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Heritage Quad Meet

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nikalas Graves6.97aHeritage (Lynchburg)
2.12Shaquille Ingram7.02aHeritage (Lynchburg)
3.11Kevin Chapman7.07aHeritage (Lynchburg)
4.11Aaron Mason7.26aWilliam Fleming
5.11Dahquan Edrington7.29aWilliam Fleming
6.-Terence Stovall7.30aWilliam Fleming
7.-George Blair7.33aHeritage (Lynchburg)
8.-Preston Moss7.35aHeritage (Lynchburg)
9.-Antowne Comer7.36aHeritage (Lynchburg)
10.11Chase Key7.38aLiberty (Bedford)
11.11Eric Johnston7.48aJefferson Forest
--9Devin Carper7.55aLiberty (Bedford)
12.10Jamy-Ron Jones7.77aWilliam Fleming
13.10Shalik Willis7.86aWilliam Fleming
14.-Isaac Johnson8.05aJefferson Forest
15.9Brian Foster8.85aLiberty (Bedford)
16.-Desmond Goodrich8.89aWilliam Fleming
---Muhammad RainesNTWilliam Fleming
---a HollidayNTWilliam Fleming
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Terence Stovall40.56aWilliam Fleming
2.11Azariah Cox41.35aHeritage (Lynchburg)
3.-Preston Moss41.55aHeritage (Lynchburg)
4.11Aaron Mason41.79aWilliam Fleming
5.12Tristan Harrison41.93aLiberty (Bedford)
6.9Cameron Johnson42.15aWilliam Fleming
7.10Jerrontay Jackson43.42aWilliam Fleming
8.12Ken Ritchey43.50aJefferson Forest
9.11Dahquan Edrington43.68aWilliam Fleming
10.-Dylan Cole44.17aWilliam Fleming
11.11Nikalas Graves44.35aHeritage (Lynchburg)
--9Devin Carper44.86aLiberty (Bedford)
12.9Luke Bondurant46.74aLiberty (Bedford)
13.10Jamy-Ron Jones48.72aWilliam Fleming
14.9Michael Gordon50.12aJefferson Forest
15.10Shalik Willis50.52aWilliam Fleming
16.-Desmond Goodrich56.82aWilliam Fleming
---Nathan O'Hara59.16aLiberty (Bedford)
---Michael AbbottNTLiberty (Bedford)
---Nazmeek RigginsNTWilliam Fleming
---Blake RadfordNTLiberty (Bedford)
---a HollidayNTWilliam Fleming
--11Eric JohnstonNTJefferson Forest
--11Kevin ChapmanNTHeritage (Lynchburg)
---Robert HowardNTWilliam Fleming
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Craig Danner1:16.21aLiberty (Bedford)
2.12Xavier Calloway1:17.30aHeritage (Lynchburg)
3.12Anthony Howard1:17.84aHeritage (Lynchburg)
4.10Emmanuel Howard1:21.77aHeritage (Lynchburg)
5.-Ryshem Layne1:27.25aHeritage (Lynchburg)
6.-Dylan Cole1:27.27aWilliam Fleming
7.9Luke Bondurant1:30.22aLiberty (Bedford)
8.11Dwayne Murphy1:40.89aWilliam Fleming
9.-Robert Howard1:46.56aWilliam Fleming
---Nathan O'Hara1:46.76aLiberty (Bedford)
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Dolsey2:57.91aHeritage (Lynchburg)
2.12Ben Wyland3:01.84aHeritage (Lynchburg)
3.11William Strickland3:18.74aWilliam Fleming
4.10Winston Davis3:20.52aLiberty (Bedford)
5.10Julian Wilson3:25.13aHeritage (Lynchburg)
6.-Michael Napoleoni3:28.61aHeritage (Lynchburg)
7.-Dallas Brown3:51.62aLiberty (Bedford)
--11Jesse KeyNTLiberty (Bedford)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nidayisenga Deo5:03.22aWilliam Fleming
2.11Tyler Dolsey5:06.99aHeritage (Lynchburg)
3.-Sawyer Chappelle5:43.26aLiberty (Bedford)
--10Eric AbowdNTJefferson Forest
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nidayisenga Deo11:26.75aWilliam Fleming
2.-Ryan Sullivan12:51.27aHeritage (Lynchburg)
--10Eric AbowdNTJefferson Forest
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Xavier Waller8.03aHeritage (Lynchburg)
2.11Azariah Cox8.23aHeritage (Lynchburg)
3.11Elijah Gallagher8.93aHeritage (Lynchburg)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-George Blair
Kevin Chapman
Azariah Cox
Shaquille Ingram
1:46.04aHeritage (Lynchburg)
2.-Michael Abbott
Luke Bondurant
