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CYO Roadrunner Finals

Saturday, May 07, 2011

La Salle Prepatory, Milwaukie

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Spencer Adrian14.79All Saints      
2.-Nicholas Ostmo15.57Cathedral      
3.4Brett Williams15.85Holy Trinity      
4.4Sam Romeo15.95St. Matthew      
5.10Kaleb Coleman-Armstrong16.19St. John the Apostle      
5.3Cole Scott16.2St. Anthony      
5.3Eoin McDonagh16.15St. Thomas More      
8.4Drew Howells16.21Our Lady of the Lake      
9.-Peyton Allworth16.32Our Lady of the Lake      
9.4Blake Deringer16.37Pacific Crest Academy      
9.3Andrew Alfieri16.4Valley Catholic      
12.3Michael Lang16.44Holy Trinity      
12.-Finn Russell16.44St. Thomas More      
14.4Gabriel LeRiche16.51St. Matthew      
15.4Tyrese Hebert16.67Franciscan Montessor...      
15.4Kian Palmer16.69Holy Trinity      
15.3Tate Alexander16.68Cathedral      
18.4Austin Bodner16.9St. Pius X      
18.3Peter Murphy16.81St. Thomas More      
20.-Nicholas Johnson16.96Pacific Crest Academy      
20.4Alex Hart16.93Holy Family      
22.4Christner Kurtz17.04St. Ignatius      
22.4Noah Benton17.09St. Pius X      
22.4Neal Blaisdell17.04St. Matthew      
22.4Sean Wilcox17.09Our Lady of Lourdes      
22.4Ian Finn17.08Holy Family      
22.3Ethan Thompson17.07The Madeleine      
28.-Nate Bernius17.13The Madeleine      
28.-Solomon Fechter17.2The Madeleine      
30.4Gavin Bohling17.28Franciscan Montessor...      
30.4Parker Wade17.22St. Anthony      
30.-Grant Ross17.22St. John the Apostle      
33.4Peter Boileau17.46St. John Fisher      
33.4Jackson Curley17.49The Madeleine      
35.-Aiden Doherty17.55The Madeleine      
35.-Linden Cho17.56West Hills Christian      
35.3Austin Canchola17.6St. John the Apostle      
35.3Logan Warner17.53Franciscan Montessor...      
39.4Ethan Wilborn17.62Holy Trinity      
39.-David Cosper17.67St. Clare      
39.4Alex Guitteau17.64Holy Family      
42.3Jackson VanderZanden17.77St. Matthew      
43.3Jacob Sparks17.87Holy Family      
43.4Samuel Sherry17.88Holy Trinity      
45.4Peter Bagdovitz17.95Our Lady of Lourdes      
45.3Colin Rencher18St. John Fisher      
45.3John Migchelbrink17.92St. Pius X      
48.-Nathan Bogdan18.04Damascus Christian CYO      
48.-Carson Morris18.07St. John the Apostle      
50.-Jason Budey18.12Damascus Christian CYO      
51.-Theodore McClain18.27The Madeleine      
51.3Logan Fisher18.24All Saints      
53.4Devinder Sagoo18.36Franciscan Montessor...      
53.-Davis JohnsonStevens18.36St. Clare      
53.-Ryan Strand18.38St. Anthony      
56.-Owen Traw18.46The Madeleine      
56.3Morpheus Nithikhun18.43St. John the Apostle      
58.4Timothy Brewer18.54St. John the Apostle      
58.4Nick Speed18.54St. Pius X      
58.3Nolan Hannam18.54St. Joseph Catholic      
61.-Michael Hughes18.66The Madeleine      
61.-Kevin Grant18.66St. Anthony      
63.3Taylor Carpenter18.71West Hills Christian      
63.3Cameron Lyke18.77Holy Trinity      
63.-Liam Jacoby18.74Our Lady of the Lake      
63.3Anders Peterson18.79All Saints      
67.3Noah Shepanek18.83St. Anthony      
67.4Danny Cappalonga18.84Holy Family      
67.-Conner Bingham18.88West Hills Christian      
67.-A.J. Brauer18.87St. John Fisher      
71.4Bruce Thomas19Our Lady of Lourdes      
71.-Luke Nelson18.97Damascus Christian CYO      
71.-Connor Tyree18.96St. Clare      
74.-William Manlove19.04St. Clare      
74.-Gabriel Rozzell19.06Holy Family      
74.-Zachary Hudson19.02The Madeleine      
77.-Matthew Mitchell19.13Damascus Christian CYO      
77.3Jake Lebrun19.17Holy Trinity      
77.-Nordstrom Jacob19.2St. Thomas More      
80.3Brad Elmgren19.3Valley Catholic      
80.3Garrett Parker19.29West Hills Christian      
80.4Mitchell Brost19.23St. John the Apostle      
83.3Will Prentice19.35Christ the King      
83.3Bram Fletcher19.33Franciscan Montessor...      
83.-Kellan Taylor19.4Holy Trinity      
86.3Nathan Myers19.42West Hills Christian      
86.3Joseph Folino19.47Holy Trinity      
86.4Zachary Horton19.44Holy Trinity      
86.-Steven Keenan-Girone19.41St. Clare      
86.-Oscar Boots19.43The Madeleine      
91.7Traveon Sliders19.53St. Anthony      
92.-Anders Fletcher19.63The Madeleine      
93.4Parker Morgan19.71St. Anthony      
93.3Declan O'Scannlain19.75Cathedral      
95.3Cameron Hardy19.96St. Matthew      
95.4Ian Urias19.94Pacific Crest Academy      
95.-Theodore Moore20Cathedral      
95.3Grady Killian19.97West Hills Christian      
99.-David McDougall20.1St. Anthony      
100.-Levi Zadoff20.13St. Thomas More      
101.3Jack Goodman24.49St. Thomas More      
102.-Michael-Paul Resweber25.86St. Clare      
X 200 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Spencer Adrian29.78All Saints      
2.4Aidan Maloney30.17St. Matthew      
3.4Sam Romeo32.47St. Matthew      
4.-Nicholas Scardina33.01All Saints      
5.4Jackson Jolie33.6St. Pius X      
6.3Tate Alexander33.77Cathedral      
7.-Peyton Allworth34Our Lady of the Lake      
7.4Brett Williams33.93Holy Trinity      
7.3Eoin McDonagh33.96St. Thomas More      
10.4Trafford Turkiewicz34.09Holy Family      
11.-Nicholas Johnson34.4Pacific Crest Academy      
12.4Tyson Parker34.57Holy Trinity      
12.10Kaleb Coleman-Armstrong34.56St. John the Apostle      
14.4Tyrese Hebert34.74Franciscan Montessor...      
