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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrAllah Laryea-Akrong6.84aUtah Valley University
2.SrEric Capelle6.89aBoise State
3.SoRimar Christie6.95aNorthwest Nazarene
5.SoEvan Meehan7.00aSacramento State
6.FrDarian Brooks7.03aStanford
7.SrMichael McPherson7.04aUtah Valley University
8.SrEdidiong Essien7.05aBoise State
9.JrJacob Brydson7.16aUtah Valley University
10.SoJesse Elvrom7.18aSacramento State
11.FrBryan Cuellar7.25aSacramento State
12.Derek Sepe7.33aUnat-Northwe
13.-Sean McKenzie7.36aWestminster College
14.SoKurt Barton7.37aUtah Valley University
15.JrTyler Creswell7.41aSacramento State
--JrDavid Jon WrightFSSacramento State
X 60 Meter Dash - Collegiate - Prelims
1.JrAllah Laryea-Akrong6.86aUtah Valley University
2.SoRimar Christie6.95aNorthwest Nazarene
3.Ronald Brookins6.98aUnattached - Email
4.SrEric Capelle6.99aBoise State
5.SrMichael McPherson7.00aUtah Valley University
6.FrDarian Brooks7.02aStanford
7.SrEdidiong Essien7.04aBoise State
8.SoEvan Meehan7.13aSacramento State
9.SoJesse Elvrom7.20aSacramento State
9.JrJacob Brydson7.20aUtah Valley University
11.FrBryan Cuellar7.24aSacramento State
12.JrDavid Jon Wright7.27aSacramento State
13.Derek Sepe7.35aUnat-Northwe
14.SoKurt Barton7.37aUtah Valley University
15.-Sean McKenzie7.43aWestminster College
16.JrTyler Creswell7.45aSacramento State
17.JrGreyson Kilgore7.50aNorthwest Nazarene
17.JrCameron Colby7.50aNorthwest Nazarene
19.SrBen Heidegger7.55aNorthwest Nazarene
20.JrStephen Larlee7.68aNorthwest Nazarene
21.-Andrew Bertram7.74aNorthwest Nazarene
21.FrBobby Waldie7.74aNorthwest Nazarene
23.SrTim Greene7.83aNorthwest Nazarene
24.SrMark Wade8.53aNorthwest Nazarene
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrAllah Laryea-Akrong21.44aUtah Valley University
2.FrNicholas Taylor22.02aUtah Valley University
3.JrJustin Nesbitt22.04aSacramento State
4.FrEvan Crayton-Crogan22.10aSacramento State
5.SoEvan Meehan22.15aSacramento State
5.SoSkylar Burningham22.15aUtah Valley University
7.SrEric Capelle22.23aBoise State
8.JrPaul Robertson22.26aBoise State
9.SoKarrie Butler22.27aBoise State
10.JrJeff Daw22.39aBoise State
11.SoJustin Malnes22.62aBoise State
11.SrEdidiong Essien22.62aBoise State
13.JrKevin Cardey22.78aStanford
14.FrTaylor Asay22.79aUtah Valley University
15.SrVance Anderson22.94aSacramento State
16.FrMarc Weaver23.00aUtah Valley University
17.FrBryan Cuellar23.41aSacramento State
18.SrMichael Ashton23.53aUtah Valley University
19.Kyler Osborne23.58aUnattached Bsu
20.Derek Sepe23.59aUnat-Northwe
21.JrTyler Creswell23.74aSacramento State
22.FrAngel Medina24.17aUtah Valley University
23.-Andrew Bertram24.76aNorthwest Nazarene
24.JrCameron Colby25.09aNorthwest Nazarene
25.FrBobby Waldie25.50aNorthwest Nazarene
--JrJacob BrydsonDQUtah Valley University
--SoColin HepburnDQStanford
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrManoah Wesson48.70aBoise State
2.JrRolando Trammel48.73aBoise State
3.FrEvan Crayton-Crogan48.89aSacramento State
4.JrPaul Robertson49.09aBoise State
5.SoSkylar Burningham49.39aUtah Valley University
6.JrJustin Nesbitt50.35aSacramento State
7.FrBret Scheve50.36aBoise State
8.SrVance Anderson50.52aSacramento State
9.FrTaylor Asay50.60aUtah Valley University
10.FrPaul Lyons50.90aSacramento State
11.SrTirrell Day50.91aSacramento State
12.FrMarc Weaver50.96aUtah Valley University
13.SrAnthony Belcher50.97aBoise State
14.SrBen Heidegger52.10aNorthwest Nazarene
15.Kyler Osborne52.91aUnattached Bsu
16.FrRyan Hudson52.95aUtah Valley University
17.FrJordan Nelson53.53aUtah Valley University
18.SoCody Henderson53.58aNorthwest Nazarene
19.SoBobby Mueller56.90aBoise State Track & ...
