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Bubba Joiner Invitational

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Texas - Region 1
Haltom City Haltom
Texas - Region 2
Texas - SPC
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adam Hasan10.67aLake Dallas
2.10Tylor Blake10.75aNorthwest Nelson
3.10Jalen Sharp11.12aGreenhill
4.11Joseph Szymanski11.15aNorthwest Nelson
5.12Jarrett Cheadle11.19aLake Dallas
6.12Austin Welch11.20aCovenant Christian
7.11Carson Dowdle11.23aLiberty Christian
8.10Tristan McMillan11.32aNorthwest Nelson
9.11Daniel Kim11.41aCovenant Christian
10.11Camron Cornett11.42aLiberty Christian
11.11Dante Basher11.45aLake Dallas
12.11Roman Gordon11.62aHaltom City Haltom
13.12Max McKamy11.67aGreenhill
14.11Jett Miller11.79aLiberty Christian
15.12William Montgomery11.83aGreenhill
16.12Gunner Jones11.85aHaltom City Haltom
12Nathan Nicholson11.69Liberty Christian
17.11Davy Nanson11.96aFaith Christian (Gra...
18.10Derek Shelby12.09aSanger
10Matt Marrs11.90Liberty Christian
11Mitchell Rowsell11.89Liberty Christian
19.12John Garza12.17aSanger
20.9Michael Kim12.19aCovenant Christian
21.9Oscar Torres12.26aSanger
22.11Jonathan Armstrong12.55aHaltom City Haltom
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Zach Keller11.43aLiberty Christian
2.10Hayden Sanders11.52aNorthwest Nelson
3.11Devin Teeters11.63aSanger
4.10Grant Carter12.00aSanger
5.9Kaylub Orebaugh12.12aNorthwest Nelson
6.9Jordan Brown12.39aLiberty Christian
9Mickey Grebe12.20Liberty Christian
10Travis Ball12.19Liberty Christian
7.12Fransisco Gomez-Palacio12.55aGreenhill
8.10Tu Vuong12.58aHaltom City Haltom
9.9Cullen Gillian12.67aFaith Christian (Gra...
9Taylor McCarley12.53Liberty Christian
10.9Alwin Crawford12.93aNorthwest Nelson
9Johnny Alday12.69Liberty Christian
10Austin Mann12.83Liberty Christian
11.9Austin Chambers13.15aHaltom City Haltom
11Bryan Gray13.27Liberty Christian
12.9Hunter Snowden13.57aLiberty Christian
13.9Collin Osborne13.67aFaith Christian (Gra...
14.9Jacob Pierce13.85aFaith Christian (Gra...
15.11Jonathon Hudson14.47aCovenant Christian
11Jeron BracyNTLake Dallas
10Trey AndersonNTGreenhill
9Paulo SpringerNTGreenhill
12Alex FritzNTHaltom City Haltom
10Cameron FloresNTSanger
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tylor Blake22.98aNorthwest Nelson
2.10Dakota Cotten23.70aSanger
3.12Daveon Parrish23.77aLake Dallas
4.10Trey Albritten23.79aGreenhill
5.10Tristan McMillan23.98aNorthwest Nelson
6.11Daniel Kim24.24aCovenant Christian
7.11Aaron Farmer24.33aNorthwest Nelson
8.9Juan Campos24.62aLake Dallas
9.11Davy Nanson24.72aFaith Christian (Gra...
14.9Paulo Springer24.84aGreenhill
10.11Cody Howard25.10aSanger
11Jett Miller24.86Liberty Christian
11.11Houston Wyatt25.26aSanger
12.11Camron Cornett25.35aLiberty Christian
13.10Jalen Sharp25.36aGreenhill
15.11Cole Kellner25.87aLiberty Christian
16.12Dontonio Jordon26.04aLake Dallas
17.11Jaime Martinez26.20aHaltom City Haltom
18.12Nathan Nicholson26.49aLiberty Christian
19.11Tyler Kirkendoll27.22aHaltom City Haltom
20.11Jonathon Hudson29.32aCovenant Christian
11Alex RangelNTHaltom City Haltom
12Austin WelchNTCovenant Christian
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Wyatt Broxson24.64aSanger
2.11Devin Teeters24.96aSanger
3.10Matthew Jones25.02aGreenhill
4.10Nick Conn25.05aNorthwest Nelson
5.10Ron McGriff25.78aNorthwest Nelson
6.9Brandon Franklin26.06aLake Dallas
7.10Nick Valenzuela26.08aLiberty Christian
8.10Travis Ball26.11aLiberty Christian
9.9Kaylub Orebaugh26.28aNorthwest Nelson
10.9Jordan Brown26.35aLiberty Christian
11.12Cordarius Cooksey26.53aHaltom City Haltom
12.10Tom Hyunh27.44aHaltom City Haltom
13.10Andrew Burk27.47aGreenhill
14.9Cameran Carter27.66aFaith Christian (Gra...
15.9Bailey Garza28.01aSanger
16.9Joey Opitz28.76aHaltom City Haltom
11Jeron BracyNTLake Dallas
9Jacob JonesNTFaith Christian (Gra...
9Alex RaphaelNTGreenhill
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrew Martinez52.12aSanger
11Austin Freet52.40Liberty Christian
2.10Josh Rivera52.85aLake Dallas
3.12Ivan Kumamoto53.06aGreenhill
4.10Conor Ledger53.09aNorthwest Nelson
5.11Zach Locke53.93aHaltom City Haltom
6.11Drew Dehaven54.15aNorthwest Nelson
7.10Esteban Ortega54.42aNorthwest Nelson
8.10Cameron Savage54.53aCovenant Christian
9.11Bryce Escobedo55.31aSanger
10.12Langston Johnson56.52aGreenhill
11.11Cole Kellner56.90aLiberty Christian
12.12Mitchell Heffington57.11aLiberty Christian
13.9Oscar Torres57.30aSanger
14.11Jaime Martinez58.70aHaltom City Haltom
15.11Mitchell Rowsell59.41aLiberty Christian
16.11Alex Rangel1:03.93aHaltom City Haltom
9Michael KimNTCovenant Christian
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Stefan Kelly56.47aNorthwest Nelson
2.9Cole Austin56.60aLiberty Christian
3.10Stefon Milton57.02aNorthwest Nelson
4.9Victor Arambula57.74aHaltom City Haltom
5.10Cameron Flores58.99aSanger
6.9Brandon Franklin59.05aLake Dallas
7.9Cameran Carter59.07aFaith Christian (Gra...
