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Southeast District Division 3

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oak Hill HS, Oak Hill

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Boys North - Finals
1.12Tim Morell11.56aPaint Valley
2.11Austin Keith11.57aTrimble Local
3.11Daniel Kline11.75aNelsonville-York
4.11Reid Hutchison11.77aAdena
5.11Dustin Young11.95aNelsonville-York
6.11Gideon Poku12.25aAdena
7.9Tyler Guster12.52aCrooksville
X 100 Meters - Boys South - Finals
1.11Cody Belveal11.86aSciotoville Community
2.12Boo Woods11.92aDawson-Bryant
3.12Jack Welsh12.13aNotre Dame
4.10Devon Davis12.22aOak Hill
5.12Taylor Wesney12.58aMiller
6.9Mason Nance12.68aDawson-Bryant
7.10Doug Rakes12.83aOak Hill
8.9Cameron Bullard12.92aBelpre
X 100 Meters - Boys North - Semi-Finals
1.12Tim Morell11.69aPaint Valley
1.11Reid Hutchison11.84aAdena
2.11Austin Keith11.93aTrimble Local
3.11Dustin Young11.98aNelsonville-York
2.11Daniel Kline12.25aNelsonville-York
3.11Gideon Poku12.30aAdena
4.12Steven Oney12.45aWhiteoak
4.9Tyler Guster12.59aCrooksville
5.12Dakota Gardner12.82aPaint Valley
5.12Dakota Green12.88aLynchburg-Clay
6.9Colton Dunseith12.97aLynchburg-Clay
7.11Stone Crothers13.00aPeebles
6.9Bryce Smathers13.05aTrimble Local
7.11Trevor Lang13.20aWaterford
8.9Alex Melem13.31aWaterford
8.-Seth Schumaker13.58aHuntington Local
X 100 Meters - Boys North - Prelims
1.12Tim Morell11.87aPaint Valley
1.11Reid Hutchison11.91aAdena
2.11Austin Keith11.97aTrimble Local
2.11Dustin Young12.37aNelsonville-York
1.11Daniel Kline12.45aNelsonville-York
2.11Gideon Poku12.50aAdena
3.12Steven Oney12.57aWhiteoak
3.9Tyler Guster12.62aCrooksville
4.12Dakota Gardner12.79aPaint Valley
3.9Bryce Smathers12.81aTrimble Local
5.12Dakota Green12.92aLynchburg-Clay
4.11Stone Crothers12.94aPeebles
4.9Colton Dunseith13.05aLynchburg-Clay
5.11Trevor Lang13.12aWaterford
5.9Alex Melem13.32aWaterford
6.-Seth Schumaker13.61aHuntington Local
7.10Anthony Seaman14.63aPeebles
6.-Joe Isaac17.70aWhiteoak
X 100 Meters - Boys South - Prelims
1.11Cody Belveal11.79aSciotoville Community
1.12Boo Woods11.94aDawson-Bryant
2.10Devon Davis12.35aOak Hill
2.12Jack Welsh12.52aNotre Dame
3.9Mason Nance12.59aDawson-Bryant
3.12Taylor Wesney12.81aMiller
4.10Doug Rakes12.92aOak Hill
5.9Cameron Bullard13.02aBelpre
6.11Ian Synder13.04aSouth Webster
4.11Austin Forshey13.17aBelpre
7.12Caleb Lofton13.61aManchester
5.12Joey Forester13.65aSouthern (Racine)
6.11Quinn Mault13.89aNotre Dame
7.10Mario Lopez14.96aManchester
X 200 Meters - Boys North - Finals
1.12Tim Morell22.89aPaint Valley
2.11Reid Hutchison23.45aAdena
3.11Austin Keith23.92aTrimble Local
4.11Dustin Young24.14aNelsonville-York
5.11Ki Pullum24.70aPaint Valley
6.11Justin Jewell25.02aTrimble Local
7.10Dakota Jones25.42aCrooksville
X 200 Meters - Boys South - Finals
1.12Kyle Connery22.76aEastern Local
2.10Joesph Winters23.29aLucasville Valley
3.11Cody Belveal23.47aSciotoville Community
4.12Boo Woods23.87aDawson-Bryant
5.10Tucker Rhodes24.14aOak Hill
6.11Josh Cooper24.24aSouth Gallia
7.10Aaron Wilson25.13aDawson-Bryant
8.12Adam Rice25.78aSouth Webster
X 200 Meters - Boys South - Semi-Finals
1.12Kyle Connery23.39aEastern Local
1.11Cody Belveal23.43aSciotoville Community
2.12Boo Woods23.97aDawson-Bryant
2.10Joesph Winters24.05aLucasville Valley
3.11Josh Cooper24.28aSouth Gallia
4.10Tucker Rhodes24.43aOak Hill
3.10Aaron Wilson24.96aDawson-Bryant
4.12Adam Rice24.98aSouth Webster
5.12Jack Welsh25.64aNotre Dame
5.9Matt Pierce25.76aFederal-Hocking
6.9Peyton Seele25.86aFederal-Hocking
6.12Taylor Wesney26.01aMiller
7.10Matt Rawlins26.05aLucasville Valley
7.9Cameron Bullard26.81aBelpre
8.11Grant Blackburn26.83aSouth Webster
8.10Robbie Postlewaite26.98aBelpre
X 200 Meters - Boys North - Prelims
1.12Tim Morell23.14aPaint Valley
1.11Reid Hutchison24.26aAdena
2.11Austin Keith24.54aTrimble Local
2.11Dustin Young24.57aNelsonville-York
3.12Steven Oney24.80aWhiteoak
3.11Ki Pullum25.04aPaint Valley
4.10Dakota Jones25.32aCrooksville
4.11Justin Jewell25.33aTrimble Local
5.11Braden Burer25.39aWaterford
6.11Gideon Poku25.68aAdena
5.11Cyler Pottorf26.05aPeebles
6.10Trent Arey26.73aPeebles
7.9Logan Fouss27.64aWaterford
7.-Seth Schumaker28.36aHuntington Local
8.11Matt West28.90aLynchburg-Clay
8.10Justin Mendoza30.03aLynchburg-Clay
X 200 Meters - Boys South - Prelims
1.12Kyle Connery23.77aEastern Local
1.11Cody Belveal23.86aSciotoville Community
1.11Josh Cooper24.08aSouth Gallia
2.10Joesph Winters24.10aLucasville Valley
3.12Boo Woods24.54aDawson-Bryant
2.12Adam Rice24.90aSouth Webster
2.10Tucker Rhodes25.07aOak Hill
3.10Aaron Wilson25.37aDawson-Bryant
4.9Matt Pierce25.73aFederal-Hocking
4.9Peyton Seele25.78aFederal-Hocking
5.12Jack Welsh25.98aNotre Dame
5.12Taylor Wesney26.39aMiller
6.10Matt Rawlins26.51aLucasville Valley
3.10Robbie Postlewaite26.59aBelpre
6.9Cameron Bullard26.68aBelpre
4.11Grant Blackburn27.34aSouth Webster
7.-Justin Orme28.08aManchester
7.12Caleb Lofton28.09aManchester
5.12Joey Forester28.65aSouthern (Racine)
6.10Logan Wesney29.36aMiller
8.-Nick Ranieri34.24aGreen (Franklin Furn...
X 400 Meters - Boys North - Finals
1.10Micheal Bryant53.15aAdena
2.12Mark Crowe53.41aWhiteoak
3.11Daniel Kline54.59aNelsonville-York
4.12Carey James55.48aHuntington Local
5.-Dustin Humprhey56.60aLatham Western
6.12Logan Krivak57.90aPaint Valley
7.11Jon Mainer58.91aHuntington Local
8.-David Warfe1:01.12aPeebles
X 400 Meters - Boys South - Finals
1.12Kyle Connery50.31aEastern Local
2.12Tyler Hughes52.39aWheelersburg
3.12Klint Connery52.83aEastern Local
4.12Adam Rice54.42aSouth Webster
5.11Jake Jewell55.65aDawson-Bryant
6.10JP Kayser55.94aNotre Dame
7.11Cody Spradlin57.26aLucasville Valley
8.10Ryan Gaines58.94aOak Hill
X 400 Meters - Boys North - Prelims
1.10Micheal Bryant54.68aAdena
1.11Daniel Kline56.18aNelsonville-York
1.12Mark Crowe56.18aWhiteoak
2.12Carey James56.76aHuntington Local
2.11Jon Mainer57.92aHuntington Local
3.-Dustin Humprhey58.12aLatham Western
3.-David Warfe58.76aPeebles
4.12Logan Krivak59.66aPaint Valley
2.10David Bakenhaster59.69aAdena
4.12Steven Oney1:00.37aWhiteoak
3.10Chris Humphrey1:01.09aTrimble Local
5.9Ty Slayton1:01.71aCrooksville
5.9Alex Melem1:01.80aWaterford
6.-Hunter East1:02.49aLatham Western
4.10Zac Richardson1:02.84aPaint Valley
6.9Logan Fouss1:03.51aWaterford
7.10Caleb Toller1:03.77aLynchburg-Clay
7.-Travis Laxton1:12.53aPeebles
X 400 Meters - Boys South - Prelims
1.12Kyle Connery52.34aEastern Local
1.12Klint Connery54.14aEastern Local
1.12Tyler Hughes54.39aWheelersburg
2.12Adam Rice56.72aSouth Webster
2.11Cody Spradlin56.78aLucasville Valley
3.11Jake Jewell57.23aDawson-Bryant
3.10JP Kayser57.39aNotre Dame
4.10Ryan Gaines57.68aOak Hill
2.10Bryan Steele57.81aDawson-Bryant
3.9Wyatt Lewis59.90aLucasville Valley
4.11Andrew Ginther1:00.00aSouthern (Racine)
5.10Robbie Postlewaite1:00.01aBelpre
4.12Gunner Hess1:00.43aBelpre
6.12Tyler Kilgore1:01.25aSciotoville Community
5.11Grant Blackburn1:01.63aSouth Webster
5.10Tommy Werry1:01.92aSouthern (Racine)
6.9Mason Waugh1:03.01aOak Hill
6.12Caleb Lofton1:05.10aManchester
7.10Mario Lopez1:08.97aManchester
X 800 Meters - Boys North - Finals
1.12Logan Markko2:01.90aPaint Valley
2.10Riley Markko2:06.87aPaint Valley
3.11Luke Hocker2:10.06aHuntington Local
4.12Tecumseh Duderstadt2:11.35aLynchburg-Clay
5.9Eli Strahler2:13.13aWaterford
