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CYO Roadrunner Finals

Saturday, May 07, 2011

La Salle Prepatory, Milwaukie

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Spencer Adrian14.79All Saints
2.-Nicholas Ostmo15.57Cathedral
3.4Brett Williams15.85Holy Trinity
4.4Sam Romeo15.95St. Matthew
5.10Kaleb Coleman-Armstrong16.19St. John the Apostle
5.3Cole Scott16.2St. Anthony
5.3Eoin McDonagh16.15St. Thomas More
8.4Drew Howells16.21Our Lady of the Lake
9.-Peyton Allworth16.32Our Lady of the Lake
9.4Blake Deringer16.37Pacific Crest Academy
9.3Andrew Alfieri16.4Valley Catholic
12.3Michael Lang16.44Holy Trinity
12.-Finn Russell16.44St. Thomas More
14.4Gabriel LeRiche16.51St. Matthew
15.4Tyrese Hebert16.67Franciscan Montessor...
15.4Kian Palmer16.69Holy Trinity
15.3Tate Alexander16.68Cathedral
18.4Austin Bodner16.9St. Pius X
18.3Peter Murphy16.81St. Thomas More
20.4Alex Hart16.93Holy Family
20.-Nicholas Johnson16.96Pacific Crest Academy
22.3Ethan Thompson17.07The Madeleine
22.4Noah Benton17.09St. Pius X
22.4Ian Finn17.08Holy Family
22.4Neal Blaisdell17.04St. Matthew
22.4Christner Kurtz17.04St. Ignatius
22.4Sean Wilcox17.09Our Lady of Lourdes
28.-Solomon Fechter17.2The Madeleine
28.-Nate Bernius17.13The Madeleine
30.-Grant Ross17.22St. John the Apostle
30.4Parker Wade17.22St. Anthony
30.4Gavin Bohling17.28Franciscan Montessor...
33.4Jackson Curley17.49The Madeleine
33.4Peter Boileau17.46St. John Fisher
35.-Aiden Doherty17.55The Madeleine
35.-Linden Cho17.56West Hills Christian
35.3Logan Warner17.53Franciscan Montessor...
35.3Austin Canchola17.6St. John the Apostle
39.-David Cosper17.67St. Clare
39.4Ethan Wilborn17.62Holy Trinity
39.4Alex Guitteau17.64Holy Family
42.3Jackson VanderZanden17.77St. Matthew
43.3Jacob Sparks17.87Holy Family
43.4Samuel Sherry17.88Holy Trinity
45.3Colin Rencher18St. John Fisher
45.4Peter Bagdovitz17.95Our Lady of Lourdes
45.3John Migchelbrink17.92St. Pius X
48.-Nathan Bogdan18.04Damascus Christian CYO
48.-Carson Morris18.07St. John the Apostle
50.-Jason Budey18.12Damascus Christian CYO
51.3Logan Fisher18.24All Saints
51.-Theodore McClain18.27The Madeleine
53.-Ryan Strand18.38St. Anthony
53.4Devinder Sagoo18.36Franciscan Montessor...
53.-Davis JohnsonStevens18.36St. Clare
56.3Morpheus Nithikhun18.43St. John the Apostle
56.-Owen Traw18.46The Madeleine
58.3Nolan Hannam18.54St. Joseph Catholic
58.4Nick Speed18.54St. Pius X
58.4Timothy Brewer18.54St. John the Apostle
61.-Michael Hughes18.66The Madeleine
61.-Kevin Grant18.66St. Anthony
63.3Anders Peterson18.79All Saints
63.-Liam Jacoby18.74Our Lady of the Lake
63.3Taylor Carpenter18.71West Hills Christian
63.3Cameron Lyke18.77Holy Trinity
67.4Danny Cappalonga18.84Holy Family
67.-Conner Bingham18.88West Hills Christian
67.-A.J. Brauer18.87St. John Fisher
67.3Noah Shepanek18.83St. Anthony
71.-Connor Tyree18.96St. Clare
71.4Bruce Thomas19Our Lady of Lourdes
71.-Luke Nelson18.97Damascus Christian CYO
74.-Gabriel Rozzell19.06Holy Family
74.-Zachary Hudson19.02The Madeleine
74.-William Manlove19.04St. Clare
77.-Matthew Mitchell19.13Damascus Christian CYO
77.3Jake Lebrun19.17Holy Trinity
77.-Nordstrom Jacob19.2St. Thomas More
80.4Mitchell Brost19.23St. John the Apostle
80.3Garrett Parker19.29West Hills Christian
80.3Brad Elmgren19.3Valley Catholic
83.3Will Prentice19.35Christ the King
83.3Bram Fletcher19.33Franciscan Montessor...
83.-Kellan Taylor19.4Holy Trinity
86.3Joseph Folino19.47Holy Trinity
86.-Steven Keenan-Girone19.41St. Clare
86.-Oscar Boots19.43The Madeleine
86.4Zachary Horton19.44Holy Trinity
86.3Nathan Myers19.42West Hills Christian
91.7Traveon Sliders19.53St. Anthony
92.-Anders Fletcher19.63The Madeleine
93.3Declan O'Scannlain19.75Cathedral
93.4Parker Morgan19.71St. Anthony
95.3Grady Killian19.97West Hills Christian
95.-Theodore Moore20Cathedral
95.4Ian Urias19.94Pacific Crest Academy
95.3Cameron Hardy19.96St. Matthew
99.-David McDougall20.1St. Anthony
100.-Levi Zadoff20.13St. Thomas More
101.3Jack Goodman24.49St. Thomas More
102.-Michael-Paul Resweber25.86St. Clare
X 200 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Spencer Adrian29.78All Saints
2.4Aidan Maloney30.17St. Matthew
3.4Sam Romeo32.47St. Matthew
4.-Nicholas Scardina33.01All Saints
5.4Jackson Jolie33.6St. Pius X
6.3Tate Alexander33.77Cathedral
7.3Eoin McDonagh33.96St. Thomas More
7.4Brett Williams33.93Holy Trinity
7.-Peyton Allworth34Our Lady of the Lake
10.4Trafford Turkiewicz34.09Holy Family
11.-Nicholas Johnson34.4Pacific Crest Academy
12.4Tyson Parker34.57Holy Trinity
12.10Kaleb Coleman-Armstrong34.56St. John the Apostle
14.4Tyrese Hebert34.74Franciscan Montessor...
