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100 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Cordell Harris12.8The Madeleine
2.-Anthony Consolo12.9West Hills Christian
3.-Jared Malone13.4St. Ignatius
4.-Shaka Klang13.5St. Ignatius
5.-Samuel Remington13.6West Hills Christian
6.-Michael Joseph13.6The Madeleine
7.-Jaray Kindell13.6The Madeleine
8.-David Soo13.7West Hills Christian
9.-Erik Powell13.7St. Joseph Catholic
10.-Landon Inman13.7West Hills Christian
11.-Dongkuen Lee13.8Our Lady of Lourdes
12.-Cody Kesting13.8St. Joseph Catholic
13.-John Boucher13.8St. Joseph Catholic
13.-Scotty Williams II13.8The Madeleine
15.-Cooper McDonnell13.9St. Matthew
16.-Eric Soo13.9West Hills Christian
17.-Brad Davis13.9West Hills Christian
18.-Hayden Flake14.3West Hills Christian
19.-George Kingsley14.3West Hills Christian
20.-Jake Mackie14.4The Madeleine
21.-Delaney Quenton14.4The Madeleine
22.-Riley Donahue14.9Our Lady of Lourdes
23.-Jonathon Lee14.9Our Lady of Lourdes
24.-Jacob Finkelman15.1The Madeleine
25.-Jacob Lundy15.2St. Joseph Catholic
26.-Alex Glenn15.7St. Ignatius
27.-Sean Balsiger16.9West Hills Christian
28.-Atticus Jones17.0The Madeleine

100 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.5Harrison Schrage14.2The Madeleine
2.-Blake Strandberg14.7West Hills Christian
3.-Quincy Brown14.8All Saints
4.6Sean Dack15.0Our Lady of Lourdes
5.-Yinka Babatunde-Lanarin15.1The Madeleine
6.5Patrick Gaines15.4Our Lady of Lourdes
7.5Mark Dekay15.7All Saints
8.-Quinn McDonnell15.9St. Matthew
9.-Mason Ashmore15.9The Madeleine
10.-Will McCulloch15.9St. Joseph Catholic
11.5Carson Little16.4West Hills Christian
12.-Luke Inman16.5West Hills Christian
13.-Dominick Moulton16.7St. Ignatius
14.-Kyle Stone16.7St. Joseph Catholic
15.-Parker Consolo17.0West Hills Christian
16.-Daniel Kelley17.0The Madeleine
17.-Alexander Osler17.0Our Lady of Lourdes
18.-Thomas McNamara17.2The Madeleine
19.-William Ataras17.4The Madeleine
20.-Jacob Smith17.8The Madeleine
21.-Patrick Connor18.1St. Matthew
21.-Will Nielsen18.1All Saints
23.-Konner Shriver18.1Our Lady of Lourdes
24.-Robert Crouch18.2The Madeleine
25.-Beau Brooks18.3Our Lady of Lourdes
26.-Alex Noradki18.3St. Matthew
27.-Joshua Schwartz18.6West Hills Christian
28.-Thomas Nilan18.7The Madeleine
29.-Nicholas Domenico19.1The Madeleine
30.-Sean Wilson19.7Our Lady of Lourdes
31.-Sean Laskowski20.2The Madeleine
32.-Kevin Laskowski20.2The Madeleine
33.-Peter Seger22.0St. Matthew

