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Natrona Kelly Dual

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Kelly Walsh HS, Casper

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Robert Counts11.61aKelly Walsh
2.12Riley Moore11.96aKelly Walsh
3.12Cody Conklin11.98aKelly Walsh
4.10Nathan Spaulding12.05aKelly Walsh
5.11John JP Ellbogen12.08aKelly Walsh
6.11Alex Manion12.11aNatrona County
7.12Jordan Dick12.12aNatrona County
8.11Denton Wilson12.23aKelly Walsh
9.11Alec Britt12.29aKelly Walsh
10.11Shawn Burridge12.31aKelly Walsh
11.9Robert Creager12.39aNatrona County
12.9Turner Hiatt12.46aKelly Walsh
13.12Auhusten Buckallew12.48aKelly Walsh
14.9Kooper Adams12.55aKelly Walsh
15.12Colton Burkett12.64aKelly Walsh
16.11Ryan Foley12.86aKelly Walsh
17.10Marco Sanchez12.90aKelly Walsh
18.10Jesse Bloom12.91aKelly Walsh
19.9Bret Andrew12.92aKelly Walsh
20.10Aaron Parker12.96aNatrona County
21.9Tyler Trout13.73aNatrona County
22.10Tyler Watson17.62aNatrona County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Robert Counts23.54aKelly Walsh
2.12Cody Conklin24.69aKelly Walsh
3.12Jordan Dick24.78aNatrona County
4.9Turner Hiatt25.12aKelly Walsh
5.9Robert Creager25.55aNatrona County
6.11Austin Wright25.90aKelly Walsh
7.11Ryan Foley26.07aKelly Walsh
8.10Jesse Bloom26.14aKelly Walsh
9.9Zack Fullerton26.24aKelly Walsh
10.10Tucker Hamilton28.23aNatrona County
11.10Tyler Watson37.97aNatrona County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cody Vollmar53.88aNatrona County
2.10Tanner Fischer54.12aKelly Walsh
3.11Camilo Martinez54.40aNatrona County
4.10Drew Watt54.90aKelly Walsh
5.9Ryan Schwieger55.37aNatrona County
6.11John JP Ellbogen55.40aKelly Walsh
7.10Thomas Myler55.65aNatrona County
8.10Andrew Logan56.45aNatrona County
9.9Chance Jones56.49aNatrona County
10.9Logan Bohnet57.63aNatrona County
11.10Leighton Burgen57.86aKelly Walsh
12.9Trevor Brost57.87aNatrona County
13.9Garrett Ravert58.03aNatrona County
14.11Ryan Foley58.09aKelly Walsh
15.11Blake Hegglund58.35aNatrona County
16.9Beecher Strube59.08aKelly Walsh
17.9Tyson Crippen59.50aNatrona County
18.9Lane Hunsicker59.57aNatrona County
19.11Austin Wright1:00.96aKelly Walsh
20.10Seth Wurtz1:01.04aKelly Walsh
21.10Derek Fulfer1:07.13aNatrona County
22.9Demetrios Kanelos1:08.86aNatrona County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12K c Hunsicker2:06.87aNatrona County
2.12Jesse Shutts2:11.47aNatrona County
3.12Andrew Hudson2:12.01aNatrona County
4.11Joe Carey2:12.88aNatrona County
5.12Jake Powell2:13.32aNatrona County
6.11Bryce Parmely2:15.57aNatrona County
7.10Jackson Craig2:15.76aKelly Walsh
8.12Riley Moore2:17.18aKelly Walsh
9.10Nathan Spaulding2:20.80aKelly Walsh
10.10Dylan Dickerson2:22.34aNatrona County
11.9Keiffer Jacobs2:24.08aKelly Walsh
12.10Cory Elm2:27.30aKelly Walsh
13.9Tanner Bekke2:31.33aKelly Walsh
14.9Colby Coughenour2:31.72aNatrona County
15.12Colton Burkett2:33.24aKelly Walsh