8.10Dylan Hartfield59.47aSanger
9.9Jacob Jones1:00.68aFaith Christian (Gra...
10.9Mickey Grebe1:01.15aLiberty Christian
11.9Collin Osborne1:03.99aFaith Christian (Gra...
12.9Zack Moore1:04.83aSanger
10Ivan OrtegaNTHaltom City Haltom
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Langston Johnson2:02.39aGreenhill
2.11Dereck Woodcock2:04.94aLiberty Christian
3.11Logan Ryan2:05.94aLake Dallas
4.12Derek Key2:06.57aSanger
5.11James McDonald2:07.82aNorthwest Nelson
6.11Jacob Springer2:10.28aLiberty Christian
7.11Adam Lishman2:12.49aNorthwest Nelson
8.11Zach Locke2:13.22aHaltom City Haltom
9.11Ryan Duffy2:13.88aGreenhill
10.12Austin Gerber2:14.61aGreenhill
11.12Taylor Reyes2:17.99aNorthwest Nelson
12.11Ryan Stackable2:22.02aCovenant Christian
10Trent HopsonNTSanger
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Sacha Shannon2:10.43aSanger
2.12Brian Konig2:11.59aGreenhill
3.11Hunter Tipton2:13.20aSanger
4.9Calvin Weaver2:14.11aNorthwest Nelson
5.11Thi Cao2:15.50aNorthwest Nelson
6.11Calvin Berg2:16.50aGreenhill
7.11Jeremy Auerbach2:16.69aGreenhill
8.10Antonio Flaquer2:19.28aHaltom City Haltom
9.9Nick Keough2:20.62aNorthwest Nelson
10.10James Dunne2:21.28aLake Dallas
11.9Taylor McCarley2:22.99aLiberty Christian
12.9Alec Allen2:24.78aSanger
13.9Steven Blodgett2:34.75aLake Dallas
9Michael Goodson2:35.56Liberty Christian
9Travis Funderburk2:35.75Liberty Christian
14.9Eric Jhelm2:37.59aFaith Christian (Gra...
9Hudson Engel2:48.53Liberty Christian
15.9Nelson Nicholson2:58.53aLiberty Christian
16.9Sebastian Melo3:04.22aLiberty Christian
9Zach Buchholtz3:15Liberty Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Bernal4:42.33aSanger
2.11Dereck Woodcock4:44.03aLiberty Christian
3.11Logan Ryan4:45.69aLake Dallas
4.10Bradley James4:48.63aLake Dallas
5.11Ervin Mooney4:52.03aNorthwest Nelson
6.10Jacob Perry4:54.12aSanger
7.12Austin Miller4:54.48aLake Dallas
8.12Grayson CeBallos5:02.00aSanger
9.11James McDonald5:07.00aNorthwest Nelson
10.11Jacob Springer5:13.76aLiberty Christian
10.10Antonio Flaquer5:13.76aHaltom City Haltom
12.11Adam Lishman5:15.00aNorthwest Nelson
13.11Ryan Stackable5:44.00aCovenant Christian
11Bobby HartzlerNTLiberty Christian
10Luis MenaNTHaltom City Haltom
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Quinten Cassaday5:14.45aSanger
2.11Thi Cao5:24.00aNorthwest Nelson
3.9Devin Taylor5:28.42aNorthwest Nelson
4.9Sebastian Weber5:29.76aLake Dallas
5.9Tal Thomas5:30.06aHaltom City Haltom
6.9Taylor McCarley5:30.48aLiberty Christian
7.10Johnathan Villegas5:32.06aHaltom City Haltom
8.9Joe Dunn5:38.26aNorthwest Nelson
9.9Oscar Garcia5:47.61aHaltom City Haltom
10.10Sacha Shannon5:59.58aSanger
11.10Brian Ogden6:05.28aFaith Christian (Gra...
12.9Eric Jhelm6:06.51aFaith Christian (Gra...
9Hudson EngelNTLiberty Christian
9Chance PetersonNTLake Dallas
11Titius McLaughlinNTLiberty Christian
9Kendall OrtezNTLake Dallas
11Hunter TiptonNTSanger
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Bernal10:16.10aSanger
2.11Ervin Mooney10:16.97aNorthwest Nelson
3.12Austin Miller10:20.15aLake Dallas
4.10Bradley James10:26.10aLake Dallas
5.12Grayson CeBallos10:28.57aSanger
6.10Jacob Perry10:31.03aSanger
7.11Ryan Duffy10:41.10aGreenhill
8.12Taylor Reyes11:13.26aNorthwest Nelson
9.10Nick Kraus11:13.63aGreenhill
10.12Andrew Hemmelgarn11:42.12aNorthwest Nelson
11Bobby HartzlerNTLiberty Christian
10Luis MenaNTHaltom City Haltom
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Colt Carlton10:40.77aSanger
2.10Josh Mills11:28.57aSanger
3.10Anthony Wasser11:36.02aSanger
4.9Joe Dunn11:49.03aNorthwest Nelson
5.11Greg Baker11:54.72aNorthwest Nelson
6.9Griffin Olesky11:57.73aGreenhill
7.9Devin Taylor12:01.08aNorthwest Nelson
8.9Sebastian Weber12:15.80aLake Dallas
9.9Tal Thomas12:19.31aHaltom City Haltom
10.10Johnathan Villegas12:20.33aHaltom City Haltom
11.9Oscar Garcia12:21.36aHaltom City Haltom
12.9Kendall Ortez12:45.79aLake Dallas
13.9Travis Funderburk12:54.63aLiberty Christian
14.9Hudson Engel13:07.19aLiberty Christian
11Titius McLaughlinNTLiberty Christian
9Chance PetersonNTLake Dallas
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Justus Morgan15.42aSanger
2.12Ryan Wilkerson15.47aLiberty Christian
3.11Christian Burks15.86aLiberty Christian
4.12John Eskew16.54aSanger
5.10Conor Ledger16.70aNorthwest Nelson
6.11Aaron Deaver16.78aLiberty Christian
7.10Tyler Robbins16.81aLake Dallas
8.12Austin Hartline17.02aGreenhill
9.10Nick Lynch17.27aNorthwest Nelson
10.10Daniel Ragan17.30aNorthwest Nelson
11.10Sawyer Watson17.96aLake Dallas
11Josiah Hartzler18.46Liberty Christian
12.11Bobby Opitz22.44aHaltom City Haltom
12Donovan CrabtreeNTSanger
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Tanner Moseley18.12aLiberty Christian
2.10Ty Scott18.17aSanger
3.9Rhoman Albanese18.22aLake Dallas
4.10Justin David18.32aNorthwest Nelson
5.9Tyler Rivera18.51aLake Dallas
6.9Zach Bravenec19.71aLiberty Christian
7.10Clayton Bergstrom19.73aNorthwest Nelson
8.9Cole Irwin19.76aLiberty Christian
9.10Nick Conn20.91aNorthwest Nelson
10.9Lance Hunter21.49aSanger
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christian Burks42.50aLiberty Christian
2.12Ryan Wilkerson42.53aLiberty Christian
3.10Sawyer Watson43.50aLake Dallas
4.10Tyler Robbins43.72aLake Dallas
5.11Justus Morgan44.45aSanger
6.10Brooks Friedman44.60aCovenant Christian
7.10Nick Lynch45.33aNorthwest Nelson
8.10Daniel Ragan45.40aNorthwest Nelson
9.12John Eskew45.60aSanger
10.11Josiah Hartzler46.60aLiberty Christian
11.11Bobby Opitz50.12aHaltom City Haltom
12.12Donovan Crabtree53.46aSanger
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Tanner Moseley43.54aLiberty Christian
2.9Rhoman Albanese43.84aLake Dallas
3.10Ty Scott44.21aSanger
4.10Ivan Ortega45.52aHaltom City Haltom
5.9Cullen Gillian46.00aFaith Christian (Gra...
