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Frontier plus Patrick henry

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Patrick Henry, San Diego

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CA: San Diego - City
Patrick Henry
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marcus Clark11.31Maranatha Christian
2.11Joseph Harrison11.80Patrick Henry
3.10Sammy Straugn11.85Gompers
4.11John Rozar11.90High Tech High
5.10Eriberto Castillo12.10Health Sciences High...
6.12Rojilio Cordice12.11Gompers
7.11Miguel Lopez12.29Health Sciences High...
8.9Santiago Andujo12.30Rock Academy
9.12Stan Boon12.31High Tech High
10.10Victor Duran12.39King-Chavez
11.12Chris Chadwick12.41Classical Academy
12.11Jack Olmstead12.59Maranatha Christian
13.11Aaron Alfaro12.76King-Chavez
14.12Andrew Tran12.78Patrick Henry
15.9Kary Rayner12.83Rock Academy
16.9Grady Gumner13.14High Tech High NC
17.9Jeffrey Moore13.20River Valley Charter
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sammy Straugn24.56Gompers
2.10Eriberto Castillo24.68Health Sciences High...
3.12Stan Boon24.96High Tech High
4.10Johnny Venable24.97Rock Academy
5.12Rojilio Cordice25.08Gompers
6.11Wesley Ohmstede25.15Patrick Henry
7.11Dan Duka25.21Maranatha Christian
8.10Dominick Littleton25.40High Tech High
9.11Miguel Lopez25.56Health Sciences High...
10.12Chris Chadwick25.66Classical Academy
11.10Chance Fellers25.85Patrick Henry
12.10Victor Duran25.91King-Chavez
13.9Jake Engert26.24River Valley Charter
14.11Koll Killmade26.52King-Chavez
15.10Julian Dudley26.94High Tech High NC
16.9Blaine Fletcher27.60Classical Academy
17.10Ben Nelson27.95Maranatha Christian
18.9Jeffrey Moore29.42River Valley Charter
19.9Reece Freeman31.93High Tech High NC
20.10Jonathan Guerrero32.34Maranatha Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daniil Goss56.94Health Sciences High...
2.10Dominick Littleton57.01High Tech High
3.12Hymie Payne57.48Patrick Henry
4.9Dylan Furseth58.04Rock Academy
5.12Dale Guevara59.10Health Sciences High...
6.11Caleb Batten59.22Maranatha Christian
7.9Francisco Contreras1:00.14Rock Academy
8.10Brandon Yamaguchi1:00.88Maranatha Christian
9.9Blaine Fletcher1:01.10Classical Academy
10.9Jake Engert1:03.47River Valley Charter
11.10Pineda Jesus1:09.48High Tech High NC
12.10Liam Rose1:11.54High Tech High NC
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hunter Holthaus2:11.28High Tech High
2.11Michael Ortega2:14.92High Tech High
3.11Daniel Wilson2:19.11High Tech High
4.10Daniel Rios2:22.25Patrick Henry
5.9Brian Sausser2:22.60Maranatha Christian
6.10Michael Good2:23.15Maranatha Christian
7.10Justin Philips2:25.75Patrick Henry
8.10Michael Sills2:28.76Rock Academy
9.12Albert Blatler2:29.99Health Sciences High...
10.10Ben Nelson2:31.25Maranatha Christian
11.9Andrew Sanchez2:32.54High Tech High
12.11Robeal Teklai2:33.49Gompers
13.11Justin Martinez2:40.19King-Chavez
14.9John Fu2:43.26Patrick Henry
15.10Joseph Heo2:45.06High Tech High NC
16.10Michael Reyes2:47.23Health Sciences High...
17.9Hans Gankiewicz2:52.09Patrick Henry
18.9Osvaldo Alcazar2:56.39Gompers
19.10Liam Rose3:01.93High Tech High NC
20.10Elliot Schunk3:03.50Health Sciences High...
21.9Jeffrey Frick3:04.77River Valley Charter
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jesus Cruz4:54.28Patrick Henry
2.12Hunter Holthaus5:02.12High Tech High
3.11Michael Ortega5:03.56High Tech High
4.11Daniel Wilson5:07.13High Tech High
5.11Nick Alvarez5:09.48Health Sciences High...
6.9Michael Running5:13.54Patrick Henry
7.9Henok Teklai5:15.07Gompers
8.9Travis Roth5:29.53High Tech High
9.11David Fucella5:33.16Rock Academy
10.12Albert Blatler5:36.25Health Sciences High...
