Logos Prep 2nd Annual Small School Relays

Saturday, March 31, 2012 - Meet Website
  Fort Bend Christian Academy, Sugar Land, TX - Map

  Field Events Start: 9:30 AM  Track Events Start: 10:00 AM
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Texas - 2A
SOTWSchool of the Woods
Texas - 3A
BTCABaytown Christian
Texas - 3A
HNCLClear Lake Christian
Texas - 4A
TVHSThe Village
Texas - Region 3
JDSHouston Davis
Texas - Texas
YPNFYES Prep North Forest
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josef Miller11.12aHCYA Home School Lions
2.11Trevon Alfred11.33aHouston Davis
3.10Colby Williamson11.47aHCYA Home School Lions
4.11Tre Martin11.49aHouston Davis
5.10Jonathan Vanek11.53aSacred Heart
6.11Roger Gupta11.55aLogos Preparatory
7.12Mason Martin11.60aRosehill Christian
8.10Randy Gill11.73aSt Thomas Episcopal
9.10Mason Hopkins11.79aFaith Academy (Victo...
10.10Tyler Fisher11.80aBrazosport Christian
11.11Adam Hollenbach11.82aSt Paul
12.12James McCelvey11.90aBrenham Christian
13.12Devion Whetstone11.94aThe Village
14.12Sterling Hrncir11.96aSacred Heart
15.9Raul Giorgi12.25aThe Woodlands Christ...
16.9Derris Bradley12.28aHouston Davis
17.9Ephraim White12.34aMemorial Christian A...
18.9Sam Sanders12.38aMemorial Christian A...
19.9Nicholas Hadash12.44aSacred Heart
19.10Canyon Emmot12.44aRosehill Christian
21.11Paul Chen12.47aThe Village
21.11Austin Walls12.47aThe Woodlands Christ...
23.11Mitchell McElroy12.49aSt Paul
24.10Michael Jefferson12.51aYES Prep North Forest
25.9Louis Kopp12.55aProvidence Classical
26.10Sterling Drake12.60aRosehill Christian
27.9Nicholas VanWright12.69aHCYA Home School Lions
28.9Frank Pounds12.76aThe Woodlands Prep
29.9Zeylon Sabes12.92aYES Prep North Forest
30.10James Cartrwright12.93aClear Lake Christian
31.10Darius Singleton12.98aYES Prep North Forest
32.9Andrew Hill12.99aLogos Preparatory
33.11Patrick Griffin13.13aSt Thomas Episcopal
34.9Clifton Grear13.24aClear Lake Christian
35.11Austin Horne13.35aSt Paul
36.9Alex Mut13.45aThe Village
36.11Javier Quinonez13.45aPine Drive Christian
38.11Chase Mussleman13.53aProvidence Classical
39.11Mark Schmitt13.89aBriarwood
40.12Derek Lopez13.96aPine Drive Christian
41.10Siddarth Rumalla14.07aThe Woodlands Prep
42.9Jeremy Sano14.58aSouthwest Christian ...
43.9Cutter Stapleton15.08aBrenham Christian
44.10Jason Atao16.71aSouthwest Christian ...
9Matthew BradyDNSLogos Preparatory
10Joseph ThomasDNSPine Drive Christian
10Wyatt WheelerNTThe Woodlands Christ...
10Calvin NovotnyDNSCypress Christian
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Jeffrey Chen10.56The Woodlands Christ...
3rd12Cole Wick10.5 R4Sacred Heart
12Colton Wilkins11.00The Woodlands Christ...
3rd10Jonathan Vanek11.0 R2Sacred Heart
9Raul Giorgi11.64The Woodlands Christ...
3rd10Jacob Barton12.0 R3Sacred Heart
3rd12Sterling Hrncir12.4 R1Sacred Heart
11Austin Walls13.07The Woodlands Christ...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josef Miller22.55aHCYA Home School Lions
2.12Garrison Fick22.97aLogos Preparatory
3.11Dylan Barton23.57aSt Paul
4.11Tre Martin23.75aHouston Davis
5.12Mason Martin23.90aRosehill Christian
5.10Jonathan Vanek23.90aSacred Heart
7.11Adam Hollenbach24.30aSt Paul
8.11Victor Gonzalez24.33aHouston Davis
9.12James McCelvey24.52aBrenham Christian
10.10Randy Gill24.58aSt Thomas Episcopal
11.10Colby Williamson24.71aHCYA Home School Lions
12.10Tyler Fisher24.76aBrazosport Christian
13.12Devion Whetstone24.96aThe Village
14.9Louis Kopp25.55aProvidence Classical
15.11Mitchell McElroy25.73aSt Paul
16.9Sam Sanders25.81aMemorial Christian A...
17.9Derris Bradley25.87aHouston Davis
18.10Sterling Drake25.97aRosehill Christian
19.9Bright Wokocha25.98aBriarwood
20.12Austin Bulter26.03aThe Village
21.9Andrew Parker26.11aThe Woodlands Christ...
22.9Marques Green26.52aYES Prep North Forest
23.9Sterling Smith26.77aCovenant Christian
23.11Javier Quinonez26.77aPine Drive Christian
23.9Darin McMahon26.77aLogos Preparatory
26.10Austin Dudley26.93aLiving Stones Christ...
27.10Michael Jefferson27.03aYES Prep North Forest
28.11Patrick Griffin27.09aSt Thomas Episcopal
29.9Zeylon Sabes27.33aYES Prep North Forest
30.9Clifton Grear28.02aClear Lake Christian
31.11Chase Mussleman28.45aProvidence Classical
32.9Anthony Rodriguez28.60aSt Thomas Episcopal
33.9Nick Moriarty28.97aBriarwood
34.9Stephen Moody29.18aBrazosport Christian
35.10Josh Gamble29.46aCypress Christian
36.9Nicholas Hadash29.62aSacred Heart
37.9David Bradham29.93aLogos Preparatory
38.9Philip McGraw30.24aBriarwood
39.9Jeremy Sano30.61aSouthwest Christian ...
40.10Johnny Warns31.29aSouthwest Christian ...
41.10Jason Atao38.49aSouthwest Christian ...
10Joseph ThomasNTPine Drive Christian
9Cutter StapletonNTBrenham Christian
12Zech FirewNTRosehill Christian
11Zachary VanWrightNTHCYA Home School Lions
9Travis VickNTCypress Christian
9Agustin NavarroNTThe Village
12Derek LopezNTPine Drive Christian
11Paul OdeyomiNTCypress Christian
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jeffrey Chen23.3The Woodlands Christ...
1.9Raul Giorgi24.1The Woodlands Christ...
