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50 Meter Dash  3rd Grade - Finals

1.2Nicholas Waterford-Griffin8.14St Ignatius
2.3Christopher Escano8.17St Mary's
3.2Taylor Martin8.18St Ignatius
4.2Trey Steinhorst8.27St Ignatius
5.3Leander Legaspi8.38Christ the King
6.1Dominick Tomlin8.57St Ignatius
7.3Carson Nagel-Holmes8.75Christ the King
8.3Riley Sweet8.79Christ the King
9.3Caden Carpenter8.91Christ the King
10.3John MacIntyre8.94St. John Vianney
11.3Ryan Macksoud8.97St Mary's
12.2Jayden Smith8.98St Ignatius
13.2Jordan Rivers-Chaffin9.02St Ignatius
14.3Rory Barry9.09St. John Vianney
15.3Aiden Hanken9.21Christ the King
16.3Nicholas Ramirez9.28St Mary's
17.2Blake Maxon9.8Christ the King
18.3Jonas Kobylik10Christ the King
19.3Matai Bell10.12St Ignatius

50 Meter Dash  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Ian Palmer7.98Christ the King
2.4Sean Steinhorst8.27St Ignatius
3.4Joe Peters8.61St Mary's
4.4Jakob Stanton8.68Christ the King
5.4Jonathan Jang8.81Christ the King

50 Meter Dash  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Giles Jackson7.57St Ignatius
2.5Daylon Hicks7.69St Ignatius
3.5David Smith7.93St Ignatius
4.5Nicholas Woodhall8Christ the King
5.5Nolawe Yemane8.84St Ignatius
6.5Alan Kobylik8.94Christ the King
7.5Ian Chamberlain9.52Christ the King

100 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Rackell Mack15.65aSt Ignatius
2.2Taylor Martin15.67St Ignatius
3.2Nicholas Waterford-Griffin15.95St Ignatius
4.3Christopher Escano16.03St Mary's
5.3Kosta Konstan16.61Christ the King
6.3Dante Ianora16.71St Mary's
7.3Tru Butcher16.79St Ignatius
9.3Leon Bamberger16.84St. John Vianney
10.3Joseph Tugwell16.85St. John Vianney
11.2Trey Steinhorst16.9St Ignatius
12.3Leander Legaspi17.05Christ the King
13.3Luke Wood17.53St Mary's
14.1Dominick Tomlin17.59St Ignatius
15.2Jordan Rivers-Chaffin17.59St Ignatius
16.2Jayden Smith17.86St Ignatius
18.3Ryan Macksoud18.17St Mary's
17.3Aiden Hanken18.113Christ the King
19.2Jeff DeBoer18.31Christ the King
20.3Michael Wood19.07St Mary's
21.2Blake Maxon19.25Christ the King
22.3Nicholas Ramirez19.4St Mary's
23.3Jonas Kobylik19.94Christ the King
24.3Matai Bell21.16St Ignatius

100 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Dejuan Butler14.58St Ignatius
2.4Robert Mack15.06St Ignatius
3.4Sean Steinhorst15.63St Ignatius
4.4Kumari Hopkins16.87St Ignatius

100 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Isaiah Foskey13.45St Ignatius
2.5Mekel Ealy14.04St Ignatius
3.5Devonyae McClay14.32St Ignatius
4.5Kwame Satterfield14.54St Ignatius
5.5Marquis Overton14.93St Ignatius
6.5Kyle Crossman16.02Christ the King
7.5David Smith16.05St Ignatius
8.5Jamar Walker16.29St Ignatius
9.5Nolawe Yemane16.41St Ignatius
10.5David Jang17.24Christ the King
11.5Ian Chamberlain21.17Christ the King

100 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Nicolas Bland13.48St Mary's
2.6Titin Davis13.58St Ignatius
3.6Marcus McClay13.79St Ignatius
4.6Eli Stark-Elster14.61St. John Vianney
5.6Jahari Reese15.64St Ignatius
6.6Sam Dudley16.25St. John Vianney

100 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Patrick Reed11.93St Ignatius
2.7Cory Cox13.35St Ignatius
3.7Davied Klapperich13.9Christ the King
4.7Mark Hamiter13.95St. John Vianney
5.7Jordan Grant14.19St Ignatius
6.7Brenden Rayere14.58St Mary's
7.7Nick Cunningham17.14St Mary's
8.7Raphael Lisbona17.21St Mary's