100 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Augie Palena16.0St. Joseph Catholic
2.4John Walsh16.2St. Matthew
3.4Jackson Cooper16.3All Saints
4.-Luke Schoene16.4Pacific Crest Academy
5.-Nick Leonard16.4The Madeleine
6.-Ben King-Hails16.7The Madeleine
7.-Tyler Davis16.8St. Joseph Catholic
8.-Matthew Boyer16.8St. Ignatius
9.-Mason Good17.0St. Matthew
10.3Anders Langhus17.1The Madeleine
11.-Nicholas Loeffler17.2The Madeleine
12.-Sterling Higgins17.4St. Joseph Catholic
13.-Nicky Johnson17.6St. Matthew
14.-Chandler Rodarte17.6The Madeleine
15.-Hunter Baldridge17.7The Madeleine
16.-Jacob Palin17.8Pacific Crest Academy
17.-Jake Jones17.8West Hills Christian
18.-David Rennie17.8The Madeleine
19.-Isaiah Pratt18.1Pacific Crest Academy
20.-Henry Belliveau18.1The Madeleine
21.-David Connell18.3Pacific Crest Academy
22.-Ryan Dooris18.3The Madeleine
23.-Lucas Greer18.5The Madeleine
24.3Stephen Powell18.7Pacific Crest Academy
25.-Matthew Levy18.8The Madeleine
26.-Larry Ninh18.9The Madeleine
27.-Gabe Stocker18.9Our Lady of Lourdes
28.-Preston Kill18.9West Hills Christian
29.-Patrick Marrs19.1Pacific Crest Academy
30.-Isaac Gadberry19.5The Madeleine
31.-Peter Ataras19.6The Madeleine
32.-Jack Stevens20.0West Hills Christian
33.-Will Krause20.0The Madeleine
34.3Thomas Mooney20.6Pacific Crest Academy
35.-Isaac Sten21.0The Madeleine
36.-Sullivan Carrick21.2St. Joseph Catholic

200 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Miguel Lowry27.5The Madeleine
2.-John Boucher27.8St. Joseph Catholic
3.-Shaka Klang28.3St. Ignatius
4.-Luke Simmons28.3The Madeleine
5.-Dennis Nguyen28.4St. Ignatius
6.-Brendan Kelley28.6The Madeleine
7.-Jared Malone28.8St. Ignatius
8.-Landon Inman28.8West Hills Christian
9.-David Soo28.9West Hills Christian
10.-Scotty Williams II28.9The Madeleine
11.-Wils Jazilek29.1The Madeleine
12.-Eric Soo29.2West Hills Christian
13.-George Kingsley29.5West Hills Christian
14.-Jake Mackie29.8The Madeleine
15.-Jacob Finkelman30.9The Madeleine
16.-Jarrod McKay31.4St. Ignatius
17.-Riley Donahue32.1Our Lady of Lourdes
18.-Tony Duong33.1The Madeleine
19.-Tommy Culhane35.3St. Joseph Catholic

200 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.5Harrison Schrage29.8The Madeleine
2.-Blake Strandberg31.0West Hills Christian
3.-Cameron Hill31.1The Madeleine
4.-Quincy Brown31.5All Saints
5.5Patrick Gaines31.6Our Lady of Lourdes
6.-Yinka Babatunde-Lanarin31.9The Madeleine
7.-Noah Terry32.0The Madeleine
8.-Andrew Spencer32.2The Madeleine
9.-Pieter Quinton32.7The Madeleine
10.-Ben College33.3The Madeleine
11.5Mark Dekay33.6All Saints
12.-Quinn McDonnell34.0St. Matthew
13.5Patrick Maloney34.2St. Matthew
14.-Luke Inman34.3West Hills Christian
15.-Charlie Raymond34.8All Saints
16.-Will McCulloch34.9St. Joseph Catholic
17.-William Ataras35.7The Madeleine
18.-Parker Consolo35.9West Hills Christian
19.6Connor Werdel38.5St. Joseph Catholic
20.-Hunter Gillis40.7West Hills Christian

