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Herm Wilson Invitational

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wichita State, Wichita

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Kansas - JC
Butler County
Oklahoma - NCAA
Oral Roberts
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.Derwin Hall6.91aUnat-Emporia
3.SoBoyea Lockett6.95aOral Roberts
4.-Aaron Leung Woo-Gabriel6.97aWichita State
5.JrShjaun Richardson7.00aEmporia State
6.SoRyan Dickson7.02aEmporia State
7.JrBrandon Childs7.04aWichita State
7.FrShauron Jennings7.04aButler County
9.SoAustin Bahner7.06aWichita State
10.SoAustin Willis7.07aEmporia State
11.-Samuel Glomstad-Foster7.15aWichita State
11.FrZuva Bvekerwa7.15aOral Roberts
13.SrDylan Hartnett7.18aWichita State
14.SrVincent Howze7.27aEmporia State
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.Derwin Hall6.92aUnat-Emporia
3.SoRyan Dickson6.99aEmporia State
3.SoBoyea Lockett6.99aOral Roberts
5.JrShjaun Richardson7.00aEmporia State
5.-Aaron Leung Woo-Gabriel7.00aWichita State
7.SrVincent Howze7.09aEmporia State
10.JrBrandon Childs7.10aWichita State
8.FrShauron Jennings7.11aButler County
11.SoAustin Bahner7.12aWichita State
9.FrZuva Bvekerwa7.14aOral Roberts
13.SrDylan Hartnett7.14aWichita State
12.-Samuel Glomstad-Foster7.15aWichita State
14.SoAustin Willis7.17aEmporia State
15.-Cristian Valdez7.19aWichita State
16.FrGrant Ralston7.22aWichita State
16.FrDamian Matthews7.22aOral Roberts
18.FrMarcus Moeder7.23aWichita State
19.JrJacob Yoder7.27aFort Hays State
20.JrDerrick Snodgrass7.30aFort Hays State
21.SoDonald Wilcox7.34aEmporia State
22.Brandon Moore7.40aUnat-Wichita
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDylan Hartnett22.20aWichita State
2.Morgan Burns22.33aUnattached
3.FrZuva Bvekerwa22.67aOral Roberts
4.SoRyan Dickson22.73aEmporia State
5.JrDevon Lockard22.82aWichita State
6.SoBoyea Lockett22.94aOral Roberts
7.-Aaron Leung Woo-Gabriel22.95aWichita State
8.SoAndrew Etheridge23.05aEmporia State
9.-Cristian Valdez23.17aWichita State
10.SrVincent Howze23.18aEmporia State
10.FrDamian Matthews23.18aOral Roberts
12.JrTyler Swalley23.35aEmporia State
13.SoEmanuel Thornton23.43aButler County
14.SoAustin Willis23.46aEmporia State
15.FrMarcus Moeder23.60aWichita State
16.JrJacob Yoder23.62aFort Hays State
17.Derwin Hall23.63aUnat-Emporia
18.FrShauron Jennings23.75aButler County
19.FrEthan Pearson23.93aWichita State
20.Brandon Moore24.02aUnat-Wichita
21.JrDerio Long24.07aWichita State
22.-Frederick Avery24.08aEmporia State
23.SrJonathan Reed25.85aOral Roberts
--SrBrandon WilliamsDNSOral Roberts
---Samuel Glomstad-FosterDNSWichita State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJeffery Gibson48.70aOral Roberts
2.SrBrandon Williams48.93aOral Roberts
3.SrJeremy Roberts49.94aOral Roberts
4.FrJohn Bradford50.11aOral Roberts
5.FrAlex Reed50.66aWichita State
6.SrAaron Young50.98aWichita State
7.JrMulando Njelka51.01aOral Roberts
8.JrFrankie Cortez51.08aEmporia State
9.SrCooper Hanning51.30aWichita State
10.JrCory Beenken51.62aWichita State
11.SoDJ Lindsey51.78aWichita State
12.JrKyle Downing52.26aEmporia State
13.FrJarrett Davis52.27aOral Roberts
14.SrJovan McClellan52.90aWichita State
15.-Frederick Avery57.50aEmporia State
16.SoJose Gutierrez57.65aEmporia State
--FrAlejandro CarbajalDNSButler County
--JrDustin GehrkeDNSOral Roberts
--SoMike FloresDNSWichita State
