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North Kitsap, Olympic @ Klahowya

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Silverdale Stadium, Silverdale

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zachary Smith11.25aOlympic      
2.12Shane Miller11.60aNorth Kitsap      
3.12Edward Capell11.81aNorth Kitsap      
4.10Latrell Simpson11.90aKlahowya      
5.11Randy Grier11.93aOlympic      
6.12Samuel Gesicki11.97aOlympic      
7.10Lynyrd Barrion12.02aNorth Kitsap      
8.11Andrew Ash12.07aNorth Kitsap      
9.9Zachary Whittaker12.17aNorth Kitsap      
10.10Nicholas Strayer12.20aOlympic      
11.12Roel Abrigo12.25aOlympic      
12.12Daniel Mitchell12.30aNorth Kitsap      
13.9Gian King12.43aKlahowya      
14.11Khody Golden12.45aNorth Kitsap      
15.11Carson Roberts12.56aNorth Kitsap      
16.9Jarod DeGuzman12.57aNorth Kitsap      
17.10Alexander Waddell12.61aNorth Kitsap      
18.9Danny Hwan Shin12.79aNorth Kitsap      
19.10Tommy Secrest12.89aOlympic      
20.10Kaler Rodgers13.01aKlahowya      
21.9Bryant Rosenquist13.54aNorth Kitsap      
22.10Michael Urquhart13.59aNorth Kitsap      
23.11Micheal Ward13.65aKlahowya      
24.9Nicholas Nelson13.72aNorth Kitsap      
25.12Nick Sherman13.86aKlahowya      
26.9Alexander Castillo13.89aNorth Kitsap      
27.9George Calbert14.33aNorth Kitsap      
28.9Brett Knutsen14.57aNorth Kitsap      
29.11Paul Brown16.69aNorth Kitsap      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zachary Smith23.24aOlympic      
2.12Conner McCorkle23.81aNorth Kitsap      
3.11Randy Grier24.06aOlympic      
4.12Edward Capell24.25aNorth Kitsap      
5.12Shane Miller24.28aNorth Kitsap      
6.12Samuel Gesicki24.63aOlympic      
7.11Andrew Ash24.84aNorth Kitsap      
8.9Gian King25.24aKlahowya      
9.11Khody Golden25.26aNorth Kitsap      
10.9Zachary Whittaker25.38aNorth Kitsap      
11.10Nicholas Strayer25.81aOlympic      
12.10Tommy Secrest26.47aOlympic      
13.9Jarod DeGuzman26.57aNorth Kitsap      
14.10Kaler Rodgers26.74aKlahowya      
15.9Danny Hwan Shin26.79aNorth Kitsap      
16.10Lynyrd Barrion27.44aNorth Kitsap      
17.11Paul Brown36.80aNorth Kitsap      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Edward Capell51.47aNorth Kitsap      
2.12Sebastion Ford54.32aNorth Kitsap      
3.12Daniel Mitchell54.34aNorth Kitsap      
4.11Andrew Ash54.40aNorth Kitsap      
5.9Nicholas Nelson64.51aNorth Kitsap      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Shane Miller53.6North Kitsap      
12Sebastion Ford54.5North Kitsap      
11Cooper Wall55.1North Kitsap      
11Andrew Ash55.1North Kitsap      
12Daniel Mitchell55.8North Kitsap      
10Kristian Hagerup56.0North Kitsap      
12Adam Beck57.0North Kitsap      
12Jesse Stigile57.6North Kitsap      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ian Goldizen2:06.23aOlympic      
2.12Matthew Lutz2:07.46aOlympic      
3.11Cooper Wall2:08.20aNorth Kitsap      
4.10Kristian Hagerup2:08.60aNorth Kitsap      
5.12Adam Beck2:09.48aNorth Kitsap      
6.12Jesse Stigile2:10.77aNorth Kitsap      
7.11Taylor Reid2:14.70aNorth Kitsap      
8.12Kenneth Hata2:16.92aKlahowya      
9.10Alexander Waddell2:21.04aNorth Kitsap      
10.12James McCarty2:23.75aOlympic      
11.12Micah Kipple2:25.06aOlympic      
12.9JeMarius Benson2:43.95aNorth Kitsap      
13.12James Crow2:44.02aKlahowya      
14.9Ben Kobeski2:59.21aNorth Kitsap      
15.10Austin Love3:19.15aOlympic      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matthew Lutz4:38.99aOlympic      
