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Valley-Chaparral-Canyon Springs

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Valley HS, Las Vegas

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Donnel Pumphrey10.90Canyon Springs      
2nd11Antonio Thomas11.30Chaparral      
3.11Kennedy Williams11.3Valley      
4th9Lester Izquierdo11.70Chaparral      
11Sharmalo Tinch11.80Chaparral      
12Chris Jackson11.9Valley      
9Tyrone Hall11.90Canyon Springs      
10Donte Mitchell11.9Valley      
12Antonio Carroll12.10Canyon Springs      
11Jason Johnson12.10Chaparral      
9Jerome' Williamson12.20Chaparral      
10Raequan Bascombe12.30Canyon Springs      
11Shondre Fryson12.30Chaparral      
11James Bryant12.40Chaparral      
10Zakariyyaa Elliott12.40Canyon Springs      
11Gonzales Jason12.5Valley      
12Xavier Malik12.6Valley      
9Richard Haney12.60Chaparral      
12Eddie Santiago12.70Chaparral      
10Nigel Perry12.70Canyon Springs      
12Dwite Dorsey12.8Valley      
9Kyler Jackson12.9Valley      
9Davieon Carrington12.90Canyon Springs      
10Alex Poles12.90Chaparral      
12Octavio Solorzano12.90Chaparral      
9Seitu Wyche12.90Chaparral      
9Miguel Guerra12.90Chaparral      
12Michael Shields12.90Chaparral      
11Diego Sanchez13.00Chaparral      
10Mateo Solorzano13.20Chaparral      
11William Hernandez13.20Chaparral      
9Jordan Odom13.20Chaparral      
11Donald White13.30Chaparral      
11Julio Arujo13.3Valley      
9Joe-Martin Tongol13.4Valley      
10Jason Kilgore13.4Valley      
9Andrew Freeman-Thompson13.40Chaparral      
10Vicente Gomez13.40Chaparral      
10Omar Perez14.00Chaparral      
9Brandon Aguilar14.20Chaparral      
9Saulo Valdivia14.20Chaparral      
10Alexis Hammark62''3Canyon Springs      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Donnel Pumphrey22.20Canyon Springs      
2nd11Antonio Thomas23.20Chaparral      
12Anthony Williams23.50Canyon Springs      
9Tyrone Hall23.50Canyon Springs      
9Luis Hernandez-Lozada23.90Chaparral      
9Seitu Wyche23.90Chaparral      
11Sharmalo Tinch23.90Chaparral      
12Antonio Carroll24.00Canyon Springs      
10Raequan Bascombe24.20Canyon Springs      
10Donte Mitchell24.2Valley      
9Jerome' Williamson24.40Chaparral      
10Javier Quinonez24.50Chaparral      
11Shondre Fryson24.80Chaparral      
10DeLarreon MCcoy24.90Canyon Springs      
12Jayson Porter25.2Valley      
12Dwite Dorsey25.5Valley      
12Chris Jackson25.5Valley      
10Christopher Chester25.80Canyon Springs      
12Michael Shields25.90Chaparral      
11Diego Sanchez26.00Chaparral      
11Donald White26.30Chaparral      
11Gonzales Jason26.5Valley      
12Octavio Solorzano26.60Chaparral      
9Miguel Guerra26.70Chaparral      
9Kyler Jackson26.7Valley      
9Jordan Odom27.10Chaparral      
11Juan Perez27.10Chaparral      
10Vicente Gomez27.50Chaparral      
9Davieon Carrington27.50Canyon Springs      
9Jose Trevizo28.00Chaparral      
10Jason Kilgore28.2Valley      
10Alex Poles28.40Chaparral      
9Brandon Aguilar29.90Chaparral      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bryon Peeples53.2Valley      
2nd12Juan Jaquez56.50Chaparral      
3rd11Shondre Fryson57.20Chaparral      
