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CYO Developmental Meet 1B

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Century HS, Hillsboro

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Jaima Halliburton12.5hHoly Trinity
2.-Juan-Pablo Rivera12.8hHoly Trinity
3.-Benjamin Smith12.8hWest Hills Christian
4.-Nicholas Thomson12.8hValley Catholic
5.-Devin Hill13.0hSt. Clare
6.-Richand Yung13.1hSt. Thomas More
7.-Jordan Wilkie13.1hSt. Clare
8.7Zachary Caballero13.7hValley Catholic
9.-Cameron Bremner13.8hHoly Trinity
10.-Nate Howard13.9hHoly Trinity
11.-Chase Burnham13.9hSt. Clare
12.-Benjamin Colley13.9hValley Catholic
13.-Kevin Boehnlein14.0hSt. Thomas More
14.-Kyle Paxson14.2hValley Catholic
15.-Michael Hamilton14.4hHoly Trinity
16.-Alex Jones14.7hHoly Trinity
17.-Santo Cordorelli14.9hSt. Clare
18.-Ryan Brady15.0hHoly Trinity
19.-Dominic Baldocchi15.0hHoly Trinity
20.-Andrew Sloop15.1hWest Hills Christian
21.-Joseph Blair15.3hSt. Matthew
22.-Arthur Chan15.5hHoly Trinity
23.-Jerry Lux15.9hSt. Matthew
24.-Jacob Freitas16.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
25.-Zuhair Parvez18.2hValley Catholic
26.-Kevin Vanderzanden18.8hSt. Francis/Visitation
27.-Patrick Combine20.0hHoly Trinity
28.-Kyle Sweeney20.4hValley Catholic
X 100 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Joseph Alfieri14.0hValley Catholic
2.-Grant Robertson14.1hHoly Trinity
3.-Nate Ostmo14.2hCathedral
4.-Derek Reed14.5hHoly Trinity
5.-David Soo14.7hWest Hills Christian
6.-Landon Inman14.8hWest Hills Christian
7.-Garret Scheckla14.9hHoly Trinity
8.-George Kingsley14.9hWest Hills Christian
9.-Sam Teague15.0hHoly Trinity
10.-Eric Soo15.0hWest Hills Christian
11.-Drake Desrosiers15.4hHoly Trinity
12.-Roark Beisel15.8hSt. Clare
13.-Duncan Stewart15.9hSt. Francis/Visitation
14.-Joshua Krieger16.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
15.-Peter Haslach16.2hCathedral
16.-Duncan Brewster16.3hWest Hills Christian
17.-Blake Russ16.6hHoly Trinity
18.-Josef Marquardt16.7hSt. Francis/Visitation
19.-John Madden17.0hSt. Thomas More
20.-Jereme Wilkie17.1hSt. Clare
21.-Nicholas Miller17.3hCathedral
22.-Sean Balsiger17.3hWest Hills Christian
23.11Chris Conradt17.4hHoly Trinity
24.-Scott Lepschat17.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
25.-Nicholas Smith17.4hHoly Trinity
26.-Trevor Vandecoevering17.6hSt. Francis/Visitation
27.-Jonathan Kim17.8hWest Hills Christian
28.-Drew Cannon18.3hSt. Clare
29.-Brock Luthi18.6hSt. Thomas More
30.-Andrew Shaw19.8hHoly Trinity
31.-Jackson Kravetz20.1hHoly Trinity
32.-Zachariah Connor20.4hSt. Matthew
X 100 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Jamiah Shirley14.9hSt. Clare
2.4Cameron Isaac15.1hHoly Trinity
3.-Luke Hamper15.3hHoly Trinity
4.3Matthew Lang15.5hSt. Thomas More
5.-Mario Sarich15.7hCathedral
6.5Nicho Turina15.9hSt. Thomas More
7.5Carson Little15.9hWest Hills Christian
8.-Harrison Turlington15.9hCathedral
9.4Michael Alfieri16.0hValley Catholic
10.-Calvin Hood16.0hCathedral
11.-Joshua Trout16.3hWest Hills Christian
12.3Tim Malueg16.4hSt. Clare
13.3Jacob Leonard16.4hHoly Trinity
13.9Nolan Ostmo16.4hCathedral
13.-Jordan Acree16.4hCathedral
16.-James Baele16.6hHoly Trinity
17.3John Walsh16.7hSt. Matthew
18.-Ryan Leahy16.9hCathedral
19.-Sage Yamamoto17.0hCathedral
20.-Christopher Tennant17.1hCathedral
21.-Kieran Halewyn17.1hHoly Trinity
22.-Coleby Vali17.2hCathedral
23.-Bryan Gilmore17.2hSt. Clare
24.-Aiden White17.3hSt. Clare
25.-Colby Bullard17.5hCathedral
26.-Nathanael Wessels17.6hSt. Francis/Visitation
27.-Jack Chimenti17.6hHoly Trinity
28.-Martin Medeiros17.8hHoly Trinity
29.-Garrett Stewart17.9hSt. Francis/Visitation
29.-Matthew Tennant17.9hCathedral
31.-Kyle Garcia18.0hValley Catholic
32.4Joseph Kiefer18.0hValley Catholic
33.-Michael Heffernan18.0hHoly Trinity
34.-Vishal Vanka18.0hValley Catholic
35.-Riley Stewart18.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
36.-Taeke Tamsma18.1hCathedral
37.-Tanner Vandecoevering18.2hSt. Francis/Visitation
38.-Patrick Connor18.2hSt. Matthew
39.-Michael Gianola18.3hSt. Clare
40.-Nathanael Captein18.4hWest Hills Christian
41.-Jack Marquard18.5hSt. Clare
42.-Hunter Gillis18.5hWest Hills Christian
43.-Mack Hisatomi18.5hCathedral
43.-Zack Pelster18.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
45.-Conner Nelson18.6hCathedral
46.-Nicholas Esquibel18.7hHoly Trinity
47.-Nathan Oekerman18.7hSt. Thomas More
48.4Mitch Glad18.7hWest Hills Christian
49.-Andrew John Valentine18.9hCathedral
50.-Sam Crispin19.0hCathedral
51.-Andrew Rilatt19.0hHoly Trinity
52.-Henry Joyce19.4hCathedral
53.-Luke Cleve19.4hWest Hills Christian
54.3Logan McIntyre19.6hHoly Trinity
55.-Jackson Smith19.6hSt. Matthew
56.-Parker Johnstone19.7hWest Hills Christian
57.-Tristan Gutbezahl20.5hCathedral
58.-Andre's Vega20.7hHoly Trinity
59.-Duane Peters20.9hHoly Trinity
60.-Zachary Bishop22.4hWest Hills Christian
X 200 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Jaima Halliburton26.8hHoly Trinity
2.-Juan-Pablo Rivera27.4hHoly Trinity
3.-Richand Yung27.7hSt. Thomas More
4.-Cameron Bremner28.9hHoly Trinity
5.-Kevin Boehnlein29.3hSt. Thomas More
6.-Benjamin Colley29.8hValley Catholic
7.-Zachary Kotel30.6hWest Hills Christian
8.-James Murphy32.4hSt. Thomas More
9.-Ryan Brady32.7hHoly Trinity
10.-Arthur Chan33.6hHoly Trinity
11.-Jacob Freitas38.2hSt. Francis/Visitation
12.-Kevin Vanderzanden46.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 200 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Joseph Alfieri28.4hValley Catholic
2.-Samuel Remington29.5hWest Hills Christian
3.-Grant Robertson30.6hHoly Trinity
4.-Sam Teague30.7hHoly Trinity
5.-Nate Ostmo30.8hCathedral
6.-Landon Inman31.2hWest Hills Christian
7.-Joshua Krieger35.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
8.-Nicholas Miller35.6hCathedral
9.-Jereme Wilkie36.2hSt. Clare
10.-Gus Vranizan36.4hCathedral
