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55 Meter Dash  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jourdan Chase6.79aOverlea
2.12Ron Mayo6.83aSouthside Academy
3.10Brian Chase6.95aBluford Drew Jemison
4.12Courtland Robinson6.96aNorthwestern-BC
5.11Guillermo Simmons7.00aOverlea
6.11Raysheem McGirt7.05aFriendship Acad of S...
7.11Chris Freeman7.06aWestern Tech
8.12David Parham7.11aPikesville

55 Meter Dash  Varsity - Prelims

1.12Ron Mayo6.89aSouthside Academy
2.12Jourdan Chase6.91aOverlea
3.12Courtland Robinson6.99aNorthwestern-BC
4.11Raysheem McGirt7.00aFriendship Acad of S...
5.10Brian Chase7.03aBluford Drew Jemison
6.11Chris Freeman7.04aWestern Tech
7.11Guillermo Simmons7.12aOverlea
8.12David Parham7.17aPikesville
9.12Tariq Abdul-Akbar Tariq7.21aNorthwestern-BC
10.10Quadir Rhoe7.25aPikesville
11.12Brendan Thomas7.27aFriendship Acad of S...
11.11Justin Streater7.27aWestern Tech
13.12Michael Foskey7.30aReginald Lewis
14.12James Cloyd7.40aForest Park
15.11Charles Hopkins7.52aNational Academy Fou...
--11Carlos AustinFSDunbar

300 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jamal Henson37.98aNorthwestern-BC
2.11Martin Davis38.65aNew Town
3.10Carrington Akosa38.86aWestern Tech
4.12Courtland Robinson39.02aNorthwestern-BC
5.10Maury Sall39.58aPikesville
6.11Raysheem McGirt40.37aFriendship Acad of S...
7.12Dedrick Banks40.44aFriendship Acad of S...
8.12Anton Daniels40.64aPikesville
9.11Kamsi Odinammadu41.38aWestern Tech
10.11Antwan Allen41.62aForest Park
11.12James Cloyd42.21aForest Park
12.10Edward Hairston43.47aBluford Drew Jemison
13.10Kevin Ingram43.72aDunbar
14.12Michael Perry43.92aOverlea
15.11Dwayne Edwards44.77aReginald Lewis
16.12Michael Foskey46.42aReginald Lewis
--9Daryl GraysDQNational Academy Fou...

500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Donald Salmond1:10.78aNorthwestern-BC
2.12Jamal Henson1:11.05aNorthwestern-BC
3.12Kemahn Jones1:11.08aWestern Tech
4.10Maury Sall1:12.08aPikesville
5.11Martin Davis1:13.65aNew Town
6.12Haile Kostin1:14.07aPikesville
7.12DeJuan Edmonds1:17.03aKnowledge and Succes...
8.12Keon Hill1:17.60aForest Park
9.11Obinna Kalu1:17.70aWestern Tech
10.11Thomas Cook1:19.49aNew Town
11.12Carnell Nichols1:22.04aFriendship Acad of S...
12.10Mark Glascoe1:49.68aFriendship Acad of S...

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Haile Kostin2:12.71aPikesville
2.12Josh Borris2:15.11aPikesville
3.12Mark Asefaw2:16.70aWestern Tech
4.12Donald Salmond2:20.42aNorthwestern-BC
5.11Eyoseyas Afework2:24.79aNorthwestern-BC
6.10Marquell Gervin2:27.64aSouthside Academy
7.11Martin Davis2:34.58aNew Town
8.10James Scott2:34.79aOverlea
9.10Antonio Harrell2:44.54aDunbar
10.9Cory Campbell2:44.89aNational Academy Fou...
11.11Matthew Townes3:31.50aNational Academy Fou...

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Eyoseyas Afework4:58.50aNorthwestern-BC
2.10Max Sterling4:59.00aPikesville
3.11Menelik Solomon5:02.90aPikesville
4.12Ryan T Golden5:25.80aSparrows Point
5.10Mecki Mohieldin5:36.70aNorthwestern-BC
--12Jermaine RidgewayDNFReginald Lewis
--9Cory CampbellDNFNational Academy Fou...
--10Mark GlascoeDNFFriendship Acad of S...
--10Timothy NeubauerDNFOverlea
--10Nathaniel WhimsDNFNational Academy Fou...

