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CYO Developmental Meet 4A

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Columbia River HS, Vancouver

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Washington - Greater Portland Area CYO
Pacific Crest Academy
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Stacey Clayton12.79St. Matthew
2.-Jeremy Howell12.9West Hills Christian
3.8Francesco Fischer13.08Franciscan Montessor...
4.-John Penson13.35St. Andrews Nativity
4.-Blake Strandberg13.35West Hills Christian
6.-Noah Dir-Munoz13.47Franciscan Montessor...
7.7Enzo Czysz13.59Holy Family
8.-Jaron Barrow13.77St. Andrews Nativity
9.-Cullen Kyte13.96West Hills Christian
10.7Marshall Johnson14.28Our Lady of Lourdes
11.-James Cory14.41Franciscan Montessor...
12.8Daniel Byington14.72Franciscan Montessor...
12.7Carson Little14.76West Hills Christian
12.-Luke Inman14.8West Hills Christian
15.-Matthew Lohr14.82Damascus Christian CYO
16.-Caleb Griffie14.91West Hills Christian
17.7Donald Mathew15.12Franciscan Montessor...
18.7Jackson Mackley15.29Franciscan Montessor...
19.-Christian Cho15.36West Hills Christian
19.7Joshua Wood15.37Franciscan Montessor...
21.-Alexander Osler15.44Our Lady of Lourdes
22.-Jack Kain15.65Holy Family
23.-Jose Gomez-Reynel17.13St. Andrews Nativity
X 100 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.5Quintin Thomas14.48St. Matthew
2.5Alex Soo14.62West Hills Christian
3.7Meartu Aschalew15St. Andrews Nativity
4.6Sterling Roberts15.12West Hills Christian
5.6Sean Richardson15.23Franciscan Montessor...
5.6Sean Hamel15.24Franciscan Montessor...
7.-Parker Consolo15.35West Hills Christian
8.5Henry Foster15.79West Hills Christian
9.5Micah Gandara16.26Damascus Christian CYO
10.5Christian Walker16.47West Hills Christian
11.5Noah Chung16.63West Hills Christian
11.5Hunter Schaefer16.7St. Matthew
13.-Sebastian Gonzalez17.27St. Andrews Nativity
14.6Dylan Monaghan17.67Pacific Crest Academy
15.-Joshua Mitchell17.81Damascus Christian CYO
16.5Thomas Mooney18.03Pacific Crest Academy
X 100 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Sam Romeo15.39St. Matthew
2.4Carson Crist15.48West Hills Christian
3.4Gabriel LeRiche15.77St. Matthew
4.4Blake Deringer16.06Pacific Crest Academy
5.4Alex Hart16.13Holy Family
5.-Conner Bingham16.2West Hills Christian
7.5Nicholas Richardson16.25Franciscan Montessor...
7.4Gavin Bohling16.26Franciscan Montessor...
9.4Neal Blaisdell16.43St. Matthew
9.4Alex May16.47Holy Family
9.4Sean Wilcox16.48Our Lady of Lourdes
12.4Trafford Turkiewicz16.86Holy Family
13.3Logan Warner17.05Franciscan Montessor...
14.4John Murgueitio17.31Our Lady of Lourdes
14.4Devinder Sagoo17.31Franciscan Montessor...
16.4Danny Cappalonga17.49Holy Family
17.-Jason Budey17.61Damascus Christian CYO
17.4Peter Bagdovitz17.62Our Lady of Lourdes
17.3Jackson VanderZanden17.64St. Matthew
20.-Nathan Bogdan17.99Damascus Christian CYO
21.-Matthew Mitchell18.08Damascus Christian CYO
22.3Taylor Carpenter18.33West Hills Christian
22.3Garrett Parker18.33West Hills Christian
22.4Bruce Thomas18.39Our Lady of Lourdes
25.-Luke Nelson18.41Damascus Christian CYO
25.-Gabriel Rozzell18.43Holy Family
27.5Max Schroedl18.74Franciscan Montessor...
27.3Bram Fletcher18.77Franciscan Montessor...
29.5Caleb Zike18.92Our Lady of Lourdes
30.4Emerson Johnson19.21Our Lady of Lourdes
30.4Benjamin Rabaud19.22Franciscan Montessor...
32.3Cameron Hardy19.36St. Matthew
33.4Ian Urias20.13Pacific Crest Academy
X 200 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Matthew Vanoudenhaegen26.09Franciscan Montessor...
2.8Stacey Clayton26.41St. Matthew
3.-Jeremy Howell27.92West Hills Christian
4.7Enzo Czysz28.55Holy Family
5.7Marshall Johnson28.72Our Lady of Lourdes
6.-Noah Dir-Munoz29.17Franciscan Montessor...
7.-Jaron Barrow29.8St. Andrews Nativity
8.7Brendan Quinn30.38Holy Family
9.8Daniel Byington30.7Franciscan Montessor...
10.7Hunter Lund32.58Franciscan Montessor...
11.6Cali Lescas32.91St. Andrews Nativity
12.-Luke Inman34.16West Hills Christian
X 200 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Gabe Coe28.92Damascus Christian CYO
2.6John Walsh30.06St. Matthew
3.5Quintin Thomas31.06St. Matthew
4.7Patrick Maloney31.73St. Matthew
5.5Alex Soo31.81West Hills Christian
5.5Jack Thomas31.89Our Lady of Lourdes
7.5Gabe Knepper32.14Holy Family
8.6Sterling Roberts32.24West Hills Christian
9.6Ulises Ocana35.2St. Andrews Nativity
X 200 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Aidan Maloney29.93St. Matthew
2.4Sam Romeo32.41St. Matthew
3.4Carson Crist32.64West Hills Christian
4.4Gabriel LeRiche33.59St. Matthew
5.4Charles Remlinger33.7Pacific Crest Academy
6.4Tyrese Hebert33.92Franciscan Montessor...
7.4Trafford Turkiewicz34.59Holy Family
8.4Ian Finn34.78Holy Family
9.4Sean Wilcox35.27Our Lady of Lourdes
10.3Jack Burcham37.04West Hills Christian
11.-Conner Bingham38.99West Hills Christian
12.4Ian Urias45.57Pacific Crest Academy
X 200 Meters - Under 8 - Finals
1.3Grady Killian41.21West Hills Christian
X 400 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Matthew Vanoudenhaegen57.48Franciscan Montessor...