11.-Sean Balsiger36.6hWest Hills Christian
12.-Scott Lepschat38.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
13.-Drew Cannon38.1hSt. Clare
14.-Brock Luthi38.3hSt. Thomas More
15.-James Harris38.4hSt. Matthew
X 200 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Cameron Isaac32.6hHoly Trinity
2.-Blake Strandberg34.1hWest Hills Christian
3.9Nolan Ostmo34.4hCathedral
4.-Jacob Bingham34.7hWest Hills Christian
5.3Jacob Leonard34.8hHoly Trinity
6.-Drew Ligman34.8hCathedral
7.-Harrison Turlington34.9hCathedral
8.-Simon Cooney35.3hCathedral
9.-Carson Cohn37.4hCathedral
10.3John Walsh37.5hSt. Matthew
11.-Patrick Connor38.1hSt. Matthew
12.-Nathanael Wessels38.6hSt. Francis/Visitation
13.4Michael Alfieri38.8hValley Catholic
14.4Sterling Roberts38.8hWest Hills Christian
15.-Luke Hamper39.1hHoly Trinity
16.-Ryan Leahy39.2hCathedral
17.-Colby Bullard39.7hCathedral
18.-Peter Burpee40.1hCathedral
19.-Sage Yamamoto40.9hCathedral
20.-Nathanael Captein40.9hWest Hills Christian
21.-Martin Medeiros41.0hHoly Trinity
22.-Conner Nelson41.0hCathedral
23.-Matthew Tennant41.2hCathedral
24.-Thomas Remington42.0hWest Hills Christian
25.-Henry Joyce42.1hCathedral
26.-Taeke Tamsma42.1hCathedral
27.-Parker Johnstone42.9hWest Hills Christian
28.-Mack Hisatomi43.3hCathedral
29.-Riley Stewart43.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
30.-Sam Crispin43.5hCathedral
31.-Garrett Stewart43.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
32.-Louis Kallgren44.2hCathedral
33.-Eliot Johnson45.1hCathedral
34.-Michael Heffernan45.3hHoly Trinity
X 400 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Blaine Morgan1:01.6hHoly Trinity
2.-Jaima Halliburton1:02.2hHoly Trinity
3.-Chase Burnham1:02.8hSt. Clare
4.-Kevin Kavanaugh1:03.9hCathedral
5.-Thomas Remington1:04.3hWest Hills Christian
6.-Nate Howard1:04.8hHoly Trinity
7.-Nathaniel Brown1:06.0hHoly Trinity
8.-Marcus Yoo1:08.9hCathedral
9.-Matthew Duffy1:10.5hCathedral
10.-Uzair Sheikh1:14.3hCathedral
11.-Danny Dooney1:16.6hSt. Thomas More
12.-Santo Cordorelli1:22.7hSt. Clare
13.-Andrew Folino1:35.4hHoly Trinity
X 400 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Joseph Alfieri1:04.3hValley Catholic
2.-Samuel Remington1:07.3hWest Hills Christian
3.-David Soo1:11.2hWest Hills Christian
4.-Jerad Steward1:12.1hWest Hills Christian
5.-Sam Teague1:12.5hHoly Trinity
6.-George Kingsley1:13.0hWest Hills Christian
7.5Sam Truax1:13.5hHoly Trinity
8.-Nicolas Porcelli1:16.0hCathedral
9.-Duncan Brewster1:17.0hWest Hills Christian
10.-Eric Soo1:17.2hWest Hills Christian
11.-Benjamin Kawasaki1:19.1hHoly Trinity
12.-Derek Reed1:20.1hHoly Trinity
13.-Jack O'Hollaren1:22.1hCathedral
14.-Alexandre Wuilloud1:24.1hCathedral
15.-John Mateer1:24.6hHoly Trinity
16.-Nicholas Smith1:24.8hHoly Trinity
17.-Robert Tennant1:26.0hCathedral
18.-Gabriel Schafman1:26.4hHoly Trinity
19.11Chris Conradt1:27.3hHoly Trinity
20.-Drew Cannon1:28.1hSt. Clare
21.-Jackson Kravetz1:34.0hHoly Trinity
22.-James Harris1:35.1hSt. Matthew
23.-Zachariah Connor1:42.9hSt. Matthew
X 400 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Jamiah Shirley1:15.8hSt. Clare
2.5Alex Conradt1:16.5hHoly Trinity
3.4Michael Alfieri1:17.1hValley Catholic
4.-Simon Cooney1:17.3hCathedral
4.-Jacob Bingham1:17.3hWest Hills Christian
6.3Cameron Parker1:17.4hHoly Trinity
7.-Christopher Tennant1:17.5hCathedral
8.-Mario Sarich1:17.6hCathedral
9.-Blake Strandberg1:18.1hWest Hills Christian
10.-Drew Ligman1:18.7hCathedral
11.-Tyler O'Donnell1:18.9hCathedral
12.5Pierce Miller1:19.7hWest Hills Christian
13.-Kevin McCarthy1:19.8hHoly Trinity
14.-Jack Chimenti1:21.1hHoly Trinity
15.-William Holland1:21.4hSt. Thomas More
16.-Calvin Hood1:22.6hCathedral
17.-Coleby Vali1:24.1hCathedral
18.-Carson Cohn1:24.5hCathedral
19.3Alan Wild1:25.0hHoly Trinity
20.4Patrick Maloney1:25.4hSt. Matthew
21.-James Baele1:26.2hHoly Trinity
22.4Joseph Kiefer1:26.6hValley Catholic
23.4Sterling Roberts1:26.7hWest Hills Christian
24.-Christopher Burpee1:26.9hCathedral
25.-Jordan Acree1:28.0hCathedral
26.-Aiden White1:28.7hSt. Clare
27.-Andrew John Valentine1:29.3hCathedral
28.-Kieran Halewyn1:38.1hHoly Trinity
29.-Vishal Vanka1:39.9hValley Catholic
30.-Parker Johnstone1:40.4hWest Hills Christian
31.-Nathanael Captein1:40.9hWest Hills Christian
32.-Eliot Johnson1:44.5hCathedral
X 800 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.8Kirk Gulliver2:23.9hSt. Thomas More
2.-Nathaniel Brown2:24.6hHoly Trinity
3.-Kevin Kavanaugh2:25.6hCathedral
4.-Samuel Penner2:33.5hWest Hills Christian
5.8Connor Garcia2:43.1hValley Catholic
6.-Nathan Love2:57.7hWest Hills Christian
7.-Alex Jones3:07.5hHoly Trinity
8.-Jacob Freitas3:16.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
9.-Kevin Vanderzanden3:43.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
10.-Andrew Folino3:48.4hHoly Trinity
X 800 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.5Sam Truax2:42.5hHoly Trinity
2.-Joshua Tsen2:43.4hWest Hills Christian
3.-Ryan Krostag2:45.5hWest Hills Christian
4.-John Duffy2:48.8hCathedral
5.-Nicolas Porcelli2:58.9hCathedral
6.-Duncan Brewster3:03.5hWest Hills Christian
7.-Benjamin Kawasaki3:03.9hHoly Trinity
8.-Jason Rae3:07.4hCathedral
9.-John Mateer3:12.6hHoly Trinity
10.-Curtis Merk3:13.5hCathedral
11.-Robert Tennant3:25.9hCathedral
12.-Benjamin Love3:31.1hWest Hills Christian
X 800 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Truman Rae2:53.1hCathedral
2.-Tyler O'Donnell2:53.3hCathedral
3.-Jamiah Shirley3:00.1hSt. Clare
4.3Cameron Parker3:04.7hHoly Trinity
5.5Pierce Miller3:05.3hWest Hills Christian
6.-Jack Chimenti3:10.4hHoly Trinity
7.5Alex Conradt3:10.6hHoly Trinity
8.5Carson Little3:10.8hWest Hills Christian
9.-Christopher Burpee3:16.6hCathedral
10.-Derek Echevarria3:18.6hHoly Trinity
11.4Joseph Kiefer3:19.7hValley Catholic
12.-Thomas Remington3:30.0hWest Hills Christian
