Big North Conference Championship

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
  Cadillac, Cadillac - Map
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Michigan - Division 1
TCCTraverse City Central
TCWSTraverse City West
Michigan - Division 2
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zeke Famiano11.15aTraverse City West
2.12Ben Broad11.35aTraverse City Central
3.10Trae Hill11.44aGaylord
4.11Boone Marois11.73aTraverse City Central
5.12Jesse Schwartz11.81aTraverse City West
6.10Dan Montgomery11.87aTraverse City West
7.10Ashton Dever11.93aAlpena
8.12Antony Rudel11.95aGaylord
9.10David Grindle12.16aPetoskey
10.12Tyler Kring12.76aCadillac
11Richie HeydNTCadillac
11Mike BazinawNTCadillac
11Dan NowickiNTPetoskey
10Jake BuchalskiNTPetoskey
12Spencer LosinskiNTAlpena
12Dylan DonakowskiNTAlpena
11James NewlandNTTraverse City Central
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zeke Famiano22.59aTraverse City West
2.12Tyler Hewett22.90aCadillac
3.10Trae Hill23.08aGaylord
4.11Joe Isler23.21aGaylord
5.12Jack Stevens23.48aTraverse City Central
6.12Ben Broad23.71aTraverse City Central
7.11Richie Heyd24.13aCadillac
8.9Robert Hunter24.13aTraverse City West
9.10Dan Montgomery24.15aTraverse City West
10.12Spencer Losinski24.49aAlpena
11.10Aaron Keyes24.61aAlpena
12.11Caleb Tomes24.66aGaylord
13.12Dylan Donakowski24.74aAlpena
14.10AJ Hoffmann25.26aPetoskey
15.11Ayrton Joeres25.26aCadillac
16.10Louis Lamberti25.60aPetoskey
17.11Dan Nowicki26.00aPetoskey
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zeke Famiano51.69aTraverse City West
2.10Tyler Johnson52.69aTraverse City West
3.11Cody Morris53.01aGaylord
4.11Zac Shafer53.56aTraverse City West
5.11David Stalker54.19aCadillac
6.9Jalen Brooks54.24aCadillac
7.10TJ Schwannecke54.64aTraverse City Central
8.11Kevin Leahy55.00aTraverse City Central
9.11Brian Knight55.38aPetoskey
10.12Sam Carstens55.48aAlpena
11.12Tyler Sugden56.99aGaylord
12.10Paul Winegard57.38aPetoskey
13.12Jakob Olson58.47aCadillac
12Mike WilhelmNTPetoskey
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Belt2:00.70Cadillac
2.10Nate Fischer2:01.20Gaylord
3.12Ryen Keenan2:05.00Traverse City Central
4.11Travis LaCross2:05.40Alpena
5.12Evan Cover2:11.10Traverse City Central
6.12Nathan LaBarge2:11.60Alpena
7.10Johnny Ackley2:15.30Traverse City Central
8.12Sebby Kucera2:16.30Traverse City West
9.12Miles Kamaloski2:28.90Cadillac
11Phil BrenzNTCadillac
12Jared GoodrichNTPetoskey
10Kieran HallNTTraverse City West
12John OwensNTAlpena
11Brandon MuellerNTPetoskey
11Jack TouranNTPetoskey
10Sean HallNTTraverse City West
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Evan Cover4:27.91aTraverse City Central
2.12Sebby Kucera4:30.78aTraverse City West
3.11Jared Labarge4:36.13aAlpena
4.11Hunter Swogger4:39.12aTraverse City West
5.9Kyle Dotterrer4:39.27aTraverse City Central
6.12Mike Drake4:42.46aPetoskey
7.11Ryan Hearth4:45.85aCadillac
8.12Cameron Duncan4:46.57aAlpena
9.12Josh Lance4:48.82aTraverse City Central
10.11Spencer Nemecek4:50.30aPetoskey