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrTim Rowberry1:51.62aUtah Valley University
2.SrMichael Walrath1:52.92aBoise State
3.FrLuke Lefebure1:53.01aStanford
4.SrDusty Klein-Una1:53.36aBoise State
5.SrMatthew Moyer1:54.97aBoise State
6.JrRyan Valdes1:55.91aStanford
7.SoMarco Bertolotti1:56.84aStanford
8.FrAndy Robertson1:57.67aBoise State
9.SoThomas Mallon1:57.74aStanford
10.SoDrew O'Donoghue McDonald1:57.87aBoise State
11.SrNick Tatro1:58.08aBoise State
12.FrTaylor Charles1:58.69aUtah Valley University
13.SoBronson Duran1:59.65aStanford
14.SoTyler Rackleff1:59.99aBoise State
15.FrJacob Hollander2:00.42aNorthwest Nazarene
16.FrTrevor Sharp2:00.57aUtah Valley University
17.SoJef Marsicola2:01.03aWestminster College
18.FrVince Hamilton2:01.74aBoise State
19.SrBanard Ngeno2:01.81aNorthwest Nazarene
20.Tyler June2:01.95aUnattached Bsu
21.-Byron Palmer2:02.02aUtah Valley University
22.SoChris Dorton2:02.62aUtah Valley University
23.JrJim Monsen2:04.26aUtah Valley University
1.-Werner Hoeger2:29.39aBoise River Running
3.-Reid Harter2:52.31aBoise River Running
4.-Jeffrey Guzi3:08.56aBoise River Running
X 1 Mile - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoCliff Nielson4:14.54aUtah Valley University
2.SoDrew O'Donoghue McDonald4:14.92aBoise State
3.SoAllan Schroeder4:16.60aBoise State
4.SoChris Dorton4:17.50aUtah Valley University
5.SrSawyer Bosch4:19.09aBoise State
6.FrVince Hamilton4:19.54aBoise State
7.FrAaron Back4:20.09aBoise State
8.SoMacy Butterfield4:21.82aUtah Valley University
9.SoZachary Kaylor4:23.60aSacramento State
10.FrKyle Brush4:24.57aBoise State
11.FrTrevor Sharp4:27.06aUtah Valley University
12.JrMike Felix4:32.12aUtah Valley University
13.SrSpencer Evensen4:40.66aUtah Valley University
14.SoOliver Lange4:42.05aWestminster College
15.SoPeter Chew4:58.38aWestminster College
16.-Donny Knapp5:23.21aBoise State Track & ...
17.-Chris Breckenridge5:23.22aBoise State Track & ...
18.-Keith Bonney5:25.41aBoise State Track & ...
X 3000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoCliff Nielson8:42.83aUtah Valley University
2.JrTrevor Baker8:46.61aUtah Valley University
3.JrMike Felix8:49.59aUtah Valley University
4.SrSpencer Evensen9:04.52aUtah Valley University
5.SrSpencer Foster9:04.78aUtah Valley University
6.SoJohn Robinson9:05.69aTreasure Valley
7.JrRay Miller9:10.20aTreasure Valley
8.FrAlex Dutton9:13.88aUtah Valley University
9.SrLuke Hetrick9:21.48aNorthwest Nazarene
10.-Kaleb Fleenor9:28.45aNorthwest Nazarene
11.JrMatt Rankin9:43.74aNorthwest Nazarene
12.SoReynaldo Celestino9:50.83aTreasure Valley
13.FrHouston Horner9:57.49aTreasure Valley
14.JrAlex Shippy9:58.77aTreasure Valley
15.-Chris Breckenridge10:51.85aBoise State Track & ...
16.-Donny Knapp11:16.19aBoise State Track & ...
