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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoMario Harris10.50a (2.0)Wyoming
2.SoTracy Lide10.70a (2.0)University of Mary
3.JrJacob Gruver10.72a (2.0)Chadron State
4.SrCordero Bonamy10.79a (2.0)Dickinson State
5.JrCory Ploof10.93a (2.0)University of Mary
6.SoJosh Browning10.95a (2.0)Adams State
7.JrKeegan Parr11.18a (-1.6)Chadron State
8.SoChris Graziano11.21a (-1.8)Colorado School of M...
9.FrBrandon Segelke11.25a (-1.6)Chadron State
10.SoDrew Coleman11.26a (-1.6)Air Force
11.SrGarrett Kidd11.30a (-1.6)Northern Colorado
12.FrJon Dinius11.30a SR (-1.8)Dickinson State
13.SrJordan Puhalla11.35a (-1.6)University of Mary
14.chad liscar11.38a (-1.6)Unattached
15.FrChad Hofkamp11.39a (-1.6)Black Hills State
16.SoDontae Strickland11.41a (-1.8)Air Force
17.SrChris Burris11.43a (-1.8)Western State
18.SoJames MacAndrew11.44a (-1.8)Air Force
19.David Atiz11.46a (-1.8)Unattached
20.JrJustin Cropper11.47a SR (-1.6)Adams State
21.SoUzor Udensi11.52a (-1.8)Air Force
22.SrThomas Wyley11.54a (-1.8)Dickinson State
23.FrPhil Turano11.64a (-1.5)Chadron State
24.FrAlex Walker11.67a PR (-1.8)Wyoming
25.SrMichael Van Portfliet11.79a (-1.5)Northern Colorado
26.SoNathan Walker11.97a PR (-1.5)Colorado School of M...
26.FrOscar Zapata11.97a PR (-1.5)Chadron State
28.JrBrian Ehmke12.77a SR (-1.5)Western State

100 Meters  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrCody Sanders11.48a PRWestern State
2.FrJacob Brunette11.63a PRChadron State
3.SoSean Munger11.69a PRChadron State
4.SrBrad Gamble20.14aChadron State

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoMario Harris21.18a (2.5)Wyoming
2.JrCory Ploof21.19a PR (2.5)University of Mary
3.George Pincock21.37a (2.5)Unattached
4.JrJacob Gruver21.54a (2.5)Chadron State
5.SoTracy Lide21.67a (2.5)University of Mary
6.FrBlake Reimer21.74a SR (1.8)Colorado
7.SrJermaine Christie21.79a PR (1.0)Dickinson State
8.SrStevan Lara22.03a (1.0)Adams State
9.FrBlake Berens22.05a SR (1.8)Colorado
10.SoDrew Coleman22.09a PR (1.0)Air Force
11.SrAndy Crook22.25a PR (1.8)Western State
12.FrBrandon Segelke22.27a (1.0)Chadron State
13.SoKarl McFarlane22.30a PR (.5)Chadron State
14.SoJames MacAndrew22.32a PR (1.0)Air Force
15.FrMichael Craig22.38a (2.5)Air Force
16.SoChris Graziano22.39a (.5)Colorado School of M...
17.SrGarrett Kidd22.44a (1.8)Northern Colorado
18.FrChad Hofkamp22.48a (1.0)Black Hills State
19.SrJason Lehman22.54a (1.0)Colorado School of M...
20.SoUzor Udensi22.60a SR (1.8)Air Force
21.JrKeegan Parr22.67a (.5)Chadron State
22.FrDavid Ptacek22.69a SR (.5)Air Force
23.FrAdam Frank22.71a PR (1.4)Northern Colorado
24.FrJustin Gray22.77a (1.4)Dickinson State
25.SrChris Burris22.80a (.5)Western State
26.-Garrett Shaal22.81a SR (.5)South Dakota Mines &...
27.FrAlex Walker22.84a PR (1.8)Wyoming
28.Bryce Mitchell22.91a (1.4)Usafaps
29.FrDalton Arnold23.05a PR (1.0)Northern Colorado
30.FrDerek Schneider23.16a PR (1.4)Northern Colorado
31.SrMichael Van Portfliet23.19a (.5)Northern Colorado
33.SoJosh Neumiller23.43a (.5)Dickinson State
34.JrMatthew Gibas23.83a (1.4)Colorado School of M...
35.-Jack Mohr23.89a PR (1.6)Colorado School of M...
35.Kevin Abney23.89a (1.4)Usafaps
37.FrPhil Turano24.08a (1.4)Chadron State
38.SoNathan Walker24.40a (1.4)Colorado School of M...
39.Malcolm Williams25.24a (1.6)Usafaps
--FrJon DiniusDNF PR (1.6)Dickinson State