13.-Joshua Longacre3:30.3hWest Hills Christian
X 1500 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.8Kirk Gulliver4:59.2hSt. Thomas More
2.-Nathaniel Brown4:59.5hHoly Trinity
3.-Ryan England5:18.2hSt. Matthew
4.8Connor Garcia5:30.0hValley Catholic
5.-Aidan McLeod5:39.2hSt. Thomas More
6.-Christopher Turina5:46.7hSt. Thomas More
7.8Anthony Alfieri6:05.5hValley Catholic
8.-James Murphy6:23.6hSt. Thomas More
9.-Douglas Corpron6:26.6hSt. Thomas More
10.7Armand Rabii6:31.0hValley Catholic
11.-Ben Stager7:04.8hValley Catholic
X 1500 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.5Sam Truax5:24.6hHoly Trinity
2.-Jake Ryan5:59.0hCathedral
3.-Jason Rae6:11.7hCathedral
4.-Adam Jasmin6:31.6hWest Hills Christian
5.-David Baglai6:32.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
6.-Curtis Merk6:33.4hCathedral
7.-Duncan Stewart6:35.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
8.-Evan Harrison6:40.4hWest Hills Christian
9.-Benjamin Love6:41.0hWest Hills Christian
10.-Jamison Cozart6:44.4hHoly Trinity
11.-Colton Squire6:48.2hWest Hills Christian
12.-Grant Shearer6:56.5hWest Hills Christian
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Truman Rae5:37.3hCathedral
2.3Alan Wild5:54.1hHoly Trinity
3.-Aiden White6:12.1hSt. Clare
4.5Nicho Turina6:14.1hSt. Thomas More
5.-Derek Echevarria6:22.7hHoly Trinity
6.4Patrick Maloney6:47.2hSt. Matthew
7.-Joshua Longacre7:16.5hWest Hills Christian
X 3000 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Dan Oekerman10:48.4hSt. Thomas More
2.8Andy Holstrom11:07.3hValley Catholic
3.8Connor Garcia11:08.1hValley Catholic
4.-Blaine Morgan11:32.2hHoly Trinity
5.-Nathan Love12:13.7hWest Hills Christian
6.-Bryson Peters12:41.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
7.-Nathan Smith13:46.6hWest Hills Christian
8.-Andrew Sloop14:42.2hWest Hills Christian
X 3000 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Jake Ryan11:56.4hCathedral
2.-Taylor England12:50.2hSt. Matthew
X 4x60 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Martin Medeiros
Jacob Leonard
Jack Chimenti
James Baele
41.1hHoly Trinity
2.-Nathanael Wessels
Tanner Vandecoevering
Garrett Stewart
Riley Stewart
42.9hSt. Francis/Visitation
3.-Hunter Gillis
Jacob Captein
Joshua Longacre
Mitch Glad
43.9hWest Hills Christian
4.-John Walsh
Patrick Maloney
Jackson Smith
Patrick Connor
44.2hSt. Matthew
5.-Louis Kallgren
Jack Marrs
Carson Cohn
Sage Yamamoto
6.-Mack Hisatomi
Taeke Tamsma
Ryan Leahy
Tristan Gutbezahl
7.-Luke Cleve
Parker Consolo
Ryan Godaert
Conner Crist
45.4hWest Hills Christian
8.-Michael Heffernan
Nicholas Esquibel
Andre's Vega
Duane Peters
48.6hHoly Trinity
X 4x100 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Anthony Consolo
Samuel Penner
Benjamin Smith
Zachary Steward
52.8hWest Hills Christian
2.-Juan-Pablo Rivera
Jaima Halliburton
Cameron Bremner
Michael Hamilton
53.3hHoly Trinity
3.-Relay Team 54.8hSt. Clare
4.-Ben Stager
Zachary Holden
Zachary Caballero
Nicholas Thomson
54.8hValley Catholic
5.-Richand Yung
Dan Oekerman
Danny Dooney
Kirk Gulliver
57.1hSt. Thomas More
6.-Relay Team 58.4hSt. Matthew
6.-Matthias Gorman
Ryan Brady
Nate Howard
Alex Jones
58.4hHoly Trinity
8.-Matthew Duffy
Kevin Kavanaugh
Uzair Sheikh
Marcus Yoo
X 4x100 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Sam Teague
Grant Robertson
Derek Reed
Sam Truax
59.1hHoly Trinity
2.-Benjamin Kawasaki
Harrison Reed
Garret Scheckla
Blake Russ
1:05.5hHoly Trinity
3.-Trevor Vandecoevering
Scott Lepschat
Joshua Krieger
Duncan Stewart
1:09.8hSt. Francis/Visitation
---John Duffy
Patrick O'Brien
Nate Ostmo
Gus Vranizan
---Samuel Remington
George Kingsley
Landon Inman
Jerad Steward
DQWest Hills Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:00.1hSt. Clare
2.-Alex Conradt
Alan Wild
Kevin McCarthy
Cameron Parker
1:07.4hHoly Trinity
3.-Jacob Bingham
Carson Little
Blake Strandberg
Joshua Trout
1:08.9hWest Hills Christian
4.-Christopher Burpee
Peter Burpee
Simon Cooney
Nolan Ostmo
5.-Jordan Acree
Calvin Hood
Mario Sarich
Christopher Tennant
6.-Relay Team 1:10.0hSt. Thomas More
7.-Parker Consolo
Pierce Miller
Thomas Remington
Sterling Roberts
1:10.5hWest Hills Christian
8.-Relay Team 1:12.8hValley Catholic
9.-Relay Team 1:17.6hCathedral
X 4x400 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:22.0hSt. Thomas More
2.-Zachary Holden
Shane Richards
Joseph Alfieri
Andy Holstrom
4:22.6hValley Catholic
X 4x400 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Duncan Brewster
Ryan Krostag
Joshua Tsen
Eric Soo
5:06.6hWest Hills Christian
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cubs - Finals
1.-Ryan Krostag32-00.00West Hills Christian
2.-Trevor Vandecoevering27-04.00St. Francis/Visitation
3.-Josef Marquardt26-04.50St. Francis/Visitation
4.-Grant Shearer25-06.50West Hills Christian
5.-Robert Tennant24-04.75Cathedral
6.-Nicholas Miller24-00.00Cathedral
7.-Joshua Krieger23-00.50St. Francis/Visitation
8.-Evan Harrison22-08.75West Hills Christian
9.-Alexandre Wuilloud22-07.00Cathedral
10.-Eric Soo22-01.50West Hills Christian
11.-Peter Haslach21-00.00Cathedral
12.-David Ries20-01.50Holy Trinity
13.-Andrew Shaw20-00.00Holy Trinity
13.-Adam Jasmin20-00.00West Hills Christian
15.-Blake Russ18-10.50Holy Trinity
16.-Jamison Cozart18-05.00Holy Trinity
17.-Colton Squire17-11.00West Hills Christian
18.-Curtis Merk15-09.75Cathedral
---Harrison ReedNDHoly Trinity
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Conner Crist24-09.00West Hills Christian
2.-Coleby Vali22-09.00Cathedral
3.5Carson Little20-07.00West Hills Christian
4.-Luke Cleve20-06.25West Hills Christian
5.-Mario Sarich18-07.50Cathedral
6.-Bryan Gilmore17-08.50St. Clare
7.-Joshua Trout17-08.00West Hills Christian
8.-Hunter Gillis16-04.50West Hills Christian
9.-Jacob Captein16-01.00West Hills Christian
10.-Michael Heffernan14-08.00Holy Trinity
11.3Tim Malueg13-08.00St. Clare
