CYO Developmental Meet 4C

Saturday, May 01, 2010 - Meet Website
  Valley Catholic, Beaverton - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-David Soo12.1hWest Hills Christian
2.-Michael Gonzalez12.2hValley Catholic
2.-Eric Soo12.2hWest Hills Christian
4.8Joseph Alfieri12.3hValley Catholic
5.-Landon Inman12.9hWest Hills Christian
6.8Alex Butz13.4hValley Catholic
7.-Nicholas Boguski13.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
8.-Ross Hoffman13.6hHoly Trinity
9.-Derek Reed13.7hHoly Trinity
10.8Grant Gard13.7hValley Catholic
11.-Jacob Perris14.0hSt. Clare
12.-Jose Madrid14.0hHoly Trinity
13.-Daniel Scoggins14.1hSt. John Fisher
14.-Jereme Wilkie14.2hSt. Clare
15.-Duncan Stewart14.2hSt. Francis/Visitation
16.-Clark Roepel14.2hSt. John Fisher
17.-Jacob Sturtevant14.3hValley Catholic
18.8Terrance Compton14.3hValley Catholic
19.-Josef Marquardt14.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
20.8Philip Lam14.5hValley Catholic
21.-Nello Hall14.9hSt. John Fisher
22.-Tyler Wright15.0hValley Catholic
23.-Caleb Griffie15.1hWest Hills Christian
24.-Ben Moon15.2hSt. John Fisher
25.7David Carbonari15.2hValley Catholic
26.-Cedric Adams15.8hValley Catholic
27.-Kevin Yatsu16.0hHoly Trinity
28.7Alexander Folino16.2hHoly Trinity
29.-Christian Goo16.5hValley Catholic
30.-Jackson Henry17.7hHoly Trinity
31.-Danny Bugingo18.0hSt. Clare
32.-Dylan Frank18.6hSt. Matthew
X 100 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Blake Strandberg13.5hWest Hills Christian
2.6Matthew Gerrig14.0hHoly Trinity
3.6Michael Alfieri14.3hValley Catholic
4.5Mataio Talalemotu14.5hHoly Trinity
5.5Jacob Leonard14.6hHoly Trinity
6.6Cameron Isaac14.6hHoly Trinity
7.6Tyler Rosette14.8hWest Hills Christian
8.5John Walsh14.9hSt. Matthew
9.4Tim Malueg14.9hSt. Clare
10.6Carson Crawford15.0hValley Catholic
11.-Joseph Herman15.2hSt. John Fisher
12.6Carson Little15.2hWest Hills Christian
13.-Jacob Bingham15.2hWest Hills Christian
13.-Kieshon Averette15.2hHoly Trinity
15.-Parker Consolo15.3hWest Hills Christian
16.-Mason Murphy15.3hHoly Trinity
17.6Shankar Krishnakumar15.6hValley Catholic
18.-Joseph Carman15.7hSt. John Fisher
19.6Tripp Dearborn15.7hValley Catholic
20.-Tyler Rutz15.7hHoly Trinity
21.-Julian Kirchler15.8hSt. Francis/Visitation
22.-Stephen Michels15.9hSt. Clare
23.-Kevin McCarthy16.0hHoly Trinity
24.-Charles Milton16.0hSt. John Fisher
25.-Alec Dunkeld16.1hSt. John Fisher
26.-Jack Gall16.2hSt. Clare
27.-Jeff Sharp16.3hHoly Trinity
28.-Jacob Halvorsen16.3hHoly Trinity
28.6Trevor Baek16.3hValley Catholic
30.-Brodey Sajal16.4hHoly Trinity
31.-Patrick Beckett16.6hSt. Clare
32.5Zachary Miller16.6hSt. John Fisher
33.-Garrett Stewart16.7hSt. Francis/Visitation
34.-Andrew Harwood16.8hHoly Trinity
35.-Patrick Connor16.9hSt. Matthew
36.-Jason DuMont16.9hHoly Trinity
37.-Calvin Gall17.1hSt. John Fisher
38.-Conner Crist17.5hWest Hills Christian
39.5Logan McIntyre17.5hHoly Trinity
40.-Riley Stewart17.6hSt. Francis/Visitation
41.5Noah Bautista18.1hWest Hills Christian
42.-Samuel Freepons19.3hSt. Clare
43.5Sam Wallace20.1hHoly Trinity
44.-Michael Noradki23.5hSt. Matthew
X 100 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Alex Soo15.3hWest Hills Christian
2.-Mateo Sanchez15.3hSt. John Fisher
3.4Henry Foster15.7hWest Hills Christian
4.4Carson Crist15.7hWest Hills Christian
5.4Gabriel Leonard15.9hHoly Trinity
6.3Brett Williams16.0hHoly Trinity
7.4Michael Schwan16.2hSt. Matthew
8.3Tyson Parker16.2hHoly Trinity
9.-Cole Strandberg16.3hWest Hills Christian
10.-Paul Hamlin16.5hSt. Matthew
11.-Addison Perris16.5hSt. Clare
12.4Holden Ziels16.6hHoly Trinity
13.4Nataniel Moreau16.7hSt. John Fisher
14.4Hayden J Farris16.7hSt. Matthew
15.3Neal Blaisdell16.7hSt. Matthew
16.-Ethan Carman16.8hSt. John Fisher
17.4Christian Walker16.8hWest Hills Christian
18.3Ethan Bly16.9hValley Catholic
19.-Jack Watson17.0hSt. John Fisher
20.-Linden Cho17.0hWest Hills Christian
21.-Jack LaPerle17.1hHoly Trinity
22.-Nickolas Halvorsen17.2hHoly Trinity
23.-Jacob Hamada17.3hHoly Trinity
24.4Noah Chung17.3hWest Hills Christian
25.3Maxwell Scott17.4hHoly Trinity
26.5Noah Ruckwardt17.5hSt. John Fisher
27.3Dylan Maguire17.5hWest Hills Christian
28.-Davis JohnsonStevens17.5hSt. Clare
29.4Luke Stream17.6hValley Catholic
30.-David Cosper17.7hSt. Clare
31.-Michael Cosper17.9hSt. Clare
31.4Christian Richards17.9hValley Catholic
33.-Matthew Eppler18.0hSt. John Fisher
34.-Miller Vangelisti18.3hSt. Clare
35.4William Barton18.4hSt. John Fisher
36.4Aaron Compton18.6hValley Catholic
37.4Hunter Schaefer18.6hSt. Matthew
38.3Andrew Records18.8hSt. Matthew
39.-Brody Sears18.9hSt. John Fisher
40.-AJ Brauer19.0hSt. John Fisher
41.-Gabriel Connor19.1hSt. Matthew
42.-Steven Keenan-Girone19.2hSt. Clare
43.4Max O'Toole19.3hSt. John Fisher
44.-Preston Kill19.5hWest Hills Christian
44.-Henry Wisshack19.5hSt. Matthew
46.-Kevin Sunderland19.6hValley Catholic
47.-Khoa Van20.2hSt. Matthew
47.-Scot Rein20.2hHoly Trinity
49.4Sumner Maesaka20.5hHoly Trinity
50.-Henry Gebken20.6hHoly Trinity
51.3Spencer Brown21.4hHoly Trinity
52.-Jacob Hermance21.8hSt. Francis/Visitation
53.-Michael-Paul Resweber23.0hSt. Clare
---Spencer DunkleyNTSt. Matthew
---Kieshon AveretteSCRHoly Trinity
X 200 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Michael Gonzalez25.5hValley Catholic
2.-David Soo25.6hWest Hills Christian
3.8Peter Bergmann25.6hHoly Trinity
4.8Joseph Alfieri26.1hValley Catholic
5.-Eric Soo26.1hWest Hills Christian
6.-Samuel Remington27.0hWest Hills Christian
7.-Landon Inman27.6hWest Hills Christian
8.-Ross Hoffman29.2hHoly Trinity
9.-Jose Madrid29.9hHoly Trinity
10.-Jacob Perris30.1hSt. Clare
11.-Jacob Sturtevant30.3hValley Catholic
12.Ben Viehoff30.9hSt. John Fisher
13.-Andrew Lehman32.2hSt. John Fisher
14.-Kevin Yatsu34.4hHoly Trinity
15.-Alex Noradki35.8hSt. Matthew
16.-Nathaniel Trobough38.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
17.-Jackson Henry41.0hHoly Trinity
X 200 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Blake Strandberg28.8hWest Hills Christian
2.6Michael Alfieri30.8hValley Catholic
3.6Matthew Gerrig31.1hHoly Trinity
4.5John Walsh32.7hSt. Matthew
5.-Joseph Carman33.3hSt. John Fisher
