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Mountain West Conference Outdoor Championships

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrCharles Silmon10.25aTexas Christian      
2.FrBeejay Lee10.49aNew Mexico      
3.SrMark Barnes10.52aTexas Christian      
4.FrRamone Bailey10.55aTexas Christian      
5.SrLamaar Thomas10.64aNew Mexico      
6.JrSkye Dawson10.82aTexas Christian      
7.SrEric Capelle10.94aBoise State      
8.SrEdidiong Essien11.80aBoise State      
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrBeejay Lee21.04aNew Mexico      
2.SrMark Barnes21.28aTexas Christian      
3.SoNarada Jackson21.35aTexas Christian      
4.SrOJ Stoneham21.54aTexas Christian      
5.FrJake Spuller21.55aAir Force      
6.JrUzor Udensi21.69aAir Force      
7.JrAnthony Delgado21.77aAir Force      
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrManoah Wesson47.56aBoise State      
2.SrManuel Smith47.61aAir Force      
3.SoNarada Jackson47.83aTexas Christian      
4.SoRobert Seth Monson48.20aColorado State      
5.JrJeff Daw48.48aBoise State      
6.FrJoshua Washington48.54aTexas Christian      
7.JrDerek Montoya48.65aNew Mexico      
8.SoJustin Chambers49.29aTexas Christian      
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoAlex Lindsay1:52.12aAir Force      
2.SrNick White1:52.49aAir Force      
3.SrJack Obrien1:52.53aTexas Christian      
4.SrDusty Klein-Una1:53.10aBoise State      
5.SrMatthew Moyer1:54.08aBoise State      
6.JrAlex Muntefering1:55.40aColorado State      
7.SoJames Senior1:56.72aNew Mexico      
8.JrSam Evans2:00.41aNew Mexico      
9.SoAlex Balsiger2:02.39aColorado State      
X 1500 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrSam Evans3:56.25aNew Mexico      
2.SoAlex Balsiger3:56.65aColorado State      
3.FrZach Perkins3:57.36aAir Force      
4.SrAlex Zubey3:57.94aAir Force      
5.SoDrew O'Donoghue McDonald3:58.75aBoise State      
6.FrAndrew Goodman3:59.39aColorado State      
7.SrTaylor Kelting4:02.01aWyoming      
8.JrCharlie Petrie4:03.44aBoise State      
9.JrLogan Rosenberg4:06.05aNew Mexico      
10.SrMatt Everett4:10.08aNew Mexico      
--SoCaleb Her Many HorsesDNFWyoming      
X 5000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrJames Walmsley14:52.15aAir Force      
2.SrGreg Miller14:59.68aWyoming      
3.SoAllan Schroeder15:01.98aBoise State      
4.JrSean Stam15:05.68aNew Mexico      
5.SrNick Ekel15:06.59aWyoming      
6.SrNicholas Kipruto15:09.75aNew Mexico      
7.SrTaylor Kelting15:10.81aWyoming      
8.SoGarrett Zans15:15.41aWyoming      
9.SoIsaiah Bragg15:19.70aAir Force      
10.SoChristian Meyer15:22.04aColorado State      
11.SrPatrick Ortiz15:24.22aNew Mexico      
12.SoLance Wolfsmith15:29.50aAir Force      
13.SrSawyer Bosch15:30.66aBoise State      
14.JrAndrew Quallio15:33.57aAir Force      
15.SrDaniel Wallis15:38.35aColorado State      
16.SrScott Foley15:42.36aBoise State      
17.FrPetrus Malherbe15:50.38aNew Mexico      
18.JrJeremy Drenckhahn15:51.18aAir Force      
19.SrMatt Everett16:24.04aNew Mexico      
--JrCharlie PetrieDNFBoise State      
--JrLogan RosenbergDNFNew Mexico      
