glen Lake
11.10Mark Mol2:16.62aTraverse City St. Fr...
12.11Chris Dykgraaf2:18.25aMarion
13.12Travis Blake2:20.17aBig Rapids Crossroad...
14.11Shane Carlson2:20.43aMaple City Glen Lake
15.12Jalen Carter2:21.59aBig Rapids Crossroad...
16.9Jacob Chappell2:22.01aFrankfort
17.10Robert Beebe2:23.56aBaldwin
18.9Tyler Edwards2:30.20aMarion
19.10Tim Fraser2:39.01aGrand Traverse Academy
20.11Kevin Zeller2:45.64aMcBain Northern Mich...
21.9Brad Maier2:54.93aBrethren
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Colby Conklin2:02Big Rapids Crossroad...
11David Dantuma2:04Big Rapids Crossroad...
12Jalen Carter2:06Big Rapids Crossroad...
12Travis Blake2:09Big Rapids Crossroad...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Tait4:32.34aBig Rapids Crossroad...
2.11David Dantuma4:37.66aBig Rapids Crossroad...
3.12Aaron Tait4:37.88aBig Rapids Crossroad...
4.12Colby Conklin4:38.46aBig Rapids Crossroad...
5.9John Girven5:00.54aOnekama
6.9Joe Lewis5:04.61aMesick
7.10Will Martin5:06.01aMason County Eastern
8.10Mark Mol5:06.23aTraverse City St. Fr...
9.11Kenyon Fatt5:14.05aMaple City Glen Lake
10.10Cory Michalec5:17.74aBaldwin
11.11Shane Carlson5:18.13aMaple City Glen Lake
12.11Peter Nelson5:19.28aGrand Traverse Academy
13.12Ryan Landon5:21.45aForest Area Community
14.12Bobbie Myers5:21.68aOnekama
15.9Sean Landreth5:38.83aMesick
16.10Greg Wallace5:40.60aTraverse City St. Fr...
17.9Jordan Garza6:04.58aBuckley
18.11Kevin Zeller6:07.19aMcBain Northern Mich...
19.10Zach Fairbanks6:23.20aBrethren
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Tait10:19.41aBig Rapids Crossroad...
2.12Aaron Tait10:48.68aBig Rapids Crossroad...
3.10Caleb Lindgren10:49.33aGrand Traverse Academy
4.9John Girven11:07.60aOnekama
5.11James Keyser11:17.45aGrand Traverse Academy
6.12Tommy Willis11:34.03aFrankfort
7.9John Schoedel11:34.03aOnekama
8.10Will Martin11:57.00aMason County Eastern
9.11Paul Spitzer12:06.75aBuckley
10.12Jacob Argersinger12:16.59aMarion
11.9Jeremiah Simerson12:16.59aMesick
12.9Tyler Edwards12:30.84aMarion
13.10Greg Wallace13:11.03aTraverse City St. Fr...
14.11Leif Vanderwerff13:26.63aMaple City Glen Lake
15.11Mike Woods13:36.59aTraverse City St. Fr...
16.9Michael Rosek13:53.75aBuckley
17.9Christian Green14:09.55aMesick
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Zakrzewski16.30aTraverse City St. Fr...
2.11Cody Tarbell17.13aGrand Traverse Academy
3.12Mike Bowker17.77aMesick
4.12Tom Runkel17.82aForest Area Community
5.9Ethan Russell18.15aMarion
6.9Jeremy Richards18.28aForest Area Community
7.12Lewis Bartlett18.30aOnekama
12Nam Nguyen19.44aBig Rapids Crossroad...
9Caleb Bennett19.69aBig Rapids Crossroad...
8.11Austin Flees20.55aMaple City Glen Lake
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12John Zakrzewski17.31aTraverse City St. Fr...
1.12Tom Runkel17.50aForest Area Community
2.11Cody Tarbell17.69aGrand Traverse Academy
2.12Mike Bowker17.82aMesick
3.12Lewis Bartlett18.37aOnekama
4.9Ethan Russell18.44aMarion
3.9Jeremy Richards18.46aForest Area Community
4.11Austin Flees18.53aMaple City Glen Lake
5.12Nam Nguyen19.44aBig Rapids Crossroad...