100 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Edgar Hernandez12.08Christ the King
2.8Nick Lopez12.29Christ the King
3.8Harris Miner12.3Christ the King
4.8Derrick Huey12.36St Ignatius
5.8Dominick Konstan12.55Christ the King
6.8Kelsey Lieberman12.62St Mary's
7.8Nathan Guila12.97St Ignatius
8.8Michael Bell14.4St Ignatius
9.8Edgar Carranza16.28Christ the King

200 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Rackell Mack32.11St Ignatius
2.3Dante Ianora34.21St Mary's
3.3Leon Bamberger35.29St. John Vianney
4.3Zachary Stevenson36.43St. John Vianney
5.3Luke Wood36.49St Mary's
6.3Wyatt Moore36.59St Mary's
7.3Tru Butcher37.74St Ignatius
8.3Ash Murthy37.76Christ the King
9.2Joey Ormeod40.43Christ the King
10.3Michael Wood40.9St Mary's

200 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Robert Mack33.43St Ignatius
2.4Dejuan Butler33.71St Ignatius
3.4Casey Cappo35.33St Mary's
4.4Kumari Hopkins36.01St Ignatius
5.4Wesley Jaynes36.03St Mary's
6.4Samuel Andersen41.01Christ the King

200 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Isaiah Foskey27.96St Ignatius
2.5Mekel Ealy29.49St Ignatius
3.5Kwame Satterfield30.9St Ignatius
4.5Marquis Overton31.09St Ignatius
5.5Jamar Walker34.23St Ignatius

200 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Marcus McClay27.88St Ignatius
2.6Titin Davis28.19St Ignatius
3.6Kenny Gardner29.38St Ignatius
4.6Isiah Chaffin30.52St Ignatius
5.6Dominic Hanecak32.31Christ the King
6.6Parker Grube35.29Christ the King

200 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Patrick Reed25.35St Ignatius
2.7Aaron Jackson25.65St Ignatius
3.7Noah Loeliger26.62Christ the King
4.7Cameron Nelson26.69St Mary's
5.7Cory Cox27.22St Ignatius
6.7Jordan Grant29.25St Ignatius
7.7Thomas Henri29.37St Mary's
8.7Davied Klapperich29.43Christ the King
9.7Brenden Rayere31.49St Mary's
10.7Raphael Lisbona37.15St Mary's

200 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Le' Dre McCollough24.76St Ignatius
2.8Harris Miner24.86Christ the King
3.8Nick Lopez24.93Christ the King
4.8Dominick Konstan25.21Christ the King
5.8Edgar Hernandez25.35Christ the King
6.8Derrick Huey26.52St Ignatius
7.8Malik Johnson26.72St Ignatius
8.8Nathan Guila27.4St Ignatius
9.8Rashaan Rasheed27.62St Ignatius
10.8Bryce Zielinski27.69St. John Vianney
11.8Ryan Wong28.44St. John Vianney
12.8Michael Bell28.59St Ignatius

400 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Dominic Basaldua1:20.34St Mary's
2.3Noah Samson1:21.14Christ the King
3.3Rory Barry1:21.47St. John Vianney
4.3Oliver Sekel1:21.61Christ the King
5.2Joey Ormeod1:30.56Christ the King
6.3Kevin Bogner1:32.63Christ the King
7.2Rohan Gandhi1:34.11St Mary's
8.3Andrew Lopez1:36.34St Mary's
9.3Benjamin Smyers1:36.47Christ the King
10.1Gabriel Sekel1:44.43Christ the King

400 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Ian Palmer1:16.52Christ the King
2.4Casey Cappo1:22.15St Mary's
3.4Aidan Schaper1:27.92St Mary's
4.4Samuel Andersen1:32.94Christ the King
5.4Jakob Stanton1:33.01Christ the King

400 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Devonyae McClay1:06.82St Ignatius
2.5Patrick Chesnutt1:11.88St. John Vianney
3.5Giles Jackson1:12.28St Ignatius
4.5Kyle Crossman1:13.32Christ the King
5.5Nicholas Woodhall1:18.84Christ the King
6.5Alan Kobylik1:21.55Christ the King
7.5Will Ortiz1:27.60St. John Vianney