14.4Drew Howells34.72Our Lady of the Lake      
16.4Blake Deringer34.81Pacific Crest Academy      
16.3Andrew Alfieri34.81Valley Catholic      
18.4Lane Marshall35.67St. John the Apostle      
18.4Parker Wade35.62St. Anthony      
20.-Solomon Fechter35.75The Madeleine      
21.4Gabriel LeRiche35.96St. Matthew      
22.4Nathan Reilly36.2Holy Family      
23.3Alexander Platt36.28Our Lady of the Lake      
24.4Jackson Curley36.75The Madeleine      
25.4Charles Remlinger36.86Pacific Crest Academy      
26.-Linden Cho37.06West Hills Christian      
27.4Sean Scott37.19All Saints      
28.4Christner Kurtz37.49St. Ignatius      
29.3Patrick Mueller37.71St. Thomas More      
30.4Ethan Wilborn37.86Holy Trinity      
30.4Sean Wilcox37.85Our Lady of Lourdes      
32.-Nate Bernius38.17The Madeleine      
33.-Patrick McMahon38.34Cathedral      
34.-Luke Wilson38.41The Madeleine      
35.-Michael Hughes38.91The Madeleine      
35.-Jack McMahon38.94Cathedral      
37.3Jack Burcham39.06West Hills Christian      
38.4Alex May39.39Holy Family      
39.3John Migchelbrink39.48St. Pius X      
40.3Taylor Carpenter39.57West Hills Christian      
41.3Nolan Hannam39.88St. Joseph Catholic      
42.3Nathan Myers40.37West Hills Christian      
42.4Alex Guitteau40.32Holy Family      
44.3Anders Peterson40.48All Saints      
45.-Ryan Strand40.9St. Anthony      
46.4Ian Urias41.28Pacific Crest Academy      
47.3Connor Fadden41.57St. Thomas More      
48.-A.J. Brauer41.64St. John Fisher      
49.-Nordstrom Jacob42.27St. Thomas More      
50.-Xavier Momper42.92St. Thomas More      
51.3Declan O'Scannlain43.6Cathedral      
52.4Parker Morgan43.91St. Anthony      
53.4Emerson Johnson44.18Our Lady of Lourdes      
54.-David McDougall44.95St. Anthony      
55.4Hayden Martell46.43Christ the King      
X 400 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Aidan Maloney1:08.3St. Matthew      
2.-Nicholas Scardina1:12.3All Saints      
3.3Eoin McDonagh1:12.7St. Thomas More      
4.-Nicholas Ostmo1:14.7Cathedral      
5.4Jackson Jolie1:15.4St. Pius X      
6.4Trafford Turkiewicz1:15.8Holy Family      
7.10Kaleb Coleman-Armstrong1:17.0St. John the Apostle      
8.4Brett Williams1:17.1Holy Trinity      
9.4Brandon Roberts1:17.4West Hills Christian      
10.4Grant Miller1:18.7West Hills Christian      
11.-Flynn Hamlin1:19.0The Madeleine      
12.-SirCharles Mitchell1:19.1Valley Catholic      
13.4Jackson Lewis1:19.6St. Pius X      
14.4Nathan Reilly1:19.7Holy Family      
15.4Parker Wade1:20.1St. Anthony      
16.4Ian Finn1:20.4Holy Family      
17.4Tyson Parker1:20.5Holy Trinity      
17.4Charles Remlinger1:20.5Pacific Crest Academy      
19.4Markus Bauer1:20.8Holy Trinity      
20.3Michael Lang1:21.3Holy Trinity      
21.-Aiden Doherty1:22.3The Madeleine      
21.3Alexander Platt1:22.3Our Lady of the Lake      
23.3Austin Canchola1:23.3St. John the Apostle      
24.3Jackson VanderZanden1:23.8St. Matthew      
24.3Jack Rae1:23.8Cathedral      
26.4Alex Guitteau1:24.2Holy Family      
27.3Coleton ODonnell1:24.3Holy Trinity      
28.4Maxwell Scott1:24.7Holy Trinity      
29.4Samuel Sherry1:25.6Holy Trinity      
30.4Danny Cappalonga1:25.9Holy Family      
31.3John Migchelbrink1:26.4St. Pius X      
32.-Aidan Kirby1:27.7St. Joseph Catholic      
32.-Jack McMahon1:27.7Cathedral      
34.3Jake Lebrun1:29.3Holy Trinity      
35.-Xavier Momper1:29.5St. Thomas More      
36.-Kaeden Dodge1:29.6St. John the Apostle      
37.3Cameron Lyke1:29.9Holy Trinity      
38.4Alex May1:30.3Holy Family      
39.4Peter Bagdovitz1:30.6Our Lady of Lourdes      
40.4Alex Garcia1:30.9St. Pius X      
41.3Patrick Mueller1:31.2St. Thomas More      
42.-Matthew Mitchell1:31.3Damascus Christian CYO      
43.3Anthony Benedetti White1:31.4Holy Trinity      
44.4Braden Buerk1:32.0Holy Family      
45.-Conner Bingham1:33.0West Hills Christian      
46.4Spencer Brown1:36.2Holy Trinity      
47.3Brendan Finnerty1:36.8St. Anthony      
48.3Cameron Hardy1:36.9St. Matthew      
49.4Emerson Johnson1:37.8Our Lady of Lourdes      
X 800 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4William Sheaffer2:40.5West Hills Christian      
2.4Benjamin Brown2:48.1All Saints      
3.3Marcus David2:49.8Our Lady of the Lake      
4.4Tyrese Hebert2:51.0Franciscan Montessor...      
5.-Dyer Healy2:52.9Cathedral      
6.3Steven Rowland2:54.3St. Anthony      
7.4Stefan Lippelgoos2:54.4St. Joseph Catholic      
8.4Grant Miller2:55.6West Hills Christian      
9.4Brandon Roberts2:56.3West Hills Christian      
10.-Tommy Kallgren2:56.5Cathedral      
11.3Sebastian Hughel2:57.5Valley Catholic      
12.4Blake Deringer2:57.8Pacific Crest Academy      
12.4Jackson Lewis2:57.8St. Pius X      
14.3Avery Conner3:00.5The Madeleine      
15.3Michael Lang3:01.0Holy Trinity      
15.4Sean Wilcox3:01.0Our Lady of Lourdes      
17.3Lucas Martin3:02.9St. Thomas More      
18.5Micah Mizushima3:03.9The Madeleine      
19.4Peter Tooley3:04.5The Madeleine      
20.4Neal Blaisdell3:05.2St. Matthew      
21.4Maxwell Scott3:06.0Holy Trinity      
22.4Jackson Curley3:06.6The Madeleine      
23.3Jack Rae3:06.8Cathedral      
24.4Peter Boileau3:07.5St. John Fisher      
24.3Joe Nizich3:07.5St. John the Apostle      
26.4Alex Hart3:12.8Holy Family      
27.3Anthony Benedetti White3:16.9Holy Trinity      
28.-Luke Wilson3:21.2The Madeleine      
29.3Colin Rencher3:23.7St. John Fisher      
30.4John Fey3:35.6St. Pius X      
31.3Grady Killian3:37.8West Hills Christian      
3Coleton ODonnell2:57.9Holy Trinity      
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Benjamin Brown5:21.6All Saints      
1.4William Sheaffer5:21.6West Hills Christian      
3.3Steven Rowland5:41.2St. Anthony      
4.-Dyer Healy5:42.6Cathedral      
5.4Stefan Lippelgoos5:44.0St. Joseph Catholic      
6.4Jackson Lewis5:45.0St. Pius X      
7.4Grant Miller5:47.2West Hills Christian      
8.3Sebastian Hughel5:52.0Valley Catholic      
9.3Peter Murphy5:59.0St. Thomas More      
10.3Cole Scott6:00.6St. Anthony      
11.3Avery Conner6:01.3The Madeleine      
12.3Lucas Martin6:03.4St. Thomas More      
13.4Austin Bodner6:04.7St. Pius X      
14.4Peter Tooley6:08.8The Madeleine      
15.4Hayden Miller6:17.6St. Joseph Catholic      
16.4Alex Hart6:19.9Holy Family      
17.4Ian Finn6:20.5Holy Family      
17.3Logan Fisher6:20.5All Saints      
19.4Braden Buerk6:22.5Holy Family      
20.3Jack Carr6:24.6West Hills Christian      
21.4Markus Bauer6:31.2Holy Trinity      
22.-Aidan Kirby6:42.6St. Joseph Catholic      
23.-Davis Raz6:44.5West Hills Christian      
24.4Max Franz6:45.4Our Lady of the Lake      
25.4Timothy Brewer6:50.6St. John the Apostle      
26.4Kemper Finn6:53.0Holy Family      
27.4Mitchell Brost6:55.3St. John the Apostle      
28.4Tiernan Morgan6:56.6Holy Trinity      
29.-Teddy Fronczok7:00.0St. Anthony      
30.4Emerson Johnson7:00.6Our Lady of Lourdes      
31.4John Fey7:04.3St. Pius X      
32.3Patrick Mueller7:06.3St. Thomas More      
33.-Conner Bingham7:21.0West Hills Christian      
34.4Ethan Ferrer-Perry7:25.4Valley Catholic      
35.3Jack Burcham7:30.1West Hills Christian      
36.4Sean Wozniak8:14.9St. Joseph Catholic      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Lane Marshall28-00.50St. John the Apostle      
2.-Sean Ball25-10.75St. Joseph Catholic      
3.4Charles Remlinger25-02.00Pacific Crest Academy      
4.-Cole Strandberg23-02.00West Hills Christian      
5.4Brandon Roberts22-07.50West Hills Christian      
6.-Liam Hochanadel22-02.50St. Joseph Catholic      
7.4Tiernan Morgan22-01.50Holy Trinity      
8.-Flynn Hamlin20-08.50The Madeleine      
9.-Max Firstenburg19-04.00St. Joseph Catholic      
10.-Grant Ross19-02.00St. John the Apostle      
11.-Kevin Grant19-00.00St. Anthony      
12.-Levi Zadoff18-10.50St. Thomas More      
13.4Matthew Stevenson18-08.25Christ the King      
14.3Joe Nizich18-03.50St. John the Apostle      
15.4Hayden Miller17-09.75St. Joseph Catholic      
16.-Robert Voitik17-04.50St. Joseph Catholic      
17.4Max Franz17-03.00Our Lady of the Lake      
18.-Nathan Bogdan16-11.50Damascus Christian CYO      
19.4Sean Wozniak16-07.75St. Joseph Catholic      
20.-Carson Morris16-07.00St. John the Apostle      
21.3Morpheus Nithikhun16-02.50St. John the Apostle      
22.4Parker Morgan16-01.75St. Anthony      
23.3Jack Carr16-01.00West Hills Christian      
24.-William Manlove15-10.50St. Clare      
25.-Theodore McClain15-09.00The Madeleine      
26.3Logan Warner15-07.75Franciscan Montessor...      