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.Drew Morano46.87aUnattached
2.SoPhil Rivera47.67aChadron State
3.George Pincock48.56aUnattached
4.SrAndy Crook48.66a PRWestern State
5.FrBlake Reimer48.83aColorado
6.SrMatthew McCathran49.31a SRColorado
7.SrStevan Lara49.40aAdams State
8.Ryan Marshall49.49aUnattached
9.FrBlake Berens49.58a SRColorado
10.-Garrett Shaal49.72a PRSouth Dakota Mines &...
11.FrDavid Ptacek50.05aAir Force
12.FrMichael Craig50.11a PRAir Force
13.SoGabe Meidl50.48a PRMetropolitan-Denver
14.FrDominic Collie50.53aDickinson State
15.SoDeland Weyrauch50.56aUniversity of Mary
16.FrJacob Rider50.74a PRAdams State
17.Ian Smith51.12aUnat-Dickins
18.FrDaniel Bieber51.33aAir Force
19.SrJason Lehman51.48a PRColorado School of M...
20.SoKelly Troester51.69aChadron State
21.FrGavan Archibald51.71a PRChadron State
22.Johnathan Carlton52.00aMaverick clu
23.-Jack Mohr53.18aColorado School of M...
24.Alexander Wills53.19aUnat-Adams S
25.FrDalton Arnold53.25aNorthern Colorado
26.FrAdam Frank53.40aNorthern Colorado
27.SrTim Popp53.56aColorado School of M...
28.JrMatthew Gibas54.08a PRColorado School of M...

400 Meters  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrCody Sanders53.02a SRWestern State
2.SoSean Munger54.18aChadron State
3.FrJacob Brunette56.18a PRChadron State

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.FrMatt Caldwell1:56.22aAir Force
2.FrSterling Zehnder1:58.27aSouth Dakota Mines &...
3.SrIsmael Arzola1:58.63aDickinson State
4.SrNathan Newland1:58.67aMetropolitan-Denver
5.JrRyan Crisp1:58.90aColorado School of M...
6.JrCorey Breeden1:59.07aWestern State
7.Golden Coachmann1:59.32aUnattached
8.FrHenry Cowhick1:59.60aWestern State
9.FrJason Szaraz2:00.09aWestern State
10.David Sanchez2:00.42aUnat-Adams S
11.SrLee Irvine2:00.68aDickinson State
12.Derek Johnson2:00.83aUnattached
13.Shane Niksic2:01.10aUnattached
14.SoAlex Johnson2:01.29aChadron State
15.Andrew Ochoa2:01.37aUnattached
16.FrSeth Russell2:02.39aSouth Dakota Mines &...
17.FrDerek Schneider2:02.45a SRNorthern Colorado
18.Johnathan Carlton2:02.46aMaverick clu
19.SoEvan Strand2:02.66aBlack Hills State
20.SoBrock Mickelsen2:04.05aBlack Hills State
21.JrJed Morgan2:04.10a SRBlack Hills State
22.SoGage Owens2:04.19aAir Force
23.JrTrev Fiedler2:04.74a PRBlack Hills State
24.FrJesse Bennett2:05.39aUniversity of Mary
25.SoTed Artz2:05.45aAir Force
26.FrDustin Sandbak2:05.74aDickinson State
27.JrNathan Stamstad2:05.83aUniversity of Mary
28.SoEric Mohrabacher2:05.85aUniversity of Mary
29.SoCraig Leavitt2:06.43a SRBlack Hills State
30.FrMark Wilcox2:06.82a PRBlack Hills State
31.FrMitch Kraft2:06.92a PRBlack Hills State
32.Justin Barr2:07.71aUnat-Western
33.JrEdwin Chelashaw2:08.76aDickinson State
34.Jeffrey Sabatka2:09.18aUnat-Western
35.-Peter Amendolar2:09.35a PRBlack Hills State
36.FrSeth Ulvested2:11.27a PRBlack Hills State
37.JrChris Gill2:13.33aDickinson State
38.SrSean Hurley2:15.65a PRDickinson State