400 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Nicolas Bland1:03.89St Mary's
2.6Kenny Gardner1:08.27St Ignatius
3.6Thomas Mundy1:11.39Christ the King
4.6Stephen Mundy1:11.50Christ the King
5.6Isiah Chaffin1:11.54St Ignatius
6.6Jahari Reese1:13.34St Ignatius
7.6Logan Heaney1:14.55Christ the King
8.6Dominic Hanecak1:17.44Christ the King
9.6Patrick Jensen1:36.18Christ the King

400 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Aaron Jackson0:57.76St Ignatius
2.7Noah Loeliger1:01.66Christ the King
3.7Kyle Cappo1:05.95St Mary's
4.7Patrick Donoghue1:06.96St Mary's
5.7Thomas Henri1:10.09St Mary's
6.7Ja'Corey Chaffin1:11.77St Ignatius
7.7Cameron Louie1:13.00St Mary's
8.7Wyatt Abranches1:19.29St. John Vianney

400 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Le' Dre McCollough0:56.51St Ignatius
2.8Malik Johnson0:57.70St Ignatius
3.8David Phair0:58.03Christ the King
4.8Nathan Howell0:58.65St Mary's
5.8Ian Dota-Clemens1:00.22Christ the King
6.8Marshall Huberty1:00.59St. John Vianney
7.8Rashaan Rasheed1:03.37St Ignatius
8.8Jackson Schaefer1:04.32Christ the King
9.8Jalen Threatt1:04.41St Ignatius
10.8Viraj Sharma1:05.05St. John Vianney
11.8Shawn Forer1:06.82St. John Vianney

800 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Dominic Basaldua3:02.28St Mary's
2.3James Ergood3:02.54St Mary's
3.3Domas Placiakis3:06.44Christ the King
4.3Joseph Tugwell3:08.77St. John Vianney
5.3Noah Samson3:18.31Christ the King
6.3Trey Brown3:34.50St. John Vianney
7.3Andrew Lopez3:37.24St Mary's
8.3Benjamin Smyers3:44.01Christ the King
9.2Rohan Gandhi3:44.21St Mary's
10.3Gavin Williams3:45.02Christ the King

800 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Daniel Lucido3:07.27St Ignatius
2.5Patrick Queiroz3:26.16St Ignatius
3.5Tristan Brown3:43.43St. John Vianney

800 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Marshall Howell2:42.61St Mary's
3.6Parker Grube2:58.38Christ the King

800 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Nick Minniti2:37.38St. John Vianney
2.7Kyle Cappo2:39.87St Mary's
3.7Patrick Donoghue2:40.42St Mary's
4.7Ja'Corey Chaffin2:41.83St Ignatius
5.7Cameron Louie2:49.35St Mary's

800 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Jake Simpson2:20.07Christ the King
2.8Marshall Huberty2:24.05St. John Vianney
3.8Nathan Howell2:24.53St Mary's
4.8Edgar Carranza2:25.08Christ the King
5.8Ian Dota-Clemens2:33.02Christ the King
6.8Viraj Sharma2:35.59St. John Vianney
7.8Noah Boral2:41.00St Mary's
8.8Jalen Threatt2:57.00St Ignatius

1600 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Oliver Sekel6:16.48Christ the King
2.3James Ergood6:25.50St Mary's
3.3Domas Placiakis6:36.33Christ the King
4.2Ethan Wenter7:04.48St Mary's
5.3Trey Brown7:07.37St. John Vianney
6.3Riley Sweet7:16.03Christ the King
7.1Gabriel Sekel7:16.26Christ the King

1600 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Wesley Jaynes6:30.04St Mary's
2.4Ben Morse6:45.86St Mary's

1600 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Mark DeBoer5:49.84Christ the King
2.5Patrick Chesnutt6:01.29St. John Vianney
3.5Matt Pintarich6:03.50St Mary's
4.5Jackson Simmons6:04.85Christ the King
5.5Daniel Lucido6:36.17St Ignatius
6.5Patrick Queiroz7:03.16St Ignatius
7.5Will Ortiz7:11.76St. John Vianney
8.5Tristan Brown7:26.99St. John Vianney
9.5Robbie Miller7:52.59St Ignatius