--SoCJ WilsonDNSFort Hays State
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTyler Banks1:55.25aOral Roberts
2.SrMichael Roberts1:55.27aOral Roberts
3.SoCody Miller1:58.11aEmporia State
4.FrRobbie Martinez-Garcia1:59.93aWichita State
5.FrNathan Purdue2:00.36aFort Hays State
6.JrDylan Filburn2:01.28aWichita State
7.FrJordan Smith2:02.26aEmporia State
8.-Nikolous Rempe2:06.43aFort Hays State
9.FrAlex Skinner2:07.22aEmporia State
10.FrTravis Sipe2:08.92aEmporia State
11.SoJustin Lawrence2:11.57aEmporia State
12.SoRyan Alvarez2:14.14aOral Roberts
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTomas Cotter2:29.03aWichita State
2.SoRyan Hocker2:32.54aWichita State
3.FrCory Keehn2:35.27aFort Hays State
4.-Ebo Browne2:38.59aWichita State
5.SrJustin Hickey2:38.83aWichita State
6.FrMatthew Sparkman2:39.29aFort Hays State
7.SoPaul Zimmerman2:44.15aEmporia State
8.SoGrady Goff2:44.53aEmporia State
9.FrCollin Erbert2:46.97aEmporia State
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJake Wike4:14.01aWichita State
2.-Casey Nightengale4:28.02aWichita State
3.SrAsher Delmott4:31.03aEmporia State
4.SoRyan Alvarez4:32.12aOral Roberts
5.SoJacob Bulle4:33.36aEmporia State
6.SrTrey Brokaw4:38.14aEmporia State
7.SoJustin Scott4:38.22aWichita State
8.SoTravis Diener4:40.50aFort Hays State
9.Jack Heim4:43.11aUnat-Wichita
10.FrLeif Peterson4:43.19aOral Roberts
11.FrRyan Masey4:49.71aOral Roberts
12.SoMarcus Portofee5:01.07aEmporia State
--FrTyler BanksDNSOral Roberts
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAlex Hendee8:44.51aFort Hays State
2.SoCesar Sanabria9:02.13aButler County
3.SoJoseph Metcalf9:02.64aButler County
4.SoKelvin Busienei9:10.03aButler County
5.FrRyan Masey9:10.11aOral Roberts
6.SrScott Ufford9:11.25aWichita State
7.Sterling Spencer9:14.64aUnat-Wichita
8.Patrich Bravo9:15.09aUnat-Fort Ha
9.FrMorgan Riggs9:15.83aEmporia State
10.SoKevin White9:18.06aButler County
11.SoJacob Bulle9:18.48aEmporia State
12.JrDaniel Simon9:22.18aFort Hays State
13.JrAbel Assefa9:26.62aWichita State
14.-Kayson Matthews9:26.63aWichita State
15.FrLeif Peterson9:32.58aOral Roberts
16.SoJameson Fay9:32.69aButler County
17.FrMathew Komen9:36.95aButler County
18.SoIsaac Mills9:37.91aFort Hays State
19.SrTrey Brokaw9:38.83aEmporia State
20.SrJared Shillington9:46.49aFort Hays State
21.JrWes Toews9:46.88aFort Hays State
22.SoBentley Regehr9:53.89aFort Hays State
23.SoMarcus Portofee10:07.60aEmporia State
--SrAsher DelmottDNSEmporia State
--JrMarcos BailonSCRWichita State
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLawson Montgomery7.95aWichita State
2.SoAndrew Etheridge8.05aEmporia State
3.JrCory Beenken8.25aWichita State
4.JrGannon Mack8.38aEmporia State
5.SrCooper Hanning8.43aWichita State
5.SrJonathan Reed8.43aOral Roberts
7.JrDerio Long8.59aWichita State
8.SrAaron Young8.63aWichita State
9.SoKyle Long8.64aWichita State
10.JrTyler Swalley8.75aEmporia State
11.JrDevon Lockard8.79aWichita State
--SrTodd McKownDNFWichita State
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrLawson Montgomery7.95aWichita State
2.SrTodd McKown7.98aWichita State
5.JrGannon Mack8.20aEmporia State
3.SoAndrew Etheridge8.22aEmporia State
4.JrCory Beenken8.25aWichita State
6.JrDevon Lockard8.28aWichita State
7.SrCooper Hanning8.36aWichita State
8.SrJonathan Reed8.37aOral Roberts
9.SrAaron Young8.53aWichita State