200 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Ryan Reents32.5The Madeleine
2.4Jackson Cooper33.3All Saints
3.-Brighton Mills34.0The Madeleine
4.4John Walsh34.5St. Matthew
5.-Troy Pacheco35.1St. Joseph Catholic
6.-Sammy Davison35.3West Hills Christian
7.-Mason Good35.4St. Matthew
8.-Thomas Remington35.9West Hills Christian
9.4Sterling Roberts35.9West Hills Christian
10.-Luke Schoene36.7Pacific Crest Academy
11.-Sterling Higgins37.4St. Joseph Catholic
12.-Hunter Baldridge37.5The Madeleine
13.-Tyler Davis38.1St. Joseph Catholic
14.-Nicky Johnson38.2St. Matthew
15.-John Ritchie38.4The Madeleine
16.-Matthew Culley38.7St. Ignatius
17.-Chandler Rodarte39.1The Madeleine
18.-Kiran Brar39.2Our Lady of Lourdes
19.3Stephen Powell39.3Pacific Crest Academy
20.-William Prescott39.7St. Joseph Catholic
21.-Larry Ninh40.5The Madeleine
22.3Kelton Smith41.7St. Joseph Catholic
23.-Andrew Swanson43.6Pacific Crest Academy
24.-Patrick Marrs43.7Pacific Crest Academy
25.-Jack Stevens44.1West Hills Christian
26.-Jacob Palin45.3Pacific Crest Academy
27.-Luke George47.0St. Joseph Catholic
28.-Dylan Fisher48.2West Hills Christian

400 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Ryan England56.8St. Matthew
2.-Shaka Klang1:03.1St. Ignatius
3.-Cordell Harris1:03.8The Madeleine
4.-Scotty Williams II1:04.6The Madeleine
5.-Max Glicker1:04.9The Madeleine
6.-Eric Soo1:07.0West Hills Christian
7.7Dante Dalla Gasperina1:07.5St. Joseph Catholic
8.-Delaney Quenton1:07.7The Madeleine
9.-Jonathon Brodeur1:09.8Our Lady of Lourdes
10.-Jonathon Lee1:13.8Our Lady of Lourdes
11.-Johan Day1:15.8The Madeleine
12.-Justin Koga1:18.5St. Joseph Catholic
13.-Tommy Culhane1:21.0St. Joseph Catholic
14.-Atticus Jones1:29.3The Madeleine

400 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Jean Baptiste Tooley1:08.0The Madeleine
2.-Blake Strandberg1:10.0West Hills Christian
3.-Noah Terry1:13.0The Madeleine
4.-Ben College1:13.0The Madeleine
5.5Jackson Frank1:13.1All Saints
6.-Justin Wallers1:13.3Our Lady of Lourdes
7.-Charlie Raymond1:13.6All Saints
8.-Pieter Quinton1:15.3The Madeleine
9.6Dan Nehnevaj1:16.5Our Lady of Lourdes
10.-Pau Turina1:19.5The Madeleine
11.-Drew Wicks1:21.2The Madeleine
12.-Thomas McNamara1:22.4The Madeleine
13.-Alexander Osler1:23.9Our Lady of Lourdes
14.-Jacob Smith1:24.8The Madeleine
15.5Michael Loeffler1:29.1The Madeleine
16.-Jake Faha1:29.5The Madeleine
17.-Nicholas Domenico1:41.1The Madeleine
18.-Kevin Jacobs1:48.6All Saints

400 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Ben King-Hails1:19.8The Madeleine
2.-Sammy Davison1:21.3West Hills Christian
3.4Sterling Roberts1:22.0West Hills Christian
4.-John Ritchie1:22.7The Madeleine
5.-Sterling Higgins1:24.1St. Joseph Catholic
6.-Thomas Remington1:26.1West Hills Christian
7.-Jake Jones1:26.8West Hills Christian
8.-Nicholas Loeffler1:27.5The Madeleine
9.-Kiran Brar1:28.0Our Lady of Lourdes
10.-Charlie Stockbridge1:29.7The Madeleine
11.-Hunter Baldridge1:34.3The Madeleine
12.-Josh Bottelberghe1:35.1St. Joseph Catholic
13.-Jesse Lundenberg1:36.0The Madeleine
14.-Owen Swifter1:38.7The Madeleine
15.-Dylan Fisher1:44.5West Hills Christian

