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Liberty-Silverado-Green Valley

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Liberty HS, Henderson

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Nevada - Division 1
Green Valley
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Charles Larocca11.68aLiberty
10Robert Reyes11.94aLiberty
11Alexander Knopow12.13aLiberty
11Nate Creiger12.29aLiberty
10Rashaad McZeal12.42aLiberty
11Flemming Fischer12.65aLiberty
9Christopher Macadangdang12.68aLiberty
10Andrew Hladek12.81aLiberty
11Keaton Wight12.86aLiberty
9John Watkins12.88aLiberty
10Charles Folashade12.88aGreen Valley
11Justin Depirro12.90aGreen Valley
10Parker Phelps12.95aGreen Valley
9Dominic Basile13.06aLiberty
12Lilron Jones13.11aLiberty
10Armoni Hanson13.15aGreen Valley
9A'gama Baheyadeen13.18aLiberty
9Nicholas Barnhardt13.21aGreen Valley
10Mikko Rafanan13.24aLiberty
9Daniel Vanbuskirk13.33aGreen Valley
10Izaak Benton13.39aLiberty
9Lucas Horseau13.50aGreen Valley
12Alex Crupi13.63aGreen Valley
9John Burks13.99aLiberty
9Ben Vasil14.01aGreen Valley
9Marlo Alvarado14.03aLiberty
9Salvador Gutierrez14.07aGreen Valley
9David Kessler14.18aGreen Valley
12Christian Ponce'14.19aLiberty
9Tyeir Dukes14.28aGreen Valley
10Tim Halopoff14.45aGreen Valley
9Marshall Karatz14.50aGreen Valley
9Robert Lovelady14.87aGreen Valley
11Cameron Osborn15.45aGreen Valley
4.11Fabian Lopez15.95aLiberty
9Kyle Corbett16.08aGreen Valley
5.9Carlito Episioco16.22aLiberty
3.11DeQuantis Keys24.58Silverado
4.10Daniel Savage25.20Silverado
9Matt French26.19Silverado
9Cody Hudson26.30Silverado
10Michael Arnold26.57Silverado
9Cyrus Ghaffari27.88Silverado
10Austin Higgins27.91Silverado
9Brain Kondo28.0Silverado
9Brain Kondo28.00Silverado
9Kalil Smith29.87Silverado
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Fabian Lopez23.91aLiberty
2.12Sean Ferraro24.56aGreen Valley
11Alexander Knopow25.70aLiberty
9Kyle Parker25.76aGreen Valley
10Robert Reyes25.81aLiberty
4.11Charles Larocca25.97aLiberty
5.9Carlito Episioco25.98aLiberty
11Flemming Fischer26.01aLiberty
9Devin Hosey26.23aGreen Valley
9Christopher Macadangdang26.66aLiberty
11Kris Hayman26.67aGreen Valley
10Giovanni Hernandez26.70aGreen Valley
11Justin Depirro26.74aGreen Valley
11Carlos Barreras26.91aLiberty
11Justin Wiley27.37aGreen Valley
9John Watkins27.48aLiberty
9A'gama Baheyadeen27.50aLiberty
10Mikko Rafanan27.61aLiberty
11Mitchell Barry27.66aGreen Valley
10Charles Folashade27.68aGreen Valley
10Chace Combs27.81aGreen Valley
11Kyle Leftwich28.00aGreen Valley
10David Mullins28.09aGreen Valley
11Michael Teruya28.18aGreen Valley
9Cedrick Kouassi28.55aGreen Valley
10Parker Phelps28.65aGreen Valley
10Miguel Villegas28.73aGreen Valley
9Jared Thiel28.91aGreen Valley
12Christopher Slaughter29.55aGreen Valley
10Evan Chronakis29.69aLiberty
9Marlo Alvarado29.79aLiberty
9Brandon Tonthat30.08aGreen Valley
9John Burks30.55aLiberty
9Cameron Bucknall33.13aGreen Valley
9Kyle Corbett35.50aGreen Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.10Alex Hicks56.42aGreen Valley
3.12Dennis Wilson57.29aLiberty
11Kris Hayman57.49aGreen Valley
4.11Carlos Barreras58.00aLiberty
9Devin Hosey59.30aGreen Valley