5.9Caleb Bennett19.69aBig Rapids Crossroad...
6.9Billy Bardocz19.70aMesick
6.9Tyler O'Neal24.08aGrand Traverse Academy
7.10Keegan Mikula24.73aBuckley
7.11Patrick Kenwabikise25.59aMaple City Glen Lake
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Zakrzewski42.41aTraverse City St. Fr...
2.11Evan Vokes42.69aMarion
3.11HaRim Kim43.26aMcBain Northern Mich...
4.9Billy Bardocz44.49aMesick
5.9Ethan Russell45.03aMarion
6.12Tom Runkel45.26aForest Area Community
7.11Austin Flees45.28aMaple City Glen Lake
8.12Lewis Bartlett46.69aOnekama
9.10Jeff Hines47.11aGrand Traverse Academy
10.9John Brouwer47.84aMcBain Northern Mich...
11.9Jeremy Richards48.57aForest Area Community
12.12Rory Russell48.69aBrethren
13.9Tyler O'Neal49.67aGrand Traverse Academy
14.11Garrett Kendall51.72aMesick
15.9Jordan MacArthur53.74aFrankfort
16.10Keegan Mikula1:01.64aBuckley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nate Simerson
John King
Trevor May
Mike Riojas
2.-Jason Sawyer
Carter Lee
Parker Kokowicz
Elliot Clark
45.87aMaple City Glen Lake
3.-Relay Team 47.54aBaldwin
4.-Relay Team 48.39aFrankfort
5.-Aaron Laughlin
Ethan Russell
Chrisrtian Varaljai
Markus Jenema
6.-Josh Sprague
Nam Nguyen
Ian Mclachlan
Caleb Bennett
50.47aBig Rapids Crossroad...
7.-Christopher Steele
Jeremy Ohneck
Brandon Hiers
Jeremy Richards
50.77aForest Area Community
8.-Seth Harrington
Justin Solis
David Gillespie
Carlos Rivera
9.-Relay Team 52.48aBuckley
10.-Relay Team 52.66aBrethren
10.-Brandon Batzer
Lucas Connolly
Anthony Bence
Abner Lopez
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nate Simerson
Mike Bowker
Trevor May
Mike Riojas
2.-Tyler Stachnik
Michael Sawyer
Parker Kokowicz
Carter Lee
1:38.14aMaple City Glen Lake
3.-Relay Team 1:38.74aBaldwin
4.-Chad Blakely
HaRim Kim
Peter Brouwer
Mitchell Perry
1:39.39aMcBain Northern Mich...
5.-Relay Team 1:39.94aFrankfort
6.-Relay Team 1:41.11aGrand Traverse Academy
7.-Relay Team 1:43.12aMarion
8.-Josh Sprague
Nam Nguyen
Ian Mclachlan
Caleb Bennett
1:44.51aBig Rapids Crossroad...
9.-Relay Team 1:44.69aForest Area Community
9.-Tom Runkel
Taman Gerring
Hayden Hollister
Jermaine Nix
1:44.69aForest Area Community
10.-Relay Team 1:46.00aBuckley
11.-Seth Harrington
Justin Solis
Austin Griener
Reilly Merrill
12.-Aaron Hillsamer
John Cullar
Anthony Bence
Abner Lopez
12.-Relay Team 1:48.44aBrethren
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Colby Conklin
David Dantuma
Aaron Tait
Kyle Tait
3:31.84aBig Rapids Crossroad...
2.-Andre Whittaker
Caleb Poltrak
Billy Bardocz
John King
3.-HaRim Kim
John Brouwer
Peter Brouwer
Mitchell Perry
3:44.97aMcBain Northern Mich...
4.-AJ Famiano
Jon Miller
Kirt Kalis
Nick Butts
3:46.00aMaple City Glen Lake
5.-Relay Team 3:49.89aBrethren
5.-Rory Russell
Aaron Hillsamer
John Cullar
Nathan Hobart
6.-Relay Team 3:50.63aFrankfort
7.-Relay Team 3:54.36aTraverse City St. Fr...