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrIsmael Arzola4:02.62aDickinson State
2.David Sanchez4:03.59aUnat-Adams S
3.Patrick Hunt4:04.04aBoulder Expr
4.Golden Coachmann4:05.91aUnattached
5.FrLance Wolfsmith4:06.10a SRAir Force
6.SoMatt Bell4:06.55a SRAir Force
7.FrShawn Dubbs4:07.44a PRAir Force
8.FrKraig Kleiner4:07.66aMetropolitan-Denver
9.FrFrank Socha4:10.24aColorado School of M...
10.Tommy Valade4:10.41aUnat-Western
11.Daniel Castaneda4:10.65aUnattached
12.FrIsaiah Bragg4:11.27a PRAir Force
13.Paul Geimer4:12.79aUnattached
14.SoEric Mohrabacher4:13.27aUniversity of Mary
15.SrLucas Fried4:13.77a SRSouth Dakota Mines &...
16.JrLuke Ott4:13.81a SRWestern State
17.FrCharlie Perkins4:15.34aAir Force
18.Cody Hill4:17.56aUnattached
19.FrJohn Mccarthy4:18.50a PRNorthern Colorado
20.Jeffrey Sabatka4:18.74aUnat-Western
21.FrDaniel Bailey4:18.81a PRAir Force
22.FrJesse Bennett4:19.51aUniversity of Mary
23.FrNathan Faulkner4:19.57a PRChadron State
24.JrNathan Stamstad4:20.51aUniversity of Mary
25.FrCarson Fugal4:21.55a PRAir Force
26.Ryan Bull4:23.58aUnattached
27.Timothy Shepard4:24.67aUnattached
28.SoJerry Munoz4:26.10a PRMetropolitan-Denver
29.Andrew Ochoa4:33.34aUnattached
30.-Joseph Deng4:44.67a SRSouth Dakota Mines &...
31.Randy Horner4:46.29aUnattached
32.-Austin Barnard4:50.65a PRSouth Dakota Mines &...

1500 Meters  Decathlon - Finals

1.SoSean Munger5:08.91aChadron State
2.FrJacob Brunette5:20.17a PRChadron State
3.SrCody Sanders5:53.28a SRWestern State