16.9Bret Andrew2:35.35aKelly Walsh
17.9Austin Williamson2:36.52aNatrona County
18.9Kevin Baldwin2:40.40aKelly Walsh
19.10Robert Lindgrin2:51.25aKelly Walsh
20.11Aric VonBuetnner2:53.02aKelly Walsh
21.9Brent Bihr2:53.05aKelly Walsh
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12K c Hunsicker4:40.41aNatrona County
2.12Jesse Shutts4:55.54aNatrona County
3.11Joe Carey4:59.38aNatrona County
4.12Andrew Hudson4:59.42aNatrona County
5.10Colton Gillum5:00.76aNatrona County
6.11Bryce Parmely5:08.35aNatrona County
7.10Dylan Dickerson5:22.69aNatrona County
8.9Marcus Jones5:24.15aKelly Walsh
9.11Zach Malesker5:39.20aKelly Walsh
10.9Kevin Baldwin5:47.12aKelly Walsh
11.9Austin Williamson5:52.47aNatrona County
12.10Gage Rowe6:02.89aNatrona County
13.10Robert Lindgrin6:04.45aKelly Walsh
14.9Brent Bihr6:27.61aKelly Walsh
15.11Aric VonBuetnner6:48.12aKelly Walsh
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Calum Kepler11:36.45aKelly Walsh
2.9Marcus Jones12:14.61aKelly Walsh
3.11Zach Malesker12:22.25aKelly Walsh
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jim Shellenberger16.23aNatrona County
2.12Braden Barnes16.98aNatrona County
3.11Tyler Nicolds17.40aNatrona County
4.9Joey Czellecz17.49aKelly Walsh
5.12Kristian Bisiar17.56aNatrona County
5.12Kyle Vinich17.56aNatrona County
7.11Daniel Dahlby17.91aNatrona County
8.10Josh LaFountain18.53aNatrona County
9.10Christian Lango19.78aKelly Walsh
10.10Tucker Hamilton20.66aNatrona County
11.10Nathan Pieper20.67aNatrona County
12.9Trevor Thorvaldson20.72aKelly Walsh
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jim Shellenberger41.42aNatrona County
2.12Braden Barnes43.31aNatrona County
3.12Kristian Bisiar43.95aNatrona County
4.9Joey Czellecz44.02aKelly Walsh
5.12Kyle Vinich45.42aNatrona County
6.11Tyler Nicolds45.58aNatrona County
7.9Kooper Adams45.82aKelly Walsh
8.10Josh LaFountain46.04aNatrona County
8.12Auhusten Buckallew46.04aKelly Walsh
10.11Daniel Dahlby46.36aNatrona County
11.11Alec Britt48.92aKelly Walsh
12.9Trevor Thorvaldson50.46aKelly Walsh
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
---Robert Counts
Joey Czellecz
Riley Moore
Shawn Burridge
NTKelly Walsh
---JP Ellbogen
Luke McConville
Nathan Spaulding
Colton Burkett
NTKelly Walsh
---Trevor Brost
Camilo Martinez
Jim Shellenberger
Cody Vollmar
NTNatrona County
---Alec Britt
John Laible
Denton Wilson
Austin Wright
DQKelly Walsh
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Camilo Martinez
Thomas Myler
Jake Powell
Cody Vollmar
3:38.23aNatrona County
2.-Braden Barnes
Kristian Bisiar
K c Hunsicker
Jim Shellenberger
3:41.33aNatrona County
3.-Riley Moore
Nathan Spaulding
Zack Graves
Loren Drinkwalter
3:41.48aKelly Walsh
4.-Kooper Adams
Joey Czellecz
Turner Hiatt
Beecher Strube
3:49.02aKelly Walsh
5.-Blake Hegglund
Josh LaFountain
Andrew Logan
Tyler Nicolds
3:54.60aNatrona County
6.-Logan Bohnet
Tristin Cloward
Tyson Crippen
Lane Hunsicker
