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Nampa City Championships

Friday, April 13, 2012

Skyview HS, Nampa

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Idaho - 2A
Nampa Christian
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Bostrom11.25Nampa
2.12Devan Lesley11.35Nampa
3.12Alex Reich11.39Skyview
4.12Paul Ma11.41Nampa
5.12Brett Ma11.50Nampa
6.12Scott Wallin11.53Columbia
7.9Dakota Hall11.97Columbia
8.11Taylor Chapman12.06Skyview
9.12Ben Gangwer12.16Liberty Charter
10.9Terry Conway12.18Columbia
11.10Daniel Kim12.35Nampa Christian
12.11Caleb Shannon12.41Nampa Christian
13.9Spencer Brown12.47Victory Charter
14.9Keenan Simmons12.51Liberty Charter
15.9Andrew Silva12.73Nampa Christian
16.10Matt Woodburn13.35Liberty Charter
17.10Timothy Strain13.72Victory Charter
18.9JJ Gunnell14.20Liberty Charter
19.10Josh Ropp14.38Nampa Christian
10Joe MillerDQSkyview
10Keenan GrantDQVictory Charter
11Croix BostonDQVictory Charter
12Tyler AshworthDQSkyview
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Devan Lesley22.81Nampa
2.11Dante Carter22.86Skyview
3.12Noah Hills23.56Liberty Charter
4.12Alex Reich23.59Skyview
5.12Scott Wallin23.88Columbia
6.12Austin Stewart24.37Columbia
7.10Davis Everton24.44Liberty Charter
8.11Croix Boston24.50Victory Charter
9.11Colton Storrs24.60Columbia
9.11Jake White24.60Nampa
11.10Ben Moffett24.82Nampa
12.12Zach Kingsmore25.44Victory Charter
13.12Johnny Collier25.66Nampa
14.10Daniel Kim25.78Nampa Christian
15.12Logan Bailey26.38Victory Charter
16.9Spencer Brown26.44Victory Charter
17.12Jarom Barney27.27Liberty Charter
18.11Bjorn Rompf30.60Nampa Christian
9A.J. CrooksDQNampa Christian
9JJ GunnellDQLiberty Charter
9Andrew SilvaDQNampa Christian
12Derrick BrothersDQNampa
12Wari LadoDQSkyview
12Tyler AshworthDQSkyview
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dante Carter51.30Skyview
2.12Wari Lado51.50Skyview
3.12Noah Hills52.36Liberty Charter
4.12Jarom Barney53.78Liberty Charter
5.10Davis Everton54.80Liberty Charter
6.11Caleb Shannon57.68Nampa Christian
7.12Johnny Collier57.80Nampa
8.11Cameron Copeland58.00Liberty Charter
9.12Simon McKenzie1:03.30Victory Charter
10.12Jake Holloway1:04.05Nampa Christian
11.12Jovanny Ferreyra1:04.90Skyview
12.9Garrett Smith1:05.69Skyview
13.9A.J. Crooks1:06.41Nampa Christian
14.10Timothy Strain1:06.58Victory Charter
9Terry ConwayDQColumbia
10Hunter MartinDQVictory Charter
11Taylor ChapmanDQSkyview
12Dallin KroonDQVictory Charter
12Mike BoisvertDQSkyview
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Conrad Larson2:06.40Victory Charter
2.9Dillon Hughes2:08.68Nampa
3.12Jon Kim2:13.31Skyview
4.9Ethan Logue2:14.37Liberty Charter
5.10Ryan Linford2:15.75Liberty Charter
6.11Gabe Fisher2:20.78Victory Charter
7.11Jeff Ashcraft2:21.75Columbia
8.10Ben Gozart2:25.52Victory Charter
9.12Alex Campbell2:26.00Victory Charter
10.10Levi Gunderson2:26.40Nampa
11.9Christian Sedrick2:29.24Liberty Charter
12.10Hunter Martin2:32.06Victory Charter
13.11Bjorn Rompf2:55.88Nampa Christian
11Jordan HeptonDQColumbia
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dillon Crockett4:48.22Columbia