10.JrDerio Long8.54aWichita State
11.SoKyle Long8.58aWichita State
12.JrTyler Swalley8.72aEmporia State
13.SoTobias Boese8.76aWichita State
14.SoJosh Newland8.77aEmporia State
15.JrMac Griffith8.86aWichita State
16.SoEmanuel Thornton8.88aButler County
17.-Derek Odell9.22aFort Hays State
18.FrJordan Carlisle9.65aFort Hays State
--SoTayler DietzDNSFort Hays State
--JrDustin GehrkeDNSOral Roberts
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jeremy Roberts
Brandon Williams
Clive Chafausipo
Jeffery Gibson
3:16.13aOral Roberts
2.-Dylan Hartnett
Lawson Montgomery
Cooper Hanning
Alex Reed
3:21.32aWichita State
3.-John Bradford
Michael Roberts
Mulando Njelka
Jarrett Davis
3:25.49aOral Roberts
4.-Kyle Long
Cory Beenken
DJ Lindsey
Ryan Hocker
3:25.71aWichita State
5.-Austin Bahner
Tobias Boese
Justin Hickey
Alex Freshour
3:25.82aWichita State
6.-Frankie Cortez
Cody Miller
Kyle Downing
Donald Wilcox
3:28.28aEmporia State
7.-Samuel Glomstad-Foster
Cristian Valdez
Aaron Leung Woo-Gabriel
Marcus Moeder
3:29.73aWichita State
8.-Tomas Cotter
Robbie Martinez-Garcia
Casey Nightengale
Jake Wike
3:31.18aWichita State
9.-Dylan Filburn
Mac Griffith
Jovan McClellan
Derio Long
3:32.97aWichita State
10.-Austin Willis
Ryan Dickson
Alex Skinner
Gannon Mack
3:34.37aEmporia State
11.-Matthew Sparkman
Travis Diener
Nikolous Rempe
Nathan Purdue
3:39.95aFort Hays State
12.-Jacob Yoder
Sawyer Sutterfield
Jordan Carlisle
Derrick Snodgrass
3:42.30aFort Hays State
13.-Relay Team 3:46.73aEmporia State
---Relay Team DNFWichita State
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrChris Dubree15.40mWichita State
2.SrQuan Tong15.30mWichita State
3.SoJeff Connor14.34mWichita State
4.SrTim McElroy14.31mFort Hays State
5.Adam Esau14.00mUnat-Wichita
6.SrLucas SanMartin13.86mEmporia State
7.-Luke Truman13.65mFort Hays State
8.-Bryce Fisher13.58mWichita State
9.-David Simmons12.49mFort Hays State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBriar Ploude2.14mEmporia State
2.JrBrandon Childs2.09mWichita State
3.FrJordan Carlisle2.04mFort Hays State
4.FrSawyer Sutterfield1.99mFort Hays State
5.JrMarcus Calleja1.99mEmporia State
6.SoBryant Bombardier1.94mFort Hays State
7.JrMac Griffith1.94mWichita State
7.Kerry Graber1.94mUnat-Wichita
9.SrJustin Hickey1.85mWichita State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJack Whitt5.51mOral Roberts
2.Jordan Scott5.41mUnattached
3.Ryan Hayes4.76mUnattached
4.FrEthan Pearson4.76mWichita State
5.FrAndrew Bales4.46mButler County
5.SoAustin Bahner4.46mWichita State
7.JrMac Griffith4.46mWichita State
8.JrDerrick Snodgrass4.46mFort Hays State
9.SrZack Steffen4.46mWichita State
9.SrAaron Young4.46mWichita State
9.JrAlex Freshour4.46mWichita State
12.SoTobias Boese4.46mWichita State
13.SoBrett Ottley4.31mFort Hays State
13.SrWillie Lucero4.31mWichita State
--FrJordan CarlisleNHFort Hays State
--SoGrady GoffNHEmporia State
--SrNick SchmelzleNHFort Hays State
---Nicholas WhetstoneNHFort Hays State
---Brian DeweyNHWichita State
---Brady TienNHFort Hays State
--JrDustin GehrkeSCROral Roberts
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrClive Chafausipo7.33mOral Roberts
2.SoAustin Bahner6.94mWichita State
3.JrDwayne Wall6.80mEmporia State
4.SoTim Jones II6.78mOral Roberts
5.JrBrandon Childs6.72mWichita State
6.FrMarcus Moeder6.66mWichita State
7.FrGrant Ralston6.53mWichita State
8.FrAlex Reed6.49mWichita State