11.10Michael Sills5:36.52Rock Academy
12.9Matthew Wright5:39.74Rock Academy
13.9John Fu5:40.67Patrick Henry
14.12Kyle Hardenburg5:43.68Maranatha Christian
15.11Robeal Teklai5:43.95Gompers
16.11Justin Martinez5:47.27King-Chavez
17.10Taz Courmousis5:47.52Rock Academy
18.10Luke Sullivan5:55.19Maranatha Christian
19.9Reece Freeman6:00.56High Tech High NC
20.9Jeffrey Frick6:48.72River Valley Charter
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Bryson Blume11:03.87High Tech High
2.12Hunter Holthaus11:04.77High Tech High
3.9Michael Running12:12.56Patrick Henry
4.11David Fucella12:19.29Rock Academy
5.12Albert Blatler12:41.37Health Sciences High...
6.10Brandon Toh12:47.45High Tech High
7.11Alec Roberts13:34.16Rock Academy
8.10Pineda Jesus13:37.69High Tech High NC
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kenneth Doan18.67Patrick Henry
2.11Jared Jonsson19.04Maranatha Christian
3.11Donovan Brathwaite19.16King-Chavez
4.11Niijan Al-Amin19.52Health Sciences High...
5.11Sebastian Ecker19.58Health Sciences High...
6.12Rojilio Cordice20.00Gompers
7.12Adrian Villa20.08Rock Academy
8.10Julian Dudley20.23High Tech High NC
9.11Alexis Valencia20.26King-Chavez
10.9Don Tran20.45Patrick Henry
11.9Jake Engert20.53River Valley Charter
12.10Desmond Epps21.00High Tech High
13.9Grady Gumner22.01High Tech High NC
14.9Xavier Trelease22.30Gompers
15.9Zach Reiner22.62Rock Academy
16.9Quinn Fuhrman25.08River Valley Charter
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Donovan Brathwaite46.98King-Chavez
2.11Tori James48.93Gompers
3.12Paolo Aligada49.83High Tech High
4.9Conner Jordan50.22Patrick Henry
5.11Jared Jonsson51.28Maranatha Christian
6.11Alexis Valencia52.23King-Chavez
7.9Tomisin Osinfolarin52.40Patrick Henry
8.10Julian Dudley52.86High Tech High NC
9.9Xavier Trelease57.00Gompers
10.11Timothy Benirschke57.78Rock Academy
11.11Sebastian Ecker59.32Health Sciences High...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Luke Lewison
Dan Duka
Jack Olmstead
Marcus Clark
45.64Maranatha Christian
2.-Andrew Tran
Wesley Ohmstede
Chance Fellers
Hymie Payne
47.77Patrick Henry
3.-Peter Hong
Kyle Proctor
Robeal Tesfamichael
Conner Jordan
47.89Patrick Henry
4.-Miguel Lopez
Niijan Al-Amin
Daniil Goss
Eriberto Castillo
48.38Health Sciences High...
5.-Desmond Epps
Taylor Wren
Robin Siref
Calli Morales
48.82High Tech High
6.-Estafan Gamboa
Ryno Botha
Dylan Furseth
Adrian Villa
49.17Rock Academy
7.-Michael Good
Brandon Yamaguchi
Jonathan Guerrero
Chris Spinato
50.48Maranatha Christian
8.-Aaron Alfaro
Donovan Brathwaite
Victor Duran
Koll Killmade
9.-Julian Dudley
Grady Gumner
Pineda Jesus
Liam Rose
52.56High Tech High NC
10.-Ramon Chavez
Nicholas Federici
Alex Duberek
Dane Peterson
54.22High Tech High
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Eriberto Castillo
Nick Alvarez
Daniil Goss
Dale Guevara
3:50.72Health Sciences High...
2.-Andrew Sanchez
Michael Ortega
David Espe
Daniel Wilson
3:52.34High Tech High
3.-Grady Gumner
Pineda Jesus
Joseph Heo
Reece Freeman
4:51.14High Tech High NC
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zach Brown36'09.50Patrick Henry
2.12Justin Dunn34'07.50Patrick Henry
3.10Norman Black34'02.50High Tech High
4.11Jason Derkatz33'06.50Patrick Henry
5.11Derek Larson31'02.00High Tech High
6.11Vincent Mendoza30'04.50High Tech High
7.10Donovan Villa28'02.50Rock Academy
8.11Dan Duka28'01.00Maranatha Christian
9.11Jon Felix27'10.50Health Sciences High...