--SoMacy ButterfieldNTUtah Valley University
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Collegiate - Finals
1.Ronald Brookins7.83aUnattached - Email
2.JrRolando Trammel8.06aBoise State
3.FrPaul Lyons8.23aSacramento State
4.SoRimar Christie8.44aNorthwest Nazarene
5.FrAnthony Williams8.54aSacramento State
6.SrMaurus Hope8.57aNorthwest Nazarene
7.SrTirrell Day8.61aSacramento State
8.SoJesse Elvrom8.74aSacramento State
9.SrAnthony Belcher8.85aBoise State
10.FrJordan Nelson8.92aUtah Valley University
11.SoZach Cook9.03aUtah Valley University
12.FrRyan Hudson9.15aUtah Valley University
13.SoAustin Basterrechea9.31aCollege of Idaho
14.SrTim Greene10.09aNorthwest Nazarene
15.SrMark Wade12.55aNorthwest Nazarene
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Collegiate - Prelims
1.Ronald Brookins7.99aUnattached - Email
2.JrRolando Trammel8.10aBoise State
3.FrPaul Lyons8.28aSacramento State
4.SrTirrell Day8.43aSacramento State
5.SoRimar Christie8.46aNorthwest Nazarene
6.JrTyler Creswell8.48aSacramento State
7.FrAnthony Williams8.63aSacramento State
8.SrMaurus Hope8.74aNorthwest Nazarene
9.SoJesse Elvrom8.83aSacramento State
10.SrAnthony Belcher8.95aBoise State
11.FrJordan Nelson8.97aUtah Valley University
12.SoZach Cook9.00aUtah Valley University
13.FrRyan Hudson9.18aUtah Valley University
14.SoAustin Basterrechea9.32aCollege of Idaho
15.SrTim Greene10.04aNorthwest Nazarene
16.SrMark Wade14.25aNorthwest Nazarene
--SoJustin MalnesFSBoise State
X 4x400 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Karrie Butler
Jeff Daw
Manoah Wesson
Rolando Trammel
3:16.07aBoise State
2.-Marc Weaver
Jacob Brydson
Tim Rowberry
Skylar Burningham
3:18.36aUtah Valley University
3.-Vance Anderson
Evan Crayton-Crogan
Paul Lyons
Justin Nesbitt
3:19.24aSacramento State
4.-Relay Team 3:20.22aBoise State
5.-Taylor Asay
Michael McPherson
Nicholas Taylor
Rusty Jones
3:22.43aUtah Valley University
6.-Luke Lefebure
Darian Brooks
Marco Bertolotti
Ryan Valdes
7.-Michael Ashton
Ryan Hudson
Taylor Charles
Chris Dorton
3:29.42aUtah Valley University
8.-Nick Tatro
Aaron Back
Kyle Brush
Tyler Rackleff
3:31.34aBoise State
9.-Zach Cook
Matt Williams
Byron Palmer
Jordan Nelson
3:33.73aUtah Valley University
10.-Ben Heidegger
Cody Henderson
Cameron Colby
Andrew Bertram
3:40.93aNorthwest Nazarene
---Matthew Moyer
Michael Walrath
Andy Robertson
Dusty Klein-Una
DNFBoise State
---Kevin Cardey
Thomas Mallon
Bronson Duran
Colin Hepburn
X Shot Put - 16lb - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrGeoffrey Tabor17.85mStanford
2.SoZach Coniglio17.75mSacramento State
3.SrChase Sexton16.53mBoise State
4.SoAlberto Millan15.62mSacramento State
5.JrJason Wacker15.17mSacramento State
6.JrAaron Best14.73mUtah Valley University
7.JrGreg Cruise14.67mNorthwest Nazarene
8.Jordan Fenters14.31mUnat-Northwe
9.JrJesse Korb12.93mNorthwest Nazarene
10.-Brad Hammer11.72mNorthwest Nazarene
11.SrMark Wade10.21mNorthwest Nazarene
--JrGeorge SannadanFOULSacramento State
--SoJeremy HinesFOULStanford
X High Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Billy Eng1.99mSacramento State
2.FrAnthony Williams1.94mSacramento State
3.FrRusty Jones1.94mUtah Valley University
4.SoAustin Basterrechea1.94mCollege of Idaho
5.JrOleg Ryabokoravka1.89mSacramento State