14.4Drew Howells34.72Our Lady of the Lake
16.4Blake Deringer34.81Pacific Crest Academy
16.3Andrew Alfieri34.81Valley Catholic
18.4Lane Marshall35.67St. John the Apostle
18.4Parker Wade35.62St. Anthony
20.-Solomon Fechter35.75The Madeleine
21.4Gabriel LeRiche35.96St. Matthew
22.4Nathan Reilly36.2Holy Family
23.3Alexander Platt36.28Our Lady of the Lake
24.4Jackson Curley36.75The Madeleine
25.4Charles Remlinger36.86Pacific Crest Academy
26.-Linden Cho37.06West Hills Christian
27.4Sean Scott37.19All Saints
28.4Christner Kurtz37.49St. Ignatius
29.3Patrick Mueller37.71St. Thomas More
30.4Sean Wilcox37.85Our Lady of Lourdes
30.4Ethan Wilborn37.86Holy Trinity
32.-Nate Bernius38.17The Madeleine
33.-Patrick McMahon38.34Cathedral
34.-Luke Wilson38.41The Madeleine
35.-Jack McMahon38.94Cathedral
35.-Michael Hughes38.91The Madeleine
37.3Jack Burcham39.06West Hills Christian
38.4Alex May39.39Holy Family
39.3John Migchelbrink39.48St. Pius X
40.3Taylor Carpenter39.57West Hills Christian
41.3Nolan Hannam39.88St. Joseph Catholic
42.3Nathan Myers40.37West Hills Christian
42.4Alex Guitteau40.32Holy Family
44.3Anders Peterson40.48All Saints
45.-Ryan Strand40.9St. Anthony
46.4Ian Urias41.28Pacific Crest Academy
47.3Connor Fadden41.57St. Thomas More
48.-A.J. Brauer41.64St. John Fisher
49.-Nordstrom Jacob42.27St. Thomas More
50.-Xavier Momper42.92St. Thomas More
51.3Declan O'Scannlain43.6Cathedral
52.4Parker Morgan43.91St. Anthony
53.4Emerson Johnson44.18Our Lady of Lourdes
54.-David McDougall44.95St. Anthony
55.4Hayden Martell46.43Christ the King
X 400 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Aidan Maloney1:08.3St. Matthew
2.-Nicholas Scardina1:12.3All Saints
3.3Eoin McDonagh1:12.7St. Thomas More
4.-Nicholas Ostmo1:14.7Cathedral
5.4Jackson Jolie1:15.4St. Pius X
6.4Trafford Turkiewicz1:15.8Holy Family
7.10Kaleb Coleman-Armstrong1:17.0St. John the Apostle
8.4Brett Williams1:17.1Holy Trinity
9.4Brandon Roberts1:17.4West Hills Christian
10.4Grant Miller1:18.7West Hills Christian
11.-Flynn Hamlin1:19.0The Madeleine
12.-SirCharles Mitchell1:19.1Valley Catholic
13.4Jackson Lewis1:19.6St. Pius X
14.4Nathan Reilly1:19.7Holy Family
15.4Parker Wade1:20.1St. Anthony
16.4Ian Finn1:20.4Holy Family
17.4Tyson Parker1:20.5Holy Trinity
17.4Charles Remlinger1:20.5Pacific Crest Academy
19.4Markus Bauer1:20.8Holy Trinity
20.3Michael Lang1:21.3Holy Trinity
21.3Alexander Platt1:22.3Our Lady of the Lake
21.-Aiden Doherty1:22.3The Madeleine
23.3Austin Canchola1:23.3St. John the Apostle
24.3Jackson VanderZanden1:23.8St. Matthew
24.3Jack Rae1:23.8Cathedral
26.4Alex Guitteau1:24.2Holy Family
27.3Coleton ODonnell1:24.3Holy Trinity
28.4Maxwell Scott1:24.7Holy Trinity
29.4Samuel Sherry1:25.6Holy Trinity
30.4Danny Cappalonga1:25.9Holy Family
31.3John Migchelbrink1:26.4St. Pius X
32.-Aidan Kirby1:27.7St. Joseph Catholic
32.-Jack McMahon1:27.7Cathedral
34.3Jake Lebrun1:29.3Holy Trinity
35.-Xavier Momper1:29.5St. Thomas More
36.-Kaeden Dodge1:29.6St. John the Apostle
37.3Cameron Lyke1:29.9Holy Trinity
38.4Alex May1:30.3Holy Family
39.4Peter Bagdovitz1:30.6Our Lady of Lourdes
40.4Alex Garcia1:30.9St. Pius X
41.3Patrick Mueller1:31.2St. Thomas More
42.-Matthew Mitchell1:31.3Damascus Christian CYO
43.3Anthony Benedetti White1:31.4Holy Trinity
44.4Braden Buerk1:32.0Holy Family
45.-Conner Bingham1:33.0West Hills Christian
46.4Spencer Brown1:36.2Holy Trinity
47.3Brendan Finnerty1:36.8St. Anthony
48.3Cameron Hardy1:36.9St. Matthew
49.4Emerson Johnson1:37.8Our Lady of Lourdes
X 800 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4William Sheaffer2:40.5West Hills Christian
2.4Benjamin Brown2:48.1All Saints
3.3Marcus David2:49.8Our Lady of the Lake
4.4Tyrese Hebert2:51.0Franciscan Montessor...
5.-Dyer Healy2:52.9Cathedral
6.3Steven Rowland2:54.3St. Anthony
7.4Stefan Lippelgoos2:54.4St. Joseph Catholic
8.4Grant Miller2:55.6West Hills Christian
9.4Brandon Roberts2:56.3West Hills Christian
10.-Tommy Kallgren2:56.5Cathedral
11.3Sebastian Hughel2:57.5Valley Catholic
12.4Blake Deringer2:57.8Pacific Crest Academy
12.4Jackson Lewis2:57.8St. Pius X
14.3Avery Conner3:00.5The Madeleine
15.3Michael Lang3:01.0Holy Trinity
15.4Sean Wilcox3:01.0Our Lady of Lourdes
17.3Lucas Martin3:02.9St. Thomas More
18.5Micah Mizushima3:03.9The Madeleine
19.4Peter Tooley3:04.5The Madeleine
20.4Neal Blaisdell3:05.2St. Matthew
21.4Maxwell Scott3:06.0Holy Trinity
22.4Jackson Curley3:06.6The Madeleine
23.3Jack Rae3:06.8Cathedral
24.4Peter Boileau3:07.5St. John Fisher
24.3Joe Nizich3:07.5St. John the Apostle
26.4Alex Hart3:12.8Holy Family
27.3Anthony Benedetti White3:16.9Holy Trinity
28.-Luke Wilson3:21.2The Madeleine
29.3Colin Rencher3:23.7St. John Fisher
30.4John Fey3:35.6St. Pius X
31.3Grady Killian3:37.8West Hills Christian
3Coleton ODonnell2:57.9Holy Trinity
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4William Sheaffer5:21.6West Hills Christian
1.4Benjamin Brown5:21.6All Saints
3.3Steven Rowland5:41.2St. Anthony
4.-Dyer Healy5:42.6Cathedral
5.4Stefan Lippelgoos5:44.0St. Joseph Catholic
6.4Jackson Lewis5:45.0St. Pius X
7.4Grant Miller5:47.2West Hills Christian
8.3Sebastian Hughel5:52.0Valley Catholic
9.3Peter Murphy5:59.0St. Thomas More
10.3Cole Scott6:00.6St. Anthony
11.3Avery Conner6:01.3The Madeleine
12.3Lucas Martin6:03.4St. Thomas More
13.4Austin Bodner6:04.7St. Pius X
14.4Peter Tooley6:08.8The Madeleine
15.4Hayden Miller6:17.6St. Joseph Catholic
16.4Alex Hart6:19.9Holy Family
17.4Ian Finn6:20.5Holy Family
17.3Logan Fisher6:20.5All Saints
19.4Braden Buerk6:22.5Holy Family
20.3Jack Carr6:24.6West Hills Christian
21.4Markus Bauer6:31.2Holy Trinity
22.-Aidan Kirby6:42.6St. Joseph Catholic
23.-Davis Raz6:44.5West Hills Christian
24.4Max Franz6:45.4Our Lady of the Lake
25.4Timothy Brewer6:50.6St. John the Apostle
26.4Kemper Finn6:53.0Holy Family
27.4Mitchell Brost6:55.3St. John the Apostle
28.4Tiernan Morgan6:56.6Holy Trinity
29.-Teddy Fronczok7:00.0St. Anthony
30.4Emerson Johnson7:00.6Our Lady of Lourdes
31.4John Fey7:04.3St. Pius X
32.3Patrick Mueller7:06.3St. Thomas More
33.-Conner Bingham7:21.0West Hills Christian
34.4Ethan Ferrer-Perry7:25.4Valley Catholic
35.3Jack Burcham7:30.1West Hills Christian
36.4Sean Wozniak8:14.9St. Joseph Catholic
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Lane Marshall28-00.50St. John the Apostle
2.-Sean Ball25-10.75St. Joseph Catholic
3.4Charles Remlinger25-02.00Pacific Crest Academy
4.-Cole Strandberg23-02.00West Hills Christian
5.4Brandon Roberts22-07.50West Hills Christian
6.-Liam Hochanadel22-02.50St. Joseph Catholic
7.4Tiernan Morgan22-01.50Holy Trinity
8.-Flynn Hamlin20-08.50The Madeleine
9.-Max Firstenburg19-04.00St. Joseph Catholic
10.-Grant Ross19-02.00St. John the Apostle
11.-Kevin Grant19-00.00St. Anthony
12.-Levi Zadoff18-10.50St. Thomas More
13.4Matthew Stevenson18-08.25Christ the King
14.3Joe Nizich18-03.50St. John the Apostle
15.4Hayden Miller17-09.75St. Joseph Catholic
16.-Robert Voitik17-04.50St. Joseph Catholic
17.4Max Franz17-03.00Our Lady of the Lake
18.-Nathan Bogdan16-11.50Damascus Christian CYO
19.4Sean Wozniak16-07.75St. Joseph Catholic
20.-Carson Morris16-07.00St. John the Apostle
21.3Morpheus Nithikhun16-02.50St. John the Apostle
22.4Parker Morgan16-01.75St. Anthony
23.3Jack Carr16-01.00West Hills Christian
24.-William Manlove15-10.50St. Clare
25.-Theodore McClain15-09.00The Madeleine
26.3Logan Warner15-07.75Franciscan Montessor...
