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Mountain West Outdoor T&F Finals

Saturday, May 18, 2002

USAF Academy, USAF Academy

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Team Scores
Collegiate - Womens
2.Colorado State130.3
3.San Diego State115.3
4.Nevada-Las Vegas95
7.New Mexico43.5
8.Air Force27
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Official Results
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Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrMelinda Smedley11.72aSan Diego State
2.JrMichele Davis11.73aNevada-Las Vegas
3.FrHalima Decree11.84aNevada-Las Vegas
4.SrNikki Hughes12.16aBYU
5.SrAdelaide Harper12.17aWyoming
6.SoJillita Griffin12.24aSan Diego State
7.JrAndrea Combs12.31aBYU
8.JrDayna McMillen12.91aNew Mexico
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrMichele Davis23.00aNevada-Las Vegas
2.JrMelinda Smedley23.32aSan Diego State
3.SoTonette Dyer23.36aSan Diego State
4.SrNickeisha Charles23.95aNevada-Las Vegas
5.SrAdelaide Harper24.17aWyoming
6.JrJini Hogg24.18aSan Diego State
7.SoHollann Givens24.27aSan Diego State
8.FrKatrice Thomas24.42aColorado State
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrNickeisha Charles52.60aNevada-Las Vegas
2.FrShauna Smith53.04aWyoming
3.JrJini Hogg53.08aSan Diego State
4.FrJessica Fox53.46aWyoming
5.SoHollann Givens55.49aSan Diego State
6.FrJennifer Rockwell55.97aBYU
7.FrKatrice Thomas56.09aColorado State
8.SrSiobhan Everson-Stewart56.15aColorado State
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrMary Ridder2:07.84aColorado State
2.SrJaime Cottle2:08.88aBYU
3.SrHolly Haguewood2:11.14aBYU
4.FrJulia Ostler2:13.12aBYU
5.FrTiffany Sims-McCray2:15.11aNevada-Las Vegas
6.JrJennifer Stakiw2:16.06aSan Diego State
7.FrCindy Dawson2:18.54aAir Force
8.SoTara Hall2:21.43aUtah
X 1500 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrJaime Cottle4:32.09aBYU
2.FrKathryn Andersen4:33.22aBYU
3.JrKim Watson4:40.24aColorado State
4.JrElissa Ballas4:48.10aAir Force
5.FrJacquelyne Gallegos4:49.66aNew Mexico
6.SrChristy Virgin4:51.37aColorado State
7.JrJennifer Stakiw4:52.43aSan Diego State
8.SoKelly McPherson4:53.95aAir Force
9.JrJennifer Vessa5:02.96aWyoming
10.SoKim Baca5:06.59aNew Mexico
11.SoJennifer Mansell5:10.50aWyoming
12.SrJolee Gillespie5:16.31aBYU
13.FrJennifer Turk5:18.57aNevada-Las Vegas
14.FrKelley Wright5:38.20aNevada-Las Vegas
X 5000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrLindsey Thomsen17:47.96aBYU
2.SrElizabeth Roodell17:54.23aColorado State
3.JrKim Leal18:11.16aColorado State
4.SrDevra Vierkant18:15.67aBYU
5.JrMarget Larson18:19.45aColorado State
6.SrZuzana Sarikova18:21.84aUtah
7.SrMarisa Keefe18:50.15aColorado State
8.JrElissa Ballas19:11.12aAir Force
9.SoKelly McPherson19:18.69aAir Force
10.FrJacquelyne Gallegos19:21.97aNew Mexico
11.JrJulie Osguthorpe19:25.56aUtah
12.SrLara Coppinger19:43.93aAir Force
13.JrJessica Zarndt19:52.16aNevada-Las Vegas
14.SoSarah Gonzales20:13.52aNew Mexico
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrKelly-Ann Charles14.09aWyoming
2.SrNikki Hughes14.11aBYU
3.SrApril Jackson14.40aUtah
4.SoChantel Yates14.49aNevada-Las Vegas
5.SrEnioma Haynes14.51aWyoming
6.FrMiesha McClendon14.53aNevada-Las Vegas
7.JrLeslie Miller14.70aSan Diego State
