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Pan Am Junior Championships

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ansin Sports Center, Miramar

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California - NCAA
San Diego State
Wisconsin - NCAA
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 200 Meters - International - Finals
1.Kirani James20.53aGrenada
2.Sean McLean20.69aUnited State
3.Edward Hadnot20.82aUnited State
4.Morain Morain21.15aTrinidad and
6.Blake Bartlett21.33aBahamas
7.Lestrod Roland21.34aSt. Kitts and Ne
8.Trevorvano Mackey21.49aBahamas
X 200 Meters - International - Prelims
1.Kirani James20.62aGrenada
2.Sean McLean20.98aUnited State
3.Edward Hadnot21.03aUnited State
4.Morain Morain21.06aTrinidad and
7.Trevorvano Mackey21.16aBahamas
5.Blake Bartlett21.19aBahamas
6.Carlos Rodriguez21.23aPuerto Rico
8.Lestrod Roland21.36aSt. Kitts and Ne
9.Anderso Henriques21.38aBrazil
10.Steven Valois21.43aColombia
11.Cejhae Greene21.53aAntigua and
12.Tahir Walsh21.55aAntigua and
13.Br Rojas Da Silva21.56aBolivia
14.Everton Clarke21.56aJamaica
15.Mar Laidlaw-Allen21.64aCanada
16.Stephan James21.82aGuyana
17.Chadic Hinds21.90aJamaica
18.Jer-Quan Symonds22.90aBermuda
X 800 Meters - International - Prelims
1.Immanu Hutchinson1:50.43aUnited State
3.Lucido Garrido1:52.49aVenezuela
2.Anthonio Mascoll1:52.62aBarbados
4.Keffri Neal1:52.73aCanada
5.Sean Keane1:52.76aCanada
6.Wesley Vazquez1:53.13aPuerto Rico
7.Jr Belman Ortiz1:53.49aMexico
8.John Haynes1:53.93aBarbados
9.Andre Colebrook1:55.13aBahamas
10.Shaquille Dill1:55.87aBermuda
11.Harold Lamour1:56.28aHaiti
12.X Valentine-Parri1:57.74aSt. Vincent and
13.Raheem Taylor1:57.84aBritish Virg
14.Derric Daigre Jr2:00.44aUnited State
15.Novian Middleton2:08.84aBelize
X 1500 Meters - International - Finals
1.Omar Kaddurah3:52.29aUnited State
2.Isaac Presson3:52.78aUnited State
3.Ioran Etchechury3:53.29aBrazil
4.Federico Bruno3:53.94aArgentina
5.Ross Proudfoot3:54.82aCanada
6.Robert Denault3:55.97aCanada
7.Carlos Diaz3:56.90aChile
8.Jerry Rivera4:00.89aPuerto Rico
9.Rogeek Rochester4:04.48aJamaica
10.James Audle Carey4:07.88aBahamas
11.Roch Vorswijk Jr.4:17.19aSurinam
X 1500 Meters - International Decathlon - Finals
1.Gunner Nixon4:43.06aUnited State
2.Victor Santos4:43.59aBrazil
3.James Turner4:47.87aCanada
4.Oscar Campos4:49.08aVenezuela
5.Matheson West4:49.91aCanada
6.Kevin Lazas4:50.50aUnited State
7.Gu Manuel Ruggeri4:53.08aArgentina
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - International - Finals
1.Eddie Lovett13.14aUnited State
2.Roy Smith13.24aUnited State
3.Joao Oliveira13.97aBrazil
4.Yannick Hart14.00aJamaica
5.Carlos Pino14.06aColombia
6.Tyrell Forde14.07aBarbados
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - International Decathlon - Finals
1.Kevin Lazas14.35aUnited State
2.Gunner Nixon14.39aUnited State
3.Gu Manuel Ruggeri14.53aArgentina
4.Victor Santos14.58aBrazil
5.Matheson West15.10aCanada
6.Jose Milanesse15.44aVenezuela
7.James Turner16.18aCanada
8.Oscar Campos16.78aVenezuela
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - International - Prelims
1.Eddie Lovett13.03aUnited State
