WCAC Championship

Saturday, May 21, 2011 - Meet Website
  Good Counsel HS, Olney - Map

  Field Events Start: 9:00 AM  Track Events Start: 11:00 AM
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District of Columbia - WCAC
ACHSArchbishop Carroll
GONZGonzaga College
SJCSt John's College
Virginia - WCAC
BIIRBishop Ireton
BDJOBishop O'Connell
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christopher Walker10.89aDeMatha Catholic
2.11Rajee Dunbar10.93aGonzaga College
3.12Sean Sutton11.00aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.12Ben Harvey11.10aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
5.10Christian Cardwell11.27aBishop McNamara
6.11Jonathan Houston11.37aSt. Mary's Ryken
7.12Malik Meeks11.47aDeMatha Catholic
8.12Blake Countess12.43aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Rajee Dunbar11.14aGonzaga College
2.12Christopher Walker11.16aDeMatha Catholic
3.12Blake Countess11.20aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.12Sean Sutton11.23aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.12Ben Harvey11.23aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
6.12Malik Meeks11.38aDeMatha Catholic
7.10Christian Cardwell11.41aBishop McNamara
8.11Jonathan Houston11.44aSt. Mary's Ryken
9.12Kendall Harris11.49aDeMatha Catholic
10.12Deon Thomas11.56aBishop O'Connell
10.11Moses Webb11.56aBishop Ireton
12.12Julien Boone11.65aArchbishop Carroll
13.10Calvin Terrell11.89aArchbishop Carroll
14.11Kevin Keens11.93aBishop O'Connell
15.10Brandon Williams-Price11.94aBishop Ireton
16.11Shaqueil Alexander12.00aArchbishop Carroll
17.11Nelon Myers12.01aGonzaga College
18.10Smith Merzier12.20aSt John's College
19.10George Douglas12.21aBishop O'Connell
19.12Hannibal Robinson12.21aBishop McNamara
21.11Alex Grillo12.47aSt John's College
21.10Darell Burell12.47aSt John's College
23.10Cameron Turner12.53aBishop McNamara
24.10Jack Daus12.70aPaul VI
25.11Marcus Hillian13.04aPaul VI
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sean Sutton22.00aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.11Rajee Dunbar22.12aGonzaga College
3.12Christopher Walker22.16aDeMatha Catholic
4.12Ben Harvey22.67aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
5.10David Stone22.71aBishop McNamara
6.10Christian Cardwell22.95aBishop McNamara
7.12Julien Boone23.78aArchbishop Carroll
8.12Blake Countess38.89aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Sean Sutton21.94aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.12Christopher Walker22.37aDeMatha Catholic
3.12Blake Countess22.63aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.11Rajee Dunbar22.70aGonzaga College
5.10Christian Cardwell22.85aBishop McNamara
6.12Ben Harvey22.99aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
7.10David Stone23.08aBishop McNamara
8.12Julien Boone23.19aArchbishop Carroll
9.12Deon Thomas23.21aBishop O'Connell
10.12James Mattocks23.37aBishop McNamara
11.9Michael Francis23.38aDeMatha Catholic
12.11David Newsome23.48aSt. Mary's Ryken
13.11Brandon Dennis23.59aGonzaga College
14.11Moses Webb23.62aBishop Ireton
15.10Demory Monroe23.93aDeMatha Catholic
16.11Kevin Keens24.07aBishop O'Connell
17.11Shaqueil Alexander24.44aArchbishop Carroll
18.10Brandon Williams-Price24.54aBishop Ireton
19.9Alex Dingui24.69aSt John's College
20.10OJorie Mustafa24.70aArchbishop Carroll
21.10Sean Powell24.97aPaul VI
22.-Josh Willis25.06aSt John's College
23.9Khyree Robinson25.79aBishop Ireton
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sean Sutton48.48aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.12Fola Shokumbi49.62aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
3.10David Stone49.72aBishop McNamara
4.12James Mattocks50.58aBishop McNamara
5.12Michael Andersen50.71aBishop Ireton
6.12Jamere Eggleston51.52aBishop McNamara
7.12Jeff Ajayi52.06aDeMatha Catholic
8.12Jay Carroll52.72aBishop O'Connell
9.12Derik Williams52.89aGonzaga College
10.12Sam Ferrara52.95aBishop Ireton
11.10Paul Harris53.02aDeMatha Catholic
12.11David Newsome53.97aSt. Mary's Ryken
13.12Christopher Barnes54.33aDeMatha Catholic
14.10OJorie Mustafa54.38aArchbishop Carroll
15.10Dan Byrnes55.03aBishop O'Connell
16.10Aaron Young55.95aArchbishop Carroll
17.10James Castro56.45aBishop O'Connell
18.9Alex Dingui56.70aSt John's College
19.10Sean Powell56.80aPaul VI
20.10Darwyn Kelly57.32aArchbishop Carroll
21.9Khyree Robinson57.74aBishop Ireton
22.-Josh Willis58.14aSt John's College
23.12Kane Roland58.76aSt. Mary's Ryken
24.12Michael Deluca58.95aSt. Mary's Ryken
25.9Maurice Harley59.01aSt John's College
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Onyx Johnson1:57.16aDeMatha Catholic