11.10Trevor Holmes4:52.52aCadillac
12.11Jonah Laursen4:54.05aTraverse City West
13.11Jesse Jezak4:57.91aCadillac
14.9RJ Centala4:58.88aAlpena
15.12Bryan Slocum4:59.95aGaylord
16.10Ian Callison5:04.98aGaylord
17.11Brandon Mueller5:11.34aPetoskey
18.10Chris Ryan5:26.75aGaylord
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matt Moss10:12.55aTraverse City Central
2.12Joe Jones10:20.38aGaylord
3.10Ethan Crowell10:27.77aAlpena
4.12John Ferrara10:27.89aCadillac
5.12Matt Kulka10:31.90aTraverse City West
6.11Jake Pasternak10:33.45aGaylord
7.11Hunter Swogger10:33.64aTraverse City West
8.10Nicholas Tarsa10:43.25aTraverse City Central
9.10Charlend Howard10:44.94aGaylord
10.11Ryan Hearth10:44.97aCadillac
11.9Trevor Thiebaut10:49.47aCadillac
12.11Jonah Laursen10:52.14aTraverse City West
13.11Jared Labarge10:56.31aAlpena
14.10Andrew Bruning10:57.57aTraverse City Central
15.9Mark Smith10:58.49aPetoskey
16.10Jacob Benson11:00.35aAlpena
17.11Spencer Nemecek11:28.70aPetoskey
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Spencer Potter15.17aTraverse City Central
2.12Sean Berryman15.53aAlpena
3.12Cory Starkey15.71aPetoskey
4.11Dylan Waskiewicz16.01aTraverse City Central
5.11Sem Novikov17.03aTraverse City Central
6.11Jacob Mitchell17.10aCadillac
7.11Gordon Hoyem17.14aGaylord
8.11Andrew Summerix17.25aAlpena
9.11Will Adamson17.49aCadillac
10.12Jacob Combs17.58aCadillac
11.10Derrick Diver19.00aTraverse City West
12.10Cameron Taylor19.03aGaylord
13.9Ty Coonrod20.17aGaylord
14.10Kyle Ringwelski20.39aTraverse City West
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sean Berryman41.10aAlpena
2.12Spencer Potter41.30aTraverse City Central
3.11Dylan Waskiewicz42.43aTraverse City Central
4.11Gordon Hoyem44.04aGaylord
5.10Ashton Dever44.19aAlpena
6.11Will Adamson44.24aCadillac
7.11Jacob Mitchell45.68aCadillac
8.10Derrick Diver46.25aTraverse City West
9.10Cameron Taylor46.48aGaylord
10.11Andrew Summerix47.25aAlpena
11.10PJ Nemish48.41aCadillac
12.10Kyle Ringwelski49.78aTraverse City West
13.9Ty Coonrod49.91aGaylord
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.39aTraverse City Central
2.-Relay Team 44.80aTraverse City West
3.-Relay Team 45.91aAlpena
4.-Relay Team 46.51aCadillac
5.-Relay Team 46.93aPetoskey
6.-Relay Team 47.21aGaylord
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:31.41aTraverse City West
2.-Relay Team 1:32.66aTraverse City Central
3.-Relay Team 1:34.98aGaylord
4.-Relay Team 1:35.95aAlpena
5.-Relay Team 1:37.06aCadillac
6.-Relay Team 1:40.85aPetoskey
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:31.80Traverse City Central
2.-Relay Team 3:34.80Gaylord
3.-Relay Team 3:39.80Traverse City West
4.-Relay Team 3:42.50Cadillac
5.-Relay Team 3:49.60Petoskey
-Relay Team NTAlpena
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:13.65aTraverse City Central
2.-Relay Team 8:16.01aPetoskey
3.-Relay Team 8:17.58aTraverse City West
4.-Relay Team 8:22.48aAlpena
5.-Relay Team 8:27.14aCadillac
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Riley Norman58-02.50Cadillac