Christian Bower
Dallas Brown
2:00.44aLiberty (Bedford)
3.-Jerrontay Jackson
Cameron Johnson
Jamy-Ron Jones
Terence Stovall
2:05.31aWilliam Fleming
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Xavier Calloway
Anthony Howard
Xavier Waller
Ryshem Layne
3:58.24aHeritage (Lynchburg)
2.-Tristan Harrison
Chase Key
Jesse Key
Craig Danner
4:04.23aLiberty (Bedford)
3.-Dahquan Edrington
Aaron Mason
Cameron Johnson
Jerrontay Jackson
4:12.97aWilliam Fleming
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ben Wyland
Tyler Dolsey
Anthony Howard
Julian Wilson
9:50.00aHeritage (Lynchburg)
2.-Craig Danner
Winston Davis
Jesse Key
Sawyer Chappelle
10:10.00aLiberty (Bedford)
3.-Relay Team 11:32.00aWilliam Fleming
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dalanta Payne40-00.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
2.12Kenneth Ware36-10.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
3.12De'von Brown33-09.00William Fleming
4.11LeDre Brown31-10.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
5.10Ryan Roberts29-09.00Jefferson Forest
6.10Patrick Hamilton29-00.00Jefferson Forest
7.10Jeffrey Gaylord28-08.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
7.-Aaron Jackson28-08.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
9.9Brian Foster27-10.00Liberty (Bedford)
10.-Jeremy King27-04.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
11.-Evin Jackson26-09.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
12.10Dylan Smith25-03.00Liberty (Bedford)
13.12Ronald Payne24-02.00Liberty (Bedford)
14.-kalab Miller22-08.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
---Octavius RobinsonNDHeritage (Lynchburg)
---Yusuf PoindexterNDHeritage (Lynchburg)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Xavier Waller6-02.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
2.11Craig Danner5-02.00Liberty (Bedford)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ken Ritchey13-00.00Jefferson Forest
--11William StricklandNHWilliam Fleming
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Xavier Waller21-03.50Heritage (Lynchburg)
2.12Xavier Calloway19-10.50Heritage (Lynchburg)
3.11Nikalas Graves19-01.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
4.-Preston Moss18-05.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
5.11Dahquan Edrington17-09.25William Fleming
6.11Elijah Gallagher17-05.50Heritage (Lynchburg)
7.10Jerrontay Jackson17-05.00William Fleming
8.9Devin Carper17-04.00Liberty (Bedford)
9.11Chase Key17-02.00Liberty (Bedford)
10.12Tristan Harrison15-08.50Liberty (Bedford)
--10Shalik WillisNDWilliam Fleming
--11Craig DannerNDLiberty (Bedford)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Xavier Waller43-00.50Heritage (Lynchburg)
2.12Xavier Calloway42-05.75Heritage (Lynchburg)
3.11Nikalas Graves38-06.50Heritage (Lynchburg)
4.11Dahquan Edrington37-02.00William Fleming
5.9Devin Carper35-00.50Liberty (Bedford)
6.10Shalik Willis29-11.00William Fleming
--11Chase KeyNDLiberty (Bedford)
--10Jerrontay JacksonNDWilliam Fleming

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.9Latrice Morris7.67aHeritage (Lynchburg)
2.10Maya Blue8.00aWilliam Fleming
3.11Kimberly Thomas8.02aHeritage (Lynchburg)
4.12Kelsey Roark8.20aHeritage (Lynchburg)
4.10Taylor White8.20aJefferson Forest
6.9Tylesha Anderson8.26aHeritage (Lynchburg)
7.10Martina Burford8.31aHeritage (Lynchburg)
8.-Niasia Thompson8.33aHeritage (Lynchburg)
9.9Asia Brown8.35aWilliam Fleming
10.9Samone Davis8.46aHeritage (Lynchburg)
11.10Callie O'Brien8.50aJefferson Forest