27.3Nicholas Pogue15-05.50Holy Trinity      
27.-Thomas Rask15-05.50Cathedral      
27.-Connor Tyree15-05.50St. Clare      
30.-Davis Raz15-02.50West Hills Christian      
31.-Ryan Strand14-10.75St. Anthony      
32.4Spencer Brown14-10.00Holy Trinity      
33.-Luke Nelson14-05.50Damascus Christian CYO      
34.4Aaron Rafter14-01.00St. John Fisher      
35.-Liam Jacoby14-00.00Our Lady of the Lake      
36.-David McDougall13-09.50St. Anthony      
37.3Joseph Folino13-09.00Holy Trinity      
38.3Grady Killian13-08.00West Hills Christian      
39.-Michael-Paul Resweber13-03.00St. Clare      
40.-Zachary Hudson12-08.50The Madeleine      
41.3Jack Goodman12-01.00St. Thomas More      
42.3Cameron Hardy12-00.50St. Matthew      
43.-Theodore Moore10-07.50Cathedral      
44.3Jaden Schnoor9-06.50St. John the Apostle      
45.4Mitchell Brost1-02.00St. John the Apostle      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Sean Ball100-11.00St. Joseph Catholic      
2.-Cole Strandberg94-08.00West Hills Christian      
3.4Lane Marshall91-01.00St. John the Apostle      
4.3Joe Nizich87-00.00St. John the Apostle      
5.4Sam Romeo84-02.50St. Matthew      
6.-Nathan Bogdan83-02.00Damascus Christian CYO      
7.-Solomon Fechter82-00.00The Madeleine      
8.3Avery Conner78-05.50The Madeleine      
9.4Nick Speed70-05.00St. Pius X      
10.4Alex May69-03.00Holy Family      
11.4Gavin Bohling68-11.00Franciscan Montessor...      
12.3Nolan Hannam66-01.00St. Joseph Catholic      
13.-Flynn Hamlin63-05.50The Madeleine      
14.-Dyer Healy62-06.00Cathedral      
15.3Jackson VanderZanden61-10.00St. Matthew      
16.3Cole Scott61-08.00St. Anthony      
17.4Trafford Turkiewicz61-00.00Holy Family      
18.3Jack Carr60-11.00West Hills Christian      
19.4Timothy Brewer59-11.00St. John the Apostle      
20.-Kevin Grant59-06.00St. Anthony      
21.-William Miller59-01.00The Madeleine      
22.-Nicholas Johnson56-03.00Pacific Crest Academy      
22.4Tiernan Morgan56-03.00Holy Trinity      
24.-Aiden Doherty55-07.00The Madeleine      
25.-William Manlove55-04.00St. Clare      
26.3Garrett Parker54-02.00West Hills Christian      
27.-David Cosper54-00.50St. Clare      
28.-Matthew Mitchell52-07.00Damascus Christian CYO      
29.4John Fey52-06.00St. Pius X      
30.3Coleton ODonnell52-00.00Holy Trinity      
31.4Zachary Horton50-07.00Holy Trinity      
32.-William Hamilton50-06.00The Madeleine      
33.3Lucas Martin49-11.00St. Thomas More      
34.3Jack Burcham49-09.00West Hills Christian      
35.-Connor Tyree48-05.00St. Clare      
36.4Alex Garcia47-08.00St. Pius X      
37.4Kian Palmer47-00.00Holy Trinity      
38.4Hayden Miller46-09.00St. Joseph Catholic      
39.4Sean Scott46-06.00All Saints      
40.4Maxwell Scott46-04.00Holy Trinity      
41.3Nicholas Sawtelle46-03.00Christ the King      
42.4Austin Bodner45-08.00St. Pius X      
43.4Drew Howells45-03.00Our Lady of the Lake      
44.-Patrick McMahon43-09.00Cathedral      
45.3Joseph Folino42-05.00Holy Trinity      
46.4Hayden Martell41-10.00Christ the King      
47.-Jason Budey41-01.50Damascus Christian CYO      
48.3Cameron Lyke41-00.00Holy Trinity      
49.4Max Franz40-06.00Our Lady of the Lake      
50.4Matthew Stevenson39-05.00Christ the King      
51.3Anthony Benedetti White39-01.00Holy Trinity      
52.4Devinder Sagoo38-08.00Franciscan Montessor...      
53.-Henry Anderson37-05.00Our Lady of Lourdes      
54.-Steven Keenan-Girone37-03.00St. Clare      
55.3Bram Fletcher36-06.50Franciscan Montessor...      
56.4Ethan Ferrer-Perry36-04.00Valley Catholic      
57.3Declan O'Scannlain36-03.00Cathedral      
58.3Will Prentice36-00.00Christ the King      
59.4Spencer Brown35-09.00Holy Trinity      
60.-Liam Hochanadel34-09.00St. Joseph Catholic      
61.3Ethan Thompson34-07.00The Madeleine      
62.-Oscar Boots33-06.50The Madeleine      
63.3Jaden Schnoor33-03.50St. John the Apostle      
64.-Luke Nelson30-00.00Damascus Christian CYO      
65.-Theodore Moore28-04.50Cathedral      
66.-Michael-Paul Resweber28-03.50St. Clare      
67.4Aaron Rafter27-09.00St. John Fisher      
68.4Tanner Cook26-07.00Christ the King      
69.3Connor Fadden25-07.00St. Thomas More      
70.-Nathan Fiereck24-10.00St. Clare      
71.3Jack Goodman24-09.00St. Thomas More      
72.3Brendan Finnerty24-03.00St. Anthony      
X Long Jump - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Aidan Maloney14-08.00St. Matthew      
2.4Spencer Adrian14-05.50All Saints      
3.-Peyton Allworth12-04.50Our Lady of the Lake      
4.-Nicholas Ostmo11-09.50Cathedral      
5.4Jackson Jolie11-06.75St. Pius X      
6.4Gavin Bohling11-06.25Franciscan Montessor...      
7.3Tate Alexander11-05.75Cathedral      
8.-David Cosper11-05.00St. Clare      
8.-Finn Russell11-05.00St. Thomas More      
10.3Alexander Platt11-04.50Our Lady of the Lake      
11.4Gabriel LeRiche11-04.25St. Matthew      
12.-Davis JohnsonStevens11-02.50St. Clare      
13.-Linden Cho11-01.50West Hills Christian      
14.3Andrew Alfieri11-01.25Valley Catholic      
15.4Christner Kurtz11-00.00St. Ignatius      
16.3Austin Canchola10-10.00St. John the Apostle      
17.-Nate Bernius10-09.75The Madeleine      
18.4Nathan Reilly10-09.25Holy Family      
19.3Marcus David10-08.50Our Lady of the Lake      
20.3Sebastian Hughel10-08.00Valley Catholic      
20.4Markus Bauer10-08.00Holy Trinity      
22.-Grant Ross10-06.75St. John the Apostle      
23.3Steven Rowland10-05.50St. Anthony      
24.3Nicholas Sawtelle10-03.50Christ the King      
25.4Ian Urias10-01.00Pacific Crest Academy      
25.-Jason Budey10-01.00Damascus Christian CYO      
25.-Oscar Boots10-01.00The Madeleine      
28.-John Bondaruk10-00.25St. Ignatius      
29.4Tanner Cook10-00.00Christ the King      
30.-Nordstrom Jacob9-11.00St. Thomas More      
31.4Noah Benton9-10.00St. Pius X      
32.-Gabriel Rozzell9-09.50Holy Family      
32.4Ethan Wilborn9-09.50Holy Trinity      
34.-Dyer Healy9-09.25Cathedral      
35.3Brad Elmgren9-08.50Valley Catholic      
36.4Peter Bagdovitz9-08.00Our Lady of Lourdes      
36.-A.J. Brauer9-08.00St. John Fisher      
36.3Taylor Carpenter9-08.00West Hills Christian      
39.4Danny Cappalonga9-05.75Holy Family      
40.-Zachary Hudson9-03.00The Madeleine      
41.3Colin Rencher9-02.00St. John Fisher      
42.4Kemper Finn9-00.00Holy Family      
43.3Patrick Mueller8-11.00St. Thomas More      
44.4Ethan Ferrer-Perry8-10.25Valley Catholic      
44.-William Hamilton8-10.25The Madeleine      
46.3Nathan Myers8-08.00West Hills Christian      
46.3Connor Fadden8-08.00St. Thomas More      
48.4Sean Scott8-07.00All Saints      
49.3Jake Lebrun8-06.50Holy Trinity      
49.3Bram Fletcher8-06.50Franciscan Montessor...      
51.-Anders Fletcher8-04.00The Madeleine      
52.-Marley McWilliams8-02.50Our Lady of the Lake      
53.-Theodore Moore8-02.25Cathedral      
54.3Brendan Finnerty8-02.00St. Anthony      
55.3Garrett Parker8-01.50West Hills Christian      
56.4Benjamin Rabaud7-10.75Franciscan Montessor...      