800 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Joseph Blair2:26.2St. Matthew
2.-Samuel Remington2:26.4West Hills Christian
3.-Cody Kesting2:28.9St. Joseph Catholic
4.-Jaray Kindell2:29.6The Madeleine
5.-Art O'Kelly2:29.8The Madeleine
6.-Jack Roberts2:30.1The Madeleine
7.-Max Glicker2:31.9The Madeleine
8.-Collin Faunt2:33.1The Madeleine
9.-Mason Lundenberg2:36.8The Madeleine
10.-Aidan Paulk2:37.7The Madeleine
11.-Karl Braun2:38.4The Madeleine
12.7Logan Veasy2:38.6St. Joseph Catholic
13.7Dante Dalla Gasperina2:38.9St. Joseph Catholic
14.-Scott Hill2:39.4St. Matthew
15.-Jerad Steward2:42.2West Hills Christian
16.-Keenan Green2:42.3The Madeleine
17.-Jonathon Brodeur2:43.2Our Lady of Lourdes
18.-Zachary Panowicz2:44.9The Madeleine
19.-Duncan Brewster2:47.5West Hills Christian
20.-Ian McKallip2:47.9The Madeleine
21.-Jerry Lux2:49.6St. Matthew
22.-Schuler Rettig2:51.3The Madeleine
23.-Andrew Pearson2:51.9The Madeleine
24.-Johan Day2:52.2The Madeleine
25.-Kevin Smith2:55.1The Madeleine
26.-Cody Rosebrook3:07.7The Madeleine
27.-Jake Perry3:49.4The Madeleine

800 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Eli Boudouris2:42.7The Madeleine
2.5Jackson Frank2:45.6All Saints
3.-Haven Riffel2:52.0All Saints
4.-RJ Stevens2:59.0West Hills Christian
5.-Will McCulloch3:04.7St. Joseph Catholic
6.6Connor Werdel3:29.7St. Joseph Catholic

800 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Ryan Reents2:56.1The Madeleine
2.4Augie Palena2:56.7St. Joseph Catholic
3.-Justin Ongley3:13.8St. Joseph Catholic
4.4Brady Lance3:24.4The Madeleine
5.3Michael Splaver3:25.0St. Joseph Catholic
6.4Owen Riley3:25.0The Madeleine
7.-Ryan Culhane3:34.9St. Joseph Catholic
8.-David Sullivan3:35.8The Madeleine
9.3Alex Soo3:36.2West Hills Christian
10.-Josh Bottelberghe3:36.5St. Joseph Catholic
11.-Jesse Lundenberg3:36.6The Madeleine
12.-Carter Standridge3:53.4St. Joseph Catholic
13.3Henry Foster3:54.3West Hills Christian
14.3Thomas Mooney4:08.3Pacific Crest Academy

1500 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Will Stevenson4:59.1The Madeleine
2.-Evan Simms5:04.4St. Joseph Catholic
3.-Jack Roberts5:05.0The Madeleine
4.-Art O'Kelly5:05.1The Madeleine
5.7Logan Veasy5:10.3St. Joseph Catholic
6.-Westin Kmetz5:18.8The Madeleine
7.-Karl Braun5:23.4The Madeleine
8.-William Thompson5:25.9The Madeleine
9.-Luke Simmons5:27.2The Madeleine
10.-Aidan Paulk5:30.6The Madeleine
11.-Gabriel Kearns5:38.2The Madeleine
12.-Thomas Buchanan5:40.7West Hills Christian
13.-Schuler Rettig5:43.0The Madeleine
14.-Kevin Smith5:57.3The Madeleine
15.-Andrew Pearson5:59.1The Madeleine
16.-Andrew Kirven-Quamme6:18.3St. Ignatius