1.12Colton Wilkins24.1The Woodlands Christ...
1.11Austin Walls24.3The Woodlands Christ...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cole Wick52.19aSacred Heart
2.11Dylan Barton52.32aSt Paul
3.9Agustin Navarro53.02aThe Village
4.10Andrew Calvert54.09aSt Thomas Episcopal
5.9Jake Westrich55.13aThe Village
6.12Pedro Coello55.69aLiving Stones Christ...
7.9Nathan Hite55.77aSouthwest Christian ...
8.11Ashton Gehret55.95aClear Lake Christian
9.11Aaron Chapman56.08aLiving Stones Christ...
10.9Matthew Hrncir56.12aSt Thomas Episcopal
11.9Sterling Smith56.21aCovenant Christian
12.10Brandon Tran56.54aSt Thomas Episcopal
13.10Tyler Fisher57.44aBrazosport Christian
14.9Ephraim White59.90aMemorial Christian A...
15.12Luke Varsamis59.92aThe Village
16.9Steven Newcomb1:00.87aHCYA Home School Lions
17.9Andrew Parker1:01.32aThe Woodlands Christ...
18.10Jacob Arnold1:03.57aSouthwest Christian ...
19.9David Bradham1:03.95aLogos Preparatory
20.10Michael Boyd1:04.19aCypress Christian
10Josh Gamble1:04.3Cypress Christian
21.10Robert Geyer1:04.77aCypress Christian
22.10Taylor Townsend1:07.38aLogos Preparatory
23.9Tyler Henneke1:07.96aProvidence Classical
23.9John Stephens1:07.96aCovenant Christian
25.12Joe Cooley1:09.00aPine Drive Christian
26.9George Spencer1:09.30aLogos Preparatory
27.12Derek Lopez1:10.87aPine Drive Christian
28.9Justin Sullivan1:14.13aSouthwest Christian ...
29.10Jose Lopez1:15.44aHouston Davis
30.9Morgan Jones1:17.25aBriarwood
10Reagan FoxleyDNSHCYA Home School Lions
9Levi OkorieDNSBaytown Christian
9Trey DimicelliDNSRosehill Christian
10Hunter VickDNSCypress Christian
11Zachary VanWrightDNSHCYA Home School Lions
12Zech FirewDNSRosehill Christian
10Canyon EmmotDNSRosehill Christian
10Kevin GarciaDNSHouston Davis
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
5th12Cole Wick53.4Sacred Heart
10Logan Shearer54.15The Woodlands Christ...
11Jeffrey Chen54.92The Woodlands Christ...
5th12Sterling Hrncir55.5Sacred Heart
5th10Scott Stoner58.1Sacred Heart
12Colton Wilkins58.2The Woodlands Christ...
9Andrew Parker60.The Woodlands Christ...
3rd9Michael Herndon64.5Sacred Heart
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matthew Hawk2:05.26aSt Thomas Episcopal
2.11Matthew Dechant2:06.21aThe Woodlands Prep
3.10Cedric Shy2:07.21aHCYA Home School Lions
4.10Andrew Calvert2:08.01aSt Thomas Episcopal
5.10Logan Shearer2:10.80aThe Woodlands Christ...
6.9Matthew Hrncir2:11.69aSt Thomas Episcopal
7.10Tyler Martinez2:14.67aLogos Preparatory
8.11Jonathan Luck2:18.22aFaith Academy (Victo...
9.9Garrett Pendergast2:18.91aHCYA Home School Lions
10.9Darin McMahon2:20.83aLogos Preparatory
11.10Robert Geyer2:21.18aCypress Christian
12.11Jordan Anderson2:21.39aLiving Stones Christ...
13.12Luke Varsamis2:21.92aThe Village
10Robert Geyer2:22.2Cypress Christian
14.11Will McGrath2:22.25aThe Woodlands Christ...
15.12Daniel Villarreal2:22.59aLogos Preparatory
16.10Austin Dudley2:23.39aLiving Stones Christ...
17.10Nathaniel Ritthaler2:24.17aClear Lake Christian
18.10Zach Cruz2:25.35aHCYA Home School Lions
19.10Raza Syed2:28.75aThe Village
10Jonathan McCary2:29.00Cypress Christian
20.10Jonathan McCary2:30.25aCypress Christian
21.9Josh Plank2:32.49aThe Village
22.9Trey Dimicelli2:40.50aRosehill Christian
23.9John Stephens2:40.71aCovenant Christian
24.9Jeremy Sano2:44.88aSouthwest Christian ...
25.9Tyler Henneke2:45.46aProvidence Classical
9Joel Rawson2:46.0Cypress Christian
26.9Joel Rawson2:46.58aCypress Christian
27.9Morgan Jones2:48.18aBriarwood
28.12Joe Cooley3:00.08aPine Drive Christian
29.12Andrew Castillo3:03.81aHouston Davis
30.10Jason Atao3:52.38aSouthwest Christian ...
10Jonathan CabreraDNSClear Lake Christian
9Levi OkorieDNSBaytown Christian
10Floyd DanteDNSHouston Davis
9Glen FrancisDNSYES Prep North Forest
9Marques GreenDNSYES Prep North Forest
10Mica RobinsonDNSHouston Davis
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matthew Hawk4:56.16aSt Thomas Episcopal
2.12Landon Martin5:01.41aProvidence Classical
3.10Cedric Shy5:02.21aHCYA Home School Lions
4.11John Paul Bledsoe5:03.87aCovenant Christian
5.8Peter Dulworth5:04.43aHCYA Home School Lions
6.8Cyrus Shy5:11.42aHCYA Home School Lions
7.10Tyler Martinez5:11.70aLogos Preparatory
8.11Luke Shearer5:14.31aThe Woodlands Christ...
9.11Jerrime Neal5:32.43aHouston Davis
10.11Will McGrath5:32.61aThe Woodlands Christ...
11.12Grant Chesser5:38.30aProvidence Classical
12.11Aaron Gorski5:41.88aBriarwood
13.11Nathaniel Regier5:43.73aThe Woodlands Christ...
14.10Mayank Agrawal5:48.36aThe Village
15.10Luke Morris5:56.71aMemorial Christian A...
16.12Jake Flowers6:02.22aLiving Stones Christ...