8.-Relay Team 3:56.52aForest Area Community
8.-Taman Gerring
Thomas Gowen
Tom Runkel
Luke Rookus
3:56.52aForest Area Community
9.-Jarrod Brown
Evan Vokes
Ethan Russell
Jesse Gilson
10.-Relay Team 4:04.35aBuckley
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Travis Blake
Jalen Carter
Colby Conklin
David Dantuma
8:21.47aBig Rapids Crossroad...
2.-Tyler Groenwald
Ryan Pienta
Shane Peterson
Tyler Fogarty
3.-Kenyon Fatt
Jon Miller
Kirt Kalis
Nick Butts
8:58.93aMaple City Glen Lake
4.-Relay Team 9:02.39aBuckley
5.-Relay Team 9:07.33aFrankfort
6.-Jordan Calhoun
Jeremiah Simersaon
Lance Baller
Nate May
7.-Relay Team 9:15.14aTraverse City St. Fr...
8.-Relay Team 9:24.04aGrand Traverse Academy
9.-Relay Team 9:39.52aMarion
10.-Relay Team 10:03.85aForest Area Community
10.-Taman Gerring
Ryan Landon
Marco Martinez
Thomas Gowen
10:03.85aForest Area Community
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jarid Frederick42'05.25"Marion
2.12Raul Torres41'05.00"Onekama
3.12Lucas Ebels40'06.75"McBain Northern Mich...
4.9Jimmy Appledorn38'08.25"Mason County Eastern
5.11Reece Sivek38'01.50"Grand Traverse Academy
6.10Matt Omerza37'00.50"Maple City Glen Lake
7.12Davis Naquin36'05.00"Mesick
8.12Dylon Meyer35'09.75"Traverse City St. Fr...
9.12Vic Cicansky35'06.00"Maple City Glen Lake
10.12Ryan Ruskowski34'02.50"Mesick
11.9Paul Ruelle33'11.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
12.12Kurtis Demerly32'11.00"Frankfort
13.11Robert Bailor32'05.50"Marion
14.10Dakota Hickerson32'01.50"Buckley
15.9Luke Somsel30'06.25"Buckley
16.10McKenzie Norconk30'05.75"Traverse City St. Fr...
17.10Will Martin29'00.50"Mason County Eastern
18.9William Connell26'02.75"Big Rapids Crossroad...
9William Connell26'2.25"Big Rapids Crossroad...
19.10Kody Karash22'01.50"Brethren
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jarid Frederick135'09.00"Marion
2.12Lucas Ebels119'07.00"McBain Northern Mich...
3.9Jeremy Richards114'06.00"Forest Area Community
4.12Raul Torres107'03.00"Onekama
5.10McKenzie Norconk105'00.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
6.12Davis Naquin93'00.00"Mesick
7.10Chad Blakely92'10.00"McBain Northern Mich...
8.12Kurtis Demerly90'10.00"Frankfort
9.12Vic Cicansky90'03.00"Maple City Glen Lake
10.9Lance Baller88'02.00"Mesick
11.10Nick Schweikart85'07.00"Maple City Glen Lake
12.9Jimmy Appledorn84'00.00"Mason County Eastern
13.11Nick Larsen83'00.00"Frankfort
14.11Robert Bailor80'02.00"Marion
15.9Paul Ruelle79'10.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
16.9John Curtin76'09.00"Onekama
17.9Luke Somsel74'00.00"Buckley
18.10Keegan Mikula71'00.00"Buckley
19.11Drew Gary70'00.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
20.9Tyler Fink66'00.00"Grand Traverse Academy
21.10Kody Karash64'05.00"Brethren
9William Connell64'1"Big Rapids Crossroad...
22.9William Connell64'00.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
23.9David Lipscomb63'08.00"Grand Traverse Academy
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Markus Jenema6'00.00"Marion
2.12Luke Rookus5'10.00"Forest Area Community
12Caleb Poltrak5'07.00"Mesick
3.10Andre Whittaker5'07.00"Mesick
5.12Jacob Argersinger5'04.01"Marion
6.12Lewis Bartlett5'04.00"Onekama
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Fogarty11'08.00"Onekama
2.11Jack Jamieson11'02.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
3.12Kyle Campbell-Slade10'08.00"Frankfort
4.9Blaine Peck10'02.00"Brethren
5.11Austin Flees9'02.01"Maple City Glen Lake
6.9Ben Jamieson9'02.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jermaine Nix19'09.75"Forest Area Community
2.10Martel Forest19'08.25"Baldwin
3.11Markus Jenema19'01.75"Marion
4.11John Cullar19'00.50"Brethren
5.9John King19'00.00"Mesick
6.9Billy Bardocz18'08.00"Mesick
7.10Andon Ware18'04.00"Baldwin
8.12Rory Russell18'03.51"Brethren
9.9AJ Weber18'03.50"Grand Traverse Academy
10.12Jason Sawyer17'09.00"Maple City Glen Lake
11.9Caleb Bennett17'08.50"Big Rapids Crossroad...
