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Springfield Rotary Invitational

Friday, April 13, 2012

Silke Field, Springfield

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Oregon - 4A
Cottage Grove
Oregon - 6A
West Albany
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Anderlik11.00Lebanon
2.10Jacob Lacoste11.40West Albany
3.12Danny Grigsby11.40Crescent Valley
4.11Gaige Macomber11.50Cottage Grove
5.12Tre Larson11.60Lebanon
5.12Cody Schiedler11.60Dallas
5.11Brian Spindler11.60Cottage Grove
5.12Landon Hattan11.60Dallas
9.11Jonathan Emerald11.70Springfield
9.10Cole Trissell11.70Springfield
11.9Allen Huang11.80Crescent Valley
12.12Adam Allen12.10South Albany
13.11Micheal Alexander12.30West Albany
12Patrik FieldsSCRSouth Albany
12Taylor WalcottSCRMarist
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mitchell Gable23.00South Albany
2.11Michael Lanahan23.30Crescent Valley
3.10Jacob Lacoste23.60West Albany
4.12Kyle Saulmon23.60Lebanon
5.11Conner Richardson23.60Cottage Grove
6.11Chris Anderlik23.80Lebanon
7.11Gaige Macomber24.30Cottage Grove
8.12Danny Grigsby24.40Crescent Valley
9.9Joey Roos24.70West Albany
10.11Sean Champoux24.80Marist
11.12Brett Gibbs24.90Dallas
12.12Benito Ogletree25.10Springfield
13.10Garrett Davidson25.40Springfield
14.10Aaron Kraft25.70South Albany
12Gabe RodriguezNTDallas
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mitchell Gable50.50South Albany
2.11Colton Bloom52.20Marist
3.12Kyle Saulmon53.60Lebanon
4.12Chaz Wilde53.70Lebanon
5.11Conner Richardson54.10Cottage Grove
6.10Jonathan Condrea54.40Crescent Valley
7.11Jared Ewing55.20Springfield
8.10Justin Yun55.40Crescent Valley
9.10Aaron Kraft56.40South Albany
10.9Nathan Connell57.00West Albany
11.11Todd Kennedy57.10Dallas
12.11Sebastian Shanafelt57.20Springfield
10Jarred Brown57.30Springfield
13.11Sean Champoux57.40Marist
14.11Devon Holcomb58.40West Albany
15.10Matt McCoin59.80Dallas
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Jonathan Condrea53.3Crescent Valley
11Michael Boggess53.4Crescent Valley
11Michael Lanahan53.5Crescent Valley
11Colton Bloom54.4Marist
10Liam Henshaw54.7Marist
11Devin Volk55.0Crescent Valley
11Coleman Byrum56.2Marist
11Sean Champoux56.5Marist
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Austin Place2:05.00Cottage Grove
2.11Michael Boggess2:05.80Crescent Valley
3.12Michael Schrum2:07.70Springfield
4.12Ethan Noll2:08.70Dallas
5.11Devin Volk2:10.50Crescent Valley
6.11Anthony O'Neil2:14.40Cottage Grove
7.9Will Knowlton2:14.70Marist
8.10Gavin Doremus2:15.10Marist
9.10Michael Osborn2:17.50Dallas
10.12Philip Dostie2:18.20South Albany
11.12Javier Solis-Sanchez2:18.50South Albany
12.10Jack Kinser2:20.00Springfield
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Devin Volk4:23.70Crescent Valley
2.12Jason Mahnesmith4:24.10Springfield
3.11Clay Stuhr4:24.80Dallas
4.12Alex Bird4:26.90Dallas
5.11Elijah McGowen4:33.50Crescent Valley
6.11Kyle Cook4:37.90Springfield
9Alex Smith4:38.70Crescent Valley
7.10Jason Maddox4:43.70Lebanon
8.12Jordan Christian4:49.50Marist
9.10Chris Morgan4:53.60South Albany
10.9Jarett Raade4:57.20Cottage Grove