6.10Justin David47.39aNorthwest Nelson
7.9Alexander Winston48.18aLake Dallas
8.10Michael King49.73aLiberty Christian
9.9Zach Bravenec50.46aLiberty Christian
10.9Jacob Pierce50.55aFaith Christian (Gra...
11.10Wyatt Hall52.82aNorthwest Nelson
12.9Lance Hunter53.29aSanger
13.9Bailey Garza56.38aSanger
14.9Tyler Rivera58.60aLake Dallas
10Clayton BergstromNTNorthwest Nelson
9Cody MantakulNTHaltom City Haltom
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Adam Hasan
Jarrett Cheadle
Dante Basher
Dontonio Jordon
42.83aLake Dallas
2.-Carson Dowdle
John Aaron Howell
Graham Richardson
Foster Ford
42.90aLiberty Christian
3.-Bethany Cook
Katherine Meadows
Trent Jackson
Kara Squires
45.15aCovenant Christian
4.-Camille Andrews
Stephanie Seale
Austin Hartline
Jalen Sharp
5.-Relay Team 45.63aHaltom City Haltom
6.-Houston Wyatt
Dakota Cotten
Tianna Nieves
Donovan Crabtree
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Hayden Sanders
Alwin Crawford
Ron McGriff
Kaylub Orebaugh
45.19aNorthwest Nelson
2.-Zach Keller
Gavin Menichini
Adura Amosun
Cole Austin
45.87aLiberty Christian
3.-Relay Team 47.68aHaltom City Haltom
4.-Ty Scott
Lance Hunter
Cameron Flores
Grant Carter
-Paulo Springer
Trey Anderson
Euan Rugg
Fransisco Gomez-Palacio
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Adam Hasan
Jarrett Cheadle
Juan Campos
Dontonio Jordon
1:30.79aLake Dallas
2.-Carson Dowdle
Foster Ford
Graham Richardson
John Aaron Howell
1:31.01aLiberty Christian
3.-Houston Wyatt
Dakota Cotten
Cody Howard
Andrew Martinez
4.-Tristan McMillan
Dave Bukasa
Jose Davila
Aaron Farmer
1:34.35aNorthwest Nelson
5.-Relay Team 1:37.07aHaltom City Haltom
6.-Austin Gerber
Jerry Webb
Dylan Roberts
Paulo Springer
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Nick Conn
Hayden Sanders
Ron McGriff
Alwin Crawford
1:37.98aNorthwest Nelson
2.-Relay Team 1:40.07aSanger
3.-Hugh Jeffrey
Nick Valenzuela
Zach Keller
Gavin Menichini
1:40.62aLiberty Christian
4.-Relay Team 1:40.84aHaltom City Haltom
5.-Matthew Jones
Alex Raphael
Euan Rugg
Andrew Burk
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Juan Campos
Daveon Parrish
Josh Rivera
Dante Basher
3:35.54aLake Dallas
2.-Relay Team 3:35.89aHaltom City Haltom
3.-Brooks Friedman
Austin Welch
Cameron Savage
Michael Kim
3:37.50aCovenant Christian
4.-Graham Richardson
Foster Ford
Dereck Woodcock
John Aaron Howell
3:37.84aLiberty Christian
5.-Dave Bukasa
Drew Dehaven
Gilliam Turner
Conor Ledger
3:42.35aNorthwest Nelson
-Bryce Escobedo
Andrew Martinez
Derek Key
Oscar Torres
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Hugh Jeffrey
Cole Austin
Adura Amosun
Tanner Moseley
3:51.31aLiberty Christian
2.-Stefon Milton
Calvin Weaver
Stefan Kelly
Justin David
3:52.40aNorthwest Nelson
3.-Relay Team 3:58.08aHaltom City Haltom
-Wyatt Broxson
Dylan Hartfield
Hunter Tipton
Sacha Shannon
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eric Klein51-00.00Greenhill
2.10Brad Lundblade50-05.00Liberty Christian
3.12Nick Conklin44-00.00Sanger
4.12V Vaitai43-10.00Haltom City Haltom
5.11Bryce Williams42-10.00Lake Dallas
6.11Grayson Schantz42-04.00Lake Dallas
7.12Alex Fritz42-02.00Haltom City Haltom
8.10Kyle Sheffler41-08.00Sanger
10Weldon Whittle41'4Liberty Christian
9.12AJ Washington41-02.00Northwest Nelson
10.12William Vaitai40-07.00Haltom City Haltom
11.11Dylan Sprock39-00.00Liberty Christian
11.11Alec Daniel39-00.00Northwest Nelson
13.11Andrew Dotson38-06.00Northwest Nelson
13.12Brandon Dean38-06.00Greenhill
15.11John Laubacher37-06.00Lake Dallas
16.11Eli Williams37-02.00Faith Christian (Gra...
17.10Derek Shelby36-04.00Sanger
18.11Zohaib Hooda35-06.00Greenhill
19.12Alexander Reece34-00.00Liberty Christian
19.10Zane Smith34-00.00Faith Christian (Gra...