6.9Fernando Dominguez59.54aLiberty
9Cedrick Kouassi61.27aGreen Valley
11Kyle Leftwich61.76aGreen Valley
10Ben Mason62.09aGreen Valley
10Enzo Trasante62.19aGreen Valley
9Daniel Vanbuskirk62.31aGreen Valley
10David Mullins63.04aGreen Valley
11Michael Teruya63.07aGreen Valley
9Lucas Horseau64.70aGreen Valley
9Brandon Tonthat65.87aGreen Valley
9Marshall Karatz66.33aGreen Valley
10Tim Halopoff66.75aGreen Valley
9Robert Lovelady68.99aGreen Valley
9Kyle Parker69.0aGreen Valley
12Christopher Slaughter69.01aGreen Valley
9Ben Vasil70.75aGreen Valley
9David Kessler70.79aGreen Valley
11Cameron Osborn74.61aGreen Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Martin Ponce'2:05.76aLiberty
2.12Alex Bylina2:09.47aGreen Valley
5.11Colin Schultz2:14.89aLiberty
11Alec Candelaria2:15.91aGreen Valley
12Sean Cortney2:16.25aGreen Valley
11Carlton Herbert2:19.74aGreen Valley
10Jonathan George2:20.52aLiberty
9Amar Shah2:25.54aGreen Valley
9Andrew Soule2:26.31aLiberty
9Ben Stock2:29.48aGreen Valley
9Carlos Nevarez2:30.62aLiberty
12Blaine Muri2:30.93aGreen Valley
9Fernando Dominguez2:31.74aLiberty
11Chris Laymon2:33.13aGreen Valley
10Jacob Lopez2:35.50aLiberty
9Nick Lamb2:38.97aGreen Valley
9Jake Cannady2:39.11aGreen Valley
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Martin Ponce'4:41.09aLiberty
2.11Zach Zimdars4:47.14aGreen Valley
3.11Colin Schultz4:59.64aLiberty
5.12Christian Fortner5:02.63aGreen Valley
11Nicholas Rudolph5:03.40aGreen Valley
10Alex Grant5:07.28aLiberty
11Jesse Rodgers5:11.42aGreen Valley
9Ben Stock5:13.9aGreen Valley
10Jonathan George5:14.18aLiberty
11Carlton Herbert5:17.03aGreen Valley
12Kris Hanson5:19.86aGreen Valley
9Amar Shah5:20.51aGreen Valley
9Carlos Nevarez5:22.88aLiberty
9Andrew Soule5:23.45aLiberty
10Jacob Lopez5:24.88aLiberty
9Arturo Ramirez5:27.43aGreen Valley
9Ryan Tingle5:40.50aGreen Valley
9Nick Lamb5:40.85aGreen Valley
9Jake Cannady5:49.58aGreen Valley
11Chris Laymon5:50.71aGreen Valley
10Grayson Moore6:07.70aGreen Valley
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Doug Harris10:45.8Green Valley
2.11Zach Zimdars10:53.1Green Valley
3.11Albert Munoz11:21.1Green Valley
9Arturo Ramirez12:20.1Green Valley
9Ryan Tingle12:58.4Green Valley
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
2.11Collin Jackson18.26aLiberty
3.11Keaton Wight19.54aLiberty
4.10Brett Hyde20.79aLiberty
10Izaak Benton21.45aLiberty
10Jacob Sheire21.98aLiberty
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matt Nelson42.16aGreen Valley
3.11Collin Jackson47.50aLiberty
4.11Adonis Todd48.11aGreen Valley
5.11Keaton Wight48.68aLiberty
10Brett Hyde52.50aLiberty
10Jacob Sheire52.72aLiberty
10Izaak Benton54.07aLiberty
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Robert Reyes
Fabian Lopez
Carlito Episioco
Charles Larocca
3.-Mikko Rafanan
Collin Jackson
Alexander Knopow
Christopher Macadangdang
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:35.47aGreen Valley
2.-Robert Reyes
Carlito Episioco
Rashaad McZeal
Charles Larocca
3.-Mikko Rafanan
Collin Jackson
Alexander Knopow
Christopher Macadangdang
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:38.66aGreen Valley