2.8Gunnar Schaedler1:10.3St. Matthew
3.7Jackson Mackley1:14.8Franciscan Montessor...
4.8Rob Woodruff1:15.7St. Matthew
5.11Christian Carswell1:22.1Franciscan Montessor...
X 400 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Takumi Hebert1:06.1Franciscan Montessor...
2.6John Walsh1:07.7St. Matthew
3.5Gabe Knepper1:14.8Holy Family
4.7Keenan Robinson1:18.3Holy Family
5.6Noah Bautista1:18.5West Hills Christian
6.5Hayden J Farris1:20.1St. Matthew
7.5Henry Polvorosa1:20.2Franciscan Montessor...
8.5Henry Foster1:22.7West Hills Christian
9.-Gabriel Carpenter1:26.7Damascus Christian CYO
10.-Joshua Mitchell1:27.5Damascus Christian CYO
X 400 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Aidan Maloney1:11.7St. Matthew
2.4Tyrese Hebert1:15.6Franciscan Montessor...
3.4Grant Miller1:15.7West Hills Christian
4.4Brandon Roberts1:19.1West Hills Christian
5.4Charles Remlinger1:19.4Pacific Crest Academy
6.3Logan Warner1:21.0Franciscan Montessor...
7.3Jackson VanderZanden1:23.6St. Matthew
8.4Alex Guitteau1:27.6Holy Family
9.-Matthew Mitchell1:31.2Damascus Christian CYO
10.-Andrew Minor1:32.0Our Lady of Lourdes
11.4Andrew Records1:34.7St. Matthew
12.4Emerson Johnson1:38.2Our Lady of Lourdes
13.3Cameron Hardy1:38.3St. Matthew
X 400 Meters - Under 8 - Finals
1.-Nicholas Johnson1:18.0Pacific Crest Academy
X 800 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.-RJ Stevens2:33.6West Hills Christian
2.-Jacob Grossman2:35.3West Hills Christian
3.-Jack Pitcher2:36.4West Hills Christian
4.-Evan Harrison2:37.9West Hills Christian
5.-Cullen Kyte2:44.8West Hills Christian
6.-Colton Squire2:55.4West Hills Christian
7.7Ian McCollum3:01.6Franciscan Montessor...
X 800 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.-Samual Johnson2:43.0Pacific Crest Academy
2.6Sean Richardson2:45.4Franciscan Montessor...
3.6Jason Waters2:55.5Franciscan Montessor...
4.5Avery Lederer3:02.3Our Lady of Lourdes
5.7Keenan Robinson3:03.0Holy Family
6.6Benjamin Ratcliff3:13.0Franciscan Montessor...
7.12Dominic Colpo3:15.7Holy Family
8.5Aidan Akenson3:19.6West Hills Christian
9.5Zack Nielsen3:44.6Franciscan Montessor...
X 800 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4William Sheaffer2:41.4West Hills Christian
2.4Tyrese Hebert2:54.4Franciscan Montessor...
3.4Grant Miller2:54.6West Hills Christian
4.4Sean Wilcox2:57.2Our Lady of Lourdes
5.4Brandon Roberts2:57.4West Hills Christian
6.4Blake Deringer2:59.3Pacific Crest Academy
7.4Neal Blaisdell3:14.1St. Matthew
8.4Kemper Finn3:22.0Holy Family
9.5Christian Tae3:23.9West Hills Christian
10.3Jack Burcham3:25.8West Hills Christian
11.4Andrew Records3:29.7St. Matthew
12.4Benjamin Rabaud3:30.8Franciscan Montessor...
X 800 Meters - Under 8 - Finals
1.3Grady Killian3:31.6West Hills Christian
X 1500 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.-Jack Pitcher5:10.0West Hills Christian
2.-RJ Stevens5:10.3West Hills Christian
3.-Marcus Raz5:29.0West Hills Christian
4.-Lorenz Ambrosius5:34.2Franciscan Montessor...
5.8Nathaniel Trobough5:41.6St. Matthew
6.-Colton Squire5:55.3West Hills Christian
7.-Matthew Lohr6:03.6Damascus Christian CYO
8.-Aidan Mellies6:10.1Holy Family
9.-Louis Bengston6:26.7Holy Family
10.-Gabriel Beck7:53.0Holy Family
X 1500 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.-Samual Johnson5:22.3Pacific Crest Academy
2.6Takumi Hebert5:23.8Franciscan Montessor...
3.5Jackson Hill6:11.6Damascus Christian CYO
4.6Ulises Ocana6:22.6St. Andrews Nativity
5.6Benjamin Ratcliff6:24.5Franciscan Montessor...
6.5Noah Chung6:25.0West Hills Christian
7.5Micah Gandara6:53.3Damascus Christian CYO
8.5Thomas Mooney6:54.6Pacific Crest Academy
9.6Dylan Monaghan7:20.4Pacific Crest Academy
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4William Sheaffer5:22.8West Hills Christian
2.4Grant Miller5:50.4West Hills Christian
3.4Ian Finn6:33.1Holy Family
4.3Jack Carr6:35.2West Hills Christian
5.4Kemper Finn6:36.1Holy Family
6.5Christian Tae6:42.4West Hills Christian
7.4Danny Cappalonga7:00.6Holy Family
8.4Emerson Johnson7:01.9Our Lady of Lourdes
9.-Andrew Minor7:15.4Our Lady of Lourdes
10.-Conner Bingham7:16.8West Hills Christian
X 3000 Meters - Cadet - Finals
-Jack Pitcher11:32.1West Hills Christian
-Marcus Raz11:40.9West Hills Christian
7Pierce Miller12:00.4West Hills Christian
-Jonah Carpenter12:30.7Damascus Christian CYO
X 3000 Meters - Cub - Finals
6Noah Bautista12:09.0West Hills Christian
6Robert Scriven12:19.7West Hills Christian
5Avery Lederer12:43.5Our Lady of Lourdes
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadet - Finals
1.-James Cory41-08.00Franciscan Montessor...
2.7Brendan Quinn33-07.25Holy Family
3.-Jacob Grossman29-09.50West Hills Christian
4.-RJ Stevens29-05.50West Hills Christian
5.7Joshua Wood29-05.00Franciscan Montessor...