9Chase DrewskiNDCovenant Christian
9Wesley ParkerNDCovenant Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Cameron Brasher40-00.00Liberty Christian
2.11Brandon Fleischman40-00.00Northwest Nelson
3.10Kyle Griffith39-01.00Northwest Nelson
4.10Emmanuel Cornelius38-07.00Haltom City Haltom
5.11Danny Villagomez37-03.00Haltom City Haltom
6.9Brance Watts37-02.00Sanger
7.9Harry Asprey36-09.00Liberty Christian
8.11Johnathan Zaragoza34-08.00Haltom City Haltom
9.9Brandon Wilcox34-07.00Faith Christian (Gra...
10.9William Venable33-11.00Sanger
11.11Kaleb Graves33-08.00Greenhill
11.10A.J. Seely33-08.00Liberty Christian
13.9Clay Worthey33-05.00Sanger
14.10Anders Huizenga32-01.00Northwest Nelson
15.10Ronald Turley27-09.00Greenhill
16.9Trey Lusk27-04.00Lake Dallas
17.9Bryce Macdougall25-11.00Lake Dallas
18.10Ricky McMurry25-10.00Greenhill
19.10Jon Zellmer24-09.00Faith Christian (Gra...
20.9Travis Frederickson24-02.00Lake Dallas
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12V Vaitai148-00Haltom City Haltom
2.11Colton Lively133-11Lake Dallas
3.12Kevin Vaitai131-01Haltom City Haltom
4.10Mason Hite129-01Lake Dallas
5.12William Vaitai123-08Haltom City Haltom
6.12Eric Klein121-07Greenhill
7.11Eli Williams116-09Faith Christian (Gra...
8.11Alec Daniel108-03Northwest Nelson
9.12Brandon Dean106-05Greenhill
10.10Samuel Ragan106-00Northwest Nelson
11.11Tim Williams103-03Lake Dallas
12.11Morgan Engel102-00Liberty Christian
13.10Brad Lundblade101-04Liberty Christian
14.12AJ Washington99-07Northwest Nelson
15.11Zohaib Hooda96-09Greenhill
16.11Micah Stateson94-03Liberty Christian
11Max ChickNDSanger
9Grayson BrineyNDSanger
9Clay WortheyNDSanger
10Kyle ShefflerNDSanger
9Collin JonesNDSanger
9Chase DrewskiNDCovenant Christian
9Wesley ParkerNDCovenant Christian
10Anders HuizengaNDNorthwest Nelson
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Grant Lanza104-10Northwest Nelson
2.11Danny Villagomez102-07Haltom City Haltom
3.9Jaden Cook100-06Liberty Christian
4.10Wyatt Broxson96-04Sanger
5.11Brandon Fleischman95-04Northwest Nelson
6.10Mark Garza94-01Haltom City Haltom
7.10Antonio Rocamontes89-08Haltom City Haltom
8.9Avery Webb84-08Liberty Christian
9.9Jayson McGilvray78-10Northwest Nelson
10.11Kaleb Graves75-08Greenhill
11.10Ronald Turley70-09Greenhill
12.10Wesley Lim68-07Greenhill
13.9Hunter Snowden66-07Liberty Christian
14.10Jon Zellmer66-03Faith Christian (Gra...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brandon Keaveny6-02.00Northwest Nelson
2.10Joshua Jackson6-02.00Lake Dallas
3.10Dakota Cotten6-00.00Sanger
4.12Daveon Parrish6-00.00Lake Dallas
5.11Cody Howard5-10.00Sanger
6.12Mitchell Heffington5-06.00Liberty Christian
6.10Trey Anderson5-06.00Greenhill
7.11Daniel Kim5-06.00Covenant Christian
8.11Graham Richardson5-06.00Liberty Christian
9.10Matt Marrs5-06.00Liberty Christian
11.12Ivan Kumamoto5-04.00Greenhill
9Auston EvansNHGreenhill
11Bryce WilliamsNHLake Dallas
12Zach KuykendallNHNorthwest Nelson
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11JT Espinosa5-06.00Northwest Nelson
2.11Jake Statsny5-02.00Sanger
3.9Tanner Moseley5-02.00Liberty Christian
9Joshua ThomasNHGreenhill
9Jacob JonesNHFaith Christian (Gra...
9Jacob PierceNHFaith Christian (Gra...
9Cullen GillianNHFaith Christian (Gra...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jackson Jenkins13-00.00Northwest Nelson
2.9Kyle Haertling12-00.00Liberty Christian
3.10Will Carter11-06.00Sanger
4.11Aaron Deaver11-02.00Liberty Christian
5.12Jerry Webb10-06.00Greenhill
6.12Justin White10-06.00Northwest Nelson
7.11Chad Loving10-06.00Northwest Nelson
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Johnny Alday10-00.00Liberty Christian
2.11Euan Rugg9-06.00Greenhill
2.11Bryan Gray9-06.00Liberty Christian
2.9Joey Opitz9-06.00Haltom City Haltom
5.9Paul Davilla9-00.00Sanger
5.10Tom Hyunh9-00.00Haltom City Haltom
7.10Travis Ball8-06.00Liberty Christian
9Alex RaphaelNHGreenhill
9Cody PetersonNHLake Dallas
9Lance HunterNHSanger
10Kodei CalvinNHGreenhill
9Austin ChambersNHHaltom City Haltom
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daveon Parrish21-07.75Lake Dallas
2.10Jalen Sharp20-06.00Greenhill
3.12Tre Dickerson20-05.00Lake Dallas
4.12Austin Welch20-02.00Covenant Christian
10John Aaron Howell20'1.75Liberty Christian
5.12William Montgomery19-09.00Greenhill
6.11Roman Gordon19-08.50Haltom City Haltom
7.12James Gibbs19-04.00Haltom City Haltom
8.12Gunner Jones18-11.25Haltom City Haltom
9.11Foster Ford18-08.00Liberty Christian
10.12Charles Gowans18-03.00Lake Dallas
11.12John Garza18-02.25Sanger
12.11Andrew Martinez18-02.00Sanger
12Daniel Loch17'11Liberty Christian
13.12Zach Kuykendall17-09.00Northwest Nelson
14.12Austin Hartline17-08.25Greenhill
15.11Christian Burks17-01.50Liberty Christian
16.11Drew Dehaven16-11.75Northwest Nelson
17.12Jose Davila16-10.50Northwest Nelson
18.11Josiah Hartzler16-09.25Liberty Christian
19.11Houston Wyatt16-06.50Sanger
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Sacha Shannon18-10.50Sanger
10Matt Marrs18'5Liberty Christian
2.9Cole Austin18-03.00Liberty Christian
3.10Gavin Menichini17-03.50Liberty Christian
4.9Adura Amosun17-01.00Liberty Christian
5.10Ron McGriff16-11.00Northwest Nelson
9Jordan Brown16'10.5Liberty Christian
6.10Ty Scott16-02.00Sanger
7.11Devin Teeters15-10.00Sanger
8.9Cullen Gillian15-08.00Faith Christian (Gra...