6.6Patrick Maloney34.0hSt. Matthew
7.-Thomas Remington34.0hWest Hills Christian
8.-Parker Consolo34.1hWest Hills Christian
9.-Luke Inman34.3hWest Hills Christian
10.-Bryan Gilmore34.3hSt. Clare
11.-Joseph Kellar34.8hSt. Matthew
12.-Kevin McCarthy35.5hHoly Trinity
13.-Julian Kirchler36.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
14.-Jacob Trinchero37.9hSt. John Fisher
15.5Logan McIntyre38.7hHoly Trinity
16.-Simon Crowell40.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
17.6John Barkhurst40.3hHoly Trinity
17.-Zack Pelster40.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 200 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.3Aidan Maloney33.8hSt. Matthew
2.3Sam Romeo34.3hSt. Matthew
2.4Alex Soo34.3hWest Hills Christian
4.4Henry Foster34.6hWest Hills Christian
5.4Michael Schwan35.3hSt. Matthew
6.3Tyson Parker35.7hHoly Trinity
7.-Mateo Sanchez36.0hSt. John Fisher
8.3Brett Williams37.2hHoly Trinity
9.4Ennis Ferguson37.4hSt. John Fisher
10.3Anthony Langton38.0hValley Catholic
11.-Linden Cho38.1hWest Hills Christian
12.3Markus Bauer38.1hHoly Trinity
13.-Paul Hamlin38.4hSt. Matthew
14.4Nataniel Moreau38.6hSt. John Fisher
15.-Davis JohnsonStevens38.7hSt. Clare
16.3Neal Blaisdell38.9hSt. Matthew
17.-Jack LaPerle39.2hHoly Trinity
18.4William Barton40.6hSt. John Fisher
19.-Jacob Perris41.9hSt. Clare
20.-AJ Brauer42.7hSt. John Fisher
21.-Alex Trinchero42.9hSt. John Fisher
22.-Andrew Scott47.0hSt. John Fisher
23.-Henry Wisshack47.2hSt. Matthew
24.-Scot Rein51.8hHoly Trinity
25.-Jacob Hermance56.2hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 400 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.8Peter Bergmann56.4hHoly Trinity
2.8Joseph Alfieri58.6hValley Catholic
3.-George Kingsley59.9hWest Hills Christian
4.-Eric Soo1:00.2hWest Hills Christian
5.-David Soo1:01.1hWest Hills Christian
5.-Kiuna Talalemotu1:01.1hHoly Trinity
7.-Landon Inman1:01.4hWest Hills Christian
8.-Ross Hoffman1:02.4hHoly Trinity
9.7Sam Truax1:04.0hHoly Trinity
10.Justin Menkens1:04.4hValley Catholic
11.-Daniel Scoggins1:06.1hSt. John Fisher
12.-Derek Reed1:07.7hHoly Trinity
13.-Jacob Sturtevant1:08.7hValley Catholic
14.8Philip Lam1:12.7hValley Catholic
15.-Chaz Olivares1:13.3hSt. John Fisher
16.7David Carbonari1:14.5hValley Catholic
17.-Alex Noradki1:16.9hSt. Matthew
X 400 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Blake Strandberg1:04.1hWest Hills Christian
2.6Michael Alfieri1:06.5hValley Catholic
3.-Mateo Minato1:07.3hSt. John Fisher
4.5Cameron Parker1:07.9hHoly Trinity
5.5Mataio Talalemotu1:11.4hHoly Trinity
6.5John Walsh1:12.2hSt. Matthew
7.5Chris Rapp1:13.0hValley Catholic
8.6Shankar Krishnakumar1:13.2hValley Catholic
9.-Joseph Carman1:14.9hSt. John Fisher
10.-Charles Milton1:15.2hSt. John Fisher
11.-Julian Kirchler1:16.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
12.-Jeff Sharp1:16.3hHoly Trinity
13.-John Kunis1:16.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
14.-Jason DuMont1:18.0hHoly Trinity
15.-Tyler Rutz1:18.9hHoly Trinity
16.-Joseph Herman1:20.0hSt. John Fisher
17.-Patrick Beckett1:20.4hSt. Clare
18.5Sterling Roberts1:20.6hWest Hills Christian
19.-Kevin McCarthy1:21.1hHoly Trinity
20.-Joseph Kellar1:23.1hSt. Matthew
21.-Nicholas Johnson1:25.3hSt. Matthew
22.-Riley Stewart1:27.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
23.-Garrett Stewart1:29.7hSt. Francis/Visitation
24.-Calvin Gall1:29.8hSt. John Fisher
25.6John Barkhurst1:32.2hHoly Trinity
26.-Quint Page1:38.7hSt. John Fisher
---Duncan StewartSCRSt. Francis/Visitation
X 400 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.3William Sheaffer1:15.6hWest Hills Christian
2.3Aidan Maloney1:16.7hSt. Matthew
3.4Gabriel Leonard1:18.5hHoly Trinity
4.3Brett Williams1:20.3hHoly Trinity
5.4Michael Schwan1:20.3hSt. Matthew
6.4Craig Weeks1:20.8hSt. John Fisher
7.3Anthony Langton1:20.8hValley Catholic
8.3Sam Romeo1:21.4hSt. Matthew
9.3Grant Miller1:21.9hWest Hills Christian
10.4Alex Soo1:22.9hWest Hills Christian
11.4Carson Crist1:24.1hWest Hills Christian
12.4Ryan Olson1:24.5hHoly Trinity
13.-Owen Ward1:26.6hSt. John Fisher
14.3Maxwell Scott1:27.7hHoly Trinity
15.3Neal Blaisdell1:27.9hSt. Matthew
16.4Aidan Akenson1:28.1hWest Hills Christian
17.3Dylan Maguire1:28.5hWest Hills Christian
18.-Harrison Dreyer1:29.0hSt. John Fisher
19.4Conner Graziano1:31.0hHoly Trinity
20.-Rishab Kottooru1:32.4hValley Catholic
21.-Max Johanson1:33.4hSt. John Fisher
22.-Alex Trinchero1:36.6hSt. John Fisher
23.-Steven Keenan-Girone1:37.4hSt. Clare
24.-Seth Satalich1:41.7hSt. John Fisher
25.-Jacob Hermance1:48.6hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 800 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Samuel Remington2:11.9hWest Hills Christian
2.8Peter Bergmann2:13.3hHoly Trinity
3.-Ryan Krostag2:18.6hWest Hills Christian
4.-Jordan Hamada2:30.2hHoly Trinity
5.12Tim Motsiff2:30.5hHoly Trinity
6.-RJ Stevens2:32.6hWest Hills Christian
7.-Wilder Boyden2:32.9hSt. John Fisher
8.-Kiuna Talalemotu2:39.3hHoly Trinity
9.-Camden Coshow2:39.5hSt. John Fisher
10.-Duncan Brewster2:40.6hWest Hills Christian
11.-Tristan Sommers2:45.0hHoly Trinity
12.7Alexander Folino2:50.5hHoly Trinity
13.-Chaz Olivares2:53.1hSt. John Fisher
X 800 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.5Cameron Parker2:37.9hHoly Trinity
2.6Cameron Isaac2:38.5hHoly Trinity
3.-Jacob Bingham2:39.4hWest Hills Christian
4.6Zachary Rabin2:50.6hHoly Trinity
5.-Jason DuMont2:51.0hHoly Trinity
6.6Joseph Kiefer2:53.3hValley Catholic
7.-John Kunis2:54.0hSt. Francis/Visitation
8.5Alan Wild2:55.4hHoly Trinity
9.-Jack Gall2:58.4hSt. Clare
10.-Noah Grabe3:03.4hSt. John Fisher
11.5Zachary Miller3:07.2hSt. John Fisher
12.-Noah Crise3:08.4hSt. John Fisher
13.5Sterling Roberts3:08.6hWest Hills Christian
14.5Mitch Glad3:08.7hWest Hills Christian
15.-Alexander Erickson3:10.00St. Matthew
16.-Jake Jones3:13.4hWest Hills Christian
17.-Nicholas Johnson3:21.0hSt. Matthew
18.-Quint Page3:30.6hSt. John Fisher
X 800 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Michael Gadda2:58.7hValley Catholic
2.4Craig Weeks3:07.5hSt. John Fisher
3.4John Rutledge3:08.1hValley Catholic
4.-Ethan Carman3:08.3hSt. John Fisher
