CYO Developmental Meet 2C

Saturday, April 18, 2009 - Meet Website
  Valley Catholic HS, Beaverton - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Jake Collins12.9hValley Catholic
2.-William Chapman12.9hSt. Anthony
3.-Jack Yung13.1hSt. Thomas More
4.7Joseph Alfieri13.2hValley Catholic
5.-Benjamin Colley13.3hValley Catholic
6.-Dong Lee13.4hSt. Pius X
7.-Matthew Kim13.4hSt. Pius X
8.-Harrisen Stach13.4hSt. Anthony
9.-Karl Ficken13.5hSt. Pius X
10.-James Nguyen13.5hSt. Anthony
11.-Jake Pietrok13.7hSt. Anthony
12.8Shane Richards13.7hValley Catholic
13.-Dominic Pham14.4hSt. Anthony
14.-Austin Peneyra14.4hValley Catholic
15.-Austin Todd14.4hSt. Anthony
16.7Will Albright14.6hSt. Pius X
17.8Zachary Holden14.7hValley Catholic
18.-Thomas Woodward15.2hSt. Anthony
19.-Reed Traynor15.2hCathedral
20.7Matthew Goodman15.2hSt. Pius X
21.-Joel Schierman15.3hSt. Anthony
22.-Robert Yray15.6hSt. Anthony
23.7Timothy Brunson15.9hSt. Pius X
24.-Conner Hall16.7hCathedral
25.-Peter Haslach17.6hCathedral
X 100 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Nathan Lewis14.1hSt. Pius X
2.5Matthew Ferguson14.3hSt. Anthony
3.-Ryan Weiss14.7hSt. Anthony
4.-Tanner Tropio14.7hSt. Anthony
5.5Michael Alfieri14.8hValley Catholic
6.6John DeRego14.9hSt. Pius X
8.7Dakota McFadden15.0hSt. Pius X
9.-Duncan Stewart15.0hSt. Francis/Visitation
10.6Ryan Sussman15.1hSt. Pius X
11.-Christian Tunnell15.2hSt. Francis/Visitation
11.-Jonathan Ho15.2hValley Catholic
13.6Brian Stocks15.2hSt. Pius X
14.-Will LeRoux15.6hSt. Thomas More
15.-Jereme Wilkie15.7hSt. Clare
16.-Calvin Hood15.8hCathedral
17.-Jacob Perris16.0hSt. Clare
18.-Jack Taylor16.3hCathedral
19.-Coleby Vali16.3hCathedral
19.5Shankar Krishnakumar16.3hValley Catholic
21.-Josiah Flaig16.4hSt. Pius X
22.5Nash Rauen16.4hSt. Anthony
23.-Myles Bryant16.5hSt. Anthony
24.-Dominick Felix16.5hValley Catholic
25.6David Carbonari16.5hValley Catholic
26.-Josh Horst16.6hSt. Pius X
27.-Devon Myers16.6hCathedral
28.-Aiden Tariku16.6hValley Catholic
29.-Jack Vincent16.7hSt. Anthony
30.-William Holland16.8hSt. Thomas More
31.-Christian Meader16.8hSt. Pius X
32.-Brett Stoddard16.8hSt. Anthony
33.-Christian Goo17.0hValley Catholic
33.-Jimmy Naughton17.0hSt. Pius X
35.5Matthew Ruka17.1hSt. Pius X
36.-Michael Paino17.3hSt. Anthony
37.-Nolan Corrado17.6hSt. Anthony
38.-Alexander Fouts17.7hSt. Pius X
39.6Ryan Orchard17.7hValley Catholic
40.-Eric Fellin18.0hSt. Anthony
41.-Alexander Laub18.3hCathedral
42.5Vijay Parthasarathy18.5hValley Catholic
43.-Devin Chapman18.5hSt. Anthony
44.-Theo Eghdami18.6hValley Catholic
45.-John Williams18.7hCathedral
46.5Josh Rickman19.6hSt. Pius X
---Sam BrunsonSCRSt. Pius X
X 100 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.3Matthew Lang15.6hSt. Thomas More
2.4Nicholas Timm15.7hSt. Pius X
3.-Andrew Lang15.8hSt. Pius X
4.-Harrison Turlington16.0hCathedral
5.4Jorge Casas16.2hSt. Pius X
6.-Drew Ligman16.5hCathedral
7.3Tim Malueg16.5hSt. Clare
8.3parker MacMillan16.6hSt. Pius X
9.-Alejandro Lee16.6hSt. Clare
10.4Austin Migchelbrink16.7hSt. Pius X
11.4Jared DeVore16.7hSt. Pius X
12.-Bryan Gilmore16.9hSt. Clare
13.3Simon Prosser17.0hSt. Thomas More
14.-Edward Murphy17.2hSt. Thomas More
15.-Patrick Beckett17.3hSt. Clare
16.2Michael Malone17.3hSt. Pius X
16.4Nick Wiley17.3hSt. Pius X
18.-Joshua Flaig17.3hSt. Pius X
19.3William Nisbet17.3hSt. Thomas More
20.-Garrett Stewart17.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
21.-Sean Sullivan17.6hSt. Thomas More
22.-Henry Smart-Denson17.7hSt. Thomas More
23.-Riley Stewart17.7hSt. Francis/Visitation
24.-Nick Emmert17.8hSt. Clare
25.-Thomas Merk18.0hCathedral
26.4Rob Merrick18.0hSt. Pius X
27.-Nathanael Wessels18.0hSt. Francis/Visitation
27.-Mitchell Waltos18.0hSt. Thomas More
29.-Hugh Finnerty18.1hSt. Anthony
30.4Mark Fellin18.2hSt. Anthony
31.-Stephen Michels18.3hSt. Clare
32.-Addison Perris18.4hSt. Clare
33.-Rowan Hoffman18.4hCathedral
34.-Peyton Hulstrom18.4hSt. Thomas More
35.-Spencer Curzon18.4hSt. Anthony
36.4Victor Agostinelli18.5hValley Catholic
37.-Sean Tennant18.6hCathedral
38.-Mitchell Sears18.6hSt. Pius X
39.-Logan McIntyre18.6hValley Catholic
40.-Jack Marrs18.9hCathedral
41.-Austin Shirazi19.0hSt. Anthony
42.-Andrew Dunn19.0hSt. Anthony
43.-Joe Engstrom19.0hSt. Anthony
43.-Carter Bell19.0hSt. Thomas More
45.7Timothy Brunson19.1hSt. Pius X
46.-Ben Blessington19.2hSt. Thomas More
47.-Conor Burke19.3hSt. Thomas More
48.-Nicholas Curzon19.4hSt. Anthony
49.-William Duffy19.4hCathedral
50.3Nico Enriquez19.5hSt. Pius X
51.-Zack Pelster19.6hSt. Francis/Visitation
52.-Luke Hulquist19.7hSt. Anthony
53.3Christian Richards19.9hValley Catholic
54.3Aaron Compton20.0hValley Catholic
55.-Mason Nakamura20.0hValley Catholic
56.-Charlie Vranizan20.2hCathedral
57.-Daniel Trusty20.7hSt. Thomas More
58.-Benjamin Quiring22.0hValley Catholic
59.-Jacob Hermance24.8hSt. Francis/Visitation
60.-Liam Hochanadel25.1hCathedral
X 200 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Jonathan Dunne26.9hValley Catholic
2.-Harrisen Stach27.1hSt. Anthony
3.-Bryon Chapman27.2hSt. Anthony
4.-Marcus Yoo27.5hCathedral
5.-Benjamin Colley27.6hValley Catholic
6.-Matthew Kim27.7hSt. Pius X
7.7Joseph Alfieri27.7hValley Catholic
8.-Karl Ficken28.5hSt. Pius X
9.-Austin Peneyra28.7hValley Catholic
10.7Luke McDougald29.2hSt. Pius X
11.-Dong Lee29.2hSt. Pius X
12.-Richard Pfluger30.8hSt. Pius X
13.7Will Albright31.5hSt. Pius X
14.-Luke Lozano32.1hSt. Pius X
X 200 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Nathan Lewis30.1hSt. Pius X
2.-Tanner Tropio30.7hSt. Anthony
3.-Devin Distant31.0hSt. Anthony
4.5Michael Alfieri31.3hValley Catholic
5.-Will LeRoux31.6hSt. Thomas More
6.-Jonathan Ho31.8hValley Catholic
7.7Dakota McFadden31.9hSt. Pius X
8.6Ryan Sussman32.2hSt. Pius X
9.5Nicho Turina32.5hSt. Thomas More
10.-Nick Winkler32.6hSt. Pius X
11.-Duncan Stewart32.7hSt. Francis/Visitation
12.-Calvin Hood32.7hCathedral
13.-Jacob Perris33.2hSt. Clare
14.6JD Menkens33.2hValley Catholic
15.-Jack Taylor33.4hCathedral
16.5Grant Mathews33.4hSt. Pius X
17.-Trenton Soelberg33.8hSt. Anthony
18.5Matthew Ruka33.9hSt. Pius X
19.-Jack Vincent34.0hSt. Anthony