11.11Austin Culver4:57.90South Albany
12.11Zach Silva5:00.30Marist
13.9Edgar Mayen5:03.60Lebanon
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jason Mahnesmith9:20.80Springfield
2.12Will Strahl9:21.40Crescent Valley
3.11Clay Stuhr9:24.20Dallas
4.10JP Kiefer9:28.00Marist
5.12Teagan Settelmeyer9:28.80Cottage Grove
6.12Mark Stephens9:36.00Crescent Valley
7.12Alex Bird9:36.00Dallas
8.11Brennan Holmes9:59.30Springfield
9.9Abe Richmond10:01.10West Albany
10.12Ryan Mills10:16.40West Albany
10Daniel Padilla10:18.70Springfield
11Daniel Hovet10:22.80Springfield
11Eric Cutter10:26.30Crescent Valley
11Tyler Arch10:31.20Springfield
11.10Garrett Stollar10:37.20Marist
12.10Chris Morgan10:54.40South Albany
13.10Andrew Frederic10:59.80Lebanon
14.11Jeremy Williams11:01.70Cottage Grove
15.10Devin Burroughs11:38.20Lebanon
15.11Austin Culver11:38.20South Albany
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Coleman Byrum15.30Marist
2.12Adam Allen15.40South Albany
3.12Steven Evans15.50Lebanon
4.10Liam Henshaw15.70Marist
5.12Jakob Kayser16.60Crescent Valley
6.12Robert Holstein17.70Lebanon
7.9Benjamin Potter18.00West Albany
8.9Spencer Quimby18.30Cottage Grove
8.12Jaibir Pannu18.30Cottage Grove
10.10Josh Devita18.60Springfield
11.11Alec Van De Graaff19.10Crescent Valley
12Airon MallarsDNSSouth Albany
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adam Allen42.20South Albany
2.12Dylan Johnson43.00Cottage Grove
3.11Coleman Byrum43.30Marist
4.11Jacob McConnell43.60Lebanon
5.12Robert Holstein44.90Lebanon
6.10Cole Trissell45.00Springfield
7.11Alec Van De Graaff45.10Crescent Valley
8.10Brock Pinney46.00Springfield
9.9Tyson Adams47.10Crescent Valley
10.9Spencer Quimby48.50Cottage Grove
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tre Larson
Kyle Saulmon
Chris Anderlik
Chaz Wilde
2.-Jonah Beck
Justin Osborn
Danny Grigsby
Michael Lanahan
45.40Crescent Valley
3.-Tanner Keuter
Micheal Alexander
Devon Holcomb
Anthony Thompson
45.40West Albany
4.-Dylan Johnson
Gage Macomber
Conner Richardson
Brian Spindler
45.50Cottage Grove
5.-Landon Hattan
Jaylon Smothers
Riece Williams
Cody Schiedler
-Taylor Walcott
Colton Bloom
Chris Boyce
Austin Baird
-Josh Devita
Jared Ewing
Cole Trissell
Garrett Davidson
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jonathan Condrea
Michael Boggess
Devin Volk
Michael Lanahan
3:35.20Crescent Valley
2.-Dylan Johnson
Austin Place
Gage Macomber
Conner Richardson
3:38.90Cottage Grove
3.-Jonathan Emerald
Michael Schrum
Jared Ewing
Cole Trissell
4.-Chris Boyce
Liam Henshaw
Colton Bloom
Taylor Walcott
5.-Chad Nissen
Chaz Wilde
Chris Anderlik
Kyle Saulmon
6.-Landon Hattan
Matt Mccoin
Brett Gibbs
Ethan Noll
7.-Adam Allen
Javier Solis-Sanchez
Mitchell Gable
Jacob Volkers
3:50.00South Albany
8.-Micheal Alexander
Devon Holcomb
Tanner Keuter
Nathan Connell
3:52.90West Albany
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bryan Stanwood43-07.25Springfield
2.12Brandon Phemister42-01.25Cottage Grove
3.12A.J. Turner40-06.75Lebanon
4.10Hunter Hastings39-11.50Springfield
5.10Jeff Phemister38-09.75Cottage Grove
6.10Korey Thompson38-06.75Marist
7.10Alex Boyd38-05.50West Albany