5.-Jacob Hamada3:08.5hHoly Trinity
6.3Neal Blaisdell3:08.7hSt. Matthew
7.3Grant Miller3:09.2hWest Hills Christian
8.3Markus Bauer3:09.7hHoly Trinity
9.3Brandon Roberts3:12.5hWest Hills Christian
10.-Liam Salzman3:20.9hSt. John Fisher
11.3Jack De la motte3:22.2hSt. Matthew
12.-Joseph Boguski3:35.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 1500 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Ryan Krostag4:46.4hWest Hills Christian
2.7Zachary Sims5:04.7hHoly Trinity
3.-Jordan Hamada5:08.0hHoly Trinity
4.-Drew Larabee5:11.0hHoly Trinity
5.-RJ Stevens5:15.6hWest Hills Christian
6.-Tristan Sommers5:17.7hHoly Trinity
7.-Duncan Stewart5:19.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
8.-Zach Collins5:27.0hSt. John Fisher
9.7David Boss5:33.6hValley Catholic
10.Ben Viehoff5:46.9hSt. John Fisher
11.-Evan Harrison5:53.3hWest Hills Christian
12.-Scott Bingham5:59.0hWest Hills Christian
13.-Kevin Yatsu6:00.4hHoly Trinity
14.-Nathaniel Trobough6:01.2hSt. Francis/Visitation
15.-Jacob Trinchero6:15.0hSt. John Fisher
16.-Robert Woodruff Jr6:32.0hSt. Francis/Visitation
17.-Jackson Henry6:34.5hHoly Trinity
X 1500 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.5Andrew Lang5:11.6hHoly Trinity
2.-Jacob Bingham5:16.2hWest Hills Christian
3.5Alan Wild5:33.4hHoly Trinity
4.-Luke Inman5:44.7hWest Hills Christian
5.-Alexander Erickson6:04.3hSt. Matthew
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.3William Sheaffer5:39.7hWest Hills Christian
2.4Gabriel Leonard5:56.1hHoly Trinity
3.4Conner Graziano5:56.7hHoly Trinity
4.3Grant Miller5:58.2hWest Hills Christian
5.4Ryan Olson5:58.4hHoly Trinity
6.4Holden Ziels6:22.0hHoly Trinity
7.4Ennis Ferguson6:24.5hSt. John Fisher
8.-Liam Salzman6:29.0hSt. John Fisher
9.3Jack De la motte6:30.4hSt. Matthew
10.3Ethan Bly6:35.2hValley Catholic
11.-Jack Watson6:44.5hSt. John Fisher
12.-Matthew Eppler6:53.2hSt. John Fisher
13.-Joseph Boguski7:27.6hSt. Francis/Visitation
14.3Andrew Records7:28.7hSt. Matthew
15.4Aaron Compton7:42.8hValley Catholic
X 3000 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.7Sam Truax10:10.0hHoly Trinity
2.-Joshua Tsen11:43.7hWest Hills Christian
3.-George Lilly12:12.7hSt. John Fisher
4.7David Boss12:22.7hValley Catholic
5.-Andrew Raffety12:26.4hSt. Clare
6.-Madison Meeuwsen14:11.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
--6Zachary RabinSCRHoly Trinity
---Nick EmmertSCRSt. Clare
--5Andrew LangSCRHoly Trinity
X 3000 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.5Andrew Lang11:28.0hHoly Trinity
2.6Zachary Rabin12:09.3hHoly Trinity
3.6Pierce Miller13:11.3hWest Hills Christian
4.-Nick Emmert13:39.2hSt. Clare
X 4x60 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Relay Team 40.9hSt. John Fisher
2.-Relay Team 42.1hSt. Clare
3.-Relay Team 42.4hHoly Trinity
4.-Relay Team 43.6hSt. Matthew
5.-Relay Team 44.4hSt. John Fisher
6.-Relay Team 46.0hHoly Trinity
7.-Relay Team 46.1hSt. Matthew
8.-Relay Team 46.9hSt. John Fisher
X 4x100 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Relay Team 49.1hWest Hills Christian
2.-Relay Team 56.3hHoly Trinity
3.-Relay Team 1:00.7hValley Catholic
4.-Relay Team 1:00.8hSt. Clare
5.-Relay Team 1:04.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 4x100 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Relay Team 57.2hHoly Trinity
2.-Relay Team 57.6hWest Hills Christian
3.-Relay Team 1:01.7hValley Catholic
4.-Relay Team 1:02.1hSt. Clare
5.-Relay Team 1:02.2hWest Hills Christian
6.-Relay Team 1:05.1hSt. Matthew
7.-Relay Team 1:05.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:04.6hWest Hills Christian
2.-Relay Team 1:04.7hSt. Matthew
3.-Relay Team 1:07.6hHoly Trinity
4.-Relay Team 1:08.2hWest Hills Christian
5.-Relay Team 1:10.7hValley Catholic
6.-Relay Team 1:11.8hSt. John Fisher
7.-Relay Team 1:12.1hSt. Clare
X 4x400 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:13.2hWest Hills Christian
2.-Relay Team 4:38.1hHoly Trinity
3.-Relay Team 4:49.9hSt. John Fisher
4.-Relay Team 5:26.5hValley Catholic
5.-Relay Team 5:29.9hSt. Clare
X 4x400 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Relay Team 5:46.1hSt. Clare
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadets - Finals
1.-Ryan Krostag11.27mWest Hills Christian
2.8Terrance Compton9.33mValley Catholic
3.-Jose Madrid9.29mHoly Trinity
4.-RJ Stevens8.60mWest Hills Christian
5.-Andrew Raffety7.89mSt. Clare
6.-Cedric Adams7.86mValley Catholic
7.-Alex Satterlee7.59mSt. Matthew
8.-Drew Larabee7.41mHoly Trinity
9.-James Trotter7.20mSt. John Fisher
10.-Jackson Henry7.08mHoly Trinity
11.-Madison Meeuwsen6.11mSt. Francis/Visitation
12.-Dylan Frank5.84mSt. Matthew
13.-Robert Woodruff Jr5.57mSt. Francis/Visitation
14.7Richard Yates4.63mValley Catholic
---Stephen MichelsSCRSt. Clare
---Zack PelsterSCRSt. Francis/Visitation
---Jacob HalvorsenSCRHoly Trinity
---Brodey SajalSCRHoly Trinity
---Andrew HarwoodSCRHoly Trinity
---Jeff SharpSCRHoly Trinity
---Kieshon AveretteSCRHoly Trinity
---Tyler RutzSCRHoly Trinity
--5Mitch GladSCRWest Hills Christian
--6Joseph KieferSCRValley Catholic
--5Robert ScrivenSCRWest Hills Christian
---Conner CristSCRWest Hills Christian
---Jacob CapteinSCRWest Hills Christian
---Jake JonesSCRWest Hills Christian
---Samuel FreeponsSCRSt. Clare
---Simon CrowellSCRSt. Francis/Visitation
---Michael NoradkiSCRSt. Matthew
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cubs - Finals
1.-Conner Crist9.24mWest Hills Christian
2.6Joseph Kiefer8.61mValley Catholic
3.-Kieshon Averette7.97mHoly Trinity
4.-Tyler Rutz7.50mHoly Trinity
5.-Andrew Harwood7.41mHoly Trinity
6.-Jacob Captein7.11mWest Hills Christian
7.5Robert Scriven7.04mWest Hills Christian
8.-Stephen Michels7.01mSt. Clare
9.-Brodey Sajal6.88mHoly Trinity
10.-Jacob Halvorsen6.83mHoly Trinity
11.5Mitch Glad5.79mWest Hills Christian
12.-Jeff Sharp5.74mHoly Trinity
13.-Jake Jones5.54mWest Hills Christian
14.-Zack Pelster5.20mSt. Francis/Visitation
15.-Samuel Freepons5.18mSt. Clare
16.-Simon Crowell4.62mSt. Francis/Visitation
17.-Michael Noradki3.36mSt. Matthew
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Michael Cosper6.31mSt. Clare