2.Roy Smith13.33aUnited State
3.Gregory MacNeill13.65aCanada
4.Joao Oliveira13.78aBrazil
5.Carlos Pino14.01aColombia
6.Tyrell Forde14.05aBarbados
8.Yannick Hart14.12aJamaica
9.D'Omar Boyden14.36aJamaica
10.Gabriel Tesfaye14.50aCanada
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - International - Finals
1.Monte Corley51.21aUnited State
2.Jordin Andrade52.09aUnited State
3.Kion Joseph52.47aBarbados
4.Stenner Escalante52.89aMexico
5.Patrick Bodie54.38aBahamas
6.Calvin Arsenault55.73aCanada
7.Martinez Hernandez57.29aMexico
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - International - Prelims
1.Javarn Gallimore52.17aJamaica
2.Kion Joseph52.85aBarbados
3.Jordin Andrade53.46aUnited State
5.Stenner Escalante53.63aMexico
4.Monte Corley53.72aUnited State
7.Calvin Arsenault54.23aCanada
6.Martinez Hernandez54.47aMexico
8.Patrick Bodie55.12aBahamas
9.Nejmi Burnside55.26aBahamas
X Discus - 2kg - International Decathlon - Finals
1.Gu Manuel Ruggeri43.94mArgentina
2.Kevin Lazas43.90mUnited State
3.James Turner40.83mCanada
4.Matheson West40.19mCanada
5.Oscar Campos40.10mVenezuela
6.Gunner Nixon39.89mUnited State
7.Jose Milanesse33.33mVenezuela
8.Victor Santos27.26mBrazil
X Javelin - 800g - International - Finals
1.Braian Toledo76.40mArgentina
2.Cody Parker73.50mCanada
3.Paulo Da Silva72.25mBrazil
4.Tomas Guerra70.97mChile
5.Raymond Dykstra70.12mCanada
6.Sean Keller69.65mUnited State
7.Luis Alvarez67.92mColombia
8.Derek Eager65.90mUnited State
9.Alexander Pascal63.23mCayman Islan
X Javelin - 800g - International Decathlon - Finals
1.Kevin Lazas60.34mUnited State
2.James Turner57.33mCanada
3.Oscar Campos56.71mVenezuela
4.Gunner Nixon55.39mUnited State
5.Victor Santos54.27mBrazil
6.Gu Manuel Ruggeri51.43mArgentina
7.Matheson West49.97mCanada
8.Jose Milanesse46.49mVenezuela
X Pole Vault - International Decathlon - Finals
1.Kevin Lazas4.90mUnited State
3.Jose Milanesse3.70mVenezuela
4.Oscar Campos3.60mVenezuela
6.Matheson West3.50mCanada
7.Victor Santos3.20mBrazil
8.James Turner3.10mCanada
X Triple Jump - International - Finals
1.Elton Walcott16.51mTrinidad and
2.Phillip Young16.01mUnited State
3.Lata Collie-Minns15.93mBahamas
4.Jonathan Reid15.71mJamaica
5.Donald Scott15.51mUnited State
6.Lath Collie-Minns15.44mBahamas
7.Marvin Muschette15.21mCanada
X Decathlon Score - International - Finals
1.Kevin Lazas7979United State
2.Gunner Nixon7669United State
3.Gu Manuel Ruggeri7118Argentina
4.Victor Santos7057Brazil
5.James Turner6915Canada
6.Matheson West6624Canada
7.Oscar Campos6572Venezuela

Womens Results

X 200 Meters - International - Finals
1.Anthoniq Strachan22.70aBahamas
2.Kai Selvon22.97aTrinidad and
3.Jessica Davis22.97aUnited State
4.Allison Peter23.25aVirgin Islan
5.Akawkaw Ndipagbor23.38aUnited State
6.Jellisa Westney23.90aCanada
7.Carmeisha Cox24.17aBahamas
X 200 Meters - International Heptathlon - Finals
1.Janieve Russell24.25aJamaica
2.Tamara Souza24.39aBrazil
3.FrAllison Reaser24.56aSan Diego State
4.FrDeanna Latham25.06aWisconsin
5.Zarria Storm25.52aCanada
6.Emma Siuciak26.22aCanada
7.Kanishque Todman26.79aBritish Virg
X 200 Meters - International - Prelims