6.SrMichael McPherson1.89mUtah Valley University
7.-Findlay William1.84mStanford
7.FrTy Rosser1.84mUtah Valley University
7.FrAndrew Galbraith1.84mNorthwest Nazarene
10.FrLance Merrel1.84mUtah Valley University
--SoJesse ElvromNHSacramento State
--FrAngel MedinaNHUtah Valley University
--SrMatt WilliamsNHUtah Valley University
X Pole Vault - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrCorey Dysick4.90mStanford
2.FrDalton Duvio4.75mStanford
3.SrMatt Williams4.60mUtah Valley University
3.SoBrett Thompson4.60mSacramento State
5.SrAndrew Lohse4.45mSacramento State
6.JrNathan Balcirak4.30mBoise State
6.SrMichael Ashton4.30mUtah Valley University
8.JrGreyson Kilgore4.30mNorthwest Nazarene
--FrKyle FraleyNHSacramento State
--FrRusty JonesNHUtah Valley University
X Long Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrMichael McPherson6.98mUtah Valley University
2.JrKevin Cardey6.89mStanford
3.JrDavid Jon Wright6.70mSacramento State
3.JrOleg Ryabokoravka6.70mSacramento State
5.FrRusty Jones6.56mUtah Valley University
6.SoAustin Basterrechea6.54mCollege of Idaho
7.SrMatt Williams6.40mUtah Valley University
8.-Billy Eng6.24mSacramento State
9.FrJohn Fronk6.12mCollege of Idaho
10.SoZach Cook6.02mUtah Valley University
11.SoJesse Elvrom5.96mSacramento State
12.SrAndre Archer5.79mCollege of Idaho
13.-Sean McKenzie5.71mWestminster College
14.FrLance Merrel5.70mUtah Valley University
X Triple Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrDarian Brooks14.57mStanford
2.SoJames Jones14.27mStanford
3.JrOleg Ryabokoravka13.79mSacramento State
4.JrStephen Larlee13.28mNorthwest Nazarene
5.SrAndre Archer13.23mCollege of Idaho
6.FrDrae Heldreth13.12mTreasure Valley
7.SrTim Greene12.21mNorthwest Nazarene
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrTrevor Kraychir19.87mBoise State
2.SoAlberto Millan17.17mSacramento State
3.SoZach Coniglio16.33mSacramento State
4.JrGeorge Sannadan15.22mSacramento State
5.SrCallan Duffy15.18mSacramento State
6.SoJeremy Hines15.12mStanford
7.JrJesse Korb14.55mNorthwest Nazarene
8.JrGreg Cruise14.06mNorthwest Nazarene
9.JrAaron Best13.76mUtah Valley University
10.SrGeoffrey Tabor12.87mStanford
11.JrElmer Williams12.46mNorthwest Nazarene
12.FrMatt Silva11.71mNorthwest Nazarene
13.-Brad Hammer9.86mNorthwest Nazarene
14.FrNathan Talbot9.70mNorthwest Nazarene

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrShataya Hendricks7.48aStanford
2.JrCarissa Levingston7.62aStanford
3.JrRacquel Jones7.77aBoise State
4.FrCaprice Powell7.79aSacramento State
5.JrDestiny Gammage7.80aBoise State
6.SrAlicia Truesdale7.85aSacramento State
7.JrNicole McClure7.87aSacramento State
8.SoMaderia Toatley7.92aSan Diego State
9.SrSakya Bolton7.93aSacramento State
10.SrSanmisola George7.95aUC Irvine
11.SoShannon Jacobs7.97aBoise State
12.SrChristabel Leonce8.03aNorthwest Nazarene
13.SrBreeanca Fleming8.04aUC Irvine
14.SoMariah Rogers8.11aSacramento State
15.JrRebecca Brown-Renshaw8.12aUtah Valley University
16.SoYvonne Bennett8.15aBoise State
X 60 Meter Dash - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SrShataya Hendricks7.54aStanford
2.JrCarissa Levingston7.64aStanford
3.SrSakya Bolton7.80aSacramento State
4.JrRacquel Jones7.82aBoise State
5.FrCaprice Powell7.83aSacramento State
6.SrAlicia Truesdale7.89aSacramento State