2.12Ian Goldizen4:40.01aOlympic      
3.12Kyle Ramsey4:42.21aNorth Kitsap      
4.11Ian Christen4:51.02aNorth Kitsap      
5.11Micheal Ward4:53.90aKlahowya      
6.12Shawn Swanson4:54.77aNorth Kitsap      
7.12Keith Ryan4:56.84aKlahowya      
8.11Egan Dunning5:09.59aKlahowya      
9.11Michael McPherson5:36.23aNorth Kitsap      
10.12Micah Kipple5:38.75aOlympic      
11.11Max Breitbarth5:42.25aNorth Kitsap      
12.9Nicholas Ganowski5:49.11aKlahowya      
13.12James Crow5:52.90aKlahowya      
14.11Zachary Rhodes6:05.47aNorth Kitsap      
15.10Austin Love6:06.18aOlympic      
16.10Mathew Ganowski6:07.98aKlahowya      
17.9Joshua Talosig6:59.78aNorth Kitsap      
18.11Paul Brown8:38.09aNorth Kitsap      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Craig Boekenoogen10:08.06aOlympic      
2.12Kyle Ramsey10:11.82aNorth Kitsap      
3.12Ian Goldizen10:12.70aOlympic      
4.11Micheal Ward10:28.12aKlahowya      
5.12Jared Sell10:43.03aKlahowya      
6.11Ian Christen10:43.18aNorth Kitsap      
7.12Keith Ryan10:49.62aKlahowya      
8.11Egan Dunning10:49.64aKlahowya      
9.12Dane Ballou10:56.26aKlahowya      
10.9Dutton Crowley10:57.65aNorth Kitsap      
11.12Sam Zimmerman11:08.98aNorth Kitsap      
12.11Ryan Woodward11:11.21aOlympic      
13.12Jeremy Felty11:18.69aKlahowya      
14.11Derek Avery11:26.66aKlahowya      
15.9Nicholas Ganowski12:10.02aKlahowya      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Howell Dakis16.71aOlympic      
2.10Taylor Stephens17.92aNorth Kitsap      
3.11Asher Jay Arce18.21aOlympic      
4.10Cody Blackmore18.81aNorth Kitsap      
5.9Cameron Traylor20.91aNorth Kitsap      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cody Blackmore43.45aNorth Kitsap      
2.11Howell Dakis43.73aOlympic      
3.11Asher Jay Arce48.34aOlympic      
4.9Cameron Traylor48.39aNorth Kitsap      
5.9George Calbert50.52aNorth Kitsap      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zachary Smith
Samuel Gesicki
Randy Grier
Nick Strayer
2.-Edward Capell
Lynyrd Barrion
Conner McCorkle
Daniel Mitchell
45.29aNorth Kitsap      
3.-Latrell Simpson
Gian King
Kaler Rodgers
Nick Sherman
-Jarod DeGuzman
Taylor Reid
Nicholas Nelson
Danny Hwan Shin
50.27aNorth Kitsap      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Conner McCorkle
Daniel Mitchell
Cooper Wall
Sebastion Ford
3:39.25aNorth Kitsap      
-Jesse Stigile
Adam Beck
Kristian Hagerup
Andrew Ash
3:46.04aNorth Kitsap      
2.-Zachary Smith
Joel Gesicki
Matthew Lutz
Ian Goldizen
-JeMarius Benson
Taylor Reid
Devon Graves
Alexander Waddell
4:11.48aNorth Kitsap      
3.-Dane Ballou
Keith Ryan
Jared Sell
Kenneth Hata
-Egan Dunning
Jeremy Felty
Micheal Ward
Derek Avery
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kyle Campbell42-05.00Olympic      
2.11Makiah McInnis40-06.00Olympic      
3.11Randy Grier37-08.00Olympic      
4.11Christian Liden37-05.00North Kitsap      
5.12Zachary McCarter35-05.00North Kitsap      
6.11Conner Legare34-00.00Klahowya      
7.11Benjamin Berkimer33-10.00North Kitsap      
8.10William Britton31-07.00Klahowya      
9.12Riley Curtis31-04.00North Kitsap      
10.10Jeffrey Garcia30-09.00North Kitsap      
11.11Joshua Aurandt30-02.00Olympic      
12.10Ivan Perez28-03.00North Kitsap      
13.9Evan Gallant25-00.00North Kitsap      
14.9Doug Cassidy23-01.00Klahowya      
15.11Kevin Knapp20-04.00Olympic      
-Emmett HarrisNDKlahowya      
10Mark ThompsonNDKlahowya      