6.9Austin Long2:19.52aHuntington Local
7.12Zach Frash2:23.09aCrooksville
8.10Jacob Blake2:25.70aNelsonville-York
9.9Jacob Altier2:27.28aTrimble Local
10.11Josh Denzik2:29.16aPeebles
11.9Austin Ebert2:30.29aCrooksville
12.-Chris Jones2:37.41aPeebles
13.11Curtis Sneed2:42.11aLynchburg-Clay
14.11Ej Giles2:45.19aAdena
15.-Eric Brandenburg3:36.39aWhiteoak
X 800 Meters - Boys South - Finals
1.10John Gray2:04.35aSouthern (Racine)
2.12Adam Hadsell2:04.73aNotre Dame
3.11Jacob Pauley2:07.36aDawson-Bryant
4.11Jordan Beals2:08.25aDawson-Bryant
5.12Brandon Malone2:09.62aSouth Webster
6.12Lamaur Buck2:10.62aFederal-Hocking
7.12Brayden Pratt2:11.23aEastern Local
8.10Brian Stiers2:11.51aWheelersburg
9.10Kevin Lewis2:14.52aNotre Dame
10.12Adam Midkiff2:15.26aOak Hill
11.12Travis Blevins2:16.99aOak Hill
12.12Ryan Amos2:17.03aEastern Local
13.-Rod Phillips2:20.88aLucasville Valley
14.12Zach Wagner2:21.52aLucasville Valley
15.11Ryan Wiseman2:22.04aSouth Webster
16.12Gunner Hess2:23.47aBelpre
17.10Chris Chaney2:25.96aSouthern (Racine)
18.10Brandon Davis2:49.29aMiller
X 1600 Meters - Boys North - Finals
1.12Logan Markko4:30.49aPaint Valley
2.11Daniel Gardner4:31.27aPaint Valley
3.11Chris Burns4:42.18aNorth Adams
4.9Eli Strahler4:44.43aWaterford
5.11Luke Hocker5:02.02aHuntington Local
6.12Seth Covert5:11.53aNelsonville-York
7.11Brandon Riley5:20.84aTrimble Local
8.12Brody Colegrove5:28.26aHuntington Local
9.11Josh Denzik5:31.87aPeebles
10.9Quinn Stoltz5:34.99aLynchburg-Clay
11.11Cody Johnson5:41.46aLynchburg-Clay
12.10John Cain5:46.79aLeesburg-Fairfield
13.9Grant Cory5:49.00aAdena
14.-Andrew Stone5:58.09aWhiteoak
15.9Josh Hashman6:01.67aCrooksville
16.11Brandon Eveland6:04.11aCrooksville
17.9Blake Campbell6:32.22aWaterford
X 1600 Meters - Boys South - Finals
1.12Breydon Gates4:24.18aBelpre
2.10Kody Wolfe4:36.06aSouthern (Racine)
3.12Lamaur Buck4:40.70aFederal-Hocking
4.11Jacob Pauley4:43.55aDawson-Bryant
5.12Adam Hadsell4:44.19aNotre Dame
6.9Levi Cook4:59.12aSouth Webster
7.11Ryan Wiseman4:59.26aSouth Webster
8.12Mathew Saab5:12.92aNotre Dame
9.10Justin Hettinger5:19.44aSouthern (Racine)
10.11Zach Skidmore5:27.72aOak Hill
11.11Jordan Fisher5:47.35aOak Hill
12.11Sam Levacy5:52.04aEastern Local
13.9Chris Camp6:03.20aDawson-Bryant
X 3200 Meters - Boys North - Finals
1.11Daniel Gardner10:16.51aPaint Valley
2.9Michael Mangus10:28.64aLeesburg-Fairfield
3.12Brandon Magill10:35.95aHuntington Local
4.12Logan Krivak10:55.56aPaint Valley
5.10Travis Tracy11:33.82aWhiteoak
6.-Andrew Stone11:37.88aWhiteoak
7.11Robert Stone11:43.04aPeebles
8.12Seth Covert12:03.67aNelsonville-York
9.9Jordan Adkins12:29.98aNelsonville-York
10.10Shelton Van Winkle12:32.96aLynchburg-Clay
11.11Austin Wayne13:18.05aCrooksville
12.12Brody Colegrove13:44.92aHuntington Local
13.12Ryan Chipperfield14:10.67aLynchburg-Clay
14.9Grant Cory14:36.81aAdena
15.9Josh Hashman14:54.45aCrooksville
16.9Blake Campbell15:20.43aWaterford
X 3200 Meters - Boys South - Finals
1.12Breydon Gates10:13.04aBelpre
2.10Kody Wolfe10:20.65aSouthern (Racine)
3.10Max Conley11:21.33aWheelersburg
4.11Zane Smith11:29.97aSouth Webster
5.9Levi Cook11:53.25aSouth Webster
6.9Matthew Davis12:02.82aBelpre
7.11Zach Skidmore12:19.50aOak Hill
8.11Jordan Fisher12:20.08aOak Hill
9.10Brian Stiers12:27.21aWheelersburg
10.9Cody Melvin12:35.60aDawson-Bryant
11.10Ryan Glockner12:48.29aNotre Dame
12.10Paul Brisson13:27.45aDawson-Bryant
13.9Josh Parker13:50.80aEastern Local
14.-Robby Ware14:38.52aNotre Dame
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Boys North - Finals
1.12Tim Morell15.69aPaint Valley
2.10Austin Shriver16.38aWaterford
3.11Jake Gussler16.56aCrooksville
4.12Jonathan Harper16.65aNorth Adams
5.12Jacob Denzik17.22aPeebles
6.12Lee Covington17.99aLynchburg-Clay
7.10Fletcher Anderson19.22aAdena
---Jared StarrDQAdena
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Boys South - Finals
1.10Dakota Hoffman15.90aBelpre
2.9Matt Hodge16.01aLucasville Valley
3.11Nick Charles16.44aSouth Webster
4.10Tucker Rhodes17.74aOak Hill
5.-Kasey Maxfield18.06aWheelersburg
6.11Shawn Morrison18.21aDawson-Bryant
7.10Jesse Stewart18.25aSouth Gallia
8.10Brandon Marcinko19.14aSouthern (Racine)
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Boys North - Prelims
1.12Tim Morell15.93aPaint Valley
2.12Jonathan Harper16.79aNorth Adams
1.10Austin Shriver16.83aWaterford
2.12Jacob Denzik17.01aPeebles
3.11Jake Gussler17.18aCrooksville
4.10Fletcher Anderson17.75aAdena
3.-Jared Starr18.26aAdena
4.12Lee Covington18.71aLynchburg-Clay
5.12Joel Sturgeon19.40aPeebles
5.11Austin Hammers20.05aCrooksville
6.9Brandon Henderson20.06aTrimble Local
6.9Cannon Kilbarger20.32aNelsonville-York
7.9Connor Patrick20.34aEastern (Sardinia)
8.10Daniel Miller22.47aWhiteoak
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Boys South - Prelims
1.10Dakota Hoffman16.57aBelpre
2.9Matt Hodge16.69aLucasville Valley
1.11Nick Charles16.73aSouth Webster
3.11Shawn Morrison18.47aDawson-Bryant
4.10Tucker Rhodes18.71aOak Hill
2.10Brandon Marcinko18.85aSouthern (Racine)
5.-Kasey Maxfield18.96aWheelersburg
3.10Jesse Stewart18.99aSouth Gallia
4.10Kyle Estep21.16aDawson-Bryant
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Boys North - Finals
1.12Tim Morell41.04aPaint Valley
2.12Jonathan Harper43.22aNorth Adams
3.10Austin Shriver44.18aWaterford
4.12Jacob Denzik44.60aPeebles
5.12Lee Covington44.80aLynchburg-Clay
6.-Jared Starr45.07aAdena
7.9Jacob McCutcheon47.13aWaterford
8.10Fletcher Anderson48.01aAdena
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Boys South - Finals
1.10Dakota Hoffman41.41aBelpre
2.11Nick Charles42.56aSouth Webster
3.12Kavon Lackey42.94aFederal-Hocking
4.12Jesse Cope43.34aSouthern (Racine)
5.11Joey Storey43.77aNotre Dame
6.9Garrett Schultz44.82aDawson-Bryant
7.11TJ Barrett45.63aDawson-Bryant
8.-Wes Harden46.42aOak Hill
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Boys North - Prelims
1.12Tim Morell42.13aPaint Valley
1.12Jonathan Harper44.15aNorth Adams
2.12Jacob Denzik44.19aPeebles
1.10Austin Shriver45.68aWaterford
2.10Fletcher Anderson45.88aAdena
3.12Lee Covington46.66aLynchburg-Clay
2.-Jared Starr47.30aAdena
3.9Jacob McCutcheon48.26aWaterford
4.9Connor Patrick49.45aEastern (Sardinia)
4.12Seth Covert49.46aNelsonville-York
3.12Dakota Green50.09aLynchburg-Clay
5.9Cannon Kilbarger50.85aNelsonville-York
5.11Austin Hammers51.06aCrooksville
4.12Joel Sturgeon51.45aPeebles
6.9Brandon Henderson51.89aTrimble Local
5.11Adam West57.05aTrimble Local
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Boys South - Prelims
1.10Dakota Hoffman42.89aBelpre
1.11Nick Charles43.26aSouth Webster
2.12Kavon Lackey43.64aFederal-Hocking
2.11Joey Storey43.75aNotre Dame
3.12Jesse Cope44.33aSouthern (Racine)
3.11TJ Barrett44.95aDawson-Bryant
4.9Garrett Schultz45.75aDawson-Bryant
5.-Wes Harden47.86aOak Hill
4.9Devin Daniel48.04aBelpre
6.11Ian Synder48.19aSouth Webster
5.10Jesse Stewart50.35aSouth Gallia
6.10Brandon Marcinko51.43aSouthern (Racine)
X 4x100 Relay - Boys North - Finals
1.-Gideon Poku
Jordan Call
Micheal Bryant
Reid Hutchison
2.-Isaiah Andrews
Daniel Kline
Marc Carter
Dustin Young
3.-Cyler Pottorf
Stone Crothers
Trent Arey
Jacob Denzik
4.-Tyler Guster
Shade Wolfe
Chase Wolfe
Dakota Jones
5.-Carey James
Tyler Ray
Jon Mainer
Cody Bryan
48.53aHuntington Local
6.-Zac Richardson
Dakota Gardner
Jeremy Green
Ki Pullum
48.91aPaint Valley