12.12Nam Nguyen17'05.25"Big Rapids Crossroad...
13.11Collin Alpers17'04.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
14.12Jacob Argersinger17'03.00"Marion
15.11Michael Sawyer16'08.00"Maple City Glen Lake
16.12Patrick O'Brien16'05.00"Frankfort
17.10Will Martin15'08.25"Mason County Eastern
18.9Ben Jamieson15'06.50"Traverse City St. Fr...
19.10Brad Pressnell15'00.50"Frankfort
20.10Taylor Page14'04.50"Grand Traverse Academy
21.9David Gillespie14'02.50"Onekama
22.9Keith Rourke14'02.50"Buckley
23.11Trevor May13'03.25"Mesick
24.9Jordan Ensor13'01.25"Buckley
25.11Nathan Bentley10'08.50"Mason County Eastern

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marissa Ingersoll12.89aForest Area Community
2.12Kada Knizacky13.12aMason County Eastern
3.12Tori Gillespie13.14aMarion
4.10Sarah Farnsworth13.45aOnekama
5.9Rachel Westmas13.70aMcBain Northern Mich...
6.9Nisha Collins13.89aOnekama
7.10Paige Fuller13.90aMesick
8.10Amber Gage13.92aMarion
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.11Marissa Ingersoll13.69aForest Area Community
1.12Tori Gillespie13.75aMarion
2.9Rachel Westmas13.85aMcBain Northern Mich...
3.10Sarah Farnsworth13.87aOnekama
4.9Nisha Collins13.90aOnekama
5.11Kasey Wigging13.93aMesick
2.12Kada Knizacky13.97aMason County Eastern
6.11Alex Torres14.03aBaldwin
3.10Paige Fuller14.05aMesick
4.10Amber Gage14.07aMarion
5.10Breanna Fink14.17aOnekama
6.10Breana Underwood14.31aBrethren
7.12Karen Lewis14.34aBrethren
7.9Aubrielle Angell14.62aBig Rapids Crossroad...
8.10Kim Schmidt14.91aBuckley
8.9Lydia Arthur15.05aTraverse City St. Fr...
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Sarah Farnsworth13.48aOnekama
1.11Marissa Ingersoll13.79aForest Area Community
2.9Rachel Westmas13.86aMcBain Northern Mich...
2.11Kasey Wigging13.97aMesick
3.10Amber Gage14.01aMarion
3.12Karen Lewis14.29aBrethren
1.12Kada Knizacky14.30aMason County Eastern
2.10Paige Fuller14.35aMesick
4.10Breanna Fink14.36aOnekama
3.12Tori Gillespie14.48aMarion
4.10Breana Underwood14.55aBrethren
4.9Nisha Collins14.58aOnekama
5.11Alex Torres14.58aBaldwin
5.9Aubrielle Angell14.78aBig Rapids Crossroad...
6.9Lydia Arthur14.88aTraverse City St. Fr...
5.10Kim Schmidt14.95aBuckley
7.9Raegan Weston15.00aMaple City Glen Lake
6.10Angel Irish15.01aMaple City Glen Lake
8.10Sierra Willsey15.05aFrankfort
6.9Alisa Davis15.30aFrankfort
7.9Brittney Grant15.48aBaldwin
7.9Dru Mark-Wilson15.50aBuckley
8.10Sarah Sargent15.55aGrand Traverse Academy
8.10Devan Burke15.71aForest Area Community
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marissa Ingersoll26.79aForest Area Community
2.10Lauren Buckel26.86aTraverse City St. Fr...