6.6Cali Lescas28-00.75St. Andrews Nativity
7.-Marcus Raz26-08.00West Hills Christian
8.-Jose Gomez-Reynel25-10.50St. Andrews Nativity
9.8Rob Woodruff24-11.00St. Matthew
10.11Christian Carswell20-10.00Franciscan Montessor...
11.-Jack Kain16-07.00Holy Family
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cub - Finals
1.6Nicholas Carbone33-04.75Franciscan Montessor...
2.6Sean Hamel27-05.00Franciscan Montessor...
3.6Mitch Glad26-04.00West Hills Christian
4.5Christian Walker22-07.25West Hills Christian
5.-Sebastian Gonzalez22-07.00St. Andrews Nativity
6.6Jason Waters21-11.50Franciscan Montessor...
7.5Quinn Thygeson20-05.00Franciscan Montessor...
8.6Dylan Monaghan19-02.50Pacific Crest Academy
9.-Jake Jones19-01.50West Hills Christian
10.6Tim Valencia18-00.00Our Lady of Lourdes
11.5Gabe Knepper17-07.75Holy Family
12.5Hunter Schaefer17-06.50St. Matthew
13.6Gabriel Abdellatif17-03.75Franciscan Montessor...
14.-Gabriel Carpenter13-07.50Damascus Christian CYO
15.6Colin Martin12-07.25Our Lady of Lourdes
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Charles Remlinger27-07.00Pacific Crest Academy
2.-Cole Strandberg24-00.75West Hills Christian
3.4Brandon Roberts22-10.00West Hills Christian
4.5Nicholas Richardson22-09.00Franciscan Montessor...
5.3Jack Carr17-05.50West Hills Christian
6.3Logan Warner16-08.50Franciscan Montessor...
7.5Max Schroedl16-01.50Franciscan Montessor...
8.4John Murgueitio15-10.50Our Lady of Lourdes
9.-Luke Nelson15-03.75Damascus Christian CYO
10.4Alex Guitteau15-03.00Holy Family
11.5Caleb Zike14-09.00Our Lady of Lourdes
12.3Cameron Hardy13-05.75St. Matthew
13.4Alex May10-06.00Holy Family
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadet - Finals
1.-Blake Strandberg125-00.00West Hills Christian
2.8Sean Dack121-05.00Our Lady of Lourdes
3.8Ian Hamel117-09.00Franciscan Montessor...
4.-Evan Harrison115-08.00West Hills Christian
5.8Daniel Byington104-03.00Franciscan Montessor...
6.-Jaron Barrow100-00.00St. Andrews Nativity
7.7Joshua Wood96-01.00Franciscan Montessor...
8.-Jacob Grossman86-04.00West Hills Christian
9.-Tuck Wilcox86-01.00Our Lady of Lourdes
10.-Luke Inman84-10.00West Hills Christian
11.11Christian Carswell81-02.00Franciscan Montessor...
12.7Hunter Lund72-04.00Franciscan Montessor...
13.6Cali Lescas60-09.00St. Andrews Nativity
14.8Nathaniel Trobough60-02.00St. Matthew
15.-Jose Gomez-Reynel52-07.00St. Andrews Nativity
16.-Michael Riddle48-03.00Holy Family
17.-Jack Kain17-04.00Holy Family
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cub - Finals
1.6Sean Hamel103-09.00Franciscan Montessor...
2.6Mitch Glad90-00.00West Hills Christian
3.6Gabe Coe89-04.00Damascus Christian CYO
4.6Nicholas Carbone89-01.00Franciscan Montessor...
5.5Zack Nielsen68-10.00Franciscan Montessor...
6.5Christian Walker67-04.00West Hills Christian
7.-Sebastian Gonzalez63-03.00St. Andrews Nativity
8.7Meartu Aschalew61-01.00St. Andrews Nativity
9.5Aidan Akenson58-10.00West Hills Christian
10.6Benjamin Ratcliff57-04.00Franciscan Montessor...
11.5Jackson Hill56-10.00Damascus Christian CYO
12.5Hayden J Farris55-01.00St. Matthew
13.-Joshua Mitchell54-02.00Damascus Christian CYO
14.5Quinn Thygeson46-00.00Franciscan Montessor...
15.-Luke Osborn43-10.00Damascus Christian CYO
16.6Tim Valencia27-02.00Our Lady of Lourdes
17.6Gabriel Abdellatif23-07.00Franciscan Montessor...
18.6Colin Martin20-06.00Our Lady of Lourdes
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Sam Romeo80-00.00St. Matthew
2.-Cole Strandberg74-00.00West Hills Christian
3.4Gavin Bohling73-03.00Franciscan Montessor...
4.5Nicholas Richardson70-11.00Franciscan Montessor...
5.-Nathan Bogdan70-00.00Damascus Christian CYO
6.3Jackson VanderZanden68-03.00St. Matthew
7.-Matthew Mitchell59-07.00Damascus Christian CYO
8.3Jack Carr59-03.00West Hills Christian
9.4Alex May55-00.00Holy Family
10.3Garrett Parker50-11.00West Hills Christian
11.3Jack Burcham48-00.00West Hills Christian
12.3Taylor Carpenter47-07.00West Hills Christian
13.4Devinder Sagoo46-01.00Franciscan Montessor...
14.4Ian Finn41-01.00Holy Family
15.5Caleb Zike40-00.00Our Lady of Lourdes
16.-Jason Budey39-04.00Damascus Christian CYO
17.3Bram Fletcher35-10.00Franciscan Montessor...
18.-Gabriel Rozzell35-07.00Holy Family
19.4Alex Guitteau34-00.00Holy Family
20.4John Murgueitio33-09.00Our Lady of Lourdes
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Under 8 - Finals
1.-Nicholas Johnson57-06.00Pacific Crest Academy
X High Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.8Ian Hamel5-03.00Franciscan Montessor...
2.8Sean Dack4-10.00Our Lady of Lourdes
3.-Caleb Griffie4-09.00West Hills Christian
3.-Evan Harrison4-09.00West Hills Christian
3.7Carson Little4-09.00West Hills Christian
6.8Francesco Fischer4-08.00Franciscan Montessor...
7.-James Cory4-04.00Franciscan Montessor...
7Donald MathewNHFranciscan Montessor...
7Ian McCollumNHFranciscan Montessor...