20.6Nathan Hartmeier34.4hSt. Pius X
21.6David Carbonari34.8hValley Catholic
22.-Devon Myers35.0hCathedral
23.-Myles Bryant35.0hSt. Anthony
24.-William Holland35.1hSt. Thomas More
25.-Christian Meader35.7hSt. Pius X
26.-Maxwell MacEachern36.1hCathedral
27.-Axel de Cluzeau36.3hCathedral
28.-Samuel Caramelli37.0hCathedral
29.-Thomas Wasman37.2hSt. Anthony
30.-John Williams38.3hCathedral
31.-Louis Williams39.1hSt. Pius X
32.5Vijay Parthasarathy39.2hValley Catholic
33.-Alexander Laub39.2hCathedral
34.-Theo Eghdami40.3hValley Catholic
---Mario SarichSCRCathedral
X 200 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.3Matthew Lang32.3hSt. Thomas More
2.-Simon Cooney32.5hCathedral
3.4Jared DeVore34.2hSt. Pius X
4.-Harrison Turlington34.3hCathedral
5.-Drew Ligman34.9hCathedral
6.4Nick Wiley35.0hSt. Pius X
7.4Maxwell Morgan35.5hSt. Anthony
8.3parker MacMillan35.7hSt. Pius X
9.-Mack Hisatomi35.8hCathedral
10.-Jack Gall35.9hSt. Clare
11.-Peyton Hulstrom37.5hSt. Thomas More
12.-Arthur Gorlorwulu37.6hSt. Anthony
13.-Riley Stewart37.9hSt. Francis/Visitation
14.-Rowan Hoffman38.0hCathedral
15.4Rob Merrick38.1hSt. Pius X
16.-Thomas Merk38.7hCathedral
17.-Sean Tennant39.0hCathedral
18.3Nathan Silenzi39.6hValley Catholic
19.-Carter Bell40.2hSt. Thomas More
20.-Austin Shirazi40.2hSt. Anthony
21.-Simon Crowell40.9hSt. Francis/Visitation
22.3Christian Richards41.2hValley Catholic
23.-Tanner Hillman42.7hSt. Pius X
24.4Ryan Forster44.5hSt. Pius X
25.-William Duffy46.1hCathedral
X 400 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Ben Hartmeier1:00.4hSt. Pius X
2.7Jake Schmerber1:01.0hSt. Pius X
3.-Karl Ficken1:01.9hSt. Pius X
4.-Nathan House1:01.9hSt. Thomas More
5.-Marcus Yoo1:02.0hCathedral
6.7Joseph Alfieri1:04.0hValley Catholic
7.7Luke McDougald1:04.1hSt. Pius X
8.-Garrett Bender1:04.2hSt. Pius X
9.-Austin Todd1:06.1hSt. Anthony
10.-Dong Lee1:07.2hSt. Pius X
11.-Nicholas Cross1:07.2hSt. Anthony
12.7Kyle Thompson1:07.2hSt. Pius X
13.-Richard Pfluger1:07.6hSt. Pius X
14.-Daniel Abdie1:07.7hSt. Pius X
14.Christian Burkhartsmeyer1:07.7hSt. Anthony
16.-Daniel Thorpe1:08.1hSt. Anthony
17.-Matthew Duffy1:08.4hCathedral
18.-Tyler Colson1:09.0hSt. Pius X
19.-Uzair Sheikh1:11.0hCathedral
20.-Luke Lozano1:11.4hSt. Pius X
21.-Andrew Pollard1:13.4hSt. Pius X
22.-Grant Traynor1:13.8hCathedral
X 400 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-John Duffy1:05.9hCathedral
2.6John DeRego1:07.9hSt. Pius X
3.6Nathan Lewis1:08.0hSt. Pius X
4.-Gus Vranizan1:09.9hCathedral
5.7Dakota McFadden1:10.3hSt. Pius X
6.5Michael Alfieri1:11.0hValley Catholic
7.-Christian Tunnell1:11.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
8.6JD Menkens1:11.3hValley Catholic
9.-Devin Distant1:11.8hSt. Anthony
10.5Grant Mathews1:13.7hSt. Pius X
11.-Michael DaSilva1:13.9hSt. Pius X
12.-Jack Taylor1:14.0hCathedral
13.-Nick Winkler1:15.3hSt. Pius X
14.-Mario Sarich1:16.2hCathedral
15.-Trenton Soelberg1:16.2hSt. Anthony
16.5Matthew Ruka1:16.6hSt. Pius X
17.6Nathan Hartmeier1:18.5hSt. Pius X
18.5Stephen Fey1:19.6hSt. Pius X
19.5Shankar Krishnakumar1:20.6hValley Catholic
20.-Collin Maclay1:20.6hSt. Pius X
21.-Brett Stoddard1:21.2hSt. Anthony
22.-Michael Cosper1:22.0hSt. Clare
23.-Clay Voydat1:22.1hSt. Anthony
24.-Thomas Wasman1:24.8hSt. Anthony
25.-Nicholas McGuire1:24.9hSt. Pius X
26.-Jeremy Lenc1:27.0hSt. Pius X
27.-Kyle Getsiv1:27.1hSt. Pius X
28.6Matt Oordt1:27.8hSt. Pius X
29.-Jeremy Lambert1:29.9hSt. Anthony
X 400 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Ian Luer-Sele1:03.7hValley Catholic
2.-Simon Cooney1:12.4hCathedral
3.4Logan Phillips1:14.8hSt. Anthony
4.-Mack Hisatomi1:15.2hCathedral
5.-Aidan Hearney1:17.6hSt. Thomas More
6.4Nicholas Timm1:17.9hSt. Pius X
7.4Nick Wiley1:20.1hSt. Pius X
8.4Jorge Casas1:21.5hSt. Pius X
9.3Cameron Thompson1:23.7hSt. Pius X
10.-Sean Sullivan1:23.8hSt. Thomas More
11.-Patrick Beckett1:24.3hSt. Clare
12.-Colby Bullard1:25.2hCathedral
13.-Alex Pullen1:26.6hSt. Pius X
14.-Tanner Hillman1:26.7hSt. Pius X
15.3Nathan Silenzi1:27.1hValley Catholic
16.2Michael Malone1:27.9hSt. Pius X
17.-Vineet Edupaganti1:28.2hSt. Pius X
18.4Calvin Harris1:28.8hSt. Anthony
19.-Joe Engstrom1:32.2hSt. Anthony
20.3Eric Brecht1:32.4hSt. Pius X
21.-Stephen Michels1:33.0hSt. Clare
22.4Ryan Forster1:33.4hSt. Pius X
23.-Nicholas Curzon1:35.4hSt. Anthony
24.7Timothy Brunson1:36.9hSt. Pius X
X 800 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Matthew Kim2:23.4hSt. Pius X
2.7Jake Schmerber2:23.6hSt. Pius X
3.-Ben Hartmeier2:23.9hSt. Pius X
4.8Joshua Sealand2:24.8hSt. Pius X
5.-Patrick Doherty2:26.2hSt. Pius X
6.7Kyle Thompson2:27.2hSt. Pius X
7.-Brodie Kelley2:30.1hSt. Anthony
8.7Luke McDougald2:30.7hSt. Pius X
9.7Mikey Fey2:35.1hSt. Pius X
10.-Daniel Abdie2:37.5hSt. Pius X
11.-Matthew Duffy2:38.5hCathedral
12.-Marty Ramos2:39.0hSt. Anthony
13.Christian Burkhartsmeyer2:40.0hSt. Anthony
14.7Matthew Lemmond2:40.8hSt. Pius X
15.-Alec Damm2:43.4hSt. Anthony
16.-Nicholas Cross2:43.4hSt. Anthony
17.-Tristen Rude2:45.3hSt. Anthony
18.-Tim Fellin2:47.4hSt. Anthony
19.-Patrick Storment2:52.5hSt. Anthony
19.-Clay VanRiper2:52.5hSt. Anthony
21.-Luke Lozano2:56.5hSt. Pius X
22.-Daniel Thorpe3:09.8hSt. Anthony
23.-Jacob Freitas3:58.8hSt. Francis/Visitation
--7Justin ReedNTSt. Pius X
X 800 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Truman Rae2:36.3hCathedral
2.6Mark Sussman2:41.7hSt. Pius X
3.5David Bridges2:44.6hSt. Pius X
4.-Christopher Tennant2:47.0hCathedral
5.6Tom Murphy2:49.9hSt. Pius X
6.5Jacob Hillman2:59.4hSt. Pius X
7.-David Sealand2:59.8hSt. Pius X
8.5Stephen Fey3:00.7hSt. Pius X
9.-Michael DaSilva3:01.1hSt. Pius X
10.-Collin Maclay3:04.6hSt. Pius X
11.-Jereme Wilkie3:06.1hSt. Clare
12.-Clay Voydat3:09.1hSt. Anthony
13.6Matt Oordt3:31.4hSt. Pius X
14.5Christopher Goodman4:02.6hSt. Pius X
15.5Josh Rickman4:11.4hSt. Pius X
X 800 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Simon Cooney2:48.6hCathedral
2.-Andrew Lang2:49.5hSt. Pius X
3.-Daniel Sealand2:57.8hSt. Pius X
4.-Carson Cohn3:13.4hCathedral
5.-Joshua Flaig3:14.2hSt. Pius X
6.-Vineet Edupaganti3:27.5hSt. Pius X
7.-Colby Bullard3:29.7hCathedral