9.SoTobias Boese6.29mWichita State
10.SoDonald Wilcox6.15mEmporia State
11.JrAlex Freshour6.01mWichita State
12.SoMike Flores5.84mWichita State
13.SoTayler Dietz5.63mFort Hays State
14.SoGrady Goff5.56mEmporia State
15.Brandon Moore5.36mUnat-Wichita
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTim Jones II14.35mOral Roberts
2.JrDwayne Wall14.16mEmporia State
3.FrGrant Ralston13.89mWichita State
4.JrBrandon Childs13.28mWichita State
--SoMike FloresDNSWichita State
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrTim McElroy17.06mFort Hays State
2.SoJeff Connor15.92mWichita State
3.JrChris Dubree14.63mWichita State
4.-Luke Truman14.50mFort Hays State
5.Chris Seiler14.31mUnat-Wichita
6.JrChris Ronen13.95mWichita State
7.Taylor Goldsmith13.03mUnat-Wichita
8.Torry Seiler12.85mUnattached
9.SoGarrett Smith12.56mFort Hays State
10.Adam Esau12.24mUnat-Wichita
11.-Bryce Fisher11.99mWichita State
12.Josh Johnson11.23mUnat-Wichita

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAudacia Moore7.54aWichita State
2.JrCornisha Wilkerson7.75aOral Roberts
3.JrShamoya Pruitt7.77aWichita State
4.FrCarmen King7.89aEmporia State
5.SoMonaye Williams7.97aWichita State
6.JrCourtney Brady8.07aWichita State
7.JrWhitney Taylor8.10aFort Hays State
8.SrKiara Moore8.14aWichita State
9.JrCourtney Reinke8.46aWichita State
10.SoJodi Russell8.62aEmporia State
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrAudacia Moore7.64aWichita State
2.JrShamoya Pruitt7.76aWichita State
3.JrCornisha Wilkerson7.80aOral Roberts
4.SoMonaye Williams7.86aWichita State
5.FrCarmen King7.90aEmporia State
6.JrWhitney Taylor8.03aFort Hays State
7.JrCourtney Brady8.11aWichita State
8.SrKiara Moore8.16aWichita State
9.JrCourtney Reinke8.41aWichita State
10.SoJodi Russell8.51aEmporia State
--FrRemona BurchellDNSButler County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrShamoya Pruitt25.32aWichita State
2.SoMonaye Williams26.06aWichita State
3.FrCarmen King26.31aEmporia State
4.JrJackie Jacobs26.38aEmporia State
5.SrKiara Moore26.47aWichita State
6.Lauren Pickens26.70aUnat-Wichita
7.JrCourtney Brady26.86aWichita State
8.SrKristen Fleharty26.96aFort Hays State
9.FrNicole Rottinghaus27.23aEmporia State
10.-Cassidy Downing27.32aWichita State
11.FrPeyton Weiss27.53aEmporia State
12.SoSarah Sapp28.12aOral Roberts
--FrRemona BurchellDNSButler County
--JrJasmine CottonSCROral Roberts
--FrChinwe EkweaririSCRWichita State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAudacia Moore57.50aWichita State
2.SoKiara Giles58.08aWichita State
3.SrTK Whitfield58.24aOral Roberts
4.SrKristina Taylor58.25aWichita State
5.JrJackie Jacobs1:01.80aEmporia State
6.Lauren Pickens1:01.95aUnat-Wichita
7.SoPaige Slayton1:07.68aButler County
--FrTaylor KisnerDNSFort Hays State
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDanielle Walker2:13.54aWichita State
2.JrMarissa Thomas2:19.65aOral Roberts
3.JrRaven Boettger2:21.07aFort Hays State
4.SoErin Patterson2:24.12aOral Roberts
5.Ashley Turpin2:25.48aUnat-Fort Ha
6.SoSam Szczublewski2:27.19aFort Hays State
7.SoJaclyn Abrahamian2:28.41aWichita State
8.JrWhitney Taylor2:30.36aFort Hays State
9.SrMegan Shepherd2:32.99aWichita State
10.SoKristen Sponsel2:35.80aEmporia State
11.SoCourtney Maddux2:44.98aEmporia State
12.-Olevia Shafer2:45.37aFort Hays State
---Nikki SandersDNSEmporia State