X High Jump - Cub - Finals
1.7Patrick Maloney4-10.00St. Matthew
2.6Robert Scriven4-02.00West Hills Christian
3.6Takumi Hebert3-10.00Franciscan Montessor...
4.-Jake Jones3-08.00West Hills Christian
4.5Henry Foster3-08.00West Hills Christian
4.6Mitch Glad3-08.00West Hills Christian
5Aidan AkensonNHWest Hills Christian
X Long Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.8Sean Dack17-07.00Our Lady of Lourdes
2.8Ian Hamel16-11.50Franciscan Montessor...
3.8Stacey Clayton15-03.00St. Matthew
4.-Jeremy Howell14-00.50West Hills Christian
5.7Enzo Czysz13-07.50Holy Family
6.8Matthew Vanoudenhaegen12-10.50Franciscan Montessor...
7.-Caleb Griffie12-08.00West Hills Christian
8.-Noah Dir-Munoz12-03.75Franciscan Montessor...
9.-Alexander Osler12-01.25Our Lady of Lourdes
10.7Jackson Mackley11-10.75Franciscan Montessor...
11.8Gunnar Schaedler11-08.00St. Matthew
12.-Christian Cho11-00.25West Hills Christian
13.7Donald Mathew10-11.50Franciscan Montessor...
14.-Aidan Mellies10-09.50Holy Family
15.-Matthew Lohr10-06.75Damascus Christian CYO
16.-Jonah Carpenter9-10.00Damascus Christian CYO
17.-Gabriel Beck9-08.00Holy Family
18.-Michael Riddle8-09.00Holy Family
X Long Jump - Cub - Finals
1.6Sterling Roberts17-06.75West Hills Christian
2.7Patrick Maloney13-01.00St. Matthew
3.5Alex Soo12-04.50West Hills Christian
4.-Samual Johnson12-02.00Pacific Crest Academy
4.6Sean Richardson12-02.00Franciscan Montessor...
6.5Quintin Thomas11-10.50St. Matthew
7.6John Walsh11-09.50St. Matthew
8.6Gabe Coe11-02.50Damascus Christian CYO
9.-Jake Jones10-11.25West Hills Christian
10.5Hayden J Farris10-11.00St. Matthew
11.5Micah Gandara9-06.75Damascus Christian CYO
12.5Henry Polvorosa9-03.75Franciscan Montessor...
13.5Zack Nielsen8-07.75Franciscan Montessor...
14.5Jackson Hill8-06.00Damascus Christian CYO
15.5Hunter Schaefer7-11.00St. Matthew
16.-Gabriel Carpenter7-00.25Damascus Christian CYO
17.5Thomas Mooney7-00.00Pacific Crest Academy
18.-Luke Osborn6-08.25Damascus Christian CYO
19.5Quinn Thygeson6-00.00Franciscan Montessor...
20.6Colin Martin5-06.50Our Lady of Lourdes
21.6Noah Bautista5-03.00West Hills Christian
X Long Jump - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Aidan Maloney13-01.50St. Matthew
2.4Gavin Bohling11-05.00Franciscan Montessor...
3.4Gabriel LeRiche10-09.50St. Matthew
4.-Jason Budey10-05.00Damascus Christian CYO
5.4Peter Bagdovitz10-03.50Our Lady of Lourdes
6.4Ian Urias10-00.00Pacific Crest Academy
7.-Nathan Bogdan9-09.00Damascus Christian CYO
8.5Christian Tae9-07.00West Hills Christian
9.4Danny Cappalonga9-03.75Holy Family
10.3Taylor Carpenter9-03.00West Hills Christian
11.3Garrett Parker8-04.00West Hills Christian
12.-Andrew Minor8-02.00Our Lady of Lourdes
13.-Gabriel Rozzell8-01.00Holy Family
14.-Davis Raz8-00.50West Hills Christian
15.-Luke Nelson7-11.00Damascus Christian CYO
16.3Bram Fletcher7-10.00Franciscan Montessor...
16.4Benjamin Rabaud7-10.00Franciscan Montessor...
18.5Max Schroedl7-06.00Franciscan Montessor...
19.4Devinder Sagoo6-06.50Franciscan Montessor...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Taylor Hallquist13.53Our Lady of Lourdes
2.7Rachel Koch13.65West Hills Christian
3.-Sela Brazier13.71West Hills Christian
4.-Josephine Ananouko14.02St. Andrews Nativity
5.7Erin Koch14.25West Hills Christian
6.6Elisabeth Stefan14.35West Hills Christian
6.7Gabrielle Lorenzo14.39West Hills Christian
6.-Jasmyn Thomas14.4St. Andrews Nativity
9.-La'Princia Miller14.57St. Andrews Nativity
10.7Brooklynn Loiselle14.69West Hills Christian
11.-Ashlyne Poirier15.07Franciscan Montessor...
12.8Emily Nielsen15.12Our Lady of Lourdes
13.-Rachel Roach15.51Damascus Christian CYO
14.-Elise Hyder17.18Pacific Crest Academy
15.-Mary Tomassi17.62Pacific Crest Academy
16.-Anais Urias18.1Pacific Crest Academy
17.7Sarah Kirn18.25Our Lady of Lourdes
18.8Emily Valencia20.97Our Lady of Lourdes
X 100 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.7Olivia Gabriel13.23Franciscan Montessor...
1.7Kristina Thomas13.24St. Matthew
3.7Anandi Thompson13.72St. Andrews Nativity
4.6Bonnie Romeo13.94St. Matthew
4.6Taryn Lamb13.96West Hills Christian
6.6Nkemdilim Day14.28Pacific Crest Academy
7.6Sally Luciano14.6St. Matthew
8.6Haley Diment14.75Our Lady of Lourdes
9.6Leah Sparkman14.85St. Andrews Nativity
9.6Nicole Brandt14.87Holy Family
11.6Kateri Dir-Munoz14.98Franciscan Montessor...
12.-Julianna Symmonds15.19West Hills Christian
12.5Courtney Kingsley15.2West Hills Christian
14.-Madelyn Russell15.24West Hills Christian
15.6Alex Fengler-Johnson15.57Franciscan Montessor...