12.4Mitch Glad13-04.50West Hills Christian
13.-Tristan Gutbezahl13-01.00Cathedral
14.-Ryan Godaert12-06.50West Hills Christian
15.-Duane Peters12-03.75Holy Trinity
16.-Jackson Smith11-03.50St. Matthew
X Shot Put - 8lb - Cadets - Finals
1.-Jordan Wilkie37-05.50St. Clare
2.-Zachary Steward31-03.50West Hills Christian
3.-Zachary Kotel30-00.50West Hills Christian
4.-Dominic Baldocchi28-09.50Holy Trinity
5.-Nicholas Thomson28-08.50Valley Catholic
6.-Kyle Paxson27-09.50Valley Catholic
7.-Aaron Altman26-09.50Valley Catholic
8.-Benjamin Hamlin24-01.50West Hills Christian
9.-Patrick Combine17-10.50Holy Trinity
10.7Armand Rabii16-02.50Valley Catholic
11.-Kyle Sweeney13-11.50Valley Catholic
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadets - Finals
1.-Devin Hill132-02St. Clare
2.-Matthias Gorman112-04Holy Trinity
3.-Zachary Steward105-08West Hills Christian
4.-Dominic Baldocchi93-04Holy Trinity
5.-Douglas Corpron90-00St. Thomas More
6.-Alex Jones89-03Holy Trinity
7.-Michael Hamilton87-08Holy Trinity
7.-Samuel Penner87-08West Hills Christian
9.-Cameron Bremner86-09Holy Trinity
10.-Andrew Sloop76-10West Hills Christian
11.-Mathew England59-04St. Matthew
12.-Santo Cordorelli57-03St. Clare
13.-Zachary Kotel55-06West Hills Christian
14.-Benjamin Hamlin54-06West Hills Christian
15.-Patrick Combine47-09Holy Trinity
16.-Kyle Sweeney38-07Valley Catholic
17.-Andrew Folino28-03Holy Trinity
18.-Zuhair Parvez24-02Valley Catholic
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cubs - Finals
1.-Jake Ryan115-08Cathedral
2.-Ryan Krostag97-08West Hills Christian
3.-Grant Shearer93-00West Hills Christian
4.-Nate Ostmo93-00Cathedral
5.-Alexandre Wuilloud84-06Cathedral
6.-Josef Marquardt79-08St. Francis/Visitation
7.-David Soo77-05West Hills Christian
8.-Nicolas Porcelli76-09Cathedral
9.-Trevor Vandecoevering75-07St. Francis/Visitation
10.-John Duffy69-01Cathedral
11.-David Baglai68-07St. Francis/Visitation
12.-Andrew Shaw66-11Holy Trinity
13.-Harrison Reed64-05Holy Trinity
14.-David Ries64-01Holy Trinity
15.-Blake Russ62-04Holy Trinity
16.-Garret Scheckla60-05Holy Trinity
17.-Jamison Cozart60-04Holy Trinity
18.-Robert Tennant58-11Cathedral
19.-Drake Desrosiers58-01Holy Trinity
20.-Colton Squire57-03West Hills Christian
21.-James Harris56-02St. Matthew
22.-Adam Jasmin54-04West Hills Christian
23.-Gabriel Schafman51-04Holy Trinity
24.-Brock Luthi46-03St. Thomas More
25.-Ryan England39-10St. Matthew
26.-Benjamin Love39-03West Hills Christian
27.-Zachariah Connor27-07St. Matthew
28.-John Madden27-06St. Thomas More
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunners - Finals
1.5Nicho Turina77-03St. Thomas More
2.-Tyler O'Donnell75-09Cathedral
3.-Conner Crist66-00West Hills Christian
4.-Sam Crispin59-09Cathedral
5.3Jacob Leonard56-01Holy Trinity
6.-Nathan Oekerman55-09St. Thomas More
7.-Peter Burpee54-10Cathedral
8.-Joshua Trout53-02West Hills Christian
9.-Thomas Remington52-02West Hills Christian
10.-Matthew Tennant51-00Cathedral
11.-Jordan Acree50-06Cathedral
12.-Patrick Connor50-00St. Matthew
13.-Luke Hamper49-10Holy Trinity
14.-Henry Joyce49-07Cathedral
15.4Mitch Glad48-06West Hills Christian
16.-Derek Echevarria47-09Holy Trinity
17.-Eliot Johnson47-06Cathedral
18.-Louis Kallgren47-05Cathedral
19.-Vishal Vanka46-05Valley Catholic
20.-Zack Pelster43-08St. Francis/Visitation
21.-James Baele43-07Holy Trinity
22.-Martin Medeiros41-02Holy Trinity
23.-Zachary Bishop40-09West Hills Christian
24.-Tanner Vandecoevering40-08St. Francis/Visitation
25.-Tristan Gutbezahl40-00Cathedral
26.-Kyle Garcia33-10Valley Catholic
27.-Coleby Vali31-08Cathedral
28.-Kieran Halewyn26-11Holy Trinity
29.-Andrew Rilatt26-05Holy Trinity
30.-Andre's Vega22-08Holy Trinity
31.-Ryan Godaert21-07West Hills Christian
32.3Logan McIntyre18-06Holy Trinity
---Simon CooneyNDCathedral
---Duane PetersNDHoly Trinity
---Andrew John ValentineNDCathedral
X High Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Benjamin Smith5-02.00West Hills Christian
2.-Marcus Yoo4-11.00Cathedral
3.-Ryan England4-09.00St. Matthew
4.-Jackson Handkins4-07.00Cathedral
5.-Jordan Wilkie4-06.00St. Clare
6.-Samuel Penner4-05.00West Hills Christian
X High Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-George Kingsley4-06.00West Hills Christian
2.-Jerad Steward4-05.00West Hills Christian
3.-Jake Ryan4-00.00Cathedral
4.-Jack O'Hollaren3-10.00Cathedral
X Long Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Devin Hill14-08.75St. Clare
2.-Jackson Handkins14-06.50Cathedral
3.-Marcus Yoo13-10.75Cathedral
4.-Ryan England13-10.25St. Matthew
5.-Kyle Paxson13-09.75Valley Catholic
6.8Andy Holstrom13-09.50Valley Catholic
7.7Shane Richards13-07.50Valley Catholic
8.-Juan-Pablo Rivera13-05.50Holy Trinity
9.-Bryson Peters13-04.25St. Francis/Visitation
10.-Aidan McLeod13-03.00St. Thomas More
11.-Matthias Gorman12-09.25Holy Trinity
12.-Mathew England12-03.75St. Matthew
13.7Zachary Caballero11-10.75Valley Catholic
14.-Arthur Chan11-07.75Holy Trinity
15.-Matthew Duffy11-04.75Cathedral
16.-Joseph Blair11-03.50St. Matthew
17.-Uzair Sheikh10-07.00Cathedral
18.7Zachary Holden10-06.25Valley Catholic
19.-Jerry Lux10-04.75St. Matthew
20.-Ryan Brady10-03.75Holy Trinity
X Long Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-Samuel Remington14-01.00West Hills Christian
2.-Jerad Steward13-07.00West Hills Christian
3.-Landon Inman12-06.75West Hills Christian
4.-Joshua Tsen11-01.00West Hills Christian
5.-Jack O'Hollaren10-07.00Cathedral
6.-Drake Desrosiers10-02.50Holy Trinity
7.-Grant Robertson10-01.25Holy Trinity
8.-Nicolas Porcelli10-01.00Cathedral
8.-John Madden10-01.00St. Thomas More
10.-Curtis Merk10-00.25Cathedral
11.-Duncan Stewart10-00.00St. Francis/Visitation
12.-Derek Reed9-11.00Holy Trinity
12.-Sean Balsiger9-11.00West Hills Christian
12.-Jonathan Kim9-11.00West Hills Christian
15.-Garret Scheckla9-05.25Holy Trinity
16.-Brock Luthi9-03.75St. Thomas More