57.-Kellan Taylor7-10.50Holy Trinity      
58.3Will Prentice7-10.25Christ the King      
59.3Nicholas Pogue7-09.00Holy Trinity      
60.3Noah Shepanek7-08.00St. Anthony      
61.3Jaden Schnoor7-07.00St. John the Apostle      
62.-Davis Raz7-05.50West Hills Christian      
62.4Bruce Thomas7-05.50Our Lady of Lourdes      
64.-Henry Anderson7-01.50Our Lady of Lourdes      
65.-Teddy Fronczok6-06.25St. Anthony      
66.-Nathan Fiereck6-03.50St. Clare      
67.4Matthew Stevenson5-06.00Christ the King      
68.4Aaron Rafter4-11.25St. John Fisher      
3Morpheus Nithikhun-09.00St. John the Apostle      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Madison McClellan15.86St. Anthony      
2.4Daviana Hayman16.01St. Pius X      
3.4Lucy Holland16.11All Saints      
4.-Emily Ford16.26Our Lady of the Lake      
4.-Madeline Hanton16.29Pacific Crest Academy      
6.4Catherine Marsh16.35Holy Family      
7.4Hayley Harrison16.46All Saints      
8.4Willa Grund16.52Holy Family      
8.-Emma Kluegel16.56The Madeleine      
8.4Payton Shaffer16.58St. John the Apostle      
8.4Izabella Klosterman16.59The Madeleine      
12.4Kate MacNaughton16.7Valley Catholic      
12.3Callan Harrington16.62St. Thomas More      
14.-Rose Booth16.71St. Clare      
14.4Saxton Miller16.73Our Lady of the Lake      
14.-Tallie Davison16.77St. Anthony      
14.3Anna Holt16.8St. Pius X      
18.4Sarah Bader16.81The Madeleine      
18.4Grace Mathews16.84St. Pius X      
18.-Audrey Hoppes16.89St. Clare      
21.4Margaret Smith16.91Holy Trinity      
21.3Taryn Reed17Holy Trinity      
21.3Jamie Hartnell16.98All Saints      
24.4Regan Smith17.07Our Lady of Lourdes      
24.4Lilah King-Hails17.08The Madeleine      
24.-Kayla Rae17.09St. Thomas More      
27.-Caitlan Ryan17.11Holy Family      
27.4Rebecca St Mary17.13Our Lady of Lourdes      
27.3Elisabeth College17.18The Madeleine      
27.4Abigail E Hill17.2St. John the Apostle      
31.4Mollie Doyle17.21Our Lady of Lourdes      
31.3Adrienne Foster17.27West Hills Christian      
33.-Elizabeth Wirth17.4West Hills Christian      
33.4Taylor Isaac17.32Holy Trinity      
33.-Mira Eagon17.34St. Clare      
33.4Emerald Kan17.34Holy Trinity      
33.4Tavia Roache17.37The Madeleine      
33.3Betsy MacMillan17.39Our Lady of the Lake      
33.4Ashley Rosenbaum17.39West Hills Christian      
40.3Jerrica Pachl17.44Pacific Crest Academy      
41.4Amber Co17.52Valley Catholic      
41.4Alice Welch17.54West Hills Christian      
41.-Mia Radostitz17.55St. Thomas More      
41.-Ellen Anne Foy17.57St. Clare      
41.3Kylie Griffin17.57St. John the Apostle      
46.4Emily Sanchez17.67St. Anthony      
47.4Ruthanne Jaramillo17.76West Hills Christian      
47.-Evelyn Abel17.8St. John Fisher      
49.3Aleia Boyanovsky17.84West Hills Christian      
49.4Morgan Kirnak17.88St. Pius X      
49.3Allie Watson17.9All Saints      
49.3Mia Tierney17.84Holy Trinity      
49.3Antoinette Guasco17.9Christ the King      
54.4Amelia Thompson17.98All Saints      
54.-Emily Niebergall17.91All Saints      
54.4Sasha Burton17.92Valley Catholic      
54.-Holly Butler17.93Our Lady of the Lake      
54.-Elliana Beberness17.94Our Lady of the Lake      
54.4Catherine Edmonson17.95Holy Trinity      
54.4Elizabeth Donnelly17.96Our Lady of the Lake      
54.-Jaiden McClellan17.96St. Anthony      
62.-Tillie Stoner18.02The Madeleine      
62.3Lauryn Hopkins18.09St. John the Apostle      
62.-Kayden Logan18.03The Madeleine      
65.-Alyssa Castro18.11St. Clare      
65.3Emma McBride18.11Pacific Crest Academy      
65.3Madison Craft18.13West Hills Christian      
68.4Emma Thompson18.25All Saints      
68.4Kelly Jung18.28Our Lady of Lourdes      
68.3Emma Rovang18.27St. John the Apostle      
71.4Heidi Habeck18.33West Hills Christian      
71.3Grace Hershey18.4All Saints      
71.-Amelie Stoddard18.32All Saints      
71.3Karli Mink18.36St. John Fisher      
71.3Anna Eddy18.37Holy Trinity      
76.3Marbella Polvorosa18.44Franciscan Montessor...      
76.3Sarah Ruckwardt18.5St. John Fisher      
76.-Phoebe Wong18.43St. Thomas More      
76.3Sarah Lewis18.47Our Lady of the Lake      
76.4Payton Bush18.48Cathedral      
81.4Eva Lammers18.56West Hills Christian      
81.3Amelia Burge18.6Our Lady of the Lake      
81.-Emily Eddy18.58St. John Fisher      
81.-Haley Vick18.57St. Joseph Catholic      
81.3Lilli Moore18.56All Saints      
86.3Ada Swartley18.66The Madeleine      
86.3Grace Ridgeway18.66Franciscan Montessor...      
86.-Lucy Meneghello18.66St. John Fisher      
86.-Hadlee Hallman18.61The Madeleine      
86.-Piper Harvey18.68St. Clare      
86.-Aliyah Wolf18.64The Madeleine      
92.3Channin Hall18.76Cathedral      
92.4Bridget Lannigan18.72St. Ignatius      
92.-Nina Timmen18.76Holy Family      
95.4Elena Herboth18.81Holy Trinity      
95.4Macy Carlson18.82West Hills Christian      
95.-Kaitlyn Stankye18.88St. Joseph Catholic      
95.4Lena Seeger18.85Holy Trinity      
99.3Natalie Sharp18.92Holy Family      
99.-Tatum Lowenberg18.96St. John Fisher      
99.-Lauren Goodno18.91Valley Catholic      
99.3Emma Olson18.95Valley Catholic      
99.-Olivia Digiulio18.93St. Clare      
104.-Molly Rohling19.01Holy Family      
104.-Grace Wetsel19.08St. Thomas More      
104.-Jenna Willis19.06West Hills Christian      
104.4Stella Regali19.02St. John Fisher      
104.4Mary Taylor19.06St. John Fisher      
104.4Ruth Larabee19.08Holy Trinity      
110.3Trinity Baumgartner19.14Valley Catholic      
110.-Isabel Clark19.12Pacific Crest Academy      
110.4Paige Cooper19.12All Saints      
110.4Chandra Hall19.19Cathedral      
110.3Catherine Ryan19.15Our Lady of the Lake      
115.2Sarah Koch19.29Holy Family      
115.-Lucy Akenson19.26West Hills Christian      
115.-Isabella Maffei19.23The Madeleine      
115.4Savannah Benagni19.23Franciscan Montessor...      
119.4Madelyn Pringle19.32West Hills Christian      
119.3Natalie Lerma19.4St. Thomas More      
119.4Hannah Gouge19.32West Hills Christian      
119.3Angelena Palena19.38St. Joseph Catholic      
119.3Sophia Fischer19.32Valley Catholic      
119.-Emma Wetsel19.35St. Thomas More      
125.3Abbey Riddle19.49St. Thomas More      
125.3Coralee Thomas19.46Our Lady of Lourdes      
125.4Grace Merrick19.43St. Pius X      
125.4Ellie Wiley19.43St. Pius X      
125.4Makayla Vu19.43St. Ignatius      
130.-Katlyn Neal19.56Cathedral      
130.3Mary Kate Hoglund19.55The Madeleine      
130.-Katelyn Bailey19.52Damascus Christian CYO      
130.3Ellie Tae19.59West Hills Christian      
130.3Charlotte Hill19.52St. John the Apostle      
135.-Carly Cundari19.64St. John Fisher      
136.4Grace Kaminski19.72St. John the Apostle      
136.4Kaley Carpenter19.76West Hills Christian      
136.-Olivia Brewer19.79St. John the Apostle      
139.-Madelaine Seyer19.89St. John the Apostle      
139.-Allison Vermilya19.9St. Thomas More      
139.-Lauren Huntington19.88St. Pius X      
139.3Natalie Bartels19.86Holy Trinity      
143.4Anna Ferrarini19.92All Saints      
144.3Claire Shearer20.04West Hills Christian      
144.-Sophia Ameripour20.06St. John the Apostle      
144.4Chloe Jenck20.02Christ the King      
144.4Astra Medeiros20.1Holy Trinity      
144.4Violet Tiffee20.09St. Pius X      
144.4Isadora Colpo20.08Holy Family      
144.3Laura Collier20.1Franciscan Montessor...      
144.3Sienna Zell20.01West Hills Christian      
152.3Hannah Roy20.12All Saints      
152.4Emily Hrehocik20.19Holy Trinity      
152.-Erin O'Day20.2St. Joseph Catholic      
155.4Amy Menendez20.27St. John Fisher      
155.-Meizi Miller20.29St. John Fisher      
157.4Meg Blevens20.39Holy Trinity      
157.3Megan Lamey20.32St. Joseph Catholic      
159.-Samantha Goodman20.49St. Thomas More      
160.-Pyper Lehman20.57The Madeleine      
160.4Emily Clare20.55St. Pius X      
160.-Maggie Cavanagh20.58All Saints      
160.-Lilly Hoffarth20.51St. Anthony      
160.-Alyssa McDougall20.57St. Anthony      
160.3Chloe May20.52St. Ignatius      
160.3Katie Weaver20.56Christ the King      
167.3Ginger Duncan20.63Franciscan Montessor...      