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:39.42aGreen Valley
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marcus Flippen44'0Green Valley
2nd10Reno Tuufuli41'Liberty
3.10Tyrell Crosby40'6Green Valley
4th10Jarvis Polu39'5"Liberty
11Shai Gomez-Simmons34'9.5Green Valley
5.11Shai Gomez-Simmons34'9.5Green Valley
6th10Kaleb Dellapietra34'5"Liberty
12Daniel Duran34'0Green Valley
9Joshua Bernard-Lee33'11"Liberty
9Carter Nielson33'10Green Valley
12Robert Garrison33'6.5Green Valley
11Adam Arteaga33'4"Silverado
11Ryan Conterelli32'2"Silverado
10Nick Guzman30'2"Silverado
11Moises Bustios29'7Green Valley
12Robert Salas28'6"Silverado
NP9Justin Polu28'3"Liberty
11Andrew Moroianu27'8"Silverado
10Nichalas Nelson27'4.5Green Valley
9Brady Williams26'9Green Valley
11Victor Macias26'9"Silverado
11Brandon Simpkins25'9.5Green Valley
10Dillon Connolly25'8.5Green Valley
10Shage Tanhueco25'0.5Green Valley
10San Kim23'4.5Green Valley
NP9Jordan Laughlin20'9"Liberty
9Justice Gonda18'11Green Valley
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marcus Flippen111'5Green Valley
2.10Tyrell Crosby111'4Green Valley
3.10Kaleb Dellapietra109'9"Liberty
11Ryan Conterelli109'8"Silverado
10Nick Guzman102'9"Silverado
11Shai Gomez-Simmons102'3Green Valley
12Daniel Duran97'5Green Valley
12Robert Garrison96'2Green Valley
10Nichalas Nelson89'2Green Valley
11Adam Arteaga86'3"Silverado
9Brady Williams85'9Green Valley
11Andrew Moroianu85'7"Silverado
11Moises Bustios84'11Green Valley
NP9Justin Polu79'5"Liberty
12Robert Salas78'11"Silverado
9Carter Nielson78'11Green Valley
11Brandon Simpkins76'9Green Valley
10San Kim73'11Green Valley
12Terrance Bynum72'4Green Valley
9Joshua Bernard-Lee69'5"Liberty
10Dillon Connolly67'2Green Valley
10Shage Tanhueco65'5Green Valley
NP9Jordan Laughlin62'3"Liberty
11Victor Macias60'10"Silverado
9Justice Gonda43'6Green Valley
1ST-DQ10Reno Tuufuli0Liberty
2ND-DQ10Jarvis Polu0Liberty
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Durrell McDonald6'4Green Valley
12Lorenzo Jarvis5'10Green Valley
12Frank Washko5'4"Silverado
3.12Dennis Wilson5'4"Liberty
12Jordan Hicks5'0"Liberty
9Matt FrenchNHSilverado
11Jaylin TurnerNHSilverado
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nate Creiger12'6"Liberty
12Andrew Burr11'Silverado
11Justin Troyer11'Silverado
4.10Andrew Hladek10'6"Liberty
10Tyler Ruschmeyer10'Liberty
11Colin Schultz10'Liberty
12Brock Wright9'Liberty
11Keaton Wight8'6"Liberty
12Alejandro Rodriguez-Rico8'0Green Valley
12Alex Crupi7'6Green Valley
12Christian Ponce'7'6"Liberty
9Cameron Bucknall6'6Green Valley
11Mitchell Barry6'6Green Valley
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
10Dominic Smallwood21'2Silverado
2.10Alex Hicks19'10.5Green Valley
3.12Durrell McDonald19'10Green Valley
4.12Spencer Scaggs19'1.75Green Valley
12Nicholas Nielson18'3Green Valley
5.12Nicholas Nielson18'3Green Valley
10Daniel Savage17'9"Silverado
11Aditya Ingle17'8.5Green Valley
12Jordan Hicks17'7.75"Liberty
12Dennis Wilson17'7"Liberty
10Chace Combs17'1.25Green Valley
9Kyle Parker16'6Green Valley
11Michael Teruya15'11Green Valley
12Frank Washko15'9"Silverado
9Cody Hudson14'8"Silverado
10Armoni Hanson14'7.5Green Valley