5000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.Mario Macias15:03.82aBrc/Adidas
2.Justin Ricks15:27.35aUnattached
3.JrLaine Parish15:31.63aBlack Hills State
4.FrMichael Schmidt15:34.19aWestern State
5.SoAndrew Quallio15:34.77a SRAir Force
6.SoSeth Pelletier15:50.55a PRAir Force
7.FrAndrew Epperson15:53.49a SRColorado School of M...
8.Derek Alcorn16:02.71aUnattached
9.Jay Luna16:08.87aBrc/Adidas
10.-Brandon Hough16:16.38a PRAir Force
11.SoKellen Fockler16:22.63aMetropolitan-Denver
12.FrMark Wilcox16:24.28a SRBlack Hills State
13.SoAdam Bodnar16:24.75a SRColorado School of M...
14.Michael Finger16:26.62aUnattached
15.FrKyle Kusmik16:31.47a PRNorthern Colorado
16.FrSeth Ulvested16:31.90a PRBlack Hills State
17.Sean Mahoney16:32.59aUnat-Western
18.SoSam O'Hair16:32.88a SRAir Force
19.Cody Hill16:36.73aUnattached
20.Cody Foster16:37.95aUnattached
21.SoKenneth Rennick16:47.89a PRColorado School of M...
22.SoAlex Cantelmi16:48.69aWestern State
23.Sam Egelhogg17:14.23aUnattached
24.SoJosh Wilson17:23.05aUniversity of Mary
25.JrMatt Pike17:33.03aSouth Dakota Mines &...
26.Zachary Weber17:33.39aUnattached

110m Hurdles - 42"  Varsity - Finals

1.SoKarl McFarlane14.52a (-1.5)Chadron State
2.SrJermaine Christie14.66a (-1.5)Dickinson State
3.SoMichael Geiger15.01a (-.5)Adams State
4.Sam Gagliano15.19a (-.5)Usafaps
5.FrJohnpaul Williams15.21a (-1.5)Dickinson State
6.SoMark Flegel15.29a (-1.5)Wyoming
7.FrAaron Praska15.37a SR (-1.5)Wyoming
8.JrPierce Fair15.52a (-1.5)Adams State
9.SoMatthew Mathiason16.10a (-.5)Chadron State
10.JrJames Hanafin16.20a (-.5)Colorado School of M...
11.FrBrad Hackert16.22a PR (.8)Air Force
12.SoRyan Dunn16.23a (.8)Chadron State
13.SoNathan Walker16.45a (.8)Colorado School of M...
14.FrSean McCoy16.51a (-.5)Adams State
15.-Seth Brotherton16.58a SR (-.5)South Dakota Mines &...
16.FrMiroslav Kasljevic16.67a (.8)Chadron State
17.SrConner Coltharp16.71a (-.5)Colorado School of M...
18.FrZeb Kimball16.73a PR (.8)Air Force
19.Grant Golightly16.74a (-.5)Unat-Western
20.Kyle Wiren18.15a (.8)Unat-Western

110m Hurdles - 42"  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrCody Sanders15.37aWestern State
2.FrJacob Brunette16.82a PRChadron State
3.SoSean Munger17.89a PRChadron State

400m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.Nathaniel Garcia51.98aus elite int
2.SrMatthew Jones53.79aAir Force
3.JrBryce Bergman53.80aAir Force
4.JrLincoln Proud54.07a SRChadron State
5.FrAaron Praska54.88aWyoming
6.Jordan Aguilar54.99aRedshirt Eli
7.-Seth Brotherton55.63a PRSouth Dakota Mines &...
8.FrRiley Copeland55.80aWyoming
9.FrJacob Edwards55.99aWyoming
10.Andy Kemmer56.33aUnattached
11.JrCalvin Rock56.68a SRNorthern Colorado
12.FrXavier Kvistad56.90a PRChadron State
13.FrColin Herold57.12aWyoming
14.SoJeremiah Burroughs57.95a PRNorthern Colorado
15.JrDevin Meyers58.51a SRWestern State
16.SoMichael Geiger58.89a PRAdams State
17.Bryce Mitchell59.40aUsafaps
18.FrGavan Archibald59.64aChadron State
19.FrJohnpaul Williams1:00.08aDickinson State
20.FrVince Hunt1:00.82aWestern State
21.SoMatthew Mathiason1:01.23aChadron State
22.FrSean McCoy1:01.30a PRAdams State
23.SoRyan Dunn1:01.61aChadron State
24.JrJames Hanafin1:01.72a SRColorado School of M...
25.David Atiz1:01.94aUnattached
26.FrMiroslav Kasljevic1:06.65aChadron State