27.-Thomas Rask15-05.50Cathedral
27.3Nicholas Pogue15-05.50Holy Trinity
27.-Connor Tyree15-05.50St. Clare
30.-Davis Raz15-02.50West Hills Christian
31.-Ryan Strand14-10.75St. Anthony
32.4Spencer Brown14-10.00Holy Trinity
33.-Luke Nelson14-05.50Damascus Christian CYO
34.4Aaron Rafter14-01.00St. John Fisher
35.-Liam Jacoby14-00.00Our Lady of the Lake
36.-David McDougall13-09.50St. Anthony
37.3Joseph Folino13-09.00Holy Trinity
38.3Grady Killian13-08.00West Hills Christian
39.-Michael-Paul Resweber13-03.00St. Clare
40.-Zachary Hudson12-08.50The Madeleine
41.3Jack Goodman12-01.00St. Thomas More
42.3Cameron Hardy12-00.50St. Matthew
43.-Theodore Moore10-07.50Cathedral
44.3Jaden Schnoor9-06.50St. John the Apostle
45.4Mitchell Brost1-02.00St. John the Apostle
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Sean Ball100-11.00St. Joseph Catholic
2.-Cole Strandberg94-08.00West Hills Christian
3.4Lane Marshall91-01.00St. John the Apostle
4.3Joe Nizich87-00.00St. John the Apostle
5.4Sam Romeo84-02.50St. Matthew
6.-Nathan Bogdan83-02.00Damascus Christian CYO
7.-Solomon Fechter82-00.00The Madeleine
8.3Avery Conner78-05.50The Madeleine
9.4Nick Speed70-05.00St. Pius X
10.4Alex May69-03.00Holy Family
11.4Gavin Bohling68-11.00Franciscan Montessor...
12.3Nolan Hannam66-01.00St. Joseph Catholic
13.-Flynn Hamlin63-05.50The Madeleine
14.-Dyer Healy62-06.00Cathedral
15.3Jackson VanderZanden61-10.00St. Matthew
16.3Cole Scott61-08.00St. Anthony
17.4Trafford Turkiewicz61-00.00Holy Family
18.3Jack Carr60-11.00West Hills Christian
19.4Timothy Brewer59-11.00St. John the Apostle
20.-Kevin Grant59-06.00St. Anthony
21.-William Miller59-01.00The Madeleine
22.-Nicholas Johnson56-03.00Pacific Crest Academy
22.4Tiernan Morgan56-03.00Holy Trinity
24.-Aiden Doherty55-07.00The Madeleine
25.-William Manlove55-04.00St. Clare
26.3Garrett Parker54-02.00West Hills Christian
27.-David Cosper54-00.50St. Clare
28.-Matthew Mitchell52-07.00Damascus Christian CYO
29.4John Fey52-06.00St. Pius X
30.3Coleton ODonnell52-00.00Holy Trinity
31.4Zachary Horton50-07.00Holy Trinity
32.-William Hamilton50-06.00The Madeleine
33.3Lucas Martin49-11.00St. Thomas More
34.3Jack Burcham49-09.00West Hills Christian
35.-Connor Tyree48-05.00St. Clare
36.4Alex Garcia47-08.00St. Pius X
37.4Kian Palmer47-00.00Holy Trinity
38.4Hayden Miller46-09.00St. Joseph Catholic
39.4Sean Scott46-06.00All Saints
40.4Maxwell Scott46-04.00Holy Trinity
41.3Nicholas Sawtelle46-03.00Christ the King
42.4Austin Bodner45-08.00St. Pius X
43.4Drew Howells45-03.00Our Lady of the Lake
44.-Patrick McMahon43-09.00Cathedral
45.3Joseph Folino42-05.00Holy Trinity
46.4Hayden Martell41-10.00Christ the King
47.-Jason Budey41-01.50Damascus Christian CYO
48.3Cameron Lyke41-00.00Holy Trinity
49.4Max Franz40-06.00Our Lady of the Lake
50.4Matthew Stevenson39-05.00Christ the King
51.3Anthony Benedetti White39-01.00Holy Trinity
52.4Devinder Sagoo38-08.00Franciscan Montessor...
53.-Henry Anderson37-05.00Our Lady of Lourdes
54.-Steven Keenan-Girone37-03.00St. Clare
55.3Bram Fletcher36-06.50Franciscan Montessor...
56.4Ethan Ferrer-Perry36-04.00Valley Catholic
57.3Declan O'Scannlain36-03.00Cathedral
58.3Will Prentice36-00.00Christ the King
59.4Spencer Brown35-09.00Holy Trinity
60.-Liam Hochanadel34-09.00St. Joseph Catholic
61.3Ethan Thompson34-07.00The Madeleine
62.-Oscar Boots33-06.50The Madeleine
63.3Jaden Schnoor33-03.50St. John the Apostle
64.-Luke Nelson30-00.00Damascus Christian CYO
65.-Theodore Moore28-04.50Cathedral
66.-Michael-Paul Resweber28-03.50St. Clare
67.4Aaron Rafter27-09.00St. John Fisher
68.4Tanner Cook26-07.00Christ the King
69.3Connor Fadden25-07.00St. Thomas More
70.-Nathan Fiereck24-10.00St. Clare
71.3Jack Goodman24-09.00St. Thomas More
72.3Brendan Finnerty24-03.00St. Anthony
X Long Jump - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Aidan Maloney14-08.00St. Matthew
2.4Spencer Adrian14-05.50All Saints
3.-Peyton Allworth12-04.50Our Lady of the Lake
4.-Nicholas Ostmo11-09.50Cathedral
5.4Jackson Jolie11-06.75St. Pius X
6.4Gavin Bohling11-06.25Franciscan Montessor...
7.3Tate Alexander11-05.75Cathedral
8.-Finn Russell11-05.00St. Thomas More
8.-David Cosper11-05.00St. Clare
10.3Alexander Platt11-04.50Our Lady of the Lake
11.4Gabriel LeRiche11-04.25St. Matthew
12.-Davis JohnsonStevens11-02.50St. Clare
13.-Linden Cho11-01.50West Hills Christian
14.3Andrew Alfieri11-01.25Valley Catholic
15.4Christner Kurtz11-00.00St. Ignatius
16.3Austin Canchola10-10.00St. John the Apostle
17.-Nate Bernius10-09.75The Madeleine
18.4Nathan Reilly10-09.25Holy Family
19.3Marcus David10-08.50Our Lady of the Lake
20.3Sebastian Hughel10-08.00Valley Catholic
20.4Markus Bauer10-08.00Holy Trinity
22.-Grant Ross10-06.75St. John the Apostle
23.3Steven Rowland10-05.50St. Anthony
24.3Nicholas Sawtelle10-03.50Christ the King
25.4Ian Urias10-01.00Pacific Crest Academy
25.-Jason Budey10-01.00Damascus Christian CYO
25.-Oscar Boots10-01.00The Madeleine
28.-John Bondaruk10-00.25St. Ignatius
29.4Tanner Cook10-00.00Christ the King
30.-Nordstrom Jacob9-11.00St. Thomas More
31.4Noah Benton9-10.00St. Pius X
32.4Ethan Wilborn9-09.50Holy Trinity
32.-Gabriel Rozzell9-09.50Holy Family
34.-Dyer Healy9-09.25Cathedral
35.3Brad Elmgren9-08.50Valley Catholic
36.-A.J. Brauer9-08.00St. John Fisher
36.3Taylor Carpenter9-08.00West Hills Christian
36.4Peter Bagdovitz9-08.00Our Lady of Lourdes
39.4Danny Cappalonga9-05.75Holy Family
40.-Zachary Hudson9-03.00The Madeleine
41.3Colin Rencher9-02.00St. John Fisher
42.4Kemper Finn9-00.00Holy Family
43.3Patrick Mueller8-11.00St. Thomas More
44.4Ethan Ferrer-Perry8-10.25Valley Catholic
44.-William Hamilton8-10.25The Madeleine
46.3Nathan Myers8-08.00West Hills Christian
46.3Connor Fadden8-08.00St. Thomas More
48.4Sean Scott8-07.00All Saints
49.3Jake Lebrun8-06.50Holy Trinity
49.3Bram Fletcher8-06.50Franciscan Montessor...
51.-Anders Fletcher8-04.00The Madeleine
52.-Marley McWilliams8-02.50Our Lady of the Lake
53.-Theodore Moore8-02.25Cathedral
54.3Brendan Finnerty8-02.00St. Anthony
55.3Garrett Parker8-01.50West Hills Christian
56.4Benjamin Rabaud7-10.75Franciscan Montessor...