10Parker Phelps14'4Green Valley
9Kalil Smith13'6"Silverado
11Jaylin Turner13'Silverado
10Ben Mason12'9Green Valley
9Brandon Tonthat12'8.5Green Valley
10Miguel Villegas12'1Green Valley
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
4.12Dennis Wilson43'3.75"Liberty
10Dominic Smallwood43'3.5Silverado
2.12Elijah Spann40'5Green Valley
3.12Spencer Scaggs39'8.5Green Valley
12Jordan Hicks36'4"Liberty
10Giovanni Hernandez36'3.5Green Valley
12Nicholas Nielson35'9.5Green Valley
12Lorenzo Jarvis34'10.5Green Valley
11Aditya Ingle34'8Green Valley
11Michael Teruya31'5Green Valley

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.10Sydney Clark13.21aLiberty
3.12Alexandra Adams13.27aGreen Valley
4.11Unique Noldon13.59aLiberty
5.12Rachel Dooley13.63aLiberty
12Dymond Williams13.85aLiberty
10Sunshine Soriano14.14aLiberty
12Kalina Sombrio14.33aGreen Valley
9Sierra Gilliland14.35aLiberty
12Cassidy Mclean14.38aGreen Valley
9Devon Jones14.46aLiberty
9Debbie Olalare14.48aGreen Valley
11Veronique Vashon14.50aLiberty
10Kelli Harper14.65aGreen Valley
10Bailey Webster15.04aGreen Valley
10Sierra Sorensen15.07aLiberty
10Kaela Green15.26aGreen Valley
10Arianna Mendiola15.32aLiberty
11Daimi Auricchio15.43aGreen Valley
10Morgan Evans15.48aGreen Valley
11Devon Drake15.70aGreen Valley
10Whitney Moore-Humphrey15.71aGreen Valley
10Christina Eng15.81aGreen Valley
11Jennifer Halili15.87aGreen Valley
10Vanessa Martinez15.87aLiberty
11Lauren Bowler16.08aGreen Valley
10Michelle Randolph16.25aGreen Valley
10Emily Ewing16.68aGreen Valley
10Sarah Driggs16.69aGreen Valley
9Jianni Bellucci16.89aGreen Valley
9Megan Lomas16.91aGreen Valley
11Nikki-Ann Bosque17.01aGreen Valley
10Madison Hilty17.12aGreen Valley
10Megan England17.43aGreen Valley
9Nazanin Hakim17.63aGreen Valley
9Alek Matic18.98aGreen Valley
10Olivia Carboni19.90aGreen Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.10Sydney Clark28.14aLiberty
11Jazzlynn Wilkins29.08aLiberty
11Unique Noldon29.38aLiberty
3.10Sunshine Soriano29.44aLiberty
5.12Dymond Williams29.83aLiberty
9Devon Jones30.02aLiberty
11Carina Gargantos30.08aLiberty
12Alexis McClendon30.26aGreen Valley
12Cassidy Mclean30.43aGreen Valley
10Bailey Webster30.90aGreen Valley
10Jamellia Clark31.15aLiberty
9Sierra Gilliland31.62aLiberty
10Sierra Sorensen31.72aLiberty
10Jolene Bernabe31.75aLiberty
9Debbie Olalare31.92aGreen Valley
10Jenna Landman32.09aGreen Valley
11Diana Avelar32.16aGreen Valley
10Allison Martinez32.64aGreen Valley
12Kendall Connors32.93aGreen Valley
12Arlene Aguirre32.98aGreen Valley
11Daimi Auricchio33.03aGreen Valley
11Holly Thomas33.21aGreen Valley
9Sabrina Bonilla33.69aGreen Valley
10Michelle Randolph33.86aGreen Valley
11Lauren Bowler33.93aGreen Valley
11Michelle Ibay33.97aLiberty
11Sommer Denkin34.59aGreen Valley
10Vanessa Martinez34.91aLiberty
10Kayla Burgess34.93aGreen Valley
10Arianna Mendiola34.96aLiberty
10Kaela Green35.06aGreen Valley
11Devon Drake35.37aGreen Valley
10Sarah Driggs35.50aGreen Valley
9Jianni Bellucci35.53aGreen Valley
11Jennifer Halili35.70aGreen Valley
9Megan Lomas35.96aGreen Valley
11Nicole Oliveri36.02aGreen Valley
10Emily Ewing36.15aGreen Valley
11Hannah Kelley37.57aGreen Valley