4th9Miguel Guerra57.80Chaparral      
10Aaron Thompson58.50Canyon Springs      
12Michael Shields59.20Chaparral      
9Davieon Carrington1:01.00Canyon Springs      
12Octavio Solorzano1:02.00Chaparral      
9Jose Trevizo1:03.00Chaparral      
9Austin Stojanovich1:03.00Chaparral      
10Vicente Gomez1:04.00Chaparral      
9Brandon Aguilar1:04.00Chaparral      
11Diego Sanchez1:05.00Chaparral      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alec McMillan2:07.2Valley      
2nd11Jason Johnson2:10.60Chaparral      
3.12Leonardo Trejo2:11.3Valley      
1.9Kasey Allison2:12.10Canyon Springs      
10Ryan Samano2:14.10Canyon Springs      
12Roberto Hernandez2:18.5Valley      
10Nathan Scott2:23.6Valley      
11Jeffry Cuellar2:26.6Valley      
11Carlos Martinez2:32.50Chaparral      
9Ariel Estrada-Parra2:35.9Valley      
12Daladier Nava2:37.20Chaparral      
9Gerardo Skewes2:41.70Chaparral      
12Armando Contenas2:42.7Valley      
12Luis Garcia2:44.1Valley      
12Devante Moore2:48.20Chaparral      
9Matthew Bentley2:53.20Chaparral      
9Tristen Sheets3:10.70Chaparral      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alec McMillan4:47Valley      
2.9Victor Sutton5:04Valley      
3.10Nathan Scott5:05Valley      
1.10Ryan Samano5:06.00Canyon Springs      
12Raequan Charingto5:14.00Chaparral      
10Ricardo Salas5:38.00Chaparral      
9Ariel Estrada-Parra5:42Valley      
12Daladier Nava5:43.00Chaparral      
11Carlos Martinez5:47.00Chaparral      
10Sean Wadsworth5:48.00Chaparral      
9Bryan Ibarra5:49.00Canyon Springs      
9Austin Stojanovich5:51.00Chaparral      
9Gerardo Skewes5:52.00Chaparral      
10Giovanni Morales6:23.00Chaparral      
9Matthew Bentley6:30.00Chaparral      
12Devante Moore6:31.00Chaparral      
9Tristen Sheets7:02.00Chaparral      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alec McMillan10:42.0Valley      
2.11Dawson Drake11:42.0Valley      
3.12George Johnson12:03.0Valley      
4th10Ricardo Salas12:17.00Chaparral      
12Raequan Charingto12:30.00Chaparral      
9Bryan Ibarra12:54.00Canyon Springs      
10Sean Wadsworth12:59.00Chaparral      
10Giovanni Morales13:43.00Chaparral      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1st12Toure Williams15.30Chaparral      
2.10Demarcus Walker16.00Canyon Springs      
3.9Brendan Orphan19.1Valley      
4.9Taveon Jackson21.2Valley      
9Dominque Rodgers21.6Valley      
9Patricio Stoecker21.6Valley      
9Joshua Allen21.70Chaparral      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
10Demarcus Walker43.50Canyon Springs      
2.9Taveon Jackson45.8Valley      
3.9Brendan Orphan46.7Valley      
10Jordan Austin46.90Canyon Springs      
11Darien Washington48.60Canyon Springs      
9Dominque Rodgers49.7Valley      
11James Bryant50.90Chaparral      
9Andrew Freeman-Thompson53.40Chaparral      
9Joshua Allen56.00Chaparral      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Raequan Bascombe
Andrew Lewis
Diamonte Luna
Donnel Pumphrey
43.60Canyon Springs      
2.-Kennedy Williams
Donte Mitchell
Arphaxad Carrell
Bryon Peeples
-Tyquan Anderson
Antonio Thomas
Lester Izquierdo
Sharmalo Tinch
-Javier Quinonez
Jerome' Williamson
Seitu Wyche