8.-Alex Pullen3:29.9hSt. Pius X
X 1500 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Kevin Kavanaugh4:27.1Cathedral
2.-Dan Oekerman4:44.3St. Thomas More
3.7Kyle Thompson4:47.7St. Pius X
4.-Patrick Doherty5:04.1St. Pius X
5.7Mikey Fey5:10.9St. Pius X
6.-Alec Damm5:13.0St. Anthony
7.-Brodie Kelley5:13.8St. Anthony
8.-Marty Ramos5:20.6St. Anthony
9.7Matthew Lemmond5:21.9St. Pius X
10.-Nicolas Porcelli5:32.0Cathedral
11.-Roman Mori5:34.7St. Anthony
12.-Patrick Storment5:38.2St. Anthony
13.-Joel Schierman6:04.3St. Anthony
14.-Hayden Corrado6:16.8St. Anthony
X 1500 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Truman Rae5:11.4Cathedral
2.5Daniel Thompson5:23.0St. Pius X
3.-Christopher Tennant5:31.0Cathedral
4.-Evan Cross5:36.6St. Anthony
5.6Tom Murphy5:53.3St. Pius X
6.-David Sealand5:53.7St. Pius X
7.-Kyle Baldes5:59.3St. Anthony
8.-Josiah Flaig6:45.8St. Pius X
9.-Louis Williams7:00.2St. Pius X
10.-Michael Jolibois7:04.6St. Anthony
11.-Christian Meader7:13.4St. Pius X
12.5Christopher Goodman7:25.1St. Pius X
13.6Conner Williams9:10.4St. Pius X
14.6Jeffrey Williams10:07.3St. Pius X
---Sam BrunsonSCRSt. Pius X
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Andrew Lang5:35.9St. Pius X
2.4Logan Phillips5:44.8St. Anthony
3.3Cameron Thompson6:07.5St. Pius X
4.-Carson Cohn6:26.8Cathedral
5.-Joshua Flaig6:34.3St. Pius X
6.-Henry Smart-Denson6:46.9St. Thomas More
X 3000 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Kevin Kavanaugh10:00.6Cathedral
2.-Dan Oekerman10:10.5St. Thomas More
3.8Joshua Sealand10:23.2St. Pius X
4.-Garrett Bender10:38.6St. Pius X
5.-Jake Ryan11:26.2Cathedral
6.7Alex Butz11:39.4Valley Catholic
7.-Andrew Petrillo11:45.3Cathedral
8.-Jacob Freitas12:58.9St. Francis/Visitation
9.7Matthew Goodman13:08.8St. Pius X
X 3000 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.5Daniel Thompson10:56.6St. Pius X
2.6Mark Sussman11:02.9St. Pius X
3.-Jason Rae11:06.4Cathedral
4.5David Bridges11:40.3St. Pius X
5.5Jacob Hillman12:34.9St. Pius X
6.5Nicho Turina12:36.3St. Thomas More
X 4x60 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Relay Team 39.9hSt. Pius X
2.-Relay Team 40.2hSt. Pius X
3.-Relay Team 42.5hSt. Thomas More
4.-Relay Team 43.0hSt. Francis/Visitation
5.-Relay Team 43.3hSt. Thomas More
6.-Relay Team 43.7hSt. Pius X
7.-Relay Team 43.8hSt. Thomas More
8.-Relay Team 46.0hValley Catholic
9.-Relay Team 48.9hCathedral
---Relay Team NTSt. Anthony
X 4x100 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.8hSt. Anthony
2.-Relay Team 53.5hSt. Pius X
3.-Relay Team 53.7hValley Catholic
4.-Relay Team 58.7hSt. Anthony
5.-Relay Team 1:00.1hSt. Pius X
X 4x100 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Relay Team 58.5hSt. Pius X
2.-Relay Team 1:01.3hSt. Anthony
3.-Relay Team 1:01.6hSt. Thomas More
4.-Relay Team 1:03.4hValley Catholic
5.-Relay Team 1:04.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
6.-Relay Team 1:04.6hCathedral
7.-Relay Team 1:05.4hSt. Clare
8.-Relay Team 1:06.3hSt. Pius X
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:03.9hCathedral
2.-Relay Team 1:05.4hSt. Clare
3.-Relay Team 1:07.9hSt. Thomas More
4.-Relay Team 1:08.0hSt. Pius X
5.-Relay Team 1:08.1hSt. Anthony
6.-Relay Team 1:10.8hCathedral
7.-Relay Team 1:15.0hSt. Thomas More
8.-Relay Team 1:15.6hSt. Anthony
X 4x400 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:22.8hSt. Pius X
2.-Relay Team 4:34.1hSt. Anthony
3.-Relay Team 4:36.4hSt. Anthony
4.-Relay Team 4:38.7hSt. Pius X
5.-Relay Team 5:24.2hSt. Anthony
X 4x400 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:48.3hSt. Pius X
2.-Relay Team 4:59.3hSt. Anthony
3.-Relay Team 5:10.4hCathedral
4.-Relay Team 5:32.3hSt. Pius X
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cubs - Finals
1.-Gus Vranizan31-04.00Cathedral
2.-Nolan Corrado27-03.00St. Anthony
3.-Michael Paino23-06.00St. Anthony
4.-Eric Fellin23-04.00St. Anthony
4.-Josiah Flaig23-04.00St. Pius X
6.-Louis Williams23-03.00St. Pius X
6.-Sam Brunson23-03.00St. Pius X
8.-Coleby Vali22-10.00Cathedral
9.-Brandon Emmert22-02.00St. Clare
10.-Devin Chapman21-00.00St. Anthony
11.-Michael Jolibois19-11.00St. Anthony
12.-Alex Chamberlin19-03.00St. Anthony
13.-Kyle Getsiv18-11.00St. Pius X
14.6Conner Williams18-04.00St. Pius X
14.-Mario Sarich18-04.00Cathedral
16.5Christopher Goodman15-04.00St. Pius X
17.6Jeffrey Williams14-08.00St. Pius X
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Mark Fellin23-00.00St. Anthony
2.-Zachary Niedermeyer18-10.00St. Thomas More
3.-Mason Nakamura17-00.50Valley Catholic
4.-Patrick Beckett17-00.00St. Clare
5.3Simon Prosser16-10.00St. Thomas More
6.-Simon Crowell15-08.00St. Francis/Visitation
7.3William Nisbet15-04.50St. Thomas More
8.-Joe Engstrom15-00.00St. Anthony
9.-Gabriel Litchfeld14-08.00St. Thomas More
10.-Aidan Hearney14-02.00St. Thomas More
11.-Charlie Vranizan14-00.50Cathedral
12.-Liam Hochanadel14-00.00Cathedral
13.-Vineet Edupaganti13-10.00St. Pius X
14.-Carter Bell13-07.00St. Thomas More
15.3Nico Enriquez13-05.00St. Pius X
16.-Zack Pelster13-04.00St. Francis/Visitation
17.-Andrew Dunn13-03.50St. Anthony
18.3Eric Brecht13-00.00St. Pius X
19.-Logan McIntyre12-05.00Valley Catholic
20.-Henry Smart-Denson12-04.50St. Thomas More
21.-Daniel Trusty10-10.00St. Thomas More
X Shot Put - 8lb - Cadets - Finals
1.-William Chapman37-03.00St. Anthony
2.-Ben Hartmeier36-04.00St. Pius X
3.-Tarek Wirfs36-00.00St. Anthony
4.-Andrew Kirkland34-05.00Cathedral
5.-Tim Fellin34-00.00St. Anthony
6.-James Nguyen32-07.00St. Anthony
7.-Alex Bolton32-00.00St. Clare
8.-Ken Timmins31-05.00St. Anthony
9.-Garrett Bender29-05.00St. Pius X
10.-Dominic Pham28-11.00St. Anthony
11.-Clay VanRiper28-10.00St. Anthony
12.-Benjamin Colley24-04.00Valley Catholic
13.-Tyler Colson22-10.00St. Pius X
14.7Matthew Goodman22-04.00St. Pius X
15.-Robert Tennant21-10.00Cathedral
16.-Jacob Freitas19-08.00St. Francis/Visitation
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadets - Finals
1.-Tarek Wirfs147-01St. Anthony
2.-Jake Collins124-01Valley Catholic
3.-Jake Ryan117-11Cathedral
4.-Nicholas Cross112-08St. Anthony
5.8Zachary Holden110-07Valley Catholic