9Nazanin Hakim37.76aGreen Valley
9Alek Matic40.72aGreen Valley
11Janelle Soto43.95aGreen Valley
10Olivia Carboni44.34aGreen Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Briana Padilla1:12.14aLiberty
2.12Arlene Aguirre1:12.15aGreen Valley
3.10Christina Eng1:12.15aGreen Valley
4.10Allison Martinez1:12.30aGreen Valley
9Sierra Gilliland1:13.51aLiberty
11Diana Avelar1:13.64aGreen Valley
11Michelle Ibay1:15.61aLiberty
11Kenna Chubb1:15.88aGreen Valley
12Kendall Connors1:17.57aGreen Valley
10Whitney Moore-Humphrey1:18.90aGreen Valley
9Jianni Bellucci1:21.20aGreen Valley
10Madison Hilty1:22.02aGreen Valley
10Kayla Burgess1:22.08aGreen Valley
10Michelle Randolph1:22.52aGreen Valley
10Morgan Evans1:22.90aGreen Valley
10Megan England1:28.26aGreen Valley
11Nikki-Ann Bosque1:29.75aGreen Valley
11Shayna Pelham1:44.17aGreen Valley
11Janelle Soto1:51.57aGreen Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kayla Anderson2:39.64aGreen Valley
2.12Jordan Andrews2:43.84aGreen Valley
3.11Kayla Herrera2:46.23aLiberty
10Marisa Davidson2:57.35aGreen Valley
10Briana Padilla3:00.35aLiberty
10Meghan Bickers3:01.47aGreen Valley
10Kari Ruschmeyer3:09.96aLiberty
9Mericar Meneses3:10.54aGreen Valley
12Lauren Recine3:13.25aGreen Valley
9Marisol Juarez3:15.03aLiberty
10Breanna Wexler3:19.37aGreen Valley
11Marissa Findlay3:26.11aGreen Valley
9Kristen Strahler3:27.39aGreen Valley
9Kayla Millette3:27.83aLiberty
11Devon Willer3:49.94aLiberty
9Mariya Amato4:04.52aLiberty
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lindy Eskin5:57.16aGreen Valley
2.10Kayla Anderson6:00.83aGreen Valley
3.9Mackenzie Zurcher6:04.92aGreen Valley
4.11Taylor Coss6:07.75aGreen Valley
11Kayla Herrera6:11.59aLiberty
12Gray Taylor6:21.45aGreen Valley
10Meghan Bickers6:42.15aGreen Valley
10Stacie Hall6:45.34aGreen Valley
10Kari Ruschmeyer7:14.20aLiberty
9Marisol Juarez7:28.93aLiberty
9Kayla Millette7:40.97aLiberty
9Mariya Amato9:39.12aLiberty
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Summer Holloway13:27.2aGreen Valley
11Sage Andress14:06.3Green Valley
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
2.11Carina Gargantos17.51aLiberty
3.12Sierra Holloway17.63aGreen Valley
5.12Brittney Senecal19.32aGreen Valley
12Alecia Bryant20.10aGreen Valley
10Jolene Bernabe22.07aLiberty
10Vanessa Martinez22.18aLiberty
11Amelia O'Keefe22.21aGreen Valley
12Alexandra Byington23.57aGreen Valley
9Lindsey Thomas24.17aGreen Valley
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jazzlynn Wilkins48.12aLiberty
4.12Sierra Holloway52.92aGreen Valley
11Carina Gargantos54.17aLiberty
12Brittney Senecal55.27aGreen Valley
12Alecia Bryant55.85aGreen Valley
10Jolene Bernabe57.85aLiberty
12Lauren Bickers59.29aGreen Valley
11Amelia O'Keefe61.25aGreen Valley
12Alexandra Byington63.42aGreen Valley
10Vanessa Martinez1:04.39aLiberty
9Lindsey Thomas65.78aGreen Valley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rachel Dooley
Dymond Williams
Sydney Clark
Jazzlynn Wilkins
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rachel Dooley
Dymond Williams
Sydney Clark
Jazzlynn Wilkins
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
2.-Relay Team 4:43.29aGreen Valley