Cameron Smith
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Relay Team 1:31.70Canyon Springs      
2.-Chris Jackson
Dwite Dorsey
Kyler Jackson
Eric Edmonds
-Sharmalo Tinch
Tyquan Anderson
Eddie Santiago
Tarious Henry
-Relay Team 1:37.40Canyon Springs      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1st-Jason Johnson
Lester Izquierdo
Miguel Guerra
Toure Williams
-Relay Team 4:18.00Canyon Springs      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Leonardo Trejo
George Johnson
Roberto Hernandez
Dawson Drake
-Ryan Samano
Aaron Thompson
Bryan Ibarra
Anthony Williams
9:28.5Canyon Springs      
2nd-Juan Jaquez
Austin Bennett
Raequan Charingto
Carlos Martinez
-Austin Stojanovich
Sheldon Phoenix
Gerardo Skewes
Alberto Falcon
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1st11William Hernandez51'6Chaparral      
12Michael Dumas43' 9.5"Canyon Springs      
10Christopher Chester40' 1"Canyon Springs      
4th10Mark Jones37'2.75Chaparral      
9D'Angelo Brown36' 10"Canyon Springs      
10Christian Anderson-Howes35'2.25Chaparral      
10Demarius Oliver32'7.5Valley      
12Jae'qean Gilner32'2.5Valley      
10Damien Guthrie31'5Chaparral      
10Juan Sierra31'2Chaparral      
11Amir Fontno29'1Chaparral      
12Elvin Castillo28'8Valley      
10Cody Robinson28'7.75Chaparral      
9Lorenzo Shaw27' 11"Canyon Springs      
11Melyon Russom27'10Chaparral      
9Miles White21' 2.25"Canyon Springs      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1st11William Hernandez140'8Chaparral      
12Michael Dumas115' 5"Canyon Springs      
2.12Elvin Castillo104'2Valley      
4th10Christian Anderson-Howes100'1Chaparral      
12Jae'qean Gilner99'4.5Valley      
10Mark Jones99'1Chaparral      
11Melyon Russom98'6Chaparral      
9Lorenzo Shaw89' 5.5"Canyon Springs      
9D'Angelo Brown89' 1"Canyon Springs      
10Christopher Chester83' 9"Canyon Springs      
10Damien Guthrie75'0.50Chaparral      
11Amir Fontno74'1Chaparral      
10Juan Sierra69'1Chaparral      
10Cody Robinson67'0Chaparral      
9Miles White57' 1.5"Canyon Springs      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kennedy Williams6'1Valley      
2nd11Jason Johnson5'4Chaparral      
3.9Brendan Orphan5'4Valley      
4.9Taveon Jackson5'2Valley      
9Dominque Rodgers5'0Valley      
10Zakariyyaa Elliott5' 0"Canyon Springs      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Allen Abram11'1Valley      
2.12Jon Delgado9'0Valley      
3.12Jayson Porter8'0Valley      
4th10Alex Poles7'6Chaparral      
9Saulo Valdivia7'0Chaparral      
12Tarious Henry6'0Chaparral      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Arphaxad Carrell21'4Valley      
2.11Kennedy Williams21'3Valley      
3rd11Antonio Thomas19'7Chaparral      
10Jordan Austin19' 4.25"Canyon Springs      
11James Bryant18'11Chaparral      
12Toure Williams18'10Chaparral      
10Michael Gipson18' 10"Canyon Springs      
9Seitu Wyche17'4Chaparral      
10Nathan Scott17'1Valley      
12Antonio Carroll16' 10"Canyon Springs      
9Andrew Freeman-Thompson15'2Chaparral      
12Raul Lopez15'0Valley      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Arphaxad Carrell43'1Valley      
2.10Jordan Austin40' 9"Canyon Springs      