1500 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.-Jacob Bingham5:30.1West Hills Christian
2.6Dan Nehnevaj5:47.6Our Lady of Lourdes
3.-Danny Zack5:56.0St. Joseph Catholic
4.-Peter Prescott5:56.7St. Joseph Catholic
5.-Blake Duhamel5:58.3Our Lady of Lourdes
6.-RJ Stevens6:02.4West Hills Christian
7.5Pierce Miller6:15.5West Hills Christian
8.-Evan Harrison6:26.9West Hills Christian
9.6Connor Werdel6:43.3St. Joseph Catholic
10.-Grant Shearer6:45.4West Hills Christian
11.5Robert Marksthaler7:33.8The Madeleine

1500 Meters  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Luke Schoene6:23.2Pacific Crest Academy
2.4Brady Lance6:25.2The Madeleine
3.3Michael Splaver6:29.1St. Joseph Catholic
4.-David Connell6:29.2Pacific Crest Academy
5.4Owen Riley6:29.7The Madeleine
6.-William Prescott6:39.6St. Joseph Catholic
7.3Alex Soo7:28.4West Hills Christian
8.3Henry Foster7:36.5West Hills Christian

3000 Meters  Cadets - Finals

1.-Gabriel Kearns12:03.2The Madeleine
2.-Justin Koga12:07.5St. Joseph Catholic
3.-Schuler Rettig12:27.5The Madeleine
4.-Ian McKallip13:19.4The Madeleine
5.-David Levy13:36.6The Madeleine

3000 Meters  Cubs - Finals

1.6Jean Baptiste Tooley11:10.1The Madeleine
2.-Danny Zack12:06.2St. Joseph Catholic
3.-Peter Prescott12:45.6St. Joseph Catholic
4.-Addison Cartmell13:45.3The Madeleine
5.-Jake Faha13:56.6The Madeleine

4x60 Relay  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Relay Team 41.2St. Matthew
2.-Relay Team 42.8The Madeleine
3.-Relay Team 43.1West Hills Christian
4.-Relay Team 44.0St. Joseph Catholic
5.-Relay Team 45.3Pacific Crest Academy
6.-Relay Team 46.3St. Joseph Catholic
7.-Relay Team 46.7The Madeleine

4x100 Relay  Cadets - Finals

1.-Relay Team 51.4St. Matthew
2.-Relay Team 51.8The Madeleine
3.-Relay Team 53.2St. Joseph Catholic
4.-Relay Team 54.5Our Lady of Lourdes
5.-Relay Team 54.7St. Ignatius
6.-Relay Team 54.9West Hills Christian
7.-Relay Team 56.4The Madeleine
8.-Relay Team 56.8The Madeleine
9.-Relay Team 1:01.4West Hills Christian

4x100 Relay  Cubs - Finals

1.-Relay Team 58.5West Hills Christian
2.-Relay Team 1:03.7St. Matthew
3.-Relay Team 1:06.3The Madeleine
4.-Relay Team 1:13.2Our Lady of Lourdes
---Relay Team DQAll Saints

4x100 Relay  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:05.2West Hills Christian
2.-Relay Team 1:08.4The Madeleine
3.-Relay Team 1:08.7St. Joseph Catholic
4.-Relay Team 1:12.3Pacific Crest Academy
5.-Relay Team 1:13.5The Madeleine

4x400 Relay  Cadets - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:12.3West Hills Christian
2.-Relay Team 4:22.8The Madeleine
3.-Relay Team 4:39.0The Madeleine
4.-Relay Team 4:44.4West Hills Christian
5.-Relay Team 5:11.6Our Lady of Lourdes