6.-Tristen Rude102-10St. Anthony
7.-Nicolas Porcelli95-04Cathedral
8.-Roman Mori94-02St. Anthony
9.Christian Burkhartsmeyer89-11St. Anthony
10.-Andrew Petrillo87-03Cathedral
11.-Andrew Kirkland85-03Cathedral
12.-Hayden Corrado82-01St. Anthony
13.7Timothy Brunson77-06St. Pius X
14.-Robert Tennant70-03Cathedral
15.-Tim Fellin64-08St. Anthony
16.-Richard Pfluger60-10St. Pius X
17.-Conner Hall60-01Cathedral
18.-Peter Haslach53-03Cathedral
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cubs - Finals
1.-Nolan Corrado89-10St. Anthony
2.-Drew Cannon84-05St. Clare
3.-Kyle Baldes84-03St. Anthony
4.-Jack Vincent78-09St. Anthony
5.-Ryan Weiss77-07St. Anthony
6.-Patrick Clair77-00St. Pius X
7.6David Carbonari71-04Valley Catholic
8.5Evan Brehm70-00St. Pius X
9.5Nash Rauen68-10St. Anthony
10.-Michael Jolibois66-08St. Anthony
11.-Devin Chapman66-05St. Anthony
12.5Shankar Krishnakumar62-06Valley Catholic
13.-Evan Cross61-07St. Anthony
14.5Stephen Fey60-04St. Pius X
15.-Sam Brunson57-04St. Pius X
16.-Brandon Emmert56-10St. Clare
17.-Coleby Vali51-08Cathedral
18.-Mario Sarich51-02Cathedral
19.-Trenton Soelberg50-05St. Anthony
20.-Michael Paino49-08St. Anthony
21.-Eric Fellin41-07St. Anthony
22.6Matt Oordt41-04St. Pius X
23.-Alex Chamberlin40-01St. Anthony
24.5Josh Rickman34-05St. Pius X
25.6Conner Williams33-06St. Pius X
26.-Jeremy Lambert31-11St. Anthony
27.6Jeffrey Williams26-08St. Pius X
---John WilliamsNDCathedral
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Harrison Turlington75-03Cathedral
2.-Bryan Gilmore73-03St. Clare
3.-Mitchell Waltos70-04St. Thomas More
4.-Drew Ligman65-08Cathedral
5.4Mark Fellin65-03St. Anthony
6.-Jack Marrs65-02Cathedral
7.-Jack Gall62-00St. Clare
8.-Stephen Michels60-10St. Clare
9.4Maxwell Morgan53-05St. Anthony
10.-Colby Bullard53-04Cathedral
11.3Tim Malueg51-10St. Clare
12.-Mason Nakamura49-04Valley Catholic
13.-Peyton Hulstrom45-07St. Thomas More
14.3Cameron Thompson44-02St. Pius X
15.-Nick Emmert43-06St. Clare
16.-William Duffy43-04Cathedral
17.3Christian Richards41-07Valley Catholic
18.-Nathanael Wessels41-06St. Francis/Visitation
19.-Simon Crowell41-03St. Francis/Visitation
20.-Zack Pelster41-01St. Francis/Visitation
21.3Eric Brecht40-09St. Pius X
22.-Conor Burke38-07St. Thomas More
23.-Charlie Vranizan36-08Cathedral
24.-Aidan Hearney36-07St. Thomas More
25.-Sean Sullivan36-04St. Thomas More
26.-Luke Hulquist34-02St. Anthony
27.-Jacob Hermance30-02St. Francis/Visitation
28.-Liam Hochanadel21-00Cathedral
29.-Arthur Gorlorwulu18-10St. Anthony
---Zachary NiedermeyerNDSt. Thomas More
X High Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Daniel Abdie4-10.00St. Pius X
2.-Marcus Yoo4-09.00Cathedral
3.7Alex Butz4-06.00Valley Catholic
3.-Bryon Chapman4-06.00St. Anthony
5.-Jonathan Dunne4-04.00Valley Catholic
5.-Nathan House4-04.00St. Thomas More
---Joel SchiermanNHSt. Anthony
---Thomas WoodwardNHSt. Anthony
--7Mikey FeyNHSt. Pius X
---Austin PeneyraNHValley Catholic
---Grant TraynorNHCathedral
---Austin ToddNHSt. Anthony
X High Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.6Brian Stocks4-00.00St. Pius X
2.5Matthew Ferguson3-10.00St. Anthony
3.-Ryan Weiss3-08.00St. Anthony
3.-Will LeRoux3-08.00St. Thomas More
5.5Grant Mathews3-06.00St. Pius X
---Thomas WasmanNHSt. Anthony
--5Nicho TurinaNHSt. Thomas More
--5Nash RauenNHSt. Anthony
---Christian GooNHValley Catholic
---Dominick FelixNHValley Catholic
X Long Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Harrisen Stach16-02.25St. Anthony
2.-Bryon Chapman15-05.50St. Anthony
3.-Marcus Yoo15-01.50Cathedral
4.8Shane Richards14-11.50Valley Catholic
5.-Jake Pietrok14-04.50St. Anthony
6.7Will Albright13-05.25St. Pius X
7.-Thomas Woodward13-02.50St. Anthony
8.-Tristen Rude12-11.25St. Anthony
9.-Marty Ramos12-10.25St. Anthony
10.8Zachary Holden12-08.00Valley Catholic
11.-Joel Schierman11-11.50St. Anthony
12.-Hayden Corrado11-08.00St. Anthony
13.-Matthew Duffy11-04.25Cathedral
14.-Robert Yray11-00.00St. Anthony
15.7Timothy Brunson10-11.00St. Pius X
16.-Dominic Pham10-08.25St. Anthony
17.-Uzair Sheikh10-06.00Cathedral
18.-Andrew Petrillo10-04.50Cathedral
19.-Peter Haslach10-01.00Cathedral
X Long Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.6Ryan Sussman13-05.25St. Pius X
2.6John DeRego12-02.00St. Pius X
3.-Tanner Tropio11-10.00St. Anthony
4.-William Holland11-09.75St. Thomas More
5.6Mark Sussman11-09.50St. Pius X
5.-Jonathan Ho11-09.50Valley Catholic
7.-Christian Goo11-09.25Valley Catholic
8.-David Sealand11-09.00St. Pius X
9.-Gus Vranizan11-07.25Cathedral
10.-Josh Horst11-06.00St. Pius X
11.-Nick Winkler11-04.25St. Pius X
12.-Calvin Hood11-04.00Cathedral
13.6JD Menkens11-03.25Valley Catholic
14.-Collin Maclay11-02.00St. Pius X
16.-Devin Distant11-00.00St. Anthony
17.-Jack Taylor10-10.50Cathedral
17.-Duncan Stewart10-10.50St. Francis/Visitation
19.6Brian Stocks10-10.25St. Pius X
20.-Aiden Tariku10-09.25Valley Catholic
21.-Jeremy Lambert10-06.00St. Anthony
21.-Devon Myers10-06.00Cathedral
23.-Christian Tunnell10-05.00St. Francis/Visitation
24.-Jimmy Naughton10-04.25St. Pius X
25.-Michael DaSilva10-03.00St. Pius X
26.-Jereme Wilkie10-02.50St. Clare
27.-Mario Sarich9-09.50Cathedral
28.-Jason Rae9-06.50Cathedral
28.-Dominick Felix9-06.50Valley Catholic
30.-Alexander Laub9-05.50Cathedral
31.-Myles Bryant9-03.00St. Anthony
32.-John Williams9-01.00Cathedral
33.-Nicholas McGuire9-00.00St. Pius X
34.-Brandon Emmert8-11.25St. Clare
35.-Sam Brunson8-10.00St. Pius X
36.6Ryan Orchard8-08.50Valley Catholic
37.5Vijay Parthasarathy8-08.25Valley Catholic
38.-Axel de Cluzeau8-01.50Cathedral
38.-Jeremy Lenc8-01.50St. Pius X
40.-Drew Cannon8-00.00St. Clare
40.-Theo Eghdami8-00.00Valley Catholic
X Long Jump - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Harrison Turlington13-00.00Cathedral
2.4Nicholas Timm12-04.00St. Pius X
3.3Matthew Lang11-11.00St. Thomas More
4.-Jack Gall11-09.00St. Clare
5.4Jared DeVore11-08.00St. Pius X
6.-Alejandro Lee11-07.00St. Clare
7.4Logan Phillips11-05.00St. Anthony
8.3Tim Malueg11-04.00St. Clare
9.-Bryan Gilmore11-02.50St. Clare
10.-Rowan Hoffman11-02.00Cathedral