10.9Eusebio Rodriguez26'04.00Gompers
11.10Patrick Frederick24'11.00Rock Academy
12.10Zamorhee Legg24'05.00Health Sciences High...
13.10Jordan Perry24'01.00Rock Academy
13.10Jawan Joseph24'01.00Health Sciences High...
15.9Kevin Reyes-Garcia22'11.00King-Chavez
16.9Osvaldo Alcazar22'07.00Gompers
17.11Paul Navarro22'00.50Gompers
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Dunn100'08.00Patrick Henry
2.10Norman Black94'02.50High Tech High
3.10Zach Brown94'00.00Patrick Henry
4.11Jason Derkatz85'11.00Patrick Henry
5.11Derek Larson80'09.00High Tech High
6.11Koll Killmade74'08.00King-Chavez
7.12Daniel Frick74'04.50River Valley Charter
8.11Vincent Mendoza71'02.50High Tech High
9.9Eusebio Rodriguez67'09.50Gompers
10.10Jawan Joseph66'11.50Health Sciences High...
11.9Quinn Fuhrman53'04.00River Valley Charter
12.11Paul Navarro51'05.00Gompers
13.11Eric Montijo44'02.50Health Sciences High...
14.11Yahye Hussein40'04.50Health Sciences High...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Hillman5'10.00Patrick Henry
2.12Marcus Clark5'10.00Maranatha Christian
3.11Alex Hus5'04.00Patrick Henry
4.11Caleb Batten5'02.00Maranatha Christian
5.11Michael Ortega4'10.00High Tech High
6.9Travis Roth4'10.00High Tech High
7.11Alexis Valencia4'08.00King-Chavez
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Esten11'1Patrick Henry
2.12Brandon Rose11'1Patrick Henry
3.12Paul Senelick9'1Patrick Henry
4.12Reese Camper8'7Patrick Henry
5.9Tristan Zawadzki7'7Patrick Henry
6.9Ray Altmeyer7'1Patrick Henry
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Luke Lewison18'03.50Maranatha Christian
2.11John Rozar18'00.25High Tech High
4.10Johnny Venable17'05.50Rock Academy
3.9Tyree Range17'5Patrick Henry
5.11Donovan Brathwaite17'00.00King-Chavez
6.11Niijan Al-Amin16'11.00Health Sciences High...
7.9Santiago Andujo16'05.00Rock Academy
8.10RJ Reduque15'11.50Patrick Henry
9.9Blaine Fletcher15'11.00Classical Academy
10.12Adrian Villa15'09.00Rock Academy
11.10Dominick Littleton15'02.00High Tech High
12.10Edgar Delgado14'09.00Patrick Henry
13.12Daniel Frick14'03.50River Valley Charter
14.10Ray Pedroza14'03.00Patrick Henry
15.9Chris Berkoben13'11.25Patrick Henry
16.12Kyle Hardenburg13'07.75Maranatha Christian
17.9Quinn Fuhrman12'05.50River Valley Charter
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jared Jonsson34'00.50Maranatha Christian
2.10Ray Pedroza32'06.50Patrick Henry
3.10RJ Reduque32'04.00Patrick Henry
4.11Timothy Benirschke31'05.00Rock Academy
5.11Timothy Zaragoza30'08.50High Tech High
6.10Edgar Delgado30'08.00Patrick Henry
7.9Chris Berkoben29'07.50Patrick Henry

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Allyson Evans13.23Patrick Henry
2.11Taylor Shortall13.67River Valley Charter
3.10Rajonae Jones13.89Health Sciences High...
4.10Sydney Daniel13.94Rock Academy
5.12Chloe Spinato13.97Maranatha Christian
6.12Alexandra Schaefer14.17High Tech High
7.10Jenee Fox14.26Rock Academy
8.9Kaitlyn Mitchel14.50Health Sciences High...
9.12Allison Devenport14.67Patrick Henry
10.11Monica Soberon14.68Classical Academy
11.12Joanne Lee14.96Maranatha Christian
12.9Sydney Titcomb15.01High Tech High NC
13.9Zayra Chavez15.20Gompers
14.9Stephanie Clemente15.55Gompers
15.9Erina Chavez15.64High Tech High NC
16.11Emericia Guerrero16.43King-Chavez
17.11Monica Salas16.49King-Chavez
18.10Cassidy Walters17.33River Valley Charter
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rajonae Jones27.90Health Sciences High...