2.12Fola Shokumbi1:57.57aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
3.11Mike Crozier1:57.95aGonzaga College
4.10Blair Warr1:58.81aDeMatha Catholic
5.12Thomas Tallerico1:59.37aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
6.11Collin Leibold1:59.49aGonzaga College
7.11John Lyangh2:01.60aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
8.11Martin Kelley2:02.02aGonzaga College
9.11Erick Brown2:02.82aDeMatha Catholic
10.12Milan Edgerton2:03.02aArchbishop Carroll
11.12Michael Andersen2:03.87aBishop Ireton
12.12Arthur Stier2:05.92aBishop Ireton
13.11Keith Holleran2:07.99aBishop O'Connell
14.12Jay Carroll2:09.72aBishop O'Connell
15.10Matt Danisewicz2:10.11aPaul VI
16.11Kevin Reidy2:10.85aBishop O'Connell
17.11Nate Morrison2:10.98aPaul VI
18.10Johnathan Hightower2:11.54aBishop McNamara
19.12Kevin Moran2:11.71aBishop Ireton
20.9Malik Landry2:13.44aArchbishop Carroll
21.11Issa Glivens2:14.22aArchbishop Carroll
22.12Danny Morin2:14.23aSt John's College
23.9Matthew Johnson2:14.80aSt. Mary's Ryken
24.9Randy McCain2:16.95aBishop McNamara
25.10Linwood Schwartz2:17.45aSt. Mary's Ryken
26.9Ryan Braam2:18.30aSt. Mary's Ryken
27.12James Bonaffini2:20.98aPaul VI
28.10Ryan McPherson2:21.44aSt John's College
29.12Sonny Hicks2:26.84aBishop McNamara
30.11Charles Holt2:34.32aSt John's College
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Collin Leibold4:19.44aGonzaga College
2.11Mike Crozier4:19.67aGonzaga College
3.11Jack Riely4:26.66aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.11Allen Meringolo4:36.08aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
5.11Keith Holleran4:37.21aBishop O'Connell
6.9Collin Crilly4:40.23aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
7.10Jj LaPointe4:40.91aBishop O'Connell
8.12Connor Ryan4:43.42aGonzaga College
9.11Liam O'Connor4:45.47aBishop Ireton
10.12John Brewer4:52.90aDeMatha Catholic
11.11Nate Morrison4:54.03aPaul VI
12.11John Stella4:54.97aBishop O'Connell
13.11Daniel Burns4:55.17aBishop Ireton
14.12Sonny Hicks5:02.36aBishop McNamara
15.12Zach Griffit5:02.92aSt. Mary's Ryken
16.9Andrew Stepka5:02.96aPaul VI
17.12Matthew Feather5:03.82aBishop McNamara
18.9Ryan Braam5:04.04aSt. Mary's Ryken
19.10Linwood Schwartz5:06.84aSt. Mary's Ryken
20.11Issa Glivens5:07.07aArchbishop Carroll
21.12Matthew Carlstrom5:09.13aPaul VI
22.10Johnathan Hightower5:12.05aBishop McNamara
23.12Kevin Moran5:16.83aBishop Ireton
24.9Darius Williams-Mckenzie5:23.54aDeMatha Catholic
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Collin Leibold9:31.24aGonzaga College
2.11Mike Crozier9:31.44aGonzaga College
3.11Jack Riely9:42.66aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.11Allen Meringolo9:53.77aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
5.9Collin Crilly9:54.13aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
6.11Liam O'Connor9:56.87aBishop Ireton
7.12Connor Ryan10:02.18aGonzaga College
8.10Jj LaPointe10:13.95aBishop O'Connell
9.11Keith Holleran10:17.23aBishop O'Connell
10.11Nate Morrison10:41.81aPaul VI
11.11John Stella10:47.21aBishop O'Connell
12.12Zach Griffit10:51.08aSt. Mary's Ryken
13.12Danny Morin10:57.81aSt John's College
14.10Ryan McPherson10:58.61aSt John's College
15.12Nick Jarboe10:59.41aSt. Mary's Ryken
16.9Andrew Stepka11:00.83aPaul VI
17.10Connor Pearson11:02.20aBishop Ireton
18.12John Brewer11:06.32aDeMatha Catholic
19.10Linwood Schwartz11:10.61aSt. Mary's Ryken
20.12Matthew Carlstrom11:22.19aPaul VI
21.12Matthew Feather11:31.43aBishop McNamara
22.11Rashaad Ruddock11:48.73aSt John's College
23.12Sonny Hicks11:54.01aBishop McNamara
24.10Johnathan Hightower12:29.97aBishop McNamara
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Williams14.25aDeMatha Catholic
2.12Eric Pittman14.75aGonzaga College
3.11Kyle Martin14.93aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.10Devin Butler15.29aGonzaga College
5.10Kordell Williams15.72aDeMatha Catholic
6.11B.J. Townley15.76aBishop Ireton
7.12Gabriel Soanya15.95aDeMatha Catholic
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Michael Williams14.68aDeMatha Catholic
2.12Eric Pittman14.70aGonzaga College
3.11Kyle Martin15.00aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.10Devin Butler15.40aGonzaga College
5.11B.J. Townley15.90aBishop Ireton
6.10Kordell Williams16.00aDeMatha Catholic
7.12Gabriel Soanya16.13aDeMatha Catholic
8.12Joshua Booze16.21aArchbishop Carroll
9.10Patrick Garrettson16.47aPaul VI
10.11Randell Mitchell16.51aGonzaga College
11.11John Beck18.50aSt. Mary's Ryken
12.12Jack Donnelly18.89aSt. Mary's Ryken
13.11Andrew Baehre18.99aBishop Ireton
