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1A Tri-District 1,2 & 3 Finals

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alexander Moore11.15aCharles Wright Academy      
2.10Jaysen Yoro11.24aOrting      
3.12Jake Schmitt11.31aMeridian      
4.12Mitch Pelroy11.52aCoupeville      
5.12Jullian Haley11.54aUniversity Prep      
6.11Alex Brouwer11.76aKing's      
7.11Christian Yoro11.80aOrting      
8.9Zach Williams11.87aCascade Christian      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Alexander Moore11.04aCharles Wright Academy      
2.12Jake Schmitt11.28aMeridian      
3.10Jaysen Yoro11.31aOrting      
4.12Jullian Haley11.48aUniversity Prep      
5.11Christian Yoro11.55aOrting      
7.11Alex Brouwer11.69aKing's      
6.12Mitch Pelroy11.71aCoupeville      
8.9Zach Williams11.74aCascade Christian      
9.12Jordan Epistola11.75aCharles Wright Academy      
10.12Jacob Lawson11.80aCharles Wright Academy      
11.11Sam Zieve11.81aSeattle Academy      
12.11Weston Whitener11.88aLynden Christian      
13.12Khalif El-Salaam11.97aNorthwest      
14.9Dylan Keene12.01aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
15.9Willie Blackmon12.19aFriday Harbor      
16.10Andrew Rickman12.32aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alexander Moore22.38aCharles Wright Academy      
2.12Jake Schmitt22.75aMeridian      
3.10Jaysen Yoro22.94aOrting      
4.12Mitch Pelroy22.95aCoupeville      
5.10Joseph Siegwald23.07aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
6.12Jullian Haley23.25aUniversity Prep      
7.12Ben Pryde23.96aBush      
8.12Jordan Epistola24.11aCharles Wright Academy      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jake Schmitt22.54aMeridian      
2.10Alexander Moore22.68aCharles Wright Academy      
3.10Jaysen Yoro22.85aOrting      
4.10Joseph Siegwald23.20aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
5.12Jullian Haley23.21aUniversity Prep      
6.12Mitch Pelroy23.32aCoupeville      
7.12Ben Pryde23.80aBush      
8.12Jordan Epistola23.83aCharles Wright Academy      
9.9Willie Blackmon24.49aFriday Harbor      
10.12Taylor Burgess24.55aMeridian      
11.12Jacob Lawson24.60aCharles Wright Academy      
12.12Khalif El-Salaam24.60aNorthwest      
13.9Dylan Keene24.80aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
14.12Kyle Crawford24.89aCascade Christian      
15.9Zach Williams25.02aCascade Christian      
16.10Andrew Rickman25.69aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jake Schmitt50.68aMeridian      
2.10Nick Conklin51.09aSeattle Academy      
3.12Ben Pryde51.32aBush      
4.12Larry Hurlburt52.97aCoupeville      
5.12Jullian Haley53.19aUniversity Prep      
6.12Blake Greene53.86aCharles Wright Academy      
7.12Justin Morris53.93aChimacum      
8.12Lucas Baker54.50aBellevue Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jake Schmitt51.37aMeridian      
3.10Nick Conklin51.73aSeattle Academy      
5.12Jullian Haley51.90aUniversity Prep      
2.12Ben Pryde51.94aBush      
4.12Larry Hurlburt53.11aCoupeville      
6.12Blake Greene53.78aCharles Wright Academy      
7.12Justin Morris54.06aChimacum      
8.12Lucas Baker54.33aBellevue Christian      
9.10Tate Razor54.46aBellevue Christian      
10.10Josh Hazen55.55aBellevue Christian      
11.12Taylor Burgess55.73aMeridian      
12.10Chris Yand57.17aKing's      
13.10Marshall Greenlaw57.24aKing's      
14.11Trevin Todd57.43aMeridian      
15.10Steffen Hirschkorn57.82aOrting      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Hunter Bryson52.8King's      
12Zachary Schober53.2King's      
12Christian Taylor54.0King's      
10Ryan Mills55.0King's      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mitch Beard1:58.52aNooksack Valley      
2.11Travis Hensley1:59.43aCharles Wright Academy      
3.11Kyle Smit2:00.36aBellevue Christian      
4.10Hunter Bryson2:00.72aKing's      
5.12Niles McClure2:01.20aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
6.11Kelby Todd2:01.31aMeridian      
7.11Stephen Dietz2:03.21aNooksack Valley      
8.12Justin Burgess2:05.19aMeridian      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Mitch Beard2:03.39aNooksack Valley      
2.10Hunter Bryson2:03.51aKing's      
3.11Kyle Smit2:03.53aBellevue Christian      
4.11Kelby Todd2:03.71aMeridian      
5.12Justin Burgess2:03.90aMeridian      
6.11Travis Hensley2:04.52aCharles Wright Academy      
7.11Stephen Dietz2:04.53aNooksack Valley      
8.12Niles McClure2:07.40aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
9.12Anthony Wohns2:08.44aCharles Wright Academy      
10.11Daniel Nortz2:09.03aBellevue Christian      
11.10Connor Blok2:09.70aLynden Christian      
12.10Skyler Coppenrath2:10.41aPort Townsend      
13.11Landon Olenslager2:10.42aNooksack Valley      
