City Conference Finals

Friday, May 11, 2012
  tbd, San Diego - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Central Varsity - Finals
1.11Lee Walker11.47aMadison
2.12Trey Leslie11.57aChristian
3.10Michael Garner11.68aMadison
4.10Chris Starr11.73aMadison
5.9Kareem Coles11.77aMadison
6.11Jamie Gomez11.80aMadison
7.12Omar Ramirez12.15aCrawford
8.12Deontae James12.21aMadison
X 100 Meters - City Varsity - Finals
1.11Niko Hammond11.63aSan Diego
2.12Darnell Harris11.77aKearny
3.9Khyran Barbee11.97aLincoln
4.12Nate Long12.01aMission Bay
5.11Steven Todd12.03aKearny
6.9Donell Pleasant12.35aLincoln
7.9Dustin Bush12.47aSan Diego
X 200 Meters - Central Varsity - Finals
1.11Lee Walker23.05aMadison
2.10Vincent Parrish23.43aMadison
3.10Kevin Moore23.65aMadison
3.11Robert Spiering23.65aChristian
5.10Michael Garner23.71aMadison
6.12Trey Leslie23.84aChristian
7.9Seth Collins24.26aChristian
8.10Chris Starr24.29aMadison
9.9Kareem Coles24.46aMadison
X 200 Meters - City Varsity - Finals
1.12Charles Tucker22.59aKearny
2.11Niko Hammond23.14aSan Diego
3.10Deshawn Walker23.61aHoover (SD)
4.12Dion Jones23.90aLincoln
5.12Ahmad Fulmer24.06aLincoln
6.9Khyran Barbee24.11aLincoln
7.9Ben Reece24.44aKearny
X 400 Meters - Central Varsity - Finals
1.10Vincent Parrish51.84aMadison
2.9Seth Collins52.70aChristian
3.11Diante Lipscomb56.11aMadison
4.10Josh Robinson56.30aMadison
5.10Austin Mendoza57.13aMadison
6.10Zane Coffman57.20aChristian
7.9Alessandro Baldassarro58.33aClairemont
8.9Nigel Ponder1:02.87aCrawford
X 400 Meters - City Varsity - Finals
1.12Charles Tucker50.08aKearny
2.12Dion Jones51.19aLincoln
3.10Deshawn Walker51.24aHoover (SD)
4.11Dustin Pina52.46aSan Diego
5.12Jose Ochoa52.51aMission Bay
6.11Husani Davis53.22aKearny
7.12Alonso Flores54.03aKearny
8.9Alfred Barud55.13aMission Bay
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Central Varsity - Finals
9Seth Collins52.7Christian
11Robert Spiering52.8Christian
12Trey Leslie54.4Christian
10Zane Coffman55.9Christian
X 800 Meters - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Willette2:02.80aClairemont
2.10Evan Gonzales2:04.86aClairemont
3.10Chris Leary2:07.46aCoronado
4.9Spencer Crouder2:11.17aChristian
5.10Regan Pecjak2:14.48aMadison
6.10Keagan Rank2:15.71aClairemont
7.9Esteban Azcona2:17.06aClairemont
8.11Jose Hernandez2:19.04aMadison
9.9Ben White2:22.15aCoronado
10.9Angel Montanez2:22.75aMadison
11.9Hector Nava2:27.43aMadison
12.10Juan Salazar2:29.25aClairemont
13.11Joseph Torres2:42.01aCrawford
14.9Danny Nguyen2:48.27aCrawford
15.9Nigel Ponder2:48.64aCrawford
X 800 Meters - City Varsity - Finals
1.11Charlston Bailey2:04.30aLincoln
2.11Abdi Adan2:04.33aHoover (SD)
3.11Dylan Creamer2:06.23aSan Diego
4.12Antonio Barboza2:07.92aSan Diego
5.12Jesus Vazquez2:08.76aSan Diego
6.10Mulugeta Engdaw2:12.92aHoover (SD)
7.12Abel Lagunas2:13.05aHoover (SD)
8.11Ivan Mora2:14.12aMission Bay
9.10Rashaad Satterfield2:15.37aKearny
X 1600 Meters - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12Connor Torre4:49.47aMadison