1600 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Stephen Mundy5:31.28Christ the King
2.6Thomas Mundy5:31.49Christ the King
3.6Reese Lieberman5:33.63St Mary's
4.7Jordan Burkes5:36.13St. John Vianney
5.6Joseph Besagno5:36.52St. John Vianney
6.6Cody Howard6:01.28St Mary's
7.6Logan Heaney6:13.72Christ the King
8.6Peter Michiels6:35.14St. John Vianney

1600 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.8Kevin Horne5:48.99St. John Vianney

1600 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8David Phair5:11.21Christ the King
2.8Shawn Forer5:31.89St. John Vianney
3.8Danny Jervis5:35.73St Mary's
4.8Jackson Schaefer5:54.00Christ the King

Shot Put - 6lb  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Robbie Miller16'04"St Ignatius
2.5Alan Kobylik15'1"Christ the King

Shot Put - 6lb  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Thomas Mundy25'04"Christ the King
2.6Stephen Mundy21'09"Christ the King
3.6Parker Grube15'Christ the King

Shot Put - 8lb  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Mark Hamiter27'02.00"St. John Vianney
2.7Nick Minniti25'02.00"St. John Vianney
3.7Cameron Nelson23'11.75"St Mary's
4.7Nick Cunningham23'04.00"St Mary's
5.7Tristan Lei23'01.00"St. John Vianney
6.7Eric Mortl22'09.50"St. John Vianney
7.7Brenden Rayere22'01.75"St Mary's
8.7Patrick Donoghue21'02.00"St Mary's
9.7Raphael Lisbona18'01.00"St Mary's

Shot Put - 8lb  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Kurtis Domingo32'09.50"St Mary's
2.8Troy Miller30'06.00"St Mary's
3.8Ian Dota-Clemens30'00.00"Christ the King

Softball Throw  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Luke Wood91'06"St Mary's
2.3Rackell Mack88'07"St Ignatius
3.3James Ergood86'01"St Mary's
4.3Caden Carpenter85'11"Christ the King
5.3Kevin Bogner84'06"Christ the King
6.3Kosta Konstan84'05"Christ the King
7.3Matai Bell75'09"St Ignatius
8.3Riley Sweet75'04"Christ the King
9.3Christopher Escano75'04"St Mary's
10.3Michael Wood74'05"St Mary's
11.2Nicholas Waterford-Griffin72'07"St Ignatius
12.3Dante Ianora71'02"St Mary's
13.3Ash Murthy71'01"Christ the King
14.2Taylor Martin69'03"St Ignatius
15.3Nicholas Ramirez68'St Mary's
16.3Ryan Macksoud63'02"St Mary's
17.3Jonas Kobylik61'04"Christ the King
18.3John MacIntyre60'04"St. John Vianney
19.2Jeff DeBoer59'09"Christ the King
20.3Leon Bamberger58'07"St. John Vianney
21.3Andrew Ergood57'08"St Mary's
22.3Aiden Hanken53'07"Christ the King
23.1Dominick Tomlin53'04"St Ignatius
24.2Blake Maxon50'07"Christ the King
25.2Jayden Smith49'1"St Ignatius
26.2Joey Ormeod42'08"Christ the King
27.2Rohan Gandhi38'07"St Mary's
28.3Andrew Lopez24'06"St Mary's
29.2Jordan Rivers-Chaffin18'St Ignatius

Softball Throw  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Kumari Hopkins105'2"St Ignatius
2.4Wesley Jaynes78'04"St Mary's
3.4Samuel Andersen74'04"Christ the King
4.4Jakob Stanton63'08"Christ the King
5.4Joe Peters58'St Mary's

Softball Throw  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Giles Jackson128'01"St Ignatius
2.5Nolawe Yemane95'01"St Ignatius
3.5Jamar Walker90'05"St Ignatius
4.5Nicholas Woodhall89'07"Christ the King
5.5Ian Chamberlain76'11"Christ the King
6.4Jonathan Jang68'04"Christ the King
7.4Ian Palmer62'08"Christ the King

Softball Throw  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Dominic Hanecak123'08"Christ the King
2.6Jack Jaynes112'06"St Mary's
3.6Logan Heaney98'08"Christ the King
4.6Cody Howard87'03"St Mary's
5.6Patrick Jensen66'06"Christ the King