167.4Claire Kirn20.69Our Lady of Lourdes      
169.4Clare Kennedy20.78St. Pius X      
169.-Riley Huntington20.76St. Pius X      
169.3Teja Murphy20.74St. Thomas More      
172.4Molly Workmeister20.88The Madeleine      
172.-Claire Laubacher20.87The Madeleine      
174.-Keely Chandler20.97St. John Fisher      
175.3Noelle Inglis21.01Holy Trinity      
176.4Margaret Feduccia21.24Holy Trinity      
176.-Hannah Stream21.27Valley Catholic      
178.4Camille Johnson21.31Our Lady of Lourdes      
179.4Julia Luty21.41St. John the Apostle      
180.3Madeline Craven21.53Our Lady of the Lake      
181.4Zoe Dickinson21.67Holy Family      
181.-kyra Lang21.66St. Anthony      
183.4Vanessa Theumer21.95St. Joseph Catholic      
184.3Kayla Vandecoevering22.02Holy Trinity      
184.3Maddie Ray22.09Franciscan Montessor...      
186.-Clara Ferrer-Perry22.19Valley Catholic      
187.3Sarah Link22.96St. John the Apostle      
188.3Hannah Martell23.32Christ the King      
189.3Annalisa Seeger23.54Holy Trinity      
190.3Leigh Trotter23.68St. John Fisher      
191.-Emma Valderrama23.82Our Lady of the Lake      
191.-Ellie Simmons23.83St. Ignatius      
193.3Cristina Tassia28.5Holy Trinity      
X 200 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Zoe Zurasky33.33Our Lady of the Lake      
2.3Kamryn J Jones33.57St. Matthew      
3.4Lucy Holland34.09All Saints      
4.4Kayla Robbins34.4Holy Trinity      
5.4Daviana Hayman34.77St. Pius X      
5.-Madeline Hanton34.78Pacific Crest Academy      
7.-Rose Booth35.05St. Clare      
8.4Hallie DeVore35.25St. Pius X      
8.4Audrey Lewis35.26St. Pius X      
10.4Saxton Miller35.67Our Lady of the Lake      
11.4Payton Shaffer35.72St. John the Apostle      
12.4Erin Gates36.1St. Matthew      
13.3Taryn Reed36.17Holy Trinity      
13.3Callan Harrington36.15St. Thomas More      
15.4Claire McCarthy36.22Holy Trinity      
15.-Kayla Rae36.3St. Thomas More      
17.4Abigail E Hill36.4St. John the Apostle      
18.-Audrey Hoppes36.46St. Clare      
18.-Mia Radostitz36.46St. Thomas More      
20.4Lilah King-Hails36.88The Madeleine      
21.4Emerald Kan37.27Holy Trinity      
21.3Kate Diedrich37.26Our Lady of the Lake      
21.3Elizabeth Parker37.25Pacific Crest Academy      
24.3Antoinette Guasco37.5Christ the King      
24.4Izabella Klosterman37.48The Madeleine      
26.3Kylie Griffin37.97St. John the Apostle      
26.3Adrienne Foster37.92West Hills Christian      
26.4Morgan Kirnak37.97St. Pius X      
29.-Hazel Babinec-Thompson38.08Cathedral      
30.3Mia Tierney38.14Holy Trinity      
30.-Jaiden McClellan38.14St. Anthony      
32.-Lucy Meneghello38.49St. John Fisher      
33.4Emily Sanchez38.69St. Anthony      
33.-Holly Butler38.64Our Lady of the Lake      
35.-Mira Eagon38.94St. Clare      
36.-Nicole Posner39.01St. Thomas More      
37.3Stephanie Niebergall39.17St. Pius X      
38.3Anna Holt39.31St. Pius X      
39.4Emily Hrehocik39.45Holy Trinity      
40.-Caitlan Ryan39.58Holy Family      
40.4Heidi Habeck39.57West Hills Christian      
40.3Kelsey Gripekoven39.53St. Thomas More      
43.3Elisabeth College39.78The Madeleine      
43.3Allie Watson39.8All Saints      
45.3Addison Green39.99St. Pius X      
45.4Sara Mularski39.91Holy Family      
47.4Kelly Jung40.03Our Lady of Lourdes      
48.3Kalei Carter40.21Christ the King      
48.3Emma Rovang40.27St. John the Apostle      
50.-Grace Wetsel40.33St. Thomas More      
51.4Lena Seeger40.44Holy Trinity      
52.4Rebecca St Mary40.63Our Lady of Lourdes      
53.-Isabel Clark40.72Pacific Crest Academy      
53.-Piper Harvey40.8St. Clare      
55.-Phoebe Wong40.9St. Thomas More      
55.4Quinn Gilroy40.89Holy Family      
57.3Elizabeth Barkhurst41.19Holy Trinity      
58.3Channin Hall41.24Cathedral      
59.-Hannah LaVeine41.33Valley Catholic      
60.-Lucy Akenson41.5West Hills Christian      
61.3Lilli Moore41.61All Saints      
62.-Molly Rohling41.74Holy Family      
63.4Grace Merrick41.88St. Pius X      
63.4Ellie Wiley41.86St. Pius X      
65.3Natalie Lerma42.09St. Thomas More      
66.3Jessica German42.16St. Joseph Catholic      
67.4Sierra Loiselle42.31West Hills Christian      
68.-Nina Timmen42.45Holy Family      
68.2Sarah Koch42.48Holy Family      
68.4Ruthanne Jaramillo42.44West Hills Christian      
71.-Emma Wetsel42.51St. Thomas More      
71.3Charlotte Hill42.58St. John the Apostle      
73.3Emma Olson42.66Valley Catholic      
73.4Macy Carlson42.63West Hills Christian      
75.-Katlyn Neal42.77Cathedral      
75.-Tatum Lowenberg42.72St. John Fisher      
75.3Saksen Hathaway42.79St. Pius X      
78.-Alyssa Castro43.06St. Clare      
78.4Summer Gaines43.01Franciscan Montessor...      
80.4Makayla Vu43.16St. Ignatius      
80.-Emma Grant43.17St. Anthony      
82.3Laura Collier43.28Franciscan Montessor...      
83.3Emma Dowling43.34Franciscan Montessor...      
84.3Grace Hershey43.41All Saints      
85.4Isadora Colpo43.55Holy Family      
86.-Emily Austin43.64St. John Fisher      
87.-Madelaine Seyer43.87St. John the Apostle      
88.3Angelena Palena43.97St. Joseph Catholic      
88.3Katelyn Volchok43.98St. Pius X      
90.-Lilly Hoffarth44.04St. Anthony      
90.4Lucy Rohlman44.05St. Pius X      
92.4Grace Kaminski44.19St. John the Apostle      
93.4Meg Blevens44.52Holy Trinity      
94.3Claire Shearer44.99West Hills Christian      
94.-Alyssa McDougall44.96St. Anthony      
96.4Elena Herboth45.01Holy Trinity      
97.4Savannah Benagni45.38Franciscan Montessor...      
97.3Marbella Polvorosa45.32Franciscan Montessor...      
99.4Astra Medeiros46.1Holy Trinity      
100.-Allison Vermilya46.49St. Thomas More      
101.4Alaina Phillips46.53St. Pius X      
102.4Violet Tiffee46.89St. Pius X      
103.3Coralee Thomas46.93Our Lady of Lourdes      
104.4Emily Clare47.16St. Pius X      
104.-Erin O'Day47.14St. Joseph Catholic      
106.4Margaret Feduccia47.26Holy Trinity      
107.3Anne Remlinger47.43Pacific Crest Academy      
107.3Megan Lamey47.49St. Joseph Catholic      
107.3Teja Murphy47.49St. Thomas More      
110.4Emily Merrick48.3St. Pius X      
111.3Maddie Ray48.63Franciscan Montessor...      