3.10Michael Gipson39' 11"Canyon Springs      
4th11James Bryant37'9.50Chaparral      
10Diamante Luna36' 6"Canyon Springs      
9Sirkenneth Scott36'2Valley      
12Xavier Malik36'1Valley      
12Jon Delgado35'7.5Valley      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kennedy Wharton13.0Valley      
2.9Lanesha Acker13.0Valley      
9La'Kiya Yarber14.00Canyon Springs      
3rd310Hali Tripplett14.0Chaparral      
10Katherine Fernandez14.1Valley      
11Caroline Voelker14.3Valley      
9Rakayla Tyler14.3Chaparral      
9Brianna White14.40Canyon Springs      
10Lynn Picquet14.4Valley      
9Essence Hubrins14.40Canyon Springs      
12Shayla Mcallister14.4Chaparral      
11De'Trice Gaines14.50Canyon Springs      
10Ashonti Narad14.6Valley      
9Mica Copeland14.60Canyon Springs      
11Faith Jackson14.7Valley      
10Wendy Pena-Cervantes14.7Valley      
10Ryan Hurry14.8Chaparral      
11Nakeya Jeffrey14.8Chaparral      
10Jaquishia Biddle15.1Valley      
10Jana Burd15.3Valley      
10Corene Brooks15.4Chaparral      
12Guynesha Hines15.40Canyon Springs      
12Elizabeth Ridge15.6Valley      
10Tyria Davis15.9Valley      
9Jordashai Alexander15.90Canyon Springs      
9Carolina Pena-Navarro16.0Valley      
9Kaitlin Foley16.2Valley      
11Akilah Brumfield16.20Canyon Springs      
11Raina Williams16.20Canyon Springs      
11Alisa Tinkham16.3Valley      
9Ziah Mcallister16.4Chaparral      
11Vanessa Vasquez16.8Valley      
11Maquel McCord17.0Valley      
10Jennifer Chung17.5Valley      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lanesha Acker26.0Valley      
2.10Kennedy Wharton26.7Valley      
10Hali Tripplett28.70Chaparral      
9Brianna White29.20Canyon Springs      
12Selina Abai29.40Chaparral      
9Makayla Hicks29.5Valley      
11Alisa Tinkham29.6Valley      
10Lynn Picquet29.8Valley      
11Shamae Stewart30.00Chaparral      
10Katherine Fernandez30.3Valley      
12Shayla Mcallister30.40Chaparral      
10Wendy Pena-Cervantes30.8Valley      
10Ashonti Narad30.8Valley      
11Faith Jackson31.1Valley      
10Ryan Hurry31.20Chaparral      
10Tiffanny Braunstien31.3Chaparral      
10Jaquishia Biddle31.6Valley      
9Tianna Lewis32.00Canyon Springs      
12Guynesha Hines32.10Canyon Springs      
10Vanessa Braunstein32.40Chaparral      
11Maraciel Anthony32.60Chaparral      
9Kaitlin Foley32.6Valley      
9Essence Hubrins33.00Canyon Springs      
10Jana Burd33.1Valley      
9Carolina Pena-Navarro33.6Valley      
10Kyndall Colon33.80Canyon Springs      
9Ziah Mcallister34.00Chaparral      
11Vanessa Vasquez34.7Valley      
9Jordashai Alexander35.20Canyon Springs      
11Maquel McCord36.5Valley      
11Raina Williams37.20Canyon Springs      
10Jennifer Chung37.8Valley      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Quinisha Hicks59.7Canyon Springs      
2.10Paige Timothy1 06.3Valley      
9Rakayla Tyler1:08.60Chaparral      
3.9Makayla Hicks1 08.6Valley      
10Tiffanny Braunstien1:09.00Chaparral      
10Katherine Fernandez1 09.8Valley      
12Shayla Mcallister1:10.00Chaparral      
11De'Trice Gaines1:11.00Canyon Springs      
10Vanessa Braunstein1:13.00Chaparral      
9Ziah Mcallister1:16.00Chaparral      