2.12Conrad Larson4:53.08Victory Charter
3.10Levi Watson4:54.00Columbia
4.9Dillon Hughes4:54.06Nampa
5.11Corbett Larsen4:56.22Nampa
6.11Jason Raymond4:57.34Columbia
7.11Gabe Fisher4:57.66Victory Charter
8.10Gabe Housh4:58.02Liberty Charter
9.12Hugh Ellsworth4:58.88Skyview
10.10Trace Carson5:02.31Nampa
11.9Ammon Christensen5:03.97Skyview
12.9Oscar Williamson5:08.78Columbia
13.9Derric Jensen5:09.15Liberty Charter
14.10Zach Davlin5:11.81Skyview
15.12Jon Kim5:12.72Skyview
16.10Levi Gunderson5:29.09Nampa
17.10Jared Melton5:29.68Columbia
18.11Jeff Ashcraft5:31.97Columbia
19.12Nick Kelly5:32.47Columbia
20.10Ben Gozart5:33.56Victory Charter
10Caleb Davis5:43.72Victory Charter
21.10Stephen Zeyer5:58.91Liberty Charter
22.10Merritt Graham5:59.28Victory Charter
23.10Christopher Johnson6:19.47Liberty Charter
24.9Jackson McKenzie6:20.52Liberty Charter
12Jake HollowayDQNampa Christian
10Miguel PedrazaDQSkyview
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Conrad Larson10:20.00Victory Charter
2.10Levi Watson10:31.00Columbia
3.11Jason Raymond10:33.00Columbia
4.11Corbett Larsen10:41.14Nampa
5.10Zach Davlin10:41.71Skyview
6.9Ammon Christensen10:41.93Skyview
7.10Trace Carson10:42.00Nampa
8.10Miguel Pedraza10:43.00Skyview
9.9Oscar Williamson10:45.00Columbia
10.11Gabe Fisher10:47.00Victory Charter
11.10Jared Melton11:51.00Columbia
12.10Caleb Davis11:58.00Victory Charter
13.12Nick Kelly12:01.00Columbia
14.12Alex Campbell12:18.00Victory Charter
10Merritt GrahamDQVictory Charter
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cole Brewer15.17Columbia
2.11Mauricio Vasquez16.80Skyview
3.11Caleb Shannon17.90Nampa Christian
4.12Keegan Curry18.58Columbia
5.11Ben Stoker19.14Victory Charter
6.10Elijah Zuniga19.99Nampa
7.11Brady Garringer20.27Victory Charter
8.9A.J. Crooks21.84Nampa Christian
9.12Shaun Benight26.11Columbia
10Aaron MitchellDQVictory Charter
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cole Brewer41.21Columbia
2.11Ben Stoker46.34Victory Charter
3.12Keegan Curry47.58Columbia
4.12Shaun Benight48.56Columbia
4.9Ethan Logue48.56Liberty Charter
6.12Alex Campbell49.28Victory Charter
7.11Brady Garringer50.96Victory Charter
11Mauricio VasquezDQSkyview
12Walker JeffordsDQSkyview
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Devan Lesley
Josh Bostrom
Brett Ma
Paul Ma
2.-Colton Storrs
Eric Cotton
Austin Stewart
Scott Wallin
3.-Walker Jeffords
Mike Boisvert
Tyler Ashworth
Alex Reich
4.-Relay Team 47.85Nampa
5.-Spencer Brown
Dakota Martin
Zach Kingsmore
Croix Boston
48.50Victory Charter
6.-JJ Gunnell
Matt Woodburn
Keenan Simmons
Ben Gangwer
48.53Liberty Charter
7.-Blaine Bullard
Anthony Barbosa
Hayden Schelhorn
Skyler Bullard
53.97Victory Charter
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Wari Lado
Mike Boisvert
Walker Jeffords
Dante Carter
2.-Davis Everton
Cameron Copeland
Jarom Barney
Noah Hills
1:36.54Liberty Charter
3.-Matt Aguirre
Terry Conway
Austin Stewart
Dakota Hall
4.-Spencer Brown
Dakota Martin
Croix Boston
Zach Kingsmore
1:38.79Victory Charter
5.-Derrick Brothers
Jake White
Ben Moffett
Elijah Zuniga