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 11:01.90aGreen Valley
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1ST10Ashlie Blake45'9"Liberty
2nd11Aisslyn Vaa31'9.5Liberty
3.11Ashley Parcells29'10Green Valley
4th9Alexis Jones Housley25'8"Liberty
10Tatiana Rolon25'7"Silverado
6th11Lorenna Tauala25'2"Liberty
11Nicole Dunn24'10Green Valley
9Monet Salazar24'7"Silverado
11Hannah Roberts24'3Green Valley
10Kristina James23'8"Silverado
9Essence Lino23'3"Silverado
10Monikah Moneck23'3"Silverado
10Kaela Green20'6Green Valley
12Jamisha Whitney20'0.5Green Valley
9Jasmin Turner18'2"Silverado
10Alondra Moreno17'7"Silverado
11Sky Cook17'2"Silverado
10karlie Cruz17'2"Silverado
9Jasmine Davila15'3"Silverado
11Janelle Soto15'2Green Valley
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ashlie Blake133'4"Liberty
2.11Aisslyn Vaa85'5"Liberty
10Monikah Moneck73'7"Silverado
11Hannah Roberts69'5Green Valley
NP11Lorenna Tauala68'8"Liberty
11Ashley Parcells67'6Green Valley
9Monet Salazar67'4"Silverado
10Tatiana Rolon66'5"Silverado
9Jasmin Turner66'Silverado
10karlie Cruz63'1"Silverado
11Nicole Dunn62'3Green Valley
10Kaela Green60'0Green Valley
NP9Alexis Jones Housley56'3"Liberty
10Kristina James55'Silverado
11Sky Cook53'9"Silverado
9Jasmine Davila50'Silverado
11Janelle Soto45'3Green Valley
9Essence Lino43'3"Silverado
10Alondra Moreno42'7"Silverado
12Jamisha Whitney39'11Green Valley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Jessica Meyers4'10"Silverado
2.10Kaili Fisher4'8Green Valley
3.10Jenna Landman4'6Green Valley
9Makayla Brown4'4"Silverado
4.11Kenna Chubb4'2Green Valley
9Genesis GuadamuzNHSilverado
9Lynette SuominenNHSilverado
9Rachel TretinaNHSilverado
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
12Alison Powers8'6"Silverado
2.12Gabrielle Palazzolo8'6"Liberty
3.10Rachel Buck8'0Green Valley
12Maria Rodriguez7'6"Silverado
12Justine Smith7'6"Silverado
12Nicole Pagliero7'Silverado
12Lauren Doolin7'Liberty
10Danielle Parven6'6"Silverado
11Sommer Denkin6'6Green Valley
11Nicole Oliveri6'0Green Valley
11Devon Drake6'0Green Valley
10Karli Miller6'Silverado
9Devon Jones6'0"Liberty
9Debbie Olalare5'0Green Valley
10Aubrey FrehnerNHSilverado
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Diamond Bond16'10.5"Silverado
2.11Unique Noldon15'5"Liberty
3.11Veronique Vashon14'9.5"Liberty
12Gabrielle Palazzolo14'4"Liberty
10Mikayla Ahlin14'4"Silverado
10Jamellia Clark14'2"Liberty
12Alexis McClendon13'9.75Green Valley
12Kalina Sombrio13'8'75Green Valley
10Lauren Purdy13'4"Silverado
10Kaili Fisher12'8.5Green Valley
11Kenna Chubb12'1Green Valley
9Rachel Tretina11'9"Silverado
11Holly Thomas11'4.75Green Valley
10Kayla Burgess10'11.75Green Valley
10Michelle Randolph10'1.25Green Valley
9Genesis Guadamuz9'5.5"Silverado
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Diamond Bond34'2"Silverado
10Lauren Purdy31'8"Silverado
10Mikayla Ahlin31'1"Silverado
4.12Gabrielle Palazzolo30'9.5"Liberty
12Jessica Meyers29'10.5"Silverado
11Unique Noldon29'7"Liberty
11Veronique Vashon27'5"Liberty
10Jamellia Clark25'8.5"Liberty
11Holly Thomas24'11.5Green Valley
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