2.12Nick Alpers48-03.25Traverse City Central
3.11Reese Spaulding47-07.25Traverse City West
4.12Jake Fisher46-09.50Traverse City West
5.12Josh Pant46-09.00Cadillac
6.12Jon Dziesinski44-09.25Alpena
7.10Nick Whiting43-07.25Traverse City West
8.12Peter Gerow43-01.25Alpena
9.11Ethan Siegert43-00.00Alpena
10.11John Lenz42-03.00Cadillac
11.10Robb Hansen39-09.50Gaylord
12.12Scott Rademacher38-00.00Traverse City Central
13.12Trevor Stempky37-00.00Gaylord
14.9John Piatek35-06.50Traverse City Central
15.12Fernando Gamez33-04.00Petoskey
16.10Andrew Kalember30-04.50Gaylord
17.9Chandler Matelski29-07.50Petoskey
18.9Alexander Pionk25-05.50Petoskey
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Alpers142-09Traverse City Central
2.12Ryan Gauld141-06Cadillac
3.11Nick Richardson135-04Traverse City West
4.10Jordan Haggerty128-09Petoskey
5.12Josh Pant127-09Cadillac
6.10Nick Whiting125-05Traverse City West
7.10Riley Norman123-09Cadillac
8.12Scott Rademacher122-10Traverse City Central
9.11Ethan Siegert120-04Alpena
10.12Peter Gerow112-08Alpena
11.11Tom Dihle107-02Alpena
12.12Trevor Stempky96-00Gaylord
13.11Clark Belanger93-10Traverse City Central
14.12Fernando Gamez92-10Petoskey
15.10Robb Hansen87-02Gaylord
16.9Chandler Matelski82-05Petoskey
17.10Andrew Kalember69-09Gaylord
12Connor KostrzewaNDTraverse City West
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cory Starkey6-05.00Petoskey
2.10Louis Lamberti6-03.00Petoskey
3.12Antony Rudel6-00.00Gaylord
4.9Aaron Taylor5-11.00Traverse City Central
5.11Craig Richardson5-09.00Gaylord
6.10Jeremiah Williams5-09.00Traverse City West
7.11Andrew Summerix5-09.00Alpena
10JD NiergarthNHAlpena
11Cody MorrisNHGaylord
10Paul WinegardNHPetoskey
10PJ NemishNHCadillac
12Jake SmrekarNHCadillac
12Justin MacGregorNHAlpena
10Nate CastorNHTraverse City West
11Sam SikarskieNHTraverse City West
9Connor HansonNHTraverse City Central
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Gemmell13-05.00Traverse City Central
2.10Aaron Hodges12-08.00Cadillac
3.11Kevin Bey12-04.00Alpena
4.12Jacob Combs12-04.00Cadillac
5.11Aaron Goldbeck12-00.00Alpena
6.12Jacob Melichar12-00.00Traverse City West
7.10Aaron Mead11-06.00Alpena
8.12Tyler Sugden11-00.00Gaylord
9.10Connor Becker11-00.00Traverse City Central
10.10Connor Brady10-06.00Traverse City Central
11.12Jake Labean10-00.00Gaylord
12.10Ian Rudel9-06.00Gaylord
12Kyle SchaubNHTraverse City West
9Connor PriestNHTraverse City West
11Richie HeydNHCadillac
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sem Novikov19-10.00Traverse City Central
2.11Joe Isler19-09.50Gaylord
3.11Kevin Kelm19-05.50Traverse City Central
4.9Aaron Taylor19-04.00Traverse City Central
5.12Tyler Hewett18-02.50Cadillac
6.9Brenden Cordes18-00.00Alpena
7.10David Grindle17-09.50Petoskey
8.11Chris Crenshaw17-07.50Gaylord
9.10Nate Castor17-06.00Traverse City West
10.10Jeremiah Williams17-05.00Traverse City West
11.11Kevin Wallenstein16-08.50Cadillac
12.11Ayrton Joeres16-08.00Cadillac
13.12Mike Malaney16-06.50Alpena