14.11Patrick Carney2:12.79aOrting      
15.11Rob Leet2:13.02aSeattle Academy      
16.9Matthew Hampton2:13.59aCoupeville      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hap Emmons4:17.71aKing's      
2.11Travis Hensley4:25.07aCharles Wright Academy      
3.11Kyle Cole4:25.36aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
4.12Mitch Beard4:25.71aNooksack Valley      
5.11Ruben Riordan4:26.70aCharles Wright Academy      
6.11David Goldstone4:30.15aCharles Wright Academy      
7.11Daniel Nortz4:37.14aBellevue Christian      
8.9Graham Peet4:37.16aNorthwest      
9.9Jordan Markezich4:37.19aBellevue Christian      
10.11Tyler Reardon4:42.39aLynden Christian      
11.12Jasper Heckman4:43.29aOrting      
12.9Collin Magnusson4:44.71aMeridian      
13.11Rob Leet4:47.17aSeattle Academy      
14.12Matt Christiansen4:49.23aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
15.9Jake Barnett4:51.85aKing's      
16.10Ira Fleming4:54.69aUniversity Prep      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ruben Riordan9:41.68aCharles Wright Academy      
2.11David Goldstone9:44.39aCharles Wright Academy      
3.11Kyle Cole9:51.13aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
4.9Andrew Ayers9:51.74aKing's      
5.12Jasper Heckman9:53.48aOrting      
6.11Cody Velthuizen9:56.10aLynden Christian      
7.9Graham Peet9:57.09aNorthwest      
8.9Jordan Markezich10:14.55aBellevue Christian      
9.12Matt Christiansen10:29.33aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
10.9Jake Barnett10:36.19aKing's      
11.9Collin Magnusson10:36.98aMeridian      
12.11Rob Leet10:39.09aSeattle Academy      
13.11Dylan Harper10:48.02aCharles Wright Academy      
14.10Ira Fleming10:58.76aUniversity Prep      
15.9Ryan Clarke11:02.02aPort Townsend      
16.9Arthur Emmons11:07.04aKing's      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zachary Schober15.83aKing's      
2.12Michael Antosz15.96aBellevue Christian      
3.12Austin Razor16.59aBellevue Christian      
4.10Trevor Burden16.71aLynden Christian      
5.12Ryan Hamstra16.72aLynden Christian      
6.12Trevor Vassallo17.02aUniversity Prep      
7.12Marcus Lelle17.65aCharles Wright Academy      
8.10Blake Briones18.28aMeridian      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Zachary Schober15.69aKing's      
2.12Michael Antosz16.30aBellevue Christian      
3.12Austin Razor16.34aBellevue Christian      
5.10Trevor Burden16.64aLynden Christian      
4.12Ryan Hamstra16.78aLynden Christian      
7.12Trevor Vassallo17.36aUniversity Prep      
6.10Blake Briones17.88aMeridian      
8.12Marcus Lelle18.04aCharles Wright Academy      
9.12Wade Babcock18.08aOrting      
10.12Tyson Perry18.10aNooksack Valley      
12Josh Catlett18.54aBellevue Christian      
11.10Chandler Erisman18.63aBellevue Christian      
12.10Sam Tomkins18.84aKing's      
13.12Quinn L'Heureux19.11aChimacum      
14.9Marquis Olmsted21.89aOrting      
12Nathan Fredrickson22.67aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mitch Pelroy41.26aCoupeville      
2.12Zachary Schober41.73aKing's      
3.12Austin Razor42.16aBellevue Christian      
4.9Willie Blackmon42.41aFriday Harbor      
5.12Tyson Perry43.30aNooksack Valley      
6.12Trevor Vassallo43.49aUniversity Prep      
7.12Michael Antosz44.15aBellevue Christian      
8.10Blake Briones44.67aMeridian      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Austin Razor41.84aBellevue Christian      
2.12Mitch Pelroy42.28aCoupeville      
3.12Tyson Perry43.35aNooksack Valley      
4.9Willie Blackmon43.53aFriday Harbor      
5.10Blake Briones43.98aMeridian      
7.12Michael Antosz44.25aBellevue Christian      
6.12Zachary Schober44.70aKing's      
8.12Trevor Vassallo45.13aUniversity Prep      
9.12Nathan Fredrickson45.29aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
10.10Chandler Erisman45.57aBellevue Christian      
11.9Nathan Rusnak45.67aLynden Christian      
12.12Marcus Lelle46.04aCharles Wright Academy      
13.12Wade Babcock46.10aOrting      
14.12David Glessing46.86aChimacum      
15.12Ryan Hamstra47.12aLynden Christian      
16.9Marquis Olmsted49.82aOrting      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Christian Yoro
Jaysen Yoro
Devin Casey
Connor Rose
2.-Jordan Epistola
Blake Greene
Alexander Moore
Jacob Lawson
44.19aCharles Wright Academy      
3.-Andrew Rickman
Shane Rhodes
Dylan Keene
Joseph Siegwald
44.64aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
4.-Taylor Burgess
Max McGuinn
Trevin Todd
Jake Schmitt
5.-Colby Langford
Matt Hartmann
Ryan Mills
Alex Brouwer
6.-Weston Whitener
Josh Friberg
Nathan Rusnak
Derek Tremaine
45.38aLynden Christian      
7.-Austin Razor
Keegan Kemp
Sam Taylor
Josh Catlett
45.58aBellevue Christian      