3:58.73aNatrona County
7.-Garrett Ravert
Ryan Schwieger
Chance Jones
Demetrios Kanelos
4:08.48aNatrona County
8.-Trevor Brost
Derek Fulfer
Tucker Hamilton
Nate Hanley
4:11.19aNatrona County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rayce Blair
Loren Drinkwalter
Nelson Harmon
Jackson Craig
9:24.61aKelly Walsh
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lucas Rowley51-04.25Natrona County
2.12Chase Cimburek48-00.50Natrona County
3.12Jake Tuft46-10.50Natrona County
4.12Nate Laible43-06.50Natrona County
5.10Matt Green42-08.50Natrona County
6.10Adam Britton42-01.50Natrona County
7.11Manny Hurley42-00.50Natrona County
8.11Jake Thomas41-03.00Natrona County
9.12Cody Conklin39-03.50Kelly Walsh
10.12Dakota Webb38-10.00Natrona County
11.12Kyle Smith38-03.00Kelly Walsh
12.10Dillon Shellenberger37-03.50Natrona County
13.11Alex Manion36-11.25Natrona County
14.10Salem Ford35-11.50Natrona County
15.11Chad Raey35-07.00Kelly Walsh
16.10Ian Wragge33-06.50Natrona County
17.10Elijah Reish32-08.75Kelly Walsh
18.9Taven Bryan32-06.50Natrona County
19.10Dakota Feurt32-02.50Natrona County
20.9Dylan Parke32-02.25Natrona County
21.10Lu'Aie Dia31-11.50Natrona County
22.9Justin Kelly31-10.50Natrona County
24.9Roy Cady-Kimball31-00.75Kelly Walsh
25.9Austin Wilcox27-01.50Kelly Walsh
26.9Jacob Brooks26-11.50Kelly Walsh
27.9Jake Geil26-01.50Kelly Walsh
28.9Michael Bailey24-00.50Natrona County
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lucas Rowley169-11Natrona County
2.12Jake Tuft135-04Natrona County
3.10Matt Green126-02Natrona County
4.12Nate Laible125-00Natrona County
5.11Manny Hurley119-02Natrona County
6.11Jake Thomas115-06Natrona County
7.12Chase Cimburek113-09Natrona County
8.10Adam Britton113-06Natrona County
9.11Alex Manion111-10Natrona County
10.11Chad Raey109-03Kelly Walsh
11.9Taven Bryan107-05Natrona County
12.10Ian Wragge106-09Natrona County
13.12Kyle Smith106-06Kelly Walsh
14.10Jordan Kraft104-10Natrona County
15.10Aaron Parker100-07Natrona County
16.10Salem Ford99-10Natrona County
17.9Beecher Strube99-09Kelly Walsh
18.10Dillon Shellenberger97-09Natrona County
19.12Dakota Webb96-05Natrona County
20.10Dakota Feurt96-00Natrona County
21.9Michael Bailey93-09Natrona County
22.10Elijah Reish91-05Kelly Walsh
23.9Dylan Parke90-01Natrona County
24.9Justin Kelly88-00Natrona County
25.9Jake Geil87-10Kelly Walsh
26.10Lu'Aie Dia86-01Natrona County
27.9Roy Cady-Kimball85-07Kelly Walsh
28.9Austin Wilcox83-03Kelly Walsh
30.9Gavin Taylor62-05Natrona County
31.9Jacob Brooks60-05Kelly Walsh
--12Cody ConklinNDKelly Walsh
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11John Laible5-09.00Kelly Walsh
2.10Jacob Tapp5-09.00Kelly Walsh
3.10Josh LaFountain5-09.00Natrona County
4.9Kooper Adams5-05.00Kelly Walsh
4.10Nathan Pieper5-05.00Natrona County
6.10Thomas Myler5-03.00Natrona County
6.9Ryan Schwieger5-03.00Natrona County
6.12Jordan Dick5-03.00Natrona County