17.9Erin Dindoruk6:03.95aThe Village
18.12Eric Morales6:04.83aClear Lake Christian
19.12Philip Hacker6:05.23aBriarwood
20.12David Gossom6:05.43aLogos Preparatory
21.10Jonathan McCary6:14.61aCypress Christian
22.10Taylor Townsend6:52.89aLogos Preparatory
11Erik HillDNSThe Village
12Kody DavisDNSRosehill Christian
10Mica RobinsonDNSHouston Davis
12Joe CooleyDNSPine Drive Christian
11Chance CaddellDNSPine Drive Christian
10Javier CastroDNSYES Prep North Forest
10Steven GonzalesDNSHouston Davis
10Jonathan CabreraDNSClear Lake Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Peter Dulworth10:59.93aHCYA Home School Lions
2.8Cyrus Shy11:00.91aHCYA Home School Lions
3.11John Paul Bledsoe11:13.93aCovenant Christian
4.12Landon Martin11:15.96aProvidence Classical
5.8Trevor Pendergast11:28.47aHCYA Home School Lions
6.12Kody Davis11:40.08aRosehill Christian
7.11Luke Shearer11:53.51aThe Woodlands Christ...
8.12Andrew Castillo12:01.63aHouston Davis
9.10Luke Morris12:18.23aMemorial Christian A...
10.11Nathaniel Regier12:22.58aThe Woodlands Christ...
11.12Grant Chesser12:23.08aProvidence Classical
12.11Chance Caddell16:42.33aPine Drive Christian
10Andrew TurnerNTBriarwood
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Timothy Starbuck17.23aCypress Christian
2.10Scott Stoner17.41aSacred Heart
1.11Timothy Starbuck17.23Cypress Christian
3.9Sterling Smith17.95aCovenant Christian
4.10Jacob Barton18.43aSacred Heart
5.11Dakota Kresta18.51aSt Paul
6.10Wyatt Wheeler19.46aThe Woodlands Christ...
7.9Malcolm Peddie20.04aSt Thomas Episcopal
8.9Michael Herndon20.53aSacred Heart
9.9Timothy Joe20.87aSt Thomas Episcopal
10.9Dylan Kohne-Sanchez21.96aSt Thomas Episcopal
11.11Ryan Kapavik22.17aSt Paul
12.9Stephen Moody23.43aBrazosport Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Johnathan Zama42.64aLogos Preparatory
2.10Logan Shearer45.17aThe Woodlands Christ...
3.11Timothy Starbuck45.70aCypress Christian
4.11Dakota Kresta46.48aSt Paul
5.10Jacob Barton46.55aSacred Heart
6.10Scott Stoner48.13aSacred Heart
7.9Michael Herndon50.73aSacred Heart
8.11Elliott Eccles51.85aBrazosport Christian
9.11Ryan Kapavik52.25aSt Paul
10.10Brandon Tran53.94aSt Thomas Episcopal
11.9Timothy Joe54.63aSt Thomas Episcopal
11.9Malcolm Peddie54.63aSt Thomas Episcopal
10Sidney SiverandDNSHouston Davis
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hahn Bielfeldt
Roger Gupta
Johnathan Zama
Garrison Fick
45.46aLogos Preparatory
2.-Dylan Barton
Adam Hollenbach
Dakota Kresta
Mitchell McElroy
46.13aSt Paul
3.-Sterling Hrncir
Jonathan Vanek
Jacob Barton
Cole Wick
46.14aSacred Heart
4.-Austin Walls
Jeffrey Chen
Raul Giorgi
Colton Wilkins
46.24aThe Woodlands Christ...
5.-Colby Williamson
Nicholas VanWright
Josef Miller
Zachary VanWright
46.65aHCYA Home School Lions
6.-Michael Boyd
Hunter Vick
Jordan Briggs
Travis Vick
47.33aCypress Christian
-Relay Team 48.59aYES Prep North Forest
7.-Javier Quinonez
Derek Lopez
Joseph Thomas
Stephen Greer
50.43aPine Drive Christian
8.-Patrick Griffin
Dylan Kohne-Sanchez
Anthony Rodriguez
Brandon Tran
51.03aSt Thomas Episcopal
9.-Jacob Arnold
Justin Sullivan
Johnny Warns
Nathan Hite
51.49aSouthwest Christian ...
10.-Mark Schmitt
Adam Conoley
Bright Wokocha
Nick Moriarty
-Zeylon Sabes
Jamarcus Tittle
Coy Brown
Javier Castro
NTYES Prep North Forest
-Mason Martin
Canyon Emmot
Zech Firew
Jimmy Courtright
NTRosehill Christian
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Austin Walls
Jeffrey Chen
Raul Giorgi
Colton Wilkins
1:36.93aThe Woodlands Christ...
2.-Michael Boyd
Travis Vick
Jordan Briggs
Hunter Vick
1:39.28aCypress Christian
3.-Michael Shawrieh
Aaron Chapman
Andrew Pitkin
Pedro Coello
1:41.08aLiving Stones Christ...
4.-Darin McMahon
Stephen Perez
Stewart Williams
Hahn Bielfeldt
1:45.26aLogos Preparatory
5.-Dylan Kohne-Sanchez
Anthony Rodriguez
Malcolm Peddie
Timothy Joe
1:51.13aSt Thomas Episcopal
6.-Jacob Arnold
Justin Sullivan
Johnny Warns
Nathan Hite
1:51.79aSouthwest Christian ...
-Bright Wokocha
Adam Conoley
Philip McGraw
Nick Moriarty
-Nicholas VanWright
Zachary VanWright
Colby Williamson
Josef Miller
DQHCYA Home School Lions
-Trevon Alfred
Derris Bradley
Tre Martin
Reyes Gerardo
DQHouston Davis
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Roger Gupta
Johnathan Zama
Andrew Hill
Garrison Fick
3:40.50aLogos Preparatory
2.-Luke Varsamis
Devion Whetstone
Agustin Navarro
Jake Westrich
3:41.50aThe Village
3.-Andrew Calvert
Matthew Hrncir
Randy Gill
Matthew Hawk
3:43.11aSt Thomas Episcopal
4.-Logan Shearer
Jeffrey Chen
Andrew Parker
Colton Wilkins
3:47.74aThe Woodlands Christ...
5.-Cole Wick
Jonathan Vanek
Sterling Hrncir
Scott Stoner
3:53.12aSacred Heart
6.-Michael Shawrieh
Aaron Chapman
Jordan Anderson
Pedro Coello
3:56.94aLiving Stones Christ...