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoTrevor Brown13.80aColorado State      
2.SoJustin Malnes14.13aBoise State      
3.JrKelby Dias14.16aColorado State      
4.SrBryce Bergman14.20aAir Force      
5.JrRolando Trammel14.21aBoise State      
6.JrDe'Vron Walker14.33aNew Mexico      
7.JrBrandon Douglass14.45aWyoming      
8.SoRobert Wasinger14.50aColorado State      
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoTrevor Brown51.08aColorado State      
2.SrBryce Bergman51.61aAir Force      
3.SoLavon Collins52.66aTexas Christian      
4.SoCharles Lewis52.91aNew Mexico      
5.FrBret Scheve53.83aBoise State      
6.FrSam Lynass54.64aColorado State      
7.SoAaron Praska55.15aWyoming      
8.JrRolando Trammel1:22.95aBoise State      
X 4x100 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Skye Dawson
Charles Silmon
OJ Stoneham
Mark Barnes
39.69aTexas Christian      
2.-Beejay Lee
Kendall Spencer
De'Vron Walker
Lamaar Thomas
40.63aNew Mexico      
3.-Uzor Udensi
Anthony Delgado
Jake Spuller
Manny Smith
40.74aAir Force      
4.-Travis Gunderson
Jason Roascio
Stephen Michel
Lenyn Leonce
5.-Eric Capelle
Rolando Trammel
Bret Scheve
Manoah Wesson
41.14aBoise State      
6.-Trevor Brown
Jeff Richmond
Kelby Dias
Robert Wasinger
41.18aColorado State      
X 4x400 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Bryce Bergman
Manny Smith
Anthony Delgado
Jake Spuller
3:09.96aAir Force      
2.-Joshua Washington
Narada Jackson
OJ Stoneham
Lavon Collins
3:10.60aTexas Christian      
3.-Rolando Trammel
Manoah Wesson
Jeff Daw
Paul Robertson
3:13.31aBoise State      
4.-Gizeh Ibanez
Derek Montoya
Charles Lewis
John Cordova
3:16.21aNew Mexico      
5.-Robert Seth Monson
Trevor Brown
Zach Browning
Alex Balsiger
3:17.88aColorado State      
6.-Jason Roascio
Colin Herold
Aaron Praska
Stephen Michel
X Shot Put - 16lb - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrSean Tabor17.79mTexas Christian      
2.FrWill Lohman16.91mBoise State      
3.SoPaul Osunwa16.86mTexas Christian      
4.SrJames Cole16.53mAir Force      
5.JrAlec Pott16.49mColorado State      
6.FrTyler Sergent16.33mTexas Christian      
7.JrKen Harriman16.31mColorado State      
8.SrChase Sexton16.30mBoise State      
9.SrSean Herbison16.01mAir Force      
10.FrJake Schneeberger14.84mColorado State      
11.SoHeath Skelton13.80mTexas Christian      
--JrCarson RowleyFOULColorado State      
X Javelin - 800g - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrKurt Felix63.18mBoise State      
2.SrHenry Ferreira62.04mWyoming      
3.SoTimothy Urista60.89mAir Force      
4.SoMichael Ellis59.42mNew Mexico      
5.FrAustin Hamilton57.82mBoise State      
6.JrRichard York57.49mNew Mexico      
7.JrJosh McMillin55.73mColorado State      
8.FrPaul Jaramillo54.22mNew Mexico      
9.FrKyler Osborne52.75mBoise State      
10.JrMichael Tibbs47.93mAir Force      
X Pole Vault - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrCale Simmons5.53mAir Force      
2.SoLogan Pflibsen5.10mNew Mexico      
3.SrCort Rogers5.10mAir Force      
4.JrChase Cooper5.10mAir Force      
5.SoChris Manuele4.90mBoise State      
5.SoElliott Beski4.90mAir Force      