6.JrNicole McClure7.89aSacramento State
8.SoShannon Jacobs7.92aBoise State
8.JrDestiny Gammage7.92aBoise State
10.SrSanmisola George7.93aUC Irvine
11.SoMaderia Toatley7.94aSan Diego State
12.SoMariah Rogers8.01aSacramento State
13.SrBreeanca Fleming8.03aUC Irvine
14.SrChristabel Leonce8.08aNorthwest Nazarene
15.JrRebecca Brown-Renshaw8.09aUtah Valley University
16.SoYvonne Bennett8.13aBoise State
17.FrBrittany Beame8.28aCollege of Idaho
18.JrTajanee Simmons8.34aBoise State
19.SrKelly Collins8.35aUC Irvine
20.SoMarie Smith8.36aNorthwest Nazarene
21.FrWendy Peterson8.37aUtah Valley University
22.JrHailey Bull8.49aCollege of Idaho
23.JrJasmyn Jewitt8.59aNorthwest Nazarene
24.JrJessica Case8.67aNorthwest Nazarene
25.SoMorgan Weidmeier8.71aNorthwest Nazarene
X 200 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.Brittni Dixon-Smith24.13aUnattached - Email
2.SrShataya Hendricks24.21aStanford
3.JrCarissa Levingston24.36aStanford
4.SoKori Carter24.54aStanford
5.SoAngela Gradiska24.55aStanford
6.SoKellie Schueler24.62aStanford
7.SoKatie Nelms24.69aStanford
8.SoMackenzie Flannigan24.85aBoise State
9.FrDominique Whittington24.88aSacramento State
10.JrDestiny Gammage25.02aBoise State
11.JrRacquel Jones25.19aBoise State
12.SrArantxa King25.30aStanford
13.SrZandrea Nelson25.34aUtah Valley University
14.JrTaryn Campos25.37aBoise State
15.FrCaprice Powell25.44aSacramento State
16.SoMaderia Toatley25.46aSan Diego State
17.FrBrianna Cole25.59aSacramento State
18.FrMegan Kelley25.66aBoise State
19.SrSakya Bolton26.09aSacramento State
20.SoYvonne Bennett26.13aBoise State
21.SrAlicia Truesdale26.32aSacramento State
22.JrRebecca Brown-Renshaw26.33aUtah Valley University
23.SrSanmisola George26.46aUC Irvine
24.SrChristabel Leonce26.60aNorthwest Nazarene
25.JrMelissa Grammer26.71aNorthwest Nazarene
26.FrJasmine Cunningham26.72aSacramento State
27.SoJessica Lingwall26.75aUtah Valley University
28.JrKrissy Knowles26.93aUtah Valley University
29.SrBreeanca Fleming26.99aUC Irvine
30.FrMaya Carter27.31aSan Diego State
31.FrNicole Roberts27.44aWestminster College
32.FrWendy Peterson27.49aUtah Valley University
33.JrSam Alderman27.51aBoise State
34.FrBrittany Beame27.86aCollege of Idaho
35.FrAudrey Youren28.06aCollege of Idaho
36.JrLexis Lange28.34aCollege of Idaho
X 400 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.FrDominique Whittington58.33aSacramento State
2.FrBrianna Cole58.45aSacramento State
3.JrEricka Nowell58.59aUC Irvine
4.SoArrielle Holzendorf59.31aSacramento State
5.SoEmily Field59.35aBoise State
6.FrJasmine Cunningham59.40aSacramento State
7.JrSally Hansen59.41aUtah Valley University
8.SoSteffanie Jordan1:00.10aBoise State
9.FrMaya Carter1:00.11aSan Diego State
10.-Megan Opatz1:01.40aBoise State
11.JrEmily Funkhouser1:02.09aBoise State
12.-Amelia Claud1:02.57aBoise State
13.SoJanessa Brown1:02.98aUC Irvine
14.JrKira Helmer1:03.09aUC Irvine
15.JrShanna Rippy1:03.71aNorthwest Nazarene
16.SoMorgan Weidmeier1:05.47aNorthwest Nazarene
X 800 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoRici Morrill2:15.39aBoise State
2.SrSarah McCurdy2:16.24aStanford
3.SrLaura Vogel2:17.24aStanford
4.SrAlein Eisenhauer-Winger2:17.99aUtah Valley University
5.SrLora Marchini2:18.47aSacramento State