12Benjamin DachenhausenNDKlahowya      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kyle Campbell113-09Olympic      
2.11Makiah McInnis112-06Olympic      
3.11Benjamin Berkimer103-08North Kitsap      
4.12Zachary McCarter101-03North Kitsap      
5.12Riley Curtis87-10North Kitsap      
6.11Conner Legare86-04Klahowya      
7.10Ivan Perez84-07North Kitsap      
8.10Jeffrey Garcia81-09North Kitsap      
9.10William Britton77-04Klahowya      
10.9Doug Cassidy55-06Klahowya      
11.11Kevin Knapp44-10Olympic      
12Benjamin DachenhausenNDKlahowya      
10Mark ThompsonNDKlahowya      
-Emmett HarrisNDKlahowya      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Makiah McInnis155-03Olympic      
2.12Samuel Gesicki130-06Olympic      
3.11Christian Liden121-10North Kitsap      
4.12Michael Ottele116-02Olympic      
5.10Cody Blackmore108-05North Kitsap      
6.10Tyler Church101-06Olympic      
7.12Sergio Menendez90-01Olympic      
8.9Evan Gallant83-07North Kitsap      
9.11Joshua Aurandt82-11Olympic      
10.10Jeffrey Garcia73-08North Kitsap      
11.9Doug Cassidy65-03Klahowya      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Stephens5-08.00North Kitsap      
2.11Jayson York5-08.00Olympic      
3.11Carson Roberts5-04.00North Kitsap      
4.12Sebastion Ford5-02.00North Kitsap      
5.10Tyler Church5-02.00Olympic      
6.12Sergio Menendez4-10.00Olympic      
10Tyler LeeNHNorth Kitsap      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Carlson10-06.00Olympic      
2.11Travis Bogard10-06.00North Kitsap      
3.11Michael Sedy10-00.00North Kitsap      
3.12Daniel Scott10-00.00Olympic      
5.12Michael Ottele9-00.00Olympic      
6.12Sergio Menendez9-00.00Olympic      
7.9Alexander Castillo7-06.00North Kitsap      
9Conrad SchauerNHNorth Kitsap      
11Daniel KavanaughNHOlympic      
11Kyle SealsNHNorth Kitsap      
10Tyler ChurchNHOlympic      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carson Roberts19-06.00North Kitsap      
2.12Andrew Jones18-08.00Olympic      
3.10Kevin Pool17-02.00Olympic      
4.10Tyler Lee16-09.00North Kitsap      
5.9Zachary Whittaker16-07.75North Kitsap      
6.10Matthew Berninghaus15-06.50North Kitsap      
7.10Michael Urquhart15-04.25North Kitsap      
8.9Bryant Rosenquist14-11.25North Kitsap      
9.9Brett Knutsen14-00.00North Kitsap      
10William BrittonNDKlahowya      
10Tommy SecrestNDOlympic      
11Grant LovelessNDNorth Kitsap      
10Latrell SimpsonNDKlahowya      
10Taylor StephensNDNorth Kitsap      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Carson Roberts38-08.00North Kitsap      
2.9Zachary Whittaker38-01.00North Kitsap      
3.10Tyler Lee36-06.25North Kitsap      
4.10Taylor Stephens36-02.50North Kitsap      
5.12Andrew Jones35-10.00Olympic      
6.9Bryant Rosenquist34-07.25North Kitsap      
7.10Kevin Pool34-06.25Olympic      
8.10Matthew Berninghaus34-05.50North Kitsap      
9.9Brett Knutsen31-05.00North Kitsap      
10Michael UrquhartNDNorth Kitsap      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kamina Flemming13.36aNorth Kitsap      
2.11Serena Santos13.69aOlympic      
3.11Alexandra Lanzafame13.79aNorth Kitsap      
4.10Hannah Snyder14.07aNorth Kitsap      
5.9Mekdes Crowley14.46aNorth Kitsap      
6.12Ashley Cole14.71aNorth Kitsap      
7.9Yuko (Melissa) Ketch15.20aNorth Kitsap      
8.11Leah Adair15.39aKlahowya      
9.10Maren Sedy15.62aNorth Kitsap      
10.10Brittany Yu15.75aNorth Kitsap      
11.11Jessell Quintanilla15.80aOlympic      
12.-Catherine Staub17.02aKlahowya      