112.-Mary Holland1:04.6St. Thomas More      
X 400 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.-Emily Ford1:14.1Our Lady of the Lake      
2.3Kamryn J Jones1:14.7St. Matthew      
3.-Zoe Zurasky1:15.5Our Lady of the Lake      
4.4Makenna Schumacher1:15.6St. Thomas More      
5.4Willa Grund1:16.3Holy Family      
6.4Catherine Marsh1:17.9Holy Family      
7.4Mollie Doyle1:18.4Our Lady of Lourdes      
8.4Madison McClellan1:18.5St. Anthony      
9.4Lucy Holland1:18.9All Saints      
10.4Catherine Edmonson1:20.5Holy Trinity      
11.4Ella Brucker1:20.7The Madeleine      
12.4Hallie DeVore1:20.8St. Pius X      
13.3Kate Diedrich1:21.0Our Lady of the Lake      
14.4Kate MacNaughton1:21.8Valley Catholic      
15.-Caitlan Ryan1:23.4Holy Family      
16.3Jerrica Pachl1:23.7Pacific Crest Academy      
17.4Hayley Harrison1:23.8All Saints      
18.4Claire McCarthy1:24.0Holy Trinity      
18.3Elizabeth Parker1:24.0Pacific Crest Academy      
20.4Audrey Lewis1:24.9St. Pius X      
21.-Hazel Babinec-Thompson1:25.0Cathedral      
22.4Margaret Smith1:25.1Holy Trinity      
23.4Sasha Burton1:25.2Valley Catholic      
24.3Stephanie Niebergall1:25.6St. Pius X      
25.4Lilah King-Hails1:25.8The Madeleine      
26.3Ada Swartley1:26.6The Madeleine      
27.4Regan Smith1:26.9Our Lady of Lourdes      
27.4Megan Shannon1:26.9Holy Family      
27.3Kelsey Gripekoven1:26.9St. Thomas More      
30.3Nedya Sawan1:27.8St. Pius X      
31.4Amber Co1:28.0Valley Catholic      
32.4Emma Thompson1:28.2All Saints      
33.-Tillie Stoner1:28.7The Madeleine      
34.3Jamie Hartnell1:29.0All Saints      
35.-Nicole Posner1:29.4St. Thomas More      
36.3Mia Tierney1:29.5Holy Trinity      
37.-Hannah LaVeine1:30.2Valley Catholic      
38.-Marie Agostinelli1:30.5Valley Catholic      
39.4Delia McGrath1:31.0Christ the King      
40.4Rose Nicholl1:31.5St. Ignatius      
41.3Antonia Stankovik1:31.6St. Ignatius      
42.3Addison Green1:31.8St. Pius X      
43.-Olivia Digiulio1:31.9St. Clare      
44.-Emma Grant1:32.1St. Anthony      
45.3Kiara Adams1:32.2Holy Trinity      
46.4Amelia Thompson1:32.3All Saints      
47.3Elizabeth Barkhurst1:32.4Holy Trinity      
48.3Anna Eddy1:32.5Holy Trinity      
48.-Emily Niebergall1:32.5All Saints      
50.3Natalie Bartels1:33.4Holy Trinity      
51.3Lucy Sherman1:33.5Our Lady of Lourdes      
52.-Catherine Myerson1:33.6St. Anthony      
53.3Camerson Irish1:33.7Christ the King      
54.4Ruthanne Jaramillo1:33.9West Hills Christian      
55.3Grace Hershey1:34.2All Saints      
56.4Hannah Gouge1:34.9West Hills Christian      
57.3Lily Shearer1:35.0West Hills Christian      
58.3Anna Patterson1:35.4All Saints      
59.4Chandra Hall1:35.5Cathedral      
60.4Elena Herboth1:35.9Holy Trinity      
61.4Na'ama Nevo1:36.3Holy Trinity      
62.3Saksen Hathaway1:36.7St. Pius X      
63.3Angelena Palena1:36.8St. Joseph Catholic      
64.3Abbey Riddle1:36.9St. Thomas More      
65.4Ruth Larabee1:37.1Holy Trinity      
66.4Summer Gaines1:38.0Franciscan Montessor...      
66.-Amelie Stoddard1:38.0All Saints      
66.-Emily Austin1:38.0St. John Fisher      
69.4Meaghan Andersen1:38.1Our Lady of the Lake      
70.3Katelyn Volchok1:38.7St. Pius X      
71.-Grace Healy1:39.1Cathedral      
72.3Natalie Sharp1:42.1Holy Family      
73.4Molly Workmeister1:43.5The Madeleine      
74.4Alaina Phillips1:46.8St. Pius X      
75.4Lucy Rohlman1:47.0St. Pius X      
75.-Carly Cundari1:47.0St. John Fisher      
77.3Anne Remlinger1:47.7Pacific Crest Academy      
78.-Olivia Keepes1:49.6Holy Family      
79.-Erin O'Day1:49.7St. Joseph Catholic      
80.3Kayla Vandecoevering1:49.8Holy Trinity      
81.4Emily Merrick1:53.1St. Pius X      
82.4Zoe Dickinson1:56.4Holy Family      
X 800 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Taylor Isaac2:52.9Holy Trinity      
2.-Emily Ford2:56.7Our Lady of the Lake      
3.4Sarah Bader2:57.1The Madeleine      
4.4Makenna Schumacher2:58.5St. Thomas More      
5.4Madeleine Bachand2:58.8Cathedral      
6.4Elizabeth Rinck3:01.9St. Matthew      
7.-Madeline Cooney3:03.6Cathedral      
8.3Lucy Balish3:08.2St. John Fisher      
9.4Willa Grund3:09.5Holy Family      
10.4Lindsay Drango3:17.9Our Lady of the Lake      
11.4Luciana Lenth3:18.1St. John Fisher      
11.3Jerrica Pachl3:18.1Pacific Crest Academy      
13.4Catherine Marsh3:18.6Holy Family      
14.3Mia Middleton3:18.8Holy Trinity      
15.3Claire Bass3:22.3St. Ignatius      
16.4Mary Taylor3:24.1St. John Fisher      
17.3Elise Joseph3:25.5All Saints      
18.3Kayah Ryerson3:26.4Holy Trinity      
19.3Hailey Braunstein3:27.1Our Lady of Lourdes      
20.3Jessica German3:27.2St. Joseph Catholic      
21.4Megan Shannon3:27.3Holy Family      
22.4Hannah Gouge3:28.4West Hills Christian      
23.3Lucy Sherman3:29.2Our Lady of Lourdes      
24.4Na'ama Nevo3:30.1Holy Trinity      
25.4Stella Regali3:32.4St. John Fisher      
26.3Hannah Roy3:33.9All Saints      
27.3Nedya Sawan3:35.6St. Pius X      
28.3Kiara Adams3:38.0Holy Trinity      
29.4Brynne Monaghan3:39.6St. Pius X      
30.4Meaghan Andersen3:39.9Our Lady of the Lake      
31.4Audrey Chu3:41.3Holy Trinity      
32.4Amy Menendez3:41.6St. John Fisher      
33.-Catherine Myerson3:46.1St. Anthony      
34.3Rachel Scriven3:46.6West Hills Christian      
35.4Bailey Miller3:48.4Holy Trinity      
36.4Olana Bataluna3:49.7West Hills Christian      
37.3Caroline ODonnell3:49.9Holy Trinity      
38.3Grace Sherman3:56.2Our Lady of Lourdes      
39.4Camille Johnson3:58.2Our Lady of Lourdes      
40.3Ellie Tae4:01.0West Hills Christian      
41.3Sophia Fischer4:03.2Valley Catholic      
42.3Trinity Baumgartner4:04.4Valley Catholic      
43.4Natalie Brown4:10.4West Hills Christian      
44.4Grace Fulfer4:29.7Our Lady of Lourdes      
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Makenna Schumacher5:49.7St. Thomas More      
2.3Lucy Balish6:07.4St. John Fisher      
3.4Elizabeth Rinck6:07.6St. Matthew      
4.3Claire Bass6:12.1St. Ignatius      
5.3Kate Diedrich6:13.7Our Lady of the Lake      
6.3Mia Middleton6:35.4Holy Trinity      
7.4Katelinh Jones6:38.8Valley Catholic      
8.3Grace Sherman6:42.1Our Lady of Lourdes      
9.3Hannah Moya6:43.8St. Joseph Catholic      
10.3Elise Joseph6:44.3All Saints      
11.4Na'ama Nevo6:46.4Holy Trinity      
12.3Kayah Ryerson6:47.2Holy Trinity      
13.4Megan Shannon6:48.6Holy Family      
14.4Kayla Robbins6:53.6Holy Trinity      
15.3Camerson Irish6:55.1Christ the King      
16.3Jessica German6:58.5St. Joseph Catholic      
16.3Kelsey Gripekoven6:58.5St. Thomas More      
18.3Anna Patterson6:59.2All Saints      
19.4Brynne Monaghan7:01.0St. Pius X      
20.4Sara Mularski7:07.1Holy Family      
21.3Elizabeth Parker7:11.4Pacific Crest Academy      
22.4Bailey Miller7:12.3Holy Trinity      
23.3Veronica Mork7:21.2The Madeleine      
24.4Molly Workmeister7:24.2The Madeleine      
25.3Rachel Scriven7:27.5West Hills Christian      
26.4Natalie Galbraith8:42.5Holy Family      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Brynne Monaghan20-04.25St. Pius X      
2.4Paige Cooper19-10.50All Saints      
3.4Mary Saifkhani17-10.50St. Thomas More      
4.3Ashley Smith17-00.75Christ the King      
5.4Sara Mularski16-10.75Holy Family      
6.4Emily Hrehocik16-08.00Holy Trinity      
7.4Sophie Glad16-03.00West Hills Christian      
8.3Ginger Duncan16-01.00Franciscan Montessor...      