16.6Kristen Fox15.72West Hills Christian
17.5Sidney Lowry15.85West Hills Christian
18.6Kristin Mori15.92West Hills Christian
18.6Kara Vanderzanden15.92St. Matthew
18.5Maren Kain15.97Holy Family
21.-Elise Shannon16.09Holy Family
22.7Syanne Brewer16.19St. Andrews Nativity
23.-Amanda Ogle16.74West Hills Christian
24.6Rachel Dickinson17.3Holy Family
25.6Claire LeRiche17.37St. Matthew
26.6Melissa Ferrusca-Granados17.65St. Andrews Nativity
27.6Kaitlyn Braunstein17.74Our Lady of Lourdes
28.6Tessa Bradeen17.98Franciscan Montessor...
29.-Kendall Mooney18.23Pacific Crest Academy
30.-Emily Silva18.34Pacific Crest Academy
31.-Kadja Hhaou18.69St. Andrews Nativity
32.-Camryn Wilson18.72Pacific Crest Academy
33.3Sienna Zell19.74West Hills Christian
34.6Anika Schaedler19.86St. Matthew
35.-Emily Clark21.8Pacific Crest Academy
X 100 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Willa Grund15.97Holy Family
2.-Madeline Hanton16.04Pacific Crest Academy
3.-Caitlan Ryan16.7Holy Family
4.4Regan Smith16.83Our Lady of Lourdes
4.4Mollie Doyle16.88Our Lady of Lourdes
4.3Jerrica Pachl16.88Pacific Crest Academy
4.4Ruthanne Jaramillo16.89West Hills Christian
8.5Gabriella Brown16.95St. Matthew
8.4Alice Welch16.97West Hills Christian
10.4Sara Mularski17.06Holy Family
10.4Rebecca St Mary17.06Our Lady of Lourdes
10.-Devyn Hynds17.1Pacific Crest Academy
13.3Aleia Boyanovsky17.13West Hills Christian
14.-Jeannie Wuest17.36Our Lady of Lourdes
14.4Ashley Rosenbaum17.37West Hills Christian
16.4Kelly Jung17.88Our Lady of Lourdes
16.4Heidi Habeck17.89West Hills Christian
18.-Olivia Doumitt17.94Pacific Crest Academy
18.4Eva Lammers17.96West Hills Christian
18.3Emma McBride17.99Pacific Crest Academy
21.-Georgina George18.14Pacific Crest Academy
21.-Katelyn Bailey18.17Damascus Christian CYO
23.3Madison Craft18.22West Hills Christian
23.4Hannah Gouge18.25West Hills Christian
23.3Natalie Sharp18.26Holy Family
23.3Maggie Suter18.26West Hills Christian
23.5Amelia Diana18.3St. Matthew
28.4Grace Williams18.43St. Matthew
29.3Nadia Khan18.58Our Lady of Lourdes
30.-Lucy Akenson18.81West Hills Christian
31.4Ava Paul18.96Franciscan Montessor...
31.4Savannah Benagni18.97Franciscan Montessor...
31.-Alysia King18.98Pacific Crest Academy
31.-Jenna Willis18.98West Hills Christian
35.-Isabel Clark19.01Pacific Crest Academy
35.3Grace Sherman19.08Our Lady of Lourdes
37.4Macy Carlson19.12West Hills Christian
37.4Madelyn Pringle19.18West Hills Christian
39.4Natalie Galbraith19.39Holy Family
40.4Kaley Carpenter20.04West Hills Christian
41.3Claire Shearer20.14West Hills Christian
42.3Olivia Boylan20.73St. Matthew
42.4Claire Kirn20.77Our Lady of Lourdes
44.3Payton Wilson20.94Pacific Crest Academy
45.3Ginger Duncan21.05Franciscan Montessor...
46.4Camille Johnson21.56Our Lady of Lourdes
X 100 Meters - Under 8 - Finals
1.3Adrienne Foster16.95West Hills Christian
2.3Marbella Polvorosa17.54Franciscan Montessor...
3.3Grace Ridgeway18.09Franciscan Montessor...
4.3Casey Zike18.77Our Lady of Lourdes
5.3Coralee Thomas19.27Our Lady of Lourdes
6.2Sarah Koch19.39Holy Family
7.-Molly Rohling19.72Holy Family
8.3Laura Collier19.83Franciscan Montessor...
9.3Maddie Ray22.52Franciscan Montessor...
X 200 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.-Sela Brazier28.06West Hills Christian
2.8Jasmine Gilmore28.61St. Matthew
3.-Gabriella Galluzzo29.43Holy Family
4.8Taylor Hallquist29.55Our Lady of Lourdes
4.-Syndee Smith29.55Our Lady of Lourdes
6.7Rachel Koch29.65West Hills Christian
7.7Erin Koch29.91West Hills Christian
8.8Casey Dumont30.31Franciscan Montessor...
9.7Ashley Schmaltz30.94Our Lady of Lourdes
10.6Elisabeth Stefan31.01West Hills Christian
11.-Alisha Stone31.62West Hills Christian
12.7Brooklynn Loiselle31.86West Hills Christian
12.7Gabrielle Lorenzo31.87West Hills Christian
14.-Ashlyne Poirier32.87Franciscan Montessor...
15.-Rachel Roach34.18Damascus Christian CYO
X 200 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.7Kristina Thomas28St. Matthew
2.6Bonnie Romeo30.67St. Matthew
3.6Nicole Brandt31.3Holy Family
4.6Ashlynn Jones31.95Damascus Christian CYO
4.6Sally Luciano32St. Matthew
6.-Madelyn Russell32.16West Hills Christian
7.6Leah Sparkman32.29St. Andrews Nativity
8.6Nkemdilim Day32.35Pacific Crest Academy
9.5Courtney Kingsley32.84West Hills Christian
9.6Audrey Bright32.87Holy Family
11.6Alex Fengler-Johnson33.31Franciscan Montessor...
12.6Kristin Mori33.88West Hills Christian
13.7Anandi Thompson34.28St. Andrews Nativity
14.5Maren Kain34.34Holy Family
15.5Eve Duncan36.4Franciscan Montessor...