2.10Chris Leary4:53.33aCoronado
3.10William Kiel4:58.83aChristian
4.11Justin Kirk5:03.68aMadison
5.10Regan Pecjak5:08.29aMadison
6.11Jose Hernandez5:09.40aMadison
7.9Ben White5:10.40aCoronado
8.9Angel Montanez5:15.61aMadison
9.11Dylan Johnson5:31.47aChristian
10.11Dietrich Fredenburg5:39.15aChristian
11.10Nathan Evans5:41.28aMadison
12.9Hector Nava5:50.26aMadison
X 1600 Meters - City Varsity - Finals
1.11James Schutz4:44.30aKearny
2.11Christian Penaloza4:49.00aSan Diego
3.12Bruce Pazuengo4:49.62aSan Diego
4.12Jesus Elias-Garcia4:51.06aSan Diego
5.10Sawiros Haile4:52.03aHoover (SD)
6.11Jose 2 Melgar4:52.85aSan Diego
7.11John Ospina4:55.69aSan Diego
8.10Mulugeta Engdaw4:59.49aHoover (SD)
9.9Jared Creamer5:01.02aSan Diego
10.12Abel Lagunas5:01.47aHoover (SD)
11.10Rashaad Satterfield5:02.72aKearny
12.10Luis Ramos5:09.11aHoover (SD)
13.10Ian Ortiz5:22.18aMission Bay
14.11Gethin Wade5:28.69aSan Diego
15.9Jared Thompson5:56.73aKearny
X 3200 Meters - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12Connor Torre10:13.19aMadison
2.10Evan Gonzales10:24.27aClairemont
3.11Michael Gasparro10:34.73aClairemont
4.10William Kiel10:36.21aChristian
5.9Esteban Azcona11:00.74aClairemont
6.12Matt Willette11:06.47aClairemont
7.10Chris Leary11:17.77aCoronado
8.11Justin Kirk11:19.39aMadison
9.10Regan Pecjak11:19.92aMadison
10.11Jose Hernandez11:38.91aMadison
11.10Keagan Rank11:49.79aClairemont
12.10Juan Salazar12:18.02aClairemont
13.9Angelo Montano12:23.96aClairemont
X 3200 Meters - City Varsity - Finals
1.12Bruce Pazuengo10:16.54aSan Diego
2.10Sawiros Haile10:19.97aHoover (SD)
3.11Christian Penaloza10:27.54aSan Diego
4.11James Schutz10:35.82aKearny
5.12Jesus Elias-Garcia10:43.49aSan Diego
6.9Jared Creamer10:43.52aSan Diego
7.11Jose 2 Melgar10:49.94aSan Diego
8.11John Ospina11:00.69aSan Diego
9.12Antonio Barboza11:06.18aSan Diego
10.10Joshua Hallmark11:10.71aSan Diego
11.10Luis Laguna12:46.50aMission Bay
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12Eddie Mills15.81aMadison
2.12Brian Bradshaw17.14aMadison
3.9Brett McKim19.27aCoronado
4.10David Casco19.36aMadison
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - City Varsity - Finals
1.12Julian Lopez16.20aHoover (SD)
2.11Davon Martin16.33aMission Bay
3.11Aaron Cobbler16.73aMission Bay
4.12Davante Arberry16.86aSan Diego
5.10Eli Gibbons17.24aSan Diego
6.11Kyle Plum17.87aMission Bay
7.10Sean Daugherty18.21aKearny
8.11Justin Hawkins18.56aKearny
9.10Steven Fanning18.67aKearny
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12Eddie Mills42.80aMadison
2.12Brian Bradshaw42.91aMadison
3.11Nick Espinoza44.24aClairemont
4.9Brett McKim47.84aCoronado
5.10David Casco48.71aMadison
6.11Jose (Jr) Roman51.80aClairemont
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - City Varsity - Finals
1.12Julian Lopez41.29aHoover (SD)
2.12Davante Arberry42.49aSan Diego
3.10Eli Gibbons44.14aSan Diego
4.10Deshawn Walker44.46aHoover (SD)
5.11Kyle Plum44.71aMission Bay
6.11Justin Hawkins44.96aKearny
7.11Davon Martin46.00aMission Bay
8.10Sean Daugherty47.19aKearny