6.12Auhusten Buckallew5-03.00Kelly Walsh
6.11Camilo Martinez5-03.00Natrona County
11.9Tyler Trout5-01.00Natrona County
11.10Jesse Bloom5-01.00Kelly Walsh
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Turner Hiatt17-07.25Kelly Walsh
2.9Tyson Crippen17-06.00Natrona County
3.10Jordan Kraft17-03.00Natrona County
4.10Leighton Burgen16-11.00Kelly Walsh
5.9Garrett Ravert16-08.75Natrona County
6.11Blake Hegglund16-07.00Natrona County
7.9Ryan Schwieger16-06.75Natrona County
8.9Chance Jones15-10.75Natrona County
9.10Alex Olson15-06.50Kelly Walsh
10.10Nelson Harmon15-03.00Kelly Walsh
11.10Andrew Logan15-00.50Natrona County
12.9Colby Coughenour14-07.50Natrona County
13.10Derek Fulfer13-11.00Natrona County
14.9Demetrios Kanelos13-04.00Natrona County
15.10Tyler Watson8-10.00Natrona County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Vinich38-02.75Natrona County
2.10Nathan Pieper38-01.75Natrona County
3.10Jesse Bloom37-07.00Kelly Walsh
4.11John Laible36-07.25Kelly Walsh
5.10Leighton Burgen36-02.75Kelly Walsh
6.10Andrew Logan35-11.25Natrona County
7.12Jordan Dick35-10.50Natrona County
8.11Blake Hegglund35-06.75Natrona County
9.10Jackson Craig35-03.50Kelly Walsh
10.9Tyson Crippen35-02.00Natrona County
11.10Jordan Kraft34-11.75Natrona County
12.10Alex Olson34-09.00Kelly Walsh
13.10Marco Sanchez34-05.00Kelly Walsh
14.10Derek Fulfer30-01.00Natrona County
15.9Demetrios Kanelos28-03.75Natrona County

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Paige Hanewald13.59aNatrona County
2.9Hannah Fox13.73aKelly Walsh
3.9Jordan Delano13.97aNatrona County
4.9Penelope Yoosook14.30aKelly Walsh
4.12Emma Gallup14.30aNatrona County
6.11Olivia Visoky14.73aKelly Walsh
7.11Marie Kilts14.80aNatrona County
8.9Madison Taber14.81aNatrona County
9.9Kelsey Plessman15.43aKelly Walsh
10.9Jessica Walsh16.59aKelly Walsh
--10Jessica BisiarFSNatrona County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mikalah Skates27.67aKelly Walsh
2.11Staylee Brown28.26aNatrona County
3.11Mikaela Schneider28.50aKelly Walsh
4.12Paula McMichael28.89aKelly Walsh
5.11Haley Sisneros29.40aKelly Walsh
6.9Hannah Fox29.48aKelly Walsh
7.10Brittney Larsen29.51aKelly Walsh
8.9Skyler Witt29.83aNatrona County
9.11Lissa Margharos30.06aNatrona County
10.10Brittany Hermon30.17aNatrona County
11.9Madison Taber30.24aNatrona County
12.11Cody Smith31.28aKelly Walsh
13.11Alexia Devore31.68aNatrona County
14.9Kelsey Plessman32.39aKelly Walsh
15.9Kristen Kilts32.40aNatrona County
16.11Jesse Cassel32.59aKelly Walsh
17.12Patricia Miller34.36aKelly Walsh
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Staylee Brown1:06.83aNatrona County
2.11Ainsley Oates1:07.74aKelly Walsh
3.11Savannah Cardenas1:08.99aKelly Walsh
4.11Maggie Butler1:09.44aKelly Walsh
5.12Kathleen Backman1:09.55aNatrona County
6.10Lexis Ferguson1:10.99aNatrona County
7.9Hannah Fox1:11.14aKelly Walsh
8.11Sheridan Smith1:11.27aKelly Walsh
9.10Brittany Hermon1:12.64aNatrona County