2.4Craig Weeks6.17mSt. John Fisher
3.-Jack Watson6.01mSt. John Fisher
3.4Christian Walker6.01mWest Hills Christian
5.-Cole Strandberg5.94mWest Hills Christian
6.4Sumner Maesaka5.49mHoly Trinity
7.4Holden Ziels5.13mHoly Trinity
8.4Luke Stream5.10mValley Catholic
9.5Noah Ruckwardt4.94mSt. John Fisher
10.3Brandon Roberts4.78mWest Hills Christian
11.4Hunter Schaefer4.67mSt. Matthew
12.-Nickolas Halvorsen4.66mHoly Trinity
13.4Christian Richards4.40mValley Catholic
14.3Jack De la motte4.24mSt. Matthew
15.-Henry Gebken4.08mHoly Trinity
16.-Michael-Paul Resweber4.01mSt. Clare
17.-Spencer Dunkley3.98mSt. Matthew
18.-Khoa Van3.91mSt. Matthew
19.-Rishab Kottooru3.86mValley Catholic
20.-Scot Rein3.75mHoly Trinity
21.3Spencer Brown3.49mHoly Trinity
22.3Dylan Maguire3.47mWest Hills Christian
23.-Alex Trinchero3.30mSt. John Fisher
24.-Gabriel Connor3.22mSt. Matthew
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadets - Finals
1.-Evan Harrison40.56mWest Hills Christian
2.-George Lilly40.25mSt. John Fisher
3.-Cedric Adams30.60mValley Catholic
4.7David Carbonari30.30mValley Catholic
5.-Brandon Emmert29.94mSt. Clare
6.-Duncan Brewster29.51mWest Hills Christian
7.7Joe Coucher29.15mValley Catholic
8.-Drew Larabee24.84mHoly Trinity
9.-Tyler Wright24.33mValley Catholic
10.-Drew Cannon23.34mSt. Clare
11.-Danny Bugingo23.01mSt. Clare
12.-Alex Noradki22.42mSt. Matthew
13.-Christian Goo19.27mValley Catholic
14.7Alexander Folino17.14mHoly Trinity
15.-Robert Woodruff Jr16.73mSt. Francis/Visitation
16.-Madison Meeuwsen15.29mSt. Francis/Visitation
17.-Nathaniel Trobough11.27mSt. Francis/Visitation
18.7Richard Yates10.87mValley Catholic
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cubs - Finals
1.6Tyler Rosette30.25mWest Hills Christian
2.-John Kunis30.20mSt. Francis/Visitation
3.-Bryan Gilmore26.46mSt. Clare
3.-Jacob Halvorsen26.46mHoly Trinity
5.-Conner Crist25.45mWest Hills Christian
6.-Noah Crise24.23mSt. John Fisher
6.-Charles Milton24.23mSt. John Fisher
8.5Mitch Glad23.87mWest Hills Christian
9.6Shankar Krishnakumar23.41mValley Catholic
10.-Joseph Herman21.81mSt. John Fisher
11.5Robert Scriven20.06mWest Hills Christian
12.-Thomas Remington19.86mWest Hills Christian
13.-Simon Crowell19.50mSt. Francis/Visitation
14.5Andrew Lang18.77mHoly Trinity
15.-Jake Jones16.43mWest Hills Christian
16.-Joseph Wiechelman16.30mSt. Francis/Visitation
17.-Patrick Connor15.46mSt. Matthew
18.-Zack Pelster14.32mSt. Francis/Visitation
19.-Julian Kirchler14.22mSt. Francis/Visitation
20.5Sam Wallace13.08mHoly Trinity
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Owen Ward21.89mSt. John Fisher
2.4Ennis Ferguson21.48mSt. John Fisher
3.4Jack Grasberger21.23mValley Catholic
4.-Nickolas Halvorsen20.75mHoly Trinity
5.-Harrison Dreyer19.71mSt. John Fisher
6.3Anthony Langton19.22mValley Catholic
7.3Sam Romeo18.61mSt. Matthew
8.-Liam Salzman18.46mSt. John Fisher
9.-David Cosper18.21mSt. Clare
10.-Linden Cho18.03mWest Hills Christian
11.-Miller Vangelisti17.80mSt. Clare
12.4Aidan Akenson17.29mWest Hills Christian
13.5Noah Ruckwardt16.30mSt. John Fisher
14.-Kevin Sunderland15.79mValley Catholic
15.4Noah Chung15.49mWest Hills Christian
16.3Markus Bauer15.13mHoly Trinity
17.3Ethan Bly14.63mValley Catholic
18.4Christian Walker14.24mWest Hills Christian
19.-Seth Satalich14.12mSt. John Fisher
20.-Cole Strandberg13.81mWest Hills Christian
21.3Brandon Roberts12.75mWest Hills Christian
22.-Spencer Dunkley12.14mSt. Matthew
23.-Henry Wisshack11.65mSt. Matthew
24.4Hayden J Farris11.63mSt. Matthew
25.-Andrew Scott11.32mSt. John Fisher
26.-Brody Sears11.30mSt. John Fisher
27.-Steven Keenan-Girone10.99mSt. Clare
28.-Henry Gebken10.94mHoly Trinity
29.4Aaron Compton10.64mValley Catholic
30.-Preston Kill10.51mWest Hills Christian
31.-Gabriel Connor9.62mSt. Matthew
32.-Khoa Van7.28mSt. Matthew
33.3Spencer Brown6.52mHoly Trinity
X High Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Camden Coshow1.62mSt. John Fisher
2.8Tyler Nguyen1.52mValley Catholic
2.-George Kingsley1.52mWest Hills Christian
4.8Alex Butz1.52mValley Catholic
5.8Grant Gard1.44mValley Catholic
6.-Caleb Griffie1.42mWest Hills Christian
7.8Philip Lam1.32mValley Catholic
8.7David Boss1.27mValley Catholic
---Clark RoepelNHSt. John Fisher
---Nicholas BoguskiNHSt. Francis/Visitation
X High Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.6Carson Little1.34mWest Hills Christian
2.5Robert Scriven1.27mWest Hills Christian
3.6Patrick Maloney1.21mSt. Matthew
4.6Tyler Rosette1.16mWest Hills Christian
5.6Carson Crawford1.16mValley Catholic
6.-Jacob Trinchero1.11mSt. John Fisher
--5Chris RappNHValley Catholic
---Jacob CapteinNHWest Hills Christian
X Long Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Samuel Remington5.27mWest Hills Christian
2.-Michael Gonzalez5.08mValley Catholic
3.Justin Menkens4.14mValley Catholic
4.-Duncan Stewart4.12mSt. Francis/Visitation
5.-Caleb Griffie4.04mWest Hills Christian
6.-Jacob Sturtevant3.93mValley Catholic
7.-Josef Marquardt3.89mSt. Francis/Visitation
8.-Jereme Wilkie3.88mSt. Clare
9.-Scott Bingham3.87mWest Hills Christian
10.8Terrance Compton3.83mValley Catholic
10.-Tyler Wright3.83mValley Catholic
10.-Derek Reed3.83mHoly Trinity
13.-Ben Moon3.82mSt. John Fisher
14.-Zach Collins3.67mSt. John Fisher
15.-Nello Hall3.63mSt. John Fisher
16.-Christian Goo3.61mValley Catholic
17.-Clark Roepel3.49mSt. John Fisher
18.-Alex Satterlee3.47mSt. Matthew
19.-Nicholas Boguski3.42mSt. Francis/Visitation
20.-Danny Bugingo2.93mSt. Clare
21.-Dylan Frank2.41mSt. Matthew
---Wilder BoydenSCRSt. John Fisher
X Long Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-Mason Murphy3.87mHoly Trinity
2.6Patrick Maloney3.86mSt. Matthew
3.-Thomas Remington3.83mWest Hills Christian
4.6Tripp Dearborn3.65mValley Catholic
5.-Jake Jones3.57mWest Hills Christian
6.6Carson Little3.54mWest Hills Christian
7.5Sterling Roberts3.52mWest Hills Christian
8.6Trevor Baek3.45mValley Catholic
9.-Patrick Beckett3.42mSt. Clare
10.4Tim Malueg3.38mSt. Clare
11.-Jacob Halvorsen3.34mHoly Trinity
12.-Andrew Harwood3.27mHoly Trinity
13.-Kieshon Averette3.25mHoly Trinity
14.5Zachary Miller3.22mSt. John Fisher
15.-Calvin Gall3.07mSt. John Fisher