9.10Steven Fanning47.22aKearny
X 4x100 Relay - Central Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.85aMadison
2.-Trey Leslie
Seth Collins
Rayvan Owens
Robert Spiering
3.-Relay Team 46.69aClairemont
4.-Relay Team 47.38aCrawford
X 4x100 Relay - City Varsity - Finals
2.-Relay Team 44.56aKearny
3.-Relay Team 44.83aMission Bay
4.-Relay Team 45.04aSan Diego
X 4x400 Relay - Central Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:33.60aMadison
2.-Trey Leslie
Robert Spiering
Seth Collins
Zane Coffman
3.-Relay Team 3:45.39aClairemont
4.-Relay Team 3:54.53aCrawford
X 4x400 Relay - Eastern Varsity - Finals
3.-Angel Sauceda
Ricky Sweet
Austin Green
Taylor Boswell
3:29.26aPoint Loma
X 4x400 Relay - City Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:31.55aKearny
3.-Relay Team 3:33.32aSan Diego
4.-Relay Team 3:40.83aMission Bay
X Shot Put - 12lb - Central Varsity - Finals
1.10Dotun Ogundeji48-09.00Madison
2.11Jack Vanderbilt47-08.00Christian
3.12Matt Hanson42-00.00Clairemont
4.11Devin Tominson41-06.00Madison
5.11Bryce Rattiner39-00.75Madison
6.11Che Hodoyan38-05.75Christian
7.9Steven Rodriguez37-05.50Clairemont
8.11Jacob Porras36-05.75Christian
9.11Jacob Radda35-07.00Christian
10.11Keoni Kanoa-Reyes34-08.50Madison
11.10Diego Cruz32-09.00Crawford
12.10Luis Martinez32-00.50Crawford
13.11Joseph Torres31-02.25Crawford
14.10Morgan Laughlin27-08.00Coronado
15.9Jesse Boore26-07.50Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Central Varsity - Finals
1.10Dotun Ogundeji142-06Madison
2.11Keoni Kanoa-Reyes135-00Madison
3.11Che Hodoyan117-09Christian
4.11Jimmy Lee110-03Madison
5.11Bryce Rattiner106-07Madison
6.12Matt Hanson102-01Clairemont
7.11Jack Vanderbilt102-00Christian
8.11Jacob Porras90-03Christian
9.11Joseph Torres89-03Crawford
10.9Steven Rodriguez76-07Clairemont
11.10Morgan Laughlin73-08Coronado
X High Jump - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Bradley5-09.00Madison
2.12Antonio Sims5-07.00Clairemont
3.11Robert Spiering5-07.00Christian
4.9Brett McKim5-03.00Coronado
4.10David Casco5-03.00Madison
X High Jump - City Varsity - Finals
2.10Wilton Guillory5' 7Kearny
X Pole Vault - Central Varsity - Finals
1.11Jack Gold11-00.00Coronado
2.11Carlos Montes9-06.00Coronado
X Pole Vault - Eastern Varsity - Finals
1.11Corbin Miller13'9Patrick Henry
3.12John Esten13'3Patrick Henry
4.12Brandon Rose11'9Patrick Henry
6J12Paul Senelick11'3Patrick Henry
7.9Tristan Zawadzki10'3Patrick Henry
8.12Reese Camper9'9Patrick Henry
X Long Jump - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12Jerome Brown20-02.00Madison
2.11Rayvan Owens19-04.50Christian
3.12Antonio Sims18-07.00Clairemont
4.9Curtis Hampton18-06.50Christian
5.10Zane Coffman17-07.50Christian
X Triple Jump - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Bradley43-04.00Madison
2.12Jerome Brown41-03.00Madison
3.12Kenny Sexton40-05.00Clairemont
4.9Brett McKim38-06.50Coronado
5.11Jacob Porras32-05.00Christian
6.9Mohamed Abdelaziz30-11.50Crawford
7.11Alex Stock27-03.00Clairemont
X Triple Jump - City Varsity - Finals