14.9Joe Sardegna19.76aBishop Ireton
15.11Dominique Williams20.04aArchbishop Carroll
16.10Jeffery Bacon20.69aPaul VI
17.10Daniel Sydnor20.98aSt. Mary's Ryken
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Williams38.28aDeMatha Catholic
2.12Eric Pittman39.63aGonzaga College
3.12Kendall Harris39.87aDeMatha Catholic
4.11Kyle Martin41.24aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
5.10Nathan Usher41.75aDeMatha Catholic
6.11John-Richard Bryant41.95aBishop McNamara
7.12Joshua Booze42.03aArchbishop Carroll
8.11B.J. Townley42.31aBishop Ireton
9.10Devin Butler42.37aGonzaga College
10.11Randell Mitchell43.07aGonzaga College
11.10Patrick Garrettson43.17aPaul VI
12.-Darren Carr45.11aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
13.11Andrew Baehre45.64aBishop Ireton
14.11Jimmy Kazunas46.40aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
15.11John Beck46.81aSt. Mary's Ryken
16.11Will Nixon47.03aPaul VI
17.11Dominique Williams47.19aArchbishop Carroll
18.12Jack Donnelly47.89aSt. Mary's Ryken
19.9Joe Sardegna48.22aBishop Ireton
20.10Ryan McPherson50.49aSt John's College
21.10Daniel Sydnor51.41aSt. Mary's Ryken
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kevin Moore
Stephon Colbert
Kendall Fuller
Ben Harvey
43.26aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.-Michael Williams
Christopher Walker
Michael Francis
Demory Monroe
43.48aDeMatha Catholic
3.-Derik Williams
Rajee Dunbar
Eric Pittman
Brandon Dennis
43.88aGonzaga College
4.-Michael Landry
Joshua Booze
Jabari Thomas
Julien Boone
45.43aArchbishop Carroll
5.-Sean Garrahan
Kane Roland
Jonathan HOuston
David Newsome
45.94aSt. Mary's Ryken
6.-Cameron Turner
Jordan Crockett
Corey Briscoe
Hannibal Robinson
46.08aBishop McNamara
7.-Brandon Price
Sam Ferrara
Andrew Baehre
Moses Webb
46.24aBishop Ireton
8.-Smith Merzier
Daniel Wright
Darell Burell
Alex Grillo
46.74aSt John's College
9.-Kevin Keens
Deon Thomas
Dan Byrnes
John Gauthier
47.73aBishop O'Connell
10.-Patrick Garrettson
Marcus Hillian
Jeffery Bacon
Jack Daus
48.50aPaul VI
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michael Williams
Kendall Harris
Michael Francis
Christopher Walker
1:28.25aDeMatha Catholic
2.-David Stone
James Mattocks
Jamere Eggleston
Christian Cardwell
1:29.38aBishop McNamara
3.-Derik Williams
Brandon Dennis
Devin Butler
Darien Gray
1:33.15aGonzaga College
4.-Julien Boone
Joshua Booze
OJorie Mustafa
Jabari Thomas
1:34.52aArchbishop Carroll
5.-Sean Garrahan
Kane Roland
Jonathan HOuston
David Newsome
1:35.08aSt. Mary's Ryken
6.-Kevin Keens
Jay Carroll
George Douglas
Deon Thomas
1:35.39aBishop O'Connell
7.-Smith Merzier
Daniel Wright
Darell Burell
Tim Dawson
1:38.10aSt John's College
8.-Will Nixon
Jeffery Bacon
Sean Powell
Jack Daus
1:40.05aPaul VI
---Blake Countess
Ben Harvey
Kendall Fuller
Sean Sutton
DNFOur Lady Of Good Cou...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-David Stone
Jamere Eggleston
James Mattocks
Christian Cardwell
3:22.64aBishop McNamara
2.-Onyx Johnson
Blair Warr
Kendall Harris
Jeff Ajayi
3:24.54aDeMatha Catholic
3.-John Lyangh
Thomas Tallerico
Stephon Colbert
Afolabi Shokunbi
3:28.81aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.-Sam Ferrara
BJ Townley
Arthur Stier
Michael Andersen
3:31.20aBishop Ireton
5.-Derik Williams
Brandon Dennis
Sampson Armstrong
Darien Gray
3:34.27aGonzaga College
6.-Aaron Young
Calvin Terrell
Darwyn Kelly
OJorie Mustafa
3:43.83aArchbishop Carroll
7.-Sean Powell
Matt Danisewicz
Andrew Stepka
Matthew Carlstrom
3:52.11aPaul VI
8.-James Castro
Dan Byrnes
Kevin Reidy
Nick Gigliotti
3:55.00aBishop O'Connell
9.-Danny Morin
Maurice Harley
Alex Dingui
Ryan McPherson
3:56.91aSt John's College
10.-Michael Deluca
Jack Donnelly
Daniel Sydnor
Kane Roland
4:01.86aSt. Mary's Ryken
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jeff Ajayi
Blair Warr
John Brewer
Demory Monroe
8:00.49aDeMatha Catholic
2.-John Lyangh
Afolabi Shokunbi
Jimmy Kazunas
Thomas Tallerico
8:07.75aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
3.-Arthur Stier
Sam Ferrara
Daniel Burns
Kevin Moran
8:23.01aBishop Ireton
4.-Martin Kelley
Henry Meyerson
Sampson Armstrong
Sean Wallisch
8:29.92aGonzaga College
5.-Keith Holleran
Jj LaPointe
John Stella
Jay Carroll
8:32.17aBishop O'Connell
6.-Sonny Hicks
Matthew Feather
Johnathan Hightower
Randy McCain
8:49.23aBishop McNamara
7.-Matthew Carlstrom
Matt Danisewicz
Andrew Stepka
Nate Morrison
8:51.01aPaul VI
8.-Zach Griffit
Ryan Braam
Nick Jarboe
Linwood Schwartz
8:55.08aSt. Mary's Ryken
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Thomas Lynch54-06.00Gonzaga College
2.11Ryan Watson53-10.00Our Lady Of Good Cou...