2.11Savannah Sweeting28.01Patrick Henry
3.10Valeria Newcomb28.57High Tech High
4.11Taylor Shortall28.89River Valley Charter
5.10Sydney Daniel28.99Rock Academy
6.11Monica Soberon29.67Classical Academy
7.12Andrea Elser29.83Health Sciences High...
8.12Alexandra Schaefer30.47High Tech High
9.9Dalena Cozakos30.63Rock Academy
10.10Vurbeff India32.13Classical Academy
11.9Sydney Titcomb33.13High Tech High NC
12.11Leslie Cedillo35.07King-Chavez
13.11Monica Salas35.47King-Chavez
14.9Erina Chavez35.61High Tech High NC
15.11Victoria Williams37.52River Valley Charter
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hailey Harper1:07.23Maranatha Christian
2.12Carolyn Keating1:07.46High Tech High
3.10Elva Rodriguez1:07.73Health Sciences High...
4.12Rachel Jordan1:09.28Patrick Henry
5.10Sally Keating1:09.57High Tech High
6.10Mary Redlinger1:12.02River Valley Charter
7.9Sydney Titcomb1:13.96High Tech High NC
8.10Madison Neidermyer1:16.93Maranatha Christian
9.12Helena Brikis1:23.36High Tech High NC
10.10Morgan Conrad1:28.24Health Sciences High...
11.9Paulina Valdes1:30.56Rock Academy
12.10Stephanie Moeller1:32.52River Valley Charter
13.10Ana Andino1:33.52Rock Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Simone Federici2:29.59High Tech High
2.11Moore Stephanie2:38.70Classical Academy
3.10Michelle Garcia2:48.71High Tech High
4.10Kathy Torres2:57.39Health Sciences High...
5.10Mary Redlinger2:58.96River Valley Charter
6.9Emmy Cook3:05.52Maranatha Christian
7.10Stephany Velazquez3:06.82Health Sciences High...
8.10Larissa Lopez3:07.59Patrick Henry
9.12Olivia Mota3:11.76Health Sciences High...
10.10Vurbeff India3:21.76Classical Academy
11.9Grace Agyan3:28.39Classical Academy
12.12Helena Brikis3:28.76High Tech High NC
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Simone Federici5:53.71High Tech High
2.11Moore Stephanie5:55.37Classical Academy
3.10Sally Keating6:09.31High Tech High
4.10Michelle Garcia6:14.23High Tech High
5.10Kristiana Davis6:16.02Patrick Henry
6.10Vida Ordonez6:25.66Patrick Henry
7.10Ninfa Negrete6:28.41Health Sciences High...
8.9Emmy Cook6:47.38Maranatha Christian
9.12Olivia Mota7:24.97Health Sciences High...
10.9Erina Chavez7:31.02High Tech High NC
11.9Grace Agyan7:34.23Classical Academy
12.12Carissa Nelson7:36.14Maranatha Christian
13.12Helena Brikis8:08.50High Tech High NC
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Simone Federici13:52.88High Tech High
2.10Michelle Garcia14:27.80High Tech High
3.12Shannon Strahan15:05.34River Valley Charter
3.9Natalie Gates15:30.97Patrick Henry
4.12Olivia Mota16:58.75Health Sciences High...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Miranda Edwords20.08River Valley Charter
2.12Cindy Orozco20.20Health Sciences High...
3.10Graciela Bragg20.96High Tech High
4.9Ryan Lemersal21.32Patrick Henry
5.9Bianca Botha21.41Rock Academy
6.10Marisole Sarto21.54Patrick Henry
7.9Feven Kidane22.64Gompers
8.9Sydney Titcomb22.87High Tech High NC
9.10Sarah Salcedo23.07Health Sciences High...
10.10Raina Roberts24.89Patrick Henry
11.9Erina Chavez28.00High Tech High NC
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hailey Harper53.95Maranatha Christian
2.11Taylor Shortall55.04River Valley Charter
3.12Cindy Orozco57.20Health Sciences High...
4.11Hailey Goodfellow57.39Patrick Henry
5.10Marissa Villanueva58.86Patrick Henry
6.10Graciela Bragg59.85High Tech High
7.12Victoria Nguyen1:00.95Patrick Henry
8.10Claire Northrop1:01.80High Tech High
9.10Sarah Salcedo1:04.77Health Sciences High...
10.9Feven Kidane1:06.91Gompers
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Yar Manyang
Allison Devenport
Erica O'Conner
Allyson Evans
54.06Patrick Henry
2.-Treeana Ortiz
Jenee Fox
Meghan Moser
Sydney Daniel
55.84Rock Academy
3.-Kaitlyn Mitchel
Alex Sanchez
Andrea Elser
Elva Rodriguez
56.61Health Sciences High...