57.-Kellan Taylor7-10.50Holy Trinity
58.3Will Prentice7-10.25Christ the King
59.3Nicholas Pogue7-09.00Holy Trinity
60.3Noah Shepanek7-08.00St. Anthony
61.3Jaden Schnoor7-07.00St. John the Apostle
62.-Davis Raz7-05.50West Hills Christian
62.4Bruce Thomas7-05.50Our Lady of Lourdes
64.-Henry Anderson7-01.50Our Lady of Lourdes
65.-Teddy Fronczok6-06.25St. Anthony
66.-Nathan Fiereck6-03.50St. Clare
67.4Matthew Stevenson5-06.00Christ the King
68.4Aaron Rafter4-11.25St. John Fisher
3Morpheus Nithikhun-09.00St. John the Apostle

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Madison McClellan15.86St. Anthony
2.4Daviana Hayman16.01St. Pius X
3.4Lucy Holland16.11All Saints
4.-Madeline Hanton16.29Pacific Crest Academy
4.-Emily Ford16.26Our Lady of the Lake
6.4Catherine Marsh16.35Holy Family
7.4Hayley Harrison16.46All Saints
8.4Payton Shaffer16.58St. John the Apostle
8.-Emma Kluegel16.56The Madeleine
8.4Willa Grund16.52Holy Family
8.4Izabella Klosterman16.59The Madeleine
12.3Callan Harrington16.62St. Thomas More
12.4Kate MacNaughton16.7Valley Catholic
14.3Anna Holt16.8St. Pius X
14.-Tallie Davison16.77St. Anthony
14.-Rose Booth16.71St. Clare
14.4Saxton Miller16.73Our Lady of the Lake
18.4Sarah Bader16.81The Madeleine
18.4Grace Mathews16.84St. Pius X
18.-Audrey Hoppes16.89St. Clare
21.4Margaret Smith16.91Holy Trinity
21.3Taryn Reed17Holy Trinity
21.3Jamie Hartnell16.98All Saints
24.-Kayla Rae17.09St. Thomas More
24.4Lilah King-Hails17.08The Madeleine
24.4Regan Smith17.07Our Lady of Lourdes
27.4Rebecca St Mary17.13Our Lady of Lourdes
27.-Caitlan Ryan17.11Holy Family
27.4Abigail E Hill17.2St. John the Apostle
27.3Elisabeth College17.18The Madeleine
31.4Mollie Doyle17.21Our Lady of Lourdes
31.3Adrienne Foster17.27West Hills Christian
33.-Elizabeth Wirth17.4West Hills Christian
33.4Taylor Isaac17.32Holy Trinity
33.3Betsy MacMillan17.39Our Lady of the Lake
33.4Tavia Roache17.37The Madeleine
33.-Mira Eagon17.34St. Clare
33.4Ashley Rosenbaum17.39West Hills Christian
33.4Emerald Kan17.34Holy Trinity
40.3Jerrica Pachl17.44Pacific Crest Academy
41.-Ellen Anne Foy17.57St. Clare
41.3Kylie Griffin17.57St. John the Apostle
41.4Amber Co17.52Valley Catholic
41.4Alice Welch17.54West Hills Christian
41.-Mia Radostitz17.55St. Thomas More
46.4Emily Sanchez17.67St. Anthony
47.-Evelyn Abel17.8St. John Fisher
47.4Ruthanne Jaramillo17.76West Hills Christian
49.4Morgan Kirnak17.88St. Pius X
49.3Mia Tierney17.84Holy Trinity
49.3Antoinette Guasco17.9Christ the King
49.3Allie Watson17.9All Saints
49.3Aleia Boyanovsky17.84West Hills Christian
54.-Jaiden McClellan17.96St. Anthony
54.4Amelia Thompson17.98All Saints
54.-Emily Niebergall17.91All Saints
54.4Elizabeth Donnelly17.96Our Lady of the Lake
54.-Elliana Beberness17.94Our Lady of the Lake
54.4Catherine Edmonson17.95Holy Trinity
54.-Holly Butler17.93Our Lady of the Lake
54.4Sasha Burton17.92Valley Catholic
62.-Kayden Logan18.03The Madeleine
62.3Lauryn Hopkins18.09St. John the Apostle
62.-Tillie Stoner18.02The Madeleine
65.3Emma McBride18.11Pacific Crest Academy
65.3Madison Craft18.13West Hills Christian
65.-Alyssa Castro18.11St. Clare
68.3Emma Rovang18.27St. John the Apostle
68.4Emma Thompson18.25All Saints
68.4Kelly Jung18.28Our Lady of Lourdes
71.3Grace Hershey18.4All Saints
71.3Karli Mink18.36St. John Fisher
71.-Amelie Stoddard18.32All Saints
71.4Heidi Habeck18.33West Hills Christian
71.3Anna Eddy18.37Holy Trinity
76.3Marbella Polvorosa18.44Franciscan Montessor...
76.3Sarah Lewis18.47Our Lady of the Lake
76.4Payton Bush18.48Cathedral
76.3Sarah Ruckwardt18.5St. John Fisher
76.-Phoebe Wong18.43St. Thomas More
81.3Lilli Moore18.56All Saints
81.-Emily Eddy18.58St. John Fisher
81.3Amelia Burge18.6Our Lady of the Lake
81.-Haley Vick18.57St. Joseph Catholic
81.4Eva Lammers18.56West Hills Christian
86.3Grace Ridgeway18.66Franciscan Montessor...
86.-Piper Harvey18.68St. Clare
86.3Ada Swartley18.66The Madeleine
86.-Aliyah Wolf18.64The Madeleine
86.-Lucy Meneghello18.66St. John Fisher
86.-Hadlee Hallman18.61The Madeleine
92.4Bridget Lannigan18.72St. Ignatius
92.3Channin Hall18.76Cathedral
92.-Nina Timmen18.76Holy Family
95.-Kaitlyn Stankye18.88St. Joseph Catholic
95.4Macy Carlson18.82West Hills Christian
95.4Elena Herboth18.81Holy Trinity
95.4Lena Seeger18.85Holy Trinity
99.-Tatum Lowenberg18.96St. John Fisher
99.3Natalie Sharp18.92Holy Family
99.-Olivia Digiulio18.93St. Clare
99.-Lauren Goodno18.91Valley Catholic
99.3Emma Olson18.95Valley Catholic
104.4Ruth Larabee19.08Holy Trinity
104.-Grace Wetsel19.08St. Thomas More
104.-Molly Rohling19.01Holy Family
104.4Stella Regali19.02St. John Fisher
104.-Jenna Willis19.06West Hills Christian
104.4Mary Taylor19.06St. John Fisher
110.-Isabel Clark19.12Pacific Crest Academy
110.4Paige Cooper19.12All Saints
110.4Chandra Hall19.19Cathedral
110.3Catherine Ryan19.15Our Lady of the Lake
110.3Trinity Baumgartner19.14Valley Catholic
115.-Isabella Maffei19.23The Madeleine
115.2Sarah Koch19.29Holy Family
115.-Lucy Akenson19.26West Hills Christian
115.4Savannah Benagni19.23Franciscan Montessor...
119.4Hannah Gouge19.32West Hills Christian
119.4Madelyn Pringle19.32West Hills Christian
119.3Natalie Lerma19.4St. Thomas More
119.-Emma Wetsel19.35St. Thomas More
119.3Sophia Fischer19.32Valley Catholic
119.3Angelena Palena19.38St. Joseph Catholic
125.4Makayla Vu19.43St. Ignatius
125.3Coralee Thomas19.46Our Lady of Lourdes
125.3Abbey Riddle19.49St. Thomas More
125.4Ellie Wiley19.43St. Pius X
125.4Grace Merrick19.43St. Pius X
130.3Charlotte Hill19.52St. John the Apostle
130.-Katelyn Bailey19.52Damascus Christian CYO
130.3Ellie Tae19.59West Hills Christian
130.-Katlyn Neal19.56Cathedral
130.3Mary Kate Hoglund19.55The Madeleine
135.-Carly Cundari19.64St. John Fisher
136.4Grace Kaminski19.72St. John the Apostle
136.-Olivia Brewer19.79St. John the Apostle
136.4Kaley Carpenter19.76West Hills Christian
139.-Madelaine Seyer19.89St. John the Apostle
139.-Allison Vermilya19.9St. Thomas More
139.3Natalie Bartels19.86Holy Trinity
139.-Lauren Huntington19.88St. Pius X
143.4Anna Ferrarini19.92All Saints
144.-Sophia Ameripour20.06St. John the Apostle
144.3Claire Shearer20.04West Hills Christian
144.3Sienna Zell20.01West Hills Christian
144.4Violet Tiffee20.09St. Pius X
144.3Laura Collier20.1Franciscan Montessor...
144.4Chloe Jenck20.02Christ the King
144.4Astra Medeiros20.1Holy Trinity
144.4Isadora Colpo20.08Holy Family
152.-Erin O'Day20.2St. Joseph Catholic
152.4Emily Hrehocik20.19Holy Trinity
152.3Hannah Roy20.12All Saints
155.-Meizi Miller20.29St. John Fisher
155.4Amy Menendez20.27St. John Fisher
157.4Meg Blevens20.39Holy Trinity
157.3Megan Lamey20.32St. Joseph Catholic
159.-Samantha Goodman20.49St. Thomas More
160.-Lilly Hoffarth20.51St. Anthony
160.-Alyssa McDougall20.57St. Anthony
160.-Pyper Lehman20.57The Madeleine
160.3Chloe May20.52St. Ignatius
160.3Katie Weaver20.56Christ the King
160.4Emily Clare20.55St. Pius X
160.-Maggie Cavanagh20.58All Saints
167.4Claire Kirn20.69Our Lady of Lourdes
167.3Ginger Duncan20.63Franciscan Montessor...