16.-Noah Grabe3.04mSt. John Fisher
17.-Jack Gall3.02mSt. Clare
18.-Jacob Captein3.01mWest Hills Christian
19.-Patrick Connor3.00mSt. Matthew
19.-Julian Kirchler3.00mSt. Francis/Visitation
21.-Garrett Stewart2.95mSt. Francis/Visitation
22.-Alexander Erickson2.92mSt. Matthew
23.6John Barkhurst2.87mHoly Trinity
24.-Joseph Kellar2.85mSt. Matthew
25.-Brodey Sajal2.78mHoly Trinity
25.-Samuel Freepons2.78mSt. Clare
27.-Nicholas Johnson2.61mSt. Matthew
28.-Riley Stewart2.45mSt. Francis/Visitation
29.-Joseph Wiechelman2.33mSt. Francis/Visitation
30.5Logan McIntyre2.15mHoly Trinity
31.-Michael Noradki1.16mSt. Matthew
--5Sam WallaceSCRHoly Trinity
X Long Jump - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Henry Foster3.70mWest Hills Christian
2.-Mateo Sanchez3.68mSt. John Fisher
3.3Aidan Maloney3.60mSt. Matthew
4.4Ryan Olson3.30mHoly Trinity
5.4John Rutledge3.22mValley Catholic
6.-Ethan Carman3.20mSt. John Fisher
6.4Noah Chung3.20mWest Hills Christian
8.4Jack Grasberger3.17mValley Catholic
8.-Davis JohnsonStevens3.17mSt. Clare
10.-Max Johanson3.07mSt. John Fisher
10.4Hayden J Farris3.07mSt. Matthew
12.-Paul Hamlin3.02mSt. Matthew
13.4Max O'Toole2.99mSt. John Fisher
14.-Miller Vangelisti2.84mSt. Clare
15.4Christian Richards2.81mValley Catholic
16.-Rishab Kottooru2.76mValley Catholic
16.-Brody Sears2.76mSt. John Fisher
18.-David Cosper2.74mSt. Clare
19.-Preston Kill2.71mWest Hills Christian
20.4Aidan Akenson2.61mWest Hills Christian
21.-AJ Brauer2.59mSt. John Fisher
21.3Tyson Parker2.59mHoly Trinity
23.3Maxwell Scott2.54mHoly Trinity
23.4Hunter Schaefer2.54mSt. Matthew
25.-Seth Satalich2.36mSt. John Fisher
26.-Sean Nisbet2.28mSt. John Fisher
27.-Andrew Scott2.18mSt. John Fisher
28.-Joseph Boguski1.60mSt. Francis/Visitation

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Alexandra Griffin13.2hValley Catholic
2.-Madeleine Houdroge13.6hSt. Clare
3.-Sela Brazier13.9hWest Hills Christian
4.8Gabby Rosenthal13.9hValley Catholic
5.-Nicola Bachman14.0hSt. John Fisher
6.-Emma Marquard14.1hSt. Clare
7.-Lindsey Rosette14.2hWest Hills Christian
8.-Marlee Leonard14.4hValley Catholic
9.-KenAli Averette14.4hHoly Trinity
10.-Carly Gray14.7hSt. John Fisher
11.-Laura Leong14.8hWest Hills Christian
12.-Shannon Hammond15.0hSt. Francis/Visitation
13.-Lindsie LaBonte15.0hValley Catholic
14.-Madeline Stapleton15.2hSt. John Fisher
15.-Gabrielle Hamlin15.4hSt. John Fisher
16.-Jhona Amparo15.4hSt. John Fisher
16.-Connie Parker15.4hSt. John Fisher
18.-Corrina Winstead15.5hWest Hills Christian
19.-Emily Sunderland15.8hValley Catholic
20.-Emma Fortmiller15.8hSt. John Fisher
20.-Divya Sridharan15.8hValley Catholic
22.-Angela Hamlin16.2hSt. Matthew
23.-Hitha Yeccaluri16.6hValley Catholic
24.-Laura Parker17.0hSt. John Fisher
25.-Lia Shaw17.3hSt. John Fisher
26.-Meg McNamara17.3hWest Hills Christian
27.-Emily Szekely18.2hHoly Trinity
X 100 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Kristina Thomas14.4hSt. Matthew
2.-Ruth Meeker14.6hValley Catholic
3.-Katherine Clark14.7hSt. Clare
4.6Kylee Richards14.8hValley Catholic
5.5Elisabeth Stefan14.8hWest Hills Christian
6.6Ashley Arenz14.9hSt. John Fisher
7.6Gabrielle Lorenzo15.0hWest Hills Christian
8.-Blaise JohnsonStevens15.0hSt. Clare
9.5Julia Lauren Gerig15.1hHoly Trinity
10.6Emily Ferguson15.1hSt. John Fisher
11.6Carson Blodgett15.3hHoly Trinity
12.6Brooklynn Loiselle15.3hWest Hills Christian
13.-Zoe Fanning15.4hSt. Clare
14.6Erica Clark15.5hSt. John Fisher
15.-Julianna Symmonds15.7hWest Hills Christian
16.5Elizabeth Gibson15.7hValley Catholic
17.-Savannah Harris15.8hSt. John Fisher
18.6Ellen Koukel15.9hValley Catholic
19.6Mariel Shoemaker15.9hValley Catholic
20.-Genevieve Adams16.2hValley Catholic
21.6Maggie Gard16.2hValley Catholic
21.6Lea Davis16.2hSt. John Fisher
23.-Chiara Giambrone16.2hSt. Clare
24.5Emmie Randall16.2hWest Hills Christian
25.-Tori Harman16.2hValley Catholic
26.-Milan Hernandez16.3hSt. Clare
27.-Madeline McDougal16.4hValley Catholic
28.-MaryJean Throm16.5hValley Catholic
29.5Bonnie Romeo16.6hSt. Matthew
30.-Haley Voorhees16.6hHoly Trinity
31.5Rachael Frankovic16.6hValley Catholic
32.5Lauren Gray16.7hSt. John Fisher
32.5Claire Corbitt16.7hSt. John Fisher
34.-Katrina Lam16.8hValley Catholic
35.5Mika Nevo16.8hHoly Trinity
35.11Elizabeth Rees16.8hSt. Clare
37.5Mary Oehler16.8hValley Catholic
38.-Katie Corah16.9hHoly Trinity
39.6Samantha Louie17.0hValley Catholic
40.-Julienne Amparo17.0hSt. John Fisher
40.5Kristin Mori17.0hWest Hills Christian
42.-Emily Grasberger17.0hValley Catholic
43.-Stella Kalomiris17.1hSt. Clare
44.6Adrianna Zell17.1hWest Hills Christian
45.-Bailey Hammond17.2hSt. Matthew
46.10Carly Suter17.2hWest Hills Christian
46.5Claire Collins17.2hSt. John Fisher
48.-Taylor Rosholt17.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
49.10Bella Marconi17.8hSt. Clare
50.-Amanda Nguyen17.8hValley Catholic
51.-Gemma Gebken17.9hHoly Trinity
52.-Isabella Schammel17.9hValley Catholic
53.6Olivia Langton18.5hValley Catholic
54.-Elisabeth Gouge19.5hWest Hills Christian
55.-Anika Schaedler19.9hSt. Francis/Visitation
56.-Isabella Crepeaux21.3hWest Hills Christian
X 100 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Sara Heller16.0hSt. Clare
2.-Mia Hermann16.0hSt. Clare
3.4Erin Lang16.1hHoly Trinity
4.4Cassandra Dolan16.2hHoly Trinity
5.4Aisling Taylor16.3hHoly Trinity
6.-Alyssa Hughes16.3hSt. Clare
7.4Courtney Kingsley16.4hWest Hills Christian
8.4Hazel Reynolds16.4hSt. John Fisher
9.-Katherine MacNaughton16.6hValley Catholic
10.-Aimee Lutz16.8hSt. Clare
11.-Alexa Clark16.8hSt. John Fisher
12.-Audrey Hoppes17.0hSt. Clare
13.-Natalie Manlove17.2hSt. Clare
14.-Sophie Vogel17.4hSt. Clare
14.4Calista Hodgert17.4hHoly Trinity
16.-Tanvi Yeccaluri17.5hValley Catholic
17.4Gabrielle Horne17.44Holy Trinity
18.-Grace Kyle17.5hSt. Clare
19.-Nicola Bittner17.5hSt. Clare
20.3Alice Welch17.6hWest Hills Christian
21.3Claire McCarthy17.7hHoly Trinity
22.3Luciana Lenth18.0hSt. John Fisher
23.-Kalea Averette18.0hHoly Trinity
24.3Mary Taylor18.3hSt. John Fisher
25.-Mira Eagon18.4hSt. Clare
26.-Damaris Lozano18.5hSt. Matthew
27.3Sasha Burton18.5hValley Catholic
28.3Ashley Rosenbaum18.6hWest Hills Christian