8.10Matthew Jones15-08.00Greenhill
10.10Andrew Burk15-02.00Greenhill
11.10Tu Vuong14-08.50Haltom City Haltom
12.9Joshua Thomas13-06.25Greenhill
9Brandon FranklinNDLake Dallas
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tre Dickerson43-07.75Lake Dallas
2.12Dandre Kelley42-10.25Lake Dallas
3.10Joshua Jackson42-08.00Lake Dallas
4.10Dakota Cotten42-00.00Sanger
5.10Trey Albritten41-05.00Greenhill
6.11Andrew Dotson40-07.50Northwest Nelson
7.10Shai Qi Burton39-09.00Haltom City Haltom
8.11Foster Ford39-08.00Liberty Christian
9.11Cody Howard38-11.00Sanger
10.12Ethan Romero38-02.25Northwest Nelson
11.10Brooks Friedman38-00.50Covenant Christian
12.12Jose Davila37-05.00Northwest Nelson
13.10Dylan Roberts36-06.50Greenhill
11Andrew MartinezNDSanger
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Sacha Shannon37-10.00Sanger
10Jordan Parker36'2.25Liberty Christian
2.10Ty Scott36-02.00Sanger
3.9Adura Amosun35-09.00Liberty Christian
4.9Taylor McCarley35-05.25Liberty Christian
5.9Jordan Brown33-04.50Liberty Christian
11Devin TeetersNDSanger

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lynnsey Brim12.42aNorthwest Nelson
2.10Brielle Brown12.48aLake Dallas
3.11Emory Cason12.68aFaith Christian (Gra...
4.11Marchelle Davis12.85aNorthwest Nelson
5.10Daja Prince12.97aHaltom City Haltom
6.9Allysa Karr13.08aCovenant Christian
7.9Amadi Taylor13.12aLake Dallas
8.9Hope Rovner13.13aGreenhill
9.10Bella Madrid13.17aNorthwest Nelson
10.9Anna Lamar13.19aCovenant Christian
11.9Sophie Standifer13.21aLiberty Christian
12.9Keosha Wilburn13.27aHaltom City Haltom
13.9Kara Squires13.28aCovenant Christian
14.9Carly Petty13.28aFaith Christian (Gra...
15.11Caellyn Barree13.34aLake Dallas
16.11Stephanie Seale13.38aGreenhill
17.11Anna Payne13.41aLiberty Christian
18.9Tianna Nieves13.83aSanger
19.9Caroline Brady13.87aLiberty Christian
20.10Carolyn Cargill14.29aFaith Christian (Gra...
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Hayley Grant13.43aNorthwest Nelson
2.10Savannah Burnidge13.63aNorthwest Nelson
3.9Lara Nogueras13.68aLake Dallas
4.10Brittany Lemesany13.73aNorthwest Nelson
5.9Maya Pilot13.91aHaltom City Haltom
6.10Jasmin Lawrence14.06aGreenhill
7.9Hanna Liszewiski14.40aLiberty Christian
8.10Madiline Smith14.44aLiberty Christian
9.9Taylor Thompson14.59aLiberty Christian
10.9Sierra Melton14.74aSanger
11.10Rachel Sklar14.75aGreenhill
12.9Riley Kranz14.76aLake Dallas
13.11Melanie Andrews14.81aGreenhill
14.9Briana Garcia14.84aSanger
15.9Reagan Knightstep14.87aSanger
16.11Shelby Liebel14.88aHaltom City Haltom
17.11Carla Nevarez15.33aHaltom City Haltom
18.9Mercedes Simmons15.42aFaith Christian (Gra...
10Faith CaiseNTLake Dallas
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ebony Tucker27.91aNorthwest Nelson
2.10Tralyn Woodard28.41aNorthwest Nelson
6.12Karina Rambeau29.14aGreenhill
3.10Corey Hammonds29.22aSanger
4.9Keosha Wilburn29.26aHaltom City Haltom
5.11Nicole Coetzer30.11aNorthwest Nelson
7.9Chrissy Bates30.60aLake Dallas
8.10Morgan Corn31.47aFaith Christian (Gra...
9.10Brielle Brown31.70aLake Dallas
10.11Aubrey Malone33.11aSanger
11.10Alyx Hadley33.31aFaith Christian (Gra...
12.12Kinsey Squires33.39aCovenant Christian
13.10Malorie Grigg33.76aLiberty Christian
14.9Paige Jeary33.94aLiberty Christian
15.12Bethany Cook34.09aCovenant Christian
16.11Taylor Miller34.72aGreenhill
17.9Caroline Brady35.59aLiberty Christian
18.9Amadi Taylor42.98aLake Dallas
9Hope RovnerNTGreenhill
9Anna LamarNTCovenant Christian
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Lara Nogueras29.99aLake Dallas
2.10Teylor Crooks30.29aNorthwest Nelson
3.9Sarah Jessie30.39aFaith Christian (Gra...
4.9Sierra Melton31.00aSanger
5.10Savannah Burnidge31.03aNorthwest Nelson
6.10Madiline Smith31.51aLiberty Christian
7.10Heather Willet31.81aLiberty Christian
8.9Riley Kranz32.17aLake Dallas
9.9Maya Gist32.94aNorthwest Nelson
10.9Lindsey Ingram33.44aGreenhill
11.9Mercedes Simmons34.98aFaith Christian (Gra...
12.11Kay kay Ritch35.36aFaith Christian (Gra...