8.11Jonathan Brewer36-10.50South Albany
9.11Austin Powell36-04.00Crescent Valley
10.12Ben Rebischke35-08.75Dallas
11.11Jake May35-07.50Lebanon
12.11Jacob Rorem33-03.00Dallas
13.11Declan Orth31-03.75Crescent Valley
11Jet TaylorSCRMarist
12Scotty BowmanSCRSouth Albany
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aidan Morell125-10Lebanon
2.10Alex Boyd123-02West Albany
3.10Brock Pinney122-01Springfield
4.12Zach Borrelli114-05Cottage Grove
5.11Logan McGann114-03Marist
6.12Ben Rebischke108-08Dallas
7.11Jacob Rorem104-11Dallas
8.12Brandon Phemister101-04Cottage Grove
9.11Logan Larsen101-02South Albany
10.12A.J. Turner100-03Lebanon
11.10Hunter Hastings94-01Springfield
12.10Korey Thompson93-01Marist
13.11Jonathan Brewer90-02South Albany
14.11Declan Orth85-01Crescent Valley
15.11Ahmed Kassim85-00Crescent Valley
12Aaron PotterSCRWest Albany
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zach Borrelli163-10Cottage Grove
2.11Kaelen Byrum162-11Marist
3.12Aaron Potter157-00West Albany
4.12Jakob Kayser149-08Crescent Valley
5.11Destry Cline145-11Lebanon
6.12Ben Rebischke137-00Dallas
7.10Brock Pinney136-10Springfield
8.11Jaime Thompson131-03Marist
9.10Kiante Davis128-11Lebanon
10.11Triston Wheeler126-04Dallas
11.11Daniel Noll122-08Cottage Grove
12.12Ryan Buckley117-00Springfield
13.9Stanfor Lassen114-07Crescent Valley
14.11Caleb Emmons111-11South Albany
15.11Jonathan Brewer101-02South Albany
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jacob Lacoste6-04.00West Albany
2.11Kaelen Byrum6-02.00Marist
3.11Mitchell Gable6-02.00South Albany
4.10Liam Henshaw6-00.00Marist
4.10Cory Hainz6-00.00Lebanon
6.10Tahlan Rogers5-08.00West Albany
7.10Christian Fullbright5-06.00South Albany
8.11Matt Warren5-04.00Crescent Valley
9.10Brayden Childress5-04.00Lebanon
9.12Landon Hattan5-04.00Dallas
9.11Travis Larson5-04.00Crescent Valley
9.12Brett Gibbs5-04.00Dallas
13.11Jordan Yoss5-02.00Cottage Grove
14.10Brad Bonds5-00.00Cottage Grove
12Blake MosherDNSSpringfield
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Macyn Nagao12-00.00Springfield
2.12Garrett Urrutia11-06.00Lebanon
2.12Tre Larson11-06.00Lebanon
4.11Jesse Lakeyoungberg11-06.00Crescent Valley
5.10Coyote Stevens10-00.00South Albany
6.10Chris Morgan8-06.00South Albany
7.9Tariq Miller8-00.00Dallas
12Cody SchiedlerNHDallas
11Jacob RochonDNSMarist
12Bryce JohnsonNHCrescent Valley
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Austin Baird23-05.25Marist
2.12Gabe Rodriguez21-11.50Dallas
3.10Jacob Lacoste21-04.25West Albany
4.10Liam Henshaw21-02.75Marist
5.11Jonathan Emerald21-02.25Springfield
6.11Tielyr Ritnour20-09.00Springfield
10Sam Close20-02.00Springfield
7.12Dylan Johnson19-10.00Cottage Grove
8.11Brandon Dixon19-08.50West Albany
9.12Airon Mallars19-01.50South Albany
10.10Brayden Childress18-11.50Lebanon
11.11Jordan Yoss18-10.75Cottage Grove
12.11Jaylon Smothers18-09.50Dallas
13.12Patrik Fields18-01.50South Albany
14.10Jacob Gillette18-00.75Lebanon
15.10Jonah Beck17-11.75Crescent Valley
16.11Caleb Forrest17-04.25Crescent Valley
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jonathan Emerald45-05.00Springfield