6.FrTeresa Mallory2:20.95aSacramento State
7.FrMarie Brashears2:23.37aUC Irvine
8.SoSydni Samuels2:25.01aUtah Valley University
9.SrStephanie Talbot2:25.94aUtah Valley University
10.-Cara Strodel2:26.27aBoise State
11.FrCamille Maron2:26.40aUC Irvine
12.SrPaige Orcutt2:27.96aBoise State
13.SoHannah Groom2:30.50aUtah Valley University
2.-Christine Olen2:30.81aBoise River Running
14.FrTaylor Gomez2:32.24aUtah Valley University
15.SoAllison Reaser2:33.65aSan Diego State
16.SoTiara Collins2:34.52aSan Diego State
17.FrChloe Berlioux2:38.49aSacramento State
18.SoAlexi Morton2:43.80aBoise State
X 1 Mile - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrAlein Eisenhauer-Winger5:02.25aUtah Valley University
2.SoTessa Murray5:13.13aBoise State
3.JrBrooke Hodson-Davies5:13.25aUtah Valley University
4.SoIvie Gonsalves5:17.23aUtah Valley University
5.SoJessica Wilding5:17.64aUtah Valley University
6.SoKate Jette5:18.56aBoise State
7.SrCarly Gerard5:22.34aBoise State
8.FrAnna Preciado5:22.41aBoise State
9.SrAngela Baker5:25.15aUtah Valley University
10.JrJamie Knapp5:30.90aBoise State
11.-Hayley Gregoire5:32.66aBoise State
12.FrJewelz Andrens5:38.84aUC Irvine
13.SoJenna Carlson5:44.24aBoise State Track & ...
14.SoMary Follo5:51.81aUC Irvine
15.JrMeagan Swenson5:53.22aNorthwest Nazarene
16.SoMarie Miller6:01.85aNorthwest Nazarene
17.-Sydney von Kienast6:12.66aBoise State Track & ...
X 3000 Meters - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoEmma Bates10:12.44aBoise State
2.JrShelise Walker10:23.29aUtah Valley University
3.SrAngela Baker10:29.22aUtah Valley University
4.SoErin McLaughlin10:31.47aBoise State
5.SoAlly Deeter10:33.00aUtah Valley University
6.SrStephanie Christensen10:37.63aUtah Valley University
7.JrBrooke Hodson-Davies10:47.59aUtah Valley University
8.SoJessica Wilding10:52.81aUtah Valley University
9.FrSusanna Fleming11:03.47aTreasure Valley
10.-MacKenzie Roberts11:06.17aUtah Valley University
11.SrKalina Zufelt11:11.47aUtah Valley University
12.FrAnnie Wade11:49.19aTreasure Valley
13.FrKeesha Brown11:50.61aNorthwest Nazarene
14.SoCaroline Ratliff12:35.58aTreasure Valley
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Collegiate - Finals
1.SoKori Carter8.31aStanford
2.SoKatie Nelms8.33aStanford
3.SrSakya Bolton8.53aSacramento State
4.SoAllison Reaser8.59aSan Diego State
5.JrNicole McClure8.69aSacramento State
6.SrAlicia Truesdale8.74aSacramento State
7.SrAmber Middleton8.83aUC Irvine
8.SrMoira Robinson8.92aSacramento State
9.JrAlex Evans8.98aSan Diego State
10.SrMegan Burr9.01aUtah Valley University
11.SoMariah Rogers9.07aSacramento State
12.FrMadeline Treasure9.12aStanford
13.SoJessica Lingwall9.15aUtah Valley University
14.JrTajanee Simmons9.16aBoise State
15.SoMarie Smith9.19aNorthwest Nazarene
16.JrKrissy Knowles9.21aUtah Valley University
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Collegiate - Prelims
1.SoKatie Nelms8.45aStanford
2.SoKori Carter8.51aStanford
3.JrNicole McClure8.61aSacramento State
4.SoAllison Reaser8.64aSan Diego State
5.SrSakya Bolton8.64aSacramento State
6.SrAlicia Truesdale8.76aSacramento State
7.SrAmber Middleton8.78aUC Irvine
8.SrMegan Burr8.80aUtah Valley University
9.SrMoira Robinson8.98aSacramento State
10.SoMariah Rogers9.03aSacramento State
11.JrAlex Evans9.09aSan Diego State