10.10Samantha May1:12.97aNatrona County
11.9Tori Ogden1:16.90aKelly Walsh
12.9Kristen Kilts1:18.68aNatrona County
13.10Daney Brauchie1:19.67aKelly Walsh
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Meghann Lattimer2:33.99aKelly Walsh
2.12Bridget Weiner2:34.23aKelly Walsh
3.11Teren Hanson2:35.51aNatrona County
4.9Cynica Feiler2:41.50aKelly Walsh
5.9Ashley Sondag2:44.61aNatrona County
6.12Michelle Hermon2:47.37aKelly Walsh
7.9Makenna Maston2:47.82aNatrona County
8.12Aryen Robertson2:52.30aKelly Walsh
9.9Mariah Borah2:53.99aNatrona County
10.12Brescia Larsen2:54.32aKelly Walsh
11.10Zoey Chapman2:54.94aKelly Walsh
12.10Kyrsten Buckallew2:56.00aKelly Walsh
13.9Kenzie Meyer2:56.90aKelly Walsh
14.11Samantha Case2:57.83aKelly Walsh
15.12Shaina Voss3:28.92aNatrona County
16.10Evalon Wright3:35.45aNatrona County
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ashley Sondag5:56.30aNatrona County
2.9Kia Hageman6:00.11aKelly Walsh
3.9Makenna Maston6:16.67aNatrona County
4.11Rachelle Tucker6:26.45aKelly Walsh
5.9Mariah Borah6:28.15aNatrona County
6.10Amanda Casteel6:31.02aKelly Walsh
7.11Cara Litke6:47.91aKelly Walsh
8.11Logan Smith7:04.05aKelly Walsh
9.11Rachel Hoversland7:08.57aKelly Walsh
10.12Shaina Voss7:13.33aNatrona County
11.10Evalon Wright7:45.61aNatrona County
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Paula McMichael17.03aKelly Walsh
2.11Samantha Case17.29aKelly Walsh
3.12Lacee Maddox18.10aNatrona County
4.10Brittney Larsen18.84aKelly Walsh
5.11Marie Kilts21.25aNatrona County
6.12Tessa Zerkle21.90aNatrona County
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mikalah Skates49.19aKelly Walsh
2.11Effie Oates51.90aKelly Walsh
3.12Paula McMichael52.65aKelly Walsh
4.12Lacee Maddox53.75aNatrona County
5.10Brittney Larsen53.79aKelly Walsh
6.11Lissa Margharos55.42aNatrona County
7.9Jordan Delano57.11aNatrona County
8.11Alexia Devore57.55aNatrona County
9.9Carra Jackson-Brown57.78aNatrona County
10.12Tessa Zerkle58.71aNatrona County
11.11Marie Kilts1:03.08aNatrona County
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Staylee Brown
Storiee Brown
Paige Hanewald
Rahnee Jackson
54.72aNatrona County
2.-Emma Gallup
Brittany Hermon
Skyler Witt
Lacee Maddox
57.10aNatrona County
---Michelle Hermon
Savannah Cardenas
Mikalah Skates
ChyAnna Esau
DQKelly Walsh
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Penelope Yoosook
Brittney Larsen
Effie Oates
Zoey Chapman
4:38.38aKelly Walsh
2.-Lacee Maddox
Teren Hanson
Jessica Bisiar
Carra Jackson-Brown
4:42.59aNatrona County
3.-Staylee Brown
Lissa Margharos
Lexis Ferguson
Skyler Witt
4:44.92aNatrona County
4.-Kathleen Backman
Jordan Delano
Paige Hanewald
Halie Maddox
4:46.70aNatrona County
5.-Emma Gallup
Alexia Devore
Brittany Hermon
Storiee Brown
4:48.51aNatrona County
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Avery Allen39-04.25Natrona County
2.12Sky Gabel37-01.50Kelly Walsh