13.9Maria Warns17.06aNorth Kitsap      
14.12Jennifer Crawford17.54aNorth Kitsap      
15.9Olivia Smallbeck18.31aNorth Kitsap      
16.12Pemika Teerawattanakul21.33aKlahowya      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristin Brown27.92aNorth Kitsap      
2.11Kamina Flemming28.67aNorth Kitsap      
3.11Serena Santos29.59aOlympic      
4.9Mekdes Crowley30.32aNorth Kitsap      
5.11Heidi Johnson30.42aNorth Kitsap      
6.12Indigo Williams30.46aNorth Kitsap      
7.11Jessell Quintanilla34.40aOlympic      
8.-Catherine Staub36.43aKlahowya      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Annika Lee Krol67.11aNorth Kitsap      
2.12Indigo Williams72.15aNorth Kitsap      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Caroline Howes64.3North Kitsap      
10Clara Lund64.7North Kitsap      
10Lilian Raymond68.5North Kitsap      
11Alexandra Nausid-Nichols71.4North Kitsap      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Melia-Mae Lagat2:37.29aOlympic      
2.9Katherine Shafer2:37.46aNorth Kitsap      
3.10Olivia Krol2:43.68aNorth Kitsap      
4.9Kelli Truhn2:53.32aNorth Kitsap      
5.11Gwen LaFontaine2:54.96aOlympic      
6.12Rachel Lindgren3:04.32aKlahowya      
7.9Maria Warns3:05.62aNorth Kitsap      
8.11Mariah Morey3:10.97aKlahowya      
9.9Kimberly Kreifels3:21.70aKlahowya      
10.12Angela Barnick3:30.16aOlympic      
11.12Brenna Younie3:42.81aOlympic      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kathleen Ramsey5:38.63aNorth Kitsap      
2.12Melia-Mae Lagat5:46.08aOlympic      
3.11Alexandra Nausid-Nichols5:47.48aNorth Kitsap      
4.10Olivia Krol5:48.07aNorth Kitsap      
5.10Sarah Zimmerman6:08.81aNorth Kitsap      
6.10Caroline Howes6:09.12aNorth Kitsap      
7.12Rachel Lindgren6:47.06aKlahowya      
8.9Kimberly Kreifels6:59.44aKlahowya      
9.11Mariah Morey6:59.69aKlahowya      
10.9Hannah Welzbacker6:59.87aKlahowya      
11.12Angela Barnick7:41.52aOlympic      
12.12Brenna Younie8:06.24aOlympic      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Clara Lund11:54.50aNorth Kitsap      
2.9Mikhaela Woodward12:47.49aNorth Kitsap      
3.11Gwen LaFontaine13:58.42aOlympic      
4.9Hannah Welzbacker14:03.60aKlahowya      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Reagan Colyer15.65aNorth Kitsap      
2.11Ashli Payne17.04aOlympic      
3.12Kawaiolele Pakele17.59aKlahowya      
4.10Abigail Baldwin18.62aNorth Kitsap      
5.9Holly Crowley19.01aNorth Kitsap      
6.10Megan Kunold19.47aNorth Kitsap      
7.10Cassandra Marcotte19.51aNorth Kitsap      
8.9Yuko (Melissa) Ketch19.85aNorth Kitsap      
9.12Lillian Waldbillig20.33aKlahowya      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashli Payne49.75aOlympic      
2.10Abigail Baldwin53.19aNorth Kitsap      
3.10Cassandra Marcotte53.84aNorth Kitsap      
4.9Holly Crowley58.51aNorth Kitsap      
5.9Yuko (Melissa) Ketch59.26aNorth Kitsap      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Kristin Brown
Kamina Flemming
Lilian Raymond
Mekdes Crowley
52.91aNorth Kitsap      
1.-Serena Santos
Yasmin Everson
Crystal Kruger
Serena Otis
-Holly Crowley
Abigail Baldwin
Megan Kunold
Ashley Cole
56.71aNorth Kitsap      
2.-Catherine Staub
Leah Adair
Lillian Waldbillig
Kawaiolele Pakele
-Relay Team 61.53aNorth Kitsap      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Annika Lee Krol
Hannah Snyder
Kristin Brown
Kamina Flemming
1:53.49aNorth Kitsap      
2.-Serena Santos
Brayana Elmore
Emily Parrish
Serena Otis