7.-Michael Boyd
Travis Vick
Timothy Starbuck
Jordan Briggs
4:06.46aCypress Christian
8.-Daniel Villarreal
Darin McMahon
David Bradham
Tyler Martinez
4:10.34aLogos Preparatory
9.-Josef Miller
Colby Williamson
Garrett Pendergast
Cedric Shy
4:11.37aHCYA Home School Lions
10.-James Cartrwright
Nathaniel Ritthaler
Ashton Gehret
Eric Morales
4:18.19aClear Lake Christian
-Relay Team DNSYES Prep North Forest
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cole Wick42-08.00Sacred Heart
2.10Roland Frederick40-02.50Rosehill Christian
3.10Kevin Pineda39-09.50Houston Davis
4.12Andrew Pitkin38-05.50Living Stones Christ...
5.11Stephen Mason37-10.00St Thomas Episcopal
6.11Brier Shimek36-11.00Sacred Heart
6.11Matthew Carswell36-11.00Memorial Christian A...
8.12Austin Looney36-03.50Rosehill Christian
9.12George Reyes35-11.00Houston Davis
10.11Travis Franklin35-02.00St Thomas Episcopal
11.11Martinez Marc35-01.00Houston Davis
12.10Pablo Ontiveros35-00.00The Woodlands Prep
13.11Laddie Patek33-11.00St Paul
14.11Josh Keith31-11.00Faith West Academy
15.10Danson Bludau31-08.00Sacred Heart
16.11Austin Walls31-06.50The Woodlands Christ...
17.11Mark Schmitt31-02.50Briarwood
18.11Justin Siegel30-07.50St Paul
19.9Frank Pounds30-04.50The Woodlands Prep
20.11Austin Horne30-00.00St Paul
21.11Tony Salario29-07.50Cypress Christian
22.12Philip Long29-00.50Providence Classical
23.9Rene Pena28-09.75YES Prep North Forest
24.9Devonte Primes28-04.00YES Prep North Forest
25.10Joseph Thomas27-01.00Pine Drive Christian
26.12Derek Lopez26-05.50Pine Drive Christian
27.12Abdulrahman Kamal26-05.00School of the Woods
28.9Paul Olaiya25-10.50The Village
29.10Matthew Lucas21-05.00School of the Woods
30.9Stephen Falick19-07.00Briarwood
12Braden WilliamsDQRosehill Christian
11Peleg WhiteDQLogos Preparatory
10Calvin NovotnyDQCypress Christian
11Paul OdeyomiDQCypress Christian
9Jeraldo VesquezDQYES Prep North Forest
11Job TrevinoDQClear Lake Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brier Shimek118-11Sacred Heart
2.11Stephen Mason113-05St Thomas Episcopal
3.11Matthew Carswell105-07Memorial Christian A...
4.10Kevin Pineda103-03Houston Davis
5.10Ben Barnhart102-08Rosehill Christian
6.11Martinez Marc99-11Houston Davis
7.11Leightin Pilat97-04Sacred Heart
8.11Austin Horne93-09St Paul
9.12Devion Whetstone91-00The Village
10.12Nathan Spann90-08Rosehill Christian
11.11Laddie Patek88-10St Paul
12.12Philip Long84-09Providence Classical
12.9Sterling Smith84-09Covenant Christian
14.11Jordan Anderson83-01Living Stones Christ...
15.12Andrew Pitkin80-09Living Stones Christ...
16.10Matthew Lucas80-01School of the Woods
17.12George Reyes79-11Houston Davis
18.11Javier Quinonez78-09Pine Drive Christian
19.11Hahn Bielfeldt76-04Logos Preparatory
20.12Daniel Villarreal76-01Logos Preparatory
21.10Travis Raabe75-05St Paul
22.11Lucas Allen73-00Sacred Heart
22.10Danson Bludau73'00Sacred Heart
23.12Abdulrahman Kamal69-04School of the Woods
24.9John Stephens65-08Covenant Christian
24.12Joe Cooley65-08Pine Drive Christian
26.11Josh Keith63-10Faith West Academy
27.11Austin Walls60-06The Woodlands Christ...
28.9Stephen Greer49-07Pine Drive Christian
29.11Job Trevino46-01Clear Lake Christian
11Travis FranklinNDSt Thomas Episcopal
11Tony SalarioNDCypress Christian
9Jeraldo VesquezDNSYES Prep North Forest
9Rene PenaNDYES Prep North Forest
11Peleg WhiteNDLogos Preparatory
9Andrew RinconNDCypress Christian
11Cray NoahNDThe Woodlands Christ...
12Ashton PettigrewNDLiving Stones Christ...
11Paul OdeyomiDNSCypress Christian
12Austin LooneyNDRosehill Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Evan Doremus6-06.00Cypress Christian
2.12Cole Wick6-04.00Sacred Heart
3.11Leightin Pilat6-00.00Sacred Heart
4.12Jimmy Courtright6-00.00Rosehill Christian
5.10Jacob Barton5-08.00Sacred Heart
5.12Ashton Pettigrew5-08.00Living Stones Christ...
5.12Pedro Coello5-08.00Living Stones Christ...
8.9Jake Westrich5-04.00The Village
8.12Jeremy Michel5-04.00Rosehill Christian
10.12Jake Flowers5-00.00Living Stones Christ...
11.10Patrick Buckoff4-10.00Rosehill Christian
11.12Colton Wilkins4-10.00The Woodlands Christ...
13.9Stephen Moody4-08.00Brazosport Christian
14.9Garrett Pendergast4-06.00HCYA Home School Lions
10Floyd DanteNHHouston Davis
10Sidney SiverandNHHouston Davis
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Colby Williamson23-01.75HCYA Home School Lions
2.11Adam Hollenbach18-10.25St Paul
3.9Nathan Hite18-07.00Southwest Christian ...
4.11Leightin Pilat18-05.75Sacred Heart
5.12James McCelvey18-04.25Brenham Christian
6.12Colton Wilkins18-04.00The Woodlands Christ...
7.12Pedro Coello18-03.25Living Stones Christ...
7.9Sterling Smith18-03.25Covenant Christian
9.11Dylan Barton18-03.00St Paul
10.11Johnathan Zama18-02.75Logos Preparatory
11.10Jacob Barton18-01.00Sacred Heart
12.12Josef Miller17-11.25HCYA Home School Lions
13.12Evan Doremus17-11.00Cypress Christian
14.11Jordan Briggs17-09.00Cypress Christian
15.9Raul Giorgi17-08.75The Woodlands Christ...
15.10Mason Hopkins17-08.75Faith Academy (Victo...
17.9Derris Bradley17-07.25Houston Davis
18.11Tre Martin17-07.00Houston Davis
19.12Mason Martin17-05.25Rosehill Christian
20.9Travis Vick17-01.25Cypress Christian
21.10Scott Stoner17-00.00Sacred Heart
21.10Jonathan Vanek17'00.00Sacred Heart
22.9Sam Sanders16-10.00Memorial Christian A...