12.SoJessica Lingwall9.15aUtah Valley University
13.JrKrissy Knowles9.18aUtah Valley University
14.SoMarie Smith9.19aNorthwest Nazarene
15.JrTajanee Simmons9.22aBoise State
16.FrMadeline Treasure9.22aStanford
17.SrKelly Collins9.24aUC Irvine
18.FrLexie Esplin9.29aUtah Valley University
19.FrZarria McKearney9.46aSacramento State
20.SoAutumn Robertson9.47aUtah Valley University
21.SoAli Shields9.49aUtah Valley University
22.FrMaria Rotello9.53aStanford
23.SrBaiba Celma9.63aSacramento State
24.FrCourtney Schroeder9.76aNorthwest Nazarene
25.JrMakira Kuan9.82aUtah Valley University
26.SrJill Bennett9.85aNorthwest Nazarene
27.FrNicole Roberts10.13aWestminster College
27.JrLaura Pridgen10.13aNorthwest Nazarene
X 4x400 Relay - Collegiate - Finals
1.-Hannah Farley
Kellie Schueler
Shataya Hendricks
Kori Carter
2.-Maria Rotello
Katie Nelms
Sarah McCurdy
Laura Vogel
3.-Zandrea Nelson
Megan Burr
Lexie Esplin
Sally Hansen
3:56.14aUtah Valley University
4.-Amber Middleton
Ericka Nowell
Kelly Collins
Kira Helmer
3:58.76aUC Irvine
5.-Yvonne Bennett
Steffanie Jordan
Paige Orcutt
Sam Alderman
4:02.58aBoise State
6.-Rebecca Brown
Krissy Knowles
Sydni Samuels
Hannah Groom
4:08.93aUtah Valley University
7.-Tessa Murray
Cara Strodel
Megan Opatz
Anna Preciado
4:12.37aBoise State
8.-Kate Jette
Jamie Knapp
Marissa Opatz
Rici Morrill
4:12.76aBoise State
9.-Taylor Gomez
Wendy Peterson
Stephanie Talbot
Ivie Gonsalves
4:18.59aUtah Valley University
10.-Jasmyn Jewitt
Marie Smith
Courtney Schroeder
Jill Bennett
4:20.63aNorthwest Nazarene
---Chloe Berlioux
Lora Marchini
Teresa Mallory
Nicole Jackson
DNFSacramento State
---Brianna Cole
Jasmine Cunningham
Arrielle Holzendorf
Dominique Whittington
DNFSacramento State
---Mackenzie Flannigan
Taryn Campos
Megan Kelley
Emily Field
DNFBoise State
X Shot Put - 4kg - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrWhitney Ashley16.21mSan Diego State
2.JrAlyssa Wisdom15.03mStanford
3.SrIfy Agwuenu14.79mSacramento State
4.FrJasmine Burrell14.78mSan Diego State
5.SoErinn Jones14.13mSacramento State
6.FrRebecca Hammar13.76mStanford
7.SrJoy Warrington13.61mNorthwest Nazarene
8.FrBrittany Gonter13.14mSan Diego State
9.Whitney Amoth13.00mUnattached Bsu
10.SoMarkita Hinton12.95mSacramento State
11.FrItohan Aikhonbare12.73mUC Irvine
12.JrBecca Hutton12.10mUtah Valley University
13.SrJessica Bonner12.03mSacramento State
14.SoChrista Kondru11.79mUC Irvine
15.Victoria Rodriguez11.56mUnattached Bsu
16.SrEleveni Fanaika11.53mSan Diego State
17.JrAlla Dzhidzhiyeshvil11.07mNorthwest Nazarene
18.SoAllison Reaser11.04mSan Diego State
19.FrVessie Umu10.82mNorthwest Nazarene
20.JrCarly Dranginis10.52mNorthwest Nazarene
21.FrCaitlin Curtis10.51mNorthwest Nazarene
22.JrAlicia Hedrick10.24mNorthwest Nazarene
23.FrChelsey Stegelmeier10.15mUtah Valley University
X High Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.JrCarrington Mahr1.65mSan Diego State
1.SoAlexi Morton1.65mBoise State
3.SrMoira Robinson1.60mSacramento State
4.JrMakira Kuan1.55mUtah Valley University
4.SrBaiba Celma1.55mSacramento State
6.FrCourtney Schroeder1.55mNorthwest Nazarene
7.FrZarria McKearney1.55mSacramento State
8.FrAudrey Youren1.55mCollege of Idaho
8.JrJasmyn Jewitt1.55mNorthwest Nazarene
10.FrLexie Esplin1.55mUtah Valley University