11.-Mack Hisatomi11-00.00Cathedral
11.-Nathanael Wessels11-00.00St. Francis/Visitation
11.3Simon Prosser11-00.00St. Thomas More
14.3parker MacMillan10-09.00St. Pius X
15.4Rob Merrick10-08.00St. Pius X
16.-Garrett Stewart10-07.00St. Francis/Visitation
17.-Nick Emmert10-00.00St. Clare
17.-Jack Marrs10-00.00Cathedral
19.-Nicholas Curzon9-11.00St. Anthony
20.-Tanner Hillman9-08.00St. Pius X
21.4Ryan Forster9-05.00St. Pius X
22.-Sean Tennant9-04.00Cathedral
23.-Addison Perris9-03.00St. Clare
24.3Christian Richards9-02.00Valley Catholic
25.-Charlie Vranizan9-01.00Cathedral
26.-Spencer Curzon8-11.00St. Anthony
27.3Nico Enriquez8-10.00St. Pius X
27.-Hugh Finnerty8-10.00St. Anthony
29.3Nathan Silenzi8-08.00Valley Catholic
29.-Ben Blessington8-08.00St. Thomas More
31.-Logan McIntyre8-07.50Valley Catholic
32.3Aaron Compton8-07.00Valley Catholic
33.-Thomas Quiring8-04.00Valley Catholic
33.-Ian Luer-Sele8-04.00Valley Catholic
35.-Jacob Hermance8-03.00St. Francis/Visitation
36.-Benjamin Quiring8-02.50Valley Catholic
37.4Calvin Harris8-00.00St. Anthony
38.-Daniel Trusty6-08.00St. Thomas More
---Thomas MerkSCRCathedral

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Alexandra Griffin13.2hValley Catholic
2.7Taylor Coon13.6hSt. Pius X
3.7Gabrielle Rosenthal14.1hValley Catholic
4.-Claire McLaughlin14.2hValley Catholic
5.-Mackenzie Croy14.4hSt. Pius X
6.-Madeleine Houdroge14.4hSt. Clare
7.-Abagail Griffiths14.5hSt. Pius X
8.-Karen Link14.6hSt. Thomas More
9.-Rachel Dulcich14.7hCathedral
10.-Dayna Jacobs14.7hSt. Pius X
11.7Meredith Waggoner14.8hSt. Pius X
12.-Emma Marquard14.8hSt. Clare
13.-Phoebe Luc15.0hSt. Clare
14.7Sydney Sirgy15.0hSt. Pius X
15.-Maddie Kincaid15.6hSt. Pius X
16.-Logan Schwarz15.6hSt. Pius X
17.-Madison Blessington16.3hSt. Thomas More
18.-Darby Cronin16.3hCathedral
19.-Jami Haren16.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
20.-Molly Martin16.7hSt. Clare
21.-Lily Evans16.7hValley Catholic
22.-Melissa Kelly16.9hCathedral
23.-Alex Costelow17.2hSt. Pius X
24.-Ashley Harris17.3hSt. Thomas More
X 100 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.4Gracie Doherty15.3hSt. Pius X
2.-Madeline Curzon15.5hSt. Anthony
3.-Sarah Connelly15.8hValley Catholic
4.6Hailey Sears15.8hSt. Pius X
5.-Hannah Lang15.9hSt. Thomas More
6.-Siobhan Blake16.0hSt. Francis/Visitation
7.5Kylee Richards16.1hValley Catholic
8.6Jenna Fortner16.1hSt. Pius X
9.5Cecillia Pham16.2hSt. Anthony
10.12Adriana Bolton16.2hSt. Clare
11.-Caroline Ambrose16.3hSt. Clare
12.5Courtney Harmon16.3hSt. Pius X
13.-Rebecca Huseby16.4hSt. Thomas More
14.-Ana Gibbons16.4hSt. Pius X
15.-Brittany Hutchins16.4hSt. Pius X
16.-Lucille Beckett16.4hSt. Clare
17.-Payton Coon16.5hSt. Pius X
18.-Amie Hookland16.5hSt. Thomas More
18.5Audra Neyman16.5hSt. Pius X
20.-Raiyasha Paris16.7hCathedral
21.-Hanna Alomair16.8hValley Catholic
22.-Celeste Hatfield16.9hSt. Anthony
23.-Caroline Cassinelli17.0hSt. Clare
24.-Erin McLaughlin17.0hValley Catholic
25.-Genevieve Adams17.0hValley Catholic
26.-Kathryn Blessington17.1hSt. Thomas More
27.5Ellen Koukel17.2hValley Catholic
28.6McKenzie Johnson17.3hSt. Thomas More
29.-Madeline McDougal17.4hValley Catholic
30.-Bella Mercado17.5hCathedral
31.6Anna Pfluger17.5hSt. Pius X
32.-Carly Burkhartsmeyer17.7hSt. Anthony
33.-Hannah LeBlanc17.8hSt. Pius X
34.-Haley LeBlanc18.0hSt. Pius X
35.-Olivia Glaser18.0hSt. Thomas More
36.-Leah Miller18.2hSt. Pius X
37.6Cassie Davis18.3hSt. Pius X
38.-Jessica Freitas18.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
39.-Lauren Costelow18.8hSt. Pius X
40.-Abbey King19.0hValley Catholic
41.-Rayawnie Paris19.2hCathedral
42.-Suhani Patel19.4hValley Catholic
43.5Olivia Langton19.6hValley Catholic
44.-Katie Pollard20.0hSt. Pius X
45.-Shannon Drew20.2hValley Catholic
46.-Jenny Li20.7hSt. Pius X
X 100 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Sarah Nasson14.5hCathedral
2.4Hannah Croy16.3hSt. Pius X
3.5Josie Hookland16.6hSt. Thomas More
4.-Elizabeth Moyer16.8hSt. Thomas More
5.4Amaia Harrington16.8hSt. Thomas More
6.-Gabrielle Domier16.9hSt. Anthony
7.3Allyson Thom16.9hCathedral
8.-Madeline Dortignacq16.9hSt. Thomas More
9.4Rose Pflug16.9hSt. Pius X
9.-Ashley Mepham16.9hCathedral
11.-Alyssa Caraig17.1hSt. Anthony
12.3Naomi Li17.1hSt. Pius X
13.-Julia Lauren Gerig17.1hValley Catholic
14.3Lena Colson17.1hSt. Pius X
15.-Natalie Manlove17.2hSt. Clare
16.-Regan Rice17.3hSt. Thomas More
17.-Cristina Jackson17.3hValley Catholic
18.-Taylor Menkens17.3hValley Catholic
19.-Natalie Greenberg17.3hSt. Anthony
20.-Sara Heller17.4hSt. Clare
21.3Jill Makin17.5hSt. Pius X
22.3Kelly Makin17.5hSt. Pius X
23.-Crystal Franklin17.6hValley Catholic
24.-Emma Graham17.6hSt. Pius X
25.-Emily Pollard17.6hSt. Pius X
26.-Milan Hernandez17.7hSt. Clare
27.-Grace Potter17.7hSt. Thomas More
28.-Carly Kwiecinski17.8hSt. Thomas More
29.4Natalie Luquin17.8hSt. Pius X
29.3Caroline Easton17.8hSt. Pius X
31.-Hazel Reynolds17.9hSt. Thomas More
32.-Kari Stoddard17.9hSt. Anthony
33.-Hope Olbricht18.0hSt. Clare
34.-Cecilia Hartge18.1hCathedral
35.-Erin Lang18.2hSt. Pius X
36.-Holly Hartmeier18.2hSt. Pius X
36.-Mia Hermann18.2hSt. Clare
38.3Casey Kavanaugh18.2hCathedral
39.4Allison Colombo18.3hSt. Pius X
40.4Rachael Frankovic18.3hValley Catholic
40.-Kristina Griffin18.3hValley Catholic
42.-Grace Taylor18.4hSt. Anthony
43.-Sylvie Martin18.5hSt. Thomas More
44.4Mary Oehler18.6hValley Catholic
44.-Sophie Nordyke18.6hSt. Pius X
46.-Kendsy Carmichael18.6hSt. Pius X
47.-Reilly Schreck18.7hSt. Pius X
48.9Bella Marconi18.7hSt. Clare
49.-Kristen Fox18.9hSt. Anthony
50.-Liliana Todd18.9hSt. Anthony
51.-Stella Kalomiris18.9hSt. Clare
52.3Emily Shannon19.1hSt. Pius X
53.-Ahlea Thomson19.1hSt. Anthony
54.-Anna Schmidt19.2hSt. Thomas More
55.4Kate Nguyen19.3hValley Catholic
56.-Mia Baricevic19.3hSt. Thomas More
57.-Ava Randall19.3hSt. Thomas More
58.-Eudora Goganian19.3hSt. Pius X
59.3Keara Barrett19.3hSt. Pius X
59.3Brooke Bordonaro19.3hCathedral
61.-Colleen Sussex19.4hSt. Pius X
62.-Rebecca Appling19.4hSt. Pius X
63.-Lydia McVeigh19.5hSt. Thomas More
64.4Simone Helfrich19.5hSt. Pius X
65.-Brenna Cosio19.6hSt. Anthony