17.-Nicholas Smith9-02.75Holy Trinity
18.-James Harris8-09.00St. Matthew
19.-Jamison Cozart8-08.25Holy Trinity
20.-John Mateer8-06.75Holy Trinity
21.-David Baglai8-04.00St. Francis/Visitation
21.-Jason Rae8-04.00Cathedral
21.-Peter Haslach8-04.00Cathedral
24.-Jereme Wilkie7-07.75St. Clare
25.-David Ries7-07.00Holy Trinity
26.-Jackson Kravetz7-06.25Holy Trinity
27.-Taylor England7-03.75St. Matthew
28.-Benjamin Kawasaki6-11.00Holy Trinity
29.-Harrison Reed6-07.25Holy Trinity
30.-Zachariah Connor6-03.25St. Matthew
---Scott LepschatNDSt. Francis/Visitation
X Long Jump - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Blake Strandberg11-02.00West Hills Christian
2.-Tyler O'Donnell10-10.00Cathedral
2.-Christopher Tennant10-10.00Cathedral
4.4Patrick Maloney10-08.00St. Matthew
5.-Ryan Leahy10-07.00Cathedral
6.9Nolan Ostmo10-06.00Cathedral
7.-William Holland10-04.00St. Thomas More
8.3Tim Malueg10-02.00St. Clare
9.-Calvin Hood10-01.00Cathedral
9.3John Walsh10-01.00St. Matthew
11.-Nathan Oekerman10-00.00St. Thomas More
11.-Jacob Bingham10-00.00West Hills Christian
13.-Nathanael Wessels9-11.00St. Francis/Visitation
13.-Conner Nelson9-11.00Cathedral
15.5Pierce Miller9-10.00West Hills Christian
16.-Bryan Gilmore9-08.00St. Clare
17.-Sage Yamamoto9-06.25Cathedral
18.-Harrison Turlington9-05.00Cathedral
19.-Patrick Connor9-04.00St. Matthew
19.-Christopher Burpee9-04.00Cathedral
19.4Cameron Isaac9-04.00Holy Trinity
22.-Michael Gianola9-01.00St. Clare
22.-Peter Burpee9-01.00Cathedral
24.-Hunter Gillis9-00.00West Hills Christian
24.-Tanner Vandecoevering9-00.00St. Francis/Visitation
24.-Mack Hisatomi9-00.00Cathedral
27.-Taeke Tamsma8-08.00Cathedral
28.-Zack Pelster8-07.00St. Francis/Visitation
28.-Colby Bullard8-07.00Cathedral
30.-Parker Consolo8-04.00West Hills Christian
31.3Alan Wild8-03.00Holy Trinity
32.-Jacob Captein8-01.00West Hills Christian
33.-Ryan Godaert8-00.00West Hills Christian
34.-Garrett Stewart7-11.00St. Francis/Visitation
35.-Riley Stewart7-05.00St. Francis/Visitation
36.-Andrew Rilatt7-03.00Holy Trinity
37.-Zachary Bishop6-10.00West Hills Christian
38.-Conner Crist6-08.00West Hills Christian
39.-Jackson Smith6-04.00St. Matthew
40.3Logan McIntyre5-10.00Holy Trinity
---Joshua LongacreNDWest Hills Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Martha Cabrera13.4hHoly Trinity
2.-Elle Halliburton13.8hHoly Trinity
3.-Tarah Rodman14.4hWest Hills Christian
4.-Amanda Carbonari14.9hValley Catholic
5.-Claire McLaughlin15.0hValley Catholic
6.-Lizzy Boshears15.4hCathedral
7.-Mandi Jasmin15.4hWest Hills Christian
8.-Leighton Murphy15.5hSt. Thomas More
9.-Maddison Franck15.6hValley Catholic
10.-Nailya Davis15.6hWest Hills Christian
11.-Lydia Johnson15.6hCathedral
12.-Karissa Hall16.0hHoly Trinity
13.-Lizzy Tsen16.1hWest Hills Christian
14.-Nicole Holden16.2hValley Catholic
15.-Madison Gilbert16.2hSt. Thomas More
16.-Regina Gebken16.3hHoly Trinity
17.-Mary Duggan16.4hValley Catholic
18.-Katelynn Alvarez16.6hValley Catholic
19.-Madison Graham17.4hSt. Thomas More
20.-Madison Rich18.1hValley Catholic
21.-Hanna Joyce18.6hCathedral
22.-Marina Rake19.8hCathedral
X 100 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Alexandra Griffin14.2hValley Catholic
2.-Riley Hatfield14.2hWest Hills Christian
3.6Gabrielle Rosenthal14.5hValley Catholic
4.-Marlee Leonard14.6hHoly Trinity
5.-Amanda Keller14.9hSt. Clare
6.-Karen Link14.9hSt. Thomas More
7.-Emma Marquard15.0hSt. Clare
8.5Jasmine Gilmore15.1hSt. Matthew
9.-Alexa Gilbertson15.1hWest Hills Christian
10.-Maggie Kresl15.2hValley Catholic
11.-Phoebe Luc15.5hSt. Clare
12.-Emily Peters15.6hSt. Francis/Visitation
13.-Shannon Hammond15.6hSt. Francis/Visitation
14.-Macayla Jentzsch15.7hSt. Clare
15.-Erin Gregoire15.8hWest Hills Christian
16.-Clarissa Tolan16.0hSt. Francis/Visitation
17.-Molly Thibado16.1hHoly Trinity
18.-Launa Steward16.1hWest Hills Christian
19.-Rachel Dulcich16.2hCathedral
20.-Gabrielle Hamlin16.2hWest Hills Christian
21.-Annette Holgado16.4hSt. Matthew
22.-Sophia Larrabee16.5hValley Catholic
23.-Sarah Kotel16.5hWest Hills Christian
24.-Wendall Tseng16.6hWest Hills Christian
25.-Sophie Keller16.7hCathedral
26.-Rebecca Huseby16.8hSt. Thomas More
27.-Eleanor Valentine16.9hCathedral
28.-Madeline Broussard16.9hHoly Trinity
29.-MacKenzie Comeau17.1hValley Catholic
30.-Rachel Kim17.2hWest Hills Christian
31.-Lauren Shoemaker17.3hValley Catholic
32.-Kate Difalco17.4hHoly Trinity
33.-Clare Lagomarsino17.5hCathedral
34.-Lucille Beckett17.5hSt. Clare
35.-Tate Kelley17.7hWest Hills Christian
36.-Ala Rozell-Lewis17.7hCathedral
37.-Natasha Horsch17.9hHoly Trinity
38.-Grace Prince18.0hHoly Trinity
39.-Erin McLaughlin18.0hValley Catholic
40.-Elise Krippaehne18.1hCathedral
41.-Lydia Beagle18.2hWest Hills Christian
42.-Elena Hoffman18.3hCathedral
43.-Tiana DeLaRosa18.3hWest Hills Christian
44.-Ellen Glad18.7hWest Hills Christian
45.-Kristine Catimbang19.3hHoly Trinity
46.-Emily Mason21.1hValley Catholic
X 100 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Alexandra Hallinan15.4hCathedral
2.4Kylee Richards16.3hValley Catholic
3.-Maria Sweitzer16.8hCathedral
4.-Elizabeth Gibson16.8hWest Hills Christian
5.-Claire Robertson16.9hHoly Trinity
6.5Gabrielle Lorenzo16.9hWest Hills Christian
7.4Megan Wachter17.1hSt. Thomas More
7.-Kyla Martindale17.1hHoly Trinity
9.4Mariel Shoemaker17.2hValley Catholic
10.-Diana Harris17.3hSt. Matthew
11.4Ellen Koukel17.3hValley Catholic
12.-Sarah Lynch17.3hHoly Trinity
13.-Reegan Cadonau17.5hWest Hills Christian
14.-Olivia Jackson17.5hHoly Trinity
15.-Olivia Glaser17.5hSt. Thomas More
16.-Kenzi Scheckla17.6hHoly Trinity
17.-Madeline McDougal17.6hValley Catholic
17.3Bonnie Romeo17.6hSt. Matthew
19.9Sophie Olmstead17.6hWest Hills Christian
19.-Quinn Andersen17.6hCathedral
21.-Hannah Lang17.7hSt. Thomas More
22.-Julianne Meeter17.8hWest Hills Christian
23.-Alyson Lyda17.8hHoly Trinity