169.4Clare Kennedy20.78St. Pius X
169.-Riley Huntington20.76St. Pius X
169.3Teja Murphy20.74St. Thomas More
172.-Claire Laubacher20.87The Madeleine
172.4Molly Workmeister20.88The Madeleine
174.-Keely Chandler20.97St. John Fisher
175.3Noelle Inglis21.01Holy Trinity
176.-Hannah Stream21.27Valley Catholic
176.4Margaret Feduccia21.24Holy Trinity
178.4Camille Johnson21.31Our Lady of Lourdes
179.4Julia Luty21.41St. John the Apostle
180.3Madeline Craven21.53Our Lady of the Lake
181.-kyra Lang21.66St. Anthony
181.4Zoe Dickinson21.67Holy Family
183.4Vanessa Theumer21.95St. Joseph Catholic
184.3Kayla Vandecoevering22.02Holy Trinity
184.3Maddie Ray22.09Franciscan Montessor...
186.-Clara Ferrer-Perry22.19Valley Catholic
187.3Sarah Link22.96St. John the Apostle
188.3Hannah Martell23.32Christ the King
189.3Annalisa Seeger23.54Holy Trinity
190.3Leigh Trotter23.68St. John Fisher
191.-Ellie Simmons23.83St. Ignatius
191.-Emma Valderrama23.82Our Lady of the Lake
193.3Cristina Tassia28.5Holy Trinity
X 200 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Zoe Zurasky33.33Our Lady of the Lake
2.3Kamryn J Jones33.57St. Matthew
3.4Lucy Holland34.09All Saints
4.4Kayla Robbins34.4Holy Trinity
5.-Madeline Hanton34.78Pacific Crest Academy
5.4Daviana Hayman34.77St. Pius X
7.-Rose Booth35.05St. Clare
8.4Audrey Lewis35.26St. Pius X
8.4Hallie DeVore35.25St. Pius X
10.4Saxton Miller35.67Our Lady of the Lake
11.4Payton Shaffer35.72St. John the Apostle
12.4Erin Gates36.1St. Matthew
13.3Taryn Reed36.17Holy Trinity
13.3Callan Harrington36.15St. Thomas More
15.-Kayla Rae36.3St. Thomas More
15.4Claire McCarthy36.22Holy Trinity
17.4Abigail E Hill36.4St. John the Apostle
18.-Audrey Hoppes36.46St. Clare
18.-Mia Radostitz36.46St. Thomas More
20.4Lilah King-Hails36.88The Madeleine
21.4Emerald Kan37.27Holy Trinity
21.3Elizabeth Parker37.25Pacific Crest Academy
21.3Kate Diedrich37.26Our Lady of the Lake
24.4Izabella Klosterman37.48The Madeleine
24.3Antoinette Guasco37.5Christ the King
26.4Morgan Kirnak37.97St. Pius X
26.3Kylie Griffin37.97St. John the Apostle
26.3Adrienne Foster37.92West Hills Christian
29.-Hazel Babinec-Thompson38.08Cathedral
30.-Jaiden McClellan38.14St. Anthony
30.3Mia Tierney38.14Holy Trinity
32.-Lucy Meneghello38.49St. John Fisher
33.-Holly Butler38.64Our Lady of the Lake
33.4Emily Sanchez38.69St. Anthony
35.-Mira Eagon38.94St. Clare
36.-Nicole Posner39.01St. Thomas More
37.3Stephanie Niebergall39.17St. Pius X
38.3Anna Holt39.31St. Pius X
39.4Emily Hrehocik39.45Holy Trinity
40.-Caitlan Ryan39.58Holy Family
40.4Heidi Habeck39.57West Hills Christian
40.3Kelsey Gripekoven39.53St. Thomas More
43.3Allie Watson39.8All Saints
43.3Elisabeth College39.78The Madeleine
45.4Sara Mularski39.91Holy Family
45.3Addison Green39.99St. Pius X
47.4Kelly Jung40.03Our Lady of Lourdes
48.3Kalei Carter40.21Christ the King
48.3Emma Rovang40.27St. John the Apostle
50.-Grace Wetsel40.33St. Thomas More
51.4Lena Seeger40.44Holy Trinity
52.4Rebecca St Mary40.63Our Lady of Lourdes
53.-Isabel Clark40.72Pacific Crest Academy
53.-Piper Harvey40.8St. Clare
55.4Quinn Gilroy40.89Holy Family
55.-Phoebe Wong40.9St. Thomas More
57.3Elizabeth Barkhurst41.19Holy Trinity
58.3Channin Hall41.24Cathedral
59.-Hannah LaVeine41.33Valley Catholic
60.-Lucy Akenson41.5West Hills Christian
61.3Lilli Moore41.61All Saints
62.-Molly Rohling41.74Holy Family
63.4Grace Merrick41.88St. Pius X
63.4Ellie Wiley41.86St. Pius X
65.3Natalie Lerma42.09St. Thomas More
66.3Jessica German42.16St. Joseph Catholic
67.4Sierra Loiselle42.31West Hills Christian
68.-Nina Timmen42.45Holy Family
68.2Sarah Koch42.48Holy Family
68.4Ruthanne Jaramillo42.44West Hills Christian
71.-Emma Wetsel42.51St. Thomas More
71.3Charlotte Hill42.58St. John the Apostle
73.4Macy Carlson42.63West Hills Christian
73.3Emma Olson42.66Valley Catholic
75.-Katlyn Neal42.77Cathedral
75.-Tatum Lowenberg42.72St. John Fisher
75.3Saksen Hathaway42.79St. Pius X
78.4Summer Gaines43.01Franciscan Montessor...
78.-Alyssa Castro43.06St. Clare
80.-Emma Grant43.17St. Anthony
80.4Makayla Vu43.16St. Ignatius
82.3Laura Collier43.28Franciscan Montessor...
83.3Emma Dowling43.34Franciscan Montessor...
84.3Grace Hershey43.41All Saints
85.4Isadora Colpo43.55Holy Family
86.-Emily Austin43.64St. John Fisher
87.-Madelaine Seyer43.87St. John the Apostle
88.3Katelyn Volchok43.98St. Pius X
88.3Angelena Palena43.97St. Joseph Catholic
90.-Lilly Hoffarth44.04St. Anthony
90.4Lucy Rohlman44.05St. Pius X
92.4Grace Kaminski44.19St. John the Apostle
93.4Meg Blevens44.52Holy Trinity
94.-Alyssa McDougall44.96St. Anthony
94.3Claire Shearer44.99West Hills Christian
96.4Elena Herboth45.01Holy Trinity
97.3Marbella Polvorosa45.32Franciscan Montessor...
97.4Savannah Benagni45.38Franciscan Montessor...
99.4Astra Medeiros46.1Holy Trinity
100.-Allison Vermilya46.49St. Thomas More
101.4Alaina Phillips46.53St. Pius X
102.4Violet Tiffee46.89St. Pius X
103.3Coralee Thomas46.93Our Lady of Lourdes
104.4Emily Clare47.16St. Pius X
104.-Erin O'Day47.14St. Joseph Catholic
106.4Margaret Feduccia47.26Holy Trinity
107.3Megan Lamey47.49St. Joseph Catholic
107.3Anne Remlinger47.43Pacific Crest Academy
107.3Teja Murphy47.49St. Thomas More
110.4Emily Merrick48.3St. Pius X
111.3Maddie Ray48.63Franciscan Montessor...