65.-Olivia Sisavic19.6hSt. Pius X
67.-Melanie Kelly19.6hCathedral
68.-Nastassja Teach19.7hValley Catholic
69.-Katie Corah19.7hValley Catholic
70.-Katie Schreck19.7hSt. Pius X
71.-Klarisa Norton19.7hCathedral
72.-Molly Mason19.9hSt. Thomas More
73.-Olivia Dunn20.0hValley Catholic
74.-Emery Hanel20.1hSt. Pius X
75.-Kara D'Ascenzo20.1hSt. Clare
76.-Haley Parker20.2hSt. Thomas More
77.-Justine Donaldson20.3hCathedral
78.-Lauren Preston20.3hSt. Pius X
79.-Annie Barnicle20.4hCathedral
80.-Jacqueline Harmon20.5hValley Catholic
81.-Claire Noonan20.5hSt. Clare
82.-Glenna Fulitano20.6hValley Catholic
83.-Haley Neal21.4hCathedral
84.-Ann Brennan21.5hSt. Clare
85.-Alicia Harrington21.7hSt. Thomas More
86.-Hailey O'Donnell23.9hValley Catholic
87.-Mary Holland27.8hSt. Thomas More
X 200 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.7Gabrielle Rosenthal29.9hValley Catholic
2.-Madeleine Houdroge30.0hSt. Clare
3.-Tori Bryant30.6hSt. Anthony
4.-Kayla Cosio30.7hSt. Anthony
5.7Meredith Waggoner31.3hSt. Pius X
6.-Claire McCarthy31.5hSt. Clare
7.-Abigail Wachter31.9hSt. Thomas More
8.-Rachel Dulcich32.2hCathedral
9.-Phoebe Luc33.0hSt. Clare
10.7Megan Forster33.5hSt. Pius X
11.-Shannon Hammond33.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
12.-Darby Cronin34.9hCathedral
13.-Melissa Kelly35.9hCathedral
14.-Jami Haren38.0hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 200 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Marlee Leonard30.0hValley Catholic
2.-Emily Peters31.8hSt. Francis/Visitation
3.6Hailey Sears33.2hSt. Pius X
4.-Rebecca Huseby33.6hSt. Thomas More
5.-Siobhan Blake33.7hSt. Francis/Visitation
6.-Payton Coon33.8hSt. Pius X
7.-Lucille Beckett34.1hSt. Clare
8.4Megan Wachter34.4hSt. Thomas More
9.-Raiyasha Paris34.9hCathedral
10.5Audra Neyman35.0hSt. Pius X
11.-Erin McLaughlin35.2hValley Catholic
12.7Molly Nistler35.3hValley Catholic
13.6Jenna Fortner35.5hSt. Pius X
14.-Bella Mercado36.9hCathedral
15.6Anna Pfluger37.5hSt. Pius X
16.-Leah Miller38.0hSt. Pius X
17.-Rayawnie Paris40.2hCathedral
18.6Cassie Davis40.6hSt. Pius X
19.-Emma Younger43.1hValley Catholic
X 200 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.5Josie Hookland33.4hSt. Thomas More
2.3Naomi Li35.1hSt. Pius X
3.-Quinn Ryan35.4hCathedral
4.-Erin Lang35.5hSt. Pius X
5.-Sara Heller35.6hSt. Clare
6.-Mia Hermann36.7hSt. Clare
7.-Taylor Menkens36.8hValley Catholic
8.-Hope Olbricht37.2hSt. Clare
9.-Mylee Crouse37.7hSt. Thomas More
10.-Gabrielle Domier37.8hSt. Anthony
11.-Natalie Greenberg37.9hSt. Anthony
12.4Kasey O'Rourke38.0hSt. Pius X
13.-Natalie Manlove38.1hSt. Clare
14.3Emily Shannon38.1hSt. Pius X
15.-Holly Hartmeier38.2hSt. Pius X
16.-Reilly Schreck38.2hSt. Pius X
17.-Kari Stoddard38.3hSt. Anthony
18.4Allison Colombo38.4hSt. Pius X
19.-Hazel Reynolds38.5hSt. Thomas More
20.-Sophie Nordyke38.6hSt. Pius X
21.-Carly Kwiecinski38.8hSt. Thomas More
22.4Mary Oehler39.1hValley Catholic
23.-Alyssa Caraig39.6hSt. Anthony
24.3Noelle Mannen40.1hValley Catholic
25.-Olivia Sisavic40.5hSt. Pius X
26.3Brooke Bordonaro40.6hCathedral
27.-Klarisa Norton40.7hCathedral
28.-Kristen Fox40.8hSt. Anthony
29.-Brenna Cosio41.0hSt. Anthony
30.-Lauren Preston41.3hSt. Pius X
31.3Keara Barrett41.3hSt. Pius X
32.-Melanie Kelly41.5hCathedral
33.-Claire Noonan41.6hSt. Clare
34.-Ava Randall42.1hSt. Thomas More
35.-Liliana Todd42.3hSt. Anthony
36.-Emery Hanel42.5hSt. Pius X
37.-Molly Mason42.7hSt. Thomas More
38.-Annie Barnicle42.8hCathedral
39.-Olivia Dunn43.0hValley Catholic
40.-Caroline Hall43.1hCathedral
41.-Kara D'Ascenzo43.3hSt. Clare
42.-Justine Donaldson43.7hCathedral
43.-Jacqueline Harmon44.6hValley Catholic
44.-Glenna Fulitano45.1hValley Catholic
45.-Ashley Mepham45.4hCathedral
46.-Haley Neal46.0hCathedral
47.-Rachel Orchard47.9hValley Catholic
48.-Miranda Miller48.7hCathedral
49.-Hailey O'Donnell54.9hValley Catholic
---Megan FergusonSCRSt. Anthony
X 400 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Megan Mullaney1:06.4hSt. Pius X
2.-Megan Ferguson1:08.3hSt. Anthony
3.7Alexandra Chin1:08.8hSt. Pius X
4.-Tori Bryant1:09.1hSt. Anthony
5.-Claire McCarthy1:09.6hSt. Clare
6.-Kayla Cosio1:09.9hSt. Anthony
7.-Abagail Griffiths1:11.6hSt. Pius X
8.-Lindsay Cannon1:11.7hSt. Clare
9.7Cayleigh Thalmann1:12.4hSt. Pius X
10.-Emma Marquard1:12.4hSt. Clare
11.-Molly Martin1:16.9hSt. Clare
12.-Kelly Fox1:17.1hSt. Anthony
13.7Megan Forster1:20.8hSt. Pius X
14.-Nicole Lorence1:26.5hValley Catholic
X 400 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Melisande Gavin1:12.1hSt. Anthony
2.4Gracie Doherty1:13.1hSt. Pius X
3.4Megan Wachter1:17.1hSt. Thomas More
4.-Emily McLeod1:17.8hSt. Thomas More
5.-Ana Gibbons1:18.9hSt. Pius X
6.-Clare McLeod1:18.9hSt. Thomas More
7.-Sarah Connelly1:20.3hValley Catholic
8.-Cecelia Hall1:21.7hCathedral
9.-Hannah Lorence1:21.8hValley Catholic
10.-Carly Burkhartsmeyer1:22.0hSt. Anthony
11.-Clare Lagomarsino1:22.4hCathedral
12.10Sophie Bange1:24.1hSt. Anthony
13.-Lucy Gregson1:25.4hSt. Anthony
14.-Sydney Damm1:27.3hSt. Anthony
15.-Sophie Dunn1:32.1hSt. Anthony
X 400 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Devon Vali1:00.8hCathedral
2.-Sarah Nasson1:13.4hCathedral
3.-Quinn Ryan1:17.9hCathedral
4.3Lena Colson1:21.0hSt. Pius X
5.-Mylee Crouse1:21.3St. Thomas More
6.-Delaney Ragan1:21.7hSt. Pius X
7.-Taylor Menkens1:21.9Valley Catholic
8.5Darilyn Distant1:24.0hSt. Anthony
9.-Cecilia Hartge1:25.1hCathedral
10.-Madeline Dortignacq1:27.9hSt. Thomas More
11.-Kristen Fox1:30.0hSt. Anthony
12.-Holly Hartmeier1:31.1hSt. Pius X
13.3Jill Makin1:32.8St. Pius X
14.3Keara Barrett1:36.3hSt. Pius X
15.3Casey Kavanaugh1:36.3hCathedral
16.-Katie Schreck1:36.5hSt. Pius X
17.-Caroline Hall1:36.9hCathedral
X 800 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Alli Cross2:37.6hSt. Anthony
2.-Katy Ruka2:47.4hSt. Pius X
3.-Megan Mullaney2:48.1hSt. Pius X
4.7Charlotte Corless2:48.6hSt. Pius X
5.7Alexandra Chin2:48.8hSt. Pius X
6.-Tori Bryant2:49.0hSt. Anthony
7.7Colleen Sullivan2:49.2hSt. Pius X
8.6Kylie Rickman2:57.4hSt. Pius X
9.-Sarah Murphy2:59.9hSt. Thomas More
10.-Danielle Bridges3:00.3hSt. Pius X
11.7Grace Mannen3:06.6hValley Catholic