9Brianna White1:16.00Canyon Springs      
11Maraciel Anthony1:17.00Chaparral      
12Adrienne Richardson1:20.00Chaparral      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Mandy Chitwood2:35.08Canyon Springs      
11Sierra Stepp2:45.26Canyon Springs      
9Linda Sue Luchsinger2:50.00Chaparral      
4.10Valerie Perez2:54.1Valley      
10Tessie Wright3:09.00Chaparral      
9Yadira Sanchez3:11.90Chaparral      
12Amanda Braithwaite3:24.80Chaparral      
11Joanna Chavez3:26.30Chaparral      
11Adrianna Gutierrez3:28.2Valley      
12Emily Masek3:29.1Valley      
12Sahiry Marure3:31.1Valley      
10Ruth Palacios3:34.4Valley      
11Viviana Delgado3:36.2Valley      
10Vanessa Herrera3:37.20Chaparral      
11Nancy Herrera3:39.20Chaparral      
10Destiny Pino3:44.40Chaparral      
11Karla Soto-Ayala3:51.6Valley      
9Violeta Nunez3:52.6Valley      
9Taharida Rahman3:53.4Valley      
9Wendy Arfapo4:07.0Valley      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Sierra Stepp6:16.08Canyon Springs      
2nd10Tessie Wright6:42.00Chaparral      
3.10Deisy Landeros6:54.0Valley      
4.12Aime Juarez-Verdin7:03.0Valley      
10Catrina Fabian7:08.0Valley      
12Adrienne Richardson7:17.00Chaparral      
11Joanna Chavez7:19.00Chaparral      
12Cindy Rosales7:21.0Valley      
12Laura Colon7:23.00Chaparral      
12Emily Masek7:26.0Valley      
10Vanessa Herrera7:30.00Chaparral      
12Amanda Braithwaite7:42.00Chaparral      
11Nancy Herrera7:54.00Chaparral      
11Adrianna Gutierrez7:56.0Valley      
12Sarah Flagg7:57.0Valley      
10Destiny Pino7:58.00Chaparral      
9Wendy Arfapo8:08.0Valley      
9Violeta Nunez8:14.0Valley      
11Lizzet Tlatelpa8:20.00Chaparral      
9Samantha Hernandez8:33.0Valley      
11Karla Soto-Ayala8:40.0Valley      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jerrie Betemariam13:43.0Valley      
3.10Catrina Fabian15:14.0Valley      
4.10Deisy Landeros15:32.0Valley      
12Cindy Rosales16:33.0Valley      
12Laura Colon16:41.00Chaparral      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
12Denesha Trammell17.20Canyon Springs      
9Shatoria Lindsey18.50Canyon Springs      
9La'Kiya Yarber19.10Canyon Springs      
11Jasmine Herring19.50Canyon Springs      
4.12Gabreila Vargas19.5Valley      
11Quiana Forbes19.80Chaparral      
10Lena Mahavong19.8Valley      
11Dawnesha Brinkley19.90Chaparral      
9Kira Nilsen21.10Canyon Springs      
10Courtney Carr21.1Valley      
9Tegist Getnet29.4Valley      
9Seone Nealy29.40Canyon Springs      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
12Denesha Trammell49.40Canyon Springs      
2.10Paige Timothy51.7Valley      
9Kira Nilsen54.10Canyon Springs      
4.12Gabreila Vargas56.2Valley      
10Lena Mahavong56.7Valley      
11Quiana Forbes59.90Chaparral      
11Nakeya Jeffrey1:02.00Chaparral      
9Seone Nealy1:05.8Canyon Springs      
9Tegist Getnet1:07.0Valley      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mandy Chitwood
Shaquona Douglas
Bridget Payton
Courtney Robinson
49.90Canyon Springs      
2.-Diva Carter
Lanesha Acker
Paige Timothy
Kennedy Wharton
-Essence Hubrins
Randi Kern
Denesha Trammell
La'Kaya Yarber
56.00Canyon Springs      
-Haiven Newby