3.11Grey Congo50-06.50Gonzaga College
4.12Jeff Woodson44-10.00Gonzaga College
5.12Wayne Burden43-00.00St John's College
6.10Peter Rousseau41-08.50St John's College
7.11Olushola Shokunbi40-07.00Our Lady Of Good Cou...
8.11Eli Crutchfield39-00.50Our Lady Of Good Cou...
9.12Matt Anderson37-08.50Bishop O'Connell
10.12Alexander Edgar34-09.00St. Mary's Ryken
11.-Jimmy Keegan34-08.50Bishop Ireton
12.12Quinn Johnston33-06.00St. Mary's Ryken
13.-John Gauthier25-10.00Bishop O'Connell
14.10Trevor Williams25-09.50St. Mary's Ryken
--10Elmonte RogersFOULBishop O'Connell
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Thomas Lynch150-04Gonzaga College
2.12Jeff Woodson129-10Gonzaga College
3.11Ryan Watson123-10Our Lady Of Good Cou...
4.12James Dixon121-03St. Mary's Ryken
5.11Eli Crutchfield115-09Our Lady Of Good Cou...
6.12Daniel Wright111-08St John's College
7.10Bobby Mitchell103-05Our Lady Of Good Cou...
8.10Peter Rousseau103-02St John's College
9.12Mark Patterson99-00Paul VI
10.12Alexander Edgar97-07St. Mary's Ryken
11.10Charles Butler95-07Gonzaga College
12.12Matt Anderson86-07Bishop O'Connell
13.-Jimmy Keegan84-01Bishop Ireton
14.-Ned Curry81-10Bishop Ireton
15.10Elmonte Rogers80-04Bishop O'Connell
16.12Joe Blochberger68-01Bishop Ireton
17.-John Gauthier65-11Bishop O'Connell
18.12Wayne Burden61-04St John's College
--10Trevor WilliamsFOULSt. Mary's Ryken
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Elmonte Rogers5-09.00Bishop O'Connell
2.12Christopher Barnes5-08.00DeMatha Catholic
2.10Nathan Usher5-08.00DeMatha Catholic
4.9Maurice Holmes5-06.00Gonzaga College
5.11Kyle Martin5-04.00Our Lady Of Good Cou...
6.10George Douglas5-04.00Bishop O'Connell
7.12Arthur Stier5-02.00Bishop Ireton
8.12Kevin Hills5-02.00St. Mary's Ryken
--11Jimmy KazunasNHOur Lady Of Good Cou...
--11John-Richard BryantNHBishop McNamara
--9Cole PorterNHOur Lady Of Good Cou...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Michael Francis22-01.00DeMatha Catholic
2.10Kendall Fuller21-02.50Our Lady Of Good Cou...
3.11Rajee Dunbar20-11.50Gonzaga College
4.11Randell Mitchell19-10.50Gonzaga College
5.11Moses Webb19-08.00Bishop Ireton
6.12Michael Landry19-06.50Archbishop Carroll
7.10Sean Garrahan19-01.00St. Mary's Ryken
8.9Kevin Moore18-11.50Our Lady Of Good Cou...
9.9Corey Briscoe18-06.50Bishop McNamara
10.12Tarik Amon18-05.00DeMatha Catholic
11.10Devin Butler18-04.50Gonzaga College
11.9Alex Dingui18-04.50St John's College
13.11Jonathan Houston18-00.00St. Mary's Ryken
14.9Tim Dawson17-09.50St John's College
14.11Marcus Hillian17-09.50Paul VI
16.9Randy McCain17-08.50Bishop McNamara
17.-Josh Mitchum17-01.00St John's College
18.10Paul Harris17-00.00DeMatha Catholic
19.12Kevin Hills16-08.00St. Mary's Ryken
19.11Kevin Keens16-08.00Bishop O'Connell
21.-Thomas McNamara13-09.00Bishop O'Connell
22.10Jack Daus11-00.00Paul VI
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kendall Fuller43-00.00Our Lady Of Good Cou...
2.11John-Richard Bryant42-04.00Bishop McNamara
3.11Randell Mitchell40-11.50Gonzaga College
4.11B.J. Townley40-07.50Bishop Ireton
5.12Blake Countess40-04.50Our Lady Of Good Cou...
6.10Darien Gray40-02.25Gonzaga College
7.12Daniel Wright40-01.50St John's College
8.12Eric Pittman40-00.50Gonzaga College
9.11Kyle Martin39-06.75Our Lady Of Good Cou...
10.12Jonathan Mayuga39-01.50DeMatha Catholic
11.9Corey Briscoe39-00.00Bishop McNamara
12.10Sean Garrahan37-00.75St. Mary's Ryken
13.9Tim Dawson36-05.00St John's College
14.9Khyree Robinson36-03.50Bishop Ireton
15.12Kevin Hills34-09.50St. Mary's Ryken
16.11Andrew Baehre34-09.25Bishop Ireton
17.11John Beck32-07.50St. Mary's Ryken
18.-Thomas McNamara30-11.50Bishop O'Connell
--12Tarik AmonFOULDeMatha Catholic

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chelsie Stevens12.28aElizabeth Seton
2.12Alexis Stroman12.57aBishop McNamara
3.10Nicole Bond12.80aBishop Ireton
4.11Alyse Williams12.85aElizabeth Seton
5.11Aaliyah Burroughs12.89aSt John's College
6.12Taylor Pendergast12.99aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
7.10Cierra Butler13.05aBishop McNamara
8.9Destini Thomas13.10aSt. Mary's Ryken
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Chelsie Stevens12.23aElizabeth Seton
2.12Alexis Stroman12.67aBishop McNamara
3.10Nicole Bond12.85aBishop Ireton
4.11Alyse Williams12.89aElizabeth Seton
5.9Destini Thomas12.90aSt. Mary's Ryken
6.10Cierra Butler12.94aBishop McNamara
7.12Taylor Pendergast12.95aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
8.11Aaliyah Burroughs12.99aSt John's College
9.10Kendal Davis13.00aBishop O'Connell
10.10Briauna Kilgore13.03aElizabeth Seton
11.9Chelsea Scott13.09aBishop McNamara
12.9Chandler Baxter13.17aSt John's College
13.10Kayla Sharpe13.23aPaul VI
14.12Chanel Richmond13.30aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
15.10Nia Sena13.38aSt John's College
16.9Julianne Hall13.48aAcademy Of The Holy ...