9.4Lindsay Drango15-11.50Our Lady of the Lake      
10.-Emma Kluegel15-09.25The Madeleine      
11.3Ava David15-07.25Our Lady of the Lake      
12.4Audrey Lewis15-06.50St. Pius X      
13.-Sophia Ameripour15-06.00St. John the Apostle      
14.-Rhylie Woodley15-03.00The Madeleine      
15.3Claire Shearer14-10.00West Hills Christian      
16.-Katarina Bosworth14-09.50St. Thomas More      
17.3Lily Shearer14-08.25West Hills Christian      
18.3Natalie Lerma14-07.25St. Thomas More      
19.-Jenna Willis13-10.75West Hills Christian      
20.-Cara Strauss13-10.50St. John Fisher      
20.4Violet Tiffee13-10.50St. Pius X      
22.4Clare Kennedy13-06.00St. Pius X      
23.-Greta Puetz13-04.50The Madeleine      
24.-Katelyn Bailey13-01.75Damascus Christian CYO      
25.3Taryn Reed13-01.50Holy Trinity      
26.-Carly Cundari12-09.75St. John Fisher      
27.3Grace Ridgeway12-05.50Franciscan Montessor...      
27.4Savannah Benagni12-05.50Franciscan Montessor...      
29.4Natalie Galbraith12-05.00Holy Family      
30.-Tatum Lowenberg12-02.50St. John Fisher      
31.3Hailey Braunstein12-01.50Our Lady of Lourdes      
32.-Polly Fitzgerald12-00.00St. John Fisher      
32.-Samantha Goodman12-00.00St. Thomas More      
34.3Kalei Carter11-11.75Christ the King      
35.4Tavia Roache11-09.75The Madeleine      
36.3Nadia Khan11-07.50Our Lady of Lourdes      
37.-Grace Wetsel11-06.50St. Thomas More      
37.4Sierra Loiselle11-06.50West Hills Christian      
39.3Elizabeth Flumo11-04.00Holy Trinity      
39.4Claire McCarthy11-04.00Holy Trinity      
41.-Pyper Lehman11-00.00The Madeleine      
42.3Catherine Ryan10-09.75Our Lady of the Lake      
43.3Emma Dowling10-09.00Franciscan Montessor...      
43.4Delia McGrath10-09.00Christ the King      
45.-Hannah Stream10-07.75Valley Catholic      
46.-Lauren Koll10-04.75St. John Fisher      
47.3Amelia Burge10-02.50Our Lady of the Lake      
47.3Sarah Link10-02.50St. John the Apostle      
49.-Ellie Simmons9-10.00St. Ignatius      
50.3Helen Ratcliff9-09.50Franciscan Montessor...      
51.3Katerina Roman9-08.75St. Anthony      
52.4Chloe Jenck9-08.50Christ the King      
53.3Laura Collier9-06.75Franciscan Montessor...      
54.3Casey Zike9-04.75Our Lady of Lourdes      
55.3Katie Weaver9-04.50Christ the King      
56.-Meizi Miller9-01.50St. John Fisher      
57.3Leigh Trotter8-09.75St. John Fisher      
58.3Saksen Hathaway8-09.25St. Pius X      
59.3Cristina Tassia8-06.50Holy Trinity      
60.4Natalie Brown8-06.25West Hills Christian      
61.3Maddie Ray8-03.75Franciscan Montessor...      
62.4Alaina Phillips8-03.50St. Pius X      
63.3Hannah Martell6-09.75Christ the King      
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunner - Finals
1.3Mary Kate Hoglund62-03.00The Madeleine      
2.-Hadlee Hallman59-04.50The Madeleine      
3.4Ashley Rosenbaum50-08.00West Hills Christian      
4.4Morgan Kirnak49-09.50St. Pius X      
5.4Taylor Isaac49-06.00Holy Trinity      
6.3Ashley Smith48-10.25Christ the King      
7.4Erin Gates47-00.00St. Matthew      
8.-Polly Fitzgerald46-09.00St. John Fisher      
9.4Eva Lammers45-05.00West Hills Christian      
10.-Tallie Davison44-10.50St. Anthony      
11.4Quinn Gilroy44-08.00Holy Family      
12.4Rose Nicholl44-06.00St. Ignatius      
13.4Alice Welch43-07.00West Hills Christian      
14.4Lindsay Drango43-06.50Our Lady of the Lake      
15.-Elizabeth Wirth41-08.00West Hills Christian      
16.3Kiara Adams41-05.00Holy Trinity      
17.3Aleia Boyanovsky41-00.50West Hills Christian      
18.4Mary Saifkhani40-03.00St. Thomas More      
19.4Kaley Carpenter39-10.00West Hills Christian      
20.4Audrey Chu39-09.00Holy Trinity      
21.-Kaitlyn Stankye38-11.50St. Joseph Catholic      
22.3Antonia Stankovik38-08.00St. Ignatius      
23.4Lena Seeger37-10.25Holy Trinity      
24.4Meaghan Andersen37-07.50Our Lady of the Lake      
25.3Ginger Duncan37-05.00Franciscan Montessor...      
26.4Olana Bataluna37-00.00West Hills Christian      
27.3Lily Shearer36-09.00West Hills Christian      
28.3Ava David34-09.00Our Lady of the Lake      
29.4Julia Luty34-03.50St. John the Apostle      
30.-Elliana Beberness34-02.00Our Lady of the Lake      
31.4Hallie DeVore33-07.00St. Pius X      
32.4Laura Woodhouse32-10.25All Saints      
33.-Renee Kozlowski32-03.25Our Lady of the Lake      
34.-Emma Grant32-01.00St. Anthony      
35.4Chloe Jenck31-06.00Christ the King      
36.-Alyssa McDougall31-03.00St. Anthony      
37.3Anna Eddy31-00.00Holy Trinity      
37.-Holly Butler31-00.00Our Lady of the Lake      
39.4Bridget Lannigan30-10.50St. Ignatius      
40.-Cara Strauss30-04.50St. John Fisher      
41.4Emily Merrick30-03.00St. Pius X      
42.3Sarah Lewis29-02.00Our Lady of the Lake      
43.-Isabella Maffei28-10.25The Madeleine      
44.-Clara Ferrer-Perry28-07.00Valley Catholic      
45.3Casey Zike28-01.50Our Lady of Lourdes      
46.4Macy Carlson27-08.00West Hills Christian      
47.3Anna Patterson27-07.00All Saints      
48.4Astra Medeiros27-03.50Holy Trinity      
49.4Lucy Rohlman26-10.50St. Pius X      
50.-Olivia Keepes26-06.00Holy Family      
51.4Natalie Galbraith25-11.75Holy Family      
52.3Anna Brackenbrough25-08.00Christ the King      
53.3Hailey Braunstein25-07.00Our Lady of Lourdes      
53.3Ellie Tae25-07.00West Hills Christian      
55.-Jordyn Mummey25-03.50St. Ignatius      
56.-Madeline Morris25-03.00St. Ignatius      
57.4Isadora Colpo25-00.75Holy Family      
58.3Sarah Link24-10.00St. John the Apostle      
59.-Nina Timmen24-07.00Holy Family      
60.3Madeline Craven24-03.50Our Lady of the Lake      
61.4Zoe Dickinson24-02.75Holy Family      
62.3Elizabeth Flumo24-01.25Holy Trinity      
63.3Nadia Khan23-02.75Our Lady of Lourdes      
64.-Lauren Huntington23-02.00St. Pius X      
65.3Mollie Kuffner23-01.00Christ the King      
66.3Madison Craft22-08.25West Hills Christian      
67.-Olivia Brewer22-05.50St. John the Apostle      
68.-Riley Huntington22-05.00St. Pius X      
69.4Claire Kirn22-04.00Our Lady of Lourdes      
70.-Lauren Koll22-00.50St. John Fisher      
71.3Helen Ratcliff21-09.50Franciscan Montessor...      
72.3Chloe May20-07.75St. Ignatius      
73.4Grace Fulfer20-04.50Our Lady of Lourdes      
74.-Molly Rohling20-02.00Holy Family      
74.3Katerina Roman20-02.00St. Anthony      
76.3Hannah Martell19-01.25Christ the King      
77.4Meg Blevens18-10.00Holy Trinity      
78.-Emma Valderrama16-04.25Our Lady of the Lake      
79.3Annalisa Seeger16-03.00Holy Trinity      
X Long Jump - Roadrunner - Finals
1.4Kayla Robbins12-05.00Holy Trinity      
2.4Daviana Hayman12-02.50St. Pius X      
3.3Callan Harrington11-09.75St. Thomas More      
4.-Rose Booth11-09.00St. Clare      
5.4Kate MacNaughton11-07.75Valley Catholic      
6.3Anna Holt11-07.00St. Pius X      
6.-Mira Eagon11-07.00St. Clare      
8.-Emma Kluegel11-02.00The Madeleine      
9.-Elliana Beberness11-01.25Our Lady of the Lake      
9.4Saxton Miller11-01.25Our Lady of the Lake      
11.-Zoe Zurasky10-11.00Our Lady of the Lake      
11.4Hayley Harrison10-11.00All Saints      
13.4Sarah Bader10-09.50The Madeleine      
13.3Claire Bass10-09.50St. Ignatius      
15.4Madison McClellan10-09.25St. Anthony      
16.4Izabella Klosterman10-08.75The Madeleine      
16.4Catherine Edmonson10-08.75Holy Trinity      
18.3Stephanie Niebergall10-07.75St. Pius X      
19.3Kamryn J Jones10-07.00St. Matthew      
20.-Alyssa Castro10-06.00St. Clare      
20.4Luciana Lenth10-06.00St. John Fisher      
22.3Adrienne Foster10-04.50West Hills Christian      
23.4Abigail E Hill10-04.25St. John the Apostle      
23.-Nicole Posner10-04.25St. Thomas More      
25.3Elisabeth College10-04.00The Madeleine      
26.-Kayla Rae10-03.50St. Thomas More      
26.4Rebecca St Mary10-03.50Our Lady of Lourdes      
28.4Amber Co10-03.00Valley Catholic      
29.-Mia Radostitz10-00.50St. Thomas More      
30.4Emily Sanchez10-00.00St. Anthony      
31.3Emma Olson9-11.00Valley Catholic      
31.-Emily Niebergall9-11.00All Saints      
31.-Polly Fitzgerald9-11.00St. John Fisher      
31.4Erin Gates9-11.00St. Matthew      
35.4Audrey Chu9-10.50Holy Trinity      
36.3Antoinette Guasco9-10.00Christ the King      
36.-Emily Eddy9-10.00St. John Fisher      
38.3Addison Green9-09.50St. Pius X      
39.4Alice Welch9-09.00West Hills Christian      
40.-Audrey Hoppes9-08.75St. Clare      
41.3Aleia Boyanovsky9-08.50West Hills Christian      
42.4Quinn Gilroy9-08.00Holy Family      
43.-Lauren Koll9-07.50St. John Fisher      
44.4Summer Gaines9-07.00Franciscan Montessor...      