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Menelik Solomon11:08.35aPikesville
2.11Eyoseyas Afework11:30.44aNorthwestern-BC
3.10Max Sterling11:44.94aPikesville
4.10Mecki Mohieldin12:16.30aNorthwestern-BC

55m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Andrew Wells9.29aDunbar
2.11Drew Stern10.15aPikesville
3.12Dantre Larry10.27aFriendship Acad of S...
4.11Dwayne Edwards10.87aReginald Lewis
5.9Daryl Grays11.02aNational Academy Fou...
6.9Henry Ramsey11.23aNational Academy Fou...

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Quadir Rhoe
Anton Daniels
C.J. Smalley
Maury Sall
2.-Raysheem McGirt
Dedrick Banks
Dantre Larry
Brendan Thomas
1:41.17aFriendship Acad of S...
3.-Chris Freeman
Kamsi Odinammadu
Justin Streater
Carrington Akosa
1:41.50aWestern Tech
4.-Tavon Shackleford
Adai Patterson
Michael Anderson
Ron Mayo
1:43.63aSouthside Academy
5.-Brian Chase
Edward Hairston
Dashawn Collins
Devin Horton
1:46.37aBluford Drew Jemison
6.-William Gaitling
Jamal Henson
Tariq Abdul-Akbar Tariq
Courtland Robinson
7.-Darrian Davis
Sean Roulhac
Jawun Lee
Charles Jennings
1:49.54aNational Academy Fou...
8.-James Cloyd
Khalil Owens
Keon Hill
Emar Townsend
1:53.47aForest Park
---Dwayne Edwards
Michael Foskey
Lawrence Davis
Jermaine Ridgeway
FSReginald Lewis
---Guillermo Simmons
Anthony Middlebrooks
Michael Perry
Jourdan Chase

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Courtland Robinson
Jamal Henson
Muhammad Karim
Donald Salmond
2.-Quadir Rhoe
Anton Daniels
Chris Tolliver
Maury Sall
3.-Brandon Blake
Tyree Starkes
Chris Freeman
Obinna Kalu
3:56.97aWestern Tech
4.-Dedrick Banks
Mark Glascoe
Timothy Melvin
Carnell Nichols
4:11.91aFriendship Acad of S...
5.-Michael Foskey
Jermaine Ridgeway
Dwayne Edwards
Lawrence Davis
4:24.78aReginald Lewis
6.-Darrian Davis
Daryl Grays
Charles Hopkins
Nathaniel Whims
4:29.44aNational Academy Fou...
7.-Edward Hairston
Devin Horton
Dashawn Collins
Lamont Sample
4:33.79aBluford Drew Jemison

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Josh Borris
Evan Fisher
Morris Spekterman
Chris Tolliver
2.-Brandon Blake
Darius Howe
Trevon Wilkins
Mark Asefaw
9:32.30aWestern Tech
3.-Eyoseyas Afework
Tejon Parker
Mecki Mohieldin
Randolph Taylor
4.-James Scott
Timothy Neubauer
Austin Newcomb
Kent Emery

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Michael Washington46-05.00Overlea
2.12William Gaitling41-09.00Northwestern-BC
3.10Bryant Thomas39-02.00Northwestern-BC
4.12Anthony Middlebrooks34-10.00Overlea
5.11Christian Stevens33-10.00Reginald Lewis
6.12Gabriel French32-08.00Friendship Acad of S...
7.12Lamont Rosenboro31-09.00Friendship Acad of S...
8.11Ernest Wilson31-06.00Knowledge and Succes...
9.11Jacob Street29-02.00Sparrows Point
10.11Deontae Christian28-01.00Southside Academy
11.11Matthew Townes26-09.00National Academy Fou...
12.11Jawanza Greene26-06.00National Academy Fou...
13.11Jerrel Thompson25-02.00Forest Park

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Martin Davis5-10.00New Town
2.12Dantre Larry5-08.00Friendship Acad of S...
3.11Michael Anderson5-06.00Southside Academy
--12Ron MayoNHSouthside Academy
--10Sean RoulhacNHNational Academy Fou...

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Dan Dolya10-06.00Pikesville