6.-Simon McKenzie
Brady Garringer
Timothy Strain
Skyler Bullard
1:40.53Victory Charter
6.-Simon McKenzie
Brady Garringer
Timothy Strain
Skyler Bullard
1:50.60Victory Charter
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Wari Lado
Mike Boisvert
Walker Jeffords
Dante Carter
2.-Hunter Martin
Logan Bailey
Alex Campbell
Dakota Martin
3:57.34Victory Charter
-Relay Team DQColumbia
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dakota Martin
Zach Kingsmore
Gabe Fisher
Conrad Larson
4:10.81Victory Charter
2.-Caleb Shannon
A.J. Crooks
Daniel Kim
Jake Holloway
4:35.43Nampa Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christian Coronado42-09.00Nampa
2.11Nick Edenfield39-08.00Columbia
3.10Mason Gepford38-00.00Nampa
4.12Ryan Rambo37-10.00Skyview
5.12Anthony Barbosa37-03.00Victory Charter
6.10Kolo Tongamoa36-02.00Skyview
7.10Justin Sever34-08.00Skyview
8.12Adam Rainsdon34-07.00Skyview
9.12Skyler Bullard32-10.00Victory Charter
10.11Kevin Larson32-02.00Liberty Charter
11.9Ezekiel Rodriguez32-00.00Columbia
12.10Collin Morgan31-07.00Columbia
13.9Tristan Paul30-04.00Columbia
14.12Stephen Bryant29-11.00Liberty Charter
15.12Hayden Schelhorn29-07.00Victory Charter
16.9Sage Ambrosek29-02.00Columbia
17.9Kole Miller29-01.00Columbia
18.9Keenan Simmons25-08.00Liberty Charter
19.10Blaine Bullard24-02.00Victory Charter
20.10Spencer Asay24-01.00Liberty Charter
21.10Dustin Gibson23-08.00Victory Charter
22.10Josh Ropp21-03.00Nampa Christian
23.11Bjorn Rompf20-07.00Nampa Christian
11John GarciaDQColumbia
10Khris ByrdDQColumbia
11Gage GrovenDQNampa
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christian Coronado125-03Nampa
2.12Skyler Bullard120-00Victory Charter
3.10Mason Gepford115-05Nampa
4.10Justin Sever108-04Skyview
5.12Ryan Rambo100-03Skyview
6.12Anthony Barbosa98-02Victory Charter
7.12Austin Stewart96-04Columbia
8.12Hayden Schelhorn94-10Victory Charter
9.12Stephen Bryant90-00Liberty Charter
10.12Adam Rainsdon89-06Skyview
11.9Kole Miller87-00Columbia
12.10Kolo Tongamoa86-08Skyview
13.10Josh Ropp84-02Nampa Christian
14.10Collin Morgan82-08Columbia
15.11Kevin Larson82-00Liberty Charter
16.9Sage Ambrosek75-01Columbia
17.9Ezekiel Rodriguez74-01Columbia
18.9Tristan Paul72-08Columbia
19.11Nick Edenfield70-11Columbia
20.10Dustin Gibson70-08Victory Charter
21.10Blaine Bullard63-03Victory Charter
22.10Spencer Asay59-08Liberty Charter
11John GarciaDQColumbia
10Khris ByrdDQColumbia
11Gage GrovenDQNampa
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Justin Sever6-02.00Skyview
2.10Talin Davis5-08.00Skyview
3.11Taylor Chapman5-06.00Skyview
4.12Logan Bailey5-04.00Victory Charter
4.11Eric Cotton5-04.00Columbia
4.10Tanner Naylor5-04.00Skyview
7.10Hunter Martin4-10.00Victory Charter
10Joe MillerDQSkyview
11Mauricio VasquezDQSkyview
10Keenan GrantDQVictory Charter
9Ben AndersonDQVictory Charter
12Cole BrewerDQColumbia
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Grant Kido14-00.00Skyview
2.11Colton Storrs12-00.00Columbia
3.9Max Hillman10-06.00Skyview
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Bostrom21-01.00Nampa