112.-Mary Holland1:04.6St. Thomas More
X 400 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Emily Ford1:14.1Our Lady of the Lake
2.3Kamryn J Jones1:14.7St. Matthew
3.-Zoe Zurasky1:15.5Our Lady of the Lake
4.4Makenna Schumacher1:15.6St. Thomas More
5.4Willa Grund1:16.3Holy Family
6.4Catherine Marsh1:17.9Holy Family
7.4Mollie Doyle1:18.4Our Lady of Lourdes
8.4Madison McClellan1:18.5St. Anthony
9.4Lucy Holland1:18.9All Saints
10.4Catherine Edmonson1:20.5Holy Trinity
11.4Ella Brucker1:20.7The Madeleine
12.4Hallie DeVore1:20.8St. Pius X
13.3Kate Diedrich1:21.0Our Lady of the Lake
14.4Kate MacNaughton1:21.8Valley Catholic
15.-Caitlan Ryan1:23.4Holy Family
16.3Jerrica Pachl1:23.7Pacific Crest Academy
17.4Hayley Harrison1:23.8All Saints
18.4Claire McCarthy1:24.0Holy Trinity
18.3Elizabeth Parker1:24.0Pacific Crest Academy
20.4Audrey Lewis1:24.9St. Pius X
21.-Hazel Babinec-Thompson1:25.0Cathedral
22.4Margaret Smith1:25.1Holy Trinity
23.4Sasha Burton1:25.2Valley Catholic
24.3Stephanie Niebergall1:25.6St. Pius X
25.4Lilah King-Hails1:25.8The Madeleine
26.3Ada Swartley1:26.6The Madeleine
27.3Kelsey Gripekoven1:26.9St. Thomas More
27.4Megan Shannon1:26.9Holy Family
27.4Regan Smith1:26.9Our Lady of Lourdes
30.3Nedya Sawan1:27.8St. Pius X
31.4Amber Co1:28.0Valley Catholic
32.4Emma Thompson1:28.2All Saints
33.-Tillie Stoner1:28.7The Madeleine
34.3Jamie Hartnell1:29.0All Saints
35.-Nicole Posner1:29.4St. Thomas More
36.3Mia Tierney1:29.5Holy Trinity
37.-Hannah LaVeine1:30.2Valley Catholic
38.-Marie Agostinelli1:30.5Valley Catholic
39.4Delia McGrath1:31.0Christ the King
40.4Rose Nicholl1:31.5St. Ignatius
41.3Antonia Stankovik1:31.6St. Ignatius
42.3Addison Green1:31.8St. Pius X
43.-Olivia Digiulio1:31.9St. Clare
44.-Emma Grant1:32.1St. Anthony
45.3Kiara Adams1:32.2Holy Trinity
46.4Amelia Thompson1:32.3All Saints
47.3Elizabeth Barkhurst1:32.4Holy Trinity
48.3Anna Eddy1:32.5Holy Trinity
48.-Emily Niebergall1:32.5All Saints
50.3Natalie Bartels1:33.4Holy Trinity
51.3Lucy Sherman1:33.5Our Lady of Lourdes
52.-Catherine Myerson1:33.6St. Anthony
53.3Camerson Irish1:33.7Christ the King
54.4Ruthanne Jaramillo1:33.9West Hills Christian
55.3Grace Hershey1:34.2All Saints
56.4Hannah Gouge1:34.9West Hills Christian
57.3Lily Shearer1:35.0West Hills Christian
58.3Anna Patterson1:35.4All Saints
59.4Chandra Hall1:35.5Cathedral
60.4Elena Herboth1:35.9Holy Trinity
61.4Na'ama Nevo1:36.3Holy Trinity
62.3Saksen Hathaway1:36.7St. Pius X
63.3Angelena Palena1:36.8St. Joseph Catholic
64.3Abbey Riddle1:36.9St. Thomas More
65.4Ruth Larabee1:37.1Holy Trinity
66.-Emily Austin1:38.0St. John Fisher
66.-Amelie Stoddard1:38.0All Saints
66.4Summer Gaines1:38.0Franciscan Montessor...
69.4Meaghan Andersen1:38.1Our Lady of the Lake
70.3Katelyn Volchok1:38.7St. Pius X
71.-Grace Healy1:39.1Cathedral
72.3Natalie Sharp1:42.1Holy Family
73.4Molly Workmeister1:43.5The Madeleine
74.4Alaina Phillips1:46.8St. Pius X
75.4Lucy Rohlman1:47.0St. Pius X
75.-Carly Cundari1:47.0St. John Fisher
77.3Anne Remlinger1:47.7Pacific Crest Academy
78.-Olivia Keepes1:49.6Holy Family
79.-Erin O'Day1:49.7St. Joseph Catholic
80.3Kayla Vandecoevering1:49.8Holy Trinity
81.4Emily Merrick1:53.1St. Pius X
82.4Zoe Dickinson1:56.4Holy Family
X 800 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Taylor Isaac2:52.9Holy Trinity
2.-Emily Ford2:56.7Our Lady of the Lake
3.4Sarah Bader2:57.1The Madeleine
4.4Makenna Schumacher2:58.5St. Thomas More
5.4Madeleine Bachand2:58.8Cathedral
6.4Elizabeth Rinck3:01.9St. Matthew
7.-Madeline Cooney3:03.6Cathedral
8.3Lucy Balish3:08.2St. John Fisher
9.4Willa Grund3:09.5Holy Family
10.4Lindsay Drango3:17.9Our Lady of the Lake
11.4Luciana Lenth3:18.1St. John Fisher
11.3Jerrica Pachl3:18.1Pacific Crest Academy
13.4Catherine Marsh3:18.6Holy Family
14.3Mia Middleton3:18.8Holy Trinity
15.3Claire Bass3:22.3St. Ignatius
16.4Mary Taylor3:24.1St. John Fisher
17.3Elise Joseph3:25.5All Saints
18.3Kayah Ryerson3:26.4Holy Trinity
19.3Hailey Braunstein3:27.1Our Lady of Lourdes
20.3Jessica German3:27.2St. Joseph Catholic
21.4Megan Shannon3:27.3Holy Family
22.4Hannah Gouge3:28.4West Hills Christian
23.3Lucy Sherman3:29.2Our Lady of Lourdes
24.4Na'ama Nevo3:30.1Holy Trinity
25.4Stella Regali3:32.4St. John Fisher
26.3Hannah Roy3:33.9All Saints
27.3Nedya Sawan3:35.6St. Pius X
28.3Kiara Adams3:38.0Holy Trinity
29.4Brynne Monaghan3:39.6St. Pius X
30.4Meaghan Andersen3:39.9Our Lady of the Lake
31.4Audrey Chu3:41.3Holy Trinity
32.4Amy Menendez3:41.6St. John Fisher
33.-Catherine Myerson3:46.1St. Anthony
34.3Rachel Scriven3:46.6West Hills Christian
35.4Bailey Miller3:48.4Holy Trinity
36.4Olana Bataluna3:49.7West Hills Christian
37.3Caroline ODonnell3:49.9Holy Trinity
38.3Grace Sherman3:56.2Our Lady of Lourdes
39.4Camille Johnson3:58.2Our Lady of Lourdes
40.3Ellie Tae4:01.0West Hills Christian
41.3Sophia Fischer4:03.2Valley Catholic
42.3Trinity Baumgartner4:04.4Valley Catholic
43.4Natalie Brown4:10.4West Hills Christian
44.4Grace Fulfer4:29.7Our Lady of Lourdes
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Makenna Schumacher5:49.7St. Thomas More
2.3Lucy Balish6:07.4St. John Fisher
3.4Elizabeth Rinck6:07.6St. Matthew
4.3Claire Bass6:12.1St. Ignatius
5.3Kate Diedrich6:13.7Our Lady of the Lake
6.3Mia Middleton6:35.4Holy Trinity
7.4Katelinh Jones6:38.8Valley Catholic
8.3Grace Sherman6:42.1Our Lady of Lourdes
9.3Hannah Moya6:43.8St. Joseph Catholic
10.3Elise Joseph6:44.3All Saints
11.4Na'ama Nevo6:46.4Holy Trinity
12.3Kayah Ryerson6:47.2Holy Trinity
13.4Megan Shannon6:48.6Holy Family
14.4Kayla Robbins6:53.6Holy Trinity
15.3Camerson Irish6:55.1Christ the King
16.3Jessica German6:58.5St. Joseph Catholic
16.3Kelsey Gripekoven6:58.5St. Thomas More
18.3Anna Patterson6:59.2All Saints
19.4Brynne Monaghan7:01.0St. Pius X
20.4Sara Mularski7:07.1Holy Family
21.3Elizabeth Parker7:11.4Pacific Crest Academy
22.4Bailey Miller7:12.3Holy Trinity
23.3Veronica Mork7:21.2The Madeleine
24.4Molly Workmeister7:24.2The Madeleine
25.3Rachel Scriven7:27.5West Hills Christian
26.4Natalie Galbraith8:42.5Holy Family
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Brynne Monaghan20-04.25St. Pius X
2.4Paige Cooper19-10.50All Saints
3.4Mary Saifkhani17-10.50St. Thomas More
4.3Ashley Smith17-00.75Christ the King
5.4Sara Mularski16-10.75Holy Family
6.4Emily Hrehocik16-08.00Holy Trinity
7.4Sophie Glad16-03.00West Hills Christian
8.3Ginger Duncan16-01.00Franciscan Montessor...