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caroline Howes
Clara Lund
Alexandra Nausid-Nichols
Kristin Brown
4:29.07aNorth Kitsap      
2.-Melia-Mae Lagat
Crystal Kruger
Katrianna Kraut
Ashli Payne
-Olivia Krol
Cassandra Marcotte
Mikhaela Woodward
Katherine Shafer
4:43.60aNorth Kitsap      
3.-Kimberly Kreifels
Hannah Welzbacker
Mariah Morey
Rachel Lindgren
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lexi Simmons32-08.00North Kitsap      
2.10Emily Parrish28-00.00Olympic      
3.10Laura Christman24-02.00North Kitsap      
4.11Chellea Perryman22-10.00North Kitsap      
5.10Emily Neer21-07.00North Kitsap      
5.12Lauren Jung21-07.00Olympic      
7.10Solveig Dahl18-06.00Klahowya      
7.11Haley Dugas-McClure18-06.00Olympic      
9.12Jennifer Crawford17-10.00North Kitsap      
10.11Katrianna Kraut16-03.00Olympic      
9Paige NotahNDNorth Kitsap      
11Devon DawsonNDOlympic      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lexi Simmons105-02North Kitsap      
2.11Chellea Perryman73-04North Kitsap      
3.10Emily Neer70-11North Kitsap      
4.12Lauren Jung63-00Olympic      
5.10Laura Christman61-00North Kitsap      
6.12Marie Salva53-02Olympic      
7.10Solveig Dahl53-01Klahowya      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brayana Elmore81-09Olympic      
2.12Lexi Simmons78-05North Kitsap      
3.10Emily Parrish74-06Olympic      
4.9Melissa Hamblet71-10North Kitsap      
5.9Holly Crowley63-08North Kitsap      
6.10Shelby Blevins62-09North Kitsap      
7.12Lauren Jung55-02Olympic      
8.9Sheridan Sanchez55-01North Kitsap      
9.11Haley Dugas-McClure52-06Olympic      
10.12Marie Salva52-05Olympic      
11.10Solveig Dahl37-09Klahowya      
9Erin BowersNDNorth Kitsap      
11Devon DawsonNDOlympic      
11Danielle SaleNDOlympic      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brayana Elmore4-08.00Olympic      
2.10Serena Otis4-06.00Olympic      
2.10Megan Kunold4-06.00North Kitsap      
4.10Lilian Raymond4-04.00North Kitsap      
4.11Leah Adair4-04.00Klahowya      
6.10Brittany Yu4-02.00North Kitsap      
6.10Ciera Eisele4-02.00Klahowya      
6.9Lydia Sedy4-02.00North Kitsap      
9.11Kendyll Young4-00.00Olympic      
12Jennifer CrawfordNHNorth Kitsap      
11Havilah CrissNHNorth Kitsap      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Heidi Johnson8-06.00North Kitsap      
2.11Leah Adair7-00.00Klahowya      
2.10Maren Sedy7-00.00North Kitsap      
4.9Lydia Sedy6-06.00North Kitsap      
10Lilian RaymondNHNorth Kitsap      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexandra Lanzafame16-05.50North Kitsap      
2.10Cassandra Marcotte14-03.25North Kitsap      
3.10Brayana Elmore13-09.75Olympic      
4.12Lillian Waldbillig13-09.00Klahowya      
5.10Hannah Snyder13-06.25North Kitsap      
6.12Kawaiolele Pakele13-04.00Klahowya      
7.10Ciera Eisele12-06.50Klahowya      
8.11Katrianna Kraut12-02.25Olympic      
9.10Catherine Sebastian11-01.50Olympic      
10.11Cortney Ring11-00.25Olympic      
11.12Jennifer Crawford10-05.75North Kitsap      
12Mary Grace SalvaNDOlympic      
-Catherine StaubNDKlahowya      
12Sally NewmanNDOlympic      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexandra Lanzafame33-07.50North Kitsap      
2.10Hannah Snyder31-04.25North Kitsap      
3.10Cassandra Marcotte28-05.50North Kitsap      
4.10Emily Parrish26-11.00Olympic      
5.11Cortney Ring24-08.00Olympic      
6.10Catherine Sebastian23-08.25Olympic      
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