2.12Devan Lesley20-01.50Nampa
3.12Derrick Brothers18-11.00Nampa
4.10Talin Davis18-10.50Skyview
5.12Ben Gangwer18-03.00Liberty Charter
6.11Taylor Chapman18-02.00Skyview
7.12Brett Ma18-00.50Nampa
8.9Dakota Hall16-10.00Columbia
9.11Ben Stoker16-06.00Victory Charter
10.12Scott Wallin16-03.25Columbia
11.10Daniel Kim15-09.50Nampa Christian
12.9Max Hillman15-04.50Skyview
13.9Andrew Silva15-01.00Nampa Christian
14.10Keenan Grant14-01.00Victory Charter
15.10Aaron Mitchell13-08.00Victory Charter
16.11Bjorn Rompf11-06.00Nampa Christian
11Eric CottonDQColumbia
9Ben AndersonDQVictory Charter
10Joe MillerDQSkyview
10Tanner NaylorDQSkyview
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Bostrom41-02.50Nampa
2.10Talin Davis40-07.00Skyview
3.11Eric Cotton39-04.00Columbia
4.10Tanner Naylor37-04.00Skyview
5.12Derrick Brothers36-08.50Nampa
6.11Ben Stoker35-00.00Victory Charter
7.12Keegan Curry34-08.00Columbia
8.9Max Hillman33-05.00Skyview
9.9Andrew Silva32-01.00Nampa Christian
9Ben AndersonDQVictory Charter
12Brett MaDQNampa

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Van Halder12.30Columbia
2.10Makenzie Dimick13.00Skyview
3.11Alivia Wachsmuth13.20Liberty Charter
4.9Sam Shields13.28Skyview
5.10Rachel Miller13.30Columbia
6.10Hannah Teraberry13.50Liberty Charter
7.10Rhianna Birch13.65Columbia
8.11Dedra Wilson13.70Nampa
9.10Opal Durfee13.94Skyview
9.9Tiana Thompson13.94Liberty Charter
11.10Dania Medrano14.01Nampa
12.10Abrielle Cornilles14.11Skyview
13.11Alex Kildow14.34Nampa Christian
14.11Carli Shaul14.48Nampa Christian
15.9Kinsey Anderson14.53Nampa Christian
16.11Lorena Hermosillo14.67Victory Charter
17.11Mikayla Finley14.78Nampa Christian
18.10Bailey Magdaleno14.96Liberty Charter
19.12Britnee Stephens15.60Nampa
11Irene KimDQVictory Charter
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Van Halder25.58Columbia
2.11Dedra Wilson27.53Nampa
3.10Ashley Laub28.78Skyview
4.12Emily Rollins28.79Liberty Charter
5.10Cassie Clements28.97Skyview
6.10Jaycee Blacker29.18Skyview
7.11Carina Richardson29.78Liberty Charter
8.10Dania Medrano30.10Nampa
9.11Karena Gutierrez30.43Liberty Charter
10.11Irene Kim31.00Victory Charter
11.11Katelyn Geselle32.00Liberty Charter
12.11Amanda Mitchell33.56Victory Charter
13.10Cybrina DeVries34.62Nampa Christian
14.11Alex Kildow34.97Nampa Christian
15.9Kinsey Anderson37.03Nampa Christian
16.11Lorena Hermosillo37.50Victory Charter
10Abrielle CornillesDQSkyview
11Alyson EstradaDQColumbia
10Mackenzie HiltonDQColumbia
11Meghan GriffinDQNampa Christian
10Mikayla ArmbrusterDQNampa
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alivia Wachsmuth1:00.65Liberty Charter
2.10Rhianna Birch1:02.28Columbia
3.10Hannah Teraberry1:04.56Liberty Charter
4.11Jennifer Peters1:04.91Columbia
5.9Tiana Thompson1:04.97Liberty Charter
6.10Amy Wheeler1:05.09Victory Charter
7.9Sam Shields1:06.15Skyview
8.10Mikayla Armbruster1:07.75Nampa
9.10Ashley Laub1:10.37Skyview
10.10Jaycee Blacker1:10.78Skyview
11.11Alex Kildow1:21.93Nampa Christian
10Cassie ClementsDQSkyview
11Meghan GriffinDQNampa Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Carlie Blodgett2:32.52Skyview