16.6Rachel Dickinson36.46Holy Family
17.7Syanne Brewer36.69St. Andrews Nativity
18.6Claire LeRiche37.13St. Matthew
19.6Melissa Ferrusca-Granados38.06St. Andrews Nativity
20.-Camryn Wilson41.68Pacific Crest Academy
X 200 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Madeline Hanton33.01Pacific Crest Academy
2.3Kamryn J Jones34.57St. Matthew
3.5Madison Ellsworth35.74St. Matthew
3.4Erin Gates35.77St. Matthew
5.-Elizabeth Wirth36.26West Hills Christian
6.5Gabriella Brown36.58St. Matthew
7.4Regan Smith37.07Our Lady of Lourdes
8.4Ruthanne Jaramillo37.18West Hills Christian
9.4Quinn Gilroy38.08Holy Family
10.3Emma McBride38.66Pacific Crest Academy
11.4Heidi Habeck39.15West Hills Christian
12.-Isabel Clark39.93Pacific Crest Academy
12.4Kelly Jung39.95Our Lady of Lourdes
14.5Amelia Diana40.42St. Matthew
15.-Alysia King40.57Pacific Crest Academy
16.4Savannah Benagni41.29Franciscan Montessor...
17.4Summer Gaines41.43Franciscan Montessor...
18.-Lucy Akenson41.6West Hills Christian
19.4Isadora Colpo42.38Holy Family
20.4Sierra Loiselle42.9West Hills Christian
21.3Anne Remlinger42.92Pacific Crest Academy
22.4Madelyn Pringle43.24West Hills Christian
23.4Claire Kirn43.7Our Lady of Lourdes
24.3Grace Sherman44.65Our Lady of Lourdes
25.3Claire Shearer46.88West Hills Christian
26.3Lucy Sherman46.93Our Lady of Lourdes
27.3Payton Wilson47.58Pacific Crest Academy
X 200 Meters - Under 8 - Finals
1.3Elizabeth Parker36.31Pacific Crest Academy
2.2Sarah Koch39.65Holy Family
3.3Emma Dowling41.48Franciscan Montessor...
4.3Coralee Thomas42.13Our Lady of Lourdes
5.3Casey Zike44.37Our Lady of Lourdes
6.3Maddie Ray47.14Franciscan Montessor...
X 400 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Jasmine Gilmore1:02.7St. Matthew
2.-Alisha Stone1:06.8West Hills Christian
3.-Gabriella Galluzzo1:08.9Holy Family
4.-Syndee Smith1:09.2Our Lady of Lourdes
5.8Casey Dumont1:09.6Franciscan Montessor...
6.8Marion Lilly1:10.2Our Lady of Lourdes
7.-Sarah Kotel1:12.6West Hills Christian
8.-Emily Griffith1:14.6Our Lady of Lourdes
X 400 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.7Olivia Gabriel1:04.1Franciscan Montessor...
2.6Nicole Brandt1:12.8Holy Family
3.6Emmie Randall1:15.7West Hills Christian
4.6Ashlynn Jones1:16.5Damascus Christian CYO
5.6Olivia Cooper1:19.8Holy Family
6.-Elise Shannon1:20.0Holy Family
7.5Sabrina J Hopman1:27.0St. Matthew
8.5Madelyn Will1:27.8St. Matthew
9.-Emily Silva1:34.7Pacific Crest Academy
10.5Lauren Parker2:21.9West Hills Christian
X 400 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.3Kamryn J Jones1:18.2St. Matthew
2.4Willa Grund1:19.3Holy Family
3.3Jerrica Pachl1:23.6Pacific Crest Academy
4.4Elizabeth Rinck1:25.1St. Matthew
5.4Hannah Gouge1:29.5West Hills Christian
6.-Caitlan Ryan1:29.7Holy Family
7.-Olivia Doumitt1:30.8Pacific Crest Academy
8.5Chardy Probst1:31.8Our Lady of Lourdes
9.4Sara Mularski1:33.4Holy Family
10.-Jeannie Wuest1:33.6Our Lady of Lourdes
11.4Ruthanne Jaramillo1:33.7West Hills Christian
12.-Elizabeth Wirth1:34.6West Hills Christian
13.4Summer Gaines1:35.6Franciscan Montessor...
14.-Georgina George1:36.6Pacific Crest Academy
15.3Lily Shearer1:37.1West Hills Christian
16.4Macy Carlson1:39.2West Hills Christian
17.4Ava Paul1:40.7Franciscan Montessor...
18.3Anne Remlinger1:45.0Pacific Crest Academy
X 400 Meters - Under 8 - Finals
1.3Elizabeth Parker1:27.7Pacific Crest Academy
2.-Molly Rohling1:35.6Holy Family
3.3Marbella Polvorosa1:37.7Franciscan Montessor...
X 800 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.-Erin Gregoire2:35.9West Hills Christian
2.-Zani Moore2:36.2West Hills Christian
3.-Sarah Kotel3:00.8West Hills Christian
4.-Kimberly Vreugdenhil3:07.3West Hills Christian
5.-Olivia Hartford3:09.1West Hills Christian
6.-Sophie Becker3:09.3West Hills Christian
7.7Abigail Ogle3:10.1Our Lady of Lourdes
8.-Grace Cruickshank3:15.8West Hills Christian
9.-Rachel Roach3:22.3Damascus Christian CYO
10.-Emma Talley3:27.5Franciscan Montessor...
X 800 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.6Kateri Dir-Munoz2:54.6Franciscan Montessor...
2.-Julianna Symmonds3:10.2West Hills Christian
3.6Kristen Fox3:13.9West Hills Christian
4.5Sabrina J Hopman3:15.3St. Matthew
5.5Madelyn Will3:23.2St. Matthew
X 800 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.5Madison Ellsworth3:04.0St. Matthew
2.4Elizabeth Rinck3:09.1St. Matthew
3.4Mollie Doyle3:10.2Our Lady of Lourdes
4.4Quinn Gilroy3:18.0Holy Family
5.3Lucy Sherman3:23.9Our Lady of Lourdes
6.3Jerrica Pachl3:26.6Pacific Crest Academy
7.4Grace Williams3:31.8St. Matthew
8.4Megan Shannon3:36.1Holy Family
9.4Hannah Gouge3:41.0West Hills Christian
10.3Hailey Braunstein3:43.0Our Lady of Lourdes
11.-Jenna Ellis3:58.6West Hills Christian
12.4Natalie Brown4:19.9West Hills Christian
13.4Zoe Dickinson4:24.0Holy Family
14.4Grace Fulfer4:39.0Our Lady of Lourdes
4Olana BatalunaNTWest Hills Christian
4Camille JohnsonNTOur Lady of Lourdes
3Rachel ScrivenNTWest Hills Christian
X 800 Meters - Under 8 - Finals
1.3Elizabeth Parker3:28.9Pacific Crest Academy
2.3Laura Collier3:35.3Franciscan Montessor...