9.4Lindsay Drango15-11.50Our Lady of the Lake
10.-Emma Kluegel15-09.25The Madeleine
11.3Ava David15-07.25Our Lady of the Lake
12.4Audrey Lewis15-06.50St. Pius X
13.-Sophia Ameripour15-06.00St. John the Apostle
14.-Rhylie Woodley15-03.00The Madeleine
15.3Claire Shearer14-10.00West Hills Christian
16.-Katarina Bosworth14-09.50St. Thomas More
17.3Lily Shearer14-08.25West Hills Christian
18.3Natalie Lerma14-07.25St. Thomas More
19.-Jenna Willis13-10.75West Hills Christian
20.-Cara Strauss13-10.50St. John Fisher
20.4Violet Tiffee13-10.50St. Pius X
22.4Clare Kennedy13-06.00St. Pius X
23.-Greta Puetz13-04.50The Madeleine
24.-Katelyn Bailey13-01.75Damascus Christian CYO
25.3Taryn Reed13-01.50Holy Trinity
26.-Carly Cundari12-09.75St. John Fisher
27.3Grace Ridgeway12-05.50Franciscan Montessor...
27.4Savannah Benagni12-05.50Franciscan Montessor...
29.4Natalie Galbraith12-05.00Holy Family
30.-Tatum Lowenberg12-02.50St. John Fisher
31.3Hailey Braunstein12-01.50Our Lady of Lourdes
32.-Polly Fitzgerald12-00.00St. John Fisher
32.-Samantha Goodman12-00.00St. Thomas More
34.3Kalei Carter11-11.75Christ the King
35.4Tavia Roache11-09.75The Madeleine
36.3Nadia Khan11-07.50Our Lady of Lourdes
37.4Sierra Loiselle11-06.50West Hills Christian
37.-Grace Wetsel11-06.50St. Thomas More
39.3Elizabeth Flumo11-04.00Holy Trinity
39.4Claire McCarthy11-04.00Holy Trinity
41.-Pyper Lehman11-00.00The Madeleine
42.3Catherine Ryan10-09.75Our Lady of the Lake
43.4Delia McGrath10-09.00Christ the King
43.3Emma Dowling10-09.00Franciscan Montessor...
45.-Hannah Stream10-07.75Valley Catholic
46.-Lauren Koll10-04.75St. John Fisher
47.3Amelia Burge10-02.50Our Lady of the Lake
47.3Sarah Link10-02.50St. John the Apostle
49.-Ellie Simmons9-10.00St. Ignatius
50.3Helen Ratcliff9-09.50Franciscan Montessor...
51.3Katerina Roman9-08.75St. Anthony
52.4Chloe Jenck9-08.50Christ the King
53.3Laura Collier9-06.75Franciscan Montessor...
54.3Casey Zike9-04.75Our Lady of Lourdes
55.3Katie Weaver9-04.50Christ the King
56.-Meizi Miller9-01.50St. John Fisher
57.3Leigh Trotter8-09.75St. John Fisher
58.3Saksen Hathaway8-09.25St. Pius X
59.3Cristina Tassia8-06.50Holy Trinity
60.4Natalie Brown8-06.25West Hills Christian
61.3Maddie Ray8-03.75Franciscan Montessor...
62.4Alaina Phillips8-03.50St. Pius X
63.3Hannah Martell6-09.75Christ the King
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunner - Finals
1.3Mary Kate Hoglund62-03.00The Madeleine
2.-Hadlee Hallman59-04.50The Madeleine
3.4Ashley Rosenbaum50-08.00West Hills Christian
4.4Morgan Kirnak49-09.50St. Pius X
5.4Taylor Isaac49-06.00Holy Trinity
6.3Ashley Smith48-10.25Christ the King
7.4Erin Gates47-00.00St. Matthew
8.-Polly Fitzgerald46-09.00St. John Fisher
9.4Eva Lammers45-05.00West Hills Christian
10.-Tallie Davison44-10.50St. Anthony
11.4Quinn Gilroy44-08.00Holy Family
12.4Rose Nicholl44-06.00St. Ignatius
13.4Alice Welch43-07.00West Hills Christian
14.4Lindsay Drango43-06.50Our Lady of the Lake
15.-Elizabeth Wirth41-08.00West Hills Christian
16.3Kiara Adams41-05.00Holy Trinity
17.3Aleia Boyanovsky41-00.50West Hills Christian
18.4Mary Saifkhani40-03.00St. Thomas More
19.4Kaley Carpenter39-10.00West Hills Christian
20.4Audrey Chu39-09.00Holy Trinity
21.-Kaitlyn Stankye38-11.50St. Joseph Catholic
22.3Antonia Stankovik38-08.00St. Ignatius
23.4Lena Seeger37-10.25Holy Trinity
24.4Meaghan Andersen37-07.50Our Lady of the Lake
25.3Ginger Duncan37-05.00Franciscan Montessor...
26.4Olana Bataluna37-00.00West Hills Christian
27.3Lily Shearer36-09.00West Hills Christian
28.3Ava David34-09.00Our Lady of the Lake
29.4Julia Luty34-03.50St. John the Apostle
30.-Elliana Beberness34-02.00Our Lady of the Lake
31.4Hallie DeVore33-07.00St. Pius X
32.4Laura Woodhouse32-10.25All Saints
33.-Renee Kozlowski32-03.25Our Lady of the Lake
34.-Emma Grant32-01.00St. Anthony
35.4Chloe Jenck31-06.00Christ the King
36.-Alyssa McDougall31-03.00St. Anthony
37.3Anna Eddy31-00.00Holy Trinity
37.-Holly Butler31-00.00Our Lady of the Lake
39.4Bridget Lannigan30-10.50St. Ignatius
40.-Cara Strauss30-04.50St. John Fisher
41.4Emily Merrick30-03.00St. Pius X
42.3Sarah Lewis29-02.00Our Lady of the Lake
43.-Isabella Maffei28-10.25The Madeleine
44.-Clara Ferrer-Perry28-07.00Valley Catholic
45.3Casey Zike28-01.50Our Lady of Lourdes
46.4Macy Carlson27-08.00West Hills Christian
47.3Anna Patterson27-07.00All Saints
48.4Astra Medeiros27-03.50Holy Trinity
49.4Lucy Rohlman26-10.50St. Pius X
50.-Olivia Keepes26-06.00Holy Family
51.4Natalie Galbraith25-11.75Holy Family
52.3Anna Brackenbrough25-08.00Christ the King
53.3Ellie Tae25-07.00West Hills Christian
53.3Hailey Braunstein25-07.00Our Lady of Lourdes
55.-Jordyn Mummey25-03.50St. Ignatius
56.-Madeline Morris25-03.00St. Ignatius
57.4Isadora Colpo25-00.75Holy Family
58.3Sarah Link24-10.00St. John the Apostle
59.-Nina Timmen24-07.00Holy Family
60.3Madeline Craven24-03.50Our Lady of the Lake
61.4Zoe Dickinson24-02.75Holy Family
62.3Elizabeth Flumo24-01.25Holy Trinity
63.3Nadia Khan23-02.75Our Lady of Lourdes
64.-Lauren Huntington23-02.00St. Pius X
65.3Mollie Kuffner23-01.00Christ the King
66.3Madison Craft22-08.25West Hills Christian
67.-Olivia Brewer22-05.50St. John the Apostle
68.-Riley Huntington22-05.00St. Pius X
69.4Claire Kirn22-04.00Our Lady of Lourdes
70.-Lauren Koll22-00.50St. John Fisher
71.3Helen Ratcliff21-09.50Franciscan Montessor...
72.3Chloe May20-07.75St. Ignatius
73.4Grace Fulfer20-04.50Our Lady of Lourdes
74.-Molly Rohling20-02.00Holy Family
74.3Katerina Roman20-02.00St. Anthony
76.3Hannah Martell19-01.25Christ the King
77.4Meg Blevens18-10.00Holy Trinity
78.-Emma Valderrama16-04.25Our Lady of the Lake
79.3Annalisa Seeger16-03.00Holy Trinity
X Long Jump - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Kayla Robbins12-05.00Holy Trinity
2.4Daviana Hayman12-02.50St. Pius X
3.3Callan Harrington11-09.75St. Thomas More
4.-Rose Booth11-09.00St. Clare
5.4Kate MacNaughton11-07.75Valley Catholic
6.-Mira Eagon11-07.00St. Clare
6.3Anna Holt11-07.00St. Pius X
8.-Emma Kluegel11-02.00The Madeleine
9.4Saxton Miller11-01.25Our Lady of the Lake
9.-Elliana Beberness11-01.25Our Lady of the Lake
11.-Zoe Zurasky10-11.00Our Lady of the Lake
11.4Hayley Harrison10-11.00All Saints
13.4Sarah Bader10-09.50The Madeleine
13.3Claire Bass10-09.50St. Ignatius
15.4Madison McClellan10-09.25St. Anthony
16.4Izabella Klosterman10-08.75The Madeleine
16.4Catherine Edmonson10-08.75Holy Trinity
18.3Stephanie Niebergall10-07.75St. Pius X
19.3Kamryn J Jones10-07.00St. Matthew
20.4Luciana Lenth10-06.00St. John Fisher
20.-Alyssa Castro10-06.00St. Clare
22.3Adrienne Foster10-04.50West Hills Christian
23.4Abigail E Hill10-04.25St. John the Apostle
23.-Nicole Posner10-04.25St. Thomas More
25.3Elisabeth College10-04.00The Madeleine
26.-Kayla Rae10-03.50St. Thomas More
26.4Rebecca St Mary10-03.50Our Lady of Lourdes
28.4Amber Co10-03.00Valley Catholic
29.-Mia Radostitz10-00.50St. Thomas More
30.4Emily Sanchez10-00.00St. Anthony
31.4Erin Gates9-11.00St. Matthew
31.3Emma Olson9-11.00Valley Catholic
31.-Polly Fitzgerald9-11.00St. John Fisher
31.-Emily Niebergall9-11.00All Saints
35.4Audrey Chu9-10.50Holy Trinity
36.3Antoinette Guasco9-10.00Christ the King
36.-Emily Eddy9-10.00St. John Fisher
38.3Addison Green9-09.50St. Pius X
39.4Alice Welch9-09.00West Hills Christian
40.-Audrey Hoppes9-08.75St. Clare
41.3Aleia Boyanovsky9-08.50West Hills Christian
42.4Quinn Gilroy9-08.00Holy Family
43.-Lauren Koll9-07.50St. John Fisher
44.4Summer Gaines9-07.00Franciscan Montessor...