1.11Aaron Cobbler43-10.00Mission Bay
2.9Johnny Chambers40-02.00San Diego
3.11Donshay Bandy39-09.00Mission Bay
4.10Robert Souza37-11.00San Diego
5.11Jhamir Ransom37-05.00Mission Bay
6.9Karl Perez36-05.00Lincoln

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Central Varsity - Finals
1.10Alejandra Bruyere13.27aCoronado
2.10Lillie Meakim13.48aClairemont
3.10Kianna Hardwick13.76aMadison
4.10Jayda Davis13.86aMadison
5.9Myjena Dailey14.04aCrawford
6.10Tamara Mitchell14.12aCrawford
7.10Kendall Cromartie14.24aCoronado
8.11Brooke Downey14.36aChristian
9.9Meghan Lorenz14.49aCoronado
X 100 Meters - City Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexis Ferebee12.29aMission Bay
2.9Jaia Piland13.00aMission Bay
3.12Keyahndra Cannon13.41aMission Bay
4.9Brianna Smith13.46aKearny
5.10Nashaya Ross13.73aLincoln
6.12Tiarra Davis13.79aLincoln
7.10Tierra Hammond13.93aMission Bay
8.10Claudine McKinney13.95aLincoln
9.9Sofia Dinogan14.06aKearny
X 200 Meters - Central Varsity - Finals
1.11Betsy Armitage26.20aClairemont
2.10Alejandra Bruyere26.54aCoronado
3.10Kate Jarvis27.04aClairemont
4.10Lillie Meakim27.90aClairemont
5.10Kianna Hardwick27.91aMadison
6.11Monica Corbin28.35aClairemont
7.10Jayda Davis29.18aMadison
X 200 Meters - City Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexis Ferebee24.87aMission Bay
2.9Jaia Piland26.48aMission Bay
3.9Brianna Smith27.84aKearny
4.9Mia Lancaster28.14aKearny
5.10Nashaya Ross28.50aLincoln
6.12Tiarra Davis29.08aLincoln
7.9Alexus Walker30.29aSan Diego
X 400 Meters - Central Varsity - Finals
1.11Betsy Armitage59.86aClairemont
2.10Kate Jarvis1:02.25aClairemont
3.9Asia Barrett1:03.98aMadison
4.9Ericca Corvera1:07.06aClairemont
5.10Shilah Stanford1:08.35aMadison
6.11Audrey Taylor1:08.48aChristian
X 400 Meters - City Varsity - Finals
1.9Mia Lancaster1:03.35aKearny
2.10Shatesha Morris1:04.02aSan Diego
3.12Becca Agost1:05.54aKearny
4.12Amaya Ford1:06.47aLincoln
5.10Arlene Flores1:06.95aKearny
6.12Natalie Mitchell1:09.72aMission Bay
7.9Alexus Walker1:11.35aSan Diego
8.9Crystal Boggio1:13.64aKearny
X 800 Meters - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12Savannah Roberts2:21.58aClairemont
2.10Chandler Johnson2:25.11aClairemont
3.11Elise Umansky2:32.65aCoronado
4.10Kelsey Nielsen2:33.01aClairemont
5.11Ashley Engelman2:39.33aCoronado
6.10Rachel Steffen2:39.55aCoronado
7.9Morgan Kutzner2:42.69aClairemont
8.11Tori Kutzner2:43.32aClairemont
9.9Ericca Corvera2:43.33aClairemont
10.10Aryana Erickson3:01.22aMadison
11.10Gabby Hernandez3:12.18aMadison
X 800 Meters - City Varsity - Finals
1.11Cindy Flores2:20.15aKearny
2.12Renee Coquereau2:33.85aSan Diego
3.10Daisy Sandoval2:44.05aMission Bay
4.11Kenia Rendon2:44.55aHoover (SD)
5.11Jennifer Mendoza2:51.43aHoover (SD)
6.10Sandra González2:58.69aKearny
7.9Tiegue Allard3:00.59aSan Diego
X 1600 Meters - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12Nicole Davies5:11.10aCoronado
2.12Savannah Roberts5:19.37aClairemont
3.10Chandler Johnson5:20.43aClairemont
4.9Gabrielle Tinsley5:22.50aClairemont