22.10Cedric Shy16-10.00HCYA Home School Lions
24.9Malcolm Peddie16-09.75St Thomas Episcopal
25.11Trevon Alfred16-07.00Houston Davis
25.11Roger Gupta16-07.00Logos Preparatory
27.10Wyatt Wheeler16-06.00The Woodlands Christ...
27.9Matthew Hrncir16-06.00St Thomas Episcopal
29.9Ephraim White16-05.25Memorial Christian A...
30.10Sterling Drake15-09.50Rosehill Christian
31.10Jacob Arnold15-07.75Southwest Christian ...
32.10Joseph Thomas15-07.50Pine Drive Christian
33.9Zach Kunchandy15-05.00Faith Academy (Victo...
34.9Justin Sullivan15-02.00Southwest Christian ...
35.10Andrew Calvert14-10.50St Thomas Episcopal
36.9Andrew Hill14-08.75Logos Preparatory
37.9Clifton Grear14-03.50Clear Lake Christian
38.9Stephen Greer14-02.00Pine Drive Christian
39.11Jesse Goynes12-04.00Faith Academy (Victo...
9Levi OkorieDNSBaytown Christian
9Tyvester BonnerDNSYES Prep North Forest
9Jake WestrichDNSThe Village
12Brett McCormickDNSClear Lake Christian
11Ashton GehretDNSClear Lake Christian
9Zeylon SabesDNSYES Prep North Forest
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Garrison Fick45-00.50Logos Preparatory
2.10Colby Williamson43-10.00HCYA Home School Lions
3.10Hunter Vick41-02.00Cypress Christian
4.11Dylan Barton39-08.00St Paul
5.11Leightin Pilat37-10.75Sacred Heart
6.11Adam Hollenbach37-10.00St Paul
7.10Jonathan Vanek36-00.50Sacred Heart
8.9Louis Kopp34-01.00Providence Classical
9.9Malcolm Peddie34-00.00St Thomas Episcopal
10.9Travis Vick33-06.00Cypress Christian
11.9Matthew Hrncir32-02.00St Thomas Episcopal
12.10Wyatt Wheeler29-07.50The Woodlands Christ...
13.11Elliott Eccles29-05.00Brazosport Christian
12Zech FirewDNSRosehill Christian
11Jesse GoynesDNSFaith Academy (Victo...
9Zach KunchandyDNSFaith Academy (Victo...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kristie Shy12.60aHCYA Home School Lions
2.11Jenna Brown13.42aSacred Heart
3.10Courtney Bancroft13.43aCovenant Christian
4.10Amanda Miller13.45aHCYA Home School Lions
5.11Enjel Pierre13.54aThe Village
6.10Katie Hadfield13.68aCypress Christian
7.10Chelbi Orrick13.76aCypress Christian
8.9Morgan Young13.86aThe Woodlands Christ...
6.10Katie Hadfield13.68Cypress Christian
9.12Lu-Cheree de Jager13.95aCovenant Christian
9.10Kymberlie Malatek13.95aSt Paul
7.10Chelbi Orrick13.76Cypress Christian
11.12Emily Garret14.09aLogos Preparatory
12.12Jessalynn Bright14.11aFaith West Academy
13.10Laura Berkhouse14.39aProvidence Classical
14.9Winter Robinson14.43aYES Prep North Forest
15.9Emily Pokluda14.59aSt Paul
16.12Kelsey Fore14.62aCovenant Christian
17.9Savannah Lopez14.65aHouston Davis
18.9Kathryn Lewis14.66aProvidence Classical
19.10Kaitlyn Washington14.68aProvidence Classical
20.9Shakia Arias14.90aYES Prep North Forest
21.9Brianna Jantzi14.98aBrenham Christian
22.9Lindsay Kontchou14.99aThe Village
23.11Asia Johnson15.02aMemorial Christian A...
24.9Breannah Williams15.04aYES Prep North Forest
25.9Abby Martinez15.06aCypress Christian
26.9Tyler Kenefick15.10aPine Drive Christian
27.10Sarita Guerrero15.26aFaith Academy (Bellv...
28.9Sarah Smythe15.46aHCYA Home School Lions
29.11Natalie Noble15.80aThe Village
30.9Audrey Brod15.81aFirst Baptist Christ...
31.12Christina Isaacks15.96aBriarwood
32.9Haley Bintliff15.99aFaith West Academy
33.9Amy Choi16.15aFirst Baptist Christ...
34.11Ladesia Simpkins16.17aHouston Davis
35.10Kimberly Kienholz16.18aThe Woodlands Christ...
36.9Salem Podeszwa16.19aBrenham Christian
37.9Kaylee Dusang16.26aFaith West Academy
38.9Emma Pearson16.46aFaith Academy (Bellv...
39.10Hope Bradshaw17.20aThe Woodlands Christ...
40.11Stephanie Carrillo19.37aHouston Davis
12Lynlea HansenDNSFirst Baptist Christ...
11Sarah SantiniDNSLiving Stones Christ...
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Abby Caron13.43The Woodlands Christ...
9Morgan Young13.43The Woodlands Christ...
12Rebecca Earle14.28The Woodlands Christ...
12Courtney Young14.42The Woodlands Christ...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kristie Shy26.05aHCYA Home School Lions
2.11Alexa Schaefer27.33aSt Paul
3.10Courtney Bancroft27.69aCovenant Christian
4.11Enjel Pierre27.83aThe Village
5.9Maddie Kaiser28.01aProvidence Classical
6.9Taylor Nigg28.02aLogos Preparatory
7.12Elise Renard28.40aThe Village
8.10Amanda Miller28.57aHCYA Home School Lions
9.9Christina Rigsby29.39aBrenham Christian
10.12Lu-Cheree de Jager29.47aCovenant Christian
11.10Kymberlie Malatek29.79aSt Paul
12.12Jessalynn Bright30.73aFaith West Academy
13.11Valyncia Willrich31.10aHouston Davis
14.9Alex Harkins31.28aThe Woodlands Christ...
15.12Rebecca Earle31.43aThe Woodlands Christ...
16.9Thomas Cassidy31.47aSt Paul
17.9Kathryn Lewis31.53aProvidence Classical
18.12Kelsey Fore31.55aCovenant Christian
19.11Virdiana Moreno31.76aHouston Davis
20.10Reya Ybarra31.79aRosehill Christian
21.9Lindsay Kontchou32.04aThe Village
22.9Jessica Robinson32.44aThe Woodlands Christ...