17.10Katrina Guillou13.61aBishop Ireton
18.9Daijah Fletcher13.65aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
19.11Loda Opot13.75aAcademy Of The Holy ...
20.11Kyla Butler14.23aArchbishop Carroll
21.9Ileana Gutierrez14.47aBishop Ireton
22.-Kelly Luciani14.52aBishop O'Connell
23.10Allie Carson14.90aPaul VI
24.-Nicolette Perez15.00aPaul VI
25.11Mary Cavalier15.74aAcademy Of The Holy ...
26.10So-Yeon Kim17.94aSt. Mary's Ryken
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kiah Seymour24.61aArchbishop Carroll
2.11Chelsie Stevens24.85aElizabeth Seton
3.12Briana Young25.28aElizabeth Seton
4.12Teju Adewole25.47aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
5.10Cierra Butler26.36aBishop McNamara
6.12Tiana Teague26.40aElizabeth Seton
7.10Nicole Bond26.45aBishop Ireton
8.12Taylor Pendergast26.59aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kiah Seymour25.02aArchbishop Carroll
2.12Briana Young25.25aElizabeth Seton
3.12Teju Adewole25.46aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.11Chelsie Stevens25.80aElizabeth Seton
5.12Tiana Teague26.08aElizabeth Seton
6.10Cierra Butler26.52aBishop McNamara
7.10Nicole Bond26.58aBishop Ireton
8.12Taylor Pendergast26.83aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
9.11Jade Woodridge26.84aArchbishop Carroll
10.9Jaidlin Hill26.91aBishop McNamara
11.10Ashley Enweze27.03aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
12.10Kendal Davis27.47aBishop O'Connell
13.9Destini Thomas27.51aSt. Mary's Ryken
14.9Ricca Graham27.79aBishop Ireton
15.9Morgan Phillips27.88aBishop McNamara
16.9Julianne Hall28.02aAcademy Of The Holy ...
17.9Grace Cousins29.15aAcademy Of The Holy ...
18.9Tianna Wood29.25aArchbishop Carroll
19.10Megan Dougherty29.34aAcademy Of The Holy ...
20.10Courtney Chahane29.84aPaul VI
21.10Ariana Odom30.07aSt John's College
22.9Ileana Gutierrez30.37aBishop Ireton
23.-Kelly Luciani30.49aBishop O'Connell
24.10Allie Carson30.99aPaul VI
25.-Danielle Gruenbaum32.33aPaul VI
26.10So-Yeon Kim38.25aSt. Mary's Ryken
--10Nia SenaFSSt John's College
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kiah Seymour56.67aArchbishop Carroll
2.12Briana Young57.62aElizabeth Seton
3.12Tiana Teague1:00.06aElizabeth Seton
4.12Chyna Brown1:01.84aBishop McNamara
5.10Ashley Enweze1:01.99aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
6.12Opeyemi Solaru1:02.20aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
7.10Jordan Camp1:02.71aSt John's College
8.10Rayna Chambers1:02.72aElizabeth Seton
9.9Ricca Graham1:02.79aBishop Ireton
10.9Sydney Boll1:03.27aBishop O'Connell
11.9Jaidlin Hill1:03.48aBishop McNamara
12.9Briana Belfiore1:03.80aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
13.10Carlisa Cardoza1:07.58aAcademy Of The Holy ...
14.12Brittani Burgess1:07.79aSt. Mary's Ryken
15.-Danielle Gruenbaum1:07.98aPaul VI
16.11Saran Genus1:08.20aSt John's College
17.11Tiffany Davis1:09.07aSt John's College
18.9Tianna Wood1:09.10aArchbishop Carroll
19.10Tatiana Ragland1:19.73aArchbishop Carroll
20.12Bo-Yoon Kim1:26.21aSt. Mary's Ryken
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alison Dommel2:18.44aBishop O'Connell
2.11Angelina Oputa2:22.85aElizabeth Seton
3.10Caroline Clark2:25.12aAcademy Of The Holy ...
4.11Sarah McCarthy2:25.43aBishop O'Connell
5.12Marin Nolan2:25.48aBishop Ireton
6.9Kennedy Holton2:26.43aElizabeth Seton
7.11Anna Wissler2:26.95aBishop Ireton
8.12Maria Docal2:29.87aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
9.10Sophie Dean2:29.89aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
10.10Serwaa Syers2:32.42aElizabeth Seton
11.10Erin Kocis2:33.82aPaul VI
12.11Lauren Jackson2:34.02aAcademy Of The Holy ...