11.9Jamyra Ball8.50aWilliam Fleming
13.10Deysia Baldwin8.57aLiberty (Bedford)
14.11Emily Heavner8.60aJefferson Forest
15.-Eraniqueca Bradford8.63aWilliam Fleming
16.10Latasha Williams8.71aWilliam Fleming
17.9Monya Calloway8.75aHeritage (Lynchburg)
18.-Camyra Edmonds8.80aWilliam Fleming
19.-Zahria' Wade8.93aWilliam Fleming
20.-Tia Brown8.99aWilliam Fleming
21.10Jessica Dooley9.00aLiberty (Bedford)
22.9Sharlene Olmo9.05aWilliam Fleming
23.9Gabrielle Randolph9.19aWilliam Fleming
24.-Azuree Bowman9.35aHeritage (Lynchburg)
25.-Sarah Everhart9.44aHeritage (Lynchburg)
26.-April Lacy9.62aLiberty (Bedford)
27.-Alexis Stevens9.63aLiberty (Bedford)
---Jillian Blackburn9.71aLiberty (Bedford)
28.-Tiffany Steptoe9.88aLiberty (Bedford)
29.-Casey Rumberg10.54aLiberty (Bedford)
30.-Jocelyn Dooley11.14aLiberty (Bedford)
31.-Zhane' Parker11.56aWilliam Fleming
---Kaylee KimberlinNTLiberty (Bedford)
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Latrice Morris46.55aHeritage (Lynchburg)
2.10Megan Beisser48.86aLiberty (Bedford)
3.10Taylor White49.41aJefferson Forest
4.-Kendall Fletcher50.15aHeritage (Lynchburg)
5.9Asia Brown51.16aWilliam Fleming
6.10Maya Blue51.23aWilliam Fleming
7.12Caitlin Clymer51.75aLiberty (Bedford)
8.9Tylesha Anderson51.88aHeritage (Lynchburg)
9.10Martina Burford52.33aHeritage (Lynchburg)
10.9Nicole Zalegowski52.88aJefferson Forest
11.9Jamyra Ball53.06aWilliam Fleming
12.9Samone Davis53.55aHeritage (Lynchburg)
13.10Callie O'Brien53.77aJefferson Forest
14.-Makatlyn Pledge56.18aWilliam Fleming
15.11Danielle Cheek56.30aLiberty (Bedford)
16.9Sharlene Olmo56.43aWilliam Fleming
17.-Camyra Edmonds57.20aWilliam Fleming
18.-Tia Brown57.36aWilliam Fleming
19.9Gabrielle Randolph57.97aWilliam Fleming
20.-Alexis Stevens58.15aLiberty (Bedford)
21.-Lynda Vaughan1:00.65aHeritage (Lynchburg)
22.-April Lacy1:01.23aLiberty (Bedford)
23.10Virginia Bass1:02.89aLiberty (Bedford)
---Lizzie Boone1:03.20aLiberty (Bedford)
24.-Casey Rumberg1:07.16aLiberty (Bedford)
25.-Zhane' Parker1:09.69aWilliam Fleming
26.-Jocelyn Dooley1:17.09aLiberty (Bedford)
---Zahria' WadeNTWilliam Fleming
---Eraniqueca BradfordNTWilliam Fleming
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Katie Wilson1:34.35aHeritage (Lynchburg)
2.10Mya Brown1:37.06aWilliam Fleming
3.9Elizabeth Ruhland1:37.56aJefferson Forest
4.9Monya Calloway1:40.26aHeritage (Lynchburg)
5.12Sofie Kolsum1:44.63aJefferson Forest
6.-Makatlyn Pledge1:45.94aWilliam Fleming
7.10Audrey Hamilton1:48.54aLiberty (Bedford)
8.-Sarah Mann1:49.35aLiberty (Bedford)
9.-Azuree Bowman1:54.84aHeritage (Lynchburg)
---Lizzie Boone2:04.30aLiberty (Bedford)
10.-Zahria' Wade2:08.87aWilliam Fleming
--10Adina FrancisNTHeritage (Lynchburg)
---Amanda BlakeNTHeritage (Lynchburg)
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Laura Garbarini3:22.35aLiberty (Bedford)
2.11Samantha Anderson3:52.35aWilliam Fleming
3.9Brianna DeCatur3:59.66aLiberty (Bedford)
4.-Brenna Crawley4:16.61aHeritage (Lynchburg)
5.11Autumn Foster4:24.55aLiberty (Bedford)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kennedy Flynn5:57.89aLiberty (Bedford)
2.12Haneen Abed6:56.85aWilliam Fleming
3.9Jennifer Roach6:58.67aHeritage (Lynchburg)
4.-Rebecca Chun7:50.40aHeritage (Lynchburg)
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kennedy Flynn13:18.19aLiberty (Bedford)
2.-Rebecca Chun17:29.41aHeritage (Lynchburg)
--12Haneen AbedNTWilliam Fleming
--11Samantha AndersonNTWilliam Fleming
--9Jennifer RoachNTHeritage (Lynchburg)
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelsey Roark9.42aHeritage (Lynchburg)