3Ellie TaeNTWest Hills Christian
X 1500 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.-Erin Gregoire5:11.4West Hills Christian
2.-Zani Moore5:27.2West Hills Christian
3.8Mira J Gill6:17.5St. Matthew
4.-Kimberly Vreugdenhil6:35.6West Hills Christian
5.7Sarah Kirn8:18.0Our Lady of Lourdes
X 1500 Meters - Cub - Finals
1.5Payton Goebel6:01.9Damascus Christian CYO
2.5Kaitlyn Bethurum6:25.7Damascus Christian CYO
3.6Morgan Harrison7:18.0West Hills Christian
4.-Kendall Mooney8:03.5Pacific Crest Academy
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Mollie Doyle6:36.1Our Lady of Lourdes
2.3Rachel Scriven7:39.9West Hills Christian
3.3Grace Sherman7:43.1Our Lady of Lourdes
4.-Devyn Hynds8:24.2Pacific Crest Academy
4Natalie GalbraithNTHoly Family
X 1500 Meters - Under 8 - Finals
1.3Ellie Tae9:06.4West Hills Christian
X 3000 Meters - Cadet - Finals
1.8Elisabeth Krieger14:07.7Franciscan Montessor...
2.-Lisa Jauch14:17.7West Hills Christian
3.8Kira Vogt14:22.6St. Matthew
4.7Abigail Ogle14:52.4Our Lady of Lourdes
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cub - Finals
1.6Nkemdilim Day29-01.75Pacific Crest Academy
2.6Devon Fenesy25-01.00Franciscan Montessor...
3.6Lucy Sagoo22-09.50Franciscan Montessor...
4.6Kaibah Hopper22-06.00Franciscan Montessor...
5.5Eve Duncan21-10.00Franciscan Montessor...
6.6Anika Schaedler18-05.50St. Matthew
7.5Lauren Parker16-04.25West Hills Christian
8.6Kaitlyn Braunstein15-11.75Our Lady of Lourdes
9.-Emily Silva15-06.00Pacific Crest Academy
10.6Tessa Bradeen15-04.50Franciscan Montessor...
11.-Emily Clark12-05.75Pacific Crest Academy
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Shannon Cross23-02.75Damascus Christian CYO
2.4Grace Williams19-04.00St. Matthew
3.3Ginger Duncan18-05.00Franciscan Montessor...
4.4Sara Mularski16-09.75Holy Family
5.-Isabelle Baurer16-04.00Damascus Christian CYO
6.3Lily Shearer16-03.00West Hills Christian
7.5Gabriella Brown15-08.00St. Matthew
8.5Amelia Diana15-07.50St. Matthew
9.4Willa Grund15-02.50Holy Family
10.-Caitlan Ryan15-01.75Holy Family
11.-Jenna Willis15-01.00West Hills Christian
12.4Sophie Glad15-00.50West Hills Christian
13.-Georgina George14-11.50Pacific Crest Academy
14.5Chardy Probst14-07.75Our Lady of Lourdes
15.4Ava Paul14-05.00Franciscan Montessor...
16.-Katelyn Bailey14-03.00Damascus Christian CYO
17.3Helen Ratcliff13-10.00Franciscan Montessor...
18.3Claire Shearer12-08.00West Hills Christian
19.3Natalie Sharp12-03.00Holy Family
20.4Natalie Galbraith12-02.75Holy Family
21.4Zoe Dickinson11-10.00Holy Family
22.4Savannah Benagni11-09.00Franciscan Montessor...
23.3Nadia Khan11-03.75Our Lady of Lourdes
24.4Sierra Loiselle10-09.75West Hills Christian
25.4Natalie Brown10-05.00West Hills Christian
26.3Madison Craft9-06.50West Hills Christian
27.-Emmeline Wuest9-06.25Our Lady of Lourdes
28.3Hailey Braunstein9-04.50Our Lady of Lourdes
29.3Olivia Boylan9-01.25St. Matthew
X Shot Put - 6lb - Under 8 - Finals
1.3Grace Ridgeway11-00.25Franciscan Montessor...
2.3Maddie Ray9-08.75Franciscan Montessor...
3.3Emma Dowling9-02.00Franciscan Montessor...
4.3Laura Collier8-10.25Franciscan Montessor...
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cub - Finals
1.5Courtney Kingsley63-06.00West Hills Christian
2.5Kaitlyn Bethurum55-07.00Damascus Christian CYO
3.6Devon Fenesy55-04.00Franciscan Montessor...
4.6Lucy Sagoo54-08.00Franciscan Montessor...
5.6Kristen Fox52-05.00West Hills Christian
6.6Haley Diment49-00.00Our Lady of Lourdes
7.6Kaitlyn Braunstein46-06.00Our Lady of Lourdes
8.5Eve Duncan39-11.00Franciscan Montessor...
9.-Kendall Mooney35-11.00Pacific Crest Academy
10.6Anika Schaedler35-05.00St. Matthew
11.-Camryn Wilson26-10.00Pacific Crest Academy
12.3Sienna Zell14-02.00West Hills Christian
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Ashley Rosenbaum53-05.00West Hills Christian
2.-Elizabeth Wirth49-00.00West Hills Christian
3.3Aleia Boyanovsky44-09.00West Hills Christian
4.-Shannon Cross43-00.00Damascus Christian CYO
5.4Erin Gates42-09.00St. Matthew
6.3Lily Shearer41-09.00West Hills Christian
7.4Eva Lammers40-11.00West Hills Christian
8.4Alice Welch40-08.00West Hills Christian
9.4Quinn Gilroy34-09.00Holy Family
10.3Ginger Duncan33-02.00Franciscan Montessor...
11.4Kaley Carpenter31-06.00West Hills Christian
12.4Olana Bataluna29-11.00West Hills Christian
13.4Isadora Colpo29-08.00Holy Family
14.4Rebecca St Mary29-01.00Our Lady of Lourdes
15.4Claire Kirn26-03.00Our Lady of Lourdes
16.4Zoe Dickinson26-00.00Holy Family
17.3Rachel Scriven25-01.00West Hills Christian
18.4Megan Shannon24-11.00Holy Family
19.3Madison Craft20-09.00West Hills Christian
20.-Isabelle Baurer19-07.00Damascus Christian CYO
21.3Helen Ratcliff18-04.00Franciscan Montessor...