3.11Jane Pearson26.92aMcBain Northern Mich...
4.12Tori Gillespie27.24aMarion
5.12Kada Knizacky27.99aMason County Eastern
6.10Kaitlyn Hegewald28.07aTraverse City St. Fr...
7.12Brittanee Wilson28.41aMcBain Northern Mich...
8.10Sarah Farnsworth28.84aOnekama
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.11Jane Pearson27.44aMcBain Northern Mich...
1.11Marissa Ingersoll27.63aForest Area Community
2.10Lauren Buckel27.67aTraverse City St. Fr...
3.12Brittanee Wilson27.82aMcBain Northern Mich...
2.12Kada Knizacky27.85aMason County Eastern
3.10Kaitlyn Hegewald28.11aTraverse City St. Fr...
4.12Tori Gillespie28.19aMarion
5.9Rachel Westmas28.56aMcBain Northern Mich...
6.10Breana Underwood28.68aBrethren
4.10Sarah Farnsworth28.73aOnekama
5.10Paige Fuller29.05aMesick
6.9Amber Gillespie29.33aMarion
7.9Allison Evans29.56aFrankfort
8.10Rowan Estenik29.96aGrand Traverse Academy
7.9Aubrielle Angell30.66aBig Rapids Crossroad...
8.9Hayley Wade32.35aBrethren
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Allison Evans24.58aFrankfort
2.11Marissa Ingersoll28.18aForest Area Community
3.10Sarah Farnsworth28.34aOnekama
1.11Jane Pearson28.56aMcBain Northern Mich...
1.10Lauren Buckel28.65aTraverse City St. Fr...
2.10Breana Underwood28.75aBrethren
4.10Paige Fuller28.80aMesick
1.9Amber Gillespie29.06aMarion
3.12Tori Gillespie29.10aMarion
2.9Hayley Wade29.39aBrethren
4.9Rachel Westmas29.46aMcBain Northern Mich...
2.12Kada Knizacky29.49aMason County Eastern
3.12Brittanee Wilson29.67aMcBain Northern Mich...
3.10Rowan Estenik29.71aGrand Traverse Academy
4.9Aubrielle Angell30.17aBig Rapids Crossroad...
5.9Nisha Collins30.42aOnekama
5.9Kirsten DefFrece30.76aBaldwin
6.9Brittney Grant31.11aBaldwin
7.9Terry Famiano31.28aMaple City Glen Lake
5.9Dru Mark-Wilson31.38aBuckley
4.10Kaitlyn Hegewald31.51aTraverse City St. Fr...
6.10Kayla Bamberg31.75aMaple City Glen Lake
5.11Meghan Mccumber32.01aMason County Eastern
6.11Caitlin DeVoll33.07aMesick
7.9Alisa Davis33.52aFrankfort
8.9Makenna Clous34.23aBuckley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jane Pearson1:00.64aMcBain Northern Mich...
2.10Lauren Buckel1:01.41aTraverse City St. Fr...
3.10Kim Wendel1:04.46aForest Area Community
4.9Katie Stowe1:04.91aMaple City Glen Lake
5.12Kada Knizacky1:05.71aMason County Eastern
6.9Britttany Hoekwater1:07.31aMcBain Northern Mich...
7.10Bailee Kuhn1:07.35aBuckley
10Rowan Estenik1:08.20aGrand Traverse Academy
8.9Faith Moerdyk1:08.20aOnekama
10.11Olivia Pina1:08.30aMaple City Glen Lake
11.11Ashley Soller1:08.93aBig Rapids Crossroad...
12.9Selena Harnishfeger1:10.12aOnekama
13.9Dru Mark-Wilson1:11.42aBuckley
14.10Lyndsey Czuk1:14.39aForest Area Community
15.9Hannah Meads1:16.36aBig Rapids Crossroad...
16.9Tia Hoffman1:16.57aMesick
17.11Danielle Johnson1:20.55aBrethren
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Adri Sigafoose2:24.90aMcBain Northern Mich...
2.11Haley Morairty2:27.98aBuckley
3.10Maddy Danz2:31.18aTraverse City St. Fr...
4.-Toby Schoedel2:32.23aOnekama
5.12Martika O'Brien2:34.68aFrankfort
6.12Sarah Dick2:36.68aMcBain Northern Mich...