8.-Tyler Grosenick
Sam Zieve
Devon Isaacson
Nick Conklin
46.21aSeattle Academy      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Jordan Epistola
Blake Greene
Alexander Moore
Jacob Lawson
44.27aCharles Wright Academy      
2.-Taylor Burgess
Max McGuinn
Trevin Todd
Jake Schmitt
3.-Christian Yoro
Jaysen Yoro
Devin Casey
Connor Rose
4.-Andrew Rickman
Shane Rhodes
Dylan Keene
Joseph Siegwald
44.86aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
5.-Colby Langford
Matt Hartmann
Ryan Mills
Alex Brouwer
6.-Weston Whitener
Josh Friberg
Nathan Rusnak
Derek Tremaine
45.40aLynden Christian      
7.-Austin Razor
Keegan Kemp
Sam Taylor
Josh Catlett
46.01aBellevue Christian      
8.-Tyler Grosenick
Sam Zieve
Devon Isaacson
Nick Conklin
46.02aSeattle Academy      
9.-Kyle Crawford
Zach Williams
Nate Brar
Jackie Wood
46.13aCascade Christian      
10.-Brandon Kelley
Shawn Kump
Larry Hurlburt
Sam Landau
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Blake Greene
Travis Hensley
Anthony Wohns
Alexander Moore
3:32.20aCharles Wright Academy      
2.-Austin Razor
Kyle Smit
Lucas Baker
Tate Razor
3:33.52aBellevue Christian      
3.-Joseph Siegwald
Niles McClure
Jacob Guitheil
Kyle Cole
3:33.62aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
4.-Ryan Mills
Christian Taylor
Zachary Schober
Hunter Bryson
5.-Nathan Rusnak
Connor Blok
Cody Velthuizen
Weston Whitener
3:38.09aLynden Christian      
6.-Matthew Hampton
Larry Hurlburt
Sam Landau
Mitch Pelroy
7.-Taylor Burgess
Trevin Todd
Kelby Todd
Justin Burgess
8.-Tyler Grosenick
Sam Zieve
Lucas Trautman
Nick Conklin
3:40.02aSeattle Academy      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Blake Greene
Travis Hensley
Anthony Wohns
Alexander Moore
3:32.21aCharles Wright Academy      
3.-Austin Razor
Kyle Smit
Lucas Baker
Tate Razor
3:33.36aBellevue Christian      
5.-Joseph Siegwald
Niles McClure
Jacob Guitheil
Kyle Cole
3:34.37aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
7.-Ryan Mills
Christian Taylor
Zachary Schober
Hunter Bryson
8.-Nathan Rusnak
Connor Blok
Cody Velthuizen
Weston Whitener
3:38.20aLynden Christian      
2.-Matthew Hampton
Larry Hurlburt
Sam Landau
Mitch Pelroy
4.-Tyler Grosenick
Sam Zieve
Lucas Trautman
Nick Conklin
3:40.04aSeattle Academy      
6.-Taylor Burgess
Trevin Todd
Kelby Todd
Justin Burgess
9.-Zach Williams
Brandon Griffiths
Jackie Wood
Nate Brar
3:52.30aCascade Christian      
-Zeb Stamphler
David Glessing
Quinn L'Heureux
Justin Morris
10.-Wade Babcock
Dylan Thomas
Jasper Heckman
Steffen Hirschkorn
11.-Alejandro Garcia-Covington
Khalif El-Salaam
Graham Peet
Trevor Mayes
-Skyler Coppenrath
Dakota Brown
Ryan Clarke
Chad Smith
4:00.48aPort Townsend      
12.-Branden Livermore
Brandon Seeger
Parker Goolsbey
Jorren Mills
4:01.34aSeattle Christian      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Denver Vander Yacht47-09.75Meridian      
2.12Jake Stubben47-01.00Orting      
3.11Mason Friedline46-01.25King's      
4.11Andrew Boivin45-09.75King's      
5.12BJ Salmonson45-02.50Nooksack Valley      
6.11Scott Miller45-00.50Bellevue Christian      
7.9Calvin Kispert44-00.50King's      
8.10Spencer Blackburn43-03.00Meridian      
9.12Josh Teuteu43-02.50Orting      
10.10Wunmi Oyetuga42-05.50Charles Wright Academy      
11.12Andy Thomas41-07.50Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
12.10Nick Streubel40-09.50Coupeville      
13.12Nick Schubert40-03.75Bellevue Christian      
14.10Kaleb Heezen38-05.50Meridian      
15.11Harrison Wirth38-02.00Bellevue Christian      
16.12Joe Modispacher35-01.00Chimacum      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Denver Vander Yacht149-06Meridian      
2.11Daryl Settlemire142-07Chimacum      
3.12Josh Teuteu134-10Orting      
4.12Jake Stubben134-04Orting      
5.10Cody Spoelstra134-00Lynden Christian      
6.12BJ Salmonson129-01Nooksack Valley      
7.11Harrison Wirth128-03Bellevue Christian      
8.12Andy Thomas125-11Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
9.12Lucas Jagel121-10Friday Harbor      
10.10Kaleb Heezen120-05Meridian      
11.11Neal Tilbury120-00Meridian      
12.10Nick Streubel117-09Coupeville      
13.10Spencer Blackburn111-00Meridian      
14.11Scott Miller110-02Bellevue Christian      
15.11Randall Sackmann110-01Orting      
16.11Anthony Almeida109-08Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
10Zach JacobsonNDKing's      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Denver Vander Yacht179-09Meridian      
2.10Spencer Blackburn167-09Meridian      
3.12BJ Salmonson163-10Nooksack Valley      
4.11Sam Baird162-00Northwest      
5.11Anthony Almeida154-08Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
6.11Kyle Howard151-10Cascade Christian      