2.11Austin Baird44-01.50Marist
3.11Kaelen Byrum41-08.00Marist
4.10Sam Close39-08.25Springfield
5.12Steven Evans39-04.75Lebanon
6.9Spencer McCarron38-10.25Dallas
7.11Karl Schmidt38-04.25Crescent Valley
8.11Jordan Yoss38-03.50Cottage Grove
9.12Jakob Kayser37-03.50Crescent Valley
10.11Ben Engel36-11.00West Albany
11.11Garrett Prince36-10.00South Albany
11Tielyr RitnourDNSSpringfield
12Patrik FieldsDNSSouth Albany
12Tre LarsonSCRLebanon
12Jaibir PannuSCRCottage Grove
12Gabe RodriguezDNSDallas

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hannah Smith12.50Dallas
2.10Ahsha Mootz13.10Cottage Grove
3.10Josi Sisco13.30Cottage Grove
4.12Whitney Bradshaw13.40Springfield
4.11Karlee Willcox13.40Lebanon
6.10Breanna Welty13.50Dallas
7.10Abbey Pyle13.50Lebanon
8.10Adrianna Curteman13.50West Albany
9.9Lauren Johnson13.70West Albany
10.10Hannah Lorenzen13.80Crescent Valley
10.12Taylor Waite13.80Crescent Valley
12.9Natalie Weymouth13.90Marist
12.9Carley Weixelman13.90Marist
14.10Ayana Freese14.00Springfield
14.11Casey LaMora14.00South Albany
12Brittni RogersNTSouth Albany
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Karlee Willcox27.30Lebanon
2.12Michele Turney27.90Crescent Valley
3.10Hannah Lorenzen28.50Crescent Valley
4.10Ellie Phillips28.60Lebanon
5.9Lauren Johnson28.60West Albany
6.10Breanna Welty28.70Dallas
7.10Anna Johnson28.90Dallas
8.10Bri Kempf29.30Marist
8.9Breanna Jensen29.30West Albany
10.11Keerena Emerald29.50Springfield
11.11Casey LaMora29.90South Albany
12.10Stephanie Coulombe30.00Marist
13.11Chelsey LaMora30.10South Albany
14.10Ayana Freese30.30Springfield
10Josi SiscoNTCottage Grove
10Ahsha MootzNTCottage Grove
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mona Middeldorf61.00Dallas
2.10Katy Schmidt65.00Crescent Valley
3.10Shannon Bell66.20Crescent Valley
4.9Abby Crowell66.30Marist
5.10Anna Johnson67.30Dallas
6.10Ellie Phillips67.40Lebanon
7.11Chelsey LaMora68.00South Albany
8.11Brittany Port68.10Lebanon
9.9Breanna Jensen69.70West Albany
10.10Martha Gehrig70.00Marist
10.10Madison Hunter70.00West Albany
12.10Kirsten Hoobler70.40Cottage Grove
13.11Anika Saxman70.70Springfield
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Aiyanna Cameron-Lewis58.5Crescent Valley
10Emily Hollander62.4Marist
12Olivia Houser63.2Marist
10Katy Schmidt63.9Crescent Valley
9Abby Crowell65.7Marist
12Elli Manoogian-O'Dell65.9Crescent Valley
10Olivia Del Guercio67.5Marist
10Shannon Bell68.1Crescent Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Emily Hollander2:29.10Marist
2.12Blair Harris2:29.60Dallas
3.12Anna Demchuk2:30.50South Albany
4.12Olivia Houser2:33.90Marist
5.10Carleen Fall2:37.40Dallas
6.9Emily Anderson2:39.60Springfield
7.9Caitlyn Rowe2:40.90South Albany
8.11Brooke Hodgert2:42.70Crescent Valley
9.9Roslyn Sipos2:43.90Lebanon
10.9Mimi Schiffer2:44.50Springfield
11.11Kylie Wilson2:47.80Lebanon
12.10Claudia Hudson2:48.50Cottage Grove
13.11Veronica Twenge2:49.90Crescent Valley
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Aiyanna Cameron-Lewis4:55.20Crescent Valley
2.11MaryKate McGuire4:58.50Dallas
3.12Anna Demchuk5:12.20South Albany
4.11Shanna Smothers5:15.10Crescent Valley