22.-Emmeline Wuest16-09.00Our Lady of Lourdes
23.3Olivia Boylan16-04.00St. Matthew
24.3Hailey Braunstein16-03.00Our Lady of Lourdes
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Under 8 - Finals
1.3Adrienne Foster43-00.00West Hills Christian
2.3Ellie Tae24-10.00West Hills Christian
X High Jump - Cadet - Finals
8Marion Lilly4-06.00Our Lady of Lourdes
-Kimberly Le4-05.00Franciscan Montessor...
-Sophie Becker4-03.00West Hills Christian
8Alli Probst4-01.00Our Lady of Lourdes
7Brooklynn Loiselle4-00.00West Hills Christian
-Ashlyne Poirier4-00.00Franciscan Montessor...
7Ashley Schmaltz3-10.00Our Lady of Lourdes
-Micaiah Fischer3-10.00West Hills Christian
-Emily Griffith3-10.00Our Lady of Lourdes
-Lisa Jauch3-08.00West Hills Christian
X High Jump - Cub - Finals
6Kara Vanderzanden3-11.00St. Matthew
6Audrey Bright3-10.00Holy Family
6Sally Luciano3-09.00St. Matthew
6Bonnie Romeo3-09.00St. Matthew
6Olivia Cooper3-04.00Holy Family
X Long Jump - Cadet - Finals
1.8Marion Lilly14-09.75Our Lady of Lourdes
2.-Emily Griffith14-01.00Our Lady of Lourdes
3.-Sela Brazier13-07.00West Hills Christian
4.-Syndee Smith13-03.00Our Lady of Lourdes
5.8Taylor Hallquist13-00.00Our Lady of Lourdes
6.-Jasmyn Thomas12-11.50St. Andrews Nativity
7.6Elisabeth Stefan12-09.25West Hills Christian
8.-Lisa Jauch12-01.00West Hills Christian
9.8Alli Probst11-11.50Our Lady of Lourdes
X Long Jump - Cub - Finals
1.6Haley Diment12-00.00Our Lady of Lourdes
2.6Audrey Bright11-08.50Holy Family
3.-Julianna Symmonds11-06.00West Hills Christian
4.-Amanda Ogle11-05.00West Hills Christian
5.-Madelyn Russell10-10.00West Hills Christian
6.6Alex Fengler-Johnson10-07.50Franciscan Montessor...
6.5Sabrina J Hopman10-07.50St. Matthew
8.5Sidney Lowry10-05.00West Hills Christian
8.6Olivia Cooper10-05.00Holy Family
10.5Maren Kain10-02.50Holy Family
11.6Kristin Mori10-00.00West Hills Christian
11.6Kara Vanderzanden10-00.00St. Matthew
13.6Taryn Lamb9-11.50West Hills Christian
14.5Madelyn Will8-03.50St. Matthew
15.6Tessa Bradeen7-04.50Franciscan Montessor...
16.6Claire LeRiche7-02.25St. Matthew
17.-Emily Clark6-01.75Pacific Crest Academy
18.3Sienna Zell5-08.00West Hills Christian
X Long Jump - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Erin Gates10-07.00St. Matthew
2.5Madison Ellsworth10-06.75St. Matthew
3.3Aleia Boyanovsky9-09.50West Hills Christian
4.4Alice Welch9-03.25West Hills Christian
4.-Jenna Ellis9-03.25West Hills Christian
6.-Jeannie Wuest9-02.00Our Lady of Lourdes
6.3Kamryn J Jones9-02.00St. Matthew
8.4Kelly Jung9-01.00Our Lady of Lourdes
8.3Nadia Khan9-01.00Our Lady of Lourdes
10.4Heidi Habeck9-00.00West Hills Christian
10.-Devyn Hynds9-00.00Pacific Crest Academy
12.3Emma McBride8-09.75Pacific Crest Academy
13.4Rebecca St Mary8-07.50Our Lady of Lourdes
14.4Eva Lammers8-07.00West Hills Christian
15.4Summer Gaines8-06.75Franciscan Montessor...
16.-Shannon Cross8-05.00Damascus Christian CYO
17.3Lucy Sherman8-03.00Our Lady of Lourdes
18.4Regan Smith8-02.50Our Lady of Lourdes
19.-Lucy Akenson8-02.00West Hills Christian
20.-Olivia Doumitt8-01.75Pacific Crest Academy
21.5Chardy Probst8-00.00Our Lady of Lourdes
22.4Kaley Carpenter7-11.00West Hills Christian
23.3Helen Ratcliff7-09.00Franciscan Montessor...
24.4Natalie Galbraith7-08.00Holy Family
25.4Madelyn Pringle7-05.50West Hills Christian
26.4Sophie Glad7-00.00West Hills Christian
27.4Natalie Brown6-10.00West Hills Christian
28.4Sierra Loiselle6-09.75West Hills Christian
29.4Olana Bataluna6-09.00West Hills Christian
30.-Emmeline Wuest6-07.50Our Lady of Lourdes
31.3Madison Craft6-06.00West Hills Christian
32.3Maggie Suter6-05.00West Hills Christian
32.3Anne Remlinger6-05.00Pacific Crest Academy
34.-Isabel Clark6-03.00Pacific Crest Academy
34.4Macy Carlson6-03.00West Hills Christian
36.-Jenna Willis6-02.00West Hills Christian
37.3Payton Wilson6-01.00Pacific Crest Academy
38.4Grace Fulfer6-00.00Our Lady of Lourdes
39.-Isabelle Baurer5-08.50Damascus Christian CYO
40.-Alysia King5-04.00Pacific Crest Academy
41.4Camille Johnson5-00.00Our Lady of Lourdes
X Long Jump - Under 8 - Finals
1.3Grace Ridgeway9-04.00Franciscan Montessor...
2.3Adrienne Foster9-02.00West Hills Christian
3.3Marbella Polvorosa8-10.00Franciscan Montessor...
4.-Molly Rohling8-00.00Holy Family
5.2Sarah Koch7-06.00Holy Family
6.3Casey Zike7-03.00Our Lady of Lourdes
7.3Coralee Thomas6-05.00Our Lady of Lourdes
8.3Emma Dowling6-03.00Franciscan Montessor...
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