7.10Brooke Olesnavage2:37.75aGrand Traverse Academy
8.9Katie Stowe2:38.52aMaple City Glen Lake
9.9Faith Moerdyk2:38.82aOnekama
10.10Madeline Swiler2:56.73aMarion
11.10Kelsey Grigg3:04.72aMaple City Glen Lake
12.11Danielle Johnson3:09.19aBrethren
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Adri Sigafoose5:29.52aMcBain Northern Mich...
2.-Toby Schoedel5:30.40aOnekama
3.11Haley Morairty5:42.58aBuckley
4.10Maddy Danz5:45.23aTraverse City St. Fr...
5.10Sophie Schuetze6:01.79aGrand Traverse Academy
6.10Krissi Dressler6:06.25aTraverse City St. Fr...
7.10Madeline Swiler6:07.38aMarion
8.9Kelly Babcock6:10.36aOnekama
9.9Rachel Vokes6:17.73aMarion
10.9Maria Vanderwerf6:33.56aMaple City Glen Lake
11.11Danielle Johnson6:51.57aBrethren
12.11Hannah Hackett7:23.40aMesick
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alysia Campos13:11.15aGrand Traverse Academy
2.10Sophie Schuetze13:20.65aGrand Traverse Academy
3.9Triston Gleason13:53.20aOnekama
4.10Krissi Dressler13:55.84aTraverse City St. Fr...
5.9Taylor Bryant14:04.66aMason County Eastern
6.11Laura Stickney14:04.88aMason County Eastern
7.9Kelly Babcock14:15.10aOnekama
8.10Jamie Sylvester14:33.49aMarion
9.10Hanna Hackett15:53.44aMesick
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Yumi Babinec16.33aOnekama
2.11McKaely Ludka16.35aTraverse City St. Fr...
3.11Katie Johnson16.52aForest Area Community
4.11Jane Pearson16.80aMcBain Northern Mich...
5.12Brittanee Wilson17.17aMcBain Northern Mich...
6.9Paige Emerson18.45aMaple City Glen Lake
7.11Hayley Peterson18.59aGrand Traverse Academy
8.11Ashleigh Maier18.74aBrethren
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Yumi Babinec16.64aOnekama
2.11Katie Johnson16.84aForest Area Community
1.11Jane Pearson16.96aMcBain Northern Mich...
3.12Brittanee Wilson17.37aMcBain Northern Mich...
2.11McKaely Ludka17.56aTraverse City St. Fr...
3.9Paige Emerson18.50aMaple City Glen Lake
4.11Hayley Peterson18.71aGrand Traverse Academy
4.11Ashleigh Maier18.96aBrethren
5.9Amanda Lodge19.60aMaple City Glen Lake
6.10Kaylyn Sikkema19.65aMarion
5.10Kirsten Santa19.77aOnekama
7.10Erin Nibler20.55aMesick
6.10Kristin Booms20.62aMarion
7.9Tia Hoffman20.86aMesick
8.10Clarice Pahl21.05aBuckley
8.9Makenna Clous21.93aBuckley
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jane Pearson17.27aMcBain Northern Mich...
1.11Katie Johnson17.38aForest Area Community
1.12Brittanee Wilson17.84aMcBain Northern Mich...
2.9Paige Emerson18.37aMaple City Glen Lake
2.11McKaely Ludka18.42aTraverse City St. Fr...
2.12Yumi Babinec18.43aOnekama
3.11Hayley Peterson18.64aGrand Traverse Academy
4.10Kirsten Santa19.27aOnekama
3.11Ashleigh Maier19.54aBrethren
3.10Kaylyn Sikkema20.01aMarion
4.10Kristin Booms20.42aMarion
5.10Clarice Pahl20.79aBuckley
4.9Amanda Lodge20.85aMaple City Glen Lake
6.10Erin Nibler21.52aMesick
5.9Makenna Clous21.86aBuckley
5.9Tia Hoffman21.96aMesick
6.10Michaela Staff24.10aBrethren
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Yumi Babinec47.71aOnekama
2.12Brittanee Wilson48.28aMcBain Northern Mich...