3k Steeplechase  Varsity - Finals

1.cody bordewyk9:31.44aUnattached
2.SrDaniel Sojka9:41.04a PRNorthern Colorado
3.JrJed Morgan9:41.44aBlack Hills State
4.Adam Sinda9:49.90aUnat-Western
5.FrMitch Kraft9:50.96aBlack Hills State
6.SoNeal Anderson9:57.17aColorado School of M...
7.SoCraig Leavitt10:05.09a SRBlack Hills State
8.Gabe Toepel10:13.13aUnat-Adams S
9.Francisco Quijada10:13.13aUnattached
10.JrEric Eisinger10:23.20aColorado School of M...
11.Sam Tillery10:48.98aUnattached
12.JrPaul Bailey11:27.67aDickinson State

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Brandon Segelke
Karl McFarlane
Phil Rivera
Jacob Gruver
40.84aChadron State
2.-Jamal Forbes
Michael Sands
Cordero Bonamy
Jermaine Christie
41.39aDickinson State
3.-Jordan Puhalla
Cory Ploof
Deland Weyrauch
Tracy Lide
41.63aUniversity of Mary
4.-William Cranford
Reger Craigo
Chris Burris
Nathan Dorzweiler
41.81aWestern State
5.-Jon Dinius
Thomas Wyley
Kurt McCormack
Justin Gray
42.82aDickinson State
6.Relay Team42.87aAir Force Academy's ...
7.-Garrett Kidd
Dalton Arnold
Vince Valdez
Michael Van Portfliet
43.12aNorthern Colorado
8.-Phil Turano
Oscar Zapata
Matthew Mathiason
Brandon White
43.52aChadron State

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Bryce Bergman
Michael Craig
Matthew Jones
David Ptacek
3:19.45aAir Force
2.-Nathan Magstadt
Cordero Bonamy
Jamal Forbes
Dominic Collie
3:22.52aDickinson State
3.-Corey Breeden
Scott Nelson
Devin Meyers
Brian Ehmke
3:27.99aWestern State
4.-Ryan Crisp
Jason Lehman
Tim Popp
Frank Socha
3:30.48aColorado School of M...
5.-Lee Irvine
Ismael Arzola
Sean Hurley
Kirk Townsend
3:35.85aDickinson State
6.-Evan Strand
Brock Mickelsen
Trev Fiedler
Justin Bergeson
3:39.62aBlack Hills State
7.-Jason Kearns
Kyle Kusmik
John Mccarthy
Daniel Sojka
3:46.04aNorthern Colorado

Shot Put - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

1.SrBen Jacobson16.51mUniversity of Mary
2.SoMark Reding15.83mSouth Dakota Mines &...
3.SrRyan Walstrom15.02mWestern State
4.JrBrady Schreibvogel14.16mAdams State
5.SoDalton Sybrant13.93m SRWyoming
6.SrDelron Inniss13.90mDickinson State
7.JrTad Harman13.79mUniversity of Mary
8.SoBrian Ford13.74mAir Force
9.FrSpencer Baldwin13.44mAir Force
10.FrRyan Meidinger13.33mUniversity of Mary
11.SrHeath Butler13.13mColorado School of M...
12.FrBrian Freed12.97mSouth Dakota Mines &...
13.SoMike Lupo12.77mDickinson State
14.FrJalen Fooster-Barrino12.37m PRAir Force
15.FrNathan Bratka12.24mAir Force
16.JrCole Carveth12.20mColorado School of M...
--FrJarrod SparksFOUL PRColorado School of M...
--FrRyan EwenNDColorado School of M...
---Corey HoffmannNDWestern State
--SoShane CoxFOULAir Force

Shot Put - 16lb  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrCody Sanders10.55m SRWestern State
2.SoSean Munger10.44m SRChadron State
3.FrJacob Brunette9.32m PRChadron State