7.12Mark Stacy151-04Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
8.11Scott Miller149-07Bellevue Christian      
9.11Luke VandeHoef148-00Nooksack Valley      
10.12Matt Hartmann144-08King's      
11.12Tyler Silves140-05Lynden Christian      
12.11Chris Anderson138-04Life Christian Academy      
13.11Cody Williams135-07Orting      
14.11Matt King132-07Orting      
15.12Ryan Engelsma126-06Lynden Christian      
16.10Kaleb Heezen118-07Meridian      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jaysen Yoro6-04.00Orting      
2.11Austin Oliveira5-10.00Cascade Christian      
3.11Nate Brar5-08.00Cascade Christian      
4.9Karl Sather5-08.00King's      
4.12Bryce Oldham5-08.00Bellevue Christian      
6.10Seth Taron5-06.00Nooksack Valley      
7.9Cody Bachman5-04.00Meridian      
8.12Marcus Lelle5-04.00Charles Wright Academy      
9.9Brett Jones5-04.00King's      
10.12Nick Schubert5-04.00Bellevue Christian      
11.11Luke VandeHoef5-04.00Nooksack Valley      
12.12Tanner Smith5-04.00Chimacum      
13.11Robert Kyler5-02.00Charles Wright Academy      
14.12Josh Thoreson5-02.00Bellevue Christian      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Daniel Calhoon14-00.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
2.11Caleb Taylor13-00.00King's      
3.11Lucas Trautman12-06.00Seattle Academy      
4.12Spencer Gevers12-00.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
5.12Sam Taylor12-00.00Bellevue Christian      
6.12Tyson Perry11-09.00Nooksack Valley      
7.10Connor Aamot11-06.00Meridian      
7.11Andrew Crites11-06.00Seattle Academy      
9.12Nathan Fredrickson11-06.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
10.11Weston Whitener11-00.00Lynden Christian      
10.11Evan Childs11-00.00Meridian      
10.10Ryan Mills11-00.00King's      
13.9Austin Hays10-06.00King's      
14.11Zak Ijadi10-00.00Seattle Academy      
14.9Cody Bachman10-00.00Meridian      
16.11Alex Brouwer9-06.00King's      
17.11Max Pfeiffer9-00.00Seattle Academy      
18.10Zach Woodyard8-06.00Lynden Christian      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Joseph Siegwald20-02.50Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
2.12Derek Tremaine20-00.75Lynden Christian      
3.12Tyson Perry19-03.50Nooksack Valley      
4.11Aaron Prager19-03.00Friday Harbor      
5.12Sam Taylor19-01.75Bellevue Christian      
6.12Chad Smith19-00.75Port Townsend      
7.11Lucas Trautman18-09.00Seattle Academy      
8.12Jack McLauchlan18-08.00Bush      
9.12Daniel Tang18-01.50Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
10.12Colby Langford18-01.25King's      
11.12Tanner Smith17-09.75Chimacum      
12.11Christian Yoro17-08.50Orting      
13.12Jacob Lawson17-03.50Charles Wright Academy      
14.11Ban Du16-03.00Charles Wright Academy      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Derek Tremaine41-03.50Lynden Christian      
2.10Skyler Coppenrath40-05.00Port Townsend      
12Nate Gwaltney40-03.50Meridian      
3.11Christian Yoro40-00.50Orting      
4.12Kyle Crawford39-02.25Cascade Christian      
5.12Matt Hartmann38-09.00King's      
6.11Anthony Almeida38-04.25Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
7.12Colby Langford38-02.00King's      
8.12Noah Dotson37-11.50Lynden Christian      
9.11Aaron Prager37-10.50Friday Harbor      
10.10Nick Conklin37-09.00Seattle Academy      
11.9Patrick LeClair37-05.50Bellevue Christian      
12.12Nathan Fredrickson35-11.75Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
13.10Cody Spoelstra35-10.00Lynden Christian      
14.12Daniel Tang35-06.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
15.11Ban Du33-06.25Charles Wright Academy      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karlie Storkson12.85aKing's      
2.12Meredith Lampe13.02aBellevue Christian      
3.9Ashley Driscoll13.13aKing's      
4.9Arielle Van Peursem13.17aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
5.10Caracol Haley13.17aUniversity Prep      
6.12Alexa Vander Meulen13.23aLynden Christian      
7.11Kaycee Creech13.39aCascade Christian      
8.9Tori VandeHoef13.41aNooksack Valley      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Karlie Storkson12.73aKing's      
2.9Ashley Driscoll12.85aKing's      
3.12Meredith Lampe12.93aBellevue Christian      
4.10Caracol Haley13.03aUniversity Prep      
5.12Alexa Vander Meulen13.16aLynden Christian      
7.9Arielle Van Peursem13.16aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
8.11Kaycee Creech13.25aCascade Christian      
6.9Tori VandeHoef13.45aNooksack Valley      
9.11Michaela Hendrix13.48aKing's      
10.11Maryam Saudagaran13.66aAnnie Wright      
11.12Caisee Beckman13.68aOrting      
12.12Amanda Bromley13.69aNooksack Valley      
13.12Julie Wilson13.83aVashon Island      