3.10Lacey Slominski31-08.25Natrona County
23.10Kylie Jones31-04.50Natrona County
4.11Ashley Terry30-04.75Natrona County
5.10Sarah Elliott29-06.00Natrona County
6.12Hanna Slominski28-05.00Natrona County
7.12Aryen Robertson27-08.50Kelly Walsh
8.11Abby Gray27-04.00Natrona County
9.11Rileigh Adams26-11.75Kelly Walsh
10.12Lindsey Bertagnole26-10.25Natrona County
11.11Katie Claney26-08.25Natrona County
12.9Sarah Page25-08.50Natrona County
13.9Michaela Tuft24-08.25Kelly Walsh
14.11Sherae Hoffman24-05.00Natrona County
15.12Patricia Miller23-10.50Kelly Walsh
16.11Ashley Brown23-05.75Kelly Walsh
17.9Hannah Hoffman23-04.75Kelly Walsh
18.11Lauren Schiller21-01.00Kelly Walsh
19.9Lisa Vega20-01.50Natrona County
20.9Cassie Schade20-00.00Natrona County
21.9Katherine Roussel19-11.50Natrona County
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Avery Allen126-09Natrona County
2.12Sky Gabel126-07Kelly Walsh
3.10Sarah Elliott100-00Natrona County
4.10Lacey Slominski99-05Natrona County
5.11Ashley Terry99-02Natrona County
6.12Hanna Slominski84-06Natrona County
7.11Rileigh Adams84-03Kelly Walsh
8.12Lindsey Bertagnole83-04Natrona County
9.11Sherae Hoffman81-05Natrona County
10.12Aryen Robertson78-04Kelly Walsh
11.11Katie Claney73-00Natrona County
12.10Samantha May72-11Natrona County
29.10Kylie Jones71-06Natrona County
13.9Cassie Schade68-05Natrona County
14.9Michaela Tuft66-10Kelly Walsh
15.11Abby Gray66-06Natrona County
16.9Sarah Page66-05Natrona County
17.9Katherine Roussel64-02Natrona County
18.9Lisa Vega62-05Natrona County
19.12Patricia Miller59-03Kelly Walsh
20.11Ashley Brown57-01Kelly Walsh
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ainsley Oates4-11.00Kelly Walsh
2.11Maggie Butler4-09.00Kelly Walsh
3.11Haley Sisneros4-09.00Kelly Walsh
4.11Mikaela Schneider4-09.00Kelly Walsh
5.12Jessica Noblitt4-05.00Kelly Walsh
5.11Olivia Visoky4-05.00Kelly Walsh
5.9Rebecca Hudson4-05.00Kelly Walsh
8.10Lexis Ferguson4-03.00Natrona County
8.9Hannah Fox4-03.00Kelly Walsh
8.11Sheridan Smith4-03.00Kelly Walsh
8.9Carra Jackson-Brown4-03.00Natrona County
12.11Lauren Schiller4-01.00Kelly Walsh
--9Jamisen CampbellNHKelly Walsh
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sheridan Smith15-05.50Kelly Walsh
2.9Carra Jackson-Brown13-05.50Natrona County
3.9Skyler Witt12-09.50Natrona County
4.9Madison Taber12-03.25Natrona County
5.12Tessa Zerkle12-00.50Natrona County
6.10Daney Brauchie11-08.75Kelly Walsh
7.9Jessica Walsh10-03.75Kelly Walsh
8.9Hannah Hoffman9-05.25Kelly Walsh
--9Kelsey PlessmanNDKelly Walsh
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Paige Hanewald30-10.75Natrona County
2.12Kathleen Backman30-07.75Natrona County
3.11Olivia Visoky30-04.00Kelly Walsh
4.12Jessica Noblitt29-09.00Kelly Walsh
5.11Haley Sisneros27-09.00Kelly Walsh
6.9Tori Ogden26-04.50Kelly Walsh
7.9Kristen Kilts26-02.00Natrona County
8.11Jesse Cassel25-05.00Kelly Walsh
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