7.FrJoey Uhle4.80mAir Force      
8.FrTyler Jackson4.80mNew Mexico      
9.SrAndrew Schall4.65mColorado State      
9.JrChris Dodds4.65mNew Mexico      
11.SrSam Potter4.50mNew Mexico      
--JrRobert WarensjoNHNew Mexico      
--JrJosh McMillinNHColorado State      
--JrMichael TibbsNHAir Force      
X Triple Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrCameron Parker15.96mTexas Christian      
2.JrFloyd Ross15.74mNew Mexico      
3.SrJeremiah James15.63mWyoming      
4.SrTy Kirk15.16mNew Mexico      
5.JrRolando Trammel14.73mBoise State      
6.FrScotty Owens14.52mColorado State      
7.JrJaymes Talkington14.38mWyoming      
8.FrTrey Richardson14.37mColorado State      
9.SoKenny Roseman14.22mBoise State      
10.FrJonathan Edmunds14.08mColorado State      
11.JrRyan Wasilawski14.00mColorado State      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrLorraine Ugen11.35aTexas Christian      
2.JrChaniqua Corinealdi11.43aTexas Christian      
3.JrEmily Blok11.59aNevada-Las Vegas      
4.JrUchechi Anunkor11.79aNevada-Las Vegas      
5.JrDynasty Gammage11.84aBoise State      
6.SoVeronica Jones11.89aTexas Christian      
7.SoKayla Fisher-Taylor11.99aNew Mexico      
8.FrShanetria Thomas12.10aColorado State      
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrChaniqua Corinealdi24.01aTexas Christian      
2.JrEmily Blok24.21aNevada-Las Vegas      
3.SrSecoral Yanez24.43aNevada-Las Vegas      
4.SoKayla Fisher-Taylor24.66aNew Mexico      
5.JrTaryn Campos24.72aBoise State      
6.JrDynasty Gammage24.78aBoise State      
7.FrSamantha Kee24.89aWyoming      
8.SrWhitney Gipson25.82aTexas Christian      
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrQuinterra Charles53.54aTexas Christian      
2.JrBrett Zorich54.00aNevada-Las Vegas      
3.JrShirley Pitts54.28aNew Mexico      
4.SoShanieka Thomas55.44aSan Diego State      
5.JrTaryn Campos55.79aBoise State      
6.SrChristine Lowe56.44aNevada-Las Vegas      
7.SrSecoral Yanez56.47aNevada-Las Vegas      
8.FrAshley Collins56.68aTexas Christian      
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrKelsey Williamson2:08.11aNevada-Las Vegas      
2.SoBriyanni Thomas2:08.57aTexas Christian      
3.SoCandace Wollert2:10.09aWyoming      
4.SrJosefine Koskinen2:12.38aSan Diego State      
5.SrAli Bartosch2:15.29aNevada-Las Vegas      
6.JrCorey Honeycutt2:16.23aNevada-Las Vegas      
7.JrCourtney Allen2:18.96aNevada-Las Vegas      
8.JrJosephine Moultrie2:20.29aNew Mexico      
9.JrBrett Zorich2:27.68aNevada-Las Vegas      
X 1500 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrMorgan Mosby4:33.93aAir Force      
2.SoHolly Keeper4:37.48aColorado State      
3.JrMelissa Fuerst4:37.77aAir Force      
4.SoRici Morrill4:38.39aBoise State      
5.JrWhitney Henderson4:39.69aColorado State      
6.SoPatricia Terry4:41.31aTexas Christian      
7.JrJosephine Moultrie4:47.38aNew Mexico      
8.SrAli Bartosch4:50.33aNevada-Las Vegas      
9.SoImogen Ainsworth4:53.35aNew Mexico      
10.FrTessa Murray4:54.71aBoise State      
11.JrCourtney Allen5:04.14aNevada-Las Vegas      
12.SoAndrea Klimowski5:15.33aWyoming      