14.10Selena Vath13.83aOrting      
15.11Leyla Marino13.99aMeridian      
11Katie MayerDQCharles Wright Academy      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karlie Storkson26.11aKing's      
2.12Meredith Lampe26.62aBellevue Christian      
3.11Katie Mayer26.99aCharles Wright Academy      
4.12Jayna Inderbitzin27.13aCascade Christian      
5.12Carly McClintock27.24aBellevue Christian      
6.10Jewel Johnson27.51aPort Townsend      
7.9Janessa Murphy27.57aMeridian      
8.10Alex Parson27.78aNooksack Valley      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Karlie Storkson26.53aKing's      
3.12Meredith Lampe26.62aBellevue Christian      
2.11Katie Mayer26.68aCharles Wright Academy      
4.12Jayna Inderbitzin26.84aCascade Christian      
5.12Carly McClintock27.03aBellevue Christian      
6.9Janessa Murphy27.35aMeridian      
7.10Jewel Johnson27.39aPort Townsend      
8.10Alex Parson27.59aNooksack Valley      
9.9Alexi Whatley27.81aOrting      
10.9Julia Inderbitzin28.12aCascade Christian      
11.10Emily Sytsma28.42aLynden Christian      
12.12Caisee Beckman28.54aOrting      
13.11Hailee Johnson28.60aChimacum      
14.10Alli Vitalone28.69aBellevue Christian      
15.9Miqueala Ishmael28.89aKing's      
16.11Jillian Kraker29.74aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Karlie Storkson24.6King's      
9Ashley Driscoll26.2King's      
9Emily Cline27.0King's      
11Michaela Hendrix27.6King's      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karlie Storkson58.00aKing's      
2.11Erin Beezhold58.60aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
3.12Jayna Inderbitzin1:00.53aCascade Christian      
4.11Katie Mayer1:01.10aCharles Wright Academy      
5.12Marie Karlsen1:01.10aPort Townsend      
6.10Julia Shankland1:01.26aSeattle Academy      
7.9Alexi Whatley1:02.32aOrting      
8.11Maryam Saudagaran1:03.76aAnnie Wright      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Erin Beezhold59.41aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
3.12Jayna Inderbitzin59.82aCascade Christian      
2.12Karlie Storkson59.90aKing's      
4.11Katie Mayer1:01.88aCharles Wright Academy      
5.10Julia Shankland1:02.30aSeattle Academy      
6.12Marie Karlsen1:02.48aPort Townsend      
7.9Alexi Whatley1:03.55aOrting      
8.11Maryam Saudagaran1:03.83aAnnie Wright      
9.11Jillian Kraker1:06.86aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
10.12Cara Boasen1:07.77aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
11.9Lexi McKinnon1:09.39aMeridian      
12.11Anna Bailey1:09.66aCoupeville      
13.12Laura Kostad1:09.76aOrting      
14.9Kira Nelson1:09.79aMeridian      
15.9Mackenzi Briones1:10.19aMeridian      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Kacey Kemper62.6King's      
9Savanna Hanson63.2King's      
10Kristen Maggs64.6King's      
11Daphne Kieling65.9King's      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maddie Meyers2:17.06aNorthwest      
2.10Caracol Haley2:18.35aUniversity Prep      
3.9Hazel Carr2:18.55aNorthwest      
4.11Sally Larson2:19.27aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
5.10Kacey Kemper2:24.04aKing's      
6.9Sara Dougan2:25.84aMeridian      
7.11Jayna Edmonds2:26.10aMeridian      
8.12Hannah Stoddard2:33.09aSeattle Academy      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Maddie Meyers2:18.18aNorthwest      
3.11Sally Larson2:23.74aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
2.10Caracol Haley2:25.28aUniversity Prep      
5.10Kacey Kemper2:25.44aKing's      
4.9Sara Dougan2:25.76aMeridian      
6.9Hazel Carr2:26.65aNorthwest      
7.11Jayna Edmonds2:29.46aMeridian      
8.12Hannah Stoddard2:30.04aSeattle Academy      
9.9Tanna Brinkman2:30.93aSeattle Christian      
10.11Noelle Crosby2:32.02aBellevue Christian      
11.9Grace Diede2:36.38aKing's      
12.12Kelsey Vander Veen2:37.05aLynden Christian      
13.9Brianna Rutgers2:39.83aLynden Christian      
14.9Annika Mayes2:41.20aSeattle Christian      
15.10Elisha Parslow2:42.91aOrting      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maddie Meyers4:49.23aNorthwest      
2.11Sally Larson5:04.65aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
3.9Hazel Carr5:14.53aNorthwest      
4.10Kacey Kemper5:20.42aKing's      
5.10Audrey Western5:21.34aUniversity Prep      
6.10Bryn Mayo5:23.57aCharles Wright Academy      
7.10Marissa Hielkema5:27.80aLynden Christian      
8.11Brittany Grant5:28.06aPort Townsend      
9.9McKenna Smith5:29.36aKing's      
10.11Sydney Gray5:29.58aMeridian      
11.9Sara Dougan5:30.84aMeridian      
12.9Julia Mitchell5:32.64aNorthwest      
13.12Kayleigh McCoy5:37.75aOrting      
14.10Elisha Parslow5:39.17aOrting      
15.9Tanna Brinkman5:42.25aSeattle Christian      