12.-Desyre Blackburn3:07.1hValley Catholic
13.-Allison Mueller3:08.9hSt. Anthony
14.-Kelly Fox3:09.9hSt. Anthony
X 800 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Melisande Gavin2:55.3hSt. Anthony
2.-Emily McLeod3:06.9hSt. Thomas More
3.-Clare McLeod3:07.4hSt. Thomas More
4.-Cecelia Hall3:22.8hCathedral
5.-Clare Lagomarsino3:27.4hCathedral
6.-Lucy Gregson3:29.5hSt. Anthony
7.-Sydney Damm3:30.8hSt. Anthony
8.-Sierra Kizzier3:32.3hValley Catholic
9.-Emma Younger3:53.8hValley Catholic
X 800 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.3Allyson Thom3:21.1hCathedral
2.3Olivia Anderson3:36.1hCathedral
3.3Tully Bush3:36.4hCathedral
4.3Noelle Mannen3:36.6hValley Catholic
5.-Annika Steele3:37.9hCathedral
X 1500 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Alli Cross5:16.1St. Anthony
2.-Katy Ruka5:46.8St. Pius X
3.7Charlotte Corless5:47.1St. Pius X
4.-Josephine Chau6:10.1Valley Catholic
5.-Madison Crouse6:18.2St. Thomas More
6.-Sarah Murphy6:18.4St. Thomas More
7.7Grace Mannen6:19.0Valley Catholic
8.-Desyre Blackburn6:19.7Valley Catholic
9.-Allison Mueller6:41.8St. Anthony
10.-Sophia Chau7:01.2Valley Catholic
X 1500 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Ana Gibbons5:29.7St. Pius X
2.-Catherine Nisbet7:21.3St. Thomas More
3.-Hannah Lang7:23.7St. Thomas More
4.-Emma Younger7:51.6Valley Catholic
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Elizabeth Taylor6:42.3Cathedral
2.3Tully Bush6:47.1Cathedral
3.3Kelly Makin6:50.0St. Pius X
4.-Annika Steele6:54.1Cathedral
5.3Olivia Anderson7:04.9Cathedral
6.-Cristina Jackson7:22.0Valley Catholic
X 3000 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.7Annika Holstrom11:54.6Valley Catholic
2.-Danielle Bridges12:40.4St. Pius X
3.-Madison Bogen13:00.8St. Pius X
X 3000 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Emily Peters11:32.7St. Francis/Visitation
2.6Kylie Rickman13:01.8St. Pius X
3.5Olivia Langton13:09.6Valley Catholic
4.5Samantha Louie13:09.9Valley Catholic
5.6Anika Raghuvanshi13:14.3Valley Catholic
X 4x60 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Relay Team 40.5hSt. Pius X
2.-Relay Team 42.7hSt. Thomas More
3.-Relay Team 42.9hSt. Pius X
4.-Relay Team 43.0hSt. Clare
5.-Relay Team 43.0hSt. Pius X
6.-Relay Team 43.3hSt. Thomas More
7.-Relay Team 43.4hValley Catholic
8.-Relay Team 43.4hSt. Pius X
9.-Relay Team 44.2hSt. Pius X
10.-Relay Team 44.3hValley Catholic
11.-Relay Team 45.2hSt. Anthony
12.-Relay Team 45.6hSt. Pius X
13.-Relay Team 45.7hSt. Thomas More
14.-Relay Team 49.4hCathedral
X 4x100 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Relay Team 59.0hSt. Clare
2.-Relay Team 1:00.4hSt. Pius X
3.-Relay Team 1:01.8hSt. Thomas More
4.-Relay Team 1:03.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
5.-Relay Team 1:03.2hValley Catholic
X 4x100 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:00.6hSt. Clare
2.-Relay Team 1:04.9hValley Catholic
3.-Relay Team 1:06.6hSt. Thomas More
4.-Relay Team 1:07.2hSt. Anthony
5.-Relay Team 1:08.2hSt. Pius X
6.-Relay Team 1:08.4hSt. Thomas More
7.-Relay Team 1:13.0hSt. Anthony
8.-Relay Team 1:13.0hValley Catholic
---Relay Team DQValley Catholic
---Relay Team DQSt. Pius X
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:08.9hSt. Clare
2.-Relay Team 1:10.0hCathedral
3.-Relay Team 1:12.5hSt. Anthony
4.-Relay Team 1:12.6hSt. Thomas More
5.-Relay Team 1:13.3hValley Catholic
6.-Relay Team 1:13.4hCathedral
7.-Relay Team 1:14.0hValley Catholic
8.-Relay Team 1:14.7hSt. Pius X
9.-Relay Team 1:15.3hCathedral
10.-Relay Team 1:18.5hSt. Thomas More
11.-Relay Team 1:24.0hCathedral
X 4x400 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:48.4hSt. Anthony
2.-Relay Team 5:12.1hSt. Pius X
3.-Relay Team 5:17.8hSt. Pius X
X 4x400 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Relay Team 5:32.5hSt. Anthony
2.-Relay Team 5:49.2hSt. Thomas More
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadets - Finals
1.-Claire McCarthy25-03.00St. Clare
2.7Madeline Mathews22-02.00St. Pius X
3.-Nicole Lorence21-06.50Valley Catholic
4.7Sydney Sirgy20-10.00St. Pius X
5.-Lily Evans18-02.00Valley Catholic
6.-Maddie Kincaid16-03.00St. Pius X
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cubs - Finals
1.-Caroline Ambrose25-09.00St. Clare
2.6Jenna Fortner22-08.00St. Pius X
3.-Emily McLeod22-03.00St. Thomas More
4.-Rayawnie Paris21-10.50Cathedral
5.-Abbey King20-10.00Valley Catholic
6.-Hanna Alomair20-08.00Valley Catholic
7.5Kylee Richards20-03.00Valley Catholic
8.6Anna Pfluger18-00.00St. Pius X
9.-Amie Hookland17-08.00St. Thomas More
10.-Shannon Drew17-00.00Valley Catholic
11.6Caitlin Franco16-02.00Valley Catholic
12.-Genevieve Adams15-03.00Valley Catholic
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Milan Hernandez20-03.00St. Clare
2.-Grace Taylor17-00.00St. Anthony
3.-Stella Kalomiris14-05.00St. Clare
4.-Alicia Harrington13-08.00St. Thomas More
5.3Noelle Mannen13-00.50Valley Catholic
6.9Bella Marconi12-00.00St. Clare
7.-Colleen Sussex11-09.00St. Pius X
8.-Molly Mason11-02.00St. Thomas More
9.-Olivia Dunn9-04.00Valley Catholic
10.-Glenna Fulitano9-03.00Valley Catholic
11.-Hailey O'Donnell8-10.00Valley Catholic
12.4Rachael Frankovic6-07.00Valley Catholic
13.-Mary Holland6-05.00St. Thomas More
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadets - Finals
1.-Megan Ferguson70-01St. Anthony
2.-Marvah Gorlorwulu44-00St. Anthony
3.-Melissa Kelly43-00Cathedral
4.-Jami Haren28-03St. Francis/Visitation
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cubs - Finals
1.7Molly Nistler75-07Valley Catholic
2.-Madeline Curzon69-07St. Anthony
3.5Cecillia Pham66-05St. Anthony
4.5Ellen Koukel56-04Valley Catholic
5.-Caroline Ambrose54-00St. Clare
6.-Abbey King51-09Valley Catholic
7.6Caitlin Franco42-04Valley Catholic
8.-Raiyasha Paris42-03Cathedral
9.-Katie Pollard41-09St. Pius X
10.-Sierra Kizzier38-06Valley Catholic
11.6McKenzie Johnson37-07St. Thomas More
12.-Kathryn Blessington32-01St. Thomas More
13.-Genevieve Adams31-05Valley Catholic
14.-Catherine Nisbet25-07St. Thomas More
15.-Leah Miller23-00St. Pius X