X 5000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrEmma Bates17:08.36aBoise State      
2.SrSarah Waldron17:16.93aNew Mexico      
3.SrNicole Peters17:24.32aColorado State      
4.SrRuth Senior17:39.68aNew Mexico      
5.JrHannah Pensack-Rinehart17:46.02aColorado State      
6.SrKelley Dawson17:53.60aTexas Christian      
7.FrHolly Page17:57.42aWyoming      
8.FrSophia Torres18:04.96aNew Mexico      
9.SrLacey Oeding18:04.97aNew Mexico      
10.SrKendra Gerk18:12.07aColorado State      
11.JrLauren Peterson18:14.11aNevada-Las Vegas      
12.FrMarisa VanderMalle18:16.76aBoise State      
13.SrShea Hanson18:17.05aBoise State      
14.SoKaitlin Hanenburg18:20.24aColorado State      
15.SoErin McLaughlin18:24.43aBoise State      
16.JrJennifer Bremser18:30.69aAir Force      
17.FrEmily Briggs18:42.63aColorado State      
18.JrSarah Heuer18:48.80aColorado State      
19.JrJanna Mitsos18:50.41aNew Mexico      
20.FrKirsten Follett18:58.21aNew Mexico      
21.JrAbi Bever19:08.93aWyoming      
22.FrHeather Connick19:26.29aAir Force      
23.SoPatricia Terry19:29.85aTexas Christian      
24.SrLarissa Davis19:41.16aNevada-Las Vegas      
25.JrKatie Dalton19:51.88aTexas Christian      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrLarissa Matthews13.67aTexas Christian      
2.JrPrecious Selmon13.89aNew Mexico      
3.SoErin Morris14.00aNevada-Las Vegas      
4.SoAllison Reaser14.02aSan Diego State      
5.JrLindsey Keller14.03aColorado State      
6.SrErin Straughter14.10aNevada-Las Vegas      
7.SoJenna Mann14.24aWyoming      
--JrAlex EvansDNFSan Diego State      
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrChristine Lowe58.29aNevada-Las Vegas      
2.SoErin Kirby59.87aWyoming      
3.SoAllison Reaser60.24aSan Diego State      
4.SoLaura Affeld60.54aNevada-Las Vegas      
5.JrTaylor Gardner60.60aWyoming      
6.SrRachel Thomas61.68aAir Force      
7.JrDiana Long61.74aWyoming      
8.FrStephanie Gerber64.85aColorado State      
X 4x100 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Whitney Gipson
Chaniqua Corinealdi
Veronica Jones
Lorraine Ugen
44.81aTexas Christian      
2.-Zadia Bryant
Uchechi Anunkor
Secoral Yanez
Emily Blok
45.25aNevada-Las Vegas      
3.-Racquel Jones
Destiny Gammage
Taryn Campos
Cyntrail Pierce
46.05aBoise State      
4.-Audrey West
Samantha Kee
Erin Kirby
Chantel Bernabo
5.-Shanetria Thomas
Meagan Robinson
Icenia Anderson
Bethany DeLong
47.12aColorado State      
6.-Bethany Gross
Kassie Gurnell
Morgan Malone
Tawny Lambuth
50.78aAir Force      
7.-Allison Reaser
Maya Carter
Alex Evans
Shanieka Thomas
52.78aSan Diego State      
X 4x400 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Christine Lowe
Brett Zorich
Emily Blok
Kelsey Williamson
3:38.04aNevada-Las Vegas      
2.-Briyanni Thomas
Quinterra Charles
Nefertari Hall
Ashley Collins
3:39.84aTexas Christian      
3.-Audrey West
Lindsey Simmons
Samantha Kee
Erin Kirby
4.-Allison Reaser
Josefine Koskinen
Shanieka Thomas
Maya Carter
3:45.96aSan Diego State      
5.-Tawsha Brazley
Rachel Kelchner
Mickey Brown
Shirley Pitts
3:47.90aNew Mexico      
6.-Taryn Campos
Mackenzie Flannigan
Cyntrail Pierce
Emily Funkhouser