16.10Isabella Chaffey5:43.09aBellevue Christian      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maddie Meyers10:50.45aNorthwest      
2.11Sally Larson11:03.67aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
3.9Hazel Carr11:32.13aNorthwest      
4.10Marissa Hielkema11:33.25aLynden Christian      
5.10Bryn Mayo11:39.13aCharles Wright Academy      
6.12Kayleigh McCoy11:40.83aOrting      
7.11Sydney Gray11:50.22aMeridian      
8.9McKenna Smith11:50.87aKing's      
9.10Elisha Parslow12:01.11aOrting      
10.12Emma Barr12:17.89aKing's      
11.10Audrey Western12:19.63aUniversity Prep      
12.10Juli Jugan12:35.86aAnnie Wright      
13.10Paige Dougherty12:37.43aCascade Christian      
14.10McKenzie Roque12:39.09aMeridian      
15.11Brittany Grant12:43.73aPort Townsend      
16.10Isabella Chaffey12:47.47aBellevue Christian      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kayla Williams16.16aOrting      
2.12Bree Oldham16.27aBellevue Christian      
3.12Emma Levant16.96aCharles Wright Academy      
4.10Kristen Maggs17.02aKing's      
5.11Daphne Kieling17.18aKing's      
6.10Paige Knight17.21aBellevue Christian      
7.12Lindsey Vandergrift17.29aSeattle Academy      
8.9Kira Nelson17.86aMeridian      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Bree Oldham16.50aBellevue Christian      
2.12Lindsey Vandergrift16.55aSeattle Academy      
3.11Kayla Williams16.71aOrting      
5.10Kristen Maggs16.86aKing's      
4.10Paige Knight16.96aBellevue Christian      
6.12Emma Levant17.23aCharles Wright Academy      
7.11Daphne Kieling17.47aKing's      
8.9Kira Nelson18.05aMeridian      
9.12Faith Gleason18.21aKing's      
10.9Sophia Pierce18.49aSeattle Academy      
11.9Claire Drouillard18.72aCharles Wright Academy      
12.10Karissa Culley18.89aMeridian      
13.10Madison Burke18.97aLynden Christian      
14.10Patricia Reeves19.47aPort Townsend      
15.10Lyndsi Egts20.19aOrting      
16.9Grace Shapiro23.57aSeattle Academy      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bree Oldham45.50aBellevue Christian      
2.11Kayla Williams47.55aOrting      
3.10Paige Knight48.63aBellevue Christian      
4.12Emma Levant48.75aCharles Wright Academy      
5.11Daphne Kieling48.99aKing's      
6.10Alana Saladino49.34aSeattle Academy      
7.10Rebecca Stewart50.41aPort Townsend      
8.9Emily Cline51.50aKing's      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Bree Oldham45.13aBellevue Christian      
2.11Kayla Williams48.02aOrting      
3.10Paige Knight48.17aBellevue Christian      
4.10Alana Saladino49.11aSeattle Academy      
5.11Daphne Kieling49.14aKing's      
6.12Emma Levant49.28aCharles Wright Academy      
7.10Rebecca Stewart50.06aPort Townsend      
8.9Emily Cline50.57aKing's      
9.10Kristen Maggs50.72aKing's      
10.9Madison Wiese51.18aLynden Christian      
11.9Victoria Kvasyuk51.85aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
12.11Trinell Carpenter52.11aMeridian      
13.10Karissa Culley53.67aMeridian      
14.10Melissa Hussey53.86aBellevue Christian      
15.11Emily Visser53.90aLynden Christian      
16.10Lyndsi Egts59.43aOrting      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Korinne Zoellick
Victoria Kvasyuk
Arielle Van Peursem
Erin Beezhold
51.22aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
2.-Noelle Crosby
Carly McClintock
Alli Vitalone
Paige Knight
51.71aBellevue Christian      
3.-Leyla Marino
Janessa Murphy
Randi Donahue
Taylor Lunde
4.-Elizabeth Stover
Jayna Inderbitzin
Julia Inderbitzin
Kaycee Creech
51.79aCascade Christian      
5.-Madison Burke
Emily Sytsma
Madison Weg
Alexa Vander Meulen
52.03aLynden Christian      
6.-Michaela Hendrix
Daphne Kieling
Emily Cline
Ashley Driscoll
7.-Sofia Barsher
Grace Shapiro
Alana Saladino
Julia Shankland
52.96aSeattle Academy      
-Laura Kostad
Savannah Burr
Angela Jones
Kayla Williams
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Korinne Zoellick
Victoria Kvasyuk
Arielle Van Peursem
Erin Beezhold
51.75aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
2.-Madison Burke
Emily Sytsma
Madison Weg
Alexa Vander Meulen
51.85aLynden Christian      
3.-Michaela Hendrix
Daphne Kieling
Emily Cline
Ashley Driscoll
4.-Leyla Marino
Janessa Murphy
Randi Donahue
Taylor Lunde
5.-Elizabeth Stover
Jayna Inderbitzin
Julia Inderbitzin
Kaycee Creech
51.98aCascade Christian      
6.-Laura Kostad
Savannah Burr
Angela Jones
Kayla Williams
7.-Sofia Barsher
Grace Shapiro
Alana Saladino
Julia Shankland
52.82aSeattle Academy      
8.-Noelle Crosby
Carly McClintock
Alli Vitalone
Paige Knight
52.83aBellevue Christian      
9.-Amanda Bromley
Alex Parson
Mariah Perry
Tori VandeHoef
53.58aNooksack Valley      
10.-Alyssa Hamilton
Alisha Leoso
Sam Cerna
Hailee Johnson