29.3Ruthanne Jaramillo18.7hWest Hills Christian
29.-Claire Noonan18.7hSt. Clare
31.-Josie Abel18.8hSt. John Fisher
32.-Divya Jeyasingh18.8hValley Catholic
33.-Lilly Randall19.0hWest Hills Christian
34.-Kara D'Ascenzo19.0hSt. Clare
35.-Clare Throm19.1hValley Catholic
36.3Hannah Gouge19.2hWest Hills Christian
37.-Clare Duda19.3hSt. Clare
38.-Chandler Fergus19.4hSt. Clare
39.3Sophie Glad19.4hWest Hills Christian
40.-Marie Agostinelli19.5hValley Catholic
41.-Allyson Blair19.6hHoly Trinity
42.3Madelyn Pringle19.7hWest Hills Christian
43.3Na'ama Nevo19.8hHoly Trinity
44.-Kendall Rice19.9hSt. John Fisher
45.-Ann Brennan20.0hSt. Clare
46.4Glenna Fulitano20.0hHoly Trinity
47.-Brooke Isaly20.2hHoly Trinity
48.-Tali Emlen20.2hSt. John Fisher
49.-Nitya Krishnakumar20.7hValley Catholic
50.3Amy Menendez20.7hSt. John Fisher
51.-Raina Smeaton21.3hHoly Trinity
52.3Hannah Frankovic21.3hValley Catholic
X 200 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Alexandra Griffin28.2hValley Catholic
2.-Riley Hatfield28.5hWest Hills Christian
3.-Sela Brazier29.1hWest Hills Christian
4.-Madeleine Houdroge29.2hSt. Clare
5.-Lindsey Rosette30.0hWest Hills Christian
6.-Emma Marquard30.1hSt. Clare
7.-Claire McCarthy30.9hSt. Clare
8.8Gabby Rosenthal31.0hValley Catholic
9.-KenAli Averette31.3hHoly Trinity
10.-Lindsie LaBonte32.0hValley Catholic
11.-Laura Leong32.7hWest Hills Christian
12.-Lucille Beckett33.5hSt. Clare
13.Adriana Bolton33.7hSt. Clare
14.-Gabrielle Hamlin33.9hSt. John Fisher
15.-Emily Sunderland33.9hValley Catholic
16.-Emma Combine34.2hHoly Trinity
17.-Caroline Cassinelli34.5hSt. Clare
18.-Angela Hamlin34.5hSt. Matthew
19.-Hitha Yeccaluri36.6hValley Catholic
20.-Madison Schulte37.9hSt. John Fisher
X 200 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Kristina Thomas30.6hSt. Matthew
2.-Blaise JohnsonStevens32.1hSt. Clare
2.5Elisabeth Stefan32.1hWest Hills Christian
4.-Katherine Clark32.3hSt. Clare
5.-Zoe Fanning32.6hSt. Clare
6.-Ruth Meeker32.6hValley Catholic
7.6Erica Clark33.0hSt. John Fisher
8.6Brooklynn Loiselle33.5hWest Hills Christian
9.6Emily Ferguson33.5hSt. John Fisher
10.-Ellie Sears33.9hSt. John Fisher
11.6Gabrielle Lorenzo34.3hWest Hills Christian
12.-Chiara Giambrone34.8hSt. Clare
13.-Julianna Symmonds35.0hWest Hills Christian
14.5Elizabeth Gibson35.0hValley Catholic
15.6Carson Blodgett35.3hHoly Trinity
16.-Tori Harman35.6hValley Catholic
17.5Emmie Randall36.9hWest Hills Christian
18.-Isabella Crepeaux47.8hWest Hills Christian
X 200 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Hazel Reynolds35.4hSt. John Fisher
2.3Kayla Robbins36.3hHoly Trinity
3.4Cassandra Dolan36.8hHoly Trinity
4.4Courtney Kingsley37.3hWest Hills Christian
5.4Sabrina J Hopman37.6hSt. Matthew
6.-Alexa Clark37.9hSt. John Fisher
7.4Madison Ellsworth38.0hSt. Matthew
8.-Nicola Bittner38.5hSt. Clare
9.3Claire McCarthy38.6hHoly Trinity
10.2Kamryn J Jones38.8hSt. Matthew
11.-Audrey Hoppes39.0hSt. Clare
12.-Aimee Lutz39.0hSt. Clare
13.-Tanvi Yeccaluri39.1hValley Catholic
14.-Sophie Vogel39.3hSt. Clare
15.4Audrey Jenkins39.8hSt. John Fisher
16.-Elizabeth Voulgaris40.1hSt. Matthew
17.3Lena Seeger40.5hHoly Trinity
18.-Kaisa Autumn42.5hSt. John Fisher
19.-Kara D'Ascenzo43.0hSt. Clare
20.3Luciana Lenth44.0hSt. John Fisher
21.3Elizabeth Rinck44.3hSt. Matthew
22.-Brooke Isaly45.2hHoly Trinity
23.-Ann Brennan45.2hSt. Clare
24.-Tali Emlen45.8hSt. John Fisher
X 400 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Riley Hatfield1:03.2hWest Hills Christian
2.-Claire McCarthy1:09.1hSt. Clare
3.-Karolina Ryerson1:12.3hHoly Trinity
4.-Connie Parker1:13.9hSt. John Fisher
5.-Olivia Reynolds1:15.5hSt. John Fisher
6.-Emma Wineman1:17.1hSt. John Fisher
7.7Amy Bloch1:17.7hHoly Trinity
8.-Emma Combine1:19.0hHoly Trinity
9.7Katie Allie1:21.1hSt. Matthew
10.-Kate Schulte1:25.4hSt. John Fisher
11.-Emily Szekely1:39.7hHoly Trinity
---Anna MacDonaldNTHoly Trinity
X 400 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Blaise JohnsonStevens1:11.8hSt. Clare
2.-Ellie Sears1:14.3hSt. John Fisher
3.11Sophie Olmstead1:16.3hWest Hills Christian
4.5Mary Catherine Morgan1:16.8hHoly Trinity
5.6Emily Ferguson1:17.4hSt. John Fisher
6.6Carson Blodgett1:17.5hHoly Trinity
7.-Ruth Meeker1:18.0hValley Catholic
8.5Mika Nevo1:19.9hHoly Trinity
9.5Mary Oehler1:21.4hValley Catholic
10.6Lea Davis1:21.6hSt. John Fisher
11.-Stella Kalomiris1:21.7hSt. Clare
12.10Carly Suter1:22.6hWest Hills Christian
13.-Madeline McDougal1:24.0hValley Catholic
14.6Ellen Koukel1:25.9hValley Catholic
15.10Bella Marconi1:26.8hSt. Clare
16.5Morgan Harrison1:30.3hWest Hills Christian
X 400 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Cassandra Dolan1:18.8hHoly Trinity
2.4Darby Olson1:22.8hHoly Trinity
3.-Mia Hermann1:23.5hSt. Clare
4.2Kamryn J Jones1:23.7hSt. Matthew
5.4Madison Ellsworth1:24.3hSt. Matthew
6.-Natalie Manlove1:27.2hSt. Clare
7.-Katherine MacNaughton1:27.5hValley Catholic
8.-Elizabeth Voulgaris1:28.9hSt. Matthew
9.4Sabrina J Hopman1:29.4hSt. Matthew
10.3Elizabeth Rinck1:30.8hSt. Matthew
11.3Luciana Lenth1:33.7hSt. John Fisher
12.3Ruthanne Jaramillo1:33.9hWest Hills Christian
13.3Sasha Burton1:34.6hValley Catholic
14.-Grace Kyle1:34.6hSt. Clare
15.3Hannah Gouge1:35.4hWest Hills Christian
16.4Gabrielle Horne1:35.6hHoly Trinity
17.-Claire Noonan1:38.9hSt. Clare
18.3Na'ama Nevo1:39.6hHoly Trinity
19.-Sara Heller1:41.0hSt. Clare
20.3Ashley Rosenbaum1:42.1hWest Hills Christian
21.-Josie Abel1:44.4hSt. John Fisher
22.-Natalie Harwood1:45.1hHoly Trinity
23.3Amy Menendez1:45.8hSt. John Fisher
24.-Kendall Rice1:49.5hSt. John Fisher
25.4Glenna Fulitano1:58.8hHoly Trinity
26.4Lauren Parker2:55.1hWest Hills Christian
X 800 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Allison Martinez2:31.5hHoly Trinity
2.-Zani Moore2:33.6hHoly Trinity
3.-Lauren Lykins2:35.3hSt. Matthew
4.-Erin Gregoire2:41.0hWest Hills Christian
5.-Anna MacDonald2:41.5hHoly Trinity
6.-Emma McCausland2:42.9hHoly Trinity
7.-Chantel Smith2:48.5hWest Hills Christian
8.-Karolina Ryerson2:54.0hHoly Trinity
9.8Annika Holstrom2:56.2hValley Catholic
10.7Mira J Gill2:57.3hSt. Matthew
11.8Morgan McDougal2:57.9hValley Catholic