4.-Chloe Spinato
Joanne Lee
Madison Neidermyer
Hailey Harper
57.01Maranatha Christian
5.-Raeann Schmersal
Miranda Edwords
Cassidy Walters
Taylor Shortall
58.68River Valley Charter
6.-Bethany Shedrick
Leyla Kaplan
Graciela Bragg
Sophia Ferretti
1:00.60High Tech High
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrea Elser
Cindy Orozco
Alex Sanchez
Ninfa Negrete
4:34.95Health Sciences High...
2.-Moore Stephanie
Vurbeff India
Monica Soberon
Grace Agyan
5:12.44Classical Academy
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caitlyn Garmer29'05.00Maranatha Christian
2.12Imani Hunt27'04.00Health Sciences High...
3.11Justina Leasau26'05.00Gompers
4.12Rebecca Hannington26'00.50River Valley Charter
5.10Jessica Plein24'05.00Patrick Henry
6.11Hendrix Janelle23'09.50Gompers
7.12Stephanie Roberts23'04.00Patrick Henry
8.12Carolyn Keating23'02.00High Tech High
9.11Candy Valladares23'01.00Gompers
10.10Valeria Newcomb22'07.00High Tech High
11.9Bethany Strahan22'03.00River Valley Charter
12.12Brittany Zetterlund20'07.50Maranatha Christian
13.10Katie Gavares19'06.50High Tech High
14.12Kendall Ederer18'00.00Patrick Henry
14.11Emericia Guerrero18'00.00King-Chavez
16.10Amanda Albertson17'02.50River Valley Charter
17.11Leslie Cedillo12'10.00King-Chavez
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caitlyn Garmer78'04.50Maranatha Christian
2.10Jessica Plein74'04.00Patrick Henry
3.11Taylor Cullum69'05.50Health Sciences High...
4.9Bethany Strahan62'07.00River Valley Charter
5.11Justina Leasau62'03.00Gompers
6.12Stephanie Roberts55'04.00Patrick Henry
7.10Amanda Albertson54'06.00River Valley Charter
8.11Candy Valladares50'01.00Gompers
9.12Rebecca Hannington49'07.00River Valley Charter
10.12Angul Wash47'08.00Health Sciences High...
11.11Hendrix Janelle46'11.50Gompers
12.11Rebekah Moore46'02.00River Valley Charter
13.12Brittany Zetterlund45'04.50Maranatha Christian
14.11Emericia Guerrero42'03.00King-Chavez
15.11Monica Salas36'09.00King-Chavez
16.12Kendall Ederer35'07.00Patrick Henry
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrea Elser4'06.00Health Sciences High...
2.12Carolyn Keating4'06.00High Tech High
3.10Kalee Dehamer4'06.00Patrick Henry
4.10Tessa Mendes4'02.00Patrick Henry
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hayley Farr9'7Patrick Henry
2.9Haley Fletcher8'1Patrick Henry
3.10Rachel Ryan6'7Patrick Henry
4.10Marissa Villanueva6'1Patrick Henry
9Megan DevenportNHPatrick Henry
11Haley DickensonNHPatrick Henry
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Miranda Edwords15'05.50River Valley Charter
2.12Carolyn Keating15'04.50High Tech High
3.12Alex Sanchez14'06.00Health Sciences High...
4.10Valeria Newcomb13'04.00High Tech High
5.10Kalee Dehamer13'00.00Patrick Henry
6.10Sally Keating12'09.50High Tech High
7.10Alison Schaubel12'00.00Patrick Henry
8.10Aveen Ashoor12'00.00Patrick Henry
9.11Brittney Mitchell11'07.75Rock Academy
10.10Kelbi Redquest11'07.00Patrick Henry
11.12Raeann Schmersal10'08.00River Valley Charter
12.11Sara Walden10'03.00Patrick Henry
13.11Josie Tcheun10'03.00Maranatha Christian
14.11Monica Salas10'02.00King-Chavez
15.9Taylor Volkman9'05.50River Valley Charter
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Miranda Edwords33'01.50River Valley Charter
2.10Alexis Gray30'06.50Patrick Henry
3.10Kalee Dehamer27'05.50Patrick Henry
4.10Alison Schaubel27'03.50Patrick Henry
5.10Karlie Johnson26'09.50Patrick Henry
6.10Aveen Ashoor26'02.00Patrick Henry
7.10Jamie Mason24'01.00Patrick Henry
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