24.-Julianna Symmonds17.8hWest Hills Christian
25.-Clare McLeod17.8hSt. Thomas More
26.-Marie Langlois17.9hCathedral
27.-Katie Anderson17.9hHoly Trinity
28.-Stella Kalomiris18.0hSt. Clare
29.-Katherine Cobb18.1hWest Hills Christian
30.-Emma Younger18.2hValley Catholic
31.-Melanie Tellinghusen18.2hSt. Clare
32.-Rayawnie Paris18.4hCathedral
33.-Elizabeth Moyer18.5hSt. Thomas More
34.-Jordyn Mayer18.5hCathedral
35.-Sanne De Wilde18.5hCathedral
36.-Lucia Rivera18.6hHoly Trinity
37.4Rachael Frankovic18.7hValley Catholic
38.8Carly Suter18.7hWest Hills Christian
39.-Diona Davis18.7hWest Hills Christian
39.-Jessica Freitas18.7hSt. Francis/Visitation
41.8Bella Marconi18.8hSt. Clare
42.5McKenzie Johnson18.9hSt. Thomas More
43.-Kristina Griffin18.9hValley Catholic
44.-Crystal Franklin19.0hValley Catholic
45.-Taylor Rosholt19.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
46.-Halina DeLaRosa19.1hWest Hills Christian
47.-Kara Vanderzanden19.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
48.-Ava Randall19.3hSt. Thomas More
49.-Katie Corah19.4hValley Catholic
50.-Allie Hall19.5hHoly Trinity
51.-Jade Desrosiers19.5hHoly Trinity
52.-Natalie Mason19.5hValley Catholic
53.-Meghan Stack19.5hHoly Trinity
54.-Ashley Cook20.0hSt. Francis/Visitation
55.-Caroline Hall20.1hCathedral
56.-Kiara Renyer20.1hHoly Trinity
57.-Gemma Gebken20.2hHoly Trinity
58.-Elizabeth Oekerman20.3hSt. Thomas More
59.-Rayawnie Paris20.4hCathedral
60.-Justine Donaldson20.7hCathedral
61.-Annie Barnicle20.8hCathedral
62.-Samantha Vesecky20.9hSt. Matthew
63.-Reagan Rundle21.5hCathedral
64.-Miranda Miller21.8hCathedral
X 200 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Martha Cabrera28.2hHoly Trinity
2.-Amanda Carbonari31.4hValley Catholic
3.-Mandi Jasmin32.2hWest Hills Christian
4.-Claire McLaughlin32.9hValley Catholic
5.-Karissa Hall34.1hHoly Trinity
6.-Lizzy Tsen34.8hWest Hills Christian
7.-Katelynn Alvarez36.4hValley Catholic
8.-Denise Duggan36.7hValley Catholic
9.-Madison Rich39.1hValley Catholic
X 200 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Riley Hatfield30.4hWest Hills Christian
2.6Gabrielle Rosenthal31.9hValley Catholic
3.5Jasmine Gilmore32.4hSt. Matthew
4.-Alexa Gilbertson33.1hWest Hills Christian
5.-Maggie Kresl33.5hValley Catholic
6.-Annette Holgado34.1hSt. Matthew
7.-Rachel Dulcich34.2hCathedral
8.-Ellie Kallgren34.2hCathedral
9.-Sophia Larrabee35.1hValley Catholic
10.-Rebecca Huseby35.4hSt. Thomas More
11.-Natalie King35.4hWest Hills Christian
12.-Eleanor Valentine35.4hCathedral
13.-Gabrielle Hamlin35.7hWest Hills Christian
14.-Lucille Beckett35.7hSt. Clare
15.-MacKenzie Comeau37.4hValley Catholic
16.5Anika Raghuvanshi37.8hValley Catholic
17.-Molly Nistler39.0hHoly Trinity
18.-Erin McLaughlin39.0hValley Catholic
19.-Kristine Catimbang40.5hHoly Trinity
X 200 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Alexandra Hallinan33.6hCathedral
2.-Maria Sweitzer35.5hCathedral
3.4Kylee Richards36.2hValley Catholic
4.-Mylee Crouse36.6hSt. Thomas More
5.-Cecelia Hall37.1hCathedral
6.-Quinn Ryan37.6hCathedral
7.-Julianna Symmonds37.7hWest Hills Christian
8.-Claire Robertson37.8hHoly Trinity
9.-Sarah Lynch37.9hHoly Trinity
10.-Marie Langlois38.0hCathedral
11.-Olivia Glaser38.2hSt. Thomas More
12.-Sanne De Wilde38.6hCathedral
13.-Jessica Freitas38.7hSt. Francis/Visitation
14.-Elizabeth Moyer38.8hSt. Thomas More
14.-Hannah Brown38.8hValley Catholic
16.-Kenzi Scheckla39.4hHoly Trinity
17.-Alyson Lyda39.6hHoly Trinity
18.-Olivia Jackson39.6hHoly Trinity
19.-Mira Petrillo39.7hCathedral
19.-Rayawnie Paris39.7hCathedral
21.-Diana Harris39.8hSt. Matthew
22.-Ashley Cook40.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
23.-Eliana Squire40.2hWest Hills Christian
24.3Bonnie Romeo40.8hSt. Matthew
25.5McKenzie Johnson40.8hSt. Thomas More
26.-Melanie Tellinghusen40.9hSt. Clare
27.-Julia Reed41.5hHoly Trinity
28.4Kristin Mori41.6hWest Hills Christian
29.-Ava Randall41.8hSt. Thomas More
30.-Jordyn Mayer42.0hCathedral
31.-Kara Vanderzanden42.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
32.-Lucia Rivera43.3hHoly Trinity
33.4Morgan Harrison43.7hWest Hills Christian
34.-Meghan Stack44.6hHoly Trinity
35.-Rayawnie Paris47.0hCathedral
36.-Justine Donaldson47.6hCathedral
37.-Samantha Vesecky49.9hSt. Matthew
38.-Caroline Hall51.7hCathedral
X 400 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Amanda Carbonari1:09.8hValley Catholic
2.-Jenna White1:10.2hHoly Trinity
3.-Claire Latscha1:15.8hHoly Trinity
4.-Danielle Brown1:16.8hSt. Clare
5.-Lizzy Tsen1:18.8hWest Hills Christian
6.-Fiona Byrne1:22.4hSt. Thomas More
7.-Tiuara Siderius1:23.4hHoly Trinity
8.-Madison Gilbert1:23.6hSt. Thomas More
9.-Madison Graham1:25.6hSt. Thomas More
X 400 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Emma Marquard1:15.4hSt. Clare
2.-Macayla Jentzsch1:16.3hSt. Clare
3.5Jasmine Gilmore1:17.2hSt. Matthew
4.-Erin Gregoire1:17.3hWest Hills Christian
5.-Annette Holgado1:19.0hSt. Matthew
6.-Launa Steward1:21.5hWest Hills Christian
7.-Emily McLeod1:22.1hSt. Thomas More
8.-Lauren Altman1:22.6hValley Catholic
9.-Molly Thibado1:22.9hHoly Trinity
10.-Natasha Horsch1:23.5hHoly Trinity
11.-Erin Dooney1:23.8hSt. Thomas More
12.-Lucille Beckett1:24.0hSt. Clare
13.-Kate Difalco1:26.3hHoly Trinity
14.5Anika Raghuvanshi1:28.0hValley Catholic
15.-Erika Meusch1:31.8hWest Hills Christian
X 400 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Alexandra Hallinan1:16.1hCathedral
2.3Mary Catherine Morgan1:20.5hHoly Trinity
3.-Cecelia Hall1:22.3hCathedral
4.4Megan Wachter1:22.5hSt. Thomas More
5.-Hannah Brown1:24.2hValley Catholic
6.-Mylee Crouse1:24.8hSt. Thomas More
7.-Kyla Martindale1:25.3hHoly Trinity
8.-Mira Petrillo1:26.9hCathedral
9.-Madeline McDougal1:27.5hValley Catholic
10.-Diana Harris1:30.0hSt. Matthew
11.3Olivia Rabin1:31.7hHoly Trinity
12.4Olivia Langton1:32.8hValley Catholic