12.-Claire Page3:03.9hSt. John Fisher
13.-Suzanne Schadel3:14.2hValley Catholic
14.-Julia Bainbridge3:21.7hSt. John Fisher
X 800 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Ashley Arenz2:59.0hSt. John Fisher
2.5Anna Martinez3:07.0hHoly Trinity
3.5Mika Nevo3:09.2hHoly Trinity
4.5Olivia Rabin3:17.6hHoly Trinity
5.-Lydia Povolny3:17.8hWest Hills Christian
6.5Claire Collins3:28.4hSt. John Fisher
X 800 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Erin Lang3:16.3hHoly Trinity
2.4Darby Olson3:27.2hHoly Trinity
3.4Gabrielle Horne3:35.8hHoly Trinity
4.-Damaris Lozano3:36.0hSt. Matthew
5.3Mary Taylor3:37.5hSt. John Fisher
6.-Maya Erickson3:46.3hSt. Matthew
7.4Madelyn Will3:52.2hSt. Matthew
8.-Tali Emlen3:56.4hSt. John Fisher
9.3Na'ama Nevo3:57.0hHoly Trinity
X 1500 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Allison Martinez5:12.4hHoly Trinity
2.-Lauren Lykins5:12.6hSt. Matthew
3.-Zani Moore5:18.5hHoly Trinity
4.-Erin Gregoire5:19.1hWest Hills Christian
5.MacKenzie Cruickshank5:49.1hWest Hills Christian
6.7Kathleen Shew5:50.2hValley Catholic
7.7Katie Allie5:52.6hSt. Matthew
8.7Amy Bloch6:06.9hHoly Trinity
9.-Claire Page6:10.0hSt. John Fisher
10.Adriana Bolton6:14.3hSt. Clare
11.7Anika Raghuvanshi6:17.7hValley Catholic
12.-Lucille Beckett6:34.1hSt. Clare
13.-Madison Schulte6:42.6hSt. John Fisher
14.-Caroline Cassinelli6:44.2hSt. Clare
--11Elizabeth ReesSCRSt. Clare
--6Samantha LouieSCRValley Catholic
--6Olivia LangtonSCRValley Catholic
--5Angela BalishSCRSt. John Fisher
X 1500 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Samantha Louie6:18.6hValley Catholic
2.6Olivia Langton6:26.1hValley Catholic
--3Katelinh JonesSCRValley Catholic
--4Madelyn WillSCRSt. Matthew
--4Aisling TaylorSCRHoly Trinity
--4Darby OlsonSCRHoly Trinity
---Claire PageSCRSt. John Fisher
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Aisling Taylor6:15.1hHoly Trinity
2.4Darby Olson6:25.6hHoly Trinity
3.4Madelyn Will7:23.3hSt. Matthew
4.3Katelinh Jones7:29.5hValley Catholic
X 3000 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Emma McCausland11:52.0hHoly Trinity
2.-Anna MacDonald12:30.5hHoly Trinity
3.8Annika Holstrom12:30.8hValley Catholic
4.-Chantel Smith12:40.0hWest Hills Christian
5.-Sarah Kotel12:42.1hWest Hills Christian
6.7Anika Raghuvanshi13:33.1hValley Catholic
X 3000 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Reilly Blood13:12.3hValley Catholic
2.5Anna Martinez13:18.9hHoly Trinity
3.5Olivia Rabin13:20.2hHoly Trinity
X 4x60 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Relay Team 41.0hSt. Clare
2.-Relay Team 42.2hSt. Matthew
3.-Relay Team 44.0hSt. Clare
4.-Relay Team 44.7hHoly Trinity
5.-Relay Team 45.5hValley Catholic
6.-Relay Team 46.6hHoly Trinity
7.-Relay Team 48.0hValley Catholic
8.-Relay Team 51.0hWest Hills Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Relay Team 55.4hWest Hills Christian
2.-Relay Team 55.9hSt. Clare
3.-Relay Team 1:02.5hWest Hills Christian
4.-Relay Team 1:03.2hSt. John Fisher
5.-Relay Team 1:08.0hHoly Trinity
6.-Relay Team 1:11.5hSt. John Fisher
---Relay Team DQValley Catholic
---Relay Team DQSt. Clare
X 4x100 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:01.5hSt. John Fisher
2.-Relay Team 1:02.2hSt. Clare
3.-Relay Team 1:02.9hWest Hills Christian
4.-Relay Team 1:03.8hValley Catholic
5.-Relay Team 1:04.4hSt. Matthew
6.-Relay Team 1:04.7hSt. John Fisher
7.-Relay Team 1:06.6hValley Catholic
8.-Relay Team 1:08.5hHoly Trinity
9.-Relay Team 1:08.7hValley Catholic
10.-Relay Team 1:09.0hSt. John Fisher
11.-Relay Team 1:09.7hWest Hills Christian
12.-Relay Team 1:10.0hSt. Clare
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:07.4hHoly Trinity
2.-Relay Team 1:11.0hSt. Clare
3.-Relay Team 1:12.1hWest Hills Christian
4.-Relay Team 1:13.2hSt. Clare
5.-Relay Team 1:13.8hSt. Matthew
6.-Relay Team 1:15.7hHoly Trinity
7.-Relay Team 1:15.7hValley Catholic
8.-Relay Team 1:20.4hSt. John Fisher
X 4x400 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:45.0hHoly Trinity
2.-Relay Team 4:59.1hWest Hills Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Relay Team 5:35.4hHoly Trinity
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadets - Finals
1.-Claire McCarthy9.71mSt. Clare
2.-Caroline Ambrose8.48mSt. Clare
3.-Connie Parker8.44mSt. John Fisher
4.-Emma Marquard8.34mSt. Clare
5.-Laura Parker7.13mSt. John Fisher
6.-Angela Hamlin7.08mSt. Matthew
7.-Corrina Winstead7.03mWest Hills Christian
8.-Rachel Smith6.59mValley Catholic
9.-Meg McNamara5.75mWest Hills Christian
10.-Olivia Hartford5.66mWest Hills Christian
---Sarah KotelSCRWest Hills Christian
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cubs - Finals
1.6Kylee Richards7.07mValley Catholic
2.6Mariel Shoemaker6.68mValley Catholic
3.-Milan Hernandez6.60mSt. Clare
4.5Mary Catherine Morgan6.22mHoly Trinity
5.5Claire Collins6.20mSt. John Fisher
6.10Bella Marconi5.99mSt. Clare
6.5Morgan Harrison5.99mWest Hills Christian
8.-Zoe Fanning5.93mSt. Clare
9.5Rachael Frankovic5.89mValley Catholic
10.-Alannah Carr5.86mWest Hills Christian
11.-Stella Kalomiris5.73mSt. Clare
12.6Gabrielle Lorenzo5.67mWest Hills Christian
13.5Bonnie Romeo5.61mSt. Matthew
14.11Sophie Olmstead5.28mWest Hills Christian
15.-Bailey Hammond5.25mSt. Matthew
16.-Gemma Gebken5.18mHoly Trinity
17.-Amanda Nguyen4.36mValley Catholic
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Chandler Fergus4.87mSt. Clare
2.-Alexa Clark4.50mSt. John Fisher
3.3Sophie Glad4.43mWest Hills Christian
4.4Calista Hodgert4.15mHoly Trinity
5.3Eva Lammers4.14mWest Hills Christian
6.4Aisling Taylor4.05mHoly Trinity
7.-Clare Duda3.91mSt. Clare
8.-Kalea Averette3.63mHoly Trinity
9.-Kaisa Autumn3.60mSt. John Fisher
10.3Madelyn Pringle3.53mWest Hills Christian
11.-Natalie Harwood3.50mHoly Trinity
12.-Kendall Rice3.47mSt. John Fisher
13.4Glenna Fulitano3.41mHoly Trinity
14.-Ann Brennan3.40mSt. Clare
15.-Josie Abel3.36mSt. John Fisher
16.-Raina Smeaton3.30mHoly Trinity
17.4Kaley Carpenter3.23mWest Hills Christian
18.-Lilly Randall3.09mWest Hills Christian
19.3Kayla Robbins3.06mHoly Trinity
20.3Katelinh Jones3.00mValley Catholic
21.-Brooke Isaly2.98mHoly Trinity
21.3Lena Seeger2.98mHoly Trinity