2.11Candesse Clark10.43aHeritage (Lynchburg)
3.-Niasia Thompson10.88aHeritage (Lynchburg)
4.9Tylesha Anderson11.19aHeritage (Lynchburg)
5.11Logan Byers11.43aLiberty (Bedford)
6.11Danielle Cheek11.84aLiberty (Bedford)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Candesse Clark
Martina Burford
Latrice Morris
Kimberly Thomas
1:57.15aHeritage (Lynchburg)
2.-Deysia Baldwin
Megan Beisser
Caitlin Clymer
Kaylee Kimberlin
2:09.11aLiberty (Bedford)
3.-Tia Brown
Jamyra Ball
Camyra Edmonds
Eraniqueca Bradford
2:19.12aWilliam Fleming
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Deysia Baldwin
Megan Beisser
Laura Garbarini
Kaylee Kimberlin
4:53.02aLiberty (Bedford)
2.-Relay Team 4:54.20aHeritage (Lynchburg)
3.-Jazmun Brown
Maya Blue
Mya Brown
Asia Brown
5:12.66aWilliam Fleming
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Laura Garbarini
Autumn Foster
Audrey Hamilton
Sarah Mann
12:48.00aLiberty (Bedford)
2.-Relay Team 12:59.00aWilliam Fleming
---Relay Team NTHeritage (Lynchburg)
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lillie Reid39-09.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
2.12Bobbi Claytor34-08.00William Fleming
3.11Shanese Crennel32-03.00William Fleming
4.10Latasha Williams30-06.00William Fleming
5.12Desiree Perry30-04.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
6.11Sarah Bias30-00.00William Fleming
7.10Makeisha Pannell26-11.50Heritage (Lynchburg)
8.11De'anna Gaines26-03.00William Fleming
9.12Sarah Bowman25-10.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
10.11Ashley Smith25-09.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
11.10Virginia Bass23-11.00Liberty (Bedford)
12.-Victoria Hunter22-10.00William Fleming
13.-Tiffany Steptoe22-05.00Liberty (Bedford)
---Jillian Blackburn20-06.00Liberty (Bedford)
14.-Danielle Scott19-08.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
---Samantha BaldwinNDLiberty (Bedford)
---Kiki JonesNDLiberty (Bedford)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maya Blue4-09.00William Fleming
2.11Logan Byers4-06.00Liberty (Bedford)
3.10Kennedy Flynn4-02.00Liberty (Bedford)
3.-Tiffany Steptoe4-02.00Liberty (Bedford)
3.12Caitlin Clymer4-02.00Liberty (Bedford)
3.10Megan Beisser4-02.00Liberty (Bedford)
---Niasia ThompsonNHHeritage (Lynchburg)
--9Katie MartinNHLiberty (Bedford)
---Amanda BlakeNHHeritage (Lynchburg)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Casey Davis7-06.00Jefferson Forest
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Latrice Morris15-05.50Heritage (Lynchburg)
2.12Kelsey Roark15-04.50Heritage (Lynchburg)
3.9Asia Brown15-03.00William Fleming
4.11Kimberly Thomas15-00.50Heritage (Lynchburg)
5.10Mya Brown14-03.50William Fleming
6.10Maya Blue14-02.25William Fleming
7.10Latasha Williams13-00.50William Fleming
8.10Laura Garbarini12-08.50Liberty (Bedford)
9.-Niasia Thompson12-08.00Heritage (Lynchburg)
10.11Logan Byers12-05.00Liberty (Bedford)
11.11Danielle Cheek12-00.00Liberty (Bedford)
---Makatlyn PledgeNDWilliam Fleming
---Zhane' ParkerNDWilliam Fleming
---Kaylee KimberlinNDLiberty (Bedford)
--10Deysia BaldwinNDLiberty (Bedford)
---Amanda BlakeNDHeritage (Lynchburg)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kimberly Thomas30-08.50Heritage (Lynchburg)
2.9Asia Brown29-01.00William Fleming
3.10Mya Brown28-09.50William Fleming
4.11Danielle Cheek26-04.75Liberty (Bedford)
5.11Logan Byers25-00.00Liberty (Bedford)
--12Kelsey RoarkNDHeritage (Lynchburg)
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