Shot Put - 6lb  Cubs - Finals

1.-Conner Crist28-10.75West Hills Christian
2.-Grant Shearer28-04.75West Hills Christian
3.-Sean Laskowski24-04.50The Madeleine
4.-Luke Cleve23-04.75West Hills Christian
5.-Kevin Laskowski23-02.00The Madeleine
6.5Carson Little21-08.75West Hills Christian
7.-Colton Squire21-01.50West Hills Christian
8.-Kyle Stone20-07.50St. Joseph Catholic
9.-Konner Shriver19-05.50Our Lady of Lourdes
10.-Johannes Venegas-Baer19-02.00The Madeleine
11.-Thomas Nilan18-10.50The Madeleine
12.-Sam Hawkinson18-08.00The Madeleine
13.-Jacob Captein18-07.50West Hills Christian
13.-Peter Seger18-07.50St. Matthew
15.-Daniel Kelley17-09.00The Madeleine
16.-Cadence Gorrell17-05.75Our Lady of Lourdes
17.-Alex Noradki17-05.50St. Matthew
18.5Robert Marksthaler16-09.00The Madeleine
19.-Hunter Gillis16-06.00West Hills Christian
20.-Robert Crouch15-01.50The Madeleine

Shot Put - 6lb  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Ryan James20-10.75St. Joseph Catholic
2.-John Ritchie19-02.50The Madeleine
3.-Matthew Boyer19-01.50St. Ignatius
4.4Mitch Glad17-09.50West Hills Christian
5.-Alexander Del Togno Arma17-00.25The Madeleine
6.-Ryan Culhane16-04.25St. Joseph Catholic
7.-Connor Culhane15-06.25St. Joseph Catholic
8.-William Prescott15-00.50St. Joseph Catholic
9.-Charlie Stockbridge14-08.75The Madeleine
10.-Justin Brooks14-05.25Our Lady of Lourdes
11.-Gabe Stocker14-03.00Our Lady of Lourdes
12.-Ryan Stankye14-02.50St. Joseph Catholic
13.-David Connell13-04.75Pacific Crest Academy
14.-Peter Ataras12-11.50The Madeleine
15.-Ryan Dooris12-09.50The Madeleine
16.-Preston Kill11-04.50West Hills Christian
17.-David Sullivan10-05.00The Madeleine

Shot Put - 8lb  Cadets - Finals

1.-Brad Davis38-01.00West Hills Christian
2.-Alex Glenn35-09.50St. Ignatius
3.-Delaney Quenton35-03.25The Madeleine
4.-Cody Kesting29-05.00St. Joseph Catholic

Javelin - 300g TJ  Cadets - Finals

1.-Hayden Flake147-07West Hills Christian
2.-Evan Simms131-01St. Joseph Catholic
3.-Erik Powell122-05St. Joseph Catholic
4.-Aidan Paulk109-00The Madeleine
5.-Brad Davis107-02West Hills Christian
6.-Alex Glenn100-02St. Ignatius
7.-Jacob Lundy97-08St. Joseph Catholic
8.-Ian McKallip93-00The Madeleine
9.7Dante Dalla Gasperina92-09St. Joseph Catholic
10.-Dennis Nguyen84-04St. Ignatius
11.-Andrew Pearson78-08The Madeleine
12.-Jarrod McKay75-10St. Ignatius
13.-Andrew Kirven-Quamme69-06St. Ignatius
14.-Alex Burton37-07St. Ignatius

Javelin - 300g TJ  Cubs - Finals

1.-Evan Harrison108-10West Hills Christian
2.-Grant Shearer95-03West Hills Christian
3.-Conner Crist90-06West Hills Christian
4.-Noah Terry81-07The Madeleine
5.-Colton Squire77-08West Hills Christian
6.-Beau Brooks62-10Our Lady of Lourdes
7.-Kyle Stone62-00St. Joseph Catholic
8.-Hunter Gillis57-10West Hills Christian
9.-Dominick Moulton57-04St. Ignatius
10.-Sam Hawkinson53-06The Madeleine
11.-RJ Stevens52-08West Hills Christian
12.-Cadence Gorrell50-05Our Lady of Lourdes
13.-Mason Ashmore48-06The Madeleine
14.-Justin Wallers47-03Our Lady of Lourdes
15.-Hans Krause46-05The Madeleine
16.-Alex Noradki44-03St. Matthew
17.-Joshua Schwartz40-03West Hills Christian
18.-William Ataras39-10The Madeleine
19.-Patrick Connor38-11St. Matthew
20.-Sean Laskowski37-07The Madeleine
21.-Patrick Dooris28-07The Madeleine
22.-Kevin Laskowski27-08The Madeleine
23.-Peter Seger24-06St. Matthew