13.11Carravit Pape-calabrese2:37.26aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
14.11Meaghan Blackstone2:38.05aPaul VI
15.11Emily Blagg2:39.04aBishop O'Connell
16.12Joanna Faletti2:39.73aBishop Ireton
17.10Nora Cox2:45.80aPaul VI
18.12Shanelle Debraux2:47.84aBishop McNamara
19.10Jackie Clark2:51.97aSt. Mary's Ryken
20.12Elizabeth Styles2:54.36aSt. Mary's Ryken
21.12Chyna Brown2:59.63aBishop McNamara
22.11Saran Genus3:15.24aSt John's College
23.12Bo-Yoon Kim3:22.61aSt. Mary's Ryken
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah McCarthy5:06.65aBishop O'Connell
2.11Alison Dommel5:14.30aBishop O'Connell
3.12Madeline Thomas5:19.99aBishop Ireton
4.9Kennedy Holton5:25.03aElizabeth Seton
5.11Angelina Oputa5:27.27aElizabeth Seton
6.11Emily Blagg5:30.92aBishop O'Connell
7.9Cassidy Burke5:31.60aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
8.11Meaghan Blackstone5:34.41aPaul VI
9.11Carravit Pape-calabrese5:35.16aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
10.10Sophie Dean5:42.77aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
11.11Gabby Godette5:42.94aBishop Ireton
12.12Ciarra Walters6:02.47aElizabeth Seton
13.10Alaina Patrick6:08.92aPaul VI
14.12Elizabeth Styles6:10.69aSt. Mary's Ryken
15.10Jackie Clark6:20.91aSt. Mary's Ryken
16.10Alex Georgi6:25.54aBishop Ireton
17.9Katie Toner6:28.13aAcademy Of The Holy ...
18.10Cara Bilbeault6:36.40aPaul VI
19.11Sydney Anchor6:37.88aAcademy Of The Holy ...
20.10Safiya Parker6:47.68aBishop McNamara
21.12Laura Pagliarulo6:47.86aSt. Mary's Ryken
22.9Madeleine Boies7:36.05aAcademy Of The Holy ...
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah McCarthy10:49.73aBishop O'Connell
2.12Madeline Thomas11:43.47aBishop Ireton
3.11Emily Blagg11:50.12aBishop O'Connell
4.11Gabby Godette11:59.17aBishop Ireton
5.11Carravit Pape-calabrese12:06.43aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
6.9Cassidy Burke12:06.98aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
7.12Ashley Stumvoll12:20.88aBishop O'Connell
8.11Meaghan Blackstone12:40.84aPaul VI
9.10Lindsey Braviak13:15.38aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
10.10Alex Georgi13:24.69aBishop Ireton
11.12Elizabeth Styles13:27.75aSt. Mary's Ryken
12.9Katie Toner13:36.73aAcademy Of The Holy ...
13.9Jacquelin Johnson14:49.55aPaul VI
14.12Keara Schmeiser15:24.82aSt. Mary's Ryken
15.-Angela Warner17:09.76aSt John's College
16.11Madeline Warner17:28.01aSt John's College
17.9Madeleine Boies17:35.92aAcademy Of The Holy ...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexis Stroman14.23aBishop McNamara
2.12Tejumade Adewole14.35aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
3.10Taylor Tucker15.36aElizabeth Seton
4.10Brielyn Rogers15.55aBishop McNamara
5.12Shannon Gordon15.89aBishop Ireton
6.11Eva-Mallay Atcherson16.46aElizabeth Seton
7.11Jackie Bacon16.55aPaul VI
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Tejumade Adewole14.60aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.12Alexis Stroman14.79aBishop McNamara
3.10Taylor Tucker15.60aElizabeth Seton
4.10Brielyn Rogers15.69aBishop McNamara
5.12Shannon Gordon16.01aBishop Ireton
6.11Eva-Mallay Atcherson16.56aElizabeth Seton
7.12Cali Hutson16.70aPaul VI
8.11Jackie Bacon16.93aPaul VI
9.10Kendal Davis16.98aBishop O'Connell
10.10Danielle Wheatley17.11aBishop McNamara
11.9Javonne Antoine18.08aElizabeth Seton
12.9Mary Pleta18.17aPaul VI
13.10Caitlyn Stith18.20aSt. Mary's Ryken
14.10Sarah Hersey19.60aBishop Ireton
15.12Julia Paegle20.64aBishop O'Connell
16.10Jenna Murphy20.85aSt. Mary's Ryken
17.10Loren Gant21.36aBishop Ireton
18.10Rachel Murphy21.67aSt. Mary's Ryken
19.9Kailyn Ebb21.95aSt John's College
--10Abisola WillimasDNFSt John's College
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Tucker46.14aElizabeth Seton
2.10Danielle Wheatley46.26aBishop McNamara
3.12Shannon Gordon47.14aBishop Ireton
4.10Briauna Kilgore47.87aElizabeth Seton
5.10Leia Conrad48.61aBishop McNamara
6.10Christina Solomon49.12aBishop McNamara
7.12Cali Hutson49.20aPaul VI
8.10Sarah Hersey51.63aBishop Ireton
9.11Eva-Mallay Atcherson51.66aElizabeth Seton
10.9Teresa Docal53.06aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
11.9Mary Pleta54.91aPaul VI
12.10Caitlyn Stith55.88aSt. Mary's Ryken
13.10Jenna Murphy1:03.73aSt. Mary's Ryken
14.10Rachel Murphy1:05.61aSt. Mary's Ryken
15.9Kaitlyn McNutt1:18.63aBishop Ireton
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tejumade Adewole
Taylor Pendergast
Chanel Richmond
Ashley Enweze
49.30aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.-Jade Woodridge
Rashawn Stewart
Asha Scott
Kiah Seymour
49.89aArchbishop Carroll
3.-Morgan Phillips
Cierra Ore
Cierra Butler
Chelsea Scott
50.50aBishop McNamara
4.-Chandler Baxter
Kailyn Ebb
Nia Sena
Aaliyah Burroughs
50.85aSt John's College
5.-Briauna Kilgore
Chelsie Stevens
Kellie Smith
Diamond Fair
50.91aElizabeth Seton
6.-Jackie Bacon
Cassandra Nnaji
Kayla Sharpe
Erin Schaal
51.38aPaul VI
7.-Marissa Sommerville
Destini Thomas
Sarah Langer
Myla Somerville
51.82aSt. Mary's Ryken
8.-Katrina Guillou
Ileana Gutierrez
Ricca Graham
Nicole Bond
52.11aBishop Ireton
9.-Megan Dougherty
Julianne Hall
Grace Cousins
Loda Opot
53.37aAcademy Of The Holy ...