Softball Throw  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Jack Klapperich151'03"Christ the King
2.8Kevin Horne151'02"St. John Vianney
3.7Cory Cox145'06"St Ignatius
4.7Eric Mortl144'04"St. John Vianney
5.7Nick Cunningham142'St Mary's
6.7Carter Arends95'01"Christ the King

Softball Throw  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Nathan Howell185'03"St Mary's
2.8Marshall Huberty184'04"St. John Vianney
3.8Brody Smith176'08"St Mary's
4.8Dominick Konstan167'Christ the King
5.8Michael Bell157'08"St Ignatius
6.8Kurtis Domingo155'05"St Mary's
7.8Troy Miller154'04"St Mary's
8.8Edgar Carranza141'Christ the King
9.8Kelsey Lieberman111'06"St Mary's

High Jump  5th Grade - Finals

2.5Daylon Hicks4'02"St Ignatius
3.5Marquis Overton3'08"St Ignatius
4.5Devonyae McClay3'08"St Ignatius
5.5Patrick Chesnutt3'08"St. John Vianney
6.5Matt Pintarich3'08"St Mary's
1.5Mekel Ealy4'021"St Ignatius

High Jump  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Graham Michiels4'09"St. John Vianney
2.6Peter Michiels4'08"St. John Vianney
3.6Marcus McClay4'St Ignatius
4.6Reese Lieberman3'08"St Mary's
5.6Isiah Chaffin3'08"St Ignatius
6.6Jahari Reese3'06"St Ignatius

High Jump  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Noah Loeliger5'Christ the King
3.7Tristan Lei4'08"St. John Vianney
4.7Nick Minniti4'06"St. John Vianney
5.7Jack Klapperich4'04"Christ the King
7.7Nathan Sunbury4'02"St. John Vianney
2.7Carter Arends4'081"Christ the King
6.7Mark Hamiter4'021"St. John Vianney

High Jump  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Ryan Wong5'St. John Vianney
3.8Bryce Zielinski4'09"St. John Vianney
4.8Shawn Forer4'04"St. John Vianney
5.8Jalen Threatt4'02"St Ignatius
2.8Marshall Huberty4'1"St. John Vianney

Long Jump  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Zachary Stevenson10'02.00"St. John Vianney
2.3Jalen Terry09'09.00"St Mary's
3.3Benjamin Smyers09'07.00"Christ the King
4.3Grant Schott09'05.00"St Mary's
5.3Leander Legaspi09'02.50"Christ the King
6.3Brady Cook09'01.50"St. John Vianney
8.3Hayden Bullotta08'09.00"Christ the King
9.3Rory Barry08'09.00"St. John Vianney
10.3John MacIntyre08'05.50"St. John Vianney
11.3Caden Carpenter08'05.00"Christ the King
12.3Carson Nagel-Holmes08'02.00"Christ the King
13.2Jeff DeBoer08'00.00"Christ the King
14.3Noah Samson07'11.00"Christ the King
15.3Andrew Ergood07'08.00"St Mary's
16.3Christopher Escano07'04.00"St Mary's
17.3Nicholas Ramirez07'00.00"St Mary's
18.3Ryan Macksoud06'04.50"St Mary's
19.3Gavin Williams06'02.50"Christ the King

Long Jump  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Dejuan Butler11'08.00"St Ignatius
2.4Kumari Hopkins10'07.00"St Ignatius
3.4Sean Steinhorst06'02.00"St Ignatius
4.4Robert Mack05'00.00"St Ignatius

Long Jump  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Matt Pintarich12'04.00"St Mary's
2.5Isaiah Foskey12'00.00"St Ignatius
3.5David Jang11'01.50"Christ the King
4.5Kyle Crossman10'11.00"Christ the King
5.5Patrick Queiroz08'10.00"St Ignatius
6.5David Smith08'06.00"St Ignatius
7.5Kwame Satterfield07'09.00"St Ignatius

Long Jump  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Nicolas Bland13'11.50"St Mary's
2.6Peter Michiels13'00.00"St. John Vianney
3.6Marshall Howell11'08.50"St Mary's
4.7Jordan Burkes11'04.00"St. John Vianney
5.6Sam Dudley11'01.00"St. John Vianney
6.6Nicky Baldetti10'07.00"St Mary's