2.10Jocelyn Barber2:35.17Skyview
3.11Kelsea Donahue2:38.62Columbia
4.9Krista Montierth2:39.90Nampa
5.11Whitney Ellis2:40.28Liberty Charter
6.11Elaina Gillespie2:43.15Skyview
7.12Kendra Jensen2:45.18Liberty Charter
8.10Kassandra Townsend2:46.08Columbia
9.12Chloe Tucker2:46.62Nampa Christian
10.10Faith Homer2:47.52Nampa
11.9Megan Chandler2:49.62Nampa
12.12Savannah Robinson2:52.02Columbia
9Allison ArmstrongDQNampa
10Amy WheelerDQVictory Charter
10Madison WilsonDQSkyview
11Kylie WeatherfordDQNampa Christian
11Karena GutierrezDQLiberty Charter
11Kylee HaleDQSkyview
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Claire Hamblin5:49.12Liberty Charter
2.10Madison Wilson5:57.34Skyview
3.11Kelsea Donahue6:04.02Columbia
4.11Kylee Hale6:07.28Skyview
5.9Allison Armstrong6:12.31Nampa
6.10Kassandra Townsend6:16.31Columbia
7.10Kyla Sheehy6:28.15Columbia
8.12Savannah Robinson6:30.86Columbia
9.9Megan Chandler7:02.55Nampa
10.10Faith Homer7:37.40Nampa
12Rhea GillespieDQSkyview
12Rachel BryantDQLiberty Charter
9Krista MontierthDQNampa
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jocelyn Barber12:37.00Skyview
2.11Elaina Gillespie12:52.00Skyview
3.9Krista Montierth12:57.00Nampa
4.9Allison Armstrong13:20.00Nampa
5.10Kyla Sheehy14:08.00Columbia
10Faith HomerDQNampa
12Rhea GillespieDQSkyview
10Krystal DeLeonDQNampa Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Erin Anderson17.56Columbia
2.9Tina Mancuso18.15Liberty Charter
3.10Samantha Lindsay18.34Liberty Charter
4.12Emily Rainboth18.50Liberty Charter
5.10MaKenzie Raptosh18.68Victory Charter
6.12Chloe Tucker19.30Nampa Christian
7.10Cybrina DeVries19.40Nampa Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mckaylee Robison49.85Skyview
2.9Tina Mancuso50.70Liberty Charter
3.10Rachel Miller51.07Columbia
4.12Marissa Zamudio52.41Columbia
5.9Carlie Blodgett53.98Skyview
6.10MaKenzie Raptosh55.15Victory Charter
7.10Samantha Lindsay55.19Liberty Charter
8.12Erin Anderson55.56Columbia
9.12Chloe Tucker56.29Nampa Christian
10.10Cybrina DeVries1:01.61Nampa Christian
12Emily RainbothDQLiberty Charter
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rhianna Birch
Jennifer Peters
Rachel Miller
Alex Van Halder
2.-Opal Durfee
Sam Shields
Jaycee Blacker
Makenzie Dimick
3.-Carli Shaul
Mikayla Finley
Meghan Griffin
Alex Kildow
1:00.68Nampa Christian
4.-Grace Chaicharncheep
Lorena Hermosillo
Julia Ciudin
Devony Bailey
1:07.90Victory Charter
-Dania Medrano
Britnee Stephens
Mikayla Armbruster
Dedra Wilson
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashley Laub
Jaycee Blacker
Cassie Clements
Mckaylee Robison
2.-Mackenzie Hilton
Alyson Estrada
Marissa Zamudio
Erin Anderson
3.-Emily Rollins
Katelyn Geselle
Bailey Magdaleno
Carina Richardson
2:04.00Liberty Charter
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kendra Jensen
Tiana Thompson
Hannah Teraberry
Alivia Wachsmuth
4:28.31Liberty Charter
2.-Paytton Carson
Amanda Lofthus
Elaina Gillespie
Jocelyn Barber
3.-Carlie Blodgett
Kylee Hale
Madison Wilson
Rhea Gillespie
-MaKenzie Raptosh
Rachael Reiber
Amanda Mitchell
Amy Wheeler