14.10Jake Buchalski16-03.00Petoskey
15.9LeLand Huey15-03.00Gaylord
11Sam SikarskieNDTraverse City West
10Steve GrulkeNDAlpena

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Carly Searles13.07aPetoskey
2.11Emily McAnsh13.11aAlpena
3.11Samantha Rajewski13.12aPetoskey
4.11Brianna Podsaid13.38aTraverse City Central
5.9Courtney Cadotte13.41aTraverse City Central
6.9Allida Smith13.59aTraverse City West
7.9MaKenna Beers13.62aTraverse City Central
8.9Hannah Carlson13.67aTraverse City West
9.11Hannah Schnack13.74aTraverse City West
10.10Emily Duncan13.79aAlpena
11.9Taylor Genschaw13.94aAlpena
12.11Annie Jacobites14.10aGaylord
13.10Margaret Morant14.22aCadillac
14.9Aleisha Lasley14.50aGaylord
15.9Ashley Furry14.81aCadillac
16.11Cindy Adams14.92aPetoskey
10Lexi OddyNTCadillac
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emily McAnsh26.55aAlpena
2.12Carly Searles26.57aPetoskey
3.9Kimmy Bilinski27.02aTraverse City West
4.9Allida Smith27.09aTraverse City West
5.12Kathryn Walters27.42aTraverse City West
6.11Samantha Rajewski27.53aPetoskey
7.12Emily Grof27.89aTraverse City Central
8.11Leslie Hicks28.22aCadillac
9.12Katie Darling28.54aTraverse City Central
10.10Abby Vandercook29.55aCadillac
11.9Rachel Schulingkamp29.83aPetoskey
12.9Aleisha Lasley30.01aGaylord
13.10Margaret Morant30.16aCadillac
14.11Paige Stepanski30.56aAlpena
11Taylor OlsonNTTraverse City Central
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emily McAnsh58.85aAlpena
2.12Carly Searles59.07aPetoskey
3.9Kimmy Bilinski1:01.03aTraverse City West
4.12Danielle Brzezinski1:02.92aTraverse City West
5.10Katelynn Dreyer1:03.30aGaylord
6.12Krystin Dreyer1:03.66aGaylord
7.12Katie Fallick1:03.98aTraverse City Central
8.10Ellie Siegert1:06.19aAlpena
9.11Molly Tompkins1:06.91aTraverse City Central
10.9Noelle Sieloff1:07.18aTraverse City West
11.12Katie Darling1:07.55aTraverse City Central
12.9Ashley Furry1:08.83aCadillac
13.9Brenna LaRocque1:10.00aCadillac
14.10Claire Brummeler1:10.20aPetoskey
10Emily DuncanNTAlpena
9Mackenzie CaterNTCadillac
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lauren Marsh2:23.33aTraverse City Central
2.9Katie Moses2:23.45aTraverse City Central
3.12Amanda Olds2:24.17aGaylord
4.11Taylor Stepanski2:28.58aAlpena
5.10Kelsey Lewis2:29.82aAlpena
6.11Marcy Marek2:30.17aTraverse City West
7.12Kaylee VanDommelen2:33.65aTraverse City West
8.11Britta Patterson2:34.63aCadillac
9.10Lila Dreves2:39.03aTraverse City Central
10.10Amanda Dort2:40.68aAlpena
11.12Emma Bizzigotti2:41.96aCadillac
12.12Stasha Yancho2:43.84aTraverse City West
13.10Grace Tsaloff3:07.88aPetoskey
9Mackenzie CaterNTCadillac
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lauren Marsh5:20.30Traverse City Central
2.12Kaylee VanDommelen5:27.60Traverse City West
3.11Taylor Stepanski5:30.60Alpena
4.11Rachael Favela5:33.60Traverse City West
5.12Aimee Marsh5:36.30Traverse City Central
6.11Britta Patterson5:42.00Cadillac
7.10Lila Dreves5:43.70Traverse City Central
8.11Megan Borgeson5:52.30Gaylord
9.12Emma Bizzigotti5:59.50Cadillac