7.-Nate Jones
Colton Dunseith
Perry Branham
Brad Stewart
8.-Trevor Lang
Hunter Munjas
Alex Melem
Jacob McCutcheon
X 4x100 Relay - Boys South - Finals
1.-Matt Hodge
Josh Stewart
Cody Spradlin
Joesph Winters
46.13aLucasville Valley
2.-Alex Bare
Boo Woods
Mason Nance
Jake Murphy
3.-Jack Welsh
Kevin Lewis
Ryan Lewis
Joey Storey
47.14aNotre Dame
4.-Tyler Kreais
Ryan Gaines
Tucker Rhodes
Devon Davis
47.34aOak Hill
5.-Jesse Cope
John Gray
Zach Manuel
Nathan Roberts
47.96aSouthern (Racine)
6.-Tyler Claxon
Chase Workman
Mark Obrien
Brady McCain
7.-Devin Daniel
Blake McDaniel
Cameron Bullard
Austin Forshey
8.-Zane Smith
Grant Blackburn
Ryan Conley
Elijah Piatt
51.44aSouth Webster
X 4x100 Relay - Boys North - Prelims
1.-Dalton Glandon
Jordan Call
Micheal Bryant
Reid Hutchison
1.-Isaiah Andrews
Daniel Kline
Marc Carter
Dustin Young
2.-Tyler Guster
Shade Wolfe
Chase Wolfe
Dakota Jones
3.-Stone Crothers
Cyler Pottorf
Trent Arey
Jacob Denzik
2.-Zac Richardson
Dakota Gardner
Jeremy Green
Ki Pullum
49.08aPaint Valley
3.-Carey James
Tyler Ray
Tyler Leith
Cody Bryan
49.15aHuntington Local
4.-Nate Jones
Colton Dunseith
Perry Branham
Brad Stewart
5.-Trevor Lang
Hunter Munjas
Alex Melem
Jacob McCutcheon
X 4x200 Relay - Boys North - Finals
1.-Gideon Poku
Jordan Call
Reid Hutchison
Dalton Glandon
2.-Zac Richardson
Dakota Gardner
Jeremy Green
Ki Pullum
1:39.31aPaint Valley
3.-Carey James
Tyler Ray
Cody Bryan
Jon Mainer
1:39.72aHuntington Local
4.-Marc Carter
Bobby Leitwine
Dustin Young
Isaiah Andrews
5.-Jacob Stone
Jacob Gross
Trent Arey
Cyler Pottorf
6.-Braden Burer
Trevor Lang
Austin Shriver
Hunter Munjas
7.-Jacob Altier
Caleb Wright
Garret Dodson
Aaron Schoonover
1:57.68aTrimble Local
---Ty Slayton
Shade Wolfe
Chase Wolfe
Dakota Jones
X 4x200 Relay - Boys South - Finals
1.-Joey Storey
Kevin Lewis
Ryan Lewis
Blake Glockner
1:36.14aNotre Dame
2.-Ryan Gaines
Tyler Kreais
Tucker Rhodes
Travis Blevins
1:36.57aOak Hill
3.-Aaron Wilson
Mason Nance
Joe Colley
Alex Bare
4.-Nick Charles
Brandon Malone
Ian Synder
Adam Rice
1:38.00aSouth Webster
5.-Matt Pierce
Lamaur Buck
Peyton Seele
Kavon Lackey
6.-Matt Hodge
Josh Stewart
Brice Jordan
Cody Spradlin
1:38.99aLucasville Valley
7.-Tyler Claxon
Chase Workman
Mark Obrien
Brady McCain
8.-Devin Daniel
Blake McDaniel
Robbie Postlewaite
Austin Forshey
X 4x200 Relay - Boys North - Prelims
1.-Gideon Poku
Jordan Call
Dalton Glandon
Reid Hutchison
2.-Ty Slayton
Shade Wolfe
Chase Wolfe
Dakota Jones
1.-Carey James
Tyler Ray
Jon Mainer
Cody Bryan
1:41.33aHuntington Local
2.-Jacob Blake
Bobby Leitwine
Marc Carter
Dustin Young
3.-Braden Burer
Trevor Lang
Austin Shriver
Hunter Munjas
4.-Zac Richardson
Dakota Gardner
Jeremy Green
Ki Pullum
1:42.21aPaint Valley
3.-Jacob Stone
Trent Arey
Jacob Gross
Cyler Pottorf
5.-Jacob Altier
Brandon Henderson
Caleb Wright
Garret Dodson
2:01.44aTrimble Local
4.-Tanner Ayers
Tyler Sims
John Cain
Dustin Fetters
---Tecumseh Duderstadt
Kaique Costa
Lee Covington
Perry Branham
X 4x200 Relay - Boys South - Prelims
1.-Ryan Gaines
Tyler Kreais
Tucker Rhodes
Travis Blevins
1:37.73aOak Hill
2.-Joey Storey
Kevin Lewis
Ryan Lewis
Jack Welsh
1:38.63aNotre Dame
3.-Matt Pierce
Lamaur Buck
Peyton Seele
Kavon Lackey
1.-Nick Charles
Brandon Malone
Ian Synder
Adam Rice
1:40.13aSouth Webster
2.-Matt Hodge
Josh Stewart
Brice Jordan
Cody Spradlin
1:40.44aLucasville Valley
3.-Garrett Schultz
Aaron Wilson
Mason Nance
Joe Colley
4.-Devin Daniel
Cody Sellers
Blake McDaniel
Jacob Logue
4.-Tyler Claxon
Chase Workman
Mark Obrien
Brady McCain
5.-Jesse Cope
Joey Forester
Zach Manuel
Nathan Roberts
1:46.46aSouthern (Racine)
X 4x400 Relay - Boys North - Finals
1.-Carey James
Tyler Ray
Luke Hocker
Brandon Magill
3:45.04aHuntington Local
2.-David Bakenhaster
Jordan Call
Fletcher Anderson
Micheal Bryant
3.-Riley Markko
Logan Krivak
Daniel Gardner
Logan Markko
3:48.21aPaint Valley
4.-Tecumseh Duderstadt
Dakota Green
Kaique Costa
Lee Covington
5.-Garrett Miller
Anthony Richendollar
Brandon Blythe
Chris Burns
3:57.12aNorth Adams
6.-Eli Fox
Isaiah Mello
Jacob Blake
Cannon Kilbarger
7.-Jacob Stone
Caleb Denzik
Joel Sturgeon
David Warfe
X 4x400 Relay - Boys South - Finals
1.-Nick Charles
Ian Synder
Brandon Malone
Adam Rice
3:41.54aSouth Webster
2.-Jake Jewell
Jacob Pauley
TJ Barrett
Alex Bare
3.-Joey Storey
JP Kayser
Blake Glockner
Adam Hadsell
3:42.84aNotre Dame
4.-Tyler Claxon
Zach Jenkins
Brady McCain
Tyler Hughes
5.-Matt Pierce
Lamaur Buck
Peyton Seele
Kavon Lackey
6.-Andrew Ginther
Nathan Roberts
Kody Wolfe
John Gray
3:58.32aSouthern (Racine)
7.-Brayden Pratt
Ryan Amos
Alex Amos
Scout Facemeyer
4:01.74aEastern Local
8.-Brandon Bartram
Tyler Kreais
Doug Rakes
Mason Waugh
4:03.65aOak Hill
X 4x400 Relay - Boys North - Prelims
1.-Riley Markko
Logan Krivak
Daniel Gardner
Logan Markko
3:45.87aPaint Valley
1.-David Bakenhaster
Jordan Call
Fletcher Anderson
Micheal Bryant
2.-Carey James
Tyler Ray
Luke Hocker
Brandon Magill
3:48.00aHuntington Local
3.-Tecumseh Duderstadt
Dakota Green
Kaique Costa
Lee Covington
2.-Garrett Miller
Anthony Richendollar
Brandon Blythe
Chris Burns
3:59.87aNorth Adams
4.-Eli Fox
Isaiah Mello
Jacob Blake
Cannon Kilbarger
3.-Jacob Stone
Caleb Denzik
Jacob Gross
David Warfe
4.-Jacob Altier
Justin Jewell
Brandon Riley
Chris Humphrey
4:08.21aTrimble Local
5.-Braden Burer
Alex Melem
Jacob McCutcheon
Logan Fouss
X 4x400 Relay - Boys South - Prelims
1.-Jake Jewell
Alex Bare
TJ Barrett
Jacob Pauley
2.-Matt Pierce
Lamaur Buck
Peyton Seele
Kavon Lackey
1.-Joey Storey
JP Kayser
Ryan Lewis
Adam Hadsell
3:45.58aNotre Dame
2.-Nick Charles
Adam Rice
Ian Synder
Brandon Malone
3:50.94aSouth Webster
3.-Tyler Claxon
Zach Jenkins
Brady McCain
Tyler Hughes
3.-Andrew Ginther
Nathan Roberts
Kody Wolfe
John Gray
3:52.31aSouthern (Racine)
4.-Brayden Pratt
Ryan Amos
Alex Amos
Scout Facemeyer
4:01.84aEastern Local
4.-Brandon Bartram
Tyler Kreais
Doug Rakes
Mason Waugh
4:04.79aOak Hill
5.-Dakota Baker
Wyatt Lewis
Brice Jordan
Zach Wagner
4:05.32aLucasville Valley
5.-Austin Forshey
Thomas Fankhauser
Robbie Postlewaite
Gunner Hess
X 4x800 Relay - Boys North - Finals
1.-Riley Markko
Logan Krivak
Daniel Gardner
Logan Markko
8:41.60aPaint Valley
2.-Luke Hocker
Austin Long
Brody Colegrove
Brandon Magill
9:04.87aHuntington Local
3.-Chris Burns
Anthony Richendollar
Brandon Blythe
Garrett Miller
9:21.00aNorth Adams
4.-Jacob Addis
Eli Fox
Jacob Blake
Seth Covert
5.-Brandon Riley
Bryce Smathers
Jacob Altier
Chris Humphrey
9:35.03aTrimble Local
6.-Quinn Stoltz
Noah Stoltz
Colton Dunseith
Tecumseh Duderstadt
7.-Eli Scott
Derek Wescott
Robert Stone
Josh Denzik
8.-Austin Wayne
Andy Cochran
Zach Frash
Austin Ebert
X 4x800 Relay - Boys South - Finals
1.-Jordan Beals
Bryan Steele
Jake Jewell
Jacob Pauley
2.-Justin Hettinger
Andrew Ginther
Kody Wolfe
John Gray
8:41.05aSouthern (Racine)
3.-Brandon Malone
Levi Cook
Zane Smith
Ryan Wiseman
8:50.11aSouth Webster
4.-Kevin Lewis
Ryan Lewis
Mathew Saab
Adam Hadsell
8:52.81aNotre Dame
5.-Travis Blevins
Jordan Fisher
Adam Midkiff
Ryan Gaines
9:07.20aOak Hill
6.-Brayden Pratt
Devon Baum
Alex Amos
Ryan Amos
9:17.21aEastern Local
7.-Brian Stiers
Brady McCain
Max Conley
Tyler Hughes
---Rod Phillips
Daniel Egbert
Chris Flowers
Zach Wagner
DNFLucasville Valley
X Shot Put - 12lb - Boys North - Finals
1.11Dylan Fewster49-05.50Paint Valley
2.12Mike Watson48-09.25Peebles