10.-Kelly Luciani
Laura Kunn
Becky Nardacci
Elizabeth Fantini
58.34aBishop O'Connell
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Briana Young
Chelsie Stevens
Alyse Williams
Tiana Teague
1:40.33aElizabeth Seton
2.-Tejumade Adewole
Taylor Pendergast
Chanel Richmond
Ashley Enweze
1:44.49aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
3.-Alexis Stroman
Paulette Fogle
Danielle Wheatley
Jaidlin Hill
1:44.77aBishop McNamara
4.-Jackie Bacon
Cassandra Nnaji
Kayla Sharpe
Erin Schaal
1:52.34aPaul VI
5.-Ca'ryn Griffin
Destini Thomas
Brittani Burgess
Myla Somerville
1:52.55aSt. Mary's Ryken
6.-Julianne Hall
Loda Opot
Megan Dougherty
Grace Cousins
1:52.86aAcademy Of The Holy ...
7.-Alexandra Peters
Rashawn Stewart
Tianna Wood
Asha Scott
1:56.26aArchbishop Carroll
8.-Kelly Luciani
Laura Kunn
Kendal Davis
Becky Nardacci
1:58.64aBishop O'Connell
9.-Skylar Greene
Faith Logan
Ariana Odom
Tiffany Davis
2:02.53aSt John's College
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Leia Conrad
Danielle Wheatley
Cierra Ore
Mia Williams
4:06.55aBishop McNamara
2.-Shannon Gordon
Marin Nolan
Ricca Graham
Nicole Bond
4:13.20aBishop Ireton
3.-Opeyemi Solaru
Briana Belfiore
Daijah Fletcher
Maria Docal
4:14.28aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.-Rashawn Stewart
Asha Scott
Jade Woodridge
Kiah Seymour
4:18.79aArchbishop Carroll
5.-Relay Team 4:22.41aElizabeth Seton
6.-Lauren Jackson
Caroline Clark
Megan Dougherty
Carlisa Cardoza
4:26.00aAcademy Of The Holy ...
7.-Jordan Camp
Sidi Genus
Tiffany Davis
Nia Sena
4:33.09aSt John's College
8.-Sydney Boll
Ashley Stumvoll
Elizabeth Fantini
Laura Kunn
4:34.07aBishop O'Connell
9.-Cali Hutson
Danielle Gruenbaum
Erin Kocis
Meaghan Blackstone
4:39.12aPaul VI
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah McCarthy
Emily Blagg
Ashley Stumvoll
Alison Dommel
9:38.80aBishop O'Connell
2.-Paulette Fogle
Chyna Brown
Lindsey Bethel
Leia Conrad
9:55.80aBishop McNamara
3.-Ciarra Walters
Serwaa Syers
Angelina Oputa
Kennedy Holton
10:00.43aElizabeth Seton
4.-Maria Docal
Gabrielle Yore
Carravita Pape-Calabrese
Sophie Dean
10:05.69aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
5.-Marin Nolan
Joanna Faletti
Madeline Thomas
Anna Wissler
10:09.74aBishop Ireton
6.-Caroline Clark
Lauren Jackson
Carlisa Cardoza
Sydney Anchor
10:42.02aAcademy Of The Holy ...
7.-Erin Kocis
Nora Cox
Cara Bilbeault
Alaina Patrick
11:10.80aPaul VI
8.-Elizabeth Styles
Jackie Clark
Ca'ryn Griffin
Kristen Beck
11:12.31aSt. Mary's Ryken
9.-Sidi Genus
Chloe Isaac
Angela Warner
Madeline Warner
12:19.67aSt John's College
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sara Otighigbo33-06.50Elizabeth Seton
2.11Lindsey Bethel33-06.50Bishop McNamara
3.10Lenetta Mallory32-05.00Elizabeth Seton
4.10Corinne Paul32-04.75St John's College
5.10Cassandra Nnaji31-11.25Paul VI
6.11Katherine Hall31-00.00Elizabeth Seton
7.11Diarra Molock30-08.00Bishop McNamara
8.10Ashley Darang30-08.00Bishop O'Connell
9.-Stephanie Guenther29-07.00Bishop O'Connell
10.12Leah Utley28-00.50Paul VI
11.11CaRynn Lucas27-09.00Bishop O'Connell
12.12Jessica Sizemore27-02.25St. Mary's Ryken
13.9Amanda Nwaba26-09.50Our Lady Of Good Cou...
14.-Cara Karmichael26-07.00St John's College
15.-Taylor Scott26-06.25Our Lady Of Good Cou...
16.12Jackie Salzano26-05.25Paul VI
17.11Jada Scott26-03.50Bishop McNamara
18.-Kristiana Jordan24-06.00St John's College
19.9Alexandra Peters23-04.50Archbishop Carroll
20.-Arial Onyekwere23-01.00Our Lady Of Good Cou...