Javelin - 300g TJ  Roadrunners - Finals

1.4Mitch Glad80-01West Hills Christian
2.-David Rennie62-10The Madeleine
3.-Jake Jones59-10West Hills Christian
4.-Charlie Stockbridge58-05The Madeleine
5.-Justin Ongley54-08St. Joseph Catholic
6.4Sterling Roberts51-06West Hills Christian
7.-Jack Stevens50-05West Hills Christian
8.-Justin Brooks49-05Our Lady of Lourdes
9.3Henry Foster47-10West Hills Christian
10.-Ryan Stankye47-07St. Joseph Catholic
11.-Ryan Culhane47-03St. Joseph Catholic
11.-Alexander Del Togno Arma47-03The Madeleine
13.-Avery Standridge46-11St. Joseph Catholic
14.-Gabe Stocker44-08Our Lady of Lourdes
15.-Ryan James44-07St. Joseph Catholic
16.-Jacob Palin42-02Pacific Crest Academy
17.-Andrew Swanson39-07Pacific Crest Academy
18.-Preston Kill36-08West Hills Christian
19.-Lucas Greer35-09The Madeleine
20.-Patrick Marrs35-06Pacific Crest Academy
21.-Peter Ataras32-11The Madeleine
22.-Matthew Culley32-00St. Ignatius
23.-Will Krause31-00The Madeleine
24.-Connor Culhane29-03St. Joseph Catholic
25.-David Sullivan25-07The Madeleine
26.-Carter Standridge24-07St. Joseph Catholic
27.-Luke George20-08St. Joseph Catholic
28.3Kelton Smith19-10St. Joseph Catholic
---Troy PachecoSCRSt. Joseph Catholic
---Sammy DavisonSCRWest Hills Christian

High Jump  Cadets - Finals

1.-Cordell Harris5-04.00The Madeleine
2.-Michael Joseph5-00.00The Madeleine
2.-Anthony Consolo5-00.00West Hills Christian
4.-Jerad Steward4-06.00West Hills Christian
4.-George Kingsley4-06.00West Hills Christian
4.-Cooper McDonnell4-06.00St. Matthew

High Jump  Cubs - Finals

1.6Jean Baptiste Tooley4-02.00The Madeleine
2.5Patrick Maloney3-10.00St. Matthew
3.5Michael Loeffler3-08.00The Madeleine
4.-Patrick Dooris3-06.00The Madeleine
4.5Carson Little3-06.00West Hills Christian
---Patrick ConnorSCRSt. Matthew
--5Pierce MillerSCRWest Hills Christian
---Luke CleveSCRWest Hills Christian
---Thomas NilanSCRThe Madeleine
---Noah TerrySCRThe Madeleine
---Joshua SchwartzSCRWest Hills Christian
---Jacob CapteinSCRWest Hills Christian

Long Jump  Cadets - Finals

1.-Samuel Remington15-09.75West Hills Christian
2.-Michael Joseph14-10.00The Madeleine
3.-Erik Powell14-04.00St. Joseph Catholic
4.-Evan Simms13-11.25St. Joseph Catholic
5.-Jared Malone13-00.25St. Ignatius
6.-Jerad Steward12-05.75West Hills Christian
7.-Scott Hill12-04.50St. Matthew
8.-Jerry Lux12-02.75St. Matthew
9.-Joseph Blair11-11.00St. Matthew
10.-Justin Koga11-09.25St. Joseph Catholic
11.-Cooper McDonnell11-01.75St. Matthew
12.-John Polen11-01.25Our Lady of Lourdes
13.-Dongkuen Lee11-01.00Our Lady of Lourdes
14.-Jacob Finkelman10-11.00The Madeleine
14.-Jake Mackie10-11.00The Madeleine
16.-Riley Donahue10-09.00Our Lady of Lourdes
17.-Jacob Lundy10-08.75St. Joseph Catholic
18.-Jonathon Lee10-07.00Our Lady of Lourdes
19.-Ian McKallip10-05.25The Madeleine
20.-Atticus Jones10-03.00The Madeleine
21.-Sean Balsiger9-10.00West Hills Christian
22.-Brendan Kelley9-00.00The Madeleine
---Alex BurtonSCRSt. Ignatius