Discus - 2kg  Varsity - Finals

1.SrRyan Walstrom49.25mWestern State
2.SrBen Jacobson46.97m SRUniversity of Mary
3.SoJames Chambers46.87mAir Force
4.FrNathan Bratka45.99mAir Force
5.FrSpencer Baldwin44.70mAir Force
6.SrHeath Butler44.65mColorado School of M...
7.SoBrendon Birdsell44.52m PRAir Force
8.SoDalton Sybrant44.47mWyoming
9.SrSean Conlin43.61m SRNorthern Colorado
10.-Brock Fiedler43.44mWyoming
11.JrCole Carveth43.12mColorado School of M...
12.SrEverett Brill42.83mSouth Dakota Mines &...
13.-Miguel Flores42.28mSouth Dakota Mines &...
14.FrJaden Terry41.89mWestern State
15.FrJon Wegner41.46m PRDickinson State
16.JrBrady Schreibvogel40.80m SRAdams State
17.SrLuke Leno40.54mDickinson State
18.FrJalen Fooster-Barrino40.50m SRAir Force
19.FrRyan Meidinger40.45mUniversity of Mary
20.FrJarrod Sparks40.15m PRColorado School of M...
21.JrTad Harman40.00mUniversity of Mary
22.FrAustin Huffman39.71mChadron State
--FrBrad HackertNDAir Force
--JrZach BoslauNDChadron State
--SoShane CoxNDAir Force
--SoBrian FordNDAir Force
--FrBrian FreedNDSouth Dakota Mines &...
--SoMark RedingNDSouth Dakota Mines &...
--FrRyan EwenNDColorado School of M...
--SoChris McFeeNDColorado School of M...
---Corey HoffmannNDWestern State
--FrJoe HochanadelNDAdams State

Discus - 2kg  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrCody Sanders36.55mWestern State
2.SoSean Munger34.58mChadron State
3.FrJacob Brunette23.50m PRChadron State

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.FrTimothy Urista63.60mAir Force
2.FrEsteban Vigil57.60m PRAdams State
3.SoBrent Peltz56.55mUniversity of Mary
4.-Blake Moorhead50.40m PRAir Force
5.FrNathan Bratka47.30mAir Force
6.SoChance Schuett44.45m PRChadron State
7.JrCole Carveth42.55m PRColorado School of M...
--JrJames HanafinFOULColorado School of M...
--SrBlair SohlFOULAdams State
--FrAustin HuffmanFOULChadron State
--FrJesse DuncanFOULChadron State

Javelin - 800g  Decathlon - Finals

1.SoSean Munger47.54mChadron State
2.SrCody Sanders38.58m SRWestern State
3.FrJacob Brunette34.44m PRChadron State

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.JrOliver Harsanyi2.20m PRWestern State
2.FrJordan Bolich2.05mAdams State
3.SrAkil Gipson2.05m PRWestern State
4.SrJon Spruil2.05mWestern State
5.FrKyle Chapman1.90mBlack Hills State
6.FrBrady Sundheim1.85mDickinson State

High Jump  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrCody Sanders1.90mWestern State
2.FrJacob Brunette1.78m PRChadron State
3.SoSean Munger1.69mChadron State

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

2.FrElliott Beski4.70mAir Force
3.FrMarshal Fryberger4.70m PRUniversity of Mary
4.FrSteven Richendifer4.70m PRChadron State
5.SoKolten Jelden4.55mSouth Dakota Mines &...
6.FrJohnpaul Williams4.55mDickinson State
7.SoGlen Clinton4.55m SRChadron State
8.SoTim Simonich4.40m PRUniversity of Mary
9.SoCody Walega4.40m PRColorado School of M...
10.FrKohl Koppinger4.25mUniversity of Mary
10.FrDaniel Mayer4.25mBlack Hills State
12.FrJesse Duncan4.10m PRChadron State
12.-Jacob Hetrick4.10m PRColorado School of M...
12.SrTim Popp4.10mColorado School of M...
--SoT.J. PulsNHColorado School of M...
---Hal BoernerNH PRWestern State
--SrBlair SohlNHAdams State
--SoChance SchuettNH PRChadron State
---Ethan MethenyNH SRSouth Dakota Mines &...