3.11Katie Johnson49.61aForest Area Community
4.11McKaely Ludka49.66aTraverse City St. Fr...
5.12Danielle Bott50.76aTraverse City St. Fr...
6.11Maggie Miller53.15aFrankfort
7.9Claire Palmer54.14aGrand Traverse Academy
8.10Kirsten Santa55.38aOnekama
9.10Kaylyn Sikkema57.33aMarion
10.9Paige Emerson57.42aMaple City Glen Lake
11.10Sarah Sargent58.60aGrand Traverse Academy
12.9Alex Lagalo1:00.52aMesick
13.10Clarice Pahl1:02.32aBuckley
14.10Kristin Booms1:04.45aMarion
15.9Rebecca Brown1:08.09aMaple City Glen Lake
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 53.19aForest Area Community
1.-Kim Wendel
Devan Burke
Katie Johnson
Jacqueline Hyatt
53.19aForest Area Community
2.-Jaylee Brown
Danielle Ward
Yumi Babinec
Breanna Fink
3.-Becky Gatrell
Allison Evans
Noel Bigley
Maggie Miller
4.-Megan Gage
Amber Gage
Amber Gillespie
Tori Gillespie
5.-Alysia Campos
Molly Ritsema
Hayley Peterson
Lindsey White
55.49aGrand Traverse Academy
6.-Jennifer Coddington
Paige Fuller
Kelsey Lint
Kasey Wigging
7.-Relay Team 56.76aBrethren
8.-Relay Team 57.09aBaldwin
9.-Angel Irish
Raegan Weston
Terry Famiano
Kayla Bamberg
58.72aMaple City Glen Lake
10.-Relay Team 1:01.09aBuckley
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-McKaely Ludka
Danielle Bott
Kaitlyn Hegewald
Lauren Buckel
1:49.62aTraverse City St. Fr...
3.-Becky Gatrell
Allison Evans
Shelby Packard
Maggie Miller
4.-Danielle Ward
Nisha Collins
Faith Moerdyk
Sarah Farnsworth
5.-Lindsey White
Claire Palmer
Brooke Olesnavage
Molly Ritsema
1:56.85aGrand Traverse Academy
6.-Relay Team 1:57.56aMcBain Northern Mich...
7.-Relay Team 1:59.60aBrethren
8.-Jennifer Coddington
Paige Fuller
Kelsey Lint
Kasey Wigging
9.-Relay Team 2:02.09aBuckley
10.-Angel Irish
Raegan Weston
Terry Famiano
Kayla Bamberg
2:09.34aMaple City Glen Lake
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brittanee Wilson
Sarah Dick
Adri Sigafoose
Jane Pearson
4:15.28aMcBain Northern Mich...
2.-Maddy Danz
Kaitlyn Hegewald
Erin McDonnelle
Lauren Buckel
4:18.11aTraverse City St. Fr...
3.-Relay Team 4:22.33aOnekama
4.-Lindsey White
Molly Ritsema
Brooke Olesnavage
Rowan Estnick
4:30.60aGrand Traverse Academy
5.-Olivia Pina
Paige Emerson
Maria Vanderwerf
Katie Stowe
4:33.25aMaple City Glen Lake
6.-Maggie Miller
Martika O'Brien
Shelby Packard
Kristin Smeltzer
7.-Relay Team 4:43.36aBuckley
8.-Makayla Swiler
Tori Gillespie
Amber Gillespie
Megan Gage
9.-Relay Team 4:53.98aBig Rapids Crossroad...
10.-Relay Team 5:06.38aMason County Eastern
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Britttany Hoekwater
Sydney Dick
Sarah Dick
Adri Sigafoose
10:09.11aMcBain Northern Mich...
2.-Brooke Olesnavage
Sophie Schuetze
Molly Ritsema
Lindsey White
10:17.42aGrand Traverse Academy
3.-Relay Team 10:32.96aBuckley
4.-Maddy Danz
Krissi Dressler
Lydia Arthur
Erin McDonnelle
10:33.33aTraverse City St. Fr...