23.11Stephanie Purnell32.98aBrazosport Christian
24.9Griselda Gomez33.01aHouston Davis
25.12Christina Isaacks33.86aBriarwood
26.11Asia Johnson33.89aMemorial Christian A...
27.9Audrey Brod33.94aFirst Baptist Christ...
28.10Sarita Guerrero33.99aFaith Academy (Bellv...
29.9Amy Choi34.00aFirst Baptist Christ...
30.9Shaniyah Odom34.46aYES Prep North Forest
31.9Emma Pearson35.35aFaith Academy (Bellv...
32.12Lynlea Hansen36.60aFirst Baptist Christ...
9Abby MartinezDNSCypress Christian
10Bryanna DavisDNSYES Prep North Forest
9Haley BintliffDNSFaith West Academy
9Thajanay JelksDNSYES Prep North Forest
9Tyler KenefickDNSPine Drive Christian
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Abby Caron29.19The Woodlands Christ...
9Morgan Young29.18The Woodlands Christ...
12Rebecca Earle29.51The Woodlands Christ...
9Alex Harkins30.25The Woodlands Christ...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Courtney Bancroft1:01.61aCovenant Christian
2.9Phoebe Clyde1:02.22aLogos Preparatory
3.11Alexa Schaefer1:03.61aSt Paul
4.12Kyrie Clark1:06.54aThe Woodlands Christ...
5.9Michelle Rigsby1:06.80aBrenham Christian
6.10Rachel Vance1:07.48aCypress Christian
7.10Vanessa Reyes1:07.63aHouston Davis
8.10Amanda Miller1:08.14aHCYA Home School Lions
9.10Shelby Briner1:08.48aSouthwest Christian ...
10.12Rachael McDaniel1:08.96aThe Woodlands Christ...
11.11Katrine Rummelhoff1:09.65aThe Village
12.10Eryssa Day1:11.06aFaith Academy (Victo...
13.11Amanda Ryan1:11.89aProvidence Classical
14.11Erin Merrifield1:13.01aThe Village
15.11Stephanie Purnell1:13.98aBrazosport Christian
16.11Mary Adamek1:14.53aSt Paul
17.10Brion Brown1:14.80aProvidence Classical
18.9Jessica Robinson1:15.05aThe Woodlands Christ...
19.9Miriam Tamayo1:15.38aHouston Davis
20.11Hannah Norman1:16.84aProvidence Classical
21.9Olivia De St Remey1:17.27aFaith West Academy
22.11Hayley Landry1:17.93aCypress Christian
23.9Tyler Kenefick1:18.57aPine Drive Christian
24.10Julia Polanco1:21.58aMemorial Christian A...
25.10Jessica Spoden1:22.68aMemorial Christian A...
26.11Natalie Farr1:23.47aFaith West Academy
27.9Shayveona Housley1:27.74aHouston Davis
28.11Anjela Palmour1:31.37aBriarwood
29.9Thajanay Jelks1:34.69aYES Prep North Forest
30.10Makenzy Moore1:50.46aMemorial Christian A...
10Shelby BagwellDQBrazosport Christian
12Lu-Cheree de JagerDNSCovenant Christian
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
2.12Kyrie Clark65.1The Woodlands Christ...
2.10Rachel Earle66.9The Woodlands Christ...
2.10Abby Caron67.4The Woodlands Christ...
2.9Jessica Robinson72.1The Woodlands Christ...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Courtne Grevey2:35.18aFaith Academy (Victo...
2.10Abbie Melby2:38.49aHCYA Home School Lions
3.10Shelby Briner2:39.29aSouthwest Christian ...
4.12Lindsay Winkel2:45.80aFaith West Academy
5.12Kendall Carroll2:52.08aLogos Preparatory
6.10Gabrielle Maldonado2:55.71aHouston Davis
7.9Green Johanna3:00.47aSt Paul
8.9Olivia De St Remey3:01.15aFaith West Academy
9.11Natalie Farr3:01.42aFaith West Academy
10.9Emily Fikac3:02.51aSt Paul
11.10Katia Zavala3:03.00aHouston Davis
12.9Lauren Chavez3:03.36aClear Lake Christian
13.11Hannah Norman3:07.06aProvidence Classical
14.10Brion Brown3:07.53aProvidence Classical
15.10Julia Polanco3:17.91aMemorial Christian A...
16.11Mariana Vazquez3:20.39aHouston Davis
17.10Jessica Spoden3:28.26aMemorial Christian A...
18.9Faith Thornton3:30.76aHCYA Home School Lions
19.11Anjela Palmour3:32.53aBriarwood
20.10Zaria Steele3:34.15aMemorial Christian A...
21.11MacKenzie Kennedy3:45.45aSacred Heart
10Kelsey MartinDNSProvidence Classical
-Cheryl PetersonDNSHCYA Home School Lions
9Rachel LevyDNSThe Village
10Christina SquyersDNSSt Paul
10Jordan HanaganDNSThe Woodlands Christ...
11Erin MerrifieldDNSThe Village
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Miller5:50.07aRosehill Christian
2.12Lindsay Winkel6:08.68aFaith West Academy
3.11Ester Belmaraz-Martinez6:15.85aHouston Davis
4.10Caitlin Post6:29.09aProvidence Classical
5.10Shelby Briner6:31.65aSouthwest Christian ...
6.12Victoria Zulim6:46.56aRosehill Christian
7.11Christiana Zgourides6:51.36aThe Village
8.11Stephanie Ibarra6:54.72aHouston Davis
9.10Melanie Wagner6:57.16aSt Paul
10.9Gonzales Valerie7:06.39aHouston Davis
11.9Crawford Isabella7:11.87aSt Paul
12.10Katy Adams7:19.33aThe Woodlands Christ...
13.12Alexandra Korkmas7:24.42aThe Woodlands Christ...
14.9Maia Goynes7:32.00aFaith Academy (Victo...
15.11Destiny Milbourne8:31.29aBrazosport Christian
16.9Hannah Friend8:44.74aThe Village
17.10Cassandra Cardenas9:11.89aBrazosport Christian
9Faith ThorntonDNSHCYA Home School Lions
9Julie MadsenDNSThe Village
10Courtne GreveyDNSFaith Academy (Victo...
9Emily FikacDNSSt Paul
9Elliott FoxleyDNSHCYA Home School Lions
10Abbie MelbyDNSHCYA Home School Lions
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Miller12:32.79aRosehill Christian
2.10Abbie Melby12:35.07aHCYA Home School Lions
3.11Ester Belmaraz-Martinez13:49.56aHouston Davis
4.10Caitlin Post13:51.20aProvidence Classical
5.9Cristal Cabrera14:16.59aHouston Davis
6.11Stephanie Ibarra14:31.29aHouston Davis
7.9Green Johanna15:19.68aSt Paul
8.10Melanie Wagner15:30.42aSt Paul
9.9Crawford Isabella15:32.72aSt Paul
10.9Elliott Foxley15:38.27aHCYA Home School Lions
11.10Katy Adams15:45.12aThe Woodlands Christ...