13.9Antrice Reynolds35.40aHaltom City Haltom
14.9Diana Pena36.53aHaltom City Haltom
15.9Viridian Fabian38.41aHaltom City Haltom
9Chelsea SharpNTSanger
10Faith CaiseNTLake Dallas
9Reagan KnightstepNTSanger
9Hanna AlbertNTLiberty Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jade Baker1:03.61aCovenant Christian
2.12Aunna Farrah1:05.17aNorthwest Nelson
3.11Amanda Pratt1:05.31aNorthwest Nelson
4.9Brooke Alexander1:05.90aLiberty Christian
5.10Alexis Wilburn1:06.80aHaltom City Haltom
6.10Asia Phillips1:07.14aHaltom City Haltom
7.10Jennifer Lozoya1:07.60aLake Dallas
8.10Sydney Fisher1:09.46aNorthwest Nelson
9.9Araceli Luna1:09.54aSanger
10.9Caitlin Sunnenberg1:09.97aSanger
11.11Taylor Miller1:10.05aGreenhill
11.9Chrissy Bates1:10.05aLake Dallas
13.12Alexandra McMillan1:11.84aLiberty Christian
14.11Caellyn Barree1:13.31aLake Dallas
15.11Liz Livingston1:17.54aGreenhill
10Ashlyn LeeNTSanger
10Megan MelocikNTLiberty Christian
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Model Simms1:09.00aNorthwest Nelson
2.10Shian Dyer1:09.94aLake Dallas
3.10Kameron Freed1:10.73aNorthwest Nelson
4.9Theresa Tshisekedi1:11.16aNorthwest Nelson
5.9Erica Correa1:11.68aLake Dallas
6.9Courtney Cantrell1:11.78aHaltom City Haltom
7.9Madesta Jonas1:12.10aSanger
8.9Gabby Cruz1:12.54aSanger
9.9Alex Aurthur1:15.67aFaith Christian (Gra...
10.10Shelby Dragoo1:17.00aLiberty Christian
11.10Cierra McClenny1:18.54aSanger
12.9Valeria Wilson1:18.56aHaltom City Haltom
13.10Armendariz Celeste1:20.26aHaltom City Haltom
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jade Baker2:29.56aCovenant Christian
2.11Rana Ryan2:30.14aNorthwest Nelson
3.12Suzanne Reckmeyer2:35.28aNorthwest Nelson
4.9Araceli Luna2:36.25aSanger
5.11Tessa Paden2:36.47aFaith Christian (Gra...
6.10Keily Masters2:38.17aSanger
7.10Jennifer Lozoya2:38.34aLake Dallas
8.10Ashlyn Lee2:40.66aSanger
9.10Megan Melocik2:44.08aLiberty Christian
10.12Alexandra McMillan2:50.47aLiberty Christian
10.11Mackenzie Millican2:50.47aLiberty Christian
12.9Natalie Ortiz2:57.34aNorthwest Nelson
12Madeleine NelsonNTGreenhill
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Wilson2:42.88aSanger
2.10Cierra McClenny2:44.33aSanger
3.9Aubre Pollard2:44.70aSanger
4.9Erica Correa2:50.58aLake Dallas
5.10Shian Dyer2:51.61aLake Dallas
6.9Josefina Salas2:52.58aHaltom City Haltom
7.10Christina Garza2:58.54aHaltom City Haltom
8.10Alma DeLeon3:08.39aLake Dallas
9Adreina ServinNTHaltom City Haltom
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sydney Brynn5:31.85aLiberty Christian
2.11Bryce Perry5:33.88aSanger
3.11Rana Ryan5:48.48aNorthwest Nelson
4.9Ali Delio5:53.02aSanger
5.10Keily Masters6:05.51aSanger
6.11Carolina Contreras6:12.63aHaltom City Haltom
7.10Ashley Jenkins6:14.82aNorthwest Nelson
8.9Amanda Dewing6:15.41aNorthwest Nelson
9.9Kristin Gentile6:44.17aFaith Christian (Gra...
10.9Lydia McKee7:16.47aCovenant Christian
9Josefina SalasNTHaltom City Haltom
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Aubre Pollard6:14.18aSanger
2.12Allison Faircloth6:18.31aSanger
3.11Mikayla Patterson6:32.04aNorthwest Nelson
4.9Joanna Salas6:38.57aHaltom City Haltom
5.10Christina Garza6:50.29aHaltom City Haltom
6.10Alma DeLeon7:10.48aLake Dallas
7.9Adreina Servin7:19.49aHaltom City Haltom
9Claudette FraireNTLake Dallas
12Kortney CeBallosNTSanger
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bryce Perry11:59.38aSanger
2.12Sydney Brynn12:10.01aLiberty Christian
3.9Ali Delio12:36.54aSanger
4.12Kortney CeBallos13:27.58aSanger
5.9Amanda Dewing13:27.84aNorthwest Nelson
6.10Ashley Jenkins13:59.41aNorthwest Nelson
7.9Natalie Ortiz14:01.53aNorthwest Nelson
8.11Carolina Contreras14:46.19aHaltom City Haltom
9.9Kristin Gentile15:01.72aFaith Christian (Gra...
9Lydia McKeeNTCovenant Christian
12Madeleine NelsonNTGreenhill
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Shania Richroath13:28.25aSanger
2.9Marylin Martinez13:45.53aSanger
3.12Allison Faircloth13:56.09aSanger
4.11Mikayla Patterson14:13.84aNorthwest Nelson
5.9Joanna Salas15:12.28aHaltom City Haltom
6.12Monica Sanchez15:41.97aHaltom City Haltom
9Claudette FraireNTLake Dallas
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darla Hyde16.85aNorthwest Nelson
2.11Alexa Bain17.22aNorthwest Nelson
3.11Liz Livingston18.43aGreenhill
4.10Taylor Dangerfield18.70aHaltom City Haltom
5.12Brittney Smith19.13aSanger
6.12Betsy Smith19.40aLiberty Christian
7.11Courtney Lawson19.50aNorthwest Nelson
8.9Caitlin Sunnenberg19.63aSanger
9.10Hanna Elsey19.98aLiberty Christian
10.9Katie Smith28.58aLiberty Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Lyndee Crawford17.47aNorthwest Nelson
2.9Haley French17.80aHaltom City Haltom
3.10Cassidy Cade18.00aLake Dallas
4.10Kylie Vonnahme18.26aLake Dallas
5.10Chelsea Kostyak18.31aNorthwest Nelson
6.10Jasmin Lawrence18.98aGreenhill
7.10Amanda Karlen19.24aNorthwest Nelson
8.10Madison Briscoe20.77aLiberty Christian
9.9Miranda Lehman22.08aLiberty Christian
10Victoria JamesNTLiberty Christian
10Jayce BellNTSanger
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emory Cason47.90aFaith Christian (Gra...
2.11Katherine Meadows49.35aCovenant Christian
3.12Darla Hyde50.04aNorthwest Nelson
4.9Camille Andrews51.24aGreenhill
5.9Ellie Heppes53.19aFaith Christian (Gra...