3.12Derek Fulk44-09.00Crooksville
4.12Roman Montgomery43-11.50Peebles
5.10Issac Andrews43-05.50Nelsonville-York
6.11Jacob Coon40-03.00Nelsonville-York
1.-Steven Sowers39-01.50Crooksville
2.-Brody Anderson38-04.25Adena
3.-Jacob Ray35-07.00Huntington Local
4.11Devan Benjamin34-03.00Waterford
5.-Mike Shradder32-10.50Lynchburg-Clay
1.11Zack Conn30-08.00Paint Valley
2.9Justin Ellis29-08.50Waterford
3.-Blaize Sellman29-05.50Lynchburg-Clay
4.10Aaron Schoonover28-00.00Trimble Local
5.-Adam Chamblin19-03.50Leesburg-Fairfield
--11Jarrod CyrusFOULAdena
X Shot Put - 12lb - Boys South - Finals
1.11Greg Bender50-08.50Dawson-Bryant
2.11Tyler Cline46-09.50Eastern Local
3.11Jay Stewart45-02.50South Webster
4.11Brady Burton43-08.00Dawson-Bryant
5.-Chris Fairchild42-03.00Oak Hill
6.11Curtis Crabtree42-01.00Lucasville Valley
7.-Steven Kearney40-09.00Lucasville Valley
1.9Brandon Grueser37-11.00Southern (Racine)
2.10Jensen Dyer37-01.25South Webster
3.10Brandon Russell36-07.50Federal-Hocking
8.12Jeb Conkey36-00.00Wheelersburg
4.-Tyler Kerns34-11.00Oak Hill
5.12Cody Rhodes34-02.00South Gallia
6.11Austin Hill33-09.50Southern (Racine)
7.9Will Jacobs32-01.50Miller
8.9Hayden Lowe31-08.50Belpre
9.12Tyler Kilgore31-06.50Sciotoville Community
1.10Tim Minear30-03.00Eastern Local
2.12Sam Osborne29-03.50Eastern Pike (Beaver)
3.-Braeden Sparks28-11.25Notre Dame
4.12Paul York28-01.00Notre Dame
5.9Jacob McDaniel24-00.00Belpre
6.9Dakota Sinift22-00.25Miller
7.-Eli Kasler20-00.25Federal-Hocking
--12Joey ReinhardtFOULWheelersburg
X Discus - 1.6kg - Boys North - Finals
1.11Dylan Fewster138-11Paint Valley
2.11Jarrod Cyrus137-04Adena
3.12Mike Watson124-03Peebles
1.10DeVante Nesbitt118-07Adena
4.12Cody Conners118-05Latham Western
5.12Derek Fulk118-02Crooksville
6.-Steven Sowers116-00Crooksville
7.9Sean Hickman114-08Waterford
2.12Noah Guthrie105-02Trimble Local
3.12Roman Montgomery101-10Peebles
4.10Jacob Hooks101-08Huntington Local
5.10Linus Stoltz97-03Lynchburg-Clay
6.10Issac Andrews89-00Nelsonville-York
1.-Tyler Leith88-10Huntington Local
8.11Jacob Coon88-04Nelsonville-York
2.11Devan Benjamin87-11Waterford
7.10Nicko Rowlands84-03Lynchburg-Clay
3.11Zack Conn80-00Paint Valley
3.-Leonard Beacraft80-00Whiteoak
5.-Dustin Fetters77-09Leesburg-Fairfield
6.-Harley Sheppard67-03Eastern (Sardinia)
7.10Thomas Thacker60-00Whiteoak
X Discus - 1.6kg - Boys South - Finals
1.11Greg Bender156-09Dawson-Bryant
2.11Tyler Cline147-08Eastern Local
3.11Kyle Louderback142-06Notre Dame
4.11Curtis Crabtree134-06Lucasville Valley
5.12Jeb Conkey125-07Wheelersburg
1.10Jensen Dyer119-04South Webster
2.10Brandon Russell116-00Federal-Hocking
6.-Brandon Zimmer111-10Lucasville Valley
7.10Aaron Wilson110-10Dawson-Bryant
8.12Danny Hudgel109-08Wheelersburg
9.11Jay Stewart109-03South Webster
3.12Cody Rhodes103-10South Gallia
4.-Tyler Kerns98-06Oak Hill
5.9Will Jacobs95-00Miller
6.10Jeremiah Warden93-06Southern (Racine)
7.9Hayden Lowe92-02Belpre
8.10Preston Taylor88-08Oak Hill
1.11Weston Craig83-08Notre Dame
2.-Justin Orme80-08Manchester
3.9Trey Crites79-05Belpre
4.10Tim Minear78-06Eastern Local
5.12Sam Osborne66-07Eastern Pike (Beaver)
6.-Mason Jones57-05Manchester
7.9Dakota Sinift57-03Miller
8.-Eli Kasler56-11Federal-Hocking
X High Jump - Boys North - Finals
1.11Braden Burer5-08.00Waterford
2.11Daniel Kline5-08.00Nelsonville-York
3.11Austin Hammers5-06.00Crooksville
4.12Joel Sturgeon5-04.00Peebles
4.-Brody Anderson5-04.00Adena
4.11Josh Denzik5-04.00Peebles
--10Nathan JonesNHLynchburg-Clay
--12Kendall HerbertNHTrimble Local
---P.J. BerwangerNHLynchburg-Clay
X High Jump - Boys South - Finals
1.12Travis Blevins6-06.00Oak Hill
2.10Bryan Steele6-00.00Dawson-Bryant
3.9Matt Hodge5-10.00Lucasville Valley
4.11Thomas Fankhauser5-10.00Belpre
5.11TJ Barrett5-04.00Dawson-Bryant
6.10Matt Mohr5-04.00Glenwood
7.11Nathan Roberts5-02.00Southern (Racine)
--9Matthew DavisNHBelpre
--10Matt RawlinsNHLucasville Valley
X Pole Vault - Boys North - Finals
1.11Jacob Fayette9-06.00Nelsonville-York
2.10Fletcher Anderson9-06.00Adena
3.12Isaiah Andrews9-00.00Nelsonville-York
4.9Max Putnam8-06.00Adena
5.10Jacob Hocker8-06.00Huntington Local
--10Rusty CaplingerNHPaint Valley
---Alex CopelandNHHuntington Local
X Pole Vault - Boys South - Finals
1.12Jake Murphy11-06.00Dawson-Bryant
2.10Kyle Estep11-00.00Dawson-Bryant
3.12Blake McDaniel9-06.00Belpre
4.10Brice Pittenger9-00.00Belpre
5.10Zach Jenkins8-06.00Wheelersburg
6.10Ryan Glockner7-06.00Notre Dame
7.-EJ Conley7-06.00Wheelersburg
X Long Jump - Boys North - Finals
1.11Jordan Call20-05.00Adena
2.12Jacob Denzik20-00.75Peebles
3.9Jacob McCutcheon17-11.75Waterford
4.9Ty Slayton17-11.00Crooksville
5.10David Bakenhaster17-10.25Adena
6.11Ki Pullum17-08.75Paint Valley
7.10Riley Markko17-03.25Paint Valley
8.11Trevor Lang17-02.25Waterford
9.11Stone Crothers17-00.25Peebles
10.10Chase Wolfe16-07.75Crooksville
11.10Marc Carter16-06.50Nelsonville-York
12.11Jon Mainer15-11.25Huntington Local
13.-Seth Schumaker15-03.25Huntington Local
14.12Kendall Herbert14-07.50Trimble Local
15.11Brad Stewart14-07.00Lynchburg-Clay
15.-P.J. Berwanger14-07.00Lynchburg-Clay
17.11Adam West13-06.75Trimble Local
18.9Tanner Ayers12-11.00Leesburg-Fairfield
X Long Jump - Boys South - Finals
1.10Matt Mohr21-00.00Glenwood
2.10Dakota Hoffman20-09.50Belpre
3.10Joesph Winters19-07.00Lucasville Valley
4.10Zach Jenkins19-02.25Wheelersburg
5.12Boo Woods19-00.50Dawson-Bryant
6.12Jesse Cope18-07.00Southern (Racine)
7.9Devin Daniel18-05.25Belpre
8.9Levi Cook18-04.50South Webster
9.10Alex Bare18-00.50Dawson-Bryant
10.12Devon Baum17-04.50Eastern Local
11.11Josh Cooper16-04.25South Gallia
12.-Dakota Baker16-03.00Lucasville Valley
13.10Tommy Werry15-08.75Southern (Racine)
14.11Tyler Kreais15-08.00Oak Hill
15.10Jesse Stewart15-06.50South Gallia
16.10JP Kayser15-00.75Notre Dame
16.-Conner Stone15-00.75Wheelersburg
18.12Taylor Wesney14-06.25Miller
19.10Logan Wesney13-04.50Miller
20.12Paul York9-05.00Notre Dame
21.-Nick Ranieri8-07.50Green (Franklin Furn...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shaylin McDaniels12.97aPeebles
2.9Ally Rohrer13.13aWaterford
3.11Courtney Sexton13.20aMinford
4.12Calle Logston13.26aBelpre
5.12Taylor Savage13.30aTrimble Local
6.10Bailey Harrison13.58aDawson-Bryant
7.12Brandee Riley13.81aAdena
8.11Autumn Smith13.98aAdena
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Shaylin McDaniels13.27aPeebles
1.11Courtney Sexton13.43aMinford
2.12Calle Logston13.60aBelpre
3.12Taylor Savage13.79aTrimble Local
2.9Ally Rohrer13.80aWaterford
4.11Autumn Smith13.90aAdena
5.10Bailey Harrison13.95aDawson-Bryant
3.12Brandee Riley13.99aAdena
4.11Kimberly Short14.15aDawson-Bryant
5.9Courtney Cambell14.33aSoutheastern
6.10Angie Eynon14.42aSouthern (Racine)
7.-Erica Hereforth14.47aSciotoville Community
6.10Cassidy Rase14.49aWheelersburg
7.9Layne Beasley14.53aHuntington Local
8.10Krista Veazey14.81aSouth Webster
8.12Kellan Gamble15.31aMiller
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Shaylin McDaniels13.49aPeebles
1.9Ally Rohrer13.81aWaterford
1.11Courtney Sexton13.89aMinford
2.12Taylor Savage14.02aTrimble Local
1.12Calle Logston14.05aBelpre
2.11Autumn Smith14.05aAdena
1.10Bailey Harrison14.08aDawson-Bryant
2.9Courtney Cambell14.10aSoutheastern
2.10Cassidy Rase14.16aWheelersburg
1.11Kimberly Short14.23aDawson-Bryant
1.12Brandee Riley14.24aAdena
3.9Layne Beasley14.33aHuntington Local