11.SoAutumn Robertson1.50mUtah Valley University
11.SoMarie Smith1.50mNorthwest Nazarene
11.SrJill Bennett1.50mNorthwest Nazarene
11.SrKelsi Sando1.50mUC Irvine
15.SoAllison Reaser1.50mSan Diego State
16.SoAli Shields1.45mUtah Valley University
17.JrLaura Pridgen1.45mNorthwest Nazarene
--FrMaria RotelloNHStanford
--SoJessica LingwallNHUtah Valley University
---Katie VanceNHWestminster College
X Pole Vault - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrKaterina Stefanidi4.00mStanford
2.FrKatherine Zingheim4.00mStanford
3.SoEllie McCardwell3.85mStanford
4.FrVictoria Warner3.25mSacramento State
X Long Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.Jamesha Youngblood6.34mUnattached - Email
2.SrArantxa King6.22mStanford
3.Brittni Dixon-Smith6.09mUnattached - Email
4.SoShanieka Thomas6.04mSan Diego State
5.JrKarynn Dunn6.00mStanford
6.SrNatalia Wright5.75mSacramento State
7.SrSakya Bolton5.66mSacramento State
8.SoMariah Rogers5.62mSacramento State
9.JrNicole McClure5.56mSacramento State
10.SoShannon Jacobs5.36mBoise State
11.SrJulianne Alarcio5.35mSan Diego State
11.JrLauren McGlory5.35mSacramento State
13.SrBaiba Celma5.31mSacramento State
14.SrMoira Robinson5.26mSacramento State
15.FrZarria McKearney5.22mSacramento State
16.SoAli Shields5.20mUtah Valley University
17.SoJessica Lingwall5.18mUtah Valley University
18.FrMadeline Treasure5.14mStanford
19.FrLexie Esplin5.13mUtah Valley University
20.FrMaria Rotello5.08mStanford
21.SrMolly Reid5.06mNorthwest Nazarene
21.JrCarrington Mahr5.06mSan Diego State
23.SoJennica Smith4.64mUC Irvine
24.JrJessica Case4.37mNorthwest Nazarene
X Triple Jump - Collegiate - Finals
1.Whitney Liehr13.21mUnattached - Email
2.SoShanieka Thomas13.19mSan Diego State
3.SrJordan Merback12.33mStanford
4.SrNatalia Wright12.15mSacramento State
5.JrLauren McGlory12.11mSacramento State
6.SrMoira Robinson11.93mSacramento State
7.JrAlex Evans11.65mSan Diego State
8.JrNicole McClure11.61mSacramento State
9.SrBaiba Celma11.37mSacramento State
10.JrJasmyn Jewitt11.32mNorthwest Nazarene
11.SrMolly Reid10.76mNorthwest Nazarene
--JrHailey BullFOULCollege of Idaho
--SoJennica SmithFOULUC Irvine
--FrBrianna ColeFOULSacramento State
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Collegiate - Finals
1.SrMele Vaisima19.33mBoise State
2.SrWhitney Ashley18.77mSan Diego State
3.Alyssa Osai18.37mUnattached Bsu
4.FrJasmine Burrell18.27mSan Diego State
5.SrIfy Agwuenu17.22mSacramento State
6.SrEleveni Fanaika17.16mSan Diego State
7.SoErinn Jones16.06mSacramento State
8.JrSarah Yoldi15.85mSacramento State
9.SrJessica Bonner15.72mSacramento State
10.SrJoy Warrington15.63mNorthwest Nazarene
11.JrCarly Dranginis14.83mNorthwest Nazarene
12.JrBecca Hutton14.61mUtah Valley University
13.SoKady Stafford13.92mBoise State
14.JrAlyssa Wisdom13.55mStanford
15.SoMarkita Hinton13.40mSacramento State
16.Whitney Amoth12.74mUnattached Bsu
17.FrCaitlin Curtis12.49mNorthwest Nazarene
18.JrAlicia Hedrick12.44mNorthwest Nazarene
19.FrJasmine Warrington11.75mNorthwest Nazarene
20.FrItohan Aikhonbare10.91mUC Irvine
21.Victoria Rodriguez10.86mUnattached Bsu
22.FrChelsey Stegelmeier10.61mUtah Valley University
23.FrVessie Umu10.52mNorthwest Nazarene
--FrRebecca HammarFOULStanford
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