13.-Allie Hall1:34.1hHoly Trinity
14.-Julia Reed1:34.6hHoly Trinity
15.3Bonnie Romeo1:36.0hSt. Matthew
16.-Samantha Vesecky1:51.2hSt. Matthew
X 800 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Jenna White2:50.6hHoly Trinity
2.-Alexa Mull2:53.9hHoly Trinity
3.-Lizzy Boshears2:56.1hCathedral
4.-Celia Alvarez2:57.7hValley Catholic
5.-Emily Echevarria2:57.9hHoly Trinity
6.-Ciana Baron3:00.9hWest Hills Christian
7.-Claire Latscha3:04.7hHoly Trinity
8.-Michaela Meeter3:13.1hWest Hills Christian
9.-Tiuara Siderius3:34.1hHoly Trinity
X 800 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Lauren Lykins2:44.6hSt. Matthew
2.-Allison Martinez2:57.2hHoly Trinity
3.-Madison Crouse3:06.4hSt. Thomas More
4.-Sarah Kotel3:09.4hWest Hills Christian
5.-Abby Woods3:11.1hSt. Thomas More
6.-Clare Lagomarsino3:21.6hCathedral
7.-Erin Dooney3:23.1hSt. Thomas More
8.-Emily McLeod3:23.3hSt. Thomas More
9.-Molly Nistler3:23.6hHoly Trinity
X 800 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.3Mary Catherine Morgan3:15.1hHoly Trinity
2.3Olivia Rabin3:23.7hHoly Trinity
3.-Emma Younger4:02.4hValley Catholic
X 1500 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Alexa Mull5:56.2hHoly Trinity
2.-Ciana Baron6:00.3hWest Hills Christian
3.-Celia Alvarez6:06.3hValley Catholic
4.-Emily Echevarria6:19.0hHoly Trinity
5.-Leighton Murphy6:26.2hSt. Thomas More
6.-Aishwarya Vardhana6:30.8hValley Catholic
7.-Melissa Hammond7:11.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 1500 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Allison Martinez5:56.6hHoly Trinity
2.-Sarah Kotel6:26.4hWest Hills Christian
3.-Sophie Keller6:30.1hCathedral
4.-Marie Van Rysselberghe6:33.2hCathedral
5.6Morgan McDougal6:39.6hValley Catholic
6.-Erika Meusch6:45.8hWest Hills Christian
7.-Emily Peters6:51.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
8.-Katelyn Meeter6:51.8hWest Hills Christian
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Olivia Langton6:56.7hValley Catholic
2.-Clare McLeod7:14.4hSt. Thomas More
3.-Hannah Lang7:15.5hSt. Thomas More
4.-Emma Younger7:46.8hValley Catholic
X 3000 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Julia Tawney11:56.1hHoly Trinity
2.-Melissa Hammond13:18.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
3.-Courtney Bither13:56.8hWest Hills Christian
X 3000 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.-Lauren Lykins11:43.1hSt. Matthew
2.6Annika Holstrom13:10.8hValley Catholic
X 4x60 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.7hSt. Thomas More
2.-Katie Corah
Rachael Frankovic
Olivia Langton
Crystal Franklin
45.0hValley Catholic
3.-Relay Team 45.1hSt. Thomas More
4.-Halina DeLaRosa
Eliana Squire
Kristin Mori
Julianna Symmonds
45.1hWest Hills Christian
5.-Jade Desrosiers
Gemma Gebken
Katie Anderson
Olivia Rabin
46.1hHoly Trinity
6.-Ashley Cook
Kara Vanderzanden
Jessica Freitas
Taylor Rosholt
46.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
7.-Meghan Stack
Lucia Rivera
Kenzi Scheckla
Anna Martinez
46.7hHoly Trinity
8.-Justine Donaldson
Jordyn Mayer
Miranda Miller
Marie Langlois
X 4x100 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Relay Team 58.6hHoly Trinity
2.-Ciana Baron
Lizzy Tsen
Michaela Meeter
Mandi Jasmin
1:01.1hWest Hills Christian
3.-Lizzy Boshears
Caroline Haslach
Taylor Murphy
Molly Hagler
4.-Denise Duggan
Mary Duggan
Maddison Franck
Nicole Holden
1:04.6hValley Catholic
5.-Madison Gilbert
Abby Woods
Fiona Byrne
Madison Graham
1:05.4hSt. Thomas More
X 4x100 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Riley Hatfield
Alexa Gilbertson
Launa Steward
Erin Gregoire
1:00.0hWest Hills Christian
2.-Relay Team 1:00.9hSt. Clare
3.-Rachel Dulcich
Mollie Handkins
Cecilia Wehrley
Eleanor Valentine
4.-Anika Raghuvanshi
Lauren Shoemaker
Morgan McDougal
Gabrielle Rosenthal
1:06.6hValley Catholic
5.-Taylor Rosholt
Emily Peters
Clarissa Tolan
Shannon Hammond
1:08.8hSt. Francis/Visitation
6.-Relay Team 1:08.8hSt. Thomas More
7.-Elise Krippaehne
Ala Rozell-Lewis
Clare Lagomarsino
Vicky Gajda
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Natalie Mason
Kylee Richards
Ellen Koukel
Madeline McDougal
1:12.8hValley Catholic
2.-Relay Team 1:13.2hCathedral
3.-Hayden Gambee
Alyson Lyda
Kyla Martindale
Julia Reed
1:13.4hHoly Trinity
4.-Relay Team 1:19.1hCathedral
5.-Diona Davis
Julianne Meeter
Rachel Norlund
Eliana Squire
1:20.1hWest Hills Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Fiona Byrne
Abby Woods
Madison Crouse
Elizabeth Moyer
5:46.1hSt. Thomas More
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadets - Finals
1.-Aishwarya Vardhana25-03.50Valley Catholic
2.-Nailya Davis25-01.00West Hills Christian
3.-Hanna Joyce21-02.00Cathedral
4.-Regina Gebken20-02.50Holy Trinity
5.-Alyssa Brooks16-10.75West Hills Christian
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cubs - Finals
1.-Eva Sonnenberg25-02.25West Hills Christian
2.-Vicky Gajda22-09.00Cathedral
3.-Cecilia Wehrley20-08.00Cathedral
4.-Natalie King20-07.75West Hills Christian
5.-Emily McLeod18-03.25St. Thomas More
6.-Tate Kelley15-03.50West Hills Christian
7.-Erin Dooney14-00.50St. Thomas More
8.-Ellen Glad13-11.25West Hills Christian
9.-Lydia Beagle13-08.00West Hills Christian
10.-Sophia Larrabee13-07.00Valley Catholic
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Kylee Richards18-01.00Valley Catholic
2.-Reegan Cadonau15-05.75West Hills Christian
3.5Gabrielle Lorenzo15-05.50West Hills Christian
4.-Kiara Renyer15-04.75Holy Trinity
5.-Mira Petrillo15-00.00Cathedral
6.-Rayawnie Paris14-10.50Cathedral
7.-Rayawnie Paris14-03.50Cathedral
8.-Maria Sweitzer14-02.00Cathedral
9.-Stella Kalomiris13-04.00St. Clare
10.9Sophie Olmstead12-01.00West Hills Christian
11.8Carly Suter11-01.50West Hills Christian
12.-Katherine Cobb10-01.00West Hills Christian
13.8Bella Marconi9-10.50St. Clare
14.-Katie Anderson9-03.00Holy Trinity