6.10Hanna Elsey53.69aLiberty Christian
7.12Brittney Smith55.25aSanger
8.11Courtney Lawson55.61aNorthwest Nelson
9.12Betsy Smith57.90aLiberty Christian
10.9Katie Smith1:01.59aLiberty Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Lyndee Crawford51.63aNorthwest Nelson
2.10Chelsea Kostyak51.76aNorthwest Nelson
3.10Amanda Karlen54.18aNorthwest Nelson
4.10Madison Briscoe55.73aLiberty Christian
5.9Kyrene Moe58.46aGreenhill
6.10Kylie Vonnahme59.25aLake Dallas
7.10Cassidy Cade59.56aLake Dallas
8.10Jayce Bell1:00.02aSanger
9.9Alyssa Benavides1:00.45aSanger
10Victoria JamesNTLiberty Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ebony Tucker
Tralyn Woodard
Marchelle Davis
Lynnsey Brim
49.91aNorthwest Nelson
2.-Chrissy Bates
Jennifer Lozoya
Brielle Brown
Amadi Taylor
51.08aLake Dallas
3.-Relay Team 51.99aHaltom City Haltom
3.-Bethany Cook
Katherine Meadows
Kinsey Squires
Kara Squires
51.99aCovenant Christian
5.-Sophie Standifer
Paige Jeary
Malorie Grigg
Mackenzie Millican
52.34aLiberty Christian
6.-Carley Petty
Cayman Irwin
Taylor Miller
Emory Cason
52.46aFaith Christian (Gra...
7.-Corey Hammonds
Madyson Hillis
Tianna Nieves
Aubrey Malone
-Carley Petty
Cayman Irwin
Taylor Miller
Emory Cason
NTFaith Christian (Gra...
-Ebony Tucker
Tralyn Woodard
Marchelle Davis
Lynnsey Brim
DQNorthwest Nelson
-Camille Andrews
Stephanie Seale
Hope Rovner
Gina Mills
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Brittany Lemesany
Hannah Connolley
Hayley Grant
Amy Whitehorn
52.87aNorthwest Nelson
2.-Jasmin Lawrence
Keyerra Jordan
Emily Richmond
Hannah Orth
3.-Lara Nogueras
Riley Kranz
Faith Caise
Kylie Vonnahme
56.35aLake Dallas
4.-Madesta Jonas
Alyssa Benavides
Erin Escobedo
Nicole Martin
5.-Hanna Albert
Heather Willet
Hanna Liszewiski
Taylor Thompson
56.70aLiberty Christian
6.-Relay Team 56.90aHaltom City Haltom
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:48.83aHaltom City Haltom
2.-Ebony Tucker
Tralyn Woodard
Alexa Bain
Lynnsey Brim
1:49.43aNorthwest Nelson
3.-Corey Hammonds
Tianna Nieves
Madyson Hillis
Aubrey Malone
4.-Bethany Cook
Kinsey Squires
Kara Squires
Allysa Karr
1:51.63aCovenant Christian
5.-Karina Rambeau
Keyerra Jordan
Taylor Miller
Hannah Orth
6.-Caroline Brady
Hanna Elsey
Betsy Smith
Sophie Standifer
1:59.59aLiberty Christian
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Savannah Burnidge
Amy Whitehorn
Hayley Grant
Hannah Connolley
1:56.81aNorthwest Nelson
2.-Relay Team 2:00.67aHaltom City Haltom
3.-Alyssa Benavides
Sierra Melton
Erin Escobedo
Nicole Martin
4.-Hanna Albert
Taylor Thompson
Riley Rames
Hanna Liszewiski
2:05.69aLiberty Christian
5.-Lindsey Ingram
Remya Menon
Melanie Andrews
Kyrene Moe
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:21.93aHaltom City Haltom
2.-Amanda Pratt
Aunna Farrah
Suzanne Reckmeyer
Darla Hyde
4:29.52aNorthwest Nelson
3.-Mackenzie Millican
Malorie Grigg
Sydney Brynn
Paige Jeary
4:34.16aLiberty Christian
4.-Jade Baker
Anna Lamar
Katherine Meadows
Allysa Karr
4:49.13aCovenant Christian
5.-carolyn Cargill
Eli Heppes
Maddie Johnston
Tessa Paden
5:15.00aFaith Christian (Gra...
-Caitlin Sunnenberg
Madyson Hillis
Araceli Luna
Bryce Perry
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Model Simms
Amy Whitehorn
Kameron Freed
Theresa Tshisekedi
4:43.90aNorthwest Nelson
2.-Relay Team 4:47.54aHaltom City Haltom
3.-Madison Briscoe
Victoria James
Heather Willet
Riley Rames
5:03.48aLiberty Christian
-Brittany Wilson
Shania Richroath
Madesta Jonas
Marylin Martinez
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Samantha Llamas35-06.50Lake Dallas
2.12Nicole Martin34-04.00Sanger
3.11Dijonnae Robinson32-05.00Northwest Nelson
4.12McKenzie Middle32-00.75Liberty Christian
5.9Madi Wilson30-06.00Sanger
6.10Shae' Perkins29-10.50Haltom City Haltom
7.12Alex Armstrong29-02.50Haltom City Haltom
8.12Julieh Clark29-00.00Sanger
9.12Katie Litman27-11.50Greenhill
10.12Marissa Marrs27-02.00Liberty Christian
11.9Haley Ericksen26-08.50Northwest Nelson
12.12Kelsie Finch25-11.00Liberty Christian
13.10Jenny Williamson25-01.75Northwest Nelson
14.12Jasmine Talley23-01.50Lake Dallas
15.10Stacy Onyekwere22-07.00Lake Dallas
16.10Cassidy Staber21-06.25Faith Christian (Gra...
10Tori HauserNDCovenant Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Chelsea Sharp26-09.00Sanger
2.10Sabra Pickett26-06.50Northwest Nelson
3.11Brittany Wilson25-07.00Sanger
4.9Kathryn Laubacher24-09.00Lake Dallas
5.10Cano Makayla24-05.50Haltom City Haltom
6.9Ashley Black23-08.00Northwest Nelson
7.10Grace Dansby23-05.50Liberty Christian
8.10Marion Otto23-04.00Liberty Christian
9.10Becca Gonzales23-02.00Haltom City Haltom
10.11Glenecia Gowen22-10.00Lake Dallas
11.9Samantha Mullins20-10.00Northwest Nelson
10Marce Seeders-O'DonoghueNDHaltom City Haltom
9Lindsey IngramNDGreenhill
9Carolyn SmithNDSanger
9Hanna LiszewiskiNDLiberty Christian
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Madi Wilson111-05Sanger
2.12McKenzie Middle96-00Liberty Christian
3.12Samantha Llamas86-00Lake Dallas
4.11Dijonnae Robinson85-02Northwest Nelson
5.10Angela Fayad84-05Northwest Nelson
6.11Stephanie Seale84-02Greenhill
7.9Brooke Alexander79-01Liberty Christian
8.10Tori Hauser75-10Covenant Christian
9.12Katie Litman74-11Greenhill
10.9Haley Ericksen73-03Northwest Nelson
11.10Cassidy Staber73-02Faith Christian (Gra...