11.-Rio Golden
Laura Caballero
Alex Akins
Christine Unrue
55.01aPort Townsend      
12.-Marisa Etzell
Jai'Lysa Hoskins
Rachel Wenzel
Nicole Becker
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michaela Hendrix
Emily Cline
Ashley Driscoll
Karlie Storkson
2.-Alli Vitalone
Carly McClintock
Bree Oldham
Meredith Lampe
1:45.97aBellevue Christian      
3.-Addy Carvajal
Grace Shapiro
Julia Shankland
Lindsey Vandergrift
1:48.00aSeattle Academy      
4.-Trinell Carpenter
Janessa Murphy
Randi Donahue
Taylor Lunde
5.-Elizabeth Stover
Julia Inderbitzin
Kaycee Creech
Jayna Inderbitzin
1:50.05aCascade Christian      
6.-Madison Weg
Tarynn Haan
Emily Visser
Alexa Vander Meulen
1:50.22aLynden Christian      
7.-Marie Karlsen
Rebecca Stewart
Alex Akins
Jewel Johnson
1:50.44aPort Townsend      
8.-Korinne Zoellick
Arielle Van Peursem
Karley Sand
Victoria Kvasyuk
1:50.53aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Alli Vitalone
Carly McClintock
Bree Oldham
Meredith Lampe
1:46.26aBellevue Christian      
2.-Michaela Hendrix
Emily Cline
Ashley Driscoll
Karlie Storkson
3.-Addy Carvajal
Grace Shapiro
Julia Shankland
Lindsey Vandergrift
1:47.88aSeattle Academy      
5.-Trinell Carpenter
Janessa Murphy
Randi Donahue
Taylor Lunde
4.-Madison Weg
Tarynn Haan
Emily Visser
Alexa Vander Meulen
1:50.36aLynden Christian      
6.-Elizabeth Stover
Julia Inderbitzin
Kaycee Creech
Jayna Inderbitzin
1:50.56aCascade Christian      
7.-Marie Karlsen
Rebecca Stewart
Alex Akins
Jewel Johnson
1:51.28aPort Townsend      
8.-Korinne Zoellick
Arielle Van Peursem
Karley Sand
Victoria Kvasyuk
1:52.20aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
9.-Amanda Bromley
Lindy Swanson
Alex Parson
Tori VandeHoef
1:54.22aNooksack Valley      
10.-Jai'Lysa Hoskins
Marisa Etzell
Anna Bailey
Grace LaPoint
11.-Laura Kostad
Baylie Powers
Selena Vath
Caisee Beckman
12.-Alyssa Hamilton
Sam Cerna
Alisha Leoso
Hailee Johnson
13.-Abigail Sauer
Annika Mayes
Tanna Brinkman
Megan Bryant
2:00.28aSeattle Christian      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Paige Knight
Noelle Crosby
Meredith Lampe
Bree Oldham
4:02.79aBellevue Christian      
2.-Arielle Van Peursem
Cara Boasen
Sally Larson
Erin Beezhold
4:06.36aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
3.-Alexi Whatley
Kayleigh McCoy
Savannah Burr
Kayla Williams
4.-Addy Carvajal
Hannah Stoddard
Julia Shankland
Lindsey Vandergrift
4:12.32aSeattle Academy      
5.-Jewel Johnson
Brittany Grant
Rebecca Stewart
Marie Karlsen
4:13.01aPort Townsend      
-Emma Levant
Janay Davis
Olivia Powell
Katie Mayer
4:14.76aCharles Wright Academy      
6.-Trinell Carpenter
Janessa Murphy
Sydney Gray
Jayna Edmonds
7.-Savanna Hanson
Kristen Maggs
Daphne Kieling
Kacey Kemper
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Paige Knight
Noelle Crosby
Meredith Lampe
Bree Oldham
4:03.20aBellevue Christian      
3.-Arielle Van Peursem
Cara Boasen
Sally Larson
Erin Beezhold
4:08.41aCedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
2.-Alexi Whatley
Kayleigh McCoy
Savannah Burr
Kayla Williams
5.-Trinell Carpenter
Janessa Murphy
Sydney Gray
Jayna Edmonds
4.-Jewel Johnson
Brittany Grant
Rebecca Stewart
Marie Karlsen
4:13.77aPort Townsend      
7.-Emma Levant
Janay Davis
Olivia Powell
Katie Mayer
4:14.01aCharles Wright Academy      
6.-Addy Carvajal
Hannah Stoddard
Julia Shankland
Lindsey Vandergrift
4:14.14aSeattle Academy      
8.-Kristen Maggs
Daphne Kieling
Savanna Hanson
Kacey Kemper
9.-Emily Sytsma
Makayla Lancaster
Madison Weg
Alexa Vander Meulen
4:20.98aLynden Christian      
10.-Maddie Meyers
Hazel Carr
Isobel Rubin
Julia Mitchell
11.-Anna Bailey
Grace LaPoint
Marisa Etzell
Cassidi Rosenkrance
12.-Abigail Sauer
Megan Bryant
Tanna Brinkman
Annika Mayes
4:39.97aSeattle Christian      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mykaelynn Powers36-06.50Orting      
2.10Karly Hibbard34-00.75King's      
3.10Ashley Loreen33-05.00Nooksack Valley      
4.12Alexia Diablo32-08.00Orting      
5.12Katherine Buhl32-00.25Bush      
6.12Shawna Jacobson-Sims31-03.50Bush      
7.10Meghan Hanrahan31-01.50Seattle Academy      
8.12Randi Donahue30-10.00Meridian      
9.9McKenzy Ellisen29-02.75King's      
10.10Alli Vitalone28-01.25Bellevue Christian      
11.11Katie Beck27-10.00Charles Wright Academy      
12.9Shelby Hall27-09.25Bellevue Christian      
13.11Rachel Peters27-08.00Orting      
14.10Sierra Decker26-11.25King's      
15.12Decker Nielsen26-07.75Charles Wright Academy      
16.9Haley VanderHeiden26-06.00Nooksack Valley      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mykaelynn Powers119-09Orting      
2.12Angela Jones100-11Orting      
3.10Ashley Loreen99-06Nooksack Valley      
4.12Decker Nielsen99-02Charles Wright Academy      