15.-Gemma Gebken7-06.00Holy Trinity
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadets - Finals
1.-Michaela Meeter61-01West Hills Christian
2.-Nailya Davis58-05West Hills Christian
3.-Fiona Byrne55-02St. Thomas More
4.-Alyssa Brooks32-00West Hills Christian
5.-Hanna Joyce30-08Cathedral
6.-Marina Rake26-06Cathedral
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cubs - Finals
1.-Molly Nistler68-00Holy Trinity
2.-Tate Kelley57-01West Hills Christian
3.-Alexa Gilbertson53-02West Hills Christian
4.-Lauren Shoemaker51-09Valley Catholic
5.-Ellen Glad51-07West Hills Christian
6.-Eva Sonnenberg50-06West Hills Christian
7.-Madeline Broussard35-06Holy Trinity
8.-Gabrielle Hamlin32-04West Hills Christian
9.-Zarina Davis24-04West Hills Christian
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Olivia Jackson55-02Holy Trinity
2.4Mariel Shoemaker52-01Valley Catholic
3.-Julianne Meeter46-02West Hills Christian
4.-Maria Sweitzer39-00Cathedral
5.-Marie Langlois35-04Cathedral
6.-Kiara Renyer34-10Holy Trinity
7.-Jade Desrosiers28-05Holy Trinity
8.-Elizabeth Moyer28-05St. Thomas More
9.-Crystal Franklin27-00Valley Catholic
10.-Jordyn Mayer25-11Cathedral
11.-Quinn Ryan25-07Cathedral
12.-Natalie Mason24-06Valley Catholic
13.-Ava Randall23-04St. Thomas More
14.4Rachael Frankovic22-08Valley Catholic
15.4Ellen Koukel20-06Valley Catholic
---Rayawnie ParisNDCathedral
X High Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Tarah Rodman4-06.00West Hills Christian
2.-Ciana Baron4-04.00West Hills Christian
3.-Michaela Meeter4-01.00West Hills Christian
4.-Caroline Haslach4-00.00Cathedral
5.-Denise Duggan3-10.00Valley Catholic
6.-Mary Duggan3-08.00Valley Catholic
X High Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-Karen Link4-05.00St. Thomas More
2.-Mollie Handkins4-00.00Cathedral
2.-Clarissa Tolan4-00.00St. Francis/Visitation
4.6Annika Holstrom4-00.00Valley Catholic
5.-Lauren Lykins3-09.00St. Matthew
6.-Shannon Hammond3-09.00St. Francis/Visitation
7.-Erika Meusch3-09.00West Hills Christian
8.-Grace Prince3-08.00Holy Trinity
9.-Ellie Kallgren3-07.00Cathedral
10.-Katelyn Meeter3-04.00West Hills Christian
X Long Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Martha Cabrera15-00.50Holy Trinity
2.-Elle Halliburton13-06.25Holy Trinity
3.-Lizzy Boshears12-10.25Cathedral
4.-Alexa Mull12-03.75Holy Trinity
4.-Claire McLaughlin12-03.75Valley Catholic
6.-Katelynn Alvarez10-11.50Valley Catholic
7.-Madison Rich9-09.50Valley Catholic
8.-Mary Duggan9-07.75Valley Catholic
9.-Hanna Joyce8-06.25Cathedral
10.-Denise Duggan8-05.50Valley Catholic
11.-Marina Rake6-06.00Cathedral
X Long Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.-Wendall Tseng10-09.00West Hills Christian
2.-Maggie Kresl10-06.75Valley Catholic
3.-Shannon Hammond10-03.50St. Francis/Visitation
4.-Rachel Dulcich10-02.25Cathedral
5.-Clarissa Tolan10-00.50St. Francis/Visitation
6.-Rebecca Huseby10-00.25St. Thomas More
7.-Cecilia Wehrley9-11.00Cathedral
8.-Madison Crouse9-10.25St. Thomas More
9.-Launa Steward9-09.00West Hills Christian
10.6Morgan McDougal9-06.75Valley Catholic
11.-Molly Thibado9-04.00Holy Trinity
12.-Elena Hoffman9-03.50Cathedral
13.-Eleanor Valentine9-00.00Cathedral
14.-Vicky Gajda8-11.00Cathedral
15.-Emily Peters8-07.00St. Francis/Visitation
16.5Jasmine Gilmore8-06.00St. Matthew
17.5Anika Raghuvanshi8-05.25Valley Catholic
18.-Katelyn Meeter8-03.00West Hills Christian
19.-Sophie Keller8-01.25Cathedral
19.-MacKenzie Comeau8-01.25Valley Catholic
21.-Erin McLaughlin8-01.00Valley Catholic
22.-Kate Difalco7-03.25Holy Trinity
22.-Marie Van Rysselberghe7-03.25Cathedral
24.-Elise Krippaehne6-11.50Cathedral
25.-Madeline Broussard6-11.00Holy Trinity
26.-Natasha Horsch6-08.75Holy Trinity
X Long Jump - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Madeline McDougal10-00.25Valley Catholic
2.-Zarina Davis9-09.50West Hills Christian
3.-Mylee Crouse9-08.00St. Thomas More
4.-Olivia Glaser9-07.50St. Thomas More
5.-Katie Anderson9-07.50Holy Trinity
6.-Cecelia Hall9-04.00Cathedral
7.-Clare McLeod9-02.50St. Thomas More
8.3Bonnie Romeo9-02.50St. Matthew
9.4Ellen Koukel9-02.00Valley Catholic
10.5Gabrielle Lorenzo9-01.00West Hills Christian
11.-Quinn Ryan8-11.50Cathedral
12.3Mary Catherine Morgan8-11.00Holy Trinity
12.-Hannah Lang8-11.00St. Thomas More
14.-Lucia Rivera8-10.00Holy Trinity
15.-Julianna Symmonds8-09.75West Hills Christian
16.-Sarah Lynch8-09.50Holy Trinity
17.-Hannah Brown8-08.00Valley Catholic
18.-Julianne Meeter8-06.50West Hills Christian
19.4Kristin Mori8-05.00West Hills Christian
20.-Stella Kalomiris8-04.25St. Clare
21.-Kyla Martindale8-02.00Holy Trinity
22.-Quinn Andersen8-01.50Cathedral
22.-Sanne De Wilde8-01.50Cathedral
24.-Eliana Squire8-01.00West Hills Christian
25.-Reegan Cadonau8-00.50West Hills Christian
26.5McKenzie Johnson7-10.50St. Thomas More
27.-Claire Robertson7-10.00Holy Trinity
28.-Jessica Freitas7-08.00St. Francis/Visitation
29.-Taylor Rosholt7-07.50St. Francis/Visitation
30.-Halina DeLaRosa7-07.00West Hills Christian
30.-Diana Harris7-07.00St. Matthew
32.-Katherine Cobb7-06.50West Hills Christian
32.-Rayawnie Paris7-06.50Cathedral
32.4Mariel Shoemaker7-06.50Valley Catholic
35.-Natalie Mason7-06.00Valley Catholic
36.4Rachael Frankovic7-04.00Valley Catholic
37.-Ashley Cook7-03.25St. Francis/Visitation
38.-Kara Vanderzanden7-02.50St. Francis/Visitation
39.-Allie Hall7-00.00Holy Trinity
40.-Julia Reed6-10.75Holy Trinity
41.-Elizabeth Oekerman6-10.00St. Thomas More
41.-Annie Barnicle6-10.00Cathedral
43.-Caroline Hall6-09.00Cathedral
44.-Samantha Vesecky6-07.75St. Matthew
45.-Melanie Tellinghusen6-07.00St. Clare
46.-Crystal Franklin6-06.00Valley Catholic
47.8Bella Marconi6-05.00St. Clare
48.-Kenzi Scheckla6-03.00Holy Trinity
49.-Reagan Rundle6-01.00Cathedral
49.-Justine Donaldson6-01.00Cathedral
51.-Miranda Miller5-09.00Cathedral
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