2.-Erica Hereforth14.35aSciotoville Community
3.10Angie Eynon14.44aSouthern (Racine)
2.12Kellan Gamble14.60aMiller
3.-Aly Williams14.68aCrooksville
3.11Cheyenne Love14.69aCrooksville
3.-Hope Hicks14.76aWhiteoak
3.10Katrina Stonebreaker14.95aManchester
4.10Samantha Williams14.96aMiller
4.-Baylee Wallace15.12aPeebles
4.9Brandi Williams15.13aMinford
2.10Krista Veazey15.14aSouth Webster
5.9Jasmyne Johnson15.17aSouth Gallia
5.-Breanna Cook15.29aEastern Pike (Beaver)
4.9Makala Williams15.31aFederal-Hocking
4.11Lacey Jenkins15.43aLatham Western
5.12Khrissa Lightfoot15.48aPaint Valley
4.-Megan Mays15.49aSouth Webster
6.-Jaylynd Boyd15.56aManchester
5.9Kiersten Angelos15.81aNotre Dame
6.-Morgan Ross15.98aLatham Western
3.9Katlin Schott16.06aWaterford
6.10Megan McGee16.27aSouthern (Racine)
5.9Hailee Haas16.38aIronton
5.11Tiffany McGahan16.41aGlenwood
6.-Katie Anderson16.50aHuntington Local
6.10Chelsea Triplett16.51aSoutheastern
7.11Cori Lay16.65aLynchburg-Clay
8.-Maria Brewer16.96aWhiteoak
7.10Allysa Catania18.65aFederal-Hocking
--9Tiffany AkersDNFIronton
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Courtney Sexton26.60aMinford
2.9Ally Rohrer26.93aWaterford
3.12Calle Logston27.28aBelpre
4.11Erica Schmidt27.41aWheelersburg
5.10Charlene Stout27.68aPaint Valley
6.10Clarissa Johnson27.83aWhiteoak
7.11Jordan Marolt28.21aCrooksville
8.12Kerestan North28.34aTrimble Local
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Calle Logston27.60aBelpre
1.11Courtney Sexton27.82aMinford
2.10Charlene Stout28.07aPaint Valley
3.9Ally Rohrer28.12aWaterford
4.11Erica Schmidt28.47aWheelersburg
5.12Kerestan North28.76aTrimble Local
2.11Jordan Marolt28.78aCrooksville
3.10Clarissa Johnson28.94aWhiteoak
4.10Bailey Harrison29.10aDawson-Bryant
5.10Madie Arledge29.78aSoutheastern
6.9Heidi Hemming29.83aOak Hill
7.9Taryn Carr30.04aBelpre
6.12Kesha Hatfield30.14aAdena
8.9Layne Beasley30.33aHuntington Local
7.12Kellan Gamble31.62aMiller
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Calle Logston28.32aBelpre
2.10Charlene Stout28.35aPaint Valley
1.11Courtney Sexton28.46aMinford
1.10Clarissa Johnson28.66aWhiteoak
2.12Kerestan North28.72aTrimble Local
1.11Erica Schmidt28.84aWheelersburg
1.9Ally Rohrer28.97aWaterford
2.12Kesha Hatfield29.14aAdena
1.11Jordan Marolt29.58aCrooksville
1.10Bailey Harrison29.64aDawson-Bryant
2.10Madie Arledge29.67aSoutheastern
3.10Cassidy Rase30.02aWheelersburg
2.9Taryn Carr30.19aBelpre
2.9Layne Beasley30.23aHuntington Local
3.9Heidi Hemming30.36aOak Hill
3.-Hope Hicks30.65aWhiteoak
3.9Taylor Pennington30.95aCrooksville
2.12Kellan Gamble31.12aMiller
4.9Shelby Gaines31.25aLatham Western
4.10Brenna Simmons31.48aLeesburg-Fairfield
3.10Katrina Stonebreaker31.76aManchester
3.11Morgan McMillan32.04aSouthern (Racine)
4.9Gabby Grose32.13aMinford
3.9Crystal Holtgrewe32.14aNotre Dame
4.9Katie Semon32.20aWaterford
4.-Megan Mays32.35aSouth Webster
5.9Jasmyne Johnson32.66aSouth Gallia
5.12Khrissa Lightfoot32.67aPaint Valley
5.-Ashlee Stonebreake33.22aManchester
5.10Erica Cartwright33.67aSoutheastern
6.11Tiffany McGahan34.06aGlenwood
4.10Jayona Grifith34.18aLynchburg-Clay
4.11Donnica Dixon34.18aTrimble Local
5.10KaLeigh Gross34.31aPeebles
5.10Sara Dye35.17aLynchburg-Clay
5.-Katie Anderson35.47aHuntington Local
6.-Kayleigh Humphrey35.55aPeebles
6.10Megan McGee36.15aSouthern (Racine)
7.10Allysa Catania36.39aFederal-Hocking
6.9Hailee Haas36.44aIronton
6.-Daisha Casey37.91aFederal-Hocking
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ally Rohrer59.33aWaterford
2.10Savannah Hawley1:02.13aEastern Local
3.10Charlene Stout1:02.41aPaint Valley
4.9Kelsey Hoskins1:02.82aOak Hill
5.11Kali Johnson1:02.96aLucasville Valley
6.11Haley Johnson1:03.88aDawson-Bryant
7.10McKenzie Coriell1:04.37aLucasville Valley
8.9Kylie Berry1:06.06aMinford
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Savannah Hawley1:04.67aEastern Local
1.10McKenzie Coriell1:05.26aLucasville Valley
1.11Kali Johnson1:05.51aLucasville Valley
1.9Ally Rohrer1:05.64aWaterford
2.9Kylie Berry1:06.32aMinford
1.10Charlene Stout1:06.42aPaint Valley
2.11Haley Johnson1:06.61aDawson-Bryant
1.9Kelsey Hoskins1:07.01aOak Hill
2.11Cory Pertuset1:07.84aNorth Adams
3.11Jessie Gilliland1:08.39aWhiteoak
2.10Alyssa Conn1:09.06aWheelersburg
3.10McKaylan Stamper1:10.37aManchester
4.10Claudia Hall1:11.56aBelpre
2.10Keely Taylor1:13.79aNotre Dame
4.-Kayla Lemaster1:14.29aHuntington Local
2.9Ally Darnell1:14.72aWheelersburg
3.11Kaylie Sturgill1:15.15aIronton
3.10Courtney Alexander1:16.82aPaint Valley
3.9Ashton McMackin1:17.57aIronton
4.11Georgia Rosser1:18.00aCrooksville
5.9Kiersten Angelos1:19.81aNotre Dame
5.12Abby Smith1:20.20aWaterford
3.-Victoria Garrison1:21.40aPeebles
5.10Erica Hayes1:22.65aSoutheastern
4.10Samantha Vernon1:24.36aTrimble Local
4.11Chelsea Rumfeld1:25.54aPeebles
6.-Hannah Perkins1:27.14aLatham Western
5.11Taite Ackley1:30.62aAdena
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Taylor Hacker63.3Ironton
11Morgan Weisgarber65.0Ironton
11Morgan Weisgarber65.4Ironton
12Taylor Hacker66.4Ironton
9Katie Barron66.4Ironton
9Katie Barron66.8Ironton
10Ariel Schweickart68.9Ironton
10Ariel Schweickart69.7Ironton
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emeri Connery2:22.83aEastern Local
2.10Abby Louden2:31.02aNorth Adams
3.9Taylor Baker2:31.75aPaint Valley
4.11Megan Thomas2:32.40aPeebles
5.10McKaylan Stamper2:36.70aManchester
6.9Maggie Thomas2:38.22aIronton
7.10Ariel Schweickart2:42.24aIronton
8.9Kortney Koska2:43.28aNelsonville-York
9.11April Fields2:43.80aFederal-Hocking
10.10Alyssa Conn2:43.86aWheelersburg
11.12Breanna Unger2:49.44aPeebles
12.9Ally Darnell2:50.04aWheelersburg
13.11Sarah Buell2:50.76aNotre Dame
14.11Emily Ash2:52.29aSouthern (Racine)
15.9Ashlee Jackson2:56.84aSoutheastern
16.11Kaitlin Setty3:09.73aLucasville Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Emeri Connery2:34.81aEastern Local
1.9Taylor Baker2:39.27aPaint Valley
2.10Alyssa Conn2:40.72aWheelersburg
2.10Abby Louden2:41.29aNorth Adams
3.10McKaylan Stamper2:42.96aManchester
4.11Megan Thomas2:43.94aPeebles
3.10Ariel Schweickart2:47.78aIronton
4.12Breanna Unger2:49.04aPeebles
5.11April Fields2:49.24aFederal-Hocking
6.9Kortney Koska2:51.51aNelsonville-York
7.9Ashlee Jackson2:51.59aSoutheastern
5.9Maggie Thomas2:51.62aIronton
8.11Sarah Buell2:54.07aNotre Dame
9.9Kate Spencer2:54.26aTrimble Local
6.11Kaitlin Setty2:55.42aLucasville Valley
7.9Ally Darnell2:56.56aWheelersburg
8.11Emily Ash2:56.85aSouthern (Racine)
9.10Stephanie Gray2:58.55aDawson-Bryant
10.9Hanna Dailey2:59.93aWaterford
10.-Brittany Luman3:02.04aWhiteoak
11.9Taylie Waldron3:02.15aHuntington Local
11.9Sara Johnson3:03.73aBelpre
12.9Katie Singer3:04.30aMinford
13.-Kayla Dalton3:04.39aLucasville Valley
14.9Mackenzie Rice3:04.80aBelpre
15.-Danielle Coleman3:06.54aLynchburg-Clay
12.10Olivia Downs3:08.67aHuntington Local
13.10Alicia Carter3:10.07aNelsonville-York
14.-Maddie McCord3:12.65aSoutheastern
15.9Leah Craig3:14.76aNotre Dame
16.9Logan Stanley3:16.11aMinford
17.12Jenny Avey3:20.35aTrimble Local
16.9Sierra Farley3:21.99aManchester
17.10Cortney Tacket3:23.23aAdena
18.-Megan Newberry3:25.03aAdena
18.11Shelby Smith3:27.45aEastern Local
19.10Amy Stover3:28.37aMiller
20.10Brenna Wise3:53.26aPaint Valley
--12Casey WiggintonSCRNorth Adams