5.10Sierra Decker98-04King's      
6.12Alexia Diablo98-02Orting      
7.12Shawna Jacobson-Sims95-04Bush      
8.12Jessica Abbott95-02Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
9.11Olivia Nelson92-04Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
10.9McKenzy Ellisen92-01King's      
11.11Rachel Peters91-06Orting      
12.12Katherine Buhl86-09Bush      
13.10Meghan Hanrahan86-01Seattle Academy      
14.12Mika Foote85-10Northwest      
15.10Hannah Wynstra80-10Lynden Christian      
16.10Nicole Kaufman76-08Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Karly Hibbard117-09King's      
2.10Emilie Catlett115-06Bellevue Christian      
3.11Sierra Boyce105-10Orting      
4.12Korinne Zoellick103-04Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
5.12Brooke Van Dalen102-05Lynden Christian      
6.11Krista Hathaway99-00Chimacum      
7.10Hannah Wynstra98-00Lynden Christian      
8.10Alaina Scheffer97-05Friday Harbor      
9.12Grace LaPoint94-06Coupeville      
10.11Andrea James94-05Orting      
11.12Lindsey Turner89-07Lynden Christian      
12.12Addy Carvajal87-03Seattle Academy      
13.9Anna Ratzlaff84-02Meridian      
14.12Decker Nielsen79-09Charles Wright Academy      
15.12Kellie Hartford78-07Bellevue Christian      
16.9Katie Anderson77-09Life Christian Academy      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Haley Zepernick5-04.00Cascade Christian      
2.9Madison Weg5-01.00Lynden Christian      
3.12Laura Caballero4-10.00Port Townsend      
4.10Patricia Reeves4-10.00Port Townsend      
5.11Julia Teitzel4-09.00King's      
6.10Madi Hauck4-09.00King's      
7.12Randi Donahue4-08.00Meridian      
8.11Jayna Edmonds4-08.00Meridian      
9.9Sophia Pierce4-08.00Seattle Academy      
10.9Kira Nelson4-06.00Meridian      
10.12Emma Dermody4-06.00Bellevue Christian      
10.12Kajsa Mayo4-06.00Charles Wright Academy      
10.9Savanna Hanson4-06.00King's      
14.9Shelby Hall4-06.00Bellevue Christian      
15.11Jai'Lysa Hoskins4-04.00Coupeville      
16.9Katie Anderson4-04.00Life Christian Academy      
17.11Lindy Swanson4-02.00Nooksack Valley      
18.12Emma Mitsui4-02.00Seattle Christian      
10Caroline SweeneyNHSeattle Academy      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Korinne Zoellick9-09.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
2.12Maddie Mark9-03.00Seattle Academy      
3.11Kate Dedo8-06.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
4.10Alana Saladino8-06.00Seattle Academy      
5.9Kira Nelson8-00.00Meridian      
6.11Kelsea Clark8-00.00Meridian      
7.9Lexi McKinnon7-06.00Meridian      
7.12Katie Vanden Bos7-06.00Lynden Christian      
7.9Marilyn Jones7-06.00King's      
10.10Sofia Barsher7-06.00Seattle Academy      
10.9Erin Ilgenfritz7-06.00Nooksack Valley      
12.11Natalie Schwisow7-06.00Meridian      
13.12Briell Mitchell7-00.00King's      
13.9Alex Gudmundsson7-00.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
13.9Sydney Swanson7-00.00Meridian      
16.11Allison Beezhold6-06.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
16.9Makenna Dreher6-06.00King's      
18.9Mackenzi Briones6-00.00Meridian      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Savannah Burr16-10.00Orting      
2.11Erin Beezhold16-05.00Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
3.10Alex Parson16-04.50Nooksack Valley      
4.9Makayla Lancaster15-06.00Lynden Christian      
5.9Alexi Whatley15-04.50Orting      
6.11Leyla Marino15-04.50Meridian      
7.12Marie Karlsen15-04.00Port Townsend      
8.10Madison Burke14-10.50Lynden Christian      
9.11Samantha Clements14-08.50Vashon Island      
10.9Miqueala Ishmael14-04.00King's      
11.9Sonja Barretto14-03.50King's      
12.10Katy Fonk14-00.50Bellevue Christian      
13.11Kelsea Clark12-11.00Meridian      
14.9Shelby Hall12-10.50Bellevue Christian      
15.10Karley Sand12-08.50Cedar Park Chr. (Bot...      
16.10Sally Vlas12-03.00Lynden Christian      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Savannah Burr37-08.00Orting      
2.12Lindsey Vandergrift35-02.00Seattle Academy      
3.12Addy Carvajal34-00.00Seattle Academy      
4.12Angela Jones32-07.00Orting      
5.10Rebecca Stewart32-05.50Port Townsend      
6.10Taylor Lunde31-11.50Meridian      
7.10Sofia Barsher31-09.50Seattle Academy      
8.11Michaela Hendrix31-08.50King's      
9.12Janay Davis31-00.50Charles Wright Academy      
10.9Sophia Pierce30-11.50Seattle Academy      
11.11Leyla Marino30-09.50Meridian      
12.11Samantha Clements30-08.00Vashon Island      
12.12Emma Mitsui30-08.00Seattle Christian      
14.10Patricia Reeves29-09.00Port Townsend      
15.9Sonja Barretto29-06.00King's      
16.9Savanna Hanson29-03.50King's      
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