8.JrKim Demers14.79aWyoming
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoChristine Spence59.59aNevada-Las Vegas
2.JrRyan Peters59.91aSan Diego State
3.JrKim Demers60.82aWyoming
4.SoKendal Hathaway61.88aBYU
5.SrErianne Allen62.03aUtah
6.FrShauna Smith62.16aWyoming
7.JrAndrea Combs62.40aBYU
8.JrLeslie Miller62.41aSan Diego State
X 4x100 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Hollann Givens
Tonette Dyer
Jini Hogg
Melinda Smedley
44.24aSan Diego State
2.-Relay Team 45.33aNevada-Las Vegas
2.-Chantel Yates
Halima Decree
Miesha McClendon
Michele Davis
45.33aNevada-Las Vegas
3.-Nikki Hughes
Andrea Combs JR
Aubrie Latimore
Jennifer Rockwell FR
4.-Kelly-Ann Charles
Jessica Fox FR
Kim Demers
Adelaide Harper SR
5.-Cristina Gourdin
Katrice Thomas FR
Heather Urbanoski
Sarah Niemann
47.20aColorado State
6.-Dayna McMillen
Arline Smith
Kisha Smith
Erin Teske
47.35aNew Mexico
7.-Tiffany Bishop
Katy Crow
Jami Hodge
LaTravia Robinson
48.72aAir Force
7.-Relay Team 48.72aAir Force
X 4x400 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Chantel Yates
Christine Spence
Nickeisha Charles
Michele Davis
3:34.72aNevada-Las Vegas
2.-Melinda Smedley
Jini Hogg
Hollann Givens
Tonette Dyer
3:39.70aSan Diego State
3.-Holly Haguewood
Andrea Combs JR
Jennifer Rockwell
Aubrie Latimore SO
4.-Jessica Fox
Kim Demers JR
Enioma Haynes
Shauna Smith FR
4.-Relay Team 3:48.78aWyoming
5.-Siobhan Everson-Stewart
Mary Ridder
Sarah Niemann
Katrice Thomas FR
3:49.11aColorado State
6.-Kristy Slade
Erianne Allen SR
Jenn Jackman
Nellie Hammons
6.-Relay Team 3:52.29aUtah
7.-Katy Crow
Cindy Dawson
Stephanie Cornell
Jami Hodge
3:54.49aAir Force
8.-Megan Bryant
Monica Christofferson
Jaime Hall
Keren Sari JR
3:56.13aNew Mexico
X Shot Put - 4kg - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoAndrea Batt15.59mWyoming
2.JrHannah Metzler15.39mColorado State
3.SrAudrey Kiser14.70mUtah
4.SoKeela Niemeyer14.64mColorado State
5.FrAmanda Barnes14.24mNew Mexico
6.SrJulie Gunzel14.15mColorado State
7.FrBobbi Hall13.91mNew Mexico
8.FrMaret Komorovia13.80mBYU
9.SoCandace Hill13.67mSan Diego State
10.SoChelsea Weenig13.02mBYU
11.FrPriscilla Giddings12.99mAir Force
12.SoMelissa Harms12.96mColorado State
13.SoLoree Smith12.94mColorado State
14.JrVanessa Scheilds12.82mNew Mexico
15.JrNatasha Eldridge12.77mUtah
16.SoHeather Harding12.65mNevada-Las Vegas
17.FrDominique Boivin12.54mAir Force
18.SoMeggan Shields12.44mColorado State
19.SrBeth Inglis11.51mAir Force
X Discus - 1kg - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoLoree Smith50.43mColorado State
2.SrJulie Gunzel47.33mColorado State
3.SoCandace Hill45.78mSan Diego State
4.FrDominique Boivin44.38mAir Force
5.SoKeela Niemeyer44.31mColorado State
6.SrAimee Nichols43.02mBYU
7.SoAndrea Batt42.46mWyoming
8.SoMeggan Shields41.88mColorado State
9.SrAudrey Kiser40.24mUtah
10.SoMelissa Harms37.89mColorado State
11.FrAmanda Barnes37.72mNew Mexico
12.SoHeather Harding37.43mNevada-Las Vegas
13.JrHannah Metzler36.51mColorado State
14.SoChelsea Weenig36.26mBYU
15.FrNoelle Pikus35.89mUtah
16.FrBobbi Hall35.85mNew Mexico
17.FrSarah Deisher35.83mAir Force
18.FrAmber DeVries35.72mUtah
19.SoJessica Perez35.36mAir Force