45.3Emma Rovang9-06.75St. John the Apostle      
46.4Kelly Jung9-06.50Our Lady of Lourdes      
46.4Payton Shaffer9-06.50St. John the Apostle      
46.3Nedya Sawan9-06.50St. Pius X      
49.3Kalei Carter9-06.25Christ the King      
49.4Regan Smith9-06.25Our Lady of Lourdes      
49.4Grace Mathews9-06.25St. Pius X      
52.4Rose Nicholl9-05.50St. Ignatius      
53.4Mollie Doyle9-05.25Our Lady of Lourdes      
54.-Kaitlyn Stankye9-03.25St. Joseph Catholic      
54.3Grace Ridgeway9-03.25Franciscan Montessor...      
56.4Heidi Habeck9-03.00West Hills Christian      
57.3Betsy MacMillan9-02.50Our Lady of the Lake      
58.3Kylie Griffin9-02.00St. John the Apostle      
58.3Marbella Polvorosa9-02.00Franciscan Montessor...      
58.4Margaret Smith9-02.00Holy Trinity      
61.4Ella Brucker9-01.75The Madeleine      
62.3Lucy Balish9-01.50St. John Fisher      
63.3Channin Hall9-01.25Cathedral      
64.-Madeline Cooney9-00.50Cathedral      
65.-Lucy Akenson8-11.25West Hills Christian      
66.3Charlotte Hill8-10.50St. John the Apostle      
67.3Karli Mink8-10.00St. John Fisher      
68.-Elizabeth Wirth8-09.50West Hills Christian      
69.-Olivia Digiulio8-09.00St. Clare      
69.3Nadia Khan8-09.00Our Lady of Lourdes      
71.-Kayden Logan8-08.50The Madeleine      
72.3Abbey Riddle8-08.00St. Thomas More      
73.-Marie Agostinelli8-07.75Valley Catholic      
74.4Amy Menendez8-07.50St. John Fisher      
74.-Aliyah Wolf8-07.50The Madeleine      
76.4Emerald Kan8-07.00Holy Trinity      
77.-Madeline Morris8-06.75St. Ignatius      
78.4Elizabeth Donnelly8-06.00Our Lady of the Lake      
78.3Natalie Sharp8-06.00Holy Family      
80.3Sarah Ruckwardt8-05.50St. John Fisher      
81.-Jaiden McClellan8-05.25St. Anthony      
81.4Ellie Wiley8-05.25St. Pius X      
83.3Grace Sherman8-05.00Our Lady of Lourdes      
84.4Tavia Roache8-04.50The Madeleine      
85.4Clare Kennedy8-04.00St. Pius X      
85.3Sarah Lewis8-04.00Our Lady of the Lake      
87.3Megan Lamey8-03.25St. Joseph Catholic      
87.-Katelyn Bailey8-03.25Damascus Christian CYO      
89.3Ava David8-03.00Our Lady of the Lake      
89.3Helen Ratcliff8-03.00Franciscan Montessor...      
91.4Kaley Carpenter8-02.75West Hills Christian      
91.-Tillie Stoner8-02.75The Madeleine      
91.3Veronica Mork8-02.75The Madeleine      
94.3Allie Watson8-02.50All Saints      
95.3Lucy Sherman8-02.00Our Lady of Lourdes      
95.-Olivia Keepes8-02.00Holy Family      
97.-Evelyn Abel8-01.50St. John Fisher      
97.-Katlyn Neal8-01.50Cathedral      
97.-Haley Vick8-01.50St. Joseph Catholic      
97.4Chandra Hall8-01.50Cathedral      
101.-Emily Austin8-01.25St. John Fisher      
102.4Bridget Lannigan8-01.00St. Ignatius      
103.4Makayla Vu8-00.00St. Ignatius      
103.-Lilly Hoffarth8-00.00St. Anthony      
105.4Grace Merrick7-11.75St. Pius X      
106.3Mia Middleton7-11.50Holy Trinity      
106.3Sophia Fischer7-11.50Valley Catholic      
106.4Sierra Loiselle7-11.50West Hills Christian      
106.-Emma Wetsel7-11.50St. Thomas More      
110.3Chloe May7-11.25St. Ignatius      
111.3Amelia Burge7-11.00Our Lady of the Lake      
112.4Delia McGrath7-10.75Christ the King      
113.-Hannah LaVeine7-10.50Valley Catholic      
113.-Catherine Myerson7-10.50St. Anthony      
115.-Ellie Simmons7-10.00St. Ignatius      
115.4Payton Bush7-10.00Cathedral      
117.3Katelyn Volchok7-09.75St. Pius X      
118.-Madelaine Seyer7-09.25St. John the Apostle      
119.3Caroline ODonnell7-09.00Holy Trinity      
120.3Jamie Hartnell7-08.50All Saints      
121.-Hannah Stream7-08.00Valley Catholic      
121.4Eva Lammers7-08.00West Hills Christian      
123.-Samantha Goodman7-06.75St. Thomas More      
124.-Jenna Willis7-06.50West Hills Christian      
124.4Sophie Glad7-06.50West Hills Christian      
126.3Sydney Clark7-06.00St. Joseph Catholic      
127.3Elizabeth Barkhurst7-05.25Holy Trinity      
128.4Emily Clare7-05.00St. Pius X      
128.3Casey Zike7-05.00Our Lady of Lourdes      
130.3Emma Dowling7-04.25Franciscan Montessor...      
131.3Katie Weaver7-04.00Christ the King      
132.4Olana Bataluna7-03.00West Hills Christian      
133.4Mary Taylor7-02.25St. John Fisher      
134.4Madelyn Pringle7-02.00West Hills Christian      
135.4Claire Kirn7-01.50Our Lady of Lourdes      
135.3Natalie Bartels7-01.50Holy Trinity      
135.4Grace Kaminski7-01.50St. John the Apostle      
138.-Isabel Clark7-01.00Pacific Crest Academy      
139.4Julia Luty7-00.00St. John the Apostle      
139.3Kayla Vandecoevering7-00.00Holy Trinity      
139.3Natalie Lerma7-00.00St. Thomas More      
139.-Lucy Meneghello7-00.00St. John Fisher      
139.-Jordyn Mummey7-00.00St. Ignatius      
144.4Vanessa Theumer6-11.50St. Joseph Catholic      
145.-Isabella Maffei6-10.75The Madeleine      
145.3Teja Murphy6-10.75St. Thomas More      
147.3Trinity Baumgartner6-10.50Valley Catholic      
147.3Mollie Kuffner6-10.50Christ the King      
147.-Paytyn Williams6-10.50St. Joseph Catholic      
150.3Coralee Thomas6-10.00Our Lady of Lourdes      
151.3Madeline Craven6-09.00Our Lady of the Lake      
152.4Margaret Feduccia6-07.00Holy Trinity      
153.-Claire Laubacher6-06.00The Madeleine      
153.4Stella Regali6-06.00St. John Fisher      
155.-Lauren Goodno6-05.75Valley Catholic      
156.4Natalie Brown6-04.50West Hills Christian      
157.3Hannah Roy6-03.25All Saints      
158.3Camerson Irish6-02.25Christ the King      
159.4Grace Fulfer6-02.00Our Lady of Lourdes      
160.3Cristina Tassia6-01.75Holy Trinity      
161.-Allison Vermilya6-01.00St. Thomas More      
162.3Katerina Roman6-00.00St. Anthony      
163.-Pyper Lehman5-11.50The Madeleine      
164.-Emma Valderrama5-05.75Our Lady of the Lake      
165.-Sophia Ameripour5-05.50St. John the Apostle      
166.4Camille Johnson5-03.00Our Lady of Lourdes      
167.3Annalisa Seeger5-02.25Holy Trinity      
168.3Elizabeth Flumo3-09.00Holy Trinity      
-Piper Harvey-02.00St. Clare      
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