Long Jump  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Aaron Jackson16'10.50"St Ignatius
2.7Jordan Grant13'05.00"St Ignatius
3.8Kevin Horne13'01.00"St. John Vianney
5.7Davied Klapperich12'02.001"Christ the King
4.7Cameron Nelson12'02.00"St Mary's
6.7Nathan Sunbury12'01.00"St. John Vianney
7.7Thomas Henri11'06.00"St Mary's
8.7Wyatt Abranches11'04.00"St. John Vianney
9.7Kyle Cappo11'00.00"St Mary's
10.7Cameron Louie10'09.00"St Mary's
11.7Gabriel Singer10'04.00"Christ the King
12.7Raphael Lisbona09'03.00"St Mary's

Long Jump  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Jake Simpson17'07.00"Christ the King
2.8Nick Lopez16'05.00"Christ the King
3.8Ryan Wong15'06.00"St. John Vianney
4.8Edgar Carranza14'09.00"Christ the King
5.8Jackson Schaefer11'09.00"Christ the King


Meet Schedule

Track Finals
8SMR 100-100-200-400m
7SMR 100-100-200-400m
6SMR 100-100-200-400m
5SMR 100-100-200-400m
4SMR 100-100-200-400m
3SMR 100-100-200-400m
84x100 Relay
74x100 Relay
64x100 Relay
54x100 Relay
44x100 Relay
34x100 Relay
81600 Meters
71600 Meters
61600 Meters
51600 Meters
41600 Meters
31600 Meters
8400 Meters
7400 Meters
6400 Meters
5400 Meters
4400 Meters
3400 Meters
8100 Meters
7100 Meters
6100 Meters
5100 Meters
4100 Meters
3100 Meters
8800 Meters
7800 Meters
6800 Meters
5800 Meters
4800 Meters
3800 Meters
8200 Meters
7200 Meters
6200 Meters
5200 Meters
4200 Meters
3200 Meters
84x400 Relay
74x400 Relay
64x400 Relay
54x400 Relay
44x400 Relay
34x400 Relay
Field Finals
8Softball Throw
7Softball Throw
6Softball Throw
5Softball Throw
4Softball Throw
3Softball Throw
8Shot Put
7Shot Put
6Shot Put
5Shot Put
8High Jump
7High Jump
6High Jump
5High Jump
8Long Jump
7Long Jump
6Long Jump
5Long Jump
4Long Jump
3Long Jump
Track Finals
84x100 Relay
74x100 Relay
64x100 Relay
54x100 Relay
44x100 Relay
34x100 Relay
81600 Meters
71600 Meters
61600 Meters
51600 Meters
41600 Meters
31600 Meters
8100m Hurdles
7100m Hurdles
6100m Hurdles
5100m Hurdles
4100m Hurdles
3100m Hurdles
8400 Meters
7400 Meters
6400 Meters
5400 Meters
4400 Meters
3400 Meters
8100 Meters
7100 Meters
6100 Meters
5100 Meters
4100 Meters
3100 Meters
8800 Meters
7800 Meters
6800 Meters
5800 Meters
4800 Meters
3800 Meters
8300m Hurdles
7300m Hurdles
6300m Hurdles
5300m Hurdles
4300m Hurdles
3300m Hurdles
8200 Meters
7200 Meters
6200 Meters
5200 Meters
4200 Meters
3200 Meters
83200 Meters
73200 Meters
63200 Meters
53200 Meters
43200 Meters
33200 Meters
84x400 Relay
74x400 Relay
64x400 Relay
54x400 Relay
44x400 Relay
34x400 Relay
Field Finals
8Shot Put
7Shot Put
6Shot Put
5Shot Put
4Shot Put
3Shot Put
8High Jump
7High Jump
6High Jump
5High Jump
4High Jump
3High Jump
8Long Jump
7Long Jump
6Long Jump
5Long Jump
4Long Jump
3Long Jump
8Triple Jump
7Triple Jump
6Triple Jump
5Triple Jump
4Triple Jump
3Triple Jump
8Pole Vault
7Pole Vault
6Pole Vault
5Pole Vault
4Pole Vault
3Pole Vault