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Ariel Schweickart2:34.1Ironton
12Taylor Hacker2:35.5Ironton
9Maggie Thomas2:38.5Ironton
11Shannon Walker2:50.4Ironton
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ariel Schweickart5:42.97aIronton
2.11Johannah Couch5:43.45aTrimble Local
3.12Brittany Piccone5:48.84aCrooksville
4.9Sarah Willis5:53.62aWheelersburg
5.9Kortney Koska5:56.95aNelsonville-York
6.10Kristin Uhrig6:06.42aHuntington Local
7.11April Fields6:13.91aFederal-Hocking
8.9Maggie Krall6:16.57aWaterford
9.12Kailyn Smith6:17.22aWheelersburg
10.11Sarah Buell6:24.55aNotre Dame
11.9Sara Johnson6:25.83aBelpre
12.9Hannah Cassidy6:27.41aNotre Dame
13.12Amber Roffe6:28.03aMinford
14.10Emma Williams6:30.17aBelpre
15.10Shelby Dunham6:56.19aMinford
--12Taylor HackerFSIronton
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Taylor Hacker6:01.33aIronton
1.12Brittany Piccone6:03.32aCrooksville
2.11Johannah Couch6:05.22aTrimble Local
2.12Kailyn Smith6:07.40aWheelersburg
3.9Sarah Willis6:09.15aWheelersburg
4.9Kortney Koska6:09.93aNelsonville-York
3.11April Fields6:10.22aFederal-Hocking
4.10Ariel Schweickart6:13.80aIronton
5.9Maggie Krall6:14.01aWaterford
6.12Amber Roffe6:15.29aMinford
7.11Sarah Buell6:17.60aNotre Dame
8.9Sara Johnson6:18.64aBelpre
9.11Samantha Cassady6:20.33aHuntington Local
5.10Kristin Uhrig6:25.58aHuntington Local
6.10Emma Williams6:31.04aBelpre
7.9Hannah Cassidy6:31.35aNotre Dame
8.10Shelby Dunham6:45.88aMinford
9.10Ginny Gadzinski6:48.48aLynchburg-Clay
10.-Danielle Coleman6:52.61aLynchburg-Clay
10.10Cortney Tacket6:54.81aAdena
11.11Sarah Walker6:57.73aSouth Webster
12.9Emily McKee7:02.83aTrimble Local
13.12Andrea Benjamin7:11.29aLucasville Valley
11.-Angela Llorente7:22.30aPeebles
14.-Whitney Wright7:22.43aLucasville Valley
12.10Taylor Miles7:28.67aSoutheastern
13.9Sierra Farley7:32.07aManchester
14.-Meng Zhao7:39.18aOak Hill
15.10Hanna Stitt7:43.84aPaint Valley
16.11Megan Brown7:59.17aPeebles
15.12Lee-Anna Cook8:14.38aSouthern (Racine)
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Johannah Couch12:44.94aTrimble Local
2.9Rachel Ball12:56.35aSoutheastern
3.12Taylor Hacker13:05.07aIronton
4.12Brittany Piccone13:12.86aCrooksville
5.10Jennifer McCoy13:25.68aSouthern (Racine)
6.10Kristin Uhrig13:51.22aHuntington Local
7.10Leanna Lomske13:53.50aWhiteoak
8.11Shannon Walker13:55.01aIronton
9.11Samantha Cassady14:00.67aHuntington Local
10.12Kailyn Smith14:05.45aWheelersburg
11.11Courtney Roop14:08.07aCrooksville
12.9Ashley Carter14:20.70aBelpre
13.9Sarah Willis14:27.26aWheelersburg
14.10Emma Williams14:47.82aBelpre
15.9Gabby Short14:56.62aTrimble Local
16.9Hannah Cassidy15:11.71aNotre Dame
17.10Cortney Tacket15:15.76aAdena
18.11Sarah Walker15:28.68aSouth Webster
19.9Sierra Farley16:21.12aManchester
20.10Chrissy Morrison16:46.41aPaint Valley
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chanda Cuckler15.47aFederal-Hocking
2.10Caitlyn Breeze15.84aNelsonville-York
3.12Mariah Butcher16.64aMinford
4.12Taylor Savage17.01aTrimble Local
5.9Keri Lawrence17.06aEastern Local
6.10Lakiesha Brown17.13aSoutheastern
7.11Taylor Collins17.52aMinford
8.10Paige McKnight18.02aDawson-Bryant
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.10Caitlyn Breeze16.44aNelsonville-York
1.12Chanda Cuckler16.75aFederal-Hocking
2.12Mariah Butcher16.82aMinford
2.12Taylor Savage17.36aTrimble Local
3.9Keri Lawrence17.38aEastern Local
4.10Lakiesha Brown17.39aSoutheastern
3.10Paige McKnight17.61aDawson-Bryant
5.11Taylor Collins17.95aMinford
4.11Brooke Kapple18.34aBelpre
5.10Jackie Kellough18.52aHuntington Local
6.9Taryn Carr18.61aBelpre
7.11Mallory Martin18.93aAdena
6.11Kendra White19.25aLucasville Valley
7.10Shelby Pickens19.56aSouthern (Racine)
8.10Breanna Hayman19.74aEastern Local
8.11Kari Taylor26.05aOak Hill
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Chanda Cuckler16.55aFederal-Hocking
1.10Caitlyn Breeze16.63aNelsonville-York
1.12Mariah Butcher16.96aMinford
1.11Kari Taylor17.15aOak Hill
1.10Paige McKnight17.22aDawson-Bryant
2.10Lakiesha Brown17.31aSoutheastern
2.9Keri Lawrence17.51aEastern Local
3.11Taylor Collins17.90aMinford
2.11Brooke Kapple18.07aBelpre
2.12Taylor Savage18.14aTrimble Local
2.11Mallory Martin18.25aAdena
3.10Jackie Kellough18.32aHuntington Local
3.11Kendra White18.54aLucasville Valley
3.9Taryn Carr18.68aBelpre
4.10Breanna Hayman18.96aEastern Local
5.10Shelby Pickens19.07aSouthern (Racine)
3.9Ashly Clark19.31aCrooksville
4.10Ashley Toller19.32aPeebles
4.9Johelyn Taylor19.44aLucasville Valley
4.11Katie Jewell19.45aSciotoville Community
4.-Rachel Hinkle19.94aCrooksville
6.12Kayla Keidel20.01aPeebles
5.11Ashley Goad20.16aDawson-Bryant
5.9Mia Wilson20.22aIronton
5.9Katlin Schott20.23aWaterford
6.12Cassie Stevens20.29aNotre Dame
5.11Cassidy Vaughters20.62aWheelersburg
6.12Rachel Moore20.78aTrimble Local
6.10Makea Shoemaker20.99aPaint Valley
7.11Jessi Simons21.06aFederal-Hocking
7.10Marissa Melem21.09aWaterford
7.10Alexis Courtney21.27aNelsonville-York
8.12Lizz Carson21.52aWhiteoak
6.9Lacey Willis22.32aWheelersburg
7.-Miranda Ayers23.34aLynchburg-Clay
7.9Ciera Marcinko24.48aSouthern (Racine)
8.12Jennifer Williams26.69aMiller
--10Morgan LehrFSWhiteoak
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Caitlyn Breeze46.59aNelsonville-York
2.10Paige McKnight48.38aDawson-Bryant
3.11Kari Taylor48.59aOak Hill
4.11Sadie Ruby49.65aWheelersburg
5.11Leah Potts50.45aSoutheastern
6.-Erica Hereforth51.76aSciotoville Community
7.9Maddie Rigsby52.20aEastern Local
8.10Allison Gherke52.29aBelpre
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Caitlyn Breeze49.34aNelsonville-York
1.11Kari Taylor50.08aOak Hill
1.11Sadie Ruby50.13aWheelersburg
1.10Paige McKnight50.60aDawson-Bryant
1.9Maddie Rigsby51.63aEastern Local
2.-Erica Hereforth53.08aSciotoville Community
3.10Allison Gherke53.16aBelpre
1.11Leah Potts53.33aSoutheastern
2.10Hannah Cronacher53.51aIronton
2.10Krista Veazey54.12aSouth Webster
3.11Madison Lopez55.15aCrooksville
2.10Jackie Kellough55.19aHuntington Local
2.9Keri Lawrence55.22aEastern Local
3.11Katie Jewell55.85aSciotoville Community
2.11Brooke Kapple55.92aBelpre
4.12Kayla Keidel56.18aPeebles
4.9Bethany Evans57.31aOak Hill
3.12Rachel Moore57.40aTrimble Local
4.-Rachel Hinkle57.67aCrooksville
5.9Kate Spencer57.74aTrimble Local
3.11Kendra White57.87aLucasville Valley
3.10Shelby Pickens58.08aSouthern (Racine)
4.11Cassidy Vaughters58.65aWheelersburg
4.9Maggie Krall58.85aWaterford
6.10Morgan Lehr59.26aWhiteoak
5.9Mia Wilson59.38aIronton
4.9Katlin Schott59.78aWaterford
5.12Cassie Stevens1:00.14aNotre Dame
6.9Rachel Kincade1:00.36aFederal-Hocking
5.11Michelle Burns1:01.15aPeebles
5.9Emma Gohmann1:01.18aNotre Dame
6.11Mallory Martin1:01.66aAdena
7.11Ashley Goad1:04.13aDawson-Bryant
7.9Ciera Marcinko1:04.82aSouthern (Racine)
7.12Jennifer Williams1:05.69aMiller
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cassidy Rase
Sadie Ruby
Erica Schmidt
Paige White
2.-Whitney Gibson
Casey Hendershot
Allison Gherke
Calle Logston
3.-Jordan Parker
Jenna Burdette
Keri Lawerence
Savannah Hawley
52.96aEastern Local
4.-Autumn Smith
Kesha Hatfield
Andrea Poehler
Brandee Riley
5.-Paige McKnight
Kimberly Short
Kayla Suitor
Bailey Harrison
6.-Cheyenne Love
Taylor Pennington
Aly Williams
Jordan Marolt
7.-Courtney Cambell
Leah Potts
Merrilee Dresbach
Madie Arledge
8.-Haley Swayne
Sidney Pell
Haleigh White
