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400 Meters  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrKurt Felix48.63aBoise State
2.JrRichard York49.33aNew Mexico
3.FrEvan McDowell49.64aAir Force
4.JrBrandon Douglass50.09aWyoming
5.SrSam Potter50.38aNew Mexico
6.JrMichael Tibbs50.89aAir Force
7.JrJosh McMillin51.80aColorado State
8.FrJustin Green51.87aColorado State
9.FrKyle Sullivan51.88aWyoming

1500 Meters  Decathlon - Finals

1.JrRichard York4:39.02aNew Mexico
2.FrEvan McDowell4:42.88aAir Force
3.SrSam Potter5:01.66aNew Mexico
4.FrJustin Green5:08.87aColorado State
5.FrKyle Sullivan5:12.63aWyoming
6.JrJosh McMillin5:13.47aColorado State
7.JrBrandon Douglass5:14.92aWyoming
8.SrKurt Felix5:15.60aBoise State
9.JrMichael Tibbs5:30.47aAir Force

110m Hurdles - 42"  Decathlon - Finals

1.JrBrandon Douglass14.38a (.3)Wyoming
2.SrKurt Felix14.90a (.3)Boise State
3.JrMichael Tibbs14.96a (.3)Air Force
4.FrKyle Sullivan15.01a (.3)Wyoming
5.SrSam Potter15.09a (.4)New Mexico
6.FrEvan McDowell15.11a (.3)Air Force
7.JrRichard York15.27a (.4)New Mexico
8.FrJustin Green15.60a (.4)Colorado State
9.JrJosh McMillin15.86a (.4)Colorado State

Discus - 2kg  Decathlon - Finals

1.JrMichael Tibbs40.09mAir Force
2.JrRichard York37.49mNew Mexico
3.JrJosh McMillin36.60mColorado State
4.SrKurt Felix36.36mBoise State
5.SrSam Potter34.89mNew Mexico
6.FrJustin Green29.06mColorado State
7.FrKyle Sullivan28.21mWyoming
8.FrEvan McDowell27.87mAir Force
9.JrBrandon Douglass25.30mWyoming

Javelin - 800g  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrKurt Felix69.67mBoise State
2.JrRichard York56.65mNew Mexico
3.JrJosh McMillin55.99mColorado State
4.JrMichael Tibbs55.25mAir Force
5.SrSam Potter48.80mNew Mexico
6.JrBrandon Douglass44.29mWyoming
7.FrJustin Green41.33mColorado State
8.FrKyle Sullivan40.49mWyoming
9.FrEvan McDowell35.08mAir Force

Pole Vault  Decathlon - Finals

1.JrMichael Tibbs4.85mAir Force
2.JrJosh McMillin4.65mColorado State
2.SrSam Potter4.65mNew Mexico
4.JrRichard York4.55mNew Mexico
4.JrBrandon Douglass4.55mWyoming
6.SrKurt Felix4.45mBoise State
6.FrJustin Green4.45mColorado State
8.FrEvan McDowell3.75mAir Force
9.FrKyle Sullivan2.75mWyoming

Decathlon Score  Collegiate - Finals

1.SrKurt Felix7757Boise State
2.JrRichard York7513New Mexico
3.JrMichael Tibbs7158Air Force
4.JrJosh McMillin6860Colorado State
5.SrSam Potter6831New Mexico
6.JrBrandon Douglass6620Wyoming
7.FrEvan McDowell6408Air Force
8.FrJustin Green6394Colorado State
9.FrKyle Sullivan6002Wyoming


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Team Scores

Decathlon - Mens
1.New Mexico8548
2.Air Force7895
3.Colorado State7717
5.Boise State4435