45.3Emma Rovang9-06.75St. John the Apostle
46.4Payton Shaffer9-06.50St. John the Apostle
46.3Nedya Sawan9-06.50St. Pius X
46.4Kelly Jung9-06.50Our Lady of Lourdes
49.3Kalei Carter9-06.25Christ the King
49.4Regan Smith9-06.25Our Lady of Lourdes
49.4Grace Mathews9-06.25St. Pius X
52.4Rose Nicholl9-05.50St. Ignatius
53.4Mollie Doyle9-05.25Our Lady of Lourdes
54.-Kaitlyn Stankye9-03.25St. Joseph Catholic
54.3Grace Ridgeway9-03.25Franciscan Montessor...
56.4Heidi Habeck9-03.00West Hills Christian
57.3Betsy MacMillan9-02.50Our Lady of the Lake
58.3Kylie Griffin9-02.00St. John the Apostle
58.3Marbella Polvorosa9-02.00Franciscan Montessor...
58.4Margaret Smith9-02.00Holy Trinity
61.4Ella Brucker9-01.75The Madeleine
62.3Lucy Balish9-01.50St. John Fisher
63.3Channin Hall9-01.25Cathedral
64.-Madeline Cooney9-00.50Cathedral
65.-Lucy Akenson8-11.25West Hills Christian
66.3Charlotte Hill8-10.50St. John the Apostle
67.3Karli Mink8-10.00St. John Fisher
68.-Elizabeth Wirth8-09.50West Hills Christian
69.-Olivia Digiulio8-09.00St. Clare
69.3Nadia Khan8-09.00Our Lady of Lourdes
71.-Kayden Logan8-08.50The Madeleine
72.3Abbey Riddle8-08.00St. Thomas More
73.-Marie Agostinelli8-07.75Valley Catholic
74.4Amy Menendez8-07.50St. John Fisher
74.-Aliyah Wolf8-07.50The Madeleine
76.4Emerald Kan8-07.00Holy Trinity
77.-Madeline Morris8-06.75St. Ignatius
78.4Elizabeth Donnelly8-06.00Our Lady of the Lake
78.3Natalie Sharp8-06.00Holy Family
80.3Sarah Ruckwardt8-05.50St. John Fisher
81.-Jaiden McClellan8-05.25St. Anthony
81.4Ellie Wiley8-05.25St. Pius X
83.3Grace Sherman8-05.00Our Lady of Lourdes
84.4Tavia Roache8-04.50The Madeleine
85.4Clare Kennedy8-04.00St. Pius X
85.3Sarah Lewis8-04.00Our Lady of the Lake
87.-Katelyn Bailey8-03.25Damascus Christian CYO
87.3Megan Lamey8-03.25St. Joseph Catholic
89.3Helen Ratcliff8-03.00Franciscan Montessor...
89.3Ava David8-03.00Our Lady of the Lake
91.-Tillie Stoner8-02.75The Madeleine
91.4Kaley Carpenter8-02.75West Hills Christian
91.3Veronica Mork8-02.75The Madeleine
94.3Allie Watson8-02.50All Saints
95.3Lucy Sherman8-02.00Our Lady of Lourdes
95.-Olivia Keepes8-02.00Holy Family
97.-Haley Vick8-01.50St. Joseph Catholic
97.-Katlyn Neal8-01.50Cathedral
97.4Chandra Hall8-01.50Cathedral
97.-Evelyn Abel8-01.50St. John Fisher
101.-Emily Austin8-01.25St. John Fisher
102.4Bridget Lannigan8-01.00St. Ignatius
103.4Makayla Vu8-00.00St. Ignatius
103.-Lilly Hoffarth8-00.00St. Anthony
105.4Grace Merrick7-11.75St. Pius X
106.3Mia Middleton7-11.50Holy Trinity
106.3Sophia Fischer7-11.50Valley Catholic
106.4Sierra Loiselle7-11.50West Hills Christian
106.-Emma Wetsel7-11.50St. Thomas More
110.3Chloe May7-11.25St. Ignatius
111.3Amelia Burge7-11.00Our Lady of the Lake
112.4Delia McGrath7-10.75Christ the King
113.-Hannah LaVeine7-10.50Valley Catholic
113.-Catherine Myerson7-10.50St. Anthony
115.-Ellie Simmons7-10.00St. Ignatius
115.4Payton Bush7-10.00Cathedral
117.3Katelyn Volchok7-09.75St. Pius X
118.-Madelaine Seyer7-09.25St. John the Apostle
119.3Caroline ODonnell7-09.00Holy Trinity
120.3Jamie Hartnell7-08.50All Saints
121.-Hannah Stream7-08.00Valley Catholic
121.4Eva Lammers7-08.00West Hills Christian
123.-Samantha Goodman7-06.75St. Thomas More
124.4Sophie Glad7-06.50West Hills Christian
124.-Jenna Willis7-06.50West Hills Christian
126.3Sydney Clark7-06.00St. Joseph Catholic
127.3Elizabeth Barkhurst7-05.25Holy Trinity
128.4Emily Clare7-05.00St. Pius X
128.3Casey Zike7-05.00Our Lady of Lourdes
130.3Emma Dowling7-04.25Franciscan Montessor...
131.3Katie Weaver7-04.00Christ the King
132.4Olana Bataluna7-03.00West Hills Christian
133.4Mary Taylor7-02.25St. John Fisher
134.4Madelyn Pringle7-02.00West Hills Christian
135.4Claire Kirn7-01.50Our Lady of Lourdes
135.4Grace Kaminski7-01.50St. John the Apostle
135.3Natalie Bartels7-01.50Holy Trinity
138.-Isabel Clark7-01.00Pacific Crest Academy
139.4Julia Luty7-00.00St. John the Apostle
139.3Kayla Vandecoevering7-00.00Holy Trinity
139.-Jordyn Mummey7-00.00St. Ignatius
139.-Lucy Meneghello7-00.00St. John Fisher
139.3Natalie Lerma7-00.00St. Thomas More
144.4Vanessa Theumer6-11.50St. Joseph Catholic
145.-Isabella Maffei6-10.75The Madeleine
145.3Teja Murphy6-10.75St. Thomas More
147.-Paytyn Williams6-10.50St. Joseph Catholic
147.3Trinity Baumgartner6-10.50Valley Catholic
147.3Mollie Kuffner6-10.50Christ the King
150.3Coralee Thomas6-10.00Our Lady of Lourdes
151.3Madeline Craven6-09.00Our Lady of the Lake
152.4Margaret Feduccia6-07.00Holy Trinity
153.-Claire Laubacher6-06.00The Madeleine
153.4Stella Regali6-06.00St. John Fisher
155.-Lauren Goodno6-05.75Valley Catholic
156.4Natalie Brown6-04.50West Hills Christian
157.3Hannah Roy6-03.25All Saints
158.3Camerson Irish6-02.25Christ the King
159.4Grace Fulfer6-02.00Our Lady of Lourdes
160.3Cristina Tassia6-01.75Holy Trinity
161.-Allison Vermilya6-01.00St. Thomas More
162.3Katerina Roman6-00.00St. Anthony
163.-Pyper Lehman5-11.50The Madeleine
164.-Emma Valderrama5-05.75Our Lady of the Lake
165.-Sophia Ameripour5-05.50St. John the Apostle
166.4Camille Johnson5-03.00Our Lady of Lourdes
167.3Annalisa Seeger5-02.25Holy Trinity
168.3Elizabeth Flumo3-09.00Holy Trinity
-Piper Harvey-02.00St. Clare
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