Shaylin McDaniels
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Autumn Smith
Kesha Hatfield
Andrea Poehler
Brandee Riley
2.-Whitney Gibson
Casey Hendershot
Allison Gherke
Calle Logston
1.-Paige White
Erica Schmidt
Sadie Ruby
Cassidy Rase
1.-Paige McKnight
Kimberly Short
Kayla Suitor
Bailey Harrison
1.-Haley Swayne
Sidney Pell
Shaylin McDaniels
Haleigh White
2.-Cheyenne Love
Taylor Pennington
Aly Williams
Jordan Marolt
2.-Jordan Parker
Jenna Burdette
Keri Lawerence
Savannah Hawley
54.49aEastern Local
3.-Courtney Cambell
Leah Potts
Merrilee Dresbach
Madie Arledge
2.-Heidi Hemming
Kelsey Hoskins
Miguel Strite
Kari Taylor
55.11aOak Hill
3.-Johnna Seward
Alicia Murphy
Hannah Cronacher
Morgan Weisgarber
3.-Megan Bishop
Olivia Wallace
Kaitlyn Maiden
Caitlyn Breeze
4.-Khrissa Lightfoot
Faith Davis
Jordan Tackett
Sydney Hodge
58.22aPaint Valley
3.-Kellan Gamble
Kelsey Doty
Graceyn Gibson
Samantha Williams
5.-Brittany Cogar
Morgan McMillan
Joyce Weddle
Angie Eynon
58.64aSouthern (Racine)
4.-Kristin McRoberts
Salina Potter
Madison Emmons
Brandi Williams
5.-Marissa Melem
Alyssa Miller
Sydney Crawford
Hanna Dailey
4.-Kendra White
Tiffany Knauff
Emily Shope
Nicole Mills
1:00.89aLucasville Valley
6.-Lacey Jenkins
Morgan Ross
Amber Richmond
Shelby Gaines
1:01.45aLatham Western
5.-Crystal Holtgrewe
Leah Craig
Emma Gohmann
Kiersten Angelos
1:01.49aNotre Dame
4.-Krista Veazey
Courtney Boggs
Megan Mays
Emily Raison
1:04.59aSouth Webster
6.-Sara Dye
Jayona Grifith
Cori Lay
Alyssa Greene
5.-Ashtyn Lester
Anja Pavicevic
Lara Gerdes
Rachel Staker
1:04.95aEastern Pike (Beaver)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Paige McKnight
Haley Johnson
Bailey Harrison
Kimberly Short
2.-Cassidy Rase
Sadie Ruby
Erica Schmidt
Paige White
3.-Lakiesha Brown
Courtney Cambell
Leah Potts
Madie Arledge
4.-Whitney Gibson
Allison Gherke
Casey Hendershot
Calle Logston
5.-Jordan Parker
Maddie Rigsby
Jenna Burdette
Emeri Connery
1:52.34aEastern Local
6.-Autumn Smith
Kesha Hatfield
Andrea Poehler
Brandee Riley
7.-Haley Swayne
Sidney Pell
Haleigh White
Shaylin McDaniels
8.-Johnna Seward
Katie Barron
Hannah Cronacher
Morgan Weisgarber
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Paige White
Sadie Ruby
Erica Schmidt
Cassidy Rase
1.-Lakiesha Brown
Courtney Cambell
Leah Potts
Madie Arledge
1.-Haley Swayne
Sidney Pell
Shaylin McDaniels
Haleigh White
1.-Autumn Smith
Kesha Hatfield
Andrea Poehler
Brandee Riley
2.-Whitney Gibson
Allison Gherke
Casey Hendershot
Calle Logston
2.-Paige McKnight
Haley Johnson
Katie Erwin
Bailey Harrison
3.-Keri Lawerence
Maddie Rigsby
Jordan Parker
Jenna Burdette
1:55.20aEastern Local
2.-Johnna Seward
Hannah Cronacher
Katie Barron
Morgan Weisgarber
3.-Sydney Hodge
Charlene Stout
Faith Davis
Jordan Tackett
1:57.70aPaint Valley
2.-Aly Williams
Hillary Taylor
Ashly Clark
Jordan Marolt
4.-Brittany Cogar
Morgan McMillan
Joyce Weddle
Angie Eynon
2:04.00aSouthern (Racine)
4.-Megan Rice
Miguel Strite
Bethany Evans
Emily Childers
2:06.65aOak Hill
3.-Jackie Kellough
Jamie Reisinger
Kayla Lemaster
Layne Beasley
2:06.86aHuntington Local
5.-Kristin McRoberts
Tylin Bender
Madison Emmons
Gabby Grose
4.-Kirsten Setty
Tiffany Knauff
Emily Shope
Nicole Mills
2:10.01aLucasville Valley
3.-Crystal Holtgrewe
Leah Craig
Emma Gohmann
Keely Taylor
2:11.02aNotre Dame
5.-Jennifer Williams
Jessica Williams
Courtney Bourne
Samantha Williams
5.-Aleigha Matson
Abby Smith
Alyssa Miller
Sydney Crawford
6.-Sara Dye
Jayona Grifith
Mckenzie Stevens
Sarah Spidel
6.-Arica Gragg
Brittany Reader
Elizabeth Jackson
Kaytelyn Bradford
2:19.29aLatham Western
---Megan Bishop
Olivia Wallace
Kaitlyn Maiden
Autumn Apgar-Neeld
---Tia Savage
Donnica Dixon
Jenny Avey
Rachel Moore
DQTrimble Local
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sagan Gampp
Courtney Sexton
Mariah Butcher
Kylie Berry
2.-Maddie Rigsby
Savannah Hawley
Jenna Burdette
Emeri Connery
4:19.67aEastern Local
3.-Courtney Cambell
Merrilee Dresbach
Leah Potts
Madie Arledge
4.-Kelsey Hoskins
Heidi Hemming
Bethany Evans
Kari Taylor
4:23.33aOak Hill
5.-Ariel Schweickart
Katie Barron
Morgan Weisgarber
Taylor Hacker
6.-McKenzie Coriell
Kirsten Setty
Kaitlin Setty
Kali Johnson
4:35.58aLucasville Valley
7.-Megan Thomas
Brooke Dunn
Haleigh White
Breanna Unger
---Laynee Davis
Alison Sparks
Abby Louden
Cory Pertuset
DQNorth Adams
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Sagan Gampp
Courtney Sexton
Mariah Butcher
Kylie Berry
1.-Ariel Schweickart
Katie Barron
Taylor Hacker
Morgan Weisgarber
2.-Courtney Cambell
Merrilee Dresbach
Leah Potts
Madie Arledge
1.-Maddie Rigsby
Jenna Burdette
Katie Keller
Emeri Connery
4:30.42aEastern Local
2.-Laynee Davis
Alison Sparks
Abby Louden
Cory Pertuset
4:35.65aNorth Adams
3.-Kelsey Hoskins
Heidi Hemming
Bethany Evans
Kari Taylor
4:36.27aOak Hill
2.-McKenzie Coriell
Kaitlin Setty
Kirsten Setty
Kali Johnson
4:37.66aLucasville Valley
3.-Megan Thomas
Breanna Unger
Brooke Dunn
Haleigh White
3.-Aleigha Matson
Ally Rohrer
Maggie Krall
Hanna Dailey
4.-Taryn Carr
Katie Hall
Brooke Kapple
Claudia Hall
4.-Haley Johnson
Katie Erwin
Kaitlynn Murphy
Kimberly Short
5.-Sydney Hodge
Jordan Tackett
Faith Davis
Taylor Baker
4:54.08aPaint Valley
4.-Paige White
Ally Darnell
Cassidy Vaughters
Alyssa Conn
5.-Emily Ash
Joyce Weddle
Stefanie Pyles
Jennifer McCoy
5:01.93aSouthern (Racine)
6.-Sawyer Rammell
Sarah Spidel
Mckenzie Stevens
Ginny Gadzinski
5.-Cassie Stevens
Andrea Marchyn
Sarah Buell
Keely Taylor
5:04.47aNotre Dame
6.-Taite Ackley
Megan Newberry
Cortney Tacket
Mallory Martin
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ariel Schweickart
Shannon Walker
Maggie Thomas
Taylor Hacker
2.-Alyssa Conn
Kailyn Smith
Sarah Willis
Sadie Ruby
3.-Emeri Connery
Savannah Hawley
Katie Keller
Kori Collins
10:47.67aEastern Local
4.-Leanna Lomske
Jessie Gilliland
Jennah Lomske
Clarissa Johnson
5.-Hannah Cassidy
Cassie Stevens
Keely Taylor
Sarah Buell
11:24.74aNotre Dame
6.-Emily Ash
Joyce Weddle
Shelby Pickens
Jennifer McCoy
11:31.43aSouthern (Racine)
7.-Abby Smith
Hanna Dailey
Aleigha Matson
Maggie Krall
8.-Sawyer Rammell
Ginny Gadzinski
Mckenzie Stevens
Sarah Spidel
9.-Kristin Uhrig
Taylie Waldron
Kayla Lemaster
Samantha Cassady
11:41.43aHuntington Local
10.-Natalie Davis
Miguel Strite
Bethany Evans
Kelsey Hoskins
11:42.18aOak Hill
11.-Rachel Ball
Ashlee Jackson
Maddie McCord
Taylor Miles
12.-Mackenzie Rice
Emma Williams
Ashley Carter
Sara Johnson
13.-Cory Pertuset
Laynee Davis
Taylor Gast
Abby Louden
11:55.51aNorth Adams
14.-Autumn Apgar-Neeld
Kortney Koska
Alicia Carter
Alexis Courtney
15.-Kaitlin Setty
Andrea Benjamin
Kayla Dalton
Kirsten Setty
12:22.91aLucasville Valley
16.-Tawnie Caudill
Taylor Brown
Ashely Miller
Brooke Dunn
17.-Kate Spencer
Jenny Avey
Samantha Vernon
Emily McKee
13:13.85aTrimble Local
18.-Chrissy Morrison
Brenna Wise
Courtney Alexander
Kristen Dotson
13:46.03aPaint Valley
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Doni Winters35-00.25Dawson-Bryant
2.9Taylor Baker34-01.00Paint Valley
3.11Ashley Putman33-01.50Eastern Local
4.11Carrie Corriell33-00.00Lucasville Valley
5.12Kelsey Burton32-11.75Oak Hill
6.-Bryanna Larrigan32-10.00Wheelersburg
7.-Karli Deal32-02.00Manchester
1.12Kerestan North32-00.25Trimble Local
2.12Megan Glandon30-06.50Adena
8.9Sidney Pell30-04.50Peebles
3.12Samatha Lutz29-04.50Green (Franklin Furn...