23.3Hannah Frankovic2.84mValley Catholic
24.3Claire McCarthy2.51mHoly Trinity
---Divya JeyasinghSCRValley Catholic
--3Sasha BurtonSCRValley Catholic
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadets - Finals
1.-Tate Kelley24.53mWest Hills Christian
2.-Corrina Winstead23.77mWest Hills Christian
3.-Sarah Kotel22.86mWest Hills Christian
4.-Rebekah Feldhaus18.61mValley Catholic
5.-Hannah Lorence16.99mValley Catholic
6.-Suzanne Schadel15.92mValley Catholic
7.-Rachel Smith15.44mValley Catholic
8.-Meg McNamara14.50mWest Hills Christian
9.7Kathleen Shew10.33mValley Catholic
10.-Olivia Hartford10.31mWest Hills Christian
11.-Hitha Yeccaluri9.47mValley Catholic
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cubs - Finals
1.6Mariel Shoemaker24.20mValley Catholic
2.-Savannah Harris20.21mSt. John Fisher
3.5Kristin Mori17.11mWest Hills Christian
3.-Emily Grasberger17.11mValley Catholic
5.5Morgan Harrison16.07mWest Hills Christian
6.6Olivia Langton15.21mValley Catholic
7.-Emma Egan13.84mSt. John Fisher
8.-Anika Schaedler11.55mSt. Francis/Visitation
9.6Adrianna Zell11.27mWest Hills Christian
10.-Elisabeth Gouge9.82mWest Hills Christian
11.-Gemma Gebken6.24mHoly Trinity
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Courtney Kingsley17.50mWest Hills Christian
2.4Erin Lang16.05mHoly Trinity
3.-Grace Kyle13.86mSt. Clare
4.3Eva Lammers12.21mWest Hills Christian
5.-Nicola Bittner11.98mSt. Clare
6.3Alice Welch10.99mWest Hills Christian
7.3Ashley Rosenbaum10.97mWest Hills Christian
8.-Sophie Vogel10.61mSt. Clare
9.-Kara D'Ascenzo10.33mSt. Clare
10.-Kaisa Autumn10.16mSt. John Fisher
11.3Sophie Glad9.80mWest Hills Christian
12.-Alyssa Hughes9.47mSt. Clare
13.-Alyssa Castro8.94mSt. Clare
14.4Kaley Carpenter8.86mWest Hills Christian
15.-Allyson Blair8.78mHoly Trinity
16.-Mira Eagon8.50mSt. Clare
17.3Madelyn Pringle8.45mWest Hills Christian
18.4Lauren Parker7.72mWest Hills Christian
X High Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Shannon Hammond1.37mSt. Francis/Visitation
2.-Lindsey Rosette1.34mWest Hills Christian
3.-Carly Gray1.32mSt. John Fisher
4.-Erika Meusch1.21mWest Hills Christian
5.-Lindsay Cannon1.16mSt. Clare
6.8Annika Holstrom1.11mValley Catholic
--8Gabby RosenthalNHValley Catholic
X High Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-Ellie Sears1.32mSt. John Fisher
2.6Ashley Arenz1.29mSt. John Fisher
3.5Claire Corbitt1.24mSt. John Fisher
4.6Maggie Gard1.14mValley Catholic
5.-Taylor Rosholt1.11mSt. Francis/Visitation
5.6Brooklynn Loiselle1.11mWest Hills Christian
7.5Rachael Frankovic1.06mValley Catholic
8.5Bonnie Romeo1.01mSt. Matthew
9.-Emily Grasberger0.96mValley Catholic
9.5Kate Nguyen0.96mValley Catholic
9.5Mary Oehler0.96mValley Catholic
---Katie CorahNHHoly Trinity
X Long Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Alexandra Griffin4.53mValley Catholic
2.-Sela Brazier4.31mWest Hills Christian
3.-Madeleine Houdroge4.24mSt. Clare
4.-Shannon Hammond4.06mSt. Francis/Visitation
5.-Marlee Leonard4.00mValley Catholic
6.-Carly Gray3.93mSt. John Fisher
7.7Katherine Vames3.65mSt. Matthew
8.8Morgan McDougal3.35mValley Catholic
9.-Laura Leong3.31mWest Hills Christian
10.-Gabrielle Hamlin3.26mSt. John Fisher
11.-Emily Sunderland3.25mValley Catholic
12.7Mira J Gill3.12mSt. Matthew
13.-Suzanne Schadel3.04mValley Catholic
14.7Anika Raghuvanshi2.94mValley Catholic
15.-KenAli Averette2.67mHoly Trinity
---Riley HatfieldSCRWest Hills Christian
X Long Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.5Elisabeth Stefan3.96mWest Hills Christian
2.-Genevieve Adams3.67mValley Catholic
3.6Erica Clark3.39mSt. John Fisher
4.6Ellen Koukel3.37mValley Catholic
5.11Sophie Olmstead3.33mWest Hills Christian
6.-Madeline McDougal3.32mValley Catholic
7.-Julianna Symmonds3.30mWest Hills Christian
8.5Claire Corbitt3.25mSt. John Fisher
9.5Lauren Gray3.23mSt. John Fisher
10.6Kristina Thomas3.22mSt. Matthew
11.11Elizabeth Rees3.04mSt. Clare
12.5Kristin Mori3.02mWest Hills Christian
12.-Savannah Harris3.02mSt. John Fisher
14.10Carly Suter2.98mWest Hills Christian
14.6Reilly Blood2.98mValley Catholic
16.5Angela Balish2.90mSt. John Fisher
17.-Lydia Povolny2.85mWest Hills Christian
18.5Elizabeth Gibson2.84mValley Catholic
19.-Taylor Rosholt2.81mSt. Francis/Visitation
20.-Alannah Carr2.74mWest Hills Christian
20.-Katrina Lam2.74mValley Catholic
22.5Claire Collins2.62mSt. John Fisher
23.5Emmie Randall2.60mWest Hills Christian
24.6Lea Davis2.55mSt. John Fisher
25.6Adrianna Zell2.51mWest Hills Christian
26.-Julienne Amparo2.43mSt. John Fisher
27.-Elisabeth Gouge2.43mWest Hills Christian
28.-Emma Egan2.33mSt. John Fisher
29.-Anika Schaedler2.05mSt. Francis/Visitation
30.-Isabella Crepeaux1.80mWest Hills Christian
---Haley VoorheesSCRHoly Trinity
X Long Jump - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Sabrina J Hopman3.50mSt. Matthew
2.3Kayla Robbins3.47mHoly Trinity
3.4Madison Ellsworth3.37mSt. Matthew
4.4Madelyn Will3.32mSt. Matthew
4.-Alyssa Hughes3.32mSt. Clare
4.-Mia Hermann3.32mSt. Clare
7.4Hazel Reynolds3.20mSt. John Fisher
8.-Katherine MacNaughton3.09mValley Catholic
9.-Divya Jeyasingh3.07mValley Catholic
9.4Courtney Kingsley3.07mWest Hills Christian
11.-Aimee Lutz2.94mSt. Clare
12.-Natalie Manlove2.92mSt. Clare
13.4Audrey Jenkins2.89mSt. John Fisher
13.4Calista Hodgert2.89mHoly Trinity
15.-Damaris Lozano2.84mSt. Matthew
16.-Audrey Hoppes2.81mSt. Clare
17.3Katelinh Jones2.76mValley Catholic
18.-Chandler Fergus2.66mSt. Clare
19.3Alice Welch2.64mWest Hills Christian
20.3Amy Menendez2.51mSt. John Fisher
20.-Allyson Blair2.51mHoly Trinity
20.3Lena Seeger2.51mHoly Trinity
23.4Kaley Carpenter2.46mWest Hills Christian
24.3Mary Taylor2.43mSt. John Fisher
25.3Hannah Gouge2.36mWest Hills Christian
26.-Mira Eagon2.28mSt. Clare
26.-Clare Duda2.28mSt. Clare
28.3Eva Lammers2.26mWest Hills Christian
29.-Lilly Randall2.23mWest Hills Christian
30.-Clare Throm2.18mValley Catholic
31.3Ruthanne Jaramillo2.15mWest Hills Christian
32.-Marie Agostinelli2.08mValley Catholic
33.-Raina Smeaton2.00mHoly Trinity
34.4Lauren Parker1.37mWest Hills Christian
--2Kamryn J JonesSCRSt. Matthew
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