Elsha Harris
Rakayla Tyler
Hali Tripplett
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Courtney Robinson
Bridget Payton
Mandy Chitwood
Quinisha Hicks
1:43.20Canyon Springs      
2.-Diva Carter
Brooke Timothy
Paige Timothy
Lanesha Acker
-Haiven Newby
Elsha Harris
Selina Abai
Hali Tripplett
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Mandy Chitwood
Guynesha Hines
Kira Nilsen
Pearl Paulo
4:31.50Canyon Springs      
2.-Brooke Timothy
Diva Carter
Caroline Voelker
Paige Timothy
-Jasmine Herring
Pearl Paulo
Denesha Trammell
Breanna Valdespino
4:46.60Canyon Springs      
-Vanessa Braunstein
Selina Abai
Tiffanny Braunstien
Shamae Stewart
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Valerie Perez
Aime Juarez-Verdin
Jerry Betemarian
Kerri Paasche
2nd-Linda Luchsinger
Yadira Sanchez
Jennifer Berrelleza
Tessie Wright
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
12Darnajah Jernigan30''6Canyon Springs      
2nd11Michelle Carrillo-Hellebrandt26'8Chaparral      
3rd12Laura Covarrubias25'10.75Chaparral      
4.10Jayla Stevenson-Collins24 10Valley      
12Taylor Howard23''7Canyon Springs      
10E'lexyia Manuel23 6Valley      
11Aniesha Connell22'4.50Chaparral      
9Skyler Franklin21''4Canyon Springs      
9Samone Session21'2Canyon Springs      
10Alexis Hammark20''9Canyon Springs      
10Trynice Gordon20'5.50Chaparral      
12Valeria Barrios19'5Chaparral      
12Sandra DeLeon19 1Valley      
12Brhan Gidey18 0Valley      
10Suriah Schott17'8.50Chaparral      
12Criselda Galera14 4.5Valley      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1st12Laura Covarrubias79'5Chaparral      
2nd11Michelle Carrillo-Hellebrandt74'5.50Chaparral      
3.10Jayla Stevenson-Collins73 3.5Valley      
4.12Darnajah Jernigan65''10Canyon Springs      
10Alexis Hammark62''3Canyon Springs      
12Taylor Howard58''2Canyon Springs      
10E'lexyia Manuel53 10Valley      
12Sandra DeLeon53 5Valley      
10Trynice Gordon50'1Chaparral      
9Skyler Franklin47''2Canyon Springs      
9Samone Session47''0Canyon Springs      
11Aniesha Connell46'4Chaparral      
12Valeria Barrios45'0Chaparral      
10Suriah Schott44'10Chaparral      
12Brhan Gidey41 5Valley      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kennedy Wharton5 0Valley      
2.12Pearl Paulo5'0Canyon Springs      
12Elizabeth Ridge4 8Valley      
3.10Breanna Valdespino4'8Canyon Springs      
4.9Kira Nilsen4'8Canyon Springs      
11Diva Carter4 6Valley      
9Shatoria Lindsey4'2Canyon Springs      
10Kamari Minor4'0Canyon Springs      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aily Rodriguez6 6Valley      
2nd10Tiffanny Braunstien5'6Chaparral      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
3.10Lynn Picquet14 3Valley      
4th12Selina Abai13'4Chaparral      
9Rakayla Tyler13'0Chaparral      
11Nakeya Jeffrey11'10Chaparral      
11Quiana Forbes11'9Chaparral      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Pearl Paulo32'4Canyon Springs      
2.10Ameyo Attila32 1Valley      
3.10Breanna Valdespino30'9Canyon Springs      
4.10Lynn Picquet29 1.5Valley      
11Jasmine Herring27'10Canyon Springs      
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