DQVictory Charter
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Opal Durfee
Makenzie Dimick
Paytton Carson
Amanda Lofthus
2.-Grace Chaicharncheep
Amanda Mitchell
Rachael Reiber
MaKenzie Raptosh
2:18.30Victory Charter
-Alyson Estrada
Jennifer Peters
Rhianna Birch
Alex Van Halder
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Leah Bonner33-02.00Skyview
2.11Lupi Vasi32-02.00Skyview
3.12Britnee Stephens30-10.00Nampa
4.11Rochelle Sever30-07.00Skyview
5.12Veti Vasi30-01.00Skyview
6.12Alisi Tongamoa28-11.00Skyview
7.11Taylor Eisenbeis28-08.00Skyview
8.9Rylee Magdaleno25-10.00Liberty Charter
9.9Miranda Hagadorn25-00.00Columbia
10.12Shelby Robinson23-09.00Columbia
11.11Marisa Zimmerman23-01.00Liberty Charter
12.10Dailyn Hagadorn22-11.00Columbia
13.9Ashley Dealy21-06.00Columbia
14.12Devony Bailey21-04.00Victory Charter
15.10Liliana Gutierrez21-01.00Columbia
16.10Kaylene Weaver19-01.00Liberty Charter
17.10Camilla Adams18-10.00Victory Charter
18.11Grace Chaicharncheep17-10.00Victory Charter
10Adriana SotoDQColumbia
10Christina Wyatt-RogersDQVictory Charter
10Bailey MagdalenoDQLiberty Charter
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Leah Bonner114-06Skyview
2.11Lupi Vasi111-04Skyview
3.12Veti Vasi105-08Skyview
4.12Alisi Tongamoa101-04Skyview
5.11Taylor Eisenbeis92-00Skyview
6.12Shelby Robinson84-04Columbia
7.9Rylee Magdaleno83-01Liberty Charter
8.11Rochelle Sever83-00Skyview
9.10Bailey Magdaleno79-09Liberty Charter
10.10Dailyn Hagadorn70-03Columbia
11.9Miranda Hagadorn67-05Columbia
12.9Ashley Dealy64-09Columbia
13.10Christina Wyatt-Rogers62-07Victory Charter
14.12Devony Bailey60-03Victory Charter
15.10Kaylene Weaver55-11Liberty Charter
16.10Liliana Gutierrez54-09Columbia
17.10Camilla Adams49-11Victory Charter
18.11Marisa Zimmerman49-08Liberty Charter
19.11Grace Chaicharncheep41-04Victory Charter
10Adriana SotoDQColumbia
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rachel Miller5-01.00Columbia
2.9Sam Shields4-10.00Skyview
2.11Bethany Suchla4-10.00Skyview
2.9Hailey Kinnaman4-10.00Columbia
5.10Samantha Lindsay4-08.00Liberty Charter
6.12Chloe Tucker4-06.00Nampa Christian
7.10Cybrina DeVries4-04.00Nampa Christian
7.10Mckaylee Robison4-04.00Skyview
7.12Britnee Stephens4-04.00Nampa
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tori Vigil8-00.00Skyview
2.9Hailey Kinnaman7-09.00Columbia
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bethany Suchla14-06.00Skyview
2.11Carli Shaul14-04.00Nampa Christian
2.9Tiana Thompson14-04.00Liberty Charter
4.11Amanda Lofthus13-09.00Skyview
5.11Paytton Carson13-06.00Skyview
6.11Mikayla Finley11-09.25Nampa Christian
7.11Amanda Mitchell10-09.50Victory Charter
8.9Kinsey Anderson10-01.00Nampa Christian
9.10Christina Wyatt-Rogers9-02.00Victory Charter
11Meghan GriffinDQNampa Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jennifer Peters32-07.00Columbia
2.11Carli Shaul32-03.50Nampa Christian
3.11Amanda Lofthus29-06.00Skyview
4.11Paytton Carson27-03.25Skyview
5.11Mikayla Finley26-04.50Nampa Christian
11Rachael ReiberDQVictory Charter
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