5.10Carleen Fall5:20.10Dallas
6.11Molly Bohrer5:23.00Marist
7.12Brianna Beckner5:27.20South Albany
8.11Katie Higinbotham5:32.30West Albany
9.12Teal Barrett5:37.40West Albany
10.10Olivia Del Guercio5:37.60Marist
11.11Sharee Hamilton5:39.60Springfield
12.9Whitney Grizzle5:41.70Lebanon
13.11Mackenzie McConnell5:47.40Cottage Grove
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11MaryKate McGuire10:43.40Dallas
2.11Monica Anderson10:58.50Marist
3.12Rhonda Costin11:37.20Springfield
4.12Meredith Wells11:49.60Crescent Valley
5.12Kanna Scoggin11:59.10Marist
6.12Katie Bryan12:04.00Crescent Valley
7.9Haley Morris12:06.20Lebanon
12Kai Hundemer12:08.80Crescent Valley
8.9Alena Voss12:10.80Dallas
9.12Brianna Beckner12:11.60South Albany
10.10Luba Demchuk12:30.10South Albany
11.12Marli Corbett12:40.40Lebanon
10Annaelisa CoenDNSSpringfield
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kara Hallock15.30Lebanon
2.12Michele Turney15.70Crescent Valley
3.12Brittni Rogers16.30South Albany
4.12Elli Manoogian-O'Dell17.00Crescent Valley
5.10Kiley Barcroft17.90Dallas
6.12Marissa Mackey18.10Dallas
7.9Lily Grable18.80Springfield
8.9Lexi Smallwood19.00Lebanon
9.10Maria Bridgeford19.70Cottage Grove
10.9Angelica Johnson20.80Springfield
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kara Hallock47.40Lebanon
2.12Brittni Rogers48.00South Albany
3.12Elli Manoogian-O'Dell51.90Crescent Valley
4.11Allison Lind53.90Crescent Valley
5.10Paige Freerksen54.70Springfield
6.9Lily Grable55.00Springfield
7.9Lexi Smallwood56.00Lebanon
8.9Sydney Phelps59.20Dallas
12Marissa MackeySCRDallas
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mona Middledorf
Hannah Smith
Breanna Welty
Marissa Mackey
2.-Aiyanna Cameron-Lewis
Taylor Waite
Michele Turney
Katy Schmidt
51.20Crescent Valley
3.-Abby Crowell
Natalie Weymouth
Claire Farrington
Carley Weixelman
4.-Lilith Grable
Ayana Freese
Angelica Johnson
Paige Freerksen
5.-Hannah Devyldere
Casey LaMora
Claudia Vera
Casey Evans
56.80South Albany
-Savannah Crittenden
Lauren Johnson
Allison Young
Meghan Woodrun
NTWest Albany
-Destiny Dawson
Ahsha Mootz
Josi Sisco
Kristine Dunn
NTCottage Grove
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Carleen Fall
Blair Harris
Hannah Smith
Mona Middledorf
2.-Katy Schmidt
Elli Manoogian-O'Dell
Shannon Bell
Aiyanna Cameron-Lewis
4:16.20Crescent Valley
3.-Abby Crowell
Olivia Del Guercio
Emily Hollander
Olivia Houser
4.-Chelsey LaMora
Anna Demchuk
Brittni Rogers
Brianna Beckner
4:25.80South Albany
5.-Brittany Port
Karlee Willcox
Carina De Paz
Ellie Phillips
6.-Paige Freerksen
Whitney Bradshaw
Keerena Emerald
Anika Saxman
-Kristine Dunn
Josi Sisco
Ahsha Mootz
Erin Howell
DNSCottage Grove
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tiffiny Rattanaphosy34-04.50Springfield
2.12McKenzie DeVault33-08.75Dallas
3.11Tricia Ingraham31-09.50Cottage Grove
4.11Brianna VanVeldhuizen31-03.50South Albany
5.9Allison Young30-11.25West Albany
6.11Taylor Babbit29-11.75West Albany
7.9Alexis Hassenger29-03.50Lebanon
8.12Kiley Weston29-02.50Dallas
9.11Casey Evans28-09.75South Albany
10.11Kayla Klabo27-06.75Springfield