--JrCasady AshcraftDNSOral Roberts
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJennifer Taylor2:59.85aWichita State
2.SoJordan Ortega3:00.95aFort Hays State
3.SoSamantha Shukla3:01.73aWichita State
4.SoCarman Hill3:07.49aFort Hays State
5.SrMarissa Quillin3:09.28aWichita State
6.SoKeli Russell3:14.72aWichita State
7.SoClarissa Johnson3:18.96aWichita State
8.SoJuliette Gourdet3:25.56aButler County
9.FrCarolyn Wallace3:53.35aEmporia State
--SoMartha AvilaDNSButler County
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.Tonya Nero4:52.01aShocker TC
2.SrKatelyn Mona4:53.63aEmporia State
3.JrAliphine Tuliamuk-Bolton4:53.73aWichita State
4.Kristen Radcliff5:05.42aUnat-Oral Ro
5.JrRaven Boettger5:13.60aFort Hays State
6.SrPatrober Murindat5:17.20aWichita State
7.FrSamantha Watson5:17.51aOral Roberts
8.JrCasady Ashcraft5:23.41aOral Roberts
9.FrKaitlyn McLeod5:24.70aWichita State
10.SoMarie Schaller5:25.27aFort Hays State
11.SrMarta Adamiec5:27.96aOral Roberts
12.JrKylie Graves5:31.65aWichita State
--SrSheilah NdasymDNSOral Roberts
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Tonya Nero10:11.70aShocker TC
2.Kristen Radcliff10:13.65aUnat-Oral Ro
3.JrLaura Burke10:23.08aWichita State
4.FrSamantha Watson10:40.82aOral Roberts
5.SrSharon Zeller10:42.25aWichita State
6.JrHeidi Hines10:47.49aFort Hays State
7.FrTiffany Hagan10:47.61aOral Roberts
8.SrSheilah Ndasym10:47.80aOral Roberts
9.Scarla Nero10:48.11aUnat-Wichita
10.SoKylie Gaughan10:54.21aFort Hays State
11.JrGentry Linscott10:59.57aFort Hays State
12.FrAlex Nelson11:03.36aFort Hays State
13.SoHannah Robinson11:04.62aFort Hays State
--SrMarta AdamiecDNSOral Roberts
--JrElida BailonDNSWichita State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTanya Friesen9.00aWichita State
2.SrKristen Fleharty9.03aFort Hays State
3.SrWitney Sorell9.11aWichita State
4.SrCamila Pirelli9.13aOral Roberts
5.SoNikki Wetstein9.14aEmporia State
6.Cassie Craig9.18aUnat-Wichita
7.SoAnna Eigruber9.26aFort Hays State
8.SoJodi Russell9.33aEmporia State
9.FrJaden Prewitt9.67aWichita State
10.SrJustine Davenport9.74aEmporia State
11.-Cassidy Downing9.75aWichita State
12.SoJaclyn Abrahamian10.07aWichita State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrKristen Fleharty8.86aFort Hays State
2.JrTanya Friesen9.00aWichita State
4.SrWitney Sorell9.09aWichita State
3.Cassie Craig9.15aUnat-Wichita
5.SrCamila Pirelli9.18aOral Roberts
6.SoNikki Wetstein9.22aEmporia State
7.SoAnna Eigruber9.24aFort Hays State
8.SoJodi Russell9.38aEmporia State
9.SrJustine Davenport9.64aEmporia State
10.FrJaden Prewitt9.74aWichita State
11.-Cassidy Downing9.85aWichita State
12.SoJaclyn Abrahamian9.87aWichita State
13.SrSarah Gilbert9.92aWichita State
14.Danielle Burleson10.38aUnat-Wichita
15.SoPaige Slayton10.47aButler County
16.JrJasmine Cotton10.50aOral Roberts
--FrChinwe EkweaririDNSWichita State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-TK Whitfield
Marissa Thomas
Erin Patterson
Cornisha Wilkerson
3:56.69aOral Roberts
2.-Kristina Taylor
Kiara Giles
Audacia Moore
Jennifer Taylor
3:57.13aWichita State
3.-Kiara Moore
Shamoya Pruitt
Tanya Friesen
Danielle Walker
4:04.87aWichita State
4.-Ashli Dryden
Jordan Ortega
Carman Hill
Sam Szczublewski
4:09.34aFort Hays State
5.-Jaclyn Abrahamian
Courtney Brady
Monaye Williams
Clarissa Johnson
4:11.03aWichita State
6.-Camila Pirelli
Casady Ashcraft
Sarah Sapp