12.12Marissa Marrs71-02Liberty Christian
13.11Erin Slater59-06Lake Dallas
14.12Jasmine Talley55-08Lake Dallas
12Nicole MartinNDSanger
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Cano Makayla84-02Haltom City Haltom
2.9Samantha Mullins64-04Northwest Nelson
3.10Kaley Bell63-11Liberty Christian
4.10Sabra Pickett59-10Northwest Nelson
5.9Kathryn Laubacher59-07Lake Dallas
6.9Ashley Black58-00Northwest Nelson
7.10Bria Youngblood52-07Lake Dallas
8.10Marion Otto51-04Liberty Christian
9.10Grace Dansby39-05Liberty Christian
9Carolyn SmithNDSanger
9Chelsea SharpNDSanger
10Marce Seeders-O'DonoghueNDHaltom City Haltom
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nicole Coetzer5-00.00Northwest Nelson
2.11Nadia Woods5-00.00Haltom City Haltom
3.12Julieh Clark5-00.00Sanger
4.11Katherine Meadows4-08.00Covenant Christian
5.12Betsy Smith4-06.00Liberty Christian
5.11Madyson Hillis4-06.00Sanger
7.9Caitlin Sunnenberg4-06.00Sanger
8.9Ali Eager4-04.00Liberty Christian
9.10Brielle Brown4-04.00Lake Dallas
10.11Erin Slater4-02.00Lake Dallas
10Logan McGillNHGreenhill
10Morgan CornNHFaith Christian (Gra...
9Brooke AlexanderNHLiberty Christian
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Rachel Sklar4-06.00Greenhill
2.10Ainise Havili4-06.00Haltom City Haltom
3.9Sarah Jessie4-02.00Faith Christian (Gra...
4.11Shelby Liebel4-01.00Haltom City Haltom
5.10Maggie Latona4-00.00Liberty Christian
5.9Riley Rames4-00.00Liberty Christian
10Breana BlackburnNHHaltom City Haltom
10Victoria JamesNHLiberty Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jenny Williamson9-06.00Northwest Nelson
2.12Abby Deaver8-06.00Liberty Christian
3.11Katherine Meadows8-06.00Covenant Christian
4.11Stephanie Seale7-06.00Greenhill
4.11Liz Livingston7-06.00Greenhill
6.9Camille Andrews7-06.00Greenhill
7.9Grace Wolski7-00.00Liberty Christian
10Malorie GriggNHLiberty Christian
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Emily Richmond7-06.00Greenhill
2.9Reagan Knightstep6-00.00Sanger
9Micaela LeningtonNHSanger
9Hannah ConnolleyNHNorthwest Nelson
9Riley RamesNHLiberty Christian
10Madison BriscoeNHLiberty Christian
10Victoria JamesNHLiberty Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lynnsey Brim17-08.25Northwest Nelson
2.9E'lexus Clater15-08.25Haltom City Haltom
3.11Emory Cason15-07.00Faith Christian (Gra...
4.9Sophie Standifer15-01.50Liberty Christian
5.9Anna Lamar14-10.75Covenant Christian
6.9Hope Rovner14-09.50Greenhill
7.11Ebony Tucker14-08.00Northwest Nelson
8.11Madyson Hillis14-05.25Sanger
9.9Keosha Wilburn14-02.00Haltom City Haltom
10.10Bella Madrid14-01.50Northwest Nelson
11.12Whitley Chambers14-00.25Lake Dallas
11.12Kinsey Squires14-00.25Covenant Christian
13.12Gina Mills14-00.00Greenhill
14.10Hanna Elsey13-06.50Liberty Christian
15.11Aubrey Malone13-02.50Sanger
16.9Caitlin Sunnenberg12-07.50Sanger
17.10Carolyn Cargill12-06.75Faith Christian (Gra...
18.9Paige Jeary12-06.00Liberty Christian
19.10Alyx Hadley11-09.50Faith Christian (Gra...
20.9Jade Baker10-08.00Covenant Christian
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Maya Pilot13-08.00Haltom City Haltom
2.9Keyerra Jordan13-05.00Greenhill
3.9Hanna Albert13-04.00Liberty Christian
4.9Hanna Liszewiski13-02.00Liberty Christian
5.10Rachel Sklar13-01.50Greenhill
6.10Shian Dyer12-11.00Lake Dallas
7.10Heather Willet12-09.00Liberty Christian
8.10Faith Caise12-07.00Lake Dallas
9.9Remya Menon12-04.00Greenhill
10.9Valeria Wilson11-11.00Haltom City Haltom
9Madesta JonasNDSanger
9Sierra MeltonNDSanger
10Jade LopezNDSanger
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kametriese Cooper34-01.50Haltom City Haltom
2.12Destiney Britton32-05.50Haltom City Haltom
3.9Paige Jeary32-00.00Liberty Christian
4.11Courtney Lawson31-11.50Northwest Nelson
5.10Jennifer Lozoya31-11.00Lake Dallas
6.12Whitley Chambers31-07.00Lake Dallas
7.12Gina Mills31-04.50Greenhill
8.9E'lexus Clater31-02.00Haltom City Haltom
9.11Caellyn Barree30-11.50Lake Dallas
10.10Morgan Corn30-04.50Faith Christian (Gra...
11.9Hope Rovner30-03.50Greenhill
12.10Alyx Hadley30-02.00Faith Christian (Gra...
13.10Hanna Elsey29-05.50Liberty Christian
14.11Amanda Pratt28-06.00Northwest Nelson
15.12Brittney Smith27-06.00Sanger
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Alexis Wilburn30-08.00Haltom City Haltom
2.10Asia Phillips29-08.00Haltom City Haltom
3.9Hanna Albert29-05.00Liberty Christian
4.9Erin Escobedo28-04.00Sanger
5.10Shelby Dragoo27-10.00Liberty Christian
9Remya MenonNDGreenhill
11Melanie AndrewsNDGreenhill
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