3:48.33aBoise State      
7.-Marissa Smith
Meagan Robinson
Stephanie Gerber
Kalie Kirk
3:53.32aColorado State      
8.-Bethany Gross
Kassie Gurnell
Rachel Thomas
Morgan Mosby
3:58.60aAir Force      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrWhitney Ashley16.46mSan Diego State      
2.FrMegan Smith15.62mTexas Christian      
3.FrKiah Hicks15.30mColorado State      
4.JrKelsey Samuels15.02mTexas Christian      
5.JrMollie Dahl14.92mWyoming      
6.SrAshley Hutchinson14.89mWyoming      
7.SrPaige Blackburn14.73mAir Force      
8.FrJasmine Burrell14.44mSan Diego State      
9.SoJessica Sharbono14.35mColorado State      
10.JrAdrianna Oliva14.23mNevada-Las Vegas      
11.FrShreese Daniels14.01mWyoming      
12.JrElizabeth Johnson13.84mColorado State      
13.FrBrittany Gonter13.82mSan Diego State      
14.JrSara Talley13.53mTexas Christian      
15.SoJacqueline Ahloo12.57mAir Force      
16.SrRachel Gebauer11.37mAir Force      
17.JrKaty Moorkamp11.32mAir Force      
--FrDanielle TabbFOULAir Force      
--SrJenna SliwinskiFOULColorado State      
X Javelin - 600g - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrPaige Blackburn51.95mAir Force      
2.SoMyshauna Alexander48.22mNevada-Las Vegas      
3.FrNikki Freeman43.76mAir Force      
4.SrSasa Kampic43.53mBoise State      
5.SoKim Smith42.92mAir Force      
6.SrKenisha Throughsingh42.66mColorado State      
7.JrAnna George40.05mWyoming      
8.FrKristen Sowers38.70mBoise State      
9.SoAlana Piccone38.31mAir Force      
10.SoAndrea Morones37.34mBoise State      
11.FrGreer Crabtree37.26mNew Mexico      
12.JrMaria Cress36.04mWyoming      
13.JrSara Talley35.85mTexas Christian      
14.SoTaylar Mills35.40mNevada-Las Vegas      
X High Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoAmy Medina1.71mColorado State      
2.JrMarin Schweigert1.71mNew Mexico      
3.SoAlison Forrester1.71mColorado State      
4.FrOrlene Parris1.67mTexas Christian      
5.SoSabrina Jones1.67mColorado State      
6.JrCate Brus1.67mColorado State      
7.SoRachel Herald1.62mAir Force      
7.SoRegan Rogers1.62mAir Force      
9.JrLesly Torres1.62mAir Force      
10.SoCarrington Mahr1.62mSan Diego State      
11.SrStephanie Schafer1.57mNevada-Las Vegas      
12.SoAlexi Morton1.57mBoise State      
13.SoMindy Campbell1.57mColorado State      
14.SoMyra Dean1.52mNevada-Las Vegas      
14.FrRita Rudell1.52mNevada-Las Vegas      
--SrRia DanielsNHNevada-Las Vegas      
X Triple Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoShanieka Thomas13.39mSan Diego State      
2.SoKassie Gurnell12.68mAir Force      
3.FrDebra Johnson12.51mBoise State      
4.JrAlex Evans12.33mSan Diego State      
5.SrMeaghan Peak12.31mColorado State      
6.FrCheyenne Hall11.92mColorado State      
7.SrDeja Edwards11.87mNevada-Las Vegas      
8.FrYeshemabet Turner11.81mNew Mexico      
9.SoEmily Moore11.80mWyoming      
10.SrRia Daniels11.57mNevada-Las Vegas      
10.SoOlivia Hudson11.57mNevada-Las Vegas      
12.SoTaylar Mills11.54mNevada-Las Vegas      
13.FrAasha Marler10.65mNew Mexico      
--SrZadia BryantFOULNevada-Las Vegas      
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