5.11Ashley Engelman5:41.43aCoronado
6.10Rachel Steffen5:44.31aCoronado
7.9Aeron Yim5:45.75aCoronado
8.11Tori Kutzner5:45.86aClairemont
9.10Brooke Pierson5:49.29aCoronado
10.9Morgan Kutzner5:54.64aClairemont
11.10Gabby Hernandez6:43.55aMadison
12.9Jocelyn Jezycki6:48.42aMadison
X 1600 Meters - City Varsity - Finals
1.11Cindy Flores5:16.92aKearny
2.9Paola Llamas5:45.20aSan Diego
3.11Kenia Rendon5:45.33aHoover (SD)
4.11Desiree Martinez6:07.85aSan Diego
5.9Bianca Mattioli6:11.05aSan Diego
6.11Jennifer Mendoza6:20.66aHoover (SD)
7.10Sandra González6:27.04aKearny
8.9Tiegue Allard6:33.93aSan Diego
9.10Baylee Kriegseis6:50.55aMission Bay
10.10Diana Vergara6:52.92aHoover (SD)
11.9Nayeli Nova7:11.88aMission Bay
12.10Adriana Rocha7:16.60aMission Bay
13.10Sequoia Pedersen8:46.17aKearny
X 1600 Meters - Eastern JV - Finals
14.10Natalie Teaze6:11.49aPatrick Henry
X 3200 Meters - Central Varsity - Finals
1.9Gabrielle Tinsley11:33.84aClairemont
2.11Ashley Engelman12:15.37aCoronado
3.9Aeron Yim12:34.18aCoronado
4.11Tori Kutzner12:40.21aClairemont
5.10Rachel Steffen12:52.14aCoronado
6.10Brooke Pierson12:53.99aCoronado
7.10Diana Vergara14:55.30aHoover (SD)
X 3200 Meters - City Varsity - Finals
1.11Cindy Flores11:55.18aKearny
2.9Paola Llamas12:40.74aSan Diego
3.11Kenia Rendon12:55.02aHoover (SD)
4.12Sierra Echols13:14.58aKearny
5.9Bianca Mattioli13:20.55aSan Diego
6.11Desiree Martinez13:42.08aSan Diego
7.10Joseline Ponciano14:00.14aKearny
8.9Kaya Choate14:26.57aKearny
9.10Baylee Kriegseis15:36.43aMission Bay
10.10Adriana Rocha17:04.34aMission Bay
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12McKenzie Johnson16.01aClairemont
2.11Camille Wilson16.93aCoronado
3.11Monica Corbin17.17aClairemont
4.11Cheyenne Meakim17.64aClairemont
5.10Nyesha Harper17.87aMadison
6.12Isabel Diaz-Brady18.90aCoronado
7.10Danielle Simmons19.57aCoronado
8.11Sarah Jilka21.69aClairemont
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - City Varsity - Finals
1.11Jeyla Spencer16.00aSan Diego
2.12Katie Whitelock16.64aSan Diego
3.10Cassidy Clough17.40aMission Bay
4.10Makenna Sanders17.99aSan Diego
5.11Kenieshay McKinney18.40aLincoln
6.10Angela Steel19.23aKearny
7.10Kiel Green19.26aKearny
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Central Varsity - Finals
1.11Monica Corbin48.86aClairemont
2.11Cheyenne Meakim50.76aClairemont
3.11Camille Wilson50.82aCoronado
4.10Nyesha Harper53.27aMadison
5.10Danielle Simmons56.32aCoronado
6.12Fabiana Malone57.01aMadison
7.11Sarah Jilka1:02.61aClairemont
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - City Varsity - Finals
1.11Jeyla Spencer46.14aSan Diego
2.12Katie Whitelock48.74aSan Diego
3.10Cassidy Clough50.76aMission Bay
4.10Makenna Sanders52.14aSan Diego
5.10Kiel Green55.66aKearny
6.12Melissa Hamm56.31aKearny
X 4x100 Relay - Central Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.34aClairemont
2.-Relay Team 51.10aCoronado
3.-Relay Team 52.17aMadison
4.-Relay Team 57.46aCrawford
X 4x100 Relay - Eastern Varsity - Finals
3.-Allyson Evans