4.12Ashlee Alberry29-04.25Nelsonville-York
5.9Katie Keller29-00.00Eastern Local
9.9Cheyenne Singer27-09.50Federal-Hocking
1.10Marissa Melem27-08.75Waterford
2.10Cayla Buchreitz27-05.00Lynchburg-Clay
6.12Sara Boltenhouse27-02.50Adena
10.11Samantha Ferguson27-02.25Dawson-Bryant
3.10Hillary Taylor27-00.25Crooksville
7.12Linsie Athey26-09.25Belpre
8.12Lisa Rhonemus26-07.50Lynchburg-Clay
4.10Kayleigh Barber26-00.50Nelsonville-York
9.10Jordan Dever25-10.25Minford
10.10Mikhail Smith25-07.75South Webster
1.11Amber Hayman25-07.25Southern (Racine)
2.11Mellisa Jenkins25-06.50Ironton
5.9Nikki Kline25-06.50Miller
3.10Erica Swart24-05.25Trimble Local
4.-Desere Harris24-04.25Huntington Local
6.11Ceairra Curran24-01.50Southern (Racine)
7.-Ashley Bell23-08.00Huntington Local
8.10Cassandra Lauerman23-07.00Paint Valley
5.10Stacie Mullins23-05.75Federal-Hocking
6.9Emma Sand23-04.25Notre Dame
7.-Kiersten McGraw23-03.50Glenwood
9.10Kristen Hammond22-11.00Wheelersburg
10.10Gabrielle Canterbu22-03.00Waterford
1.-Alicia Skidmore22-02.50Oak Hill
2.11Chelsea Barton22-01.00Miller
8.-Edy Johnson22-00.00Eastern Pike (Beaver)
3.11Amber Looney21-11.00Peebles
4.-Jaylynd Boyd21-08.00Manchester
9.10Sarah Veach21-02.25South Webster
10.-Lara Gerdes20-00.25Eastern Pike (Beaver)
5.9Amanda Allen18-10.50Whiteoak
6.-Abby Kidd17-02.50Green (Franklin Furn...
7.10Alah Carroll12-08.00Glenwood
--10Tessa WilkesNDIronton
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Taylor Baker116-10Paint Valley
2.11Carrie Corriell113-06Lucasville Valley
3.12Megan Glandon107-00Adena
4.10Jordan Dever103-08Minford
5.-Bryanna Larrigan100-02Wheelersburg
6.10Darrien Hankins99-09Dawson-Bryant
7.-Karli Deal99-03Manchester
8.12Linsie Athey92-03Belpre
1.12Sara Boltenhouse91-03Adena
9.11Ashley Putman87-03Eastern Local
10.12Ashlee Alberry86-01Nelsonville-York
2.9Cassidy Cleland84-09Eastern Local
3.10Hillary Taylor83-10Crooksville
4.10Kristen Hammond82-04Wheelersburg
5.11Mellisa Jenkins81-09Ironton
6.10Emma Setty78-09Lynchburg-Clay
6.9Nikki Kline78-09Miller
8.12Lisa Rhonemus77-05Lynchburg-Clay
1.10Cassandra Lauerman75-07Paint Valley
2.-Ashley Bell75-00Huntington Local
3.9Cheyenne Singer74-03Federal-Hocking
4.10Mikhail Smith73-07South Webster
1.12Rachel Staker71-10Eastern Pike (Beaver)
2.11Emily Raison70-08South Webster
9.10Miranda Martin70-08Nelsonville-York
3.10Gabrielle Canterbu68-02Waterford
4.11Amber Hayman66-05Southern (Racine)
1.10Erica Swart65-07Trimble Local
5.9Emma Sand63-01Notre Dame
5.10Marissa Melem61-09Waterford
6.9Ashley Collins60-09Dawson-Bryant
10.11Amber Looney58-03Peebles
6.9Andrea Swart57-10Trimble Local
7.-Edy Johnson54-06Eastern Pike (Beaver)
8.11Chelsea Barton50-08Miller
7.10KaLeigh Gross50-01Peebles
2.-Alicia Skidmore49-11Oak Hill
3.-Carolyn Snyder46-04Oak Hill
4.9Amanda Allen40-05Whiteoak
5.-Haley Tolle26-11Leesburg-Fairfield
--11Emma PowellFOULSouthern (Racine)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chanda Cuckler5-02.00Federal-Hocking
2.11Erica Schmidt5-00.00Wheelersburg
3.10Charlene Stout4-10.00Paint Valley
4.9Maddie Rigsby4-08.00Eastern Local
4.11Merrilee Dresbach4-08.00Southeastern
4.11Ali Sullivan4-08.00Oak Hill
4.9Ashly Clark4-08.00Crooksville
8.9Kylie Berry4-06.00Minford
8.9Sidney Pell4-06.00Peebles
8.12Lizz Carson4-06.00Whiteoak
8.12Breanna Unger4-06.00Peebles
8.11Alison Sparks4-06.00North Adams
8.10Erica Cartwright4-06.00Southeastern
8.10Tylin Bender4-06.00Minford
15.10Jackie Kellough4-04.00Huntington Local
15.10Andrea Marchyn4-04.00Notre Dame
15.9Alyssa Miller4-04.00Waterford
15.9Lacey Willis4-04.00Wheelersburg
15.11Lacey Jenkins4-04.00Latham Western
15.12Erin Clarkson4-04.00Leesburg-Fairfield
15.10Claudia Hall4-04.00Belpre
15.-Chandler Brown4-04.00Eastern Pike (Beaver)
23.10Kaitlyn Maiden4-02.00Nelsonville-York
23.-Sawyer Rammel4-02.00Lynchburg-Clay
23.10Sydney Crawford4-02.00Waterford
23.9Jessica Williams4-02.00Miller
23.10Alyssa Greene4-02.00Lynchburg-Clay
23.10Alicia Murphy4-02.00Ironton
--10Tessa WilkesNHIronton
--10Katie ErwinNHDawson-Bryant
--9Hannah DelanceyNHBelpre
--10Olivia WallaceNHNelsonville-York
--11Jessi SimonsNHFederal-Hocking
---Karliegha DingusNHEastern Pike (Beaver)
--9Kayla SpearsNHDawson-Bryant
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hannah Cronacher8-00.00Ironton
2.12Casey Hendershot8-00.00Belpre
3.9Laci Stanforth7-06.00Paint Valley
4.12Kayla Suitor7-00.00Dawson-Bryant
5.12Leanne Ketchum6-06.00Federal-Hocking
6.11Ashley Goad6-06.00Dawson-Bryant
7.9Lacey Green6-06.00Belpre
8.10Megan Bishop6-00.00Nelsonville-York
9.-Carissa Hines6-00.00Huntington Local
--10Tessa WilkesNHIronton
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Savage16-10.75Trimble Local
2.9Jenna Burdette16-04.00Eastern Local
3.11Taylor Collins15-07.75Minford
4.12Kerestan North15-06.50Trimble Local
5.11Haley Johnson15-04.25Dawson-Bryant
6.10Haley Swayne15-04.00Peebles
7.10Andrea Poehler15-00.75Adena
8.10McKenzie Coriell14-08.00Lucasville Valley
9.11Kelsey Doty14-05.25Miller
10.-Chandler Brown14-03.00Eastern Pike (Beaver)
11.-Aly Williams14-02.75Crooksville
12.11Cheyenne Love14-02.50Crooksville
13.9Paige White14-01.25Wheelersburg
14.12Khrissa Lightfoot13-11.75Paint Valley
15.10Samantha Williams13-11.50Miller
16.10Allison Gherke13-11.25Belpre
17.9Kaitlynn Murphy13-10.75Dawson-Bryant
18.10Alicia Murphy13-09.50Ironton
19.10Krista Veazey13-06.00South Webster
20.11Whitney Gibson13-04.75Belpre
20.-Kayla Lemaster13-04.75Huntington Local
22.12Lizz Carson13-04.25Whiteoak
23.10Andrea Marchyn13-02.50Notre Dame
24.9Rachel Kincade13-01.00Federal-Hocking
25.9Katie Semon13-00.00Waterford
26.10Brenna Simmons12-05.75Leesburg-Fairfield
26.12Erin Clarkson12-05.75Leesburg-Fairfield
28.9Alyssa Miller12-03.25Waterford
29.10Emily Childers12-02.50Oak Hill
30.-Anja Pavicevic12-00.75Eastern Pike (Beaver)
31.-Courtney Boggs11-11.75South Webster
32.10Olivia Downs11-07.75Huntington Local
33.11Brooke Dunn11-07.50Peebles
34.-Amanda Richmond9-08.75Southeastern
35.10Alyssa Greene8-10.00Lynchburg-Clay
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