12.9Maia Goynes16:36.29aFaith Academy (Victo...
-Cheryl PetersonDQHCYA Home School Lions
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Robyn Pavlicek17.72aSacred Heart
2.12Taylor Farley18.44aLogos Preparatory
3.12Courtney Young18.63aThe Woodlands Christ...
4.12Kathleen Franks18.70aRosehill Christian
5.12Jessalynn Bright18.84aFaith West Academy
6.10Kelli McKenzie19.39aFaith West Academy
7.12Xochilt Villegas19.78aHouston Davis
8.9Alex Johnson19.96aMemorial Christian A...
9.9Thomas Cassidy19.99aSt Paul
10.11Mary Adamek20.06aSt Paul
11.9Elise Patek21.11aSt Paul
12.9Sara Seyl21.22aSacred Heart
13.9Kailee Fore22.88aCovenant Christian
14.9Vanessa Robles28.05aHouston Davis
11Virdiana MorenoDNSHouston Davis
11Shannen LongridgeDNSCypress Christian
10Rachel EarleDNSThe Woodlands Christ...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rachel Earle51.41aThe Woodlands Christ...
2.10Emily Freeman54.32aThe Village
3.9Thomas Cassidy54.95aSt Paul
4.11Robyn Pavlicek56.17aSacred Heart
5.10Kelli McKenzie57.70aFaith West Academy
6.11Sarahi Castro57.77aHouston Davis
7.9Fran Liso58.03aThe Village
8.9Kevinecia McClain1:00.26aHouston Davis
9.12Kathleen Franks1:00.53aRosehill Christian
10.9Mai-Anh Ha1:05.68aClear Lake Christian
11.11Destiny Milbourne1:09.02aBrazosport Christian
12.10Jessica Aranda1:25.58aHouston Davis
9Elise PatekDNSSt Paul
9Alex JohnsonNTMemorial Christian A...
11Mary AdamekDNSSt Paul
11Katelyn SniderDNSSacred Heart
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sabrina Koerth
Jaycie Orsak
Jenna Brown
Kirsten Heger
53.45aSacred Heart
2.-Alexa Schaefer
Kymberlie Malatek
Patek Elise
Emily Pokluda
54.01aSt Paul
3.-Relay Team 54.37aHCYA Home School Lions
4.-Taylor Farley
Phoebe Clyde
Emily Garret
Taylor Nigg
54.68aLogos Preparatory
5.-Chelbi Orrick
Abby Martinez
Rebecca Jones
Katie Hadfield
54.75aCypress Christian
6.-Rebecca Earle
Abby Caron
Courtney Young
Morgan Young
55.62aThe Woodlands Christ...
7.-Trulius Joilvet
Kevinecia McClain
Mariah Bell
Faraneisha Hawkins
55.75aHouston Davis
8.-Blake Schorlemer
Kaitlyn Washington
Kathryn Lewis
Laura Berkhouse
56.54aProvidence Classical
9.-Kaitlyn Anderson
Sarah Santini
Olivia Wright
Kristen Freeman
59.23aLiving Stones Christ...
10.-Relay Team 1:00.25aYES Prep North Forest
11.-Michelle Rigsby
Christina Rigsby
Salem Podeszwa
Brianna Jantzi
1:00.46aBrenham Christian
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kirsten Heger
Jaycie Orsak
Sabrina Koerth
Jenna Brown
1:54.86aSacred Heart
2.-Maddie Kaiser
Laura Berkhouse
Amanda Ryan
Blake Schorlemer
1:55.71aProvidence Classical
3.-Relay Team 1:56.14aHCYA Home School Lions
4.-Rebecca Earle
Abby Caron
Alex Harkins
Morgan Young
1:58.24aThe Woodlands Christ...
5.-Griselda Gomez
Faraneisha Hawkins
Kandace Houston
Iesha Gordon
2:01.40aHouston Davis
6.-Christina Rigsby
Michelle Rigsby
Brianna Jantzi
Salem Podeszwa
2:03.79aBrenham Christian
-Katie Hadfield
Abby Martinez
Rebecca Jones
Avery Barbisch
2:05.5Cypress Christian
7.-Chelbi Orrick
Avery Barbisch
Rebecca Jones
Abby Martinez
2:05.80aCypress Christian
8.-Hannah Flowers
Olivia Wright
Sarah Santini
Kristen Freeman
2:11.52aLiving Stones Christ...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Phoebe Clyde
Taylor Nigg
Taylor Farley
Kendall Carroll
4:29.85aLogos Preparatory
2.-Rachael McDaniel
Kyrie Clark
Abby Caron
Rachel Earle
4:32.33aThe Woodlands Christ...
3.-Faraneisha Hawkins
Jacquie Cordova
Alondra Rios
Iesha Gordon
4:36.35aHouston Davis
4.-Elise Renard
Enjel Pierre
Erin Merrifield
Katrine Rummelhoff
4:40.40aThe Village
5.-Jaycie Orsak
Sabrina Koerth
Kirsten Heger
Sandra Adams
4:48.11aSacred Heart
6.-Rachel Vance
Hayley Landry
Rebecca Jones
Avery Barbisch
4:57.69aCypress Christian
-Sarah Smythe
Amanda Miller
Kristie Shy
Abbie Melby
DNSHCYA Home School Lions
-Blake Schorlemer
Kelsey Martin
Amanda Ryan
Maddie Kaiser
DNSProvidence Classical
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Gabbie Torres33-08.50Faith Academy (Victo...
2.12Ashley Ackerman31-01.00Briarwood
3.12Arrian Powell29-00.00Houston Davis
4.9Alex Johnson27-10.50Memorial Christian A...
5.10Kennedy Payne27-07.00Houston Davis
6.11Blessing Ajibero26-04.00Cypress Christian
7.10Chelbi Orrick25-11.00Cypress Christian
8.11Hailey Smith25-02.00Sacred Heart
10Katy Adams24'6"The Woodlands Christ...
9.9Mackenzie Kresta24-06.00St Paul
10.11Lauren Huser24-04.50Sacred Heart
11.10Reya Ybarra23-08.00Rosehill Christian
12.9Tierra Culbert-Reed22-09.00YES Prep North Forest
13.9Christina Rigsby22-07.00Brenham Christian
14.10Zaria Steele22-05.00Memorial Christian A...