Long Jump  Cubs - Finals

1.5Harrison Schrage15-02.00The Madeleine
2.6Sean Dack12-08.50Our Lady of Lourdes
3.5Patrick Gaines12-00.25Our Lady of Lourdes
3.5Patrick Maloney12-00.25St. Matthew
5.-Andrew Spencer11-10.00The Madeleine
6.-Ben College10-07.75The Madeleine
7.-Thomas McNamara10-07.00The Madeleine
8.-Pieter Quinton10-06.00The Madeleine
9.-Dominick Moulton10-02.50St. Ignatius
10.-Beau Brooks9-11.25Our Lady of Lourdes
11.-Hans Krause9-10.00The Madeleine
12.-Sam Hawkinson9-09.25The Madeleine
13.-Jake Faha9-09.00The Madeleine
14.-Blake Duhamel9-07.00Our Lady of Lourdes
15.-Thomas Nilan9-06.25The Madeleine
16.-Quinn McDonnell9-03.00St. Matthew
17.-Nicholas Domenico8-10.25The Madeleine
18.-Jacob Smith8-09.25The Madeleine
19.-Jacob Captein8-06.00West Hills Christian
20.5Robert Marksthaler8-01.00The Madeleine
21.-Konner Shriver7-09.00Our Lady of Lourdes
22.-Sean Wilson7-03.00Our Lady of Lourdes

Long Jump  Roadrunners - Finals

1.-Ryan Reents12-08.00The Madeleine
2.4John Walsh11-02.25St. Matthew
3.-Chandler Rodarte11-00.00The Madeleine
4.-Nicky Johnson10-07.25St. Matthew
5.4Owen Riley10-06.25The Madeleine
6.-Mason Good10-04.25St. Matthew
7.-Matthew Boyer10-03.75St. Ignatius
8.-Thomas Remington10-00.50West Hills Christian
9.-David Rennie9-10.50The Madeleine
10.-Troy Pacheco9-08.00St. Joseph Catholic
11.-Justin Ongley9-06.75St. Joseph Catholic
12.3Anders Langhus9-06.25The Madeleine
13.-Isaac Gadberry9-02.25The Madeleine
14.3Stephen Powell9-00.50Pacific Crest Academy
15.3Michael Splaver9-00.25St. Joseph Catholic
16.-Ryan Dooris8-10.50The Madeleine
17.-Tyler Davis8-08.50St. Joseph Catholic
18.-Lucas Greer8-04.00The Madeleine
19.-Matthew Culley8-02.25St. Ignatius
20.-Ryan James8-02.00St. Joseph Catholic
21.3Kelton Smith7-11.00St. Joseph Catholic
22.-Carter Standridge7-08.50St. Joseph Catholic
23.-Andrew Swanson7-07.00Pacific Crest Academy
24.-Jack Stevens7-05.75West Hills Christian
25.-Isaac Sten7-03.25The Madeleine
26.3Thomas Mooney6-08.75Pacific Crest Academy
27.-Avery Standridge6-08.25St. Joseph Catholic
28.-Ryan Stankye6-07.25St. Joseph Catholic
29.-Dylan Fisher6-04.75West Hills Christian
30.-Luke George6-00.50St. Joseph Catholic
31.-Josh Bottelberghe5-08.00St. Joseph Catholic
---David SullivanSCRThe Madeleine
---Sergio RiveraSCRPacific Crest Academy