16.-Jessica Freitas22-11St. Francis/Visitation
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Klarisa Norton65-09Cathedral
2.-Rebecca Appling64-11St. Pius X
3.-Madeline Dortignacq47-03St. Thomas More
4.-Katie Schreck41-10St. Pius X
5.-Elizabeth Taylor41-05Cathedral
6.-Brenna Cosio41-02St. Anthony
7.3Caroline Easton38-01St. Pius X
8.3Naomi Li37-10St. Pius X
8.-Delaney Ragan37-10St. Pius X
10.-Devon Vali35-10Cathedral
11.3Tully Bush34-02Cathedral
12.-Jessica King32-06Valley Catholic
12.-Sylvie Martin32-06St. Thomas More
14.-Melanie Kelly29-06Cathedral
15.3Casey Kavanaugh28-08Cathedral
16.-Kerry O'Rourke26-05St. Pius X
17.4Rachael Frankovic26-00Valley Catholic
18.3Olivia Anderson25-07Cathedral
19.-Cecilia Hartge24-07Cathedral
X High Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Karen Link4-06.00St. Thomas More
2.-Shannon Hammond3-10.00St. Francis/Visitation
---Megan FergusonNHSt. Anthony
X High Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-Rebecca Huseby3-08.00St. Thomas More
2.-Melisande Gavin3-07.00St. Anthony
3.10Sophie Bange3-06.00St. Anthony
4.-Catherine Nisbet3-02.00St. Thomas More
---Shannon DrewNHValley Catholic
X Long Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Karen Link14-01.75St. Thomas More
2.-Monica Gajda13-09.00Cathedral
3.7Gabrielle Rosenthal12-08.50Valley Catholic
4.-Abigail Wachter12-05.50St. Thomas More
5.-Kayla Cosio12-05.00St. Anthony
6.-Alexandra Griffin12-01.75Valley Catholic
7.-Madison Crouse12-01.50St. Thomas More
8.-Rachel Dulcich11-07.50Cathedral
9.7Meredith Waggoner11-07.00St. Pius X
10.-Lindsay Cannon11-06.25St. Clare
11.-Darby Cronin11-05.50Cathedral
12.-Dayna Jacobs11-03.00St. Pius X
13.-Shannon Hammond11-01.25St. Francis/Visitation
14.-Josephine Chau11-00.50Valley Catholic
15.7Grace Mannen11-00.00Valley Catholic
16.7Madeline Mathews10-09.50St. Pius X
17.-Sophia Chau10-08.00Valley Catholic
18.7Megan Forster10-05.00St. Pius X
19.-Alex Costelow10-04.50St. Pius X
20.-Maddie Kincaid10-03.50St. Pius X
21.-Lily Evans9-05.50Valley Catholic
22.-Desyre Blackburn9-04.25Valley Catholic
23.-Melissa Kelly8-08.50Cathedral
24.7Morgan McDougal8-07.50Valley Catholic
25.-Ashley Harris7-09.00St. Thomas More
---Katy RukaDNSSt. Pius X
X Long Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-Marlee Leonard13-09.00Valley Catholic
2.6Kylie Rickman12-00.75St. Pius X
3.5Audra Neyman11-07.75St. Pius X
4.4Gracie Doherty11-01.25St. Pius X
4.5Cecillia Pham11-01.25St. Anthony
6.-Lucille Beckett10-10.00St. Clare
7.-Ana Gibbons10-09.50St. Pius X
8.-Celeste Hatfield10-06.75St. Anthony
9.-Hanna Alomair10-06.25Valley Catholic
10.-Amie Hookland10-05.50St. Thomas More
11.-Emily Peters10-05.00St. Francis/Visitation
11.-Payton Coon10-05.00St. Pius X
13.-Clare McLeod10-02.50St. Thomas More
14.5Courtney Harmon10-00.75St. Pius X
15.4Megan Wachter9-10.25St. Thomas More
16.6McKenzie Johnson9-10.00St. Thomas More
17.-Hannah LeBlanc9-08.50St. Pius X
18.6Anika Raghuvanshi9-04.50Valley Catholic
18.-Cecelia Hall9-04.50Cathedral
20.5Ellen Koukel9-04.00Valley Catholic
21.-Siobhan Blake9-00.00St. Francis/Visitation
21.-Olivia Glaser9-00.00St. Thomas More
23.-Bella Mercado8-10.50Cathedral
24.-Suhani Patel8-10.00Valley Catholic
25.-Carly Burkhartsmeyer8-09.00St. Anthony
26.-Madeline McDougal8-06.50Valley Catholic
27.-Hannah Lang8-05.50St. Thomas More
28.-Brittany Hutchins8-03.50St. Pius X
29.-Sydney Damm8-03.00St. Anthony
30.5Olivia Langton8-00.50Valley Catholic
31.-Raiyasha Paris8-00.00Cathedral
32.-Kathryn Blessington7-11.00St. Thomas More
33.-Sophie Dunn7-10.00St. Anthony
34.6Cassie Davis7-05.00St. Pius X
35.-Lauren Costelow7-01.50St. Pius X
36.-Jessica Freitas6-11.00St. Francis/Visitation
37.-Lucy Gregson5-03.75St. Anthony
---Erin McLaughlinSCRValley Catholic
X Long Jump - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Hannah Croy11-04.00St. Pius X
2.-Madeline Dortignacq11-02.00St. Thomas More
3.-Mylee Crouse10-10.00St. Thomas More
3.-Cristina Jackson10-10.00Valley Catholic
3.-Sarah Nasson10-10.00Cathedral
6.4Amaia Harrington10-09.00St. Thomas More
6.5Josie Hookland10-09.00St. Thomas More
6.-Emma Graham10-09.00St. Pius X
9.4Natalie Luquin10-08.00St. Pius X
10.-Quinn Ryan10-06.00Cathedral
11.-Kelly Fox10-05.00St. Anthony
11.-Grace Potter10-05.00St. Thomas More
13.-Hope Olbricht10-04.00St. Clare
14.-Mia Hermann10-02.00St. Clare
14.4Allison Colombo10-02.00St. Pius X
16.3Allyson Thom10-00.00Cathedral
16.-Elizabeth Taylor10-00.00Cathedral
18.-Kari Stoddard9-11.00St. Anthony
18.3Kelly Makin9-11.00St. Pius X
18.4Rose Pflug9-11.00St. Pius X
21.-Hazel Reynolds9-10.00St. Thomas More
22.-Natalie Manlove9-08.00St. Clare
23.-Eudora Goganian9-06.00St. Pius X
24.3Lena Colson9-03.00St. Pius X
25.-Erin Lang9-02.00St. Pius X
25.-Alyssa Caraig9-02.00St. Anthony
25.-Natalie Greenberg9-02.00St. Anthony
28.-Annika Steele9-01.00Cathedral
28.-Delaney Ragan9-01.00St. Pius X
28.-Sara Heller9-01.00St. Clare
31.-Stella Kalomiris9-00.00St. Clare
32.-Justine Donaldson8-11.00Cathedral
33.3Jill Makin8-10.00St. Pius X
33.3Caroline Easton8-10.00St. Pius X
35.3Emily Shannon8-09.00St. Pius X
36.-Emily Pollard8-04.00St. Pius X
36.-Olivia Sisavic8-04.00St. Pius X
38.-Ahlea Thomson8-03.00St. Anthony
39.4Mary Oehler8-02.50Valley Catholic
40.-Anna Schmidt8-02.00St. Thomas More
41.-Lauren Preston8-01.00St. Pius X
41.-Milan Hernandez8-01.00St. Clare
41.-Reilly Schreck8-01.00St. Pius X
44.-Claire Noonan7-11.00St. Clare
44.-Kendsy Carmichael7-11.00St. Pius X
44.4Kasey O'Rourke7-11.00St. Pius X
44.3Brooke Bordonaro7-11.00Cathedral
48.-Annie Barnicle7-10.00Cathedral
48.-Rebecca Appling7-10.00St. Pius X
50.-Sophie Nordyke7-09.50St. Pius X
51.-Jessica King7-07.00Valley Catholic
52.9Bella Marconi7-06.00St. Clare
53.-Ashley Mepham7-05.00Cathedral
54.-Liliana Todd7-04.00St. Anthony
55.-Caroline Hall7-03.00Cathedral
56.-Kara D'Ascenzo7-02.00St. Clare
56.-Emery Hanel7-02.00St. Pius X
58.-Jacqueline Harmon7-01.00Valley Catholic
59.-Haley Neal6-09.00Cathedral
59.-Miranda Miller6-09.00Cathedral
61.-Colleen Sussex6-08.00St. Pius X
62.-Ann Brennan6-04.00St. Clare
63.-Mary Holland3-04.00St. Thomas More
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