15.12Rebecca Earle22-00.25The Woodlands Christ...
16.10Ester Fletcher21-11.50YES Prep North Forest
17.10Marthana Chapman21-10.50YES Prep North Forest
18.11Kaitlyn Byers21-05.75Sacred Heart
19.10Danielle Musella17-09.00Rosehill Christian
20.11Jordan Salazar17-00.50Living Stones Christ...
21.9Caitlyn Leatherwood16-06.50Rosehill Christian
22.9Garcia Erika16-03.00Houston Davis
23.12Kaitlyn Anderson15-05.50Living Stones Christ...
10Katy AdamsNDThe Woodlands Christ...
10Jordan HanaganNDThe Woodlands Christ...
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Ackerman79-08Briarwood
2.10Chelbi Orrick74-07Cypress Christian
3.10Reya Ybarra74-06Rosehill Christian
4.11Blessing Ajibero73-08Cypress Christian
5.10Gabbie Torres71-07Faith Academy (Victo...
6.10Katie Hadfield69-05Cypress Christian
7.12Arrian Powell68-04Houston Davis
8.9Michelle Rigsby61-09Brenham Christian
9.9Alex Johnson60-10Memorial Christian A...
10.11Lauren Huser60-03Sacred Heart
11.10Mackenzie James58-11Rosehill Christian
12.11Hailey Smith56-10Sacred Heart
13.12Rebecca Earle56-06The Woodlands Christ...
14.11Mary Adamek56-02St Paul
15.11Olivia Wright54-02Living Stones Christ...
16.10Marthana Chapman52-02YES Prep North Forest
17.11Destiny Milbourne49-03Brazosport Christian
18.10Kennedy Payne49-02Houston Davis
19.9Caitlyn Leatherwood47-08Rosehill Christian
20.10Ester Fletcher46-05YES Prep North Forest
21.11Jordan Salazar45-03Living Stones Christ...
22.9Alex Harkins43-10The Woodlands Christ...
23.9Tierra Culbert-Reed38-09YES Prep North Forest
24.9Melanie Landeros33-11Houston Davis
25.10Jordan Hanagan31-07The Woodlands Christ...
10Margarita AguilarDNSHouston Davis
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rachel Earle4-08.00The Woodlands Christ...
2.9Emily Harper4-08.00Sacred Heart
3.9Elise Patek4-06.00St Paul
4.12Kyrie Clark4-06.00The Woodlands Christ...
5.9Kristen Popp4-06.00Sacred Heart
6.11Amanda Ryan4-06.00Providence Classical
7.12Kathleen Franks4-06.00Rosehill Christian
8.10Kymberlie Malatek4-02.00St Paul
8.10Blake Schorlemer4-02.00Providence Classical
8.10Laura Berkhouse4-02.00Providence Classical
8.9Brianna Jantzi4-02.00Brenham Christian
12.9Jessica Robinson4-00.00The Woodlands Christ...
11Mariana VazquezNHHouston Davis
9Trulius JoilvetNHHouston Davis
9Halle StaibNHRosehill Christian
10Cassandra CardenasNHBrazosport Christian
12Xochilt VillegasNHHouston Davis
11Shannen LongridgeNHCypress Christian
9Taylor NiggNHLogos Preparatory
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jaycie Orsak15-03.00Sacred Heart
2.12Courtney Young15-01.50The Woodlands Christ...
3.11Kirsten Heger14-11.00Sacred Heart
4.11Enjel Pierre14-11.00The Village
5.11Alexa Schaefer14-10.50St Paul
6.10Sabrina Koerth14-06.25Sacred Heart
7.9Taylor Nigg14-05.00Logos Preparatory
7.9Michelle Rigsby14-05.00Brenham Christian
9.9Phoebe Clyde14-04.75Logos Preparatory
10.12Lu-Cheree de Jager14-00.25Covenant Christian
11.9Elise Patek14-00.00St Paul
12.12Jessalynn Bright13-10.25Faith West Academy
13.10Chelsea Ledbetter13-09.50The Woodlands Christ...
14.9Kathryn Lewis13-05.50Providence Classical
15.9Emily Pokluda13-04.25St Paul
16.12Lindsay Winkel13-01.75Faith West Academy
17.10Eryssa Day13-01.50Faith Academy (Victo...
17.11Faraneisha Hawkins13-01.50Houston Davis
19.9Morgan Young13-01.00The Woodlands Christ...
20.9Kandace Houston12-08.50Houston Davis
21.9Sarah Smythe12-08.25HCYA Home School Lions
22.9Audrey Brod12-05.50First Baptist Christ...
23.9Christina Rigsby12-05.25Brenham Christian
23.10Laura Berkhouse12-05.25Providence Classical
25.9Tyler Kenefick12-03.00Pine Drive Christian
26.8Patricia Miller12-02.00HCYA Home School Lions
27.11Madison Jakovich11-11.50Clear Lake Christian
28.9Avery Barbisch11-07.25Cypress Christian
29.9Mai-Anh Ha11-00.50Clear Lake Christian
30.9Salem Podeszwa10-09.00Brenham Christian
11Iesha GordonDNSHouston Davis
9Rebecca JonesDNSCypress Christian
-Cheryl PetersonDNSHCYA Home School Lions
12Emily GarretDNSLogos Preparatory
10Laura DinklerDNSFaith West Academy
11Brittany MorrisDNSLifestyle Christian
10Brion BrownDNSProvidence Classical
12Lynlea HansenDNSFirst Baptist Christ...
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Courtney Young33-08.50The Woodlands Christ...
2.11Alexa Schaefer31-02.50St Paul
3.9Elise Patek31-00.00St Paul
4.10Kymberlie Malatek30-11.00St Paul
5.9Phoebe Clyde30-09.00Logos Preparatory
6.12Shyanne Schlauch29-10.50Sacred Heart
7.12Shelby McElroy29-03.50Sacred Heart
8.10Hannah Flowers28-09.00Living Stones Christ...
9.9Olivia Bohuslav28-05.00Sacred Heart
10.9Alex Harkins27-03.00The Woodlands Christ...
11.12Xochilt Villegas26-05.50Houston Davis
12.10Kelsey Martin26-00.25Providence Classical
11Brittany MorrisDNSLifestyle Christian
11Shannen LongridgeDNSCypress Christian
11Sarahi CastroDNSHouston Davis
9Rebecca JonesDNSCypress Christian
9Lauren ChavezDNSClear Lake Christian
9Kevinecia McClainDNSHouston Davis
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