11.11Taylor Eilers26-09.75Lebanon
12.11Lexi Peters26-02.25Crescent Valley
13.12Katie Archer25-07.00Crescent Valley
14.10Erin Howell23-00.00Cottage Grove
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tiffiny Rattanaphosy122-02Springfield
2.12Kiley Weston112-05Dallas
3.12McKenzie DeVault96-01Dallas
4.11Tricia Ingraham94-01Cottage Grove
5.11Jessica Caldera91-09Springfield
6.11Taylor Babbit86-06West Albany
7.12Kimi Gay83-02South Albany
8.11Lexi Peters81-10Crescent Valley
9.12Katie Archer76-10Crescent Valley
10.11Taylor Eilers65-02Lebanon
11.12Sarah Shye64-03South Albany
12.12Teala Deister63-10Lebanon
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Waite108-06Crescent Valley
2.10Kiley Barcroft107-08Dallas
3.10Amanda Short104-06Lebanon
4.9Alexis Hassenger102-07Lebanon
5.12Rachel Beach97-10Cottage Grove
6.11Katrina Bielenberg97-00West Albany
7.10Destiny Dawson96-03Cottage Grove
8.12Sarah Shye93-10South Albany
9.11Marisa Polanco89-00Springfield
10.12Sara Solvedt80-10Dallas
11.11Lexi Peters79-09Crescent Valley
12.11Bianca Velazco75-04Springfield
13.11Alycia Houser75-00South Albany
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rachel Proteau5-06.00West Albany
2.12Kara Hallock5-00.00Lebanon
3.11Paige Kelsey5-00.00Crescent Valley
4.9Alyvia Sams4-10.00West Albany
5.10Bri Kempf4-10.00Marist
6.10Kiley Barcroft4-08.00Dallas
7.12Sarah Shye4-04.00South Albany
8.11Carina De Paz4-04.00Lebanon
9.11Casey Evans4-02.00South Albany
9.11Katy Bass4-02.00Cottage Grove
9.11Sasha Bogdanovic4-02.00Crescent Valley
9.9Emmalyn Woolner4-02.00Dallas
9.10Martha Gehrig4-02.00Marist
9Sara GardnerNHCottage Grove
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Mihulka9-08.00Springfield
2.12Lindsey Smith7-09.00Crescent Valley
2.11Mikenzee Frazier7-09.00Lebanon
4.10Jessica Henslee7-03.00West Albany
4.12Sara Solvedt7-03.00Dallas
4.10Courtney May7-03.00Dallas
7.11Selene Rasmussen7-03.00Crescent Valley
8.10Tess Wassom6-09.00Lebanon
8.12Kristine Umenhoffer6-09.00Springfield
9Tamara BenedictDNSMarist
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hannah Smith16-10.00Dallas
2.12Kara Hallock16-07.00Lebanon
3.12Whitney Bradshaw16-00.50Springfield
4.12Donna Samoylich15-05.00Lebanon
5.11Keerena Emerald15-04.00Springfield
11Anika Saxman14-02.50Springfield
6.9Kacey Little13-09.00Crescent Valley
7.10Destiny Dawson13-08.00Cottage Grove
8.9Natalie Weymouth13-03.00Marist
9.9Claire Farrington12-06.00Marist
10.11Hannah Devyldere12-03.50South Albany
11.10Maria Bridgeford11-02.50Cottage Grove
12.11KyleeAnn Jacobson10-00.00South Albany
12Matilda RahkolinDNSDallas
10Marisa ThierheimerDNSCrescent Valley
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michele Turney34-00.00Crescent Valley
2.12Donna Samoylich32-03.00Lebanon
3.12Whitney Bradshaw31-04.00Springfield
4.9Alyvia Sams31-02.00West Albany
5.11Keerena Emerald31-01.00Springfield
10Angeles Phamuong29-08.00Springfield
6.12Katy Pyle29-04.50Lebanon
7.9Hannah Nelson29-03.50Dallas
8.9Claire Farrington27-11.50Marist
9.11Kristen Beamer27-01.00Crescent Valley
11Hannah DevyldereDNSSouth Albany
12Matilda RahkolinDNSDallas
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