10.10Elaine Lowe6:02.40Alpena
11.11Joleen Augustat6:04.80Cadillac
12.10Kathy Rajewski6:04.90Petoskey
12Samara DonajkowskiNTAlpena
9Amanda FoucheyNTTraverse City West
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aimee Marsh11:58.31aTraverse City Central
2.11Rachael Favela12:06.74aTraverse City West
3.10Elaine Lowe12:10.96aAlpena
4.9Molly Peregrine12:29.53aTraverse City Central
5.12Hannah Rickard12:34.03aTraverse City West
6.11Clancey Hawke12:51.60aTraverse City West
7.10Maria Warren13:08.46aGaylord
8.10Kailey Mattarella13:10.50aTraverse City Central
9.12Anna Kassuba13:12.39aGaylord
10.11Jessica Weaver13:22.66aCadillac
11.10Haley Ludviksen13:33.32aCadillac
12.10Noelle Warren13:41.38aGaylord
13.12Holly Miller13:47.28aCadillac
14.12Samara Donajkowski13:47.48aAlpena
11Xavier DonajkowskiNTAlpena
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jenna Zaborowski16.39aGaylord
2.10Christina Kollien16.44aAlpena
3.11Megan Carlson17.29aGaylord
4.11Courtney Holmes17.34aAlpena
5.12Jordyn Severt17.52aTraverse City West
6.10Liz Fraser18.01aPetoskey
7.9Maddy Weatherholt18.07aTraverse City Central
8.12Erika Brinks18.13aCadillac
9.10Madison Bluemel18.25aTraverse City Central
10.11Lauren Brennan18.72aTraverse City Central
11.11Paige Stepanski19.00aAlpena
12.9Alexis Howard19.62aCadillac
13.9Niki Worden19.63aTraverse City West
14.9Rachel Brilinski20.19aPetoskey
15.9Aleah Nelsen21.03aCadillac
16.10Alexa Morey25.37aTraverse City West
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordyn Severt48.98aTraverse City West
2.12Jenna Zaborowski50.35aGaylord
3.10Christina Kollien50.39aAlpena
4.11Molly Walker51.28aTraverse City Central
5.11Paige Stepanski51.57aAlpena
6.11Megan Carlson52.00aGaylord
7.11Lauren Brennan52.88aTraverse City Central
8.9Maddy Weatherholt52.98aTraverse City Central
9.11Courtney Holmes53.88aAlpena
10.12Erika Brinks55.24aCadillac
11.10Alexa Morey55.86aTraverse City West
12.9Rachel Brilinski56.49aPetoskey
13.9Alexis Howard57.45aCadillac
14.9Cami Williams59.16aCadillac
15.9Niki Worden1:00.45aTraverse City West
16.10Jasmine Mapes1:02.08aPetoskey
11Samantha RajewskiNTPetoskey
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.18aTraverse City Central
2.-Relay Team 52.60aTraverse City West
3.-Relay Team 53.96aAlpena
4.-Relay Team 53.97aGaylord
5.-Relay Team 55.50aCadillac
6.-Relay Team 59.12aPetoskey
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:50.38aTraverse City West
2.-Relay Team 1:51.73aTraverse City Central
3.-Relay Team 1:52.06aGaylord
4.-Relay Team 1:55.36aAlpena
5.-Relay Team 1:59.20aCadillac
6.-Relay Team 2:05.98aPetoskey
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:12.31aTraverse City West
2.-Relay Team 4:15.98aAlpena
3.-Relay Team 4:16.49aTraverse City Central
4.-Relay Team 4:16.83aGaylord
5.-Relay Team 4:44.66aCadillac
6.-Relay Team 4:44.90aPetoskey
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:44.00aTraverse City Central
2.-Relay Team 10:00.00aAlpena
3.-Relay Team 10:07.00aTraverse City West
4.-Relay Team 10:25.00aCadillac