Marta Adamiec
4:11.58aOral Roberts
7.-Katelyn Mona
Nikki Wetstein
Peyton Weiss
Kristen Sponsel
4:18.68aEmporia State
8.-Cassidy Downing
Jaden Prewitt
Megan Shepherd
Samantha Shukla
4:18.73aWichita State
9.-Whitney Taylor
Kristen Fleharty
Anna Eigruber
Taylor Hixon
4:21.33aFort Hays State
10.-Kylie Graves
Kaitlyn McLeod
Marissa Quillin
Keli Russell
4:30.11aWichita State
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCamila Pirelli13.42mOral Roberts
2.SoEmily Cook13.16mWichita State
3.SrValeria Jordan12.80mEmporia State
4.JrMegan Fuller12.34mWichita State
5.SoElizabeth Lewis12.00mEmporia State
6.Caitlin Bauer11.53mUnat-Wichita
7.Sadie Suenram10.93mUnat-Wichita
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSarah Gilbert1.69mWichita State
2.JrJ'Lynn Ledesma1.65mWichita State
3.SoGabriella Saravia1.60mFort Hays State
4.JrTanya Friesen1.60mWichita State
5.SoJaclyn Abrahamian1.60mWichita State
6.SoAnna Eigruber1.55mFort Hays State
6.FrChinwe Ekweariri1.55mWichita State
8.SoDarrah Miller1.55mEmporia State
9.JrWhitney Taylor1.55mFort Hays State
10.SrWitney Sorell1.50mWichita State
10.Danielle Burleson1.50mUnat-Wichita
11.FrJaden Prewitt1.50mWichita State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
3.FrLinhchi Lai3.45mOral Roberts
4.FrMaggie Wilson3.30mEmporia State
5.JrMonique Terry3.30mWichita State
6.FrMeg Loontjer3.30mWichita State
7.FrCara Detmer3.30mWichita State
8.SoAlaina Fairbanks3.30mEmporia State
9.SoLauren McFarland3.30mOral Roberts
10.SoSonya Schement3.30mEmporia State
11.-Haley Bowser3.15mFort Hays State
12.-Amanda Gardner3.15mWichita State
--SoHaley MarchantNHEmporia State
--JrTiffany OrthNHEmporia State
--SoPhuongDy LeNHFort Hays State
--FrMelinda DavisNHFort Hays State
--SoCarly HansenDNSEmporia State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTanya Friesen5.43mWichita State
2.SoAnna Eigruber5.35mFort Hays State
3.FrPeyton Weiss5.24mEmporia State
4.FrCarmen King5.22mEmporia State
5.JrCourtney Reinke5.13mWichita State
6.FrTaylor Kisner4.98mFort Hays State
7.FrNicole Rottinghaus4.95mEmporia State
8.SrJustine Davenport4.93mEmporia State
9.SrCamila Pirelli4.89mOral Roberts
10.JrJ'Lynn Ledesma4.83mWichita State
11.JrCathy Boos4.80mFort Hays State
12.SoAshli Dryden4.79mFort Hays State
13.JrWhitney Taylor4.54mFort Hays State
14.FrTaylor Hixon4.39mFort Hays State
15.-Olevia Shafer4.36mFort Hays State
16.SoPaige Slayton4.27mButler County
--FrJasmine LeffallDNSOral Roberts
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAudacia Moore11.87mWichita State
2.JrCourtney Reinke11.54mWichita State
3.SoNikki Wetstein11.47mEmporia State
4.SrSarah Gilbert11.29mWichita State
5.SrWitney Sorell11.26mWichita State
6.SoAshli Dryden11.02mFort Hays State
7.JrCathy Boos10.85mFort Hays State
---Olevia ShaferSCRFort Hays State
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.Chandra Andrews19.61mShocker TC
2.SrDeja Jackson15.67mEmporia State
3.FrShelby Buster14.47mEmporia State
4.SrKyleigh Edwards14.23mFort Hays State
5.SoEmily Cook13.94mWichita State
6.JrMegan Fuller13.61mWichita State
7.SrValeria Jordan13.15mEmporia State
8.JrElizabeth Stover12.97mEmporia State
9.SoLori Wierich12.55mFort Hays State
10.Caitlin Bauer11.70mUnat-Wichita
11.SoElizabeth Lewis11.51mEmporia State
12.Sadie Suenram10.81mUnat-Wichita
---Janessa KobzaFOULFort Hays State
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