Pole Vault  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrCody Sanders4.50m PRWestern State
2.FrJacob Brunette3.50m PRChadron State
3.SoSean Munger3.40m PRChadron State

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

2.SrKurt McCormack7.14m (.9)Dickinson State
3.SoWilliam Cranford7.09m PR (1.8)Western State
4.SrJermaine Christie7.02m SR (2.6)Dickinson State
5.SrTyler Zacher7.00m (3.0)University of Mary
6.SoThomas Hartwell6.97m SR (2.6)University of Mary
7.Derek Hammond6.88m (2.0)Unattached
8.SrMiguel Gonzalez6.70m (3.1)Dickinson State
9.SrJohn Emtmann6.65m (2.5)Dickinson State
11.SoDontae Strickland6.38m (3.2)Air Force
13.JrZachary Little6.36m SR (4.5)Western State
14.FrAaron Teigen6.33m (2.0)University of Mary
15.-Seth Brotherton5.97m PR (1.9)South Dakota Mines &...
16.FrBrady Sundheim5.81m (1.1)Dickinson State
17.FrBrad Hackert5.74m PR (2.7)Air Force
18.FrZeb Kimball5.73m (2.1)Air Force
--FrJustin GrayFOULDickinson State

Long Jump  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrCody Sanders6.91m (2.1)Western State
2.SoSean Munger6.43m PR (2.7)Chadron State
3.FrJacob Brunette6.38m PR (2.9)Chadron State

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

2.SrAkil Gipson14.41m (-2.0)Western State
3.SoJaymes Talkington13.98m (-1.6)Wyoming
4.SrTyler Zacher13.92m (-.9)University of Mary
5.FrBrady Sundheim13.70m (-1.0)Dickinson State
6.FrDaniel Funk13.00m (2.4)Air Force
7.SoJon Dempster12.96m (1.4)Colorado School of M...
8.SoThomas Hartwell12.83m (-2.6)University of Mary
9.FrAaron Teigen11.84m (-1.0)University of Mary
--SrJohnny EmtmanFOULDickinson State
--JrPierce FairFOULAdams State

Hammer - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

1.SrCole Nicholes52.98mBlack Hills State
2.SrBen Jacobson51.57mUniversity of Mary
3.SoChris McFee51.00mColorado School of M...
4.SoBrian Ford49.58mAir Force
5.FrJalen Fooster-Barrino49.44m SRAir Force
6.FrSpencer Baldwin48.50m SRAir Force
7.JrJared Barkemeyer48.30mAir Force
8.JrBrady Schreibvogel47.56m SRAdams State
9.SrEverett Brill46.75mSouth Dakota Mines &...
10.SrRyan Walstrom46.65mWestern State
11.FrBrian Freed46.56mSouth Dakota Mines &...
12.SrTyler Schmidkunz45.26mDickinson State
13.JrTad Harman45.14mUniversity of Mary
14.SrDelron Inniss44.97mDickinson State
15.JrZach Boslau43.77mChadron State
16.SrSean Conlin42.64mNorthern Colorado
--FrJoe HochanadelNDAdams State
--FrJaden TerryNDWestern State
--FrRyan EwenNDColorado School of M...
--SoBrendon BirdsellND SRAir Force
--SoShane CoxNDAir Force
--SoSean MungerNDChadron State
--FrRyan MeidingerNDUniversity of Mary
--FrNathan BratkaNDAir Force
---Miguel FloresNDSouth Dakota Mines &...

Decathlon Score  Varsity - Finals

1.SrCody Sanders6337 SRWestern State
2.SoSean Munger5684 PRChadron State
3.FrJacob Brunette5276 PRChadron State