1.Kai Selvon23.01aTrinidad and
2.Anthoniq Strachan23.06aBahamas
3.Jessica Davis23.36aUnited State
5.Allison Peter23.42aVirgin Islan
4.Akawkaw Ndipagbor23.43aUnited State
6.Carmeisha Cox23.95aBahamas
7.Celia Walters24.10aJamaica
8.Jellisa Westney24.11aCanada
9.Mertin Patacios24.17aColombia
10.Daniell Clark Jr.24.32aSurinam
11.Marleins Paredes24.71aDominican Republ
12.Maria F Lamboglia24.75aArgentina
13.Britney Wattley25.08aBritish Virg
14.Darnetia Robinson25.12aBritish Virg
X 800 Meters - International - Finals
1.Kenyetta Iyevbele2:06.27aUnited State
2.Annie LeBlanc2:06.35aCanada
3.Samantha Levin2:07.68aUnited State
4.Rachel Francois2:08.38aCanada
5.Desreen Montague2:13.08aJamaica
6.Sonia Gaskin2:14.41aBarbados
7.Alejand Pozas Jr.2:16.13aMexico
8.Mariana Borelli2:17.28aArgentina
9.Dominique Claudio2:20.29aHaiti
X 5000 Meters - International - Finals
1.Kayla Beattie16:48.44aUnited State
2.Charo Inga Quinto16:54.23aPeru
3.Luz Rojas Llanco17:00.10aPeru
4.Adriana da Luz17:05.95aBrazil
5.Villanueva Martine17:16.44aMexico
6.Carise Thompson17:49.16aCanada
7.Emily Driedger18:05.51aCanada
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - International Heptathlon - Finals
1.Janieve Russell14.12aJamaica
2.FrDeanna Latham14.14aWisconsin
3.FrAllison Reaser14.34aSan Diego State
4.Tamara Souza14.41aBrazil
5.Zarria Storm14.80aCanada
6.Emma Siuciak14.96aCanada
7.Kanishque Todman17.06aBritish Virg
X 3k Steeplechase - International - Finals
1.Alexandra Leptich10:43.76aUnited State
2.Grace Heymsfield10:47.01aUnited State
3.X De La Cruz Capa10:52.14aPeru
4.Zu Arenas Huacasi10:52.48aPeru
5.Alyci Butterworth11:13.74aCanada
X Shot Put - 4kg - International - Finals
1.Ale Gamboa Dulong15.23mPeru
2.Christina Hillman15.11mUnited State
3.Kelsey Card15.03mUnited State
5.Hernandez Saenz Jr14.27mMexico
6.Mariana Marcelino14.20mBrazil
7.Chelsea Whalen13.83mCanada
8.X Porlier-Langloi13.03mCanada
9.Edlyn Edgecombe10.87mAntigua and
X Shot Put - 4kg - International Heptathlon - Finals
1.Tamara Souza13.56mBrazil
2.FrDeanna Latham11.71mWisconsin
3.FrAllison Reaser11.27mSan Diego State
4.Janieve Russell10.86mJamaica
5.Emma Siuciak10.12mCanada
6.Zarria Storm9.51mCanada
7.Kanishque Todman9.21mBritish Virg
X Discus - 1kg - International - Finals
1.Shelbi Vaughan53.12mUnited State
2.Esthefania Costa52.96mBrazil
3.Lidiane Cansian52.39mBrazil
4.Rayann Chin49.39mCanada
5.Jessica Sharbono49.11mUnited State
6.Danniel Thomas48.12mJamaica
7.Sasha-gay Marston45.92mJamaica
8.Jade Richardson44.77mCanada
9.Ashley Arroyo41.23mPuerto Rico
10.Shauna Downey39.84mTrinidad and
11.Brenda Oyola39.38mPuerto Rico
X High Jump - International - Finals
--Monique Varmeling1.80mBrazil
3.Kimber Williamson1.80mJamaica
--Ashleigh Nalty1.71mCayman Islan
6.Rachel Machin1.70mCanada
X High Jump - International Heptathlon - Finals
3.Janieve Russell1.70mJamaica
4.Zarria Storm1.64mCanada
5.FrDeanna Latham1.61mWisconsin
6.FrAllison Reaser1.49mSan Diego State
6.Kanishque Todman1.49mBritish Virg
X Long Jump - International - Finals
7.The Fuentes Cajas5.49mGuatemala
8.Sanchez Zumbado Jr5.33mCosta Rica
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