5.-Makayla Swiler
Madeline Swiler
Jamie Sylvester
Rachel Vokes
6.-Kirsten Santa
Faith Moerdyk
Kelly Babcock
Taylor Anderson
7.-Shayla Aldridge
Martika O'Brien
Shelby Packard
Kristin Smeltzer
8.-Relay Team 12:25.87aMason County Eastern
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Gibler34'06.50"Buckley
2.11Samantha Coats32'01.50"Marion
3.12Emily Gray30'10.00"Frankfort
4.11Jessica Appledorn30'02.00"Mason County Eastern
5.12Felicia Wall29'08.00"Buckley
6.12Heather Dewey28'08.00"McBain Northern Mich...
7.11Leah Mohnke28'04.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
8.10Paige Schoo27'06.00"McBain Northern Mich...
9.9Audrey Gordon27'05.50"Marion
10.12Noel Bigley26'01.50"Frankfort
11.12Karen Lewis25'11.50"Brethren
12.10Keegan Tarrant25'10.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
13.9McKenzie Jenkins24'07.50"Mesick
14.10Christina Testa24'02.25"Grand Traverse Academy
15.9Lydia Arthur23'02.75"Traverse City St. Fr...
16.10Shavonne Copeland22'10.00"Baldwin
17.11Kasie Oetman18'05.75"Mason County Eastern
18.11Gabriella Bellinger18'03.50"Onekama
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Gray109'06.00"Frankfort
2.11Jessica Appledorn102'06.00"Mason County Eastern
3.12Emily Gibler98'00.00"Buckley
4.11Samantha Coats93'10.00"Marion
5.11Leah Mohnke88'06.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
6.12Noel Bigley85'05.00"Frankfort
7.12Jessica Miller84'08.00"Marion
8.12Felicia Wall83'00.00"Buckley
9.12Danielle Bott80'01.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
10.11Ashley Roy69'04.00"Baldwin
11.10Paige Schoo68'06.00"McBain Northern Mich...
12.12Heather Dewey68'01.00"McBain Northern Mich...
13.10Kirsten Santa61'02.00"Onekama
14.10Keegan Tarrant59'11.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
15.9McKenzie Jenkins55'01.00"Mesick
16.10Shavonne Copeland52'00.00"Baldwin
17.11Gabriella Bellinger45'01.00"Onekama
18.11Kasie Oetman43'10.00"Mason County Eastern
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stephanie Shank4'9"Big Rapids Crossroad...
1.12Stephanie Shank4'09.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
2.10Brooke Olesnavage4'07.00"Grand Traverse Academy
10Mariah Guernsey4'04.00"Buckley
9Faith Moerdyk4'04.00"Onekama
9Sydney Dick4'04.00"McBain Northern Mich...
3.10Makayla Swiler4'04.00"Marion
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jaylee Brown9'06.00"Onekama
2.10Sierra Willsey7'06.00"Frankfort
3.-Toby Schoedel7'00.00"Onekama
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Nisha Collins15'11.00"Onekama
2.11Becky Gatrell15'09.25"Frankfort
3.11McKaely Ludka15'06.00"Traverse City St. Fr...
4.10Kaitlyn Hegewald15'04.75"Traverse City St. Fr...
5.11Alex Torres15'02.25"Baldwin
6.12Kelsey Lint14'09.25"Mesick
7.10Amber Gage14'08.52"Marion
8.9Alyssa Akin14'03.00"Marion
9.12Stephanie Shank14'01.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
10.11Kasey Wigging13'09.50"Mesick
11.10Breana Underwood13'08.25"Brethren
12.11Ashley Soller13'08.00"Big Rapids Crossroad...
13.11Laura Stickney13'07.00"Mason County Eastern
14.10Maribell Acosta13'06.00"Brethren
15.9Paige Emerson12'10.75"Maple City Glen Lake
16.9Claire Palmer12'09.50"Grand Traverse Academy
17.11Meghan Mccumber12'09.50"Mason County Eastern
18.9Makenna Clous12'09.00"Buckley
19.10Christina Testa12'07.75"Grand Traverse Academy
20.12Kelsey Terwilliger12'02.50"Frankfort
21.9Jacqueline Hyatt11'06.50"Forest Area Community
22.12Tarren Clous10'06.50"Buckley
23.10Angel Irish9'10.25"Maple City Glen Lake
24.9Emily Hippensteel8'04.00"Onekama
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