21.12Breanna Waters23-00.50St. Mary's Ryken
22.9Sarah Gardiner21-10.50St. Mary's Ryken
23.9Amaiyah Beverly20-09.00Academy Of The Holy ...
24.9Emily Kelley16-05.25Academy Of The Holy ...
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lenetta Mallory105-01Elizabeth Seton
2.11Sara Otighigbo93-03Elizabeth Seton
3.11Katherine Hall90-07Elizabeth Seton
4.12Leah Utley90-03Paul VI
5.9Sarah Gardiner86-11St. Mary's Ryken
6.11Diarra Molock84-07Bishop McNamara
7.10Kayla Kight83-01Our Lady Of Good Cou...
8.11CaRynn Lucas78-01Bishop O'Connell
9.12Jessica Sizemore70-09St. Mary's Ryken
10.-Kristiana Jordan67-04St John's College
11.9Amanda Nwaba66-02Our Lady Of Good Cou...
12.10Cassandra Nnaji65-08Paul VI
13.9Ke'Shae Perry62-01Bishop McNamara
14.9Alexandra Peters59-04Archbishop Carroll
15.10Corinne Paul57-04St John's College
16.10Safiya Parker54-07Bishop McNamara
17.12Jackie Salzano53-05Paul VI
18.12Catherine Gauthier46-06Bishop O'Connell
19.9Kailyn Ebb45-11St John's College
20.9Mary Donnely44-04Bishop O'Connell
21.-Arial Onyekwere42-04Our Lady Of Good Cou...
22.9Emily Kelley42-02Academy Of The Holy ...
23.9April Adams41-11St. Mary's Ryken
24.9Kailah Matthews41-03Academy Of The Holy ...
25.10Tatiana Ragland36-02Archbishop Carroll
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eva-Mallay Atcherson5-02.00Elizabeth Seton
2.10Brielyn Rogers4-10.00Bishop McNamara
2.11Lindsey Bethel4-10.00Bishop McNamara
4.10Darian Dozier4-10.00St John's College
4.12Kate Terwilliger4-10.00Bishop O'Connell
6.10Christina Solomon4-10.00Bishop McNamara
6.10Myla Somerville4-10.00St. Mary's Ryken
8.11Hannah Thomas4-08.00Bishop Ireton
9.12Julia Paegle4-08.00Bishop O'Connell
10.12Brittani Burgess4-08.00St. Mary's Ryken
11.12Shannon Gordon4-06.00Bishop Ireton
12.9Becky Nardacci4-06.00Bishop O'Connell
13.11Kiki Fagan4-02.00Our Lady Of Good Cou...
14.10Karynne Campbell4-02.00Our Lady Of Good Cou...
--9Kaitlyn McNuttNHBishop Ireton
--10Jazmine NewmanNHSt John's College
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jaidlin Hill17-07.50Bishop McNamara
2.10Brielyn Rogers16-11.00Bishop McNamara
3.11Jade Woodridge16-10.00Archbishop Carroll
4.9Kela Seals16-05.50Elizabeth Seton
5.12Kate Terwilliger16-02.00Bishop O'Connell
6.12Erin Schaal16-01.00Paul VI
7.11Eva-Mallay Atcherson15-10.00Elizabeth Seton
8.10Diamond Fair15-07.00Elizabeth Seton
9.12Julia Paegle15-06.00Bishop O'Connell
10.11Jackie Bacon14-11.00Paul VI
11.9Becky Nardacci14-06.00Bishop O'Connell
12.12Shanelle Debraux14-04.00Bishop McNamara
13.12Katrina DeGuzman14-02.50Our Lady Of Good Cou...
14.12Sarah Langer13-04.50St. Mary's Ryken
15.10Karynne Campbell13-03.50Our Lady Of Good Cou...
15.10Abisola Willimas13-03.50St John's College
17.12Kristen Beck13-00.50St. Mary's Ryken
18.9Alexandra Peters13-00.00Archbishop Carroll
19.12Ca'ryn Griffin12-11.00St. Mary's Ryken
20.10Allie Carson12-10.00Paul VI
21.9Chandler Baxter12-06.50St John's College
22.10Sarah Hersey12-04.00Bishop Ireton
23.9Ricca Graham11-10.00Bishop Ireton
24.9Faith Logan11-08.00St John's College
25.9Kailah Matthews10-11.00Academy Of The Holy ...
26.10Kelly Whelan10-06.00Academy Of The Holy ...
27.9Elizabeth Joseph10-03.00Academy Of The Holy ...
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brielyn Rogers38-06.00Bishop McNamara
2.9Javonne Antoine35-08.50Elizabeth Seton
3.11Lindsey Bethel34-11.50Bishop McNamara
4.10Taylor Tucker34-11.00Elizabeth Seton
5.11Lakia Allen34-00.00Elizabeth Seton
6.12Erin Schaal33-10.00Paul VI
7.10Christina Solomon32-08.00Bishop McNamara
8.10Kayla Sharpe32-01.00Paul VI
9.12Sarah Langer32-00.00St. Mary's Ryken
9.9Becky Nardacci32-00.00Bishop O'Connell
11.10Karynne Campbell31-09.50Our Lady Of Good Cou...
12.12Katrina DeGuzman30-02.00Our Lady Of Good Cou...
13.9Alexia Yates30-01.00St John's College
14.12Julia Paegle29-10.00Bishop O'Connell
15.10Allie Carson29-00.00Paul VI
16.12Ca'ryn Griffin28-00.50St. Mary's Ryken
--12Kate TerwilligerFOULBishop O'Connell
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