X Javelin - 600g - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrLindsey Johnson49.61mBYU
2.SoAndrea Batt48.01mWyoming
3.SoMissy Wood44.85mBYU
4.JrJocelyn Dooley44.27mAir Force
5.SoCasey Lektorich41.86mNevada-Las Vegas
6.SrJennifer Gardner41.19mNevada-Las Vegas
7.FrLacy DeWall40.95mAir Force
8.SrErianne Allen39.89mUtah
9.FrNoelle Pikus39.65mUtah
10.JrLeslie Miller36.07mSan Diego State
11.FrAmber DeVries34.88mUtah
12.FrMaret Komorovia34.17mBYU
--FrVeronica GonzalesFOULNew Mexico
X High Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrLindsey Steele1.75mBYU
2.FrKelli Myers1.75mNew Mexico
3.SoKatie Harrop1.70mUtah
4.SoChanua Johnson1.70mWyoming
5.SrApril Jackson1.70mUtah
6.JrTianika Sharrieff1.65mNevada-Las Vegas
6.SoChristine Spence1.65mNevada-Las Vegas
8.SoErin Johnson1.65mNew Mexico
8.FrCandace Clifford1.65mBYU
10.SrErianne Allen1.60mUtah
11.JrKristy Slade1.60mUtah
12.JrLisa Throener1.60mWyoming
12.FrAlisha Lasswell1.60mSan Diego State
--FrKat CironeNHColorado State
--SoJulie O'BryanNHColorado State
X Pole Vault - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrShayla Balentine4.00mSan Diego State
2.SrTricia Gutierrez3.75mSan Diego State
2.JrBrooke LaBue3.75mUtah
2.SoChristine Ahn3.75mColorado State
5.JrJesika Englebretson3.75mSan Diego State
6.FrAmber Nolte3.60mNew Mexico
7.JrTracy Hamblin3.60mUtah
8.SoKate Yee3.45mColorado State
9.FrErin Richardson3.45mAir Force
9.FrTrisha Wagner3.45mUtah
11.JrAutumn Smith3.30mUtah
12.FrShay Horak3.30mColorado State
13.SrCarolina Geisseler3.15mNew Mexico
13.FrWhitney Rothleutner3.15mWyoming
--SoJody SanbornNHWyoming
--SoCyrena UndemNHWyoming
--SoStephanie AndersonNHWyoming
X Triple Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrMonique Harris12.69mNew Mexico
2.SrNikki Hughes12.20mBYU
3.FrLindsey Sommer11.91mBYU
4.FrAmanda Huddleston11.80mColorado State
5.JrTiffany Smith11.67mNevada-Las Vegas
6.FrMegan Schauermann11.64mSan Diego State
7.SoLaTravia Robinson11.55mAir Force
8.SrEnioma Haynes11.52mWyoming
9.FrKat Cirone11.37mColorado State
10.SoJulie O'Bryan11.15mColorado State
11.FrCourtney Schlegel10.99mWyoming
12.JrAlexandria Nash10.94mUtah
13.FrAlisha Lasswell10.77mSan Diego State
X Hammer - 4kg - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoLoree Smith58.67mColorado State
2.SrJulie Thomas55.36mWyoming
3.JrHannah Metzler54.54mColorado State
4.SoMelissa Harms53.55mColorado State
5.SoAndrea Batt51.84mWyoming
6.SrJulie Gunzel51.79mColorado State
7.JrDominque Green49.75mBYU
8.JrNatasha Eldridge49.02mUtah
9.JrHeather Carpenter48.78mWyoming
10.JrCrystal Smith47.14mWyoming
11.SoMeggan Shields47.06mColorado State
12.SoChelsea Weenig46.85mBYU
13.SrAudrey Kiser46.40mUtah
14.SoKeela Niemeyer45.64mColorado State
15.FrDominique Boivin45.13mAir Force
16.FrMelissa Vallejos44.59mWyoming
17.SrBeth Inglis44.42mAir Force
18.FrAmber DeVries44.03mUtah
19.FrPriscilla Giddings44.02mAir Force
20.SoCandace Hill41.28mSan Diego State
X Heptathlon Score - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrLeslie Miller5292San Diego State
2.SrErianne Allen5159Utah
3.JrKeren Sari4944New Mexico
4.JrKristy Slade4884Utah
5.FrCristina Gourdin4663Colorado State
6.FrJennifer Rockwell4517BYU
7.FrNoelle Pikus4407Utah
8.FrAmber Nolte3692New Mexico
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