5.-Relay Team 10:50.00aGaylord
6.-Relay Team 11:34.00aPetoskey
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Molly Walker35-05.00Traverse City Central
2.12Blair Secord35-00.00Gaylord
3.12Kerby Tamm34-04.50Petoskey
4.12Emma Balliet32-09.50Gaylord
5.12Alex Corniuk31-10.50Cadillac
6.10Allison Fischer31-10.00Gaylord
7.11Brianna Podsaid31-02.00Traverse City Central
8.10Mary-MaRae Baker30-02.25Cadillac
9.12Janelle Zbytowski29-05.75Alpena
10.9Sarah Zdrodowski29-00.50Cadillac
11.11Bridget Bernhard29-00.00Traverse City West
12.9Stephanie McNeil27-08.75Alpena
13.11Katelynn Crittenden26-02.00Petoskey
14.9Abigail Blanchard26-00.00Petoskey
15.10Amy McNeil25-00.00Alpena
16.9Niki Worden24-11.50Traverse City West
17.12Lauren Bilinski24-10.50Traverse City West
18.10McKenzie Sanders23-00.50Traverse City Central
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Allison Fischer104-01Gaylord
2.12Emma Balliet98-05Gaylord
3.12Blair Secord98-02Gaylord
4.12Kerby Tamm96-02Petoskey
5.10Emily Ferguson96-01Alpena
6.11Brianna Podsaid84-08Traverse City Central
7.11Bridget Bernhard82-11Traverse City West
8.10Mary-MaRae Baker79-02Cadillac
9.11Molly Walker76-11Traverse City Central
10.9Abigail Blanchard76-02Petoskey
11.10Tiffany Brower75-09Cadillac
12.10Megan Spence74-03Cadillac
13.10Amy McNeil72-06Alpena
14.12Lauren Bilinski72-01Traverse City West
15.10Megan Tompkins70-06Petoskey
16.10McKenzie Sanders68-05Traverse City Central
17.9Niki Worden65-00Traverse City West
18.12Janelle Zbytowski61-03Alpena
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordyn Severt5-02.00Traverse City West
2.10Alanna Johnston5-01.00Gaylord
3.10Alison Schultz5-00.00Traverse City Central
4.10Sarah Swider4-09.00Alpena
5.9Hannah Oliver4-07.00Traverse City West
6.10Lexi Oddy4-07.00Cadillac
11Leslie HicksNHCadillac
11Megan BusherNHCadillac
11Molly WalkerNHTraverse City Central
11Paige StepanskiNHAlpena
10Kristie McNeilNHAlpena
10Megan TompkinsNHPetoskey
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Olson8-08.00Traverse City Central
2.12Kendall Cox8-08.00Traverse City West
3.11Brandi Tallent8-00.00Gaylord
3.10Abby Vandercook8-00.00Cadillac
4.10Haven Thomak7-06.00Traverse City West
5.10Liz Fraser7-06.00Petoskey
6.10Victoria Guzman7-06.00Alpena
7.9Brianna Worthington7-00.00Traverse City Central
7.9Natalie Przybyla7-00.00Alpena
10Dariane DushaneNHCadillac
9Cami WilliamsNHCadillac
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Grof16-04.50Traverse City Central
2.9MaKenna Beers15-10.50Traverse City Central
3.9Taylor Genschaw15-10.00Alpena
4.12Carly Searles15-05.00Petoskey
5.11Hannah Schnack14-10.00Traverse City West
6.10Sarah Swider14-09.00Alpena
7.10Megan Tompkins14-01.00Petoskey
8.11Samantha Rajewski13-06.00Petoskey
8.10Kristie McNeil13-06.00Alpena
10.11Annie Jacobites13-05.00Gaylord
11.9Courtney Cadotte13-00.50Traverse City Central
12.11Paige Hypio12-04.00Gaylord
13.10Kayla MacDonald12-00.50Cadillac
14.9Mckenna Goerner11-10.50Cadillac
10Lexi OddyNDCadillac
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