Chante Butler
Kayleigh Brower
Aiyana Freeman
50.19aPatrick Henry
X 4x100 Relay - City Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 49.88aMission Bay
2.-Relay Team 51.13aSan Diego
3.-Relay Team 51.52aKearny
X 4x400 Relay - Central Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:20.01aClairemont
2.-Relay Team 4:38.49aMadison
3.-Relay Team 5:02.81aCrawford
X 4x400 Relay - Eastern Varsity - Finals
2.-Allyson Evans
Mariel Nelson
Hannah Kay
Alex Shade
4:10.37aPatrick Henry
X 4x400 Relay - City Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:12.19aSan Diego
2.-Relay Team 4:12.24aKearny
X Shot Put - 4kg - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachel Alesi40-02.50Christian
2.11Doriana Abyeta30-11.00Madison
3.11Leslie Hansen-Estrada29-07.25Clairemont
4.11Mary Bloom28-09.00Clairemont
5.10Destinee Simmons27-10.50Madison
6.10Petra Bogardt27-09.00Clairemont
7.12Silver Schleigh25-00.50Clairemont
8.10Zera Ntahonirukiye24-08.00Christian
9.12Tierra Young20-09.00Crawford
X Discus - 1kg - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachel Alesi130-08Christian
2.11Mary Bloom94-02Clairemont
3.11Doriana Abyeta86-05Madison
4.12Khadija Abdullah77-02Madison
5.10Petra Bogardt72-11Clairemont
6.10Zera Ntahonirukiye69-04Christian
7.11Leslie Hansen-Estrada68-04.50Clairemont
8.10Destinee Simmons62-09Madison
X High Jump - Central Varsity - Finals
1.10Sierra Smith4-11.00Coronado
2.12Rachel Alesi4-11.00Christian
3.9Irlanda Goulding4-11.00Coronado
4.11Aryn Henige4-09.00Christian
5.9Alia Lara4-07.00Coronado
6.9Meghan Lorenz4-05.00Coronado
7.11Hayley Fickes4-03.00Clairemont
X Pole Vault - Central Varsity - Finals
1.12McKenzie Johnson12-09.00Clairemont
2.10Lauren Bartsch10-06.00Coronado
3.11Elspeth Cooper8-06.00Coronado
4.11Megan Galloway7-06.00Coronado
5.11Kristina Thomas6-06.00Coronado
X Pole Vault - Eastern Varsity - Finals
1.10Hayley Farr11'5Patrick Henry
4.9Haley Fletcher8'11Patrick Henry
8J11Haley Dickenson6'11Patrick Henry
9J10Marissa Villanueva6'11Patrick Henry
5.10Rachel Ryan6'11Patrick Henry
X Long Jump - Central Varsity - Finals
1.10Madeline Hopson17-03.00Coronado
2.12McKenzie Johnson17-02.25Clairemont
3.12Isabel Diaz-Brady15-02.50Coronado
4.9Meghan Lorenz14-11.50Coronado
5.11DaJavonn Pruitt14-11.00Madison
6.11Gabriela Mendoza14-05.75Clairemont
7.9Irlanda Goulding14-00.50Coronado
7.11Cheyenne Meakim14-00.50Clairemont
9.10Danielle Simmons12-10.00Coronado
X Triple Jump - Central Varsity - Finals
1.10Madeline Hopson36-05.50Coronado
2.12Isabel Diaz-Brady32-03.75Coronado
3.11DaJavonn Pruitt31-04.50Madison
4.11Gabriela Mendoza29-09.75Clairemont
5.10Lillie Meakim29-03.50Clairemont
6.10Elena Wang27-05.50Coronado
7.9Genny Aoki26-09.00Clairemont
8.10Kylie Billings25-01.00Coronado
X Triple Jump - City Varsity - Finals
1.11Sheree Collins34-09.50Lincoln
2.12Tanaya Paul34-02.00Kearny
3.10Cassidy Clough31-06.50Mission Bay
4.11Shari Looney31-03.00Kearny
5.10Yete Zeleke29-11.00Kearny
6.9Zhané Mitchell28-04.00Kearny
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